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File: 0352102bb0dd3bd⋯.jpg (105.6 KB, 640x772, 160:193, ageee-of-empires.jpg)

f3a497 No.13201527

Looking for something to occupy my time (this is my vacation week and no GF. Feels bad man :/). Someone suggested Dragon ____)?) and I'd have been better off flushing each penny of shitter one-by-one for entertainment. Unfortunately, when I closed "Steam" it looks like it didn't close the game down so even though I only played for 13 mins, they have me down for 6 or 7 hrs so I'm fucked.

Anyway, want my next purchase to be an "Age of Empire" from either Napoleon's time or Ancient Egypt. Is there any consensus history fags?

What about the tank simulator I always hear about? As I say in most threads I posted in, used to be a history fag with no setup, now finally got a decent one with A Titan graphics card, SSD memory, Etc…

So, any decent, any input from anyone as to Age of empires, tank simulators, good war games (esp. Vietnathingm since father died there fighting gook traitors), but really any to do with warfare at a strategic (or tsct

f3a497 No.13201540

I know, fucking reddit spacing, not used to typing on this goddaamned keyboard.

7ed7d0 No.13201545

Age of Mythology is best and fucking :D

4cf5f6 No.13201616


The first three (1, 2 and Mythology) all have their merits.

Personally I like 1 the most, with the only exception being I'm sad you don't have infinite resources (technically) like 2, and there's a fair bit of imbalance in fast-ranged kiting.

Age of Myth also annoyed me that you could only use most god powers once.

5f0f7f No.13201752

File: f159b86cbc710d5⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 669x514, 669:514, apu retard.jpg)


>A Titan graphics card, SSD memory

b3a576 No.13201865

Best one is Age of Empires 2

You should try getting the HD edition because it's cheap as fuck and it really still fun after all these years.

2a8ef0 No.13201881

File: 2d7f8f29a3a0c3c⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 282x282, 1:1, 2d7f8f29a3a0c3c1db3085c092….jpg)

not bad bait

66abdb No.13201905


Try napoleon total war or cossacs games. You can play as egypt in rome total war 1 and 2

30cf73 No.13201907


this tbh

c96628 No.13202187

File: abf6f7c5ef9e89b⋯.png (99.08 KB, 948x567, 316:189, why AoE2HD is shit.png)

6064cc No.13205659

Ima go out on a limb here and say AOE III : Asian Dynasties OP

979997 No.13206359


I can't play as a kang in the original so it's shit

aba157 No.13219437

File: 401a35057860e80⋯.png (357 KB, 397x402, 397:402, alberto smugarossa.png)


Now you can



not sure how-into pirating hd nigger-kingdoms for this to work without legit steamgoy purchase tho

What you gain by playing multipler at any other aoe2 gayming network than steam HD cancer lobby: no retarded HD pathfinding, no silky smooth 20 fps drops, no huge network delay, no fucked up lobby interface, no broken ladder jumpers/disconnect&win scamticts.

ab6c47 No.13219536

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Doesn't the HD rehash also prevent you from using modes to increase the number of units you can have?

91d813 No.13219541


Not that I knew. Plus, the HD rehash already gives you 1000+ population options by default, IIRC. Unfortunately this kills any micro because all you need to do is to pump up a good eco, set the rallying points of your military buildings to the rough position of the enemy base and mash your head on the respective hotkey button.

26dcfc No.13219585


Keep in mind that image is outdated as fuck. I've played the HD release plenty of times and have never seen performance issues or noticed any gameplay problems out of the ordinary. The complaint about being restricted to only Steam lobbies is a fair one though, but I have no idea if any of the alternative lobbies are even still populated at this point in time.

aba157 No.13219603


Stock AoE2 got capabilities for 1k pop.

UserPatch allows you to choose any population in increments of 25 tilll 1000 at singleplayer custom scenario/multiplayer game room.

I think HD cashgrab release has like up to 500 pop cap for multi right now

888dea No.13219627

File: fe2354dc3d64b09⋯.png (402.03 KB, 469x498, 469:498, 1396159725848.png)

Hey look, buddy. I'm an engineer — that means I solve problems.

Not problems like 'Which Age of Empires Game is Best?' because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy.

I solve practical problems.

0e2097 No.13219802


AoE2 is Broodwar without Blizzard so it still have competitive community.

As a game it is also fun. Go with slow style of game and mass of one unit at start. Later move to learning all the stuff about the game and improving micro and macro.

It is one of few RTS games that makes economy fun.

0db65d No.13219815


This is some pretty good bait, but I am more confused than anything else.

aba157 No.13219874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gayranger got a couple hundred players online for aoe2 at any given time, then you have voobly that has between 1000-5000 players at any given time…

If you really don't know those 2 places then you must have been frozen for at least 15 years, Voobly is recreation of MSN gaming zone, that got shut down by Microsofts accountants during Steve "Sweaty Balls" Ballmer era that thought "lol why would we spend money on supporting pc games released by us when we have xbox division!"

And no, AoE2HD still got shitton issues with lags




Everyone is blaming "outdated game engine running at modern systems" yet neither stock 1.0c nor userpatch versions have those issues, it's shit that microsoft devs did to the engine rewrite in pseudo-HD rerelease.

But I don't blame you anon, if you never played multiplayer on normal AoE2 you are probably unaware of how much less delay you get on unit commands, how it is to play without sync errors and without frequent player drops.

I'm really pissed off how microsoft handled whole thing, it would be so much more convenient to have whole multiplayer community brought together in once place but no, they had to fuck shit up and release half assed engine rewrite, with lame netcode.

Especially that it's just easier to keep player base growing when you have proper commercial release with advertisement to go with it vs fragmented fanmade networks, game install base coming either from vintage 18 years old cd boxes or pirated copies, no advertisement, game being patched by its own playerbase without full source code as opposed to having people paid to patch it by the company.

And yet despite that the community produces better patches and places to play.

inb4 players had almost 2 decades to perfect everything. So what? Microsoft could hire Userpatch team to do engine rewrite for HD edition instead, make usable multiplayer lobby, just like their MSN gaming zone used to be, but why do all that stuff when you can cheap out and make quick cashgrab re-relase for easy shekels.

AoE2HD leaves as much bad taste in my mouth as Ubishits Heroes of might & magic 3 HD Edition did, yet another game that I love but at least no person ever questions that it's a piece of shit edition at that point.

a0c1a4 No.13230253


better be fucking bait m8

890779 No.13230307

AOE 2 is the apex of the series, but Age of Mythology and AOE3 still introduce a bunch of interesting mechanics, AOE2 was the biggest jump excluding the gimmicks added in Age of Mythology. Age of Empires is the worst of the series, it's important to the series but it's archaic as all fuck, great setting though.

Severely disappointed in Age of Empires HD since it's just the archaic Age of Empires gameplay.

Severely disappointed in the fact that in spite of being financially successful there is no Age of Empires 4.

b07b6d No.13230331


I heard some of it had to do with the next game more then likely taking place in a more modern setting, where there were no empires.

890779 No.13230416

File: 34435b4eaae7918⋯.jpg (119.85 KB, 500x375, 4:3, age of empires.jpg)

19f186 No.13230469

empire Earth is bretty good

19f186 No.13230476


Bullshit. I get shitty performance and I run it on a fantastic computer. Kill yourself, lying shill.

b3a576 No.13230498


It's like 4 bucks on steam and it the netplay is smooth. Never had any problems.

6e1fe1 No.13230508


I'm pretty sure that thread was last week so there's no way it's outdated. The other lobbies are nearly always very active. Go see for yourself.


I really don't understand why IV never happened. III sold very well. Maybe the higher ups weren't satisfied with the concepts Ensemble came up with for IV, but I'm certain they could've delivered something great given the chance.

aaf7de No.13230564


1 would be the best by a large margin if it had some much needed QOL improvements. As it is though, it has aged like total dogshit and is a ball ache to play.

91e546 No.13232133

File: 4c6bfa95fd2cd74⋯.png (224.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1295887195790.png)


>infinite resources


1ec601 No.13232587


Trade carts + buying at markets = infinite resources

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