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File: d2be25274ccf9dd⋯.png (2.73 MB, 692x1011, 692:1011, akashic_magician.png)

4ab560 No.13032755

The new Link System: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Link_Summon


Where to play Yu-Gi-Oh!

For online: YGOPro Percy - https://pastebin.com/m2e9Dzt1

Archive with all games playable on PC (mostly through emulation): http://pastebin.com/0SHfUYyj

Tag Force 1-6 are the best if you want a story (2006-2011, 6 has only the first 25 XYZ monsters).

Tag Force Special (2015) is the best to play for learning the game with many of the new cards.

The World Championship series (2004-2011) and Duel Academy (2006) are pretty good too. Definitely check out Dungeon Dice Monsters.

All are fun for pet/archetype non-meta decking. Legacy of the Duelist is shit.

Useful Links

http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page (Wiki with information for players, new and old)

http://yugiohprices.com/ (Yu-Gi-Oh! stock market)

http://ygodr.blog.jp/ (OCG decklists)

http://yugiohtopdecks.com/ (TCG decklists)

https://ygorganization.com/ - http://blog.livedoor.jp/maxut/ (TCG/OCG news sites)

http://yugioh.party/ (Probability calculator)

http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ (Ban list)

How to get better

Read the cards.

Playtest and try suggestions.

814029 No.13032976

File: 9941bd05c26302e⋯.png (518.08 KB, 610x444, 305:222, 50b989e51671a89c74b0aa5bee….png)

File: 2402bc24d78cbe5⋯.png (928.55 KB, 691x562, 691:562, dea778a3c075b5b429c4cce962….png)

anyone wanna help out with a few decks for when link format hits?

my ninjas are somewhat incomplete since i can't find any white dragon ninjas, and i only have 2 upstarts

d/d/ds are complete and so far they're probably what i'm gonna be maining once links hit, i think they just need one or two link monsters in the extra deck. hopefully the last d/d/d extra deck monsters will be released to the tcg in my lifetime

i've also got all the cardians, but considering how random my chances of victory with them are, i can't really take them seriously for competitive play

7938f0 No.13033182

f05bfb No.13033507


You mean you want to buy real cards?

e80f8b No.13033535


I hope you arent thinking of buying physical cards. It's modern day, anon. No one here unironically buys singles or plays physical. You'll be wasting time and giving money to people whod rather see yoi dead in a ditch. Stick to ygopro/dueling network

f547ab No.13034587


>Playing a card game

>Not collecting cards

For what purpose? I'd agree that I'd be dumb to play the game (((competitively))) which is just a never ending money sink, but why not buy the physicals of decks you like? I've been building my pet decks and I'm enjoying it.

e80f8b No.13034598


Your hard earned neetbux can go to better things than the coffers of yakuza subordinates and tumblrinas. You could be buying funs and ammo. Buy weights and get fit. Sims provide everything you need to play. Not trying to be preschy, but buyfagging in Modern Day is reddit tier shit tbqh famalam

d793c0 No.13034611


You'd literally be better off printing the cards and laminating the cheap printer paper then buying physical copies.

d793c0 No.13034620

File: 5b629cc1aab94d7⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 410x308, 205:154, disdain kaiba.jpg)


>playing a card game

>buying 2000 dollars worth of cardboard just to play a card game

>instead of just playing the fucking game

Collecting isn't part of the card game, faggot, the card game is the fucking card game.

44162c No.13034626

File: 96ccf63447472b0⋯.jpg (49.8 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Laughing fusions.jpg)

File: 56357cd6017fe4a⋯.png (727.93 KB, 875x661, 875:661, Cyberdark.png)

Fusion is best

Post decks in progress


Well you're gonna have to check them extra deck numbers in order to run links with d/d/d. I'd recommend doing testing with salvation in order to see what numbers work, like do you really need 3 genghis? Can you work with 2? Or maybe drop the more situational extra deck monsters for a concise combo with links

f547ab No.13034627


>than the coffers of yakuza

Kek no, I'd never buy packs. I buy singles, so my money goes to other neck beards.

>You could be buying fun

But that's what I'm doing, building my pet decks is fun.

>Sims provide everything you need to play

Yeah but it doesn't feel as fun to play as real cards.

e80f8b No.13034652

File: e3df5eafb9fffaa⋯.jpg (450.01 KB, 2160x2184, 90:91, e3df5eafb9fffaa1cbbaed071c….jpg)


Funs = guns you fucking autist. How would you derive a verb when i said 'funs and ammo?'

I fucking want september to roll around, holy shit. This summer is almost unbearable

49fdad No.13035206




It's a little bit late for that, pics related were stuff from those decks that I already own

I have them so I mind as well make them work

e80f8b No.13035470

File: 949408bd44c7d50⋯.png (205.82 KB, 708x537, 236:179, 2e0c4f3fca65299696cbd9deb6….png)


Only one choice now…

c7e9f7 No.13035490

>months of people crying about their pet decks

>suddenly everyone agrees that buying cards is stupid and you should just play online

Did we get new old posters or what?

That said don't bully the guy too much, just tell him if he can do it the decks more efficient somehow.

e80f8b No.13035508

File: ea3d9546b5c62a6⋯.png (34.7 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ea3d9546b5c62a6cdc74e1fe39….png)


>did we get new old posters?

No, i stopped posting because the game is fucking dead, and has been for a while. I come here to shitpost at people and buyfags.

0b6892 No.13042568

File: 38d743f9bdb7dee⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1024x760, 128:95, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 51ef5cb7c4a626d⋯.png (9.21 MB, 3200x1514, 1600:757, qwqqdwqdw.png)

Wow these threads usually discuss a lot more before they just stop and die.

Talk about your fav archtypes, doesn't have to be current or anything just say which and why (Maybe for visuals or playstyle or what ever).

Mine's now Zarc Pendulum magicians, it's like a rank 4 engine hyped up on suger also making level 8 synchro's and contact fusions.

With odd-eyes engine opening up stuff like Odd-eyes raging, Magicians opening up zarc and pendulum summoning to make level 8 synchro's allowing to slide in a level 2 for Nirvana high paladin it actually feels like I have boss monsters in my extra deck.

Also Tune(ing) Magician is cute, CUTE!

814029 No.13043352

File: 546fcd1211a6ba5⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 800x606, 400:303, C-JTHHjXoAU4KdO.jpg)

File: 37d0ada5f1b40de⋯.jpg (113.73 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, C-LhSKTXkAY1u7t.jpg)

File: bc1be3e3eede2e6⋯.jpg (133.01 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Reiji_128-1.jpg)

File: 23af44f784231be⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 241x237, 241:237, a9516c5f2c37ab5b74dbe85b26….jpg)

File: b5befca772e0d4b⋯.png (985.8 KB, 1023x789, 341:263, d_d_d_rebel_king_leonidas_….png)


>he doesn't run demons

d/d/d has the best artstyle/designs/music

also obligatory genex

30a708 No.13043658

File: bdf9ccf068f04ec⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1200x898, 600:449, D-HERO.png)

File: f10bc8e5d4c5c61⋯.jpg (866.53 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, gishki.jpg)

File: 4bc82b7c8c4e025⋯.jpg (211.03 KB, 1000x727, 1000:727, melodious.jpg)


I like D-Heroes and with their new support and with the support of some E-Heroes you can actually do something now, they've been really outdated for a long time.

2nd are ritual archetypes in general and my favourite ritual archetype is Gishki

3rd is Melodious because I like classical music.

44cf29 No.13044380

File: 4d6230e28a9f07f⋯.png (11.02 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, IMG_6297.PNG)

Do you guys know any good Yugioh games for Gameboy or DS?

Also, I got out of the game for a year, so what's the deal about Link monsters?

c7e9f7 No.13044400


Most of World Championship is on DS and the first few on GBA. Dual Academy is a cool GBA game with you actually having exams and shit.

814029 No.13044414

File: 176cef64cd6989e⋯.jpg (416.55 KB, 751x604, 751:604, ecaba40b2bd84098668ed7f7c7….jpg)

File: 74c1d128ebaf71c⋯.mp4 (5.61 MB, 480x268, 120:67, gishki convulse synchro.mp4)


got a good build for gishkis?

zielgigas turbo doesn't seem to work as well as it used to

convulse draw engine is a bit unlikely to work out

a synchro variant might work now, since we've got those white aura synchro monsters. you can use fishborg as low level tuners and the gishki rituals as non tuner materials

the hieratic deck doesn't really have all that much power anymore, rank 6 monsters just don't do so much anymore


konami does a major rule change to fool people into thinking they're slowing down the game, while at the same time completely going against that by introducing link monsters that can special summon shit

30a708 No.13044435


Sorry man, Zielgigas turbo is basically the best you can do with Gishkis nowadays, I tried some other builds but they didn't work as well.

93f508 No.13044662

>New SPYRAL card

>It's a Link card

Why, Japan? Why?

30a708 No.13044684


Not as bad as the Subterror one

>make archetype based wholly around flip effects and being face down

>give 'em support with a new card type that can't go face down

814029 No.13044703

File: bec69f6a81d0373⋯.gif (335.44 KB, 460x345, 4:3, bec69f6a81d03732404d240310….gif)


>support for flip deck that can't flip

what the fug were they thinking

30a708 No.13044735


Now I don't have any experience playing Subterrors, but from what I've seen the Subterror support card actually seems better for the Shaddolls than its own archetype, the only thing you lose is the attack boost, but it's not like Shaddols really need that card to be a beater.

4859cd No.13044880

I wonder if there will be anything to revitalize Amorphages, considering they probably weren't on Konami's shit list when they designed the rule changes + new type.

c3ae40 No.13045029

File: b8438f1c3bffd69⋯.png (694.59 KB, 868x623, 124:89, Destiny Heros.png)


What's your D-hero deck like anon? Here's mine.I really like dusktopiaguy as support, but I really hate how he looks he really doesn't match the other D-Heros.

ec08ff No.13045055

Been playing forbidden memories, it's total shit but I have a soft spot for it, makes me wish they had stuck to a bunch of variations of games rather than one card game.

Not really got anything against current YGO but the word salad on every single card is a bit much to deal with for me, I get why it is like that because MTG looks simple on paper but then every card has a bunch of dumb shit exceptions and the rules are murky as fuck outside of the beginner level but fuck my life if that link card you posted isn't hard to read.

c7e9f7 No.13045290


The game is nowhere close as hard to learn as people think by looking at the effects. That is mostly because of two reasons. First, most effects are staple. It might be one long sentence, but it will be an effect you have seen before or similar enough. And second, staple effects within archetypes, this means a series of connected cards with similar effects. It just takes a few duels with a deck, or at worse a dozen or two and you can get the hang of it. Might take a little longer for a beginner, but because he has to get the hang of the game as a whole not the deck alone.

30a708 No.13045397

File: e97c3e8f4ae6081⋯.png (760.75 KB, 858x624, 11:8, givethemthedheroes.png)

File: 5e414d8d7a458e0⋯.png (849.47 KB, 857x621, 857:621, justplasmamyshitup.png)


I've got 2 I use regularly, my Plasma turbo deck is outdated, but I still use it in Tag Force Special. Both are from 3 years ago, but I never got around to updating them, I finally got around to updating the first deck, it's basically like my old End Dragoon turbo burn deck, but with the new cards and is like an unholy union between the original End Dragoon turbo deck, the Tzolkin variant and straight up D-Heroes.

0b6892 No.13045455

File: a6c411aee034788⋯.webm (4.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, No more heroes.webm)

YGOpro randoms are weird.

If someone wants to teach me the modern fusion based E.hero strategy that'd be nice

30a708 No.13045663


What's there to say? E-Heroes were always easy as fuck to play says the guy who played them for 7 years. Summon out Vyon, dump Shadow Mist, get whatever hero you need, banish Shadow Mist, get yourself a Poly then go to town. You also put in the Dark Law engine too and it'll work like a charm for very obvious reasons. You've also got the "fuck you and fuck your board" combo of summoning Absolute Zero, then Form/Mask Change him into Acid and nuking your opponent's whole board. You can focus on some alternate strategies, maybe focusing on Shining Flare Wingman and give him ridiculous attack, do a Hero Gate strategy which will make Shining a pretty big guy etc. Oh and you won't believe how useful Trinity has been as an out, I honestly can't count how many times I summoned him and then managed to do a bullshit win. Just experiment.

c3ae40 No.13045861


>If someone wants to teach me the modern fusion based E.hero strategy that'd be nice

There's so much E-Hero support and generic Hero support now that there really is no singular strategy that everyone uses, because a lot of people play it in lot's of different ways.

d793c0 No.13045910

File: 5ea5bb9b00c3f03⋯.jpg (200.86 KB, 657x948, 219:316, marik face.jpg)


a2baaa No.13045947


A Free Vacation to the Shadow Realm? Thanks Stretchy Marik Face Man!

c7e9f7 No.13046001

File: 3df600f5cad5795⋯.png (296.17 KB, 1400x799, 1400:799, 1427902835368.png)


But the Shadow Realm is a gaijin only thing.

d793c0 No.13046029

File: 7aece561597f7c9⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 554x423, 554:423, marik.jpg)



outside of shitposting, i'm working on an Odion type deck using Trap Monsters, and I got stuff like Metal Reflect Slime and Abyss Stungray and all that, but I'm not sure what sort of good trap monster support cards that are also traps that are out there. Any tips?

c7e9f7 No.13046079


Paleozoic with frogs.

814029 No.13046098

File: 67fb0e146829484⋯.png (360.17 KB, 498x404, 249:202, 577db217664f0ccbeb3de0a7be….png)


magical planter is your main draw engine

uria is shit but it's fun to bring him out

ninjas work well with traps, but with all their new support they're better off with their own shit

try the exodia traps

d793c0 No.13046111

File: 9a9625851808709⋯.gif (488.94 KB, 500x375, 4:3, marik needs impluse contro….gif)


Now bear with me for a moment, what about a deck

that's all TRAPS

And I mean trap CARDS, stay focused

80dc93 No.13046143



>GY is now an abbreviation of graveyard apparently

>All those retarded effects

Fuck I can't do it anymore guys. Pendulum monsters where bad enough. Now I know how my parents felt when they tried to grasp the concept of the game years ago.

I'll come back when they make Yu-gi-oh version 2 and make all the current cards obsolete.

814029 No.13046144


you'd be hard pressed to find enough generic traps that work well enough

you could put a ton of shit like fiendish chain and safe zones there, but then you're pretty much ensuring that your field is gonna get clogged with shit that barely does anything

my example makes sure you're using as much of what you can without overdoing it

d793c0 No.13046260

File: e7ab4091f6b5f69⋯.jpg (33.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, joey.jpg)


A couple of good standbys are usually the Trap Hole cards, the basic Trap Hole, Chasm of Spikes, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

Then you have the basics like Magic Cylinder, the Solemn arrangement, loads of generic traps that remove themselves, no one would use them in excess.

The idea of the deck is a moderate balance between Trap Monsters and regular traps, and I've tested a Trap Hole deck using a Traptrix arrangement before, and it's a hard counter to most meta decks these days, mainly because these decks are made to counter EVERYTHING BUT traps.

the OG Trap monsters themselves are versitile and have good effects that encourages you to surround them with other traps, Embodiment of Aphophis is literally the only "Normal" monster in the series.

Using a trap deck requires planning, moderation in setting, and a good sense of the current meta in order to entrap and destroy the opponent.

And the best thing is no one does it, so there's no contructed counter to it outside of one off cards like Trap Jammer, which only get put in niche decks.

When you make a deck, you have to consider the meta and general flow of who does what.

44cf29 No.13046489

File: 10aacdb20ba2f5f⋯.jpg (157.58 KB, 768x304, 48:19, IMG_6280.JPG)


What about Jinzo?

30a708 No.13046504

File: 5d2f75c63b34bce⋯.jpg (24.73 KB, 640x480, 4:3, yuin_itkupsykoosi.jpg)


Then you cry

c7e9f7 No.13046527


Why do you not want to play with Paleozoics, you god damn nigger?

814029 No.13051901

File: 3a4fd67e3a7b4d8⋯.png (914.93 KB, 680x555, 136:111, 75fbe0ba86a39c787de4f625f1….png)



ideally i'd have more traps and magic planter instead of TT, but i can't for the life of me find any irl that don't cost me a ton

814029 No.13052505

for the love of christ, give me a working link summon application

ygopro percy still doesn't have it

the beta versions are either in chink or for whatever reason i can't run certain cards online there, and there's no ai mode

ygopro2 is buggy as all hell

c7e9f7 No.13052670


Dueling Book

d793c0 No.13052758

File: 120cd795a6f2640⋯.jpg (446.62 KB, 1678x2100, 839:1050, sauron.jpg)


No one uses Jinzo except for that one guy at tournaments who makes an anti-anti-anti-meta deck


Because I want to play the game my way, not yours.

3ef32a No.13053427


Isn't the new Spiral good though? I have heard people praising it

e3cf8e No.13053428


I've seen quite a few people side decking Jinzo lately.

814029 No.13053438


it's better than nothing

i would have hoped for a synchro+a few tuners though

0b6892 No.13057505

File: d7e296c84185485⋯.png (737.08 KB, 868x635, 868:635, ClipboardImage.png)


>TFW YGOpro removed "performapal odd-eyes synchron" what a name, it's literally only archtpyes making Nirvana high paladin 10 times harder and less consistent to summon then it should be. I just need the name on a level 2 pendulum, I don't care for the effects that YGOpro can't implement

>TFW deck could have been meta if it wasn't for Draco and Zoo being so much stronger at the same time.

c7e9f7 No.13057854

File: db8b18ed0ad5908⋯.jpg (291.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Yu-Gi-Oh! V….jpg)

File: 32ebcbb15154323⋯.jpg (256.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Yu-Gi-Oh! V….jpg)

File: a56eb9ecbf3a9d6⋯.jpg (327.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Yu-Gi-Oh! V….jpg)

File: d8f06427cf6f5a2⋯.jpg (283.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Yu-Gi-Oh! V….jpg)

All things considered it is a pretty nice duel.

ab36ce No.13057949

I want more archfiend support

814029 No.13057988


and i want ninja reprints but we can't always have nice things

4859cd No.13058207


>It's "Definitely Not Dueling Network" the client

Those cheeky bastards.

814029 No.13058225

File: f182bdd10e3c6bf⋯.mp4 (8.51 MB, 854x480, 427:240, shingetsu lock.mp4)

>shingetsu lock beats invoked

i don't know why he didn't just kaiju one of them, should have worked

anyways, i found a working version of ygopro with link summoning. no AI, but at least the multiplayer works for once


you need to go to their discord and install the base game+2 updates

814029 No.13058252

File: 66668eb108de14f⋯.mp4 (6.57 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ninja vs invoked 2.mp4)


game 3

i bricked during game 2 and lost, meanwhile he does a first turn decode stalker with a gofu and spams other shit next turn

4859cd No.13058403



How populated is it compared to YGOPro 2? If it matches up pretty well I'd be down to set that up instead since YGOPro 2 is a bloated piece of shit.

814029 No.13058415


as far as i can tell it's about the same, i get instant opponents

c7e9f7 No.13058523



>a beaner version of the game

Jesus Christ, it is really annoying how many Pro games there are. It only divides the players.

814029 No.13058543


blame the regular ygopro for being insanely slow with the link format update

if it had updated fast enough, i'm sure at least half of the new ones wouldn't exist

0b6892 No.13058570


With the main YGOpro they using link format as a chance to remake the core program, since limitations with it caused cards like performapal odd-eyes synchron to be unimplementable.

So when the Link Ygopro does come out it'll be more then adding a new summoning mechanic.

c7e9f7 No.13058618


Now that I downloaded it, isn't that just the Chinese version with added language/advertisment by some beaner?

PS. Change your name so the chinks wouldn't think they are playing the same person.

814029 No.13058627


at this point i have no idea who's making what

when you search for it, you mostly find chinese versions with the occasional translation

i have no idea why this one has spic stuff in it, and i've completely lost track of things

c7e9f7 No.13058659


Someone just put the translation from Percy to the Chinese version, plus adding translation for the new cards. As far as I know the Chinese version is the original one anyway, it is what Percy is based on. Honestly he could have just probably done the same years ago (provide translation) and get the updates from them. Though Percy in the last year or two has been very active with updates. There was one period where there were barely any updates, because Percy was doing everything alone and didn't let almost anyone else on the process. But now there are several scripters and a system for fast daily updates.

From I read they got the link system directly from the Chinese, but it was still buggy. And I guess if what you say is true some of the bugs might have been caused by what they wrote themselves after splitting away from the Chinese.

4859cd No.13058959



>instant opponents

What server is this on? Checkmate doesn't seem to allow beta cards/link cards at all.

c7e9f7 No.13058990

814029 No.13060778

File: 2bdc3c2bf4b7ca9⋯.png (296.01 KB, 492x402, 82:67, 6edcac66074666f20a44ef0c5c….png)

File: 62baafba28d532e⋯.mp4 (2.96 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ninja vs hot red.mp4)

>paleozoics are the best trap de-

c7e9f7 No.13060797


>11 traps

He wanted to use traps and traps alone.

814029 No.13060815


>i want my deck to die to royal decree

64b66e No.13061787


of all the card games ive ever played, online or in real life, yu gi oh is by far the worst.

of all the player bases for card games ive met in real life or online yu gi oh players are the worst. lies, heartstone players are just as bad.

i have nothing to contribute to this thread, i just wanted to tell everyone here to go fuck yourselfs and fuck your gay shit-

754964 No.13062692

Tits won't be enough to make me buy your Linkshit, Shitnami.

6a9870 No.13062748

Even though they were explained, I still don't fucking understand link summons.

44162c No.13062879

File: 48405671b06b2dc⋯.jpg (118.96 KB, 600x424, 75:53, Yu-Gi-Oh!.5D's.600.1169752.jpg)


Synchro without tuners

Their arrows count towards higher link summoing (IE A monster with 2 link arrows + 1 normal monster = Link 3)

Whatever they point to counts as a extra deck zone

And they can't go in defense mode or face down

c3ae40 No.13062955


I wish links would just die. I play different hero decks because I find them fun, it pisses me off that this new card type completely fucks my deck. Say what you want about synchros/xyz/pendulums they didn't stop me from playing my decks the way I wanted to play it. With these new rules I'm either forced to not play official Yu-Gi-Oh anymore or change my deck to work with link format. Links were a mistake.

814029 No.13065089

File: 6699a6d5f78de36⋯.png (347.45 KB, 492x405, 164:135, b7a64b1b97991067d6f93eec12….png)


i used to run it as a goyo goal deck, since you could easily make goyo defender, but link format absolutely killed that

i can still make invoker and shit, but until double helix comes out i'm not seeing much use here, best i can do is 3 monsters in 1 turn in order to go for a decode talker, in which case just running gofu would have been easier

814029 No.13065169

File: 16a0973d802296c⋯.png (322.13 KB, 488x400, 61:50, c7ebda9793b2b0642401c49ef6….png)


alternatively i've got a 60 card version

main idea is to send all the spyral missions to the grave and just use them from there. if i was a smart person i'd just run foolish burial goods instead, but i don't have it

c7e9f7 No.13065286


What are the non-Spyral monsters, other than Jet and Glow-Up?

What are the first 2 fusion?

What are the first 3 synchros? And the fifth syncrho.

I should bitch again for the admins to make a proper code tag so we can post copy-paste card numbers.

814029 No.13065343


>What are the non-Spyral monsters, other than Jet and Glow-Up?

red resonator, predaplant ophrys scorpio and predaplant darlingtonia cobra

>What are the first 2 fusion?

fusions are goyo emperor (miracle synchro fusion 2 goyo synchros from the field/grave), rare fish (generic rank 4 target for instant fusion), thousand-eyes restrict (generic rank 1 target for instant fusion+removal)

>What are the first 3 synchros? And the fifth syncrho.

goyo king/predator/chaser . running predator since guardian got erratad and requires an earth tuner.

814029 No.13065416

File: ff1f33b16ab1771⋯.png (314.32 KB, 498x406, 249:203, 6b5e33986cbbb60d6310c88d83….png)


i should note that the synchro build is probably dead now

before you could at least get a few goyo defenders out and make an invoker with them

a simple rank 4 build seems to work better now. kind of wish i could find my dullahan right now though, i'm short on rank 1s

814029 No.13065429

File: c95b7782533f5b0⋯.png (318.44 KB, 498x401, 498:401, 5b00171815f4ea163c0c06a7c2….png)


forgot to remove some synchro shit and a third excalibur

c7e9f7 No.13065511


Isn't having only one Link risky? Or I guess you don't depend on XYZs spam anyway.

And maybe you could actually use the Spyral The Double Helix (the link one). Consider you probably already know the top card to have summoned him, you can use his effect and summon another Spyral and then use both of them into Decode Talker. Basically it requires less cards to summon Decode Talker.

And if you are not using Miracle Synchro Fusion is there point to the Predaplant engine? Surely there is something better?

The fact that I can't go full screen in the Chinese version upsets me greatly.

814029 No.13065556


this is for the start of the link format, i'll obviously put more in here once we get them, but for the moment i'm looking towards this week when we get a sneak peak tournament with the structure decks

i'd put double helix in here, but i have no idea when that's coming out in the tcg

i goofed and forgot to remove miracle synchro, instant fusions + predaplants are still supposed to be there though

c7e9f7 No.13065605


So you are playing with TCG only cards? I checked and I guess Spyrals aren't a new archetype. I haven't played in a while.

Oh yeah, you can add Instant Fusion with the plants. Slipped my mind.

Any reason to not switch Rare Fish with Invoked Caliga? Just in case you might want to use it for a Decode Talker.

c7e9f7 No.13065624


>Any reason to not switch Rare Fish with Invoked Caliga?

Cause you don't have it, I guess. God damn it. I hate when people play with irl decks.

814029 No.13065634


i don't have any invoked monsters, but what's the point? he can't save himself from instant fusion's end phase thing like raidjin can. it's ultimately a rank 4 material either way, i don't see much of a point in switching them

d793c0 No.13065673

File: ed9959806a9b41e⋯.png (497.59 KB, 1220x2440, 1:2, sexual.png)


i have LITERALLY never seen a deck with Royal Decree in it.





c7e9f7 No.13065763


It has an effect so you can summon Decode Talker with it. It is nothing superb, so sure you can play just fine without it, but it is something you can't do with Rare Fish. And something easy to do if you are just playing online.

Also maybe you shouldn't be so far to remove synchro monsters. Red Resonator works good Scorpio and the level 1 Spyrals. You can synchro in Tatsunoko (if you have it, I guess) and then synchro into something else. Red into Tough into Spuper Agent seems like a fine combo on its own as well.

The level one tuners, though, are probably an overkill as they don't work well if you draw them. But I haven't tested the deck, so I could be talking out of my ass.

814029 No.13065837

File: 8eea25aa9c425ad⋯.mp4 (5.24 MB, 854x480, 427:240, magibullets.mp4)


>You can synchro in Tatsunoko (if you have it, I guess) and then synchro into something else. Red into Tough into Spuper Agent seems like a fine combo on its own as well.

not really giving me anything other than a lv 6 though, and i only have goyos. i really need to find a brionac or something. would have been nice if guardian hadn't been errata'd.

>It has an effect so you can summon Decode Talker with it

OOOH you mean it's an effect monster, i totally misunderstood that. yeah, i guess it's an option then, i need to find one. i mind as well just go and run 3 instant fusions if i can find a third one

the good thing about the lv 1 tuners used to be that you could easily make formula/defender along with red resonator, + you could use jet synchron to discard shit. not really worth it as much anymore. i hope they end up giving defender an errata since his effect is impossible to use with the new rules unless we get a synchro link hybrid like we did with pendulums

now how the fuck do you kill magibullets, they're like zoodiacs and paleozoics had a canerous baby

c7e9f7 No.13065991


>not really giving me anything other than a lv 6 though

Tatsunoko would give you more lvl 7 than 6 considering you have 8 lvl 4 monsters in the deck. You could do Michael, Clear Wing, Black Rose, Psy and maybe others.

814029 No.13065998


it's an option, but the downside is that i'm using 3 cards for a lv 7. it leaves me on a minus, it would be easier to just normal summon a ghost ogre

c7e9f7 No.13066026


To summon Tatsunoko you would have most likely SS Quik-Fix with Red Resonator anyway, so that is a bonus card from there. You could also even add SS Super Agent and synchro without using Tatsunoko. Or you know, since you have 3 monsters now you can just summon Decode Talker. Red into Scorpion into Cobra is also a Decode Talker.

It is not like sending a Spyral from the hand couldn't be useful anyway.

814029 No.13066044

File: b346b08c597a9a8⋯.png (322.35 KB, 490x402, 245:201, b40f69589a1a10fdaa9de144b2….png)



yea ok, in that case it just takes up space for equally useful but more consistant shit

if i don't have quick fix/drone in my hand the red resonator won't be able to summon anything useful unless i'm going for a lv 6 synchro which in my case does nothing

i think it's safer to just use the space for more xyz/spyral shit

c7e9f7 No.13066106


You can test it at the very least. A Psy-Framelord could be very annoying by removing a newly summoned Link and stopping plays after that, in your opponents turn. Black Rose could do similar things. You could even not play Totsunoko to have more space and I think it might sitll be worth it.

Also Rescue especially with its restriction of 1 is probably not worth having at 3. 1 or 2 at most. Utility Wire seems more useful, though being a trap sort of sucks.

P.S. Actually no Micheal, cause no lights.

814029 No.13066113


>Also Rescue especially with its restriction of 1 is probably not worth having at 3.

mainly running it to throw it in the graveyard with quick fix, it's like a weaker big red. really wish foolish burial goods wasn't so pricey right now

814029 No.13066583



actually this gives me an idea

i could use synkron resonator to make a lv 8 from a lv 7

so for about 4 cards i do have access to goyo king/crystal wing

c7e9f7 No.13066715

File: fd61dd704907938⋯.png (642.04 KB, 1021x641, 1021:641, Untitled.png)


I actually decided to play a little and modified my old frog deck. Honestly my hand wasn't the best and had never played against Invoker before. Machaba surprised me, but I actually was barely able to make the chink rage quit with based Barrier Statue of the Torrent. He even wrote something in chink.

Also seems like the Chinese versions punishes you if you leave too many times, so be careful.

814029 No.13066780


>Also seems like the Chinese versions punishes you if you leave too many times, so be careful.

and sometimes the surrender button bugs out, tells me to use the surrender button instead

the system is rigged against you

c7e9f7 No.13066790


I don't even see why they would ban anyone. It doesn't seem like they have a score system. I guess they are just uptight about it. Damn commies.

c7e9f7 No.13067326

File: b466644bb35862a⋯.png (396.69 KB, 1024x641, 1024:641, tipping my hat to you, goo….png)

File: 2d1c65775dc9702⋯.jpg (236.75 KB, 1001x741, 77:57, Toadally Toad.jpg)

I wasn't sure about something that I wanted to do during the duel. If I send the Toadally as link material to the graveyard, does it get its effect activated?

Also I realized I could summon a second Mastar Boy on the field and have a 3200 ATK Toadally. Wouldn't that be some cheeky shit?

4859cd No.13067542

File: af79d185982e448⋯.png (581.67 KB, 713x569, 713:569, amorphage.png)


>oh hey I'll try an Amorphage deck anyway

>opponent is using Dinomists/pendulum core like a chump

>fuck up multiple times but it doesn't even matter because I locked down their extra deck

>after getting shit on by Magic Bullet multiple times


If it didn't lock out your own extra deck, it'd still be OK. I need an Amorphage link monster with link zone multiplication (diagonal or 3-zone) and I'm good to go.

d793c0 No.13067622

File: 3680b3464be5f0b⋯.jpg (802.23 KB, 1634x2296, 817:1148, banned.jpg)

Guess what's getting banned day 1

640ebd No.13067628


is it me, or is the game getting way to convoluted?

d793c0 No.13067649


Too simple, honestly.

At this point Konami's just trying to make cards that make all cards support link in the new meta so people will actually buy the cards, except everyone just plays for free online and they can't stop it.

Also the game getting convoluted is part of the fun.

f05a9a No.13067663


welcome to like fifteen years ago

c7e9f7 No.13067670


Seems like too much of anime card to even be released. Or at the very least they will be very different.

69c360 No.13067678


It's simpler now than when when it was Synchro heavy. Where are my Quasar turbo boys at?

c7e9f7 No.13067829


As much as I don't like people whining, that is wrong. All you had to do was learn a few simple combos to summon Quasar. And the effects of most monsters were still simpler. Even XYZs were still okay. It was really with the Pendulum generation that they started trying way too hard with the effects.

4859cd No.13067840


You've got two nice little sliders, 'Complexity' and 'Convolution'. TCGs are at their best when you max them.

Yu-Gi-Oh has actually managed to lose a bit of complexity as it tried to max convolution.

69c360 No.13067895


It's not just about the combos though


I don't have much experience with TCGs outside YGO, how would you differentiate something that's complex from something that's convoluted?

c7e9f7 No.13067915


>It's not just about the combos though

Well the cards used to summon Quasar actually had very short and simple effects.

4859cd No.13067994


Convolution isn't hard to understand, predict, or deal with once you learn it. It's a single long-ass card description on a boss monster, or a basic bitch combo that relies on intentionally prepared interactions.

Complexity is more about emergent (self-creating and opportunistic) card interactions, and while complexity can be played around, it cannot be ignored like Convolution can. You can Solemn Warning convolution and call it a day, but complexity is a bit more intricate and hard to root out.

Sangan isn't convoluted, but because of the gap between 'optimal uses' and 'basic uses' in its ability, it's quite complex.

Decks built around or utilizing Sangan will have a variety of unique or interesting opportunities to use its ability.

In MTG, Arcbound Ravager is one of the tippest toppest most common cards. It has a simple enough effect.

>Grow stronger by sacrificing 'Artifact' cards

>Start with one +1/+1 counter and when dead to graveyard transfer all counters to another same-type creature

The complexity comes from the decisions made when using it, and in what deck it's being used, rather than the effect itself. The versatility of the card moreso than the strength is also why it's so popular.

Meanwhile, Word of Command is

>Look at target opponent's hand and choose a card from it. You control that player until Word of Command finishes resolving. The player plays that card if able. While doing so, the player can activate mana abilities only if they're from lands he or she controls and only if mana they produce is spent to activate other mana abilities of lands he or she controls and/or play that card. If the chosen card is cast as a spell, you control the player while that spell is resolving.

which is of Yu-Gi-Oh-tier proportions. What does it do? It makes them play a card. That's it. That's all it is. That's convoluted.

c7e9f7 No.13068034


Bad example. Sangan is dead now.

>If this card is sent from the field to the GY: Add 1 monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck to your hand, but you cannot activate cards, or the effects of cards, with that name for the rest of this turn. You can only use this effect of "Sangan" once per turn.

69c360 No.13068069


Let's pretend it's pre-errata Sangan

4859cd No.13068072


Jesus christ, what did they do?

That'd be along the lines of what I meant when I said it lost a bit of complexity.

c7e9f7 No.13068090


Well he was too good of a card for many decks. It was this or being forever banned.

d793c0 No.13068154

File: 883f7cdc7441df3⋯.png (170.75 KB, 500x405, 100:81, internal screaming.png)


is that link monster just star boy with a fucking mustache and top hat?

69c360 No.13068168


There's another one that's just a female Milus Radiant.

754964 No.13068185


You don't fucking say.


I want to hear screaming. I want some PR shit to go full Shitbusters tier retard and piss off fans.

adfadf No.13068212

File: abe97ff363bff01⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 274x237, 274:237, 5020190604bbb33efba58abf2f….jpg)


>card game

>without cards

c7e9f7 No.13068234

File: 7260b585d43f5b9⋯.png (968.3 KB, 496x726, 248:363, MastarBoy-CIBR-JP-R.png)


Yes and it is fucking great for frogs.

>2 WATER monsters

>All WATER monsters on the field gain 500 ATK and DEF, also all FIRE monsters on the field lose 400 ATK and DEF. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can target 1 WATER monster in your GY; add it to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Mastar Boy" once per turn.

Makes Toadally 2700 ATK. Makes the water statue 1500 ATK. And if I want to I can summon a second. Surelly a 2000 ATK Barrier Statue of the Torrent would make just about anyone leave.

d793c0 No.13068253

File: 2220efb8be04a35⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 200x150, 4:3, hawhawHAW.gif)


Pair that with Junk Synchron, regular Star Boy and Inferno Reckless summon and you can go fucking bonkers.

c7e9f7 No.13071430

I just got reminded that Harpie's Feather Duster is allowed in OCG. By being played against me and screwing me over.

814029 No.13071451


literally everyone there runs it+dark holes+raigeki and all the other shit they can think of

i made a point to run starlight road in ninjas because of the ocg

and considering that lightsworns are making a comeback, that works in the tcg too

c7e9f7 No.13071500

File: 4818b5e28b5e9d1⋯.png (289.17 KB, 496x398, 248:199, Untitled.png)


Never seen any of them, other than Feather Duster, but I have probably played like less than 10 duels in total.

By the way, this is the Spyral deck that beat me. It spammed a lot.

814029 No.13071520


>vanity, feather duster and judgement are all legal in the ocg

what the fuck are these people smoking

i can understand gateway at 3 but this is silly

c7e9f7 No.13071529


Japs have always allowed more traps and spells. I guess it is just a matter of mentality. They probably like the "you just activated my trap card" element of the game, while here we bitch about things supposedly preventing us playing the game.

6efc81 No.13072618

File: cb627184780712e⋯.jpg (79.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, IMG_5183.JPG)


This. >>13032976 don't listen to the anons saying not to buy cards. If you have friends/really want to play irl then do it. They probably don't want to play irl or have social autism.

tl:dr, just do what you want.

47f110 No.13072629


My nigga Stratos is also legal in the OCG

814029 No.13073453

File: 7a0dc6577ad60b9⋯.jpg (505.27 KB, 1022x768, 511:384, a3c299bd8a900ca812ec9a8688….jpg)

>spend hours autistically reorganizing trade binder and tin

04e4ac No.13073660

File: 8dfb6422e4d4bc4⋯.jpg (54 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_5258.JPG)


>Sorting cards in a binder is hard

Just organize them from highest cost to least. If it's less than $2 don't put it in the binder

>Putting cards for trade in tins

Nevermind, You're the kind of person I avoid at locals.

814029 No.13073702


i never said the tin is for trading, only the binder is, why else would i be reorganizing them

c3ae40 No.13073759



814029 No.13074464

is there anyway i can summon an earth/warrior/synchro from the graveyard without negating his effect?

excluding call of the haunted and such since they're too slow. the idea is to bring back goyo defender, since he's going back to the main deck zone and not the monster one. he could use his effect this way with the new rules

3ef32a No.13074566


I really wish they hadn't shat on Goyo Def and Tzokien

814029 No.13074774



actually you could do it with senet board

red resonator+level 1 non tuner into goyo defender

senet board to move him somewhere

use his effect to summon another one

and then cry because you'd need another senet board to summon a third one

the predaplant engine is a lot more consistant if i'm aiming for invoker

cb4fab No.13074838


Number 29 I guess. Make goyo and get him in the grave then make number 29 and kaiju your opponent and grab goyo


814029 No.13079661

File: 68690933c8a7648⋯.jpg (19.17 KB, 367x395, 367:395, 68690933c8a764803c81f0619f….jpg)

>sneak peak tournament with the new structure decks

>things are going well i'm 2-1

>lose last two rounds because judges decide that setting beast king barbaros and then flip summoning him means that he goes to 3k

>worst of all, your opponent can keep that info he got from them right up till you attack a beast king

c7e9f7 No.13079804


It wouldn't have been mentioned in the card if it didn't apply for the set. And it is a change of original attack, not an effect that disappears on a set.

814029 No.13079817

File: cbf90cc279058bb⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ригнатитурнири2.mp4)


i know, but there wasn't any way to prove it at the time, nor was there a ruling on setting barbaros

i'm currently arguing with people on facebook, but it's not like a buggy mexican chinese simulator can be taken as official evidence

as i understand it, it's a matter of when the atk change happens

in one case, you set barbaros THEN his atk gets changed, even if he is face down. flipping him face-up doesn't change the atk

in the other case, you summon him, his atk changes, THEN you flip him face down, the atk is lost. flipping him face up brings him back go 3000.

the important thing is that when you normal set him, the atk change happens right after that

but i need a konami official to prove when exactly the atk change happens

dfe789 No.13079818


>lose last two rounds because judges decide that setting beast king barbaros and then flip summoning him means that he goes to 3k


814029 No.13079827


we have 3 official konami judges in the city, and on this day we got the 2 with the least experience

but if you start arguing with them loudly, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a game loss or worse, so you'd be dumb to bother. hence why i'm sperging at them now instead of during the tournament

dfe789 No.13079850


I think the way it works in the video is correct, flipping him face down and then up again after normal/flip summoning him without tributes changes his attack to his original (3000), while just flip summoning him doesn't.

640ebd No.13080246

File: 57cbbe2bd482452⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 500x623, 500:623, grow up kaiba.gif)

So I watched The Dark Side of Dimensions

last night…

>duels are nonsensical

>literally having an "I win" card

>plot is over explained

>practically no duels for the first hour

>no Joey duel

>Anzu is leaving to be culturally enriched which means Yugi is going to be a virgin forever

>no Mai

but there was one mother fucker who did not disappoint in the slightest.

>built an entire space station for a card game in the shape of a KC

>stops traffic by standing in the middle of it just to announce a card game tournament to the vessel of his rival

>Draws a card dramatically from the earth itself

>crashes a virtual plane with no survivors just to announce a new toy to a terrified audience

>said toy is actually built into his clothes

>that KC space station was actually built so he could travel back in time(or to another dimension, the movie wasn't clear about this) just to play a card game with his rival

>is actively dying to the time distortion, but doesn't mind because he gets to play a card game with his rival

Where as Vegeta grew up a little as Dragon Ball went on, Kaiba regressed in the best ways.

385610 No.13080264


>duels are nonsensical

Art imitates reality.

640ebd No.13080308


reality doesn't have you screaming to power up your cards or attacking as many times as you want because your will power is high enough. Watching people fight in this movie was like watching little kids making up a new game's rules on the spot.

dfe789 No.13080335


So it's just like how kids played Yugioh in real life?

0b6892 No.13080350

File: 6ba3d4a1e034348⋯.png (104.37 KB, 512x608, 16:19, 6ba3d4a1e034348bd5e98f8450….png)


>So it's just like how kids played Yugioh in real life?

Everyone I knew bought those anime Yugi,Kaiba,Pegasus,Joey starter decks which detailed all the rules in an included instruction booklet so not knowing how to play was impossible.

640ebd No.13080355


more or less

385610 No.13080360


Absolutely no one read the rules. Kids bought the cards just because they were cool to look at.

0b6892 No.13080365


This is the yugioh thread not the pokemon cards thread My cousin played MTG and knew the game so I knew how to play that too when no one else did

dfe789 No.13080382


>being 8

>new cool toon on TV

>buying the cards

>reading the rules

Are you SURE you were like actual kids and not kids who are old and thus smart enough to actually read the rules or even understand the rules from watching the show?

Here's how it went down where I'm from, in the beginning we just threw cards onto the mat and yelled at what destroys who, no attack or defense values were checked, no spell/trap cards were checked, whoever got rid of his deck first by slamming his cards onto the mat as fast as he could "won". Then after the show itself got its shit right and actually established some rules (because you gotta admit, the Duelist Kingdom stuff was just asspulls 80% of the time) you still got shit like one guy who insisted you could make spell cards act like traps and resolve their effects that way if you put them in face down defense position in the monster zone and got your opponent to attack into them.

640ebd No.13080401

File: acf6f6eacf494ef⋯.png (236.87 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)


oh, and I almost forgot

>has a highly trained special combat unit… for a card game

0b6892 No.13080419

File: c0563fcd575e3e4⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 960x598, 480:299, DFOD2gNUIAEd_Ws.jpg)


>Not being able to read when you were 8.

>Here's how it went down where I'm from.

Found the issue, you and your friends were retarded.

Most duelist kingdom shit was from it being based on a manga which offered clearer table top reasons for shit that the anime making them holograms and skipping large chucks of manga explaining standard rules appear like rule breaking, when the standard game IRL is played in Advance

814029 No.13080426


>>Here's how it went down where I'm from.

can confirm, nobody here knew what the fuck they were doing while the anime was airing, but that could be because there were an infinite amount of bootleg cards with retarded translations. i have no idea how many kids actually had real cards

fb63ca No.13080428


Just because you played like a retard didn't mean everyone did, there were video games for yugioh and the pokemon card game, kids learned the actual rules from those even if they didn't bother to read the instructions in the starter deck.

dfe789 No.13080429


>being 8

>getting a new game from this cool TV show where mighty dragons, big machines and cool warriors just murder each other while a bunch of autists talk about friendship in the middle of it

>oh I know, I'll just consult the MANUAL like every other 8 year old kid would because reading is so much fun!

You don't know how kids work do you?

dfe789 No.13080466


>there were video games for yugioh

Yeah like what? Forbidden Memories? I think that Reshef was the first game that followed the rules and by then we already knew how to actually play for years.

814029 No.13080479


there were the yugi/kaiba/joey games for pc, a lot of us played those here, but the best we could do was just summon shit, even if we could read the effects we were too retarded to understand shit

fb63ca No.13080491


Eternal Duelist Soul, same year the game came out.

fb63ca No.13080499


Not to mention the GBC game coming out the same month as the first set.

dfe789 No.13080521


I actually never knew they existed until a few years ago, I'm surprised they didn't stock them here because gullible kids would eat that up like breakfast. I bought every Yugioh game that I could find for systems I owned until Tag Force 3 because I soon after stopped playing the game. Years later when I came back (it was in 2014 I think, I know that pendulums just came out) and looked up Yugioh games I could emulate I was amazed at how many of them I've never even heard of.

e2f817 No.13081512

File: 47303328f9472dc⋯.png (408.79 KB, 656x601, 656:601, bluh.png)

When will YGOPro Percy get updated with Link Monsters?

c7e9f7 No.13081551


See >>13058990 or Dueling Book.

e04b36 No.13085488

Why does ygopro scale card images so horribly? They all look ugly and pixelated. Is there a fix?

c7e9f7 No.13085525


Is not scaling, they are just low resolution. Read the YGOPro pastebin above. But get ready for over 2GB of card images.

754964 No.13089277

Which is more Jew? Yugioh or Pokemon TCG?

c7e9f7 No.13090366


I haven't really played Pokemon, but I am pretty sure the top decks there are at least a several times cheaper.

fd2f36 No.13090767

File: 1e6c183839cfc3b⋯.jpg (24.56 KB, 262x246, 131:123, uhhh.jpg)


>not reading manuals for how to play a board game

So what did you and your friends do for fun when it was raining outside OP?

Did you watch paint dry in a corner of a room or something?

9f9b15 No.13090968

File: b3ee5536aa4cf58⋯.png (334.01 KB, 308x450, 154:225, PotofGreed-YGLD-EN-C-1E.png)

File: 77ef34f14245dbb⋯.png (354.21 KB, 308x450, 154:225, MonsterReborn-YGLD-EN-C-1E….png)

File: 3d2f1e4452809f8⋯.png (335.73 KB, 308x450, 154:225, CardDestruction-YGLD-EN-C-….png)

File: 82fdc5c0f44ef04⋯.png (385.42 KB, 386x565, 386:565, ChangeofHeart-LCYW-EN-ScR-….png)

Press F to pay respects

814029 No.13090987

File: bb0566cebde4db1⋯.jpg (107.29 KB, 1273x922, 1273:922, bb0.jpg)


>monster reborn and harpy's feather duster are perfectly legal in the ocg

c7e9f7 No.13091012


As we saw earlier in the thread the OCG also has more traps allowed, so it is not suprising to have Feather Duster.

Monster Reborn is really not that big for most top decks, and not only, even if they would have used it as a staple. Reason being that a lot of archetypes, especially the strong ones, already have some sort of a revival effect.

Card Destruction is actually now the opposite of what it was suppose to be once - fucking up your opponent's plan. Sending his strong monster in the hand or something else to the graveyard used to hurt. Not the card it is a net positive.

c3ae40 No.13091084

File: 4b3d6886f63861c⋯.jpg (439.65 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

Will Edgelord Heros ever get anymore support besides generic hero support?

c7e9f7 No.13091101


Anything could happen, but people should drop this idea of 10-year-old cards and sometimes even older getting support. Evil Heroes are clearly not as iconic as the Blue-Eyes or Black Magician. It is not like there isn't a chance, but it is better to expect nothing.

4f09a6 No.13091261


Dude, they recently gave Vehicroids and even fucking Cyberdarks support

c7e9f7 No.13091277


So that means every archetype in existence will get support?

4f09a6 No.13091291


Judging by the way they're going every GX archetype, no matter how shitty, will get support now

c7e9f7 No.13091358


You realize there is a different roid archetype in existence? Having a small tipping of the head because of the similar name is nothing.

Cyberse are actually a popular archetype.

Hell even the Gladiators might not have been in the GX anime, but were popular.

Saying "every" is just a straightforward lie. They won't just start releasing support for a whole generation of cards. It is going to take them another generation to do so. Again, yes, it could happen from time to time, but it is either based on popularity or someone's whim. Thinking about it and masturbating over the thought is huge waste of time. If it happens it happens. If it doesn't, well that was expected.

And the funniest part is getting support doesn't even mean it is going to make the deck relevant. So what''s the point? Crystal Beasts didn't become meta with two shitty Pendulums.

Or look at the Blue-Eyes support. Did the deck become strong? Yes. But it is basically one old card among nothing, but new cards. Why? Because many of the GX and older cards can't really function very well in the current way faster game. They need enough "support" to basically make a completely new deck out of them. At least the Blue-Eyes was basically on its own.

4f09a6 No.13091386


>And the funniest part is getting support doesn't even mean it is going to make the deck relevant. So what''s the point?

Selling cardboard.

c7e9f7 No.13091400


For Konami, but it is meaningless for the player. We are just going to get people bitching that their old pet deck is shit even with new cards. And if Konami wants to make profit, they are generally going to make and sell what they think it is going to sell. So yes, popularity remains very important.

And technically aren't Evil Heroes basically Hero support? They are sub archetype, not exactly an archetype of their own. They had like one card that made people play them. It is more likely to get a new form of heroes, like Masked Heroes, though arguably they were taken from the manga so they are old.

4f09a6 No.13091421


Most players are still casuals so they don't care that their Crystal Beast petdeck still gets its ass reamed by full powered ABC because they rarely even play against that type of deck. The problem with Evil Heroes is that they're still in the early phase of E-Hero deck where there aren't any generic fusions until Omni Heroes hit the scene, so you're forced to run "great" Hero cards like Burstinatrix and Avian. The only Evil Hero who was worth a damn is Dark Gaia and his materials are so generic that you theoretically don't even need to run him in a Hero deck.

c7e9f7 No.13091451


I definitely don't remember playing Burstinatrix and Avian. It was all for the sake of making Dark Gaia strong. Or alternatively a Malicious Fiend. So it wasn't much of a deck to begin with. So technically they could do something like my Blue-Eyes example where they release like 10 new cards, actually make a proper archetype of them and make them strong for the meta. But I doubt it.

And maybe it is because I have been only to my shitty locals and not in big Murrica, but I don't agree much with this "casuals" drive the game. Most people don't have 700 dollar decks, but this doesn't mean people are not playing competitively. There is a difference between some child that plays whatever, some guy with his pet deck from 5 years ago and a guy that will actually buy cards and trade cards regularly and make tier 2 or 3 decks to play with it. Or even cheaper forms of tier 1 decks. They are not casuals, they are just not rich. And from my experience most players are like that.

4f09a6 No.13091512


Well, Dark Gaia turbo is different from playing an Evil Hero deck, but when you think about it Evil Heroes are so poorly designed that Dark Gaia doesn't even support his own archetype because no Hero is rock type, at least you can get a fiend type from one of your dead Evil Heroes, but unless you get a Rock type from outside the Hero deck you can't play Dark Gaia. Also, no matter how casually you play, if you play something like Yugioh or any other card game (even kid shit like Uno) it's still competitive, you could make a comparison with fighting games, even if you only play them at a casual or local level and don't care about going to big tournaments and becoming the next Diego or whatever they're still competitive because they're inherently competitive, so you're still encouraged to improve and enhance your chances to win no matter how low your ambitions regarding the game actually are.

c7e9f7 No.13091548


Fighting games require a single purchase of a game and maybe an arcade stick. YGO is a constant involvement. Any game with a loser and a winner is on some level competitive, but to play competitively you will have to at least want to actually win and to do that in YGO you do need to invest regularly. And with the kids aside everyone else here takes part in tournaments even if they know they probably won't be able to win against the 700 dollar deck. But at least their decks are build to have a good chance to survive through the tournament, not a small chance of winning a single duel/match (a pet deck). And it might be just the local tournament, but it is a tournament. They don't speed 100-200 dollars or more just because they fancy the artwork. Even the people that have some sort of a petdeck usually has something else to actually play in tournaments. But maybe yuropoors are just competitive, but poor.

4f09a6 No.13091597


Fighting games require an entrance fee if you wish to go to tournaments and if you're in Japan or Korea where they still have an arcade culture then it's not a single purchase. Also, if you're too poor to afford a meta deck and you have to make do with a rogue deck at best, you're still most likely going to get destroyed at any big, serious tournament. Also, I know what it's like to not have enough money to travel to any big tournament seeing as I'm also an Eurofag, I ran into that problem with both fighting games and Yugioh. Travelling to the other part of the country for the big monthly Yugioh tournament really wasn't worth it because even if I lucked out and got to Top 8 with my subpar rogue deck then the prize money I'd get would still put me at a net negative. For fighting games it was even worse, I actually went to the big yearly fighting game tournament and travelled to the other side of the country because I was skilled enough at a few games for it not to be a net negative, but if I actually wanted some regular competition I'd have to travel through 2 countries just to get to a regular fighting game tournament they hold in Austria.

d793c0 No.13091599

File: e70cdfc22ccaa4d⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 596x436, 149:109, kaiba boner.jpg)


Look, if you're coming back with a movie and it's set a fair time later and Seto Kaiba doesn't have a space station that has a giant tube elevator made for the express purpose of using a computer to put a 3d kid's puzzle together because he's too lazy, that also has his company's logo pointing outwards so aliens see HIS SHIT first, while also having a special ops police to enforce card game rules across the city, while also instituting laws that everyone must be a duelist in his city or be deported, while also literally being a dictator that rules with card games, while also creating technology that turns his ego into a fucking weapon then you have not done Seto fucking Kaiba justice as a character.

He is just that fucking batshit retardedly insane.

Also he broke into the afterlife at the end to play card games.

and i'm pretty sure he's canonically gay for Yugi, but driven to insanity gay

4f09a6 No.13091613


>and i'm pretty sure he's canonically gay for Yugi, but driven to insanity gay

Dubs confirm it, I mean was Kaiba ever shown to have sexual attraction towards any woman? The only thing he thinks about is Yugi and his BEWD

d793c0 No.13091616

File: 5ed5ef924f049fc⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 582x600, 97:100, laughing anthem.jpg)


You forget that as a kid you never followed the rules





9f9b15 No.13091636

File: 7aabb94120bca22⋯.png (651.48 KB, 400x580, 20:29, SpiritofthePharaoh-DR2-EN-….png)


nigga I had an autist who demanded I follow the rules, I was just out here tryna play spirit of the pharaoh with tribute summons and that fagoo was like "nah u need to special summon that" like fuck you dude that shit was shiny and I wanted to play the fucking card, it's not like I was tryna play FGD dragon.

4f09a6 No.13091690

File: 54a1621c57598a5⋯.jpg (219.57 KB, 376x550, 188:275, elemchaosneos.jpg)


I know what you mean, it's really a shame when a card has great artwork, but even if you play extremely casually it's still almost impossible to summon. It's even worse if a whole archetype is completely useless, but they actually have cool artwork, for example I like the artwork of most of the Neos fusions, but it's fucking NEOS so good luck even getting those guys out.

d793c0 No.13091881


At this point the only way to save neos is to release a bunch of Neos centric fusion cards that specifically waive all fusion and summoning conditions.

They gave Black Luster Soldier the same treatment and an updated ritual version with actual effects, with ritual matierials that also transfer their effects onto the solider which gets you a beater that can banish 2 cards if summoned right and do other shit on top of it. and this is on top of the great generic ritual support that already made him a viable generic option in most decks.

It'll be a while before Neos gets his due.

c3ae40 No.13092714

File: 893628f29f4f235⋯.jpg (141.58 KB, 400x591, 400:591, TheDarkHexSealedFusion-LCY….jpg)


Nah Evil Heros have a support card for getting out dark Gaia.

0b6892 No.13092855


>You forget that as a kid you never followed the rules

Nice projection

c3e660 No.13093515


This isn't a HERO nor Evil HERO card, it's generic dark Fusion support like the other Hex-Sealed Fusions.

754964 No.13095869



Kaiba just entertainingly thinks he's the hottest shit in the world and Yugi/Atem are the only ones who he feels can truly challenge him and push him to new levels just to try and prove himself superior to them for being the first to ever show him he wasn't untouchable.

If Kaiba even in the original audio doesn't want to fuck Ishizu like that buckets of semen "Iron Rose" doujin, then he has to be straight up asexual.

5240df No.13101187



Why does Kaiba need women when he has 3 blue-eyes and a deck full of dragons?

3ef32a No.13101301


The BEWD is his dead GF, that pristess girl from Egypt

5240df No.13101372


I forgot about that, I don't remember much from the later arcs of the original show

974272 No.13101520

File: 44addca89af3f62⋯.png (880.01 KB, 471x695, 471:695, PalladiumOracleMahad-MVP1-….png)


>duels are nonsensical

>literally having an "I win" card

Actually, if you look at all the DSOD movie cards irl, you see their effects actually match up with the action.

One look at pic related explains what the fuck happened during the last move of the movie.

754964 No.13102723


She's going to Yugioh fantasy America on Yugioh fantasy Earth, you faggot.


No, it was just a manifestation of her spirit she carried.


Neat. Might want to watch.

44162c No.13102767

File: 01efdb35f363298⋯.jpg (50.08 KB, 600x369, 200:123, 1488322643710.jpg)


There is another upcoming legacy pack, so It could happen. With all the GX love we've been seeing though I kinda doubt it, It might be more likely we see some more DT or 5DS love

Evil Heros need hardcore love though


Please note that Hex-Sealed Fusion cannot summon evil heros, since they must use "Dark Fusion"

39d51a No.13102968


Didn't this guy become Dark Magician after dying? What a neat card.

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