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File: 071ab4f18e7a4cb⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, winter.gif)

File: 11726e6660dc39f⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 1498x7429, 1498:7429, youalreadyknow.jpg)

6ad394 No.13882098

"Winter Sneezing" Edition





And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Upcoming games:



Previous Threads:



First-Time Buyer's FAQ:


Vita Hacking:


fd1485 No.13882106

Get smoked, cuckboi.

Real bread >>13882094

592696 No.13882186

File: 91a97232d37df2f⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Valkyria-Chronicles-3[1].jpg)

File: de7b57c132fdc09⋯.jpg (188.04 KB, 746x960, 373:480, 11177124-2044350865731942[….jpg)

File: 3b3637ec9c40b54⋯.jpg (143.39 KB, 960x544, 30:17, hyperdimension-neptunia-re….jpg)

Post best/great/good games for new chartfag to start working on

Let's start with some easy ones


All Ys games

Gravity Rush


Persona 4 Golden

Oreshika:Tainted Bloodlines

Trails of Cold Steel 1+2

Nep Rebirth 1


Valkyria Chronicles 2 (eh)+3

Deception IV


Zero Escape

Danganropa 2

Or however the new chartfag wants to categorize them but I think those are probably sound categories to use and start with.

Anyone got any essential ones to start with or why any of those shouldn't be on it?

6ad394 No.13882197

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a3d406 No.13882224

how's that localization on oreshika?

6ad394 No.13882283

File: 962e8e2091373d3⋯.jpg (373.43 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C6T7FV5VAAAbAL-.jpg)


I had no problems with that but you can check the demo if you want.

Also the game had a physical Asian-English version too.

fd1485 No.13882525

Can't believe my freshly baked bread was tossed aside like week-old leftovers



d639c1 No.13882965


Not a Vita game but it's one of my childhood favourite: Brave Fencer Musashiden. I remember playing it on my PSOne when I was little. And it came with Final Fantasy VIII demo which I played through like 10 times.

I find the moon used is pretty basic so it's an easy read. A bit too basic in fact because a lot of the characters' names are written in hiragana in the menu. Kind of a pain to find which bitch I need to talk to at the castle unless I sound out each name.


More time for games.

Maybe a bigger memory card.




I own two vitas and need a list of casual Ad-Hoc games to play with non-gamer friends. What would you add to the following?

Metal Slug 3

Puyo Puyo Tetris


Geometry Wars


Virtua Tennis


The following are system seller tier:



f2fc47 No.13884165

File: 7b363eee6341b81⋯.png (55.67 KB, 603x799, 603:799, vita recommended list.png)

My personal contribution as im the guy that originally tried to make a new chart but had to scrap it due of the poor layout. I only classified the vita games to begin with for now, I'll consider psp/ps1 games in later updates


PixelJunk Monsters HD as a nice tower-defense game that can be played with two players.

0b2eff No.13884169

is there still games being made for the 3 vitas that have been sold?

fe4283 No.13884258

File: e4bf42cc30fe4d0⋯.png (99.42 KB, 376x283, 376:283, tab sample 1.png)

File: ec24ab9b3852c58⋯.png (100.77 KB, 373x279, 373:279, tab sample 2.png)





As stated in past threads, I've attempted to try to get an 8/v/ specific Vita image going. Aside from a handful of games, it more or less went nowhere other than providing content to work around for templates, due to little contribution from other anons in these threads (perhaps in part to requiring more information than just game names, in that I need a description of what makes the game worthwhile; with the Vita being as niche as it is, I think having good descriptions would add something in the way of usefulness to anons), which had admittedly gotten very slow at that point. I still have the original files I was using from back then as covers and templates (it's been nearly a year since then), and know a bit about layout, so if people are serious about helping, I'm willing to resume working on it.

Though, if >>13884165 wants to keep trying his hand at it, I'll at least provide design advice if wanted.


I still find it odd that Square has refused to put Brave Fencer Musashi on the western PSN, while Japan has it on theirs. Though, Japan also has SaGa Frontier 1 and 2 on theirs while the west lacks them, so maybe Square thinks those three didn't prove popular enough here to warrant the effort for western fans.

80fa66 No.13884583


After a certain point with that format you have a monolith and very few people are going to be interested in looking through that.

You could probably cut down the template to remove developer or publisher, just have a section that lists them together in cases where it might be relevant Such as NISA published titles The region information could have one box and list the regions it is available instead of having a box for each region and I'm assuming graying them out to denote unavailability. I'm not sure what the FX section is, is it languages? If so you should probably keep that or the audio section under the game title otherwise its redundant. .

>maybe Square thinks those three didn't prove popular enough here to warrant the effort for western fans.

Could be Square being Square or legitimate licensing issues. If a game didn't do well enough for its first release they may not think even the die hard fan sales will make up for the effort. Even if said games are probably more popular now due to people learning about them after the fact

613c6b No.13884632


that's pretty intense for just a simple "recommended games" chart. The publishers and audio part especially seems like overkill. It feels like a legend could solve that much simpler anyways rather than having to type that out every time, and it lowers the amount of words as well. A chart should make people research shit on their own and give them an idea of what to play, not tell them what to play blindly. I will say that those designs look nice, as if they came out of a strongly maintained wiki or something but if it takes that much work then the chart would have to be exceptionally small in number to not overload the reader, something like 30-35 games max.

44a6e8 No.13884656


Ad-hoc games I remember I played

Modnation racers,EDF2,Garou MotW,Dead Nation

I know there are more but I never tried

Freedom Wars, >SAO:HF

fe4283 No.13884678



Some people understandably want to know better who the developer or publisher is for a game. Developer being that a fair amount of games that aren't published by the developers themselves don't have so much as their logo on the front. And with publishers it's easier to know if a game stands to have been fucked with (though if a publisher hires a third party team, like 8-4, they tend to not be listed anywhere but the game's own credits anyhow). For the region information, I wanted to make it more clear if a game had a physical or digital release in a given area, and in particular with the Asia releases, some of those physicals are import friendly due to having English scripts. "FX" was meant as "EX" for "Exclusive" (I suspect that it doesn't make itself too evident though if you're seeing it as "FX"), though I suppose the tag on the cover of, say, Muramasa there denotes it anyhow, even if not all that legible at that scaling (but some games that were once exclusive have been ported or "remastered" elsewhere since release; similar issue with the Gamecube having exclusive tags on their covers).

The idea was to provide more information than just the bog-standard title, cover, and genre (the way the DS and PSP ones in the past have, if you've seen those), but I honestly haven't looked the template or samples over for a while, and the Vita being niche as it is, having more information there without having to manually look games up might help people get into it, or at least find something of interest they've passed over before. But there's a valid point to be had on how much information is there already. I'll consider revamping the layout if people want it, and reconsider what information is actually of value. And you're right that for a graphic, ability to keep the viewer's focus for as long as is warranted is crucial, rather than them dropping it partway through.

613c6b No.13884739


How many games did you have completed for the chart anon? Can you upload what you have with your next post?

Knowing the publisher is useful but I have to wonder if its worth including in a chart as they could just look on any wiki or on a google search to find out more information about a game, but that's a more subjective criteria.

It might be worth having an icon or a note to /scurv/ certain games (like NISA-published or developed ones or what have you) rather than listing the publisher for every single one, but again that's just an idea.

Let's figure out what sort of chart we want though first of all. Detailed charts are nice adn all but if it creates a fuckload of work for the chartmaker and never ends up being finished, and puts a lot of burden on the regular anon then… eh.

I feel that in terms of a chart it should be easy to add games, and harder to remove them (its easier to shit on a game than it is to recommend it) and you could take the more well-known titles with grains of salt for their recommendation because more is generally going to be known about it, maybe asking the anon who suggested it why it deserves to be in the chart.

What you're suggesting for a chart is a huge resource and almost feels more like a portable wiki of some sort which is pretty huge in scope. It might just be too big to take on.

44a6e8 No.13885191

fd1485 No.13887508

Dragon's Crown finally arrived in the mail and I just bought Soul Sacrifice Delta and DT2 on PSN. Think I'm covered on games for a while but I have a racing game itch that needs to be scratched.

What's the best racing game I can get off PSN? Can be on Vita, PSP or PS1.

73c2f3 No.13887607


It'll be pretty nice to have a resurgence of Dragon's Crown players on PSN when the PS4 port comes out, shame they're charging for online play.

e0fe3e No.13887917



Dungeon Travelers 2

>Good Times Tier

Atelier Series


Being honest I have games I had plenty fun with but I don't really know/haven't remembered anyone else's tastes so it's always fucking hard to suggest games to folks. Atelier and DT2 are my bread & butter though. I'd shill those to anyone.


and this. The first game is great fun.

fd1485 No.13888116


Yeah, definitely glad I picked it up around the time multiplayer's gonna be more active.

354bb6 No.13888141

Been playing Odin Sphere Leafthrasher after finishing Mary Skelter with its unsatisfying post game ending. Can't believe that I left this game on the backlog for so long and all that food porn in the game… Odin Sphere certainly is charming and fun.

06b9d5 No.13888435

Just got a vita 2000 wifi only. Do those sd2vita cards only work on the 3g models?

92d95b No.13888447

File: b590b72f1ece894⋯.jpg (108.12 KB, 800x1042, 400:521, flustered.jpg)


There's multiple SD adapters. SD2Vita is one for cartridge slot. PSVSD replaces the 3G module. On PSTV you have the option of using USB sticks. All options require your Vita to be softmoddable to use at all.

06b9d5 No.13888458


Thanks, also whats the most trustworthy sd2vita card?

489ded No.13888768


Just suggest whatever you got anon, your taste is likely good

fe4283 No.13889167


Odin Sphere is pretty damn good, yes. And you should never play Vanillaware games on an empty stomach. Food porn is correct.


I have had tabs with descriptions prepared for the following games (based on what other anons had contributed towards wanting to see added at that point in time):

>Ar Nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star

>Demon Gaze

>Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

>Muramasa Rebirth

>Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

>Persona 4 Golden

>Soul Sacrifice Delta

>Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni

>Ys: Memories of Celceta

There are also a number of games that only got brief descriptions that I saved as well, but hadn't made anything for yet.

>Knowing the publisher is useful but I have to wonder if its worth including in a chart as they could just look on any wiki or on a google search to find out more information about a game, but that's a more subjective criteria.

The way I've learned things in regards to media, both image and web based, the less extra effort (such as clicks) someone has to go through to get what they want, the better on the user end. But there is something to be said for information overload too.

>Let's figure out what sort of chart we want though first of all.

The additional information, beyond the game names, genre, and descriptions, were brought up as useful to anons at the time (which was about a year ago). Especially the physical/digital status of each game, whether it has a physical English version (most useful for imports of AS releases, like SSD), and audio options. It would be good to figure out what people here at present would consider useful though.

>if it creates a fuckload of work for the chartmaker and never ends up being finished

I don't mind maintaining something like this (not like I'm hurting for time right now), and layout is something I've enjoyed in the past. Main reason the Vita image never progressed much was mostly lack of active interest from other anons back then in providing content for me to work with. It admittedly does take more effort to write what makes a game good, why you'd recommend it, etc, than it does to dump a bunch of game names, covers, or just reheat copypasta (see >>13858371 ).

>I feel that in terms of a chart it should be easy to add games, and harder to remove them (its easier to shit on a game than it is to recommend it) and you could take the more well-known titles with grains of salt for their recommendation because more is generally going to be known about it, maybe asking the anon who suggested it why it deserves to be in the chart.

That's part of the benefit for requiring a description; getting people to take the additional time to provide one shows a dedication to the game in question, and other anons vouching for a game mentioned being worthwhile also helps. However, crowdsourcing of games to be added has it's own drawbacks, especially if there's not enough anons checking what games others are recommending (and I don't just mean checking dubs).

I will consider reworking things though as to how much information is actually useful (and if the icons are going to remain in the tabs, I was planning on including a legend in the image to prevent confusion when, or if, it grows into what I'd consider worthy of a base release, and beyond). Big thing is that I want formatting to remain cohesive throughout (IE: get the template finalized early on, so you don't have to redo a lot of things later). Though, if having so much text on an image is too much from a viewer perspective, there are some other potential avenues to explore beyond and image. For example, /jrpgg/ on halfchan years back ran a google doc as supplement to their "worthwhile JRPGs" image, hosting further information of games there, for both games that were on the image and those not (for some reason they limited the image to forty five games). A properly managed pastebin hosting the additional information might also be workable, and assuming the link would remain the same despite the text being occasionally updated, could have the URL within the image itself.

613c6b No.13894214


d639c1 No.13895852

File: ec8d01b5ff49a2a⋯.png (124.36 KB, 469x482, 469:482, Capture.PNG)

I'm genuinely interested in trying this.

ed60f2 No.13896575


>What's the best racing game I can get off PSN? Can be on Vita, PSP or PS1.

Ridge Racers 2 if available

Avoid absolutely the Vita version due of the DLC-fest

eb6bd0 No.13896806

i genuinely have more titles on the Vita than i do on any other console. the handheld is just awesome to hold in my hand.

a479a8 No.13898108


whats your favorite vidya on the thing anon?

69d255 No.13898600

File: 1c7e9efda264083⋯.jpg (465.84 KB, 593x891, 593:891, utaware.jpg)

File: 0d29e19fac1f50a⋯.jpg (48.54 KB, 490x276, 245:138, uta tea.jpg)

File: a28af13b3d75317⋯.png (81.31 KB, 1106x858, 553:429, utawarerumono2.png)


Both Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth, easily the best series I've played my entire life. The tweests keep delivering and the third game ties everything nicely.


Utawarerumono Remake, Killing Bite



Nice to see Oreshika being used for Vita thread though, I shilled it for a while but nobody here plays it. What's your godfu?

e0fe3e No.13899780

>Bullet Girls 3 coming westward

>Omega Labyrinth Z

>Gal Gun 2

>Spike Chunsoft just pulled the bread from NISA's mouth and is making their own western publication branch

Hell of a way to end a year, I'll tell ya what.

80fa66 No.13900423


The year isn't over yet maybe Sony will release a new handheld

fe4283 No.13900858


>Hell of a way to end a year, I'll tell ya what.

Not vita related, but combine that with the ability to now put CFW on 4.82 PS3's (ones that had 3.56 OFW or below originally, anyhow), yeah, it's a nice end to the year in terms of vidya.

fc0e07 No.13900907

File: 62bd21859b226fb⋯.jpg (433.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 62bd21859b226fb7dbd7bfa5a0….jpg)


That honour goes to my 3DS but I haven't been playing mine a lot since going Vita either.



I'm not too hopeful after VR. Too many times they've buggered up what should've been a great concept. It'd also mean needing a Switch, that isn't happening yet.


Same story, and I'm still annoyed no one's redumped that one for NoNpDrm.


Too bad they also murdered Danganronpa. It'll probably be their Endless Eight.



4e7054 No.13903221



Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-hen and Tengoku-hen

Super Robot Wars V

fd1485 No.13906611

I wish the Vita's analog sticks had more resistance and were a bit grippier. They're better than the PSP's nub for racing games but that's not saying much.

5f88e5 No.13906648



Isn't that the game the incentivizes cucking your dad?

da0c38 No.13906660




Hitman Go

Peace walker


Taiko no tatsujin,

to learn Japanese

friends to play peace walker with


boguht hitman go for like 2 dollars really nice puzzler

fd1485 No.13909138

Recommended analog grips for this thing?

359f21 No.13912861


God Wars, but I'm not liking the horrible 30+ seconds of loading times before battles. Is this normal or what? I'm thinking of switching to Atelier Ayesha if the loading systems continues.


More free time to play, I also want to know if Cybersleuth 2 is coming out for Vita or just get the PS4 version


Nothing right now

4e7054 No.13912961


>I also want to know if Cybersleuth 2 is coming out for Vita or just get the PS4 version

The one next week? It's on the Vita.

354bb6 No.13918233

File: 0ec8b634783e90e⋯.jpg (130.73 KB, 793x676, 61:52, DQPHcUNVwAE8qAe.jpg)

IFI posted this recently. There is a PSN sale going on for these selected Idea Factory titles.

6ad394 No.13918273


Nice.. They are even chip with PsPlus. Too bad I like buying physical copies of NEP games.

Some of their DLC are on sale too.

40f736 No.13919823

File: 72e315227c57dc3⋯.jpg (84.74 KB, 800x534, 400:267, kirby US rerelease.jpg)

Alright boys. I'm getting a Vita soon off Kikebook for $130 because apparently more people use it than CL in my area. I don't think it's the OLED but it comes with a 32 GB stick. Good deal? I've read the upcoming games list often but name me your absolute favorite game you cannot live without on the system. I really want some honest answers. All I know I've wanted to play is Virtue's Last Reward and maybe portable Berserk when I'm not at my PC.

613c6b No.13919828


>32 GB stick

yes, that's actually fantastic

fe4283 No.13919840


Doesn't sound bad given the included memory stick. That said, confirm what the existing firmware is first to know what our options might be for using it yourself.

fe4283 No.13919861

File: 40438157e9bf1ef⋯.jpg (239.23 KB, 1280x936, 160:117, 52bced66339ae30bb6040a4ddc….jpg)


>our options

Meant "your options".

Also, I;d say that if you're looking for good games to start building a library (or perhaps backup folder) with, it's hard to go wrong with Muramasa Rebirth.

fd1485 No.13919888

File: c4fc1086f78834a⋯.png (5.24 KB, 187x267, 187:267, c4fc1086f78834a3bf5b621227….png)


please respon

40f736 No.13919937


He just told me it's 3.67 so take that as you will. Muramasa Rebirth and Oreshika look pretty neat.

ab9c5a No.13919939


Period Cube. It's much better than what I was expecting, the translation is alright too, but I kind of wish it had actual dungeon crawling.


to clean my vita, analog sticks are fucked


Thinking of getting Odin Sphere and Hakuoki while they're cheap.

ea4841 No.13921509

I'll finally be able to install my PSVSD tomorrow. Looking forward to it! I'm just playing Nep Re;birth at this point in time.


It means no softmodding, which may or may not matter to you. At 32GB try going more for cartridge games but you have space for a few digital ones.

f1c302 No.13923233

File: 764434926be2177⋯.jpg (310.76 KB, 745x1600, 149:320, 764434926be2177becc3b0e4dc….jpg)

My sis wants me to 'jailbreak' her Vita so she can pirate some PS1 games (fuck PSN charging so much for such old titles). She's worried that her PS account will be compromised and she'll get banned, though. Is this a justified fear?

a6794f No.13923245


It is. Just don't login when using pirated shit and youre fine

f1c302 No.13923256

File: 3600d78a12e553b⋯.jpg (270.26 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 64476233.jpg)


Can you even login, though? Doesn't PSN demand to update the OS and that conflicts with almost everything people do with hacked vitas?

80fa66 No.13923266


Use a second account. It takes around five minutes and account switchers work. Realistically if you're going to pirate you may as well go full pirate because Sony is locking people out of their legitimate purchases as well so there is zero reason to give them money. Buy a physical copy if you have to, more of that goes to the devs.


I don't believe it demands updates unless you're trying to activate and you can't activate on 3.60 anymore anyway.

f1c302 No.13923278


> It takes around five minutes and account switchers work

Ok but she always complains that vita doesn't allow account switching or something like that.

>I don't believe it demands updates unless you're trying to activate and you can't activate on 3.60 anymore anyway.

Activate? I don't know what that is. All I'm talking about is logging into an account which it does prompt you to update. She showed me the screen. Perhaps that was just the store, though?

80fa66 No.13923296


Unless the vita has FW at 3.60 your options for piracy are going to be extremely limited. 3.63/.65 I think have ARK/VHBL. 3.67 is entirely locked out from what I know.

>Ok but she always complains that vita doesn't allow account switching or something like that.

The vita doesn't allow account switching by default but there is homebrew that will do it so if you can jailbreak it you can also use the account switcher.

>Activate? I don't know what that is.

When you activate the console it associates the console with the account's purchases. Without activation you can't play legitimately purchased PSN games/DLC/etc. This isn't a problem on 3.60 minus newer games because you can pirate them all+the DLC.

941574 No.13923300


Long story short, you need to crack the vita to use a homebrew account switcher.

For that you need to use a firmware that is no longer allowed on PSN by sony.

Either she gives up on using her account on the vita or she doesn't get pirated PS1 games.

f1c302 No.13923331


The FW is 3.60


> there is homebrew that will do it so if you can jailbreak it you can also use the account switcher.


>For that you need to use a firmware that is no longer allowed on PSN by sony.

So no playing online then?

I've been reading through the OP pastebins but it's a bit overwhelming the amount of stuff listed. Where do I start, exactly? How long should it take and is there any easy ways to fuck it up? I'm fairly good with this kind of stuff most of the time but it's not my console so I don't want to have to fork out money for borking her shit.

1fe612 No.13923727


You can play online provided your system is already activated but some game updates will force a system update, such as Dragon's Crown, Terraria, Minecraft, etc. For the most part, it's either hacks or PSN. My advice on that front is to set up HENkaku, then back up her activation files to PC.




Then factory reset. You may want to create a dummy account for using content manager during the initial setup but that's all you'll need it for. From there mostly follow the paste top to bottom, and READ THIS FIRST. I'd also give consideration to an SD card adapter depending how many games you want to put on there.

80fa66 No.13924004


>Where do I start, exactly? How long should it take and is there any easy ways to fuck it up?

Visit the henkaku website, https://henkaku.xyz, I believe hearing https is broken atm so just switch it to http if it doesn't default from the vita's web browser. It'll load a webkit exploit It may take a few tries, if you get an error don't panic it is normal that will also install molecular shell.

Back up the activation files listed >>13923727 here using molecular shell

After the initial shit you're going to want to find the following homebrew This being from what you've said, there might be other shit you're interested in

Vitashell - https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/VitaShell/

It allows FTP and USB transfers which you will want because FTP is sometimes a shit

Account Switcher - https://github.com/SilicaAndPina/SimpleAccountSwitcher/releases

allows account switching with a caveat, you will need your activation files to activate your original account after switching

For PS1 games you have the option of RetroArch which, according to reports, may be slow for certain titles or trying the slightly janky put workable POPS implementation using Adrenaline Which is also a PSP emulator if that's important

RetroArch - http://www.retroarch.com/ obviously

Adrenaline - https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Adrenaline/releases

As for losing access to legitimate titles/PSV piracy

NoNpDRM - https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/NoNpDrm

As the title implies, gets around NpDRM. you'll want this in addition to

pkgi - https://github.com/mmozeiko/pkgi

Similar to freeshop, if you have a license file for a title you can download it from Sony servers again, with caveats, no 3.61+ games yet DLC not yet support but soon™

You can use this for actual backup of your legitimate games or

actual piracy


That will walk you through 99% of it

f1c302 No.13924627

File: faca27e39a6fd8e⋯.jpg (122.73 KB, 900x1272, 75:106, 002_135.jpg)



Thanks lads I guess I'll try this sometime.

af1b90 No.13925301


There is no reason to use account switcher unless you have the same unit active on multiple PSN accounts already. If Sony want to ban you for naughty stuff they can do it to the console, and whatever accounts are linked to including your main one. That's why I recommended factory resetting in the first place, and using a dummy only if you need content manager. Multiplayer is already compromised by 3.61+ patches and there's not a lot of reason to use PSN for games when pkgi and Adrenaline exist.

ab9c5a No.13925502


I ended up getting Odin Sphere, LUCT, and Xenogears I was still on disk 1 when I was emulating it, no time to sit down and play games now so fuck it.

35b091 No.13926841

File: 5a26c4538497491⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2000x3072, 125:192, HDD Mode.jpg)

Just got my PSVSD installed, that was a trial. Getting the case open, getting the stupid antenna octopus off it, getting the screws out of the 3G module. Worst thing is that the SD card is basically sealed in there it's not accessible where the SIM card would be like I thought, worse than the 3DS and its backplate.


Oh addendum: I hope your sis is reasonably competent with stuff. Make it perfectly clear never to update it.

80fa66 No.13928880


Might have been a better idea to go with the cartridge SD adapter. You've essentially just added onboard memory if you aren't going to open it again.


I was more going off what he said he wanted but having utility isn't really a bad thing.

8ce72a No.13928919


>it's not accessible where the SIM card would be like I thought

This is rather obvious if you watch any of the demonstration videos.

4d50d4 No.13929061

File: ca0798744013c53⋯.png (69.79 KB, 1343x866, 1343:866, Every NA PSP Mini.png)

What's a good long-term filehost that won't take stuff down and supports large files/folders? Hoping to archive (and share) every PSP game, but I calculated the full set to be somewhere in terabytes size wise. I would normally just keep a local copy and re-up, but I don't have that much space; so the more resilient the better.

80fa66 No.13929090


Maybe multiple private MEGA links? Most filehosts are going to remove copyrighted material when it's reported so you'd have to essentially keep it as private as possible. With a private Mega link you could share it on threads/voice chat/wherever and it should be ok and I don't believe Mega removes things from disuse.

e7689d No.13929225


Nothing, the poor thing is sitting there collecting dust.


Secret of Mana remake.


Nothing until SoM.

>And most importantly, are you still having fun?

No, which is why I'm considering ditching this hardware. I'm honestly more excited about my GBASP Christmas present than my Vita. :/

caba2d No.13929264

>Want to sell my vita, haven't used it for months

>Every time I pick it back up it charms me


d35432 No.13929350


>Going to sit down and finally play this rorona shit goddammit

>oh i left dragon quest builders in here

>huh it's already 9pm


d29663 No.13929902

File: 82f8b6ed72e3cc3⋯.jpg (62.66 KB, 743x534, 743:534, 1360512488230.jpg)

fe4283 No.13929903


>With a private Mega link you could share it on threads/voice chat/wherever and it should be ok and I don't believe Mega removes things from disuse.

Still the issue of potential lurkers saving the original link and reposting it elsewhere. I remember that happening with the share threads and people apparently dumping the links, private or not, to faceberg and the like, which of course got them purged from Mega.

73c2f3 No.13929940

File: 9dfe208bd725c08⋯.jpg (41.29 KB, 508x430, 254:215, 1346991550874.jpg)

>tfw I won the consolation prize from the Play Asia draw, but Semipheres looks boring and I had to fight with them to not charge me for winning them



I gotta just drop stranger danger city and move on to a different game. This LP regenerating thing is a hassle, almost as much as the water dungeon.

80fa66 No.13929968


That's always going to be a problem with storage outside your control tbh. The alternative which you already covered is hoping enough people will keep the files locally and seed a torrent.

a479a8 No.13930172


Webarchive.org is pretty good if I recall correctly.

There's a massive PSX ROM collection there with the .cue files still present in the .zips instead of just .bins. basically its a great collection (and they have the only ISOs I've seen that will work on retroarch for me)

e0fe3e No.13930189


Be honest, hard for me to fall for this game personally. It's slow on the start and the controls don't feel as nice as Dragon's Crown.

35b091 No.13930745

File: beffdc42addbbb4⋯.jpg (214.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dogoo'd Neptune.jpg)

File: c27694fe0581c52⋯.jpg (218.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dogoo'd Noire.jpg)

Just a mishmash of Neptunias, mostly Re;Birth1 and Hyperdevotion. A mixture of side stuff too.


PSVSD was actually intended as a replacement for my SD2Vita due to not tying up the cartridge space, and that I got lucky finding a 3G model.


Which I did after acquiring the thing. It's not a serious drawback if you can copy over USB, and the only reason I ever removed my SD2Vita was for cartridge copying.


>I-it's not like I love you or anything


Someone will adopt her.

11a91c No.13931353

So uh, I have a sort of a dumb question.

So I have a vita on 3.60. I hacked the thing and put henkaku on it forever ago. I mainly bought the thing to pirate like 3 games and then I haven't touched the thing since.

There's a few more games I want to play, so I want to get my vita back into working condition to pirate some games.

Can I still use the existing setup? I honestly don't even remember how I got the games on the system.

80fa66 No.13931424


Switch to Enso, it doesn't require you to run the exploit after every reboot. Other than that you'll want to look into NoNpdrm/pkgi and the NoPayStation db.

11a91c No.13931451


Ah, alright.

Is there any way to do ps4 remote play with a hacked vita? I hear it requires a PSN login. I mainly just want to be lazy and play Yakuza 0 in bed.

35b091 No.13931459

File: 797b63d45c44389⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 4916x6960, 1229:1740, Vita HENkaku, Vita.jpg)


Your old system will be using Vitamin or MaiDumpTool for pirating, those should not be used in 99.9% of cases anymore. In the last couple months there's been major overhauls.

- HENkaku Enso: Persistent, still requires 3.60 though do not update!

- NoNpDrm: Plugin to generate fake licenses and far far cleaner way to copy games than older pirating methods. Ties into…

- Pkgi: freeShop for Vita.

- SD card adapters: Because the hell with the official ones.

Refer to OP pastebin for how to do them (shameless self-advertising intensifies)


I believe it works but it'll likely want your system to be activated. If it is then you're golden and you should back up the activation files immediately. >>13923727 Otherwise, don't try. Also don't try downloading games on PSN it won't work.

11a91c No.13931478


Guess I'm too stupid to do any of this. Vita won't connect to the computer. I honestly don't remember how to do this shit.

4d50d4 No.13931502

File: d61fe8643ad707f⋯.png (10.45 KB, 744x520, 93:65, ௵.png)

4d50d4 No.13931504


preferably on the PSP

11a91c No.13931509

Yeah, fuck it. I guess I'll just put my vita in the fucking drawer again and wait for the piracy scene to get better. I don't want to have to go through 5 billion steps just to pirate games.

35b091 No.13931520


Dude there is not that much you have to do. Just do it. Embrace your Vitan.

fd1485 No.13931547

File: b906272bbea6325⋯.png (64.94 KB, 1380x876, 115:73, sopa de monkey.png)

Fuck all of you.

80fa66 No.13933230


Did you open VitaShell and press select?


>Install NoNpdrm

>edit enso config the line you need is on the github of NoNpdrm

>Install pkgi

>edit pkgi config with NoPayStation license url

>open pkgi, install games

That's all the steps, not sure why it sounds so complicated to you.

eb0275 No.13933754

264e84 No.13933917

I got the bad ending in Mary Skelter. I'm going to get the good ending later after looking up the answers. The 3rd answer doesn't make sense WTF Magnolia Leaves?. I might go back to get the secret character but I should be done with the game. The story started great but it fizzles out into wasted potential by the end.

80fa66 No.13934472


I think you're the second person in this thread to say the ending just kind of falls of instead of having a concrete ending. Elaborate.

11a91c No.13941436

stupid anon here from last night

got the connection to work with a different computer, now I'm having different problems

trying to install nonpdrm.skprx

nothing happened when I followed the instructions, I added the .skprx to ux0:tai, and changed the config file

then rebooted

and then I went to the shell to attempt to install it

when I open it, it gives this garbled mess of text

like it has a bunch of rows listed 0-44 and just random code everywhere, no option to run it or install it

any advice?

bce635 No.13941508


You don't run NoNpDrm like that. Assuming that the config is set up right, it's loaded automatically. When starting a game it'll dump a fake license file for it under ux0:nonpdrm/ check that's happening to verify it was set up right.

If so, just set up pkgi as per the pastebin. That's the thing you use to download games on Vita.

11a91c No.13941531


Ah, alright. I confirmed it made a license there. Thank you!

I currently dont have a pkgi folder,so I'm a bit confused about the next step.

bce635 No.13941556

File: 562b7a3e269ae6f⋯.jpg (70.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 17dcebcb67647dcf6f492e9d2e….jpg)


Make one. Also set up NPSbrowser for DLC downloading. Unless you prefer to do it by hand (I think no?)

11a91c No.13941606


I made a folder and put the config file there.

Tried going to that webpage on the vita, didn't load or do anything.

bce635 No.13941616


Install pkgi, it's a VPK. The url https://nopaystation.com/pkgi goes in the config file it tells pkgi where to download a list of games and keys.

>stupid anon here

I should've listened. But fuck it I'm bored.

11a91c No.13941635


Sorry, I wish I wasnt retarded

I think I have figured it out

The pastebin doesn't have the right link, it goes to https://github.com/St4rk/PkgDecrypt

I want https://github.com/mmozeiko/pkgi this, right?

bce635 No.13941651

File: 35b69f10d4b4a03⋯.jpg (227.13 KB, 1368x672, 57:28, failure.jpg)



Yeah you want to download that and install it. Technically you can install stuff with pkg_dec but that's annoying. I'll fix the link next update, along with adding about PSVSD.

11a91c No.13941656


Yep, installed the pkgi and now I'm downloading a game!

But for updates and whatnot, I have to download those on my pc and then transfer them manually, right?

Also, thanks for putting up with my dumb ass. I appreciate it!

bce635 No.13941677


Yeah through NPSBrowser. Most updates can be downloaded in the regular way though unless it's one that wants to force a system update, in that case see if there's an older one you can download in NPSBrowser.

>Also, thanks for putting up with my dumb ass.

As if I can talk after stuffing up that link.

11a91c No.13941684


One last question!

Any way to keep a save game on the vita once I delete the game? Or do I have to back it up using the content manager or whatever? I've only got a 8gb card (for now).

bce635 No.13941697


No deleting a game deletes everything associated with it. Back up with Content Manager, or the saves can be done with Vita Save Manager.

11a91c No.13941706



Thank you again! Goodnight!

11a91c No.13943625

stupid anon here again!

The pkgi seems to be missing some games, particularly ones I wanted to play.

Mainly Steins Gate 0 ENG and Tokyo Xanadu. I assume if they're not on the pkgi, they can't be run on 3.60 and that's why they aren't on there?

So it's pointless if I buy a retail version of them?

80fa66 No.13943678


Stein;s Gate 0 was released right around the cutoff date but the JP release was prior to 3.61 so you might be able to find an asset swap and use that. Tokyo Xanadu appears to be in a similar situation. So not obtainable on the US PSN store in English under 3.61 but you might find asset swaps of both Which are the English assets being run with the JP eboot

11a91c No.13943701


Hm, might look into that.

But if it doesn't work out, can I buy retail versions of them and play them on my current vita?

80fa66 No.13943715


current vita as in up to date? Yes.

If by current vita you mean your 3.60 vita, probably not. The cartridges have slightly lower FW requirements so I'm not sure if Stein;s Gate was 3.60 with it's physical release. Tokyo Xanadu was for sure not 3.60 compatible in physical or digital form.

If you want to play them I recommend either a second vita, a cheap PSTV, or buying them on PC.

11a91c No.13943725


Is there a place that lists all the games with it's current firmware requirements?

80fa66 No.13943764


Not that I'm aware of but a soft rule is, if it was released after October 2016 it isn't going to be available Except through the earlier mentioned asset swaps

11a91c No.13943782


Hm. Well alright. Tokyo Xanadu I can just get on ps4.

However Root Letter and Steins;Gate 0 were both released November 2016. Kinda tempted to just pick up a retail copy and see if either of them run.

80fa66 No.13943821


Honestly if the end up being too high a PSTV is around $40-$60 on the US amazon.

11a91c No.13943830


Yeah, I know.

Thankfully most vita games are ported to either PS4 or PC anyway :^)

1aa20b No.13943845

File: 4e3cc9caa26a723⋯.png (147.52 KB, 1280x1480, 32:37, 9c2901e53446f9193e93f80795….png)

File: 278a7996fd09de3⋯.png (547.54 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 278a7996fd09de32513e09ad7b….png)

File: e668f7ebdf0c30c⋯.png (171.42 KB, 734x554, 367:277, Console going multiplat.png)

File: bb82a5e01f6c3c9⋯.png (126.65 KB, 500x424, 125:106, vita steam ports 1.png)

1605b7 No.13943847


can i pet the pikachu loli

264e84 No.13944083


Well, I got the good ending now and it was an improvement over the bad ending since it tries to wrap things up. For a Compile Heart game, it's pretty darn impressive. I'll give it that. Storywise, it builds itself up with the premise and all but it leaves you hanging. There's some glaring plotholes which makes some events feel contrived, the characters are fine though.

The gameplay's not bad either, I played on Normal. Grinding isn't as important as gear and making a decent skill build. There's a few puzzles and traps to add variety over the usual slog. I only had to look up a map guide once for one dungeon, getting lost is not fun. For half the game, every encounter felt tense since if you fuck up, it's probably game over. Then, you just steamroll everything…random enemies in the final levels are bigger threats to your party than the bosses themselves imo. There's epic tower-climbing bosses but only 2 of them in the game, one being half-assed.

Lack of pre-jail backstory (apparently locked behind some novel), shoehorned ayys did it, mimicry plot device, etc. Soured the experience a bit for me. I really wanted to give this game an A+ but it gets a solid B from me.

80fa66 No.13944141


The novel being the one that was "unlocked" as the game progresses or the novel that was included in the Super Weeb edition?

I really don't like when a story just sort of slows down to nothing rather than actually ends so that might actually make me less inclined to finish the game now.

264e84 No.13944281


The Super Weeb edition I'm sure. The game does end. It's just ambiguous and there are unexplained loose ends. The sequel hook at the bonus area doesn't help either. Leave it to the makers of Neptunia to make a story fall flat on its face after a good start. The fairytale theme was grossly underutilized, they could have done more with it. I will take what I could get however. I would play more from this series so I could get my edgy anime fix.

80fa66 No.13944342


I've got the novel here but I don't have my pstv with me so I don't know if they're the same book however it looks it is a prequel novel and some character backstories.

Sounds like the problem I heard FF13 having, with all the sidestories/novels that didn't get translated into English so the West saw some annoying pink haired girl come back for three games but she supposedly had a decent backstory in Japan.

4e7054 No.13945392


The PC thing only happens for cuckanese releases though, and so far the only thing the PS4 has that the Vita doesn't is Moon Dwellers, which was a port from the PS3 anyway.

919682 No.13949431


Dungeon Travelers 2

Akiba Beat


Root Letter


Nothing for now. I got Akiba and DT2 on a whim.

Honestly, I didn't realize that DT2 and Akiba were comfy. They're pretty fun time wasters.

2224ad No.13949449

oddworld new and tasty looks so good on the vita. it's a shame that there wasn' a physical release.

4cbdae No.13949560


There was a physical release limited to 2500.

d639c1 No.13949811


There's also a plugin that let's you change the default save location so you'll have PSP styled saves.

d639c1 No.13949820


S:g 0 has working D asset swap. So does utawarerumono 2 and 3 if you like vns.

2224ad No.13949857


LRG can eat a dick. i meant a proper physical release at retail.

489ded No.13950523


These are still great

1dc806 No.13950965

the ninja gaiden games have been patches and run at a locked 30fps now.

11a91c No.13953856

Return of the stupid anon.

So how would I go about getting the dlc for a game? I mainly want Taiko no Tatsujin V Version's dlc songs. I found some dlc files online, but I have no idea how to go about installing them.

I have no clue how to use the NPS Browser if the dlc is there.

11a91c No.13954505


I found an online version of Taiko no Tatsujin V Version, with an english patch and all of the DLC added, so I downloaded that.

Stupid question. Can I delete the VPK after installing it? I assume it's like the 3ds and I can delete the file after it's installed.

0aaa3d No.13954577


Good to know. Which plugin?


I've honestly never used NPSBrowser because it's Windows-only. But there is DLC for that game in the NPS DB, and you should be able to add the one for DLC to NPSBrowser.



I very strongly recommend against installing old VPK copies of games. There's very rare exceptions such as for certain game mods, and if you're impatient, for games that aren't redumped with NoNpDrm. But otherwise they a flaky hacked together mess.

11a91c No.13954653


The only reason I installed it was for the english menu patch (which I don't exactly need), but this game didn't have all the dlc installed.

I dont know how to actually get the NPSBrowser to work, nor how to get the dlc off of it to install dlc with it.

ffe522 No.13962060

File: 17b71250059cadb⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1000x1146, 500:573, MarySkelter_keyart_1000px.jpg)

I haven't been to the vita threads in a while so I don't know you guys' opinion on Mary Skelter. It's on discount right now so I don't know if the excitement for this game before release was deserved or not and if it's worth the current price at all.

919682 No.13962262

Do you think there will be a time where they stop development of vita games?

How popular is this console in Japan?

I'm not jumping ship to another console, but I'm just wondering how long the vita has until they stop development of games.

489ded No.13962299


likely by the near end of 2018 is when things will start formally coming to an end

354bb6 No.13962340


Platinum trophy'd the game. The plot twist is predictable and the post game ending felt incomplete, but the characters were enjoyable and it bought enough of its own mechanics to make it unique in the oversaturated dungeon crawler market. Not a bad game, just don't bother doing the post game content unless you need to collect all the trophies.

264e84 No.13962380

File: 0e054dd28775ff9⋯.jpg (207.99 KB, 1000x619, 1000:619, Kamigokuto-3.jpg)


I'm a cheap ass so I wouldn't buy it digitally unless it's twenty bucks. 25 is pushing it. It depends how badly you want to play another dungeon crawler. One thing I liked about it that I didn't mention was dual-audio. Japanese voices all dialogue and have annoying voices but English don't voice all dialogue and have more tolerable voices.

4e7054 No.13962411


>Do you think there will be a time where they stop development of vita games?

Inevitably of course there will be. Considering the PS2 was getting games as late as 2008, and the PS3 got stuff at least last year though, the Vita's likely still got a few years left.

>How popular is this console in Japan?

Moreso than anything that's not the 3DS

06cc22 No.13962822

File: 8605221e4694ea6⋯.jpg (175.82 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-12-07-220945.jpg)

Apparently we're getting activation and game downloading back. I don't know why it's being delayed like that though, opening up PSN access is pretty important given that they're likely to break it again some time.



Careful. Someone's gonna get angry.

I did check the AT2 dub out of curiosity. Putting aside the localization dialogue, Zenya sounds good. Shizuku is OK. Most others are bad. But the greatest sin is the voice for the little sister. It's flaming atrocious.


>a few years

I'd give it maybe 1 or 2 more at best. The PS3 was after all, a lot more popular and the Switch is stealing a lot of the attention.


Well unfortunately I don't know either. I was kind of hoping that I'd just be able to link it and assume the program was easy to use. Hopefully pkgi gets proper DLC and update support some time.

f090c1 No.13962890


I found that a lot of them are being pumped out of China now, I would get the V3 ones.

4e7054 No.13962922


>I'd give it maybe 1 or 2 more at best. The PS3 was after all, a lot more popular and the Switch is stealing a lot of the attention.

The Switch is still very much considered a TV console though, so it's never going to be able to "steal" the position of the 3DS or the Vita unless they get smart and release a smaller revision for the machine that makes the controls actually built into it instead of this weird detachable thing

264e84 No.13968701

File: 8d801cf689d5899⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1113x897, 371:299, reversecovers.png)

This was a nice surprise I found after finally beating the extra dungeon. Reverse covers. Mary Skelter's is better than the original while I like Trillion's original look. It's great to not be stuck with the chinese cover for the monster girl game and Noire's got her portraits inside. It's like in the good old days when games came with readable manuals with fun extras. I wonder what other covers do this?

eb5e9c No.13968767


There's actually a surprising amount of Vita games that do this. It's pretty great.

2439b4 No.13968921

File: dfb0d99d15911d1⋯.jpg (314.08 KB, 1077x808, 1077:808, HISV.jpg)




That and vs. Sega Hard Girls is the only one of mine that has that sadly. I suspect the Re;Birth series might've, but mine are digital copies.


That's what I'm hoping. But even in its current form it's something you can take with you and play, like a tablet so it'll at least take some development away from the older Vita and 3DS platforms. Don't start me on gacha cancer.

d639c1 No.13968943


>I dont know how to actually get the NPSBrowser to work, nor how to get the dlc off of it to install dlc with it.

Read the fucking spreadsheet.

NPS is the easiest way to get games and dlcs. You'd be a fool not to learn to use it.

4e7054 No.13969265


>But even in its current form it's something you can take with you and play, like a tablet

Technically? But no one in Japan uses it that way, so it's really only competing in the home space with the PS4, not the portable space with the 3DS and Vita.

fe4283 No.13969273


>I wonder what other covers do this?

Generally speaking across a variety of systems, not enough. Even with the PS3 in particular having had clear, uncolored plastic cases, where a reversible cover could have also functioned as inner art (ala PS1 tray cards), it didn't seem to happen too often, being that printing color front and back is an additional expenditure. And some companies that started getting exceedingly lazy eventually wound up just printing the safety warnings no one bothers to read or keep on the back of the covers (monochrome, obviously). I do know that the PS3 Trails of Cold Steel games have reversible art out here, and I would assume the Vita versions to be the same, though I can't say for certain. The Yomawari/Firefly Diary same-cart bundle has a reversible cover too, letting the purchaser choose which game's cover they want visible between both (as opposed to those often ugly compilation covers some games get, with covers-within-covers). Also, while not Vita related, IFI included the Japanese cover's Amano artwork as a reversible cover for Fairy Fencer F: ADF on the PS4, so there's that as well if that's your sort of game.

On that note, that Nep cover there makes me wonder what they were thinking, given there's not even a spine labeling. Such a thing works better as inner artwork than a true reversible cover. Similar could be said of Gravity Rush on the PS4 (which has the added question of why only the right side is in color for it). Does remind me that Wild Arms 5 for the PS2 was also missing a spine label, and that one didn't even have a reversible cover (the LE box at least has a label, but come on).

1faa07 No.13970066


>On that note, that Nep cover there makes me wonder what they were thinking

It's vaguely possible they were intending it for PS3 originally. More likely they just put it in as a surprise for people to find. Obviously Vita boxes don't work for inner art, and that definitely doesn't work as reversible since the characters aren't centered and the images spill over into the spine. The one for vs. Sega Hard Girls is true reversible.

Whatever the case I thought it was nice, although odd that they included the image for the limited edition cover. Not that I'm complaining about Noire's sweet thighs.


I think Switch will at least eat into game development intended for the ageing 3DS and Vita even if it's not technically a portable. That or mobile does (god forbid) or a true portable comes out from Ninty or Sony. If Sony, hopefully better managed this time around with less gimmicky nonsense.

4e7054 No.13970109


>I think Switch will at least eat into game development intended for the ageing 3DS and Vita even if it's not technically a portable.

Possible, but so far it certainly isn't happening, especially considering SRW X just got announced for the Vita.


Mobile's been around forever and not been a threat because it's a completely different market, despite what business people believe.

44a6e8 No.13971333

fe4283 No.13973887


Yeah, I think a difference needs to be made between actual reversible covers and cover inlays, but in cases of solid-color non-transparent plastic covers, inlays don't work, or at least don't work as well as they should. And then there's other baffling inlay designs beyond simply that: if memory serves, Gravity Rush for the PS4 has an inlay that is only in color on the right side, repeats the image on the left in greyscale, and has a greyscale unlabeled spine to boot. I mean, while there's the point that the transparent blue of the case is doing the color side of it no favors to begin with, why the inconsistency in color format? I'll take it over a lazy health warning as inlay "art", but considering how many companies seem to want to reduce the money involved in physical production, I'm surprised they'd bother with something that is going to clash with the nature of the casing.


>Muramasa Rebirth Complete on sale.

>Genroku Legends pack not on sale (and neither are the stand-alone DLC versions).

Beginning to think this is an intentional punishment for those who bought a used physical copy, in that Genroku Legends never goes on sale anymore (publishers not seeing a cent more from preowned copies, and that Complete sale price being less than Genroku Legends itself). Well, at least I got my GL pack a few years back when they were still marking it down. Was very much worth the $7.

55350c No.13974126


Those sales belong to Holiday Sale Week1. So maybe next week…

ffe522 No.13979704

File: fb74598e1dd352b⋯.png (685.25 KB, 800x450, 16:9, muramasa.png)

So what are the games to get on the psn vita game sale? Already got Muramasa complete, darkest dungeon, mind zero, zero escape, slain and axiom verge. More specifically I wanted to know if Caligula, god wars, and croixleur sigma were any good.

55350c No.13979794


mgs2 / mgs3?

9924f1 No.13980613

File: 3a66b5720a0961a⋯.jpg (154.2 KB, 400x592, 25:37, 1463720565330.jpg)

>download english translation of sd gundam g generation overworld years ago

>forget about it until vita hacking gets to be less of a pain in the ass

>dust off vita on a whim today

>everything is easy as fuck and you only have to do it once

>finally going to play sd gundam g generation overworld

God bless vita hackers and God bless freedom.

80fa66 No.13980666

File: 213c719d79a4d48⋯.jpg (502.46 KB, 751x700, 751:700, 213c719d79a4d481fe0b43eff8….jpg)


>God bless vita hackers and God bless freedom.

You'll only feel that way until you see the whiny bitches that are credited on 99% of work, even in cases where they did nothing other than the system jailbreak. Somehow that gives them credit on any vita project in existence.

It has also somehow imported a giant 3DS drama queen that likes to "quit the scene" every three days and gets worshiped for releasing broken PoC garbage before abandoning it that the 3DS has had for years because very few people care about the vita since Sony officially "abandoned" it.

Yes, I know

>Sony's games never made up a majority of the vita sales

>3rd party support is continuing etc.

the issue is since Sony abandoned it so early it wasn't being bought in places that would make Sony think it was valuable enough to release a new handheld The West and it didn't pick up a ton of new devs outside of the "indie" scene The devs still releasing on vita tend to be releasing on other platforms as well so it is effectively on life support. Though I suppose it has been for at least a couple years

abda5e No.13981554

File: 3572937c1f5839c⋯.png (98.51 KB, 394x383, 394:383, 3572937c1f5839c35b5ca28d7e….png)

Playing more Rebirth1. Noire left (boo) but Vert joined (yay). I'm not sure if this game's deep or just cluttered mechanics-wise, like I only just found the combo customization, and the extras you can slap on if they're charged enough. There's probably a lot more I'm missing.

Also thinking of designing a Vert theme for my system, Hestia's been a fixture for long enough.


To play devil's advocate (not for you though Satan) developing jailbreaks is what allows all other homebrew to work, and Vita's a tough system, serious credit is due to those who figure out exploits for it. I'll even speak well of crap like MaiDumpTool, as flawed as it was, all hacking scenes take time to develop. 3DS once upon a time had Gateway and rxTools.


As I just also realized that the inner picture of Black Heart is the original, not the censored one on the actual cover, I ain't complaining.

2224ad No.13981590

As long as people keep buying games on PSM, they will keep making games for it. The Vita is the last handheld.

fe4283 No.13981919


I'm still waiting for that patch (or patch port? Is that the issue as of now?) for the Vita version of Rebirth 2 before giving any of the Nep games a try.

2224ad No.13981953

Hot shots Golf is going offline in 5 days so get those online trophies, quick!

abda5e No.13981976

File: 60edbe8ed33fcd9⋯.jpg (947.39 KB, 2880x1632, 30:17, ea046ee8309fd1c530604210e9….jpg)

Oh right I put the PS1 Diablo on my system too. It's not the best way to play the game but I don't mind, they at least tried to make it work on PS1, and it's nice to have on handheld.

I gotta pawn some of this stuff.


I don't know if that went anywhere. There's supposed to be one for RB3 but I haven't tried. Also don't let that stop you from trying RB1 now because even the official translation for that is alright, and RB2 doesn't even continue from it, despite the name. Related: >>>/v/13902826

44a6e8 No.13982412

File: 13f6c4bc211ea2d⋯.jpg (692.17 KB, 1356x1920, 113:160, 00001.jpg)

a986f0 No.13982672

File: b13af40fcd32ae3⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, b13af40fcd32ae361897dcbc49….jpg)



RB2's vita retranslation patch is neverever'd.

11a91c No.13984942

>feel like reading a vn

>already have vita hacked, so do research

>everything besides danganrompa, the nonary games, and steins;gate are all otomes

kill me

80fa66 No.13984973


>developing jailbreaks is what allows all other homebrew to work, and Vita's a tough system, serious credit is due to those who figure out exploits for it

Yes, and the people who developed the JBs for 3DS are properly credited for their work but you don't see them getting thanks on EVERY release on the 3DS either.

The people who developed the JB for the vita are already felated enough in any "community" that deals with vita homebrew/piracy that they don't need credit every time somebody releases homebrew for the system, and they don't deserve credit on releases where they did absolutely nothing.

I don't care if somebody wants to thank the JBers on their own project pages, that's their own shit, but then you have retarded faggots on reddit or wololo Who hire literal redditors to essentially repost reddit, even when the original source is THEIR OWN TALK FORUMS that have to add

>Thanks to yifanlu, pomfpomfpomf, etc for making a JB one time, you should get credit for this too even though you did nothing to create it.

>Thanks to some other guy who was also not related but made another fucking LUA interpreter and we're assuming it was this one

That is the part I have a problem with. That and Yifan can't stop prancing around like a god and everybody lets him because

>muh JB maker

The 3DS scene can move on and not relate every new release to their equivalent of Henkaku.

fd1485 No.13985114


Original translation is honestly better.

efd8d3 No.13985313


>like I only just found the combo customization

That should have been one that the game gives a tutorial about, though maybe that's in the later games.


>Yifan can't stop prancing around like a god

I don't really follow the makers of these exploits until something has developed, does he have a bit of an ego from the vita scene?

fe4283 No.13985456


I seem to recall reading something about fans making an English patch for The Fruit of Grisaia on the Vita, with a restoration patch also being in the works.

80fa66 No.13986589


>does he have a bit of an ego from the vita scene?

He behaves like an expert on everything CS like everybody else on the internet but worse because he managed to JB a console that very few people were actually working to JB. And people indulge his behavior because they don't have to buy vita games since him JBing the console allowed them to pirate shit.

>But we use JBs for emulators and the homebrew not piracy

Yeah I'm sure people were breaking their doors down to play gba games on yet another device or use their vita as a controller even though it has horrible L2/R2 controls. That's why every other week you get somebody asking about 3.61+ JBs, because they want to play their GBA games on higher FW.


The original translation isn't the worst thing ever but the references they replaced they didn't exactly use a Western equivalent which I feel is more important than just

>Oh it's a cultural reference? That means I can insert whatever memes I want!

9a17b7 No.13986961

Will 3.65 ever be hacked?

35b091 No.13987046

File: abe471c888ff9cf⋯.jpg (62.55 KB, 500x573, 500:573, abe471c888ff9cf7b009a56d35….jpg)


As I said I've no issue thanking the exploit creators for enabling their homebrew in the first place. But there's such a thing as too much, and entitlement. Also I can do without the tedious political shit some of them post but that drama tends not to leak out, thank christ.


Well you shouldn't buy a Vita unless you want to play Vita games. Storage redirection and pirating is just to bypass some of Sony's bullshit. Adrenaline is a really nice benefit for portable PSP and PS1 but you can get those on PSP too. Emulators and other bits of homebrew are mostly icing for the cake.


One can dream, also it's at 3.67 now.

fe4283 No.13987103


I'm mainly hoping for CFW to feign required OFW and open things up to playing games past 3.60, the way you can with PS3s. Not a huge fan of being limited to playing only games under [X firmware] on a system, but I don't want to update my Vita since the fan translation scene's likely to get bigger as time goes on.

008d20 No.13989247

Does Omega Labyrinth work well on PSTV?

11a91c No.13989851

Hello, stupid anon returns.

I figured out how to get dlc off of the browser. But now I'm trying to install the taiko dlc. Where do you install the files to?

ffe522 No.13991277


Any other recommendations? I got the ps3 mgs collection already.

55350c No.13991423


shiren is good too

9a17b7 No.13992157

Well I finally managed to find a Vita under 3.60 at a price that won't break the bank too much. Had to call up over half a dozen memestops to do it. My lukiegames one shipped with 3.65 so that pisses me off.

Fucking hate giving them money but it looks like that will be my best option, at least the employees were cool about it.

35b091 No.13992629


It'll make a folder somewhere that you copy to your SD card, and then you can refresh livearea in VitaShell. If they're named "addcont" and "license" and such then just copy that to the root of your SD card.


If only it was a simple version check, but there's a lot more to 3.61+ games than that. The best you can do is dump game data for those, and sometimes reuse that in a foreign copy depending how the game works (asset swaps).

80fa66 No.13992699


>Well you shouldn't buy a Vita unless you want to play Vita games.

Yes and I think the vita has good games that should be legitimately purchased in most cases barring NISA fuckery, full price digital only jewery, etc The problem is it seems like a lot of people are only buying a vita now to pirate the "free" games and had no interest in it until they could pirate which I think is also why interest from people, outside of a couple of developers releasing halfbroken utlities or the DOOM port every console gets, has essentially vanished because

<Well, we can't play new games so fuck this system

>Storage redirection and pirating is just to bypass some of Sony's bullshit.

This would be a valid point if people were using JBing as a way to get around Sony's bullshit to play titles they've purchased but the majority aren't. They're literally just getting the biggest SD cards they can to pirate the most games possible. I doubt most of them even play the games they pirate, they just do it because they think it makes them look cool to their faggoty friends.

>Adrenaline is a really nice benefit for portable PSP and PS1 but you can get those on PSP too. Emulators and other bits of homebrew are mostly icing for the cake.

Adrenaline is great because PSP/PS1 games are available portably Other than the handheld laptops known as GXP on something other than just buying a PSP and using isos/csos when PSP hardware is going up in price because it's growing scarce. The multitude of emulators being released are of marginal benefit to most people because the systems with working emulators, other than the PS1/PSP, have been done before and, in most cases, are far more mature as software on alternative platforms. Nobody was buying a vita because it emulated the GBA or the NES, that can be done on most phones now. They were buying vitas because they wanted to pirate vita games. This is also part of why Sony to abandon the PSP in the West the first time. Then those same faggots who can't be bothered to buy games wonder why no games come West.


Not sure where you live but unless your vita has to be portable/touchscreen Because the DS4 is a horrible replacement you can buy a PSTV new for half the price and they're always below 3.60.

e0fe3e No.13992854

File: 3289da24ab33685⋯.jpg (176.79 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1467298442640.jpg)

File: 87fa9a6cc175679⋯.jpg (219.61 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1439695994826.jpg)


>This would be a valid point if people were using JBing as a way to get around Sony's bullshit to play titles they've purchased but the majority aren't. They're literally just getting the biggest SD cards they can to pirate the most games possible. I doubt most of them even play the games they pirate, they just do it because they think it makes them look cool to their faggoty friends.

The reason I've slowed on pirating right here, and haven't really tried using cracks since the NDS. It's great to have the backup of hundred of games, but it's a worthless venture if you're not going to actually play. I staved that off by making myself playtest titles and hunting for the ones I really liked, which were quite a few DS titles.

This is also why it's so damned frustrating that devs and pub houses ignore obvious good opportunities like demos. They'd retain more customers by just setting up a damn demo. It's the exact reason I even paid attention to Dungeon Travelers at all. Time well-fucking-spent.

35b091 No.13993006

File: e9b28c31ac589e2⋯.jpg (125.52 KB, 960x544, 30:17, nepscreen.jpg)


>Yes and I think the vita has good games that should be legitimately purchased in most cases

I've been a hopelessly good goy and it doesn't pay when they decide it's a great idea to block PSN downloads, well after the fact and after most games were already dumped.

>if people were using JBing as a way to get around Sony's bullshit

Nobody wants the proprietary SD cards, or PSN region lockout. But no I agree there's a lot of pure pirates, just like on 3DS, if anything they have it even worse for "pirates that don't play anything".

>The multitude of emulators being released are of marginal benefit

Vita and 3DS are the only systems I take for portable emulation, phones are terrible. Generally I prefer Vita for being nicer to play on. But no, as I already said, it is not a platform I'd get for emulation alone. I mostly play proper Vita games on-the-go.

>Then those same faggots who can't be bothered to buy games wonder why no games come West.

The only people to blame for Vita's failure are Sony, for bad design decisions, management, and not mustering a good variety of game development to happen. Pirating didn't even come into it until mid 2016, at least 4 years into its lifespan.

80fa66 No.13993331


>This is also why it's so damned frustrating that devs and pub houses ignore obvious good opportunities like demos

Demos died because most publishers rush shit out the door. By not offering a demo you can't see what a buggy mess it probably is without dropping 60 goybucks.


>Nobody wants the proprietary SD cards, or PSN region lockout

I would go as far as saying the memory card prices are part of why the vita failed to get a mainstream market in the US. With how cheap regular SD cards are and how equally encryptable they are it was entirely a cashgrab by Sony to use "proprietary" memory which was essentially SD cards with the pins swapped.

>Vita and 3DS are the only systems I take for portable emulation, phones are terrible.

Rather than current gen I was talking about how emulator ready a PSP can be and, at one point, they are extremely cheap. Similar with the DS and how easy it was to run GB/C/A with it's native hardware and a flashcart. All of the vita's emulators, save maybe the Amiga/DOS emulators, have been done better on portable hardware that was far more widespread, namely the 3DS at this point in time. Before that it was the PSP. The vita in general is a nicer piece of hardware because it wasn't built to be replaced with the next XL Super Climax FINAL edition that the DS and 3/2DS line went through. I think over the four or so years they've been made the only change they made between the 1000 and 2000 Other than getting rid of the 3G module nobody could use models was replacing the OLED screen with a less burnin-prone screen and giving access to the onboard memory for game saves/limited downloads.

>The only people to blame for Vita's failure are Sony, for bad design decisions, management, and not mustering a good variety of game development to happen.

Yes, Sony is largely to blame for the Vita's failure but that line was about the PSP. The PSP largely failed and was abandoned in the West by Sony midway through it's life because nobody wanted to bring games over on a console that was widely believed to have security practices as terrible as the 3DS without the customer loyalty.

> Pirating didn't even come into it until mid 2016, at least 4 years into its lifespan.

When Henkaku was originally released and people were releasing homebrew the only thing most people cared about was piracy. The Vita may not have had piracy until near the end of it's lifespan but most owners of vita hardware were not interested in vita games until they could pirate them. Their retardation was so great that several of them bricked their Vita with a vpk that did nothing but format the system partitions. The vpk was an 800kb file called


Nobody stopped to think

<psv games are pretty big, maybe this is fake

I don't think piracy caused the vita to fail but I do think a lot of people didn't buy a Vita because it wasn't as easy to pirate on. The PSP sold hardware units because it was decent hardware, it did not sell as many software units as expected with the install base because a significant enough portion didn't feel obligated to buy their games to play them. I think if Sony tried to create a handheld that had the sort of freedom the PSP had but also locked down on piracy better before somebody says "just buy a PC durrr" portability the Vita would have been far more successful in the West than it was.

Many people bought a vita to wait for what they assumed was the inevitable busting open of the OS as evidenced by the massive console sales. When that didn't happen they just didn't use the system as evidenced by the number of people with the "dusting off my vita, what games can i pirate now?" when Henkaku was revealed to be a kernel hack". Then, when the console was jailbroken and they were free to add the sort of functionality they wanted from the PSP they did nothing with it but pirate.

When Sony found a way to block download access to the Store for a time for consoles not actually on the latest OFW people suddenly felt morally justified pirating shit they weren't going to buy anyway because

<waaaaah my two legitimately purchased $10 titles being locked away from me makes it ok to pirate hundreds of dollars in games.

That is the sort of cancer that infests the vita JB "community" that I do think significantly affected the vita being considered a failure.

eb5e9c No.13993369

I pirate almost every game I play, and what I don't I buy used long after the fact. Stay mad, moralfag goys.

13b4ba No.13993405


Surprisingly there is a high amount of demos on the japanese PSN store on Vita

Also despite having pirated originally for the PSP, I still ended up buying a couple of PSP/PS1 games for my Vita, and playong them, instead of having the majority of them just sitting there untouched.

e0fe3e No.13993832


Probably compensation for the lack of screencaps and that retarded 3-picture limit they have going. Suits me just fine, since it's a great way to put games on a list since digital buys on JPSN are highway robbery most times. Even with a middleman service, hunting physicals is typically far cheaper.

40faa7 No.13995716


I'm just about to buy a second Vita, honestly. There's a dozen or so games that I want to play but can't because "Fuck you, update".

0295ca No.13996308


I normally defend the vita, but I'm not sure what to say about this. I don't know why it looks so trash, I thought the vita had much more power than this.

6a7dfb No.13996326

Should I buy mary skelter or god wars?

359f21 No.13996339


Mary Skelter, cute girls and fun dungeon crawler

40faa7 No.13996352

>want to get Superbeat Xonix DLC

>can't access store on Vita



Lower specs and a likely non-dedicated port.

55350c No.13996353


no, it's KT being the niggers they are by not giving enough work to the vita port.


>God Wars

>published by Nisa

I wonder which one you should get.

6a7dfb No.13996360



shit you're right I didn't even notice Nisa, mary it is then

55350c No.13996361


fuck.. i wanted to reply >>13996308

fe4283 No.13996390


Here's hoping it happens somewhere down the line, anyhow. Just seems a bit silly that I could take a PS3 that's sat on 3.55 for a long time, slap some recent CFW on it, and play late PS3 games just fine without ever having had the required OFW on it, yet CFWed Vitas are still locked to 3.60 at present (does make me wonder how long it took PS3s to get firmware feigning working though).


>This is also why it's so damned frustrating that devs and pub houses ignore obvious good opportunities like demos. They'd retain more customers by just setting up a damn demo.

I'd wager for most publishers, demos are seen as more of a way to lose possible sales than to gain them these days.

9a17b7 No.13997105

Are there any SD card adapters for PCH-1001's?

All the adapter descriptions only seem to say model 1000 or 2000-compatible.

f090c1 No.13997145


Do you mean the very first 3G models? If so there are.

9a17b7 No.13997185


No, I believe its the wifi model.

e0fe3e No.13997222

File: 20791fb2c800eaf⋯.jpg (135.11 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1467281750151-1.jpg)


That chap's usually a pigmented faggot about studio arguments, but if that's really the Vita screenshots, he has a halfway-decent point. I say halfway because it's fucking PS4—under the hood is a fidelity and processing capability that the Vita can't hope to compete with on its best day with the most-careful team.

The other half is yes, Gust and KT are hideously lazy with their ports to the handheld—it's an established track record with them through nearly half a dozen titles.


>I'd wager for most publishers, demos are seen as more of a way to lose possible sales than to gain them these days.

If they do lazy shit like with the new Atelier, then I can see the point. And call them faggots for it.

f090c1 No.13997236


Well as long as the vita model has a slot for physical the later versions of sd2vita work.

80fa66 No.13997322



The vita is hardware from 2011. I'm sure if KT put the effort in for slightly lower res textures and the like it would look fine.

The Switch is hardware from THIS year and it looks like vita games from 2014.

The fact that the Switch version looks that bad, porting issues aside, is pretty pathetic. Considering it's library currently consists of a shitload of ports and multiplatforms there is very little reason to buy a Switch this early other than how easy Nintendo consoles are to open up and JB.

I don't know why Nintendo thought combining their handheld line with their home console line was a good idea. I'm guessing Sony or anybody else not making any competing handheld was a factor, they have no reason to maintain a handheld line if they have no competition. The Switch has the same problem every Nintendo console since the Wii has had, the hardware is at least a generation or more behind and comes with some retarded gimmick that only they fully know how to use and it is rarely, if ever, used in a way other than

>Well, we're releasing on a Nintendo console, got to tack on motion control/second screen info


the 1000 models came with a 3G module that can be switched out with an SD adapter. If you don't have a 3G vita your option for SD cards is an adapter that goes into the gamecard slot of the vita.


Literally a small board with a microSD card slot. Not sure why it says it isn't compatible with a region specific vita, if anybody knows feel free to jump in

9a17b7 No.13997348


It was downright retarded of them. The Switch's price point and nonexistent library (at least till everything from the piddling Wii U gets ported over) combined with no backwards compatibility with neither the Wii U nor the 3DS really ends up killing it for me.

The size of it is also absurd.

80fa66 No.13997464

File: b37c8b3c185f708⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, SD2V1.jpg)

File: a5bed3f3b1f0bce⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.73 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, SD2V2.jpg)

File: 29f5e234ad5274d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.44 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, SD2V3.jpg)

File: c531e20032693b2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.52 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, SD2V4.jpg)


I long for the days when consoles were relevant for a couple of years after release because they were selling them at a subsidized pricepoint, imagine if they did that with the PS4/Xbone. Now that they're essentially PCs with barely custom instruction sets and underpowered GPUs you can see they're essentially selling people $200 PCs for $500 at launch and pretending it'll last a full six year generation.

The people claiming the Switch is a handheld are faggots. Nobody outside of the Western retards consider it a handheld but it still seems like Nintendo is testing the waters to see if they can drop their real handheld line entirely. The fact that they're essentially ignoring what could be an instantly larger library with exclusives by not making it backwards compatible, at least with digital titles, is retarded.


As the world would have it I got my SD2vita in the mail a few minutes ago It inserts and ejects like a regular gamecart, it doesn't stick out while inserted. The microSD card just inserts in and out of the adapter, it isn't spring loaded. It is exactly what you would expect a nonshitty standard of memory to work.

9924f1 No.13997687

File: 96bed89b9ea3192⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 310x416, 155:208, 310.jpg)

Why is the Rick Dias so fucking awesome?

35b091 No.13997723

File: e31293b5880d393⋯.jpg (47.65 KB, 854x470, 427:235, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

File: 9ee48d7ad8efbe1⋯.jpg (41.97 KB, 854x470, 427:235, mpv-shot0005.jpg)


>why I can do it with the PS3

They learned. The PS3 suffered some humiliating failures early on. Ones they were able to fix, but still. They probably took that failure to heart with Vita. And in all honesty I expect the Switch to be pretty solid too. They've had time to look into the stuff-ups that allowed A9LH and sighax to happen, and no more legacy compatiblity where games are allowed to execute on the friggin' security processor.

>demos are seen as more of a way to lose possible sales



All storage redirection needs HENkaku. SD2Vitas work on any system. The PSVSD is for 3G models only, and USB storage is for PSTV only. That's all there is to it!


Consoles have always been vastly weaker than PCs of their day, what matters is it's designed for games and a single platform to target. At least that's the theory.

42a007 No.13997797


Gust/Koei tecmo have been shitting terrible ports on Vita since Yoru no nai Kuni 1 (Nights of Azure). Atelier Shallie Plus beforehand suffered framerate issues at japanese release but they at lest patched it.

Worth to note that even Blue Reflection on PS4 has obvious framerate issues during girls conversations sequences. So it's just the devs being incompetent in their job.

It looks terrible on Vita because they compressed the originally uncompressed textures to fit the 4GB limit. It wasnt much an issue for porting KT PS3 games because at least the devs bothered to compress the assets back then.

80fa66 No.13997966

File: 638a5980c41100f⋯.jpg (505.31 KB, 1504x1077, 1504:1077, 638a5980c41100fa9d583fd880….jpg)


>Consoles have always been vastly weaker than PCs of their day

They were sold as subsidized near midrange hardware designed to last for an entire generation, by the end of their respective lifespans they were beyond low tier. They weren't giving people enthusiast hardware at a discount but they weren't having to do mid generation "hardware refreshes" like the PS4/Xbone or the twelve variants of the 3DS because their 3D implementation was worthless or the hardware was showing age too quickly.

>what matters is it's designed for games and a single platform to target. At least that's the theory.

Single platform with a single hardware configuration. In addition their OS and graphics APIs had far less overhead than PC equivalents at the time. Obviously this is slowly changing particularly with Vulkan allowing the PC platform to breakaway from the cancer that is DirectX.

The issue now is since most consoles are modified x86 and there is little real difference other than controllers most console manufacturers don't really have much to compete on other than what they can keep away from their competitors.

Digital only garbage is probably what will keep people on PS/XBox line relevant long after they're pointless because people have sunken a few hundred dollars or more into bits they don't actually own and will go into denial for a few years.


>4GB limit

4GB limit for just textures or total? I was under the impression there were physical game cards that allowed up to 8GB but most games tried to avoid the 8GB cards because they were expensive/trying to save digital only lads from killing their memory card space.

>at least the devs bothered to compress the assets back then

weren't people flipping shit because CoD infinite warfare recommended 150GB of free space for installation and they claimed it was the HQ textures/sound effects and included possible day 1 fixes because they wouldn't know if any patches would be needed, they didn't actually do any QA and fuck shipping products that work without patches

9a17b7 No.13998074

>got my Vita hacked with nonpdrm and pkgi in 2 hours of my first time hacking anything ever

Say what you want about jewtubers but they really do make the thing fantastically easy to follow, I'm immensely happy right now.

Are there any must-play JRPGs or games with a lengthy, gritty and/or epic story I can play on this thing right now?

80fa66 No.13998098


At the top of the thread there is a combined recommendation/future releases list. Look at something that might interest you and lookup gameplay.

9a17b7 No.13998113


I am aware of the chart anon, I suppose I'm asking for someone to sell me on a must-play because of the sheer amount of options available that I know next to nothing about. It doesn't really rank or show what the best story-based games would be either and I don't really have the time to dig through each one like I'd want to. getting older sucks

b87bbe No.13998173


4GB is the max limit for the vita game cartridges. I dont recall any vita game having more than 3.6GB as base space, and patches/updates rather use the memory card instead. Blue Reflection on PS4 is 20GB in size because of the uncompressed assets, so that's why the Vita port looked like ass in comparison.

Coincidentally, this whole issue of optimizing/porting really started to get obvious at the same time Gust lost their formula for their games, especially the Atelier ones.

9924f1 No.13998174


Install adrenaline and play Tactics Ogre

e0fe3e No.13999095

Holiday sale is in the JPSN area, too.

Root Letter's going for 400¥

Senrans vita games are around 1000 - 1500¥ a piece

Not much NIS stuff there except Labyrinth of Refrain

Oh. And Awakened Fate Ultimatum is 700¥ or so.

e0fe3e No.13999150


Also, Mark of the Wolves and Akiba's Beat are also free on JPSPlus. Probably worth the sign up trial if that fancies you.

99a9ef No.14007446

File: f7125271e5b2fd9⋯.png (198.89 KB, 626x824, 313:412, 1457966122952-1.png)

I just got the SD2VITA adapter in the mail and got it running - feels pretty good to suddenly double my capacity. And I didn't know we reached easy pirating striaght from PSN, that's kind of insane.

I think I might start with the Atelier series.

63d257 No.14007524

i've spent a shit ton on digital vita games thinking i could play them on ps4 if i ever got one later down the road.

just got one last week and wow a fucking total of four games out of the 50 i got are cross platform, very nice.

how fucking kiked is this? why do they put the "PS3 PS Vita PS4" textboxes on the game's store page? it's misleading. dynasty warriors 8 empires for example did this.

44f3c0 No.14007591

Which games are worth buying physical copies of that you can't get with pkgi/henkaku?

80fa66 No.14007767


They mean it's available, not that they aren't double dipping. Most games that are on PS4 and Vita do cross saving.

It's generally only Indie titles that do a buy once for all the PS platforms.

e0fe3e No.14007820


Most games tell you upfront if they're cross-compatible.


Most of the weeb library. you'll never get many people with time or patience to rip said games to the Vita crack scene. Which is hilarious given that the vast majority of games for the Vita are fresh from Japan.

6f9695 No.14007831


A shame this isn't the plug-in that allows for 3.61+ games for henkaku but at least it'll allow accounts to be usable again.

44f3c0 No.14007877


>weeb library

any especially noteworthy games worth getting from it?

5c245c No.14007976

File: 22abb038f96f045⋯.jpg (193.64 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, uta game.jpg)


Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono Mask of Truth, in that order. The former is 80 hours and the latter is around 100 hours

But first you need to play the PC game which was the first of its series. MoD and MoT is a separate story but you get to meet the old cast and you will seriously miss out some of the most emotional reunion.

5c245c No.14007989

File: 2e9c839fb3e6cd4⋯.jpg (97.02 KB, 600x495, 40:33, Utawarerumono-MoT-Dated-We….jpg)

File: 5afffe851d44871⋯.jpg (77.61 KB, 720x960, 3:4, daki.jpg)


Oh and if you're seeking to find physical copy, look in EB Games and if you're lucky enough they're still selling Mask of Truth day one physical that include Sarara & Ururu body pillow

44f3c0 No.14008018


Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the first PC game.


Is Mask of Deception worth getting a physical copy of? Or only Mask of Truth?

5c245c No.14008051


Mask of Deception day one physical contains a small artbook that is an excerpt from the full artbook, contains spoiler. You don't miss out much.

44f3c0 No.14008069


is it possible to play on a henkaku vita digitally?

5c245c No.14008073

File: bdfd515074a41f7⋯.png (20.53 KB, 158x152, 79:76, 1414776050518.png)


Oh and the first PC game is an eroge so I'd advise not play it in public.The lewd is actually the canon that leads to the event of MoD.

80fa66 No.14008082


I don't think the games moved all of their launch day copies but apparently still enough for them to keep bringing the games over because I got Mask of Deception this September and Mask of Truth around a month ago, both still being launch edition.

As a side note

>actually using the pillowcase as a pillowcase


They're decent games if you like VNs with turnbased strategy interspersed.

There were some retarded journalists who gave it a bad score because they weren't aware it was a VN and complained that it was "wordy".


There is a PS2 version with all the lewd removed but obviously that would be retarded. They're also remastering the PS2 version for the PS4.

44f3c0 No.14008085


How long is it?

5c245c No.14008087


I don't use henkaku because I was a retard and updated mine past 3.60 but there's a feature where it lets you transfer items you found in MoD to MoT and the post game of 2nd game unlocks advantage in the next game if you beat it. Though I think it saves in your SSD? Not sure

5c245c No.14008090


only 20 hours actually

5c245c No.14008095


Yea I heard about the remake of 1, as much as I love the game not sure how they're gonna justify selling it for $60 for a 20 hour game even if it's fantastic.

c337f3 No.14008100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


JUST watch the animu of the first game and wait for the superior version release.

ad5528 No.14008112

5c245c No.14008121


>watching the anime before playing the game

Don't do this the anime left out the most important plot device because it couldn't include the h-scene. It leaves out the birth of certain someone

>showing the abel kamui in the trailer

shhiiiet aquaplus you're not suppose to know this near the end

ad5528 No.14008123


>watching animu over playing games

I remember some retard did that with Valkyria Chronicles and ended up not knowing a hugely important spoiler and looking like a retard.

5c245c No.14008146


What the hell did you use the pillow case for then

44f3c0 No.14008153


masturbatory tool most likely

c337f3 No.14008156

any1 for some EDF?

5c245c No.14008163

File: 423c3ab611d96dc⋯.png (8.63 KB, 490x469, 70:67, daki2.png)


He can have both

80fa66 No.14008179


I don't use them tbh but if I did I'd probably use some sort of gentle putty adhesive and use them as pseudo wall scrolls/posters.

I feel like using the pillowcase as a pillowcase would cause it to get dirty/stained and then I'd have to wash it and things only stand up to being washed so many times.

d8aeea No.14008181

File: da42d7286c3c148⋯.jpg (353.84 KB, 739x628, 739:628, 1367098263910.jpg)

Does anybody have scans or the digital gallery for the Soul Sacrifice Delta artbook? Been playing it religiously after leaving to be for a long while, forgot how fun and completely depressing this game is.

6a7dfb No.14008193


soul sacrifice 2 when?

d8aeea No.14008198

File: f16dc946a55f39c⋯.jpg (417.94 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1367288540426.jpg)


Never ever.

ed8757 No.14008266

File: 7e38aa66cc367a5⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 795x600, 53:40, 1413596314050.jpg)


I never thought about that, mine is starting to gather hair.

80fa66 No.14008437

File: 1cc12e2c16ee10c⋯.jpg (489.75 KB, 665x931, 5:7, 1cc12e2c16ee10c695086734aa….jpg)


If it's just hair a lint roller would be a good investment.

You should also try to lint roll any clothing you wear before you leave the house if you don't already. It takes maybe a minute to do and makes you look much more presentable.

I also recommend a plastic storage container that you keep out of direct/sustained sunlight to store your collectibles. Wooden boxes aren't as good because they are susceptible to termites *although if you have termites that is a bigger problem to fix** and water damage.

3c5d69 No.14008487


thanks fam

3c5d69 No.14008507


>Root Letter's going for 400¥

I bought it for 50 (ps4) on release and havent even played it yet

9a17b7 No.14009104

I have Adrenaline now.

Now what?

Is there anything ePSP bubble installer does that Adrenaline doesn't?

How's the homebrew browser?

Which is the easiest emulator to use that has a decent set of features for shit like GBA and whatnot? Hesitant to use retroarch because I remember how many headaches it gave me on a computer (at least when dealing with a PSX emulator, dunno if its nicer to deal with when running on a Vita with simpler machines to emulate)

e0fe3e No.14009759

File: bc224b2e03763a8⋯.jpg (764.03 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, __aquaplus_and_dungeon_tra….jpg)

File: 87676f31d08cb87⋯.jpg (94.78 KB, 490x600, 49:60, 2b2b3f3b8a6b12faf3b27d0253….jpg)

File: 7a2c0eec9716394⋯.jpg (413.59 KB, 1500x1040, 75:52, 7a2c0eec971639450e040b315b….jpg)

It was a long year, but it finally got accomplished: got my holy Grail. Confirmation hit the email box and now it's being prepared for mail. I still miss dearly the tapestry bonus that came with launch copies, though.

The demo was fun as fuck, and my moon is slowly improving so I can follow audio conversations. I do miss being an unstoppable walking god, but I'm fine with earning all that all over again.

61290e No.14014752

Vita should be discontinued. In the west at least, 2018 should be a good year to kill Vita for good. Handheld is now thing of the past.

80fa66 No.14014829

File: 512f9c131a8ddac⋯.png (545.47 KB, 716x703, 716:703, RsTmClG.png)

5ee428 No.14014930

File: cf9905d0ec15950⋯.gif (103.45 KB, 450x253, 450:253, 1342741712765.gif)

>get Freedom Wars several years late to the party

>enjoy it despite its numerous flaws and infuriating last boss

>favorite thing about the game was the vocalization system for accessories

>mfw I found out what the US localization team did with it

This is why I always import.

40faa7 No.14016059


Freedom Wars' JP version has been english patched as of now.

9a17b7 No.14017464

Both mGBA and Retroarch's GBA cores run like absolute shit on my Vita. My fucking budget 60$ smartphone from 3-4 years ago is doing better than this thing, I'm fucking pissed.

Is there something you have to configure or do to get these emulators working properly? I installed the latest versions, but the audio is fucked up and it runs slowly with noticeable lags and drops and stutters.

506a3b No.14017560


Are you angry Catherine Full Body is not coming out on PC?

fd1485 No.14018017


Yes you have to give daddy the succ.

40faa7 No.14018073


I've heard good things about TempGBA. mGBA's standalone emulator is good for some games, too.

9d3234 No.14018171

fe4283 No.14018634


As a heads up from using TempGBA with my PSP for a while, in order to properly save progress (for longevity, I mean; save states still work) you have to fully quit out of the emulator. Not sure if it's the same when used with the Vita, but just a heads up since it can be quite annoying to be playing a lengthy game, forget about that, and get set back an hour or more next time you play. Also need to watch out for game dumps that still have copy protection. Think the dump of Minish Cap I got locked up after the first dungeon.

9a17b7 No.14018853


I'll check it out.


Thanks for the heads up anon

52d3c6 No.14019221

>Tfw get a bunch of new vita games in the mail the day you come down with the flu

>Stack of games taunting you to sit up with dizziness and fever


80fa66 No.14019941


You can't play a handheld laying down?

40faa7 No.14021553



Sorry. I meant VBA Next, not TempGBA.

4e7054 No.14022926


Because it's basically a Space Dom

b5dac7 No.14024382


That's the same with RetroArch I'm pretty sure.


VBA Next is the only GBA core in RetroArch. It's borderline too slow in some places though like the baseball mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku. Also apparently the overclock plugin isn't compatible with homebrew.

Also I lied there is gpSP but that crashes. A few other cores do that too like prboom, they should be pruned.


What'd you get anyway?


Would you want to if your head is spinning or you're constantly sneezing? That's the worst situation to concentrate on anything.


And that helps him how? He doesn't like the localization.

d9fc82 No.14025877

Can NoNpDRM make valid work.bins to upload to nopaystation from cartridge games? i might look into importing some used games to flesh out the Japanese library on there if that's the case

b91bb4 No.14025940


Just checked a few cartridge games I have dump identical ZRIFs to the ones on NPS and they do. So you should be good. Also if PSN gets opened up again I might consider doing some JP PSN stuff. I have an avenue to getting PSN credit that's not an issue.

9924f1 No.14027456

File: 80915ba5530412c⋯.gif (62.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1451336450645.gif)

>using vita almost exclusively as a psp

I don't know how I should feel about this but I am having fun regardless. My PSP has a crack on the very top of the screen that pisses me off anyway. Also I found out that you can play Freedom Unite and Portable Third with a PSP and vita. Too bad my brother is a pleb

d9fc82 No.14028447


The vita is the best psp as well as the best psx, it is only natural.

40faa7 No.14032585


My batteries kept failing on the PSP, so I said fuck it and stuck with homebrew. I rarely play the PSP games, though.


>And that helps him how

It's not about him but the fact that vocalization was removed in the US version. You can now play it in English with that feature intact.

1b7d02 No.14035215

Is Utawarumono MoT worth getting for 30$ new launch edition with the pillowcase

44f3c0 No.14039995


438ef9 No.14040004


Definitely. Unless you don't care about the pillow then buy it used assuming it's cheaper than 30.

7f471b No.14040484

File: fc196c9193d1444⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 700x500, 7:5, done.jpg)

>memory card corrupted

3a9eeb No.14048096

File: 88188cfaecac8e2⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 458x640, 229:320, Rise 26.jpg)


I'm thinking of getting a Vita sometime in the future for P4G and Catherine Full Body when it comes out. Any other titles worth noting regarding the vidya not mentioned in the OP?

35b091 No.14048423

File: f3af1b252937c8e⋯.jpg (371.22 KB, 712x1308, 178:327, better_rin.jpg)

Still waiting on ReNpDrm. It's delayed for some reason. It'll have to wait anyway until I can source PSN cards. Is there anything notable missing from NPS? And what were you >>14025877 gonna do, there's no point in duplicating effort.


First-gen systems probably have better screens than PSPs. If you're doing PSP seriously you also have no issues with storage.


Been there, done that, it sucks. But it wasn't even nice enough to outright fail, it just jerked me around with random glitching.


>wanting traprin edition

But no the OP list covers most of the good games, and unfortunately some bad ones. What sort of games are you into as well, Vita is heavily biased in its library: Dungeon crawlers, RPGs, a few indies, Vanillaware, and a few randoms. Mostly Japanese stuff too.

37b044 No.14048447

Any good vitamin games come out recently in the last couple months

Im a girl btw

40faa7 No.14048594


>not mentioned in the OP

Use that image, get a feel for what you like, then use the store and the internet to find more shit.


>just jerked me around with random glitching

That's better, tbh. It let you know that it was failing. Probably could have backed up some data before it totally shit the bed.


Makes me regret not buying that Superbeat Xonic DLC that went on sale.



35b091 No.14052615

File: a2f657bcf48888a⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 600x844, 150:211, I can't learn Nip.jpg)

Activation seems to have worked, but what's a decent place to get JP PSN cards?

b08551 No.14052666


Play-Asia, but I say this as an europoor because of the better currency values when it comes to dollar/yen.

Solaris Japan might seem cheaper but it not only takes longer ("within 24 hours after paypal purchase") but I have to send an email to the website twice in a row because they forgot to email me back with the PSN code within the 24-hours.

37b044 No.14052718

What are the bedt SRPGs?

I have 20 or maybe more vita games but not a single one is a SRPG and I'm super in the mood for a SRPG.

please no disgaya

9924f1 No.14052851


Tactics Ogre

35b091 No.14052953

File: 44700eff47ca5f2⋯.jpg (143.99 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, raifu.jpg)


I'm Auspoor. And yeah I'd want them promptly. But right now I'm getting more blocked card transaction annoyances, those should be resolved by tomorrow morning. In the meantime, repeating the question of what's seriously missing and what are >>14025877

doing? At this point with my limited Nip the only thing I want is Bullet Girls 2.

9eb226 No.14057713

File: 28c398827b5d1a8⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 638x908, 319:454, reading.jpg)

Confirming that ReNpDrm is working but it's presently awkward for being mutually exclusive with NoNpDrm. The two probably need to merge into one plugin. I'll document it later, when it's had a bit of time. Now my main system has JP PSN, are there any beginner-level games for people interested in learning Nip?

b0d399 No.14059547

Lads i just found an used vita for 98€. Should I get it?

9a17b7 No.14059560


If its got version 3.60 on it, yes

b0d399 No.14060213


how do i even know that shit

9a17b7 No.14060220


Ask them to check which software version it has, it should be pretty simple

b0d399 No.14060237


It's in a retail shop in the used section.

9a17b7 No.14060405


Ask them if you can turn it on and see it or ask them to do it

I did it for memestop and even called some stores and got a 3.55 version eventually

ef6ce7 No.14060560

I already have a vita stuck over 3.60. should I go ahead an buy a new pstv and hack it instead? That way I can have one system for PSN and the other for games I don't already have?

c499d4 No.14060606


I'm playing the "Capcom Arcade Classics" version of Ghosts N' Goblins via Adrenaline on my Vita (it's supossedly less laggy than the original SNES version), so I feel you, brother.

Also Patapon 3 looks fantastic in my FAT Vita. I love the screen.

eb6975 No.14060607


Yeah, if you have the money and don't mind not having a handheld for it

The library and shit you'd have is just crazy

ef6ce7 No.14060666


so the pstv would have everything and the vita would just have the shit I already have. I wouldn't mind just having some games on the go and everything else at home.

ad5528 No.14060737


Pretty much Satan, its just the Vita as a console with a few quirks and advantages iirc

You still need a compatible controller though I think

e0c205 No.14060790

>If buying for hacks, any _new_ Western ones are guaranteed to be hackable

How true is actually that? Are you saying they are selling brand new Vitas with outdated OS?

012090 No.14060812


Depends on the seller actually. Vita has failed in the west and big companies like Walmart/Gamestop stopped selling them. I got lucky and found a seller on Amazon that didn't update the one I got, but there are sellers who update everything before sending it to you.

e0fe3e No.14061019

File: f1fae1d47a04225⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 527x481, 527:481, tifas.jpg)


>Now my main system has JP PSN, are there any beginner-level games for people interested in learning Nip?

No, but there are games.

>Lunar Eternal Blue

>Summon Night

>Pick-a-visual novel

What really matters is that you keep going at it, not so much which one you start with.

Pick your favorite series, nab the Japanese version, and go to town. Rome wasn't built in a day, but muscles improve over a month of work. Good luck.


Jeanne D'arc

Wild ARMs XF

Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together

Yggdra Union (most St!ng titles, really—PSP, yes, but Vita compatible)


>Activation seems to have worked, but what's a decent place to get JP PSN cards?

Dunno your home country. If you're a burger, then it's 15% markup no matter where you go save Play-Asia, who curbs the jewery to at least $7 - $8 overcharge in the exchange, and will put their digital cards on sale at a lower rate seasonally. They're also instant delivered where stated (PSN cards). It goes without saying to avoid eBay and auction markets unless you know what the fuck you're doing.


>I'm thinking of getting a Vita sometime in the future for P4G and Catherine Full Body when it comes out. Any other titles worth noting regarding the vidya not mentioned in the OP?

1. Hold your water until you hear reports on whether or not CFB has frame rate drop or shit render issues, which has been a consistent issue with games that end up being PS4 cross ports.

2. Depends largely on your tastes, anon. You like Persona, so I recommend getting PC visual novels. Far more satisfying story-wise and the girls put out.

d2f939 No.14061730


does the pstv whitelist cover everything? if not, are there work arounds for particular games?

1a45a3 No.14062546

File: a955c32aa4fb71a⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1088, 30:17, educational.png)


Yeah. Most shops are obliging I've found, and at least in my experience people sell Vitas after they've been collecting dust so it probably is at an older firmware. Confirm first though, the major reason you want a hackable system is for SD card adapters, otherwise you'll pay about as much as you did for the system for a decent sized Vita SD. Also if it's first-gen you'll at least need a small SD for stuff like game updates. Try 4-8GB minimum if you're using cartridges only.


Western manufacture of Vitas is dead. If they're unopened they're always hackable. This isn't true for newer Japanese ones though.



Oh I'm aware there's games, JP PSN also seems to attract random VNs. But the point is that while I'm fairly green I don't want to be reading War and Peace. I've got a 3DS too, that's probably better for kiddie games.


I just went with Play-Asia in this situation since it was easy and I was impatient to test that out, however it's subject to multiple exchange rates, about $131 AUD for 10000 yen ones. Still probably cheaper than importing physically.


Yeah. But all it does is allow the games to be played. If they need features exclusive to the Vita to make progress then you're stuffed. Which ones actually do this I can't say.

80fa66 No.14063570


>Still waiting on ReNpDrm. It's delayed for some reason.

That is because, like every vita homebrew release, it is announced far before it is even close to being in a release ready state to get the vita "scene" sites to slobber all over their balls

Then there is the

<countdown until release

That happens for nearly everything that isn't just the ports every JB system gets. What that is really used for is additional HYPE while they rush to hack together something that is similar to what the release is supposed to be.

The countdown ends and they end up releasing a hacked together buggy mess and call it alpha/beta/prerelease to meet their countdown because clearly you should announce a countdown for something still in testing

Cue the inevitable flood of people that are complaining due to any number of reasons mostly related to the pajeet tier release.

Dev explains it all away because

<works on my machine, send bug report

Then there are rapidfire incremental .1 releases which, in general, should really be .0.1 increments to try to get the thing into an actual working state while the actual project is entirely rewritten.

Then a month or more down the line there is a 4.0 actual release baseline that is still hacky as fuck but will essentially be the final release because hype has died down and they need to chase the next big attention seeking project.

d639c1 No.14063675


But ReNpDrm is released and I activated my 2nd vita with it.

80fa66 No.14063707


And it was announced nearly a month in advance with a website solely for a countdown timer, released as a beta, and still went through several bugfixes on release.

How does that not follow the pattern?

d639c1 No.14063774

Does the Vita retroarch support netplay with snes cores? I keep getting fail to initialize when I try.

I want to play some fucking bomberman / kirby.

d2f939 No.14064541

omega labyrinth or omega labryrinth Z

c57d78 No.14065451

File: f82ddf74d2d2839⋯.jpg (150.25 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 5FZuVI9.jpg)

>Even in video games /r9k/ can't catch a break

Can Chad ever be defeated?

d639c1 No.14065549

Do PSP games from NPS browser work in adrenaline?

None of the CSOs I tried work. They launch, but they get stuck at "loading" screens.

d639c1 No.14065743


Found out that cso created by pkg2zip don't run in adrenaline.

871ea1 No.14067451

Finally time to play crappy titty shooters that aren't crappy old Mai copies. Maybe with a bit of Nep on the side.


Enso did it correctly by releasing it on a set date but before that it was subject to closed beta to get it worked out. But yeah thankfully I've had no issues with the initial release of ReNpDrm either. If I were less impatient I'd have given it time, but I also think it's important to keep PSN accessible for game preservation reasons, and ASAP because they're almost certain to break it again. But at least if it's activated I can do the trick with my spare 3.67 Vita.


Adrenaline runs ISOs and eBoots. PSN PSP games would be some custom thing since they install as a bubble, not sure if there's a way to do it.

5a78af No.14067750

File: ff1d9e77a1ae332⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.46 KB, 579x819, 193:273, 61452130_p1_master1200.jpg)


Mary Skelter: Nightmares, working on the Underground Cavern. This game is great fun, i'm glad I finally got the true end.

Anyone else playing/played this? How did you find it? Who was your best girl?

d639c1 No.14068572


Oh NPS browser downloads the actual PSP game. Not PSP game ported to vita.

Then I just put it in the pspemu/iso folder for adrenaline.

Problem was the program that extracts the PKG downloaded has a bug with creating CSO which took me forever to figure out.

80fa66 No.14069334


>Enso did it correctly

The difference between the two was that Enso was just an extension of the webkit exploit, it was essentially feature complete when announced. They announced it to get people to test a mostly complete release and ironed out bugs BEFORE releasing to a wider audience.

ReNpDrm was announced a month ago, had no announced public testing, and went through a flurry of fixes because it was not working for a not insignificant portion of people. That could have been mitigated if the countdown was used as a testing phase.


CSOs should work, as I understand it CSOs are just PSP iso files with the padding files removed/slight compression. If they're getting stuck at loading they might be too highly compressed and aren't loading due to that.


I've been playing it off and on since release. The game is decent, the atmosphere fits and all that.

The problem I have with it currently is the hunger/lust/sleep system. Particularly the roll that expands the dungeon, unless I'm missing something it doesn't really tell you if a dungeon still has "hidden" areas available to get.

I've also heard the ending falls off but I haven't gotten that far to agree or disagree

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