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File: 8a49ce3654e216c⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 366x623, 366:623, I STAIN MY HANDS WITH YOUR….jpg)

5b456e No.13920258

I recently showed a friend of mine this game, and he was blown away by how fun it is, which made me want to fire it up again. Does anybody on /v/ still play this? I recently took a look at mods and it looks like nothing's really been done in the past year or so, but the game's still a good time on its own.

rate my Geese Howard

0792c6 No.13920266

It's extremely linear and there isn't nearly enough content nor variety to keep you entertained after one or two playthroughs.

5b456e No.13920271


Yes, it's a good thing I haven't played this game in over a year then.

8ddd80 No.13920274


>having friends

5b456e No.13920341


Don't you like playing video games with your friends, anon?

8c0848 No.13920373


>I recently took a look at mods and it looks like nothing's really been done in the past year or so

People tried doing some shit, but anything other than graphical mods had a habit of breaking your pawns. So the scene died pretty quickly.

2fed27 No.13920376

I'm playing it for the first time now. What's a good time to start bitterblack isle because last time I went there I got absolutely destroyed

c46cce No.13920395


The intended progression is after you defeat the boss and enter the post-game stage (you'll know it when you get there). You can go there early and cheese certain things to get overpowered gear, but you'll just spoil the rest of the game for yourself.

2fed27 No.13920435


Ok. Also is there any way to kill that floating Death fucker

34e8de No.13920461


Magic Archer, or tenfold+blast arrows to put him in stunlock.

c46cce No.13920466


Yes, but you should avoid him until you've got Tier 3 BBI weapons.

228d44 No.13920483


I recall I met him at the first courtyard so stunlocking him wouldn't work here. In the caverns with the stairs, yeah it would work but you lose any loot he has.

5b456e No.13920487


I hate that the only unarmed weapon in the game is at BBI. Even a couple earlier ones would've been appreciated. There's a mod that makes some daggers invisible, but only the fucking endgame ones.

c46cce No.13920492


Agreed, a 1.25x, 1.50x, and 1.75x ring to fill in before you get the bloody knuckle would be nice.

34e8de No.13920495

File: f81d85e8128446c⋯.png (87.07 KB, 611x402, 611:402, ClipboardImage.png)


It's the best place to do it. In the tunnels and the open courtyards your pawns are at high risk of being OHKOed, whereas on the bridge you can manage him even when he teleports. I've lost his loot drop a grand total of one time.


Grab the ARC extractor and do it yourself, it's quite easy.

5b456e No.13920528


Do what myself, exactly?

34e8de No.13920541


Mod it yourself; give daggers the bloody knuckle model or something.

dc5bd3 No.13920557

34e8de No.13920585

File: 480bb6bcfbbbea2⋯.png (1.32 KB, 107x25, 107:25, ClipboardImage.png)

dc5bd3 No.13920625


YEP. Shit does stuff like editing AI (enemy and pawn AI without causing server bans on the pawns), messing with enemy hp, damage, defense, and elemental resistances, and so forth. An example of the edited enemy AI: Saurians can now throw their spears, and also form roman phalanx formations.

c46cce No.13920652

File: 18ed4d2249e9d67⋯.png (8.55 KB, 952x165, 952:165, Screenshot-2017-12-5 World….png)


>haha we won't tell you exactly what the mod does

>just play it and find out XDD


dc5bd3 No.13920674


It alters enemy AI (also pawns, allows pawns to use throwables such as skulls, throwblasts, and dragon spit), stats, placement in the world, adds situational spawns (for example, a video on the mod page shows a fight against 2 condemned cyclops and death near the shadow fort that only occurs if you go there with no pawns in the party), and is generally just aimed at making the game more difficult / skill dependent. The mod author is a bit of an autist, but it's one of very few mods even updated for the most recent DDDA update.

That said, if you're planning on using any mods on the steam version, if they haven't been updated since that last update you WILL run into crashes eventually.

34e8de No.13920680

File: cd01a74806b74ba⋯.png (3.86 KB, 987x23, 987:23, ClipboardImage.png)



That's cool, but him not uploading to anywhere other than nexus is going to make this a nightmare to download. Why couldn't the fucker just put it up on moddb or something?

dc5bd3 No.13920694


You're not downloading with the nexus mod downloader thing are you? That doesn't handle large files well and throttles speed even further than their shit website.

34e8de No.13920707


I'm not in the habit of putting bloatware in my PC. I tried Opera and Seamonkey's downloaders, and now I'm using uGet - my DL speeds always get throttled to kingdom come.

f354ed No.13920723



Does he at least tell people how he made his mod?

dc5bd3 No.13920739


Mostly cracking open the files with their own custom tools that they can't/won't share because they're super against piracy and doesn't "…want (their) tools to be misused", and directly editing files by hand from their. Mostly through hex editing after that I believe. They're active on the discord they link and on their nexus page, so if you want to ask you'll probably get an answer within a few hours.

ecb9b5 No.13920744

I've recently replayed the game so I could get the last 3 achievements: finish the game in NG+, do a speed run mode and gift 50 gifts. I now have a level 180ish Strider Arisen with a similarly leveled sorceress pawn.

382817 No.13920750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d8c101 No.13920777

File: b9fbca63a86d850⋯.png (203.52 KB, 780x381, 260:127, scp100.png)



What a fucking faggot, I hate modders who won't give full changelogs reinstalling now

5b456e No.13920780


I tried downloading some invisible weapon mods that crashed my game, I have the feeling this game isn't very mod-friendly.

dc5bd3 No.13920787

Fuck it, I'm basically already shilling the fuck out of the WD mod.

Changes I've noticed myself:

Wolves ACTUALLY FUCKING HUNT IN PACKS. No more 2-3 wolves targeting a pawn/arisen at a time, up to 6 can target you now, and they have much higher health and damage,

Goblins: Aside from being a bit stronger, they're REALLY weak to poison now. In fact, it basically makes them act like they're drunk until they get killed.

Saurians: Basic saurians are now black and oily. Weak to fire now, strong to ice. Saurians in general now can form roman phalanx formations, throw their spears, and the saurian sages cast more spells now.

Cyclops: They'll fucking toss shit at you now. You killed a few goblins? Prepare to have their corpses get tossed at you, along with those barrels.


Dire Wolves: They're weak to ice now. In fact, most enemies have a chance of being made into ice statues if you use ice damage on them, and doing something that would cause them to be knocked down afterwards will cause them to shatter.

SKELETONS: THESE FUCKERS got a big buff. Nigh immune to slashing/arrow damage. SUPER weak to fire and holy now, slightly more weak to blunt damage.Good luck on these assholes. The mod dev included a skeleton nerf file in the zip for a reason.

Wights/Liches: They have more spells available to them now, and are generally just fucking deadly as shit compared to their vanilla versions.


Dragon's Dogma is EXTREMELY mod unfriendly.

d8c101 No.13920835


fucking capcom, this game could have had a ton of longevity if it had just a few good mods to fill in the void they left

04d321 No.13922066

File: 91c6da2de74cf4f⋯.png (80.2 KB, 641x481, 641:481, archer.png)


I recognize that character.

000000 No.13922083


I bought this game a year or two ago and bounced off it, mostly due to a lack of polish in certain areas, and I ended up selling it. But I plan on trying it again early next year.

I make it a habit of giving games a second chance, if they have a dedicated following. I ended up loving Vanquish the second time I tried it. I could never get into Dark Souls, though.

2ce057 No.13922133


>not a lot of variety

>shit ton of classes to use that vary up gameplay tremendously.

>The way you customize your character affects gameplay in numerous ways

Yeah, fuck off retard.

c46cce No.13922170


It's basically unplayable on consoles with that framerate. Pirate the GoG version and give it a try, and whatever you do, don't be a fucking Warrior.

000000 No.13922176


>It's basically unplayable on consoles with that framerate.

I played it consoles a couple years ago and didn't mind the framerate. My PC is dogshit and can't handle it. Nice that there's a GOG version, though, I wasn't aware of that.

5315f5 No.13922333

How easy is it to make my pawn a trap?

e96fef No.13922341


> whatever you do, don't be a fucking Warrior.


9f165f No.13922358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We could have got a dragons dogma 2 but no, capcom even decided to cancel deep down and that game looked pretty cool.

I think they used some of deep downs assets for MHW though

dc5bd3 No.13922366


The only reason to not be a fighter/warrior is you don't get the mobility options the other 6 classes get. No double jumping, no floating, no rolling. They do good damage, but they're limited to 3 weapon skills.


I talked to the mod author, and I'm creating a moddb page for them now. I'll try to clear up some of the stuff from the nexusmods page therein as well.

c46cce No.13922379


>no mobility

>no range

>shit defensive options

>mediocre damage

Warrior is just a heavily downgraded Fighter. You've got one impressive, highly niche move, and everything else is shit. Did you know that Warrior pawns actually do higher DPS if you don't equip them with any attack skills? That's how trash that specialization is.

c3c9cc No.13922386

File: 716aef6a4573a5b⋯.png (101.98 KB, 527x544, 31:32, 1336452779730.png)

>tfw finally installed the world difficulty mod

Looks like I can still squeeze another hundred hours of pure fun out of this game.

c62143 No.13922405


I don't think they used Deep Down assets for MHW, but they sure as fuck used the engine they made for it. The character creator seems to be an improved version of Dragon's Dogma as well.


Let us know how it is. I've been thinking of trying it, but it sounds like a mixed bag.

8595ca No.13922407


Looks more like Ryo and the game just got a release on Ps4 and Xbox One so it being played quite a bit.

ca5d0d No.13922410

File: 8c3252b5e789f55⋯.png (23.36 KB, 148x219, 148:219, e542b337f8ad8f7f6b2a283cf3….png)

I'm still playing it and having quite a lot of fun.

>can romance Selene

>can't romance my main pawn


c46cce No.13922419


Selene becomes human after you complete the witch hunt quest.

5315f5 No.13922427


>Can romance a pawn turned human, many new thoughts and feelings for her to discover

>Can't romance a robot who knows nothing of emotion


8595ca No.13922440


I think Deep Down just slowly morphed into MHW. MHW is mostly what Deep Down was going to be but with more dungeons and the devs just decided it had a better chance of selling as a Monster Hunter game.

It is what it is but at the end of the day we still got the game no matter what its now called.

c3c9cc No.13922450


I'm up to the assist Mercedes quest and the pre-everfall game is still challenging. I also installed the tweaked xp table that comes with the mod so I'm still lvl32 despite doing fuckloads of quests. Enemies are much harder to stunlock and have more hp, certain groups of bandits aren't so tough anymore, but all the monsters seem stronger, especially direwolves and chimeras, I've ran into groups of giant red skeletons, some kind of hyena-looking wolf variant and one of those giant dogs from BBI just running around the overworld, I also ran into chimeras in places I've never ran found them in before, so the mod definitely changes things around.

IMO this is what hard mode should have been, I'm very happy with this mod thus far.

c62143 No.13922463


That honestly sounds pretty good. An actual hard mode is what I wanted if I were to replay the game.

Do you have a link to the tweaked XP table?

c62143 No.13922469


>tweaked xp table that comes with the mod

Disregard that, I can't read.

ca5d0d No.13922471



yes, yes… but why can't my pawn turn human? It would be neat if that happen once they reach lvl 200.

c46cce No.13922476


>but why can't my pawn turn human?

They can, and they will. You just have to die first

2f969a No.13922491

Post loli pawns.

c3c9cc No.13922503


It's a separate download in the nexus mod page though, because you have to merge it manually into the main game arc using arctool, it's worth it though, and merging it like that also allowed me to merge in stuff like increased RC rewards for quests, higher jump and better player textures.

dc5bd3 No.13922518




If you guys want, the mod author made a pre-merged arc with a few outdated mods they updated themself in addition to the exp table. They don't remember much of what is in it, aside from 'sprint uses less (it uses some, it's not infinite, and skills still use the normal amount) stamina', 'hd scar texture', 'hd skin textures', and a few others that don't generally mess with the overall game balance.


82e353 No.13922519


I played a bit of it but am too suicidally depressed to get into an RPG anymore, apparently. I liked the companion customization. I REALLY liked how your companions will smash shit in the world and loot boxes for you. That appeals to a younger me who was a completionist and in-game hoarder. I also like the flavor speech from companions. Perhaps I didn’t play enough of the game for it to get annoying/repetitive/maddening, but just the act of your companions opining on the location “These are good sturdy walls,” or “I have more information about this quest” so you can talk to them, and even when you’ve been walking around “I’m more familiar with this place now” giving you a trigger for what I assume is increased abilities from them there.

More games should have added this flavor, or at least added the “companions loot shit for you” thing.

c3c9cc No.13922540

File: 0b3ed558a551200⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1403206335904.jpg)

Oh, forgot to mention, if you try the world difficulty mod and start a new game, be prepared to fight the prologue chimera for like half an hour, also make sure you do all the shit you can in Cassardis to buy the best available weapon before leaving or you might not do enough damage to rescue the merchant guy from the goblins. The very beginning of the game is kinda brutal with this mod, but at least you don't have to be as scared of the bandits.

313673 No.13922554

File: 1f2ce0315bcb4a2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.66 KB, 2190x980, 219:98, 033cd172f3b9b1489905a7499a….jpg)

I wanna fuck Grigori in his dragon cloaca

b59b49 No.13922587

>dragon's pozz

5b456e No.13922648


It's the hair, isn't it? I had trouble finding anything that's that "fuck you" slicked-back style.

0f7fe3 No.13922667


Hey, good to hear. I'll wait on the link.

dc5bd3 No.13922698


Moddb page is up, but it doesn't suport >2GB files, so I'm uploading it to my personal dropbox in order to upload it to Moddb.


File should be available in about half an hour.

0f7fe3 No.13922739

File: e98e6c16005da02⋯.png (33.32 KB, 635x412, 635:412, ClipboardImage.png)


That's odd, cause I just DLed ACOK for Warband yesterday and that file was a 2.15 GB archive.

dc5bd3 No.13922741


They uploaded the file somewhere else and Mod DB mirrors it from that original upload.

dc5bd3 No.13922745



That is to say, they don't support direct uploads of files greater than 2 GB or so

652cb8 No.13922749

File: 9bc99c9897adda1⋯.jpg (116.1 KB, 1080x1235, 216:247, 13687341_550928438447554_3….jpg)

mfw i finally got my brother to play DDon ps4 and he loves it. Even after the failed attempt on the ps3 years back.

2464f3 No.13922806


The are looting shit because the AI actually learned from you. the pawn AI does this all the time, a ranger pawn of mine learned ome bad habits of mine, like rushing into melee. Some of the most fun I've had with DD was playing Catch with my pawn and having that pawn teach other pawns how to play catch.

829467 No.13922875


I'm doubtful of that, it seems pawns have prebaked behaviors each with a score and a checklist of prebaked knowledge, you can easily see it in cheatengine or the dinput hook. I think the score on each behavior determines which active AI they switch to more often and the knowledge checklist just marks if the pawn has certain prebaked trick unlocked for use, like cutting lizard tails or casting lightning on cyclops.

dc5bd3 No.13922892


Funnily enough, this *isn't* quite true.

>>13922875 has the gist of it though. If you get those behavior scores to about 500-600 each, they'll be the most well rounded pawn you could hope for.

c46cce No.13922903


Oh fuck not this retarded shit again. That's not how inclinations work.

dc5bd3 No.13922995

c3c9cc No.13923027


>they'll be the most well rounded pawn you could hope for.

More like they'll be schizoid retards.

0f7fe3 No.13923029


Thanks for taking the time to do this mate; upside of dealing with a shill, I suppose.

9f165f No.13923040

File: b2044158e718f98⋯.jpg (110.8 KB, 426x340, 213:170, 1409927083506.jpg)


>playing catch with your pawn

That almost sounds too good to be true.

How do you even do that?

0f7fe3 No.13923046


Well, you throw something at your pawn and your pawn throws it back.

c46cce No.13923048




>sperg can't download from nexus because he has literal brain problems

>anon helps him

<better call anon a shill :^)

Time to jump off a bridge.

313673 No.13923056


Even better if what you throw is a tiny pawn

0f7fe3 No.13923063

File: 28d355405a04e73⋯.png (570.38 KB, 600x756, 50:63, ClipboardImage.png)


He had the self-awareness to admit it and be cool about it. (You) on the other hand -

c46cce No.13923082


>helping a modder create a moddb page = shill

You don't even know what a shill is. You're one stupid fuck.

0f7fe3 No.13923091


See >>13920787 and please, stop this line of idiocy.

c46cce No.13923104


That's not what shilling means.

dc5bd3 No.13923117


I literally said "Since I'm basically already shilling…"

No need to jump to my defense white knight-san

c46cce No.13923134


But you aren't shilling. I'm fucking sick of retards misusing that word, along with 'edgy'. It's time to fucking stop.

5b456e No.13923140

File: 0bc6736c0730ce3⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, 7:6, EHEHEHEHHEHEH.gif)

Guys, what the fuck are you doing?

Somebody post their pawns or something.

c3c9cc No.13923151

File: 56129bcbfd9bd4c⋯.png (155.79 KB, 434x365, 434:365, 1471018249335-2-v.png)


Quit being such an edgy shill.

c46cce No.13923170

File: bfe1c2f3f22c89c⋯.png (321.61 KB, 646x487, 646:487, fst.png)


You better cut it out.

dc5bd3 No.13923193

File: 4e13f05da2aa601⋯.png (4.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Oil Saurians.png)

Have some Oil Saurians, because those are a thing in WD.

630789 No.13923205


Pawns only become human after years and years of interaction with their master and eventually, the quest of the Arisen will grant a human form to their pawn after they die.

dc5bd3 No.13923282



EXP table (both standalone and premerged with extra mods) and new game plus enemy files are uploaded to the moddb page now.

0c0440 No.13923318

Could never get into this. It's just lazy, generic shit. The only interesting things are the sizes and the climbing.

Somehow manages to be less fun than Skyrim.

dc5bd3 No.13923332


What makes ya say it's lazy?

0f7fe3 No.13923336

File: dc1c2def95f6665⋯.png (7.36 KB, 848x41, 848:41, ClipboardImage.png)


Good to hear, man. Do take the time to upload all the optional files, because it's just much more convenient to anyone unwilling to open a nexus account.

42b45d No.13923523

File: f7615f124af2ebd⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5y4kcavtheaz.png)

I want to play this game, but I'm a filthy pirate and I don't want to use only brain-dead hired pawns…also, is there a mod to finallly make Warriors be the Berserkers they should have always been?

5b456e No.13924912


>is there a mod to finallly make Warriors be the Berserkers they should have always been?

I have the feeling that's never going to happen, honestly.

5b456e No.13924964

File: 2db547dc5dbf3aa⋯.jpg (336.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171205194727_1.jpg)

>wait a day before going to bed for the first time

>wake up to 62K rift crystals

Well, nice to see the community's not dead.

f8bc6c No.13925064

Okay, so, is there a version of this World Difficulty mod that changes the AI of creatures but doesn't have me facing fucking Death in the overworld?

Because I don't want to face Death and Gore Cyclopses and shit in the normal fucking overworld. When I face them I'd be totally fine with them having enhanced AI and being significantly harder, but I don't want retardedly difficult shit just popping up out of nowhere because some guy thought, "Well, wouldn't it be fun to make a basically unwinnable encounter here under extremely obscure circumstances that are impossible to predict?"

5b456e No.13925191

File: c29af1bebf00031⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 260x291, 260:291, laughing wizard.gif)



>showing constraint and reason in their game design

a7ef28 No.13925273

Anyone have the old (((google))) doc containing other anons pawns?

3ddecc No.13925295

File: 7bde24433c25ff9⋯.png (79.6 KB, 525x485, 105:97, ddthread.png)


>a DD thread

>just as i re-installed this game last night

ec2c62 No.13925457


>shit ton of classes to use that vary up gameplay tremendously.

Except it doesn't and most of them are variation of the starting classes.

>The way you customize your character affects gameplay in numerous ways

That sounds straight out of a marketing slideshow and isn't remotely true.

d808ce No.13925466

File: 5d5829505d8dbbb⋯.jpg (264.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5d5829505d8dbbb412c779a6f0….jpg)


and i was about to install it for the first time just now. any tips and tricks for a newbie?

ec2c62 No.13925471


Play it on hard because the game is Skyrim easy otherwise.

d808ce No.13925475


can i be guts if i pick warrior?

dc5bd3 No.13925494


Those are conditional spawns that you'll likely only see if you run around with specific "odd" triggers, such as going solo with weapons multiple tiers higher than the current world level.


Except it provably is true. Make your character short enough and you can enter certain tunnels that you can't enter with taller characters. Make your character tall and fat and they have a higher carry limit and use stamina quicker when running.


Kinda, but warrior will feel gimped compared to the other classes.

5b456e No.13925496


This man is a liar, don't play this game on hard until you've beaten the game.

1ce450 No.13925499


Not really, they removed the Berserk armor sets and weapons from the PC version.

d808ce No.13925523


that's okay, the equipment doesn't make guts. his unrelenting fury and the undying stubbornness is what makes him who he is.

1508ee No.13925532

How do I merge the EXP tables and shit into this mod?

1ce450 No.13925533


True, but his Golden Age sword is cooler than pretty much all other greatswords in the game.

dc5bd3 No.13925553


You *could* use the premerged arc if you want, but that comes with some additional mods too.

Otherwise, you'll need these https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/100/? (guide on how to merge them)

https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/25/? (arc extractor you'll need to actually merge 'em)

56cf9c No.13925593

File: f117582cc31d5fa⋯.jpg (36.91 KB, 521x720, 521:720, f117582cc31d5faad949b72c44….jpg)

Is there a mod that tweaks around with the leveling up system? I was thinking on picking this up again but I remember having to grind X levels with warrior and Y levels with Sorcerer so I could later use MK without sucking.

3ddecc No.13925631

File: 0ab66c3ed898334⋯.jpg (398.12 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, Dragon Princess.jpg)


Play whatever.

Be whatever.

Have fun.

That's really all I can say. Just explore, get into shit, and go wherever whim takes you.

dc5bd3 No.13925644

56cf9c No.13925716

File: 7614c9d318e2af9⋯.png (20.99 KB, 331x286, 331:286, 3264326.png)

>>13925644 (checked)

Thank you

d808ce No.13925753


yeah it's pretty cool


sounds like good advice.

e15831 No.13925786

File: f2722d447cdd646⋯.webm (7.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dragon's dogma trailer.webm)


Switch classes a lot to keep things fresh and avoid burnout, don't play on hard (It's a meme difficulty that leaves you overleveled and with too much money anyway), don't worry about min-maxing classes because it gives you a negligible benefit in the end. Make sure your pawn isn't guardian or nobody will hire her.

ec2c62 No.13925792


>meme difficulty

How is it memetic?

e15831 No.13925811

File: 05c7dc254d915a0⋯.png (627.01 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, 1408222318249.png)


It gets pushed by people who assume dying in one shot earlygame makes the game better. Normal difficulty does become too easy lategame, but putting it on hard really just shortens the goldilocks zone where everything feels just right, since you go from underpowered to overpowered quickly. Hard mode was originally released as a free patch anyway and really designed to add a bit more difficulty to NG+ (which has no inherent difficulty modifier, so you stomp through a new game with your endgame character.)

d8c101 No.13925891

How can I quickly confirm I've got the mod working when I start a new game?

dc5bd3 No.13925904


You mean world difficulty? If you A) Do very little damage to the encampment cyclops or B) go into the Cassardis well and the saurians all seem to be made of oil, you'll know it's installed right.

d8c101 No.13926031


on the moddb page, do I need to dl the first file (the world difficulty mod) itself and the exp table merged files?

dc5bd3 No.13926044


For ease of use, you'd download the World Difficulty 2.0 and exp +merged mods grab bag files, yes

d8c101 No.13926102

File: 61b23c64b3827e3⋯.jpg (264.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1459299438991.jpg)


fug, I'm an idiot, thought the exp +merged mods included world difficulty too

thank you senpai

d8c101 No.13926720

After getting mercilessly raped by the wolves in the Witchwood i can say this mod is bretty good

Wolves actually hunting in packs and focusing one person is terrifying

f79407 No.13926970

How viable is it to jump around classes in Dragon's Dogma again? I'm running a new character on the PC port and want to play around with the range and magic classes. Is it possible to do so without gimping oneself? I remember this game having a weird leveling system where certain classes caused particular attributes to level up which could give your character weird stat growths or something. Honestly I would role multiple characterw but with how the game only has one save and how slow it is to get Gran Soren I'd rather just play around with multiple vocations on one character. I'm also remembering how awful certain fights are without range options relying on pawns to deal damage is just the worst

c46cce No.13927012


Depends on what you mean by "gimping oneself". If you don't min-max, you'll definitely have a harder time, but not that much harder, and the game is quite easy as-is outside of some encounters in BBI.

>I would role multiple characterw

You don't "roll" characters in this game, or really any non-pnp game. You create characters.

f79407 No.13927030


>You don't role characters

My mistake, I just use that to describe fucking around with different builds in games like Dark Souls, but if I'm not actively screwing myself over by screwing around with the range and magic classes I'll be happy.

c46cce No.13927056


Carry around some of these and you'll be fine, as long as you keep whatever weapons you choose up to date.



c05306 No.13927076

solo warrior will put some hairs on your chest

>that room with the metal golem and the wight

92efbc No.13927112

I always get torn when I replay this. On one hand I really enjoy the full strength playstyle with fighter and warrior so I want to go full melee but on the other hand the magic classes are really fun. Currently replaying now as a sorcerer/MK/Magic archer and it's pretty fun, I just wish more games could get this kind of enjoyable combat right.

Does the world difficulty mod affect physical resistances much? I remember playing through most of the game, especially bbi, was much harder as a pure strength melee character due to many enemies having good physical resist. Am I going to be in for a much tougher time as a physical character who doesn't use sorcerer pawns?

03e473 No.13927148



I recognize our favorite court jester and Fournival's daughter, but who is the girl being fucked supposed to be?

03e473 No.13927153



That shit happened to enough people that it became a meme.

dc5bd3 No.13927154


That's Mercedes, the knight lady.

c71548 No.13927156


I'm pretty sure is the MC Arisen, seems the artist made porn of his character or was commissioned to do porn of someones MC

03e473 No.13927185


Yes. Daimon 2nd form is especially tough.


If on PC the stat editor allows you to experiment on the final stats of various builds.

92efbc No.13927195


Sounds fun. At least i'll have plenty of time to listen to coils of light play.

dc5bd3 No.13927197




Yes, WD affects *all* resistances to make enemies have distinct weaknesses. Example being skeletons. Lightning, Ice, Dark, Slash damage types do almost nothing to skeletons. Fire, Blunt, and Holy damage do massively increased damage to them.

92efbc No.13927213


Did they make Bandits broke? I always hated how some bandits would die in one hit while others could tank you for ages while nearly 3 shotting you and the only way to know beforehand was to attack them and see how much or how little damage they take. Otherwise it sounds pretty neat, do non magic parties have any new options to deal with ghosts other than slowly whittling it down through hitting possessed pawns and waiting for your mage to use one fireball every 5 minutes?

dc5bd3 No.13927241


dragon spit, throwblasts, magic weapons will help with ghosts.

Bandits should be a bit more equal to each other, rather than the fighters/warriors being extremely armor heavy in comparison to their buddies.

6cc0ba No.13927245

File: 2cc161dfe7defc0⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1678x1067, 1678:1067, DA pawn.png)


I tool around every now and then hoping for a decent BBI RNG gear for myself or my pawn. I'm set or mostly set for equipment, at least for my pawn.

Been thinking about getting the GoG version too, but only if it can access the Steam pawns as well. I want to share my own pawns across different accounts like I did on the 360 ages ago.

82db5b No.13927248


What I hate about BBI, and this was the problem about the base game too, is that the best equipment in the game is basically rewarded for beating the final boss in the game. What's the fucking POINT of it all if you've already beaten the last challenge the game has to offer?

dc5bd3 No.13927283


Well, I mean, Daimon v2 is a thing after you kill the first Daimon form the first time

82db5b No.13927287


Yes, and Daimon v2 is the final boss in the game and is the one everybody grinds for Lv3 BBI weapons.

dc5bd3 No.13927294


Yeah, wasn't sure if you meant just killing Daimon the first time in order to unlock the ability to find the lvl 3 stuff.

03e473 No.13927331



The final boss of the game is getting all the pieces for the ideal Tier 3 set for both arisen and pawn.

5b456e No.13928539


That's like, every RPG.

The point is style, of course. Fashion's Dogma is incredibly real.

c3c9cc No.13928795

I'm trying the dinput hook now, it's pretty fucking cool if you have the discipline to not make it too easy for yourself. I'm having a blast playing as a strider with a longbow, you get the fast climbing, the ranger bow skills and even the daggers skills from the assassin class. Another combination I liked is having access to sorcerer spells as a magic archer.

5b456e No.13929311


Holy shit, you didn't mention that you can share weapon skills with that shit. Now I can have crazy magic swordplay AND all the up-close assassin longsword skills! If only I could have 6 skills regardless of what weapons I was using.

I pray for the day someone somehow fixes that.

92efbc No.13929733

Has anyone finished the prologue with the world difficulty mod? Any tips for fighting the chimera? I just tried it and got my shit kicked in because he is so tough and does so much more damage now.

82db5b No.13929760


Can't you perfect block like all of his attacks?

6cc0ba No.13929780


Getting the best Gears (the rings) is only RNG. So you could farm forever for different gears. I don't really enjoy doing that long term so I just do a run now and then to enjoy the mechanics, enemies, and the potential for better rings than what I currently have equipped. Basically this >>13927331

92efbc No.13929799


If that is what I need to do then I need to practice some more. I've been breezing through a new game before starting again for this mod so I guess im just playing badly. Either way I feel like it's going to take a long time to kill him just from how little damage I do.

399ac8 No.13931982

File: acce45e28200fdc⋯.png (3.64 KB, 395x140, 79:28, DDDA_2017-12-07.png)


Okay, I tried the premerged arcs on a pirated CODEX repack, and it seems like whatever Letalis put into bbs_rpg.arc causes the game to take a shit. Anyway, the World Difficulty mod itself does not CTD the game, so let's see what happens.

4fba83 No.13932201


Just like in Diablo. You kill the fucker and he drops a load of gold and items you can't even pick up.


2583f1 No.13932211


Read, nigger, READ >>13922540

e8b014 No.13932216

File: 829b2e27f9387a5⋯.png (165.93 KB, 472x540, 118:135, b648b3d61fe6896bedbd2d57b1….png)


That's bullying anon. Why would you want to bully an innocent loli?

c32781 No.13932404

File: 1db0370d4aef7b7⋯.jpg (625.63 KB, 1055x1112, 1055:1112, 1.png.jpg)


There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

db5c8f No.13933294




84af8a No.13933341

File: a21cde17804ffdc⋯.png (59.11 KB, 413x403, 413:403, whatyouaredoinghereisacrim….png)

ff03d5 No.13935078

File: ea36a2c5280baa6⋯.jpg (24.63 KB, 320x354, 160:177, fucking_really.jpg)

So I stated playing this game today, and I'm a fucking idiot. Somehow I accidentally purchased 73 empty flasks. Not knowing what to do with that much weight and bottles, I handed half of them to the pawn I created. Every time he passes a fucking pot he fills it up, and sometimes fills a couple while I'm exploring some part of the area. That fucker loves his flasks of water.

565edf No.13935118


Pawns are retarded in every single way and pretty fucking infuriating to deal with.

d8084c No.13935156

File: 9a6f9d53ba56a84⋯.png (1.45 MB, 898x1164, 449:582, 9a6f9d53ba56a8466f18d66ceb….png)


Indeed, that´s why all my pawns are women. That way I don´t expect them to do something smart.

c3f2f1 No.13938377

I just tried this game today on my PC. I can see the appeal but the atrocious graphics and boring gameplay just didn't grasp me. I uninstalled.

5b456e No.13941694


Don't blame the pawn, what else is he supposed to do with 36 empty flasks?

c46cce No.13942072


Nah, you're just a shitty teacher. Unfuck their inclinations with potions and they're pretty fantastic once they get bestiary knowledge.

9acdb4 No.13946028

I have just beaten the game. Why was the final boss fight so fucking easy and did i get cucked by my pawn?

dc5bd3 No.13946077


The codex repack either uses a pre-october update steam version or the gog version (which didn't get the update). That's likely the problem.

e38aa8 No.13946469


thank god

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