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File: fea1f718e05b1f4⋯.jpg (566.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dojo and manor.jpg)

File: 06f6e8c877cb0bb⋯.png (431.85 KB, 466x720, 233:360, events.PNG)

File: 6dc2b7b35a76d75⋯.jpg (563.62 KB, 1920x1067, 1920:1067, hard ass dragon slayin nig….jpg)

File: 0bd717d11d96138⋯.jpg (438.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, new dns 2.jpg)

File: 996003d61a18784⋯.jpg (389.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, orange manor interior.jpg)

3cf9e4 No.13311986

Wurm is a sandbox "M"MO Java game with charmingly shitty graphics set in a fantasy edition of medieval times. You terraform the land, create structures and bridges, slay monsters and faggots from other factions and bring glory to yours, or, if you're a hermit, your shitty little hovel you'll stop taking care for after a week.

8ch is playing the Jenn-Kellon faction against (((4chan))), who is playing Horde of the Summoned. We are playing on the Brohan server.

>Download Link, Connection Info, Map







Truthfully, Wurm is not an exciting game. You conduct an action and it has a timer (skill and stamina modifying this timer). And that's it for pretty much every part of the game. Wurm is very much a destination game rather than a journey game and it's very common to burnout along the way. Macroing and AFKing are common, and at times it can very much feel like an idling game.

But, it is a sandbox. And, your character will have his place if you put in effort. Perhaps you want to build the grandest tower in town. Perhaps you want to be a siegemaster and direct catapults. Perhaps you want to dictate the flow of players over the land and construct highways and bridges. Perhaps you want to create ships and harbors. This is all possible, though some roles may be needed less than others in our village since we're rather developed. It's essential to have a place in the village so your homies can rely on you and you can rely on them.


When you start you'll most likely have to make a cart or train on a practice dummy which is boring as fuck.

Currently we have the "Epic" curve enabled so it's actually quite easy to get high enough in a skill to be a professional. You can get high in a skill within a day if you're willing to grind.

<Read the fucking wiki and watch videos online to see if you're actually interested. A lot of niggers sign up, make a house, and are never seen again. Don't be a turbonigger like that.

>Okay, I'm still not phased and want to sign up.

Get the client. Login. In the chat tabs look for GL-Jenn-Kellon and speak up in there. There's a chance there might not be someone with invitation privileges on to usher you in.


The Bad

>Masses of Spirit Guards are still super gay

>Jenn-Kellon's active population is minimal

>Mol'Rehan melded into Horde of the Summoned, greatly bolstering their numbers.

>HoTSheads are expanding their territory and have made a bridge connecting Cuck Island to Greater Japari Park

>HoTS got a new king who isn't an unfunny, embarassing, powertripping commie dipshit (I'm talking about you Communistalligator you retarded faggot)

>They also got TWO (2) new champions

The Good

>HoTS were feeling pretty confident with their newfound power and tried to fuck with our guard towers but we ambushed them in the forest and killed their new king and champions

>We killed a fucking dragon in a very spontaneous dragon hunt. We finally pulled this blue prick off his island making Lake Europa a bit safer to traverse

>Town is still slowly developing. We have a trader in the DNS and the DNS isn't jam packed with shit now (town square very much is though thanks to Wyrdonigger).

>We have the following artifacts: Crown of Might, Rod of Beguiling, Orb of Doom, Sword of Magranon, Hammer of Magranon, Scale of Libila






>Fighters and archers are always very welcome

>Warmachine operators

>Secondary cook maybe


>Terraformer, paver, roadmaker

>Fo priest, Magranon priest

>Honestly whatever the fuck you want


>Areas of town are messy and require cleaning.

>Lots of abandoned homes need to be removed.

>Bridges and roads in the wilderness need to be made

>Territory expansion

>Underground harbor

>More unique enemies need to be discovered, our custom map needs to be updated

And finally, I invite HOTSheads to post their own recruitment shit since as much as I dislike you faggots I appreciate that slowburner threads for a niche game like this don't get traction on 4chan.

d97ce5 No.13312050

File: 3afbb22030524fb⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, startupscreen.jpg)

inb4 let it die

1b26e9 No.13312895


I thought it was already dead wwww. Ebin curve was a fucking mistake.

52debd No.13313930

>go out to intercept 4fag demolition party

>get lost in the CAN'T SEE SHIT forest

>rejoin fellow JK's 2 minutes afterwards ready to to separate faggots from their limbs

>they're already hauling the corpses to the cart

Every godam time,cmon you niggers can do better.

10c9c4 No.13313977


i log in once in a while to steal deckchairs from the inn and tour the town in the different seasons

b0efad No.13315791


It's not, the players which are still active are very loyal.

3cf9e4 No.13316348

Forgot to include this in OP:

There's another dragon hunt 10AM EST Saturday Sept.2

We will definitely be doing at least one that day but if there's good turn out we'll look for other dragons and knock them down.

d97ce5 No.13325336

I wonder whatever happened to that one HotS anon that kept shitposting with images of /fit/-thots during Brosmouth/Broschwitz.

8a5731 No.13330730

let it die

d203eb No.13331246


How many /v/ severs have you passed up on, and anons you've never played with just to post "let it die" in each thread?

You're the asses and elbows of wurm.

6786cd No.13331256


At this point he's sort of our mascot.

fe18cc No.13331970

get on lads, we near serious help at the moment

3ca3b6 No.13332012


That's what you deserve now that Wydra and Yore aren't the chatty couple in local anymore.

024528 No.13332281

File: 9cf29cf222fe32d⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170831.1901-1.png)

Stay the fuck off our land or we'll destroy everything you hold dear tomorrow.

85b763 No.13332414

File: 4149a76f0a55617⋯.jpg (93 KB, 1041x586, 1041:586, 20170831220025_1.jpg)

85b763 No.13332416


126f37 No.13332470

Let it die.

024528 No.13332491

File: 785cd8bc8c83273⋯.jpg (137.01 KB, 707x737, 707:737, 1504119170891.jpg)

Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to brohausen tomorrow.

84f134 No.13332504

>run around like retards

>get your shitty cart stuck

only JK things

fe18cc No.13332760

>HoTS waits until we have no one online to attack our fort on their island with all their forces

>someone manage to take 2 casualties capturing a fort with one guy AFKing in the centre

>we finally manage to rally our forces and head out, expecting a battle

>no one in sight, HoTS have fucked off, we take the fort back

Once again, 4cucks prove themselves grade-A retards and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

990790 No.13333373

File: 4bf6fcf4fe0fffc⋯.png (341.06 KB, 571x555, 571:555, IMG_3188.PNG)


Hahahaha how Fucking dead does your village have to be where a raid at 9:00 EST "waiting until everyone is offline". Though I suppose it only makes sense that the people who cling to a dead imageboard would also have a dead village

6786cd No.13333467

>Being proud to be able to kill regular tower guards, not even spirit guards, in an offline raid

Classic 4cucks. But when they get fucked they suddenly get all quiet. You guys do realize tower guards are like 1/4th the strength of a spirit guard, right?

024528 No.13334186

File: 8309e13fc32253f⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 665x805, 19:23, 1502674307278.jpg)


Guess we'll have to tear it down completely before you girls understand.

6786cd No.13334225


You guys do realize we've only put it there so you fags have a reason to come out and play? You attacking that place is the point of that place.

32e991 No.13334472


Might join that tomorrow. I am the one and only, the village platesmith supreme.

4202f8 No.13334520

File: 09bd8f79ebf1da4⋯.jpg (136.51 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, pictures_u16077_ff7e3d_zps….jpg)

downloading now i will join the good fight

tho i never played this game so expect plebbery at the start

4202f8 No.13334759

File: b75daa228281bbd⋯.png (563.43 KB, 887x901, 887:901, berserk___guts_sad_i.png)

>tfw "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running.

Someone know where i can get game client for 32bit Windows

7aaa53 No.13335203


Some of us are using an older client we used on Bowman's server that MIGHT be compatible.

I've lost the download link though, so if no one posts is by tonight (1pm my time ATM) I'll upload it over night since my upload speed is absolute garbage

7aaa53 No.13335225


mauer bby hop on. there's some requirements for dragon hunting

4202f8 No.13335245


hope someone post

im a sucker for that kinda games

e36634 No.13335447


>using 32bit in 2017

why tbh

e36634 No.13335492


Actually looking into it, seems WU itself needs 64bit Java to run in the first place, and in our experience usually people who do have a 64bit system but 32bit Java will not run the game in the first place so I'm not sure if the other client would work since it seems like it needs everything to be 64bit but its worth a try.

Meanwhile, try this https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/133136-launcher-wont-start-fixed/

I'll tell the dev whenever he's on wether he can take a look at it if nothing of that works.

e36634 No.13335503


And in case this isnt clear, its the LauncherConfig.ini in root folder you have to change to









4202f8 No.13335563


idk just went with 32bit and too lazy to reinstall

6786cd No.13335570


>sucker for grindy games

>too lazy to install the right java

61cbf9 No.13335697


I will only stop when it's dead

6786cd No.13335759


And how has that worked out for you so far?

61cbf9 No.13335848


not very well, admittedly

5b573e No.13335852

File: ffd34415ac0a136⋯.jpg (127.17 KB, 863x850, 863:850, 1471862073813.jpg)


It's not going to die.

Emperor Althazar here, we're going to war against JK until they are beaten into submission then when the server dies. If any of you guys have legit clients we might move to a big professional server and make a WL town. We are fans of Fo in Babylon.

6786cd No.13335909



>on a big, professional server

Oh my god I have to see this.

You do realize we ourselves are not professionals at all, you heavily outnumber us and are far more active and still you get CONSTANTLY defeated whenever you can? How the hell do you expect to survive on a "professional" server? You'd have ten times the competition.

e36634 No.13335920


>big professional server




hahaha good one

6786cd No.13335924


Oh and I forgot to mention: A "professional" server would not have the babby-curve, basically free guards and all the champ slots would already be taken by your enemies.

e36634 No.13335986


All """"professional""" pvp servers (and I'd use the term professional sparingly since most other PVP servers had shittier admins than I've seen on here and in a lot of them there was straight up cheating) on WU did have the epic curve, this was the first one not to have it from the start, then it was put back on because not having it caused huge problems regarding champs, artifacts and a bunch of other things.

All other servers also still had free guards since they all usually do Bounty mod or some other similar way to get money and a dedicated group could get money to sustain 16 guards easily.

You're right on the champ slots.

5b573e No.13336013




We're active because we like the game and we're gonna keep playing but if there's no competition after we smash JK why stick around?

e36634 No.13336053


I think the main point is that there isnt really a big server going right now that is PVP other than a 1x russian server where the admins are powertripping faggots, which is the main reason 4chan and 8ch decided to make servers to play in, otherwise we'd just have joined the "big professional server". And a "big professiona server" also means people have to buy the game, since right now the ammount of people playing in the server having purchased the game can be seen in this:


As you can see, if we moved we'd have to make everyone but 1 person buy the game and then shill a dead game that costs 30 bucks that is already hard to shill when its free.

49a166 No.13336101


Most of our dedicated players own Wurm Unlimited anyways, ya I know I'm Bowman and Althazar.

e36634 No.13336213


Even if everyone did, if this server went down today I dont know which other we could join as a group given the only other PVP server with similar population is the russian one and I wouldnt go back to that one given the admins fucked us over there already. And even with all that it has 30 people so it wouldnt be a huge difference in population.

WU is pretty much dying generally and PVP more than PVE.

6786cd No.13336298


Only possible way to fix that would be having our own server - which is what we got right now. And it had a pretty damn high population at times, at least in our village. It went way too good in the beginning, I expected shit to die within weeks, even the whole moving to this server was a move of desperation.

The problem is that people are just burnt out. And I doubt that /v/urm will come back after this server.

6786cd No.13336602

Guide for newfags, possibly not the newest version but it still gets the job done.


OP forgot about it. Or it's just so shit that he didn't want to link it.

0730d8 No.13337187

File: 149abaf18d1ffbb⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1504239628036.gif)

I want to thank JK for murdering our turncoat Ristle. If you see him we'll trade HOTS enchantments for his corpse. Shame the dumbass gave you mycelium.

3ca3b6 No.13337194


Should just give up and pirate Conan, then rain down upon former JK with a horde of dicks before capturing people to enslave them.

I could hook both sides up with a totally "legit" client if people would seriously be interested in hosting an older version of the game, provided people would want a more modernized kind of Wurm with the building and and PvPing.

7 Days to Die would be another interesting alternative that could be yar har'd and hosted with terraforming, forting, crafting, and bullets to replace all those arrows.

e36634 No.13337208




How horrible.

3ca3b6 No.13337225


I'd love to play with some of the people I've met on this server in Star Wars Galaxies Pre-NGE or perhapds UO, but I figured Conan & 7DTD are more accessible to the random anons looking to dip in and out of something to play.

6786cd No.13337242


Conan is pretty much the worst survival sandbox MMO I have ever played. And I've played WarZ.

ffa5b8 No.13337356

File: 7a1f0b7ffe26e20⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, comfy.jpg)


>WU dying save shitty PVE servers

>WO's pvp server pop on a US friday afternoon EU midnight is 27 chaos, 13 Epic players

Why hasn't anyone made a better Wurm yet, I just want to kill some normalfags with an army of bros and that dream will never be realized..

fe18cc No.13337409


You gave us a whole football field thanks to that stupid spell of yours, right in a heavily fortified location. Thanks.

7aaa53 No.13338055


Ristle was trying to give us something? I thought he was just being funny and fucking around in our forest. He didn't even say anything when we were tracking him down to Rowe's cottage (where we then brutalized him). He had plenty of time to speak up considering we rode past him the first time and then realized he was in the cottage.

7aaa53 No.13338119

3ca3b6 No.13338338

File: c84acf51ac7cece⋯.png (135.97 KB, 410x410, 1:1, 1480124443198.png)


I figured that since it was Wydra in local, that he'd be chatty like usual, so I just stood there since I'd either get killed, or see where the conversation would have gone. He mentioned in the past that he was looking for a "trade" in regard for tiles of hate, so I threw down some myce just north of that cabin.

It pales in comparison to >>13337409 since HOTS never thinks anything through and had the equivalent of 3 Trumps as priests eager to cast their major three month spell, so yeah, enjoy the over abundance of myce in all Libila influenced areas, which sounds like an area wasn't secured nor considered before they went for the "HUE HUE 50 DMG ON ALL ONLINE ENEMIES!" nuke option in the usual desperation bid to overpower JK to raise morale.


Instead of wanting an egg, they should seek the hen itself in this case. Seeing as I'm still a Priest of Libila, I can just grant them enchants without the middle man. As long as I have something like Rowe's place nearby for me to barter with them and do the usual altar antics, I'm willing to share as much myce as they want. I'd even be willing to farm rock shards and convert them into bricks so they can build tall walls around their hate tiles to safeguard them. I'm even such weaponized autism that I'd do an extra layer or two of walls for them because my hatred for what HOTS has become flows that freely after leadership became a thing and killed the comfy of the community.

fe18cc No.13338487


You just had a bit of bad luck really, we had an engagement in that exact location the day before where we killed hots' champs and king, so it didn't occur at the time that you might have been trying to help. Though we might be interested in trading with a Lib priest. Not sure what's going on inside hots town to ostracise all their players.

1f7148 No.13338664


>50 damage

I don't think anyone even took 10 damage.

We were expecting that to be the opener for a defence of the conquered fort,instead it was just mildly annoying to the 2 autists that decided the mycelium needed to be dug out.

But hey,they can always cast it again in 2 months.

024528 No.13339283


You better hide in a cave, the Champions of Libila are going to hunt you like a dog. We all have locate soul.

e36634 No.13339882


The true solution is to shill this server to other groups and ensure there'll be more groups to fight and so on, really. But everywhere I've seen this can be shilled it seems it was posted already so I got no ideas.

7aaa53 No.13340293


turn on interfaction PM

body doll in char window > Manage > Profile

225ada No.13340580

to the lad that was around some hours ago,try again if you feel like it,we were afk,sorry about that

f77d54 No.13340647

File: 357aec5d8e41925⋯.png (92.27 KB, 676x127, 676:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b41e2ac859c9b8⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 1.gif)

>Go away for a while

>Come back to pic related

>Vaguely recalls Althazar talking shit about how he'll steamroll us and make HoTS great again when he's king

>Somehow, everything is LITERALLY worse than when village retard commie nigger was in charge

Top fucking kek, oh wow i'm shitting my fucking pants in fear right now desu.

3ca3b6 No.13340739


Between the new Jobber King and the fact that I know who the new Champs are, I've been going full nudist on the server due to how little of a threat you guys are. Hell, the champs will probably be dead and de-powered by the time I log on again, since accidents happen a lot when you're the Kobolds of the server.

As far as "better hide in a cave" goes, I have great experience with that due to how we had to hide behind our stone walls and hope threats would go away, since that is the HOTS method. You know, besides going Lemmings and throwing numbers in an attempt to win, without the deeper understanding of how to win.

6786cd No.13340801

File: 77e4f0cc480fab5⋯.gif (48.26 KB, 2034x1491, 678:497, kill yourself.gif)

>be Althazar on old server, aka. Bowman

>pretend to be an 8-lad

>be the admin of the server, actually do fine

>"Hurr it's too much work, I'm gonna bail"

>"Here I've talked to those admins at this 4chan server there, you can move there!"

>Everyone moves there, fuckton of work and stress, admin-drama spooks many oldfags away which never returned, if mayor would not have spent his entire free-time for a couple days on this the community would probably be dead

>They get skills worth 3 days, a flat town center for decoration, a 3*3 timber building and mats for one guard tower. And some mobs removed.

>Althazar, the SOURCE of this mess, and his cucks complain all the time about this while they have been to stupid to ask for the same things

>Suddenly pretends to be totally anti-8chan so he can be the leader of the cucks since the 8lads don't want betrayers in their village and he knows that.

>Talks shit all the fucking time in the thread, ALWAYS gets cucked ingame when he gets the chance, also see pic of >>13340647.

>Without him 4cucks might actually recieve SOME respect? (Except for communist.)

>They still follow him

85b763 No.13342288

File: 53c43c8c2022997⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 395x312, 395:312, 4c824f4bb021b7aa84ddabccd9….jpg)

>Still no screens of the damage

C'mon guys, I asked nicely

65ad82 No.13342412

File: cd09e7b2f18219e⋯.png (102.07 KB, 257x262, 257:262, 1489511849979.png)


Sorry, we kinda got our hands full right now

85b763 No.13342428


What could possibly be taking so long? Don't tell me you can't even handle some spirits?

99dd60 No.13342437


you know that sealed off part of the mine?

the one with the sign in front of it?

65ad82 No.13342438


I dunno, maybe it has to do with that goddamn ancient evil you locked under your town

7aaa53 No.13342455

Shekel get on these madmen locked a fucking green dragon in their mine and we're gonna slay it

7b03a0 No.13342487

New player here trying to get into Wurm. How many players Brohan has, and what do you guys reccomend me to do to start off?

I am afraid of getting in the server and see a fully functioning village and I don't know what the fuck I am supposed to do.

6786cd No.13342495

File: 3ca9db3d1df7171⋯.jpg (190.51 KB, 1058x705, 1058:705, clearlypassedpoint.jpg)

>you think it's finally all over and then you find the

H I D D E N  F I N A L  B O S S

a3120c No.13342510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d203eb No.13342549


Total players online players at a time is usually 12-30, make a large cart to start off that'll teach you the basics.

6786cd No.13342550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7aaa53 No.13342705

File: faf77a676eea6d8⋯.jpg (462.76 KB, 1920x1018, 960:509, hard ass dragon slayin nig….jpg)

99dd60 No.13342760

File: 281bc7bd09a568c⋯.jpg (466.39 KB, 1920x1018, 960:509, wurm.20170903.0409_2.jpg)

>nobody took a good picture

good job, nerds

a3120c No.13342767

File: 538702cdbc0ffb5⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1794x985, 1794:985, fak u bish.png)

File: 44290663a3a4734⋯.png (319.77 KB, 400x348, 100:87, chicken.png)

File: 0bec71bb411e33c⋯.png (4.22 MB, 1920x1055, 384:211, new rugs.png)

A dragon got killed, a chicken got traumatized, and rugs looted from hots now decorate my home. 10/10 day.

6786cd No.13342770

File: d885c783c18163f⋯.webm (9.8 MB, 800x600, 4:3, take back our future.webm)

We did it /pol/. Europe is saved. Roll credits.

99dd60 No.13342810

File: 3579886c58ed5d8⋯.webm (3.15 MB, 320x240, 4:3, semper games.webm)

397f1d No.13342812

File: c6ec6de022b1b10⋯.jpg (114.54 KB, 1212x1010, 6:5, what the fuck is this shit.jpg)

7aaa53 No.13342833

Local shitposters not so tough after having their town sacked

d203eb No.13342847

File: 807b655974f1f2e⋯.png (522.51 KB, 912x506, 456:253, Imnotadrawfag.png)

I tried.

548fb1 No.13342935

File: 3807389795f6175⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1473900110360.gif)


Dad from the last thread here. I'm glad that you guys did something and the hostility isn't so high anymore.

Our king's public opinion isn't looking so hot, and many of us have moved on from our city. Now when he talks trash, it'll atleast be him alone that gets burned, not all of us.

I congratulate you on the successes you've had against killing dragons recently, and the raid isn't something I'll take personally.

A lot of us may quit from this, but me and some others will continue to rebuild and be the jobber faction you know and love.

85b763 No.13342992

File: 00695e278456cf8⋯.jpg (132.77 KB, 728x636, 182:159, 42355.jpg)

I just wanted to let you guys know. You're gonna love this. Althazar, our glorious shit-talking Emperor. He fucking left the HOTS Discord. Make of that what you will.

99dd60 No.13343135

File: d8ce75c7c0a4983⋯.webm (700.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, faget.webm)


>talks shit constantly and then immediately quits when things don't go his way

the only thing that would make that better is if he wrote up a huge rant about how it's everyone else's fault

a3120c No.13343146

File: b82f45ffbff56d6⋯.png (201.61 KB, 800x1820, 40:91, sly as fuck.png)

Dramatic recreation of the dragon reveal.

bef001 No.13343176


fucking kek

Did you guys find it yourselves or did someone point you to it?

d203eb No.13343202


10/10 saved, all it's missing is a dead HH.


Half of us had already went back to our deed, one of us decided to do a last sweep of the mine and saw the sign.

65ad82 No.13343320

File: 4bb298777e33435⋯.jpg (117.93 KB, 1012x502, 506:251, from 0 to 100 real quick.JPG)

a3120c No.13343353


the build up to it was like something out of a monster movie

[15:59:08] <Awolf> I'mma ride home now, a bro wants to watch a movie with me, no homo

[15:59:10] <Razgah> I want to sweep their mine before we go

[15:59:19] <Mikem> I got lost in there

[15:59:56] <Wyrda> nothing up here

[16:00:05] <Mikem> Chests

[16:00:11] <Mikem> Crates, BSBS

[16:00:19] <Mikem> Armor stand

[16:00:20] <Awolf> anyway, damn good job lads

[16:00:28] <Awolf> roll the credits we won the serb

[16:00:29] <Yore> "da stash"

[16:01:15] <Yore> locked chest in the corner called da stash

[16:01:23] <Doop> where

[16:01:30] <Awolf> in b4 lots of wemp in it

[16:01:33] <Yore> miks picking it

[16:01:38] <Yore> >its full of olive cookies

[16:01:50] <Awolf> that'd be extremely spooky

[16:02:01] <Wyrda> awolf'd

[16:02:14] <Mikem> load of rare tar

[16:02:28] <Yore> thats about it

[16:02:30] <Awolf> btw I got a rare sign out of this too

[16:02:44] <Razgah> >the rare TRUMP sign lives again

[16:03:13] <Yore> who needs a cart ride home

[16:03:18] <Doop> me

[16:03:21] <Mango> ayyo, got seperated

[16:03:22] <Shekelstein> my body

[16:03:26] <Yore> where'd you scamper off to

[16:03:35] <Mango> heading to north gate

[16:03:38] <Mikem> Your bodies safe shekel

[16:03:44] <Doop> near the colossus

[16:03:49] <Doop> thought you were wyrd and got confused


[16:04:00] <Yore> yo

[16:04:02] <Razgah> watch my back goys I'M GRABBING A PICKAXE

[16:04:04] <Yore> that might be the hatchling

[16:04:10] <Doop> that was an insanity effect

[16:04:15] <Doop> but yeah raz let's do this

[16:04:17] <Yore> aw

[16:04:30] <Doop> inb4 large rat

[16:04:38] <Razgah> fug how do I get topside

[16:04:39] <Yore> we got your back gamer

[16:04:48] <Awolf> swear to me mum if you find a dragon now

[16:04:51] <Doop> so where's this wall

[16:04:54] <Awolf> while I am already at the fort

[16:04:55] <Mango> fuck, the north section is a sprawl

[16:05:00] <Razgah> it's south in the mine

[16:05:06] <Shekelstein> it is?noice,mikem can you do me a solid and put it in my wagon?

[16:05:14] <Shekelstein> when you get back that is

[16:05:17] <Mikem> Sure

[16:05:18] <Mango> ookay, Im out and walking to the troll

[16:05:23] <Mikem> Logging?

[16:05:33] <Shekelstein> yea i've been on here way too long

[16:05:36] <Mikem> See'ya later mate

[16:05:42] <Mango> later shekeles

[16:05:44] <Yore> i see the chamber on livemap

[16:05:46] <Doop> fucking GHOSTS

[16:05:50] <Shekelstein> see ya later guys

[16:05:50] <Yore> [16:05:58] A guard has noted you and stops you with a warning.

[16:05:52] <Razgah> fuck I need one pickaxe

[16:05:53] <Yore> fucking really

[16:05:58] <Doop> go away we're trying to unearth the truth

[16:06:01] <Razgah> oh wait I can just make my own

[16:06:12] <Doop> oh he heard me he's right here

[16:06:16] <Doop> both of them

[16:06:23] <Mango> huh, troll wandered off

[16:06:32] <Doop> dominate probably wore off

[16:06:37] <Razgah> nvm find one

[16:06:39] <Razgah> OK LETS DO THIS

[16:06:58] <Mango> hopped on with wyrd yore

[16:07:05] <Yore> k

[16:07:11] <Yore> we're gonna unveil this ancient evil

[16:07:17] <Wyrda> where is that

[16:07:23] <Mango> mines

[16:07:35] <Awolf> in b4 a 64kg wemp on the floor

[16:07:37] <Doop> can't be as bad as elzrairth, right?

[16:07:41] <Mikem> This wall lads

[16:07:45] <Yore> hahah yeah….

[16:07:52] <Doop> [scared cave bug]

[16:08:00] <Mango> I mean, they can't of locked a winged dragon in there

[16:08:18] <Mango> and theres on way the hatchling would grow up, right?

[16:08:37] <Awolf> guys please

[16:08:48] <Awolf> as if they'd manage to keep a pet dragon

[16:09:03] <Mikem> Yore

[16:09:06] <Mikem> Heal hh

[16:09:17] <Doop> Horrifying screams come from the darkness below!

[16:09:25] <Razgah> Mikem

[16:09:28] <Razgah> equip a bow

[16:09:32] <Yore> tfw monstrous cast time

[16:09:38] <Yore> why am i not regenning stam down here

[16:09:39] <Mango> what section of the mine?

[16:09:41] <Doop> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

d203eb No.13343413

File: 4cc64590d390fab⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 680x774, 340:387, 4cc64590d390fab79ad039e289….jpg)


>[16:08:37] <Awolf> guys please

>[16:08:48] <Awolf> as if they'd manage to keep a pet dragon

>[16:09:41] <Doop> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

6786cd No.13343429


I NEED someone to draw how Raz hears a noise behind the wall leaning his ear against it, the wall is already breaking, it is too late, and he looks Mikem straight in the eye and says "Mikem… equip a bow."

Which would be badass if you could actually damage dragons with arrows.

6786cd No.13343466

File: 2ebab3ff9eedb2a⋯.mp4 (307.66 KB, 480x480, 1:1, you did it.mp4)

Also, credit where it is due.

HOTSheads, trapping a dragon is the one thing where you have surpassed us. Back in Broschwitz we tried to do exactly the same thing and spent an entire day doing so, we tried many, many retarded ways to trap a dragon before we finally had the same idea, to trap it underground. For some reason it did not work for us and the dragon freed itself somehow. After seeing you guys not even lock your front gate I had lost every last bit of faith that any of you have any idea what they are doing - though I admit that badolf did well in his last duel with Shekel, too. But the last thing, the very last thing I expected my lads to find behind that wall has been a trapped dragon, after seeing all this cucking to actually find out that you managed to do something we could not… you certainly earned a respectful nod for that one.

84f134 No.13343484


we had a dragon in our mine?

548fb1 No.13343493


Dude, it wrecked fucking havoc in town and destroyed a lot of shit.

Fun fact: our horse breeder got pissed off about how many horses the dragon ate and quit being our horse breeder.

d203eb No.13343523


Mikem had an HH aggroed on him.


How'd you guys manage to trap it? I'm guessing horseman bait and two shaker orbs. I saw two horses in there when we opened it, didn't get a chance to go into the hole and see if the bait died in there or not.

6786cd No.13343533

In b4 we all thought you lost the two champs while dieing to some bear or some shit grinding FS for the first time when in reality, it was during the epic dragon-catching mission.

7aaa53 No.13343537


the SS13 comic of the CE hearing muffled MoMMI sounds is pretty similar

000000 No.13343579


Went logging then saw the dragon icon on the target window as the first tree went down, followed us home and it sat at the town gate like a sad puppy before it got bored and broke its way in. We kited it around town for 5-10 minutes before the idea to seal it away instead of suicide lead it away. Two of us sacrificed ourselves to seal it away as our priest did the rest. Was a fun adventure that led to 0 logs being harvested.

7aaa53 No.13343618

File: 7aebe0636a89c9e⋯.jpg (26.32 KB, 480x720, 2:3, ahhh.jpg)


Here's the history of the green dragon:

>Map still pretty unexplored, get reports from other villages of encountering a white dragon and a green dragon

>Accounts are pretty muddled and at the time I was part of the map making crew so I make it my duty to go see what's up

>Around this time Mol'Rehan's Northguard Keep is gaining a little Steam

>Find the green dragon in MR woods, think I'll be a very clever boy and drag it through Northguard Keep

>Take it there

>Realize it doesn't work

>Have to leave with this fucking thing chasing me all the way home, leave it outside the walls hoping for a little camaraderie

This is when I posted "Lads get on theres a dragon outside our walls" like 2 threads ago

>We try to fight it and realize this is not happening any time soon

>Someone drags it away eventually

>Banana drags it back to Northguard Keep eventually, teleporting out so it stays there

>But then later Ironduke drags it right back to us

>Get sick of dealing with this faggot and design to give him a more permanent area to stay at: North Island

>Fuck up along the way nearly dying, horse gets brutalized

>eventually even that fucks up because dragons move around, he's sitting in the woods and launches out of the forest and aggroes on me AGAIN (at this point this is like the 12th time I've aggroed a dragon)

>Decide to take him to the northeast corner of the island where we seldom travel anymore

>Never hear from him again, assume he's still lurking around there

>Search all over north island for him today, expecting him to fly across straits and switch landmasses

>mfw cracking open this mine at the tail end of a raid i missed

At this point I've probably spent over an hour with that fucker's green face following me around.

Opening that chamber was probably the best moment of this server. This stupid green fuck has been inside THREE villages, one in each faction. About time he got put down.

6786cd No.13343665


tfw I was already on my way home when it happened

I last saw it when it was harvest season for lingonberries, sitting on the north pole being chill while I pushed forestry to 50. I thought it just lived there now. Then one day it was gone so I thought it went back to where I encountered it the very first time, at the very fitting coordinates of exactly 666/666 on top of a mountain. Naive me.

84f134 No.13343737

we had another dragon harass one of our HOTS lads over at his summer home on a mountain. itd come up, break his legs then fuck off back down the mountain to repeat the process when he healed

99dd60 No.13343818


what color was it?

if it's the white one, then that's the most heinous fucker on this server

d203eb No.13344042

>Two of us sacrificed ourselves to seal it away as our priest did the rest.

Oh that's right, I forgot all priests got disintegrate on PvP severs. Sounds like a better time than a regular logging trip at least.

Ironic thing is we were hunting all over for that dragon when we gave up and someone thought of going raiding.

d203eb No.13344050

a3120c No.13347015

File: 928356c59618f14⋯.png (53.78 KB, 755x56, 755:56, WEMP.png)


7aaa53 No.13347357

File: 53fb5577ade8a26⋯.jpg (445.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170903.1304.jpg)

I make my own dragon prisons now

a3120c No.13347563

File: 1b76b496053e4b1⋯.png (140.48 KB, 418x625, 418:625, a new age.png)


And so the Age of Dragons had come to an end. Those that could not be slain by mortal Men were cast into the earth below, imprisoned in tombs of rock and stone.

The fate of the realm now rests in new hands. Bear witness to the dawn of the Age of Man.

abb66e No.13348693

Excuse being a noob but…

I can get this thing to update. I've clicked all of the update JARs but nothing has happened.

Can someone give me a quick rundown?

7aaa53 No.13349279

File: 711b29eb4a4270b⋯.jpg (686.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170903.1933_1.jpg)

I am the dragon shepard.


I think you're supposed to run StartUpdaterWithLog.bat and let that do its thing for a while.

7aaa53 No.13353258

File: 9dbde1e4d2c9826⋯.jpg (169.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170904.1314_1.jpg)

>tfw its safe to travel now

e36634 No.13353718

[14:17:59] <Mrfounder> The last dragons in the world have been sealed beneath the earth, but the powers of darkness do not lie still.

[14:18:47] <Mrfounder> The great and powerful dragons have many worshippers among the dark beasts of Wurm, and even now they plot to free their masters from their cells beneath the rock.

[14:19:49] <Mrfounder> An army of Goblin cultists lays siege to the prison of Baalveil, Imperator of Darkness!

[14:20:34] <Mrfounder> Unless the goblins' leaders are defeated within two days, their dark ritual will be complete, and the dark dragon will rise again from his rocky tomb…


d203eb No.13355238

File: 68a3d710270fad7⋯.png (113.73 KB, 500x524, 125:131, 68a3d710270fad7c294b711ac7….png)


I want to give the admins credit for this, it's pretty neat that they turned the imprisonment of the dragons into an event.

99dd60 No.13355303

File: b2e4321373500a3⋯.png (229.06 KB, 346x293, 346:293, my faggot hatchling doing ….png)


we're planning on attacking the goblins today, at 9PM EST, so in about an hour and a half

when i checked the area i spotted two goblin leaders, one of them being a champion, and a fuckton of goblins as well as a few hardened trolls

7aaa53 No.13356007

File: 256765578b5ed56⋯.jpg (586.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170904.2224.jpg)

We've been rebuffed lads but we took out some enemies along the way. Killed the Dark Priest.

a3120c No.13356378

File: 29cfe869fad3b15⋯.jpg (100.88 KB, 550x952, 275:476, 1490994062155993000.jpg)

fucking gobbos

7aaa53 No.13356581

File: 8c7a9a6388bf96f⋯.png (51.27 KB, 540x80, 27:4, hotsheads gettin heated.PNG)

whats going on there boyos

abaa80 No.13356650

File: f4160f6661032bb⋯.jpg (3.04 KB, 179x155, 179:155, 9f8b3e4167c84d587ad833a285….jpg)

e54d63 No.13356714

File: 0f12e6fede99b3c⋯.jpg (132.53 KB, 825x1000, 33:40, Althazar the Mad.jpg)


rare picture of Althazar addressing his subjects

ddbdbb No.13356728


Alth came to kill Badolf for what he called 'treason'. Not sure why because it's not like we tried to join JK. Alth had told us that he wanted to abdicate but really he just wanted to kill us for leaving him. The mad king had to be put down.

[23:27:36] <Communistalligator> YOu either die a hero orl ive long enough to see yourself become the villian

ddbdbb No.13356745


correction Alth left us. He never came back online after we took your little fort the other day.

99dd60 No.13356945

left you some mail, yore

99dd60 No.13358838

File: 5e873785068d05e⋯.png (852.36 KB, 808x591, 808:591, 2017-09-05_09-57-27.png)

how the fuck does this even happen?

6786cd No.13358955


Is that what I think it is?

99dd60 No.13358980


yeah and it got stuck in the roof somehow

6786cd No.13359000


Those things are fucking magic.

99dd60 No.13360659

we're going to go take those fucking goblins down today

8PM EST this time, we're going until they're dead or we've all passed out

make sure your internet vent's nice and clean

7aaa53 No.13361766

Goblin army status: Absolutely dunked

Anyone available who's not on? We're thinking of digging up this black dragon and shitslamming him.

674cf5 No.13362085


Speaking of java fuckery how old is the java version of wurm?

They've done some big performance progress with 8 and 9, one could definitely get a performance boost.


Definitely change this value to something bigger at least.

7aaa53 No.13362101

File: a792f33fed2d5f9⋯.jpg (223.53 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, dead goblin army.jpg)

missing like 50+ goblin corpses scattered around

79c540 No.13362221

Any chance we can have scheduled restarts like that one PvP server? As soon as someone wins the scenario, they wipe the map and start all over.

7aaa53 No.13362282

Preparations for black dragon kill are beginning. HOTS or JK, hop on now if you want in.

3ccc52 No.13362551


That kind of restart makes sorcerers impossible

7aaa53 No.13362868

File: 6c586aa06853c02⋯.jpg (84.81 KB, 1232x769, 1232:769, jolly cooperation 2.jpg)

File: deebac476b111bc⋯.jpg (293.75 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, jolly cooperation.jpg)

And so marks the first time JK and HOTS cooperated. And the first time hostile faction trading has occurred.

Shouts out to Wangus for dying like a bitch.

8a1e23 No.13366369

How can I open this shit with a VM client? VMware makes it run like turboshit

7a063a No.13366966

I've just joined the server. Where's civilization at?

d203eb No.13366986


Make sure you joined JK and tell global you're looking for an invite, you'll have an option to teleport to deed with the invite.

d8a6b5 No.13367021


We already have those. They happen every 3-6 months.

7aaa53 No.13375445

File: 1e76567c31ecc5d⋯.jpg (371.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170908.0912_1.jpg)

File: 2f97bc9b79a7cc1⋯.jpg (236.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170908.0915.jpg)

File: 43d3e90b071230f⋯.jpg (497.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wurm.20170908.0920.jpg)

I domesticated the mountain.

From out gate to the top:

1532 slope was climbed.

~5000 dirt was used.

97 bridge tiles created.

About ~20 hours for one dude to construct.

a3120c No.13375635

File: 32d21f90562f26a⋯.png (4.32 MB, 1920x1055, 384:211, grudge settled.png)

The old dorf fort has been reclaimed from the wild.

e36634 No.13380595


Thats some good stuff right there. Makes me wanna make a mountaintop castle with only a bridge like that for access.

d3d35d No.13382303

File: 9c18085abd159d3⋯.png (8.12 KB, 500x250, 2:1, f3e128ba125029e1b396a1f6ba….png)

So do we still have a presence in this game? Been getting the hang of it but nobody in chat for invites.

6786cd No.13382423


Some people still won't let it die but we're basically past the climax of this server, now we just wait until everyone gets so bored without a great cuckwar that the server can be closed. However, the admins try desperately to keep shit alive with events.

c9cd23 No.13382622

let it die

d3d35d No.13382627

File: eaa1900ebde8165⋯.jpg (96 KB, 640x1200, 8:15, d10d976f6ca07e4f0745500d49….jpg)


>>13382622 (checked)

>you missed all the fun shit


7aaa53 No.13384710


I… I did it gamers… A road ending 650 tiles south of where it starts but probably consisting of nearly 1000 tiles with all the little turns and diagonal paths which require 3 tiles a piece to make properly. The Greenish Plateau has been domesticated.

d203eb No.13385285



Don't you think it would be more fun to come play with us rather than shitpost a thread of a game you used to play?

6786cd No.13386730


I bet it's several people who think it's funny.

d3d35d No.13386974

File: 9a2bbc5e9602c48⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 750x573, 250:191, 9a2bbc5e9602c4889a7869d1a6….jpg)

>login again

>maybe there will still be other people i can play with besides /v/

>18 players total

damn shame.

e36634 No.13387133


18 players is plenty for a game like wurm in 2017. Most servers right now are under 5-10 at all times.

7aaa53 No.13387720

File: 5145155fc7f4cb8⋯.png (5.95 KB, 383x13, 383:13, greenigger.PNG)

green dragon respawned

e36634 No.13392494

>main page now has a """Forum""" button that leads to an imageboard

oh boy

7aaa53 No.13395621

shekel get on so you can pass the crown

911261 No.13396616


e54d63 No.13397388

File: eee8cef3ef0468e⋯.png (199.17 KB, 321x306, 107:102, green lex luthor.png)


>omg nooo this company who runs a chat service can see what I'm typing into their service

>wtf they know what games I'm playing and they have access to all the memes I post in my ERP channels!!

Literally who cares? It's a reliable, free service with a well-made application that runs on all devices, with free voice chat and advanced features people want. They have no competition in that regard.

Skype is a laggy piece of shit that doesn't work half the time, has an awful application, is useless on mobile, and also mines your data anyway.

Steam chat randomly disconnects you all the time, charges you for emoticons, lacks a ton of features, and also mines your data anyway.

IRC is barebones as fuck, no voice chat, and no one uses it.

Anything else is some obscure meme that no one uses.

Face it, consumers know they're having their data mined anyway. The success of Discord is just consumers choosing to go with the service that gives them the best deal in return for that data.

f1edfd No.13398543


Who the fuck would even consider skype?

you're reaching for the worst services.

Comparing apples and oranges with IRC, if we wanted to just type we'd use the in game chat.

Convenient how you forgot about teamspeak.

Wrong, consumers don't know they're getting mined. Your usual ledditor has zero fucking clue, ain't never stopped to think about it. JIDF go home.

99dd60 No.13400661

hey yore, one of the regular horses just had a kid

fae8f9 No.13404150


Surely you must be adressing some peasant who's mother saw fit to name him similarly to her wonderful ruler.

Next time i'll have you whipped through the streets for even daring to address your king in such a vulgar manner.

7aaa53 No.13408235

File: 13e43786d1991a4⋯.png (873.93 KB, 937x712, 937:712, dadrock frontman.PNG)

hello gamers who have quit the game and hotsheads who mistakenly believed the rest of the server pop was Hohenbrohausen's population

you are cordially invited to help us kill dragoniggers and a forest giant 11 AM (not 10 am since some of you niggers showed up late last time) this saturday, sep 16

be there

or be square


shekel get 25 SS so you can champ it up and tank properly instead of sitting on +3 CR from kang while using a longsword and doing 0 damage

or just train warhammers to 70

7aaa53 No.13408242


11 am EST*

just use the fucking countdown timer cuz its the correct time

see you there videogame enthusiasts

fe1202 No.13412886

ddbdbb No.13415602


shit better still be going on. I'll try to get hots to show up.

32e991 No.13416672

I copy and moved my Wurm folder (to see if this will fix stuttering), but when I connect on the new drive, it says "login failed, wrong password". If everything was copied, how is the pass wrong? Where do I check to see the password? Is it in a separate path like documents/games/program files?

32e991 No.13416824

Made a new char, the stuttering is still there even on an SSD, all mods off, changed refresh rate / graphics settings-vsync everything. Its astounding none of you see the stuttering in this game when you cross certain tiles. Its lasts for like 100ms of screen freeze. If you cross a corner where 2 sides stutter when passed, you get double the stutter. Game is so messed up.

32e991 No.13416875

Finally, I seemed to have fixed it by making all settings to lowest. It still stutters when you load nearby trees or whatever, but when you cross it again the stutter goes away when it pops back in and out of distance.

e36634 No.13416890



Check that your java is properly updated and disable smoke effects and whatnot. Usually its smoke that makes me stutter the most, that and there being a lot of logs in the distance or whatever.

Wurm is a bit messy really.

4093f7 No.13416925

Admin here, just want to remind people there is a forum where you can ask us stuff and whatnot at http://brohan.me/wurm/forum/ .

I've had many people ask lately about how long server would be up and such, and want to reassure hosting wurm isn't putting an extra burden on me so I can do it indefinitely, as long as it doesnt magically break or whatnot, though a few backups are in place even in that case.

3702b5 No.13416946

>playing notchgames

7aaa53 No.13416964


tell us about literallywho

why does he want the gf

tell us about the zombie badolf shitler

85b763 No.13420666

File: 2fca3f0b53d3db7⋯.jpg (471.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Commie.jpg)

So is the Dragon hunt still going on today or what? It's an hours until the supposed event but nobody's even talking about it

7aaa53 No.13420734


Im not really interested in doing it tbh

I don't think we'll have the manpower to deal with white/red dragons. It would just be the new green dragon which is boring tbh since it's just gonna be spending like 3 hours for an easy kill

I also don't think Forest Giant is doable since he throws people around and aggro is bouncing about, so there's going to be loads of people dying to adds and getting aggro for a bit.

I dunno. rip. It's not impossible for Hotsheads to do green themselves. You just need a champ for that sweet sweet 60% reduction and some CR pots. CR bonus from Assassin/King helps a bit but as we discovered when fighting the Giant, one of the softer hitting uniques, it really pales in comparison to champ's damage reduction. Uniques have some attacks which have a very high chance to go through and CR doesn't mean shit when you gotta deal with them.

The main issue is that because of royal titles and kangship getting thrown around our composition is fucked and artifacts + CR bonus is how we make up for lack of numbers. I think even green dragon would be very rocky since under the circumstances I have to perform every role. I'm the only available champ (and of the ones that exist the only one with good enough shield skill). Likely gonna be the only available Fo fag for heals. I have Royal Avenger so I have to DPS with Sceptre as well. We tried it yesterday and having to juggle the dragon and heal niggers and keep focus up would be too much with 10 guys. Even with 3 it was kind of rough.

I dunno. It's not worth it for me to spend my morning stressing about killing some nigglet that's been killed once before.

6786cd No.13420779

File: a1630a7c3cbbcb7⋯.jpeg (37.33 KB, 871x490, 871:490, you did it reddit.jpeg)


I'll come online when the time has come, but I kinda doubt we will be enough people.

IMHO destroying the hotsheads was the finale, this stuff right now is just the epilouge where only a hand full of lads who don't want to let go yet keep playing.

While it didn't quite last as long as other serbs (I think?) I believe we had pretty much the best run here. We had a great goal and we accoplished it, even though it was a little bit too easy in the end. During the golden age the amount of players we had was just crazy, too. And I think an ending like this is much better than slowly burning out, getting fucked by an admin who closes the server or goes full jew at some point or death due to drama.

I think this game still has a future on /v/, but people need a BIG break. I can see a lot of oldfags return next time since I bet most of them will have heard of our success, but for now, everyone needs to recover their wurm-mojo. Maybe we can get another run going in a year or so?

Don't make me be the mayor again though. There are other, more competent oldfags. However, I sure had a fuckton of fun.

85b763 No.13420866

If you guys are having manpower troubles, Why don't you make a thread on /v/? The last one we made netted us 4 people.

99dd60 No.13420958


well the time is right now apparently

99dd60 No.13421399

File: 064bc419aadd93d⋯.png (57.01 KB, 366x98, 183:49, 2017-09-16_10-49-58.png)

people were on so we killed this nerd

he dropped a staff of land, very nice

cac33e No.13422037

For anyone thinking they shouldn't jump in because ded village,its not what it once was but there are still some autists who refuse to let go,if anything its at least a great chance to learn the game easily and have acess to good shit so the grind aint as bad,also admins have said more events SoonTM,and the rest of the factions seem to have been revitalized somewhat,so there's plenty you could still do/murder,serb aint ded it just seems JK's era of dominion and omnibenevolence might be coming to an end,all great Kingdoms do.

d200b2 No.13426786

just let go

d203eb No.13426838



6786cd No.13426849


90% have already let it go for now.

The rest should also stop playing rather sooner than later so that they are not too burned out when the next round starts in a year or so.

84a710 No.13430140


Nah,i'll keep fighting the good fight,still got a newlad who could use the guidance,but it was a pleasure indulging in autismo grind with ya mayor,godspeed.


6786cd No.13431072


I'll come online every now and then to make sure you guys don't starve

548fb1 No.13434851

Ristle stop being killed by a hurricane and come back.

247928 No.13438340

File: ed662b4255ac936⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 1233x960, 411:320, 31d10b78e6e3a4772ed553c459….jpg)

>visit wurm one more time

>immediately notice I was kicked out of the /v/illage

>curve is still on

>one other person in local

Well the admins certainly put the tombstone on the cake, see you fags the next time this is attempted again. If it ever is

d203eb No.13438432

File: 1f63d71939cf012⋯.png (73.2 KB, 353x321, 353:321, 1f63d71939cf012c792a8b956f….png)


Fink? I don't think anyone else was kicked, unless you're a HotShead.

548fb1 No.13438537


If the /v/illage you're talking about is Babylon, that shit is dead son.

I have no idea if anyone was kicked, but talk in global if you want to contact anyone.

e36634 No.13438966


>Well the admins certainly put the tombstone on the cake

Admins literally did nothing wrong but kick one dude ages ago for a week which imo was undeserved. And if you mean the curve, literally all pvp servers have it on, this was the first serb I've seen that tried to keep it off until enough people complained that admins made a poll and curve won.

This is why all admins eventually fuck us over or just end up disappearing, they're always treated like shit.

061475 No.13439233


It's a fact that we lost most of our lads when the ebin curve got turned on and I assume >>13438340 is one of them. However, without ebin the 4cucks would have even had less of a chance, so I still think it was the right decicion. Except for communication in the earlier days I'd say the admins did a good job. At times they seemed like they don't want us, but at the end of the day they worked hard - especially considering all the drama Bowman caused.

Just for the record though in the past the admins fucked us without us giving them shit first. I can see why cause and effect could get mixed up with this, but we really dindu nuffin except for the occasional swastika and an altar or two getting a little bit wet. :^)

d203eb No.13439397


Ebin really is a big issue that should be worked out before the sever goes live. When a sever starts out without it, then gains it it's pretty disheartening to see new players grind do do what you worked on over a week in a day or so (have to account the higher skills in ebin allow for faster action speeds when beginning the grind.), On the other hand when a sever starts with ebin and removes it current players take a morale hit when they learn how much effort will be required to reach their past level, while newer players resent the old guard feeling that they got a boost they didn't.

tldr: ebin fucks severs when it is activated or removed.

I personally like ebin for the solely because mining is a hell of a grind, and weapon/armor/black/jewsmiths will always level faster than the miners.

061475 No.13439558


Yeah, mining and a couple other jobs really are a bitch. When someone makes a new server he really has to consider working on the rates. I'd recommend boosting mining, HFC/Baking (until it gets fixed by a patch, if that ever happens) and of course meditation in some way. (Many don't realize this but since cooking broke HFC is now pretty much the worst grind.)

If anyone ever wants to make a new serb, here is what you have to take care of first (feel free to add shit to this list, lads):

- Take your time creating a good map. Make sure the GODDAMN DIRTLAYER isn't a bitch, maybe use specific map-design tools, also make sure you spread out fruit-trees and other forestry ingredients evenly. Try not to forget about some type of tree / biome.

- Like I said: Balance some skills. Some shit is just broken. Be careful with it though. Especially faith and meditation are things every admin should take a good look at. And yeah, give mining and HFC a little boost.

- Respawn of animals is quite the big deal and can easily be fucked up if not balanced. It's too easy to genocide entire species but if shit respawns too quickly it can easily cause problems in the other extreme.

- Money and upkeep have been one of the biggest problems of this server for a long time. The easy way to work around it is to make money accessable through trading, though that is really hard to balance. Bountymods are easier to balance but certainly anything but perfect. Best case scenario would be to really take the time to balance out the prices of all the stuff (but it's a bitch, that much is certain).

By the way, if you make sleep powder accessable through this it's basically like a second ebin-curve. If someone works hard at keeping everyones noses powdered the village basically grows twice as fast, more or less.

- Factions are something you really need to think through - if you only have 20 players at once on your server usually you should really consider not splitting them up into 4 teams, make it 2 or 3 instead. You can also make a faction portal-hub and make it possible for villages to buy portals for gold, making it easier for people to access your traders which can be neccessary for making an economy work.

- Rare treasure chests in the wild: Yes or no? Locked or not? What's in them? Basically noone ever gives a shit about missions usually so relying on them for moonmetals is usually not a smart move. Treasure can be a healthy alternative - if balanced, of course. It should still take a big time investment to build a set of moonmetal plate armor.

- Mods: Think through what should and shouldn't be allowed and make sure you have a way to enforce the rules. If you can't and it's basically just a gentlemans agreement not to use WurmESP that shit can go terribly wrong. Then again, it worked out fine for this serb. You can also add server-side mods like being able to see all cooking recipes (instead of having to use online-lists filled with troll recipes which won't work) or maybe some stuff that helps with some of the balancing issues above.

- Inbuilt Global-IRC that you join automatically on login can REALLY help with communication issues. You got all your players in one chat, making it easy to stay in touch with them and keeping your admin-work transparent. Plus you can make it possible for people to stay in touch even if they are not playing right now if they can just connect to the IRC anyway.

I bet I am forgetting about lots of things but I can't think of more right now.

e36634 No.13439648


I agree with a few of them but

>- Inbuilt Global-IRC that you join automatically on login can REALLY help with communication issues. You got all your players in one chat, making it easy to stay in touch with them and keeping your admin-work transparent. Plus you can make it possible for people to stay in touch even if they are not playing right now if they can just connect to the IRC anyway.

sounds kinda shit. A lot of what keeps factions separate and enemies is a lack of comms and its nice to not know who is who when you're raiding or meeting someone randomly in the wild.

I hated IRC in every server that had it.

d6cf2c No.13439653

File: 96faf7530d55039⋯.png (849.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 96faf7530d55039471a8733458….png)


>not mumble or even teamspeak

>giving tencent your data/metadata to sell in the first place

>giving marketers, Intelligence agencies, liberal think tanks and whoever else is interested your data/metadata for research on how to play you and the type of person you are willingly

>implying gooks or anyone can store all this data 100% securely to keep it away from the masses of people seeking it for free

>its a reliable (((free))) service

>only its not because everything they can scrape about you is being sold to the highest bidder

>"like, ugh literally who cares?"

>giving up


>unironically goes "baww everyone else does it anyway why bother :("

Biggest cocksucking homo on the board right now award goes to you.

061475 No.13439694


Yeah I guess it is a two-sided sword. Then again, it keeps the drama out of the thread since it can just happen in the chat. But yeah, I guess it's subjective if this is a good idea or not.

d203eb No.13439783

File: c6ba208750f1f07⋯.jpg (123.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1462393088125-3.jpg)


>Take your time creating a good map.

I've lost a few perfect maps because I did something stupid like forget to add tar. Dirt layers should ideally be 30-50, sure it makes opening a mine a pain in the ass, but it allows for greater construction/road options mines should be difficult anyways.

>Especially faith and meditation are things every admin should take a good look at

I'm of the opinion that faith gains from praying should be unlimited, priest has enough downsides as it is without making them useless for their firth month. unlimited faith gains and no restrictions can make for some !!!FUN!!! PvP, even more if you give everyone all spells.

>Money and upkeep

I played on a sever that gave out something like 2-3 silver per player each week, albeit there were no villages just spread out 1-3 man hermits. It allowed players to have small deeds and boosted the player economy.


Just leave everyone on freedom, admins can add in wagon/tabard textures if they want.

>Rare treasure chests in the wild: Yes or no

Gentlemens agreement or not someone is going to use ESP, all those players need is a cart and two HHs to strip the map of chests. Another sever I played on had moonmetal ores drop like gems, which worked out well as you don't get a ton and not all are imping quality, still making getting a high ql moonmetal set difficult. Of course this option causes miners to have a monopoly on high ql moonmetal.

>I bet I am forgetting about lots of things but I can't think of more right now.

Hitch anything mod, I just want a JEB! cart.

Whatever mod allows you to grow things like woad in planters, dye making is hard enough as it is.

If possible lower or remove the skillgate for construction of smelters.

061475 No.13439817


>mines should be difficult anyways

This. Mines belong into mountains, not anywhere anyone wants.

>give everyone all spells

That sounds a bit fucked up, but I have not seen this yet. Same goes for the 2-3 silver per week thing. (Then again, if properly balanced anything could work.)

>only one faction

I'd prefer two. I think the success of this server is mostly due to the 4chan VS 8chan thing, so keeping two communities into two different factions can do wonders for competition - but of course it completely depends on what you want your server to be.

>moonmetal drops like gems

If in balanced quantities, yes, a good alternative.

Also good idea with plantable woad, hitch anything and, yeah, smelters are cunts, would definetly be an improvement.

What should be clear by now though is that balance is everything.

763829 No.13439869

d203eb No.13439908


>That sounds a bit fucked up

It's mostly a fail safe, if your only vynfag decides to champ up you're not fucked for chants, HotS no longer has to make do with BotD, everyone can grind with light token, and priests don't feel pressured to keep playing because their the only priest of that god left.

>Same goes for the 2-3 silver per week thing

It's not really much, and can be changed. I think it might have been per deed rather than player now that I think about it, otherwise someone could just make a ton of alts. Just enough for a small deed and a few guards, allowing hermits to skill what they like rather than forage for half their playtime.

>I'd prefer two. I think the success of this server is mostly due to the 4chan VS 8chan thing

Well a single faction would allow for global to be shittalk central along with recruiting grounds. No newlads would join the wrong faction, and each website could form their own village or alliance, allowing players to break off and form satellite deeds while still supporting their site.

99dd60 No.13439998


there's a system in the game to let any faction get any spells, it's just shitty and unintuitive and takes months to do

654279 No.13440457

File: ac0ea959825e22a⋯.png (232.19 KB, 432x429, 144:143, confused smug.png)


>Admins literally did nothing wrong

>This is why all admins eventually fuck us over

e36634 No.13442171


>Admins (((((of this server)))))

>admins (((((in the past)))))


>and priests don't feel pressured to keep playing because their the only priest of that god left.

Making things so that people feel like they can play less or dont have to login at all anymore is surely a great idea to retain players for wurm.

740b41 No.13442433

>my sailing boat is still there

061475 No.13442702

Daily reminder that our last admin (((in the past))) had all of our support, even played with us in the village, yet didn't just end up throwing away his job out of nowhere but also became Althazar, who then proceeded to haunt us with his constant shittalking and effectively is the reason why we destroyed Babbylon. The admin of WRC ended up making a motherfucking cashshop and we also dindu nuffin to him. Bottom line is: You being nice and optimistic towards admins doesn't mean they ain't gonna fuck you. In fact I think the admins here worked so hard partly because I told them of our "paranoia" and they partly wanted to prove that they are different than the past cucks. But that's just speculation, of course.

e0a551 No.13443696


Honestly although my bro and me stopped playing early on in the last server, but wasn't he an alright guy at first? I remember him accidentally forgetting to put clay and tar in the map, so instead of autistically restarting the server 12 hours in, he went around different coordinates and placed some clay for people's new homes. Shame if he changed into a shit head though.

061475 No.13443711


Dude, totally. He was even doing alright, he made really fast progress at learning how to be an admin. Imagine my surprise when I found out he was Althazar, pretending to be a 4cuck now because he knew we wouldn't want him after his betreyal. Not only that but he became their goddamn leader, basically, and then proceeded to be the biggest asshole out of all of them. Honestly if he wouldn't have talked so much shit Babylon might still be standing today.

I usually believe that people don't really change but IF they do it's usually for the worse…

e0a551 No.13443755

>>13443711 (check'&)

Hard to argue against dubs, fam. Must have been some really bad personal shit to fall that low speaking from personal experience here, not that bad maybe but definitely see it as a negative change

64066c No.13448343


>In fact I think the admins here worked so hard partly because I told them of our "paranoia" and they partly wanted to prove that they are different than the past cucks.

Being part of MR I have played with the admins before and its more of a "admins have also been fucked over a bunch of times in the past too so they dont want to be the people to fuck others over" kinda of thing.

9cb038 No.13449247


Admins fucked the server. Ebin fucked the server. No on like it and the only reason it passed (barely) is because of multi accounts and fucktards accidentally voting for the wrong option.

061475 No.13449339


In the end ebin didn't really matter except for that it reduced our numbers. But even with Hohenbrohausen being far fewer people in total and Babylon being able to easier catch up with our skills they still were just no challenge at all in the end. (Daily reminder that they did not even put a lock on their gate). So even though I personally don't think ebin is that much of a catastrophe it's very possible that without it a lot more 8lads would still be playing.

Still, I think this ending we had was perfect, especially compared to all our other runs. We won the server, basically. What more can you wish for?

061475 No.13449351

File: 4677482fd2a45b0⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 480x270, 16:9, damage report.jpg)


>mfw coming online as the mayor in the "morning" back when we always had at least 10 people online

9cb038 No.13449420

File: e941039921e36da⋯.jpg (78.62 KB, 550x216, 275:108, 1447822453136.jpg)


Ebin is what killed the longevity of the server. When it takes 3h with sleep bonus to get any skill to 90, there is no sense of achievement, there is no scarcity, there is no sense that you're making an invaluable contribution with whichever skill you choose. When we killed the cucks, there was nothing left to do. But no, we had to go with muh democracy. I said from the start that catering for normalfaggots was never a good idea, they weren't a threat before ebin, they weren't a threat after.

You asked me what I wanted:

>persistent server with a good population that doesn't die after a week and a half

>competent mods who can actually balance the game mechanics without making things too easy

>multiple factions and actual competent enemies, rises and falls of kingdoms

>a real skill progression system that actual necessitates a big investment to actual become a competent craftsman and make valuable goods, so that kingdom's best craftsmen would typically be level 70, while 90ql gear is considered extremely rare and valuable

061475 No.13449504

File: 90f0e9be5107462⋯.jpg (103.77 KB, 339x500, 339:500, for a next time without eb….jpg)


Don't get me wrong m8, I voted against ebin and was the first to tell Erok that I think we got screwed by it. And next server I definetly don't want to see it again. I also agree that it would have been cooler if the server would have persisted longer for us. But without competent enemies it just didn't really matter, even though it definetly was a huge mistake. If ebin would not have been turned on everyone would suffer from wurmout syndrome right now anyway and we'd have a much slower, more sad death.

We definetly need to think bigger next time population-wise. Reddit VS 8chan VS 4chan VS Krautchan?

And we need an admin who is truly (((one of us))) who is better prepared and knows what he's doing (no, not me.). Just for the record I don't think the admins this time were all that bad, but still, if we really want a server that persists things need to be under our control.

467299 No.13450966

File: ea2f19b91492548⋯.jpg (69.21 KB, 976x557, 976:557, chrome_2017-09-21_23-47-06.jpg)


>We definetly need to think bigger next time population-wise. Reddit VS 8chan VS 4chan VS Krautchan?

I shilled in krautchan, and yllilauta, and the spanish chans, in russian sites, even posted in pornhub and arabic dating sites trying to shill for the server.

Also made semi daily threads in the official wurm forums as well as the WU Steam forums that got deleted 20 minutes later every time because pirated client, meaning I had to make new accounts each time. Were it not for piracy I could've shilled more to actual wurm players, but most of the old timers kind of sided with Rolf against playing pirate, including many old buddies from WO who asked me to stop hosting a pirated server.

If you manage to do better in getting population, then good on you goys.

061475 No.13451011


Holy shit, didn't know you tried that hard. Well, shit. That's gonna be hard.

d203eb No.13451129

File: 184642b40201cf3⋯.png (183.07 KB, 346x293, 346:293, Wurm pornhub.png)


>shilling for wurm on pornhub

So is gf a NPC or some poor bastard wondering where the porn is?

Think 2chan has any westaboos willing to play?

edbe4a No.13451201


>Think 2chan has any westaboos willing to play?

I proxyposted and google translated to moonrunes to try and shill wurm, but I got many confusing replies that google translated to something about worms.

I tried shilling in newspapers too but most do a precensor, I realised after my 10th try in the DailyMail comment sections.

It's sad, really, to think of such a great game as wurm barely managing servers of 20 people. You'd think with 7 billion people you'd manage to bring in more than that, but I failed.

061475 No.13451247

File: e5e379757d4cf87⋯.jpg (1003.72 KB, 235x255, 47:51, OPtrieshard.jpg)


>and I thought I tried hard just by keeping my one village together during the age of drama

Welp. Time to KMS already.

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