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File: aaa1e8eb0370030⋯.png (598.22 KB, 578x599, 578:599, Screenshot_38.png)

6e7e5f No.13917270

Come on and play with us, faggots. There are guilds on 2 servers - Everyst and Elysium (Nighthaven realm). Everyst is a few days old, Nighthaven is about a month old, although we only started playing a few days ago. Both servers are 1x Vanilla, Everyst has some minor changes like buffed wpvp honor and exploration xp. Oh, and no Chinese.

>how to connect

change the text in realmlist.wtf file to one of the following

For Everyst: set realmlist logon.everystwow.com

For Nighthaven: set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org


<Folly> on Everyst - Horde (casual comfy guild)

<Infinite Autism> on Nighthaven - Alliance (tryhard poopsockers who will actually raid endgame)

>how do i join?

post your ign in this thread (mention which server you are rolling on) or whisper someone from the guild ingame


don't be a degenerate

>what class should i play?

whatever the fuck you want

>what professions should I take?

whichever the fuck you want

>old thread


41759a No.13917280

File: efed6db10059d2c⋯.jpg (31.95 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1369866804811.jpg)


c92bd8 No.13917347


>Come on and play with us, faggots.

I did last year and what happened was everyone going off on different servers.

>elysium servers are out with nostalrius data

>you guys were on nostalrius pvp

>roll on nostalrius pvp

>new elysium server thats hype as fuck comes out

>its going to be hell with hundreds if not thousands of people in the starting zone competing for spawns designed for significantly less new players at a time

>that is exactly what happened

>people rerolled regardless

>stay on nostalrius pvp, now renamed to anathema

>guild dies there

>every decides the new elysium server is overcrowded so they move onto zeth'kur which was the emergency deployed server to redirect players

>anathema guild stays dead

>capitulate and reroll on zeth'kur

>some drama about whitekidney, collusion with chinese gold farmers

>zeth'kur dies in population and guild dies again

>some fags migrate to kronos

>some months later see some faggot talking about playing on anathema

>now see someone talking about new everyst servers

No thanks.

996eaf No.13917372

File: 3176bdea082c12a⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 601x693, 601:693, grandpa.jpg)

>hey guys let's reroll characters on yet another vanilla server where there'll be too many players to be able to actually get anything done, chinese gold farmers everywhere, and a guild full of memelords where if you aren't in the top 1% you won't be able to enjoy any content with us

>and in three months the server will either shut down, roll back, or merge with another server and we can repeat the cycle over and over

8f9d41 No.13917498

File: 0ea0f553fa0c156⋯.gif (999.01 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 1391915969344.gif)

I'd rather stay in lightshope.

d275a0 No.13917727

File: 2fbe9ec2479034f⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1442x807, 1442:807, ClipboardImage.png)




Vanilla wow isnt about the destination, its about the journey.

0f7003 No.13917736


I thought it was about grinding the same 5 raids over and over to get good gear

8f9d41 No.13917737


I want to experience naxx, blackwing lair and onyxia. thats not gonna happen if people keep changing servers.

bc0e1e No.13917778

Hmm. I was just thinking of playing WoW with /v/. However, this thread is getting a bad reaction, so I'll hang back until more players commit.

I want a well-populated guild, dammit.

b4a6fc No.13917779


More like 2.

e63861 No.13918000

/r/in' a good place to get some 1.2 patch addons plz and ty

8a5655 No.13918038


>Come on and play with us, faggots

Yeah let me replay the game I wasted my best youth years with raiding shit from MC to naxx 14 years later when I need to pay for a house and try to have a fucking life


bc0e1e No.13918044

Question, what's the current population of tanks/healers/dps? I haven't decided what to roll yet.

c92bd8 No.13918074


>restart my journey after hitting level 30 on Anathema

>restart my journey again after just hitting level 60

>never got to do the fancy dungeons because my gear was absolute shit

You guys are extremely shortsighted judging by history of server switching.

d275a0 No.13918232


could use a competent warrior tank, but you are going to play on a char for a long time, so pick what you prefer

bc0e1e No.13918271


I don't know about the competent part. At any rate, I could just make another character if tanking doesn't jive well.

b4a6fc No.13918275


If you can hold more than a single mob at a time then you're better than most random tanks.

1e1d5e No.13918397

Is Everyst down right now? I can't get past server selection to the character screen, it always fails to connect. I didn't have this problem yesterday.

e63861 No.13918402


Yep, just had a server restart.

9c5c25 No.13918484

How long is the server going to be down?

bc0e1e No.13918513


Uninstalling shit so I can have space to download. I'll probably chime in a couple days as I try to re-figure out shit. I'm assuming we're going horde, and I might go with this build for now: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LZxxziZxitIc0dbo

Mind you, I actually don't know what the fuck I'm doing, but we can both learn along the way. Mistakes will be made.

4ae834 No.13918525

is it just on my end or is the website taking a break?

e63861 No.13918529


>not taking 5% parry increase

You weren't kidding when you said you're clueless.

b4a6fc No.13918534


Don't actually level with a tanking spec, as it only slows you down. You can tank fine enough in arms or fury and then switch over come level 60.

9c5c25 No.13918548


Server is kill.

bc0e1e No.13918623


I wanted to take it, but apparently battle shout is a good aoe threat generator and I thought more damage would make raids go slightly faster. I didn't think going deeper in the arms tree would go well, so the points just went to improved battle shout.

Don't worry, I'm also assuming we have an overabundance of healers. We'll manage somehow.

b4a6fc No.13918674


That battle shout boost is chump change compared to the increased threat that parry haste and 3 less HS rage would get, at least on a single target which is where it's most important in a raid. AOE tanking is reserved almost exclusively for the imp holes are more suited for demo shout spam.

b25f9e No.13918694

File: 58f29431178b041⋯.png (280.69 KB, 289x435, 289:435, 58f.png)

>wreathe - Today at 7:56 PM

>@everyone go back to your jobs and your wives, this one is gonna be awhile

e63861 No.13918699

File: 2a5e5e9eb460524⋯.jpg (318.31 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, wowkike.jpg)

Just wanna take this time to give shoutout to the kike on Horde side who mailed my lowbie an item but C.O.D.'d it for 30 copper.

You're truly the kike among kikes.

9c5c25 No.13918764


Fuck. Did they have any idea how long?

9c5c25 No.13918772


Has anyone tried the cash on delivery bug yet?

b4a6fc No.13918788

File: ef66565b0946ad9⋯.jpg (43.28 KB, 419x767, 419:767, ef6.jpg)


>tfw CODing gift wrapped mining picks to 60s for over a gold a piece

b25f9e No.13918799


No ETA was given. I'm monitoring the Disc for updates.

9c5c25 No.13918805


Would you mind giving an archive of where you got it?

b25f9e No.13918822


Can't archive Disc posts. It's the most recent pin in the general channel there.

bc0e1e No.13918876


>That battle shout boost is chump change compared to the increased threat that parry haste and 3 less HS rage would get

I see. Man, I'll need to get used to this tanking business.

b25f9e No.13918963

>wreathe - Today at 8:20 PM

>Server is down, looking into the problem, will be back up ASAP.

b4a6fc No.13919007


You probably will with leveling. Half the work is just hoping your dps aren't retards.

706db9 No.13919087

server is back up

0c2198 No.13919502


if you aren't being a faggot and actually telling the truth,thats great but site is still fucky for me.

2836c3 No.13919602


Site doesn't look to have been updated in a bit? I dunno, made an account but can't logon so I either am a retard and forgot the name I used to register or the server is still down

e63861 No.13919715

I'll be rolling a warrior and leveling in a duo with gf.

Is sword and board viable option then? Or stick to 2h arms/fury build? I plan on leveling through every dungeon so not sure what's better..

b25f9e No.13919898


You'll want a 2H fury or arms build to level, definitely arms once you can get Mortal Strike. Just bring a sword and board for tanking, though. You should be fine, even if you're not specced for it.

Dungeon leveling isn't terribly good in vanilla, fair warning.

ec72a6 No.13920478


The only synergy I can think of with prot warrior is with rogue/druid for reliable backstabs/shreds while you're keeping aggro on the mob.

f1178e No.13920868


Prot is utter trash (even raiding tanks don't invest a lot of points in it). Level as 2H fury since 5+ crit, unbridled wrath and Flurry are fucking amazing. Never switch to 1handers (you will miss a lot like a bitch). When you can get Mortal Strike you might want to switch Arms, but at that stage I doubt which one is better to continue the road to lvl 60. I am going to guess Fury 2H because it is (I believe) a better dps thus faster kills.

Although I leveled once to 60 as a warrior, I generally was a nub at it and lvled as Arms. Now I feel that I missed a great potential of leveling as Fury. Arms though will wreck the shit of players in Wpvp if you can stance dance to BTFO of the rogues with your Overpower strikes.

5d137a No.13921180

File: 8fb177e6b2cc1bd⋯.png (450.56 KB, 610x638, 305:319, 1473797198435.png)


>Everyst picks up speed

<hey guys, check out this other server too!


ca187c No.13921368

You're doing this shit on purpose to try and get vols to ban future WoW threads or something. I'm not going to guess at your motives, but whatever they are, you're a faggot.

e43064 No.13921463


Wow epic picture.

Is that dwarf going to kill 10 wolves or pick up 6 logs of wood ?

What an adventure.

2dcc15 No.13921532

OP are you a /vg/ reject?

d1bbe3 No.13921572

You will never recapture the spirit of classic Wow.

156114 No.13921728

wow was always shit, faggot :)

f1178e No.13921733

Are we being raided by retailfags?

c7fd1d No.13922005

File: 5f636e9d47e64e9⋯.jpg (61.63 KB, 539x500, 539:500, 5f636e9d47e64e9987de6c8409….jpg)





>sage is a downvote

There's an unironic general for a ubisoft game designed to steal your shekels, at least this is free

dd3a41 No.13922209


I just don't want cuckchan cancer posting here and it seems OP might be cuckchan cancer.

d493b4 No.13922861

File: 4e2aad963f2b20b⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1765x889, 1765:889, Saving Corporal Keeshan.png)

Everyst has been pretty comfy so far. Cant guarantee it will stay that way though but looks promising.

377f97 No.13923718

File: 5e50a9b8db16c38⋯.jpg (111.99 KB, 552x619, 552:619, me.jpg)

gib the invite already cheez dick

317525 No.13924278

okay so I am about to start up on Nighthaven, Is Infinite Autism okay to join? I dont need some autistic fat fuck yelling in my ear when im trying to tank for them about how its his fucking raid blahblahblah.

You can fuck right off if youre that spergy

6e7e5f No.13924363


kek we want to raid but we're not that autistic, the leadership is pretty laid back (unless you start sperging out about not winning the roll for a ring, then we might make fun of you)

317525 No.13924593


alright man.

IGN: ProteinShake

Invite please, do we have a discord or something?

cc286e No.13924603

sage general

6e7e5f No.13924923


"ProteinShake" not found

are you on alliance?

317525 No.13925015


yes ill reroll to horde. iit says you guys were alliance

6e7e5f No.13925033


no we are, did you spell your name right?

317525 No.13925086


whats your IGN ill msg you.

6e7e5f No.13925220



317525 No.13925230


added u as a friend fam i found ya. Add Proteinshake

bc0e1e No.13925498

So instead of mucking about as a warrior, as I apparently don't enjoy it, I decided to make a troll priest instead. Send guild invite to Failsafe.

>got a random invite from guild Morrowind

>thought it was just a party invite

>Leave guild in under half a minute

That was awkward.

6db2e2 No.13925667

>Wasting your life on this when blizzard is making their own vanilla server

dd68a3 No.13925676


Isnt this shit getting SHUT DOWN because the merchants at Blizzard decided to bring back a half assed version of vanilla WoW?


Right, I remember when WoW WAS the game, not these casual spergs rushing to end game in 3 weeks. Or even worse, simply BUYING a high level character.

Blizzard really ruined their game.

6db2e2 No.13925682



>Ever not a casual MMO

Kill yourself newfag

dd68a3 No.13925687


>thinking (((Blizzard))) isn't going to ruin it with micro transactions and group finder shit

6db2e2 No.13925698


Yeah, so much better to play (((private servers))) based on head canon

dd68a3 No.13925719


Spot the new faggot who never played vanilla WoW.

Back then it took about a year to play through the game and reach end game. The game was brutal back then, when you die you fucking spent 30 minutes running back from the graveyard which was placed half way across the entire zone map.

After playing pleb WoW for years and then going back to it is when I realized how much Blizzard ruined their main game by making it casual.


The fuck are you talking about fagboi?

6db2e2 No.13925726


>Vanilla WoW


Goddamn millennials. Kill yourself faggot.

dd68a3 No.13925749



No sir, you go crawl into an oven pls.

706db9 No.13925816


>wasting your shekels on blizzard when there is this

a24313 No.13925873


>Wasting your time on servers that are buggy

>Prone to crashing

>Have a variety of "fixes" because people need shit like town guards with knockback aura to babysit them.

1e1d5e No.13925905


Nothing blizzard has done in the past gives me any hope that the 'vanilla' servers they will release will be better in any way, shape or form than private servers. The original team is gone and the new 'dev's' are most likely diversity hires who can't code to save their lives.

3999ff No.13926039

File: 972e8bb4af910ed⋯.jpeg (30.09 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 972e8bb4af910edf35b30741e….jpeg)


WoW was always designed to be a casual friendly, accessible game. This is greatly noticeable if you compare it to it's contemporaries like, everquest or ultima online. They upped the ante on casualization in WOTLK where you could just AoE the crap outta heroic dungeons and the trend has continued since then to being able to aoe the crap out of raids (LFR) ez mode. With this in mind Legion is the best incarnation of WoW

fb2a71 No.13926045


You don't lose shit when you die. No EXP, no gold, no items, nothing. In older MMOs, you did lose shit. Some were permadeath, some weren't. WoW casualized the MMO formula.

2bd620 No.13926065


>With this in mind Legion is the best incarnation of WoW

what did he meme by this?

3505bb No.13926077


>Back then it took about a year to play through the game and reach end game.


>when you die you fucking spent 30 minutes running back from the graveyard

5 minutes max.

3999ff No.13926088


Titanforging, questing can give you better gear than dungeons and raids. Even more accessible than before, since that's always been WoW's goal since the start that means Legion is even better than any other expansion before it.

a24313 No.13926107


With how they handled shit in retail with changing names because people got triggered I'd understand. You're also right about the coders. We'll just have to see.


Even Runescape is more hardcore than WoW.

1e1d5e No.13926142


No argument here, but vanilla wow was based around merit. Modern wow is based around participation. There was little risk associated with reward in vanilla WoW but at the very least it was relative to the amount of work you put in.

40a7c6 No.13926171

File: c135076e15deef5⋯.png (942.31 KB, 657x640, 657:640, 8S7oTbI.png)

My friends and I all made tauren coincidentally so now we made a guild called <cowboys> for the tauren master race. If anyone wants to join message Max.

de418d No.13926201


Wanna ERP with a stretchy troll boy?

40a7c6 No.13926206


fuck off cunt

de418d No.13926222

9c5c25 No.13926254


>Splitting the guild again.

For what purpose?

76ccd7 No.13926266


I used to frequent wow discussion forums about 10 years where I met this "taurenophile" who was completely obsessed with tauren porn. We would shitpost and discuss wow porn for hours then.

I miss him and that time sometimes.

083532 No.13926295


I also think it's much closer to vanilla. People prefer to be out and about rather than in dungeons all day.

40a7c6 No.13926304


I'm just playing with my friends and offering a guild to anyone who wants it dude.


Sorry my dude, I'm into draenei chicks not taurens.

fb18e4 No.13926682


Cancer is cancer no matter which part of the body it affects.

You can thank Mark for allowing cancerous generals.

fb18e4 No.13926692


Jesus you are a blithering idiot. WoW was never "hardcore" in any regard.

e570f1 No.13926729

File: a1acfe9d04e38eb⋯.png (86.84 KB, 400x431, 400:431, 2b.png)


WoW was never hardcore. It was the most casual of all MMO that ever existed and has actively taken steps throughout its life time to remain that way. Even with the advent of mobile games they're trying to compete, for example the "Legion Companion App" where you can do your Garrison/Orderhall shit with your phone.

58a80c No.13927205


No amount of contrarian shit-posting will ever change the fact that WoW is the most hardcore game in the sense that the highest level of content and gameplay requires an absolutely absurd amount of time investment. The fact that in enables you to invest 14 hours a day every single day and actually see a significant guaranteed reward from this sets it apart from 99.99% of other online games today.

I can't speak for older MMO's, but they are dead now anyways and if they were any good to begin with then they would likely have autistic devs going back and scripting every single NPC interaction, mob pathing, and going to hell and back to find information on the exact values of every single spell and item in the game during every single patch cycle like we have with vanilla WoW.

There is no other game that rewards poop-socking like WoW does. This is why people consider it hardcore. It's a highly competitive environment. In order for people to get the highest PvP rank you literally have to sit there and play for 12 hours a day every single day for months while working together in a full premade group meaning you also need a bunch of other autists playing for 12 hours a day with you and you are all competing against hundreds of other people all pushing for the same shit. Feel free to find me another game that allows for that level of fucking autism and is also a successful MMORPG.

Sure, the barrier to entry for vanilla WoW is incredibly low, but the ceiling on the sheer amount of time you can sink into the game is unbelievably high.

083532 No.13927253


No, never the case. EQ1, UO, FFXI way harder.

WoW was, and is the easiest MMO to have ever existed if you exclude the recent mobile phone idle online games as MMOs. WoW has always been casual shit from the start. "Top raiders" in WoW logon once a week to do the raid then logoff. That is casual as fuck.

d493b4 No.13927273

File: 481300fb82cfba1⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 599x677, 599:677, Personal Appeal From 2B.gif)




I'm going to assume Everquest was the biggest MMORPG before WoW came out and use it as comparison (never played live EQ but been playing P2002 for a while now.) Good way to explain differences of game design and hardcore/casualisation between EQ/WoW is to compare what happens when you die.

In Everquest, your experience points are deducted and you are sent naked (without equipment, inventory, or money) back to equivalent of where your Heathstone is set. Then you need to walk back to your corpse as living thing that can be killed again. This however provides narrative bridge to second point I'd like to make which is that EQ can be made near ridiculously easy if you know what you're doing. I picked Necromancer class because heard it had nice synergy with Iksar race. Necromancers have invisibility for some reason and as far as I have seen, mobs can't see through it altough it can randomly start failing but it will give few seconds of heads-up before it does. This means its usually rather simple to walk to your corpse while invisible and /corpsedrag while mobs ignore the unseen force pulling your lifeless body to safe spot where you can loot it. Also worth noting that on some servers and/or zones players that kill you can loot you as well.

58a80c No.13927296


>"Top raiders" in WoW logon once a week to do the raid then logoff.

Right, so you have absolutely no fucking clue how top end raiding works then. Or you're just pretending to be retarded because you're a cuckchan (You) collector.

b4a6fc No.13927302


UO and EQ were hardly contemporary in 2004. The more reasonable comparisons would be FFXI and Lineage 2.

ec72a6 No.13927309


I know the top-end raiding guilds on Chinkbringer for example require their raiders to practice raiding for "speedruns" on the PTR. That, and they have an absurd number of R14 warriors just to make their runs a little bit faster because a lot of them don't care about PvP.

d493b4 No.13927326


Yes, it's generally agreed that you need consumables to raid in vanilla and also some spare gold to repair equipment.


EQ did came out in 1999 and it shows.

ec72a6 No.13927335


>Yes, it's generally agreed that you need consumables to raid in vanilla and also some spare gold to repair equipment.

Also if you're in a loot council guild you better make damn sure that you're popping every single consumable all the time, including flask or you're not going to be first in line for the good loot when it finally drops. The competitive element is clearly there and it's fierce in vanilla private servers if you want to be in a top raiding guild.

58a80c No.13927355


>it's generally agreed that you need consumables to raid in vanilla and also some spare gold to repair equipment.

It's a lot more than that. The top end-guilds endlessly farm gold for the ridiculous amount of consumes they require for their raids. They also have people who literally sit there spamming AoE abilities on world boss spawns 24/7 to get the tag, then they immediately call peoples IRL phones to get them to get to their computers to kill the boss. This isn't some crazy story from back in the day that seems far fetched, guilds on chinks hope literally do this every week. And like that other Anon said, all warriors at the top end need to be rank 14, which is months worth of poop-socking. Then there are world buffs that you need to get before every raid, and I'm sure there's hundreds of more little autistic things I'm forgetting about that's involved in what the average top guild demands out of their players.

Anyone who says vanilla WoW isn't hardcore has an incredibly autistic definition of what makes a game hardcore. A game doesn't have to be inherently hardcore. WoW obviously isn't. But it allows for the possibility, which is what makes it fucking social. Noobs can look at you in awe because you sunk the time into the game that they couldn't to become something amazing. The contrast between casual players and hardcore players in the same realm is what makes it fun, and the death of this in later expansions is what killed the game for most people.

1340a1 No.13927357

Anyone here roll the meme faction on Everfresh? I'm trying out Alliance for the first time since all of the trannies stayed on Chinkbringer.

d493b4 No.13927454

File: 7411cce92a2b2b5⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 444x604, 111:151, damned illidan.jpg)


I'm level 26 druid but I joined random guild.

a24313 No.13927456


>So many buzzwords in one sentence.


That's not hardcore, that's tedious work, and if we're making 'hardcore' pissing contests. EVE Online takes the gold trophy

97b2fc No.13927477

Rather wait for the vanilla classic servers by blizz, so I know the server won't disappear after a few months

59d2fb No.13927478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>listen to this

>never played wow, only warcraft 3

>holy shit this is actually interesting

>ending hits

>what the fuck, why the fuck gul'dan cucked out for no reason ,why the fuck Kil'jaedan the "deceiver" suddenly trust him so damn much

I can't handle this lore. Maybe its written for some intelligent folk who can comprehend killing the main character in the story over and over again in as a raid boss.

dd3a41 No.13927488

>all this "muh mmo is better than your mmo" crap

Why aren't you in your everquest private server generals instead of shitposting in this thread you absolute niggers?

b4a6fc No.13927489


It's mostly written by people who literally do nothing but write paid fanficition.

a24313 No.13927501


Why you heff to be mad?

59d2fb No.13927508


It felt like dude wrote it, and then realized what the fuck he was writing and had suddenly to end like blizzard desired.

b4a6fc No.13927514


It wouldn't surprise me if the endings to many of those spinoff novels were edited by Blizzard suits just to justify their corporate positions.

861689 No.13927553

How's <Folly> on Everyst doing? That server is pretty comfy but desperately needs more people. Is the guild active enough to at least run 5 man dungeons every now and then?

ec72a6 No.13927564


5 people online right now, it's not too unlikely that we might get some dungeons going. I'm hoping we can run RFC later today.

dd3a41 No.13927632


I suggest not rolling rogue

6db2e2 No.13927749


You're so retarded it's not even funny anymore, just sad.

dd3a41 No.13927766

Where did this poop socking meme come from

d493b4 No.13927813

File: a07db2ecf1b4123⋯.png (228.7 KB, 1600x2509, 1600:2509, extremely old picture abou….png)


Allegedly it dates back to Everquest where some raid encounters presumably lasted long enough that certain bodily functions can cause problems. Also you can and will be killed in a time it takes to poop in most of the game world.

b4a6fc No.13928136


It wasn't the raid itself lasting that long so much as it was waiting to get the tag on the mob. This was before instancing was a thing.

54a80a No.13928154

File: e70427219f522d7⋯.png (292.17 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Blizzdrones.png)

Reminder that Blizzcucks will pay for Classic servers like the good goys they are

b25f9e No.13928195


Or mage. If anything, we're short on Shamans and druids.

f4c681 No.13928221

File: e022fb86cf502c4⋯.jpg (279.92 KB, 800x671, 800:671, panel_10_finished.jpg)

Can someone give me the rundown on the current state of private servers? Shit that happened in the last eleven months or so. Pretty please.

dd3a41 No.13928251


everyst was released and it blocks china, that's all you need to know

f4c681 No.13928262


What's the pop like? Any of the old crew on? >>13922209 confirmed?

f4c681 No.13928265



Also, most important question: is futagay?

b25f9e No.13928275


Pop is a few hundred on each faction at peak hours. It's been growing slowly. You'll probably run across another player about once every 20-30 minutes or so. Finding groups for dungeons is still a nightmare.

And no

f4c681 No.13928326

File: acaa02af3c4e846⋯.png (59.13 KB, 292x348, 73:87, 63ccf9367c48562f5f324e76bf….png)


>a few hundred

Yeah… no. The only thing that got me to 60 on nost was all the shitposting and alliance bullying.

>And no

Wrong answer.

a24313 No.13928472


Most of <Infinity> doesn't play anymore and those that do are pretty much showing their reddit colors, even going so far as to invite normalfags into the guild so they can raid.

9c5c25 No.13928567


The population is roughly two to four hundred. Some of the old crew is here, but not very many. I'll stick with this server to see if it gets any more population. Right now alliance is dead as fuck.

39a4ac No.13928660

the only really genuinely great thing wow ever had was the sense of scale in the world, and the sense of community that used to be one of the main focuses of the game. putting a party together used to take time, and i can't speak for anyone else but i used to have post-its on my monitor of great tanks, people to avoid, good and bad guilds to invite, etc. you also, once that party was together, had to actually get to whatever dungeon or zone you wanted to be in, which could take a long time depending on where/what it was, and you also needed reagents - certain spells would use feathers or whatever, you needed keys to get into certain dungeons, etc. it was fun, and having to actually traverse the world means you learned about it, memorized good and bad places, and it genuinely felt like a big experience. the dungeon finder was really the beginning of the end

b4a6fc No.13928673


The community was awful and never even came close to the camaraderie that EQ and FFXI required. The scale is nice though simply because the whole game, or half of it anyway, is all loaded at once leading to some nice panoramic views and dynamic travel.

9c5c25 No.13928807

Is server kill?

bc0e1e No.13928818


It's down on my end.

d493b4 No.13928823


Took slightly longer than usual but I successfully logged in.

bc0e1e No.13928828



And it's back up again. Wew lad.

d493b4 No.13928837


There seems to be significant lag/delay on my end.

d493b4 No.13928856

File: 7b5824383a18670⋯.jpg (318.36 KB, 1008x791, 144:113, Dark Legacy Lag.jpg)


>around 700ms ping

b4a6fc No.13928872


>actually being able to see his text while the server lags

I really hate webcomics made by people who obviously never play the game.

2bd620 No.13928887


I don't think I've ever seen Dark Legacy be funny, insightful, or interesting.

d493b4 No.13928935

File: 410d56018e82e16⋯.jpg (369.61 KB, 907x936, 907:936, sick and twisted monsters.jpg)


How do you feel about this masterpiece?

e63861 No.13928943

File: 0f17e24b041e2c7⋯.jpg (471.06 KB, 1638x917, 234:131, comfy.jpg)

File: 1907784eb698c9c⋯.jpg (283.06 KB, 1645x926, 1645:926, RFC.jpg)

Server is real comfy right now.

No chinks, decent enough pop that I've had no problem finding groups for RFC, WC and SFK. Pretty amazing for a rogue actually since they bring absolutely nothing to the table this early.

Overall really liking the server so far, just need to get off my lazy ass and dl my old addons..

7eb461 No.13928966


>he thinks guild chat was done on the world server

dd3a41 No.13929058


>consorting with the /vg/ cucks

e63861 No.13929072


haha screens make it look that way, but bumped into first cuck when fishing, and the other raged out or RFC when his item didnt drop. Laughed and finished fine without him.

dd3a41 No.13929130


what a fag

9c5c25 No.13929162

Jesus christ the lag. A server with almost nobody on it,a nd these chuckle fucks still can't do anything right.

d493b4 No.13929170


It's a host issue.

5cdb86 No.13929227


Everyst, Nighthaven or Light's Hope?

9c5c25 No.13929236


I am on everest. I have not even been to nighthaven, or LH.

6e7e5f No.13929239


every vanilla server is lagging right now, especially for NA players.


Nighthaven (or Everyst if you want to waste 40 levels leveling only to realize there won't be enough players to do endgame dungeons, raid, or even pvp)

5d137a No.13929262


The whole point of this was to play on one server together, and that one server was Everyst. Dumbfuck faggots, as always, decided to shit a simple thing up and split things not just by faction but also three fucking servers because they can't be assed to put any effort into a just-opened server. Nighthaven or Light's Hope is autism, the only correct answer is Horde on Everyst.

bc0e1e No.13929277


>every vanilla server is lagging right now, especially for NA players.

What if it's blizzard? What if the jews are doiing this?

c7fd1d No.13929282


Blizzard has gone full "shut it down" mode its only a matter of time before they really do

Currently there are around 7-12 anons on Everyst playing regularly in <Folly>, the mid-day server pop is going up around 20 players a day just on horde, peaking at 310 horde players before the servers shit the bed just now. Don't know what situation alliance is in, but I've heard they aren't as populous.

Pretty good for a 5 day old server

21c530 No.13929316

File: 957428107187c67⋯.png (72.58 KB, 193x183, 193:183, 1491854817016.png)


>Don't know what situation alliance is in, but I've heard they aren't as populous.

What I've heard in /world is that the split is 60/40. Nobody ever specified, but I was always under the impression that it was in favor of the alliance by the tone of the conversations. Is it too late to reroll? The last vanilla thread gave me the impression that only cuck/vg/ was interested in this server, so I didn't realize there'd be people from here playing. I already joined a guild but I'm only level 16, because solo Warrior gains, and I'm really struggling to find a reason not to reroll something less painful to level but equally fucked at endgame. Like Shaman. Not like it matters when the servers are fucked.

a24313 No.13929321


NH is on patch 1.2 so the pre-1.3 mounts are there for those interested. Been playing and reporting gold sellers with screenshots and they actually deal with em. the screenshots more or less help em shut shti down quicker

9c5c25 No.13929333

Lag seems to be over now.

6e7e5f No.13929334


OVH is having a software configuration bug or something


What I've heard from the discord, alliance seems to be more populated. And also, when you do /who it doesn't just show the horde pop, it shows the whole server pop, so the server pop is peaking at 310.

>pretty good for a 5 day old server

you're kidding, right? Nostalrius, Light's Hope, Elysium and all the other servers that are still alive had 8-10k+ people on launch. The server pop won't grow, it never does.

a24313 No.13929348


B-But anon no chinks, my white ethno state :^)

NH also has a system announcement when people ding 60. Right now there are no BGs as 1.5 hasn't rolled out and there is even no battlemasters in org or UC. Good pop in the lower levels and the blackjack glitch seems to work on here.

dd3a41 No.13929354


It was lower than that the day it launched, so the population is rising.

dd3a41 No.13929358

File: d7b3006c46d2cf0⋯.png (61.13 KB, 619x280, 619:280, Capture.PNG)




5d137a No.13929375


>you're kidding, right?

There would be more people on Everyst if you fags would stop splitting up.

6e7e5f No.13929407


it was actually about 400-500 when it launched


>p-p-play everyst, every single player counts especially at this low pop!

No, I've played on enough servers that I'd knew would die, the same fucking shit happened on Zeth'kur, I'm not going through that again. At least when Everyst dies you guys can retreat to an established guild on Nighthaven. I don't blame you for wanting to play on Everyst, I really wanted the server to succeed, but I know when to give up.

a24313 No.13929417


>OId image

>I-I logged in

Nigger you traveled to a city and sat there waiting for that to pop up so you could take a screenshot.

But hey, enjoy your low pop server that will totally have enough people to raid.

>Everyst fags

fuck off back to /r/The_donald where you belong

e63861 No.13929420

e63861 No.13929451

File: 17a3d387240aefe⋯.png (111.87 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shekels.png)


>blackjack glitch

Is this the portal thru RFC glitch? Either way go on….

dd3a41 No.13929462


You can tell yourself all the lies you want, but it sounds to me like you're a chink shill.

5d137a No.13929478

File: 90abed88b480855⋯.png (308.44 KB, 436x477, 436:477, 90abed88b480855dee4842c8fe….png)


There are twenty members of Everyst's Horde. How many are there on Nighthaven? Post me a number. Sell me your wares, Yid.

6e7e5f No.13929521


under 20. I'm happy for you but it still doesn't change the fact that the server is dead

ae86c5 No.13929534

It's pretty comfy in Everjew. I'll try chinkhaven to see if I enjoy it. probably won't

6681a9 No.13929669


Everyst is doing fine. It has a small population, yes. So I guess if you like seeing swarms of dumbasses running around doing shit, then it's not going to do great. But if you just want to level up with a small group (read as: a /v/ guild) it's fine.

Raiding will probably be a small issue, yeah. But you don't need 8000 people to do a Raid, you need 40. Which is significantly less than 300.

6e7e5f No.13929704


you can't group up with the opposite faction, so assuming the split is 50/50 you're looking at 150 players. We had 300+ players in our guild in Light's Hope, inactive members were constantly rotated out for active ones, we helped everyone level up and get their preBiS and attunements, and we STILL couldn't fully fill up a raid and had to take PUGs. Let's be realistic. Raiding on that server is a pipe dream.

5d137a No.13929714


Yeah, yeah, enough harping. Just add Eyribelde and we'll see what what.

6e7e5f No.13929734


>you cannot invite players from the opposing alliance into your guild

5d137a No.13929829

File: 053e46965d275a9⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 723x720, 241:240, 053e46965d275a9b603551b2a9….jpg)


It's almost like you're doing this intentionally. Might you have mentioned that when I brought up Horde numbers?

6e7e5f No.13929847


I mean I mentioned before that /who doesn't show only horde, it shows the whole server population

dd3a41 No.13929851


It's in the OP.

5d137a No.13929946




And it was in the original OP that we were doing Horde on Everyst.

ba7c1d No.13929980

are the /v/ guilds still full of right-winger pussies/trumpcucks? that's kind of a dealbreaker.

dd3a41 No.13929989


you can stay in cuck /vg/ if you want

5d137a No.13930065



a24313 No.13930222


If that's an issue for you leave. The bigger issue is you have people acting retarded, and then being shocked when people treat them as such. Honestly though the ratio of people playing to people not playing in their goycord is low. There was actually a shitstorm awhile back where people in the discord got upset they couldn't talk in the main channel if they weren't actively playing with the guild.

It's honestly just best to avoid playing with /v/


>It was in the original OP

>Doesn't transfer it over to the new one and expects people to know.

>Will probably be surprised when threads die or people post in here confused.

ec72a6 No.13931181

File: 64384c47366aef6⋯.png (323.15 KB, 866x705, 866:705, d7cb00f7acc3f055c0c80f1bf5….png)


>Doesn't transfer it over to the new one and expects people to know.

It's right there in the OP, anon.

dd3a41 No.13931835


no goycord in everyst

df5d51 No.13931958

File: 0228db6bca7df55⋯.jpg (181.39 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, latest.jpg)

What about a good TBC server ?

I pretty much bled Vanilla and WotLK to death, is there any guild on any TBC server ?

9162a2 No.13932006


I remember raiding with Infinity back on the original nost. Getting 20 people into ZG for basic bitch Tuesday pub raids was such a nightmare; nobody wanted to get prebis or even use cheap consumables to make up for poor gearing. I think we downed Jin'do and called it a day due to the shitstorm.

After everyone got ported to Elysium I joined one of the old Nost big dick guilds and cleared AQ40, quit the game, never looked back. I think I once picked up Toomykins and some other guy for a simple UBRS run, but never saw them or a united Infinity after that.

/v/ does not necessarily mean "good at video games," even in casual shit like vanilla wow.

4816b0 No.13932009

File: c1b3e5458b0ea68⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 397x353, 397:353, 8dfba58f0ea215b7f724813cb2….jpg)


I'd rather just wait for the official blizzard servers.

748198 No.13932020

File: 7d4dcfe794491a4⋯.png (132.92 KB, 767x411, 767:411, shillamongus.png)


Fuck off.

815fae No.13932045


You're retarded, the chat server was separate from the world server so whenever the server would would choke and you'd be stuck sliding in the looting position, it was possible to still chat with people.

you'd know this if you actually played vanilla :^)

4816b0 No.13932055

File: 37e101bc768b955⋯.gif (265.72 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1428753914058.gif)


Whatever man, you do you, and i'll do me. You can play with your chinese friends all you want and i'll play with other americans.

c01b3d No.13932073


>Doesnt want to bully chinks with other americans.


df5d51 No.13933241



Everyst is no-chinks guaranteed though.

f806b4 No.13933486

File: 36d7f805f3dabeb⋯.png (311.51 KB, 348x530, 174:265, bestcat.png)

9c5c25 No.13933492

File: bb1e03754566b35⋯.jpg (193.32 KB, 1273x1024, 1273:1024, youserious.jpg)

a24313 No.13933509


>No chinks

>Dead within weeks


>Some chinks

>Large pop

>No pottu

bc56af No.13933713

File: 54f052b139d3560⋯.jpg (222.38 KB, 1592x754, 796:377, WoW 2016-07-29 14-24-08-33.JPG)

>yet another private server

No thanks, I already wasted my time leveling a char on a shitty server just for the hell of it.

b25f9e No.13933811

File: 86b2fcfb3687d10⋯.jpg (330.23 KB, 1920x1029, 640:343, WoWScrnShot_120717_140029.jpg)


dd3a41 No.13933835


>What about a good TBC server ?

There was one, it lasted 20 minutes.

ec916e No.13933844


Saw that, good job

77a33f No.13933967


Are you guys associated with <infinity> or <iron guard> or are you completely unrelated?

dd3a41 No.13934060



cb98c9 No.13934068


>"I want the classic vanilla experience"

>Shits up UI with addons

dd3a41 No.13934081


Most retarded post in this thread.

cb98c9 No.13934083


I aim to please.

e6ef11 No.13934120

>server hopping cuckchanner thread

When is that site cross-posting rule going to be implemented?

4d8ee6 No.13934133

Do people playing "vanilla" use threat meters? I remember doing MC and Ony back in the day without them and with fucked up negative resists and warlock crit and it was 'fun'. I wonder how many players today realize a common strat for Ony phase 1 back then before threat meters or tank swaps for Knock Away was "just wand".

82cbe1 No.13934139


oh yeah, KTM threat meters

you guys are wasting your time on such a low pop server; maybe it'll the rebirth 2.0

b6fbaf No.13934279

you guys change servers and realms WAY too fucking often to bother joining

dd3a41 No.13934717




Your opinions don't really matter and you're better off doing something you enjoy instead of posting here.

0082c6 No.13934728


He's not exactly wrong. Grinding for Fire resist to kill the legless wonder in the volcano isn't exactly hard. It's the journey though, not the destination.

5d137a No.13935074


All we needed was for OP to not be a tool and stick to the original plan. I only ever see four people online on Nighthaven at any given time, and they're nowhere near me. I have spent more time with normies than anyone from here, playing Nighthaven. Wherever the fun is suppose to be, I can't find it because sticking to one solid plan was just too darn hard for some people.

dd3a41 No.13935308


Everyst, we just did Deadmines, doing WC tomorrow, all in-guild.

c9bd43 No.13936965


Deadmines was hell. Do we have a healer for WC tomorrow?

dd3a41 No.13937006


i know first aid

c9bd43 No.13937034


Nigga, I know first aid too, but I can't bandage in the middle of a fight.

a24313 No.13937107


You cna play on horde on nighthaven with me and just level, and enjoy some PvP.

6e7e5f No.13937263


Nigger that's because you're level 3 and in a day you've leveled a whopping 1 level. We do dungeons and level together all the time. You'd know that if you weren't too spaghetti to join our discord.

a24313 No.13937448



>Not normalfags

Why are you using the reddit approved version anon?

231db5 No.13937556


Dont spoonfed them information about how to blend in you double nigger

dd3a41 No.13937846

dead game

9c5c25 No.13937852

Server is kill.

c9bd43 No.13937946



End my life. Was making a trade.

9c5c25 No.13937977


Look on the bright side. California is apparently burning to the ground.

c9bd43 No.13938034


Nice dubs and news. Thanks anon.

dd3a41 No.13938043


i wish it was the barrens

9c5c25 No.13938057


Soon california will look like the barrens.

7d1d5f No.13938157

File: b64f78d726fc5a1⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 535x600, 107:120, dubs.jpg)



9c5c25 No.13939024

Server is back

ec916e No.13940950


Unless the DM healer comes again, which I partially doubt with how rough that went towards the end. If you are thinking about joining us on Everyst, and you want to heal, don't hesitate.

90b353 No.13941001

File: 06d87277573f292⋯.jpg (57.31 KB, 328x420, 82:105, 87245.jpg)

Prolapsedass on Nighthaven. Shoot me a clan invite please.

6681a9 No.13941062



>the barrens

Were the guys who ran DM a Horde bunch that made the run over, or Alliance?

6e7e5f No.13941100


be online reee

also you will probably be made to change your name

ec916e No.13941129

d493b4 No.13941701


Did you swim from Grom'Gol?

c9bd43 No.13941716

c9bd43 No.13941718


I'll make a priest alt in the morning and start leveling him. I was the 21 warrior in the group.

199f28 No.13942890

Which guild is still alive?

9c5c25 No.13943029


The horde one.

a24313 No.13943084

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

199f28 No.13943085



a24313 No.13943089


yeah their guild is a whole 5 members on a server with 200 pop. This is like when that one faggot tried to get everyone to play that "classes" wow server that ended up being just cookie cutter builds and dropped within a week.

199f28 No.13943092


Damn, so it's one of those guilds that don't even last a month that get shilled around here constantly?

4fe0b4 No.13943108


yeah it's basically every WoW private server, hell private servers in general.

199f28 No.13943130


Well, I was hoping it would at least last a month, if it's already dead I won't bother.

5d137a No.13943336


Fuck off.


Here are your choices: You can go Everyst, like everyone was suppose to do, where there's a handful of people on at any given time at least, where people sign in to play every few hours on a sparse server only a few days old. OR you can go Nighthaven, a server full of thousands of Redditers, where the faggots who split off are typically 5 online at any given time at best, where people the majority of members of that guild haven't been on to play in days.

199f28 No.13943380


How much does Everyst and Nighthaven have online total? That is the deal breaker for me here

5d137a No.13943472


The last time I looked:


<30 of us, mostly still active

<5 on at any time at least

<couple hundred others


<30 listed, mostly inactive

<5 on at any time at best

<couple thousand others

21c530 No.13943512

File: 5cb09385e70b7f5⋯.png (6.21 KB, 405x344, 405:344, 1486319607706.png)

>Trying to level, minding my own business

>Trying to get more levels in before joining Folly so I know I'm committed and don't go rolling another alt

>Some dude from the /vg/ guild messages me asking if I want to join

>The way he words things sounds like he's the fucking guildmaster

>Talk him down nicely for the reason above, log off, don't log in for the rest of the night

I switched from Alliance to play with you fags so I'd be remiss to join their guild instead, but I didn't want to be a huge cunt. But now, I feel like I've talked my way into a corner. This is twice now I've been solicited to join a guild by its guildmaster. Small world.

c7fd1d No.13943542


a lot of gms are recruiting personally right now, you'll see a lot of <surfs up> but they recruited via macro. Nothing against <IVReich>, but I haven't seen them out in the world

9c5c25 No.13943718


Just give us your name damnit.

dd3a41 No.13943761


If you want to join Folly post your name here.

dd3a41 No.13945149


Nobody is using goycord in everyst, son. You can stop trying now.

3d51ab No.13945169

Man I forgot how fucking slow and boring vanilla WoW was.

b25f9e No.13945264


This is part of why the game is so social. A lot of downtime means a lot of time to shoot the shit.

9c5c25 No.13947793


f9b1a8 No.13947916

Hey guys, could I get an invite on horde everyst? Karusan, I'm a greenman shaman.

b25f9e No.13948095

File: 8adee29d5f5199b⋯.png (1.25 MB, 662x2013, 662:2013, dQHI8VL.png)


>No screencap


Also, results of the first week are in. In before >Reddit, blame the people in charge of the server.

Also also, we could use more healsluts in the guild.

21c530 No.13948394

File: 44f1afede3bd49b⋯.gif (352.1 KB, 256x256, 1:1, thinking three-dimensional….gif)


I'm surprised the rogue population is so low. Maybe it's just because everyone wanted to rush high levels with a Hunter?

How's healing in WoW? I've been dicking with different classes and I really haven't settled on anything solid. I've only ever healed in Tera where it was kinda fun. I'd imagine it'd be more boring in WoW but I never tried healing seriously in this.

f9b1a8 No.13948884

Mona here, posting here for mate. <3

6e7e5f No.13949081


fuck off tranny

969fd4 No.13949498


I can't speak for the private servers but remembering Barren's chat I'd rather not interact with other people for the sake of my sanity.

4fe0b4 No.13949660


Rogues are useless in a few PvE encounters and as PvP is incredibly hard to do on a server so dead they don't really catch on.

Warriors are literally the only tanks in the game, paladins are only good for healing, and the healing is braindead tab target as it comes. You have to conserve mana but that's about as complex as it ever gets

c5e1a9 No.13950479


>Rogues are useless in a few PvE

Name them.

4fe0b4 No.13950515


Onyxia they have a whole phase where they can't do anything that's actual dps, no throwing weapons aren't actual dps. There's a few in molten core that I forget the name of where they can't get into position that kills their dps.

Even in fights where they're optimal their dps is lower compared to other dps.

dd3a41 No.13951323


>cant do the optimal 120% dps then they're USELESS

i hate minmax fags

e63861 No.13955869



I don't know what that other nigger was talking about, Everyst has a bunch of us mid 30s and the server went live last week. 10-12 guildies on at a time during peak hours.

f806b4 No.13956122


They can kill the spawn while that is going on just fine.

4b66ae No.13956144

File: b2053514eeb0e33⋯.png (1.13 MB, 916x735, 916:735, 6yoi6.png)


>the healing is braindead tab target

>PvP is incredibly hard

>Rogues are useless

>muh warriors

7de904 No.13957025


>I watched a video on vanilla wow once

Turns out there was a lot of things people didn't realize about vanilla classes that changes the dynamic

e63861 No.13959030

Mordril invite my tauren warrior Wewuz you filthy nigger

b25f9e No.13961995

File: b32bf895e81148a⋯.jpg (191.02 KB, 1920x1029, 640:343, WoWScrnShot_121117_011421.jpg)

I just hit Tailoring 150, so I'm able to make 10-slot bags now. They require 12 silk cloth + 2 heavy leather to make. If you want 8 slots for some reason, they require 9 wool cloth.

c10535 No.13962223

File: 28afa98c7c5b299⋯.jpg (51.21 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Hale.jpg)


> the leadership is pretty laid back

the same leadership that alienated 90% of old Infinity so they could recruit redditors, romanian neo-nazi larpers and trannies from cuckchan after destroying the old guild in the first place?

6e7e5f No.13962462


I don't know if I would call that "alienated" since 90% of old infinity haven't played WoW in years, most of them have never even hit 60, and instead jerk each other off in discord every day, pretending to be a community. We wanted to play WoW and you didn't, I really don't see what's your problem. Sorry we didn't beg on our knees for you to join us I guess? Now kindly fuck off, this is pathetic.

c10535 No.13962641


>making up lies again to justify the current status of destroyed old Infinity

hello Hale

6e7e5f No.13962691


>not even specifying what part of what I said is a lie

you know what I've said is true.

also i'm not hale

c10535 No.13962764


>not even specifying what part of what I said is a lie

>90% of old infinity haven't played WoW in years

August 2017 is years ?

>most of them have never even hit 60

Majority were 60 and the remaining people were leveling up to 60 in time.

>and instead jerk each other off in discord every day

didnt you make a new discord just so you can be admin and add shit like smiles and other emojis so you can jerk off in discord instead of playing the game?

>pretending to be a community

We were a community before you and your cocksuckers from cuckchan killed it by spamming how everyone should reroll on fresh server because apparently the muh chinks wont be there and we all know you did it so you can get control of guild at the expense of our old guild which at the time Nost relaunched under Elysium had enough members online for 40 man raids.

>We wanted to play WoW and you didn't,

No you wanted to force everyone else to suck your dick while larping with romanian neo-nazis, redditors and trannies form Mandate of Heaven and when that backfired you tried to delete the discord server claiming people who arent sucking your dick arent doing anything despite there being people who play other games aswell.

>Sorry we didn't beg on our knees for you to join us I guess?

Pretty sure you did, you spammed "LOL GUYS LETS REROLL ON FRESH SERVER NO MUH CHINKS XDDDD" and then got butthurt when people told you to stop being autistic and just play on old characters on Anathema/Nost PvP server so the guild can actually raid things like Onyxia and MC instead of constant rerolling like the retards from cuckchan's /vg/ guilds.

6e7e5f No.13962794


nigger who the fuck do you think I am

it's obvious you have a hateboner for someone but it ain't me

c10535 No.13962817


hating a kike who ruined the old guild is not a hateboner, if you are not Hale then who the fuck are you

6e7e5f No.13962854


You seem to forget that infinity actually died on nostalrius too. And the real question is who the fuck are you?

is it you, Rtas?

c10535 No.13962881


you refuse to answer on who you are which can mean only two things, you are either one of the reddit larpers or that tranny drama queen who tried to delete the discord with Hale

6e7e5f No.13962901


I'm steelroar

your refusal to answer can only mean that either you're rtas or someone even more irrelevant

82b6ca No.13962935

Okay I never played WoW before, which server that you guys play on should I start with?

c10535 No.13962954

File: 40aa94d5b571dfa⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 600x421, 600:421, future is so bright.jpg)


>tranny from cuckchan calling Rtas irrelevant

Lmao i can see i hit a nerve with the truth about you scum, tbh its fitting that NuInfinity is being run by a tranny, pic related is perfect for future of the hijacked guild.


Elysium is corrupt as fuck, Lights Hope (was part of Elysium) is same bullshit with different name, try to find some servers that will launch soon (vanilla/TBC/Wotlk expansions) and avoid playing with the NuInfinity guild, its hijacked by a retarded swede and tranny from 4chan, they are recruiting literal redditors and other trash from 4chan so when it comes to guilds just find a random one.

bc0e1e No.13962977


Flip a coin. Alternatively, there's the info that's already posted that you can think through.

There's >>13943472 and the info in the OP

><Folly> on Everyst - Horde (casual comfy guild)

><Infinite Autism> on Nighthaven - Alliance (tryhard poopsockers who will actually raid endgame)

There's also the reasoning that, with Everyst's small numbers, it might end up dying months or years down the line >>13929407 which isn't really a factor if you just want to try the game out and not want to commit years of your life to it.

6e7e5f No.13962989


what the fuck are you talking about nigger, first of all I'm just making the threads, i'm not running anything, and second of all if you were in the original infinity you know damn fucking well that I'm not from cuckchan nor am I a tranny. Fuck off with your shilling, and your stupid drama and rumors. Get a life and go play a video game. You spend so much fucking time in these threads it's pathetic.

Drama fags like you are why infinity died and continues to be dead. I just want to play fucking video games.

Kindly, an hero please

82eaa4 No.13962997


Yo, can I join Folly on Everyst?

ign is Alive

40a7c6 No.13963004


I hope you're undead with an ign like that.

82eaa4 No.13963028

File: 1a80721d0abe78e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.99 KB, 583x439, 583:439, 1a80721d0abe78e658b7faa204….jpg)

c10535 No.13963040


you are 100% that retarded tranny, your tauren warrior in our old guild didnt even reach lvl 60, funny how you accuse me of shilling while you are shilling your reddit+tranny NuInfinity guild

>Drama fags like you are why infinity died and continues to be dead. I just want to play fucking video games.

Lmao this projecting is hilarious, faggot who ruined the old infinity is accusing others

>Kindly, an hero please

Listen to your advice and end yourself before you destroy something else, scum like you are like parasites you destroy something good then move on to next victim.

6e7e5f No.13963074


I'm shilling our guild because we're playing WoW you retarded kike, you're shilling because you have nothing better to do and you have a huge hate boner and you're doing nothing about it. Go revive infinity then if you think you can do it, but we both know that you can't and that's why you're spending your time in these threads doing nothing but sperging out.

How the fuck did I ruin infinity, explain that to me, I'm genuinely curious how I got this "ruiner of infinity" title from you. And explain to me why you think I'm a tranny because you seem to have just pulled that one out of your ass.

bc42e7 No.13963088

This shittery coupled with nostalgiafaggotry is why nobody wants to play with you guys.

c10535 No.13963111


do you even know what the word shilling means or you are just spamming it like a retard you are? And i cannot revive Infinity because you scum killed it and now you are raping its corpse

>you're spending your time in these threads doing nothing but sperging out.

More projections?

> And explain to me why you think I'm a tranny because you seem to have just pulled that one out of your ass.

Your discord name/tag, see thats a simple question you tranny fuck that you wont answer.

6e7e5f No.13963150


did we kill infinity or the idea of infinity or what? you're making no sense now. All you need to do is get all the old infinity members who want to play and aren't trannies or swedes and get them together and make a guild right? or wait… wait I think I remember something… oh yeah. we already tried that and it turns out - not a lot of old infinity people want to actually play wow.

Oh, but we "killed infinity" that's what it is, right, that's why you can't revive it, not because you're Rtas, and not because people just don't want to play.

And I won't give my discord name out because this is a fucking imageboard, but you can add me at throwaway#7249 if you want to talk like people and not throw shit at each other

ec72a6 No.13963153


There's a new horde guild on Everyst that has completely new leadership unrelated to any previous <Infinity> drama that's currently trying to stay alive on a server with extremely low population and you're scaring people away with your drama-faggotry in thread.

Also Everyst doesn't deserve its low pop. It permits people to call people niggers in public chat and has non-faggot GMs. It might very well be the last free speech server before Blizzard releases their legacy servers so think twice before you drama-post further. New people are trying to enjoy the game on a new server.

80f8dc No.13963177


Is recruitment open to non8chfags? Yes or no?

ec72a6 No.13963179



c10535 No.13963194


i explained it why the old Infinity guild is dead but it seems you are ignoring that and just want to shitpost while pushing your lies about the old guild

>oh yeah. we already tried that and it turns out not a lot of old infinity people want to actually play wow.

Not a lot of old infinity people want to actually play wow with retarded swedes, reddit, cuckchan rejects and trannies from Mandate of Heaven*

>And I won't give my discord name out because this is a fucking imageboard

Because i know you are Elli you tranny scum.


Everyst has a serious population problem and how am i scaring people away? If anything i am guiding people into your guild by exposing these scum who hijacked he old guild. Blizzard will not release their Classic Server for a long time, expect 6+ months after their next expansion is launched so you dont have to worry about that.



recruiting solely from 8chan for a vanilla guild is bad idea especially now after the events of old Infinity dead and raped and many members demoralised, if it was TBC or Wotlk you could get away with it for PvE content.

4816b0 No.13963195

File: fe707dc9cbed27a⋯.jpg (127.51 KB, 1034x715, 94:65, 1443386500713.jpg)


Aw, you're so shy anon. That's almost cute.

80f8dc No.13963209


I'll think about it then.


>pro inclusivity

>c-c-c-cucks trannies everywhere

>m-muh good old days

>no idea who's he talking with

>implying names mean shit around here

6e7e5f No.13963214

File: f24781922a7641a⋯.png (248.79 KB, 743x476, 743:476, 1374057250459.png)


I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought you wanted to talk, but I guess you actually think that I'm a tranny because my discord name is Eli

4816b0 No.13963231

File: e5ba5fe3629fce4⋯.png (219.1 KB, 722x768, 361:384, 1467111731248.png)



Passable tranny or no?

4b66ae No.13963233





In his defense I actually think you're a massive faggot. I mean, in addition to being OP.

ec72a6 No.13963248


>how am i scaring people away?

People are turned off when they see non-stop drama-posting in thread.

c10535 No.13963250


its funny how you think you can trick anyone, even on old Nost Sushi, Yiff and Wiht suspected you were a tranny because of your specific behaviour, i guess you realised you should hide it better after the whole Petpriest fiasco and people stopped joking about futa meme

4816b0 No.13963271

File: 5fd51f73313556d⋯.gif (310.4 KB, 500x359, 500:359, 5fd51f73313556da513f3b995b….gif)


What are the specific behaviors of a tranny?

4816b0 No.13963272

File: a89c43089976620⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 240x208, 15:13, 2Kiqa.jpg)


Also, why would you sage a thread past the bumplimit?

bc0e1e No.13963275


Er, I don't mean to butt into the argument, but I'd like to clarify that Eli can be a guy's name. It could stand for Elijah, Elias, or even by itself as a (((Hebrew))) masculine name. It doesn't have to stand for Elizabeth or something.

6e7e5f No.13963276

File: 07a767aa10e8183⋯.jpg (33.43 KB, 324x278, 162:139, 51618161861868146.jpg)


I'm actually on voice with Wiht right now and we had a good laugh

a24313 No.13963292

>Thread devolved into shit flinging.

I'm genuinely not surprised.


The problem <Infinity> has is no one helped the lowbies. People just wanted to raid as soon as they hit 60. So what'd happen is those people would bail and join a normalfag guild.

<Infinity> is dead, the discords should be shut down and purged. This is clearly a case of faggots being stuck in a circlejerk for far too long.

4816b0 No.13963299

File: 2d5a056074970f2⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2d5a056074970f23738c21535a….png)

Fucking avatarfags all over this thread. No wonder no one joins your guild.

a24313 No.13963309


should come play nighthaven with me. running around on horde as mufugbixnood. Haven't been forced to change my name yet

f033b4 No.13963318


>playing with christcuck swedes

no thanks

f033b4 No.13963323


What happened to light's hope?

c10535 No.13963335


>What are the specific behaviors of a tranny?

shit Petpriest pulled in party chat for example, the nude pictures he sent to some people was over the top behaviour


thats not his real name but the discord tag, he had some shitty anime avatar and every time he wrote in the chat he would roleplay as some anime girl, similar shit with Petpriest back in the guild.


Wiht is part of NuInfinity now? Oh how the mighty have fallen, i guess anglo degeneracy runs deep in him


>The problem <Infinity> has is no one helped the lowbies. People just wanted to raid as soon as they hit 60. So what'd happen is those people would bail and join a normalfag guild

People were helping lowbies with elite quests and dungeons runs, i ran like 10 different people through dungeons with no issue, the guild was active on Nost relaunch but then Hale and his cocksuckers were shilling fresh reroll and fucked the guild over.

4816b0 No.13963336

File: 1df0d7a28492294⋯.jpg (109.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1df0d7a28492294caae8a207f9….jpg)


Nah, I'm waiting for classic blizzard servers. Tired of relevelling the same character over again when each server inevitably dies. Besides, most of you seem to be meme spouters, I despise talking about memes other than on imageboards.

f033b4 No.13963344


Wiht is a good guy(even if he is Irish). There are some really nasty people in that group though. Lots of backstabbing and cryptokiking.

a24313 No.13963345


It was fun to watch, but basically people acted like retarded niggers in general and world and got banned for it. Acting shocked and surprised to the sight of no one, they retreated to a hugbox server with a pop of 400 at peak because "The GMs let us say nigger in general".


That's fine on the first bit. Not so ok on the second. I am in the same train of thought with you on that last bit though.


You should have seen the discord after Rtas left mate. The faggots came out of the woodwork and started posting gay porn like they were repressed homos finally free of judgement.

6e7e5f No.13963359


kek what the fuck I never did that, I never even talked in the infinity discord because it was fucking cancer and nobody played wow, I think I talked like once or twice because wolfbane thought I was some kind of an anime expert and pinged me to recommend him animes to watch.

f033b4 No.13963364

File: e3001adfbbbf4d3⋯.png (700.53 KB, 495x738, 55:82, 3feb7c49e50b8a5172550e55e2….png)


They gave up on Light's Hope? If I had to guess I'd wager the bible thumping swede was behind the server transfer. That guy was total cancer.

Did holylass just roll over and play dead once Long gave him GM? Thats a shame.

6e7e5f No.13963382


hey you mysterious swede hating man, when are you going to get online on discord?

a24313 No.13963386


I don't know. I wasn't in the guild, I saw them playing so I decided to watch from the sidelines. I have the older channels on mute and not in their 3rd normalfag friendly one.

on LH they also started pulling in normalfags and redditors. Even a bit in the threads I saw where they sperged out because the GM gave loot preference to anons over the normalfags and that some how caused a moral panic.

c10535 No.13963396


>even if he is irish

pretty sure when we talked in the guild he said he wanted to genocide all potato niggers and that Cromwell did nothing wrong

>There are some really nasty people in that group though. Lots of backstabbing and cryptokiking.

Hilarious part in that backstabbing and cryptokike thing is they were even backstabbing themselves after they destroyed Infinity, Wolfbane and Holylass had some angry dispute and then others tagged along just adding fuel to fire.


>You should have seen the discord after Rtas left mate. The faggots came out of the woodwork and started posting gay porn like they were repressed homos finally free of judgement

I am fortunate not to see the homo spam but other members wrote on my youtube channel saying i should come back i just couldnt bear it, too much faggotry and Hale and his gang just circlejerking on a daily basis and it never ended


nigger please every time you wrote in the discord it was pure cancer and had some stupid attention whoring with others, you are acting like Wolfbane forced you at gun point to roleplay as an anime loli or some shit.

a24313 No.13963419


>Youtube channel

Only two people I know that had a channel were Rtas and Toomy.

6e7e5f No.13963425


literally what the fuck are you talking about nigger

f033b4 No.13963442

File: 4e023077a06ad4e⋯.png (78.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4e023077a06ad4eca70a1cb0c2….png)


>hey you mysterious swede hating man, when are you going to get online on discord?

I logged in, saw Holylass gave GM to a literal jew(assuming 'Prefered' is the same guy as in-game name) and then left the server. I've been getting /fit/ as fuck lately. Started weight training everyday again and bulking. Want to get A E S T H E T I C again before it warms up. Decided im going to try and find a RL waifu and make some white babies.


>I saw where they sperged out because the GM gave loot preference to anons over the normalfags and that some how caused a moral panic.

Yea, thats when I stopped playting with them because of the moral fagging.


You sound like the ponyfaggot who got banned from the IG discord to me.

dd3a41 No.13963445

I just want to make it clear that the everyst guild has nothing to do with these faggots and this faggotry.

c10535 No.13963461


Rtas and Toomy were actively uploading videos of Infinity gank squads while the rest were just uploading memes or random stuff


>literally what the fuck are you talking about nigger

>Wolfbane pings you

>moeshit anime discussion

>suddenly loli roleplay for an entire hour

>Wolfbane wants to dress you up in maid outfit

>you respond midly with shit like hehe or XD

It was just a prank right?


>You sound like the ponyfaggot who got banned from the IG discord to me.

Not sure if you are retarded or another one from NuInfinity

4816b0 No.13963492

File: 39ff0e654feca60⋯.jpg (127.32 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 3c1d28e2990c2a8f479fbf6cf3….jpg)


>Sending nudes to people

Oh, so hes a whore, and an attention whore. Gotcha. That's usually indicative of a very low self esteem. I bet he doesn't think much of himself

c10535 No.13963506

File: e1b897c9ef383aa⋯.png (208.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, trannies.png)


>That's usually indicative of a very low self esteem. I bet he doesn't think much of himself

tip of the iceberg

6e7e5f No.13963523


do you understand the concept of ironic shitposting? The discord was already cancer


ah well good luck with that. Holy gave the GM to him because after you left most of us were disgusted by the moralfagging and had no motivation to continue playing anymore. I stopped playing on principle. Then a few of us rolled on Nighthaven and we're just having a comfy leveling experience.

Also the spergy shitposter is rtas

f033b4 No.13963535


I was hoping he would step up and keep it going. Thats a shame. Tell latvian waifu I say hey.

a24313 No.13963544


It's still shitposting. That's the problem though, people acting like retards don't get told to fuck off and are instead encouraged which actual retards see and think "well I'll fit in here".

>Rtas is the shitposter

Going by the last classic WoW thread I've seen crop up here, the hate for <Infinity> isn't confined to one guy who seems to have become your own personal gamergate tier boogeyman. Doesn't help the last time a WoW classic thread was up a few faggots from <Infinity> went damage control mode, started posting zoophilia and the thread went from past bump limit to 30 posts from the limit. I think it's just people like me, either former people from infinity shitposting at the expense of the retards still left and people who are in that "playing with /v/ is cancer" mentality. Though from what I saw in that last thread it's a safer bet it really is a bunch of former <Infinity> fags baiting (and with success) those left in Nuinfinity

c10535 No.13963559


>do you understand the concept of ironic shitposting? The discord was already cancer

Right you were just shitposting "ironically", it was just a prank huh? Your stupidity is endless it seems


after killing the old Infinity new cancerous faggots like to make up their own boogeymen to shift the blame from themselves, this is the first time in a month i checked the thread and the tranny fuck is accusing me of shitposting in their thread for weeks

f033b4 No.13963568


I made a dwarf paladin on nighthaven for the fuck of it. Try and find me.

36fb32 No.13963944


>wow is really hardcore guiz becuz u can play it alot errrry day

>so much content like omg u wouldnt belive

>I don't know about any other mmo

>also I'm retarded and not getting paid to shill this shitfilled casual clicker quest adventure

holy shit stop posting anytime

dd3a41 No.13963955


>he thinks people are paid to shill world of warcraft

You're even more of an idiot than he is.

9c5c25 No.13964811


Oh some autist dropped into the thread. I was wondering why it had so many posts.

5c26b2 No.13965422

What the fuck is even going on ITT?

I left Infinity and WoW during late Nost and focused on IRL stuff. Last thing i remember us doing is spawning shitload of Doomguards in front of the ZG and in Lakeshire. Then I came back briefly when we tried out that unscripted TBC server and tested Karazhan but I had to leave again due to IRL shit.

Infinity discord seems to be totally dead. Can someone redbull me on what the fuck even happened afterwards? What happened to the people of old Infinity?

I got an urge to play again but this seems to be an utter shitshow, I don't want to play with trannies or reddit fags.

ec72a6 No.13965754


There's a horde guild on Everyst under new leadership completely unrelated to the drama in this thread. Be warned though, it's an extremely low-population server. Also, the people who stir up shit in every thread don't actually play the game so you don't have to worry about running into them.

9c5c25 No.13966175


Right now we have a guild on everyst that has about 6-8 people on regularly. I myself am sticking around to see if the server grows or not. If it grows that will be great since they take a strong stance against the chinese gold farmers, and non english speakers in general. The server right now is growing, but very slowly. So far it's been pretty slow, but most of the people you meet are generally willing to help each other. It's still difficult to get a dungeon though since very few people will likely be in the level range.

c10535 No.13968424


>Can someone redbull me on what the fuck even happened afterwards? What happened to the people of old Infinity?

here's a TL;DR

>Nost relaunched under Elysium

>Infinity is back again with over 50 people online, only people who were missing are Baarne because he forgot to transfer his old char

>faggot kike named Hale doesnt like this so he starts spamming "LOL GUYS LETS REROLL ON FRESH SERVER BECAUSE NO CHINKS XD" with him as GM

>this bleeds the guild of members as people are divided on two servers instead of staying on the main one

>Hale's retarded autism kicks in again and he screams "LOL LETS REROLL ON FRESH FRESH SERVER BECAUSE NO QUEUES AND NO CHINKS XD" with him as GM again

>this bleeds the guild even more and now Infinity is spread over 3 servers doing nothing

>Elysium corruption and Nost cuckery is revealed

>since guild is dead people either stop playing or just leave for other guilds so they can do something

>Hale starts recruiting redditors, kekistani gypsy larpers and trannies from Mandate of Heaven

>decides to force 90% of old Infinity to either suck his dick and play on fresh fresh realm or he will delete the discord since as a the kike he is he owner of that discord

>people tell him to fuck off and he tries to restrict the chat sometime later

>more backlash against Hale and his trannies from cuckchan which forces another split on discord

>since they destroyed old Infinity now Hale's guild cannibalizes itself and they are on fresh server meme again with Everyst

Never trust swedecucks.

a24313 No.13968653


The chat restriction originally was because 98% of the discord doesn't actually fucking play WoW and instead just jerks it. The idea was to make it so only the faggots currently playing could use general and the rest of the circlejerk would use another channel.

Again I stopped caring and just started playing horde NH by myself. Was fun when we won the world PvP event. Must suck to be the alliance guild knowing they got fucked hard.

c10535 No.13968852


>The chat restriction originally was because 98% of the discord didnt want to suck Hale's dick and play with redditors, kekistani larpers and trannies


61e2b4 No.13969252


Everyst guild has nothing to do with your cocksucker drama.

ae86c5 No.13971836


Everyst has nothing to do with your pure faggotry.

a24313 No.13972777


eh. That's what I saw when I last peeked in there and people chimped out. You have to remember we only had a 2nd discord because people wanted emojis like normalfags.


>Has nothing to do with "your" drama

So you admit that you're not an 8ch guild in the slightest

dd3a41 No.13973345


Just because your circlejerk fell apart it doesn't mean other anons can't make guilds separate from your retarded shit.

7e61ba No.13973454

File: 1aa60f8287bb7e5⋯.png (170.21 KB, 851x357, 851:357, 6db4d384acfb9706677e2ea876….png)


>So you admit that you're not an 8ch guild in the slightest

>you have to be certified by the OFFICIAL 8chan Guild Sponsored by Discord to be a guild of people from 8chan

Do you feel in charge?

e63861 No.13974020

File: 7559b2ef556e0c9⋯.jpg (398.89 KB, 1634x918, 817:459, Comfy1.2.jpg)

File: 1e32ff0235234ec⋯.jpg (364.2 KB, 1638x910, 9:5, comfy2.jpg)

File: bb2dde552637503⋯.jpg (504.45 KB, 1634x924, 817:462, Comfy3.jpg)

>all this drama and I'm just sitting here being comfy with no chinks.

Relax and enjoy the journey friends.

9c5c25 No.13974028


I was going to ask for pics of last nights guild run, but I forgot to ask.

a24313 No.13974692


Of coursh.


So you go and make a new circlejerk? again I have the two older rooms on mute and only peeked back one day because I was bored to see what had happened.

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