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File: ad59d9cd660c281⋯.png (625.45 KB, 567x600, 189:200, c7c.png)

76d6b1 No.12379314

so does any game ever use different languages as a mechanic?

as far as i can recall, anytime there's more than one race in a game, they all speak the same language, or they just give you translated subtitles

any game that doesn't do this?

885681 No.12379321

Final Fantasy X had that cypher language you could 'learn' as you played.

ab3ddf No.12379352

I once had a simple invented language for this gay as hell drawquest I used to run back on 4chan years ago. Some anon actually figured out enough of it to make a completely comprehensible reply. I was pretty fucking impressed.

2bb8d7 No.12379391

File: ce7aeaf3a3bf7b5⋯.jpg (30.39 KB, 365x312, 365:312, YU-NO_Sega_Saturn_cover.jpg)

Yu-no had two puzzles where you had to figure out a fake language.

076ecd No.12379394

Star Wars Galaxies has 10 languages. 11 actually, but the eleventh is basically lekku twitching, unique to only twi'lek. If you don't have comprehension of the language, it just comes off as gibberish in your chat. There's two systems associated with every language: comprehension and speech. Comprehension is needed to translate what's being sent in chat, speech is to be able to use the language in chat yourself.The thing is that it's stupidly easy to learn the languages as long as someone offers to teach them to you, although some languages like Shyriiwook and Lekku are species-specific. It comes as a mechanic for the smuggler skill tree, where a specific skill allows them comprehension of all languages.

ba39f0 No.12379400

not really a language per se but the old Wizardry and Ultima games had spellcasting based on picking power words.

45af37 No.12379423


mgs5 does. The enemy speak Russian on all versions of the game.

ad9ae2 No.12379435

File: e037b09c72a938a⋯.jpg (545.81 KB, 1216x742, 608:371, hiragana battle.jpg)


This one sure does.

ab8815 No.12379487

File: 4cf576dfd27d315⋯.png (1.68 MB, 924x868, 33:31, TreasureOfTheRudras.png)

Don't know if it counts but Treasure of the Rudras has the magic system which is composed of words you write yourself and trying to figure out what words would make certain elements and whether they hit one enemy or all of them and all that shit. Of course, you could just write English words but it's not effective although you'd probably get kicks from watching words like NIGGER fly at the enemy.

48f737 No.12379727

Crysis on highest difficulty had your enemies speak Korean. Prevented the players from knowing exactly enemy status.

563b01 No.12379752

File: 34be3f57425a597⋯.jpg (87.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, untitled-01-5.jpg)

Way of the Samurai 4 has foreigners as a big plot point, and you can't talk with any of them unless they're a trader or an interpretor, until you help them set up a language school and attend English class.

ae94f0 No.12379755


That's actually awesome.


This was actually given a fantranslation/romhack that let you use English.

b00236 No.12379792

File: fbd7a9e2e67bfba⋯.png (882.38 KB, 848x1096, 106:137, 5lkkes9l.png)


Eternal Darkness uses the "runes" of Old Gods that in practice work as some sort of language - you summon shit by making short sentences.

ab8815 No.12379879


I know about the fan translation and you're right, it does let you use some English words but I was thinking of offensive spells like, for example, 'TEO' which hits all enemies when you alter it into 'TEONA' and things like that

02e856 No.12379896

In Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, there's an option you can toggle to make enemies speak to eachother in their native languages, which makes it a bit more difficult.

ab8815 No.12379912


Is that the PC version? I don't remember seeing anything like that in the Xbox version and I played that a few weeks ago

e4a2b0 No.12379924

File: 6bf80f72e7939ae⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Creatures_3_boxart.jpg)


>em veri bibble

What did he mean by this?

563b01 No.12379927

File: d24b4da4750ed2e⋯.png (57.16 KB, 300x305, 60:61, Medal_of_Honor_(1999_video….png)

Somewhat relevant but not quite a gameplay thing; the original MoH had enemy soldiers speak in German, unless you unlocked the cheat "American Movie Mode" which made them all speak English with hammy accents.

0a44a7 No.12379933


Actually that sounds like a really cool MMO mechanic, wish other games would do shit like this.

c71117 No.12379945

>no one mentions No man sky yet

563b01 No.12379953


>playing No Man's Sky

b00236 No.12379954


God damn that's hilarious

>Games will never be this witty in humor and full in unlockables anymore

483da0 No.12380095


The majesty of autism turned toward an inconsequential end is something to behold.

1b765b No.12380653


There's nothing like that in Chaos Theory.

f26a88 No.12380712

Anachronox had aliens in early game that couldn't speak the same language, complete with their own funky text. However somewhat early on you get a translator, and then it also gets upgraded later.

The story at least mentions that before the invention of translators, the police would just beat up whomever

02e856 No.12380744


Yeah, PC version. The console version didn't have that feature, for whatever reason.


Yes it did, look it up.

1b765b No.12380760


>PC version

Huh. I never knew that. I wonder why they would put it in one version but not the other?

25fd6a No.12380781

File: be9059f83d357a3⋯.png (225.22 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, feelin.png)


>Tfw unlockables are DLC now

02e856 No.12380792

Also, it's not a mechanic, but Nioh had an interesting way of getting around the language barrier between the English-speaking protagonist and most other characters. The cat guardian spirit that follows you around in the first half or so of the game uses magic to make it so that William understands the Japanese and vice versa. It's only mentioned in an offhand line of dialogue somewhere iirc but I thought it was cool all the same.


Yeah, it's a weird decision. I was going to guess that the PC version came out later than the rest or something, but it came out at the same time as the Xbox and PS2 versions apparently.

1b765b No.12380809


It's even weirder given that the game isn't localized in Korean or Japanese. Yet apparently they already had Korean- and Japanese-language barks for NPCs?

176fa2 No.12380829

Glittermitten Grove culminates with a really cool puzzle where you have to figure out and have a conversation with a frog in a language that uses symbols you've found around the game world. Not really any language stuff in the rest of the game though.

3db361 No.12380878

MGSV kinda did. You needed to find and kidnap recruit interpreters in order for enemies who speak a specific language to be given subtitles.

bbd3fb No.12380879


Having the enemy shout out a few generic lines isn't the same as replacing all the storyline VA, particularly when you consider how much of Sam's character was reliant on Ironside for his likeability (Grimsdottir and Lambert also, to a lesser extent, were good characters as a result mostly of the voice acting).

No idea why it wasn't on console versions though, I doubt it was a space issue.

e73134 No.12380891


>you just learned the Korvax word for 'scam'

1b765b No.12380906


The NPCs have conversations with each other, not just a couple barks.

bbd3fb No.12380934


>The NPCs have conversations with each other, not just a couple barks.

Are the full conversations also in the proper language though? It's possible they only replaced the ones that would be warnings for gameplay. Also I'm reasonably sure certain dialogue between NPCs gives you keycodes and objective updates if you sit and listen, locking that off would probably make it a lot harder to ghost levels. Come to think of it Fisher also interrogates them in English so you'd have to account for that too. Next time I play through the game I'll test this and check.

1b765b No.12380957


>Are the full conversations also in the proper language though?

That's the impression I got from the other anon's post. But I haven't played it myself to test it, since I only have the Xbox version of Chaos Theory.

>I'm reasonably sure certain dialogue between NPCs gives you keycodes and objective updates if you sit and listen, locking that off would probably make it a lot harder to ghost levels.

It does, and you're right. Now I'm getting more and more skeptical.

dc5dc4 No.12381063

File: 1bb9724a07f86fd⋯.jpg (27.05 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

I'll begin this with a warning this was the only decent crysis game and all others are shit so give up after this except for its expansion maybe.

On the harder difficulties they made all enemy coms from the DPRK soldiers in Korean(norther dialect) with no subtitles so you could no longer easedrop their movements and plans which made it a bit harder,

c347eb No.12381074



go on, make a third post faggot

ad167b No.12381189


If I recall No Man's Sky has a system where you have to learn the alien language somehow to get translated subtitles, otherwise you're just presented with tone subtitles. A good mechanic wasted on a shit game.

b8948d No.12383084


>translating the sonno joui as xenophobes

>when they advocated learning western ways to defend Japan more effectively

I'd go more with isolationist tbh

501efc No.12383198

File: 8a0ac216a7aaecb⋯.jpg (147.67 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, keyArt.jpg)


Yeah, a mechanic stolen directly from Out There.

In fact a lot of mechanics from No Mans Sky were stolen from Out There.

6be84f No.12383397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It is in fact entire conversations.

1b765b No.12384000

8c11b2 No.12384015

Daggerfall had language skills.Your character could try to pacify certain enemies, if he spoke enough of their language.

bbd3fb No.12384940


Cool. How far things have fallen. I note the base commander interrogation is in English though, then again that's believable if he's high-ranking.

1fe42c No.12385043

La-Mulana, though it's just a cipher and you only have to learn the numbers.

989f10 No.12388255

Oregon Trail 2 has characters that speak Spanish. There's a skill in game to understand it, but you don't need it if you already know the language in real life.

e298c4 No.12391668


7426fc No.12391696

Everquest. After a while they even implemented a roleplay server that had no "common" language, you only had each races language, that you'd have to learn. Of course it became a grind that people would pay to be powered through quickly, but it was there.

6be84f No.12395070


Actually, that isn't just the base commander, only interrogations do not translate.

Otherwise, everyone has a universally changed language.

f94370 No.12395108

File: 061c2ef9d08ed6b⋯.jpg (93.41 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Heer_squad.jpg)

In Red Orchestra 2 languages are by default set to accented-English for your teammates, and Russian/German for the enemy. One of the lines for the Soviet troops is actually a panicked "Does anyone speak German?!"

Too bad they couldn't replicate the same thing for Rising Storm since burgers speak English always.

e97c75 No.12402600


They could make enemy American players speak in a gibberish pseudo-language. Actually, why don't more games do something like this?

38438e No.12402967

File: 08af38faffa3253⋯.png (127.32 KB, 467x181, 467:181, tmp_capsule_lg-705102446.png)

While looking for Sourcemods, I found this possibly abandoned one. The whole focus is learning an alien language.


edbaca No.12403319


Ar Tonelico had Hymmnos which was basically a language to ask the servers everyone lived on for power to use magic. There ended up being like four dialects and two character sets for it depending on who, where, and why it was used.

Ar Nosurge had Keihan and Reon the latter of which was formatted like a scripting language for largely the same purpose as Hymmnos.

These languages were always apart from whatever people normally spoke, though

7ee4b7 No.12403363


> things that don't actually work in-game: the post

8c11b2 No.12403394


It works. You just have to sneak and remain undetected until you can activate the monster, and then get a successful language roll.

0c99fb No.12403479

In Aion, there are 2 player factions. If you encounter the opposing faction, their text is jumbled to resemble a foreign language, alienating them and preventing coordination across lines. In PvE, you can learn monster races for more quests.

24e5d5 No.12403718


Because they're made by fucking idiots. Want to make not-English? Find which sounds are most common in English, sort them by commonality, then stitch the sounds together somewhat randomly. Then you get stuff like rak mo laran dibay tet kayrol, tet fosh fen gashel or some shit.

ba39f0 No.12403740


pretty much every MMO since EQ did this.

3db361 No.12403797



And what if the person playing the game speaks Japanese? Or german? Or Russian? Would they not have to make gibberish versions of those too?

24e5d5 No.12403847


Sure, as long as it still sounds like the language. What pisses me off is that in scifi games with sapient species of humanoid aliens, there is FUCK ALL for font styling. All signs and businesses have GENERIC SCIFI FONT 1, 2, or 3. Look at the titles of Japanese games, manga, and anime. Stylized to hell and back. American comics, movies, cartoons, and games, too. Now imagine that in an alien language. Low energy bullshit is all we can get sometimes.

75d82a No.12405109


God, Crysis was so cool.

>almost all of the mods made for it after lost forever since EA nuked the official modding website to make way for its console sequel

feels so terrible man

75d82a No.12405120


It is sort of out now, although it's inexplicably locked behind Steam.

fdf212 No.12405217

File: 498d33af48b0cd3⋯.jpg (165.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, /P2fDr.jpg)

File: 161990693cfcc2d⋯.jpeg (64.18 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1-7Ctd3yRh011YDWSeUud6vQ.jpeg)

File: 8da808ee58ab3f5⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, Finding-Teddy-2-07.jpg)

File: 52c802c511147df⋯.jpg (162.95 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, Finding-Teddy-2-36.jpg)

File: cdc6b418def844b⋯.jpg (146.91 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, ft2_03_thumb.jpg)

This indieshit had an interesting mechanic. Learn words and find note blocks throughout the world so you can communicate with others or find secret shit.

e5a92a No.12405280

yo i gots a new idea here fam

>climate change nao

>Arctic Circle warming up

>player plays as black market transporter of goods across the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia

>illicit goods and services like grey import automobiles, large fireworks, and weed

>must manage between Risk, Profit, and (Physical) Safety

>player gets barebones English-Russian dictionary from the 90s

>text adventure-esque interface for interacting with federal/military patrols

f94370 No.12405328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

14029e No.12405375


Sounds like Papers, Please's fucked up cousin.

>(unintelligible Russian)

> see word for bomb

> panic thinking they're going to check for explosives and dump pot cargo

> found a corrupt officer asking if you had any bomb ass weed

cd0e48 No.12405670

8c94ab No.12405710


Yes, there's a Zelda 2 clone called Finding Teddy 2 that involves learning a language that involves singing to decode clues and solve puzzles.

7720df No.12405765

File: c817655e6c4b99b⋯.jpg (6.78 KB, 200x225, 8:9, Stony.jpg)


Banjo Tooie had a minor mechanic where you couldn't talk to the stonies unless you were a stony yourself.

7720df No.12405781

File: a6c56a0a944dc2d⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 584x825, 584:825, Fyra_concept_art.jpg)


In Nier you couldn't understand what the people of Facade were saying until you finished a miming quest with a cute loli and your magical book companion figures out how to speak the language.

b20715 No.12405799




There's also ancient tablets in the game that you can read only with an in game translator item, however the weird letters that appear if you don't have the translator are actually a language, there's a more ancient language that rewuires you to upgrade your translator item but it's actually the other one but mirrored, if you notice that and have enough autism, you can skip the translator items.

There is a puzzle that uses some letters of the language in the game.


Also this. Glittermitten Grove is a really good game, I recommend everyone to at least pirate it.

602209 No.12406236


There's a similar mechanic in Ys II where you can talk to monsters once you transform into one. He keeps his red hair when he transforms if I remember right, it's fun.

68220d No.12406526


>someone knows about Out there

Also out there is more of text quest and a lot of it comes from old text quests.

bbe100 No.12406589


William also uses the one sided language barrier to talk shit.

Anyway, SotS required you to learn the language of each race in order to speak to them. Further research would allow you to form pacts and the like. Research into the Zuul gave you new ship section instead, because peace with the Zuul is a very, very bad idea.

6e957e No.12408010


Hymmnos proper only has two main dialects though (Standard and New Testament of Pastalie), as the other regional divisions only correspond to where each word originated. Carmena Foreluna and Ar Ciela are considered as entirely separate languages.

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