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File: 91eff171a3fae4b⋯.jpg (268.17 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, TLRopenscreen.jpg)

3d79fe No.12591045

How the fuck do I play this shit /v/?! I've tried grinding and I've tried restarting over again is there something I'm missing?

b55e58 No.12591055

Didn't it have a beginner's trap that grinding made things harder or something?

0ba119 No.12591069


The PC growth of it is slower, but the higher the players Battle rank the stronger the enemies get. If you grind too much it makes it so some bosses are almost impossible to beat.

3d79fe No.12591075


So my grinding is what fucked me over? Wait so how the fuck do I proceed if grinding only fucks my shit up?

d08eda No.12591084


Holy fuck that sounds like terrible design.

3d79fe No.12591099

Has anyone here beaten this game?

2becfa No.12591106


That's a great way to permanently fuck yourself. Well, there's like two grinding spots in the entire game where the stat gains from battle outweigh the gain in Battle Rank. Worst of all one of them is strictly end game since it involves fighting a elite mob(some dragon that can oneshot your ass or some shit), and the other involves leashing like over a hundred of beetles or some shit in some fucking dungeon near the halfway point of the game. Just fucking don't.

But in general don't mix magical and physical troops in the same union, you dumb shit. Commands are drawn like a deck of cards from a deck and the more varied shit a union can perform the less likely you are to draw what you actually need/is AP efficient.


Just don't go out of your way to kill shit. Fighting enemies along the way to where you're going is fine usually.

e909aa No.12591124


Easy, don't grind unnecessarily.

Fight what you must.


>they add a system that makes the game harder the more you grind in order to keep it challenging

>you can fuck yourself over if you grind too much

It needed more fine tuning so it wouldn't scale up to levels where you literally fuck yourself up irreparably but otherwise it's one of the best RPGs I have played.

3d79fe No.12591127


Just how complex is this game?

e909aa No.12591132


There's a hidden class system that changes what class a character progress into and thus change what his growth will do based on his every action.

There was like 40 classes if I recall correctly, so yeah it's quite unnecessarily complex at times.

3d79fe No.12591145

File: 392b372fdabb05f⋯.jpg (36.33 KB, 241x230, 241:230, How is this real.jpg)


>There's a hidden class system that changes what class a character progress into and thus change what his growth will do based on his every action.

>There was like 40 classes if I recall correctly, so yeah it's quite unnecessarily complex at times.

e909aa No.12591153

File: 1b35d7913584c39⋯.jpg (76.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, feeling bad.jpg)


this applies to your whole army


3d79fe No.12591155

File: a8cf22f17727167⋯.jpg (20.11 KB, 652x540, 163:135, WAKE ME UP.jpg)


>this applies to your whole army

Was this game designed by some who purely hates whoever decides to play this?

0ba119 No.12591169


The game was made by a team composed of ex- SaGa and FF guys, if that helps to explain anything.

e909aa No.12591174

File: 534961f1d1181f4⋯.jpg (13.32 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Last Remnant swords are fo….jpg)


It's a fucking deep game man, it's like someone grabbed a JRPG, and thought it needed more sandboxing and give the player immense freedom by shoving a shitload of unexplained mechanics up your ass.

Your every fucking choice counts, you just don't know about it until it's too late.

10/10 bait and switch, loved getting my asshole fisted, would play again.

3d79fe No.12591177



I want to keep going but Jesus this is going to be rough on my asshole.

0ba119 No.12591179


How far are you currently?

1cb0ab No.12591181


What version are you playing?

3d79fe No.12591190


I just started again



2becfa No.12591192

File: 75985be3b90ece7⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 240x417, 80:139, 1484099247935.jpg)


Every ability, every class, every fucking thing has a hidden EXP meter. Formations matter in more than just stat bonuses, since they affect how you're affected by certain attacks(a loose formation is less likely to die horribly due to AoE). Formations can level up if you put very specific(seriously some of these requirements are ridiculous) troops in the right places in a formation. Oh, and that morale bar at the top in battle? Every unit in your army has a individual morale meter. Honestly there are things that to THIS VERY DAY nobody has figured how they work. Like the 4th main attribute for characters(which is unique for every single one).


The game was made by an unholy fusion of the Final Fantasy XII team and the SaGa team. The game was supposed to be Square Enix's big entry into the 7th gen but got shafted due to Fabula Nova Crystalis becoming a bloated monstrosity eating internal development resources. It's an entire miracle the game is any good at all.

>tfw Conqueror campaign fucking never because it got cut

1cb0ab No.12591195

File: 8fcabbdaace37b8⋯.jpg (206.74 KB, 1129x408, 1129:408, Serial killer loli dismemb….jpg)



It could have been worse, it could have been the xbawks version.


3d79fe No.12591205


This is ridiculously complex and unforgiving but I now really want to see if I can beat this game.

e909aa No.12591212


>Every ability, every class, every fucking thing has a hidden EXP meter.

The biggest criticism against the game is how nobody ever tells you jack shit about how spamming potions is going to make you a quite useless healer bitch forever if you keep doing it, or how making balanced parties is just going to ruin the growth of everyone in the party due to the way the class system works.

The battle system is really fantastic but all the hidden exp bars mixed with a random command you have limited control over unless you already know how shit works was really a dick move if you are just playing the game as your usual JRPG.

2becfa No.12591234


Too bad you're gonna need one or two of those useless healer bitches against enemies that can charm your ass. Seriously, fuck Gates of Hell.

e909aa No.12591245


You do, you just have to make sure to make a party specifically for those guys and not let it happen naturally because you'll fuck yourself up otherwise.

9d3f81 No.12591246

File: e80951b2f1df464⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 990x3130, 99:313, 1357146296239.jpg)


Good thing I still have that screencap from years ago!

2becfa No.12591254

File: c0ef3338711be3a⋯.jpg (66.86 KB, 413x640, 413:640, c987436f4a4f28cd5809907bd1….jpg)


>tfw I was in that thread but not in the screencap

e1c7b6 No.12593427


it's deep in all the wrong ways, you mean. it's not terrible but it pretty much breaks basic rules of game design

11744b No.12593463

File: 02d2ee17560dc6b⋯.gif (36.26 KB, 360x324, 10:9, 02d2ee17560dc6bce660058b38….gif)


>Last Remnant


If you're not playing with S rank autism then go home.

067635 No.12593525

I have it on the 360, I think. Is it worth getting the PC version? I got stuck at Gates of Hell. I grinded, and need to start over. This was about 5-6 years ago.

7d7285 No.12593529

File: 6d35965ae6aad3e⋯.png (920.47 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 6d35965ae6aad3eb0f9e780fc0….png)

Seen a lot about this game over the years, should I take the plunge and download it?

067635 No.12593535

File: b454648d0648569⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 280x281, 280:281, 1439997484_LastRemnant - M….gif)

52d0e4 No.12593550


It's okay, and it's not as hard as everyone makes it out to be.

I went in blind at beat the main story, although one or two fights were a bit tough.

However, I remember some of the extra stuff I attempted crushing me pretty easily, so if you're up for a game that'll be a real challenge to 100%, then you'd probably love this.

7d7285 No.12593559


Did you just follow the rule of no grinding?

fed803 No.12593636

File: 6c636f0468e78e5⋯.png (996.84 KB, 680x697, 40:41, Trash02.png)

>How the fuck do I play this shit /v/?

you don't, is garbage

11744b No.12593641


Thats just the tip of the iceberg. More importantly, what level of autism are you diagnosed with? Have you played any other Akitoshi Kawazu games?


Yes, PC version is far better looking and optimized.

11744b No.12593646


lol butthurt normalfag

067635 No.12593654

File: aa111265d7fdd3e⋯.png (8.53 KB, 280x229, 280:229, WHY.png)


>The PC version has even more stats

fed803 No.12593662



you should go back and say go.

3542b0 No.12593674

I can either sit down and play this or SaGa: Scarlet Grace. Which one should I go with, /v/?

11744b No.12593705

d6a103 No.12593710


>new SaGa game


time to go shopping for a used one

fed803 No.12593717

File: 3b0a037046bd17f⋯.jpg (368.45 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 3b0a037046bd17fc60d20cc2ed….jpg)


you should quit posting for a year or two. Maybe lurk more. You don't fit in yet


SaGa, Last Remnant is trash.

11744b No.12593726


>nigger getting assmad he sucks at a game

>shitposts in thread about game

Perhaps you should leave, friend.

e4089c No.12593741


Last Remant, SaGa is gutter trash.

4c7a90 No.12593758


Both you fucking faggot. You got cancer or something that's going to end you after you finish one or the other?

067635 No.12594002

Is there any Mr. Digger porn?

fed803 No.12594006

File: 9d8bad99357cf7f⋯.png (33.7 KB, 1086x586, 543:293, 9d8bad99357cf7fde5faa0a1f0….png)


>not liking what I like

>/v/ must conform to my autistic hive mind opinion

no nigger you are clearly not from around here

03c1d3 No.12594056

File: 8ed1f5b822e02e2⋯.png (508.55 KB, 768x576, 4:3, 1484198519359.png)

That's it you fags, I'm downloading it now.

will post review tomorrow.

screencap this

5c2e2c No.12594277

File: 551bb589717746a⋯.jpg (76.71 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, b4618782f8298b7121a464bd99….jpg)


>How the fuck do I play this shit /v/?! I've tried grinding and I've tried restarting over again is there something I'm missing?

You turn it off, dats the best gameplay it has to offer.

72a82e No.12594290

>You're not supposed to grind in this game

What? I played this game on the Xbox and PC and I'm pretty sure I did a fair amount of grinding.

I didn't skip any monsters, I did every side-quest I could, and I even farmed some monsters for drops. IIRC you need some specific drops to craft some items.

The only tricky thing you need to know about this game is that against boss enemies and some big dragon-like enemies you want a few well-balanced units rather than filling out all possible units.

That's it.

It's been a long time since I played the game but people ITT are making it sound a lot harder than it is.

eddd2a No.12594337


>how spamming potions is going to make you a quite useless healer bitch forever if you keep doing it

This is sounding like your party ends up better or worse depending on how little or much you play like a casual.

d20cda No.12594387

Don't grind but make sure you do all the side quests you can or you might miss out on some good shit, you might even miss a few whole towns if you dont pay attention and go back to check

067635 No.12594438

I saw it had a hard mode and NG+, which is nifty.

Let's say you speed through the main quest, how many side quests and postgame things are there? Is it like FF12 in that regard, or is it lacking once you reach the end?

b28c7b No.12594710

File: 3d1f700fa1bddef⋯.jpg (74.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault(3).jpg)


I imagine when those guys get really frustrated working on mainstay squeenix projects so when they do get to think outside the box they end up going full on autism with it.


>Easy, don't grind unnecessarily.

>Fight what you must.

I mean, that's my rule of thumb in rpgs. Just to confirm, don't grind autistically to try to steam roll stuff in the game and you'll be okay? It's not like oh you fought ~30 more battles than you should have at the 3/4 mark of the game? Yeah you're fucked buddy.

8128cd No.12596021



Opinion discarded, retard

a1adce No.12596464


nobody cares what you think of it fam

b5aa0a No.12596529


This is what kinda makes me wish I knew less about it before playing it. Felt a bit spoiled by anons talking about it in the past.

ddda74 No.12597044


>lefty cuck posting

Opinion discarded, retard

ddda74 No.12599753


Welcome to Austismo Kawazu games.

3b3ecb No.12599899

File: 47ea8e911feb4b7⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 88275ef35r0198gg.jpg)

067635 No.12603017

>PC version has a fuckton of improvements


>Play windowed, max settings, silky smooth 60 fps, with nip audio and english subtitles

>Crashes to desktop every time I beat the plant boss early on in the Dillmoor Plains

>Loot it and shit

>Crash after it starts to load

Feels bad man

6a3ab4 No.12603705



This explains why I felt completely fucked in this game. I explored every nook and carny to find every treasure and fought ever foe.

9cc53f No.12615023

>tfw want to play it again

>tfw autism level isnt high enough to stick with it

3d79fe No.12615225


Enjoy being raped

696e80 No.12615351


>game doesnt tell you how or why to form unions

>end up fighting bandits with rush and blocter

>3 move into rush as soon as the battle starts

>die before i can take an action

This is fun to you? When does this meme game get better?

a4c045 No.12615375

File: 8ea3d679f0cf997⋯.jpg (41.23 KB, 1360x559, 1360:559, tmp_18484-2aenl00157628593.jpg)


>I imagine when those guys get really frustrated working on mainstay squeenix projects so when they do get to think outside the box they end up going full on autism with it.

Confirmed for not playing FF13-2.

387aab No.12615570


>meme game

When you kill yourself.

2c4f44 No.12615589

File: 44d4a153a8bf687⋯.png (912.41 KB, 923x977, 923:977, tmp_29021-tlr_emma_honeywe….png)

Emma was a milf, I liked her feisty attitude.

067635 No.12616130


Her 4th stat is Love

Also does seriously nobody know what that stat ends up doing?

fa99f0 No.12616172


>or how making balanced parties is just going to ruin the growth of everyone in the party

What the fuck? How are you supposed to play it, then?

9cc53f No.12616209


you just do

fa99f0 No.12616326

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c995ac No.12616333


dont worry about it and just do whatever on your first playthrough, you shouldnt trust your instincts on how the play.

fa99f0 No.12616343


I just got worried because my instincts usually tell me to get a lot of XP and get a well balanced party, but it seems like its different for this game. I will only play it once, as well, so its make or break.

5c310f No.12617301

File: 99d84e7e8683206⋯.jpg (402.15 KB, 1280x2160, 16:27, Untitled.jpg)

I wanted to make an starter guide, here is the first draft, what things are missing? what to get out?

067635 No.12617324

067635 No.12617326



I grouped my units by their command abilities. Eg, 3 or 4 Spark casters together,

5c310f No.12617377

File: 5f20002298464b7⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 360x421, 360:421, God_Emperor.jpg)

File: 47acccb8fef09c6⋯.jpg (120.54 KB, 1360x761, 1360:761, Harmonium.jpg)

File: a10bb97e01793d1⋯.jpg (31.86 KB, 600x450, 4:3, CWYG83cU8AApPj-.jpg)


its even better some classes like cavalry allow to attack from the sides


>morale bar

enemies change attacks with morale too, overdrive and fire breath come to mind


>Your every fucking choice counts, you just don't know about it until it's too late.



pretty sad considering bald trump actually looks like the god emperor and even his remnant is a bunch of towers

067635 No.12617402


Is the story worth being unspoiled?

5c310f No.12617470


should i stop then?


the story isn't that great, the only reason the twist caught me by surprise was because i was on sick leave when i finished it


i don't know about ff12 (i got bored on some caves which i didn't even know what the fuck was i doing in there in the first place) but tlr has some good end bosses, for example the jhana royals and fiery gates need really good crowd control, then there are the seven which can be defeated using your normal party if you know what you are doing

there are also the lost and demigod who are turn based and the white conqueror that is just bullshit

067635 No.12617479


Is Rush himself a Remnant?

5c310f No.12617507

File: 4bb774f5819af20⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.94 MB, 326x184, 163:92, 6258260 _c78a7207d6443ddaf….mp4)


actual spoiler rush is the real god emperor, the conqueror is trying to awake him to fight the remnants that includes the pillar men

7bdeca No.12619566


There are probably other topics you could go into, like formations or you could make something that talks about mechanics a bit more than mentioned in the steam guide.

65a084 No.12619642

File: 26556830e341a45⋯.jpg (417.45 KB, 624x567, 208:189, 4636625457.jpg)

>Don't grind in The Last Remnant

Fuck me. I actually listened to this shitty meme. It's a load of bullshit. What's the point of not grinding if bosses have a fixed minum cap and a maximum cap like 50-99 and you're at BR 20. Guess what you're going to get one shot like the dumb asshole you are because of No Hp. What you're supposed to do is to never fight one stack at a time, always try to get at least 4x pulls. Also buy potion ingredients and use them unless you want a single character in a 24 man party to have a revive, because guess what your dumb bitches won't learn how to rez unless they master potionmaking first.

You got me good with the no grind bullshit, I kind of want to restart the game and play it properly but everything except most of the combat mechanics is complete arse. Wish some other game would've just copied the good things out of this one.

dd85ec No.12620111


I found just learning how to divide your teams into ones that set off special/group attacks, and had no problems afterwards. Good game.

5c310f No.12620730


i want to make it about how to not get caught with your pants down

067635 No.12621655

>Please note that some rares have specific requirements (quests, or the first time you enter an area) and can only be fought once in the whole game.

Yeah but why though

b59dce No.12621819


one time rares keep respawning, is just that the first visit is a guaranteed spawn, afterwards they just enter the normal rotation of rares and once defeated they are replaced by common rares

the spawn rates are just atrocious

067635 No.12621865


Is there a point to them? They don't seem to have guaranteed drops. Or does this game do the meme where they have really good drops, but they're rare on top of being rare?

b59dce No.12621930


they are mostly there to be missable content and for repeating players wanting the extra challenge, also having some of the components allows you to see recipes before facing the monsters that you will encounter later in more common numbers but that is just a side effect

067635 No.12622358

File: 74aafccd0bd8a5f⋯.jpg (472.01 KB, 1606x1080, 803:540, why.jpg)

>Attack misses

>Almost fucking die next round because wyvern used its shitty meme Dust Devil attack and almost OHKO'd my group from full

5c310f No.12622765


i can't believe they made that zone only for that battle


because with low BR you gain stats faster, you learn arts faster, the great downside of low br runs is that you miss out all the early game gear until you can grind the bai-ze

>Wish some other game would've just copied the good things out of this one.

I tried but my autism isn't high enough, so i got really confused and had a breakdown over that

ffa967 No.12622821

The Last Remnant is a JRPG for people who actually enjoy the gameplay of JRPGs.

Naturally, this completely BTFOs your average JRPG storyfag.

067635 No.12623606

>Find Rosethorn in a box

>Rush can't equip it

>Can disassemble it into common trash

What even is the point?

And no, modding the game to equip anyone isn't the reason it was there. Why do they have this shit findable?

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