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File: 5e0382ff7e28e7a⋯.png (727.28 KB, 654x484, 327:242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e27dd30be17edc⋯.png (75.53 KB, 298x302, 149:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0f4a02750dabe8⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1384x902, 692:451, ClipboardImage.png)

57050a No.13391505

Elysium is a comfy private WoW server that boasts an active population and well scripted end-game content. We have recently begun setting up an end game raiding guild and need more people to fill out our ranks. Don't worry about what class you are playing and if its needed, you should play whatever is going to be the most fun for you. We aim to begin raiding by the middle of October, so if you want to play you have about a month and a half to get to 60 and get some Pre-BiS gear.






How to Play:

1) Download the version of the game for your OS.

2) Edit the content of the file "realmlist.wtf" to "set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org"(without the quotes).

3) Make an account at: https://www.elysium-project.org/play

4) Login to the game using the account you created in Step 3.

5) Choose Horde on the Elysium server.

6) Post your character name in this thread or use /who g-"Iron Guard" and whisper anyone online in the guild.

High Demand Classes:






Simply save the contents of each (((Google))) drive link locally, then you can pick and choose the addons that you want. This is an archive of thousands of addons for the 1.12 client.

Part(1): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAxutR4jmqfVFA4cGNkRG5ZdDQ

Part(2): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAxutR4jmqfQ2QxZV9Qc0RnR28


Discord: https://use at your own risk discordapp.com/invite/VVHRJeK

Realm Status: https://elysium-project.org/status

Forums: https://forum.elysium-project.org/

c3f10a No.13391524


a5f491 No.13391595


no fun allowed. This 8ch guild is going to actually be successful, unlike the abortion that <infinity> has become

90865d No.13391634

Gotta love these reject /vg/uilds.

f7d54e No.13391636


>No holohoax denial.

Dorf fort was the best guild.

f7d54e No.13391640


Forgot to sage.

a5f491 No.13391662


You misread. Denial of holocaust denial is a bannable offense.

a5f491 No.13391746


>guild from 8/v/ that's been playing together for almost 3 years

>from halfchan

ok lol

0e3fe3 No.13391749


I want (1) to fuck off.

f907b7 No.13391757

File: 482792ef5a7c54d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 576.26 KB, 1024x1457, 1024:1457, ImadeAthing.jpg)


8/v/ already has a guild you nigger, go recruit goons

57050a No.13391977

File: 96b7dab64a209cd⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 481x401, 481:401, 96b7dab64a209cd0b5543802ff….jpg)

>>13391524 (1)

>>13391634 (1)

>>13391727 (1)

>>13391757 (1)

I don't know why you guys have to show up to every Vanilla WoW thread and shit on it. Some people enjoy playing the game on Elysium and have the time to do so. If you don't enjoy the game then just ignore the thread.

aa4f01 No.13392208

File: 5cc8ee12bf018d4⋯.png (9.3 KB, 473x454, 473:454, 1414276955784.png)

Maybe these threads turn to shit so fast because <Infinity> was simply too good.

4b6d6e No.13392328

File: c003d40a94f2d14⋯.png (30.59 KB, 658x527, 658:527, Capture.PNG)

File: ec17dd9ec760657⋯.png (164.42 KB, 264x245, 264:245, excoouise me.PNG)

>long fucking shifts with nothing to do at work

>need a time waster, something I can grind to oblivion

>already have like 500 hours in Binding of Isaac

>Spiral Knights pisses me off

>Warframe doesn't work on this toaster

>look up system requirements for WoW

>pic related

Are they for real? Did the graphical overhauls really force hardcore wow players to upgrade their PCs in order to play the same game?

584a71 No.13392340

fell for this meme when zeth'kur came around, wont again

3bfc02 No.13392357


yep, but we're playing vanilla wow which you can run on a toaster

4b6d6e No.13392989


can confirm, runs ok (45-50fps) on high settings

>takes ~10 seconds to kill a lvl 1 boar

boy, playing this alongside Warframe: Gotta Jew Fast is going to be a frustrating experience. No wonder I never made it to lvl 50

dee1c6 No.13392999

convince me to play it

i had an old paladin there, maybe around lv 10-20

but the grind is just so boring

and i've done all the leveling before so many times, the quests feel bland

how do you not make this feel like a huge waste of time

bcb301 No.13393052

File: 66f804fe82ea8da⋯.png (13.41 KB, 500x425, 20:17, zugzuggies.png)


You play a class that requires almost no input to kill things (priest, for example, until shadowform you wand it until it dies) and do other things in the background like watch videos or listen to podcasts. Having two or more monitors helps in this but if you have just one monitor you can have a program like OnTopReplica display whatever you want to watch over part of your screen while you play.

Otherwise, you could play something like shaman. While not as "afk" as paladin or priest, the metric fuckton of spells you get to play with makes it an interesting class to experiment with while leveling.

207640 No.13393079

>High demand classes


Every 8chan guild has an extreme overdistribution of warriors in the class makeup, what's going on here?

>tfw want to play priest but won't have dungeon priority like warriors.

>Don't want to spend 3-4 hours per UBRS run spamming trade chat in Org/UC looking for a tank like I did when I played rogue so I'm stuck with warrior if I want to seriously play without wasting days of /played time at 60.

I don't even mind Warrior gameplay, it's just that leveling takes so much time and is also active as a warrior so I can't just alt-tab while grinding, and my classes don't really permit wasting several hours each day exclusively on grinding. Fond memories of my level 60 rogue on Nost, though, so maybe I'll give it a try and see if I can't strike up a slow but manageable pace.

fed708 No.13393102


Ever since Wrath the game became an unoptimized piece of shit with e-celebs shilling the latest pro graphix card at every opportunity by complete coincidence I'm sure.

86fd90 No.13393119


What is denial of holocaust denial?

Do you get banned if you don't believe holocaust deniers exist?

80a213 No.13393128

File: 497b498ba743982⋯.png (197.78 KB, 526x503, 526:503, 1471108801813.png)

Hey look it's another fucking vanilla wow server which will die in 6 months!

dee1c6 No.13393134

>start the jasperlode mine quest

>kobolds can shoot fireballs at me through trees

>at least 2 kobolds each fight

well that killed any enthusiasm i had

c6b9b3 No.13393136

Your autist/pervert/attention whore filled wow guilds will never be successful. Deal with it.

fed708 No.13393145


I'm pretty sure it actually used to work right when the server first came out and the only reason I can think of for changing it would be to cater to assblasted faggots who can't PVP right. These servers are notorious for catering to a small number of high end players who donate hundreds of dollars per month anyway.

84d2a2 No.13393148


>log in to retail

>queue into warsong gulch

>nearly 13 years half the giant tree stumps don't effect the casters' line of sight at all

Really gets the brain working

a90449 No.13393177

>>kobolds can shoot fireballs at me through trees

What the shit I've seen like servers of 100 people who were better than this. Did you go out of your way to find a shitty server to have a discord circle jerk at?

bcb301 No.13393178


>guild is full of warriors

>somehow cannot find one as a priest

Every warrior wants a healfriend. Orbs from strat are a reliable source of income for prot specced warriors.

497e79 No.13393187



You're right, I was being a bitter cunt

Good luck, however I'm pretty sure you're going to have to invite normalfags if you actually want to raid. Be prepared for that.


I remember the mob respawn rates seeming much too high last time I dicked around on elysium, like they were still tuned for launch conditions months after the fact.

fed708 No.13393195


>I remember the mob respawn rates seeming much too high last time I dicked around on elysium, like they were still tuned for launch conditions months after the fact.

Gotta keep those chink bots satisfied.

dee1c6 No.13393319

File: 35a1fe65f11873a⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled.png)

also, what's this shit infront of stormwind?

some kind of event?

dee1c6 No.13393342

File: dd90e88e87a1800⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled2.png)


oh nevermind, i didn't realize we were being invaded

485197 No.13393371

File: 78b0ce2954c13aa⋯.jpg (73.42 KB, 254x399, 254:399, laef.jpg)

Oh cool, I already have a character. Name's Krepp.

3755c4 No.13393383

>Already have a character on the anathema Realm

>now were on elysium.

Maybe this one will be permanent. Probably not.

Invite Zagash, the undead warlock.

0cf414 No.13393393



wait is this elysium?

0a94a2 No.13393403

Can't wait for this guild/server to die in 2 months like every other one has.

c45313 No.13393438


It's cuckchan, <infinity> doesn't play video games anymore and had a bigger sperg than rtas and his ring.

0a94a2 No.13393453


even worse

ed414e No.13393729


Looks like Naxxramas invasion event so it has to be Anathema.


>Every 8chan guild has an extreme overdistribution of warriors in the class makeup, what's going on here?

Fury warriors are quite hard to recruit apparently and they're really good so it pays off to stack warriors.

f907b7 No.13393759

File: 4f56952f769e78e⋯.jpg (7.52 KB, 230x219, 230:219, smugloli.jpg)


You are a 4cuck reject guild, that`s all I need to know to shit on you

90865d No.13393818

File: 72d5c88740f18a6⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1489x1053, 1489:1053, 72d5c88740f18a6de140d96a10….png)


Why, you feeling bullied? Good. Do us all a favor and drag your cancerous carcass back to /vg/.

5a2374 No.13393827


>fury warriors

>hard to recruit

are you playing bizzaro WoW?

57050a No.13395027


Fury warriors are extremely hard to come by at the higher levels. It is quite odd.

9e801e No.13395059

WoW was never good. It's a fucking casual game for fucking casuals.

f03aa2 No.13395267

File: 7e3c2c6adf4d212⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 7e3c2c6adf4d212ea11a125138….jpg)

isn't this the server where the gm team was caught selling gold to players and giving legendaries out to their guilds?

a5f491 No.13395648


fury warriors that are dedicated enough to gear up properly are hard to come by. Level 60 shit tier faggots dressed in leveling greens who can't even be bothered to buy devilsaur are a dime a dozen

68af47 No.13395693


>holocaust denial denial


Too bad you fags can never stick to one server, <Infinity> Nost was fun while it lasted.

fed708 No.13395729


This and Nostalrius both, yes.

05f7af No.13395738


gms on elysium are suspected gold sellers

server seems down again

3d7666 No.13395748

>holocaust denial is a gkickable offense.

rope yourself kikes. try getting people into a buggy over 10 year old game that isn't even as good as it was while you ban people for not being kosher.

3d7666 No.13395751

File: 7525a5d84946026⋯.png (247.44 KB, 474x432, 79:72, 752.png)


forgot my image.

b0afc0 No.13395762


Is this bait or are you illiterate?

b0afc0 No.13395766



Is this bait or are you illiterate?

f8d505 No.13395777



207640 No.13395786


Try reading that again, bud.

a6d254 No.13395988

File: 0e1d214d8dc24bb⋯.gif (369.44 KB, 500x281, 500:281, sn.gif)


>no fun allowed. This 8ch guild is going to actually be successful, unlike the abortion that <guild name> has become

Every week, like clockwork.

1343b5 No.13396012

Private server community is long dead.

1dcaac No.13396155


>3 attention whores equal entire 8chan guild

Yea no

a1235d No.13396401


I can't imagine what you need to pull to get laughed off /vg/ or why he keeps trying to weaponize the local faggotry but by god one can depend on trannyus and his inbred cousins to keep trying.

c45313 No.13396419


>cuckchan guild

goddamn the entire /wowpsg/ thread is shit as is <Infinity> you are a group of faggots that deserve each other

a1235d No.13396435


It's /wpsg/ and short of trannyfags and certain rulecucks no one deserves that.

57050a No.13396497

File: ac06f3763d4a935⋯.png (286.86 KB, 505x487, 505:487, ClipboardImage.png)


Guess again.

1dcaac No.13396543

File: 49ad3669202ee83⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Winnie the Pu heh.jpg)









Chink gold farmers and bots are proof of community not being dead?

57050a No.13396553

File: 1b67ee057046186⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 579x610, 579:610, 4aeb3cc616f21b44e1bc6d151f….jpg)


Then don't play faggot. We are having fun though.

c45313 No.13396668



I hate people who use that word because they typically act like niggers and want to bring everyone around them down to their shit tier level.

3b81f6 No.13397023


It's Freech terminology so of course anyone that uses it acts like a nigger.

f7d54e No.13397051

File: 263671f9b12ecd8⋯.jpg (198.63 KB, 574x592, 287:296, Injustice.jpg)


No thanks.

c65d00 No.13397093


Blizzard is keeping people like this in charge of the private server black market. They should have partnered with cripple kid who made Felmyst and shut the Chinks, huehues, and slavic gold bots/sellers down. Not that I play wow, just an observant thought. Are you satisfied blizzshit? Meh doesn't matter, half the workers are probably foreigners and privileged womyn.

1dcaac No.13397539


why is the cripple kid who made Felmyst any better than the others you mentioned?

57050a No.13397622

File: 1ec06288dc93ed7⋯.png (649.54 KB, 592x497, 592:497, ClipboardImage.png)


> Level 40

f7d54e No.13397664


I thought I was only lvl 32. Either way not logged in a year.

3dce80 No.13403874

File: be2b6bbe9c44817⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 279x181, 279:181, images(3).jpg)

When did this game and its Lore jump the shark?

fed708 No.13403893


Somewhere between Warcraft 3 and Burning Crusade, depending on your tolerance of bullshit.

c0131f No.13404347


It started becoming retarded near the end of BC, but it didn't go full retard until WotLK. WotLK was when the story stopped being about your character and the effects your character had on the world and instead became about the lore characters. You, the player, became sidestepped and were just a narrative tool to get big lore names into their proper position so the big lore names could move the story on. The dragon gate event being about Bolvar, trial of the crusader being about Fordring, icecrown citadel being about Bolvar and Fordring. It just got worse as time went on. The event where you go attack Undercity with Varian and his gang being one of the worst examples.

Now, you may think that the game not being about your character and being about the big lore characters has nothing to do about WoW's lore going to shit, but you have to realize that it's when they started fucking over the lore to "keep things interesting" and to "keep the players engaged". Shows how incompetent Blizzard has become at story telling. Let's keep the players engaged by making the player irrelevant to the story! That'll make things super interesting and make players invested in their characters.


You were asking for it, shitlord. Conduct yourself as a mature adult would out in the real world. Nobody wants to deal with a brooding manchild like you.

f41b6a No.13404960

File: 322a73c5ccfa146⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 1441180540910-4.jpg)


Your proof that Elysium's shit is you acting like a retard and getting muted?

fed4a5 No.13405340


Sorry sir, this is a CHRISTIAN SERVER, so no swearing.

6c6b25 No.13405400


>out in the real world

>Private wow server moderated by 15yo trans/furry polish kids.

c0131f No.13405478


But moooooom, they're acting like douchebags too! Why shouldn't I act like a douchebag then?

c2f6d3 No.13405597

Invite craby to the guild

also bump

6c6b25 No.13405604


>bandwagon fallacy

Has literally nothing to do with this.Admins on private servers feel the need to assert what little "authority" they will ever possess.

You sound like an old humorless cunt.

c0131f No.13405629


Since your reading comprehension is horrible, what I'm saying is that even though the admins on Elysium are corrupt and incompetent as fuck, it doesn't mean that you should act like a 12 year old kid because they act like 12 year old kids. Act like a man instead of an immature little bitch. Or better yet, be a man.

6c6b25 No.13405739


Not sure how I was supposed to glean that from your inarticulate shitposting, but, ok.

>Act like a man instead of an immature little bitch. Or better yet, be a man.

Like you even know what that means.You're getting salty because you can't handle jokes.You seem like the immature one here.

c45313 No.13405771


>unironically using shitlord


c0131f No.13405784


Don't act like a cunt out of spite. Was that clearer?

0ca07d No.13405786

So from a scale of 1-Everquest, how many fucking retarded roleplayers are in this?

fed708 No.13405793


Practically zero. Private servers are swamped with tryhards and minmaxers.

3ad3ba No.13405794

File: c4d8ccbe39e7eeb⋯.jpg (82.2 KB, 620x620, 1:1, c4d8ccbe39e7eeb8228baab263….jpg)


>Act like a man instead of an immature little bitch. Or better yet, be a man.

Pray tell how one does achieves this within the context of a private wow server.Tell me your secrets

c0131f No.13405834


The same way you do anywhere: don't scream your lungs out when shit doesn't go your way, don't be petty, don't try to play mind games, act with civility towards strangers, know when to hold your ground and when to back down, don't let people walk over you, etc, etc.

57050a No.13405923

File: 8c2818f1154af41⋯.png (222.01 KB, 373x491, 373:491, ClipboardImage.png)

57050a No.13408400

File: 8bf1f476baf10b6⋯.jpg (93.39 KB, 313x382, 313:382, 8bf1f476baf10b6922f8c0983d….jpg)


Getting along with people to play a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG requires you to not act like a turd 100% of the time. Treat others how you would want to be treated and you should be fine.

aee532 No.13408474

File: a14de38c53f2ff3⋯.png (26.76 KB, 128x128, 1:1, FFXIV.png)


What if I want someone to call me a retarded nigger when I do something incredibly stupid and wipe a raid?

57050a No.13408924

File: 8c7fc2bb71fc5b0⋯.png (249.29 KB, 386x494, 193:247, ClipboardImage.png)


Act like a nigger and people are going to treat you like one.

e07a34 No.13409350



I really, REALLY like to play a warrior. I don't care about leveling time, I already leveled twice to 60 with 1x exp, yet I don't believe it will suit me to replay vanilla with one. Everyone expects me to be a tank (I can tank dungeons yeah, but I want to be a pure dps in raids). Then people will tell me Well why didn't you pick a rogue, then? So I have to ask, what are the benefits of fury warriors? Even if I am decked on full dps set, I'll be told to off tank. If I am going to replay vanilla, I am going with a rogue, unless there are some benefits to fury warriors that I don't understand.

c0131f No.13409616


You already pointed out the benefit of fury warriors in vanilla raiding: they can off-tank. There's plenty of bosses and trash pulls where having more than 2 tanks makes life way easier; having players in the raid who can help tank for when those times happen by swapping gear are crucial for a raid, especially static guild groups. Good fury warriors will also help keep up Demo to the tank can generate more threat, give Battle Shout to one of the melee groups and do excellent cleave-type DPS.

If you want a more meta answer, then fury warriors help spread loot around. A guild will only get so much loot per week, so minimizing the amount of wasted drops results in better raid performance in the short and medium term. In other words: plate DPS pieces and STR jewelry going to your tanks doesn't help the raid, neither does having tank gear rotting.

2ec7f9 No.13409645

>actually playing on a server ran by gold sellers

good goyim

ed414e No.13409690



Also they're great DPS in raids. Eventually they will just flat out beat rogues.

e07a34 No.13409758


>If you want a more meta answer

Please give me more if you can, I am trying to justify my suffering of being asked to offtank. I also want to pvp and pve, so I am kinda getting screwed since I need pve talents for pure dps, pve talents for dps offtanking and pvp talents in Arms (unless Fury is great with high end gear that it beats Arms)


>flat out beat rogues

I find it hard to believe, can you back it up? Weren't the rogues in the world first KT kill topping the meters waay ahead of the warrior who was behind a lock, mages and rogues?

e07a34 No.13409778


>then fury warriors help spread loot around

I get plate dps set yes, but what about me competing with rogues for 1handers as fury? Also, when can I roll for 2handers as offspec pvp for Arms? As far as I know, 2handers are not that great compared to 1hander fury, and enh shamans are the only class that might be interested in 2handers.

e07a34 No.13409799

Another question that I want to add, are other specs totally garbage as many people claim? I sometimes hear about how viable some are, like ret pallies and enh shaman. Can someone confirm? Is there a chance that some specs actually got underastimated and its potential wasn't discovered? Sage because of multiple posts.

c0131f No.13409817


Loot depends on the guild. 1H axes should go to Warriors while the rest should go to Rogues and Hunters, at least ideally. 2H weapons are never really an issue since there's not much competition for drops outside of Warriors. Unless your raid brings Ret Paladins, but that's your fault for raiding with retards.

Offspecs are garbage. At best you'd want a single Feral Druid to off-tank and MAYBE a Shadow Priest. Enh Shamans, Ret Paladins and Moonkins are all garbage tier and should be laughed out of any semi-serious vanilla raid.

ed414e No.13409830


Maybe it's more of a horde thing because fury warriors benefit more from wf totem. I actually don't know much about naxx meta. The only log I saw from retail naxx was some patchwerk log with just warlocks shitting on everyone except the fire mage who was getting his ignites refreshed.

dee1c6 No.13409978

jesus, why are paladins so poorly designed for leveling

it looks like they were meant to apply seal of the crusader, and then use seal of righteousness both for your auto attacks and for judgement

but when you do the math, just having seal of the crusader on does the same amount of dps and costs a whole lot less mana

404ee7 No.13410112

File: d835f09c79ddf3b⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 480x490, 48:49, dogs.jpg)

account with my 40 ud priest/30orc lock is locked for some raisin

2922ac No.13410145



The Burning Crusade was when the Lore was totally downhill instead of just rolling down it. Wrath of the Lich King and beyond was when it hit the bottom.

>Yeah, we'll totally have leftovers of the blonde elves who got invaded by Orcs and steamrolled by Undead totally join the faction that has Orcs and Undead (and those Undead aren't even way better than the Scourge).

>Making Kael'thas into a demon's lackey with other established characters as cheap raid bosses.

>Blonde Elves lose what set them apart (demon crack snorting and infernal magic) so that they can be declawed and win another Sunwell. Complete with having it that only Kael'thas and his lackeys knew they were snorting demon crack.

>The haphazard way they did the Draenei/Eredar/Whatever stuff (and mind you, I actually dig the Draenei, or at least their pitch).

>Introduced the trainwreck who is Garrosh.

Yeah, Vanilla had its problems but TBC really was that cancer that killed the Lore.>>13403893

fed708 No.13410155


Crusader's only worth it with a 2hander or if you stack the debuff. I don't think the "less damage per swing" thing actually works on Elysium.

497e79 No.13410170

File: 408fa19d34fef36⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 446x650, 223:325, Paladin_silver_hand.jpg)


Fun seeing mages kill mobs with two firebolts while you're spending 30+ seconds hammering away to achieve the same thing.

You need to rely on quest XP even more than other classes. This in mind, you get a movement speed buff early in the retribution tree* and a free mount at 40, which you'll need because you'll be poor as fuck.

It might ruin the "experience", but consider sucking it up and using the questie addon so that you don't miss hard to find quests.

*people will tell you to get consecration instead, but they're retards

e07a34 No.13410189


>Ret Paladins and Moonkins are all garbage tier and should be laughed out of any semi-serious vanilla raid.

I just saw a video of a guy named Optilasgar

who was in the top meters as a ret on Nefarian. He claims that nobody retested ret for 1.12.1. Some people are claiming that his other dps mates just suck, but I just want to confirm his point: Are the other specs really that garbage? What about the people that are brining interesting points of how viable they can be?

fed708 No.13410200


Moonkin and all shaman dps is legit terrible in most raids because a lot of bosses are immune to nature damage. Now, whether or not this immunity works correctly on Elysium I don't know.

dee1c6 No.13410206


>people will tell you to get consecration instead, but they're retards

i already started holy with that in mind

497e79 No.13410224


On nostalrius it used to be bugged to scale really well from attack power. You'd throw seal of the crusader and blessing might on and spam rank 1 for days. Of course, this had the side effect of making paladin leveling actually bearable, so elysium fixed it.

c0131f No.13410236



Leveling a Paladin 101:

>only put 5 points in Ret for the mana reduction talent

>go Holy and poke stuff to death

>lose out on kill speed, make up for it by not having to drink and being able to soak up by that sweet, sweet dungeon XP by healing

>fill up your friend list because people want you to heal

>be useful when you hit 60 because you've been soaking up healing gear while leveling


Anyone who says Ret Paladins are good in raids only played on buggy private servers. Ret and Prot Paladins are abso-fucking-lutely garbage in vanilla raids.


Consecrate is good for the few times you need the AoE while soloing or in dungeons and lvl 1 Consecrate is has its uses in PvP.

5d9ccc No.13410238


Warcraft 1

For real though, around TBC. The scope just got too big. People have been calling for the big fight against whoever the fuck but the game was good when it was about going on adventures and fighting regional threats. Then it became about fighting the global threat of the week and started missing the point.

ed414e No.13410256


Moonkin druids use starfire in raids which does arcane damage.

fed708 No.13410285


I was always under the impression that Moonkins use starfire to get procs for the cast time reduction talent to use on wrath.

ed414e No.13410330


Interesting thought but won't that benefit be offset by the fact that global cooldown is as long as the cast time of wrath?

fed708 No.13410347


Oh wait I got them mixed up. Wrath is the short one and starfire is the long one.

dee1c6 No.13410874

File: 3069b83b5519953⋯.png (1022.66 KB, 1332x626, 666:313, WoW 2017-09-14 19-15-07-16.png)

>finally find group to do redridge quests

>clear shit with the occasional death

>do the elite gnoll quests

>finally get to the elite blackrock quests

>barely managing to kill one of them at a time without anyone dying

>even if nobody dies, all we can do is kite them with frostbolts since we have no tank

>because of this they take forever to die and respawn faster than we can kill them

>everyone ragequits because it's impossible to do this unless we die 30 times each

where the fuck are all the warriors

holy paladins don't make good tanks and healers at the same time

dee1c6 No.13411198


continuing from this

what's up with the class quest difficulty

for some weapon that i'll outlevel fairly fast they want me to go through 3 dungeons

i don't remember the warrior class quests being that hard/irritating

55ca3e No.13411238

File: 2665b9f473eb34b⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 04c5fab4dd9c8ef7b482db0f4c….jpg)


can i join have a lvl 60 rogue with some tier 1 pieces?

fed708 No.13411240


The warrior ones are way worse simple because they can't be done at level without help, but the rewards are usually more useful. The paladin hammer is nice but it's really nothing compared to the whirlwind axe.

ed414e No.13411293


What's your name in-game?

55ca3e No.13411304



c2f6d3 No.13412828

What profession is good for a druid besides leatherworking?

0a8ff3 No.13412843




>what is blessing of kings?

Critadins back in the day were the only way to get ret to "work", and by work i mean get fucking buttfucked by everything with an IQ greater than a pinecone. 31/0/20 was the only way to be a paladin and not suck cock


Rule of paladin DPS was Judge Crusader, use lvl 1 Seal of Command, repeat when crusader fades. Use consecrate if you feel like it and have mana.

c2f6d3 No.13412872

What profession is good for a druid besides leatherworking?

085b14 No.13412914

File: 8eb6a884fabd93a⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1469478943591-0.jpg)

You niggers have like a million members what the fuck, since when cuckchan went full zerg guild?

bfde73 No.13413083


Don't forget how they put a bunch of elves into the Horde just to raise its player base (being pretty and not ugly). Without doing it in a non-cheap way too (see the forced attempts to make the Night Elves hostile towards them despite TFT having their leaders meet and part on good terms).

57050a No.13413559

File: ccd12163d3fc1e1⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1234x615, 1234:615, ClipboardImage.png)

42267d No.13414077

Alliance guild when.

215b6b No.13414088


Finally someone posted the trannys tits!

26d1e7 No.13414320

File: f5f6da5f17e86e0⋯.jpg (21.37 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 4c69c1b311ea6928682f25c431….jpg)

Nerds, 24/27/0 holy/prot reckadin is the way to go, you can actually protect yourself in the open world with full reck stack so you can instant kill an enemy player if they get the drop on you and simultaneously heal yourself and others for any content whenever needed. Holy/ret or pure ret is pure RNG and a pure prot build is only good for spamming dungeons (if that's your thing).

Here, look at this tree. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sVxuMgoZVGzcsux

I use anticipation because defense+ is better than armor score because defense+ also allows increased dodge rate.

Any agi+ class, even warrior and druid, that deals loads of damage through crits can be STOPPED dead in their tracks by SITTING DOWN to get crit on so you can multistrike, or just by multistriking back through Reckoning while fighting under normal conditions and getting critted on normally. It helps to have a really slow 2H weapon for maximum multistrike damage. Also make sure to put on SoC then SoR so you can get basically 10 hits on a person instantly once you fuck them up with full Reck stack.

Ret's gimmicky and only works through RNG, but if you play divine favor/reckoning paladin then you can fuck any agi class up, guaranteed. Spell crits can give you multistrike, too, which is always nice. The thing is, though, that paladin is the slowest class in the game, so you have to be really careful how you plan out every movement. Being an alchemist can help because you can drink speed potions and run at people with Blessing of Freedom on so you can fuck them up. Trust me, paladin is the bane of rogues, druids, warriors and hunters. They're only threatened by mage/shadowpriest/warlock/shaman. Enhancement shamans are on equal ground to a paladin, though.

t. Paladin for 13 years

d1e550 No.13414398


The benefit of fury warriors is that their damage scales extremely with gear, which is the complete opposite of rogues (which is why the naked gank was such a popular kind of pvp video back in the day.) That's why high end guilds will gladly accept a couple of fury warriors, but struggling guilds will have trouble with the concept of a warrior doing DPS. If you have the social skills to get together a group for AQ40 regularly fury warrior is the way to go. If not go rogue.

e07a34 No.13414491


Are retri pallies viable for raiding? Is what anon said >>13410236 about them being good at buggy realms and that in reality they are garbage in pve true?

ed414e No.13414520


I remember someone posted statistics on the best player of each class and how they compared against eachother on Anathema in BWL and the bottom performer was shaman closely followed by paladin in DPS.

a23dbc No.13414522


Unless you bring a nightfall with you its not viable.

26d1e7 No.13414588


Listen, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I'm not going to give you the answer you expect. You've probably heard other people all reiterating the exact same thing, over and over, that "Ret paladins aren't playable." I'm not going to tell you that. All classes are different, and do different damage in different situations. Yes, fury warrior has the highest melee damage in the entire game. No, it's not a wrong thing to want to play as a retribution paladin and it's wrong of people to try saying you can't raid because they'd rather have a warrior. Retribution paladins can temporarily offheal, insta-heal, bubble others and do good damage. In my experience, they do as much damage as a combat rogue. Retribution is fun, but requires friends to play in PVE. If you like it that much, go for it! But just be wary, because some people have gigantic sticks up their asses and will deny you the game if you play as retribution, even though it's all right, even if not the best. That's like trying to tell people they don't want druids unless they're healers, shadow priests unless they're healers, hunters at all or any rogue but combat. And for arms? That's a PVP spec and the reason it's not brought to raids often is because it takes up a debuff slot on bosses that isn't useful. That's mostly the reason people have for the other classes, too, though. In my experience, if you play to have fun and simply learn the mechanics of mobs, patrols and bosses and use the right debuffs on the target you're fighting with the raid group and everyone has at least mildly above Pre-BIS (best in slot) then everything should be fine for Molten Core.

All in all, I urge you to play Retribution Paladin if you want to, regardless of others saying not to. It's fun!

497e79 No.13414611


Retribution paladins don't compete with arms warriors and enhancement shamans for raid spots, they compete with holy paladins (and lose).

dee1c6 No.13414613


so if by any chance i actually reach 60, what do i do then? prot is pointless at that point

dee1c6 No.13414633

anyone got a dps meter addon?

the recount i got didn't work, and SW stats only shows me overall damage done, not dps

26d1e7 No.13414668


Prots are glorious at dungeons. They're the quickest tank for the job for any late-game dungeon.


They don't compete with Holy Paladins, because they don't use the same armor (int versus str), n00b.


You should do some snooping on the old Nostalrius forums for some good add-ons, it's where I got my current stuff from, but I have a lot of junk and it isn't very user-friendly.


Go to the Add-ons and Macros index a bit below and look for the things you think you might like.

26d1e7 No.13414681


Also, Paladins and Shamans can't raid together, Shamans are Horde-only and Paladins are Alliance-only, and Arms warriors just never really raid :\ Sad, but the truth, because people keep them out because of lower dps because they're more pvp-oriented and have a -healing debuff instead of a bleed.

dee1c6 No.13414690


>because they don't use the same armor (int versus str), n00b.

you can't bring as many people as you want to a raid though

26d1e7 No.13414733


We should just bring only healers, frost mages and warriors to raids, then, because their damage is the highest. :(

dee1c6 No.13414753


well with the occasional one person from a class to get buffs, but yeah

26d1e7 No.13414772

File: 878848874625bbe⋯.jpg (14.32 KB, 570x570, 1:1, il_570xN.762412812_ccx3.jpg)


I'm personally of the opinion that that would destroy the fun that the game because of the raid's superior knowledge of all mechanics going so far that they would just reroll only this, this, and this for raids and bar everything else, when they could be almost every class, but maybe I'm just an autist. Feel free to spit on me, I guess.

dee1c6 No.13414787


look buddy, do you think people are gonna invite more than one moonkin? their damage is shit, and they're only needed for that one 3% crit aura

e07a34 No.13414810


You are right. But sadly, most people who want to have fun are fucking casuals who suck at the game. Yes, being with elitists might suck, but I'd rather play with people who put effort instead of fucking retards who don't want to maximize their performance. Sadly, it is VERY hard these days to find people who are skilled yet at the same time tolerate other specs for the sake of fun while they steamroll vanilla since the encounters are known already.

331f1f No.13414984


Warrior scaling gets out of control due to the rage mechanic. So in upper t2/t2.5 their rage generation is high enough that they can be using HS on almost every MH swing.

331f1f No.13415048


So in effect if you want to raid, don't be ret. If all you want to do is queue for BGs and run the occassional 5 man when someone feels pity for you, ret is the way to go

e07a34 No.13415065


About rage, is it true that most private servers fucked up with rage generation? Especially as rage from damage taken? I played on old Nost and Kronos 2 and some have claimed that warriors should get waaaay more rage when being hit. Something about them fucking up the formula.

ab08cb No.13415092

File: 1b5ee6a58fb51f1⋯.jpg (3.14 KB, 101x119, 101:119, Dsp_wow.jpg)


6bf77a No.13415230

How do you guys feel secure in the time you are investing in grinding on a private server? Doesn't the fear of all of it going away due to a shutdown bother you?

dee1c6 No.13415268


if the server is shit, blizzard won't do anything

fed708 No.13415278


Maybe every made I ever played with sucked ass but warlocks always outdamaged them unless it was a AOE fight.

84d2a2 No.13415367


Maybe not in Vanilla, but boomkins got the last laugh by becoming a stacked class all throughout Wrath-WoD though

e07a34 No.13415452


I will only replay vanilla if Jewzerd released a legacy server that is not filled with fucking tokens. They might still bring the cancerous pet/mount shop, but I just want to play vanilla without bugs and the fear of losing the character and to level my warriors again till 60 everytime.

c0131f No.13415472


>blessing of kings

Was moved to Prot early on. Even before that, you either healed or OOC rezzed as a Paladin early on during vanilla. I was the smart Paladin in my raid, I went Prot to be the Salv bitch so I'd only need to buff every 15 minutes. But I still healed full time. The Paladins who went Ret also healed full time.


Herb/Alch is the Druid prof combo. You can herb without leaving forms, you can stealth past mobs for areas with high mob concentration and in TBC you flight form cheese your way to wealth.


Reckoning build is also decent for leveling. Defense is kind of counter productive though, probably better off with points in Devotion/RF for groups or flat armor for solo.


>Ret doing as much damage as a Combat Rogue

You're insane.


Prot Paladins are the worst tanks for dungeons at any level. Any half decent Feral Druid shits all over them, same with a good Warrior. The overall tanking potential of each tanking class varies by how good the player is. It goes something like this: amazing Prot Warrior > amazing Druid > amazing non-Prot Warrior > good Druid > decent Druid > good Prot Warrior > average Druid > amazing Paladin > decent Prot Warrior > everything else. The best Druid player will never outperform the best Prot Warrior player in 5 mans and the best Prot Paladin will be drinking at the halfway point of the dungeon by the time the Druid and Warrior players have finished their run. If you want a more concise explanation: "any retard can muddle through tanking a 5 man with a Prot Paladin, but even the best players in the world won't make a Prot Paladin compared to Druids and Warriors".


Absolutely. When Kronos 2 launched, rage generation was horrible and on top of that, Berserker Rage didn't give extra rage. Elysium wasn't as bad as Kronos 2, but it was still way off compared to the vanilla values. This was compounded by the fact that Elysium content was made to be trivial and the mob damage values were a fraction of what they were on live, hurting rage generation even further.

e07a34 No.13415494

File: caefc5c7a00f571⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 207x208, 207:208, 1380742146576.jpg)


>rage generation was horrible and on top of that, Berserker Rage didn't give extra rage

Fuck, another reason to just hope for legacy servers, however pathetic this hope is.

ed414e No.13415499


It's essential to get enchanting if you plan to be a feral druid because of the BoP tanking trinket but you can abandon enchanting after you have it.

6bf77a No.13415573


Legacy servers would be a monkey's paw tier nightmare if modern blizzard actually went through with it. Better if they never happen probably.

c0131f No.13415583


Don't you want to pay 30$ to skip to lvl 60 with your dungeon tier 1 set? You don't want to get ganked in STV, do you?

b0bc91 No.13415617


>Prot Paladins are the worst tanks for dungeons at any level.

Nigger wut

Once they get Consecration, they're pretty damn good at lower levels. I remember running one of the SM dungeons (library I think) on a mage, and I could basically go balls to the wall while the tank held aggro like glue. Meanwhile, it's ungodly difficult to maintain aggro on a prot warrior at similar level in cleave/AoE situations. Druids weren't terrible in cleave, at least.

c0131f No.13416025


You don't AoE in vanilla, and nobody's gonna cleave until the late 30s, at which point Warriors have Berserker Rage. Prot Paladins have easy to use, decent burst AoE threat through Consecration, but have shit tier single target/cleave threat, have a metric fuckton of downtime and take significantly more damage than the other tanks. What matters the most in 5 mans is a clean and quick run. While the Prot Paladin is drinking, the Prot Warrior will be bringing back the next pull, and since the Prot Warrior's healer doesn't need to blow through nearly as much mana, the overall pace of the run is significantly faster.

fed708 No.13416114



Really a warrior tank with ret aura is just as good if not better than a paladin tank. Add thorns and fire shield then you're gold in 5mans, assuming the dps aren't spastics.

57050a No.13418658

File: 51889fee620d620⋯.png (19.15 KB, 398x266, 199:133, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de883983cce9174⋯.png (13.95 KB, 409x151, 409:151, ClipboardImage.png)


Add these two and you barely even have to autoattack stuff.

dee1c6 No.13420016

>tfw stuck in in a leveling ditch

>all my quests are too high level and can't be completed alone

>nobody wants to do dungeons

come on, i don't want to go all the way to kalimdor just for new quests

b60e8f No.13420438

It's 2017, and we still can't have a first name, middle name, and Second name, all held by assigned IDs to people who use duplicates of names, used by NPCs in conversations.

WoW NPCs still do not have assigned schedules and walk cycles and remain fixed to a location, nor has WoW added a sleugh of player animations for roleplay and NPC conversation, and has instead used the same few Emotes for years.

We still can't use Necromancy, there are no bards, racial differentiation with class usage is gone, and we don't have Broken, Naga, Fel Orcs, Skeletons, or any other races of interest, and that fucking pearl at the bottom of the sea is still there.

fed708 No.13420446


>actually thinking WoW is a game and not a virtual testing ground for communism

e906b6 No.13420459

Invite Huntla to the guild please.

8337ab No.13420849

When will they reboot the franchise already?

f41b6a No.13420925


When they're not making 50 million USD a month on subs.

57050a No.13422081

File: 0f0942ecd068b65⋯.png (38.68 KB, 309x286, 309:286, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04f097ef72ca160⋯.png (17.17 KB, 311x174, 311:174, ClipboardImage.png)

c9a7b0 No.13422090



e906b6 No.13422314


The riff raff should stay out.

57050a No.13423809

File: 1831f2ba64cc5ed⋯.png (34.89 KB, 314x161, 314:161, ClipboardImage.png)

026ca0 No.13425032


>It goes something like this: amazing Prot Warrior > amazing Druid > amazing non-Prot Warrior

I have a couple of questions for tanking as a warrior. I want to be fury end game, but I know that I will be forced to tank dungeons to get the pre-raid bis items (mainly by not inviting warriors and maybe getting mage/lock/rogue dps and compete with rogue for only 1handers or a couple of items).

Are prot talents not needed for scholomance/Strat/LBRS? I heard some people who said that you need to invest a bit on prot in order to tank decently at lvl 60. Second, what is the best way to hold threat? I know Sunder Armor is the king of threat, but say I got a pack of 3 mobs, do I need to sunder each while focusing on the main target so dps don't get aggro from him?

c0b7d6 No.13425165


you absolutely need the defense stats from the prot tree to push the crushing blows off the bosses hit table untill you get defense gear

holding threat is a combination of sundering each mob and battle shouting, battle shout deals threat based on the amount of AP it gives to each player then splits that sum between all active mobs engaged in combat with the party

if you can, always cornerpull mobs where you step out of their Line-of-sight to get them running to you, battle shout if you can, otherwise use the rage generator cooldown then battle shout generating rage also causes threat

if you're unsure about your ability to hold threat from dps on the main target tell them to hold their damage back untill you get at least 2 sunders on the main target, this should be no problem though as most dps classes have some sort of threat reset or other escape ability like rogues vanish and mages frost nova

also tell your party to run straight to you instead of trying to run away from the mob if they pull aggro

22e5d0 No.13425168

File: 8f68813cef549f6⋯.jpg (137.17 KB, 626x903, 626:903, dps_warriors.jpg)

026ca0 No.13425879


>Warrior dps before dungeons is a problem

It is annoying, yeh, but at the end of the day I get all the loot. Just have to kick shammies, pallies and huntards.

ee458a No.13425909


I was thinking about coming back but

>no national socialists

>no yiffkitty

>no fun

Why? And more importantly is there a better guild?

59478a No.13425920

File: ca628ada623d73c⋯.mp4 (144.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hows dat ass feelin.mp4)

>Playing world of roguecraft

ed414e No.13425999

File: 4a795a9abcb1d35⋯.png (34.02 KB, 242x160, 121:80, guildrules.png)


>no national socialists

I assume you're referring to the rule about "no holocaust denial denial". We had to change that rule because people were struggling to understand the double negative.

5d9130 No.13426042

File: 5354ae468c9c3eb⋯.jpg (219.8 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1469989349793-2.jpg)


I joined the guild with a less gay name this time

dee1c6 No.13426044

can we all agree that duskwood is both the best and worst zone in the game?

026ca0 No.13426288



>Not the Barrens

2e7104 No.13426456

Downloaded this a while ago, recently deleted it to free up space. Left because the chinese were fucking everywhere and finding mobs not in a constant state of respawn, live five seconds, die was a pain in the ass.

Any better?

dee1c6 No.13426467


i keep getting whispered by chinks every 5-30 minutes, and it's a different one every time

otherwise there's more than enough mobs on anathema

2e7104 No.13426471


I can deal with the chinese, It was mainly the mobs I was worried about. It's nice to have people just around to help, but when it becomes a slog it's just a pain.

I found my old battlechest book in the closet and it made me think about this thread. I'll post later when i've made something.

dee1c6 No.13426483


> It's nice to have people just around to help

good luck with that, it took me 3 days to find someone who'd help me kill stalvan even though i was offering gold

2e7104 No.13426563

So looking at the timeline I'm wondering something. Are the game currently in the scourge invasion event? Did I miss all the updates or something?

22e5d0 No.13426630


Too bad Anathema is a dead server, and everyone is just raid-logging at this point.

dee1c6 No.13426633


it's had 2k people all day today

rest of the week it's 1.1-1.6k

c45313 No.13426650


>No furries

>No Reddit

>Yet the guild exists

A paradox in it's own creation

>No emoticons

>Discord group uses emojis and even threw fit over the older discord not having them

22e5d0 No.13426651


So about 1k per faction and yet you still don't see anyone out in the world, and 500 per faction otherwise during the rest of the week.

2e7104 No.13426676

Ok, everything downloaded. Since I played a mage in retail I'm thinking about playing one of the high demand classes. What do you have the least of?

e906b6 No.13426689


Tanks and healers are always welcome.

ed414e No.13426728


For demand it usually goes something like this

Tier 1: Resto shaman

Tier 2: Resto druid, tryhard fury warrior, healing priest, warlock

Tier 3: Everyone else

Tier 4: Rogue

It's impossible to predict what the situation is going to be when we have enough 60s to raid but my guess it won't be far off.

dee1c6 No.13426827

File: 1651758907f3a9d⋯.png (46.41 KB, 312x160, 39:20, angry.png)

>leveling smithing

>at 110-125

>i'm stuck because you can only level it now by mining tin, or mining/smithing silver

>mining tin will almost never give you the skill

>silver is only heavily available in ashenvale

>go to ashenvale

>mine as much as i can find

>get to 121 with 18 ore in my bag

>go back home and start smelting, hoping it will get me up to 125

>only gets me up to 123

>have to go back to elf land

2e7104 No.13426852


I'll take resto shammy then. My friend who first got me into the game played a tauren shaman and tried to get me into the game before crusade dropped. didn't work, only started directly after crusade came out.

Still I have fond memories of hanging at his house and him letting me play the game. Make a charicter, play around in the starting zone. They were always horde. The one time I did manage to convince him to let me play an ally he guided me out of the human starter gates and right into some lvl 6 defias. When I asked why he did that hey just said "Well that's what they deserve"

22e5d0 No.13426893


He was right, you know.

1a757b No.13426946


>go to ah

>buy silver ore

>get to 125

2e7104 No.13426994


Everyone learns eventually.

dee1c6 No.13427006


yes goyim, spend your only 5 gold on silver ore, who needs mounts at 40

68af47 No.13427057


m8 when I reached 40 I had 10 gold.

Mounts are 100.

2e7104 No.13427067

Ok, Tauren shaman named Muyata. I'll try to /who someone, but his name is here now just in case I'm unimaginably dense and can't find anyone.

dee1c6 No.13427080


i'm gonna beat the market, just you watch

anyways i got to ashenvale and went to the demon/horde part, found some ores there and now i'm at 125

silver can finally fuck off, it's time for iron

and my blacksmithing is nearly green iron level, so that's great

am i autistic for going for professions first and leveling second? i don't want to be outgeared by shitty hordes, and my experience so far has proven this to be a good idea

1a757b No.13427084


>year of our lord 2017

>leveling with anything other than mining/skinning/herb

dee1c6 No.13427095

File: aeaccee55ea8e1d⋯.png (107.71 KB, 194x192, 97:96, aeaccee55ea8e1d7c1644fd440….png)


i've got mining and blacksmithing

but the mining stuff goes for myself

1a757b No.13427107


>he likes being broke

dee1c6 No.13427114


but look at the green iron gear man

i can make that shit

besides, i have enough money for class/professions, just no money to throw at shit i can get myself

fed708 No.13427406


How? The place is just terrible all around.

dee1c6 No.13427423


good quest lore

bad levels all around

5b9277 No.13427453


It had potential. Early concepts had the zone pitch black, requiring you to equip a torch or lantern to light your way.

a6d254 No.13427554

File: 79bcd5fdf31b6ef⋯.jpg (103.39 KB, 540x335, 108:67, laughingdickgirls.jpg)



Space goats? Come the fuck on.

ee458a No.13427626


oh sry im stupid sometimes thx i think of reinstalling now

b60e8f No.13427647

File: b66ecba0e1ecf63⋯.jpg (17.98 KB, 378x395, 378:395, Angry piddle Pee.jpg)



>no yiffkitty

What herey is this?

Yiffkitty is our seasoned /v/ MMOoldfag

disgusting heresy.

22e5d0 No.13427816

File: 9d007e11208de1f⋯.jpeg (203.54 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1465515362592.jpeg)


Yiffkitty is in the guild, he's just not using the same name by his own volition.

Let's calm the tism, anons.

5d9130 No.13428184

File: b97c9ec37f29439⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fuck_u.png)




Also I'm in <Iron Guard> with a different name and you should come play vanilla wow.

Project Gorgon revival when?

57050a No.13428593

File: 7c5cc5fcd676f79⋯.png (255.32 KB, 465x421, 465:421, 7c5cc5fcd676f7919ba98917f6….png)

File: 69465274b35f3cd⋯.png (54.46 KB, 282x249, 94:83, ClipboardImage.png)



Average level of everyone in <Iron Guard> is going up.

8a4ea0 No.13428602


>Project Gorgon

What was your name there?

5d9130 No.13428652

File: f7c8d651d0d34b5⋯.png (958.11 KB, 750x700, 15:14, godofdeff.png)



8a4ea0 No.13429206


Daymn, I didn't meet you there then at all. I played with that that spiderfag Yarsi, pigfucker unter(?), that one wolfshitter Ksah-something and bunch of others.

dee1c6 No.13431000

so where do i level as alliance at lv 28?


fed708 No.13431116


Either Wetlands or Ashenvale. You don't really have many options.

2922ac No.13432329


Eh, the Space Goats were neat on paper and were less of a stretch as a playable race in the factions than the Forsaken and Blood Elves. They dropped the ball on them yeah.

22e5d0 No.13434191

File: 0e41c8c51ce6399⋯.png (1.11 MB, 640x960, 2:3, 3937098-draenei paladin wi….png)


Fug u, Space Goats are cool and the original design of the Broken was both ugly and boring. Basically WoW's take on Tieflings, and it was a welcome addition.

57050a No.13435398

File: 4fede9b04dfe429⋯.png (734.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


> space goat waifu

6d9e32 No.13436768

File: 23aba9614997136⋯.png (141.08 KB, 296x309, 296:309, mailbox.png)

I've played too much on World of Warcraft private servers. Are there any good ones right now? I had level capped character on Elysium but quit and don't think it's worth the trouble to dig my up my login info.

dee1c6 No.13436788


define good

as far as i can tell elysium works fine, but you're gonna have to put up with gold sellers every 5 minutes

there's also nobody in low level battlegrounds, even though there are lots of low level players

daaf49 No.13436821


use spamthrottle to stop the gold sellers

also low level bgs are alive on the weekends

t. 29 hunter twink

3bdf01 No.13436824


You insult Tieflings and these fags were not a welcome addition. The original design was good. They were horrific monstrosities with teeth like needles and dispositions to match. Furthermore, there isn't a single redeeming quality about the retcon. They're disgusting furfag bait + some alien horseshit + some gnostic bullshit and none of that is going into depth about why specifically they're trash. Only tasteless plebs like Draenei. But I suppose its only tasteless plebs who pop boners to WoW, so whatever, congratulations you've got yourself caught in Blizzards trap. What's the next step in your master plan?

6d9e32 No.13436904


At least one video joked that Blizzard's marketing team said they can't have original Draenei, who were retconned as Broken, as playable characters. I'd guess they weren't only reason but likely a contributing factor. Blood Elves could also be seen as an attempt to give Horde some sex appeal but considering the Blood Elf campaign in Frozen Throne, them joining Horde isn't completely retarded. Forsaken at least supposedly include undead elves in addition to undead humans and they were already in Horde.

dee1c6 No.13437681

is anyone still on anathema? i want to do gnomeregan instead of fighting mobs 8 levels higher than me, but 99% of the population in the cities is lv 60

6d9e32 No.13438066

Any way to make macro that toggles autorun? I've traditionally kept it at mouse4 but it's waste of easily accessible button for autopilot mode.

fed708 No.13438169


Can you not just rebind it in the options?

6d9e32 No.13438218


I was hoping I could click it from side action bar.

dee1c6 No.13438290


can't you just use num lock?

6d9e32 No.13438323

File: b79c903988dd290⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 178x200, 89:100, I guess.jpg)

fed708 No.13438337


I don't think you can do that.

6d9e32 No.13438429

File: a14bb8b08ebf554⋯.png (248.04 KB, 300x604, 75:151, keine.png)


I'll bear with using NumLock then I guess..

fc5297 No.13439148

File: e391e255b8a5770⋯.jpg (76.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Wow ok lewd_5418d9_5713365.jpg)

Last time i played this game was years back on 3.5 server.

Will you autists accept a eu faggot with broken spelling and grammar. Never played this vanilla but i learn fast. also this game is has pretty easy PVE so i think i will be fine.

cAn i join?

b60e8f No.13439218

File: 156214bca65c91e⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d42424500c6eb0a85f529d8277….png)

>When you realize what the Eredar twins are based on


6d9e32 No.13439536

File: e5c9682ea971e2a⋯.png (139.59 KB, 256x327, 256:327, 1430107104417.png)


Based on what?

0546c3 No.13439544



You guys know that's working as intended right? You're supposed to be able to cast through trees.

It's gay but it's accurate.

fb08ab No.13439690

How do I make macros?

6d9e32 No.13439709

File: e420841ac3530a9⋯.jpg (37.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, indian peace symbol.jpg)


ESC->macros or type /macro I'd actually recommend first making macro that's just /macro to easily access the macro interface and test stuff with it.

22e5d0 No.13440487


Sorry you got such a shit-taste in ugly characters, bro.

57050a No.13440644

File: cada0961f6d1af1⋯.png (53.44 KB, 433x464, 433:464, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6366d2c527f5a92⋯.png (192.57 KB, 365x457, 365:457, ClipboardImage.png)

> 41 members online

57050a No.13441193

File: 58e1971833016dd⋯.png (173.01 KB, 434x395, 434:395, ClipboardImage.png)

7356f2 No.13441271


REKT. Now tell me all about how great Discord is.

c45313 No.13441356


>Kick someone for using emojis when half the discord uses them unironically


0f1215 No.13441889

>just hit 60 on my ally warlock

>find out everyone rolled horde


Does the horde guild need warlocks?

ed414e No.13442577



It's impossible to say what the situation is going to look like when we get enough 60s to raid but you guys should join us anyway.

001124 No.13442645

I don't feel like creating my own thread for this. I remenber hearing this private server that allowed you to create a custom class,and the main complaint was how they were nerfing combinations that were too powerful.

Any idea what server that was?

ed414e No.13442666


Ascension probably.

001124 No.13442704



nice trips Satan.

31cf30 No.13443867

Can't decide between. Warrior and rogue.

75fdfd No.13443923

File: 26e0b0a23154c31⋯.jpg (76.45 KB, 300x250, 6:5, superthumb.jpg)

File: df071a02da68802⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

>Vanilla WoW threads every day

>no Project 1999 Everquest threads

fucking casuals

2922ac No.13443942


>Blood Elves could also be seen as an attempt to give Horde some sex appeal but considering the Blood Elf campaign in Frozen Throne, them joining Horde isn't completely retarded.

>Kingdom gets wiped out by Undead

>Join faction that has Undead

>Forsaken at least supposedly include undead elves in addition to undead humans and they were already in Horde.

The Forsaken being in the Horde to begin with is weak for the lore. What with all the zombies formed by blasphemous magic.

d3f11a No.13445444

File: c4a5c2001e15a60⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 498x500, 249:250, 1327774233673.jpg)

b60e8f No.13445485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Using Project 1999


75fdfd No.13445782


good luck arguing that new EQ is better, unless you want people to laugh

5d9130 No.13446046

File: 5437d240fec1860⋯.png (23.05 KB, 470x320, 47:32, skelebed.png)


>Kingdom wiped out by undead

>Join faction with undead

Are you retarded? They got wiped out by THE SCOURGE. And who do you think the forsaken are against? THE SCOURGE.

The blood elves even start as friendly with forsaken because they have a common enemy. Fucking racist thinking all skeletal-americans look the same.

d3f11a No.13446306

What addons will show me how much my items will sell for to a vendor?

2abdb9 No.13446322

File: 7e66cebd782883b⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, tpxZOG2.jpg)


>considering leaving this terrible /TRIGGERED/ guild

>See this

Whelp, the only thing left to do is to suffer.

1d093a No.13446575


There is no excuse to being a dps warrior preraid content. Do your fucking job.

8e62f6 No.13446729

File: 10e5cee59563d7c⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, faintly.mp4)

I have a 60 Priest on this server who is Ony/MC attuned.

I'm not sure if I should come back though.I'm like an old heroin addict when it comes to wow.

2922ac No.13447343


>Are you retarded? They got wiped out by THE SCOURGE. And who do you think the forsaken are against? THE SCOURGE.

So what? The Forsaken have repeatedly shown themselves to be little better than the Scourge, with Sylvanas really having nothing making her better than Arthas (who had the soul eating sword excuse). What with how they went to war against their neighbors in the Eastern Kingdoms, developed a plague, and go on on about how the living blow.

>The blood elves even start as friendly with forsaken because they have a common enemy.

The Alliance are also enemies with the Scourge. Should they have rejoined? TFT even had the BE and NE leaders, meet, fight together, and part on good terms.


>Pretending the BEs weren't shoehorned into the Horde to raise its playerbase

The Forsaken even approaching the BEs without being burned on sight is weak Lore too.

41a77d No.13447386


That's uncanny. Which came first though?

7356f2 No.13447392



read it as foreskin

8b10a9 No.13447477

I will probably join the first active thing i see.

I'll bring a friend.

We don't talk a lot, hope that's not gonna be an issue for you autists.

c0b7d6 No.13447502

File: 8c6db1787e379eb⋯.png (314.86 KB, 927x3591, 103:399, CatForm SuperMacro.png)


>How do I make macros?

022187 No.13447572


Short answer? Yes. And in vanilla, warriors were always the best tanks. The classes in general just weren't very well conceived, and Blizz didn't even try to make sense of them until Wotlk/cata depending on who you ask.

cc9971 No.13448947


i like Long but he's a turbo autiste

c45313 No.13449379


It's funny because we used to have another discord and people threw a shitfit because head autist wouldn't give them emojis so they made a new discord because they NEEDED emojis.

These guys will never raid anyways, that takes work too. Some of us end up fucking off to join actual raiding guilds because of it.

ed414e No.13449424


Rtas, I miss your /world shitposting.

c45313 No.13449474


>Everyone is Rtas

Please don't compare me to that retard. But I'm right, last time we tried this guild ended up burning out and I ended up joining Titans of War to actually be able to raid.

57050a No.13453360

File: eb43110b8bb5350⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 389x279, 389:279, eb43110b8bb5350ddaec7a9903….gif)


> These guys will never raid

> Full T1 w/ mixed T2

pick one

2922ac No.13454957


The Forsaken are dindus enough for it to stick.

2bf89d No.13462000

my niBBA malzeer is fucking based

5803c4 No.13467583


t. Rtas

57050a No.13471352

File: a430b66232d94a9⋯.png (980.09 KB, 732x800, 183:200, ClipboardImage.png)

57050a No.13474748

File: 9f2fed4e933b441⋯.png (717.6 KB, 760x825, 152:165, ClipboardImage.png)

ed414e No.13476523

File: 13aeec7ab53aaa9⋯.jpg (78.93 KB, 613x187, 613:187, autism1.jpg)

File: bb8cec2f0ec7e24⋯.jpg (13.87 KB, 603x36, 67:4, autism2.jpg)

b60e8f No.13478518

File: ae6b629b26b6fe1⋯.jpg (108.02 KB, 900x600, 3:2, PePiPie.jpg)

File: 9a2bcb6a043bbef⋯.jpg (278.18 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Pewhtypera.jpg)

File: c754c6a156e955c⋯.png (577.82 KB, 910x891, 910:891, Scout Calculating.png)

File: d9d13bd3ba2ab25⋯.jpg (229.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, MFW Magic.jpg)

>Legion is Green

>Old Gods/Void Lords are Purple


952c67 No.13480533

Anyone up for some Uldaman dungeon? I'm tired of looking in the game.

d3f11a No.13484791

can some one post the druid talent tree leveling infograph?

60f3b6 No.13485016

You guys hear of ascension? Can make custom classes with skills from any class, can play cross faction, and can steal shit from players in pvp.

d49870 No.13486709

is there an alliance guild? or just a horde one

4af090 No.13486722

File: 70fec3bd7bfb6db⋯.gif (463.65 KB, 337x335, 337:335, 1480620334930181665.gif)

>vanilla again

For what purpose, how can a man play private servers with any expansion available and still fucking go for vanilla over and over. this is fucking insane

b60e8f No.13486747


Name a Server that has the Necromancer Class, Naga race, Walrus Race, Playable Skeletons, Giants, Ogres, sub-races of Orcs Elves and Trolls, has no fucking changes to the starter zone and no instant level ups or any of that shit, has old Nax but current content. and other stuff.

86b904 No.13486808

File: a4e1b51db9d3890⋯.jpg (114.75 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DDVH0fiXYAA-rTy.jpg)

Hey first time poster

Long time lurker

How do I get prebis on this shit server, I can never find groups is there some sort of trick to it?

cae337 No.13493445

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


4af090 No.13493495


does this one have necro class? what the fuck

e906b6 No.13493497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best meme.

000000 No.13494562


Paladin leveling is a special art. It's more about tanking than attacking. Use Seal of the Crusader, get the Consecrate talent (it does bonus damage based on your attack power and holy dmg, so SotC is your seal of choice), 5/5 Divine Strength (more attack power), and 5/5 Spiritual Focus, use Blessing of Might (more consecrate dps), Concentration Aura, and aggro like 10 mobs, then stand in the middle of them with your plate-wearing, shield-equipped ass, and spam self-heals. Since you have 100% interrupt avoidance you can heal yourself nonstop while Consecrate kills the fuckers. If you go Prot you can also get Holy Shield for defense and reflective damage. And One-Handed Specialization actually increases all your damage while you have a 1H equipped, not just weapon damage. Get a shield spike and if you're an engineer, Force Reactive Disk.

Alternatively you can get a Ravager from Scarlet Monastery and put a Crusader or Fiery Blaze (Alliance-only) enchant on it to do more aoe damage while you consecrate. (Crusader's self-heals are not to be underestimated when you're facetanking large amounts of mobs, and Paladins put the strength bonus to good use.) In that case you might want to use Seal of Light for more self-heals or Seal of Righteousness for more damage.

Anyway, go AoE grind, because your solo grinding rate is pure dogshit.

Best profession for a Paladin is Engineering, esp. PvP-wise, but Alchemist will make you rich and help you level faster (and win PvP, but you can just buy those pots, although selling them makes a lot of $$$).


Enchanting (for armor trinket) or Herb/Alch, usually. But you will want to buy a Wolfshead Helm as a Druid (and maybe a Barbaric Belt too) if you're not leatherworking one yourself.

30be73 No.13494642



They're possible, but no one decided "Hey, maybe I should made a Wow private server that's accurate to it's tabletop origins using the WoW d20 RPG .PDFs and further emphasis on ingame functionality/A.I and scripts that make the world more immersive in terms of setting the stage of players and NPCs having purpose within the world that applies to the player opposed to simply serving the players means to an end.

fe1112 No.13494663


No, it works like a double negative. If you say the holocaust happened (deny a denial) you'll be banned.

000000 No.13494832


The best argument for being a DPS Paladin isn't that Paladins make good DPS (lolno). It's that Paladins also make bad healers since they have the worst scaling (no cast time reduction talent) and that they are mostly a utility pickup for Lay on Hands, auras, blessings, and Cleanse bot duty. You then argue that you can LoH/BoP/aura/bless/cleanse just fine as retri which is what you really want Paladins for. I think those spells shouldn't interrupt autoattacks either so this way you could conceivably be more useful while cleansing than the healbots.

I think there's either holy dmg going Seal of Righteousness with a Flurry Axe or attack power with Seal of the Crusader with something like Halberd of Smiting. Either way you use Consecrate for more DPS though. I'm not sure on the numbers of DPS Paladins though, and the Elysium forum's "experts" (killerduki and theloras) on this subject are legit retarded fanatical paladin fanboys, who frequently suck at math and have an intense hatred of anything that resembles an admission of paladins being bad dps/tanks/healers.


Paladins and Warlocks don't. They get theirs for free.

e3b31c No.13494945

File: 1dee5ac80ba33da⋯.png (262.18 KB, 554x514, 277:257, 1497639842904.png)

Oh no please go back I dont need to shitpost on two vanilla wow threads at the same time Zuggy

fed708 No.13495145


>it does bonus damage based on your attack power and holy dmg

I think Elysium changed that.

000000 No.13495345


Ah. Been a while.

7f150c No.13496175


eh, i prot pally tanked leveld on nost and didnt have to drink that much. as a general rule i only drank when a dps drank. I didnt spam my abilities much because i didnt really have to.

1dcaac No.13497021


its bunch of 4chan rejects trying to trick some 8chan guild members into playing Chinklysium again

6241be No.13498693

What classes you need Long? I'm tempted by warrior.

23057d No.13498765

Fuck it. I'll try this out. What class is fun to level for a first timer? Warlocks seem pretty cool.

5d9130 No.13498859


Yes we need more warriors, both tank and DPS


Warlock is an excellent class for a first timer. Or Mage.

57050a No.13502159


We need healsluts more than anything right now.

Shaman & Priest will be guranteed raid spots.

57050a No.13502185


You simply need to whisper people and talk to them. Also, making some friends doesn't hurt.

6a09c8 No.13502344

Do you guys raid or pug at all?

ed414e No.13504446


We plan to raid some time in mid/late October.

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