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File: e56bf240707a2ee⋯.jpg (284.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114085455_1.jpg)

70d281 No.13795152

Last one on page 13.

243714 No.13795222

File: 82733d61479bcaf⋯.png (89.61 KB, 301x301, 1:1, 1368756829932.png)

>Twilight UmiBozu

I keep getting raped hard, even with the Fire Guardian Spirit

70d281 No.13795246


I haven't really looked into the twilight missions as of yet. What's the gist?

e30ae2 No.13795263


Just harder versions of normal missions, with different enemies/placement. They give special rewards too.

b845d5 No.13795298

no mouse support

c55c8e No.13795310

How is damage calculated in this game? Even normal enemies seem to deal huge amounts of damage, I took an arrow and it chopped at least 1/6th of my health bar. I went to fight that blob monster boss at the ruined temple/port village/whatever and it does some mega laser attack that could kill me in a single blow. What the fuck.

caf61c No.13795315


Depends on the damage type, but defense matters a ton

434469 No.13795339


I like this meme.

b845d5 No.13795349


Not even the menus support mouse, it's no meme, it's a disgrace.

2867c1 No.13795352


That meg laser is suppose to kill you in a single blow. You can't tank it or block it, you have to dodge.

4f22fd No.13795354


>having standards is a bad thing

Enjoying those built in microtransactions for your "cinematic" experiences?

434469 No.13795375


>gameplay exclusively designed around gamepad use

>menus exclusively designed around gamepad use

<i can't put my gamepad down and fiddle with the menu settings using a mouse!

<this is an outrage and i won't stand for it!

It just keeps getting better.

0d375a No.13795385


You could stack elemental resist and bath in it like a boss.

b845d5 No.13795394


It's a PC game, not a DOS game. This characteristic demands mouse support. Even the shitty port of Dark Souls supported mouse, however badly.

2867c1 No.13795463


Probably not when you first encounter that boss though, unless you've been grinding and reforging at nigh autistic levels.

I sort of wish they had added a giant Mudman and giant blood umibozu as a boss for a bonus stage.

434469 No.13795471


The moment you start the game you can safely pick up your gamepad and keep it in your hands until you close it. Anything outside of that is unnecessary.

b845d5 No.13795506


Not for anyone wanting to play with a keyboard and mouse. No, a controller isn't mandatory for these games.

1dd819 No.13795524


fuck off retard

434469 No.13795534


>playing gamepad games with m/kb

Still the best meme.

b845d5 No.13795535


Are you also of the opinion that NFS payback not supporting steering wheels is the way to go because it works with a controller?

b845d5 No.13795543


Tell that to all the people who beat dark souls with mouse and keyboard. They may be limited with controllers in mind, but that does not impede you to play them with more buttons.

2867c1 No.13795551

How is the multiplayer community for Nioh doing? Has it blossomed yet?

70d281 No.13795560

File: 63f422cd4594633⋯.png (43.72 KB, 478x79, 478:79, ClipboardImage.png)

>There are rokurokubi in this game

Shit son, I can't wait.

1dd819 No.13795565


im of the opinion that you should fuck off with your annoying whining already

8f10fb No.13795601


I yo ho ho'd my copy but it looks like the Nips cant into matching and are still patching/fixing that stuff.

b845d5 No.13795616

File: f26dba839d4095e⋯.png (4.88 KB, 239x258, 239:258, 1448670885535.png)


No. This game's PC port does not support MOUSE and it's EA tiers of retarded.

2867c1 No.13795635


You're going to love them. They're one of the tougher foes in the game and they have a big moveset too.


If multi ever takes off I'm going to get this again for my PC. I really wanted to to try co-op and pvp but I flat out refuse to buy a PS+ membership.


>it's EA tiers of retarded.

WOAH WOAH WHOA anon. That's pretty strong words. Have you seen the latest EA thread?

434469 No.13795642


Tell that to all the people who beat dark souls with a guitar hero controller. They may be limited with controllers in mind, but that does not impede you to play them with less buttons.

5e0e68 No.13795659







>Falseflagging Sonygger gets buttblasted

>Will soon complain about how the fanbase was comfy before the PC port after shitting up a thread about the game

Like pottery

b845d5 No.13795670


Do you think I have a problem with that? It sounds like a cool feat.


Being so lazy with your port that you can't even bother to program basic mouse input and then selling your game at full price, one year after it has been on consoles, is EA tier. That is not even mentioning the glaring performance issues the port has, it runs like shit.

434469 No.13795687


The point is "people beat X game with Y extremely suboptimal peripheral, therefore Y should be supported!" is a meme-tier argument.

4baa1f No.13795692


>god I wish I had bad mouse control to bitch about instead

this is how you sound


>calls falseflags




poorfag is mad his 2012 laptop can't handle a new game

b845d5 No.13795703


Granted it's old, but an overclocked 2500k is not a laptop CPU by any means. Protip from someone who actually knows his shit, CPU bottlenecks for games are usually a bad sign if you're not running realistic simulations.

babfce No.13795704

File: d13948134f2628c⋯.jpg (414.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Edgelord OC and his fox an….jpg)

Post your gear and your spirits or whoever you transformed William into.

4baa1f No.13795717


>Protip from someone who actually knows his shit,

you have a 4c4t cpu in a game designed for 8 cores. Get your 2012 laptop out of here, poorfag. Even consoles have better specs than your shit.

b845d5 No.13795745


>a game designed for 8 cores

In what way exactly, genius? Do explain. What about SHITTY PORT is hard to understand? This CPU runs GTAV like a charm and that game has way more shit going on at any one time than a dark souls clone.

4baa1f No.13795750


>I can run a 7th gen console port just fine!

kid, stop.

9b6d78 No.13795754


In my experience, it actually runs pretty well. Main issue is that I can't get past the fucking tutorial because it crashes every time I shoot something.

b845d5 No.13795757


Boy, Nioh stutters idling on the main menu.

4baa1f No.13795759


time to upgrade.

b845d5 No.13795773


No, and also the minimum requirements is a 4C4T CPU.

4baa1f No.13795782


>muh minimum reqs

haven't been accurate since the 90s.

434469 No.13795783


Your CPU doesn't even meet the minimum requirements. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=804&cmp[]=825

8f10fb No.13795796


Isnt the tutorial optional? I'd be worried if the main game still gives you those crashes.

a40fb1 No.13795833

File: 7879dab485344e3⋯.jpg (368.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171110205305_1.jpg)

File: 8cc6ebee52c1581⋯.jpg (452.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171111180531_1.jpg)

File: e48a3ad933eb31a⋯.jpg (372.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171112000403_1.jpg)

File: dc0d5466973e39e⋯.jpg (428.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114085030_1.jpg)

File: 6d11ccf3f4ee7b3⋯.jpg (767.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114185456_1.jpg)

The graves in this game are just the best.


It tends to crash a ton whenever I kill an enemy that's at a different elevation than me. Or when quickly changing elevation. The spiral staircase in The Demon King Revealed has my top spot for hardest boss in the game.


They released a patch a few hours ago that claims to have fixed shit with the matchmaking. I haven't tried co-op at all, so I have no idea if it actually did or not.

b845d5 No.13795837


>he thinks this stops games from running

Truly a console audience.

4baa1f No.13795847


>bitches about performance

>has hardware that is older than consoles (holy fuck nigger)

>has worse hardware than consoles

>doesn't even meet minimum requirements

>y-y-you just think it won't run at all!

kill yourself faggot

434469 No.13795863


Call me when you meet the minimum requirements and we'll talk. Until then, just stop, you're embarrassing the fuck out of yourself.

b845d5 No.13795867


It supports Keyboard, it just doesn't support mouse. Who plays these games without camera control? Do you really think they weren't being lazy with this? Why are you defending this shitty port? Are you at least receiving a wage?

4baa1f No.13795873


> Are you at least receiving a wage?

more than you considering my PC doesn't have hardware from 2010 in it

434469 No.13795879


Since your PC is 7 years old, I have to assume that you're not in the best financial situation. My recommendation would be to eat beans, beef, and rice for a month, and scrimp and save until you can buy a nice ~$40 gamepad.

b845d5 No.13795898



Ah yes, all those NFS payback poorfags that can't afford a controller and are shit out of luck because their wheels that cost hundreds of dollars don't fucking work.

4baa1f No.13795908


>shifting goalposts

kill yourself any time

b845d5 No.13795923


How is it shifting goalposts? PC game doesn't support MOUSE = driving game doesn't support WHEEL.

b7bef9 No.13795932

File: 8a278c495118856⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 400x226, 200:113, 1462498978409.gif)

>tfw finally actually beat the first level, feel like i've got a grasp on things

>that vampire bitch now

I am loving the weapons/stances though, god damn

4baa1f No.13795934


>muh performance is shit

<you have a 2010 pc.

>muh mouse dont work

<its a game which needs you to play with a controller.

>muh unrelated game doesnt support wheels

who cares, kill yourself you fucking loser.

243714 No.13795963









>Its the 2012 laptop consolenigger that shits up every thread

It rhymes

4baa1f No.13795989


>starting console wars

you can go too

243714 No.13796037

File: 48d6e2e72370326⋯.png (59.72 KB, 430x352, 215:176, Samefagging.png)

File: 4eadc61f684a8b4⋯.png (46.41 KB, 435x265, 87:53, Champion.png)

File: f160736cdb2b820⋯.png (55.73 KB, 435x414, 145:138, Absolutely pathetic.png)


>Accusing me of starting console wars

>While derailing the thread with the 2012 laptop poster

Anon I…

603daf No.13796043

File: 3076228ed3c49a3⋯.png (354.63 KB, 650x551, 650:551, l'allucinazione della gatt….png)

Is it just me or did cryptoprimate fuck up big time?

64f91f No.13796058


What do you mean.

243714 No.13796162


Just hit nick her health when she flies with ranged and tries to combo you with legs/umbrella

Save up Spirit Guardian till shes at half and you're game, just be sure to avoid her grabbing attack.

4baa1f No.13796194


I don't get the relevance of the screenshots

70d281 No.13796223


Take the skill that lets you ki burst while dodging, it unlocks for all weapons for the specified stance and it's especially a lifesaver against Hino-Enma.

8f10fb No.13796251

I'm loving the game so far but fuck me if it isnt annoying that I can't quit the game and come back to where I left off like in DS. Being restricted to autosaves and shrines seems oddly restrictive when I just want to close the goddam game.

3c878e No.13796261

File: 28a599788527ce4⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, (you).webm)


here (you) go champ,back to >>>/4chan/ now

243714 No.13796269


Its the same guy

Any PC port, anything Steam, anything exclusive to PC, he'll be there derailing the thread.

It won't even surprise me if this is him falseflagging again



Theres an item for that

d3ea9f No.13796275

So this game is on the PC and doesn't support mouse?

4baa1f No.13796279


it's funny, I usually see those screenshots along with that shitposter you're talking about. Fairly convinced you're the same person just ID hopping.

243714 No.13796300

File: a152da42018c291⋯.gif (803.87 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Lupin3rd.gif)


>Fairly convinced you're the same person just ID hopping.

How does that make even a lick of sense?

4baa1f No.13796310


>first reply


>perpetuates muh bad port bullshit for entire thread

>reappears with a console war post mass reply

>the person you're conveniently opposed to disappears at the same time

yeah, you're a platform war nigger.

d3ea9f No.13796325



Ironically it seem both of you are the same person.

So there are a bunch of steam reviews complaining about lack of mouse support, does it really not work with mouse? I need to know before I waste my money.

4928fe No.13796329



243714 No.13796336

File: 83b9617c7f87482⋯.jpg (525.53 KB, 1240x1228, 310:307, cb4ffe62b330de7bb6a200bf4b….jpg)


Are you mentally ill?


No mouse support

The port is barebones but still decent

Game is good

d3ea9f No.13796341


Ok then, I'll pass. Controllers and cameras are not for me, unless it has a locked camera function.

70d281 No.13796353

What are all the effects of the onmyo magic power stat ? I'm really liking this power but I'd like to know how worth it it is to fully invest.

486246 No.13796373

File: 76fe691f9f2c71d⋯.jpg (419.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114130334_1.jpg)


all of those give special items right? I got pic from fighting the revenant from your first screenshot, it was actually stupid easy I guess they are half a joke by the devs

4baa1f No.13796375


I'm just saying, platform wars always shitpost with these same pictures:


might want to change your MO if you don't want to be caught.

2867c1 No.13796389


Sadly you can't get their six shooters.

243714 No.13796392

File: c70b758f2c3fddc⋯.png (11.17 KB, 702x491, 702:491, Mork.png)


From what I played seems to only be Damage if you use an attack spell and Duration if you imbue your sword/yourself for elemental damage/defense.

There are also stat caps on the Dojo training mission which you'll have to complete to get better skills.






>You will never be this autistic

Feels good

Stay triggered by Mount & Blade and S.T.A.L.K.E.R lad.


Guy, at the same time the guy fucked off the thread got spammed by anti PC console war shit just like the laptop nigger does.

You see those images in the threads I spot his blatant shitposting, sometimes days later nothing else.

4baa1f No.13796404


>You see those images in the threads I spot his blatant shitposting, sometimes days later nothing else.

sounds like it conveniently follows you around. yeah, you're the same person.

1a0fe6 No.13796422


>From what I played seems to only be Damage if you use an attack spell and Duration if you imbue your sword/yourself for elemental damage/defense.

The magic power also determines how much the healing talismans heal and the amount the steel talisman gives as a buff. I assume that it increases the time of debuffs as well but I can't be sure.

b845d5 No.13796428

That isn't me, I am a legitimate anon who was intereated in a good console game but ended up being served by the mandatory shitty console port of the year. Looks like Koei cannot be trusted with PC game developmwnt.

70d281 No.13796431


>There are also stat caps on the Dojo training mission which you'll have to complete to get better skills.

Yeah, I went 15 magic to unlock everything and found that a summon guardian talisman kinda wrecked shit with the sabertooth tiger, so I'm considering maining this.

243714 No.13796444

File: 04a03254b537dfb⋯.png (156.77 KB, 825x817, 825:817, Happy now.PNG)

File: 1bba59faddb8779⋯.png (53.34 KB, 783x899, 27:31, Probably not.PNG)


Yeah, I'm totally contributing to this thread so I can console war post and derail


You deserve a permanban, especially for shitting up the Meta thread


>healing talismans

Aren't those rare as fuck and heal all your health though?

Or are you talking about the Elixirs?


Nice, still at 12 magic but I'll catch up after I beat this fucking blob

1a0fe6 No.13796454

>>13796444 (checked)

>Aren't those rare as fuck and heal all your health though?

Not at all, look up the oasis and rejuvenation talismans in the omnyo magic tab, they do cost a decent amount of skill points to unlock.

486246 No.13796455


Fuck, well that's a shame, are there any interesting items to get from these revenants? besides the skins I mean

b845d5 No.13796463

>>13796444 (checked)

>Meta thread

What? Stop being paranoid.

243714 No.13796467


Healing Omnyo

The fact that the skill window is so small and you have to scroll countless times down makes it a pain to catch skills like that.


9ea6f1 No.13796474

I heard you can play online with a pirated version of this, is that true?

e34396 No.13796480

What do wind, water and earth effects do?


Where'd you get that mask, fam? I want a cool mask to go along with my ninja build too. The jutsu spirit attack is poop but the bat has good ninja focused stats. Otherwise the pikachu doggos are my favourite.

70d281 No.13796486


Wind lowers attack, water defense, earth I don't know.

943cf8 No.13796493

This is the first game I've played on console first which later came to PC, it's weird to see pretty much 1-1 discussion on this.

81aedc No.13796494

File: e608524394183c2⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 600x1040, 15:26, why.jpg)


>no mouse support

c227e4 No.13796497

1a0fe6 No.13796500


Fox masks drop from the omnyo mage enemies wearing the masks, they are definitely in the DLC areas but I can't remember if the early omnyo mages have them. Also earth causes someone to take double ki and lightning lowers attack speed and movement speed.

4b6db5 No.13796501


>no bloodborne on pc

4baa1f No.13796502


yeah I'm pretty lost on that one too, even if you are a retard who wants to run a 2017 game on 2010 hardware.

1a0fe6 No.13796503


double ki damage*

c227e4 No.13796509


Japan no good with computers.

70d281 No.13796512


No, that's lightning.

81aedc No.13796530


I guess, it did take them 3 dark souls games to finally make one that could be considered a decent port.

70d281 No.13796537


PC was the objective best version of 2 though. Not that it meant much.

a9b250 No.13796553


>caring about mouse support in a game designed for controller


c227e4 No.13796557


The third one was objectively the best version from a technical standpoint, it was just more graphically intensive. It had zero performance issues outside Firelink (but I bet that problem existed in the consoles as well) and the PC controls were as good as it can get. Meanwhile in DaS2 they made the weird decision to delay attacks from mouse clicks.

18812b No.13796558


For responses from easily baited niggers.

Filter and report the mouse faggots.

243714 No.13796562

File: 016699d2b568dcb⋯.png (6.78 KB, 315x174, 105:58, Bye ;).png)

c227e4 No.13796566


Don't start this argument again.

81aedc No.13796569


Because the range of motion in my entire arm is greater than the range of motion in my least articulated finger regardless of how the game is designed.

4b6db5 No.13796576


>caring about framerate in a game designed to run at 20 to 30 fps

>caring about graphics options in a game designed to run at one graphics config

port apologist fags are the worst

020eaa No.13796583


But nioh was designed around two graphics options and variable frame rates even on console.

a9b250 No.13796589



Butthurt. Gotcha.

243714 No.13796590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>caring about framerate in a game designed to run at 20 to 30 fps

>caring about graphics options in a game designed to run at one graphics config

None of that is the case, Mouse support false flagging derailers need to fuckoff just like the

>No PC port

Faggots need to fuckoff

4bca83 No.13796618

File: e98b0f81eb98510⋯.png (78.38 KB, 269x329, 269:329, tard.png)

>mfw Demon Dance for tonfas


4baa1f No.13796620


yep, targets 60 in one mode, 30 and below in another.

c227e4 No.13796622


>false flagging

Have you ever considered people just want to play games the way hey are used to?

2867c1 No.13796633

File: fd2b1b85a1fdec7⋯.jpg (415.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh_20170317000515.jpg)

File: 8682c637f77ea2f⋯.jpg (407.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh_20170316235652.jpg)

File: 15834f92ec2f8ad⋯.jpg (470.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh_20170317000624.jpg)

File: 407deb47c7f6c58⋯.jpg (420.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh_20170618004733.jpg)

File: 9da8e04d5983bf0⋯.jpg (440.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh_20170618004838.jpg)


Special hats.

One of these days I'm going to have to make a guide featuring all of them and where to get them. It's been on my to do list.

1a0fe6 No.13796638


It has i-frames and sets you up for a new combo or a special move if you unlock it.

2867c1 No.13796669


Oh also glory itself can be spent on emotes and on a weapon/armor lottery at the teahouse.

Which reminds me. At some point you will get two or three paintings as mission rewards for a certain sub mission. These can be consumed for amrita but DON'T do that. As long as they are in your inventory Danjo will ask you if you want to hang them in the teahouse to change the decor. Just a little easter egg.

70d281 No.13796797

File: 8ef964f569f5d3d⋯.jpg (332.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114113717_1.jpg)

>we spirited away now

That was a pretty good level, shame the boss was a double team.

2867c1 No.13796811


This is my favorite sub level, it just narrowly squeezes out the three gods' shrine level and fox town.

d8edc0 No.13796827

reminder Kusarigama is singlehandedly the best weapon

2594e4 No.13796840


reminder you're correct

70d281 No.13796897

Just beat Magoichi Saika. Pretty good boss, especially considering he has fire pits.

But this is shit like this that makes me pity the anon who plays Nioh without knowing shit about the Sengoku era.

61a699 No.13796930

File: 8c81cb040c78492⋯.jpg (583.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114215108_1.jpg)

this area gives me 31 fps on an i5 2500k, 970 gtx

its fucking static lighting what the fuck are they doing? pls fix

434469 No.13796944


You're below the minimum requirements, anon. You should be happy you can even play at 30fps on minimum settings.

4baa1f No.13796946


you're missing half of the cpu cores you should have. don't cry when your framerate halves the target.

61a699 No.13796951



are you faggots blind? who gives a fuck about requirements? look at the damn picture. it looks like pubg and runs just as bad. why would this shit require 8 cores?

4f1346 No.13796958

File: a761a5d89b819e2⋯.jpg (180.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, blighttown.jpg)


>he thinks 31fps is bad for a shitty console port that does not even support mouse controls

d8edc0 No.13796966


im running it at 1080p 60fps on an AMD FX8120, sucks to be you anon

243714 No.13796973


Because its not just rendering what you can see and your CPU is outdated to all hell

i5 3570K here, 60 locked


>you're missing half of the cpu cores you should have

The hell are you talking about?

434469 No.13796974


I think you replied to the wrong person. We have IDs here.

4baa1f No.13796990


>consoles have 8 cores

>consoles target 60fps in this game

>2500k shitters have 4 cores

>2500k shitters don't get why their:


>hardware isn't cutting it

maybe you shouldn't have fell for the fucking intel meme. this nigger: >>13796966 at least has an appropriate CPU.

e34396 No.13796993

Apparently you can make Nurikabe leave by whistling.



Good to know, thanks.

f4c8ee No.13796998


I'm running it on an X4 850 and getting 60 fps in all but a few select areas (that temple room full of statues just after the first fight with Nue drops me to around 40).

243714 No.13796999




Also, my 3570K has quad cores and the game runs fine.

Performance per core is more important than core number.

020eaa No.13797003


I think it changes, I've gotten them to leave by threatening and taunting, but it doesn't work sometimes.

f4c8ee No.13797008



Nurikabe can be made to leave by performing yellow, red or blue gestures. Each one has a preferred color of gesture and you get two shots at it, so you've a 2/3 chance of getting it right.

4baa1f No.13797009

>>13796999 (checked)

>Performance per core is more important than core number.

depends on the game. most console ports are optimized and targeting 4 cores. If you don't have 4c8t at least, your IPC is going to have to keep up. Your 3570k is going to start being a blemish in 2 years. If anyone buys a quad core for future builds at this point, they are an idiot, just like if anyone bought a dual core in 2012.

986bce No.13797011



It depends on the nurikabe. Some respond well to blue gestures, others to yellow, and others to red.

434469 No.13797015

File: 3aaf0d772f858cf⋯.png (8.15 KB, 730x337, 730:337, pmcpu.png)


Well yeah, you exceed the minimum requirements. I don't see anything ironic about that.

243714 No.13797017

File: 30553b63c195146⋯.jpg (14.55 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 651.jpg)


Not just whistling they vary taunts

Still, I've only fought a single one since I've gone around them countless times either by forgetting or not seeing them.

We really need an FOV mod or Koei to add a slider.

2abe05 No.13797018

File: 82f66ab1a3061bd⋯.png (59.9 KB, 627x620, 627:620, 1365573474224.png)

Where did all these nu male faggots who accept shitty ports and shit on kb+m come from? Back to cuckchan/reddit.

70d281 No.13797024


Well they weren't so autistic in the previous thread so take that as you will.

4baa1f No.13797025


if you are expecting console ports to embrace pc standards, especially ports from japan, you need to go back to never because there was never a point where ports from console to PC didn't have some sort of issue.

434469 No.13797028


You're getting your bogeymen confused. Reddit, specifically PCMR, insist on M/KB controls for games specifically designed for gamepads. Cripple/v/ is perfectly happy using a gamepad for gamepad games, and m/kb for m/kb games.

e34396 No.13797032


Can you fight red revenants only once? Just fought this one and didn't get the helmet. Feels bad, man.

d8edc0 No.13797035


Nurikabe reacts to your emotes, usually, there is a clue nearby on which emote type you need to do to make nurikabe leave peacefully. Look for nearby Revenants and their "Cause of Death".

4baa1f No.13797037


>Cripple/v/ is perfectly happy using a gamepad for gamepad games

at this point I'm not so sure. A happy separation is required and faggots bleeding the lines, hanged.

f068cb No.13797040

File: bb5506cd8a4a1b3⋯.png (1003.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 485510_20171110013502_1.png)

So special hats, cant you get them again and better versions of them in NG+? Or are some things restricted to NG

Otherwise whats the point of autistically collecting them now


Not shitting on KB+M but Action RPGs, especially ones like this are better played on a controller, you're crippling yourself on purpose using KB+M exclusively for a game like this, however I would have liked mouse support for the ranged weapon aiming though

4baa1f No.13797044


you should have a gamepad by now if you are a PC gamer. The excuses ran dry 5 years ago.

243714 No.13797056


Funnily enough it was in 2012 that I upgraded my CPU to a Quad core after 5 years.

Still using it now



Go >>>/newfag/


Nobody is shitting on M+KB though

>Accept shitty ports

Its the bare minimum, not really shit

434469 No.13797064


>wasn't even here for firetires

>tries to blend in by unironically throwing 'newfag' around

We've come full circle.

1a0fe6 No.13797078


I haven't really found all of the special masks but if you want to increase the rarity of an item you can use the abyss, but that won't really be useful until the NG+ cycles.

243714 No.13797091

File: 8ce55d4ab2c8a06⋯.webm (3.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8chan hotwheels raging dr….webm)


>Spicy Wheels

>Still among us

You know who still sues the trem "cripplechan"?


f068cb No.13797093

File: b11906330fb426e⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 485510_20171114212906_1.png)


Whats the best controller, I still use my old wired 360 since it always felt the nicest to used but i've never tried any PS controller on PC. I would use a switch pro controller if I could get it to sync with the PC unironically one of the best controllers i've ever used

020eaa No.13797095

File: f6eca5fb09c061d⋯.png (627.85 KB, 1525x782, 1525:782, business shiba.png)


He will always be in our hearts.

434469 No.13797103


>Still among us

Who are you quoting?

05a8e8 No.13797107

So after testing it seems power pills scale with ninjutsu power. Looks like it makes chain and sickle too good. How do other builds compare to dex 99?


Did you light all 3 fires? It's easy without trash mobs.

4baa1f No.13797111


ps4 pad. mayflash makes adapters for wii u pro and shit, so maybe switch pro will be supported eventually.

243714 No.13797123


The Xbone one



Without him none of us would be here





Dualshock 4 is shit

DS3 is a much better controller than it

4f1346 No.13797131

File: d0ba7a358f6f571⋯.jpg (118.35 KB, 636x849, 212:283, how about now.jpg)


this tbh

the game as is is solely designed around a controller button layout and playing it with m/kb would be awkward at best

I imagine dynamic stance combos being an absolute nightmare on m/kb without completely changing the control scheme

all in all playing an action adventures with m/kb is as retarded as playing FPS with a controller, not owning a controller in current year plus two is the equivalent of having a mouse without a scroll wheel in 2004


Im using a DS3 because muh analogue face buttons perfect for emulation


>using xbone anything for anything

434469 No.13797138


>spergs out and spams cuckchan at everyone who disagrees with his hot opinions

>shills microtrash

Oh you.

4baa1f No.13797152


he's a well known thread derailer here.

243714 No.13797170

File: 5ad5ecae46adde7⋯.jpg (959.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, edf5-6.jpg)


Xbone gamepad is legit the best though, no joke

Aside from batteries of course, but rechargeable ones exist.


>Makes an ambiguous remark that has become a staple of shitposting after being proven wrong

>Gets mad when people send him to the shitposting Imageboard

>Its bad because Microsoft

Stay a retard


Yes, I did light the 3 fires

But the limited elixirs and his second transformation now one hit killing me with his slam attack even before I can kill the other slimes is making it tricky

020eaa No.13797176


>Aside from batteries of course, but rechargeable ones exist.

just plug it in to your computer.

f4c8ee No.13797177


Wait, people actually find the second form difficult? The laser on his first form I could understand, but his second form telegraphs so god damn hard.

434469 No.13797179


>when people


I'll remind you that we have IDs here, friend.

>still shamelessly shilling microtrash

This is some next level shit.

020eaa No.13797189


He telegraphs a million times harder in the 1st form. his second one takes up most of the arena and his moves hit everywhere.

1a0fe6 No.13797190


99 body and the spear turns most spear players into charging bulls thanks to a certain skill.

4f1346 No.13797191

File: 20aaa51f8dbbc65⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, batman.jpg)


>digital buttons only

>best of anything

4baa1f No.13797199


ds3 is a good option, ds4 is also good, but anything microsoft is embarrassing. I'd get it if you're really scraping by and see a $20 pad or something, but it's a real you get what you pay for situation. Either spring the $40 on a good pad or accept your shit and don't try to pass your shit around to anyone else.

243714 No.13797223

File: b7717aa0c704c71⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 600x604, 150:151, a7ccb76a68ff08b5865a7f512e….jpg)


True, my 360 and DS3 are also wired


Laser is easy as fuck to dodge aside from that one thats done right after the Fishing Boat.

All his moves in this form are easy as hell to dodge, you just have to run in one direction for the most part.

Second form is much harder and you have to actively dodge unparriable moves.



>I don't know how greentexting works

>Its bad because Micro$haft

You're so new it hurts, go fellate Sony somewhwere else, I'd rather buy a decent third party than the DS4


>Digital buttons

What the fuck are you even talking about?

486246 No.13797225

File: 22d32d1b392d4d4⋯.png (93.18 KB, 311x417, 311:417, screamsinjapanese.PNG)


>Snek Helmet

I need that


aight I'll try to remember that, since I'm doing all the side missions before moving away from a region so far

All this people triggered about no kb/m support, I'm just glad that I can get 60 fps with no need for fixes, japan cant into pc

4f1346 No.13797240

File: c04e1310bd3b8f1⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 384x259, 384:259, 1444820867412.gif)


>What the fuck are you even talking about?

kill yourself

05a8e8 No.13797295


Is it an equipment skill? Can't find what you're talking about. Also does respec cap at some point? I'd like to try a few new things but I'm careful not to waste the books yet if costs get far higher than 1 million.

91ed2e No.13797320


>Can't even explain himself

Not an argument

f4c8ee No.13797321


You can trade glory for skill books too, but they also increase in cost with each purchase.

91ed2e No.13797330



Oh, I get it now, you meant to say that the Triggers on the bone Gamepad aren't analogs.

Well, thats wrong, the only one from the big three that doesn't have analog triggers is the Switch

/WiiU Pro

91ed2e No.13797344


I kinda dislike how the skills are locked beyond certain missions, kinda kills the point of optional missions and points to unlock them.

Plus finding which ones were u locked is kind of a pain.

4f1346 No.13797346

File: b186c838d60ffa3⋯.gif (7.88 MB, 320x380, 16:19, 1443648297134.gif)



analogue FACE BUTTONS you stupid fucking nigger

kill yourself right now

020eaa No.13797363


Pretty sure the only missions that unlock skills are the dojo missions for each kind.

91ed2e No.13797368


Not a single 8th Gen console gamepad has pressure sensitive face buttons.

91ed2e No.13797379


Guess I should be paying more attention, thought secondary ones with the Red seal also unlocked skills.

The duels are fine, it was kinda boring doing the same basic Dojo tutorials to unlock skills though, even if hilarious since I already knew those systems hours before them.

020eaa No.13797385


How far have you gotten on the dojo missions? The ones after novice are actual fights and not tutorials.

1a0fe6 No.13797404


There's a weapon skill in the spear category that is a charge that covers a decent distance, it can down humans similar to the tonfas ability.

f068cb No.13797406


nearly all duels are pretty easy if you master parrying, especially if you get a weapon that has parry counters

243714 No.13797413


Adept, like I said the duels on those missions are fun and fine, Its just kind of shitty that they force you to play the novice missions which are the tutorials again.

05a8e8 No.13797414


Ah. I thought they also had some kind of quadratic scaling thing.

05a8e8 No.13797432

For anyone interested. Just bought a bunch of reincarnation books too see how expensive they get. Seems to cap at 1 million, which isn't that bad in post game.

2867c1 No.13797443




Dont forget that all of the dojo masters drop damn good equipment and smithing texts.

020eaa No.13797451


speaking of that, can you repeat the missions? I want to get the full iga ninja set.

f4c8ee No.13797457

020eaa No.13797464

1a0fe6 No.13797468

File: 3d0bfe807923d09⋯.jpg (509.09 KB, 800x1107, 800:1107, fuku and a nue.jpg)


I don't really know the scaling equation for spears or any of the weapons, other than what the menus tell you

818545 No.13797491

So is this game like Souls in the seance that I need to delicate to leveling up a certainty way, or will I be good if I try and make every stat equal?

Is that a legitimate thing to do or is it a waste of time?

05a8e8 No.13797503


I wish you could repeat without having to reload the dojo. It's a good idea to get human item %+ for more chance on recipe I believe.

2867c1 No.13797527


Ideally you should level up according to what type of weapons that you are using. But you do have respec books that give you back all your experience so you can be pretty flexible.

Really the only thing you need to remember is to to level Spirit up gradually as you go along so you can unlock all the abilities of your Guardian Spirits and to maximize your bond to enhance living weapon length and staying power.

818545 No.13797549


Well so far i'v been switching out weapons types allot, but I think I like the Kusarigama and Axe combo right now.

2867c1 No.13797867


I for got to mention that you will have to put a minimum amount of points all across the board in order to activate the special effects of your armor but beyond that it's pretty much just filling out you key stats for what you're using.

If you plan on using any magic or ninjutsu then you'll have to allocate some to those two stats in order to get their respective skill points. Of course if you're using a kusarigama then you'll already be putting levels into the ninja key stat.

4f1346 No.13798019

File: b6fc624232ad5a8⋯.jpg (202.19 KB, 922x715, 922:715, douk.jpg)


your point?

e34396 No.13798139

File: 6732751d4222c7e⋯.png (199.39 KB, 786x826, 393:413, elmerfudd.png)

I just lost 300k+ amrita

2867c1 No.13798176


You didn't use a book and then forget to reallocate did you?

4f1346 No.13798181

File: f069cc7c36a1b11⋯.jpg (331 KB, 517x768, 517:768, 1447957893683.jpg)


>mfw thats a thing

e34396 No.13798187


Nope, a brand new 300k. And I got killed by a regular hornless yokai.

243714 No.13798197

File: 07dd8bfd663adbd⋯.jpg (88.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dook.jpg)


My point is that the DS4 is fucking garbage


This is why you pick the Odachi right at the beginning.

4f1346 No.13798221

File: 90246a9b68fbeda⋯.jpg (111.99 KB, 331x498, 331:498, 1457686739168.jpg)


youve gotta be the dumbest nigger on the block

you do realize that current gen consoles are not THE FIRST FUCKING CONSOLES TO EVER EXIST right? you do realize that other controllers exist that are not DS4 or the xbone abomination of a controller right?

fucking consolewarriors

8217db No.13798270

File: 798296461ecc1f6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.83 KB, 856x1286, 428:643, 1314608199632.jpg)

god dammit i want to go back and play this again just because of the hyper-spergs. is this what marketing is now?

also is the addt'l content worth a damn? i want immersive too lazy to aesthetic text, here's some best gril

478e83 No.13798281


Use Hamaya arrows when she's up in the air or far away. Or if she does that grab attack, you have a small window to draw your bow and shoot her in the face.



Eventually you'll reach a point where 300k Amrita feels like nothing. Don't let it dash your hopes.

8217db No.13798294

File: bef4567b2e160b2⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 220x293, 220:293, TracyFullerton2013.jpg)



kunai shrek flying boss niggers

4f1346 No.13798297

File: e729918a02f288d⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 370x256, 185:128, 3DPD.gif)


bait her into a melee attack and chip away her health from low stance

this is one of the bosses that you cant just cheese by divine weaponing their shit repeatedly

243714 No.13798369


Thats why I mentioned the DS3

Whats your point?

You're the one trying to pretend the Xbone gamepad is bad.

What games use analog facebuttons anyway?

They weren't used in 7th gen and they aren't used now because devs are lazy to code properly and normalfags are too lazy to inform themselves.


>you cant just cheese by divine weaponing their shit repeatedly

true, but you can do the same with Guardian Spirit, should do about the same.

e34396 No.13798375


I don't doubt it but goddamn could I've used that amrita.

2867c1 No.13798399

File: a358aad880c57f2⋯.mp4 (3.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nioh shuriken gameplay.mp4)

File: 35b4b948d2d5cee⋯.png (3.86 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, 61649758_p0.png)


Fuck her right in the pussy.

478e83 No.13798427

File: 39054fce98e2789⋯.jpg (308.21 KB, 985x2106, 985:2106, c61085cede12037469abf7a705….jpg)


There's so little fanart and porn of this game, it's kinda criminal.

020eaa No.13798438


Maybe japs don't really like to sexualize historical figures that are japanese. Looking at the fate series they seem just fine with the ones that are western.

4e7c4e No.13798453


You must have missed the several anime about historical Japanese figures that were all genderbent into woman with big ole tiddies.

478e83 No.13798467

File: e2063b698643005⋯.png (386.19 KB, 512x724, 128:181, Yorimitsu4.png)


Nah, it's probably because it's not as popular in Japan.

The Japanese figures in Fate are very sexualized by fans, and even the official art.

8217db No.13798483

File: 2fe7232169b0a89⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 20.84 KB, 300x225, 4:3, clitpon.jpeg)

What's the most/fun gimmicky build for a second playthrough /v/? Haven't played since release cuz sonygger.


nips have always been pioneers. the whole am i kawaii polandball/nuking meme is just that.

2867c1 No.13798487

File: d2fe272fde5ad19⋯.mp4 (4.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nioh Marobashi Speed Farm.mp4)

I mentioned last thread about how good reaper was. I found the video I was looking for.

020eaa No.13798493


I have. Only one I know of is that one with female Oda.


It's not? It seems like japs would love this kind of stuff. Are they all too busy playing gachashit?


holy fuck

2867c1 No.13798518


It's a special setup that allows that guy to get that massive level of damage boost out of it but even when using it in a vanilla situation you can get some major damage out of it.

Reaper + Living Weapon + Extraction + Pleiades really fucks shit up. In fact [any high stamina consuming skill] + Living Weapon + Extraction + Pleiades will do magical things in battle.

243714 No.13798576

File: 3ee9c31d5c81b8f⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh (2).png)

I like this mission

19dbc0 No.13798584

Yesterday I was able to cancel out of looking for a match, which I did because any search greater than 4 seconds was a guaranteed connection fail. Now I cant, was there a patch?

1a0fe6 No.13798603

File: 094c1595bec303c⋯.jpg (658.68 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, 64300409_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 2e11ce73aa2c88f⋯.jpg (259.04 KB, 557x777, 557:777, Nobunaga_Oda.jpg)

File: a03fb5465f9b10d⋯.jpg (176.17 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, also nobunaga.jpg)

File: 2e07a4dcd30c5c6⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 4102x3008, 2051:1504, nobunaga's on the right.jpg)


They have no qualms about turning famous leaders into girls, especially nobunaga. Also the game sold decently when it came out in Japan and the Asian region. Its biggest problem was going against a DQ game when it released.

19dbc0 No.13798744

Whoever's idea kodama hunting was should be castrated, and if I find out you have to do it again in NG+ I'm going to go and kill him myself.

e34396 No.13798755


I like it

478e83 No.13798761


You don't have to do it in NG+

There are some helmets with the Kodama Sense skill.

19dbc0 No.13798783


Yes, even WITH kodama sense (I have it on an accessory) it still adds HOURS to every story mission.

478e83 No.13798821


Really? I didn't have much trouble with it once I had Kodama sense.

Only Sekigahara gave me some trouble.

19dbc0 No.13798836


There's always (at least) one that you have to retrace the entire map just to get it on radar, and of course you are going to die a couple times in the process. Just getting it on radar is only half the battle though because then you have to figure out how to actually get to it most of the time.

020eaa No.13798874


>autist is mad that his own completionism is making the game tedious


19dbc0 No.13798917


The +elixers is too important, and you actually need them in all zones because of how twilight missions work

020eaa No.13798926


just getting a few +elixir ones kept me from ever running low, and what do they do in twilight missions?

486246 No.13798934

File: a2e9c038ae9d69c⋯.png (311.2 KB, 640x545, 128:109, e30a8d25265da96338d2f20286….png)


Once I get two or three kodamas for the healer's blessing I stop actively looking for them, 10-15% of extra elixir drops are good enough for me

19dbc0 No.13798963


Twilight missions count based on your total kodama count. In order to get +5 elixers you would need to find every kodama in the game, and the same is true for each blessing.


Once you have all kodamas, assuming you don't buy that ninjutsu skill that raises your cap, elixers no longer come out of your stockpile at all. Until then it's the first ones you use that count against your stock, so you can burn through the extras incredibly quickly especially when you get stuck on a boss. It's pretty huge to never have to worry about it again

a7c20b No.13798993

File: af9701896013dc7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171108141453_1.jpg)

File: 6e2230dcdc5f39b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 233.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171110185514_1.jpg)

File: dd1edde785031bb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 508.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171111193434_1.jpg)

File: 4107d458ff2b133⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171112215002_1.jpg)

File: e855cd038bccc61⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171114201633_1.jpg)

I'm really enjoying all the boss fights in this game.

Each of them is at least a bit challenging and its pretty rewarding after beating a boss. Still haven't beat the game yet, can't wait to see what I get to fight next. Spoilers just in case some anon hasn't seen these bosses yet

020eaa No.13798994


Why do you need so much fucking elixir?

19dbc0 No.13799006


I just hate running out or risking running out.

020eaa No.13799022


so see >>13798874

You're just making it more tedious of your own volition.

73db7e No.13799074

File: fa8cf44b51bbe67⋯.gif (234.08 KB, 314x311, 314:311, 58ba39c665cfe32cab4e705685….gif)


It felt really good when I got to the point where I could start beating bosses on my first try. I felt like a true Ni-Oh. Too bad ive never played the game in months, let alone afford the DLC.

05a8e8 No.13799183

I just realized how insane the defense debuff is. It also last a fucking long time. The slow debuff is like easy modo.

06f594 No.13799210


Try out the lifesteal talismans on human bosses sometime.

19dbc0 No.13799229


Slow debuff trivializes anything.

Damage debuff cuts enemy damage by about half, and stacks with both Wind element and weaken melee weapons. All three together and the enemy's base damage is reduced to just 12.5%, which is THEN further reduced by your armor.

19dbc0 No.13799237


I still prefer lightning element though. The effect is similar to a slow talisman though not quite as strong. I can apply it quickly though so basically everything gets slowed if it doesn't die in one combo

4f22fd No.13799242

Just started the game with an odachi as primary and sword as secondary.

Will I cripple myself if I don't specialize into a specific style? I want to invest in a magic school, strength and maybe heart.

19dbc0 No.13799260


Odachi is kind of shit. Everything else is good though

4f22fd No.13799270


Eh I like the high damage and bonking enemies from a distance.

Are odachis really so shit that they become useless or just less useful than the others?

19dbc0 No.13799279


Their "high damage" is basically the same as a Swords damage

0d375a No.13799282


Everything weapon is usable, some are more broken than others.

Try and get 20 dex and 20 magic regardless of your build, you'll need it to unlock certain missions and having power pills/quick change ninjutsu and buff/debuff talismans make the game a lot easier no matter your build.

4f22fd No.13799303


They seem to be doing double the damage of swords so far. Do they fall off later on?

What about axes?


>you'll need it to unlock certain missions

Are those the only stats that lock missions?

0d375a No.13799314


Yes. 500k weapon proficiency per weapon is also needed to unlock their respective master dojo missions.

19dbc0 No.13799317


What is that first attack when he uses living weapon? The one where he spins the chain three times around him. It doesn't look like the normal attack or like whirlwind

19dbc0 No.13799327


Earning weapon proficiency also permanently grants samurai skill points. I really need to work on that myself

4f22fd No.13799333


That pretty much negates all my botched build concerns tbh

0d375a No.13799335


While you're at it, grind the dual sword proficiency to 500k because that unlocks a mission needed for zone completion later on.

0d375a No.13799345


Sorry I meant to say the dual sword master mission does the unlocking, not achieving 500k proficiency.

19dbc0 No.13799371


Damn. I was pretty much gonna skip dual swords entirely

21276f No.13799406

Good to see the rapefugees from cuckchan and neogaf have turned out to defend shitty unoptimized ports without the ability to rebind keys or use your mouse

020eaa No.13799422

Not even worth the (you)

19dbc0 No.13799472


Full respecs are also available, though they get more expensive the more you use them. The cap is at 1m each, which I think is probably affordable in late NG+ so you don't have to worry about being permanently unable to respec.

b8861a No.13799475


A bloo bloo

The game runs fine, the lack of keybindings is BS, but you should suspect a game like this to need a controller.

I get the feeling the people who are so upset are Sonyggers same with those so upset with MH world are nintendrones.

Its getting really frustrating having everything come to the PC isn't it?

19dbc0 No.13799529


The lack of mouse controls in basically all nip games is pretty annoying. It would be REALLY useful here for ranged weapons

b8861a No.13799546


I wouldn't want to play mouse even if it was supported any games with timed dodges and multiple key presses I would want a game pad.

Only time I prefer the mouse is in games like DF, strat, simulation or fps.

But action games I always will elect for gamepad.

19dbc0 No.13799564


That's you. Nioh would work fine with proper mouse controls, other than ranged weapons being overpowered due to mouse aim.

70d281 No.13799592


Everyone is upset with MH world.

b8861a No.13799597


I'm not I get a kick out of Tri-babies getting mad out of real and fabricated problems with the game, which largely come from it not being Nintendy exclusive.

I'm old enough to experience the same thing happen when it went from sony to nintendo.

21276f No.13799606


I wouldn't try to play it with m/kb anymore than I'd try to change the settings with a controller

Giving rice niggers a pass for shoddy work I wouldn't waste the time, bandwidth and harddrive space on let alone $60 LOL over some perceived brand loyalty of strangers on the internet is pathetic

05a8e8 No.13799607

When do items over lvl 150 drop?

19dbc0 No.13799632

05a8e8 No.13799636


I beat the standard game and the first DLC but 150 divines is still the highest stuff around.

19dbc0 No.13799642


In NG+ though?

b8861a No.13799654


>brand loyalty to strangers.

I wanted to play the game when I saw the content on the PS4.

I lacking one wanted a port, but having the basic understanding of Action RPG's knew I would probably need a controller.

All the bitching comes from either poor fags or sonyponies pretending to be PC fags.

I just don't care either way nig, I'm enjoying it.

4f22fd No.13799664


>but having the basic understanding of Action RPG's knew I would probably need a controller

Because of all those action RPGs which can only be played with a controller like….

>All the bitching comes from either poor fags or sonyponies pretending to be PC fags.

Good justification for your no standards I guess

7b148d No.13799687


that is sexy as a motherfucker

05a8e8 No.13799689


I figured it out. I need to beat NG+ to get to NG++. I didn't even know it existed.

19dbc0 No.13799700

How is Ninjutsu not absolutely terrible? Magic has a bunch of really nice buffs and debuffs, all Ninjutsu has is a couple of extremely slot-expensive thrown items that don't even do as much damage as a low attack

21276f No.13799701


Good for you, keep enjoying it, it's still a shit port that deserves no defense

70d281 No.13799706


Wow, I hadn't even thought about it but that sounds like a completely retarded fight.

05a8e8 No.13799707


Magic doesn't improve any weapon scaling.

19dbc0 No.13799708


You have no idea what a shit port is. They fucked up controls, but the port is more stable and optimized than a majority of PC-exclusive games

b8861a No.13799720

File: 235a792d8789502⋯.jpg (39.6 KB, 277x320, 277:320, CharlieSheen_WinnerBook1.jpg)


Like DaS, 2, and 3

Like DmC, if you aren't a autistic jap

Like every PS2 game that has an emulator.

>Good justification for your no standards I guess

Of what I own a controller for PC, I've had the same one for 4+ years, your entire bitch fest is about not owning one.




You have no idea, you're just parroting words you heard from people who you consider more knowledgeable because you believe them to be 12+ years old.

Leave the site kiddo.

19dbc0 No.13799723


Directly anyway, throwing a defense debuff on the enemy does way more than any scaling will

9ac020 No.13799731

File: 650f11e5073f01b⋯.png (10.26 KB, 400x305, 80:61, 123181478583.png)


I left all of my non-dexterity stats at base and am currently tearing the game a new asshole.

818545 No.13799736

File: 45b8d98c3b94130⋯.mp4 (991.68 KB, 326x326, 1:1, get outta here.mp4)


>writing DMC as DmC

>DmC is actually the only "DMC" game that has mouse support

19dbc0 No.13799741


Shit game, but it actually played decently well with the mouse once you rebound a few things. I used side buttons for whatever they called their weapon stances, been a long time so I can't remember

2abe05 No.13799753

These threads do a good job of quarantining the worst of /v/.

818545 No.13799758


> I used side buttons for whatever they called their weapon stances, been a long time so I can't remember

That was Angel and Demon mode,

<because our Dante is half Demon AND half Angle, so that makes him objectively better then the Dante who's only half Demon half human

400386 No.13799762


throwing shit is good at range, like shit its there and i"m getting points to spend anyway so why not use it

b8861a No.13799794

70d281 No.13799800


The nephilim meme is shit no matter what piece of fiction it's in honestly.

818545 No.13799818


Yeah but it's still pretty bad in DmC since Donte's half angel side never have any relevance on the plot after the 2nd mission, he doesn't even get a retarded "Angel Trigger". them making him half angel is completely pointless.

19dbc0 No.13799828


I feel like Nephilim popped up a bunch of times in different games and media all around the same year. I'd never really heard it before, but DmC, D3 and others all used it at the same ttme

70d281 No.13799867

File: 6c2593fd0345c1d⋯.jpg (111.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171115075711_1.jpg)

Well too bad. All aboard for 250 years of military dictatorship !

Also Yoshitsugu's guardian spirit flew away. When do we get her ?

d656bb No.13799877


I think at the end of the final DLC.

d3fc6c No.13799880


At the end of the third DLC. Biggest tease in the whole god damn game.

70d281 No.13799882



>Sexy guardian shows up

>She's not even in the base game

Man, what a cockblock.

d656bb No.13799884


Non-Basara Yoshitsugu is a faggot anyway. Basara Yoshitsugu is a faggot in this own way too.

19dbc0 No.13799887


You know what they say about having more than one waifu

70d281 No.13799889


Literally everyone in Basara is either a robot or a faggot so that's a wash.

d656bb No.13799890


Fair enough.

c227e4 No.13799892


>playing it with m/kb would be awkward at best

They said that about dark souls and guess what we managed just fine. Why do you faggots insist on assuming you know better than people who have been playing games on the pc for decades?

400386 No.13799896


>we managed just fine

You managed like a trannies vagina manages

c227e4 No.13799907


Wow, this is actually cuckchan tier banter.

65d241 No.13799913

File: 56e8afa282fa18c⋯.jpg (103.89 KB, 650x650, 1:1, aXm4508xjU.jpg)


You want cockblocks? All of the female transformations are from DLC3. Until then, you couldn't play as a female NPC because according to an offhand comment from one of the NPCs, you can't transform into the opposite sex if you're still a virgin, kek

c36402 No.13799916

i want to stick my dick in hinoenma

400386 No.13799918


Its not banter, youre just an idiot who would fuck a tranny

70d281 No.13799963

File: e856e39d9c6c892⋯.png (22.61 KB, 171x130, 171:130, smug diodon.png)


>mfw William is literally /a/

I'm really glad the PC release cut the bullshit and went straight to complete edition though.

486246 No.13799993

File: 7590450706b70b5⋯.jpg (408.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171110212510_1.jpg)


I may work on completition on NG+ or later, for now I'm enjoying the fact that I have to learn the fights to minimize my elixir usage

Speaking of that

>fighting the "Ogress"

>she kinda being a huge bitch and kicking my ass

>find out that his basic slashing attack misses you if you have your head in her crotch

>constantly bait the 2 or 3 slash combo and just attack her while she does it

>just dodge back when she jumps and resume my position

>man I feel for William


Pic related, I think he's into /monster/

9a6afd No.13800032


>already has a harpy mermaid waifu

William didn't need no 3DPD.

19dbc0 No.13800048

>Host is taking forever

>Decide to run forward and kill everything

>Host finally finds his way to the end of the map

>Doubles back

>Gets killed by one lone skeleton I must have missed

19dbc0 No.13800053


>or perhaps something more

So she literally is his waifu

65d241 No.13800102


Why else would he go on a rampage through fucked up demon Japan to get her back?

19dbc0 No.13800145


Proof you just don't mess with a man's waifu.

70d281 No.13800197

File: 18cc35976d8dd14⋯.png (1.18 MB, 744x1030, 372:515, ClipboardImage.png)


>search booru

>One of the 10 fanarts has nioh only show up as a box art crossover with KF

It's like nips are going out of their way to avoid it

d3fc6c No.13800517


wait, what? which NPC says that?

4f1346 No.13800657

File: 2919f3392df1abc⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, 119:90, slapping intensifies.mp4)

>umibozu has environmental hazards additionally to fucking instablap attacks

05037c No.13800658



05037c No.13800663


That's Blade Spin.

478e83 No.13800783

File: 0c30698a57360bd⋯.mp4 (12.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, n5nooiDIlgxQPHEE.mp4)


>all the female transformations are from DLC3

What? I thought they came with the first one, which was Dragon of the North?

d656bb No.13800821


I wanna say at least Gynchiyo was available in the base game.

478e83 No.13800838


Nope, I know none of them were. I think they all (sans Maria) came with the first DLC. Maria's with the last DLC.

65d241 No.13800922



Yeah, just looked it up and I was misremembering. Sorry.

06f594 No.13800976

File: 4a950e38e8cbb0f⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2507x2579, 2507:2579, 1444361952.jpg)

>try odachi

<it's fun

>try tonfa

<it's fun

>try spear

<it's fun

>try gama

<it's fun

>try axe

<it's fun

>try sword

<it's fun

I need more weapon slots.

995205 No.13801122

File: d612aa531aea0c5⋯.jpg (327.81 KB, 840x700, 6:5, 1419979038589.jpg)

>soul match from level 50 to 64 costs about 30,000

>soul match to level 58 instead for 15,000

>look at how much it'll cost to go from 58 to 64


Does soul matching get more expensive every time you do it?

caf61c No.13801139


no, it's the difference of the soul matched weapon compared to the original level of the weapon.

There are items later that reset the "base" level to the level it's currently at

c846fe No.13801164

File: 2cf11d1a9a0977d⋯.png (944.6 KB, 1066x886, 533:443, red_demon_set.png)

Is there something I'm not getting about the red demon set?

I'm wondering because I would have to put a couple of points into Skill (or farm the smithing texts) to swap from my Legendary Strategist set where I already have all the texts and the maphack is nice as well.

caf61c No.13801170


It's a meme set for an older age where suzaku would make you near invincible. It carries on as the shitter set still for whatever reason

995205 No.13801184


That's not so bad then.

0d375a No.13801188


Pair it with Kato and your natural Ki regen fills up the whole bar in 3 seconds. I imagine newbies who don't know how to ki pulse consistently would love it.

c846fe No.13801279


So I can just keep running around with my strategist set and feel like a hipster at the same time?

Also those sets are kinda ruining the whole loot system in a way

caf61c No.13801304


Sets eventually sort of die off unless you're hooking for very specific ones.

Usually mixing+matching once you hit way of the wise/nioh is the way to go (mainly because normal gear starts getting different set bonuses if it's high enough rarity)

05037c No.13801326

File: 6d1b31be09c97d9⋯.jpg (427.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh_20170930013545.jpg)


It a nice fast light armor set for spears (I think the only one in the game) that you can set relatively early and it gets a bonus for part of being in the correct clan.

Also once you get this spear you can swap it out for the set spear for some additional punishment.

It's too bad that Hozoin doesn't drop an armor set along with his spear.


>Also those sets are kinda ruining the whole loot system in a way

Nah just hold on to the good ones for later soul matching and sell, offer, or deconstruct the shitty versions.

19dbc0 No.13801327


More like you get that one accessory with -1 set requirement, then you stack the 2 piece (maybe 4) of a bunch of sets

caf61c No.13801335


that's sort of

05a8e8 No.13801385


>way of the wise/nioh

Just when I thought there was an end to it it goes deeper.

So there's not only NG+ or NG++ there's also NG+++ and NG++++?

caf61c No.13801396


yup and each one adds more shit, so it's actually pretty fun

19dbc0 No.13801534

So is Saoirse speaking Gaelic? It's definitely not Japanese or English

I really like how Nioh does languages

05037c No.13801593

File: 5be20dac33f4268⋯.jpg (64.19 KB, 540x960, 9:16, nioh_saoirse.jpg)


>So is Saoirse speaking Gaelic?


I just wish they made her a little more powerful. When they nerfed LW to prevent infinite Suzaku they should have left her with the ability to maintain infinite LW.

70d281 No.13801957


>Figure out it's one of these phase bosses

>Hate that bullshit

>Decide I do not want to do three goddamn cycles so I break out the Kusarigama reaper living weapon

>Weaken him for good measure

>Goes down to less than 5% health in one cycle

>Dies to me biting at his second ankle

A fitting way to conclude these grueling Sekigahara maps.

4f22fd No.13802253

>those speedrun time requirement for main mission titles

How is that even possible

05a8e8 No.13802329


Do you mean the running part or the damage part? You get insane damage later.

4f22fd No.13802347


The damage isn't even a problem, how are you supposed to traverse the entire level in a minute

05a8e8 No.13802371


There's a running speed item modifier.

05a8e8 No.13802429


Some levels also have huge shortcuts if you just run through the fire. They are even designed to be taken advantage of with water buckets making you immune for a time.

70d281 No.13802483


I watched speedruns, they use some sort of dash abuse to go faster than the running, but there aren't a great many skips. It's just that when you know exactly where to go, you can get to the bosses pretty fast. One notable exception is honnô-ji, which seems to be the run killer - long run-up, dangerous boss.

05a8e8 No.13802627


Dash abuse? Do you mean abusing how fast low stance dash is or is there some bug?

70d281 No.13802652


I think it's the low stance thing.

f068cb No.13803126

File: 03d79a242329fe4⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 485510_20171115204603_1.png)

who best girl?

Pic related is the thinking man's choice, next to moth waifu

05037c No.13803447

File: 88e9e5f3005f776⋯.png (854.69 KB, 1066x886, 533:443, legendary_strategist_set.png)


>Legendary Strategist set

I just caught that, do you mean this one?

478e83 No.13803472

File: a000319faeba4a2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 277.02 KB, 603x786, 201:262, a48de5ee5947a5c68591337b7f….png)


I don't know about the Moth Waifu, but Saiorse and Okatsu are like… the default choices. I like both though.

I quite like Fuku. And apparently a lot of people love her delicious thighs.

Yuki Onna and Ginchiyo are great, though. They're both incredibly loyal and loving to a fault.

a7c20b No.13803667

So I've been using the one handed sword and odachi for most of the game, is switching to a different weapon class like spear or something a bad thing to do in the later parts of the game? Should I just make a new character for when i want to use different weapons?

f068cb No.13803691


trying out all the weapons is useful since you get samurai skill points for proficiency in all weapons

just throw on a spear if you want and go practice the movesets on some early missions until you feel comfortable. You may even find a weapon you like better than the two main

e5ed82 No.13803724

Isn't this game basically just Dark Souls 3 without the suck?

65d241 No.13803920

File: 0a0d5e6a9dec4ff⋯.gif (393.35 KB, 680x612, 10:9, Hat22.gif)


No, it's like if you took the level design of Dark Souls, and gave it the gameplay of the bastard child between Onimusha and Ninja Gaiden, then threw in Diablo itemization for good measure.

818545 No.13803926


Nioh is clearly influenced by Dark souls in many ways, but it plays more like Ninja Gaiden only with allot more commitment in your attacks since there's stamina. weapons are more like Diablo, as in you get weapons with the same move list but different properties.

4f1346 No.13804076

File: 2596ffb27c0b71c⋯.jpg (133.61 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, kot hleb.jpg)

some fag posted a pic with all the set bonuses in the last thread, anyone has it?

05a8e8 No.13804155


More like diablo loot pinata + dmc mission structure + souls game.

05a8e8 No.13804180


the dmc part is a bit unclear. I mean instanced missions full of mooks + boss at the end. Levels are a bit more open than the dmc series.

c846fe No.13804243


Yes, the mighty maphack set.

19dbc0 No.13804343


Combat is some kind of hybrid between dmc and DaS. Way faster and with more special moves and alternate comboes than DaS, but you can still do a lot of bait and punish stuff too

05a8e8 No.13804366


Yes, that's kinda why I mentioned it. It has a bit more of a style fighting feel than Dark Souls.

19dbc0 No.13804371

So what is the hardest bossfight in the game? I'm betting the double fight in the mission "The Two Kings: Nioh"

d656bb No.13804379


I'd wager there's something in The Abyss that's bullshit, but that's more luck based.

6d5f8b No.13804522

File: eafc9c409cc8715⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Explosion of Colors.webm)


I think on WotD or above adds on Lady Noh to the final fight of Return of the Gourd.

Also Ninetails and Sunboy dual boss fight was was a massive pain in the ass.

19dbc0 No.13804641


You win, return of the gourd is fucking stupid

6d5f8b No.13804714


You know I have never thought about using this set but now that I think about it if you were add a different weapon from one of the other sets with a yakasani you would have a very versatile set. I'm going to have to think about trying it.

19dbc0 No.13804961



I'd like to point out how good the Iga Ninja 2 piece bonus is. It automatically restores a % of your Ninjutsu item uses, rounded up, when Living Weapon ends. As a result it will ALWAYS (no random chance) restore single-use items such as the incredibly powerful Quick-Change scroll which allows you to escape death once per use with an extremely long duration.

19dbc0 No.13805034

Can an item with 7 attributes (full page) get one more from soul match, or is that the hard cap?

05a8e8 No.13805037

Almost to NG++. Just the last boss left.

d656bb No.13805055

File: 9348a3ca5e333d3⋯.jpg (19.07 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 219-Yan-Xiang.jpg)


>mfw Orochi is just disappointing compared to the Nobunaga Oda and Kelly fights

19dbc0 No.13805066


I found Orochi much harder than either, but maybe that's because I couldn't effectively sloth him

05a8e8 No.13805113


Orochi is a lot harder, but not in a fun way. Wish the Oda fight had more phases.

05a8e8 No.13805170


The hardest story boss is still 3 Kelleys

19dbc0 No.13805242

Do you think summoning visitors on farming runs is a good idea or not? On the one hand, I definitely don't need their help and have no intention of helping them out of a fight either, on the other I just want to be nice and let them have the free stuff and glory for "helping"

4f1346 No.13805265


are item drops serverside or clientside? if its the former, then farming modifiers should stack for all players, if its the latter, literally no reason whatsoever

19dbc0 No.13805293


Probably clientside because everyone gets their own drops. I'm farming spider nest castle for spider legs btw. I just figure some people might appreciate a really quick win for Glory

4f1346 No.13805308


>everyone gets their own drops

>in a multiplayer loot pinata

and there I just contemplated shelling out cash for the multiplayer functionality

19dbc0 No.13805316


Why is that a problem? You would rather fight over loot in a game with dark souls-tier communication?

4f1346 No.13805338


I would rather everyone getting a copy of the same shit everyone else gets where loot modifiers actually stack

d656bb No.13805479

File: 2c73581a2bdfd5f⋯.jpg (62 KB, 360x512, 45:64, Gao_Ding_-_RTKXII.jpg)



Really? I found Orochi really easy to dodge and tank.



05a8e8 No.13805526


I just did it after uncountable times. Shouldn't have entered the mission with bad damage. My strategy was 2 hits into spearfall then ground attack in the order they pop out. Got them down to about 20 percent that way and then just activated guardian to finish all 3 of them. Died once because my attack bounced off a wall on the finish blow for the last guy. Doesn't help that change scroll almost always gets you killed regardless with their attacks.

19dbc0 No.13805801

File: 78f7e3d3ab2416f⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Farm mode activate'.png)

I just managed to forge this

05a8e8 No.13806050


Are there quest reward exclusive items or can you craft/find everything eventually?

88dd2e No.13806067

File: 1df487550797afa⋯.jpg (350.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171115145015_1.jpg)

Daily reminder to check your home for ceiling niggers

70d281 No.13806114


I don't know from which universe you come from, buddy.

d656bb No.13806622

File: 2dfb9f763e807d5⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 251-Wang-Zhong.jpg)

>mfw William in Warriors All-Stars didn't transition very well, being an extremely short range character and his VA sounds like he wants to die

4f22fd No.13807151

is there any point in hoarding low tier ingots/materials?

d656bb No.13807173


No, turn them into the next tier of materials immediately.

19dbc0 No.13807177


How do you do that?

d656bb No.13807180


Via the blacksmith under forge I think, I assume you're talking about materials that are not purple tier?

400386 No.13807250

Ok what the shit

I finally tried sloth and that is just fucking broken

Im not gonna use it anymore

19dbc0 No.13807273


All of the debuffs are like that. There are three different damage reduction debuffs (wind, weaken melee/ranged weapons, and devigorate) that all reduce damage by half and stack. That's half damage before it gets reduced by armor, so you end up taking like 20% damage from most attacks. There's also one that completely nullifies stamina regen.

Basically that's how the game was intended and going without those things is what's broken.

06f594 No.13807275


They nerfed the hell out of shortly after release. Previously it'd completely trivialise any boss. Nowadays for most bosses it'll last less than 10 seconds. Still enough to wreck just about anything if you're good, but not an automatic victory.

Don't un-learn it though, you'll need it for the late game gangbangs.

ead417 No.13807290


Speed buff, damage buff and extra lifes.

19dbc0 No.13807307


Why is speed buff particularly useful? I assume that only covers walk/run speed

I also like improvised projectile, if only because ammo doesn't restock mid-mission

70d281 No.13807469

File: dea0b9f32a99b4b⋯.png (319.37 KB, 509x461, 509:461, ClipboardImage.png)

400386 No.13807477


We have such sights to show you

d656bb No.13807487


>google search image

>Shin Sangoku Musou 8 links

Guess they just settled on a date for DW9 for America?

70d281 No.13807500


That's most likely it to be honest, the american branch announcing a new project doesn't make much sense. But a man can dream.

5f9eaa No.13807503

File: e6acfe4a0dd065c⋯.mp4 (2.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Musou Stars _ William (Nio….mp4)


No kidding. I ran around with an Onikaba for so long that I forgot that there were other kusarigama.


Never forghetti.

400386 No.13807515


Thats some shocking voice acting and generic sword man combat

5f9eaa No.13807524


With the right setup you can kill bosses with nothing but kunai.

>high dex

>bat/bunny/cat as your GS

>Iga ninja set

>unlimited ninjutsu on every piece of equipment

>all three rules of thrusting from the spear skill tree

>ammo conservation scroll

This will turn you into an animu ninja.

d656bb No.13807526


It's a shame because just about all the other characters new to Warriors All Stars besides the furries have interestingly fun movesets.

778fa7 No.13807623


It's better than the damage buff. It buffs dashes as well as run speed and the increase in regular movement speed makes it easier to position your dashes. It's useful.

70d281 No.13807799

File: 73f2774d643ca1c⋯.jpg (127.65 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 1447020053134.jpg)

>mfw we wuz samurai shows up

>mfw it's actually historically accurate because Nobunaga was that much of an absolute madman

19dbc0 No.13807928

Is the Ki Pulse stat (from Skill Attribute) actually any good? I know what it does, but I'm not sure if it does enough to matter.

Skill is the common attribute between my two main weapon (gama+sword). I figure I put a Skill A+ damage on each one so I can double up on the effect and stack the hell out of it for maximum damage from both weapons. The alternative would be stacking Dexterity and having a much weaker sword for a slightly stronger kusarigama and an absolutely insane amount of Ninjutsu power that I never really make use of.

486246 No.13810084

File: 1f98acca5a65247⋯.webm (14.67 MB, 800x450, 16:9, pepe.webm)

Man that fight with Pepe got me real mad last night, until I keep throwing myself at it with no living weapon out of pure frustration, turns out, that works for me.

You can see me almost choking a couple of time but that's most due to being 3 am and me being salty

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