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File: b35d237e6b0e6e3⋯.png (3.19 KB, 160x160, 1:1, Am2r_enemy_arachnus.png)

e7eab2 No.13131686

Rage about shitty physical DLC, discuss your favorite games, post Samus lewds, pray that Prime 4 isn't going to be shit

fa81a8 No.13131713

Ridley for smash.

7a1c28 No.13131715

I hope Metroid Prime 4 will be good.

Samus' suit is very realistic. I wanted a Metroid game of two analog thumbsticks since Metroid Prime of Nintendo GameCube.

e7eab2 No.13131719

File: e9c0bd96b9b931f⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, weh042E.jpg)

Anyway, after giving up on the hopes that the new Metroids will be good, I've decided to try AM2R for the first time. I've always wanted to, but I didn't own a computer when it was a big deal. So far, it's pretty fuckin' good. I'm impressed by the bosses, which actually tend to be pretty difficult for a "Metroid" game. I'm on OP pic related right now, and Jesus fucking Christ he's a bitch once you shock him for the second time.

a5f0c2 No.13131725

If dubs, Prime 4 will be an isometric twin stick shooter with a map that self-draws, but you have to fill everything else in it by hand.

Fuck, I started that as a joke, now I actually want it

03e5c1 No.13131728

>I haven't played any of the Prime games

Do they run well on dolphin?

5c5aed No.13131747

File: 0fd2aadcdb0af66⋯.png (39.69 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 1417211026025.png)


Yes. If you decide to rig it up so that you play with mouse and keyboard, play on veteran difficulty or harder because holy shit its so easy otherwise.

03e5c1 No.13131762



I haven't played an fps in years, I'm better off with my joypad.

2bbc3e No.13131763


considering my friend collects the amiibos and has the newer ones pre-ordered I consider myself lucky I dont have to buy them.

also what dlc was tied to zero suit and the smash bros samus?

e7eab2 No.13131795


I honestly just flat out refuse to buy the game now that they're doing it. 10 years and now they want us to pay for a difficulty setting, a sound gallery, and an art gallery. I would have been fine if it was just cosmetic shit like the Fusion suit, or maybe putting the original Metroid 2 in there as an amiibo unlock, but stuff like that is just bullshit.

03cfa1 No.13131814

File: 23d41062e9c4a45⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, PlayMiamiAgain.webm)

Anyone got a link to the last version of AM2R? I got 1.00 but I heard there was a couple of patches before it was finally pulled.

e7eab2 No.13131897

2a9703 No.13131907

I'm probably still gonna buy Samus Returns, since I want to support the series. I'll just pirate the amiibo content.

03cfa1 No.13131917

File: 3d08d09bfc54041⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 863.89 KB, 803x1338, 803:1338, Blaz.jpeg)


Guess the guy only got to 1.1 before getting fucked.



There's like a phone app or something that can do it, no?

68ca63 No.13131919

File: 3380f748a515a17⋯.png (232.06 KB, 462x504, 11:12, ay mama let me whisper in ….png)

They're probably lying about amiibo exclusivity, they've done it before with other games claiming features were amiibo-only that weren't


If you can pirate in the first place you can use NTR or some other cheat-program to skirt around the amiibo restriction entirely.

2fcb32 No.13131968



Reminder that NFC Tags are Sub 10$ in bulk and are super easy to spoof amiibo with

78a36f No.13132003


Are you referring to that kirby game?

2f1b1d No.13132025


>I'm probably still gonna buy Samus Returns

Kill yourself.

2fcb32 No.13132033

File: 77d412b7bdab8fa⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 0e34856e6e7866e5568b5ca5dd….jpg)


>Buying what is easily piratable

2a9703 No.13132101


Yeah, also folks can just make save files with the amiibo content already unlocked and upload them for others to use.



It's not that I don't pirate all the fucking time (I pirated MHXX, for example) I'd just rather actually have a physical copy of Samus Returns, and increase the possibility of getting more 2D Metroid. Not saying anyone else should buy it, just speaking for myself.

03e5c1 No.13132102


>They're probably lying about amiibo exclusivity, they've done it before with other games claiming features were amiibo-only that weren't

Maybe, but I don't feel like they were lying, to me it feels more like they're testing the waters with this amiibo crap, maybe the reactions the consumers had weren't what they expected and they decided to just not make the content amiibo exclusive.

They're still pushing it though, and when they get away with it (maybe not with metroid because it's kind of a niche franchise) they'll do something slighty worse and then something even worse, before we know it fans are going to be downloading Bowser boss fights dlc for mario games or some shit like that.

68ca63 No.13132135


Yeah. Nevermind that this would be the most extensive lock-behind of content for amiibo to-date; previous biggest offender would be Cave of Shadows for TPHD.


Depends entirely on if it even develops into a slippery-slope, previous projects like that Animal Crossing boardgame which depend on amiibo were wildly unpopular. Hell, only people I see defending Metroid's amiibo situation (provided it's true in the first place) are bait Youtube comments and DLC-whores that get cherrypicked for "this is the state of the industry" screenshots.

29b2d6 No.13132186


We'll see in 2 months whether they are just lying or genuinely trying to fleece people of more money. Things like this don't give me much hope for Prime 4 though.

e7eab2 No.13132366


Can't wait until they lock multiplayer and motion controls behind amiibos.

8b2cd4 No.13132445

File: 1644365f1a5eb86⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 255x229, 255:229, samus_fuckeverything.jpg)

I'm really not liking this very Jewish direction I'm seeing Nintendo go with their business practices. The concept of Amiibo irritates me, the idea that I have to go purchase all this extra product in order to have a full game after I already paid for the game. I already don't like DLC, this is like DLC+physical DLC.

6e6d08 No.13132527

File: 9dcf096faff6ef3⋯.jpg (62.17 KB, 994x803, 994:803, 6acd6f55e8ecb14dfdd66f7fb4….jpg)


Yeah.However, say the hard mode was included stock and the fusion suit was the benefit of the amiibo, is that easier to swallow? Something like a hard mode should never be hidden behind a paywall, especially for a community of people who generally idolize extremely intense displays of skill with their games and the difficulty the comes with pulling those moves off.

03e5c1 No.13132564


This is worse than dlc, with dlc you actually download stuff, no matter how shitty it is. This is charging for something that's already in the game.

Usually a hard mode only changes the hp of enemies and the damage you deal/recieve, and they're charging for that, what, twenty bucks? (I really don't know how much these things are worth but I doubt it's less than that). This is the lowest kind of kikery, we're gonna make you pay for shit twice because fuck you.

549fb9 No.13132789


How assmad will Ridleyfags get if Kraid gets into smash?

eec591 No.13132809


Kraid was already in Smash as a stage hazard in Melee.

0c9352 No.13132824

where are the tubes?

eec591 No.13132840

File: b05e01236959760⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 511x367, 511:367, ishygddt3.jpg)

da92ca No.13133172


>Guess the guy only got to 1.1 before getting fucked.

Actually, someone else has updated it, and it's now at 1.2.10. Google it.

ac82e0 No.13133235

File: f633ad5f526d550⋯.jpg (72.47 KB, 476x475, 476:475, smug.JPG)

>tfw samus returns ends up worse then AM2R

>tfw nintendo had to send a dmca or they would end up btfo by it

6e6d08 No.13133285


They'd still be btfo by it either way. Nintendo was in the wrong with AM2R and even people who arent metroid fans know it. If Samus Returns comes out and doesnt appeal to Metroid fans, then their efforts are moot and Nintendo will looks even more out of touch than usual.

885b6f No.13133356


The issue is that all of that has either been a free unlock in the past (at least once the games had more room for extraneous data like art and soundtest, like the Primes), or at least the requirements were something like connecting with a game series fans likely already had on hand (IE: Connecting Fusion to Prime to get the Fusion Suit in Prime). This is just Nintendo deciding to see how much they can kike shit up, and with one of their less popular series no less. I've honestly thought to myself in the past that some companies just don't like various series they handle anymore, be it as the devs or publishers, and will go out of their way to create justification to make sure they don't have to bother with it as much in the future. Between Nintendo already pissing off Metroid fans with Other M, a massive gulf of nothing after Other M until Fed Farce, slapping AM2R with a cease and desist (thankfully the game already having come out), and then horseshit like this, I would imagine it's not liable to sell well at all. Should they pull similar shit with Prime 4, and piss off Metroid fans even further, they might have the sales justification they want to dump the series back in the freezer again. Just my thoughts though.


>Supporting the series.

>When pretty much everything since Prime 3 has been shit.

All you'll be doing is furthering Nintendo's horseshit practices, even if you don't opt to buy the amiibos. There comes a point like this where nothing good can come of any action taken, leaving the game/series in a catch 22. You support the game, you send a message that you're fine with what they're doing, and they keep shitting things up. You don't buy it, and they toss the series back into the freezer again.

885b6f No.13133390


>When pretty much everything since Prime 3 has been shit.

Should clarify that I meant "after Prime 3".

e7eab2 No.13133427

File: 238346d0ae897c4⋯.jpg (64.94 KB, 315x315, 1:1, Metroid_Samus_Returns.jpg)



AM2R actually contains heart and soul. The person making it did it purely for his own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. Samus Returns is being made by multiple people that may or may not actually give a shit about the series, who are also under the control of people that probably don't give a shit about anything except the money. They also have to work under a deadline.

A quality fan game will ALWAYS beat an official game, as a person making a fan game can pretty much do whatever they want if they're mostly alone. The only thing an official game has over a quality fan game is funding.

6e6d08 No.13133473


I guess its kind of strange then. We have the perfect example of what the fans think a metroid game is, and perfect an example of what Nintendo thinks a metroid game is.

fa81a8 No.13133538

e7eab2 No.13133569


Really is a shame it's gonna suck so bad to be honest. I like the new suit design a lot, and to see it wasted on such a shitty game is such a shame. As for the Metroid series itself, I don't care either way if the new games are good or bad. If they're good and not full of DLC bullshit, great, I'll buy them. If not, then I'll just ignore their existence. The old Metroid games aren't going anywhere, and tons of games similar to Metroid are being made now, and some are actually decent (Cave Story, AM2R, etc). Speaking of Metroid like games, what happened to that one game with the blue robot? I do't remember what it was called, but I remember a a gameplay video of one of the boss fights against some kind of butler robot underground.

6c50c8 No.13133573

File: f241562fde42234⋯.jpg (321.26 KB, 753x630, 251:210, Untitled-1.jpg)


Why did they turn her shoulder guards into Behelits?

da114c No.13133655


The NSMB games sell shittons and Nintendo treats them as fucking shovelware titles. One of the series that put them on the map, yet they can't be assed to improve of add anything on to them. Your money is going to waste anon, don't do it.

e9f15a No.13133670

File: ecb652150fcd673⋯.jpg (159.71 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 7e1c65b4548e79106bd56706d4….jpg)


>Hoping Metroid Prime 4 will be good

>In 2017

Got some bad news for you friendo

2b6743 No.13133678


Samus Returns is guaranteed to be shit. The team behind the shitty 3ds Castlevania "mirror of fate" is working on it.

000000 No.13133684

Let's come up with new armors for Samus. I want to see her get a flying armor of some sort. Also, maybe we could get some armor customization.

6e6d08 No.13133847



Nintendo had less angered metroid community before, considering Samus Returns was secretly in development staring in 2015 and fans were still hopeless. The DMCA of AM2R turned an potentially bad scenario into consumer relation suicide, and they have no way to squirm their way out cause they cocked the gun. Also yeah, the suit design is actually pretty good. Kind of half prime, half original Metroid 2 design.


Maybe an upgrade could be like Hover from Titanfall 2. Pause mid air momentum to stop for a few moments to land a few shots before continuing on. Maybe it could also get some cool shinespark puzzels where you need to slow down mid shinespark to shoot a missile at something to open a path.

044de2 No.13133965

File: 92e871c7a2f0ab5⋯.png (197.38 KB, 294x256, 147:128, 1466711584893.png)

>mfw after finally doing a 100% run in Fusion

Who the fucks idea was it to make it so the whole station goes on lock down once you trigger the final objective? Traversing the station without being able to use the elevators after the final upgrade was just glorified padding.

3868a9 No.13145884

File: ca34b6fb9ff8c0c⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 300x383, 300:383, Watchdogs3_RussianHackers.jpg)


Have you played the Hyper metroid mod? Its really good. Well I'm going to upload it with the emulator to vola.

5d2977 No.13146752

I'll sacrifice my copy of Other M to appease the game gods. Probably throw in Black Ops for good measure.

0033f9 No.13146778

>tfw to Samus Aran waifu.

42997d No.13146825

Samus Returns might've been good but it's ruined by amiibo shit. At least piracy is a thing now.

5d2977 No.13146833


Samus Returns was good when it was 2D.

As in AM2R.

42997d No.13146838


Pretty much.

b0cb60 No.13148139

File: f2079cf64883d97⋯.png (558.68 KB, 802x721, 802:721, fuck everything.png)

080838 No.13150020



Technically, with the "mini kraid" from super, I could see it happening if sakurai is in charge again.

080838 No.13150072

File: 509f7d5f9bc137d⋯.jpg (114.38 KB, 640x572, 160:143, Metroid 2 cover.jpg)

File: b8af498fffeb61e⋯.jpg (158.25 KB, 667x495, 667:495, Metroid Samus poses.jpg)

>prime 4

Well, the guy in charge of the team has good ideas. He was one of the producers of prime 2 and wanted to do a temporal basis.

IE: hop between past and present and possibly future to do/undo actions to change the world.


The suit is kinda interesting. At least it's not that Other M powersuit and has more harsh edges to it.

c7e2a9 No.13150149


I always have to buy my video games now, because if I pirate it, It goes into the pile and there is a chance I'll never end up playing it now. Buying it forces an intensive. Not that it matters much from a budget stand point since I play so few games now. I get that "I can play it later" feeling for them for some reason while purchased it get that "well, might as well open it now.".

dc6b72 No.13150268


>being a nigger

b0cb60 No.13150348

File: c0ccd1ab46d5a71⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1504, 135:188, 04.png)

File: c5bdb8bd0829887⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1876x2006, 938:1003, 05.png)

File: fbdf3698d7625d1⋯.png (771.58 KB, 964x1442, 482:721, 06.png)

Sm4sh ZSS best

29b2d6 No.13150378


>IE: hop between past and present and possibly future to do/undo actions to change the world.

That kind of sounds like what they did in Prime 2 with the Light/Dark world mechanic.

6fa0ea No.13150965


I started it, but set it aside for Project M, Gradius III and F-Zero GX. It is really good, absolutely.



080838 No.13151473

File: 91fa667dfcd906f⋯.jpg (250.37 KB, 670x1000, 67:100, Metroid Samus all metroids.jpg)


right, he mentioned that he wanted to go back to that mechanic and felt prime 3 was "too spread out", and I would agree with him.

>one planet but with a unique feel to define the whole game

>mechanic that enforces a problem solving mindset so that the game isn't just "shoot everything"

I said it before but Prime 2 was actually my favorite of the three. I liked 1 but felt that some places dragged on a bit much, such as the phazon mines, which just seems to go on for fucking ever. Prime 2's suit seemed more accurate, along with the ship, and the setting of swapping between light and dark, while it seemed like padding to most folks (and it kinda was) still brought a new element to the table and a greater awareness of where you were.

98844d No.13151683

File: 7b0c7294db6d85f⋯.png (632.64 KB, 672x456, 28:19, Samidaregiri (Crowly) - Da….png)


>wasn't as pessimistic as other anons on imageboards about Samus Returns

>knew it wasn't going to be perfect but likely decent and a step in the right direction for Metroid to be a relevant franchise again and 2D Metroid games to get a revival

>was satisfied with what I saw in the gameplay, again not perfect but passable

<Nintendo decides to go full locked-content judaism

<even normalfags aren't defending it

I will never forgive anyone that supported and bought into amiibo from the outset. Never.

117567 No.13151990


>A quality fan game will ALWAYS beat an official game, as a person making a fan game can pretty much do whatever they want if they're mostly alone. The only thing an official game has over a quality fan game is funding.

Not really, in general fans have utter shit taste and no sense for good design. Metroid is just a bizarre inverse case where the fan knew exactly what made Metroid great while it is Nintendo who has shit taste and no sense for good design.

0f3001 No.13152433

File: 84926349d580a42⋯.jpg (861.3 KB, 1406x810, 703:405, kill it.jpg)


Source on pic?

cac528 No.13152903

File: ff89c36e0f2c156⋯.jpg (43.03 KB, 497x500, 497:500, 1466825542400.jpg)


I am so fucking upset with you right now.

1f4699 No.13152939

>liking any of the prime games

>caring about Metroid post-SNES

>caring about Samus

So much wrong.

9a814a No.13153129


>Metroid is just a bizarre inverse case where the fan knew exactly what made Metroid great while it is Nintendo who has shit taste and no sense for good design.

As someone who spends lots of time on Metroid forums I'm going to have to disagree. A lot of people are total shitters who's ideas for Metroid games are basically fanfiction ideas about Sylux and post-Fusion madness where the game is open world and Samus has arm blades and other shit. The really hardcore fans that aren't children tend to have a better idea of what makes a good game, but even then there's shitters like Infinity's End (head of the MDb) who has shit taste in everything and is an avid ZSS fapper.

000000 No.13153722


>time travel

I mentioned this in the last thread but nobody seemed interested in talking about it.


>implying arm blades aren't awesome

"Fanfiction-tier" is a meaningless complaint when applied to literally anything other than Sonichu. Fuck's sake, even Chris-chan wouldn't be doing this amiibo shit.

6fa0ea No.13155736

File: 2e63ce812ba7f91⋯.png (73.25 KB, 700x1200, 7:12, tubefeeding.png)


I follow one of the admins of MDB on twitter and he seems like a pretty cool guy. Talks about Metroid a lot and spams metric fucktons of Samus lewds.



Pic slightly related

dc0630 No.13155753

File: 574fbfabffd4578⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 468.3 KB, 1399x1741, 1399:1741, 87f465ec052ec507ab301eb495….png)


Nothing wrong with zero suit

080838 No.13155885

File: 855a8b7b5ff25c7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 478.17 KB, 1280x1094, 640:547, zero suit large.png)



>nobody seemed interested in talking about it.

Well we got a lot of faggots here. I think it'd be a very interesting mechanic to go with.

>get to wall in present

>has vines covering it coated in a crystal that's fire and shatter proof and hurts you if you touch it

>go to future

>vines are denser but have broken part of the wall and there is a goody behind them

>go to past

>vines are on wall but no crystal

>burn them

>skip to future

>wall is broken and no vines, so you can get goodies

>go back to past

>vines on fire

> put them out

>go back into future

> vines go up the wall and you can climb them now because no crystal

>get more good shit

29b2d6 No.13156863


Would it be possible to design a boss fight around going between time periods?

e5c49a No.13156906

File: 2c6c6ed90a4b51f⋯.png (150.92 KB, 304x408, 38:51, completely erect.png)



b0cb60 No.13157330

File: 1174df20ff7fcac⋯.png (709.69 KB, 902x1082, 451:541, 07.png)

File: 3ae78d70b342900⋯.png (810.89 KB, 958x1082, 479:541, 08.png)

File: c4f66950e139272⋯.png (562.59 KB, 740x1082, 370:541, 09.png)

File: c24a1334acabd77⋯.png (635.75 KB, 896x1082, 448:541, 10.png)

File: 3e55d0c8deb1064⋯.png (643.57 KB, 896x1082, 448:541, 11.png)


Your (You) is my command!

9a814a No.13157954


>Talks about Metroid a lot and spams metric fucktons of Samus lewds.

That's probably IE, the guy I was talking about. You've probably never heard him speak/interacted with him in the forums or irl but he can be pretty insufferable, and gets pissy whenever anyone dares criticize the site.


>Would it be possible to design a boss fight around going between time periods?

I think it would depend on how the mechanic works. If you need to go to a portal a la Prime 2's dark world then I don't think so, but if they're more common/in the same room as the boss it could work. It would also depend on how quickly they could load the different versions of rooms. There could definitely be some cool ideas, like having a weapon that does damage over time, and hitting the boss with it in the past opens up a weak point in the present.

b0cb60 No.13159803

File: f6e5f3ab9f4da7a⋯.png (997.95 KB, 1260x1082, 630:541, 12.png)

File: 6716ac482d2df85⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1419x1082, 1419:1082, 13.png)

000000 No.13160292


Sure. You could have a boss that can follow you between areas so you can take them down a little at a time instead of having to have the game load the past, the present and the future versions of areas every few seconds. It would be a lot like the SA-X from Fusion, except that you're actually expected to kill it when you first meet it. Another example would be The End from MGS3 with additional temporal mechanics YOU'VE CREATED A TIME PARADOX. Maybe Samus could gain a special Time Visor that allows her to receive information from eras that she isn't currently in and lay a hologram of it over her vision. You could be fighting a boss while using the Time Visor to see a hologram of its past self, and fire your weapons through a time portal at it to open its weak spot in the present.

b0cb60 No.13161805

File: 2220aae05296125⋯.png (833.32 KB, 1142x1082, 571:541, 14.png)

File: 0fef8ae4e6f4482⋯.png (501.18 KB, 918x1082, 459:541, 15.png)

what's a space girl gotta do to get dicked attention around here? I could do more in a few hours. I've not fapped in a week so that keeps me interested and focused.

e21318 No.13161926


Oh you're doing these? Make more of her drinking on the pool thing

4a5f28 No.13161946

File: 2db76c39f9195ba⋯.png (14.62 KB, 243x150, 81:50, [doubt].png)

I've been out of the loop for a while, what's going on with amiibos for Samus Returns? Is something being locked behind them again?

6fa0ea No.13162955


Nah, I am pretty sure it's someone else. Does Sagi ring a bell?

545838 No.13163233

File: 4097b66b4dc4633⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2246x1916, 1123:958, i don't give a fuck but he….jpg)

File: 509b0b5b9f62585⋯.png (3.29 MB, 2246x1916, 1123:958, i don't give a fuck but he….png)


hot off the presses

6fa0ea No.13163303

File: 7c86a6c5ecd68ab⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1733x827, 1733:827, shirts.png)

Which shirt looks better?

e21318 No.13163366

File: b4cffb0718162ea⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 500x491, 500:491, 1448996585605.jpg)

9a814a No.13163863

File: 9f4ac508d85fc33⋯.jpg (5.13 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20170804_185415.jpg)


This one

first one

167258 No.13165081


>felt prime 3 was "too spread out", and I would agree with him.

P3 had some interesting ideas and nice world design (and lore behind it, some of which didn't get into the game), but I would like to see Prime 4 try to contain itself to a single planet (with time warp features) and possibly a moon of that planet with a different environment quirks and low gravity. I just hope we get a Prime 4 that takes all the positives (and lessons from the negatives) from each Prime game before it.



P1: difficulty, nice design variation between world regions.

P2: puzzles, dark world atmosphere was actually intimidating, good boss design (motherfucking Quadraxis!)

P1/P2: Missile combo weapons.

P3: Samus ship function as a mobile save/transport hub, Spring ball with motion controls. Screw Attack worked better than P2. Some scripted story elements (seeing Rundas spying on you on Byyro or seeing the Phazon Metroid's through the floor after being released from containment) The "achievement" system and using tokens to unlock stuff like music/concept art. Mii bobblehead and bumper stickers were funny unlocks.

All: Art, lore, worldbuilding and music. Space Pirate science team data logs (or is that that P1/P2?)


P1/P2: length between save points (some areas not all)

P2: need more colour pallet variation in each region (eg light version of the Aether temple grounds and desert region too similar in pallet), P2 needs a faster way to backtrack,

P3: too linear, ran out of space for some lore due to space requirements, hypermode/corruption mechanic wasn't good enough. Friend vouchers shared via online friends were a stupid (and now non-usable) WiiConnect 24 feature.

All: Come up with a new visor that isn't just "X-Ray visor 2.0." End of game 12 token "key hunt" P3 kinda fixed it from P2's flawed version.


Do a terminator and you go back in time and kill the boss's parents, to prevent the boss of the present from ever being born.

6e6d08 No.13165185


P4 also has a weird opening now. P1 and 2 used tank controls and P3 used wiimote based fps controls; What would you say to P4 using a twin stick control layout like a traditional shooter? I'd kind of want to see them try to implement more from the 2d games if they go for traditional controls. I'd love to see them take a crack at the speed booster and shine spark.

167258 No.13165334


First I'll like to say that list isn't really complete and I was trying to be quick about it. Another positive point I would add for P3 is Samus's face reflection with the scan visor and eye movement with the cursor was a cool detail (and minor story device).

I'll admit I haven't really thought about movement/controls. I like selecting different beams from P1/2 and I understand the "stacked" beam from P3 was because of button limitations. I wouldn't mind twin sticks as long as we get beam (and visor) selection, I think there would be enough buttons (and gyro) to make it work. Another movement option I want to see is better dodging by transforming in a morph ball with more speed to it, instead of just that "strafing jump dash."

One controller gimmick I think that will appear in P4 would probably "hand scanning" door panels with the right Joy-Con's infrared camera. As in scan you right hand with open palm facing towards it. While it sounds stupid it would probably function similar to P3 and motion controlled door locks (those ones where you grab, rotate clockwise, pull out, rotate anti clockwise and push back in).

6fa0ea No.13167188

File: aa141bea6dd2304⋯.png (547.17 KB, 1451x769, 1451:769, shirt.PNG)


How is the quality of those things? The reason I want the other one and not your is because I don't like having "human" figures on my shirts. It also reminds me of the official Nintendo shirt I wasn't able to get, for better or for worse.

cbcbf6 No.13167338

File: 5f5c170b6e67b34⋯.png (274.58 KB, 465x564, 155:188, Capture.PNG)


i thought about making my own redbubbles

9a814a No.13167633


>How is the quality of those things?

It's a graphic tee shirt. About the same quality as your average concert shirt.

>The reason I want the other one and not your is because I don't like having "human" figures on my shirts.

I would have preferred the two you posted but they weren't on discount when I got it. I never wear any vidya related shirts in public anyway.

6fa0ea No.13167656


They are currently just 12 bucks

080838 No.13167695


So there is tat dualpack of Samus and the baby metroid and said baby metroid amiibo unlocks "fusion mode" for the game, which puts samus in her Fusion suit and makes the game go int a "hard" mode.

The samus unlocks a gallery of some sort.

Oddly, this conflicts with an earlier statement where it was say the baby amiibo would summon the baby during current gameplay and let you have it help with common foes

080838 No.13167719

File: 3e0198623aa65d1⋯.jpg (85.5 KB, 582x1043, 582:1043, Metroid Fusion Armcanon.jpg)


>Do a terminator and you go back in time and kill the boss's parents, to prevent the boss of the present from ever being born.

I would say that this should be a tough yet possible way to deal with bosses.

>Go to one boss in present

>it kicks ass and is hard as fuck to beat

>go to the past and fight boss

>boss is even harder

>go to future

>it's old and tired and not much of a challenge

>one boss is pretty hard in present

>isn't any easier in future

>due to layout, past is not viable shift at the moment

>until you go trough an area without an upgrade the boss gives to get a different upgrade

>come back with upgrade to get temporal gate to open

>go to past and fight boss

>it's in a cocoon and harmless and you can eliminate it with no issue

>if you pay more attention, you can eliminate other creatures in the area instead of the boss

>go back to present/future

>boss is harmless and actually can get you to a special secret pathway

I mean, that probably won't happen but I could see this sort of stuff for speedrunning as an option.

5ff2a3 No.13167721


I'm now realizing that after the good controls we got with Prime 3, we'll have to go back to old analog controls for Prime 4. Motion controls were mostly a gimmick, but for those rare few games that they improved (like Prime 4), their death really is a step backwards.

6fa0ea No.13167747


Why not both?

5ff2a3 No.13167774


Because the Switch can't do wii remote and nunchuck?

e9a579 No.13167814


>Oddly, this conflicts with an earlier statement where it was say the baby amiibo would summon the baby during current gameplay and let you have it help with common foes

When did they said that statement?


Doesn't the Joy Cons have motion controls as well?

266dc7 No.13168303


>Doesn't the Joy Cons have motion controls as well?

AFAIK, it's a simpler gyro controls than the old wiimote. There's no IR for positioning or other stuff. Maybe they can have twin stick controls with fickle movement on the right hand to change weapons.

But I wouldn't mind going back to tank controls as long as they improve the backtracking and exploration of the first two games.

167258 No.13172459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll admit when I said "do a terminator" I was joking. I just imagined Samus fighting a impossible difficult boss, then going back in time and winds up facing TWO of same impossible difficult boss's (father and mother) in the same arena. Or either Samus goes back in time and finds those two fucking each other and Samus has to perform coitus interuptus on them.

But I'll admit your defeating a past boss while in a cocoon state is a pretty cool idea and also reminds me of Cyakka from MP2.


I think the Joy Con's gyro can perform Wii Remote Motion Plus style gyro cursor controls. You can get a cursor on screen with Switch versions of World of Goo using it, the issue is gyroscopic drift. Vid related.

6fa0ea No.13173933

File: 1c922e371dc38bc⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 642x694, 321:347, samuscoffee.jpg)


3cd06f No.13174013

File: 203aaa7fa0376fc⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, OH SHAMUS.webm)


Is 37 years old enough to be christmas cake?

3cd06f No.13174017

File: 7c70794d8ddbc83⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IN FRONT SHAMUS.webm)


31 shit fucking numbers

080838 No.13174239

File: a59e337173f876d⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 565.73 KB, 854x480, 427:240, creepy old man fingers a ….webm)


>When did they said that statement?

It was the first bit of (((news))) that this place was bombarded with. Someone would have to dig up previous metroid threads here, but I remember it being mentioned.

it was probably some tweet or some fag trying to attention whore.

080838 No.13174262

File: 321c52a2868d28f⋯.jpg (42.97 KB, 400x273, 400:273, Metroid 4.jpg)

File: 950097c2fb134c7⋯.jpg (192.69 KB, 339x640, 339:640, Metroid Fusion suit.jpg)

File: 46e56ff2bb73087⋯.webm (3.67 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Metroid 4 Beta.webm)


>Cyakka Bryakka

Yeah, that was something that was crossing my mind while thinking of how many times Samus JUST entered a boss area and the boss is JUST ready to fight, the Cyakka and the imago in Zero mission being examples actually in the games.

On another note, I found something out.


>why can samus climb ladders and do hand-over-hand climbing?

>how does her cannon hand stick?


>short range grapple beam

>look up original Fusion art and gameplay

>Samus was much more blatantly crossed with a Metroid

>Samus was beefy as fuck

>her armcannon was wrist mounted, not hand mounted at this time

>this allowed her to do hand over hand

>they never programmed this out when the game shifted the design of samus

545838 No.13174779

File: ec71a6f1dab9058⋯.png (2.46 MB, 2214x2006, 1107:1003, 16.png)


well holy shit

6fa0ea No.13175244

File: 41f34653b9dffc4⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 282x278, 141:139, feest.jpg)


Oh boy! It feels like your 30th birthday all over again!


545838 No.13175346

File: 34b3ea825e366ea⋯.png (2.15 MB, 2214x1512, 41:28, 17.png)

I don't know if I should fap to celebrate or not fap to honor Samus's birthday.

080838 No.13176494

File: 6114ec2f4085104⋯.png (459.3 KB, 803x1200, 803:1200, Samus coat.png)

File: b32a8a8face59fe⋯.png (437.4 KB, 819x1200, 273:400, Samus kicking ass in a coa….png)


First one, then the other.

25e62f No.13176501



These renders are terrible, they somehow manage to make Zero suit samus not hot at all, which until now I thought was an impossible task

5d2977 No.13176530

File: 60c2faa4d472c9d⋯.jpg (205.9 KB, 1024x634, 512:317, h_b_day_samus_by_demonbp-d….jpg)

File: 995546e5c71f569⋯.jpg (145.68 KB, 900x491, 900:491, happy_birthday_samus_by_de….jpg)


jajajajaja aww, I always feel bad on her birthday

e9de1b No.13176572

File: d900db8b9846795⋯.png (228.99 KB, 1245x1077, 415:359, samus-metroid-vaccum-basse….png)

File: 9fbd77be123ab41⋯.png (180.71 KB, 800x857, 800:857, 1426137705986.png)

File: 0db7097594a8053⋯.png (154.02 KB, 800x1221, 800:1221, 1433101479948.png)

File: 09af33874e49a1a⋯.png (92.01 KB, 700x513, 700:513, 1409716334051.png)

e9de1b No.13176593

File: c0d033d8410b4cd⋯.png (611.79 KB, 1000x897, 1000:897, 1409715270824.png)

File: cbb91b7bba403b8⋯.jpeg (135.25 KB, 900x783, 100:87, 1409715050524.jpeg)

File: e4de5341517dadb⋯.png (608.96 KB, 1747x1150, 1747:1150, drawfag metroid anniver.png)

I really like metroid, I have no idea why.

6d3a0e No.13176617

File: 13b940c7a511c48⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 1200x1745, 240:349, 1491660715357.jpg)


It's okay in my book

8685d5 No.13176798


Fap EXTRA hard

5d2977 No.13176831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6fa0ea No.13180446

File: 41880bb0614a736⋯.jpg (25.07 KB, 300x225, 4:3, bump2.jpg)

1a10c4 No.13180526

File: a4ac7e404bb45ce⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1280x1675, 256:335, 15f2f5afa48e6858282fda086a….png)

1a10c4 No.13180553

File: 6d084deb8a333c0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.62 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a46c4874c92736437adf5a80e4….jpg)

File: f8bb0a7aefd0037⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.17 KB, 1341x1075, 1341:1075, ass ass ass ass ass ass.jpeg)

File: 61b82f89ac57622⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 505.49 KB, 869x1000, 869:1000, ass.jpeg)

File: d84ea189ff5ca65⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 267.21 KB, 700x990, 70:99, b75e8ebcf518a3f0b29bf4468d….png)

File: a353fe9b6ef496f⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 545.48 KB, 738x1309, 738:1309, b93d95d9312e40bb38c098ba6….jpeg)

I want to fuck samus in her tight bird cunt.

1a10c4 No.13180563

File: b1802a05cccd4a9⋯.jpeg (547.18 KB, 1024x2312, 128:289, 1ca5eaf83c1211aab305b58f4….jpeg)

File: b6f93128a2aad91⋯.jpeg (208.61 KB, 923x1098, 923:1098, 2b82958c11fa9ba2fb05a3365….jpeg)

File: 37a564b1a9f0b36⋯.jpeg (707.33 KB, 908x1124, 227:281, 2e492fd2272a4b1feb43b5f8b….jpeg)

File: 2fcc91750993f35⋯.png (666.94 KB, 556x800, 139:200, 2fcc91750993f35322862e9be1….png)

File: 0dcfd9f424f2d3d⋯.jpeg (717.67 KB, 1124x1590, 562:795, 03d92a7121314da4935095a8d….jpeg)

very hard.

1a10c4 No.13180567

File: 4be7ff9e93a819f⋯.jpg (108.98 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 4be7ff9e93a819f0f6a6a1f586….jpg)

File: e4041635b1922a6⋯.jpg (95.75 KB, 700x1060, 35:53, 4cf94a8050f30d4711f6af3abb….jpg)

File: 096f40a14f77ee2⋯.jpeg (83.7 KB, 719x1111, 719:1111, 4efbc3a053e54756fdcb56514….jpeg)

File: 7af129f98ac927b⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1654x928, 827:464, 7af129f98ac927b162ff900ac6….jpg)

File: 7d81c1d08630685⋯.jpg (674.93 KB, 736x900, 184:225, 7d81c1d086306858cb4a6546d8….jpg)


1a10c4 No.13180574

File: bc48e900d7059f9⋯.jpg (428.42 KB, 1600x2381, 1600:2381, 1436036648176-3.jpg)

File: fffd031175b52c2⋯.png (346.79 KB, 517x900, 517:900, 1438256516320-0.png)

File: 70db57dae11ff72⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1070x1920, 107:192, 1438256635956-3.png)

File: cfc3ec6bcfffcb2⋯.jpeg (69.07 KB, 644x900, 161:225, 1438355769098-1.jpeg)

File: 7592a890107154b⋯.png (513.96 KB, 732x1000, 183:250, 1443968790281-0.png)

Lovingly impregnate.

1a10c4 No.13180585

File: fe70d689e294050⋯.jpg (231.69 KB, 992x1404, 248:351, tumblr_nhtlpjwBU01tb5g6zo1….jpg)

File: 816b07ee5efb312⋯.png (1.77 MB, 2800x1960, 10:7, 50e836cd5640b5cc94d8fb2bb8….png)

File: d93f349ff5ad436⋯.jpg (835.02 KB, 1075x1475, 43:59, 1383151264911.jpg)

File: 6014ee0555e61a6⋯.jpg (513.2 KB, 849x730, 849:730, 1386267529447.jpg)

File: 63c7abb8cae1e40⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 850x609, 850:609, 1433433305833-4.jpg)

e95e81 No.13180644



bitches can't do anyhting right

080838 No.13181710

File: 8ce1835c0fa2c9d⋯.jpg (947.5 KB, 960x1656, 40:69, Metroid Samus gallery.jpg)

File: ca2dd83d04f7f0d⋯.png (155.42 KB, 481x416, 37:32, Metroid Samus past.png)



>The Chozo were super magiteck warriors

>their armor was encoded to their blood so it couldn't be taken (this is how the X mimicked it)

>She got this from Gray Voice, her Chozo father who rebuilt her genetic code

>she had this DNA ever since she was 4

>she had this through puberty

The mole is a pinfeather she keeps plucking and instead of hair anywhere else, she has fluffy down.

98844d No.13183097


>what are filenames


pic #4 is not samus

e9a579 No.13191604

File: ebea25cd2541b1c⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1600x2135, 320:427, strech_dat_samus_by_r3dfiv….png)

File: 5ace6b218afd995⋯.png (509.09 KB, 700x875, 4:5, zero_suit_samus_by_vellado….png)

File: 682009ee25133d0⋯.jpg (704.73 KB, 1922x1956, 961:978, __samus_aran_metroid__da72….jpg)

File: 715af177749c180⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 748x1068, 187:267, 715.jpg)

File: ab2dac80a9860e0⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 1243x2000, 1243:2000, __samus_aran_metroid_drawn….jpg)

Here, have some more Samus pics.

545838 No.13192070

File: 1af44a1236e772e⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1646x1504, 823:752, 18.png)

File: 5ecf159cd95649f⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1448x2006, 724:1003, 19.png)

File: 0ee34ba3c7513e0⋯.png (2.44 MB, 2560x1578, 1280:789, 20.png)


you just had to

75db88 No.13192100


>you will never be squeezed to death by obscenely an musclier Samus

why did the series not just die here?

080838 No.13192794

File: 9a407401e099538⋯.jpg (35.13 KB, 400x269, 400:269, Metroid 4 face.jpg)

File: 175759a44f87f62⋯.jpg (55.06 KB, 400x282, 200:141, Metroid 4 mutations.jpg)

File: c0e5511b75085dd⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 400x264, 50:33, Metroid 4 screen.jpg)

File: 5d958fedc905ab3⋯.jpg (46.34 KB, 400x263, 400:263, Metroid 4 wall run.jpg)


dunno, but I'd be pleased as fuck if they revisited the growth of Metroid based powers in Samus.

They are sitting on a potential golden egg here;

>Metroid is the name of the series

>Fusion establishes that Samus is now part metroid

>Metroid is the Chozo word for "Ultimate Warrior"

>not only does calling the series Metroid still make sense with Samus being the star, now samus can get other abilities rooted in the hyper adaptive systems that Metroids posses

>wall phazing

>wall running

>gravity manipulation

>energy syphon (it was fun as fuck using it in Prime 3, but so damn limited)

>environmental adaptation

I mean, nintendo has shot themselves in the foot repeatedly so this is just a pipe dream.

c09a4e No.13192843



7925d7 No.13192912

File: 1b6057649c36d47⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1416x1843, 1416:1843, IMG_3886.JPG)


Could you imagine if samus was never revealed to be a girl? There would be so much less waifufagging in these threads, only maybe a few clang fags would hang around. How amazing would that be.

da60b0 No.13193033


samus was literally stated to be a woman in the manual of the first fucking game, it talked about how she stood out among bounty hunters for being a woman, the whole "oh wow samus is a girl!!" thing is a fucking meme

51fa44 No.13193053


Yeah, but could you imagine if she wasn't literally stated to be a woman in the manual of the first fucking game, or talked about how she stood out among bounty hunters for being a woman? There would be so much less waifufagging in these threads, only maybe a few clang fags would hang around. How amazing would that be.

da60b0 No.13193088


are you a fucking chatbot?

:(){ :|: & };:

51fa44 No.13193122


I was just pointing out how overly-pedantic you are.

24d590 No.13193133


But in the end of fusion she absorbs SA-X which had her original DNA. She doesn't have metroid mutations anymore.

1ad853 No.13193138


Nice dubs, but could you imagine if she wasn't literally stated to be a woman in the manual of the first fucking game, or talked about how she stood out among bounty hunters for being a woman? There would be so much less waifufagging in these threads, only maybe a few clang fags would hang around. How amazing would that be.

ce4e9e No.13193144


Literally anything can be a forced copypasta. Watch this.

1ad853 No.13193153




>Literally anything can be a forced copypasta. Watch this.

holy FUCK

e7eab2 No.13195538

Still playing AM2R over here. Anyway, I got a question about the game that I can't seem to find online. Do metroids regain health when you leave a room? I just reached the first fight with the Zeta Metroid, but I keep running out of missiles and I always have to leave the room because of this. Is it safe to just leave the room an get more, or do I have to stay in the room to beat it?

bfe69e No.13195684


>You will never play a game as Samus's mutant Metroid/Chozo clone loli running away from the federation and establishing herself as the new space pirate queen.

936fcb No.13195696


they get full health when you leave

4970e3 No.13196660

So quick question, used to enjoy watching speed runs of metroid prime / prime 2. There was a runner named MilesSMB that played it pretty good and rarely ever talked, which is great in an era of egoist commentating losers. I checked his youtube channel changed to "Claris Robyn", I'm just curious, did he become transgender or something? He's still a normal guy, right guys?

b3ea43 No.13196715

File: 12d807316f1ae5f⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 600x469, 600:469, 85070110fdad5d2c611df94c14….jpg)


Literally anything can be a forced copypasta. Watch this.

29b2d6 No.13198109


What is your missile capacity right now?


>did he become transgender or something?

It is the first thing that pops up when you search for either of those names, it is over.

080838 No.13198541

File: fa7524b3fa792c9⋯.png (71.24 KB, 240x414, 40:69, Metroid Fusion SA-X suit.png)


Incorrect. She got her "regular code" back when she absorbed the varia code and gained an armor boost with the ice beam when she absorbed the core X, but her system is FAR from normal.

Remember, it was established that her suit is coded to her DNA; any changes to her DNA drastically change her suit, since it's generated from inside her cells.

She was given the suit due to Gray Voice basically giving her a genetic transfusion, and he had a power suit. This genetic coding is how the X mimicked Samus' suit in the first place and why they keep mentioning it NEEDS to be organic in some aspect for the X to take it over.

When samus had the suit cut off in surgery, only the helmet was left in place (likely due to the connection at her brain stem), then the Metroid DNA was injected. Due to the lockdown nature of her suit, as the X was purged, her body naturally reformed the armor, though it took on the blue hues of the metroid coding.

When samus nabs the SA-X, it turns her orange, amps up her armor, and she has the ice beam back. If she "went back to normal", she'd have the familiar orange or purple power suit. She even has the new suit during the closing scene and endings, so no, she still has the DNA, regardless of what that one fuckface says.

167258 No.13206114

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In a slightly small (and forgotten) anniversary sense, it's been 10 years since the"Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Preview" Wii Channel was available to download. For those that don't remember it was a dedicated Wii Channel that had new trailers for promoting MP3. Some of them used cinematics/minor story details that aren't show in the final game (like vid related).

Outside of fan uploads, none of those trailers were officially uploaded by Nintendo and are probably stuck in some Retro Studios/Nintendo hard drive somewhere.

So anyone remember using it? Thoughts? The marketing for MP3 at the time was pretty minimal outside of this.

44471a No.13206566



When samus had the suit cut off in surgery, only the helmet was left in place (likely due to the connection at her brain stem), then the Metroid DNA was injected. Due to the lockdown nature of her suit, as the X was purged, her body naturally reformed the armor, though it took on the blue hues of the metroid coding.

This isn't stated anywhere in the game. All it says is that they cut off as mucj as they could, but they never specify what is and isn't left. I always assumed that the yellow parts are the original suit and that most of the outer plating was removed. Fusion came out before the suit was summoned from a pocket dimension, so that speculation isn't really justified.

>When samus nabs the SA-X, it turns her orange, amps up her armor, and she has the ice beam back. If she "went back to normal", she'd have the familiar orange or purple power suit. She even has the new suit during the closing scene and endings, so no, she still has the DNA, regardless of what that one fuckface says.

That's not how the suit works. In Zero Mission, 2, and Prime 2/3 the shape changes depending on hardware, not on her DNA. That one fuckface is also the guy who wrote the rest of Fusion's story, and is likely to be the one to be writing the sequel should it ever come out, so it's best to come to terms with it.

4970e3 No.13206614


I figured he was slightly messed up, the gay trannie California vidya speedrun community probably messed with him I bet. Its a shame if it turns out true.

6fa0ea No.13211857


We can always give conflicting story the Other M treatment.

b65f48 No.13212037


Inspired me to give it a shot:

>You are temporarily locked in the past due to plot

>Fight a robot designed to guard some even more ancient ruins of a bygone civilization, impossible to defeat at that time

>Scan indicates that certain parts of the robot may wear out over time

>Lure the boss to open way to a portal for you, allowing you to go back to future

>You can now defeat the boss as it's no longer 100% funcional due to parts of it having degraded over the time

>Killing it rewards you with a new upgrade

>Just when you defeat it, the past version of the robo boss suddenly emerges from the portal

>Having gotten the upgrade, you can now fight at even ground with the boss at it's prime

44471a No.13213027

File: 1b2ad6ecb9b847c⋯.jpeg (22.7 KB, 388x443, 388:443, received_1350262315029459.jpeg)

fa3e93 No.13216275


Cool idea, but won't that create a time paradox?

b77ce2 No.13218240


Because they sacrificed AM2R

b65f48 No.13218355


I think by defeating the past version, you'd lose the upgrade you got from the future version, (as it could no longer have existed at the time you fought it) but on the other hand, you could gain a new one from the past version you just defeated.

Perhaps stronger version of the upgrade, since it hasn't been worn out by time?

I suppose in that case it could be optional fight too, where you can go back to past if you want, instead of having the boss follow you.

080838 No.13218505

File: 7179d2605218cea⋯.webm (7.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes La….webm)



We also should remember that it's chozo magitec and adaptive and so upgrades to it are generally easy to bullshit away by saying "don't gotta explain shit", much like Ridley showing up in a sequel, it was mostly just "there he is again" and you didn't need a story reason for him to be there.



>after beating Present version of guardian and getting weapon, go back into past because upgrade it's guarding isn't there

>fight Past version in past

>cripple it's systems and it shuts down

>weapon can't destroy it but can disable it

>has a repair system and will take a long time to regen

>go and grab upgrade it was guarding

>realize the future version of the boss is weaker and it has no upgrade behind it because you already kicked it's ass in the past

e54812 No.13218520


fa3e93 No.13219417


Ah, gotcha.


Fusion Suit > Varia Suit > Zero Suit

080838 No.13226879

File: 2528cbc52f5e75d⋯.jpg (299.39 KB, 760x583, 760:583, Metroid bio.jpg)


>literally stated to be a woman in the manual of the first game

found the newfag

27bf9f No.13227023

File: ed7780866bc81ba⋯.png (546.89 KB, 840x686, 60:49, ClipboardImage.png)


I think you're a little confused bud..

608b73 No.13227064

File: 7403fec8d003785⋯.jpg (62.19 KB, 696x716, 174:179, IMG_1024.JPG)



936fcb No.13227257


you're thinking of Super Metroid

e9de1b No.13227280

File: 3881295086662a8⋯.png (218.57 KB, 252x312, 21:26, asian_man_with_blonde_hair….png)


Took me a sec but gave me a chuckle

0326be No.13227296

File: c4bba766c13bcf6⋯.png (59.54 KB, 1357x1505, 1357:1505, c4bba766c13bcf6e8a34074216….png)


Ha. That doesn't work on me, meatbag. Everyone knows that my inputs go directly to stdin.

545838 No.13227297

File: 6d34f4fa064f95d⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1566x2006, 783:1003, 21.png)

d6a490 No.13227465


dude we don't even have a concept art yet, fuck off

if you think everything is shit now just go to vr and stay there ffs

93ae37 No.13227524

So when is samus going to get pregnant? Does she even like dudes? Is any normal male sperm strong enough to penetrate her tubes?

000000 No.13227557

>Samus fights a mutated Metroid boss at some point because the Space Pirates have set up shop on the planet and they're up to their old tricks

>it's powered up by time distortions or some shit

>Samus beats it, but it manages to escape with its life by fleeing through a time portal

>As the game goes on, the Metroid grows more powerful and starts jumping between different time periods following Samus around like Dark Samus or the SA-X

>She meets it again for another battle and starts whooping its ass worse than before

>Suddenly the boss opens a time portal and flings her into the future

>Samus emerges from the portal in a dystopian future where the Galactic Federation is dissolved and the galaxy is ruled by intelligent Metroids that feed on sapient species like the robots from the Matrix, with this bastard as their emperor

>Samus gets a sword

>Now she has to undo the future that is Troid-ku

>bop diddley-op, back to the past Samus-rai Jack

93ae37 No.13227868


>Involving time traveling in metroid

How about no?

e7e80f No.13227914


0d8969 No.13227943


>t. Faggot

ed8ba5 No.13232070

File: c54edabd257c611⋯.jpg (937.7 KB, 2457x2217, 819:739, pretty lewd.jpg)

File: f69aac3aed3220d⋯.jpg (428.36 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, d5cdcb5a735769315a1eac5e30….jpg)

File: e2e51736177c03b⋯.jpg (71.82 KB, 566x800, 283:400, DEpXVzWXUAIO6oX.jpg)

File: 10e35a068f85568⋯.jpeg (324.03 KB, 850x1295, 170:259, f66f8d3b4079c162ca06f442e….jpeg)

File: 6d8a4a24033648d⋯.png (499.5 KB, 786x971, 786:971, __samus_aran_metroid_01d49….png)


9efe58 No.13233117

File: c46a1fb96d5ee8d⋯.jpg (354.25 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, __metroid_and_samus_aran_m….jpg)

File: 55fedbb815838b5⋯.jpg (104.5 KB, 564x1478, 282:739, rnd08.jpg)

File: 794a05a4d657c10⋯.png (323.79 KB, 616x1000, 77:125, __samus_aran_metroid_and_m….png)

File: fbdf3698d7625d1⋯.png (771.58 KB, 964x1442, 482:721, 1448224730729.png)

File: 556899e7c4169c7⋯.jpg (557.99 KB, 600x900, 2:3, __samus_aran_metroid_and_m….jpg)

Why is Samus Aran perfection in everyway, /v/?

fa3e93 No.13233789





>Skin-tight suit.

>Beefy power armor.

>8' dick. :^)

Shall I go on?

00f4cf No.13240340

File: bc03ad4660cc5db⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2610x1800, 29:20, Samus_Aran_Varia_suit_Supe….jpg)


Yet whenever one points this out, nintendo shills are summoned out of the ether like the furies to derail the thread. You cannot criticize nintendo as a business, developer, or character design house at all on this board–even the Arms thread that pointed out the balance issues blind men could see was beset by them.

Also, could anyone kindly give me the rundown on why sakamoto is triggered so hard by this image? I know it wasn't just because nintendo forcing him to wear it during e3.

5138fb No.13240423

04dd9e No.13240445

File: 201889076af47d8⋯.png (72.57 KB, 718x141, 718:141, Eaten out.png)

167258 No.13241462

>>13133655 (Checked)

Then your going to be facing that issue where they don't make a new game because no one brought the latest release. How do you support a series, so (new) games can be made without buying it?

Starting to think the Mario series feels like it's immune to Nintendo's "new ideas for every sequel" mindset.


>arm blades

Feels more like they want a one off melee weapon to appear just so Samus could have it in Smash. Personally think the grapple beam as a whip would be a better fit and an upgrade to a preexisting item she has.


Criticize away, no one is stopping you. Nintendo is NOT a perfect company and do a lot of strange fucking decisions. While also designing things with their annoying "we do things our way/go down our own path" mentality instead of just copying what other companies do (Eg: friend codes, online multiplayer, voice chat).

9449fa No.13241560



>no Varia Suit

f9f8c9 No.13241648

File: 67e654d792e504e⋯.png (752.87 KB, 960x717, 320:239, DHAQQHkUQAARjcY.png)


>You cannot criticize nintendo as a business, developer, or character design house at all on this board–even the Arms thread that pointed out the balance issues blind men could see was beset by them.

You can just fine, the only problem comes when your criticisms leveled at Nintendo are hurr amiibo is physical dlc fukkin treehouse meme bullet-points from people that don't actually understand those issues but want to fit in by hyperventilating about it. That or you're treating console warrers as a legitimate sign that certain subjects are fiercely protected. I mean, hell, if I brought up that ARMS is severely unbalanced and got NINTENDO IS GOOD NINTENDO IS GREAT NINTENDO PUTS VIDYA ON MY PLATE like you mentioned I'd wonder what the fuck that had to do with ARMS and its balance problems.

75db88 No.13241745


Amiibos are a legitimate point against them though. Especially with Samus Returns where they've locked a higher difficulty behind the fuckers.

f9f8c9 No.13241800


The problems with amiibo and Samus Returns is trusting them implicitly when it's something you want to hear, in this case that there's amiibo-locked features. It's been brought up by other people before that Nintendo's flat-out lied about things being amiibo-locked before, in which case we don't actually know for certain until the game is released. I'd say get pissed if it turns out to be true (and believe you me the only people that won't be upset are bizarre Youtube comment-chains which is where most of the grossly pro-Nintendo stuff seems to come from anyways), but otherwise just wait and see.

Beyond Samus Returns the most extensive things I can think of are Twilight Princess HD's Cave of Shadows and a weapon type in Hyrule Warriors being locked behind amiibo, and everything else is inconsequential "here's a freebie" daily-type shit and costumes.

080838 No.13242047

File: eccbf8d4fc35289⋯.png (4.11 MB, 2764x3008, 691:752, why other M is shit.png)

File: 6114ec2f4085104⋯.png (459.3 KB, 803x1200, 803:1200, Samus coat.png)

File: b32a8a8face59fe⋯.png (437.4 KB, 819x1200, 273:400, Samus kicking ass in a coa….png)

File: eeb21b216662651⋯.png (395.41 KB, 803x1200, 803:1200, Samus arm.png)


>Also, could anyone kindly give me the rundown on why sakamoto is triggered so hard by this image?

To explain that is simple and complicated.

See, Sakamoto has good ideas, but just like Sakurai and George Lucas, they need someone in power over them to slap their shit when they do something stupid.

The chief slapper of Sakamoto was Gumpei Yokoi. When Yokoi was assassinated by the Yakuza died in a freak accident while trying to quit Nintendo, Sakamoto didn't have quite the leash on anymore. Now, he tried to take the series forward with Fusion and got slapped several times, and the result is a game that doesn't follow the non-linear gameplay we're familiar with and has a lot more story.


The "evil american piggu" Retro studios made Metroid Prime and it sole more numbers than the prior games in the series. Sold SO good that two sequels were made. Sakamoto, during this time, worked with someone and made the Manga, detailing Samus' backstory a bit more, and worked on Zero Mission.


>goes and starts spinning things out f control because he's like a kid with too much power and no direction

>plot is all over the place because it ends up being a bad fanfiction

>Adam is not the stern but caring CO but some asshat Samus worships

>makes samus 4 feet tall and meek as shit to fit this image

>anytime someone reminded him that in EVERY piece of media out there, Samus is basically an amazon, he starts screeching because it breaks his headcanon

093126 No.13242388


I remember somewhere there was an essay on Other M about its story. It deemed Adam devoid of care and Samus practically being in an abusive relationship with him. The prime example being when Adam shoots her in the back for literally zero reason within context.

fa3e93 No.13242465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>13242388 (Sekai Ichi!)

Gotchu covered, fam.

00f4cf No.13243406

File: 612c135454d0667⋯.jpg (47.06 KB, 392x450, 196:225, b174c0ceae8a7ed44f9854fc2b….jpg)


Christ almighty that was a depressing read. With documented incidents like this, its a wonder how nintendo is even capable of getting third parties to work with them without substantial bribes. The AM2R debacle is going to make things interesting, because if Returns bombs then fan pressure is going to be catastrophic–it may just be so bad that nintendo revives NLG's pitch as a switch title for 2019 that cobbles together post-Fusion design documents.



Amiibos received flak from day one after; you'd think a company would want to be perfectly concise about which toy does what to repair that bad PR.


<Treehouse meme

Treehouse is absolute shit that deserves to be raked over the coals for changing plot points and character traits for the sake of appealing to libtards, but the worst thing they've done is make it utterly impossible to say something nice about a localization. Prefer the english voices in Persona 5? Suddenly you're defending nintendo's pet SJWs on every level and stating otherwise means you're a shill caught in the act.

f85e98 No.13243447


Preferring the English voices would be fine…if the English voice actors had any clue how to pronounce Japanese names.

00f4cf No.13243626

File: 740a6a62cb29542⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 280x255, 56:51, 740a6a62cb29542617c1721f2a….jpg)


I cut my teeth on early funimation dubs like pic related, so fucking up names isn't a big deal for me. As log as the localization doesn't fuck up characters and story or cram an ass load of plebbit memes into the script it's fine.

The problem is that too many posters on /v/ think that treehouse's "lol don't care shitlord" attitude is standard for the industry, when in fact the bulk of localizations are kept under tight supervision to make sure the original intent is conveyed properly in the new language.

a46099 No.13245081

File: b4f41ffb8427aad⋯.jpg (673.76 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, __samus_aran_metroid_drawn….jpg)

File: 67a94753e7639f5⋯.png (365.86 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, zero_stretch_samus_by_caff….png)

File: 5c5d300552405d3⋯.png (780.48 KB, 893x1155, 893:1155, __samus_aran_metroid_drawn….png)

File: 2cbd872b5e042fb⋯.jpg (809.72 KB, 1039x1476, 1039:1476, aa717cba4e7906417f9f7f4b44….jpg)

File: a56474cf4518306⋯.png (657.65 KB, 805x1127, 5:7, Beach Samus 5.png)

I want to impregnat Samus!!

00f4cf No.13250221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There is no reason for Samus to not be the thiccest girl. Fuck chun buns.

8f4501 No.13250671


>The problem is that too many posters on /v/ think that treehouse's "lol don't care shitlord" attitude is standard for the industry, when in fact the bulk of localizations are kept under tight supervision to make sure the original intent is conveyed properly in the new language.

The problem is that you're wrong since you're using a unfinished dub from two decades ago as an example of the quality of alt-left localizations today.

00f4cf No.13250716


<"You're wrong because I say so shitlord!!!"

It was the maga hat that triggered you, wasn't it? Also the text you're quoting doesn't reflect at all what you're trying to say: I mentioned funimation's dub as an example of bad name pronunciation, not as an example of bad localization in general.

00f4cf No.13250734

File: 403e4d2523c38f4⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 600x550, 12:11, 0e4f0a79b56d1dfb6564d850bb….jpg)




Get your gmo inhaling, rainbow haired ass back to >>/leftypol/ you godless faggot. Better yet, on the bus to filter town you go.

b9ecef No.13250757



Time to get the fuck out of the board made for talking about video games and back to your shitty boards about politics.

a1bda6 No.13250967

File: 448346407eae7c3⋯.gif (961.26 KB, 250x197, 250:197, 1366294437654.gif)


>mfw after watching the video

>mfw the vid open my eyes that the whole story of Other Mediocrity is actually about an abusive relationship between a passive aggressive asshole-ish man and a weak women that has stockholm syndrome-like affections towards the asshole



57b8de No.13251003


Thats what a healthy relationship is like in japan.

6e6d08 No.13251035


Fingers crossed for Return of Samus. I hope he isnt injecting his beliefs into it.

1a10c4 No.13251074

File: 1625f31657560f7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1037x958, 1037:958, 1625f31657560f7c1f054b007b….jpg)

File: 32637d1169760b3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 999.04 KB, 1300x2820, 65:141, 284a56e9e197a713edc22e8ff4….png)

File: 404480559ebbc50⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 171.28 KB, 570x1280, 57:128, 709146db05a0441200fa08cc01….png)

File: 7d87be5e298d3a2⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 682.05 KB, 779x943, 19:23, 897670f1454aefdcffeac56ee….jpeg)

File: 1a2badafafbd3a5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1280x1463, 1280:1463, 3195750e2693459f5015eb75fd….png)


its just gonna be AM2R but worse.

go play AM2R, you arsehole.

a1bda6 No.13251416

File: b8e492ab28e2c31⋯.png (900.5 KB, 690x968, 345:484, jesus christ 1.png)

File: c619d4ca2e30f99⋯.png (412.41 KB, 690x968, 345:484, jesus christ 2.png)

File: 8995330bd2c620e⋯.png (316.83 KB, 690x968, 345:484, jesus christ 3.png)

File: 9c78ec9b40937f5⋯.png (1.22 MB, 690x968, 345:484, jesus christ 4.png)

File: 41711cbe8d4bde5⋯.png (1.14 MB, 690x968, 345:484, jesus christ 5.png)


>Thats what a healthy relationship is like in japan.

IS THAT FOR REALS?????????????????

6e6d08 No.13251578


I have, 2 times. Even 100%'d it. I could blaze through it in a sitting if I had the balls to speed run it.

00f4cf No.13252817


What was the lamest par of the game for you, or the least polished?

bf8bc2 No.13253741


Promiscuity and cheating are the social norms there, so you tell me.

6135da No.13257521

File: 7fd8c4dc6dbf69f⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 795x508, 795:508, DCuZU5kWsAAQ0gq.jpg)


>See, Sakamoto has good ideas, but just like Sakurai and George Lucas, they need someone in power over them to slap their shit when they do something stupid.

>The chief slapper of Sakamoto was Gumpei Yokoi.

But Zero Mission is good and took the Fusion's criticisms of "linearity" among other stuff and did a great remake of an old game. What happened there? Why it doesn't look like Samus Returns will be at least just as good as the other 2D Metroids? I already don't really like the new "aeion" stuff and how it'll tamper exploration, the colors look "off" and the counter system instead of giving an option if feels hella abusable.

04dd9e No.13258296

>playing through prime for what is basically the first time

>space pirate entries remind me of warnings and notes I hear in my day to day military life

>extremely mundane entry in magmoor caverns

>"There are crystal formations here; once phazon stops being viable begin selling those to the markets instead."

>space pirates are just doing this shit and set in motion a shit ton of galactic scale problems to turn a profit

this game is really nice

2beaf9 No.13258368


Tell me more about it. I didn't have internet in my house until some time after MP3 released and the channel was discontinued.



>No facial mole on any of these renders

Thank you

f744c0 No.13258452


Well thats a bit of an odd topic. See technically the game is simultaneously amazing and awful at the same time. Its amazing tier when your playing through the new or updated areas, discovering secrets, and noticing the games very generous attention to detail. On the other hand though, the game is flawed only because its inherenting the design flaws of the original game. The repetition of the metroid fights is obvious, and this comes to a head when Alpha and Omega metroids are around. Hell, if you want a straight answer for the worst part; its any part of the game featuring those enemies. For someone experienced like me, their like getting a needle. You gotta do it, its going to suck, but it'll be over quickly hopefully.

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