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File: 5829eb07fc8df3f⋯.jpg (87.88 KB, 1024x625, 1024:625, necro.jpg)

911cd4 No.13874355

What class combinations are you anons of fine taste using?

a391d1 No.13874437


The Path of Exile one.

ccc150 No.13874854

Warder, Pyromancer and Purifier. Going to start a Tactician too.

18a39c No.13874881


DW Purifier, thinking of playing as a caster next but haven't got a build in mind.

911cd4 No.13874886






I don't like how mine feels, my DK has way more damage at the same level while tanking non-DOT shit better by life stealing back to full health every Cadence, but then I fucked up my fire-focused gunslinger build by not finding any relevant items so maybe it's my fault. It's only around 80 levels that they are at too.

7f5a7f No.13874917


Cabalist using ravenous earth/bloody pox. Reaper using bone harvest/blade burst.

0e29c2 No.13874974


Im doing a lifesteal/vitality pure soldier tank build, and I'm having -extreme- difficulty. I'm only on elite and fucking zombies and Slith are pushing my shit in. I end up having to kite everything for an eternity to survive even a scratch.

Is this Symptom of being pure soldier? Even Loggy was frustrating. Even loggy. I feel like I should be more powerful. Send help

911cd4 No.13875006


>going pure class in AoM Grim Wand

Why? You lose out on a tons of stats and useful skills, and Soldier has nothing to really support Lifesteal/Vitality by itself. Take Shaman or Necro secondary ASAP

d5359a No.13875886

File: ab4207be57375f0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 125.23 KB, 301x229, 301:229, ijustcantdealwithitanymore.PNG)


I was going to go Deathknight after Ashes of Mothmount came out. I even have points set aside, ready to go the moment I loaded it up.

But then Niggers broke into my house and stole all my shit, gayman pc included

Yay for cloudsaves I guess.

e4368d No.13875906

File: 372227046f2f7a8⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 604x457, 604:457, 1335028612335.jpg)


>But then Niggers broke into my house and stole all my shit,

91f14a No.13875934

File: 0a1375efe49c42d⋯.jpg (373.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1460830911297.jpg)

Inquisitor/occultist glass cannon sigil build. Something about throwing down 500 billion arcane symbols on the ground and my entire screen exploding is extremely cathartic

689851 No.13875977

File: 2f70fc47caad4d6⋯.gif (838.17 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 1410549838067.gif)

Never played Grim Dawn before. Is getting the base game worth it, or is the expansion a must have?

d5359a No.13876016


Base game is 100% worth it.

The story ends with lingering questions, the Expansion answers a good deal of them, feels like just more of the base game, and not in a "This feel like cut content" way.

I don't regret a single second of my 300 hours spent.

c9ba11 No.13876101

Cabalist and Ritualist

Everything works so well with necromancer

Also im looking for the Shepherd of Lost Souls set, anyone got parts to trade?

ccc150 No.13876349


I'm at nearly 900. It's really a fun game, a Kikestarter that didn't end badly, and better than PoE or D3. Only complaints I really have are to do with items and gear dependency still being a thing.

10bd1c No.13876792


It helped that they were also the only kikestarter campaign that didn't promise feature bloat in return for more shekels. They basically went with:

>We know what we want to do

>Here's our portfolio, we made TQ and people loved it

>We want to make something, here's an outline of what we're planning

>Give us shekels.

e43b46 No.13877378



Haven't seen that in years.

0228f3 No.13877545


>Pierce purifier

Should have just been a tactician. However, all my previous characters have been some variety of soldier/whatever, so the roster needed some variety. Holy shit does pierce inquisitor lack support; there's not a single adequate hand, belt, or relic slot that's focused on pierce/inquisitor. This extends to anything with pierce, since only one mythical glove set even gives clean pierce bonuses, and it has no natural attack or casting speed.

>Poison witch hunter

Okay, but feels ungodly squishy after playing shield builds with 50 physical resist. Still doesn't have a single belt slot to its name. Pretty fun to bounce around with a big 2H swords and melting stuff without being in its face.


Sorcerer or witchblade are kings in that regard.

628106 No.13879774

>check the amount of legendary items that are for Defiler (Demo + Necro) or Deceiver (Inquisitor + Occultist)

>pretty much non-existent

Will they add them later? All it takes is X primary class damage converted to Y, +skill of 1 class +skill of the other and it's done, it's not hard, even existing items can be modified. Maybe Creed doesn't fight because he's a Deceiver, he knows he can't get any worthwhile loot for himself so he just sits on his ass so others can benefit.

cce23f No.13880357


>Is getting the base game worth it, or is the expansion a must have?

Getting the base game is worth it. The expansion is an actual, literal expansion; not having it does not detract from the game, it simply adds more chapters, answers some unresolved questions, extends the lore a bit, and gives you a couple more classes. As I said in another thread, buy and play the whole base game first, there's more than enough content there. Then decide if you feel like getting AoM.

Price wise GM is certainly worth it, I have hundreds of hours in it and I got it for like 20 bucks.


>Only complaints I really have are to do with items and gear dependency still being a thing.

I do like having to scrouge for things to a certain extent, but no matter how far into the game I make it with any characters it always feels like a "not enough" scenario. Oh look, all my resistances are maxed, but I don't have enough armor, or the target stats I'm going for like health regen, etc. Oh look, a piece of gear that has tons of armor on it and pierce/bleed resist, but it's going to result in losing my +2 to all skills in shaman thing.

No matter what I choose or put on, I'm always missing out on something I'm trying to focus on.

On a side note, who the fuck designed that Undergrowth boss? That shit is completely retarded. No, I didn't have any issue with fighting or killing it, I only died once (wrong quickbar selected), but that just screams shit design to me. It's a total clusterfuck in there, I'm a tank so I was fine but what the fuck would a high DPS range build do? You can barely fucking move, the whole screen is nothing but mossthrowers and those invincible whipping plants that hit for a % of max health. How is any non-tank character supposed to deal with that? All of my resistances were maxed and so is my Wendigo totem, and I STILL had Menhir's will activate.

ccc150 No.13880433


>On a side note, who the fuck designed that Undergrowth boss? That shit is completely retarded.

Agreed. Sylvarria is a cunt of a boss because of all those invincible adds peppering her boss chamber. My warder managed but I'm dreading taking my pyro or purifier in there. Jesus.

c9ba11 No.13880662

Is these a claw in the game to skin swords as? i saw this helmet and decided to make a Shredder character


cce23f No.13880773


u wot m8

ask again, but in English. If you're wondering whether there are wristblade-like claw weapons in the game, in order to perform an illusion on your weapons for the sake of a theme, I'm pretty sure there aren't.

c9ba11 No.13880977


yeah, that was it

689851 No.13881812

File: c1fb048f3c6973f⋯.mp4 (995.42 KB, 700x500, 7:5, forest gondola.mp4)


>buy and play the whole base game first

This is the exact kinda answer I was looking for, thanks Anon.

Have a Gondola for your troubles.

cce23f No.13886151

Is there any easy way to drop ascended myrmidons in the dirt? They aren't dangerous to me, it just takes fucking forever because they heal and seem to resist all elemental damage, which is mostly what I inflict. I have to sit there and whittle them down and it's annoying.

c9ba11 No.13888229

File: f7b5333c2a35cc2⋯.jpg (578.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171129234303_1.jpg)

It feels so good to complete a character **Actually i still need a Sacred Plating to replace the Sanctified Bone and switch around the augments and cap chaos, the damn recipe won't drop)

cce23f No.13888551


if you want to save some resistance points to focus on other areas, you can buy shit tons of those basic Malmouth Resistance potions that give you +25 aether resistance and I think +3% max aether res. They have no cooldowns, and with 4 million in iron, you can just spam that shit to compensate for a lack in aether resistance (they're like 3k each). This will allow you to use focus up on other areas, like pierce and chaos.

c9ba11 No.13890297


i usually forget these exist

886d84 No.13896485


I use them frequently in Hardcore Ultimate, they're really quite useful. They're pretty handy in Port Valbury as well, if you're farming MIs.

44b142 No.13896516

do you get to rescue that shady guy that sacrificed himself?

af7e42 No.13896543


If you mean Ulgrim the cook then yes.

c182d7 No.13896553


Moreover, you get to nonlethally fight him if you want. He's basically Fabius with even more player skills and damage.


These might actually be enough to keep Anasteria from dropping my resists below cap. Thanks for the find.

e1ee5d No.13896564

So I killed the ice ghost at the bottom of Steps of Torment for the first time. Prepared like mad. He dropped fucking nothing. Oh well, better than me dead.

What's a proper blademaster build for the base game? I want to dual wield. I don't have the expansion yet

c9ba11 No.13902900

File: 52fc8a2284a8764⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1923x901, 1923:901, blademaster.png)


this is what im planning for mine, im still lv66 on my blademaster, but i already have most gear pieces stores, including the whole belgothian set what unlocks the default attack i will use

can't link the build because my browser cannot grab the fucking link

c9ba11 No.13911178

Do these come with both suffix and preffix?


If so im paying 3x the materials for one with

0.5 Meter Target Area to Ring of Steel

100 Piercing Damage to Ring of Steel


-2 Second Skill Recharge to Blade Spirit


40% Chaos Resistance

38c78b No.13911299


>0.5 Meter Target Area to Ring of Steel

>100 Piercing Damage to Ring of Steel

Its better. Also you can go 2-hander or Guttwretcher.

c9ba11 No.13911408


i will take any between the ring of steel or the blade spirit and adapt my build moving more points towards the one i can get, but so far i could not find the recipe for this amulet

c9ba11 No.13921683

Holy shit blademaster is so fun, almost capped attack speed, blades and slashes everywhere, that satisfying sound of saws spinning against flesh

If i could get that fucking conduict of night whispers to cap my chaos res it would be perfect

I was a pain in the ass to level up because without the right gear the character is made of glass, but now with most resists at 80, 2666 armor and 14k hp, im breezing through ultimate faster than any of my other characters

5637d6 No.13921759


You won't get any benefit from Menhir's will, since you have neither a shield nor a 2-hander. Oleron's Rage isn't worth the points to overcap, and decorated soldier is a 1-point wonder at best. Also, you're going to have to give up at least one of those purples to get your resists to a workable place. DA is way too low as well.

c9abe3 No.13921770


Must have missed this before, but if you have any way to knock the mobs down and subsequently burst them, I think that's your best bet. I generally don't have any issues with them since I tend to knock mobs down.

c9ba11 No.13921788


>Requires a shield or two handed

How the fuck didn't i notice that before? This is why it was not triggering…

I will need decorated soldier for the elemental resist, at least for now until i get the amulet

thanks for the tip

0896a8 No.13921822


Between my rifle, explosive runes and a squad of skelebros it's a Hell of a time.

1dfc75 No.13921843



Snag up all of Ink's on attack skills and aura of choice. Grab demo's mortar and grenade.

c9ba11 No.13921853


You might already know this but, try placing a mortar over an inquisitor seal, the damage it deals is a thing of beauty

1dfc75 No.13921858


Did not. I'll gig up a build and see what it does.

5637d6 No.13921889


Swap decorated soldier for the last node of pneumatic burst. It gets more benefit from your +nightblade and gives you flat damage, which is generally nicer than %damage.

c9ba11 No.13921892


The raw damage from arcane empowerment is applied to the mortar attack, you can also have several mortars with the right gear and enough points in the mortar skill (gets an extra at lv17 and another at lv24)

Also add this


c9ba11 No.13921896


already did, also switched most of my points from blade spirit into the aura, -20% pierce resist and indirect increase to my DA is great

If Blade Spirit was based on my weapon damage it would be so much better…

5637d6 No.13921908


The fact that you can have 5 spirits up at once would make that even more broken than usual caster builds. They can already take apart just about anything if you focus on bleed.

c9ba11 No.13921930


You do need demonslayer pieces to do that, which stops you from using actually good sets

1dfc75 No.13922320


I have been farming for the set.

c9ba11 No.13922347


tell me if you get the helmet recipe, i will give you materials +some other gear piece for one , i have been trying to get it for over two weeks

3f981e No.13922356

File: 2faef1905b62e2f⋯.jpg (593.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171101191327_1.jpg)

Crucible challenger anyone?

c9ba11 No.13922376


Tonight yes, can't right now

c9ba11 No.13923900

Done working, anyone wanna go?

46067a No.13924135


Gladiator MI' run?

c9ba11 No.13924155


make a room

46067a No.13924203


I have a shit connection.

c9ba11 No.13924214


Well i live in Brazil, so buckle up and get your pet character if you have one

"Gladiator 100 to 150"

No password because fuck this i doubt we will get 4 people from here

46067a No.13924240


>Well i live in Brazil

I'm from Russia. I dont think its possible to have a normal game with 400 ping.

c9ba11 No.13924248


oh well back to my blademaster then

9e3723 No.13924462

I fucking hate items with 20 stats on them. Without component and enchant. Like its fucking shitty diablo 2 mod.

46067a No.13925122

Doest Pet bonuses affect "Player Scale" summons like a Wind Devil or Blade spirit?

46067a No.13925231

Doest Pet bonuses affect "Player Scale" summons like a Wind Devil or Blade spirit?

ab3f7f No.13925232

Doest Pet bonuses affect "Player Scale" summons like a Wind Devil or Blade spirit?

ab3f7f No.13925236

File: fa07861c8d29183⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1298250293237.jpg)

b25b70 No.13925954

File: 50d8f3f153ce9b0⋯.png (38.65 KB, 700x700, 1:1, dedbe7453f9edfd7f0c4b225a1….png)


This is the only correct build. It isn't even a glass cannon, you are just being humble. Fucking Inquisitor Seal letting you face tank the world while the ground turns to lava and explodes around you.

Occultist was the best mastery in the base game, but now Inquisitor gives it a run for its money. Mixing the two is just pure insanity. I love it!

2d653e No.13927408

Fuck, I need a blight relic for my Dirge of Arkovia, is farming Elite treasure troves my only chance to get it or will the blueprint drop eventually in Ultimate?

c9ba11 No.13927516


No, as far as a i know, the skelletons i get from the Raise Dead devotion do not gain the insane power my others summons do

c9ba11 No.13927744


You get some lv60 relic recipes in ultimate as quest rewards, I think they still drop normally

If you want I can check if I have an spare recipe, since I store the recipe doubles I get, otherwise I can craft it for you

But only tonight, right now I'm working

c9ba11 No.13927752


Adults cannot use GuruGuru Anon, you are living a lie

2d653e No.13927826


Thanks, but I'll get it eventually, I leveling a new character right now anyway.

40808e No.13931908

File: 490b63811357faf⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 12311111.png)

Welp. I have no idea how I could lost 16+k hp turtle shell while having 80+ in every resist. lvl 91~ and I was standing somewhat right next to boss in a narrow passage.

b8ffb0 No.13932251


Seems you died from miniboss what deal Bleed+ %HP. rip in peace.

681fa9 No.13932432


You are dead!

Sorry, anon.

40808e No.13932752

File: cff7ca8a29773ab⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 288x396, 8:11, geist.jpg)


But I had maxed resist and 16+k hp. How can anything hit me for 16k hp? He needed to hit me for 80k damage to be able to kill me considering resists. I guess he hit me with his nova projectiles and all of them registered damage on me, since they hit walls.

12 Projectile(s)

100% Chance to pass through Enemies

1.5 Meter Radius

641-733 Physical Damage

532-865 Vitality Damage

I only had 40-50% physical resist. But even so, i cant see how it could kill me even with 0 resist. The only way it could kill me if I had literally 0 resist in everything and if I took all of the hits.

I just wasnt expecting this kind of bullshit from grim dawn. But I am not angry or sad, just kind of annoying to sort out stash to think of new build most suited for my shit I have. Playing right now is really cozy. Well, maybe except for the fact that some items have statlist longer than my fucking screen, this also annoys me.

ac7985 No.13932831



You can take a look yourself instead of asking here.

40808e No.13932876

File: d5abac1770ea17c⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 432x640, 27:40, be4be64e08.jpg)


Thanks, I will stop discussing game in here and I will rewind time to learn how it happened.

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