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File: 554f7300e94cb0a⋯.gif (691.22 KB, 622x616, 311:308, JunaRee.gif)

File: fc36259c636a407⋯.png (3.64 MB, 3166x1568, 1583:784, TrailsGuide.png)

File: cf3e81616bbbbe2⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1456x2348, 364:587, YsGuide.png)

File: 7b72f48b7a3a384⋯.png (251.63 KB, 302x564, 151:282, JunaErebonians.png)

File: 701650e1d7c0160⋯.png (880.92 KB, 832x1200, 52:75, JunaLloyd.png)

a33f4f No.13191338

Don't forget to support the games (or not if it's a NISA release) and spoiler the spoilers!

Specially Xanadu Next. That masterpiece deserves bigger sales.

Cold Steel Undub Patch Here For Those So Inclined:

Jap voices for CS:


Dummy files:


Just dump it in the voice folder. Easy as pie.

You need the dummy files or the new Audio XSeed added will be in English because the nips never recorded that much.

>Latest news

- Trails of Cold Steel I is out on PC on both Steam and GoG; ToCS II is also confirmed for PC with no release date available

- Tom on ToCS for PC: has its own separate launcher, "far more feature-rich than any other launcher we've ever had in any of our PC games to date" " There's not much you CAN'T do in that launcher." "You can tweak bloody EVERYTHING." It's also got a turbo mode that lets you speed up the game 4x, which is pretty sweet. It also runs butter smooth. Seriously, this port is great.

- Trails of Cold Steel III is on track for a Japanese release on September 28th of this year, confirmed PS4 exclusive. Check gematsu.com and esterior.net for further details

- Tons of Falcom/Kondo interviews with some interesting details, will eventually make a list and a tl;dr

>Other not-so-new news

- Zwei II coming this Summer. Check this blog post to discover the game ( xseedgames.tumblr.com/post/162167486725/zwei-the-ilvard-insurrection-localization-blog )

- The full Trails in the Sky trilogy is finally on English, available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store

- Tokyo Xanadu brought by Askys, Vita version has already been released, and the improved Ex+ version for PS4 and PC on late 2017, although Amazon has November 24th, 2017 listed

- Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana brought by NISA, If you wish to complain, do so to Falcom, not XSeed (they're upset about it too). Good Japanese grammar is extremely recommended


- Trails to Zero fan tl at 25%. Ao is 46% translated, but not edited at all yet. A beta of the Zero TL from 2015 was leaked. It is full of typos and sounds like robots are talking, but it is at least coherent from start to finish. Play only if you are desperate. Machine TL of Azure has also been released, and it is as terrible as you would expect. It is completely unintelligible.

- The Legend of Xanadu I & II Dub Project announced, English tl patches coming in the next months ( http://tg-16.com/The_Legend_of_Xanadu_Dub_Project.htm )

- Also in the works: Zwei!!, Dinosaur Resurrection, Vantage Master Japan, Dinosaur Resurrection and Brandish 2 Renewal (PC-98)

>Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more)


4e98df No.13191361

File: ac5a43ab92401bc⋯.jpg (236.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cUM.jpg)

4e98df No.13191430

File: 5166a8befc3fdd0⋯.jpg (609.33 KB, 1280x1566, 640:783, Schwarzritter.jpg)

Nothing personnel, kid.

4ee9f2 No.13191467


>mfw there'll be more Rean/Crow doujins

Literally the only good thing about Trails series

b807ef No.13191472

Will anything Falcom puts out anymore come close to Origin/Felghana?

8ecb2b No.13191480

File: d5cae74aab3a039⋯.jpg (167.62 KB, 304x712, 38:89, 5166a8befc3fdd045e0d25a435….jpg)

895d10 No.13191499


Is that Zero pc? Has the translation been ported?

895d10 No.13191500


Towa a best.

40bdda No.13191502

For how many fucking threads are you just going to copy-paste the news section without updating? It takes a few seconds you mongol.

4e98df No.13191504


It's Ao in all its machine translated glory. Zero is at least acceptable.

895d10 No.13191505


>Machine TL of Azure has also been released, and it is as terrible as you would expect. It is completely unintelligible.

An actual human translation was added that replaces main story dialogue and quest dialogue, but leaves the rest still in machine translation. http://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-ao-no-kiseki-english-patch.476713/

895d10 No.13191510


Oh, I didn't think you'd be talking to the machine translated NPCs if you were using that version. :^)

4e98df No.13191545

File: 7096463de69bce9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 325.35 KB, 941x174, 941:174, Capture3.PNG)

File: 67cd6b379d043c8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 337.2 KB, 721x209, 721:209, Capture2.PNG)

File: 2547ba22c1594a9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 258.11 KB, 822x176, 411:88, Capture.PNG)


Maybe I chose an old patch or something then.

895d10 No.13191589

File: e4b30bf490d0efe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 16.06 KB, 948x62, 474:31, ClipboardImage.png)



895d10 No.13191592

I think those are the right lines. Hard to tell with google translate.

895d10 No.13191599

File: 6fd4c40a3cc2218⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.25 KB, 774x46, 387:23, ClipboardImage.png)


No, this is it.

951b1b No.13191624


So wait, they're doing the Loewe thing again but not even trying to hide It? They put Crow on the fucking page, they're not even pretending.

d5a38c No.13191732


>Don't forget to support the games (or not if it's a NISA release)

Why would you be buying foreign releases to begin with? Jap or nothing.

15e6c1 No.13191742

File: be5d5bbf0a0868e⋯.png (428.83 KB, 800x795, 160:159, Tio_Plato_-_Bust_(Sen_III).png)

Tio Plato voiced by Burch.

Calling it.

fe0b30 No.13191782

File: 24ff0c53abf905e⋯.jpg (220.65 KB, 600x750, 4:5, sephiroth_with_a_man_beard….jpg)

>Specially Xanadu Next. That masterpiece deserves bigger sales.

I like tried it twice, how exactly the fuck it is a good game? What am I missing?

Is constantly going back to town to rebuy keys after every couple of rooms is some god-tier game designs that I just don't grasp?

ffd692 No.13191933


No it's all about waifu and social link now.

304746 No.13191936

File: 0a4cce255ebd1c2⋯.jpg (983.31 KB, 2419x3226, 2419:3226, f8f8fe2e3e22e18cde5cdb48c3….jpg)

File: df6ff808c3f4b98⋯.jpg (800.03 KB, 2117x2822, 2117:2822, df6ff808c3f4b985fe6aef4167….jpg)


After the VA strike? I don't see it happening. Even so, don't even joke about that.

I'm going to make a call based on what we saw in recent pics however. Unless she becomes another member of the Reanbowl, Claire's going to end up being with/marrying Michael, given that they both work at the Railway Military Police and they have a rivalry and he worries about her. It would be a good way of honoring Miyu Matsuki's (Claire's VA) memory, given that she wasn't able to achieve her wish of getting married if she were to recover before her passing if Falcom decided to go that route.

951b1b No.13191943


Is that still happening? Is there a list of who's involved. I'm curious about who I won't hear for the next year or two.

304746 No.13191959


I don''t think so, but it certainly hurt/killed her career, given that she won't be reprising her role in the next Life is Strange game from what I've heard.

4e98df No.13191990

File: 7c0df918ce4ed5a⋯.jpg (362.79 KB, 1328x1318, 664:659, 1404417544679.jpg)


I don't want burches in my games. Neither writing or voicing them.

8977e9 No.13192024

File: 39902d23961860f⋯.png (532.31 KB, 787x830, 787:830, 1483236734751.png)


>mfw it isn't Crow

8977e9 No.13192036


>Tio part of the Reanbowl

pls no

6f2cc4 No.13192083


That's some shit luck with keys. Get the Bone Carver from Agnes (the robed adventurer you find starting in Clover Ruins) and make sure to get its upgrade later on at Trechier Woods. This will minimize having to backtrack for buying keys.


In style? Not unless they're sure they have a hardcore audience that would really buy it (Oath/Origin didn't do amazing either). In quality? Ys VIII's up there.

951b1b No.13192143


>next Life is Strange game

They're making another one of those!? Shit, I've been out of the loop. I didn't even know Vanquish and Bayonetta released on PC until a few days ago.


It's Loewe again.

8977e9 No.13192538



Fuck that, he had a good farewell. I really hope they don't bring him back.

4e98df No.13192550

File: 8d0df9e962e6c07⋯.jpg (819.49 KB, 2880x1702, 1440:851, Weai3ct.jpg)

File: db4a8a44a3abd5f⋯.jpg (902.52 KB, 2880x1702, 1440:851, aihtUUr.jpg)

>1000 year old vampire loli has Vita's staff

>Big dick jaeger back in action

05fdc1 No.13192573

File: 14145fe4cfaa9db⋯.png (11.97 KB, 529x478, 529:478, a75100f82e0a8dd.png)


>Big sis ara witch is back





dick = diamonds

too bad it's ps4 only

05fdc1 No.13192588



also the character designer has an impeccable gift to not create characters with flaws. I am in to everybody from ED7 to now. 1+2 they were generic, 3-5 they were flat, 6 it was muh charm, 7 and 8 it's sex, intrigue, and badassary so much so they look like they were downspeced from a mecha design.

e069f6 No.13192611

File: d182d7d1f07fadd⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1279082592656.jpg)


>Vita's appearance

Lord help me

e069f6 No.13192644


I really like the designs from CS3

But I also love the designs from Zero and Ao. I just really like that artist's style

6f2cc4 No.13192659


Flat? The Gagharv designs themselves are both trope-y and unique, just tailored for a more traditional low-to-high-fantasy setting than what we've got with Trails. Iwasaki's character art in the Win9x and PSP remakes does a massive favor to those designs…she'd be a much better promo artist for Trails if you ask me.

567b45 No.13192698

File: 7d4d8623b42386f⋯.jpg (88.8 KB, 1024x1014, 512:507, 74d7be94c0eee362f5cf30f0f3….jpg)


PSA: beware of cute underage girls with giant weapons. They are not for sexual- approach with caution. Do not feed the loli.

b807ef No.13192909


I swear to God if all this hype for Ys 8 and it turns out to be Celceta over again.

I swear to God if all this hype is actually true but fucking NISA ends up making a buggy shit tier optimization unplayable port and a trsnalation to match

4e98df No.13192971


I've heard from many that Ys 8 is the magnum opus of the series.

b807ef No.13193009


That honestly sounds too good to be true from what little I've seen of the start of the game.

5b8d4b No.13193013

Ys SEVEN PC release date confirmed for August 30th release.

>25 dollars

Okay, now we're getting Jewed out by 10 dollars.

79add1 No.13193242

And after 4 months I've managed to complete SC, wasn't liking it very much at the beginning but it eventually grew on me. Don't think I'll start immediatly with the 3rd, maybe I'll get back to complete Napishtim. Dealing the final blow to Weissmann with a meatball was pretty amusing

b673e0 No.13193367


with the VA strike? HAHAHAHAHA

a33f4f No.13193389

File: ea26ea5baf7dbd2⋯.jpg (19.07 KB, 154x134, 77:67, MilliumCSIIIArm.jpg)



So does this mean Millium is getting a new VA?

d5a38c No.13193647



The game's been out for like a year now, what are you talking about?

b807ef No.13193659


There's supposed to be extra content and shit so that's enough for me.

895d10 No.13193824

File: ccd18b3b60ad99b⋯.png (305.12 KB, 410x600, 41:60, ClipboardImage.png)

4e98df No.13193837


Go to sleep Angie.

895d10 No.13194036


Do you have a download link for Ao PC?

4ee9f2 No.13194158

File: 2c8cad06f6f7452⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 456x337, 456:337, gadaffi of confusion.jpg)


>Release one of the worst Ys' in the same month you published something from a series whose fans majorly overlap

>Two weeks before the sequel comes out

I don't get it, it's like they want it to sell like shit.

6f9eef No.13194238

File: ac94abe6b7c10a8⋯.gif (743.73 KB, 293x240, 293:240, wut.gif)

All those spoilers by Falcom and i didn't even finish CS 1 yet


>it's like they want it to sell like shit.

>riding the YS 8 "hype" and using NISA marketing for their own benefit

Xseed is not know for their business brilliance anon, they don't know how to hype a game and market a product but this is actually not a bad move, more people may buy 7 because of 8 close release. anyway at least they still good at the most important part of their job which is translating/localizing, Falcom giving any importance to that instead of quick bucks is what worry me the most now.

6f2cc4 No.13194243


I don't see much overlap between Cold Steel and Ys Seven buyers. Most PSP buyers of Trails either didn't know or care about Ys at that point or were more into the fan-translated PC games. As for VIII coming soon, Seven would sell worse after the much-improved sequel's on Steam. Tom @ XSEED said the reason they've been able to port Seven this year is because their recent new projects won't be ready until 2018, which means it's time to pad and get something like Seven PC out before people lose interest.

Also, this announcement being 3 weeks out is much better than usual for them. Let's see if they bother to market it now, which they should given their competition.

b807ef No.13194439


So wait, Zwei 2 is coming 2018?


895d10 No.13194465


No, but it won't be out until the end of September because that's technically still Summer. :^)

9f82d4 No.13194492


Man, while I definitely prefer the extravagant opera dress, I could definitely get used to this new Vita. Maybe it's the gloves & fan.

4ee9f2 No.13194500



All I know is no companies really release the titles of the same series in such a short timespan, probably to avoid the older one not selling at all as people hold off. Sure, sales would probably not be impressive after Ys 8 came out, but now they might be even worse. Anyone who researches enough will know which one is better, and those who don't bother researching probably are typical normalfags and they'll be put off by the graphics as it honestly is the worst looking Ys title on Steam. If other Ys made a good impression on them, they'll give the old one a try to check if the older/newer game was as good, but because Ys 8 is soon after and it doesn't look awful, I think Sven's sales performance will be very bad.

It's not even likely people will confuse them and buy 7 thinking it was 8 because one uses Roman numbers, the other writes Seven.

6f2cc4 No.13194627


Anyone interested in Ys will research and realize Seven is more than worth a play, especially knowing it's the precursor to the newest entry, and two weeks before VIII makes it look like a good appetizer. Speaking of visuals, enough players already skip Chronicles solely because it's old and 2D; XSEED's market here is mostly tolerant of older-looking games so long as they have a neat art-style (one reason I think Xanadu Next didn't do well). And there's a captive Ys audience on Steam/GOG which almost guarantees XSEED will make their money back and be able to offer deeper, more psychologically attractive discounts later.

Besides, releasing around the holidays instead would really screw over this release, and XSEED doesn't want to have a reputation for delayed launches anymore. I'm not expecting Seven to sell super-well purely because of its age and the lack of means to update it for 2017, but it can still be a profitable port with legs. They should build up hype over these weeks, though, by showing off footage and non-spoiler content for once. No doubt it would help to have actual marketing.

b673e0 No.13194676


Maybe, lets hope is some veteran that didnt join the VA union or a new talent that may or may not suck.

895d10 No.13194680


no english va can do lolis well

9f82d4 No.13194697



Who knows, they could get Erica Lindbeck (Vita) to double up, and use her Futaba voice for Millium.

05fdc1 No.13194759



I'm not even going to buy Zwei 2, even though it's my favorite PC game, unless they fucking fix the bloom. My god the bloom in that game is horrendous.

80d06b No.13194849


Because lolis are inherently shit. So of course they only sound decent in a language you can't understand.

8179cc No.13195115

Why is there such a small amount of Ys doujins? They're either 80 gazillions year old or don't exist, Trails have incomparably more.


Yeah, it's very much worth a play, but what will they choose if they only have money for one? I can and will buy both unless fuckery happens, but that won't be the case for everyone. It'd be better as an "Appetizer" if it wasn't 25$ but at most 20, I think.

I don't think spoilers matter for Ys, the stories are… Well, they care so much about the story, I remember Celceta's trailers outright showing Gruda smiling as something's burning in the background. It made it too obvious that he is gay for Adol. Red flames clearly represent Adol as they share his hair colour and don't combine with water too well, the city ravaged by fire represents Gruda's body, smiling Gruda actually represents his own, true self's thoughts and his wild enjoyment at being claimed by Adol. Don't take Ys games literally, they're too complicated and deep, everything you see needs interpretation

I believe my ID changed as it randomly does every X hours because it asked me for shit. That sucks I guess.

e069f6 No.13195254


I think even in Japan Ys is not as popular, perhaps?

Like if you go look at fanart there's considerably less Ys than Trails as well.

a33f4f No.13195296


Well, Ys is more about the gameplay, whereas Trails is more about the story and characters, so it's not shocking it gets more art.

ffd692 No.13195715


Whoever did that little girl in Tales of Xillia 2 did a pretty good job.

4771f5 No.13197921

Is Ys Seven coming with any extra content or is it just a decent FPS?

e069f6 No.13197943

File: fc38a686fb70291⋯.jpg (486.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, The-Legend-of-Heroes-Trail….jpg)

oh god my heart

8179cc No.13197987


I don't think even Xseed could do something as stupid marketing-wise as forgetting to tell people about such a major selling point, so yeah, only FPS/upscale. If there was any extra content or anything beyond the above, they'd have mentioned it unless they are beyond clueless.

5e627d No.13200149

Machias is a chump. I gave him the striped uniform and the white plush cat.

a0a0e3 No.13200330


It's xseed so who knows.

a33f4f No.13202599

File: 7c9a7d86593c8cc⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1218x1440, 203:240, FieReanZephyr.png)

8977e9 No.13202791

a33f4f No.13202905

File: fd1e2c37982e986⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CSMoves.png)

951b1b No.13203631


Jeez, between Zephyr, Victor S. Arseid, and the Bracer Guild, Rean can't afford to break a Best Girl's heart.

5b8d4b No.13203831


>Rutger finds out Rean's been giving Fie the ashen dick

>They have a one on one fight for Rean to prove himself

>Rean wins, making Zephyr into valuable allies instead of enemies.

I'm hoping this'll happen.

9f82d4 No.13205347


Just wait.

Suddenly we'll be introduced to Emma's grandmother/Hexen Clan elder.

4e98df No.13205380

File: e69715cd109a975⋯.jpg (329.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1502279851206.jpg)


>Suddenly we'll be introduced to Emma's grandmother/Hexen Clan elder.

Someone call Kevin. Which reminds me, I wonder how the church looks upon pagan elements like the witches? Emmas reaction to them isn't really that favorable.

8fbdff No.13205509

Do the trails games work well on Loonix

Also brandish works perfectly with a keyboard. Bound the analog controls to numpad so that it's easy to reach out from the arrow keys for spells and whatnot. I still haven't tried Nayuta, but I might since truth be told Brandish is starting to get boring.

e069f6 No.13206932



I can't wait for Emma's grandmother to find out about Rean waifuing Vita

8977e9 No.13208765


>implying they're gonna let us waifu an Anguis

88c5a0 No.13209207

>The Finale of Trails of Cold Steel describes the events that transpired between Chapter 6 and the Finale, which were removed from the game and moved to the Drama CD that came with the limited edition of the game.

Is there an english version for this shit?

895d10 No.13209228

951b1b No.13210331


If you didn't know about that, you probably don't know about the thing that got cut from Cold Steel II either.


They just reference this cut shit casually too, which is very annoying.

b1177d No.13210500


It's the best part of the VA strike. It's letting new talent come in and actually do a decent job, meaning hacks like Burch won't be in as many games.

8977e9 No.13211277


>that unsubtle foreshadowing of ouroboros's true nature at the end

c63548 No.13211416

File: 444644fe69d41d9⋯.jpg (222.15 KB, 960x480, 2:1, Ao_no_kiseki_ending_cg.jpg)


Yeah I have nothing against unions but a GUILD is not a union.

It amazes me how the actors guild is even legal. Its literally the Mafia extorting people. They can even BLACKLIST you.

The same thing was going on in the UK but in the 70s it finally got broken up.

c63548 No.13211519

File: f524b684b21b1a3⋯.jpg (329.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault(82).jpg)

Man gamers are so fucking shit. FC became a meme.

https://Kotamu.com (please use archive.is)m/how-to-get-into-trails-one-of-the-best-rpg-series-out-1786275078

Turns out most people never even finished it. Sales of this series dropped off a goddamn cliff.


I mean Steam fags are the kind of shopaholic women who will buy ANYTHING on a sale to put in their closet never to wear. So I guess it will do allright once Xseed sells it for 99 cents. Like Last Remnant.


cb2ca0 No.13211545


He's supposed to be dead right? how are they gonna explain this one away.


Fortunately I think we can safely say that VA's will never ever be a selling point for vidya, so they'll never be able to strong arm developers into getting their way.


What is happening to randy in this pic?

5b8d4b No.13211576


>How are they gonna explain this one away Explain Crow and Osborne It's magic and shit.

ab7e68 No.13211588

File: 65e776cc27eb034⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 275x346, 275:346, 65e776cc27eb03477315c6b526….jpg)


>trying to direct link to Kotaku

What the hell is wrong with you?

7f662a No.13211881


Majority of video games aren't being finished at all and I guess most of the folks that bought these games on Steam already played it on their consoles. But it's still a good investment because these ports are going to be on platform that will be available forever.



How much is the development budget for these games?

4e98df No.13212052

File: 7d071ceb28ec0d1⋯.jpg (160.51 KB, 607x608, 607:608, 1489811664290.jpg)


>I mean Steam fags are the kind of shopaholic women who will buy ANYTHING on a sale to put in their closet never to wear.

This is true. I mostly only use steam to buy shit I like that I've already played before.

a33f4f No.13212060

File: 0160ec60149d5ba⋯.png (96.51 KB, 580x580, 1:1, OlivertCucked.png)

9f82d4 No.13212224


Considering the nature of everyone that's "dead," I have to wonder if there's someone that's looking to create a constant state of war to accomplish something dastardly, and that this person is behind all of these mysterious revivals.

e069f6 No.13212254


>Direct linking to kotaku


And yes, Steamfags are known to just buy games on sale, play for five minutes, then repeat the process.

895d10 No.13212259


>What is happening to randy in this pic?

His stomach is growling you pervert.

895d10 No.13212269


I'm pretty sure FC numbers are so high because it was given away in humble bundles with other games and such.

4e98df No.13213424

File: 59fc9140efd01c8⋯.webm (5.8 MB, 622x616, 311:308, Corussuberu.webm)

Sorry guys.

9f82d4 No.13213477

8977e9 No.13214402


Why is Pink Lloyd freaking out about crossbell

307ce8 No.13214421


>How much is the development budget for these games?

A year of rice supply for each member of the dev team

a33f4f No.13214431

File: afc67355592acca⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1754x1240, 877:620, Juna2.png)


She wants Crossbell back.

307ce8 No.13214442


I dont remember FC in any humble bundle

41e9fa No.13214503

File: dc610cad735d0da⋯.jpg (35.55 KB, 520x317, 520:317, 3413-re2.jpg)


why the fuck did Falcom cut this shit out of the game? it's shounen as fuck but at least it develops Rean as a character, hell even his foster family gets some time in it and this is quite more important than a lot of stuff that happens in some chapters, is Falcom retarded?

a33f4f No.13214520


>why the fuck did Falcom cut this shit out of the game?

Because the Vita didn't have enough room. It is entirely the PS Vita's fault.

4e98df No.13214631

File: 38ff5c96cb13eff⋯.jpg (465.95 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1502262893585.jpg)


>Is in police academy

>Follows her dreams of one day being in the SSS

>Suddenly whole state goes apeshit and no one knows whats going on

>Get annexed by arrogant erebonian scum amidst the confusion

>Suddenly has to quit her dreams of becoming police in her Crossbell

>Gets transferred to erebonian school and has to learn erebonian customs and creeds

>Probably hates every prick there who probably gloats over pissing on Crossbell

Pink Flloyd has all reason to be cranky.

41e9fa No.13214636

File: 6152513079e8abd⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 267x199, 267:199, RAGE.gif)


> It is entirely the PS Vita's fault.

Now that is some of bullshit and a big one of that, it's entirely Falcom fault period, FALCOM choose to cut a vital part of Rean character development, if "room" was the main issue they could cut some other crap instead of something so important. I really don't get it, how could they not only cut something like this and have the guts to sell it as a Drama-CD for some special edition, what a fucking farce.

a33f4f No.13214716

File: 1aca8f21dd2fc05⋯.png (723.24 KB, 1455x794, 1455:794, JunaKurt.png)


You forgot the part where despite hating everything he stands for she can't help wanting to witness the sword of the Vander.


Actually yes, it is the Vita's fault. Because Ymir was an entirely new area. That's what wouldn't fit. You would have had to have cut an entire field study, and while I wouldn't have been opposed to cutting, say Roer, because I hate Alisa, I can't deny the plot stuff than happened there was more essential than what is essentially a hotsprings breaks with a little bit of development for Rean. So yes, I blame the Vita. It also cost us some things in CS2 as well. That's why CS3 is going to be better. They don't have to cater to outdated hardware anymore.

8977e9 No.13214774


>using the same weapon as Lloyd and doesn't want the Lloyd dick

making me think

951b1b No.13214803


>because I hate Alisa

I'll give you a better reason, Roer didn't need to be there because it didn't introduce anything new to the table, and was Alisa focused. Considering she stole Gaius' chapter she didn't need her own. It would've been fine if left to description. Ymir gives development to Rean and introduce Ouroboros, which is pretty fucking relevant considering the end is coming up. Plus it establishes Rean's new scroll and abilities, and rise to Intermediate level.

1cd27c No.13214809

File: 1c9af27aa721c44⋯.png (30.67 KB, 2337x344, 2337:344, Unbenannt.png)

41e9fa No.13214816

File: 8b4a77f872bcf62⋯.mp4 (254.65 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1467765590919.mp4)


>FALCOM could cut Nordlands short, especially those big and bland areas, but they choose not to

>FALCOM could cut Cedric short without impacting the main story, but they choose not to

>FALCOM choose not only to cut a major part of the MC development, but to sell the damn thing as a Drama-CD for the "special edition", but it's all vita fault

a33f4f No.13214819


It did actually. In spite of Alisa, the (absolutely) dividing of the Reinford Company is important to the plot. It also shows just how bad tensions between Imperial and Provencal forces are, as well as setting up Crow's (admittedly) failed gambit. Plus, hinted at Claire's feelings for Rean. Just a bit.

a33f4f No.13214843


Nord is, sadly, important. It's very likely one of the resting places of one of the two parts of the great power. Celdic is less vital, but Ymir for Field Study 1 wouldn't work. The problem with Ymir is that there's nothing near there that could serve as drama.

But yeah, if there had been no Vita version Ymir would have been in there.

307ce8 No.13214847


>humble bundle montly


That explains a lot, they shouldnt have done that, people dont even play most of the humble bundle games.

41e9fa No.13214881

File: 881193dac58b970⋯.gif (404.51 KB, 200x210, 20:21, wtfimreading.gif)


holy crap

e069f6 No.13214888


You're acting as if cutting down the size of Nord would add enough space for a brand new town, fieldtrip and VA.

a33f4f No.13214941


Maybe he just really loves the PS Vita. Maybe he's Chad Warden.

41e9fa No.13214975


I'm flat out saying that there is plenty to cut from the game to make room for the Main Character development in a JRPG, but it's quite pointless to discuss such thing with you and him as both of you seem to be like my Blizzard fanboy friend so i will just stop wasting my time, but do keep blaming a console for a developer decision.


handlehold consoles have destroyed many of my favorite series, they are cancer, so no i don't love the Vita and don't even have one, but blaming Vita for something FALCOM CHOOSE to do is retarded.

e069f6 No.13215065


>there is plenty to cut from the game

Downsizing Nord and a little bit of Celdic was all you said.

That won't be enough to shove in a new assets, programming, voice acting etc.

And if they had to cut out more than that, they'd sell it as a drama CD anyway and we'd be having the same conversation.

455252 No.13215072


They wouldn't have to make that choice to begin with if it weren't for console limitations. You can argue Falcom made a poor decision on what to cut but ultimately it was the vita's fault anything had to be cut to begin with.

99a482 No.13215171

File: 799badb8d6a60c7⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1400x787, 1400:787, LOLcalizing.png)

File: 0ea9a43e69de39b⋯.png (181.01 KB, 473x316, 473:316, 1.png)

File: 8fbde3af0072869⋯.png (663.63 KB, 1180x385, 236:77, AH.png)

File: dd148efcf350262⋯.png (669.82 KB, 1212x491, 1212:491, 4 (2).png)

File: 23fc64263cdf1cd⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1210x608, 605:304, 4 (1).png)







307ce8 No.13215178


Its time to learn moonrunes, anon

4e98df No.13215183

File: 2c1746e0719add7⋯.png (97.38 KB, 307x249, 307:249, .......png)


>Comes from a nice country

>Has a stable family that loves him

>Likes going to church and pray

>Goes to neighbouring country to learn more about it

>Ends up liking it and makes some new friends

>Painting is kinda nice I guess

>The wind feels nice



>Hangs out at home

>Hangs around in the background

>Oh look there is some other nord guy who is a potential rival

>Yeah nah can't let anything interesting happen

>Hangs out in churches every bonding event

>Likes Erebonia more than he did in the previous game

>Still likes painting, might make a painting about his friends that he likes

>The wind feels breezy I guess


It's like Gaius's whole purpose was to give Class VII a home to stay in during their field trip and then he got shoved into some forgotten closet and is now collecting dust.

99a482 No.13215188

File: 71a7de2cd82c433⋯.png (745.13 KB, 1212x506, 606:253, grati-diddly-tude.png)


I'm too old to learn a new language, let alone one that looks like something crafted by mad dwarves in the center of the sun.

a33f4f No.13215196

File: 838afb08d25c073⋯.jpg (304.58 KB, 600x932, 150:233, GaiusCSIII.jpg)



>Time to purge some heretics

99a482 No.13215199


Indians aren't that interesting to begin with, mate.

Just be glad he's not gonna start wearing a feathered headdress

e528e1 No.13215211



>Because the Vita didn't have enough room. It is entirely the PS Vita's fault.

>英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 PlayStation®Vita the Best - 2.7GB

>英雄伝説 閃の軌跡II - 3.0GB

>Vita cartridges supports up to 4GB of data

how does it feel to be retarded?

951b1b No.13215216


>implying Gaius won't start activating his Stigma and purging heretics left and right through CS III with his bird

It's always the quiet ones in these games, man.

4e98df No.13215286

File: a0036313889b033⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 255.82 KB, 500x851, 500:851, Kevin_Graham_(Ao).png)

File: 91bed84a88539fe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 741.15 KB, 586x1064, 293:532, Barkhorn_(Sen_III).png)



What the fuck, his "tattoo" on his arm alongside his piousness is mighty convenient. Though I just wished he had a little more involvement besides just being there, but it can't be helped if he is on some undercover mission I suppose. I'm gonna be very disappointed if they don't do something with him in CS3.

d5a38c No.13215371


>handlehold consoles have destroyed many of my favorite series, they are cancer

Like what? In general I've seen them do more good, they tend to be the refuge of good and interesting games to hide from executive meddling due to budget. 90% of good games of the past decade or so have been on the DS/3DS and PSP/Vita.

d5a38c No.13215378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you love vidya, you'll do it sooner or later.

5b8d4b No.13215522


>I just wished he had a little more involvement

He would have had some if Alisa didn't forcibly remove his development in favor of making everything about her.

5b8d4b No.13215539


and considering the amount of story connected to those trips most likely adding another few hours, it would have gone over the limit, dipshit.

e069f6 No.13215626



He'll probably shine in CS3. I'm expecting him to, really, given that he's part of the church now.

I think he didn't get as much spotlight because he's probably the most mature character out of Class 7. He's already developed, and the only things that need filling in were his reasons for joining Thors, and him trying to fit in to Imperial traditions and whatnot. He doesn't have any hangups like the other characters do; he feels at home with his family, unlike Rean and Alisa. He's not a part of the noble/commoner dispute like Machias and Jusis. He's sure of his goal and position in life, unlike Emma and Elliot. He doesn't have a big secret and a past like Fie does.

Laura is the only one that's equivalent to him, but she still got hung up on Fie's dishonesty and holding back for a while. And she's still a noble, despite Legram and her father trying to stay out of it, at least in the first game.

94da01 No.13217124


>and considering the amount of story connected to those trips most likely adding another few hours, it would have gone over the limit, dipshit.

>implying that would ever be the case

It's like you never heard how compression works

c8bb59 No.13219250

Do I get anything worth a shit for 100%'ing the fishing minigame? Because otherwise I don't really see myself putting time into it.

895d10 No.13219358


In which game? Cold Steel? I think max rank gets you a Master Quartz and an accessory you need for a Zemurian Ore shard.

82e516 No.13219366


Sky Second Chapter

895d10 No.13219384



Apparently you can get tiger hearts and crimson eyes from some of the fish. I mostly ignored fishing when I played, I just fished a few times whenever I came across a spot and didn't worry about it.

d1168a No.13220300

Quick question about SC

Are Ouroboros actually gonna turn out to be a a highly trained elite sort of thing or are all they going to be a bunch of teenagers who have the powers of literal gods by being edgy fucks?

4e98df No.13220353

File: 41049ec9e8b6324⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.17 KB, 300x316, 75:79, 1319439618978.jpg)


>are all they going to be a bunch of teenagers who have the powers of literal gods by being edgy fucks?

That's not the case so you can rest assured and go ahead and beat the game which will explain it all for you.

8977e9 No.13220409


Neither, kinda

e069f6 No.13220425


Ouroboros is an enigma. A little bit of them get revealed more and more each game. They have some way of gaining power (Divergent Laws) that messes with some crazy, possibly otherworldly shit.

Some of their enforcers are just highly powerful , trained badasses without too much outside power, though.

58b730 No.13220470


I beat SC a week ago getting all the achievements, the only thing I remember that you gain with fishing is that if you fish the Valeria Lake king you'll get a card that will grant you the ability to buy baits of every kind at the fishermen guild.

a33f4f No.13220574

File: e7cde3739d25853⋯.gif (446.66 KB, 325x400, 13:16, McBurn.gif)


Ouroboros recruits people from all walks of life, from adults to kids, if you've got the skills, they'll take you on. Some are edgy, but most are just having a good time and almost none take things 100% seriously. Ouroboros is a very weird organization and even seven games in there's still plenty about it we don't know.

39eb44 No.13221108


Vamp loli is going to be Emma's granny.

39eb44 No.13221132



It's pretty damn easy. Sept-terrion of Time and go back and grab them at the last second. We know Erebonia has The Flame and "the Maw that consumes all". That second one is obviously Time.

a33f4f No.13221209

File: 8c218d71e374d20⋯.jpg (523.14 KB, 1600x1105, 320:221, TrailsOfColdSteel9.jpg)


>Second is time

I don't think so, honestly. I think Time will be last, and is in Arteria. The second Erebonian sept is likely water, There have been subtle hunts toward this. And some not so subtle ones.

895d10 No.13221280

Does The 3rd take place during Zero? Joshua and Estelle said they were in Crossbell when they were transported to Phantasma, and don't they arrive in Crossbell toward the beginning of Zero?

5b8d4b No.13221371


The 3rd takes place before Zero. They were heading to Crossbell when they got picked up.

a33f4f No.13221392



Basically, what Joshua says there doesn't match up with the timeline of Ring of Judgement or Zero. The "trusted source" they learned bout Renne from was Ein, who they met after working with Toval for a while. Then they went to Crossbell in Chapter 1 of Zero. In Chapter 1 they also reference the events of 3rd happening months before. So basically, because Ring of Judgement and Zero were written after 3rd, you have to take Joshua saying they're already in Crossbell as non-canon and that, despite RoJ making it look like they get to Crossbell instantly after hearing about Renne, it must have taken them a few months. It seems 3rd happens some time between Ring of Judgement and Zero. It's one of the few times they fuck up continuity.

895d10 No.13221457


>RoJ making it look like they get to Crossbell instantly after hearing about Renne, it must have taken them a few months.

Did they walk? Why not take a train? :^)

a33f4f No.13221477


All I know is RoJ must have happened before 3rd, Estelle and Joshua arrive in Crossbell in Zero Chapter 1 and say 3rd happened months ago.

8977e9 No.13221487



I thought the demiourge was time because of how it's boss fight works

a33f4f No.13221517


No, that's actually the mirage sept-terrion, but because of the way it was made this time, KeA also had dominion of over time and space as well, letting her rewrite reality at will. So she could make a timeline where Crossbell was untouchable, and where she could save Lloyd from getting killed by Joachim in Zero. And, possibly though this is just theoretical, Helping Class VII reach the railway guns in time so Crossbell wasn't destroyed.

4e98df No.13223641

File: c4971d70a62f67f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dieter taking a break on t….jpg)


>Ring of Judgement

What the shit, now I have something to read after marathoning all 7 games. Thanks.

a33f4f No.13223687

File: 2c2194f091186e8⋯.jpg (303.16 KB, 816x528, 17:11, RingOfJudgement.jpg)

File: 0a2a630456f6db4⋯.jpg (845.58 KB, 818x1215, 818:1215, RingOfJudgement1.jpg)

File: fa6a0d3e17d048a⋯.jpg (675.31 KB, 841x1218, 29:42, RingOfJudgement2.jpg)

File: f4176dc5edffde9⋯.jpg (730.55 KB, 823x1216, 823:1216, RingOfJudgement3.jpg)

File: 6d8543867d09aba⋯.jpg (483.67 KB, 820x1315, 164:263, RoJ-05-02.jpg)


It's not super long, and it's a pretty good read.

a4de32 No.13223693

File: 38d6e9f978691ba⋯.png (57.09 KB, 220x166, 110:83, Blue_Gnosis_(Zero).png)

So what is it with these games and making translators go crazy? That floofy or whatever is also depressed though no suicide attempts yet. This series is cursed.

a4de32 No.13223719

File: 072179be92dc6b0⋯.jpg (151.93 KB, 736x501, 736:501, chapter 4.jpg)


I despise handheld consoles. Playing on a small screen is fucking SHIT. And I am by no means a graphics whore but putting a PSP or Vita game on a 4k screen makes it terrible to look at.

I understand the economics though. Making a Vita or 3DS game is cheap.

a33f4f No.13223756

File: ab25c544887bafb⋯.png (173.87 KB, 339x451, 339:451, MilliumHeh.png)

So…there are definitely new Millium lines in the PC port. Does this mean Burch isn't on strike? Is she breaking it? What's up?

4e98df No.13223780

File: 64c6dc67f04b265⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.39 KB, 479x479, 1:1, sweat.jpg)



>As I said before, all I want is respect- not to be told that my work is pointless, etc etc- and patience from people. I was reluctant to do this at the very start when people suggested I reach out to Zerog way back in the day. I straight up told him that I didn’t want to work 100% on the script. Yet, here I am.

Well, I'll just say my warning lights are going off. I just get huge flashbacks to other times when fans working on big projects go mental because of stress and feeling unappreciated. He kinda sounds like the sort that will go nuclear if he reads one too many negative comments about the work he does. I sure hope he doesn't but still man.

b1085f No.13223790



She. And, well, thankfully she hasn't been really working on the project since, and others have taken her place. Current status of Zero's translation edits are nearing 30% completion.

a33f4f No.13223829



Yeah, Floofy is a she and she ragequit off the Zero translation when the beta leaked and someone said it was "good enough" to understand the game. It doesn't really matter though, since by all accounts she wasn't even working on it a whole lot to begin with.

d5a38c No.13223865


To each their own I guess, I don't really see any benefit from larger screens for most games, and certainly not enough to beat out how much better the games tend to be on the handhelds.


>not to be told that my work is pointless

Maybe you shouldn't be doing pointless work then? No one should be trusting other people's translations in the first place, they're never reliable.

e069f6 No.13224472


Yeah, red flags started popping up when she raged over the beta leak of the Zero translation.

4e98df No.13224481

File: e88e25e64dcfd10⋯.jpeg (68.58 KB, 1024x276, 256:69, 1455996785554-1.jpeg)


Fantranslators can be quite scary at times.

18e562 No.13224706

File: 8cdcecc06025a7a⋯.jpg (218.96 KB, 955x407, 955:407, ztl.jpg)


Indeed. Falcom fans are no exception.

5373c8 No.13225038

File: 81de2bfa64273ec⋯.jpg (74.74 KB, 712x421, 712:421, estelle-renne.jpg)


$250k for translating weebshit?! The people working for the Japanese UN ambassador don't even get that much.

5b8d4b No.13226596

File: a1ea31bb0ed638d⋯.jpg (389.48 KB, 1080x1814, 540:907, IMG_0113.JPG)

Looks like NISA is roping in Atlus to help shill Ys 8.

b1177d No.13226645


It's so weird. What the fuck could Atlus gain from this?

4e98df No.13226651


Gotta get a slice of that falcom pie.

e069f6 No.13226653



Are they publishing it in yurop?

47b95d No.13226667


have we gotten any sneak peaks of how bad the localization is going to be yet?

951b1b No.13226678


Money? NISA likely paid for that and Altus said, "Sure, free money."

b1177d No.13226680


Nope, NISA is doing that. Atlus don't do Europe.

5b8d4b No.13226682




They're explicitly trying to hide their work after the backlash against them calling the tortoise boss a vase.

78e3f5 No.13226685

I bet Dana's just shit anyways.

e069f6 No.13226692


People here who've played it say it's one of the best ones, so NISA getting it really hurts

47b95d No.13226695


Well, I suppose at least they are smart enough to lay low. Hopefully they are also smart enough to know a lot of people aren't happy at all that they got the rights to Ys and this'll be a fairly safe localization.

b1177d No.13226696


It's actually pretty damn good man. Just import the Jap version like the rest of us.

455252 No.13226700


There have already been screenshots of grammar errors in character bios.

There was one instance where they managed to translate a character name wrong despite all the names already being written in the roman alphabet. Evidently it was either translated by machine or the translator gives so few shits he didn't recognize the kana as a character's name.

78e3f5 No.13226704



Yeah fucking right. It's hard to swallow that shit after Seven and Celceta.

47b95d No.13226709


…. why in the world is NISA so consistently awful?

78e3f5 No.13226713


Because it's fucking NISA.

5b8d4b No.13226717


If Spike Chunsoft dropping them from PC releases of Dangitronpaul is any indication people are starting to slowly figure shit out. Hopefully they won't even let them touch the next entry in the series.

b1085f No.13226736

b1177d No.13226739


Losing Danganronpa would be a huge blow for NISA. I don't think it'd be the killing blow they deserve, but they can't keep losing IPs like this, which is probably why they want their grubby hands on Falcom

895d10 No.13226893

Has anyone else tried the Zero no Kiseki fan translation in Adrenaline on the Vita? It crashes for me when I try to scroll through recipes.

046ca6 No.13227129


I get that too. It also consistently crash when I try to play poker, blackjack, or the slot machines (but not the roulette), and sometimes when I open the screen to open/upgrade the orbments slots.

I've read that the bug also happen on a real PSP, but not on PPSSPP, so if you really want to try that stuff, then you can transfer your save onto your PC.

d5a38c No.13227154


You would be amazed how often there are already official Romanizations for names in games and such made by the devs that localizers just ignore wholesale.


Because they're a foreign company that profits off of shitting on Japanese games.

895d10 No.13227163


I've already been playing in emulator because of it, just wondering.

895d10 No.13227439

Are there any mods to play as Olivert or anything for Cold Steel PC yet?

5b8d4b No.13227855


there's a mod that let's you play as a rooster and since it's just model swapping, I'd assume that there is a mod to let you play as "Olivert" i.e. Rean in Olivert's skin.

a33f4f No.13227878


You can swap any model. But it's not like Olivert has a moveset or anything. Why would he? He's not playable in 1 or 2.

a33f4f No.13229654

File: e846315727d907e⋯.mp4 (1.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CSThatMakesSense.mp4)

5dc4e2 No.13230970


Rean's just nice like that. He can tell Towa's under a lot of stress, so even when she degenerates to spouting gibberish sounds, he plays along like he understands.

5b8d4b No.13231602

New Ys 8 filler trailer from NISA centered around Adol. No surprise that there still isn't any text and they're still hiding their logo.

0802ef No.13231648

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At least he isn't called Adel in this one

488a90 No.13231953


It's a trailer, what do you really expect? Game trailers don't really have any text besides "cool combat 10/10"-type advertshit. It's meant to show gameplay and pretty cinematics/whatever to be hype the viewer, not text to bore normalfags. Watch any trailer, there'll be a similar ratio of action to text, meaning pretty much only action.

NISA's logo is pretty clearly displayed at 30 seconds in, and it's there for 10 seconds so effectively a fourth of the video, same size as all the other logos. It's also a video on their official channel, so how are they hiding anything? If it was displayed any more, it'd be longer there than Falcom's, and that would be a shitty thing to do.

b4a7e9 No.13232199


>meanwhile XSEED showed almost no gameplay in their Cold Steel trailer

They're truly bad at marketing aren't they? NISA has been flooding trailers after trailers, fully knowing gematsu, rpgsite and whatnot are all going to be reposting them which is basically additional new advertising every single new trailer they make.

a33f4f No.13232223


Cold Steel doesn't trailer well. It's hard to make a compelling trailers out of Trails game at all to be honest.

b4a7e9 No.13232248


They just needed to show anything cool-looking. It's been proven that people who check store pages usually only check the first 15 seconds or so of the first video on the game's page so it gotta have something to catch their attention.

af43e0 No.13232327

Finally finished CS after 80hrs, it's not a bad game but a huge disappointment to me, hopefully 2 is way better.


>They're truly bad at marketing

I would call them bad if at least they tried which they don't. Tom claims that they "are happy wit the reception" but they are happy with anything pass 10k even if CS now sits at page 9 of steam best sellers and falling not even 2 weeks in. Besides Tom himself said that they are aware of their poor/non-existent marketing skills BUT they don't think that is a huge problem. Maybe it will take everyone "stealing" their contracts for them to wake up.

951b1b No.13232503


Show off attack animations and tense moments. Keep it short and sweet, no greater than 45 seconds. Have a character voiceover explain their situation if you must.

Cutting a trailer is as easy as statistics manipulation, XSeed is just really bad at it/doesn't have enough people to do it/lazy.

e069f6 No.13232540


I like CS, but it's very "light" when it comes to major plot happenings. Things don't come together until the end, most of the game is just fleshing out characters and fixing their hangups.

CS2 is much better, but there's a dry spell around the middle. The intermission, final stretch and divertissement/epilogue are the highlights of the game for me, though.

af43e0 No.13232896


>most of the game is just fleshing out characters and fixing their hangups

i notice that, quite frankly it's badly done I HATE YOU->WE ARE BEST FRIENDS! too fast too shallow.

e069f6 No.13232953


The only hatred between characters are from Machias/Jusis. Everyone else are strangers early on, and Machias and Jusis are vitriolic to each other right up until the end. It's more like they called a truce with each other.

The only reason Machias and Rean make up faster is because Rean doesn't taunt him the same way Jusis does.

If you're talking about Laura/Fie, it's more about Laura having a hangup about Fie's dishonesty and holding back, rather than hatred.

I can't think of any more conflict between two characters. Alisa/Rean? Alisa's been wanting to apologize, and it's weeks ingame before she finally does. The calendar ingame does show how much time passes, and how much weeks of things you missed. Some things can feel very fast because of that.

58b68b No.13232978


I don't even think Machias hates Jusis anymore.

e069f6 No.13232989


At the end of the game they've more or less become friends by force. They still insult each other, but it's more rivalry than outright hatred like at the beginning.

8977e9 No.13232994


It's more of a rivalry thing

af43e0 No.13233407


i didn't meant literal hate, but it would improve the game a lot if it was, i mean the little crisis those high school students have in their fake military academy. Machias and Jusis were the only kinda believable ones the rest was just shallow and pathetic. i don't quite hate CS but when i compare it to FC and specially Zero which got my attention from the start with the political/police/moral corruption, the role of SSS, the whole Crossbell situation been manipulated by the 2 super powers, threaten by WMDs, the mafias sponsored by the super powers, people losing fate, now compare all that to what happens in CS. CS felt to me waaay to pushy and forceful with the whole POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! crap, not a terrible game but really disappointing and the ending didn't help one bit.

951b1b No.13233484


That's why I say the NA vs. IA conflict should've split Class VII with CS II being about bringing them together again and trying to stop the War.

Team NA would be Crow, Jusis, and Laura. Team IA would be Machias, Millium, and Elliot. Team Neutral would start with Gaius, Fie, Emma, Alisa, and Rean. Of course, that would mean changing the NA from complete obvious villains and giving them a more justifiable motive for war, but I think it would've been better than having all the NA be jackasses and having Class VII claim neutrality despite totally fighting for and with the IA.

a33f4f No.13233529




Her dad wants nothing to do with the NA and neither does she.

e069f6 No.13233536



Also don't see why Crow would join the noble army as a student, that'd just make him more obvious

5b8d4b No.13233641


You're missing the entire point of those characters you're shoving into the Noble Alliance just for conflict's sake.

8977e9 No.13233765


Please never attempt to write anything

951b1b No.13235723




Well, that got a response. But clearly none of you read the whole thing, because I pointed out in order for this split to happen, the NA would need a more justifiable reason to go to war than what they have. I KNOW Laura and Jusis wouldn't stick with them as presented in-game.


This would be during CSII, fool.

e069f6 No.13235876


Easy there. I was just half asleep when I read your post.

Still though. While Crow doesn't join the NA solidly in CS2, he does appear as an ally to them, same way as the rest of Ouroboros, right up until Cayenne attempts to get Vermillion at the end. If you want Crow to actually join the NA without rewriting his backstory/motivations, then you'd probably have to change the ending of CS1 (where he failed in his plans to shoot Osborne) so his goal isn't accomplished and he joins up with them fully to pursue it. But even then you'd have to rewrite his relationship with Vita and the ILF, and maybe a bit of his character too. Crow doesn't care about the noble alliance, they just have similar goals, and in return for her aid is his plans, he's helping Vita.

Secondly, without rewriting Laura, even with a "good" reason for the NA to go to war, Laura would probably still be neutral, like her father will also most likely be. And the NA is instigating it. War is war, whether they had a more justifiable reason or not. Without changing Laura's character, she would still be in the neutral camp.

Jusis will of course be the hardest to convince, since he is the most noble of the classmates, but even then, given his backstory, he would still join Class VII anyway after some convincing in your version of CS2… just like he does in this CS2.

In fact, I think the were already in camps (just with Laura in neutral) in this CS2, but just not as strongly as you want.

I'm not saying CS1 and CS2 are perfect. CS1 focuses on the classmates and bringing them together, while CS2 focuses on the war and the Noble Alliance's goals (CS3 will be focusing on Osbourne's). There should've been more conflict in CS1, and they become friend that are split up at the end. Basically the same idea, but just with more tempers and infighting.

If anything I think the biggest flaw with CS2 is the lack of showing what was going on in Western Erebonia. The fighting was bloodier and there was more destruction, but they only told us through the characters' mouths, we didn't see anything. Maybe we'll see remnants of it in CS3 but there's less impact without actually being there (like seeing how Garellia was before and after it got scooped out with an ice cream scoop). I think the middle of the game should've been more about checking out that while hunting for the Zemurian ore instead of just going from shrine to shrine.

After the intermission it felt like nothing was actually going on. It was suddenly very peaceful, allowing the party to wander around as they like. Sure, you have fights in between, but since it was a predictable repeating process, it didn't feel like much.

5b8d4b No.13235936


No, anon, I read your post. They wouldn't join them even if you rewrite the NA. Laura doesn't give two shits about nobility neither does the Viscount. Jusis is the bastard son of a Duke who doesn't even acknowledge him most of the time. I doubt he'd care to side with the NA. You'd have to rewrite the games and the characters entirely to get over your hangup.

802181 No.13236018


there is no need for a split, but the character had to be more than a archetype "Boy that everyone loves, is kind hearted, hidden power, chosen one, tragic past", "Kind hearted girl that is easily flustered, family issues, has difficult with showing her feelings and is prone to cause misunderstandings", "Stoic girl, who doesn't know how to act feminine", The game tries so hard to make me like them but they all end up feeling shallow and "i have seen that shit before in a mediocre anime" to me, Falcom should put more faults in their characters so they don't feels so shallow. By the way it's not just CS most FALCOM games have the same issue of absolute good vs absolute evil where the heroes are pure with a few personal problems and the villains are just a bunch of piece of shits, Also, does FALCOM uses two writers on CS? because it feels like one wanted to make a serious political story and the other something like a shounen anime or Persona 3.

22cfb2 No.13236069

File: 76b2bffee9ddf7e⋯.png (150.09 KB, 361x656, 361:656, Mayor_mabel_fcevo.png)


Maybe it is time for people to accept their favourite vidya is not popular? No amount of marketing is gonna make normalfaggies care about this series.

Xseed could discount these games and throw them in a bundle. Personally I consider that cheating. But that's what gamers have become: buy stuff they'll never play.

d5a38c No.13236216


You don't want normalfags getting interested in your games. Ever.

c8dd50 No.13236223


What are they going to do?


b4a7e9 No.13236277

Prepurchase for Ys VIII on Steam starts on September 5. Surprised NISA chose to put preorder up for such a small timeframe.

c8dd50 No.13236341


When is it releasing then? Later in september?

5b8d4b No.13236357


September 12th in NA. September 15th in Europe.

b4a7e9 No.13236367


12th September worldwide.

f73e20 No.13236386


September 12th is when you can pirate it

4e98df No.13236399

File: 0561fd388ad5fc4⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 642x526, 321:263, 191c2eb9a764a7547f9eda48e0….jpg)


A bit of the character clichés lies in the fact they needed to adapt to the market of young teenagers. But on the other hand, why do all of them need some tragic past or ridiculous faults in them? If the game's characters was anything like say Danganronpas then I would cry.

913182 No.13236487


Prepurchase with free DLCs for preordering or buying a week late. Surprisingly not jewish, they must be pretty confident they did a good job if they allow their pre-order bonuses after game's release.


Nope, I'm European and it shows 12th on the Steam page, unless you mean physical non-PC or something.

b4a7e9 No.13236501


I think it's something they do a lot. I remember they did that for another game and it was limited as in once the week's gone you can't get the DLC at all. At least it gives an intensive to buy early I guess.

c8dd50 No.13236523

>Dana's system reqs

Looks like my toaster won't run it.

Also what's with the 30 gigs for storage?

802181 No.13236545


>why do all of them need some tragic past or ridiculous faults in them?

both are not needed, i favor some fault to characters as a means to make them more human but nothing ridiculous like Dangan, small things like a character been a bit greedy, jealousy( not the Alisa type ), small stuff that is never overblown but make them all more real and complete instead of just KIND+GOOD+TRAGIC PAST/TRAUMA+OVERBLOWN FRIENDSHIP. As for tragic past i agree that is ridiculous on the Kiseki series Estelle/Joshua, Kevin, Lloyd( too a far lesser degree) and Rean all have some past trauma and i hope the Calvard arc drop that crap because it's getting tiring, the only one that was really well done was Renne which is one of the only 3 characters i actually liked from TitS the others been Olivert and Richard.

f73e20 No.13236565


>they must be pretty confident they did a good job if they allow their pre-order bonuses after game's release.

If they were confident they did a good job they would have released more pr shots with text. Its more desperation than confidence.


NISA can't optimize PC ports worth shit, all of their PS2 to PC ports are ridiculously bloated despite it being all just simple upscalling.

The digital jap PS4 version is nowhere near 30 gb, it doesn't even break 15 GB

b1177d No.13236568

File: fce22a181145a7e⋯.png (107.5 KB, 341x334, 341:334, 1470465634339.png)


>30 gigs

PS4 release was 16GB. What the fuck did they do to nearly double that size?

c8dd50 No.13236572



Well fuck this, I really wanted to play it with all the nifty shit.

5b8d4b No.13236602


Uncompressed files. It'll be an unoptimized train wreck with Denuvo added on.

f73e20 No.13236604


Uncompressed audio and uncompressed textures.

Or they pulled what they did to Cladun X2's PC port did at launch where they accidentally put the game up on steam with every game asset multiplied by four and didn't bother patching it until a month after release dropping the game size from 3.1 GB to 525 MB

b4a7e9 No.13236616



I think it might be because of dual audio. Who knows though. The req themselves aren't too bad, though the CPU seems to be quite high (that's actually the one I own).

f73e20 No.13236631


Look at IFI's PC ports, they've got dual audio and some of their games have way more audio than YS VIII. Yet none of them get anywhere near this fucking huge.

Even with the dual audio it shouldn't be this huge, NISA is just lazy as fuck and didn't compress anything.

b4a7e9 No.13236637


That or it's a place holder. Doesn't matter too much to me though as I have huge amount of space. But yeh it suck for people with low amount of space.

f73e20 No.13236673

File: a3b6fd4cc828a28⋯.jpg (145.62 KB, 589x669, 589:669, 1363818072389.jpg)


Well if were lucky we might get someone good handling the crack and they'll just remove all the english dubbing or at least compress the ever loving fuck out of the game so the download won't be as fuck huge.

There are a few jap game cracks that do that and leave the dub audio as a second optional download.

b4a7e9 No.13236705


Do crackers do that? I've not pirated a game in years, so I dunno how that scene stuff works anymore to be honest.

03268b No.13236708

File: d2eb2fd6d86eea9⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 362x346, 181:173, how.jpg)

Is there an English version/translation patch for the original Zwei!! out there?

I'm having a hard time looking it up because google/bing/yahoo/yandex/lycos completely ignore the two exclamation marks and would rather explain to me that "zwei" is German for 2.

f73e20 No.13236724


Very rarely, but it does happen. There is a version of tales of symphonia PC floating around somewhere with the english audio gutted so it's small enough to be shared on filesharing sites.

b4a7e9 No.13236735


I see, that's interesting. I guess pirates are weebs, like me.

913182 No.13236753


In my experience that might mean the game takes so much space or be random, exaggerated numbers. Blazblue CF said it wants 50 GBs of storage, and it was 45 GBs. I don't know how they could manage to remove dual audio and have it take more space at the same time, but they did it anyway.

Some companies just put random shit there though, usually exaggerated so less people refund because it doesn't work well I guess. Requirements might be about right or complete bullshit.


There's like a month before release, they might do so still and I'd be surprised if they didn't. Also, sound files and movies take the most space for the majority of games. Size almost doubling isn't irrational when you consider you have to put two versions of cinematics and speech for each language.


>implying NISA can afford Denuvo in the first place

f73e20 No.13236890


>implying NISA can afford Denuvo in the first place

They got a konami situation going. Even if their games flounder their anime division keeps them alive like how Konami's sports clubs keep them alive regardless of their fuckery.

85edeb No.13237821

I got 20 bux and am a newfag to Nihon Falcom games

Is there anything anyone could recommend I get? I was planning on pirating but if I have the extra money might as well support these guys right

b9d3b6 No.13238002


Depends on what you want. If you prefer action get Ys: The Oath in Felghana. If you'd rather play a turn based RPG get Trails in the Sky FC.

85edeb No.13238091


I like both a lot. Which is more compelling/intriguing?

e069f6 No.13238127


Ys is all about fast combat, exploration and tough bosses. Plot is generally light, mostly used as a vehicle to get you from place to place.

Trails in the Sky FC is more character and plot focused. It's very slow burning, taking its time to build the characters, the lore, and the world. There is politics, supernatural stuff, magic, secret societies, etc.

85edeb No.13238149


Is the turn-based combat still fun for a JRPG?

5b8d4b No.13238233


Well, it's turn based combat there isn't much else to be said about it. It's a bit deeper in regards to how you acquire the magic you use, however. There's also turn order and buffs/debuffs that randomly happen on the turn list so if you are tactical about your moves you can get those buffs before your enemy does.

40bdda No.13238885

It seems the PC port of Lacrimosa may be only playable on high end computers with an i7. It seems it might require a computer with 8 cores… since that's how the PS4 works.


OS: Windows 7 32-bit

Processor: AMD FX-8320

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Radeon R7 370

DirectX: Version 10

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 30 GB available space

Sound Card: Onboard


OS: Windows 10/8.1/7 64-bit

Processor: Core i7-6700K 4.00 GHz

Memory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics: Radeon R9 Fury X

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 30 GB available space

Sound Card: Onboard

If the port is fucked up, remember to join the eventual email campaign to make sure NISA doesn't get another Falcom game ever again for another disaster

e069f6 No.13238917


It's not basic turn based; there is a small grid system which you use to move characters along. Your spells and attacks have ranges, and some have areas of effects. Like certain spells can target small circular AOEs, or large circular AOEs, or even lines. So for example you can group the party together for things like AOE healing spells or buffs, but at the same time if you stick together, everyone is can be targeted by AOE attacks or spells.

Spells (or arts, as the game calls them) themselves are cast differently than normal turn based games. Depending on the power of the spell, it may take a while to cast. When you select a spell, the character starts casting it, and will finish casting it on their next turn.

You can also see the turn order on the side of the screen, manipulating the turn order is a mechanic. You may have abilities that speed you up or delay an enemy's turn. Different abilities will make your next turn come faster or slower as well. Like if you're casting a small spell, the caster's next turn will come faster.

Even with all of that, normal battles still go fairly quickly. You can also see enemies on the field before getting into a battle with them.

Outside of the battle system, there is customization of party members' abilities and spells using the quartz system. Using the quartz system you can buff a character's strengths or cover their weaknesses. Like you can take a arts-focused character and pump him or her up with quartz that buff arts, such as more MP (or EP in this game), more ATS stat (Arts Strength) etc, Or you can put some defense quartz in their to make up for their defense, or a mixture of both.

Hell, if you want, you can pump up their physical attack. It won't work as well as characters more geared to physical attacking. You can probably sit down for a while once you have enough quartz, customizing each character, or even switching things out and putting things in as the situation demands.

b1085f No.13238960


We're waiting on a response.

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