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File: 25f507253bbd7e4⋯.jpg (195.49 KB, 1300x731, 1300:731, LoGH-Imperial Cruiser.jpg)

File: 7300d2034b0b13d⋯.mp4 (8.07 MB, 1156x890, 578:445, Gondola between worlds.mp4)

e1500a No.13561890

Welcome to another Space Thread Captains,Admirals and Emperors. So gather around and share your stories,exploits,challanges and goals

>What are you playin

>What are you Listening

>What are you invading

So please come in and share in this great space thread. Also a question for the thread, If you could visit any planet from any media what would it be?

e1500a No.13561900

File: 14b4d0576a1bfc9⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 480x360, 4:3, LoGH-Op2.webm)

f58c32 No.13561934

Does anybody know if I can play Oolite with a Xinput controller?


d981d0 No.13561991

File: bf90ab7b074ef4e⋯.png (794.64 KB, 846x797, 846:797, Swolecardio.png)

Any games that let you roid rage hard as a swole as fuck character?

68c916 No.13562002


>captains, admirals and emperors

and citizens? :^)

56a3ab No.13562011


Crysis, maybe. You can punch norks to the moon, and kill people by throwing frogs at them.

d981d0 No.13562013

File: b5e818cbabd23c1⋯.png (887.34 KB, 864x631, 864:631, ShekelRoberts.png)


Oy vey!

1cb30c No.13562172

File: f834769b5304c18⋯.jpg (32.1 KB, 483x341, 483:341, CjELWpv.jpg)


What about bearmode?

bf4fb5 No.13562229

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wish I could get comfy in space

To have locomotion in any angle with no restrictions

I want the void to engulf me as I witness events of a magnitude that my feeble mind cannot even begin to comprehend.

74d4c4 No.13562248

Is Stellaris a meme or is it worth playing?

How does it compare to say Star Ruler?

bf4fb5 No.13562260


>Is X a meme

You need to stop posting

74d4c4 No.13562273


Make me

To be honest I haven't been active since 2015-ish

I'm outdated

e1500a No.13562290


>Is Stellaris a meme or is it worth playing?

Bear in mind I have never played it but from what I've seen from lets plays and such you could get a game or 2 if you get all of the DLC i.e pirate it and mod it. But it's still not a complete game because of sweedes

1e8778 No.13562300

gonna get back into elite dangerous now that the ayy shit is finally happening. what's the current broken feature people are exploiting to make money?

56a3ab No.13562311


I think they've killed more or less everything profitable.

bf4fb5 No.13562324

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>what's the current broken feature people are exploiting to make money?

Ur mum lol

261dbc No.13563468

File: 7a5c24382e42f16⋯.png (261.76 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 7a5c24382e42f16384bf794ea4….png)


Its shit - Skyrim of 4X Space games/ Even with mods you cant repair core game and terrible AI.

264f0a No.13564504

File: 19da0c8add19d79⋯.webm (2.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Chieftain360.webm)

File: a81e034fe14be02⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Krait360.webm)

File: 06ccc9e42e89b41⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 7680x4320, 16:9, INRA Base.jpg)

File: 5264308950aca35⋯.webm (1.18 MB, 2560x1080, 64:27, Lewd Vulture.webm)


The background sim is so large Fdev will never be able to fix and plug every loophole and glitch in the matrix it creates on it's own. Especially since they're spending most of their time on other shit.

>There will always be a loot cave

4c3e0b No.13565082


Those crazy dudes put it on steam for free.

9bf027 No.13565679

Waiting for Thrawn's Revenge 2.2 to be released.

681e2c No.13565746


I have every single Stellaris DLC and it still sucks royally compared to Sword of the Stars. The presentation you can get at beginning of the game is good because you can add any species you want with mods, but everything after that is lackluster and clusterfuckery of the highest swedish order.

tl:dr stellaris is a total cuckfuck.

8cd1b6 No.13565822


SotS is a weird gem. The game is one of the best examples of low skill floor, and a high skill ceiling because the base 4x gameplay is very simple, but the military side of things has all sorts of cool shit going on, and most broken things have some kind of counter, soft or hard. I wouldn't even consider Stellaris in the same ballpark as SotS.

5b9d16 No.13565865


Chronicles of Riddick obviously. And thanks to cunt that recommended House of the Dying Sun, it was fun.

dea449 No.13565965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


b20052 No.13566273

File: 778f92b26789c23⋯.jpg (58.19 KB, 500x322, 250:161, embrace pain.jpg)


>I have a crippling weakness for autistic building games

>I have a crippling weakness for autistic building games that are in space

>Every single one I've played is either 1) bugged as shit 2) utterly barren online or 3) in >>>early access

>mfw it's taking ages to get a spaceship building game that's consistent and not patched up or looks like shit when the demand for such a thing should blow up immediately

>tfw I'll probably get this anyway because I want this shit so badly

I hate that I'm cursed to so desperately want something that's mired under so much cancer and autism, but I just want to build cool working shit consistently with friends who enjoy this stuff except those friends don't exist

>mfw I missed the 8ch expedition into Starmade where they made a dickass nazi moon fortress that got blown to shit by butthurt spacefaggots

i hurt

dea449 No.13566307

File: 136e43ca02269ac⋯.gif (124.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, prev26.gif)


This one looks pretty nice, though. Check the development videos.

Will the frogs save bydiagaems? They already gave us this gem once.

dea449 No.13566308

File: 136e43ca02269ac⋯.gif (124.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, prev26.gif)


This one looks pretty nice, though. Check the development videos.

Will the frogs save bydiagaems? They already gave us this gem once.

34112a No.13566328


So far the ayyliums are a hit and miss, the CG's about them are arguably garbage and I think fdev is focused more on patching the latest money printing machines than making normal stuff interesting or rewarding.

cd1130 No.13566391


This looks more than a little bullshotty. If someone finally manages to make a space engineering game which isn't overly dependent on either algorithmically statted boxel function block farms (like Starmade) or boxel hulls with static noncustomizable objects for systems, weapons & turrets (just about everything else) I'll be rather pleased, but I'm not holding my breath, even if I'll take a look at some of the other content.

b3229a No.13566413


>mfw I missed the 8ch expedition into Starmade where they made a dickass nazi moon fortress that got blown to shit by butthurt spacefaggots

Didn't we make another one?

Then steal someones borg cube?

Then started building two mega-ships and put fuck-off maga-cannons and turrets on our base.

And then suddenly everyone dissapeared.

I is sad.

aa8f39 No.13566657


>Yet another voxel autism bricks game #34142312

6613fd No.13566814


>more block shit

I had my fill already

bba7d1 No.13566821

yes where do i go for laughs about star shittizen?

11a39b No.13566833



For crashes with no survivors.

bba7d1 No.13566856

File: 5b3e79c987b1f1f⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1401733427891.jpg)


>25 pages worth of baneposting with last thread being made 1.5 years ago

434c74 No.13566858


You missed the last cult gathering sadly. It was pretty fun seeing Roberts sweat like a pig as their highly scripted vertical slice kept crashing and the physics kept bugging out and killing people.

bba7d1 No.13566868


Oh no I saw it, I just thought that these threads would get made more often or like have their own board where more regular updates are on. I just get the info on the cult from here because I don't know where to look for pathetic stories of these cult members.

bd0e6a No.13566891


Try the Star Citizen forums.

333932 No.13568386

ED multiplayer is trash and will continue to be trash until they stop using genuine P2P. Most "P2P" games actually aren't - one random player is secretly designated the host and their instance of the game arbitrates the session.

In a true P2P game like ED and most RTS, every player runs their own instance of the game with zero arbitration and just exchanges "suggestions" to the other players. Which is why ED multiplayer works so poorly. It has an always-online DRM system, and that acts as a limited arbitrator for multiplayer, but nowhere near enough for a stable, secure multiplayer. Hence you had people outright using Cheat Engine successfully online. ED's structure leads to glitchy not-really-synchronized shit that only works half the time if you're lucky.

The reason RTS games get away with P2P is because they are deterministic and lockstep - there is no randomization, and all clients must wait for each other to continue playing. This is why lag in RTS games manifests as freezing rather than rubberbanding, and it's why Sync Errors happen. This works well enough because they aren't immersive action games and is necessary because it drastically reduces their bandwidth. They are the only genre where P2P works.

ED should move away from it asap.

b20052 No.13569458



yeah, it does. I'll most probably get it, hopefully we could get a torrent up and have 8/v/ play.

bully for doublepost


I actually remember this. they nudged some tryhard fag's huge ship out of a safezone using smaller ships so they could break into it, and turn it into a MAGA. I'm now even sadder

d981d0 No.13572144

Treasure Planet game when?

4298bf No.13572297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's Battle At Procyon

Its set some time after the movie, when Jim has joined the Royal Navy, and has nothing to do with the story of the movie, it only borrows a few characters from it.

The game is about a war with a group of furries as Jim gets his first command, and is essentially a naval combat simulator set in that universe. Only restriction is that the ships are stuck moving in 2d.

If you know the original SotS, you will recognise the combat system since its the same people who made both.

89de9e No.13572313


That actually looks fun

38573e No.13572353

File: a4e1f82fcac31fb⋯.webm (1.16 MB, 640x400, 8:5, wszechswiat.webm)

Are there any comfy space exploration games post 2005?

You know

Just ship, space maybe crew, quality ambient and tons of shit to do.

Also pls gib more comfy space gondolas

de3c2c No.13572360

File: 483031c79766f25⋯.webm (6.84 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Carmen Miranda's Ghost 02….webm)

>play Rebel Galaxy

>comes with a custom music option

>load up this entire album

>flying around space shooting pirates while listening to country rock and space folk music

de3c2c No.13572373

File: 23b4fc6aa73842a⋯.webm (5.26 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Carmen Miranda's Ghost 12….webm)

de3c2c No.13572384

File: 89f08ac35f973d1⋯.mp4 (13.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6. Blues Saraceno - 7th Bo….mp4)

56a3ab No.13572390


>got rebel Galaxy with origin access

>still haven't installed it because it feels weird being unable to to up and down in a space game

de3c2c No.13572428

File: a82d1df1a528552⋯.mp4 (11.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4. Blues Saraceno - Killin….mp4)


It's not so bad if you don't think of it as a dogfighting in space and instead think of it as sea ships in space.

cd1130 No.13572431


Don't think of it as a traditional space combat game, think of it as age of sail frontier buccaneering, with broadside ships of the line, or maybe pre-dreadnought era naval dickswinging in the second world, that just so happens to take place in space. It's an enjoyable experience, if not an incredibly deep one due to being a two-man garage studio project under constraints time constraints from throwing together everything with sweat, grit and chewing gum. And a kinect for motion capture, I guess.

fe707b No.13575379


The gameplay is a bit iffy though.

In order to shoot your ships weapons you gotta point and click at enemy ship, each time separately for each salvo.

Oh and it won't bother telling you when your guns have reloaded, so it turns into a match of you clicking at enemy ship frantically over and over again till it is dead.

Or you could try boarding, but first you sohuld try and blow up enemy ships sails which are one of the things you can target with your guns.

4298bf No.13575747


Not quite.

You have the sidebar that shows you your ships weapons. It also shows you which guns are reloaded or reloading.

The reason you have to click enemy ships to fire a shot is because of the targeting system. The shot will be aimed at the pixel you clicked, which is how you target specific parts of your target, like rudders, sails, engines or gun decks, all of which have different effects on the target if destroyed. Sails are the most obvious, due to the big drop in speed and because they are very vulnerable, but shooting out the rudder of a man'o'war and leaving it unable to turn is also a good way to force it out of a fight and taking out the decks with the most firepower is a good way to leave an enemy helpless.

There's a ton of little things like that you can do once you get a bit of practice in.

As an alternative, you have a button next to the formations buttons, that fires all your guns at any targets they can find on their own, if you don't want to make useful decisions about where to fire.

eb0dd0 No.13575750


>comes with a custom music option

i should have played the game in the pc…



i would understand steam, but that shit is the devil, anon.

Also give the game a try, its fun

a41442 No.13575800


eb0dd0 No.13575820



do you have the OST mega link?

57dc05 No.13575862

How's Rogue System yet?

cd1130 No.13576061



I was there for round 2 and part of round 3, though not for round 1; 1 & 3 took place on the same server while 2 was on a different one in the interim. As I recall, it was a rough start of us getting more or less immediately given the whack-a-mole treatment by a tryhard slav autist with a suprecapital, jumping us and making a nuisance of himself because it's hard not to notice a faction of tens of people showing up out of nowhere. I don't know how far we progressed before everyone said fuck that noise and moved to a new server, which is when I joined in.

At that point, we once again set out into the absolute boonies to establish ourselves, with some logic block autists- bless their hearts- building an absolutely gigantic cubic mega-factory, which was to serve as the heart of an interim station while we figured out what we wanted as a home base. Said interim station expanded out into a bunch of flat catwalk drydocks and a mega-turret; ugly but functional. Initially, the administrators were very happy to have a sudden massive influx of people (I think we had 50 members, of which at least 40 were active and 20 religiously contributing in some way, either ferrying new people to our home in goofy shuttles, getting resources or engaging in a megaproject with said resources) and were gregarious suck-ups. Then, as the sheer enormity of our plans dawned on them- our nominal Great Leader, whoever that was, inquired about whether it'd be okay to make a Death Star in two docked halves around a space station and was immediately told 'fuck no!'- and their noses wrinkled at such antics as planet cracking at all hours of the afternoon to night by myself & others, the lamentation of a lost swastika ship (this was my bad, I was testing it as a potential power layout while I was feeling out how to work with the power cube system and it glitched out, flying into the void, and I naively didn't think they'd be flagrantly spying on our faction chat when I wept over it; I did somehow find it in the void later, though) and the more or less single-handed overloading of their potato server.

And then, if I'm not mistaken, autislav returned, because apparently he was a notorious shithead and cross-server dongmeister instead of a monoserver dongmeister and was of a mind to pursue us, but regardless another supercapital appeared on our doorstep to whack us in our formative stage, because reasons. The server crashed midway through the basically pointless engagement, since our home station was invincible with almost every ship docked and our superturret kept popping out of its gimbal (which I ungracefully shouted about, I still don't understand what glitched out) after which some people that were buzzing over his bridge as he single-mindedly shelled the station (maybe hoping to get player kills for a very slight nudge towards home station vulnerability) got stranded outside their ships. A couple had the idea to bump his ship with some little tug-tier ships so he couldn't immediately jump back in the core block and nuke us if he happened to not get as fucked over as some of us did, at which point we were admonished while the admins teleported autislav back into his ship while we had to eat shit and slowly jetpack back.

cd1130 No.13576065


The whole time autislav is talking mad shit, cursing like a sailor and linguistically wiggering it up with his favorite interspersings of 'lol' and 'bitches' while we argue with the staff over the favoritism, at which point they start admonishing us for cursing in their 'E for everyone server, there are children here :^)' with an insufferably smug self-awareness of what they were engaging in with this farce. Some of us, including myself, continue to specifically curse them out and demand they act as their position demands in equal enforcement of the supposed rules- out of spite far more than any faith that they'd be anything other than dumb cunts- and then get dunked out of the server with kicks & bans. Afterwards, we leave the server, which falls into shambles from the amount of strain & damage we'd done to the servers and which this event had presumably done to the people that could tolerate twilight hour lag but not fagmins, and suddenly they no longer had a playerbase.

Round 3, much the same starting out, except we'd returned to the first server which was quite receptive to the large increase in playerbase and had been looking for an excuse to remove autislav for a long time now, which they did. There are some large-scale construction operations of a home station in the middle of nowhere as was our habit, some grand theft auto, I made a ship and then couldn't get in as the blueprint corrupted & the game crashed for some unidentifiable reason that killed my desire to start over constructing it, and bickerings with a different tryhard faction of unfun shitters bent on autismblocks PvP. Then somebody logged into one of the admin accounts after testing it out of curiosity and finding they had NOT registered their name as exclusively theirs and had no password for the server specific name login either and all hell broke loose as the anon responsible spawned two Space Battleship Yamatos and went on a rampage, registered the admins' name, and then left with the damage done.

tl;dr we attempted to engage in minor mischief and autistic construction projects but were forced to deal with far worse brands of autists & fagmins who wanted to wag their dicks and eliminate competition that was at such a scale it would eventually make them irrelevant, and in the process destroyed two entire servers that may never have recovered in the aftermath. I know the last time I checked one of them, guilty server number 2 no longer existed. I just wanted to make kitschy Iron Sky space nazi ships, but instead all that happened.

ce4c41 No.13576183


>super turret poping out of its gimbal

Fuck I remember that shit



You forgot the part where they figured out where we were from.

The newest foray went pretty well from what I remember. Anons got shit form putting a massive swastika on the station, but thats not surprising. Some fag came because he wanted to test out his ship. He got a face full of the main gun and fucked right off.

Starmades alright I guess, I hate how its all based on the amount of blocks you can shove inside a ship.

cd1130 No.13576279


If it was just the number of blocks, it'd actually be more tolerable, since you could plop whatever wherever. The problem is that they half-assed having a component design system by making everything about groups of the standard 1meter-by-1meter block keyed to different functions, designed such that power systems have particular demands (namely, every block must increase the cubic volume of its group of blocks or else it is essentially wasted from a standpoint of efficiency, making for various funky skeletal shapes that demand ship shape be designed around them) and weapons demand to be placed & grouped together in particular fashions as disproportionately huge conglomerations of primary, secondary and maybe tertiary blocks to get something actually effective. At the same time, some block placements simply don't matter at all, like thrusters; perhaps as a result of this, the simplistic trade-off tuning system of acceleration and maneuverability on different axises combined with turning radius getting not insubstantially and arbitrarily worse as dimensions increase means that your ship will either maneuver like a brick or take a year to get up to speed, which due to the engine being unoptimized dreck was something like early WW2 monoplane speed, hardcapped. If you're being optimal about it, some kind of featureless deathcube is probably the best thing you could ever construct. Unless your design is supercap scale, there's neither reason to have more than the barest and solely player access-centric interior, nor can you afford to incorporate one anyways, so everything is just a solid mass of intermingled stuff with a corridor along each axis (at most) to four access hatches leading to the ship core.

That Skywanderers thing I was skeptical about earlier in the thread seems like it might address some of these grievances amongst others, either presently or theoretically but I don't have another big text block in me right this second to shill it.

ce4c41 No.13576349

File: 836f641daf1ce5e⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 414x407, 414:407, jnjsbxi.JPG)


>That Skywanderers thing I was skeptical about earlier in the thread seems like it might address some of these grievances amongst others, either presently or theoretically but I don't have another big text block in me right this second to shill it.

pleeeease will you anon? I was thinking about dismissing it but what do you think it will do better?

89de9e No.13577619


This is the kind of genre I like but I never see done well.

89de9e No.13580056

File: 2ca3edf8ac4504f⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Warning- Capital-class si….webm)

14562c No.13580435

File: 90793cbf75fa0bf⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, schlomo teladistein.png)

have you ever been so much of a kike you were salvaging ships by the dosen right from under capital ship fire?

f9f936 No.13580537

File: d948d71a1d38dcc⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 748x414, 374:207, comfyclipper.webm)


Elite Dangerous and Space Engine

Although neither has crews and one barely has spaceships.

f9f936 No.13580544

File: 165210d5c164c29⋯.webm (6.47 MB, 1088x614, 544:307, more lava geysers.webm)

File: 8adc27ae50c6a22⋯.webm (4.06 MB, 1088x614, 544:307, travelling under the gala….webm)

6b04f0 No.13580614


what game

c42a79 No.13580662

File: 5b46ee2356f0be2⋯.png (204.02 KB, 500x313, 500:313, f712d1d0b49b75aaeebc840db8….png)


It's too late for them to move away from it. The only way for them would be to make a single-player spin-off of ED, which I hope they do. Their retarded implementation of MP hamstrung the game so much it wasn't worth it.

f9f936 No.13580759

File: 89797eab6f14580⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ~107ships.webm)

File: 50151c51d420770⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 700x400, 7:4, some people have no manne….webm)


It's funny you say that cause the only reason Fdev can still milk the game is cause of the multiplayer. Half of the content in the game (arguably more) is generated by the playerbase and they are the only reason players come back between updates.

And it has gotten better, wings lets you create instances with up to about 100 if you really try, but at that point you're making the amazon servers scream mercy and everyone ingame will notice delays. I'm hoping with squadrons the guild carrier ships will be an instance anchor point for anyone in the guild or perhaps a way for someone with great internet to mark themselves as a host and more traffic be loaded onto them when necessary. It's a shit way to do multiplayer but there are ways they can improve it drastically if they spent the time.

although if they'll spend any time besides minor improvements to it is the question, fuck multicrew needs work

6867f7 No.13580809

File: 8b26a7a3bff3053⋯.jpg (90.64 KB, 600x496, 75:62, 152945257_dR4rZ_1464698058.jpg)

Is Endless Space 2 functional yet, or should I wait for the first expansion?

cd1130 No.13580854


Apologies for not getting to you earlier anon, 8chan died and by the time it came back I had other priorities of things to jump back to & forgot to check back here entirely. To keep myself from having to either plumb back through a fair few videos or else reference things you might not be able to readily find, as well as emphasizing the sheer progress made in even the earliest steps by the lone frog, I'll mostly use the very first four numbered gameplay videos at the bottom of the official channel as references through summary, which you can check over in the relevant videos (very simply titled Gameplay #01-04, a format that is then abandoned for devlogs accompanied by ship reviews and a couple 'Skywanderers Presents' for major feature framework additions in the form of ringworlds, tank control battletech mechs+oversized player control style gundams, and hovercraft) if it please you. Apologies in advance for the volume, I'll let the subject rest with just the one textwall in two or so posts.

First, from video 1: construction at first appears to be nothing special as he demonstrates the placement of standard 1x1m blocks of different shapes. This swiftly changes as he moves to an interior door, which is demonstrated as completely player constructed; it consists of a rail on which the door moves, the thin door itself, and slightly less thin wall blocks that the door noclips into by design. The door itself is operated by a button, the two of which are visually linked with a simple click-and-drag function rather than the traditional cumbersome logic menu. Presumably, said logic menu will also make an appearance for when it is more useful than the spartan setup, but this is a nice change. More complex logic is physically existent in the form of circuit panels using the stud system- basically a lego block surface that can be applied to blocks, which can then play host to certain function panels or small greebley detail blocks- and is demonstrated with an automatically linked exterior hatch & delayed elevator. This uses the same click-and-drag system to link & define functions, and is neither as troubling to the uninitiated as a naked logic menu or god forbid gigantic computer circuit redstone, nor is it as invisible as the former or as hugely physically cumbersome as the latter. Shows off the stars, extolls them all as 'real' which won't seem too convincing just yet, then demonstrates a larger cargo door and then a holomap. Said map shows what appears to be a 1:1 scale galaxy, eventually zooming into a more reasonable galactic cluster. Shows off some bland interiors of the freighter test ship, then starts moving towards his target, coming up to 3 kilometers per second before video end.

In short, a very quick look at the spartanly simple but still reasonably versatile logic functions, a very long sought after granular construction aspect for detailing and the ability for segregation of what should be smaller & larger pieces, the ability for a fair degree of block overlap to create some interesting shapes, and a hint of the sheer optimized scale. When others in the genre have biplane to monoplane tier KPH counts for space ships and jet fighters, having a kilometer per second scale of speed is very encouraging.

Video 2, dubbed Exploration: frog begins rapidly traveling towards a space station, at 40,000 kilometers out. Converting to hyperdrive mode, the ship rapidly begins to accelerate from tens of kilometers per second to hundreds until capping out at one megameter per second. The relative speed of approach to the ring of the gas giant the station is hidden in- a planetary ring which is very much to scale as the approach demonstrates, with the only possible gripe being a transitional pop-in of the ring's asteroids, excusable for a pre-pre-alpha at the presumable beginning of publicized development one year ago- and then docks, a process which is neither the overly easy Starmade style tractor snap-on nor an unautomated simulative system that demands perfect alignment, but instead an autoaligning system that demands reasonable initial accuracy, but then will very slowly maneuver itself into place. He then demonstrates the artificial gravity system, with a sliding switch console dictating how high or low it is.

In short; things are apparently very big and very optimized. You can normally have one or the other in boxel games, but it appears to presently have both.

cd1130 No.13580872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The first of the videos and the channel, apologies, ought to have linked the first one in the first post.

Video 3, he shows off the stud system and the smaller bricks, as well as what can be placed with this system. The display is mostly just some modular seating, verging on decorative stuff, but it gets a better showing in the next video as to how important it is for creating control panels, and in later construction videos as to how sheerly robust it is for detailing. After that, he goes on to showcase an early version of turret construction, which is painlessly simple and involves merely the configuration of two rotator blocks & their connecting parts, a gun, a camera block, and a logic panel & console with the correct links to control it from the camera's perspective, although you can also manually control the turret with or without a camera simply by operating the rotators/turret body. The following weapon demonstration is mostly meaningless, as there is no developed system at this point- later videos will show multiple gun barrels on top of each other if I recall, but blessedly in the lack of a developed weapon system there's neither an Empyrion style static weapon collection or a finnicky Starmade algorithmic block group system, and seemingly no priority for there to be one before more important underlying hard engine work is done- but his chunky turret designs are kind of neat to look at, Ig guess.

In short: itty bitty blocks a fraction of the 1x1 standard go on lego studs. They're neat. Turrets aren't a pain in the ass to contrive on the mechanical or logic level. That's also neat.

Video 4, the stud system gets a far more useful showing off through the construction of a holomap operation console. The robustness of the basic display consoles in giving whatever relevant information there is for whatever function block they're linked to is very evident. Three readout screens are shown, one analog and two holoscreens, showing some nice redundancy in visual & functional blocks. Afterwards, he constructs another new panel in the cargo bay, and shows off different command & switch types, sliding one of the bay doors by percents at a time. Then, constructs a traditional open/close switch with one input button & two output buttons, showing off that the doors are properly independent functions as they open & close out of sync til her resyncs them. He briefly shows off a rotating embarkment ramp, which moves only so far to a restricted stopping point, then shows off some very basic slide switch use on a rotating brick & slider. Not to do anything useful, just to show off how it can be used. And then a laser sensor that activates when a player directly interferes with it, which he uses to spin a chair.

In short; stud system proves to not just be a meme function for detail blocks but is useful for making very dense function block & logic groups, said function blocks seem to be focused on meshing with as many other things as possible in simplistic enough fashions that it's trivial to retrofit, and in spite of the seeming simplicity the function blocks are still quite customizable and easily so.

Those first four very early dev videos are what made me click more around the channel, though I skipped past some of the very feature specific devlogs at the time for the slightly flashier stuff like the TIE Fighter construction video which showcases the excellent constructional functionality from start to finish, particularly the fact that there is no 1x1m construction grid- granular/stud blocks are built & fitted directly on top of other granular blocks unlike Starmade and others, thin walls don't magically take up phantom space like a full block which in spite of how simple it sounds is a huge advance to shaping, especially when combined with the allowance for block overlap under various circumstances- as those first four were already quite encouraging in showing the developers' rather clear ethic of getting the foundations laid before moving on further. There's absolutely nothing resembling a game yet, and while it might sound paradoxical, this is actually exactly what I want to see; everything is hardline engine expansion work, with zero consideration for the survival gameplay (which would be increasingly agonizing to fit new things into or around) until such time as it is feature foundation complete. My strongest grievance with this genre is in the constant appearance of half-designed systems and stymied development followed by a drip feed of unrevolutionary extra things in survival mode, not meaningful ones, just new grindgates, half-finished biomes, or a handful of new items that supplant the previous ones or languish uselessly. It looks like the frog is handily sidestepping all of these, for now at least.

e1500a No.13580900


I haven't played it yet but I think you should wait anon

c42a79 No.13580949

File: 020059d2e38ccc2⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Bentusi.jpg)


Frontier has no idea what to do with ED, they are simply going on with the wave. Multicrew shows how much they aren't able to break out of the corner they have coded themselves in. It is a textbook example of wasted potential, instead of sticking to what they knew to do best, they fell for the multiplayer meme and we are now stuck with nothing more than randomly generated boxes in space. You can see the seams of the game everywhere.


Looks like X.

a6a9cc No.13580983


Duke Nukem 3D, you can even use steroids.

ce4c41 No.13581042

>picked up sword of the stars for three dollerydoos

I managed to figure out how to colonize planet, but not build it up. I like what I've played so far.

f9f936 No.13581453

File: 5c4abf29d437697⋯.webm (11.58 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Story of the Lycaon.webm)


They know exactly what they're doing with E:D. Update the game with a minimal team ever so slowly and use the funds made to continue to fund the rest of Frontier's projects. On multicrew they haven't written themselves into a corner at all it completely comes down to how much time they're willing to spend to fix their shit and combine systems instead of layering them on top.

Fuck the amount of coding autism that has gone into their galaxy generation engine and other certain parts of the game demonstrate they are capable, they just have a habit of splitting their ~100 team up and having half of them work on something super intensive like the character creator or previously their airless planet tech and then leaving the rest of the team to provide content in the meantime.

Multicrew was shit because Sandro demanded they implement a half assed implementation of the feature which was promised a year before because he has a hard on for keeping said promises no matter how crap the implementation, this is why they've dropped working on new shit to fix "core features" over the next year.

374915 No.13581487


>mark themselves as a host

ED multiplayer doesn't work that way. There isn't a host. It's true P2P. Everyone runs their own game and does their own arbitration and just exchanges reports to the other clients on actions taken, damage claimed, that sort of thing, which they accept or reject.

c42a79 No.13581585

File: bc63c5cd89e6549⋯.png (167.02 KB, 500x350, 10:7, lawlchess.png w=500&h=350.png)


Yeah well, I'll believe they can fix the game when I see it. For now, I don't see how they can really do it without rewriting the whole game, everything is too broken. As of now, if someone came up to me and told me the BGS was in fact an intern messing with an excel sheet each night I would believe him. I'm one of the suckers with a LEP so I can wait and see, but I have 0% hope in FD, as of now they have acted like headless chickens with Elite.

c42a79 No.13581610


By the way, if the webm is yours, can you post the color scheme?

f9f936 No.13581850

File: 3828c4c1d9d833c⋯.webm (10.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Soundgarden-Black Hole Su….webm)


actually you're wrong it is a mix of everything. Players from the UK/Europe when they are the ones to start an instance will generally mean better performance in that instance. As well frontier's (amazons) servers actually process and check a whole bunch of shit including system information, active missions, unknown signal sources, npcs in your instance and other stuff. It's why when you get people making 100 player instances the entire playerbase notices a slowdown as the 100 player instance is pumping a huge amount of data through Fdev's servers.

Actually I think almost all p2p data between players is routed through Fdev's servers for checks and stuff before hitting the destination player.


<MatrixRed> 1, 0.64, 0.46 </MatrixRed>

<MatrixGreen> 0.21, 0.79, 0.41 </MatrixGreen>

<MatrixBlue> -0.22, -0.1, 0.34 </MatrixBlue>

pulled from here


c42a79 No.13581882


Thanks bruh, may your Engineers roll be good.

b761ef No.13583550

Wish there was a space game that focused on space combat in first person more akin to Submarine warfare sort of like how Star Trek originally was.

a2adc5 No.13583574



b3229a No.13583765



God, I miss messing around with you fags.

And everyone stop coming AFTER I was well into my mega-ship.


89de9e No.13583780


>Didn't even play the game

>Was still involved with you fags giving instruction

That was fun.

b3229a No.13583820


This one might actually be nice. I just hope the weapons scale with size.

there's nothing I hate more than a game where I can have my big, powerful, armored battelship tripple turrets.

2aa8f9 No.13584036


There was some old scifi pulp story I read a while ago where starship captains would use stop watches and count flashes on a super-magnified screen to register torpedo hits because of all the jamming and radio interference in space.

I can't remember the name but it gave me a boner.

89de9e No.13585138


That might funny enough be Star Trek. Especially Earth-Romulan war stories.

ce4c41 No.13588121

Been playing sword of the stars for a bit, any tips for ship building? Load outs and shit? how many I should keep in my fleet?

4298bf No.13588324


Experiment with ship setups and pay close attention to what the enemy brings.

Most of the weapons have different strengths and weaknesses that make them ideal for dealing with specific kinds of enemies.

Missiles and kiting early on, but they end up next to useless once the enemy has PD.

Another advantage missiles have in the early game is that you don't need to upgrade your ships every time you get a better version of them. Missile Warhead and engine upgrades are applied to all ships with missile launchers.

Missiles make for terrible weapons for brawling or dealing with a ton of DD's, since they fire slowly and tend to massively overkill one target while leaving the rest unscathed.

Energy cannons (plasma/fusion/AM) are good against larger targets since they aren't too accurate and their projectiles aren't the fastest in the world, but they do good damage. Try to find the sweetspot, range wise, since they do most damage around the middle of their range, with short and long range reducing their damage.

Heavyy versions fire the same shots as the regular types, but in 3 shot salvo's and with much more range. Heavy AM is one of the best weapons in the game due to range and firepower if you can field enough of them.

Lasers are good for anti destroyer work, being accurate and their projectiles being fast, they can even hit incoming missiles or drones, but their damage is kinda lowish, so they take long to chew through cruisers or bigger targets. Once the enemy fields mostly cruisers or bigger, drop them for PD instead.

Massdrivers are shit. They hit hard but easily deflect harmlessly and have terrible accuracy. Use alternatives if possible.

One thing massdrivers can do however, especially the big ones, is push the enemy. Hits from the big ones will regullarly send enemy cruisers spinning out of control and pushing away even dreadnaughts.

AP drivers are good medium to long range weapons, suffer little from deflection and are accurate. They don't hit too hard without neutronium alloys, but they make for decent basis weapons against all sizes of targets, though lategame they will be outclassed by energy weapons.

Beams are good heavy hitters, especially antiproton and messon, ignore the graviton and tractor unless you want to use their gimmick. Beams are aimed with perfect accuracy and are hitscan, so they can pick off the hardest to hit targets with ease, but their range is generally limited and only go in the large turret slots that you may not get many off. Some race, humans and Morrigi mostly, get cruisers that can field a ton of them, and a cruiser with 5 messon beams can kill practically anything.

Emitters are lightning guns. They jump from target to target, within their range, good for hitting groups of missiles or desteroyers, but their rate of fire and damage is badly lacking. Medium and heavy versions are godlike destroyer killers, especially against groups of enemies, the weapon also fires like a beam, so perfect accuracy and hitscan.

Minor caveat, the arcing form target to target never takes it beyond its max range from the ship, so against missiles it tends to only hit the first missile in a salvo, so don't expect them to outpreform PD against missiles.

Heavy Beams are for anti dreadnaught work mostly. Some ship designs can make them effective against cruisers, but their usefullness requires micromanagement and falls of dramatically once you are at brawling range.

Some races, Liir and Morrigi, can fit an insane number of these guns on a single cruiser, using lancer or better beams, such ships can kill cruisers advancing on them before the enemy can return fire. Very effective, but requires careful use of formation and micromanagement of target assignment to be useful.

That should cover the basic weapons, there's also lot of gimmick weapons like the chakra things that scale their damage with armor, effectively removing the bonus of armoring ships, shield breaker cannons that do exactly what the name implies, even gravitic shields and deflectors that normally cannot be turned off, thumper rounds that fuck with enemy movement and so on.

4298bf No.13588479

>>13588324 continued

Defences come in 3 types, EW, the subtle kind, armor the less subtle kind and shields, the obvious kind.

Shields have a set amount of HP, depending on the type, when broken they remain down for an amount of time, depending on the quality of the shield, before being restored at full hp.

They are a great way to make your ships tougher against stray fire, but won't cut it if the enemy is focusing on your ships with real firepower.

They also tend to take damage a lot faster than the ship itself, since they are bigger than the ship and won't deflect anything.

Some shields, deflectors, disruptors and graviton, can't be broken no matter how much fire they take, but these types block only some certain types of attacks, depending on the shield. The most important is the deflector, which is immune to kinetic and missile damage, but has no effect on any kind of energy weapons.

Against all kinds of shields, prioritize hitting the targets bridge section, since the shield disappears when the section making it breaks.

Shields also require a section of your ship be dedicated to making the shield, so they will cut into the amount of firepower your ships have, and dreadnaughts are too big to be shielded, they can use deflectors though, and dreadnaughts cannot loose individual sections, so you can't just break the shield by shooting out its section.

Armor is your most important defence. It gives you a flat HP bonus to the section its on based on the armors quality, up to doubling the HP with adamantium.

Armor also improves the chance of incomming kinetic projectiles deflecting harmlessly, this scales up with quality and even low quality armor make massdrivers nearly unable to hurt you. The regular kind anyway, AP will also deflect, but not anywhere near as often.

Mirrored armor doesn't improve the sections HP, but gives a chance for lasers to deflect.

The last type of defence is EW. Jammers, wild weasels and the EW dreadnaught section.

Jammers make a sensor shadow around the ship, similar to big asteroids, stopping enemies from seeing what is under it on the tactical map, Its main function is to prevent missiles from homing in on any ship under the shadow.

Wild Weasels try to redirect enemy missiles that come nearby to themselves. If covered in PD they can protect an entire formation of ships from missiles and torpedoes. They also fill the tactical map around them with ghost targets, but this only works on players, not AIs. Both prevent the enemy from seing the number of ships in your fleets on the strategic map, making for easy decoys.

DN EW sections combine Jammers and Wild Weasels with another ability, they will redirect some of the missiles that target them back at the enemy. Not often, but it does happen.

Cloaking sections can also be used as a defence, but only the improved cloaking ones, as regular cloaking sections drop cloak when they fire, making your ship vulnerable.

Keep in mind that the AI with try to blindfire at the last place it has seen shots from your ships coming from, so keep your ships moving.

Stealth armor makes your ship invisible beyond visual range, so only to the tactical map, and does nothing once the enemy has a ship close enough to spot you visually. It doesn't give any deflection chance or HP either. Its only real use is strategically, as it lowers the range enemies can spot the fleet on, on the strategic map.

Advanced Sensors can spot cloaked ships, but not stealth armored ships nor beat jammers or wild weasels. DN EW sections also include Advance Sensors.

Personally I prefer to always have at least one ship in every fleet with advanced sensors, but the section is fragile and nearly unarmed, so don't put it on the frontline fighters.


One last thing I forgot was Torpedo weapons. They come in 2 types, nonhoming, which work like a cannon with really long range, usually doing only very little damage, and the homing kind, which does increasing damage the longer it has travelled and do limited splash damage. AM torpedoes can hit insanely hard, allowing a ship with enough of them, to kill enemy cruisers, if they don't have too much armor, with one salvo. Liirian Assault/Barrage cruisers are very good for this kind of tactics, but it requires a lot of micromanagement of your targets or they will overkill the first thing they see and be left unable to shoot anything else for the next 30 seconds, just like missiles.

The homing torpedoes can be shot down, like missiles, but they are a lot tougher and thus harder for enemy PD to take down. Not sure if wild weasels can redirect them either.

The gimmick variant of the homing torpedoes does its damage over a fairly large area, but this is rarely enough to splash over multiple cruisers.

EMP torpedoes shut down enemy ships, the bigger the target the shorter the time, and come in guided and unguided variants.

4298bf No.13588575

>>13588479 continued

There's more gimmicks of different types, like snot missiles DF racks and the crazy OP Absorber sections and so on, so these posts are by no means everything you need to know.

The wiki has all the hard stats on ship sections and weapons. Keep in mind that the raw data doesn't show how well different weapons work or how good turret cover for different sections is. Only experience can teach you this, hence the importance of experimenting.


As far as design advice, there's no hard rules. Many of the weapons are useful against only certain types of enemies and some defences can render certain weapons all but completely useless, so you always want to consider what the enemy is bringing when you design your ships.

As for fleet composition, this depends on what the enemy brings, again, but there are some guidelines here. CNC ships are a must in any fleet you want to have anywhere near a fight. CNC not only determines how many ships you can field, but also what order they arrive on the battlefield in. You can change the order in the middle of a battle if you want to, but only if you have a CNC on the battlefield. If you don't the ships in your fleet will arrive in a completely random order.

Consider keeping a space CNC ship in fleets, just in case the one on the field gets shot.

Repair and tankers/refinery ships are a must in any fleet that isn't sitting on one of your own planets, since it will otherwise be unable to repair or refuel. I prefer to keep more than one repair ships in any fleet if possible, how many depends on how tough my fleets frontline ships are and what race I'm playing, since some races get more repair points than others from their repair ships.

Refineries are better than tankers, since they can eat planet resources to produce fuel in neutral systems, giving your fleets FAR more range.

DN support sections do the job of both repair and refinery ships, but cost far more than needed for the role. They are useful for hiver players though, as a single DN only costs twice the gate allowance of a cruiser,

The frontline of a fleet depends entirely on what I expect them to fight, but I always put a few more ships into a fleet than it can field, in case of ships being destroyed in battle.

Lastly, keep your races style in mind. Human ships tend to be allrounder, but are slow and a bit fragile if unarmored, liir ships have insane manuverbility but barely any weapons bigger than the smallest turrets and next to no HP, but they get really good specialists, like their barrage/blazer ships which carry more torpedoes and heavy beams than nearly anyone else, zuul ships are fast but fragile and tend to have a ton of guns, tarka are speedy, have tough and heavily armed bridge sections, but vulnerable and squishy engines and aren't too great at getting tech, hiver ships are flying bricks covered in guns. They accelerate slowly, have a decent top speed, more guns than nearly anyone and very tough ships, but they have some of the worst odds for getting tech, and morrigi ships are OP as fuck, but really pricey.

a11941 No.13589726

How do you create a Mighty Spank Force in space who's mission is to seek out new loli's and spank them like they have never been spanked before?

c73d0b No.13590916

I now have a dreadnought is sword of the stars, and the railgun mission section. Tine to shoot shit to death. Also ehat the fuxk is up with these swarmer assholes? They are everywhere.

d6c65e No.13590961

File: 24ca6a7e639609c⋯.png (637.94 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, even a taco can do it.png)


>How do you create

4298bf No.13590983


They multiply if you leave them alone.

Swarmers are pretty easy to deal with if you have enough PD. Alternatetly, lasers and small emitters will also make short work of them.

Railguns are easier to aim from cruiser sections, but a DN works fine, especially for bombarding enemy DN's. Don't be afraid to leave the DN behind while other frontline ships advance on the enemy, those guns have a crazy huge range so it can still bombard enemy ships without being close enough for the enemy to shoot at it.

9789e3 No.13593044


Chieftain looks an awful lot like the raza.

I want it.

ce4c41 No.13594293

>Playing sword of the stars

>Peacekeeper inforcer shows up

>Lamo who cares, I can colonize and build up wartime funding

>monkeys attack glorious human colonies

<peace keeper enforcer shows up

<oh my fuck


What do I even do with this thing?

8cd1b6 No.13594996


I remember playing one game where I pumped the systems and resources up to the max and ended up spending a good one hundred turns fighting those fuckers. Once I ended up fighting a real enemy it didn't turn out so well because I didn't have the fleet ready to fight anything of any real substance. Turns out africanized bees are a bit less threatening than actual starships.


Grand menaces are something else. I think the peacekeeper will fuck off after a bit, unlike some of the others, but it has a truly ridiculous weapon set up.

b3229a No.13595480


Don't underestimate a good photon torpedo spam. They have good range and RoF. Fire Control section is a good combo, since accuracy is vital.

Also, do note that various lasers and beamers are not always just direct upgrades. Some have quirks.

IIRC, X-rays lasers have far lower reflection rates.

Beamers are great for anti-fiter, since they are hitscan. They have shit for range, so good for brawling.

a2adc5 No.13595528

File: 0f243ddc7cdbb8f⋯.webm (2.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, federation pilots.webm)


Get hyped cause it's the first of several alliance ships that will probably use that aesthetic, maybe even a new capital ship.

3d2127 No.13595877


I'm willing to put money on all of that being prerendered to look like gameplay.

3d2127 No.13595912


X3 Terran Conflict with mods as far as I can tell.

5140c0 No.13595994

reunion, terran conflict, or albion prelude

478b39 No.13596023

a2adc5 No.13596040


I mean if you look at the rest of the videos on the channel.

it's clearly not.

b3229a No.13596167


Protip against hivers:

When they charge your planet, target their engines. Hivers de-acceleration is utter shit, if you take out the engines, they will crash into your planet, blowing up instantly.

You will loose some civilian population, but you'll gain resources :)

478b39 No.13596170


I actually didn't mean to have that flag on.

14562c No.13596905

File: 3cd06fa24cd78be⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, holy shit nigger.png)

>mfw checking systems for bailed ships

2d77ec No.13597431

File: 15cd838db10c228⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, poor little xenon guy.png)

I gotta say upgrading straight from m6 to m1 in terms of firepower feels gud

299cef No.13602893

File: cb0e2cbdbd7253b⋯.jpg (131 KB, 1077x808, 1077:808, Starmade.jpg)

File: 55303260c5dd9d8⋯.jpg (457.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Factory to craft everythin….jpg)

do you 'member me?

433891 No.13602913

File: 9cdf4f875963a2b⋯.jpg (80.11 KB, 1030x579, 1030:579, EVERSPACE-v07-Screenshot-0….jpg)

Anyone played Everspace?

2d77ec No.13604145

File: 71d9a061c0e3b2b⋯.png (243.42 KB, 531x361, 531:361, dis nigga serious.PNG)

>flawlessly execute a gorilla raid on an a Phanon station

>about to jump away with a sliver of shields as the station makes plop

>rammed in the ass by a neutral m2 jumping in through the gate

282715 No.13604153


Did you get his insurance number anon?

f88479 No.13604171


Yeah, I had some fun with it, but I think it could have done without the clone stuff or I guess you could call it story. I know the anon who I first saw talking about it was saying he found it too easy, but since I am shit at it, its a decent challenge for me.

2d77ec No.13604178

File: db39223786fd27f⋯.jpg (66.71 KB, 501x585, 167:195, happy teladi.jpg)



2c862e No.13604942

File: f465bb89a7493a4⋯.webm (12.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, star control.webm)

File: 18cae8df5a62867⋯.png (21.88 KB, 212x90, 106:45, Screenshot from 2017-10-19….png)

File: 973aa148ab660b5⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2017-10-19….png)

File: 468c7ffbbb2ca58⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2017-10-19….png)

Ready for your next GOTY, anons?!

3ce024 No.13605010

File: b7d18b0ceeda7dc⋯.png (97.09 KB, 250x250, 1:1, b7d18b0ceeda7dccb9fa828d89….png)


>placing that much video time on the editors

I have a hard time seeing it becoming more of a fuckup than SC3 was, but damn it if they're going to rely on player made content it might.

>mfw toys for bob will never get their IP back

11f0a8 No.13605047


i got a Wildstar flashback for a moment

e45d51 No.13605108


I went from excited to dejected in exactly one webm.


you're wrong, they are literally making a SC2 sequel right now https://dogarandkazon.squarespace.com/

3ce024 No.13605127

File: 622ece713a5ddad⋯.jpg (74.04 KB, 515x557, 515:557, 1382227980156.jpg)


Wait what? Holy fuck.

936ef1 No.13608469


>That slug creature

Anyone getting the overpowering urge to Remove Slug?

3e1a33 No.13608538



I'm tempted to jump back in, but I know I will find the server gone or empty.

You took that screenshot before we stole the Borg Cube - the giant turret on top the base is still incomplete, and we got it after that. I think.

b728bc No.13608542


Before we left the serb, I'm pretty sure we took everything apart so the shitters couldn't make any use of the stuff.

299cef No.13609473

File: baf30d26c9af889⋯.png (3.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, StarPepe.png)


I don't even remember what server that was on and I don't think that server is even alive anymore anyway

been "playing" it in singleplayer for a little bit, as in wrestling my barebones skeletal mining ship out of a planet core and getting tired of it

still want to build a nice looking station with a shipyard, a factory and a shop

562dcc No.13612521


it was fun but not very deep. don't play on hard, it's not actually harder just grindier

2c862e No.13612542

File: 024b9824238da8b⋯.png (118.62 KB, 1047x525, 349:175, Screenshot from 2017-10-19….png)



>they are literally making a SC2 sequel right now

ab8235 No.13613775


>Harder is just grindier

I hate that when games do that. Almost as bad as when devs make Hard mode tedious and annoying rather than difficult i.e. remove all valid tactics bar a few cheese meta tactics that you must repeat constantly or lose. I want to be challenged not annoyed.

282715 No.13613814

File: 1c2573c794f62c7⋯.png (278.21 KB, 633x480, 211:160, LoGH-Don't give me that ev….png)


I understand exactly what you are saying anon. Nerfing my weapon's damage,lowering my health and Giving the enemy aim bot and 100000hp is not challenging, its annoying. Why don't devs understand this?

c4e690 No.13613956

File: a9e566b3da9231f⋯.webm (7.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, please let this be a norm….webm)

355b80 No.13616856

File: 3c523ddae1385cc⋯.webm (6.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Elite Thread.webm)

355b80 No.13616875

File: 579e08b1df36717⋯.webm (13.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EliteThread ext.webm)

3774fe No.13616968

File: f502802d5238bf5⋯.webm (11.78 MB, 900x506, 450:253, 0.14g drifting.webm)

6be297 No.13617553

File: fd46438562f8531⋯.gif (3.57 MB, 369x268, 369:268, efbe81790e1df899a63412588b….gif)

2d77ec No.13632027

File: e9aad864091f2b4⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, x3screen00110.png)

>the spess thread is as ded as the vastness of space

936ef1 No.13635050

File: 4419cf7f6cc2834⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x346, 320:173, Hiigaran Battle.webm)

File: 95b58b1b919b6cb⋯.webm (11.35 MB, 640x346, 320:173, Homeworld Sky Battle.webm)

Thread needs some Homeworld.

395fc5 No.13639650

File: 87ebd5a33b29355⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 204880_20171023035506_1.png)


02b1c4 No.13639689

So is Elite: Dangerous the best space exploration game? Besides good old Space Engine, of course.

395fc5 No.13639762

File: 698312bf4ecab69⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 204880_20171023041734_1.png)

File: 4f622e0d1b26a49⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 204880_20171023041829_1.png)

File: b76ed49886845b0⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 204880_20171023041854_1.png)

3774fe No.13639891

File: 6bb03a13cdaf99a⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 1004x742, 502:371, saturnplane_cassini_big.jpg)

File: 46a28d410c68a0d⋯.webm (11.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Europa's Geysers Day.webm)


Compared to everything else yes?

Is it the best ever? Probably not.

be nice if they could fucking get atmospheric worlds done already

Gas Giants will be cool though when that's done.

a74303 No.13640242

File: a15fba7c2e1bcec⋯.jpeg (593.17 KB, 835x1280, 167:256, image.jpeg)

Guys, I just had a dream I owned a clunky but functional space ship, eventually got a license for it, then took it up into the sky and went to space. After that I explored the great unknown for hours and it felt amazing. What is a game that lets me experience this?

I'd also take a game that allows me to pilot a ship and walk around said ship. Really, I just want to feel like I'm flying a ship in space.

bcf181 No.13640366


Your best bet is probably Elite Dangerous, sadly.

Not many games are like you're describing. Space is pretty neglected.

Which is all part of the Jewish ploy to prevent us from pushing for development of space, which would progress our civilization and help us become a Tier 1 species - which they don't want because we'd have a post scarcity society and at that point money =/= power.

We have the technology to take ET home but we'll never see it, potentially hundreds of years, if not millenia.

60ea6c No.13640460

File: 8e1cf7d2d1b3e6e⋯.jpg (170.79 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ScreenShot0332.jpg)


well if all you want to do is walk around your space ship while it flies in space there's always Star Citizen. Problem comes when you get board of walking around in your ship and want something to do with it.

433891 No.13640495


I'm keeping an eye on Rodina and it might be what you're looking for, but it's still in early access so I've yet to play it. Updates from devs seem regular, but I fear it might be one of those never evers unfortunately.

1b4531 No.13640629

File: 7f6fd27eb9cce4f⋯.jpg (20.67 KB, 475x556, 475:556, jewpiter.jpg)


>that yid cap

3774fe No.13640675


that's the shadow of the rings anon

ea32aa No.13640957

File: 7beaaedbadea662⋯.webm (10.09 MB, 820x460, 41:23, loghporn.webm)

its a shame we don't have any games where you as a fleet commander on your flagship can watch the battle from your bridge legend of the galactic heroes tier, you would get that spinetingling feeling when you see a battleship to your side explode and its parts hitting your ship or its shields, there was a game called Flagship that came close to this though but was never released/delayed infinity

what other cool things are we lacking in space vidya?

3774fe No.13641142


I'm kinda hoping skywanders makes this a possibility.

ea32aa No.13641242



first time I have heard of this, looks promising, looks like its a better version of starmade with better graphics, and hopefully better gameplay too, even has mecha, time to check out some more gameplay and info

282715 No.13641348



Looks like its time to start the cycle all over again

324f09 No.13641476


ED is max comfy. SE is only comfy on a good mid-level populated serb with some hardcore survival starts. Look for one with 30 to 50 mods max.

Especially with Stargate mod you feel important building gateways everywhere.

549fdf No.13641532




>dat art

i cant

2cce79 No.13641566


The only game that gets close to it is pulsar, get rock hard sometimes seeing my shots hitting the enemy vessel as I sit in my command chair or when I run up to a window to view it.

ea32aa No.13641753

File: b0842f9af8a76e4⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2500x1406, 1250:703, SOTI_EXT_Titans-Lake.jpg)


almost forgot about that game, haven't played it in ages, waiting till a few updates are done,it is definitely cool to see things happen outside the window, especially when you pass large space structures or entities, and ofcourse seeing the combat



936ef1 No.13642008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You mean like Flagship?

282715 No.13642025


Didn't the Kickstarter for this fail?

936ef1 No.13642040


Yeah but they are still working on it surprisingly. Scaling it back so they aren't biting off more they can chew. It would actually be nice to see them succeed but I wouldn't hold my breath since we all know how indie kekstarter shit goes.

b728bc No.13642166



That looks like shit.

ea32aa No.13643080

File: 5a624809d4eebe9⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1397151838852.jpg.14202091….jpg)


they seem to have only slow progress, with a few updates here and there, imo they are spending too much time making it vr friendly instead of developing the game, especially as vr failed and few people actually have headsets


sound/music and ship designs - both exterior(inb4 cgi) and interior look great, be glad they got production i.g to animate it, characters look terrible though, but lets wait till next year as you might be correct

b728bc No.13643237


>sound/music and ship designs - both exterior(inb4 cgi) and interior look great,

You're full of shit, that is the worst ship designs they could have gone with. I was looking for LoGH not PSO2.

>be glad they got production i.g to animate it

I'd be happier if it was never announced in the first fucking place. Looking at this trailer is like spitting in my face. They ruin the lasers, make ships like PSO2. I fail to see how any of this looks good. Also generic orchestral music.

2d77ec No.13643398

File: 0d2b19374fac37e⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot17.png)







d35724 No.13643497

File: bf1269917314f55⋯.mp4 (471.76 KB, 960x720, 4:3, くだらん.mp4)


>ship designs

>look great

Oberstein, stop shitposting and get your eyes fixed.

a8f853 No.13645257





The Precursors is the game you want.

352c0c No.13650346


>Oberstein, stop shitposting and get your eyes fixed.

That's got to be worth a reply.

897d7d No.13650353

File: dcc7a35681ab5b4⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 360x270, 4:3, LoGH-Oberstien3.jpg)

3774fe No.13650438

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

897d7d No.13650452


They're still working on that?

3774fe No.13650537


Yeah for ages and they're finally getting it into beta.

3774fe No.13650561

433891 No.13650809


Looks pretty good, thanks!

3774fe No.13651531


Huh for those who don't want to watch the whole thing.

It's going to be mostly combat focused. The goal is to take over the solar system, there are three teams made up of both npcs and players (Red, Blue, Green) with roughly 100 players per serb as the end goal. Once the solar system is conquered by a team (by taking over bases, infrastructure and supply lines) the round will end and it will reset. At the moment only the position of bases and space stations will change between rounds. Ships available range from small interceptors to a variety of cap ships. It looks like the player can fly all of them although I'm not sure if they will all be solo piloted by a single player. The carrier class cap ship will be able to spawn smaller vessels.

Wonder how long a round will average out to be.

ea32aa No.13653955

File: f1cb82a7d1683c3⋯.jpg (196.46 KB, 1432x1062, 716:531, 534539878342.jpg.142017928….jpg)


>that is the worst ship designs they could have gone with

ok,not the best, a bit too shiny, but thanks to modern tech they can do all kinds of lightning effects so maybe thats why, they have only shown us a bit of the side and front but maybe it works out

>I'd be happier if it was never announced in the first fucking place

do have to agree with this

>They ruin the lasers

weren't they supposed to be laser 'cannons', so these are actually firing concentrated energy one after another, in the 80s they couldn't quite show it


m-mein kaiser

lets just wait and see guys, since we are talking about legend of the galactic heroes, maybe this series will get us a pretty good space strategy game, think positive

bea429 No.13653990

File: 23f1e0461236520⋯.png (242.76 KB, 578x667, 578:667, NEVER EVER.png)


>maybe this series will get us a pretty good space strategy game


>that is the worst ship designs they could have gone with

i like the freedom ships, but dislike the imps ships, goldhairkid ship is ok.

If the music is not classical music, im going full allah ackbar in their HQ

b8c4d1 No.13653999

Space Engine 1.0 fucking when

e3b90d No.13654499

File: f3d6bb6c42c97cd⋯.webm (14.21 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu ED1.webm)

>tfw I finally finished Logh last week

Just give it to me straight anon, there is nothing out there that can fill this void for a galactic space conquest is there?

I can't believe how much Oberstien did nothing wrong.

22c2fc No.13654596


You mean other than framing Reuenthal for a revolt, angering him so much that he did revolt, costing the emperor one of his highest ranked officers?

Because it seems like all that did was get a good officer killed for no real reason.

21f1c2 No.13654661

File: 65f19e06207df76⋯.png (258.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, LoGH-I swear no matter how….png)



Pragmatism, without idealism restraining it, is not virtuous. Just see >>13654596

And no, you''ll feel painfully nostalgic whenever you think of it.

I can't believe media this good actually exists. I just wish it was more consistent in how good it is. the first season was perfect. the other seasons were excellent but not as good as the first, although the whole last chunk of the final season might be the best part of the show.

Reuenthal's death was seriously heartbreaking. While Yang's death was well done as well, I felt like he should've logically died a season or two before. His levels of plot-armor were unreal.


Some day but it'll be very underwhelming.

282715 No.13654672

File: 1a55401ea14af36⋯.jpg (26.13 KB, 512x384, 4:3, LoGH-That's a good joke.jpg)



He did NOT frame him, Reuenthal went against the direct orders of the Kaiser and said those words straight from his own mouth and if he wasn't so stupidly prideful he could have just explained what was going on instead of costing so many men their lives

21f1c2 No.13654728

File: 3f0d9426b391258⋯.jpg (53.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1392582404380.jpg)


Scheming liar. Snakes like you, well meaning as you may be, poison any well.

282715 No.13654753

File: a46e1a22dcaa482⋯.png (299.37 KB, 640x482, 320:241, LoGH-Oberstien Tea.png)


Prideful fool. Arrogant people like you drag everyone down to their graves all because of your own inflated ego

3dd2a7 No.13654942



e3b90d No.13655286

File: 27299a000950e02⋯.webm (13.84 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu ED2.webm)


I was pretty sure that it was Lang going rogue acting for Rubinsky's best interest that framed Reuenthal, the first time Lang tried to frame him Oberstien scolded him and told him to lay off. I'm not really sure if he had a hand in it. That being said it was still Reuenthal's own fault, it was only a matter of time until his ambition consumed him.

Mittermeyer lost all his friends.


But he did everything for the Kaiser so that his actions would still be seen as pure as possible, wouldn't that justify it? He knew his role and played it. He went down hated by his comrades as a scheming snake but he was the most selfless of them all, How many times did he proposed his own sacrifice to the Kaiser in order for them to achieve success?

I found Julian's plot armor through the show to be much more annoying than Yang's, Yang was advertised as some sort of miracle worker so I could believe the bullshit but Julian just pulled shit out of his ass.

6aeeaa No.13655594


Gentlemen this is the msot horrifying image i haveever seen.

While watching this image all i can hear is cities burning, nightmares crying and dog shit wearing deodorant.

21f1c2 No.13659463



The answer to arrogance is not lecherous amorality. Complete amorality is the same as immorality. As a people and nation, where will you stand after you've succeeded but lost all possible self-respect? Who will support and love a recklessly pragmatic Kaiser after the war? Incursions are inevitable.

I'm not saying Oberstein did everything wrong, just that he did a lot wrong that could've been done differently.


You're right about Julian's plot armor but I still consider Yang's more egregious. The whole republican side developed some mad plot-armor with each passing season.


The moment I set eyes upon that image, I felt sick. Ruining a LOGH reaction image with suck a filthy text overlay is just disgusting.

282715 No.13660468

File: 2532dea0a758ed5⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 225x350, 9:14, LoGH-Oberstien2.jpg)



> As a people and nation, where will you stand after you've succeeded but lost all possible self-respect? Who will support and love a recklessly pragmatic Kaiser after the war? Incursions are inevitable.

That was the reason why Oberstien would do the dirty work and take all the blame anon, because he could live with people hating him but they couldn't be hating the kaiser. Oberstien drew the entire hate of the empire on himself so that it didn't go after everyone else

562dcc No.13660550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New patch last weekend. It's pretty fun.

even more fun than when hit detection is working in star citizen

db6c14 No.13661039


That actually looks pretty fun. I presume they focused on gameplay first rather than useless shit first?

562dcc No.13661178


The opposite, really. You can look into the history of Infinity for the full story on that… the dev time so far has mostly been technical implementations for shit like working netcode/hit detection, collisions, various optimizations. (the stuff that allows a newtonian, no speed limit flight model with hundreds of players and npcs in a server in a real scale solar system with real scale planets to actually work)

this is the first battlescape patch with significant new gameplay elements, supposedly all done in the last month or so.

Now that they have a lot of the technical stuff out of the way i'm hoping the subsequent patches are additional rapid gameplay additions and improvements

96386f No.13661251


Is there anything out there with the same kind of atmosphere and great visual stylings of Alien Isolation, but more open-ended and without a retarded leapfrogging ayy popping out of vents to annoy you periodically?

Doesn't matter if it's old or new, also I wouldn't mind something more story-driven if it exists.

2be675 No.13661283


Modded Doom

1dc0b3 No.13663452

File: 8e86d8c4136c80a⋯.jpg (276.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Starfold_Corvette.jpg)

File: 118ae3977a000d5⋯.jpg (361.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Starfold_Bomber.jpg)

File: dee94ee251c530b⋯.png (710.03 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 1436384855202.png)


>Infinity: Battlescape

tell me more, also do you have all the concept art of the game? im autistic when its about ships art.

1dc0b3 No.13671393

File: aceb3c40f7679b1⋯.jpg (49.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Westerland_nuclear_explosi….jpg)


>Oberstien did nothing wrong.

i hope you didnt have family in Westerland

>there is nothing out there that can fill this void for a galactic space conquest is there?

nope, but the books are out, you should read them.

562dcc No.13672347

File: c72c7a9af1568cb⋯.jpg (51.85 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 0ece778bac4562ec9aca6fb4a9….jpg)

File: c1730a80aa8ecbd⋯.jpg (791.42 KB, 1600x899, 1600:899, 25phcba.jpg)

File: 0f0dca5431aeb1e⋯.png (1.86 MB, 2090x1700, 209:170, 2174de85ec305b59084e251102….png)

File: f7bbe52cb638e69⋯.jpg (304.82 KB, 1800x1242, 100:69, paul_dainton_03.jpg)

File: 62fa26a025fe3b7⋯.jpg (525.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, patrice-rameau-ucm-2048x20….jpg)


I'm more of a screenshot guy (and i dont have the battlewscape art saved), but i might as well post some of my favorite ship concepts from various sources. Most of these aren't from infinity, though some are from the old infinity contributions forum.

562dcc No.13672644

File: 3f9c83898473c08⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 071c00d3ac52a27b106340f0a1….jpg)

File: 268ed523faea5fe⋯.jpg (347.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2006eb67a587b0ec6ae4b63630….jpg)

File: 6f4eea10b65ecc2⋯.jpg (537.3 KB, 3840x2400, 8:5, 2020ee7333e6e70fa2519f0cac….jpg)

File: cc697d7570c8b23⋯.jpg (245.51 KB, 1300x691, 1300:691, g-liulian-5d73a5e9gcc077a4….jpg)

File: 47d0b96a0512e94⋯.jpg (306.06 KB, 1920x828, 160:69, spaceship-2.jpg)

936ef1 No.13672747



They were going to try to make LoGH weren't they?

c101f7 No.13673599


we could probably mod the ships to make the weapons long range and modify the npc's ai to act accordingly.

7612e4 No.13677877


While I'm more excited for >>13612542

but I hope that Stardock Star control at least has good gameplay, because they won't be able to compete with story or alien designs. (Stardock always was sucked with Story) And least it's coming out soonish.

433891 No.13677891

Anyone playing Elite Dangerous with a controller? Is it doable? I'm thinking about picking it up while it's on sale, but I don't know, I'm not big into multiplayer games, how much of the game am I missing out if I play alone?

3774fe No.13678304

File: 799c5d090b19abc⋯.gif (874.91 KB, 500x619, 500:619, cmon Braben don't tease us….gif)


It's perfectly playable with a controller. Wouldn't do high end pvp with one though.

You may run out of button combos so having a keyboard nearby to press the odd thing you can't fit to your bindings.

You're not missing out any Frontier approved content if you play solo. But a lot of the more interesting stuff happens among player factions and groups. There are plenty of player groups who are non combat oriented too. Group Expeditions are pretty fun.

cb0d95 No.13679060

File: 54d9bfe0d8f5abf⋯.png (659.62 KB, 761x644, 761:644, 0c6c0ff35de53b63ab94c52f66….png)

9b5506 No.13679154

So, has anyone tried out helldivers while it's free?

41a0bb No.13679217

Is ED a game yet or I'm still better with Space Engine?

cb0d95 No.13679219

File: e7160c0ef456dda⋯.png (114.22 KB, 500x375, 4:3, chen spreading freedom.png)


i have it in my ps4 had fun with my brother in coop and shit got crazy when we played only with a full team

bringing democracy to xenos is fun

9b5506 No.13679285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gotta agree with that, ain't nothing better than handing out several hundred kilotons of freedom to the bugs, cyborgs or illuminates.

9e887b No.13682185


Oh man that cataclysm intro…

c70f37 No.13682813

File: d47638d6c910b8a⋯.jpg (41.82 KB, 496x417, 496:417, copy that.jpg)


Damn it Stardock fix her fucking neck.

c956a3 No.13682817


copy dat

56e49c No.13682873


I've had Helldivers on PC for a while now. If you like Alien Swarm or Magicka, you will probably like Helldivers. It's pretty good.

If you do end up buying it, don't bother getting the pistol DLC, it's fucking garbage. Some of the others are of questionable use. Terrain Specialist however is considered mandatory to the degree you will often get kicked from high level missions on snow maps if you don't have it. Ask here if you want to know more (and ignore people on the Steam forums, they're fucking retarded).

282715 No.13682915


I would be all over her if she was only more monotone and had a proper neck

f8ed63 No.13682943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Nice. I really like the music in all the Endless games. But this one is my favorite, something about the spanish guitar does it for me.

4f3d85 No.13684179

File: 528b94870c075e1⋯.jpg (55.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Starship troopers.jpg)


I would actually like to know more.

For example, what do you think of my build?

>Cardio accelerator

>Las gun (originally the one that shoots continuous beam until i switched to the carbine version that fires individual beams)

>Ammo canister (upgrades nil)

>Cluster bomb (upgrades nil)

>That one rocket launcher with additional ammunition that another person can carry and load into your gun with (Two out of three upgrades)

>Chaingun turret (Fully upgraded)

5d7344 No.13684829


Those guns look like they should be attached and operated by their dicks.

dcb402 No.13684841

Are there any games that simulate being a random guy in space and doing whatever? Trading, bounty hunting, just driving a ship in space, that stuff?

5d7344 No.13684857


Elite series

X Series


Rebel Galaxy

Starpoint Gemini series


Earth & Beyond

Vega Strike

few more actually but that's what I would recommend to check out.

6733ba No.13685222

File: 4992a040fa97a10⋯.png (133.42 KB, 640x350, 64:35, know1.png)


>I would actually like to know more.

4f3d85 No.13687636


Yes damnit!

Tell me more about the managed democracy of the super-Earth!

c46e3c No.13687748

File: f0b7b1c9f1b0add⋯.webm (2.63 MB, 1280x688, 80:43, Starship.Troopers.webm)

3774fe No.13688556

File: 300d5fabd948432⋯.webm (10.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Immigration am I right.webm)

File: a8bc1e91cabed3f⋯.jpg (421.74 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 8oKx81g.jpg)

Gonna pump this space thread with clips of the latest Citizencon showcase stream. Even though it's sheckelcitizen the tech is impressive even though you can only land at set locations so really its an impressive setpiece and that's about it

Alpha 3.0 never fucking ever fuggg DDDD:

3774fe No.13688652

File: 7ef5ef0f4884846⋯.webm (11.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Liftoff.webm)

File: b2f0e940e280135⋯.jpg (677.97 KB, 1500x1920, 25:32, lrCYcOe.jpg)

3774fe No.13688672

File: cd8d16c2ac90aef⋯.webm (11.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, It's pretty much Coruscan….webm)

936ef1 No.13688726




It looks like there is no life in the enivronment. Like the place looks deserted, it feels like the planet should be far more densley populated than it is with fuckloads of traffic but it doesn't have that.

3774fe No.13688794

File: 23554db67631fab⋯.webm (10.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Approaching Area17.webm)


There are streams of traffic around the place, guess they've got to turn the numbers up.

936ef1 No.13688828


Does that flight model work for atmosphere or is it a zerog flight model?

3774fe No.13688833

File: 5ccc80d6e359c14⋯.webm (11.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Area17.webm)

fbe7c7 No.13688863


Fully populating a map with NPCs and shit like that is one of the last things you do. Everything's gotta be fully set up for player interaction first.

3774fe No.13688886

File: ce669b2df59d4c6⋯.webm (9.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Area17 pass some traffic.webm)


There would have to be one for aero and one for 0g. A lot of the ships in SC are designed more like conventional aircraft with the idea a lot of them will be used possibly more often in aero rather then in deep space.


That and you can only land in certain areas like arccorp so there is no reason to have that level of detail over most of the planet. I'll go back to the start and grab a clip of that so you have an idea of how the landable areas will end up looking.

3774fe No.13688910

File: cbaa84ebc5356ed⋯.webm (7.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Astro Armada.webm)

3774fe No.13688955

File: 090597fa525808e⋯.webm (11.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Arccorp Area18.webm)

3774fe No.13688983

File: 1e90e896fa5f2af⋯.webm (10.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, orbital relay landing.webm)

83c870 No.13689017

Please don't pretend any game without orbital mechanics is a space game tia

3774fe No.13689028

File: 47fe607256f3490⋯.webm (6.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, blasting away.webm)

File: 58377583fd59ab2⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Plotting a course.webm)


E:D has orbital mechanics

83c870 No.13689048


Interesting, is there a speed limit?

3774fe No.13689068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah almost all the ships have set speed caps for "balance" but some of the faster ones can easily orbit small moons etc.

Skip to 16:42 for the orbiting part.

3774fe No.13689101

File: f46fd08b329697a⋯.webm (11.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Quantum Jump.webm)

c46e3c No.13689118

Will SC be release before ED finally gets gameplay?

3774fe No.13689125


E:D has gameplay you memer

probably :^)

c46e3c No.13689149


Pecisk pls, ED is barely a game.

3774fe No.13689175

File: ffaca7a71b793d8⋯.webm (11 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, City creation tool.webm)

3774fe No.13689186

File: 93cc1808d09aefe⋯.webm (9.7 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, Interior creation tool.webm)

3774fe No.13689314

File: 0132ea298693854⋯.webm (8.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Arriving at Hurston.webm)

File: bc71492a8462c34⋯.webm (3.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Approaching Hurston.webm)

25e2e8 No.13689331


3774fe No.13689396

File: 04e534fd2ce718e⋯.webm (7.64 MB, 700x400, 7:4, sidewinder lover.webm)


Am I cool enough for you Anon?

3774fe No.13689406

File: 53c9dacb2f319aa⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hurston.webm)

3774fe No.13689415

File: ed0023799eb15a5⋯.webm (11.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hurston 2.webm)

3774fe No.13689425

File: 2c84065a1745e4a⋯.webm (11.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lorville.webm)

3774fe No.13689452

File: ff0195052d0679e⋯.webm (10.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lorville landing.webm)

3774fe No.13689471

File: bcf800f645431d1⋯.webm (11.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Convinent Nox is convinen….webm)

3774fe No.13689487

File: 92eb8815547b768⋯.webm (8.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lorville, cancer, lung ca….webm)

3774fe No.13689535

File: 240927513f9e56f⋯.webm (10.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Louville pests.webm)

Last one.

65a427 No.13689546


>he actually thinks it's going to be released

…anon I have some bad news

3774fe No.13689580

File: 3c1583ccdf4ad11⋯.webm (3.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Roll Credits.webm)


I'd agree with you if SC didn't show constant footage of their dev teams working on shit on their yt channel as well as all the other stuff the publish. Alpha 3.0 also has regular reports showing what has to be fixed before release.


It'll remain a meme till that final release happens though. I'm sure plenty of people will be disappointed they can't do x or y too.

65a427 No.13689588


Also, do you honestly believe those trailers are representative of the final product? Have you learned nothing?

65a427 No.13689622


Good god man how much money have you spent on this game? You sound like your suffering from Stolkhome syndrome. I would be mad too if I dumped even over 60 bucks on this pile of trash. And I know a guy in RL who already dumped fucking 10 GRAND ON IT. talking to him is like talking to a religious fanatic.

Star Citizen will be shit for multiple reasons, but the main one is that it will be style over substance. Instead of building the game from GAMEPLAY and not flashing lights, the game will be a nice lit up turd and not much else.

If you honestly believe that any of these videos coming from CR are representations of the final product you have not seen what Ubisoft/Bethesda releases, or even NO MANS SKY.

What makes this game any different?

25b7d4 No.13689650

File: a9a6c9e6045e271⋯.png (257.33 KB, 578x667, 578:667, neverevercitizen.png)

3774fe No.13689662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



that's inengine footage The engine itself has been consistent in it's shape and design for the past 1-2 years and it's clearly the way the game has been headed.

Alpha 3.0 when it, if it ever, drops will contain all of this new engine tech.

stop making me defend the thing, I haven't even spent money on it I was gifted a starter pack


>Stolkhome syndrome

I only had a look at this stream today cause of the cross subreddit shitposting on the E:D subreddit. This game is different because of all of the shit Robert puts out on the games development every week. NMS was entirely trailers. Like fuck the amount of bugs that show up during their streams is hilarious.

>they do that on purpose to make the "trailers" seem like in-engine footage.

>>13689175 >>13689186

look at both those webms and tell me this is like NMS.

65a427 No.13689666


>that's inengine footage

So you've played it then? You've played exactly what these videos depict? The only gameplay videos I've seen from players are them jerking off in their spaceships that look buggy as hell with shit FPS.

65a427 No.13689681

File: 8b70a2ff608a397⋯.jpg (171.32 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, sweetlittlelies.jpg)


>Procedurally generated

Where have I heard this before?

039fcb No.13689684

No really though the new LotGH ships look like ass. Why the fuck does everything need "epic" LED lights hot glued all over it to look sophisticated? The old ones were thin black or green bricks in space which fitted their purpose perfectly for war. LotGH wasn't about flare and all the trailer tells me is otherwise. I wish we could just get to follow different characters during the highlights of the war as well. As much as I like the main cast, I'm tired of them and want something fresh Also I can't handle seeing younger, more naive Yang after I know where he ends up. It still hurts god dammit

25b7d4 No.13689687


>stop making me defend the thing

you should just posted the webms and be done with it

60ea6c No.13689720


more or less, except they were small bases and mining sites on other moons instead of a city, also that stupid hover bike is super glitchy in the real game and normally will spawn dead and lying on it's side. Plus there's currently a fun bug where those markers for the surface based points of interests don't actually show up in your cockpit so you have to stop and land every few minutes to see where the fuck you are in relation to where you're trying to go.

That specific planet in the videos is still off limits in the real game, but beyond that and the fact their play-through was amazingly bug free, yes that is pretty much what you can do in game right now.

60ea6c No.13689727


by in game right now, I mean their test server

65a427 No.13689732

File: f769ec1cfc9e879⋯.jpg (957.14 KB, 1706x6353, 1706:6353, Streetroller gets a $3000 ….jpg)

top fucking kek

3774fe No.13689734


Probably but this is the most active this general has gotten recently so I don't mind

3774fe No.13689742


You have to be retarded to donate more then 100$ to a kickstarter in the first place. That's a huge risk on a lot of money.

3774fe No.13689944


>he fell for the procedurally generated marketing meme.

c46e3c No.13691224

File: 48f1003084acd3d⋯.jpg (422.77 KB, 900x666, 50:37, 1439857150267.jpg)

Bruh, SC will be shit for the same reason ED is a complete disaster. They both fell for the multiplayer meme. There will be no persistence, no storyline and no staying power.

SC might be better than ED if Cloud Imperium has a little more talent than Frontier.

3774fe No.13691316


>EVE online fell for the multiplayer meme

>one of the longest lasting mmos of all time.

I've said this here thousands of times, E:D would be dead without it's multiplayer, as bare bones as it is.

173b10 No.13691434


>There will be no persistence, no storyline

I just want a worthy sequel to Freespace games, how hard is that to understand

7feae0 No.13691720

File: 8a571ab00709278⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1453577321598.jpg)


>comparing EVE to Elite

They are so utterly different games you may as well compare Elite to CoD you homosexual.

3774fe No.13692021


>I was full on comparing them

Was just making the point multiplayer isn't a dumb meme. If implemented well

c46e3c No.13692359

File: 69899828b5da37a⋯.jpg (249.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1364259932915.jpg)


>If implemented well

FD has shown they can't. The recent Thargoid "invasion" disaster is proof enough. Anyway, Elite is now simply the pet project used to milk forumdads to fund their real games. Elite is too far gone to be salvageable.

936ef1 No.13692968

We need a Silent Hunter space game.

21be40 No.13693137


This would be awesome, though I would settle down for a Nexus: Jupiter Incident before it went all Ayy lmao kind of game.

936ef1 No.13693978

File: 99f7689c461b05a⋯.webm (6.55 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Romulan Musings.webm)


>Corporate Warfare in Space

Don't remind me of the blueballs. I just want Das Boot in space which you think someone would have attempted to make but haven't.

22c2fc No.13694051


But how could you make a game about submarines in a medium that makes all ships impossible to hide?

There is no realistic way to hide any kind of spaceships in space. Especially if they have to be able to be able to move in an even remotely useful way. Its like trying to hide in a small room with nothing to hide behind. in the dark while being covered in 1000 watt led lights.

Corporate warfare in a Kardashev 2 civilisation inhabiting our solar system would be awesome though. Millions of warships. billions of soldiers fighting over trillions of habitats. It could be a sweet setup for an MMO/elite hybrid where the player can command whole fleets.

936ef1 No.13694119


>medium that makes all ships impossible to hide

Answer to that is autism and funny enough realism.

Make battles take place over hundreds if not thousands of kilometers. You need to be reliant on your sensors and other instruments to judge where a target is and where it is going while filtering out all other forms of radiation and signatures you may encounter. Space really is a natural ECM blanket with the shit you are likely to encounter from rogue asteroids, cosmic radiation, solar flares as well as even eruptions of water vapour into space from moons, frankly there's fuckloads of phenomenon that could be incorporated into a game that would make it an ideal submarine style warfare game in space. In theory it wouldn't be that hard to run silent or even become a shadow of another vessel and unless you know exactly where to look you won't likely find a ship that's trying to be sneaky until they are directly on top of you.

21be40 No.13694157


I read a book a couple years back and there was a battle in space and it looked like this, they were trying to spot other ship by watching light or something refracting on their hull, otherwise they were blind. It was pretty cool.

92b707 No.13694232


Noice. What's the name of the book?

22c2fc No.13694287


Why look for light refracting off the hull, and not the hull that is 270 degrees hotter than the background around it? Space is damned cold after all, and you don't want your crew to freeze to death, right?

There also the drive plumes. The giant cone of plasma coming out the back of your ship every time you use your engine. Especially since games loves to have ships that can accelerate at a speed of more than 1-2cm per hour and also like their kilometer long ships. The thrust of the engines of those ships would regularly crawl into the megaton range. Its quite literally about as subtle as dropping a city buster nuke every second your drive is accelerating or decelerating.

Stealth in space just doesn't work.

21be40 No.13694341

File: 5836c3d1fc03f73⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 3181029295_b00c0a8f74.jpg)


It was years ago and I moved a couple of time, give me some time I'll go look in the big Bag o' Books in my closet.


I don't really remember the details brah, I simply remember it being submarine in space and liking the concept.

21be40 No.13694379

Found it! It was on top as if it wanted to be found, seriously it has been years. It's Singularity Sky from Charles Stross. I don't remember it particularly so it might not be that good.

936ef1 No.13694474


>What is newtons first laws of physics

You really don't get that many course corrections in space, it would be an extremely short window of opportunity and once it happens you have to project what the likely course is on the limited data you would get.

6059c2 No.13694494


Stross is a pretty trash author from what I've read.

3774fe No.13694736


>Elite is too far gone to be salvageable.

Nah It comes down to how much effort the dev team are willing to put in. But the game is in maintenance mode so development is glacial.

087b60 No.13694991


las gun is best gun

147977 No.13695079


>Feel like flying a space ship


Evochron Mercenary is a Space-Flight Sim. It has grind since you start with jack fucking shit. You can do 95% of everything that SC claims it will do. Its only $20. You have to buy it since no one bothered to make a pirate version. If it is "too old" then there is Evochron Legacy, which is basically the same thing but with more.

94617c No.13695097


I saw this and am contemplating purchasing Legacy, but from what I've read and seen it just seems like a less fleshed out X game but with better flight. Am I right?

21be40 No.13695107


Never said it was good but it had submarine-spaceship battles in it. I'm surprise it was on top of the bag, I have that book since a good 10 years and only remembered I had it because of the other anon.

e837fe No.13695136


I just bought mercenary not 83 min ago. Should I turn it in and get Legacy if it's the "newer and better" version?

Also, anyone got suggestions for ones that let you walk around your ship? I'm a big fan of the "living aboard a spaceship feel.

147977 No.13695317


Never played an X game. I wouldn't know.

69ccd9 No.13699839

File: 07503dca49f4628⋯.jpg (120.5 KB, 1000x520, 25:13, Space manatees assemble.jpg)


Based on my gameplay so far, i concur.

Although i have noticed that having a rocket launcher as a secondary for anything bigger than an impaler is always a good choice.

Also that one gun that shoots high caliber explosive rounds is pretty neat.

Picture completely unrelated.

936ef1 No.13700087


Holy shit that is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.

d6fef9 No.13701264

File: 76274ca5563b580⋯.png (1.03 MB, 959x1073, 959:1073, sto.png)


>No Excelsior


22c2fc No.13701454


Isn't the excelsior the one thats mostly known for breaking down when they turned on its engine?

I think STO even made a gag out of it with the excelsior in game breaking down when you turn on transwarp or something…

Why would you love that antiquated piece of crap? It wasn't even good back when it was new.

936ef1 No.13701579


Why does your Excelsior look so shit?

d22a3f No.13702080

File: 3e87308b32cb6a7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 284.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170826151936_1.jpg)

File: 984731e1f57f62f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170826152003_1.jpg)

File: 0f83e148b091790⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170826220018_1.jpg)

File: cae07afd23855d4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170906182038_1.jpg)

I've had some fun times in Stellaris with my Space Frogs. Even managed to concentrate the war effort neatly. Despite what certain pacifists had to say.

f4242e No.13702091

File: 1d394bad425c81f⋯.jpg (235.57 KB, 756x600, 63:50, thicc.jpg)


That looks like what trolls start posting shortly after a THICC thread starts.

aa8625 No.13702092




>all women

The federation is white man’s territory.

8073ab No.13702333


>look at me I'm an edgy racist

22c2fc No.13702915

File: eddb8bdb65b1dce⋯.jpg (89.17 KB, 700x525, 4:3, edd.jpg)

>>13702333 what a terrible waste of tripple trips

>Muh racism

Where do you think you are?

8073ab No.13702965


>I'm on 8ch so racism is unironically fine

7feae0 No.13703471

File: ec1496322863883⋯.jpg (81.59 KB, 831x1080, 277:360, 1470262450381.jpg)


>I'm on 8ch so racism is unironically encouraged


8073ab No.13703639

22c2fc No.13703778


If you care in the slightest about your moral high ground from which you wish yo castigate us filthy CISlords with your righteous indignation at others behalf, why come here?

Do you really think anyone here gives a flying fuck about any of that?

That anyone will think you are doing a good thing.

That some black chick is going to walk up to you on the street and go "I'm so happy you where standing up for us oppressed people" or something?

Why don't you just fuck off back to reddit or tumblr or whatever shithole you crawled out off, because you clearly don't belong around these parts.

8073ab No.13703817


I just thought the original post was lazy and a cry for attention.

You're the one spurging like a jigglytard right now.

282715 No.13707405

File: 8dd68544415dbe2⋯.webm (8.18 MB, 480x360, 4:3, LoGH-ED2.webm)


As one star dies


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