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File: 2ff183ecf2d3aa7⋯.jpg (134.3 KB, 780x800, 39:40, Austeja.jpg)

3b8d72 No.12562414

What Was Old Is Now New Edition

Tree of Savior is a f2p korean grindan game with cute aesthetics and a wide variety of classes.





Does this interest you in playing for the first time? There's an event for you too!


Played before at one point and now interested in jumping back in? There's an event for that


And lastly, there's a daily event to grab rewards and get some info on characters


Current players please input your details here:


8ch guild Infinity is on the [NA] Klaipeda server, currently led by Imix.

Skill Simulator:


Addon Manager:


We've wtiched to the jToS Addon manager, it's compatible with iToS, is being actively maintained and new addons are being added by the nips. Ask for a list of what addons to get.

>Weekly patches have a chance of breaking addons

>If the addon sounds like a cheat, don't install it or you will be banned

>It seems to be a two-strike system, with a temp ban first

Stats and how they work:


General Database (Items, EXP tables, some builds):


>The skill videos are misleading, when in doubt, ask in thread


>More comprehensive map and monster information, is kept up-to-date

Important Beginner Tips

>NOT ALL QUESTS ARE MARKED, only most are, and many require you to finish the main quest line of the map or map set first

>Klai/Orsha warp scrolls from the Item Merchant let you change cities for only 500 silver

>Save a quest teleport for when you have to go back to town and repair, it lets you go right back to where you were

>You should also save a low-value warp per town so you don't have to keep buying warp scrolls.

A good example is the repeatable A Soldier's Favor in Miners' Village for Klaipeda

>Remember to switch between starting towns to get the other city's quest rewards!

Orsha has more exp cards, Klaipeda more stats and items

>Mobs a lower/higher level than you will begin to give a 5% exp penalty at -20/+20 level difference, with 5% being added each level until you obtain no experience from kills on monster -40/+40 levels from you.

>You won't get a map's quests if you are too low of a level compared to the map, or haven't completed any prereqs the quests have

Special quests



>Hidden quests (free stats):


>Map gimmicks/mini games


NEW map guide for collections hunting


NEW earth tower full guide for all the people grinding endgame


Discord: https://discord.gg/YrFUVQ5

old thread in page 13 bump limit: >>12422101

OP Template pastebin: >https://pastebin.com/5rXNLvgS

9bc4e3 No.12562474

File: fc904f3a2c47277⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1290x1062, 215:177, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a3e68e7454b86c⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1290x1062, 215:177, ClipboardImage.png)

Infinity Guild rollcall.

taking in new members, 35 slots still available.

b5a421 No.12562591

>cute meme

d6d2a9 No.12562609

File: 3ddb852a5e602d4⋯.jpg (53.33 KB, 273x608, 273:608, bok.jpg)

reminder bokor will always be the best class

878e2b No.12562638

Can I play interesting classes without spending 70 hours on grinding yet?

9bc4e3 No.12562697

File: fcd400b2dfb1b02⋯.jpg (523.95 KB, 1460x920, 73:46, started from the bottom.jpg)

File: cf76582b06dcb0c⋯.jpg (649.94 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, now im here.jpg)


you'd be amazed at how fast it goes now. lvl 100 in a few hours, just beeline to the lvl 50 dungeon as fast as you can. (might not be as fast for first timers because of not having team level exp and possibly not having a token at the start) that's r3 in a day. if you can't find something interesting by r3, its a few days of causal grinding dungeons and missions for an easy r5. its slows down by then.

with 4 starting classes branching off 2 classes every rank up to r5 thats pretty much 36 37 for the one hidden class in r5 uniquely named classes.

>but i wanna be [insert r8 class here]

well suck it up. great things don't come easy. this isn't one of those adhd instant gratification games.

878e2b No.12562979

File: c407e58f208e985⋯.jpg (9.02 KB, 236x170, 118:85, f3fc3c45fd59bc3cb7fe8ad224….jpg)


>well suck it up. great things don't come easy. this isn't one of those adhd instant gratification games.

>Implying selection of classes is instant gratification

Now I won't suck it up, I'll play some other game without ridiculous gates.

Thanks for you time.

59f9da No.12563019

File: ed1490a58774928⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 537x820, 537:820, frickin.jpg)


>why isn't this easy

>hand me the reward now

git gud

3be5d3 No.12563066


>Grinding = Skill

What kind of realm do you come form? When I was young skill meant bunnyhopping at 200kph while still being able to hit your 200kph opponent.

432751 No.12563102

File: c394f6e5b174c67⋯.jpg (41.62 KB, 542x330, 271:165, classes03.jpg)


That's right! And in D2 they should have locked anything that isn't paladin and maybe sorc behind nightmare. And expansion classes behind Hell.

Fucking casuals ruining video games since 2000.


Don't you dare to compare your outdated casual shootan jumpan with the state of the art competitive online game that is Tree of Savior.

744938 No.12563230

File: 2130ce83e5809d9⋯.png (180.37 KB, 484x310, 242:155, WHEN.png)

When did this show up on steam and why can't I get it?

59f9da No.12563282


It's available tomorrow after the patch hits

9bc4e3 No.12563473

File: 27cafc12870c10f⋯.jpg (484.69 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170507_00002.jpg)

if it comes up, yes, tokens give really valuable benefits but its buyable with silver.

2.1m silver is relatively easy to farm at around lvl 200ish.

3be5d3 No.12563901


>Report button next to market listings


a9b011 No.12563913


It's for reporting items with very strange prices, since that's how bots could move silver from one account to another.

4ca40e No.12563936

File: 181a736bd086cb1⋯.png (14.58 KB, 400x37, 400:37, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd6e797a6fc7c55⋯.png (35.27 KB, 759x163, 759:163, ClipboardImage.png)


New thing up, worth mentionning


Even tho you wont be able to transfer cash, just buy and transfer talt and you should be fine


The goal of quick levelling is to reach 100 asap so you can access the Mercenary Post, where you can do missions for great xp and great silver, up to 3 times a day for token users, 2 for non users. To the returning players that could be reading this, they increase almost tenfold the xp given by missions in an earlier patch so its viable to do these even when levelling lv310 characters.


I assume it means you can retrieve said cards on all your characters BUT I will not be too confident.

93871a No.12563938

File: 02a12a1d490ea7d⋯.jpg (50.85 KB, 600x381, 200:127, IMG_4685.JPG)

Is the game soloable pre-meta? Or at least a class that's meant for solo. I like to go around and explore things without min-maxing too much in the beginning.

0d69ae No.12563949


So riddle me this - why they make all interesting and relevant content to be available from some stupidly high level like 100, and then make it so you rush through everything to get to it as fast as possible?

What's the point of these 100 levels? To teach you the game? Most mmos manage to do that in around 20, 30.

Why make it rush then?

It's just so fucking bizarre and doesn't make any sense.

2b1cd4 No.12563983

is wizard crafting stuff worth it or should i go balls to the wall with my first character being Strong and work on a second character to be money making focus

3be5d3 No.12563989


Level systems don't make sense either yet here they are.

9bc4e3 No.12564009

File: 128f900c16caf19⋯.jpg (436.99 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170508_00005.jpg)


you can solo everything in pve except that one fucking quest in maven map and i hear those centaur things in one of the endgame maps are a hurdle the only things that "require" grouping up are the instanced dungeons/events. but partying up give hella fukken high amounts of exp multiplier so its almost always better to roll in a party. that said, if you do the dungeon runs and missions daily you could slowroll your way through the hole game solo. thats what i did mostly because i play on ph time.


because they know that the big hook of the game is the class system and experimenting. rushing to 100 is an instant gratification thing. you can do all the quests and save up the exp cards (protip: if you use all the exp cards as you get them you get super overleveled for the content) so that the maps stay rewarding. remember that you stop earning exp from a map if you are +/- 50 levels from its recommended level range.

explorers are rewarded with swag headgear, collection items that give super hella fukken miniscule buffs that is shared for your whoe account, even more exp cards and some silver from the wings of vibora npc.

if you're trully up for a challenge, do all the map gimmicks and get rewarded literal stats. we know +1 str isn't much but deep down you know +1 is still better than +0, admit it


wizard pot crafting is being controlled by the nofun mafia. unless you figure out a secret with briquetting or start charging for awakenings, its a tough market.

but make one anyway because the guild could always use more gear awakenings

as for silver, it comes really easy lategame. if you're struggling with silver, just level up (pop exp cards?) so you can farm more silver-dense locations. also roll with the guild to do the special event dungeons.

4ca40e No.12564031

File: e6511bdb9bea131⋯.png (313.24 KB, 880x978, 440:489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f821cc220356b1d⋯.png (52.49 KB, 565x697, 565:697, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c1c6b5b9ddf28cb⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1098x774, 61:43, ClipboardImage.png)


The upcoming combat changes will make ALL skill directly scalable with stats, levels and weapon damage

Skills no longer have base damage so low ranked dps skills do not become useless in high levels areas anymore. In the same movement, all skills are being rebalanced.

Crit rate is no longer dependent on DEX

STR/CON builds will be more viable while dex still give evasion and now gives both attack speed and crit damage. Crit rate will come in with levels, gear and using leather armor.

From what we've been able to acertain from watching videos and gifs posted by both devs and gooks that the overall effect of the rebalance is the normalisation of damage on all sides. No longer you can tank enemies so hard they hit you for 1 damage and no longer they will nuke you in 3 hits if you're not using top trascended gear in the next map


You can solo most of the game, all the questable content anyway. Dungeons, missions and hunting grounds are more tailored to groups but with some skill, time and silver you can solo those too. However if you play in a party you get a considerable xp increase from killing monsters so its recommended AND most classes are meant to complement one another.


At the moment the level cap is 330, 100 level barely covers the 1/10th of the playtime needed to reach cap. For instance its very possible and recommended to grind to lv15 and rank2 within the first map you spawn in. You can do your first dungeon at lvl 50, 2nd at 80, missions at 100, Uphill at 140, etc.


If you want to make money, dont play a crafting class, play a PIRATE. You make a crafting class after that because we're taking over Orsha.

4ca40e No.12564100

File: 602d82a223d30ce⋯.webm (8.62 MB, 800x500, 8:5, High level fencer pve.webm)


To returning players, a few things have changed

Some dungeons have been removed, the remaning ones have a better lvl spread and they give more xp

Missions give substancially more xp

You can run Saalus missions to aquire gems that increase your equipment's stats

All of R8 has been rebalanced to not fuck your shit up instantly upon entering in most cases

A lot of new quests for low/mid level characters

Daily quests now give direct xp instead of cards and scale better

Monk no longer suck dick. Barbarian has been buffed to top tier. Rodelero is less useless. Pyro has a magic item that makes you outdamage elememists. Cannon has been buffed to god tier.



Thats about the points I can recall ontop of my head, the most important being the last one.

4ca40e No.12564123

File: 6e6009f32d37bf4⋯.png (24.66 KB, 881x168, 881:168, ClipboardImage.png)

last thing


you have no more excuse to not reroll into the build you wanted all along, altho I expect a greater variety of builds being viable post patch.

3be5d3 No.12564130

File: dae63c0a3b11130⋯.png (93.16 KB, 295x221, 295:221, 1345761651799.png)


> The upcoming combat changes will make ALL skill directly scalable with stats, levels and weapon damage

Is remaining on low-tier classes possible now?

4ca40e No.12564141

File: d2d492080e1aa2b⋯.webm (7.98 MB, 1000x624, 125:78, A view to a kill.webm)


Looks like its possible but its to be expected that high tier classes have better scaling skills with better effects too

904222 No.12564150


You better be right about the increased stability and performance, if it means having all my multihit attacks from priest buffs register and not get delayed then good enough, same goes for delayed skills because it felt like dogshit back then

544289 No.12564585


> Monk no longer suck dick

Alright, I'm kinda interested in the game now, got really burned out when the game was so underwhelming on release, how does monk compare to the top/god tier now? Or was that change just a small one?

34308e No.12564586

I started out 3-4 days ago almost 100, what's the best current wizard builds?


FUCK, well I guess I should ask is what looks promising?

d6d2a9 No.12564839


elementalist is gonna be good

a28922 No.12565079

File: 6d49c7d4a4abcbc⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 294x273, 14:13, 5625e38e341192a20717db6c85….jpg)


Don't know too much personally, but I do know that Accuracy will go off of Str now, and Stam will increase with Con. Dex will affect attack speed or something. Which won't matter when you're punching suckers left and right.

And Double Punch will have better scaling too. (I assume)



>TFW I picked the Wiz3/Ele3/War2 meme build.

Also the combo between Psychic Pressure and Ice Wall looks fun. There's a similar one with Fireball and mini universe.

3be5d3 No.12565118

Well I remember my old build and I want to give this game a try again.

Wizard - Cryo3 - Sorcerer3.

How good is my inane thing still? I might make a new build but I dislike Pyro 1 so it'll either be Wiz - cryo 3 or Wiz 2 - Something

34308e No.12565282

File: 61151e492793684⋯.jpg (21.64 KB, 264x217, 264:217, 1492575394283.jpg)


>Wiz3/Ele3/War2 meme build.

That's what I'm aiming for now is it still going to be good?

God damn it why did I pick up this game as it's about to get it's shit flipped upside down.

4ca40e No.12565296


you can suck enemies togeter with Frost Pillar and ride your big demon from the sorc2 circle and spam aoes in the middle. I can imagine it working absolutely well, especially now since that Demon damage scale with your int A LOT more when you're riding them.

c1f462 No.12565337

>people are still playing mr. kim's money laundering enterprise

i really wanted to keep playing it, but every patch brought new garbage and broke working things

a9b011 No.12565359


Supposedly Kim hasn't even been working on the game until recently, it's been some VP.

7524a9 No.12565371

4ca40e No.12565386


weird, I heard Kim quit developement and sold his 30% shares to Nexon, who hired someone else thats also named Kim and would be the man behind the recent radical changes, including tonight's update.


yeah sounds something like that

a28922 No.12565391


I should assume so. I wasn't trying to be smug, but intrigued. I'm currently at Ele2 and having a blast until everything goes on CD. Knowing that it will now stay viable makes me happy.

I'm also wondering if Earthquake will be worth it now so I have all elements covered.

>God damn it why did I pick up this game as it's about to get it's shit flipped upside down.

My sentiments exactly.

3be5d3 No.12565398


>This post has been hidden by the community

>Click to show

>If NEXON wasn't part of the equation for this game's survival in the future, I would've pointed you to the first shitty 2 years of RO in kr.

>Then again ToS's image in its first year went 90% downhill already.

>We can only keep watch from afar(go hiatus from the game) if we want to keep out sanity, or be mind broken slaves of brainwashing gook made mmos.

Okay nevermind maybe I can find out more about it before I download.

c6048f No.12565461



Just FYI, Wiz3's quickcast is getting nerfed. It won't give you 50% increased magic damage. It's probably better to pick Cryo2, Pyro2, or linker 1 than wiz 3.

34308e No.12565495


Yeah the CD's are shit, but that's some nice burst.


Oh boy cant wait to get knee deep in this shit and start theory crafting.

4ca40e No.12565517


If you're at least pyro2 when you go elementalist, enemies that die from fire attacks can explode for additional damage to nearby enemies

b0f59e No.12565576


maybe it's because it's a poorly designed game

All they had to do was have you be a swordsman or any other rank 1 class and right after that select one or two definitive classes from the roster, with those properly balanced to the same rank of course.


no, instead of having a fixed damage number on the skill it will scale with your STR or INT, but the scaling will be higher on higher classes's skills so the only thing that changes is that your STR or INT has more of an impact on the damage. They can't make the early skills nearly as good as the new ones or there wouldn't be a reason to get the new ones, it's a flawed class system from the start.

c6048f No.12565688


There are some pretty good combos.

I know of a few hidden skill interactions:

- Feint + barrage will do 10 hits rather than 5

- Blessing + heal will hit two times (damage only) for each tile rather than 1

- Negative AOE defense ratio will cause magic missiles to spray a ton more bullets

- Punji trap can cause some weird bounce damage

26733f No.12565964

File: 36788ecafc1a4ac⋯.png (82.82 KB, 583x696, 583:696, 36788ecafc1a4accfd4eebac76….png)

I clocked around 100 hours in the beta

So what's a fun class to play right now? I have always been partial to melee classes but magical or ranged ones are also good

d6d2a9 No.12566034


paladin + inquis have some skill interaction

4ca40e No.12566053

File: b28b8e35f3f665d⋯.webm (7.72 MB, 900x562, 450:281, you spin me right round b….webm)


Try barbarian, they got buffed mad and got mechanics that are unique to that class, including a passive that builds up when you run and once its stacked high enough, it adds effects to you attacks. Most often damage but also multi hit, longer stun or making barbarians debuffs on enemies last longer.

And you also get to branch off to Fencer if you picked peltasta at rank2 or doppelnigger if you picked highlander at rank2

a28922 No.12566086


Quickcast is still pretty necessary for Ele's cast times but godamn. At least that makes it less of an automatic obligation. Hopefully they'll allow us to reset our rank choices as well, but I doubt it.

4ca40e No.12566111

File: 6f3f3ae9042a3fa⋯.png (24.12 KB, 855x160, 171:32, ClipboardImage.png)


> Hopefully they'll allow us to reset our rank choices as well

a28922 No.12566288


Thanks anon. It would seem silly if they didn't, but I had it in mind that class choices were permanent for some reason.

26733f No.12566358



I think I have a couple of chars around level 50 or something, I don't really remember and the game it's still downloading. so I'll probably use the reset on them and make a new one

a28922 No.12566360


This. I just hit Circle 2 on my barb and Cleave>Seism is great. Hell Seism on it's own is great.

4ca40e No.12566540

File: 512dfb98a55ca90⋯.png (84.33 KB, 398x441, 398:441, nevereverfug.png)

Maint just dropped, servers will be back up tomorow 5am.

4e5aae No.12566629

The big question before I come back and either start a new character or continue my To be Rogue.

Do hunter pets still suck ass or have their AI been improved?

4ca40e No.12566655


from my experience they stopped crashing each time you used coursing, now the ai failure happens about once every 10 maps. Thats an improvement.

4e5aae No.12566699


Once every 10 maps is so much better than every fucking other coursing.

98108c No.12566732

Looks like I got removed from the guild. No big loss as this is a shit game.


4ca40e No.12566759


limited guildsize does that to you, good thing they doubled it a few updates ago you lazy cunt.

98108c No.12566836


Not really lazy, it was combo of gacha boxes and the higher level stuff being nearly impossible to do solo (everyone leveled out of my range while I was at work) and took super long to get levels. They didn't fix that grind gap to reach the new content. I just ended up sitting around hoping I could find a group to grind with. It wasn't enjoyable time sink anymore so I went on to find better ones.

778482 No.12566851




I would of though you guys would of given me the boot by now.

26733f No.12566879


guess that means I aint playing tonight, might has well get a good night of sleep for once

17f2d8 No.12566895


>What kind of realm do you come form?

On planet earth grinding does equal skill. You gotta put in the time if you want to drink the wine.

98108c No.12566913


They liked you enough to not, I guess. You even quit before I did.

778482 No.12566974


Who is this?

fdb26a No.12567706

File: b7f958494765142⋯.png (565.01 KB, 614x783, 614:783, ClipboardImage.png)

744938 No.12567787


Hurray for free shit.

Is Cry/Chrono still good? I got to Cryo 3 before I quit playing

4ca40e No.12567826


its still the go to support mage and its still high tier at it, pre patch that is. However with dex now increasing att speed, the att speed buff from chrono can be expected to stack and some crazy fuckers will take that into account for their AA builds.

744938 No.12567852



is there a safe range for partying between levels? I don't want to kill a friends xp by being a 40 levels ahead of them

4ca40e No.12567864


there is no longer any xp penality for parties with level gap. The only thing that affect xp gain is the difference inbetween your level and the monster's you've just killed. However you can setup how much of the party xp is being shared in the party option menu.

744938 No.12567914

File: e4aba55e127b805⋯.png (21.46 KB, 209x180, 209:180, 4a74b9a02720ded9bf672244a7….png)


Everything that I've been wanting changed before playing again seems to be happening with this patch. I'm bretty excited for tomorrow

thanks friend

241eb0 No.12567920

File: 7715b27dc48387e⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 1448601925729.jpg)


Can it really be called a grinding game when theres so many fucking quests in the way?

fdb26a No.12568218

File: 6e4c7414e3b4651⋯.jpg (738.57 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170514_00003.jpg)


but you wont have the full force of the /v guild backing you in a new server

orsha ch1 path to warp statue to be renamed infinity street one day

fdb26a No.12568643

File: d7e8029ea6ffa80⋯.jpg (569.33 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170516_00004.jpg)


good luck everyone!

if you need a guild invite, say so in the discord.

43d95b No.12568673

Is there a class fighting with a scythe ?

56b0eb No.12568757

File: d3bbdf0be931eaa⋯.jpg (890.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_20170516_00001.jpg)

fdb26a No.12568790

File: aee78fa8024a3b4⋯.jpg (613.47 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170516_00020.jpg)


my back was turned mang :((

50bc6a No.12568812

Did they scrap the fucking themepark quest line yet?

34308e No.12568872

File: 0f1610353e542cb⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 52432424.jpg)

Anons help, as a caster do I dump everything into int now with the changes?

I'm so fucking lost, also how do I get into the guild?

fdb26a No.12568893

File: bbfc4b16e9d1dd9⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1291x1062, 1291:1062, ClipboardImage.png)


when resetting stats, right click instead of left click to allocate points by large chunks.




still so many quests, more than anyone would normally care to do though i did because i wanted to 100% it


i hear glass cannon is still full int so theres that. but you'll be so easily instagibbed unless you pour in the silver for mitigation equips furnished with high level gems.

a8fa56 No.12568894

File: 79bf90c4a93b785⋯.png (40.17 KB, 510x530, 51:53, 1470517982407-1.png)



I would rather not.

1e581f No.12568906


tell us where you are and your name ans someone will be along to add you, if they're online

Also wizards only really need INT and SPR now

50bc6a No.12568908


Can I at least do the fucking quests and level up to cap without autistically saving up EXP cards like an aspie like back in the beta?

241eb0 No.12568917

File: c9447bdc8088b51⋯.webm (4.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, A world of trash.webm)


>still a gorillian quests

yeah this isn't a proper grinder. into the trash it goes. have fun in your pile of garbage.

c6048f No.12568921


Saving cards is pretty pointless now. The exp penalty was changed to a 20 lvl gap.

50bc6a No.12568928


Alright. But can I just blow through all those cards all the way up until cap?

Also do people do the fucking low level dungeons? Last time I tried was 6 months ago and I waited 3 days but nobody fucking queue'd for the Chapel dungeon.

fdb26a No.12568984

File: 38d90ed445b97f4⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1291x1062, 1291:1062, ClipboardImage.png)

rip old mercenary post


if you do every single quest you get a buttload of cards but nowhere near enough to go "all the way to cap" because exp requirement scales hard in r8.

if youre worried about lowbies in lowbie dungeons, there were still some before but in case you didn't notice… this whole bloody patch is bringing in an whole lot of newbies. those dungeons will be full.

34308e No.12568994

File: 5e1f0c43fcf5455⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SHEEEEEEEEEEET.png)

These fucking weapons and rings with 20 to all stats are going to spoil me.

>some fucking level 257 fighting Cerberus

>join in

>it fucking starts melting after casting my spells

Fuck I only get 30 days to feel this OP before grinding away.

a28922 No.12569027

Anyone else getting all their cumulative exp cards from the Wings NPC? Because I just claimed 71 areas worth of cards on two different characters.

a28922 No.12569044


Okay so somehow I had 71 exactly for both my alts, but my main had 18 unclaimed. Which seems about right.

43d95b No.12569067

Will i lag if i play on NA while being on EU ?

fdb26a No.12569082

File: e990a80e25556ed⋯.jpg (741.79 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170516_00038.jpg)

in the midst of all this patch excitement, we randos managed to take down one of the most notoriously difficult world bosses with freshly reset characters. whew. maybe the stat rebalance helped out a lot too.


bruh, read the patch notes. map completion exp cards shared for the account not per character now. this is also why they reduced the overall number of exp cards per map to tune it back a little.


i'm in the philippines and playing in the NA server, i'm doing ok

544289 No.12569374

Any good monk builds?

5d27d7 No.12569396


Hey, they've given ME the boot and I am still shitposting in the discord

5d27d7 No.12569405


Not really. I used to play on NA before I stopped playing and I was getting a solid 90 to 120 ms.

And that's before I had fiber, so I'm willing to wager that I'd get lower now.

4e5aae No.12569508

Hmm, harder decision now. Do I just restart because I have no idea where I Am quest wise with my level 81 or just keep pushing through with a new character? Is there any class that's actually needed now or is it still 'play what you want'?

fdb26a No.12569720

File: 094dc20d1e965f8⋯.jpg (460.13 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170516_00042.jpg)


none of us are monks as i recall. sorry mang.


you'd have more fun dicking around with what you have then passing on what you got to another character. team storage is free now so its not token gated. map exploration is also shared so free exp cards on every freshly made character. judging from crestfallenbrand's pic, you can hit 100 really easy now.

a9b011 No.12570192


We have several people in the guild who are monks.

fdb26a No.12570205


then someone post a guide for the man. i've never seen any on.

26733f No.12570301

I will probably make a barb but I got a question

Is it possible to make a zombie/pet build? I remember back in beta you could have a zombie train and it was pretty funny.

fdb26a No.12570370

File: e429488f8f411f0⋯.jpg (573.38 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170502_00003.jpg)


that's bokor

the zombies are temporary as well as all the other summon/pet classes.

the only pet that really stands by you are your mount pets that level with you and take a character slot.

the zombie train is not so good for general use though because its channeling and any hit breaks the channel. you can't run around a map with aggro units especially ranged ones and have the conga actually do damage.

685967 No.12570462


they're giving temporary weapons too?where?

26733f No.12570501


That's the one, I''l probably make an alt with that just for shit and giggles

ef0384 No.12570658

File: e78f697a1e3b29f⋯.webm (4.92 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, TOS 2017-05-16 19-43-25-6….webm)

>playing on NA server from Europe

4ca40e No.12571142

File: 2240323f4606f31⋯.png (46.43 KB, 299x180, 299:180, ClipboardImage.png)


to the aspiring highlanders out there, game is now Tree of Doppellander

a11ba9 No.12571401

Im doing a peltasta/rodolero meme build and i rust reseted my ranks to reallocate skills, what stats should i invest in if i want a balanced build or attack build?

>not taking barb instead

Im trying a build which doesnt include barb at the moment. Also for some reason i have to retrain all my attributes from the beginning with all the time included.

a8fa56 No.12571560

>Try to retrieve green penguin

>Nothing comes

Okay now what the hell?

4ca40e No.12571608


about 100 in con and rest in str sounds like a good idea.


it has to be retrieved from your mailbox, you sent it to one of your alts, log on that alt, use the egg, name your penguin and enjoy.

27c2c1 No.12571856

I absolutely love Taoist magic so I think I want to become one of those.

What are some good classes to take in the cleric tree? Do I still need 2 ranks of Cleric to get the full number of healing tiles or can I go Krivis for the sweet campfire and zappy magic?

What else is good inbetween? Did they do anything to make oracle not the worst class in the game?

a9b011 No.12572120



Would've said miko for the 6th/7th but it's been nerfed to the ground, I'm giving kabbalist 1 a try there.

a9b011 No.12572127


Also, Oracle is a utility class, it's arguably one of the best classes to only take a single circle in thanks to the sheer amount of powers you get. You only take oracle 2 to take oracle 3, which is to open up a tranny shop.

4ca40e No.12572268


Krivis really benefits from Taoist because it enhances lightning magic, but outside of that I've never tried. All that I know is that they can reach high tier dps under the right condition and yet still have utlity like healing/group invisiblity.

34308e No.12572863


notice board, the road to 100, at the last mile stone they give you it.

05639f No.12573336

How is content compared to Korea? Someone post bunny costume gifs and pictures. Did they censor or release same bunny costume as Korean one? Is there big changes from Korean one? I used to play as sapper but bored and quit since game seems to be handled by retards.

31c51a No.12573462

I like pet/summoning classes. Which is less useless: Sorcerer or Necromancer?

4ca40e No.12573673


sorcerer, a 1 circle its good enough to help you but 2 circles in you can position and order your pet or even ride out and control it directly. By pet, I mean Boss Demon.

4e5aae No.12573932

https://tos.neet.tv/skill-planner#311229997.35425a65.1a213a45516172.1a2a334a628a.155575 So this is the build i'm currently going for. I've always had a thing for Rogues back in RO and I want to do my former glory. However, I do have a question about Calvary Charge for the hackapell, can I jump off my mount at any time then use my hunter skills or am I sort of forced to chose one or the other?

4e5aae No.12573955

File: c39eda1f2428546⋯.png (445.53 KB, 592x303, 592:303, Isthisus.png)

Also, are all these shop the guilds shops? Have you guys seriously no-lifed this that long?

4e5aae No.12573982

File: 9646bec6c8fecae⋯.png (149.46 KB, 400x300, 4:3, One-more-thing-jackie-chan….png)

Last question before I start actually playing for real. How important is Con for PVP? I really want to dickstab people bad in PVP but I wanna make sure I can last beyond the first stab.

3aaf91 No.12574002


Fug you. Someone answer me.

3aaf91 No.12574108


Never mind. Won't redownload game since there is nothing to do other than grinding which was reason why I quit in first place.

bfd961 No.12574202

File: 612277a2def8899⋯.jpg (34.79 KB, 239x268, 239:268, 612277a2def88997b307215399….jpg)

>Want to give the game a try

>Download link nowhere in the OP

One fucking job

c6048f No.12574248


It honestly doesn't take that much effort. You can get a shop in a couple of weeks spending maybe 2 hrs a day. We just coordinated shops to be put in Orsha ch1.


With the new changes, I expect CON to be even more important, as defense won't scale as well.


Its only on steam

6fd735 No.12574400

12ce5a No.12574549

File: bafacc89a367cfb⋯.png (613.93 KB, 817x939, 817:939, bafacc89a367cfb128e6615a8b….png)

>log in the morning and claim the rewards

>I have two similar named chars one was the one I play the other a mule

>accidentally claim the rewards to the mule

>come back from doing some rl stuff

>Oh man I should delete that mule since it's just taking space :^)

>there goes the pet and all the premium stuff

In conclusion 3d it's not worth

you may bully me now

Guess I'm going to go for the full pleb experience now also it does feel very fast the leveling process so far, dunno how it may go at higher level but for now it pretty neat

PS Who do I have to message for the guild invite?

778482 No.12574586

Well tried to reset my Chaplain to C3 Cleric and C3 Priest, but got shafted on skill point for Cleric. Only got 31 out of the 45. Hopefully tomorrow shit we get fixed

778482 No.12574619

Also what are good stats for Pelt3/Rod3/Mur after the changes? Also Cleric3/Priest3? To lazy to read patch notes

31c51a No.12574695

The Steam overlay popped up right when I got my companion, which somehow fucked over the name entry panel, so now my pet's name is 0.

That's annoying.

31c51a No.12574770


And also what the holy fuck is this fucking lag. This is fucking ridiculous.

4e5aae No.12574859


It's almost as if tripling your population in a day when your servers aren't ready for it causes lag.

4ca40e No.12575478

File: ab19cb08fdc39e4⋯.png (133.48 KB, 610x501, 610:501, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc9696de420ac1e⋯.jpg (266 KB, 938x640, 469:320, ur a fuckin villainm8.jpg)

File: bfb6ced68a40910⋯.jpg (79.14 KB, 574x501, 574:501, neverevercat.jpg)

File: bfb6ced68a40910⋯.jpg (79.14 KB, 574x501, 574:501, neverevercat.jpg)


We're about 2-3 months behind what the gooks get, but with more bugs. KrToS gets the changes first and early in development and often shift, while we get fewer, but more stable content. Tbh I think there are no reason to have such a delay buts thats how it rolls aparently. As for costumes, they are unchanged and we even got pic related released last week altho the costume itself is pretty shit


Con is never bad


pm Imix, or just hang around Orsha ch1 and wait till you spot a Infinity guy and talk to them. Also if you want to level fast, grab a map and head to Nevellet Quarry, on the Orsha side of the map. You can easily reach lvl 50 by grinding the Pawnd there. Once you're 50, go for the dungeon runs and resume questing after that. Your goal would be to reach 80 after that point, mostly because it will grant you access to the next dungeon, meaning faster leveling and good money. Once thats dealt with, try reach 100 and start doing missions with some questing when your allowances are filled. This should be much faster than just plain questing.


Check for another xp card you might have missed, I,ve resetted 4 times so far and had no issue


Str/Con is always good for swordies, especially if you're shield centered then some more con wont hurt you. As for cleric/priest, I heard priest skill scale with SPR but some other skill scale with int too, you could consider 1con 2int 2spr spread.


I think its possible to change a pet name in the pet window by clicking the pet's name at the very top of that window,

12ce5a No.12575542



arent you guys in Klaipeda? I have all my chars there

31c51a No.12575549


Speaking of stats, what's the best stat spread for a Wizard planning on focusing on Sorcerer? I know Int is magic attack power, but Spirit is summon attack power. It seems Spirit does next to nothing worthwhile for me while leveling besides raise my SP regen, and the game seems to throw SP potions at you like fucking raindrops in a typhoon, so I've been leveling nothing but Int so far. I'm wondering if I should start throwing some points into Spirit every 3 or 4 levels just so when I finally can summon something it's not complete ass, but I'm also wondering if that's even necessary right now when it'll do jack shit for me currently and I can just start leveling it later when I actually have access to a summon.

I guess what I'm asking is how many points I should be putting into Spirit as a Wizard.

bd8e4f No.12575575


Just double checked and the tooltip for Spirit only says it increases SP, SP regen, Summon Evasion, and Summon HP.

Mounting your summon makes it much stronger as well so perhaps you can get away with going pure int.

4ca40e No.12575584

File: 94bed8a12f7f7be⋯.jpg (509.42 KB, 1000x641, 1000:641, 1478070884200.jpg)


The town of Orsha


Int is both magic attack power and summon attack power. SPR is summon defence. However your biggest challenge if you pick sorcerer is to get a lvl 10 monster card, preferably a Temple Shooter. If you dont happen to find one, you'll find the summon to be a bit clunky until you hit sorcerer2 where you gain complete control over it. But yeah, 1con 1spr 5int sounds like something worth doing.

31c51a No.12575595

File: e0ab08b63092bf2⋯.png (49.46 KB, 760x732, 190:183, Untitled.png)


>Spirit only says it increases SP, SP regen, Summon Evasion, and Summon HP


>SPR is summon defence.

My bad. I was looking at the upcoming overhaul notes, and I had assumed this shit was already in the game. Turns out it's months away. So I don't have to worry about it at all yet. Seems that currently almost pure Int leveling, like y'all said, is the way to go. I'll have to worry about proper stat spread later.

4ca40e No.12575611

File: f821cc220356b1d⋯.png (52.49 KB, 565x697, 565:697, ClipboardImage.png)


yeah the statsheet has changed slightly but imo INT will always be the better choice for stat distribution, since Sorcerer 2 lets you ride and directly control your demon and its damage scales with your INT

bd8e4f No.12575720


>>12575611 (checked)

Not upcoming months, the changes anon posted are live.

Otherwise Wizards don't really need Spr in general. With money becoming more plentiful post 100 and the other changes to potting you especially don't need it.

That being said I have no practical experience as a Sorcerer to say whether or not your summon will need the evasion and HP.

34308e No.12576092

File: 735466b4b91e124⋯.gif (884.95 KB, 250x189, 250:189, 1459289998977.gif)


What's the story behind this?


>try out sorcerer since respecs

>meme pet

>shit damage

>shit pets

>shit buffs

Glad I didn't get this class my first try.

Back to my wiz/ele/warlock asap.

9fe482 No.12576162

Well shit Peltasta's guard function got nerfed badly.

>Cooldown after using guard

>you can only guard for a bit

>getting hit by a magic enemy kills your guard

I'm not sure if also regular damage passing through block also kills it

9fe482 No.12576171


Wait I meant that getting hit by magic enemies cancels your guard stance. Should've worded it better.

bd8e4f No.12576235


I'm kinda finding it the same. I respec'd into the first circle of Sorcerer today and was annoyed to see that the Familiar's buff only lasts 5 minutes and you have to wait for it to give you all the buffs to boot.

Though is Wiz3 still ideal anymore? Quickcast is nice, but is it worth 3 ranks to get? I'm thinking I'll try Cryo1>Kino1>Ele3>RC>Sage.

d8c38c No.12576243

File: d1f2a605836d160⋯.png (400.93 KB, 720x672, 15:14, fb0e97407ecbb14b449bd2bd78….png)

What classes are good for solo play and will be viable end game?

bd8e4f No.12576376


This is kindof a non-answer, since I haven't been playing too long, but I'd say to browse http://www.tosbase.com/game/classes/ a bit to see what you might like then just hop in. With the current event you'll level up like crazy and be able to experiment with no risk.

I don't really have a recommendation for any specific class for you to start out as since survivability while leveling isn't a huge issue and most builds are pretty viable.


For clarification: If it was just the Quickcast attribute being gone I'd live, but MM getting nerfed hard is also making me rethink it.

34308e No.12576380


The fact that quickcast now last for 1min is great also the magic missile now has 3 charges(cast)

First time playing but is sleep even worth shit, I mean I get CC is grand and all but end game had no real raids or what seems a need for it sicne everyone just aoes and shit.

bd8e4f No.12576620


Oh no I loved the duration change, that's part of why I'm okay with the attack buff being gone, but despite MM now having 3 charges it doesn't scale, and feels quite weaker.

What else would you put points into other than sleep? It may be mostly worthless, but it's better than Energy Bolt or Earthquake endgame. I'd imagine an ideal build of Wiz3 would be:

>Energy Bolt 0

>Earthquake 0

>Lethargy 1

>Reflect Shield 15

>Sleep 14

>Surespell 5

>Quickcast 5

>Magic Missile 5

Perhaps even taking a point out of Sleep for Earthquake to make leveling a bit easier.

bd8e4f No.12576625


oh wait that's what it was pre-update lol

34308e No.12576743


Haha yeah, I gave it more thought and that's what I respeced my wiz rank 3 into.

Hmm I might have a outdated one. What is the rest of build now. What about Ele and Warlock now?

bd8e4f No.12576845


I'm really disappointed that Earthquake doesn't scale, and that Energy Bolt's scaling wasn't enough to save it. I did only test it with 10 points today, but I jammed a shit tone of attribute points into its enhancement and still only got mediocre results.

I honestly don't think much has changed for Elelock. Hail and Frost cloud are still awesome or at least better than Freezing Sphere, though I'll be testing that tomorrow. Prominence may be better now, but I'd have to test it against Meteor, and I'm pretty sure I'm still going to favor the latter. Electrocute feels about the same, and is actually what's motivating me to take a circle of Cryo and Kino over Wiz2 and 3. I'll have to see how well I do without Surespell.

I don't know if Drain has been fixed yet, and I'm only rank 5 so I can't test any 'lock stuff. However from what I can make out on the skill calculator you'll still want a point in Pole, a point in Sacrifice, 8 in invocation, 10 in Surge, and 10 in Mastema. If Drain was fixed I imagine taking 5 out of Mastema for it would be the best course of action.

d8c38c No.12576865


I've been looking at that sight but it doesn't really help much, Are ranged builds any good or should I just go sword and board?

54175f No.12577789

File: db31fcc18fd128e⋯.jpg (150.67 KB, 737x415, 737:415, hunter AI.jpg)


it started out as a initiative to make orsha better as there weren't too many active shops there at the time, now the city is doing really good which is nice because it is a little better organized than klaip or fedi

54175f No.12577899

File: a9f9623a32eaa64⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 481x700, 481:700, 1479904306119.jpg)

Tree of Savior Addons

Step 1: Download JTOS Addon Manager (previously excrulion addon manager)


Step 2: Open up manager, point to your TOS folder, the manager has both old english TOS addons and newer JTOS addons

Installation guide


Starter List of Good addons:


BetterQuest - displays all possible quests within your level range that you can do

CoolDown Tracker - addon that lets you script cd tracker + custom messages for skills

Exp Card Calculator - Shows how high you can level up based on the exp cards you have

Exp Viewer - shows exp per hour, ETA until level up

Map Fog Viewer - shows fog on map as red tiles so it's easier to 100% a map

Monster Frames - displays monster info including HP, armor type, element, weakness etc

Stat Viewer - shows key stats in moveable pop up window

Tooltip Helper - displays additional tooltips for items


Barrack Item List English - let's you see your alt's inventory, equip, storage, etc

CamCon - newer, better version of Zoomy for changing camera angle, zoom etc

Map Mate - displays extra info next to minimap such as monsters in map, npcs, etc

mzMusic - let's you change game songs

Treasure Map - shows treasure chests you can collect on map

ce2fb5 No.12577923

>325 Wizard

>try going Thaum3/Link1

>go to a 320 map

>swell + swell + swell > JP > HK > Sleep > Shrink Body > Energy Bolt down mob packs

>only have 1600matk unbuffed and the energy bolt dmg on sleeping targets as dmg attributes

Probably going to try something like this today: https://tos.neet.tv/skill-planner#21333aaff.152535.1121374f5a617585.1a2a345165.11283a41 (not sure how to distribute Warlock points)

74cdf8 No.12578128

File: a41f0b79e240c33⋯.jpg (80.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, fuckingspacebeardoingbeara….jpg)


whats the server?

how do i join? i gotta pm the guild leader?

4ca40e No.12578216


Try Swordsman1 - Peltasta1 - Hoplite3 for now, its an easy game style to get into because its both defence utility from pelt and offence from Hoplite. Just be sure to keep your gear somewhat high enough and you can solo anything.


The server is [NA]Klaipeda and you have to PM Imix, or another other guild member to get an invite.

Also everyone, grab add ons from >>12577899

they're worth it.

54175f No.12578256


server klaipedia

when you get to town buy orsha scroll and find a infinity member

d8c38c No.12578262


>NA server

Oh fuck do we have an EU guild?

5cb709 No.12578656

File: 854f196b506a11e⋯.jpg (543.78 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, screenshot_20170518_00002.jpg)


stick with the [NA]Klaipeda anyway. its good enough and as far as we can tell the ping is the same.

609e75 No.12579164


I tried both servers and since Im from EU, I wont join NA, I do feel the difference in ping, it's even worse when playing a caster.

d8c38c No.12579220



Silky smooth.

4ca40e No.12579441


dont blame him, he's a third worlder

bd8e4f No.12580153


Just play the game friendo. You're worrying too much about this. >>12578216's suggestion sounds mighty fine.

Ranged classes are fine.

The sooner you get in game the sooner you'll learn what works, what doesn't, and get a better idea of what you want.

ce2fb5 No.12580220


On further testing, seems like anything (except Pyro) with Linker1 + Thaum1 is crazy fucking good. The new Swell Left Arm attribute that increases dmg to Shrink Body targets is just stupid OP. Doing 100k+ dmg Mastema (not including the dot), 30k+ per Ice Blast, Snow Rolling is actually killing stuff if I shrink it first and the synergy with Invocation is crazy strong, too. No %dmg attributes either.


a9b011 No.12580621


Elementalist is now phenomenal in the endgame. Warlock isn't worth it. Mastema is the only power it has that still works, and it takes it getting R8 to happen.

I'd recommend replacing warlock with Featherfoot.

9de73d No.12581201


Okay. I asked this some time ago when we had this thread but got no answers. I want to get back into this game but first:

Is every map past level 80 still on a (At least) 10 to 1 ratio of Priestbots vs Players?

bd8e4f No.12581245


Was it not awesome before? And duly noted.


I play on Orsha server and only see bots spamming chat in town. I am only level 145 though.

4ca40e No.12581253


about 2 maps, and they got multiple kinds of bots now. Forest of Prayers and another one nobody ever goes to.

bd8e4f No.12581629


>Forest of Kikes has the gold farmer bots


54175f No.12581752


i saw a couple bots in dvasia peak which is odd because no one ever really goes there (lv110 map but its in the middle of nowhere so people usually skip it) was really odd but they must be farming something

bd8e4f No.12581819


Really? I'd imagine it gets more traffic because of the hidden quest. Though I suppose that's a bit contradictory.

ce2fb5 No.12581990


Featherfoot dps is laughable, especially in groups since your damage is entirely dependent on Joint Penalty.

4ad2e7 No.12582643

laglaglaglaglaglaglaglag. What do I do with all this fucking lag! No matter what map, no matter what server, only lag everywhere, this is horrible.

994291 No.12582780

File: 01bfaac33f388c1⋯.gif (379.95 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Link approves_79aa43_62000….gif)


hello fellow shit-net-having comrade


good luck then mang, feel free to join the discord anyway


i hit a solid 30 fps

during loading screens

outdated hardware good at toasting bread doe

12ce5a No.12582916

File: 825afae94b30ec7⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 825afae94b30ec726f101d75cd….jpg)

>Get to the church or whatever zone it's called

>remember that a very cool headpiece Gilt Helmet drops here

>Back in bet I spent like 2 to 3 hours to get the drop

>"ah well might has well try and get it"

>literally the first Pawnd that I hit with the intention to farm drops the fucking helmet

… well then

Also the level 50 dungeon gives a retarded amount of exp feels so weird being this high level so fast after the previous experience

a9b011 No.12583044

File: 66ff0c47fe2c524⋯.png (91.04 KB, 515x150, 103:30, wew.PNG)


Not since the rebalance mate. Featherfoot can pull some crazy spike damage now. Kurdaitcha+Kundela Slash has been hitting for a minimum of 50k each. Blood sucking does nice damage, and blood curse is a total snackbar ability.

It now provides a lot of utility to an Elementalist, since Elemementalist can now use its powers effectively in R8 content. You don't need linker for AoE, since you already have it. FF gives good single-target damage and some healing options.

a9b011 No.12583233


Before, the only elementalist power that retained any sort of useful damage was Frost Cloud, but even that had limited effectiveness because it couldn't hit flying targets. Meteor and Electrocute now do better damage, and R8 health and defense has been nerfed across the board, culminating in elementalist powers being great in the endgame.

ce2fb5 No.12583267


Kundela Slash, Blood Bath and Ngadhundi are all single target and completely worthless without Joint Penalty. Blood Sucking's AoE is minuscule and Blood Curse's AoE is so-so but it's also tied to a 65s cooldown. Yes, the damage is good, but the DPS is shit. I should know, I played FF well before R8 came out.

Without Linker, FF is pointless. The rebalance patch made it do some decent single target damage, but the survivability FF offered is now kinda moot since mobs hit like wet noodles.

a9b011 No.12583312

File: 78ea4abe9b39a4e⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 525x384, 175:128, 78ea4abe9b39a4e76b95d92490….jpg)


If you'd notice, this is taking Featherfoot on top of Elementalist, which is ALL AoE DPS abilities.

Blood Sucking doesn't need to hit multiple targets when it can pull 3k heath per tick. As for DPS, it's all stuff you can chain with Elementalist abilities.

>quickcast>surespell>levitation>blood curse>frost cloud/electrocute

will wipe out any mob and throw you back to full health. You still have Meteor and Frost Cloud/electrocute free for another group, or you can close in and finish off the survivors with curses and kundela.

The point is, Elementalist alone is enough to handle any mob in R8 now, but Featherfoot gives you nice filler damage and deals with stragglers, as well as giving some free healing. Warlock's not worth it since now it's taking two ranks to gain just 1 useful attack. Having used it all day, I can say right now that it's a good DPS combo that gives you versatility in dealing with single targets or a group of monsters.

Also, linker is shit now.

a9b011 No.12583661

File: fee20bf8985f1a1⋯.jpg (187.62 KB, 672x877, 672:877, Ne7EAGg.jpg)

Reminder that afk necro farming is the most cencerous thing you can do in the game, and that all necro farmers should be bullied to death by local Oracles.

IMC please input that HP loss on inactivity soon

1e581f No.12586002

File: 911ee51e7aa4967⋯.png (551.62 KB, 512x512, 1:1, absolutely beautiful.png)


>we could see the end of afk necros in our lifetime

d8c38c No.12586555


Doubtful, Ragnarok was full of afk farmers and nothing happened with them.

642466 No.12586950

File: eac894bf66b30b3⋯.jpg (626.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170508125549_1.jpg)


Death to the heretics!

66df68 No.12586993

File: 84d0e0ec47bd302⋯.jpg (187.56 KB, 714x996, 119:166, 84d0e0ec47bd30272e9bcd03e0….jpg)

I'm into grinding, is there an edgy class to be edgy and can I get away without cashing out 6mil shekels

b61d39 No.12587048


>f2p game

>korean f2p game

>not a hamster wheel made to make you pay them shekels

66df68 No.12587137


so is there edgyness?

b61d39 No.12587157


>need real money to respec

>devs decide to make a balance update that changes everything

>you either have to pay up or be stuck with an inferior build

66df68 No.12587183

File: 4a1ee2b33e219e0⋯.png (271.3 KB, 619x333, 619:333, 4a1ee2b33e219e029d3f889869….png)


ok thats enough for me not to be interested even if theres edgy stuff, thanks my man

5b46e5 No.12587217

File: 0cb8a9e9f3ac771⋯.jpg (323.67 KB, 1219x874, 53:38, 1.jpg)



>The one time this argument is used

>It doesn't apply

66df68 No.12587259


so is there and edgy class?

66df68 No.12587275


ow wait thats a time limited shit sorry im out

4ca40e No.12587390

File: 85e727d8f9c48a3⋯.png (213.6 KB, 614x586, 307:293, ClipboardImage.png)



>given respec items daily to ALL alts for about 14 days to get your build right

>not enough


Necro, dragoon, barbarian, ranger3 with the costume pic related, its pretty edgy imo. warlock is edgy enough, feather foot is bloodmancer class so its top edgy and plague doctor for victorian edgyness.

34308e No.12589224

File: 55c0ccdd2ebbbb5⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 400x250, 8:5, 55c0ccdd2ebbbb5605e8caa9be….gif)

I keep seeing this wiz class summoner with the goblin nig with two cross bows cleaning house.

What build is that?

bd8e4f No.12589264


Sorcerer with Temple Shooter. Couldn't guess the whole build other than that they took more than 1 circle of Sorc. Purely because Sorc circle 1 sucks.

4ad2e7 No.12589629


Also is there a Sapper in here that can explain how Spike shooter works? I put the wire down but the arrows would just shoot at a random direction, sometimes they completely miss the mobs


You are kidding right?

778482 No.12589839

So tried the respec and Pelt3/Rod3/Mur can solo now, but become a SPR is a huge problem, along with how much armor damage you take.

Also Chappy seems to do a lot of damage now compared to before. before at 266 you could not solo anymore, but now you can still do damn good damage

ce2fb5 No.12589952


Spike Shooter shoots in a pre-determined direction based on where your character is facing. Spike Shooter is extremely unreliable and is most definitely NOT worth the investment; the C2 bomb skill is actually better than Spike Shooter, but still not worth a 3rd rank.


Ya the speed at which durability gets eroded makes any type of tanky build pointless since your gear will break before the end of a dungeon run.

fe7bb1 No.12589971

Just finished collecting flowers for appraiser. After finishing I stayed with group to help them since not everyone got it first time. We wait for 4 hours and agreed to do countdown and take it together. Faggot goes and take it for himself and everything burns. Any way I'm leveling alright with x8 exp daily and hopefully will get rank 7 before period ends.

4ad2e7 No.12589996


I see, I will go Sapp2 instead then,thanks. Also, do you know how good Broom Trap and Claymore damage scales with levels? I would be nice to be able to leave Claymore at 5

fe7bb1 No.12589998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c3 gives bomb trap 50% critical attribute and makes c3 worth it.

ce2fb5 No.12590021


Didn't know they changed Broom Trap attribute with the patch. Might be worth if with Rogue1 or Falc3 then.

Btw, that video is for Detonate Trap which only counts as a skill against flying bosses if no one else is putting down circles. And yes, Detonate Trap is ungodly strong for that one thing.

4ad2e7 No.12590044


Ha! thats actually something I had in mind, using Stockades just to setup Detonate trap, but I was worried the damage may not be worth it. Thanks for the info man, good shit.

fe7bb1 No.12590090


I just want to know if blown up trap level matters or only donate trap skill and attributes. Keep in mind he had level 50 attribute and top shit most likely. I'm just glad I'll bypass leveling up my sapper because of returning players gift exp x8 in the daily dungeons and will go directly to cannoner after doing appraiser.

ce2fb5 No.12590108


Stockades is actually absurdly strong with Falc3 and it's fairly decent on its own when you solo. Using Stockades for Detonate Trap will kill any flying mob in a tiny AoE or fuck over a flying boss, but it's 100% useless vs ground mobs.

If you just want Detonate Trap burst damage vs bosses, then getting Sapper1 will work just fine.

ce2fb5 No.12590111


Only the Detonate Trap skill/attributes and your stats matter for blowing up circles. You can even blow up Heal tiles under a boss for full damage.

fe7bb1 No.12590133


I see thanks.

f8a2b6 No.12590191

File: 054da4468713106⋯.jpg (186.37 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, 1471432607650.jpg)

So like is the game even good now? or is it still a horrendous grindfest.

I stopped playing at the beta I think, was a monk.

74ad0f No.12590256


When it comes to MMO you don't even have to ask, unless the game got hacked and has a private server, it'll be an endless grind that makes every next level-up take longer to reach while they add bigger and longer maps and inane quests that'll have you walking from point A to point B for hours (unless you invest shekels in a gay ass rainbow tiger mount or shitty teleportation scrolls), all of this so you take the longest time to realize the "game" is an empty husk with little to nonexistant story or plot or any non-superficial redeeming aspects besides muh beautifully crafted open world that you must explore and stare at forever with lots of places to go with absolutely nothing to do.

fe7bb1 No.12590265


I don't think it's changed but if you're returning like me you will get some benefits to level fast in the mercenary missions with your x8 gift. Will just waste sometime since I have nothing better to do.

a9b011 No.12590793

File: 18386346fc60b4e⋯.jpg (302.75 KB, 767x1349, 767:1349, Problem Solver.jpg)


That's the kind of action I like to see!

Rip my krivis/miko/oracle/taoist, I shall miss ye

c6048f No.12591140


Depends on why you quit

It's still an MMO, the game engine didn't change much, but the content balance is much better. Leveling is quicker, there aren't any 'fuck you' mobs with infinite hp/damage, and gear choices are better.

544289 No.12591869

Cleric2/Priest2 or Cleric1/Priest3 for Monk?

778482 No.12592085


I would go C2/P2. Only thing you get from P3 is Stone Skin and more buffing power. but C2 gives you Might and 5 more heal tiles

d01572 No.12592382

File: 2f28c1eb71c1520⋯.jpg (134.84 KB, 460x730, 46:73, 2f28c1eb71c1520e00954687d9….jpg)

Despite it all I've downloaded this game, do I need to read the bible or some shit before i start playing or does the game explain shit properly? I just wanna play some cleric maybe go into plague doc

also does the game have worthwhile music to listen to or should i just listen to my own?

544289 No.12592412


OST is pretty good, as for reading a bible, well for a few more days you can reset everything once per day but I doubt you'll find out how to build yourself in that time, and its hard to look up builds on the internet since everything about combat is changed

9de73d No.12593040

Alright so I'm thinking of starting over on Orsha (Due to the supposed lower number of bots) and after seeing the blessing I bought affect my heal/cure per hit damage, this is the build I'm planning on:


With mostly SPR but a little INT too. I thought of adding Cleric 2 and Krivis 1 (for daino and zalciai), but should I get more damage skills instead of heal/buffs?

fe7bb1 No.12593304

I'm about to become level 220 and have no idea how you get good equipment. I even use level 40 top. Any website for recipe drop other than tosbase? Anyway to get better equipment fast.

441a6c No.12593328

Looks like I had a level 65 or so Dirvywhatever. Is it shit? I have no memory even playing this.

fe16d2 No.12593380


go to the lv150 HG or 170 its got good shit

or if you really need stuff fast do a dungeon run and re-roll cube to get some cheapo gear

bd8e4f No.12593400


The OST is magnificent. The only way to find out how shit works is to play. Resources on the game are quite limited, especially due to the recent changes.


Look up VioletChevre and I'll play with you fam.


Dievdirbys has some nice utility. Doesn't matter if it's shit since you can test and reset now anyways.


I was thinking of doing Cleric3/ Krivis1 for mine, but I'm also hard pressed to do Cleric3/ Priest1 or Cleric2/ Priest2

Cleric3 because Guardian Saint seems useful for a close combat build and Krivis1 for utility, or Priest 1 just for Resurrection.

As a side question how many points should I put into blessing?

441a6c No.12593428


Oh, neat, I did not expect it to be so easy to reset. Should I stay dievdirbys or is there something that would make my life leveling easier?

bd8e4f No.12593464


You can only easily reset until the end of the month.

Leveling as a cleric in general is pretty slow, but they doubled the EXP monsters give out until level 100.

Also I found that just getting buffed by a Pardoner in town is enough to solo dungeons now. Last night I ding'd 50 on my cleric, buffed up and proceeded to 1-shot everything in the dungeon, and then threw a couple Zaibas down on the boss and he melted.

This also applies to everything else. No matter your build you can always get a player to buff you for a bit of silver and make leveling much easier.

b5e16a No.12593547


>hidden skill interactions

>not just bugs

A friend is getting absurd dps with full int level 15+ heal plus a bought blessing.

He easily outdamages any boss DPS classes in the stances and he has no gear at all.

Two heal casts and a third of the bosses HP is gone, I can only imagine what happens if the boss is dark element or some shit like that.

If you're a cleric you guys should abuse the hell out of this while you still can, and re-spec back to normal when the reset event is over. This is probably getting patched.

9de73d No.12593885


Is Blessing affecting skills not supposed to be an actual thing then?

b5e16a No.12594018


It is.

It adds a flat damage over any hit.

This is a pretty dumb mechanic since it benefits multi hit skill way, way more than single hit ones.

But for some reason, heal squares on the ground not only have that added flat damage, but they deal an extra hit of full damage, doubling it's damage.

Two heal hits with added damage for each of the many squares of a a high level heal equals bye bye big bosses.

31c51a No.12594356


>It adds a flat damage over any hit.

>This is a pretty dumb mechanic since it benefits multi hit skill way, way more than single hit ones.

To be fair, a percentage based damage increase generally benefits single-hit skills far more than multi-hit skills.

b5e16a No.12595161


100 damage move, with 10 multihits, 10 damage each hit. With a 10% damage buff.


100 damage move, single hit. With a 10% damage buff.



I don't know how damage reduction works in the game but if it affects multi hits more than single hits it happens with or without extra damage and the difference wouldn't be as big.

bfd961 No.12595337

File: e59ba71d9e00e45⋯.png (880.91 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, e59ba71d9e00e4553502c068f0….png)

>lv 32

>Decide to buy buffs

>One shot everything

>Walk into a lv 49 map

>Still killing everything in one hit

what the fuck

31c51a No.12595345


You're probably right, actually. It's true that if the damage reduction of an enemy is a flat amount of damage nullified per hit then the percentage buff would be vastly more beneficial for a single-hit ability, but that seems unlikely now that I think about it. It would make it too easy and simple to completely nullify the ability of a character to do any damage whatsoever. It's more likely that it's a percentage reduction of damage per hit, which would end up affecting both types of abilities the same amount. Not sure what I was thinking, to be honest.

1bf27e No.12595389

Is there any research on falconer's circling ranks 6-15? I know you need at least 5 to get bosses into the negatives, but does more(U+200B was here) negatives do anything for anything other than Magic Missile (and/or did they ever "fix" that)?

b5e16a No.12595421


I don't know how it is now but I remember early in the game going to stronger maps and and dealing 1 damage with basic attacks and about 100 damage with skills.

Flat reduction isn't too far fetched, considering your attack constantly increases in this game, by level 200 you hit around 1200 attack yet your unbuffed basic attacks deals about 200 damage on the enemies on your level, only skills are the ones that have a big significant increase, since they deal more and more percentage of your attack. Changing the flat damage from the skills only made stats like str and int worthwhile now, it did nothing to change how the skills balance out among other skills and against the opponents.

I like the changes they did with the recent update, but there's still a lot of problems with the formulas.

3247c5 No.12595454


>well suck it up. great things don't come easy. this isn't one of those adhd instant gratification games

I could understand this if it was like Ragnarok Online, where the things you have to earn are an expansion to what you were doing anyway beforehand.

But locking the only fucking class (musketeer) that I have any interest in, and one that cannot use 90% of the skills from classes that precede it without reverting to their weapon sets behind that much grind is just plain retarded.

b5e16a No.12595558


That's a great way to describe it.

Locking whole classes with different playstyles to the later levels is dumb.

Ask any Ragnarok Hunter if it was fun leveling up as an Archer then ask any Ragnarok Monk or Alchemist is they liked Acolyte and Merchant.

In ToS, classes advancements are like changing into whole another classes, with different themes and skills unrelated to the ones you had before. But in ToS it's not only 1 class until the one you want, it's a bunch of them, only to be forced into another class after you max out the one you want.

bfd961 No.12595608


>lv 112 area @ lv 38

>still killing everything in three basic attacks

>I don't even get exp

bd8e4f No.12595832



They should have made it so you can start as any class in a particular tree, rank up to any class within that tree, and all the skills scale.

So you could, say, start as Musketeer, then start working on Quarrelshooter or whatever.

I was actually looking into Musketeer builds and I figure that Archer1/ QS3/ Archer2/ Filler/ Musketeer2. I figure I'd do Appraiser for the filler. The guide I read suggested Scout, but I figure Archer3 would work too.

The idea is that you use Running Shot from QS and Kneeling Shot from Archer. According to tosbase Appraiser's Blindside has no required stance, and it scales well so I figure it'd be useful. Alternatively Scout gives you stealth options, which I think the author of the guide probably just wanted for flavor reasons.


Buffs will remain useful, but their damage drops off as you pass 100. Early game they allow you to dominate.

It's funny because before the update I was 3 shotting enemies my level with basic attacks while buffed, and could barely kill level 100+ or anything in dungeons.

Now you can solo dungeons with them.

21fe3f No.12595861


I love how buffs are flat numbers that don't scale basically at all, so it's just wasted points that you have to slog through.

Really the fact that you have a filler in that build shows how bad the class system is "This rank is so useless you just pick whatever because it has no bearing on your later skills"

1bf27e No.12595868


You aren't thinking about it right.

There are only four classes, you pick your class at character gen. From there it's picking blocks of skills.

1bf27e No.12595876


Uh, what buffs are flat?

Practically everything has a stat ratio now.

21fe3f No.12595902


read the second part of that sentence.

a9b011 No.12595917


You know the servers are gonna get merged at some point, right?

Orsha's population can't sustain itself.

b5e16a No.12595925


Pretty accurate.


And early actives will be outshined by the ones in the later classes so it's still better to hoard buffs to use them with the later actives.


From the top of my head, concentration and blessing add flat damage.

Hell, some active ones are still flat damage additions, like Hoplite's pierce.

21fe3f No.12595939


Which is a fault of the design. So many skills become near useless or "fuck it at least it'll do something rather than fucking nothing".

The class system had potential, but nothing scales the amount it'd need to, the end game classes change up the classes too much without enough overlap so you end up with "well I guess I'm gonna grind so I can completely drop this class later and nothing I learned will be useful"

c2fd20 No.12595947

File: 7ec76f3fba76358⋯.gif (606.18 KB, 384x215, 384:215, s.gif)

File: d328ef33d9e94df⋯.png (11.33 KB, 128x128, 1:1, icon_arch_arrowsprinkle.png)

>haven't played since iCBT2

>liked the Archer classes despite their flaws at the time

>Mergen is new to me

>check out its skills

>the one thing I love most about fantasy archery any kind of arrow rain skill is in the game now

>the next thing I love most about fantasy archery lots of situational skills is naturally in as well

If this wasn't locked behind Rank 8 I'd probably have downloaded the game already even though I don't have time to sink into an MMO in the first place.

Is this game ruled by a cash shop?

21fe3f No.12595963


Kind of? Cash shop players have a pretty large advantage in certain situations.

But I think they said they're dropping it soonish?

a9b011 No.12595964


Cash shop is 99% cosmetics. Only cash item that matters is the token, but you can buy those off the player market for in-game currency.

21fe3f No.12595967

31c51a No.12595973


The game doesn't has no purchase fee and no subscription fee. How would they keep it running with no cash shop?

21fe3f No.12595979


cosmetics, I remember reading that they were dropping some of the token major benefits

1bf27e No.12595981


>I love how buffs are flat numbers

What buff is flat?

>that don't scale basically at all,

Again, what buff are you talking about?

>so it's just wasted points that you have to slog through.

The entire point of the revamp was to make everything scale to some degree. That's why fucking everything is percentile now.

But even before o

The only "flat" buffs I know off of the top of my head are everything involving Evasion…. and those buffs are higher flat than you'd likely ever see in a percentile form- right now the +150 eva from Guardian's attribute is over +50% evasion on my pirate queen because even at a 1:3 str:dex stat ratio and wearing magic evasion leather, I still don't break 300 eva naturally.


>Early actives fall off

Because your later skills don't have cooldowns, right.

>Concentrate is flat

3.5 + slvl * (1.5 + STR/10 + DEX/5)


>Bless is flat

30 + slvl * (25 + (SPR^0.9)/5)


>Some actives are still flat

Because IMC is known for writing tooltips correctly.

It's a fuckin' typo, how much of a retard are you? You can verify it, easy, too, by calling up the fuckin' KR version of the neet.tv site:


1bf27e No.12595984


>but even before o

Meant to be:

But even before the update that made all the skills percentile, they made all the buffs fucking scale to stats.

c2fd20 No.12595988



Could be worse. Maybe when I get time to kill I'll come back to this and its fantastic OST.

a9b011 No.12595996


Well, Team Storage is no longer token-exclusive, if that's what you're thinking off. But token users still get extra storage slots and can store silver.

21fe3f No.12595999


>>that don't scale basically at all

>posts formulas for horribly scaling buffs

bd8e4f No.12596030


I'd like them to do as I wrote in the first paragraph, but another problem is that each tree favors some builds over others. Which is a part of what we were talking about with virtually nothing supporting Musketeer in the Archer tree.

The problem you're pointing out in that build is the issue of having a specific build in mind, but the rank system fucks with it. I'm having a similar problem with wanting to go Cryo/ Kino/ Ele/ RC which is janky to throw together with the current system.


I was so excited for the update hoping everything would scale and be viable endgame, but they decided to go half-way for some retarded reason.

b5e16a No.12596031



If you have a single skill with about 10 or less cooldown you'll be good to rotate around your other 6 or more skills then return to it no problem.

>It's a fuckin' typo, how much of a retard are you?

Yes, sorry for trusting the game, I was really retarded for doing that. I should clearly have used this third party database that everyone knows about.

Good that those are scaling, tough.

1bf27e No.12596083


>horribly scaling

>misses that the stat scaling is multiplied by skill level

>unlisted-by-me attributes give it another 1.5x

I get that basic math is really fucking hard for you, really, but Concentrate (as the example) at rank fucking 3 on my dex-based pirate queen gets a bit over +25% of her pre-mult damage.

Sure, I'm using a Venier, but that's it vs my Manamana.


>6 or more skills

Which are clearly all from a rank 8 class and not from lower ones, and you're definitely not comboing things with synergy componants, like Hoplite's Spear Lunge, or Barbarian's Cleave.

>Sorry for trusting the game instead of a third party db

Sorry, I thought you weren't new to IMC. Honest, that one isn't entirely your fault.

>instead of a third-party DB that everyone knows about

What is the last site linked in the OP before the Beginner tips, as well as the only good skill build site? though the -kr addition to get the ktos version is arcane, you have me there

21fe3f No.12596104


Oh man a whole +25% premult! That's like a whole 90 damage!

Seriously fucking kill yourself, buffs fall off a fucking cliff and the game's horribly designed.

1bf27e No.12596125

File: c7595bdedd6d0c9⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 250x300, 5:6, dunce.jpg)


>like a whole 90 damage

Try 328 damage.

Fucking hell you're retarded.

The game has design problems, but "non-scaling buffs" is definitely not what's wrong with it.

fb3c7e No.12596133


Is this game still alive and well? I played it up to about level 125 or something, then it just became tooooo grindy.

1bf27e No.12596144


They just completely re-did the core of the combat mechanics. It's got a novelty factor going, but said patch dropped Tuesday, so remains to be seen if it'll have staying power.

I do know that you can actually just go kill things to level from 100 -> 200 reasonably if you wanted.

fb3c7e No.12596162


Oh yeah, how are they different now? I was playing a mostly combat-focused monk before. But I mostly did healing in group play.

b5e16a No.12596179


The only char I have is a dragoon.

Hoplite's Spear Lunge is the first one to come out (just got to dragoon, didn't have time to experiment with gae bolg and serpentine) then I nuke every piercing skill I have. Spear Throw has a ridiculously high stock count, it's basically a skill that is there to fill the time of the other skill's downtime, that and Cyclone last a while too, enough to recover Spear throw if necessary.

Dunno about other classes. but until circle 5 I just picked buffs and gimmick skills like spear lunge and pierce.

http://tos/neet/tv that I saw in the OP was coming out blank so I tought it was dead. noI realize it has "/" instead of "." lol. Skill planner didn't interest me so I didn't even check the link.


I'm with you on this one, they are early skills after all, if they scaled too much it would make them broken as fuck. See fucking heal, the way it's working with blessing is making a support rank 1(maxed at circle 3, granted) along with a buyable buff over damage circle 6 or maybe even 7 skills.

1bf27e No.12596198


All attacks are percentage instead of flat now

Attributes got a major revamp; you now buy points separately. A number got reworked completely, the enhances are now only 0.5% per instead of 1% per, etc.

Damage is no longer reduced by doing like pierce vs cloth or blunt vs leather, but the amp is only +25% instead of +50%. Additionally, missile is now just a flat +12.5% against all.

Add in a lot of bugfixes since the last time you played and a rebalance of mobs (lot less bullshit), and a bit better exp curve, and well…. It has a chance.


Synergies are the big focus. Stabbing is probably the only one that has any that it sounds like you aren't using; It applies Concentrate on every hit but only costs 1 hit on cast. Part of what makes it really good.

>slash not dot

I didn't even notice that lol

>heal is fucking stronk


fb3c7e No.12596211


Interesting. I may give it a try again. What would be a good class to play aside from monk? lol

bd8e4f No.12596234


>All attacks are percentage instead of flat now

Is the UI wrong about some skills like Earthquake and Smite? Because those still display flat numbers among others.

b5e16a No.12596257


Yeah, I tested stabbing against pierce and it deals good but not enough for me, since I'm making a boss killer pierce seems better. My concentration and gung-ho's attributes aren't maxed tough, it might also be very goodwith blessing…

My only problem with it is that it takes too long to end, by the time it ends I could've casted 3 spear throws, pierce is quick and clean. And I have Cyclone for those multi-hit shenanigans.

1bf27e No.12596263


It's a typo. They're just missing the % sign. The "exception" is buffs, those add a flat amount, but scale to your stats, and scale better the more skill points invested.


Fair on throw, though isn't Cyclone obligate slash? Potentially better, potentially worse.

bd8e4f No.12596279


The tosbase skill calculator also doesn't have the percent sign so that's why I was confused.

fb3c7e No.12596287


If this is a very recent change then I'm not surprised that these sites haven't been updated yet.

b5e16a No.12596335


Slash only. But I just need to use spear lunge's effect on the other ones and use cyclone while it's down. I'd have cyclone on me either way, so whatever.

Oh, and all this stuff I'm saying about my build is for a full STR PvE only boss killer. I've no idea on how PvP works in this game, and sincerely, I don't care about it.

1bf27e No.12596366

File: 504ad754dc6b827⋯.png (435.68 KB, 406x798, 29:57, revolver(revolver).png)


Actually, most of the db sites pull the tooltips for the base stuff. Neet.TV also datamines the formulas.


>no idea how PvP works in this game

tbh it doesn't.

bd8e4f No.12596397


>>12596366 (checked)

Satan is right they just pulled it from the game's files as it turns out. I was wondering how they got up to date so quickly. Now I'm just reminded the hackjob that is that site.

483a0a No.12596493

File: 162f50686340c3a⋯.png (267.9 KB, 960x585, 64:39, ocelot(ocelot).png)


six stars, more than enough to grind anything that moves

fb3c7e No.12596536


Wow, I sure was wrong about my character level. My monk is level 198. I just logged on for the first time in ages.

629259 No.12597921

File: d40cd005d7757aa⋯.jpg (32.32 KB, 500x305, 100:61, class_army_chaplain.jpg)

File: 90302a762b3306a⋯.gif (381.67 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, ro117.gif)

File: 572e91ebaea63ad⋯.jpg (259.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

So after the updates and shit, is Army Chaplain still a trap? I haven't played TOS for a long time and the last time I seriously played was during the OBT, but looking at this class is looks like a huge trap to just waste a rank on which is a shame seeing as how cool they look. You need to go Circle 3 Priest, and then Chaplain, and all Chaplains do is Priest shit but with a twist. Why do that when you could go Diev for that cooldown reduction shit, or Pardoner for happy merchant spellscrolls, or fuck even Krivis or C2 Cleric might be better. Is the interaction between Chaplain skills and Priest skills really that good that it justifies the investment?

Also RIP Magnus Excorcismus. I'm impressed that they managed to ruin such a memorable spell.

603ae8 No.12597949

ITT: Weeaboo manchildren

1e581f No.12598114

File: 40f31bd31150871⋯.webm (3.91 MB, 360x270, 4:3, where do you think we are.webm)

778482 No.12599873


It's still a trap. It's better than before but still weak.

So looking to repsec into this, Any good?


Also what are good stats for this build?

ce2fb5 No.12599976


Negative AoE defense ratio doesn't do anything anymore. 0 defense ratio is still great for a lot of attacks, but Falc's main draw is still Falc3 for the Circling attribute, which is basically an AoE Joint Penalty for physical skills without a hit/mob count limit.

778482 No.12600025

ce2fb5 No.12600128


No. QS has no burst damage to synergize with Circling.



Both of these would get far more synergy from Circling than QS. Keep in mind that Rogue can capture Broom Trap, Stockades AND Circling.

If you don't want to play with traps https://tos.neet.tv/skill-planner#314449eee.15214554.1f344f516575.152535.1121344f51638ab5c5 would be pretty damn good. Circling + Feint + Barrage does some ludicrous damage, although you'd end up relying heavily on your "spammable" skills a lot between Circling casts.

778482 No.12600180


Was planning on Keeping QS since I had already puchased the QS3 Costume long long ago.

42c084 No.12600635

File: 12b87d5ed704571⋯.gif (769.14 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 15894948499.gif)

>tfw I got 400 ping on US server and less than 120 on EU

I guess I will play on my side then.

1bf27e No.12601173


>Old ME is so much better than the massive pillar of holy light

Yeah if you're comparing it to the v1 of nuME, it was. The new version is much, much wider, like, 3-5x wider than the one in that picture, and the hitbox is even larger than the pillar. Plus, the tile you have to convert into it isn't instantly consumed any more if something touches it.

Chap as a whole is still Bot-chan's favorite, be sure to b/u/lly any Chaps you find for their botting ways.

I actually have a friend running chap, very AA focused, but does rather good damage in a high SPR build. Combos really well with Inquisitor's wheel, since it applies all lines in the aoe (including the holy water)


>QS has no burst damage to synergize with Circling

What are Caltrops?


Also Hang + Running is actually a fun combo when you want to sexually identify as an attack helicopter.

1bf27e No.12601194


>Stone Shot

Unless you want it for pvp, it's trash. I'd suggest 10 in rapid fire instead, and steal the 1 point from Pavise

>Aiming 0

Aiming is actually really important for the Circling combo, since you can use both at once and it makes their hitboxes larger- to better take advantage of Circling's buff to aoe target counts.

>Maxing Pheasant

You do realize that Pre-Empt ONLY works with Hovering and Sonic, right?

778482 No.12601215


no idea how hawker works. just something i threw together since I had no fucking idea what to go with QS3

ce2fb5 No.12601266


Most of that is Falc3 and the odd Multishot + Circling. If you take QS3 out of his build and replace it other class circles instead, the end result will be similar. Also, remember that most of those videos are done by players with stupidly good gear.


Falc3 is now a decent dmg class and an ungodly OP support class for ET.

b9c59c No.12601276

I want to do a beastmaster/rogue. Should I reset to take Ranger instead of QS?

ce2fb5 No.12601329


QS is 3 or bust, Ranger has synergy with Rogue through Feint + Sneak Attack.

b9c59c No.12601497


Should I add Scout in for Cloaking?

9fe482 No.12601614

File: 2b2aa1fabfc9c4d⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 198x169, 198:169, 1373417645975.jpg)

Is the guildleader in Klaipeda online? I wanna join.

My guy's a Rodolero named DirectorGeneral with the team name overjustice.

42c084 No.12601618

File: 6c0f488b4cc2c6c⋯.png (406.73 KB, 498x444, 83:74, ping.png)


Most game I play play on US servers are fine why I keep having 400 ping with this one.

17acd2 No.12602448

can someone tl;dr me on this combat update

f30ecc No.12602520


>Every skill now scales, no more attacks that deal flat damage

>Hunting grounds, open world PVE content

>Team Storage is now available to non-paying players

>Monster exp has increased from lvls 1-100

>post lvl 100 bosses drop more money

>There are new elite monsters in normal areas that are much larger, glowy, and summon a bunch of adds.

>map data is shared between all characters

There's probably more important stuff, but that's what's off the top of my head.

f8a2b6 No.12602526

File: 922afb7c2d963cf⋯.png (139.44 KB, 273x220, 273:220, 1238478127481724872.png)


The grind was just too much. I was only like level 130 I think and it didnt feel like I was doing anything fun. The dungeons did not make much sense to me, but from the looks of it everyone was just dpsing, while I just threw down healing spells and bosses just kept one shotting players.

I also found myself doing the same method of fighting since level 1 which was just to jump left and right and auto attacking since mobs were so mind numbingly easy that you could just dodge and attack at the same time with minimal effort.

70e644 No.12603823

File: 549168ef811a191⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1291x1062, 1291:1062, ClipboardImage.png)


bruh paladins are the true anti-undead

bfd961 No.12603961

File: 3cab8f67cd8e845⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, WOW.jpg)

>Trying to grind

>Basically do nothing but auto attack while facing the mobs' spawn area

>Party member decides to use his maximum knockback skill

>Mobs fly across the screen after losing no hp

ce2fb5 No.12603992


>run 90 dungeon

>have 2 pelts in the group who aren't brain dead idiots and 3 super strong AoE classes

>get to the room with the rock guys and turtles

>pelts split up to maximize Swash Buckling and bring the entire fucking room to the middle where the AoEers set up a killzone

>as soon as the first mob dies, someone levels up

>mobs get back up and waddle on over to the kill zone again

>someone else levels up half a second later

>mobs get back up and waddle on over to the kill zone again

>I level up

Fuck knockbacks, holy shit.

fe7bb1 No.12605799

exp tom question. Does it work in suliais daily mission and in dungeons? I heard someone saying you have to time it right or some bullshit when you kill boss.

c6048f No.12606042


I personally find all MMOs to be like that. Eventually the meta turns into skill rotations and then it's just the same execution. With healing classes, it turns into whack-a-mole with HP bars. With support classes, it's just use x in y situation. Everything turns into pure execution once everything is learned and established.

Similar things also happens in all competitive multiplayer games. The meta always gets defined and everything becomes samey. For ToS, my interest is more in exploration and theorycrafting stupid builds. Eventually like all games I'll lose interest and move on.

If anything I'll probably remember ToS the most out of any MMO I've played, because it taught me not to be a fucking tryhard and just find a comfy spot to just enjoy what I want to enjoy.


All exp bonuses are additive. You can check your bonus in the f1 menu. Queued missions and dungeons have a large EXP bonus, so you're not going to get as much out of the tome as you would expect.

The thing you're mentioning is BS other than trying to minimize the downtime. If you're queued and waiting for it to start, you're wasting the time on your tome. The 4x and 8x tome don't countdown in towns, so they're better for sitting in town waiting on mission queues.

601334 No.12606541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

778482 No.12606584


Talking about Paladins, is Restoration worth investing? Also how many points max? Also is elemental resistance worth stopping at 10 or 15?

601334 No.12606648

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i just max smite, conviction, barrier, then 2 points into turn undead and the rest into elemental and restoration

convert only works with heavy spr/str build and most of the time the monsters you get suck

778482 No.12606833


I was playing around with Restoration. It sucks for active combat, only good while you're resting.

ce2fb5 No.12606916



Probably worth 3 points for the attribute. If you max Smite, Barrier and Conviction and put 3 points in Restoration, you'll have 17 points to spread between Resist Elements, Turn Undead and Conversion, which seems extremely reasonable to me.

f60fa8 No.12607403

do I have to do the orange quests / main quest??

1e581f No.12607456


It's not necessary but it takes you through the story of the game, leads you through many areas, and are nice sources of EXP cards

ce2fb5 No.12608006

>65k fireballs

>110k flares

Pyro3/Thaum3 still pretty strong.

c6048f No.12608261



Restoration is pretty decent if you know how to work with regen ticks. Buy some Aukaras scrolls, or use Aukaras yourself and you can double your hp recovery. You can also sit in combat at certain intervals to increase your hp/sp recovery.

The base timing for recovery ticks when standing or in combat is 20 seconds, while the timing for sitting is 10 seconds. If you sit every 10 seconds, even in combat, you can gain a recovery tick. Aukaras makes that even less. Squire food can make that even lower, making it almost possible for 1 HP recovery tick/sec of close to 500 hp.


The orange quests are good to do, as they are usually long chains with rewards. Some give stat points as well. Repeatable quests can be safely ignored for the most part. I usually use repeatable quests as warps.

4ad2e7 No.12609435


>>map data is shared between all characters

Shit, suddenly making an alt does't sound so annoying anymore.

bfd961 No.12610477

File: f743077b52634d5⋯.png (16.65 KB, 162x180, 9:10, f743077b52634d5cc894c46e92….png)

>Join a dungeon instance queue, lv 110ish one

>4 players after 5 minutes

>Go to the map, only me and a cleric

>What felt like 15 minutes and a death later, finish it


>Full party this time

>3 go ahead and wipe everything while two afk in the spawn

>Me and a wizard go clear a room while the rest go to the blocked gate and sit

>After the first boss they don't have any HP left

>Put down a bonfire and go kill shit using my only nuke

>They follow me and keep me at the front

>Only join after leveling up

>Wizard casts some fucking earthquake that fucks up my spear throws

>Nobody knows how to speak in party chat so whatever orders they try to give aren't heard by everyone so there's always someone that doesn't know what the fuck is going on

>Also I'm like 30 levels above everybody else and it feels like I'm a really strong retarded manchild that walked into a kindergarten

fe7bb1 No.12610504

File: aacb166e4c68305⋯.jpg (605 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, zz.jpg)

Just crafted my first orange equipment. Bullied some bots and turn them to servants. Attack monster first and retarded bot kill it and I take craft item.

6df7cb No.12612051

File: f4555829fd1bca9⋯.mp4 (681.77 KB, 596x600, 149:150, 866282209967091712_8662822….mp4)

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