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File: fc7f9753524b727⋯.webm (1.45 MB, 640x380, 32:19, GET OUT OF HERE STRIGOI.webm)

c8d141 No.13025422

>Tokyo soon

>Level 50 AP/SP gain unfucked

>Aurum shoah soon Paypal's been added as a payment option now reddit and whales that were scared off by HiPay are actually buying a shitton so the price is started to drop hard

>shotgun best weapon

If you run Dragon get the fuck out of my face

a7a4f5 No.13025434

what shit game is this.

is it FUN?

81aa2f No.13025451

I've played templar a year before the update. Is it worth getting into again?

c8d141 No.13025482


Do you like difficult puzzles that require actual research, solving riddles, deductive reasoning and the ability to make logical conclusions based on clues? Do you like really shitty sabatoge missions that involve half baked stealth mechanics with instakill traps? Do you like Stephen King, Indiana Jones, Lovecraft and old school monster mythos? Can you stand endgame grind and better than the base game but still fairly shit combat? Then yes.

c9e48a No.13025492


Wow, that actually sounds good.

a7a4f5 No.13025493


so wait, its an MMO?

c8d141 No.13025510


Kinda. The original was definitely but they lowered the random instance cap outside to agartha to 10 a map so theres a lot less running into people. I actually perfer it this way, I remember kill objectives being a pain in the ass since you had to rush monsters before other players and investigation missions are so much better now that there arent a hundred people doing them at once.

e54488 No.13025519


What happens when you convert your char from regular TSW to TSW legend gear and spells like?

f2e6a0 No.13025541


is this F2P ?

e54488 No.13025547


Original game wasn't but Legend is.

c8d141 No.13025562


>2 extra character slots

>all cosmetics transfer

>you instantly unlock all weapon pages without having to spend MoF on them

I think you also get the remainder subscription length converted into patron time

a7a4f5 No.13025605



you have to pay to play this?

if i'm going to pay i'd rather go back to L2classic

f2e6a0 No.13025615


if what I found on google is correct the game became F2P recently but people are saying it's P2W now so I don't know who to believe tbh

e54488 No.13025617


I can log directly with my regular TSW account in legends launcher?

Or do I need to create one, then link it?

It's not really clear (or I'm retarded).

c8d141 No.13025652


At first in the original, but then they switched to a "buy to play" system now in the remake is full blown F2P

e54488 No.13025725


Ok apparently it's seriously bugged you need tech support to tweak older accounts (mine dating from anarchy online beta it's basically prehistorical).

c8d141 No.13025917


You should be able to, I didnt have any problems with it

a7a4f5 No.13026726

>still no links

c8d141 No.13026740


You're gonna get your ass kicked by investigation missions if you cant even find the game yourself yourself but I'll spoonfeed you


a7a4f5 No.13026786


alright, the thing's updating.

so are we supposed to talk in game or is it a singleplayer MMO?

c8d141 No.13026912


Except dungeons and lairs and shit, its all pretty much singleplayer

a7a4f5 No.13026940


so should we give each others characters names or something?

i'll try it tomorrow when its done downloading

c8d141 No.13026971


If enough people start playing I might set up a /v/ cabal

a7a4f5 No.13026985

File: ca894514e74453a⋯.gif (281.96 KB, 575x450, 23:18, 1375356801894.gif)


well, see you tomorrow then. leave your name around.

d7163f No.13027923

File: 187d83e44b8ad87⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bump2.webm)


I'd be up for it. I'm currently in Kangz land though, but if anyone need a spot for raids and whatnot I'd be up for it.


It's more like pay to not grind, you can get goycoins Aurum by trading in Marks of Favor which you get by doing dailies & selling shit at the auction house.

c8d141 No.13029075

File: 12d4a40e2acef20⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SecretWorldLegendsDX11 201….png)

File: 1bfffd98787a432⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SecretWorldLegendsDX11 201….png)


Remember to run dungeons daily, some of the best content in the game. I didnt get to run them in TSW becuase Im an antisocial fuck who cant into LFG but SWL has matchmaking and goddamn. Unfortunately you'll miss out some of them if you go beyond their level limit so you have to wait until you get them in elites to see the story there. Theres an entire subplot thats the continuation of the Thomas Wicker shit in the motel and a cival war in hell you can completely miss out on.

2d0e88 No.13029140


>>Tokyo soon

i can't get over how pathetic this is.

First, you're buying hype from fucking Funcom of all people, that's like trusting Todd.

Second, that it's hype about Tokyo. Tokyo is like two year old content that everybody already finished. They're going to 'fix' AEGIS by making Tokyo the same boring combat the rest of the game is.

2d0e88 No.13029145


TSW has matchmaking you dumbshit, enjoy playing this four year old content in EZmode in epic three person dungeons

c8d141 No.13029167

File: 562853b00a51dd4⋯.jpg (259.15 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, when you are trying to eat….jpg)




>TSW has matchmaking you dumbshit

Well fuck me, I didnt notice that

ef05ea No.13029393

File: 1f4c72a34b78a5a⋯.jpg (741.53 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Cozyniggerhell.jpg)

Just take it for what it is , a free semi-singleplayer puzzle/action game. For me it triggers some of the same feelings as when I play VTMB. I think they aced the atmosphere and mystery of the world - sort of a conglomeration of all the modern urban legends, myths and conspiracies floating around in the human hivemind.

cbee3a No.13029550

Is the game chinese?

Will I have to worry about spyware?

ec46b5 No.13029561

File: 28a3fca01f9ea3d⋯.png (521.34 KB, 984x1064, 123:133, 28a3fca01f9ea3d6371e53d2cb….png)


Oh god no it's even worse then the original version, they butchered the fuck out of it to milk as much money as humanly possible.

25df7e No.13029874


Except when you get to Transylvania and it's all white Romanian girls getting fucked by fae rapefugees while CIS white cucks fend off the vampire invasion. Or Dracula himself being a gypsy and building his kingdom exclusively with heroic gypsies. The king of gypsies is Vlad's direct descendant. Das rite, Romania and entirety of its culture was founded by gypsies. All actual Romanians are a bunch of degenerate invaders, like necrophiles and cannibals.

The game's writer is a kike notorious for one of the most pozzed VtM books ever (Lore of the Clans). He's also part of the cabal rewriting Lovecraft's works and removing all intolerant elements.

58b95b No.13030013


>/v/ cabal

But where? I assume it has servers and you can't just skip between them anyways.

a7a4f5 No.13030807

File: 262016b24c06364⋯.png (105.64 KB, 346x327, 346:327, adult ryuji summons Seiten….png)

alright so i got the game installed.

Illuminati, templars, or chaos? god i hate these choices, i never know which is the right one, or if it matters at all

e6da9d No.13030815


Never go chaos.

Templars are the diversity pick.

Illuminati is fun

a7a4f5 No.13030849


>never go chaos

why not?

illuminati sound like a bunch of jews, and templars sound like stubborn annoying /pol/ types.

honestly, out of the 3 chaos seems the least jewish one, but then again i dont know how this works, i dont want to pick a team that locks me out of playing with the rest of /v/. so i'll pick whichever you guys are playing with. or is that irrelevant for doing group missions and shit?

a7a4f5 No.13031011

so yeah, is your allegiance relevant to which players you get to play with?

4ca395 No.13031340


no you can play with all other factions

c8d141 No.13031390


Chaos is retarded and LOLSORANDUM

Templar SEEMS /pol/ but they are really BLACKED

Illuminati is the best faction because they are essentially a megacorperation who've been dealing with this shit for thousands of years and its funny how mundane it is to them.

b303a7 No.13031433


"We basically write off whatever the Dragon does now as an expense on our anual reports, we call it the 'Ninja Tax'."

b303a7 No.13031446


Also, they got Jeffery Combs to play lead scientist for the Illuminati, nothing like the Re-Animator asking if you have ever seen a Jaguar tripping.

a7a4f5 No.13031461




well goddammit, you took too long and i wanted to play so i joined the fucking dragons.

see you inside

9e83a2 No.13031466

Did they fix the bullet sponges ennemies ? That ruined the game for me, I never passed the desert world.

e54488 No.13031473


>so yeah, is your allegiance relevant to which players you get to play with?

Allegiance only counts for PVP dominance.

PVP dominance by a faction gives neat bonuses (damage, xp, even bonus endgame currency).




Illuminati want control (power), Templar want tradition (stagnation), Dragon want chaos (movement), Phoenician wants results (shekels).

Lumies want evil to give them foot massage, Templars want to decide what is evil, Phoenicians wants evil to pay his electricity bill, Dragons knows there is no such thing as evil, just maths and patterns.

The Dragon is the oldest faction and the one that actually get shit done.

They don't "want" chaos, they just know chaos is the only thing that really exist and only by managing chaos (making sure there is some, but not TOO MUCH) does humanity gets a chance to survive in a place where asleep elder gods are only dreaming of eating stars.

The Dragon have the coolest lore of the setting.

a7a4f5 No.13031499



who? i didn't have this faction on character creation.

is it some unlockable shit?

c8d141 No.13031560


>PVP dominance by a faction gives neat bonuses (damage, xp, even bonus endgame currency).

Not anymore, they got rid of persistant PVP and now its just "You join up to a mixed team, shoot each other for a bit, then everyone goes home with a giftbasket with weapon, talisman and glpyh bag with about 1000 or so shards"


<"we're gonna fight the elder gods by outchaosing them"

Templars want to fight and banish evil

Illumanati wants control over what evil they can while eliminating the rest, doing so in a way that leaves them with bargaining chips and owed favors from beings like the sentinals

Dragon are just retards who think they have a better understanding of the universe than beings that have been around for millenia when in reality they are so disjointed they cant actually accomplish anything.


Phoneticians are the sorta "Chaotic Neutral" faction outside of the other factions who will sell out to anyone for profit. Council of Venice is the "Lawful Neutral" who everyone hates because they are "NO FUN ALLOWED" bureaucrats who cant do anything

a7a4f5 No.13031637

well i just kinda fucked the chinese bitch and did the subway level. im moving forward i guess.

a7a4f5 No.13031722

File: c066e1afecdf38d⋯.png (30.34 KB, 193x199, 193:199, eeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….png)

okay, its not a bad game, i guess the story is supposed to be more entertaining that i'm actually finding it to be. still it seems like its going to get better later on.

im gonna skip this game for now, i can't play anything action-based at the moment. but i definitely will in the future. hope you guys haven't all quit by the time i can get back into it.

e54488 No.13031762


>Dragon are just retards who think they have a better understanding of the universe than beings that have been around for millenia

Dude the Dragon has been around since the First Age.

The dragon probably gave Samael the idea to bang Lilith to usher The Fall and the end of the first age.

The dragon cut off the anima supply of hell and fuck off the demons and Elbis, then manipulated the two brothers leaders of babel, the righteous one went on to fight the demons remaining influence and the unscrupulous one took to the sea.

In the third age, the dragon sow dissent in the ranks of the Templars, circulating the idea that evil could be used instead of fought, creating the Illuminati/Templar split, then the dragon sheltered and help helped the Illuminati to get to the new world to shape it and usher the fourth age.

Nothing the dragon does is random, the dragon is the motive force behind humanity.

Now be a good drone and watch as the dragon long plan hatch and get humanity rid of the last beings that can surpass it.

4e030d No.13031783

File: 1d5f011a0040677⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot01.png)

File: 053f1b7f8f26e43⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot02.png)

File: 95be3348e6de5bc⋯.png (3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot03.png)

played this a while ago and playing legends now. up to transylvania and yup, the sabotage missions in this third of the game sure are as garbage as i remember. i feel like this part of the game is the one that received the least amount of love so far in terms of redesigns.

i like what they did with phasing the main story content of egypt and what was previously DLC missions together. it was a nice surprise.

f7ddd4 No.13032533


Fuck off dragoncuck, go waddle in filth for your dragonbull while your dragonbull fucks over humanity because LOLCHAOS.

532a38 No.13032568

Do we have a guild for this game?

6f823e No.13032699

>used to play secret world at launch

>forget about it

>see this thread

>"sure i'll reinstall why not"

>log into my funcom account

>my anarchy online and age of conan account details are there, but apparently I don't have a secret world account

is this normal? because i know for a fact i sprung for some account cosmetics that i absolutely want to still have

5d40f9 No.13032899


I'll set one up when I get home tomorrow morning. What kind of government type do we want? Its all just title names but the choices are






>Military Junta



>Plato's Republic








000aee No.13033142


Ministry of Misogyny.

e54488 No.13033412


>being this buttblasted


So you realized it, yes? In lore the Dragon isn't Chaos, the Dragon is the ever shifting point of equilibrium for humanity in the sea of chaos that is the universe.

For the mice the action of humans are just an entity lolsorandom.

That's what the Templar and the Illuminati are, purpose built mechanical mice running in life labyrinth, with the Dragon occasionally putting cheese here and there to make sure they go the right way, sometimes putting obstacle to slow them down and sometime turning their key so they go faster.

And when they're both out of juice and have play their part for humanity history, the Dragon will still be there, a thousand scales, a thousand eyes, a thousand claws moving at once seemingly at random.

But all going the same way, making humanity advance as they've been doing since the first man was created.

5d40f9 No.13033488


Sure buddy just keep pretending you know what you are doing while the adults handle things

e9dc77 No.13033526


Dragon was only ever 2ch's version of /b/ larping for thousands of years.

d49df3 No.13033564


OP is a shill

Game is shittier now, also, lots of useful shit is locked behind paywalls

023e34 No.13033765

File: c4d06bd4ae16f34⋯.png (103.22 KB, 345x297, 115:99, c4d06bd4ae16f34ff3bc555df3….png)

>he didnt pick templar

>he picked yellow fever and got cucked by an ugly chink

>he picked illuminati and became (((their))) puppet

e54488 No.13033962


How can you be adults when the Dragon created everyone else?

When Lilith destroyed Babel the Dragon made sure the Templars and the Phoenicians, defense and trade were born to keep humanity going.

When Lilith destroyed Atlantis, the Dragon made sure the Illuminatis were created to save what could be of it's ancient secrets.

Continue to play your silly little game of power, when you don't even understand what the game is.

Tell me have you ever seen the have you ever wondered about the Chaoskampf Meme? The image of the Hero slaying a Dragon? Thor slays Jormungandr. Zeus smites Typhon. Seth defeats Apophis. Indra vs. Vritra. Over and over. Any period. Everywhere.

The most common and most powerful story written in humanity subconscious, right?

And yet…

Which child doesn't love a Dragon?

5d40f9 No.13034001


>Tell me have you ever seen the have you ever wondered about the Chaoskampf Meme? The image of the Hero slaying a Dragon? Thor slays Jormungandr. Zeus smites Typhon. Seth defeats Apophis. Indra vs. Vritra. Over and over. Any period. Everywhere.

Yeah the image of dragons losing is certaining iconic

0c911d No.13034129

File: cd23d22a8a1d114⋯.png (277.1 KB, 780x860, 39:43, 0259.png)

Does your server/dimension even matter?

Also what the hell is the difference between TSW and Legends?

6f823e No.13034137


i only played about an hour of legends so far but it feels basically the same except with a more annoying tutorial. they pigeonhole you into choosing a "class" off the bat, but after you're done the tutorial it opens up and you can spend SP/AP on whatever you want. i was also able to reclaim all my cosmetics from my old account, so once again i look like the gayest cowboy of all time

my question is, i used to have a pistols/ele build and it was full glass cannon DPS. is that still viable? does anyone know?

5d40f9 No.13034158


I dont know about elementalism but pistols are full on DPS without the survivability of Shotguns or Assault rifles. I think Elementalism is the same except its more gear towards AoE damage

424ff5 No.13034177


>templar is blacked

They only have a single nog that's just the head of the london area and aren't pozzed beyond this. The rest of the factions are inherently non-white.

Illuminati = hedonistic jews

Chaos = psychopathic insect chinks

Templar = White man's faction

6f823e No.13034216

if anybody's online right now, i could make a cabal if we want

cbee3a No.13034238

Will my integrated GPU be able to run this?

5d40f9 No.13034243

File: d00610cb438f314⋯.jpg (36.47 KB, 533x622, 533:622, 1451525462387.jpg)


>they have a nog as the head

>white mans faction


532a38 No.13034253


running through the tutorial right now, are cabals still one faction only?

6f823e No.13034265


a google search tells me that cabals are now cross-faction, but i don't know. should i just make one?

532a38 No.13034269


yeah might as well

5d40f9 No.13034271


I was gonna make one when I get home in about 8 hours but if you wanna make one now go for it

6f823e No.13034282



post name suggestions. i'm leaning towards Firetires' Cuckslayers or something equally retarded

abad2d No.13034298


Try to be a little more subtle. FunCom employees are kool-aid drinkers, and a few people may catch onto that name.

Something that references the urban legends of imageboards, like summer being a myth, would go well under the radar.

532a38 No.13034308


>urban legends of imageboards

how about Skinwalkers?

5d40f9 No.13034312


I'd rather something less on the nose. How about we go with Corp and call it Infinity Inc.

6f823e No.13034316


Spicyspokes' Skinwalkers it is, send Testikill a tell for an invite

6f823e No.13034325


well i'm stupid and gay. need to be secret society rank 2 to create. i'll let you guys know if i get there tonight, otherwise >>13034271 you make one

5d40f9 No.13034340


Thats just level 10 or 15 iirc

c6abde No.13034363


Isnt this game free to play?

abad2d No.13034364


I can throw it together and hand it off to >>13034271 when he joins up.

What was the govt type? Corp?

6f823e No.13034372


i seem to remember being able to change it whenever we want, but corp works for me

abad2d No.13034399

Well fuck that idea entirely. Need to be the appropriate rank with your faction AND be a fucking patron to make a Cabal.

5d40f9 No.13034424



Thankfully I got piss drunk the other night and apparently bought 30 days of patron if we still wanna have one

1fc23f No.13034426


Not only that, but patrons make the cabal for themselves for the extra storage since you get 8 million items every day.

abad2d No.13034434


Looks like we'll wait for you then.

532a38 No.13034436


Done. Send a tell to "Ruststalker" if you want in.

Named it Infinity Incorporated

206413 No.13034691


Will send a tell when I finish dishes.

0c911d No.13034696

What are the strongest PvP weapons?

I imagine burst damage and lifesteal, but what can get you those? Fists+Blood, maybe?

5d40f9 No.13034724


Hammers are the PvP meta

0c911d No.13034837


A tanking weapon? Surprising. What counters hammers, then?

206413 No.13034897

File: b78d0680a1aa508⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled.png)

Is that a car in a tree? What the fuck?

7ee9ef No.13034910


The thing that has usually killed me in pvp is getting Scorpion'd, knocked down, and ganged up on. So something that'll negate knockdown and getting pulled, I'd imagine.

5d40f9 No.13034926


>running shotgun

>someone tries that scorpion shit on me

>use CQC with the passive that makes it affect everyone within a certain distance

>entire enemy team knocked down and is dealt damage

>active dodge away and run with the entire team chasing me

>they get mowed down by team and hazards

>get the achievement for playing a round without a single teammate dying

7ee9ef No.13034933


Jesus christ

0c911d No.13034944



CC resistance, eh?

I'd have to look up all the skills. Don't remember if anything has that besides shotgun.

7ee9ef No.13034973


I was wondering what gun I wanted to pair elementalism with, I think I found my answer. I don't know much about pistols, since their early game skills were really lame back in the "old days".

a7a4f5 No.13035372

the game crashed on me fucking twice now, i cant even get into my character

the fuck is happening?

a7a4f5 No.13035382

File: 6ebd2171997a04b⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, slamdancer.png)

this is one of you isn't it?

206413 No.13035495

File: 3d34f45b57dc443⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled.png)


It WAS a car in a tree.

a7a4f5 No.13035613

can i learn ALL skills or am i limited to a certain amount of AP/SP?

i dont want to fuck up my "build" if i have to make one.

5d40f9 No.13035625


You gain AP/SP based on XP gain not levels so you could theoretically unlock everything if you put enough grind into it

d73f68 No.13035667

Heard from the Dragon cuck, what about everyone else? Illerminashi and Templos?

0c911d No.13035679


Gotta get to a sufficient level to do that. Give me a bit.

5d40f9 No.13035700


I'll hop in in about an hour or two

Reminder Templarfags secretly crave the IlluminaD


CQC is one of the best skills in general. You stun the enemy by knocking them over and theres no size limit so you can do it on the giant enemies like The Moving Mountain, plus its passive makes it hit every enemy in front of you within a certain distance

1c3858 No.13035739

Downloading, might as well give it a try.

How are the puzzles in the game? I heard that the old secret world had quite a few of them and that they were quite fun/hard, are they still there or did they took those away?

a7a4f5 No.13035878


havent found any puzzles yet, but im barely level 9.

just walking around Kingsmouth doing quests

c8d141 No.13035901


Yeah they are still there


Guess I missed you

7ee9ef No.13036343

I'm online now, and I can also invite people to the cabal. /tell CosmicAnger

fa3c3a No.13036468


I like you Dragonfag. Too many people say the world is chaotic because they can't see the patterns, but they're there nonetheless. Open your eyes ordertards, your subjective understanding of reality is incorrect.

4e030d No.13036520

File: 7b76f682cbf9f0d⋯.png (90.71 KB, 577x576, 577:576, 98959919bd9c4b8aac6c8f5581….png)


>he picked templar

>gets bossed around by a nigger

7ee9ef No.13036915


Dragons exist to be slain.

532a38 No.13037257


Sorry, was sleeping. Back on now send tell to "Ruststalker"

023e34 No.13037565

so what server everyone playing. I still have all my starter pack from being in the arg from 2012

8c24c0 No.13038332

Wasn't one of teh writers a huge SocJus swede cockgobbler?

d7163f No.13038536

File: 500218d5720cc4a⋯.webm (6.96 MB, 432x240, 9:5, Electronic Old Men.webm)


I believe Secret World Legends just dumps everyone into the same server not sure though. It could be like most non-mmo games where it matches you based on region but the option to play internationally is there.

Anyways I'll join up later today.


I think that guy left the company & took The Longest Journey/Dreamfall with him.

7ee9ef No.13038625



Ragnar Tørnquist fucked off, yeah.

023e34 No.13038713


so dimension doesnt matter? I'm on one of the rp dimensions

e54488 No.13038921


There is a command to jump servs but I can't recall what it is.

IIRC there is a regional lock, but you can jump servers inside a region.

023e34 No.13038946


so eu wouldnt be able to play with US?

7ee9ef No.13038971


Nah, I've played with US people.

023e34 No.13039076


fine I got my templar on arcadia and wanna play with you faggots

0c911d No.13041313

I soloed a worldboss. Lutefisk.

Only took me 20 minutes. Got two caches out of it. Better loot than a dungeon. Worth.

da074a No.13041616

Is this game like Hellsing Ultimate plotwise?

8c24c0 No.13041802


you have 3 faction (4 if you count the phonecians, but they are not playable) fighting "secretly" some sort of world-end scenarios

4f715b No.13041832

File: 670df3a531a2291⋯.jpg (100.14 KB, 1277x702, 1277:702, d356abccd.jpg)

Can I play legends with the old client and my old character? I got pretty far and spent a good bit of money back when I played it one or two years ago so I can start with lots of stuff.

abad2d No.13041863


Nope. Legends is separate from the old game. You can link your old account to the new game and have your cosmetics unlocked, but you have to start from the beginning.

5d40f9 No.13041864


You can import your cosmetics but not your character itself

4f715b No.13041904

File: 58049dc73a960bd⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 500x375, 4:3, therideneverends.jpg)



Well then I won't play at all. I spent too much time in the old one to do it all over again.

5d40f9 No.13041926


The combat is completely different now and they merged the DLC stories into the main story and they are going to be adding shit so its worth it even starting over if you enjoyed the first

8c24c0 No.13041934


so you can get the bazoka and the whip normally now?

d7163f No.13041979

File: e804b10bf4fda6c⋯.png (782.07 KB, 4000x2400, 5:3, 4c348f959bc0b0670615f1d1fb….png)


I just left my request. Check your inbox.

5d40f9 No.13041990


Theres no aux weapons in SWL yet

8c24c0 No.13042188

i dropped the game back when you needed to grind some tokens to go to Tokyo

i can't remember my user or password

fuck you people

5d40f9 No.13042277

File: 212946f572cc29d⋯.png (198.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1460661245559.png)


no fuck you its fun

abad2d No.13042455

Trying to find all the rare spawns now is much more of a chore than it used to be. Every list I've looked at only shows shit from the original game and none of the newly added rares in Legends. Fuck.

ec7c76 No.13042917


The combat's shit unless it became somehow tolerable in the past 3 or so years. It's just grind because of inflated enemy HP.

5d40f9 No.13042967


What part of they completely changed the combat do you not understand

ec7c76 No.13043031


What part of me saying I haven't played the game in 3 years do you not understand? As long as I can kill the majority of enemies in less than 10 or so seconds I'm fine with it.

5d40f9 No.13043137


>As long as I can kill the majority of enemies in less than 10 or so seconds I'm fine with it.

I havent had any problem doing so and Im in Translyvania

164bed No.13043236

File: 6cd2b421b38be5d⋯.png (2.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 582660_20170715012159_1.png)

give me a good reason to switch to this from Black Desert Online

b2a816 No.13043285

Oh come on, you know Dragonfags picked Dragon to get the free BJ at the start.


There isn't six hundred layers of intentionally obtuse and unnecessary shit that makes EVE Online look like babby's first MMO. And the world and characters are actually interesting. Less grind.

164bed No.13043347

File: f8d8d3d80a86b34⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 582660_20170715013751_1.png)


That's not a super convincing argument.

Tell me about the combat. Are there active dodges, blocks, and counterattacks or is it just a hotbar game?

5d40f9 No.13043368


There are active dodges, interrupts and weapon mechanics that need to be played around

0c911d No.13043372

File: 9c0687ea096dbfa⋯.jpg (258.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1498414075834.jpg)



You realize they're gonna remove active combat from BDO soon, right? They did in every other version.

a7a4f5 No.13043377

File: 6cde5df9588d7ab⋯.png (288.21 KB, 600x512, 75:64, question nigger.png)


>yeah but before you go i have to make you relive the events of some random bitch who fought the monsters in a subway, by means of giving you a blowjob

who wrote this shit

b2a816 No.13043379


Everyone gets the random subway niggress.

5d40f9 No.13043381


Hence my insistence that dragon is the worst faction

25df7e No.13043783

File: ed737c30340134a⋯.jpg (23.58 KB, 525x270, 35:18, ragnar tornquist.jpg)

File: f406ca67a34a61f⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 250x250, 1:1, joshua alan doetsch.jpg)

023e34 No.13046440

Should I go gunslinger or demolisher? which would be better for solo play before my friends get into the game

and can you start switching up between weapons later or respec?

a2828e No.13046719


you can and are encouraged to level different weapons due to passives and capstones.

Takes awhile to get a weapon up to doing elites with, but the dungeon content is basically do-able with any weapon provided it's blue or above

25df7e No.13046800


Weapon unlock costs increase rather fast:

>1st - 5k MoF

>2nd - 30k

>3rd - 60k

I don't know the prices beyond that.

391232 No.13047007

File: 519ac64b9babb28⋯.png (131.98 KB, 518x285, 518:285, trash is too damn big.png)



e89e57 No.13047602

i'm already bored. at the end of the day its a laggy """"""""""""""action"""""""""""""" RPG where winning is impossible unless you're absolutely clear of ping.

i don't doubt the story is great, what little i saw i liked, but man is the gameplay the same as every other nu-mmo. its a shame when a good concept, world, and setting like this is wasted on MMO crap that doesn't work.

7a65eb No.13047821


its really really hard to make qt 3.14s in Secret World, i took me days to make 3 (one for each faction) and i wont be doing it again.

Plus i am in a similar situation like >>13042188. Ditched the game and can't remember the name or email for that shit

c8d141 No.13049213

>quest where you have to brave the trial of fire by walking across a firepit

>its not called Fire Walk With Me


18e5cd No.13049262

i dont like the illuminati

c8d141 No.13049313

File: fd979d07ef2a39b⋯.jpg (165.42 KB, 638x1000, 319:500, planet.jpg)


thems fightin words pal

4f715b No.13049348

File: 5ba6160b5e5d205⋯.png (456.61 KB, 600x672, 25:28, e563e56.png)

Ok guys I'm DLing it. I had a ton of hours in the old game, like I mentioned earlier. But I'm miffed I won't be strong. Anyone playing together I'll come find you? I don't know if my motorcycle and shit works anymore tho.

c8d141 No.13049415


If you transfered you're account, all sprints except franken-chopper will transfer

6970fe No.13049444


They jacked up player stats so hard that it'll feel like NG+. Two hours in and I'm already two-shotting the area bosses in Kingsmouth.

c8d141 No.13049464


That kinda peters out once you reach Transylvania since you hit level 50 and the endgame grind sets in when you actually have to run dungeons and raids to level up your shit. I dont think it even becomes bulletspongey though, I think you just start to die faster. I might write up a newbie guide to this shit

c8d141 No.13049693

>write up newbie guide

>body too long



d7163f No.13052402

File: 2b772c851c4eba8⋯.webm (7.07 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, bump3.webm)


Things to note about blood magic, you eventually start losing health past a certain threshold but you have abilities that recenter your Corruption/Martyrdom meter.

Also the grenade ability for assault rifles don't come into play until you unlock the first grenade skill.

023e34 No.13052803

whats the cabal then? I was gonna make one for my friends but you need to buy the good goy pass so I'd rather join yours instead.

aef6ba No.13053047


I started playing and wanted puzzles. I got a bunch of zombies and a knockoff H.P. Lovecraft zombie town rollfest and 0 puzzles.

Shit sucks.

abad2d No.13053210


Puzzles don't really start until the Savage Coast, when you have to transpose Latin into some eldritch symbols because some faggot didn't believe in keeping a journal

c8d141 No.13053304


Look for quests with the laptop


>Puzzles don't really start until the Savage Coast

>forgetting about the Kingsmouth Church and the revenant quest

c8d141 No.13053319


I mean Laptop Symbol on them

abad2d No.13053381


>Kingsmouth Church

Is babby stuff.

>revenant quest

That's not the one where you follow the black ravens until one of those revenant fucks pops up at the end right? Because that wasn't much of a puzzle. Now the one with the white ravens that you can only see when you're dead really whipped my cream trying to figure out.

The rest of the puzzled in Kingsmouth have nothing on what you'll encounter later.

c8d141 No.13053490


The white raven one is the one I meant

fc6e3d No.13053572

File: 77169b3a6a68002⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 750x585, 50:39, Mitä tämä on Bubbles.jpg)


>Romania and entirety of its culture was founded by gypsies


>He's also part of the cabal rewriting Lovecraft's works and removing all intolerant elements.


What is wrong with these people.

6f823e No.13054480


>i wanted puzzles but shit sucks

i clearly remember a quest requiring me to translate bible verses into aramaic, or to start researching obscure roman history or other shit. the puzzles are the best part, but as that anon said the puzzles don't start to really get crazy until you're around level 14 or 15

c8d141 No.13055041

File: 782ce1bdbd07f11⋯.jpg (44.97 KB, 578x600, 289:300, 05b987ac885ad655c2f91f1f0b….jpg)

>these late game missions that require you to sneak through lairs

just fuck my anima essence up

c8d141 No.13058263

File: 5f03ebd0ad3df93⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 540x300, 9:5, 1354282357920.gif)

>just finished the A dream to kill questline

Fuck me that was a jarring tone shift from 007 bullshit to "dead kids everywhere"

39d6c9 No.13058406


"The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn" and "A Dream to Kill" quest/story wise, were the best added content.

c8d141 No.13058463


Last Train to Cairo was also pretty fucking great

39d6c9 No.13058502


That part is fun, but less in tone from the rest of the game, it's Indiana Jones themed but they went last crusade, not temple of doom like they should have.

2d0122 No.13058506

looks gay, wouldn't play

12a2b5 No.13059750

File: 5a907fbb7a0ef79⋯.gif (46.48 KB, 588x389, 588:389, 1448751827127.gif)


not unless you like Chinese tier grind. theirs a game dungeon vid if you want an in depth look at the older version. to imply the game is unplayable garbage with some neat stuff attached. i played the original for a month, it was shit, stay away.

12a2b5 No.13059818


>theirs a game dungeon vid if you want an in depth look at the older version where he implies the game is unplayable garbage with some neat stuff attached.

sorry, sleep deprivation is making posting hard.

023e34 No.13060473



yeah but the rerelease throws out the old combat and mechanics while keeping the puzzles and quests

023e34 No.13062388

File: 137bffdcac87dc7⋯.png (818.2 KB, 805x739, 805:739, cef.png)

rate my templar waif

c8d141 No.13062749


7/10 would give the IlluminaD

c8d141 No.13063273

File: 2cdb1c5c453d5e0⋯.jpg (22.08 KB, 386x395, 386:395, 7f34fb47433f4fbc60566d4ce9….jpg)

>be shotgun DPS in raid

>have around 11% crit chance working on making it higher but glpyphs are fucking shit

>other DPS pops opening shot

>boss has 10 seconds of protection debuff and six stacks of fire on it

>depleted uranium round

>raging bull + fullslavo withering slavo shot

>all five slavo shots crit

>the damage is so retardly high the boss aggros me from the tank and cleaves me apart

023e34 No.13063299

>finding hidden legends in what looked liked inaccessable areas

>finding hidden legends in a tiny hole in a roof you have to parkour to get to

how are you meant to 100% this shit

c8d141 No.13063360


Thats one of the things I love about this game is the insane amount of secrets. For instance, to get one of the golem lores, you have to drop down to a specific bridge in Agartha, follow the custodion and when he reaches the end, he'll point and the lore will appear

023e34 No.13063387


I found that by luck after jumping off the sides at the right time when exploring. These hidden ones were in the savage quarry where you had to squeeze through a small patch between buildings to find a ramp to let you onto the roof to jump over three roofs to find the hole it was hiding in.

I really want these lore bits too. aren't a majority of them used in the occult museum?

c8d141 No.13063401

File: 45dfaa0965ac4b3⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bridge.png)

File: c7983103fdf306a⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bridge2.png)

File: f94e05904cf6702⋯.png (972.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ghost.png)


The ones marked under Bestiary are. Another cool thing. Another cool thing is theres a bridge in Kingsmouth that was once known as "Hangman's Bridge" and if you go there in anima form, you can see ghost. Theres also something in the City of the Sungod if you go to the anubis sentinel statue and look up

036956 No.13063427

So,how i play this game alone? I hate playing with others and don't give two shits about pvp events.

c8d141 No.13063471


The story mode is pretty much geared towards playing alone. I'd advise biting the bullet and running dungeons with randoms anyway since they have some really good story elements

023e34 No.13064749


The rerelease is pretty much soloable apart from raid dungeons and one or two champions that you may need a friend to beat but that's about 2% of the content.

The original game was very punishing if you didnt have a perfectly optimized build but now pretty much every build is viable solo with a pure DPS the best for solo

ae9405 No.13065052


The locust boss in Scorched Desert requires 5 people to activate 5 pressure plates. Another boss in SD requires a small group to lure 10-12 cultists to nearby altar and kill them all at once. Then there's Resurrection Joe who (aside from parts) requires at least two lv 50s with decent purple gear or a larger group with maxed blue gear and a dedicated healer.

There are also 3 lore pieces in Transylvania that you can't get on your own, but you can gift them to other players (The Abandoned). Also one entry from vampires set is said to drop from lair monsters in Carpathian Fangs, which might be possible to farm solo in yellow or red gear (ie never ever).

c8d141 No.13065540

File: ed811fb0f8c5591⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, LAVA GAME CHAMP.png)


c8d141 No.13065745

File: c4dfe2942045e67⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rabbi.png)

>this guy isnt even a cultist


020459 No.13065828

Alright /v/, how do I end game in this thing? I want to be primo elite Templar tank that can walk into the dungeon and laugh off everything.

I've been blowing shit away with a shotgun but had a hammer strapped to my back that I never used. Should I use this fucking hammer or get something else?

Where do I find the autists breaking down the stats and telling me what I need to not got my shit wrecked when step into lairs and elite dungeons?

03cb79 No.13065850

File: 8cfe22414603656⋯.png (331.74 KB, 447x651, 149:217, Untitled.png)

>haven't really seen much of the f2p influence outside of being able to buy a currency i don't really know what it's used for

>hit level 15

>literally eleven of those caches you need to buy keys to open drop


023e34 No.13065885


I just sell them all to the apothecary for dosh since you start running out if you keep upgrading and using teleports and upgrading the museum

c8d141 No.13065906


Just think of them as 50 anima shards each. People actually buy stacks of them just to sell for the shards

020459 No.13065923

File: 78b4e597a87b0fc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, SecretWorldLegendsDX11 201….png)

By the way, for those not in the know, this game has tits.

There's draugr tits, demon tits, a bunch of skimpy clothing for female avatars, and female avatars can even appear topless if their outfit isn't loading very fast.

c8d141 No.13065951

File: 88c5115a2395a3d⋯.png (3.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tree tiddies.png)


The trees have titties too

020459 No.13065959


>double shotgun glitch

Yeah… I had to turn off my weapon displaying on my back because that bugged the shit out of me.

023e34 No.13065960

So what's our cabal? Currently grindan to 50 but wanna get in early so I can drop in for raids when i do

03cb79 No.13065976


send testikill a tell, i'll invite you

c8d141 No.13065988

File: 68f740bb1dc0a75⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-07-20-12-01-38.png)


>you see sergei when you hold shotguns like this you never have to look up for enemy!

8714b2 No.13066049

So this is post apocalyptic Guildwars 2 with guns, right?

c8d141 No.13066059


>post apocolyptic

Its not really post apocolyptic, its just the areas you visit happen to be fucked

023e34 No.13066085

File: b412db2d6bb4f92⋯.png (727.17 KB, 1201x781, 1201:781, fgb.png)

Jesus this Tyler Freeborn quest line goes on forever.

Please tell me the sabotage quest is the last one in the chain

8714b2 No.13066097


Any real difference from gw2 though? I thought this was an sort of like mmo based around guns.

c8d141 No.13066118


The ending makes it worth it honestly

5e2384 No.13066182

found my old accout data, how do i "pass" my old chars and unlocks to the new game?

020459 No.13066260


Go to https://account.secretworldlegends.com/account/

There should be something along the lines of "transfer secret world data" or some shit that you have to click. Once that is done any character that you create in Secret World Legends can retrieve that data once they reach Agartha.

5e2384 No.13066268


but i have to make a new account for SWL ?

020459 No.13066314


Ummm…. No? Should still use your original TSW account.

And the button you're looking for reads "TSW Legacy Transfer".

5e2384 No.13066345


oks, gonna check that, thanks

c8d141 No.13070479

PSA Do not queue for both dungeons and PvP at the same time. If you get matched for the dungeon, you'll join while still queueing for PvP with no way to leave it becuase if you hit leave the queue it will quit the dungeon and mark you a deserter

c8d141 No.13070634

File: 7d905984cf0a353⋯.gif (2.66 MB, 350x262, 175:131, 1410122014705.gif)

>doing some shambala

>decide rather than going directly to the wall like a fag, I'd go the long way around the map to get behind

>entire enemy team behind the wall

>run up behind them, slap them with CQC to knock them over, withering slavo +controled shot spam to do a ton of damage

>team now focused on me, move backwards to draw them out from the wall

>active dodge behind the wall just as the wind hazard starts

>half the enemy team gets blown off the map

1fc23f No.13071197

If the cabal doesnt mind inviting alts I could make another character to join up with . My other two are in a personal cabal for the slots/reward trading.

c8d141 No.13071667

File: c63f16501eeb930⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BLACKED.png)


>templars arent blacked he says

870e34 No.13073389


>Makes the niggers stand outside

I see nothing wrong here.

08fa9c No.13073563


Old version is superior in every way

c8d141 No.13073677

File: 7a9734a59f4e54f⋯.gif (450.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1371156543994.gif)


I got burnt out around shadowy forest in the original and I've put an autistic amount of time in the new one. Its still rough around the edges, needs the rest of the story content and could really do with more ability slots but otherwise its aight

fcded6 No.13073746

The fuck is wrong with the cgaracter creator?

it has less options than the original

In the oldr one i could choose more face options, mix noses, eye-types and jaws too.

Here i only get preset faces, and all are shit

Fuck, OP, do you really like this or are you just paid to shill?

a2828e No.13075838


No until tokyo gets put in, the new game will be better. Seriously Tokyo was the dumbest shit, and I pray to god they don't put the Aegis system back in, that was the worst.

If the aegis system is put back in, then both games are garbage and it becomes about which smell of shit you like better.

2b6127 No.13076365



One of the bogeyman lore you have to be in the park exactly at midnight in game then found him at one of the toll booths/his shack, he then creepily salutes you and drops a lore…

The new version actually tells you where the boos are when you're close enough but some of them were very cleverly hidden initially (on jumpable cliffs, etc…)


People actually buy those since they're worth some shards and you can run out when upgrading high tier weapons pretty quick.


>Please tell me the sabotage quest is the last one in the chain

It's not.


Their leader is a nigger too.

Lumies = jews.

Templar = that sweet brand of political correctness and self-righteousness from mutated protestants. Of course niggers are in charge, it's modern day London after all! You shitlord!

Dragon = the only ones that might actually save the world because they did figure out a thing or two about how it actually works…


Yeah Aegis can go suck a dick. Though they did lift the xp mechanic for leveling gear from it.

c8d141 No.13077023

Reminder if you are in the cabal to hit the + on your chat window and add cabal chat

d7163f No.13077405

File: b4c07283d6f0f2d⋯.jpg (475.08 KB, 922x1300, 461:650, 1449009773960.jpg)


So who do I message at this hour for an invite? I usually get on after midnight in burger land.

c8d141 No.13077433


I dont think theres anyone online with permissions to recruit If you are reading this cabal leaders promote Doubleplus to something that can recruit since Im on an autistic amount of time

562b16 No.13077492


send testikill a tell right now sucka

c8d141 No.13077737


>promoted to accountant

I need to be Executive or Kingpin to recruit

c8d141 No.13078502

File: 3bd66b2a7938a80⋯.webm (2.3 MB, 640x380, 32:19, Fine fuck you then.webm)

023e34 No.13079040


I wish there was persistent changes to the world after finishing main quests so we could see this cunt dead

c8d141 No.13083244

File: 86c8a378d2c6ccb⋯.gif (74.35 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1410538303769.gif)

>some people doing a 10 person lair

>decide to join them

>have to fuck around for a bit for all of us to be able to be in the same instance

>have fun doing the lair and get a signet that increases shotgun damage and healing, as well as 2 that are useness to me but worth a ton on the market

>sell them, buy copies of shotgun signet with them, the ton of signet distilles I've been getting to level it up to epic

I never thought my dick would be so hard over a 8% base damage increase

c3fbf2 No.13083297


Honestly convinced me to join Dragons, I really dig that lore.

cbe842 No.13083695


testikill here. i'm only an executive and can't promote people up to my level, only the level below me. so i guess just either send me a tell or an in-game mail (if that's a thing) if you want into the guild and i'm not online, and i'll get around to it when i can

cabal leader, if you ever check this thread, just pass me lead if a free player can lead a cabal, i'm usually on for at least an hour or two a day

c8d141 No.13085133

File: 5ed4eea72af0b70⋯.webm (1.22 MB, 640x380, 32:19, 007 bullshit.webm)

fucking converter didnt keep the sound on despite it being checked

c8d141 No.13085568

File: b0228c8bcfdc6a9⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, inventory.png)

If anyone wants a quick quest chain to farm bags/shards heres what I use

>start at the enterance to Scorched desert

>Take Desert Seige main quest

>Take Supply Run, Too and headhunter sidequest

>proceed through the seige quest, picking up the stuff you need for SRT and do the bounty in the first area

>complete seige, to to the coffee shop to turn in SRT and pick up Angels and Demons

>do Angels and demons, when you get to the warehouse, do the local bounty and pick up the objective for Headhunters (Guy who's on a totem of Atem)

>Grab and complete the piss easy defense mission "Defense never rests"

>proceed and complete headhunter (Also pick up the box of expired dates. You can use them when you want to kill yourself without depleting your anima essence, like for investigation missions or because you've been queuing for elite dungeons

>start queing for PvP and pick up the sidequests from the Marya recruitment poster and active explosives

>do them and PvP

I usually follow it up by doing The Living Oil but thats just becuase is fun at 50 since you can play it like an action mission and the enemies hit hard and give a good amount of XP

023e34 No.13085615

File: c95e535bd6c0e0e⋯.png (1010.04 KB, 986x1153, 986:1153, 2321511-tsw_templars_logo.png)


>convinced by a guy pulling facts out of his ass

>wanting to join the chink cult who do nothing but pass around blowjobs and pretend their helping

atleast you aren't joining the illuminates

c8d141 No.13085623


If he's retarded enough to believe all that bullshit he'll fit right in with the dragons

c8d141 No.13089805

File: 34ea23b23a32cb0⋯.gif (1012.3 KB, 400x321, 400:321, 1408432589442.gif)

>doing elite dungeons as shotgun DPS

>fighting boss

>other two DPS and Healslut die to one hugely telegraphed attack like the dumbasses when the boss is at half health

>just me and tank left

>have reconsituting shells and tank has some overheal ability

>pop RS every 20 seconds to keep the tank healthy while I peel off the bosses HP (Since its a flat percentage its not affected by heal rating)

>other players are forced to watch as we two person this five person boss

>healslut keeps yelling for us to just let him kill us

>we eventually kill the boss

>healslut says "Enjoy not being able to complete the dungeon" and leaves

>we do anyway

>to top it all off, another healslut takes his slot during the final boss and essentially gets a free dungeon chest

023e34 No.13091346


when should I start doing elite? I'm level 50 and have nearly full blues and i'm getting a little dragged down from transylvania because of my negligible damage I do

c8d141 No.13091373


Wait until you have started to move onto purples. You want an item level about 120 in general

303e6a No.13091387

What's the PVP like?

Is it level based or is it like Destiny where level doesn't matter that much?

023e34 No.13091405


but I really want a fucking purple pistol over my blues since the enemies are a chore to kill right now

c8d141 No.13091431


Its basically just deathmatch where everyone goes home with a goodiebag, everyone is on equal footing


Do story dungeons then

023e34 No.13091450


I thought they only dropped blues at best

4e030d No.13091467


i feel like the rest of egypt is already temple of doom themed. there's even a big sacrifice room in an underground temple.

4e030d No.13091481


> (Also pick up the box of expired dates. You can use them when you want to kill yourself without depleting your anima essence, like for investigation missions or because you've been queuing for elite dungeons

i thought /reset also doesn't deplete your anima essence.

c8d141 No.13091506


They do but its better than trying to do elite dungeons with underpowered gear. Are you doing all the quests by the way?

023e34 No.13091531


yeah 100% each zone, only have the final egypt zone to complete/ but the sp/ap you get from xp is miniscule and barely noticeable

a2828e No.13091853


Please you can do elites fine in pure blues.

The only thing you really need as a tank is more than 6k HP to survive some tankbusters, DPS have much more lenience, and if you're set up right you can basically heal in a blue 10+ head belt and neck and the rest just flat don't matter

c8d141 No.13091966

File: 8ea82d3eee34c4f⋯.webm (5.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Buck Bumble.webm)


No idea whats going on then

Also the cabal leader hasnt been on for a week so I might end up forming my own Then again Im usually the only one on period

023e34 No.13093872


so a pair of enemies level 48 usually take two minutes to kill at level 50? Its become such a drag since you cant level to a point where enemies ignore you then and they're still sponges to take down

a2828e No.13095136


enemies in Trans* have a lot of HP and if you're not a dps they take a decent chunk if you haven't been keeping up or if you're using bad passives/active sets

023e34 No.13095263


nah i'm a dps and using a relatively good pistol build focusing on maximising damage from silver and blue rolls. enemies arent too dangerous for me just boring to fight when they take ages to kill

a2828e No.13095615



>with unoptimal gear

okay there's your issue, pistol needs a ton of gear to start being good dps wise.

You should be able to melt 30k+ hp enemies pretty quickly

37b700 No.13095664


this game had no qts, fucking swedes ruining an interesting mmo

023e34 No.13096140


Ive been making up for it now by popping the potions the apothecary sells for the attack/health boost while I grind out more missions for gear upgrades and grind distills

10b34b No.13096469



you can start doing elites as soon as you hit 50 unless you're doing tanking, since almost all mechanics dont do shit unless you're needing to tank,

Tank needs at least 4 piece of tank gear and 3 DPS for meme meta builds, usually DPS head occult and luck, Tank Neck, Belt Wrist and Ring, get em to 25 and you'll be fine,

But if you're DPS, fuck you can do them in full Greens if you really wanna piss people off, the only dungeon you wont be able to do though if you pull that kinda shitter build is Hell Rising 2nd last boss fight, w/e her face of the many when all the add's pop out. that's about the only dungeon in the game i can think of that's a flat DPS check and its usually the one that everyone wipes the most on and blames the tank ;^)

if you're healer you can flat out be in full Greens outside of your weapon and have next to no issues if you go full heal slut mode. i mean, other than dodge the AoE's Healer's and DPS really get no mechanics that target them specifically in next to anything. there's all of… 4 fights in all of the dungeons that might have either the DPS or Healers not stand still the entire time ? otherwise its the Tank all the way for actually doing mechanics.

c8d141 No.13096528


Well fuck guess I could've started earlier

10b34b No.13096543

File: fdaa5e9a5b58462⋯.png (304.3 KB, 228x723, 76:241, Original now Alt character.png)


well to be fair unless you had prior knowledge of everything you wouldn't want to go into the harder dungeons until you're geared. but yeah. Tanks are about the only ones in the game who have to worry about anything remotely hard to keep track of

and I've been playing since the game launched everything's just as bug ridden and broken since they launched 5 years ago as they are today !

c8d141 No.13096642


I guess, but while tanking is the hardest to gear for, DPS tends to be the hardest to play (Play well at least) so you really want to be familiar with the attack patterns of each major enemy before you start playing "You get one shotted for the slighest fuckup" mode

206413 No.13096884

Holy shit, I just made 100k marks of favor on the auction house. I got a tier three +crit rate glyph from a random reward bag. God damn.

020459 No.13097209

File: 7f02a04e64324f5⋯.png (151.18 KB, 389x414, 389:414, SWLgear.png)


>Tank needs at least 4 piece of tank gear and 3 DPS for meme meta builds, usually DPS head occult and luck, Tank Neck, Belt Wrist and Ring, get em to 25 and you'll be fine,

Is this the norm for tanking?

Pic attached is my current gear. I haven't set foot in an elite dungeon or a lair yet and I only have a few shit glyphs. All of my talismans are health and mag/phys protection. I have a catalyst that can turn that occult talisman into a mythic but should I switch it out for a DPS occult talisman like you said?

Also any other advice?

a2828e No.13097485


You can easily do elites in that.

Also lairs are harder than elites, much much harder

023e34 No.13097669


I hope we can get enough niggers from here geared up for lairs soon. I'm strill grinding my way to better equipment first, going back and 100% lore gives a massive boost in anima and xp atleast

c8d141 No.13097682


Im at DPS 185 so far and got 2 1/2 passive pages done, should be ready for Lairs soon. What we should be doing now is running elites together so we dont have to worry about that fucking long ass queue

023e34 No.13097700

File: 10baec8cbc1d5a5⋯.png (200.49 KB, 433x535, 433:535, cvefv.png)

is there anything here I should switch out for something better and grind to next quality?

c8d141 No.13097799


>all those one pips and two pips

Grind up some 3 pips to max green/blues and use your current equipment as fusion fodder

c8d141 No.13097803



Dont worry about weapon pips though. That explains why your damage is so shit

023e34 No.13097814


thought so, I was thinking most people were running 2 pip items but then I saw the last niggas post. Guess its time to grind out some quests and dump MoF into buying fodder

c8d141 No.13097942

Gonna be forming a new Cabal since the leader of the current one hasnt been online for more than a week and most of the executives arent on very often either. Any ideas for government/names?

c8d141 No.13097982


Alright, names Get Lucky Enterprises. /tell Doubleplus or Nyphme for invite

10b34b No.13099838

File: f2ed88cee67638d⋯.png (221.63 KB, 425x443, 425:443, SecretWorldLegendsDX11_201….png)


you have way more tanking than needed, you're going to run into the problem of not doing enough DPS to hold aggro, here's what I have on my main atm. and I focus tanking all the time.

10b34b No.13099843

File: 687c3e48e4fcc6b⋯.png (224.76 KB, 426x438, 71:73, SecretWorldLegendsDX11_201….png)



whoops, forgot to swap into my tank setup, sorry. THIS is what i actually have for it

10b34b No.13100094

File: 392e8376ec3b7a1⋯.png (49.91 KB, 328x81, 328:81, Advanced Combat Tracker_20….png)


oh and the other thing i forgot to mention, after re-reading through all your post. your 3 pip occult tank talisman is fine to use, the one i mention is the original TSW meme meta build for tanks when the highest gear set was Tier 10.4 and you struggled to hold aggro. with the new way gear works I'm not 100% sure on the meta build for TSWL or w/e they're calling the game now.

but the main thing you want to know is, the Head piece gives THE most stat boost, followed by the Necklace and then the belt. Wrist and Ring are the next on the list for how much stat gain you get and the luck and occult are the lowest boost you'll get, so don't waste you're free $15 talisman upgrade on it at all, you wanna save it for something much more valuable.

get your neck or head to 30 purple and use it of them instead, you'll get a much bigger boost from it that way. even rolling all tank pieces in normal dungeons you wont have issues from what i can tell so long as your weapons are up to snuff on levels but once you start competing for damage in elites with people who have mythic gear and such, you're going to struggle hard to maintain that aggro.

now this part goes for everyone really. but you can roll a DPS parser, go and download ACT, and grab the FF14 Rainbowmage or w/e its called overlay, it fucking works for TSW shockingly enough, so you can have an ingame parser working for you and telling you just how much damage you're doing and what others are doing. With my setup I'm pretty much either 3rd or 4th on the DPS tracker at all times, competing with the actual DPS builds for damage so i'd have no fear of them ripping aggro unless they pull cheeky cunts and use elite skills or something that forces aggro onto them for X seconds. Just remember when you get ACT you also have to get the TSW plugin for it from the ACT site as well under plugins. then ingame every single time you login you have to manually turn on the combat logger since the game doesnt do it automatically for you. which is just a simple "/logcombat on" it'll then create a .txt file in the main TSWL folder and it "should" hook into that when its made so long as it has the TSWL folder set in the options tab.

even if you don't want to be elitest or w/e people are calling it, it's super fuckin useful to know you're not fucking up somehow in runs with builds and such.

206413 No.13100336

What trinkets does everyone use? I've been using an aoe medical drone, but I haven't really noticed it healing very well.

10b34b No.13100363

File: eead61262016fd8⋯.png (79.08 KB, 294x254, 147:127, SecretWorldLegendsDX11_201….png)


i got a gadget that basically frees up one of my slots so i can use it for tank busters and such.

a2828e No.13100499


a good 2 pip dungeon drop is worth more dps than a 3 pip normal, provided you're a multihit build, and as you're pistol you should be.

They're the seed of aggression, the ruined city ashes, and…. I think any of the dice.



Why the fuck you using a tank bracer and a horrible 1 pip occult talisman and that shitty ring.

206413 No.13101343

I wish there was a way to search for dungeon drop special items instead of just searching everything all at once and hoping to find what you want.

Also, what do people think is the best "of" suffix?

I use Shotgun and Fist for a mix of tanking and healing. Still working on a figuring out a good mix of skills. And I'm not sure how much heal rating I want vs protection and attack rating.

803323 No.13101367


What's the song in that webm? Is there a full version?

c8d141 No.13102189

>downtime for update in 6 hours


c8d141 No.13102308

File: 28e7ada148d2db7⋯.png (809.11 KB, 1055x725, 211:145, FUCK.png)


10b34b No.13102560


hah I wish,

nah, the last DLC for the game came out long before the presidential election shit and all the crap leading up to it hit the public eyes. That's just an amazingly coincidental message.

unless its not ;^)

3485e6 No.13102603


>being surprised at this

Ever play splinter cell blacklist? The story was: you are a crack team of overfunded spies with the power to kill who you please without consequences sent into war torn areas of the planet to get president hillary clinton's emails back.

4a5676 No.13102762



If you do a 100% completion run of the solo you're level 50 by half the first egyptian map.

By the time you hit trans you should have run elite a fair number of time by doing your dailies.

a2828e No.13103136


Alright first off, don't mix tanking and healing, the way the game works now it's an incredibly weak combo, unless you're just using shotgun for opening shot and/or fist for savagery.

Fist in general is strong but requires so many god damn slots to be good. You need savagery (15% extra damage it's mandatory) and then your wrath toggle ability, and then your buildups. Especially for healing you need at least 2 heals, unless you're really banking on that 400 hp self heal fist gets for 3 energy when you're getting smacked for 4k+.

I mean long story short the breakdown for healing anyways is this.

Rifle: Heal yourself

Basically everything it has is a leach with pretty bad instant healing, but at high levels it's ~30% damage dealt is returned as healing. Incredibly strong for PvP. Problem is it cannot deal with burst damage in PvE, but it keeps the entire group alive without any additional effort or Cooldowns.

Also rifle cannot heal when there's no enemy to attack, they have their grenade which technically doesn't require a target, but it requires a target to load a nade.

Also on the note of rifles, if anyone tells you to use red mist they're full of shit.

Blood:Shields everywhere

Blood is probably my favorite healer, it has stupidly strong shields that translate into direct healing if you reshield someone. Deals with burst well, problem is the martyrdom mechanic means you constantly have to manage your "dump" which is on a harsh CD so if you overheal you end up killing yourself. There's a passive to prevent that, but passive slots are too valuable to use it.

As a DPS they love rifle healers, they can keep up full corruption forever.

Fist: Fury fill faster pls, I beg you

Fists are really great, but their group healing is the weakest of the bunch and requires a lot of target swapping to remain effective. They have the most amount of HoTs and can keep people alive pretty easily. Their healing is also fairly weak overall when not in fury, but in fury all of these problems go away as they become some superbeing of healing for a brief period of time. Also they have savagery, one of the big 2 buffs. Savagery and Opening shot are fantastic

Seriously a fist when in fury mode can heal through basically anything that's not a one shot without any effort.

Major downside to them is they require so many skill slots, they're incredibly ineffective when used as a secondary for more than savagery.

020459 No.13103610



No mention of it in the patch notes.


>Rebalanced damage done by the water in Cost of Magic, and tweaked placement of several props to reduce likelihood of sliding off a prop into the water.

Heh, guess the screeching about it got them to make an only slightly challenging achievement into a cake walk.

c8d141 No.13103675


>No mention of it in the patch notes.

Yeah I see that and now Im upset. Probably waiting on the steam release to start it up.

>Reduced the amount of XP gained from mob kills at level 40 and higher.


>Removed the limit on how many items can be sold on the Auction per day.

>The listing fee and commission for Auction Sales has been adjusted to 10% for non-patrons. The listing fee and commission for Patrons has not changed.

On one hand this means I can now sell as many 2 pip items for MoF as I want without having to hold out simply becuase its not worth using one of my auction slots. On the other hand, raising the price 5% for non-patrons is pretty damn jewish. Though this does mean more MoF being consumed enmasse, which ultimately means MoF raising in value compared to aurum

020459 No.13103788




So clearly I need to swap out for some attack gear. Can I hold onto my epic occult talisman and switch out a mix of the wrist/ring/luck?

Also any glyph advice?

a2828e No.13103851


1 Max level 3 pip hit rune with every hit passive in the game is enough to not glance on anything in the game.

Then as a dps you want a mix of crit power and critical. depending on your weapons you want more crit rate vs power or vice versa

c8d141 No.13103859


For DPS you want 1 hit glyph, 2 crit damage glphys, rest crit chance. You got a bit of wiggle room for the crit glyphs. If you are using mainly channeling, use this since you want as much crit as possible since channeled abilities have half crit chance but have much higher crit damage, but if you are using single shot abilities mainly, you can swap a chance or two out for a damage. The hit glyph is non-negotiable.

020459 No.13103943



I'm devoted tank. Currently rocking a shotgun and hammer but probably going to gear up the rest once I can invest the AP/SP.

206413 No.13103968


That's really disappointing. I really like fist and shotgun. I've been maining shotgun, though, so what's a good secondary for that?

Should I stick with fist for now and just use it for it's interrupts to back up my shotgun?

Are the Revenant weapons from the ARG good enough to keep using, or should I drop them eventually?

c8d141 No.13104067


>Are the Revenant weapons from the ARG good enough to keep using, or should I drop them eventually?

Pretty much all weapons are on equal footing, except when it comes to the extraordinary effect and suffix. If you perfer the raven summoning thing over the other two extraordinary weapons, go ahead and keep them.

020459 No.13104068




Also as an aside I am farming the MoF every day across four characters to buy aurum, so if you have some advice on shit to buy there that would be helpful.


I'm eyeing the ARG weapons as well but since they're only two pips I'm toying with the notion of buying anima imbuers to up them to three pips. Or is there a dungeon weapon that might be a better choice for shotguns and hammers?

b95779 No.13104377


Cishetero Syndicate

c8d141 No.13104492

File: 8ad6b789b22c5ff⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 446x469, 446:469, 1446771414670.gif)


>responding to an 11 day old post

b95779 No.13104854



023e34 No.13105106

File: 2050210b6b7c015⋯.gif (424.79 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1465422383266.gif)

What is it with all the houses in savage coast having those creepy as fuck sounds and recordings. Jumped back there to farm subquests and every time I walk past one spoops me

4a5676 No.13105254


Hit glyph for head, 2 crit power (one major tali, one weapon that makes 3 in fact, at least that's how I do it), 5 crit rating glyph.

There is a reason why green 3 pip crit rating glyph are about as expensive as purple no effect 3 pip weapons… (they have a shit drop rate AND it's the ones all dps are after).

Also it's worth to buy the appropriate finger signet, purple signet give you a 46.something% to your main weapon, basically double your dps which is a pretty worthwhile investment of marks even if you end up buying a bunch to level them up.


Savage coast was hit the hardest and has basically no survivor save the indians at the warded shop and the student/teachers in the warded office (the others are actually trapped between worlds, only kept safe due to their paranormal connections), all the houses are haunted/zombies/spirits the wolf guy is the one that sealed them off.

023e34 No.13106517


Doesnt excuse how spooky they can make noises and locations and how poorly they handle horror segments in most of the missions

d7163f No.13106657

File: 596dbb433c24784⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 596dbb433c24784a1fb54c68e….webm)

It looks like Agarthan caches have been patched out with Infernal caches and the prices have gone up in the auction house.


>new cabal

That was fast usually it takes awhile before a split.

023e34 No.13106881


last cabal was dead, barely anyone online and leader hadn't logged in for almost 3 weeks

206413 No.13107413



The SPES shotgun seems really good. It has a 20 or 30% chance to do bonus damage whenever you spend a shell. I really don't like how it looks though, and the Revenant shotgun looks SO good.

4a5676 No.13110869


> how poorly they handle horror segments in most of the missions

I blame the MMO part. The creepy/weird/WTF lovecraftian material is well handled (at least better than most) but you can't really have horror when you're armed to the teeth, quest are repeatable, etc…

9f85d3 No.13114774

File: 6132d89c81615fc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fuyf.png)

>quickly removing and re-equipping costumes makes the character model nude for a split second

>they actually modeled nipples on the female character


206413 No.13115141

File: cbfc0acdc37e969⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SWLegendsboobies.png)


I'm impressed.

c8d141 No.13115629



The weird thing is they didnt even have them in TSW, the nipples were covered by smiley pasties. They actually modeled nipples just for SWL

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