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File: bb4023826b4a9aa⋯.jpg (86.81 KB, 590x332, 295:166, ign buys humble bundle.jpg)

803a6b No.13796403

I guess IGN must be desperate for shekels?


491e37 No.13796411


>Starjew Valley

>Minecraft Story Mode

>Her Story

>Mighty Blunder Nein

>Pony Island

>and other worthless shit

Wow. It's like a massive concentration of garbage.

803a6b No.13796426


All yours for $30 goyim :^)

aac3b0 No.13796447

Why is the logo a snail with a staff?

803a6b No.13796465


I always thought they were beating a turd with a stick?

187216 No.13796468

>I guess IGN must be desperate for shekels?

<100% goes to charity

<Humble will match $300,000

OP, are you trying to advertise your companies charity under the gies of hating IGN? Look, not saying it's not a brilliant misdirect but it's obviously that or IGN is so chewy jewy, that their lying about giving to charity.

5dbb34 No.13796478

File: 99837490a1e88bc⋯.png (32.54 KB, 243x948, 81:316, humble bundles gibs.png)


Its all for a good cause too :^)

3176db No.13796485


It's a slug

8edb10 No.13796488

File: a2b32c63dfb7355⋯.png (104.29 KB, 1058x962, 529:481, COVlau1.png)


> 100% goes to Charity


> They're selling data on


803a6b No.13796491

File: 60f2e6e5902da48⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, facebook frog.jpg)


>Thinking this will all go to charity

>Implying there won't be a hefty administration fee

How new are you?

306176 No.13796505




It is clearly a fire and they are tossing another faggot on it to keep it burning.

acdc47 No.13796511

File: 14c2d2e9ac2857f⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 207x253, 9:11, fact.jpg)

803a6b No.13796532

File: 56335a3e0877582⋯.gif (964.03 KB, 500x450, 10:9, 56335a3e0877582f1b0fdd032d….gif)


I know cause I actually worked for a charity. Trust me whenever a charity says 100% of your purchase will go to charity that will virtually never ever happen, since they need to pay staff and keep the lights on. In reality about 20% of any donation you make will go to "charity" and that's considered quite high

38f024 No.13796554

83b4db No.13796573


Technically they can get away with stuff like that because since they are the charity the money is going to them. But you are right you should always read what part exactly goes to actually helping out the effort rather than filling some celebrities pockets

803a6b No.13796585


>you should always read what part exactly goes to actually helping out the effort

This is the thing people rarely understand.

Technically 100% of money always goes to charity all the time but how much of said money is actually spent on charity rather the running costs associated with the charity are two completely different things.

acdc47 No.13796588


bullshit, but i believe it, next time gets some facts and archives links

fe89cb No.13796632

This shit stopped being humble years ago, I doubt the charities are even real.

44b971 No.13796681

File: 19267afdaa88bd2⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 448x536, 56:67, 202417022c8efa3803fffa860….webm)


$30?Wow what a bargain,all these quality games for $40! Why one would have to be insane to turn this much value for merely $50,why the re-sell value alone is worth half the price

3836e7 No.13796716


If it can be proven, you can completely destroy IGN for charity fraud. Do it anon.

803a6b No.13796734


Tell you what anon, try volunteering at a charity store especially a big named one for a month and keep an eye on where the actual money goes. I would suggest working there as staff but holy fuck most if not all are terrible employers and routinely break employment laws.

Generally though charities are not transparent with their income so it's very hard to prove;


For example this may include some operating costs but it does not for example breakdown a lot of logistical choices or even the cost of things like paying staff and yes they have staff, not everyone is a volunteer. Say there is 600 of a certain charity store in a country, each with 2 members of staff paid a salary of $20,000 each., they will have to pay about $24,000,000 a year just paying staff and trust me the figures will be much higher when you factor in a lot more staff such at head offices as well as transport Charities tend not to make $100mil's+ a year unless something exceptional happens, most of the big ones will make about $30mil a year and after you factor in real running costs the money they will likely have to play around with on real "charity" is about $1-2mil a year which frankly isn't a lot.

tl;dr version: Charities are businesses and realistically only make tiny profits which then can actually go to charity.


Very hard to prove anon. Charities can only help if they have money to spend on charity. They can just claim they made a loss in a year.

b50db2 No.13796739

File: 6f15699ebe33cc9⋯.png (278.02 KB, 750x366, 125:61, fine.png)

cf6be9 No.13796749

File: ba40dfbdc2ed185⋯.png (290.3 KB, 866x886, 433:443, humble.png)

3836e7 No.13796759


So in short, charities are merely modern day tithes and anyone dumb enough to donate should be looked at in ridicule rather than praises for "giving so much to charity".

b50db2 No.13796773

File: 08515ae4f936dcd⋯.jpg (107.76 KB, 302x389, 302:389, mfw.jpg)


>send money to "humble bundle"

<IGN takes their 80% cut

>remainder gets sent through banks and credit unions to charities

<banks take their 80% cut of what's remaining

>banks send the money to the charities

<charities take their 80% cut of what's remaining

>red cross ends up with $0.82 for every $100 donated through humble bundle

8fe91e No.13796777

What a good way to launder money. A humble bundle indeed.

b50db2 No.13796793

File: 16d994d2d1482e0⋯.gif (266.06 KB, 260x210, 26:21, untan.gif)


Not to mention all the money they steal from the government with tax cuts and refunds, effectively robbing the poor to pay the rich.

The American Dream is dead.

3836e7 No.13796794


Money laundering? Isn't that just a conspiracy, like that movie?

Nice trips

a3f7ab No.13796796


You don't donate to charity to help people. If you wanted to help people, you'd donate your time. You donate to charity to make yourself feel good with the least amount of effort possible.

803a6b No.13796798


Charities pretty much are money laundering schemes at moment. Never mind the fact most companies can get a tax rebate from donating to charity

3836e7 No.13796816


I'm pretty sure money laundering is just a conspiracy by Alt-right goobergabbers who want white supremacy, why else would they invent such lies?

803a6b No.13796824


It's not money laundering if it's legal anon. :^)

3836e7 No.13796834


Of course, if it's legal it's moral.

a3f7ab No.13796853

File: ae18a8f38a8c7ba⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 1146x1148, 573:574, sbait.jpg)

40d53f No.13796862


>just be a nigger, lmao

>posts an imbecile that nobody even bothered to photograph, not to mention paint a portrait of.


a3f7ab No.13796879


>not playing by the state's highly specific rules for fiat currency that the state does not abide by themselves, makes you a nigger


b92fc8 No.13796890


go back to reddit with that ancap shit

de0524 No.13796902

That logo looks very close to a poo. Anyone with better art skills want to make it one?

40d53f No.13796903


>being a lolbert

>moving goalposts

de0524 No.13796906

Logo looks like a shit.

873b03 No.13796934


Even if it all went to charity they too would pocket most of it. Charities are just one big money laundering and shekel grabbing business. Not that I really mind since all that money would go towards feeding filthy niggers anyway.

65bfa0 No.13796986

File: 70b59abba458e18⋯.png (947 KB, 1348x1204, 337:301, drstevebrule.png)

30 dollars for shovelware and old stuff that I might pay a dollar for on another Humble Bundle. When was the last time a Humble Bundle didn't suck balls? I can't remember. It's always been a handful of shovelware titles with maybe a good game or two, but you could still pay a buck for it. Now it's all tiered trash and virtue signaling.

793aff No.13797070

>Mighty No. 2

Kek, that shit has been in something like 4 humble bundles the past 2 months. They're practically giving that shit away and people still don't want it.

01c0c8 No.13797219


>100% of the remaining money will go to charity :^)

25b8cf No.13797237


They are middlemen and like any middlemen they include themselves into a transaction so they profit on it. This is why first rule of business is:


But I must say charity ones are actually genius ones. They received all the tax cuts because of "muh help". They also don't sell anything so there is no one to complain about price increase.

57a708 No.13797412

File: b46873f4048a71b⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 635x636, 635:636, jc denton yeah!.jpg)


>mfw I bamboozle my /v/ steam friend with a MN9 key at Christmas

11e0d8 No.13797465

>Humble Strategy Bundle

>Not a single strategy game

This is actually infuriating

88d6c3 No.13797521


>Out of the Park Baseball

>not strategy

pick one

0c6cb2 No.13797854

>Pay what you want!

>$30 Minimum

6c3d84 No.13797940


I mean, given that the bulk of charities is about helping niggers in Africa, pro-LGBT bullshit, rapefugee bullshit, and "spreading tolerance" bullshit… I've gotten into one of the smaller charities for a while through a friend that wanted to recruit me and holy shit, half the people there are just there to rake in the money, the other half is literally insane, taking pathologic altruism to a whole new dimension. Also, heavily leftist, of course.

e7d343 No.13797984


did they change who gets the money now

Of course IGN would give it to kiked up charities

e7d343 No.13798002


And fuck even then, look at how the Red Cross is getting money

Do you faggots don't remember how the Red Cross basically gave Hillary Clinton $100 Million when Haiti happened

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