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File: d15846d8a7ddb0f⋯.png (718.32 KB, 638x876, 319:438, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 43f26dce9941e80⋯.png (507.4 KB, 900x1274, 450:637, ClipboardImage.png)

45bdec No.13789621

Reminder that pic related was the only good dragoon by the end game

466759 No.13790051


Such tiny arms in the second picture.

d87896 No.13790149



>Such tiny arms in the second picture.

Hands and Feet are tiny compared to the rest of her. Looks really weird.

First pic is great though.

8b2ed0 No.13792016



Looks like a failed attempt at perspective, but I like that smug face


Who is this cum conquistador?

7b3e8a No.13792070

Legend of the Dragoon's only notable feature was the timed hits thing, and it did it substantially worse than Mario RPG, let alone Paper Mario which would come out 6 months after it. There was only one command, hit the button when you're told to, and newer attacks only required you do it more times making it even more repetitive. Add this to the awful encounter rate and it's really not a very good game.

45bdec No.13796987



>Only notable feature

>What is Shakespearean voice acting

0126ab No.13797014


Legend of Dragoon was based, Dart had way more chicks on his dick than Cloud from Final Fantasy 7

4da3b7 No.13797039

You mean the chick I desperately tried to make relevant to the team because she was the one with the most personality, but to no avail, is good? I'm calling out your lie.

0126ab No.13797042

Also I tend to argue that an excellent RPG game has a memorable soundtrack, such as that of Star Ocean or the Final Fantasy series, Legend of Dragoon had some well composed, memorable background music.

09cf3c No.13798527

I never got the hype over this game.

The battle system was boring.

194708 No.13798537

I liked Rose. She was a dedicated waifu who spent millennia trying to fix her mistake.

8b2ed0 No.13800876


>What is a magic stat which is only beaten out by Shana/Garbage meaning magic items and her dragoon spells do massive damage?

>What is having actual additions to earn sp?

>What is good speed so gets tons of turns?

>What is decent attack?

1213e2 No.13800940

File: 1841203f76ac582⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 500x350, 10:7, Meru-Info.jpg)


Nobody needs a reminder for that reason, but they do need a reminder to remember her. Best character in a great game that it seems not that many people played. Since I've always been a sucker for transformations that increase power for a short time it filled that desire nicely. Great early waifu choice too.


Garbage yeah, wasn't really happy about the replacements in the game. Once for good reason I can get, but there wasn't really a good reason for ((plot)) to do it at all, someone just probably wanted more donut steels to get some limelight.


Was stuck between using her to generate points towards dragoon, or using the infinite magic item sometimes. If a boss fight didn't have chaff usually I'd keep her topped off for healing.

b2aa70 No.13801013

File: 7c36ab1eabf3ec6⋯.jpg (158.84 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1945-legend-dragoon-rose-w….jpg)

>I murdered thousands of fucking people for no reason because as it turns out all I had to do was get a plucky band of adventurers together and beat the shit out of Melba Toast.


b4f0aa No.13801050

Meru was the best. Permanent addition to the party once I got her.

Dartz - Meru - Albert best party too bad Albert's additions are fucking hard to do.

fd0a6a No.13801066


c87a21 No.13801402


d757f7 No.13801643

Haschel Meru best party hands down if you have speed shoes and bandit ring on both of them. Really sucks that shana/miranda is so shit, I always felt like they should've had additions.

c87a21 No.13804839


2a24b8 No.13805164


Rose wasn't all that smart when you looked at her previous idea for the longest time.

It did seem weird that the game had in-game cutscenes and the FMV. The in-game cutscenes worked out nicely, probably do the lack of voice acting.

45bdec No.13810347


>Melba Toast is hiding in JEEK

>JEEK is hiding in a rock for 10,989 years

The problem was the moon child uniting with the body of the god of destruction. Melbu actually fixes it by supplanting Shana during the transfer and making himself the god of destruction, so they didn't have to kill Shana

54c8f6 No.13810727

File: 733254cdfe6fb64⋯.png (105.67 KB, 267x303, 89:101, 1357450113994.png)

>Legend of Dragoon made an arrow to the knee joke before it became a meme

The developers were way ahead of it time


>original isn't on youtube anymore reee



>JEEK's stone body didn't crumble during the the destruction of Kadessa

>JEEK get out of the massive fucking rubble afterwards

>humans salvage and adapted the Winglies' technology instead of staying in the medieval ages for 11 thousand years

da8800 No.13811899

File: 65a54b8299177d6⋯.png (106.41 KB, 1152x773, 1152:773, dart legend of dragoon.png)

>tfw love Rose but the only reason she likes you is because you remind her of her old bf your dad, who she leaves you for

>tfw not the first choice of any dragon

c2cff1 No.13811912


>meaning magic items and her dragoon spells do massive damage

Still do less damage than a normal combination attack

>What is decent attack?

Something she doesn't have.

3aa1df No.13811922


She was dedicated to her true love. Nothing wrong with that.

54c8f6 No.13812054


>Still do less damage than a normal combination attack

>Something she doesn't have.


8b2ed0 No.13812320


>still do less damage than a normal combo attack

Psychedelic Mindbomb can be hilariously powerful with the right build

And it's almost guaranteed to one hit Kongol's brother

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