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File: 4769077eb52c589⋯.jpg (183.01 KB, 1599x689, 123:53, Breath-of-the-Wild-Walkthr….jpg)

223e12 No.13928464

So is this a true zelda game or is it just your average open world shit with a zelda skin? I really like the Zelda games but fucking hate the "Open world" meme.

dc27ab No.13928473

It's not really a zelda game but it's not average open world shit, it's top notch open world shit. Almost makes the concept worth it.

dd6a85 No.13928476

It's a single player game with grinding and random drops. Does that sound Zelda to you?

f085df No.13928492

File: 2808c80ca1962b5⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 274x272, 137:136, 1364769394012.jpg)

It's the zelda equivalent of MGSV. It has the ground work of the series but the addition of the open world meme destroys the level design and pacing.

1f3e35 No.13928494

Literally Breath of the Skyrim

f72e04 No.13928501


>It's the zelda equivalent of MGSV.

This is probably the best description of BOTW i ever heard.

e6ea14 No.13928503

A bit of both. It's better than most open world games, but whether you enjoy it as a Zelda game really depends what kind of Zelda games you like. It's got much more in common with the first few Zeldas than any of the ones SNES and after. That said, it's got a bunch of annoying shit too, and the shrine hunting gets really old really quick. The actual "dungeons" are pretty much useless and really fucking short. You can get through each of the main dungeons in like 10 minutes flat. If you really want a good challenge, you'd play in master mode, where all of the enemies will fuck you in the ass immediately (which is far better than the base game where you can just run into any group of enemies and wack them all to death; the game plays far better when the stealth is important and you have to weigh the importance of actually killing enemies vs sneaking in and back out).

I found it thoroughly enjoyable (though far from perfect), and I generally hate open world games. It's an 8/10 that does a good job at burning 100 hours. Fuck the retarded damage-sponge enemies like the silver Lynels though. Boring and repetitive, easy (but still will 1-shot you), and takes fucking forever and like 3 or more fresh weapons to kill them.

You can't really compare it to the other Zelda games. Other than story, it has almost nothing in common with any of them (except some superficial things in common with the first). It's just a very good open world game, and the "open world" thing is done very well. Again, it's not perfect, and a lot of the world is admittedly empty. Shrines don't count as content. I would have loved it if the game had 30 shrines instead of 120 and instead put more ruins into the game. There should be places in the mountains where you find an entire ruined temple crawling with enemies. You find "ruins", but it's mostly just crumbled walls and some pillars, not a true ruined temple to explore. It's a game that I would recommend, but if you seriously hate open world, pass on it.


There's only grinding if you're trying to fully upgrade all your equipment, which isn't really necessary. I got most of my equipment maxed out by the end of the game without any grinding at all, just picking up what enemies dropped.


Open world aside, it's the best Zelda game in a long time. Probably the best one since Wind Waker at the very least.

1f3e35 No.13928515


>a lot of the world is admittedly empty

>You can't really compare it to the other Zelda games. Other than story, it has almost nothing in common with any of them

>Open world aside, it's the best Zelda game in a long time. Probably the best one since Wind Waker at the very least.

>open world aside

>if you put the world and the story aside its the best zelda since wind waker

Your post makes no fucking sense

bf6e52 No.13928517

It's a good game but a bad Zelda game.

969e1c No.13928523

File: a91f9e48134c5f6⋯.jpg (104.17 KB, 500x311, 500:311, 54dcc7f616e7d1c33827b0dd4b….jpg)


Zelda has been shit since Links Awakening, who fucking cares.

7731ac No.13928548


>So is this a true zelda game or is it just your average open world shit with a zelda skin?

The latter. It is probably the best open world game in the last few years, but that's not saying much. If Nintendo could make a game like it without weapons breaking every five seconds, more enemy variety, actual dungeons, bigger towns, and more things to actually do in this huge(yet empty) world they've created, it would be 10/10. If you don't like open world games you should probably avoid it.

aaaa88 No.13928554

It's a closer comparison to the original Zelda but lacks a lot of elements like dungeon design, music and an overall story. Also the annoyance of breakable weapons so you never get attached to what weapon you find. It was a foundational game that forgot the roots that made a Zelda game. It was like they released a tech demo of what the best Zelda could be when they use the engine again.

Also, a nitpick since they are going in this direction since they did it with Odyssey, they need to tone down the number of shit you need to collect. There is no accomplishment in collecting when a lot of them are just laying around or easy to find. They could easily cut it down to 250 collectables but make getting them a mid level or high level puzzle challenge. It'll make it more satisfying an accomplishment without turning into too much of a grind that your going straight to walkthroughs to just to finish it up. I'd lower to 100-125 at max but I expect Nintendo to just put a little more than necessary by default.

d0a120 No.13928557


Basically this. It's excellent for an open-world game, but open-world is already a low bar.

f72e04 No.13928568

File: 8ab46f2261479a6⋯.jpg (257.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, skyrim switch.jpg)


Honestly Nintendo should just give away zelda to bethesda at this point. Because link amiibo alone made skyrim literally the same game as breath of the wild.

ef50b2 No.13928584

It's a mix of good ideas with lackluster execution and unrealized potential in my opinion.

The good: Very good open world, feels exciting to explore for quite a while, with many unique localisations. The movemente system is great, letting you climb, jump and run everywhere in a very intuitive and free way. Its feel very good to control. The combat system is ok for the franchise, with parries, dodges, multiple weapons with different attacks and elements. It has some more heavy RPG elements like armors with special effects that spice things up a bit. Can be quite hard at the beginning because enemies hurt you a lot, so food and armor are essential. The game is full of nice little details, and you can fight enemies camp in creative ways ( shoot an arrow to a lamp on the ceiling so it falls on top of explosive barrels, use magnetic magic to throw a giant metal ball to your enemies, etc). Can cook your own food, its full of many fun activities like horse catching and training, side quests and more. Graphics are nice, very good art design and very well stylished. Shit frame rate though (although I think CEMU can run it pretty well, I'm not sure).

Bad: No enemy variety. You can count the types of enemies in both hands, literally. You will get sick as fuck of recolors. This also has the effect of making you feel pointless to make too much efforts to think on efficent and craetive ways to kill them, as they will pretty soon pose no threath at all, specially after you upgrade your armors. Almost no bosses either. Open world bosses are neat but there are very little of them. Breakable weapon system is abysmal, discourage you of using good weapons or just make you don't care about what weapons you carry. Dungeons are a joke, some of the worst on the series. Dungeon's bosses are all the same with some different attack or gimmick. Shameful. And what is probably the worst of all, the game lacks any kind of significant reward. What this means is, that you may find a mysterious mace, explore it, face fun challenges, and at the end of it your reward is a fucking shrine. Every single time you are rewarded with a shrine, which are like single dungeon puzzles, that, while fun, get repetitive pretty soon. It may not look like a big deal, but it makes the game falls into tediousness, just as bad as Ubisoft open world games. It really robs the magic out of the game. You start very excited and eager to uncover the mysteries of Hyrule, and as you progress you will be bombarded by the same shit, over and over. The fact that the weapons you can find inside those shrines break make them pointless.

Overall, I would say is either a 6/10. It hurts how good the game could have been, and gameplaywise is nice, but is just too barebone in real content and very poorly designed. I wish they tried once more an this time make it a proper Zelda. Also the quite an underwhelming Master Sword.

0db6f8 No.13928588


>give Zelda to Bethesda

>they remove bombs and boomerangs because they’re “too hard to program”

>dumb down puzzles even more.

dd6a85 No.13928590


Zelda actually has ladders so no.

e6ea14 No.13928598


It would make sense if you actually read those parts in context. A lot of the world is empty, but it's still fun to explore, and most of it is not empty. Though it is not much like the other Zelda games in the past 25 years, it is better than most of the ones released in the past 15 at least (it is possible to be better than something without being very similar to it). The "open world aside" thing was in response to the post that said that the "level design" was destroyed by the open world.

I didn't say "if you put the world and story aside". I said that the story is the only thing it has fully in common and that it was better than other Zelda games even if you don't consider the open world mechanics.

It's full of flaws, but it's still a good and fun game. I have the same criticisms as >>13928554 has. What I've wanted out of Zelda for the past two decades is a true 3D extension of the very first game, and BotW is a great start, but misses the mark in a lot of ways. Particularly, it misses the mark in dungeon design (I really like the idea of massive underground temples and stumbling upon ancient monster-infested ruins in the middle of nowhere. The titans were very unsatisfying). Another thing that was really lacking is any real feeling of progression. You get upgrades from beating the titans, but it's all non-essential shit. Most of your real abilities all come in the first hour or two of gameplay. Even the first Zelda continually gives you new equipment that gives you new abilities.

That said, it's still a fun game. I wouldn't say it's a great game, but it's definitely a good one. There is no perfect game, and every game, no matter how good, is an appropriate target for good criticism. If they used the same engine and same ideas in the next few years, they could refine it into the best Zelda game ever made. Everybody shits on the "open world" thing, but it's everything that Zelda should be, and it's really what the first Zelda broke new ground in being. The first Zelda was so good because it dropped you in a vast world and said "go crazy, explore this shit to your heart's content" and just let you go do that. A 3D Zelda that manages to match that charm and excitement (and Breath of the Wild tapped into that, just not as well as it should have) could honestly be one of the best games ever made.

7769f0 No.13928600

File: 8215a26487ec37c⋯.png (3.79 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Legend_of_Zelda_NES.PNG)


>It's not really a zelda game

but anon what defines a Zelda game? Miyamoto allegedly drew heavily on his childhood memories of the Kyoto countryside when creating the original nes game. In some way's its more in the spirit the original Zelda game then even OOT. While it probably would have behooved it to have dungeons and items that consecutively expand the scope of exploration their is nothing essentially "not zelda" about BOTW. In fact I would argue that Open world in principle is not a bad idea. Its just in practice open world often become a victim of its own ambitions. Where as a game word with a narrower scope grants more time for each element to be refined and conversely its often used as a cheep gimmick to pad out in game time and excuse lasay copy pasted assets and activities.

dd6a85 No.13928612


> often become a victim of its own ambitions

"Ambition" is the last word I'd ever use to describe modern open world games. They hardly ever take place on more than a single section of one landmass for fuck sake. It's just all so god damn lazy and arbitrary.

e6ea14 No.13928621


You can't really overemphasize how annoying shrines are. It's an interesting idea at first, but the shrine tedium and shrine fatigue kick in hard. It starts to sully things that you would otherwise find enjoyable or exciting, because you know it's just going to be another fucking shrine, and if you had to complete a difficult or interesting puzzle to get the shrine, you know you won't even have anything to do in the shrine, just "wow, here's a fucking empty shrine that gives you an orb just for finding it". Even the fucking reward is worthless. Not to mention the "combat shrines" which don't even have any puzzles, just fight another robot.

Even as an enjoyable game, the shrines and the main dungeons are the absolute worst parts, aside from Hyrule Castle, which I found to be a lot of fun, and what the other dungeons should have more closely resembled.

1f3e35 No.13928657


>you can climb ladders!

This reminds me of when the Fire Emblem community went on and on about the fact that ISIS added feet to the character models

Fucking cancer


>level design is shit

>much of the world is empty (but somehow not "most"

>story is better than the other zelda games

(I have never seen anyone praise this game's story; considering how little there is of it and how unimportant it is in the grand scheme of the world I can see why)

>lacks meaningful progression

>you get all your abilities in the first 2 hours

>a 3D open world with all this shit costed 65 dollaridoos

>better than most of the ones released in the last 15

>better than Wind Waker

>better than Minish Cap

>better than TP

>better than ALBW

fuck even the DS and 3DS games sound better than this

And yet somehow you still consider it "good"?

This is an 8/10 game for you?

These flaws (which sound huge for an open world game) only take 2 points off a perfect score for you?

7769f0 No.13928670


>is the last word I'd ever use to describe modern open world games

which I addressed in my portly written dyslexic paragraph.

>>in practice is becomes a victim of its own ambitions… used as a cheep gimmick & excuse lasay copy pasted assets

However, it is still true to say its not inherently a bad concept.

223e12 No.13928672

File: 1c4cd1428987480⋯.jpg (191.39 KB, 583x581, 583:581, 1359356318869.jpg)


>All those faggots on here who defended MGSV saying the open world gave it the best gameplay in the series

dd6a85 No.13928683


So it's not ambition then, it's a manufactured scapegoat. They specifically make the game "open world", which are hardly ever open or worldlike, just so they never have to do any real work on the game.

d3e43d No.13928686


>true zelda game

no. there's not enough structure in how you advance, and they give you literally all of the powers at the beginning of the game, so it's just an open world fuckaround. it's an okay sandbox, and the TECHNOLOGY is pretty fun to mess around with when they take the training wheels off (instead of getting into a long and arduous battle with a tower's guardians I started a huge brushfire and used my glider to scale the tower, for example) but overall i'd honestly say it's one of the weakest zelda titles, since a huge part of zelda for me at least is the feeling of constant "oh boy now I have the hookshot now i can go explore that place i couldn't explore before"

08eea2 No.13928692


Who the fuck says that? The gameplay was the best regardless of if it was open works or not.

e6ea14 No.13928700


Your reading comprehension is fucking awful.

> level design is shit

I didn't say that. Dungeon design is shit. World design is fine, but not as content-full as it should be.

>much of the world is empty (but somehow not "most"

Yes. I said "a lot" which does not inherently imply a majority. "I ate a lot of jellybeans" does not mean the same as "I ate more than half of the jellybeans". This is basic English.

>story is better than the other zelda games

I also did not say that. I said the story is the only thing it has in common with recent Zelda games, and also that the game is better than those games. I never said the story itself was better, and I wouldn't, because the story had about nothing going on other than "it's a Zelda game, there is Zelda, Link, and Ganon".

Yes, it has its flaws, and yes, it's better than those 4 Zelda games (Wind Waker is closer, and definitely wins out on style and music, but all that cut content is a big downer and the game is far too short and on rails). I could easily list far more flaws about all of those games. You'd have to be clinically retarded to rank TP and aLBW above BotW.

Yes, those flaws take only 2 points off, because the strengths of the game carry it through those for the most part. It's still an enjoyable game, and it has fewer flaws than the other Zelda games at least back through Wind Waker. Are you so retarded that you can't admit that the things you like have issues and could be improved? Do you think it's a little retarded for you to feel that Wind Waker, which is literally mostly an empty world is better because BotW has a lot of the world empty? I love the other Zelda games too, but they are all flawed as fuck, and Wind Waker has some of the most infamous flaws in the entire series, with the triforce fetch quest, big empty ocean, cut dungeons, walled-off hyrule, and mostly-useless islands.

223e12 No.13928704


>Master mode

>Required me to buy DLC

Well my friend bought the game since he wanted to play it so badly so I might be willing to pay 6$ to play it on master mode if that makes the game enjoyable. I have this idea of playing the game and being bored to death with how easy it is like 99% of open world games.

ec6066 No.13928715


Nope, it's a Witcher 3 clone

223e12 No.13928719


For me it was the dungeons. Getting thrown into a dungeon and having to figure my way to the end felt great. It was always "What the fuck do I do in this cluster fuck of a place?" But over time you figure it out.

dd6a85 No.13928721


Witcher 3 had a boat and actual combos so no.

e6ea14 No.13928722


Don't just buy the game. Play a few hours on your friend's. The first few hours of the game will tell you pretty well whether or not you'll like the rest.

Some people hate Master Mode, but for me it's what made the game really enjoyable in the first place. Playing on normal you can pretty much just go anywhere and kill anything. Even the Lynels, who are supposed to be really fucking hard, have huge tells and you can kill them with 3 hearts if you have any reaction time at all to speak of. The game is better when most of the enemies can kill you easily and you actually have to play with stealth and avoidance.

223e12 No.13928728


>Look it up

>It's 20$ to play to buy master mode

>20 fucking dollars for a harder difficulty

I'm sad now. To me the Zelda series is dead but everyone loves the new zelda so this is going to stay the status quo of the series.

7769f0 No.13928732

File: 5f10668c5dc13d8⋯.jpg (217.88 KB, 1402x1080, 701:540, 1467324148977-3.jpg)


>still trying to be a /intl/ ((((alt-kike))) shill in cy+++

>literally shilling a honeypot

fuck off falsflaggot (pic related)


no as in the larger the scope, the least time you have to devote time and resources to artistic integrity. Time is money, Money is resources. By spreading themselves too thin, by focusing on an ambitious scope the particular is lost. This means to compensate you have "lazy" corner cutting measures introduced to fill out the environment. The "laziness" of the final product is a byproduct of the scope of the project and not inherently born from genuine apathy. That is unless the developers resorted to procedural generation. Procedural generation, due to its automation, is pure laziness from a design perspective and only actually interesting form an engineering perspective.

38e08a No.13928733

What botw needed was one good sized city and some underworld.

Without these it's below skyrim in world building.

e6ea14 No.13928748


It's not $20 for just master mode, it's $20 for master mode, the trial of the sword quest, and some extra story thing that's not released yet. It is absolutely stupid that they force you to buy it all together without even the option of just getting what you want (and master mode itself should be in the base fucking game).

f04b59 No.13928757


Yeah, the game could have been great and set a new bar for open world if it had more meaningful side quests. Less "I heard there's a shrine here" side quests and more Tarrey Town side quests. If BoTW had more of those quests that made permanent changes to the world and made you feel more like you're helping to rebuild Hyrule it would have been amazing. At least as an open world game. I already typed a giant fucking post about how to make it a better Zelda game ages ago and I don't want to type it all up again


What retard said that? The military base from Ground Zeroes is better than all of Phantom Pain's open world. The whole game should have been levels like the military base instead of Far Cry 2 with a Metal Gear skin.

223e12 No.13928760


Fuck. I am desperate for a new Zelda game. I am having a huge want to play a new one. I even enjoyed Skyward sword despite it clearly being the worst 3D zelda. I played 15 minutes of Breath of The Wild and instantly realized it didn't feel like Zelda to me.

f04b59 No.13928777


Have to agree that master mode should have been free. It only greatly changes the early game and the end game feels exactly the same. They just took the front-loaded difficulty and dialed it up to 11. Trial of the sword benefits greatly from master mode though. Actually feels like you have to be a master at the game to unlock the master sword's true power and it's very satisfying.

I'm hoping the story DLC is proper post-game content that is really challenging and is intended only for people who beat the game(the story content is obviously post-game but I want the gameplay to be an extra degree of challenge)

e6ea14 No.13928779


If you don't like it, don't buy it. Instead of buying a game you won't enjoy, play Zelda-like games that do the formula well (like Okami) and romhacks of Zelda games. There aren't a lot of good 3D romhacks, but there are tons of Zelda I, Zelda II, and LttP romhacks that are really good.

I would play more than 15 minutes though; at least get off the great plateau. If you get through the intro and still don't like it, I'd be shocked if the rest of the game actually appealed to you.

133c27 No.13928803

File: d67a9d2c2a31175⋯.jpg (829.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dragon-Quest-Builders-Craf….jpg)


>so this is going to stay the status quo of the series

I don't know about that. Zelda seems to switch it up every game.

Personally I expect the next big Zelda game to be a Minecraft/Dragon Quest builders clone.

90d7b3 No.13928822

File: 14a085e4a94027a⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 345x328, 345:328, 1510779723.jpg)


>give away zelda to bethesda

b7c150 No.13928924

I think another thing they could improve on was specifically how they treated the night. In one Titan the doors slam on you and you're stuck in pitch black darkness with only enemies and whatever fire and light you have to guide you for the first 10 or do minutes of the dungeon. Had they taken that darkness, lowered it by 2 or 3 steps (still able to see a little ways out, but you almost certainly need light sources of some kind) I think with the other suggestions the anons had it could have gone a long ways, especially the idea of more ruins crawling with enemies (you only see this a little more often closer to the castle). I hope anons talking in earlier threads about BoTW were right in saying this was a transitional sort of game, or an experiment in newer stuff. It'd be kind of cool to see a much bigger improvement on all of the various functions they had placed in the game. and God Damn I was a sucker for being able to cook random shit into meals.

The game does have plenty of issues, and while some of the shrines I didn't mind (people bitched about the rolling puzzles but I kind of got a kick throwing the puzzle itself just right to not even have to solve the puzzle) there was definitely a few too many. Would have been kind of cool to see more smaller factions doing more stuff too. (the assassin's come to mind) rather than just being a mid game and forgotten enemy.

f22f1b No.13928944

File: b4084f1842255b5⋯.mp4 (6.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pink hair gets triggered.mp4)


It is my GOTY

To me it is a 10/10

I love Zelda games…

This isn't one of them by a long shot.

It is not a Zelda any more than Dino Planet is Starfox or Nuts & Bolts is Banjo-Kazooie.

This is simply one of the few good examples of genre departure that worked well to me.

It could easily be an original IP, but then of course fewer people would buy it.

Nintendo wanted to appeal to the market that loves open world games.

Your TESV Skyrims, Witcher 3s, and GTAVs

All GOTY winners

They did it.

I can't in good conscience grade it as a Zelda because I feel it has deviated too strongly from the formula.

That would be a more puzzle heavy, story heavy, linear game that pisses off retarded fat shitbags like Arin Hanson.

I've been playing though Master Mode and have been holding off doing any of the dungeons.

Mostly just Shrines, Sidequests, Cataloging and Korok Seed hunting with the Korok Mask.

Just focused on upgrading the stamina wheel because I thought it would be more fun that way.

I made some clips since they added that functionality and I will share them.

112ce0 No.13928953

File: 3c6376cacd44506⋯.webm (1.02 MB, 540x480, 9:8, Fuck you.webm)


NES Zelda was literally an open world game with no map with people doing maybe 2 or less dungeons to beat the game. To say Zelda: BoTW is an open world game with a Zelda skin is like saying Metroid Prime 4 will be a Metroidvania game.

f085df No.13928957


But the gameplay is great tho. It just suffers the same problems the twin snakes and MGS4 had; the level designs aren't designed for the gameplay leading to mechanics being abused to make the levels a joke or gameplay mechanics never being utilized.

Ground Zeros was a better experience overall than TPP because it's whole game area was designed around using all the gameplay mechanics.

8b4244 No.13928969


finished demo vs unfinished game

such wasted potential

223e12 No.13928981


>ESV Skyrims, Witcher 3s, and GTAVs

Funny how all of these are the worst in the series.

f22f1b No.13929024

File: 55cdb611e666992⋯.mp4 (12.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, git gud.mp4)

f22f1b No.13929038

File: d903e72754c3577⋯.mp4 (10 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, THUNDERSTRUCK.mp4)

f22f1b No.13929043

File: 8bf6133e6b851fa⋯.mp4 (7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Spear 2.mp4)

f22f1b No.13929046

File: aed47b7ed907371⋯.mp4 (10 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wait what.mp4)

5b4b08 No.13929066


I imagine if they made a sequel with the same engine and assets it would be one of the best Zelda games. All they need for a good game is 8+ actual fucking dungeons and a neat setting.

5b2bc0 No.13929075


The game needs more enemies too, people were hyping it up to be like a modern version of the first zelda, but the amount of content in general, especially farther into the game, was an absolute bummer.

84ed69 No.13929133

File: 75a7bf7bda3e183⋯.jpg (694.66 KB, 2104x2240, 263:280, laugh, it's a joke.jpg)

Weapons break therefore you will never once get a rewarding item but you can catch stuff on fire that's pretty cute also there's no dungeons but there's four 1/4 dungeons so that's kind of neat also there's shit for enemies but you can make them do silly things so that makes up for it and don't forget there's no mini bosses but there's heavy enemies with many reskins and a health bar so maybe you'll be tricked by that and hey you can WALK FUCKING EVERYWHERE WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO that's fucking SICK dude WALKING and you get to climb a LOT also a MAJOR PLUS and if you were wore out by the super complicated battle mechanics from OoT don't worry they've been simplified for you now you don't have to worry about stabbing with your pesky sword of did I mention the Master Sword breaks and they make you pay for DLC that makes it break less often that's super cool you know what else they give you when you pay extra that's right the enemy fucking heals now aren't you happy you paid for dlc that heals the enemy man it's SERIOUSLY HARD now like you better be a fucking MASTER

66a6a3 No.13929136

File: bbf99098b402126⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, botw2.png)


This 100%.

The first half of the game is amazing–you're constantly exploring different areas that all feel distinct, look gorgeous, and have all kinds of hidden places. The addition of climbing gives a real sense of freedom while you're doing this.

Once you've given the whole map a once-over, you realize that the only meaningful upgrades you're going to get are Shrine orbs and armor upgrades, and pretty quickly you're ready for the game to be over.

What I was most surprised by was how quickly I was in a position to beat Ganon. I figured there would be more content between getting all of the Divine Beasts and actually fighting him. Some kind of Master Sword-style equipment gate, maybe.

You can see immediately why BOTW got so many 10/10 scores, because it's frontloaded with the absolute best parts of the game–where you're weak as hell and every upgrade/new area feels like a huge step forward. But once that feeling wears off, the game feels really flat.

Some of the best environments in a game, though. They weren't afraid to make giant, open areas with very little in them just to make you feel small.

e5232f No.13929137


Pretty spot on. I couldn't even finish Elder Scrolls VI: Hyrule. The entire thing just seemed aimless and empty. Pretty, but hollow.

986ae2 No.13929144


>average open world shit with a zelda skin?

I'd call it slightly above average.

Still not a proper Zelda game

92fada No.13929160

File: 7d45caf30e41394⋯.jpg (25.73 KB, 400x413, 400:413, 7d45caf30e41394da225cd19f2….jpg)


>there will never again be a small comfy Zelda world like in Link's Awakening or Majora's Mask

Into the trash it goes.

3cc398 No.13929172


Going to echo this first post, best post >>13928473

It's got some cool stuff going for it. It's even pretty impressive the way it shits all over ubisoft and bethesda who tried to make open world sandboxes their 'thing', but their games are always fucking awful. BotW still needs to be tweaked and adjusted in some pretty big ways, but it's still an above-average game in a lot of ways.

e4e3a1 No.13929188

I said it before release and I'll say it again, I want a remake of the first game using this engine. Maybe I'll finally get around to pirating it one of these days.

a18177 No.13929200

File: caa769287b164b6⋯.png (10.81 KB, 160x211, 160:211, 2016-08-10 00_02_07-comic3….png)


>OoT wasn't good.

>MM wasn't good.

>OoA/OoS weren't good.

>Wind Waker wasn't flawed with redeeming elements.

If you're going to post bait of that caliber, at least pretend to substantiate it.

75e996 No.13929217

File: f74662957edbd52⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 2046x1664, 1023:832, botw expectations.jpg)

742240 No.13929240

it's empty and soulless. what was even memorable about this game?

its sad with all that development, graphics, and tech they managed to make a game with less of a "world" than the NES, snes, n64, and even the gameboy. not saying the game is bad, the things you can do and the places you can go are fun, but it just felt so… empty.

66a6a3 No.13929244

File: 751392cf8a9c63e⋯.jpg (85.75 KB, 250x341, 250:341, 1237425423430.jpg)


That pretty much sums it up perfectly.

Imagining a BOTW sequel with LTTP-style semi-spooky dungeons, and actual meaningful upgrades…I might actually buy a Switch for that.

133c27 No.13929258

File: 845de36dfc621d0⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3105x2240, 621:448, [raffing].jpg)


It gets better.

742240 No.13929261

File: c90c0188e3289c6⋯.mp4 (5.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zelda BOTW amiboo2.mp4)



people still defend nintendo after this.

84ed69 No.13929272

File: 15a80d51a73fa5d⋯.jpg (503.12 KB, 1690x832, 65:32, but there isn't shit insid….jpg)


As much as I hate BotW this is inaccurate

84ed69 No.13929287

66a6a3 No.13929288



>when the title of your image explains why you're wrong

The whole point is that there's no reason to go places like that 90 percent of the time (oh another shrine/another weapon that I can use for about 10 seconds before it breaks)

84ed69 No.13929309


Yeah it's still inaccurate as the comparison pictures only show an outside glad you like my title though

e5232f No.13929314


>Imagining a BOTW sequel with LTTP-style semi-spooky dungeons, and actual meaningful upgrades…I might actually buy a Switch for that.

Interesting thought exercise. How would you make a BotW-like Zelda, but good?

>Maintain the scale of the world, but add some fucking variety. More kinds of enemies and make them environment specific so it's not the same fucking bokoblins and lizalfos in every area.

>Add some proper fucking dungeons. None of this magitech beast or dinky shrine shit, but actual imposing temples, shrines, and crypts to explore and fight the evils within.

>Give the player direction, but don't hold his hand. Let the player tackle dungeons in any order (or group them in such a way that the player must clear the first group before the second group, but can do any dungeon in any order within said group and so on). Don't tell the player exactly where these dungeons are, but allow them to get a general idea by interacting with NPCs.

>Return to a system of progression where you actually obtain items or abilities within dungeons that make you more powerful as you continue through the game. Within the dungeons themselves, allow multiple means to solve puzzles based on what equipment the player has on hand. More tools at your disposal tends to relate to a more direct solution, though if the dungeons can be done in any order, it can still be done with the base level of equipment for whatever point of progress you've reached.

>For fuck's sake, if you're going to have weapon durability, balance it so I don't break 4 weapons fighting a single miniboss and can actually repair them if they haven't broken entirely. I don't mind the concept, but the implementation was complete ass.

f2f6dc No.13929322


>ignoring the actual in-game cliff depicted by the top-middle image

Besides, that castle has fucking nothing in it, there's no interior, there's just flying guardians and that's it.

4223f4 No.13929328


Who's the blonde woman? Is she an actress? I feel like I've seen her somewhere before, but I can't place it.

66a6a3 No.13929347


Actual UNDERGROUND dungeons would be a huge improvement. Would be hard to balancing, since climbing adds so much to interiors (you can cheese the entire Ninja Tribe stealth area by crawling along the walls like a real fuckin' ninja) but a LTTP-type dungeon with multiple floors, bottomless pits, and other classic fun stuff would translate really well to BOTW's climbing and combat.

as for weapons, just make them MATTER–keep weapons you get from enemies the same as BOTW (disposable) but have weapons you find in chests/hard-to-reach areas/dungeons be more unique. They'd still be able to break, but you should be able to repair them at villages/stables.

Bring back neat shit like the Power Glove or Pegasus Boots, so the player feels like they're actually getting more powerful as they explore the world and beat dungeons.

Basically, do the same shit NIntendo did well in most other Zelda games, but keep BOTW's environments and combat.

223e12 No.13929349

File: fd066d27a18dbe5⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 291x291, 1:1, 1340094139363.jpg)

Why do normalfags like open world shit? All it does it spread out the content so you have to walk for 15 minutes to get it.

Condensed maps with more content are not only cheaper to make, they are better. I am really happy Mario Odessey while marketing itself to being "open" wasn't actually open world.

84ed69 No.13929384


Yeah BotW is a garbage wallpaper simulator. Doesn't mean that the aesthetic of standing next to a rock wall with rock at your feet looking at a castle or a hole in a wall don't exist in it sorry maybe you should edit the picture to add the words "can go the fuck inside" to the top left frame and "has literally anything in it" to the bottom left frame.

If I'm remembering right there are cliffs between the castle and the standing point in the screenshot but who cares why even mention it he can sneeze and fall up the fucking thing it's meaningless.

Nothing will change the fact that those visuals are in the game, is what I'm saying. Either adjust the image to be more accurate or accept it's wrong. Normally when you are presented with new information in an argument you form an argument around that new information, especially if it's factual, instead of trying to diminish it. Sage because I'm off topic. Fuck BotW

92fada No.13929386


A zoomout of the map combined with orchestral music always looks epic.

2ae1ba No.13929422


I agree with this, its a great example of how open world should be, where every square meter of the map is worth seeing, but also lacks a lot on the "Zelda" department, with combat, dungeons and quests being too superficial.

c86d82 No.13929467

File: 15ba094e4d45688⋯.png (263.01 KB, 366x331, 366:331, 15ba094e4d45688ee0fcc029e8….png)





>top notch open world shit

You dumb niggers are joking, right? BOTW is a textbook example of open world done wrong.

What is there to do in BOTW's world? I'll tell you right now, shrines and korok puzzles. That's fucking it. You can ride around for up to 5 minutes without seeing an enemy and when you finally do, it's the same enemy you saw 5 minutes ago. It's got a pitiful amount of enemy variety and 4 piss easy dungeons that you don't have to do (and shouldn't compared to how much more fun the boss gauntlet and full health Ganon is) There's a handful of interesting sidequests at best.

BOTW is wasted potential personified. You fucks need to go back to reddit now.

92fada No.13929506

File: b3e191f0cf4d6c4⋯.jpg (55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bf7cda8f0689199a1344d31028….jpg)


That's the point, mate. It is next to impossible to make a properly fun open world game with enough interesting shit to do. At the very least, it'd take 15 years and never make it's money back.

This is about as good as open worlds get, hence why I despite the entire concept of them. But it's not wasted potential if there was never any realistically deliverable potential at all. It's why I'd rather they fucking drop it, but normies eat it up like the drooling retards that they are.

45d7e5 No.13929520

File: 0d583d0ec0f2f92⋯.jpg (11.85 KB, 230x250, 23:25, 6be54a02be48194ffdc65569ea….jpg)


BOTW is fucking amazing and I glad it sold well as it winds up you Reddit faggots something awful.

92fada No.13929535



>upset at BotW selling well

Did you confuse it with Neofag, you retard? Reddit shilled for it more than anyone.

d0a120 No.13929538


It's a great open-world game. As a game, it's pretty mediocre and I got bored of it extremely quickly.

c86d82 No.13929554

File: 36facb56f3da4c0⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 112x146, 56:73, 1381033364945.jpg)


>That's the point, mate. It is next to impossible to make a properly fun open world game with enough interesting shit to do.

That's bullshit, there are plenty of open world games with fun and interesting things to do.

Sleeping Dogs for example has fight clubs, cock fighting, general gambling, racing, unique sidequests and other things. Another example would be the Fallout games which litters its open world with interesting locations to explore, loot and fight in.

BOTW could have at least added shit from that existed in past Zelda games like fishing (with an actual rod) or some interesting ruins to explore, but it didn't. It tried to scrape by with the bare minimum and managed to placate some retarded kids like >>13929520 but people with discerning taste (or any taste as all) can see its problems pretty clearly.


No, no it isn't.

>It's a great open-world game.

92fada No.13929570

File: b0e5fbd7b99acce⋯.jpg (145.59 KB, 999x1399, 999:1399, 1d34fefcadc984139a6ebce002….jpg)



>interesting locations to explore, loot and fight in

cf8ad1 No.13929574

BotW was awful. It's shameless copypaste even worse than Skyrim. You've seen almost everything the game has to throw at you before you leave the first area, they reused that fucking shrine fight literally over a dozen times, there are nearly 1,000 korok seeds that are just the same 5-6 copypasted, there is a single mob that is challenging and it's optional, the dungeons are tiny and simple and an embarrassment to the series, and there is no value or point to exploration (in an open world game!) as any loot you might find will break within 60 seconds of use.

Fuck that game and fuck everyone who likes it.

133c27 No.13929581


>I am really happy Mario Odessey while marketing itself to being "open" wasn't actually open world.

That actually seems like a pretty good trick for any budding adgd's here. Pretend you game is open world in order to draw in normalfag customers. Considering the murky definition of what "open world" actual is it wouldn't even be lying.

c86d82 No.13929584

File: 2d110fd2bed2692⋯.jpg (104.68 KB, 635x595, 127:119, anime posters.jpg)


You're joking, right?

ce1a1a No.13929609


Todd's Fallout games are the only ones that I can think of that do a good job of simulating the experience of exploring abandoned buildings, which is something I've always wanted to do in real life. For that reason alone I play them. I like Fallout 1 and 2 as well, but for different reasons.

57480b No.13929706


>What I was most surprised by was how quickly I was in a position to beat Ganon. I figured there would be more content between getting all of the Divine Beasts and actually fighting him

You don't have to fight them before going to Hyrule Castle, their fights just get tacked in front of Ganon's.

969e1c No.13929817

File: c47ee587c33c5af⋯.png (357.31 KB, 534x406, 267:203, c47ee587c33c5af8cb206c6b29….png)


Eat a fucking shotgun and pull the trigger, zfg.

969e1c No.13929846

File: f12775e9dbafb85⋯.png (119.62 KB, 399x369, 133:123, d2351ffcd954fc49ceda08da14….png)


i love when console kiddies try and recycle memes

c83721 No.13929901

I hate open world cakes but I loved exploring every single inch of this game. The climbing is fun and I loved how link is always at the mercy of the elements. You can't climb well if it's raining, ect.

People say the dungeons suck, but I found them to be pretty great. I get why people hate them, but there was definitely a sense that these things are giant clockwork machines. The dungeons are basically power rangers dinozord repair simulations. I loved the little bonus items you got from each one that added a nice little wrinkle to the gameplay. I also loved how the lead up to every dungeon had its own little adventure tied up to it. The only one that wasn't very good was the Sky Temple. It didn't last long enough and you barely got to know any of the characters.

This is my favorite 3D Zelda by far and I played them all to completion, except SS.

7731ac No.13929929


>That's the point, mate. It is next to impossible to make a properly fun open world game with enough interesting shit to do. At the very least, it'd take 15 years and never make it's money back.

I don't know about that. Vice City and San Andreas had a lot of fun things to do.

20e607 No.13929953


>So is this a true zelda game or is it just your average open world shit with a zelda skin?

What's the difference?

fe50ad No.13929960

It's Zelda trying to rip off Dark Souls. And they didn't do a very good job.

66a6a3 No.13930019

File: 8048742571877a5⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 288x289, 288:289, 1235968404298.jpg)

File: ebc1b4307618554⋯.jpg (79.49 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1252208585895.jpg)

File: 83197580e7398a9⋯.jpg (25.71 KB, 459x345, 153:115, 1255055635654.jpg)



>Dark Souls

One reaction image isn't enough to process whatever high-grade crack you've been smoking, anon.

d0a120 No.13930096


It is great for an open-world game, and open-world games are shit.

c86d82 No.13930115


t. faggot whose never played a good open world game

4eaa1d No.13930120

File: 7ae11cd8b83f66c⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 450x300, 3:2, a4s_manowar052308a_24572c[….jpg)


>Brand loyal retarda will fellate and eat shit regardlesa of the quality of the games

You need to stop trying, especially on /v/ post 2015, I've already given up

fe50ad No.13930124


They ripped off not only the Dark Souls atmosphere, but also the combat.

56576c No.13930147

File: 9c5d2049b95bddb⋯.jpg (171.07 KB, 800x800, 1:1, eggmundo.jpg)


I pray this is bait.

fe50ad No.13930192


Unless you're a nintendrone or zelda fanboy, it's pretty clear they had no idea where to go with the series, with the next game, so they just ripped of Dark Souls.

133c27 No.13930198

File: 16d35a9affb658b⋯.jpg (412.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 6deba24b59851d5⋯.jpg (323.07 KB, 1000x575, 40:23, 708-1-1390601965.jpg)

File: d63631c53645713⋯.jpg (233.58 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, the_legend_of_zelda_and_da….jpg)


>Zelda trying to rip off Dark Souls

That might actually make an enjoyable game if it happened.

b97627 No.13930201


And your taste is awful

56576c No.13930212


>Open world = Dark Souls

Elaborate on your point.

fe50ad No.13930216


I already did. The combat, the general atmosphere, muh mature themes and storyline. Zelda ran out of ideas.

56576c No.13930234


>The combat

Boring and piss easy, borderline unchanged from previous titles.

>general atmosphere

World feels open and empty.

>mature themes

It's fucking Nintendo. The most mature thing is crossdressing.


There is none.

Zelda ran out of ideas before Dark Souls was even conceived.

133c27 No.13930240


>They ripped off not only the Dark Souls atmosphere, but also the combat.


>Unless you're a nintendrone or zelda fanboy, it's pretty clear they had no idea where to go with the series, with the next game, so they just ripped of Dark Souls.


>The combat, the general atmosphere, muh mature themes and storyline.

Are functionally retarded?

b97627 No.13930254


Sounds more like he's baiting you fags tbh

d3c884 No.13930284

>or is it just your average open world shit with a zelda skin?

that's exactly what it is. Theres a few things it does in a fun way but most of the game is spent fucking traveling and the dungeons suck big dick

cee90b No.13930287


it adds gameplay time to the tracker on steam, so they feel like they got a lot of play time from 1 game, even if it's boring shit not fun to do

bf6e52 No.13930347

File: 6aad197aa00383c⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 800x598, 400:299, He's_right_you_know.jpg)

348800 No.13930362


Skyrim Sword

bcf444 No.13930403


You know Fallout 1 and 2 are open worlds, right?

969e1c No.13930417

File: ed47ad2659f4dd1⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 330x330, 1:1, ed47ad2659f4dd1d33145423a0….jpg)



c86d82 No.13930419


Not to mention NV.

That faggot gives weebs a bad name.

4ce72e No.13930425

File: fa11b7ccf64f5e2⋯.jpg (55.57 KB, 600x325, 24:13, Skyrim_GZ_1.jpg)

File: d2066d969e56bfa⋯.jpg (419.85 KB, 1257x1138, 1257:1138, notskyrim.jpg)


>I pray this is bait.

We have Zelda, Dark Souls, and Skyrim mentioned in this thread; three most commonly used games for bad video game comparisons.


Honestly, I'm disgusted in the Bethesdrones in this thread.

ccd458 No.13930431


>it's the cream of the crop as far as shit goes

That's pretty much been Nintendo since Galaxy 2. Overpriced games that are only marginally as good as their prior titles.

7c2d62 No.13930454

File: 5b004bd1c79224c⋯.png (214.45 KB, 384x345, 128:115, Mech head.png)


It's a garbage Japanese Skyrim. No really, you ride a horse in a big empty environment, raid copy-pasta caves shrines for weapons and fight the same sandbag enemies endlessly.

Normalfags will try to convince you that everything is a feature. For example, a verity of fun and unique equipment is a staple of the series, however BOTW replaces this with four abilities that you start the game with. Normalfags praise this, since there's less items to figure out.


MGSV is a better MGS game than BOTW is a Zelda game.

ccd458 No.13930464


A friend of a relative brought the game over to try and started saying how fun it was because you could use physic powers to accomplish nothing. Fags have never played a physics game in their lives obviously.

133c27 No.13930473

File: 3c72cb9e8149802⋯.png (330.12 KB, 1145x577, 1145:577, szafranko_nioh.PNG)


And so the cycle continues…

4ce72e No.13930496

File: 3740344a8b6ccfd⋯.pdf (123.18 KB, 20th-DICE-Awards-HOF-Todd-….pdf)

File: f2c977ddefa5583⋯.png (239.21 KB, 278x660, 139:330, ToddHowardCreatorOfTES.png)

File: 795c9e1fe9ee48a⋯.png (236.68 KB, 749x573, 749:573, fallout3equals1_1.png)

You fags have to try harder to make this Skyrim comparison not completely fucking worthless.

d3c884 No.13930505


ya'know at least in skyrim i could find a unique weapon in some shitty draugr filled cave and not just another flaming dicksword that breaks in three swings. One of my biggest gripes with BOTWs overworld is how pointless exploring it felt after about an hour and a half once you start getting repeats of fucking everything. fighting a bunch of shitty goons and breaking 1-2 weapons in the process only to get the same weapon again when a treasure chest pops up is incredibly unsatisfying. Fucking around with the physics has its perks in the shrines but you can only play different varieties of ball-in-a-cup before that gets tiresome too. Not to mention the shitty weapon durability system makes doing puzzles a waste of resources if it involves hitting an object you put into stasis or something similar.

It's that monkey-brain feeling that makes games like skyrim and post 3 fallout successful is you go kill some stuff, and get a tangible in game reward you can do SOMETHING with. If BOTW didn't have the zelda skin it woulda got ripped by normies way harder for its godawful excuse for exploration. There's no god damn point of making a giant overworld if there isn't anything interesting to find in it

4223f4 No.13930531





what did todd mean by this?

4ce72e No.13930556

File: fa8c254193949c6⋯.webm (1.87 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Razorfistloveslevelscalin….webm)


That argument is not that far removed from the argument for level scaling.

d3c884 No.13930596


the guy in that webm is really fucking obnoxious.

ccd458 No.13930640


He just has uninformed opinions about things and grew up on a specific method of fun and never thought to expand I'm guessing.

66a40f No.13930662


> top notch open world

assasins creed brotherhood had better gameplay

133c27 No.13930690

File: d2e754ce9bc5705⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 1599x847, 1599:847, -7739870870638891147.png)


No. This is a top Notch open world.

423419 No.13930753

File: 26b25d182f167df⋯.jpg (363.01 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, squatting_at_the_garbage__….jpg)


I want Nintentoddlers to leave

I expected the thread to be cancer just due to the fact that this board is filled with Nintendo cocksuckers and that OP is a newfaggot that uses the word "meme" to describe anything he dislikes and thinks every Open World game is bad, but goddamn, first fucking reply and its already terminal.

No fucking chemo for this shit

525118 No.13930767


>Half of the time devoted to talking is devoted to insulting people because he claims people dislike level scaling due to difficulty

Too bad that the issue people take with level scaling is that combat ceases to matter because no matter what you do, you will be faced against random trash monsters. It has nothing to do with fights being easy and everything to do with both fights and exploration being pointless. Why bother exploring if you're going to find a weapon that's your level along with two enemies that are also your level, every time? That's literally just busy work. That is like picking a level in a Mario game and just playing only that one level over and over until you decide you're done with the game.

Why do people with the most shittiest of opinions always misrepresent the wildest of things to defend their shittiest of opinions?

b7c150 No.13930818

File: 6effc9a9b6ff4ba⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2349x2365, 2349:2365, moon.jpg)



Make them more than just underground. Have a few of them like that sure, but you're given all these different environments, so why not use them? Great Desert with mountains? Throw a couple of dungeons, under the sand, carved into a mountain, etc. Make them a challenge to even get to. There was a few interesting things to find that you had to climb/glide/sneak through, but it also didn't feel like it was enough, you know? Especially since some of the areas didn't lead to anything beyond maybe a heart, or a Goddess statue. One that comes off the top of my head was near one of Zelda's vision areas. It was this beautiful lake with a road carved into the side of the mountain, complete with not only old pillars but also Roofing and walls in some of the areas. It would have been the perfect place to drop a dungeon right on, maybe even one with plenty of swimming (if they allowed actual diving) along with areas of dry land. Hell, take BoTW, keep the Divine Beast and Ganon thing, but add in completely optional dungeons. The Beasts are still under his control, you still "need them", story wiseYes they are optional, but you know, story but then throw in dungeons. Make them completely optional but here's the twist. The dungeons themselves contain not only better weapons (regular enemies in them carry weapons that are at least a little more durable, chest items doubly so) but also toss all the crazier gadgets in them as well. Then have it so that throughout the world there are puzzles you can solve using them, especially at the castle. Taunt the player with them. Treasures in places that you usually can't get to, even with climbing, cracked walls that can't be destroyed by bomb arrows, holes in ceilings that you can't climb through, but with metal hooks hanging out etc, especially in Ganon's castle.

Make it so that the NPC's will talk about them as rumors, or perhaps have some as structures you can't reach as easily but can see. Hell throw optional puzzles using items from other dungeons in the dungeons as well. Make sure that a player uses all his regular tools at his disposal in each one, give them a twist, or something.

dd6a85 No.13930838


They enjoy those games specifically because they feel like it makes them part of some zeitgeist, hence the viral marketing and such, so any criticism of the game is taken personally leading to them lashing out emotionally. It's rather predictable and sad all things considered.

0e7b70 No.13930866


> It is next to impossible to make a properly fun open world game with enough interesting shit to do.

Like Might and Magics? Gothic 1 and 2? Wizardries?

bcf444 No.13930874


>t. redditor

0e7b70 No.13930894


>That faggot gives weebs a bad name.


b01e8d No.13930934


>Gothic 1 and 2

Still one of the best in the openworld ARPG genre.

Great atmosphere, meaningful quests and factions, very much to explore and to find out there and ofc no bullshit like quest markers.

0e7b70 No.13930949


Too bad now when you say "open world" underage and weebs go "the genre that oblivion invented".

21c45f No.13931057

>is this walking simulator a real walking simulator or just a walking simulator?

ccd458 No.13931062


It's Open World Dark Souls.

94a937 No.13931225


I liked the direction, but not the execution. I'd prefer them to make another game using the same technology. This time, make it an adventure more aligned with the earlier titles. Have a dozen dungeons. Have unique weapons that do not break. Add in many of the older enemies. Bring back the older items. Let people have fun using everything. Throw some nearly impossible special bosses in for a good challenge. You know, make it less boring.

ccd458 No.13931267


Half of these ideas are garbage. Zelda needs new items, it also needs to be difficult. Remove the physics gimmick and put that effort into combat, level design and enemy variety. Remove climbing anywhere all together. Remove gliding especially. Which turns traversing harsh land a joke. Make long range movement overall cumbersome so mounts are actually useful. Have portals to and from places but force a percent of your rupees to use them. Have a fucking self contained plot that isn't gay ass garbage and doesn't take itself to "epic". Remove androgynous Link and make him look like a fucking man again. Remove all fucks about the "lore" for Zelda and trying to make anything resembling a timeline (that shit already flew out the window before OoT) Fuck Ganon, give link something more engaging to kill like a high strung ancient war general leading an undead army or the corrupted 3 gods who you need to cleanse. Shit make link grow into a demi-god by the end of the game and actually look like a demigod so he does cool shit like cause sizable tornadoes that cost a fuckton off your magic meter. BRING BACK THE MAGIC METER, BRING IT THE FUCK BACK. Also have it take place outside of Hyrule for once.

Take or leave any of this. But I feel like any of these ideas are better than what we were given.

66a40f No.13931273




a long time ago, there would be a BOTW 2 that ironed out all the nonesense that fucking sucks in gameplay and in a shitload of features and stuff cut in development, but in the land of the current year, theyer just using development time to unfuck the bugs they didnt bother with finding with actual play testing and DLC that was partly already on the disc half the fucking time, if they bother making a new game nothing in the game will be new but the fucking polycount

b201fd No.13931368


its not a real zelda game but its the best roguelike of 2017, even beating classic doom

06eaa7 No.13931709

File: eea557b3e7c2dd1⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, f83d67018d8f4ae7cde22ee815….jpg)

File: aa4c46628b81f67⋯.jpg (115.63 KB, 750x508, 375:254, Link.(Twilight.Princess).f….jpg)

File: bda9b1e4d28c6b2⋯.jpg (72.95 KB, 736x736, 1:1, b0ed645f4ecffb5402dd41569d….jpg)

BOTW is shit solely because Epona is not obtainable without a shitty amibo.

Link and Epona should always be together. Nothing should ever come between a man and his horse.

72f21e No.13931740


there's certainly a lot of cumming in that horse

06eaa7 No.13931755


No love is more pure then between a man and his mare

eb415c No.13931756


I like to think that Young Link gets his tummy flooded with horse cum every time Epona gets a boner. After he's milked her enough, he might start to get a little fuzzy on his extremities, or hooves

608319 No.13931774


Less than average open world game with a thing coat of zelda paint.

2080dc No.13931775

Even for an open world game its really bad

All the side quests are trash, the main quest gets progressively worse, the rewards become more meaningless the further you are in the game.

Seriously almost everything gets worse the more you play. The combat becomes shallow as fuck as the later enemies are just reskins with more health, everything but swords become useless, the "ultimate" weapons are mostly trash, you need to buy the DLC and complete shitty combat trials for the master sword to be worthwhile.

63950a No.13931912

>zelda, mario, sonic

I'll never understand why these games get so much attention even on imageboards. babby's first video game tire

575912 No.13931998

I'm only got done with 2 of the Divine beasts and there are some good and bad things about this game. So far the story is okay I guess. Not bad but not that great. Weapon breaks should either be replaced with much longer lasting durability or go the monster Hunter route and they need to be fixed by a blacksmith, so you can have it at peak sharpness and it slowly degrades until it becomes dull, and it will only break if you use it past dull. More enemy variation by far, but also their AI needs to be fixed. They are pretty stupid and sometimes dumb. They also need more attack variation. Get rid of slow mo all togeather. It makes you fight just rolling left or right or backwards until you get the slowmoe tirggered to spam attack. Also way to many shrines that are just meh. I found some shrines are were soft core doungens but those were only a 1 or two. The rest were meh. There needs monsters in these shirne replacement doungens. Cut it down to like 20-40 real doungens. But with these doungens you get some good rewards. I hate that you can pause at 1/4 hearts left and just eat and shit, change gear etc like it's nothing wtf? But I think that's just me I guess.

Because it has gotten to the point where I see goblins and I run past them "ugh fuck off dipshits" The mini fat huge goblin bosses are cool but they are all the same type. Why not like a Cerberus, or Hyrdra, Chimera? etc These lion minotars are OP and fucking annoying. I hate fighting these guys because it just resorts to you to dodging and slowmoe spam.

These are a lot of negatives but there are a lot of psotives I'm not gonna listen but I do agree with one anon said.. Nintendo needs to stop with the huge number of collection of things. It's unnecessary and really just poor game design. I give BOTW a 8/10 as a open world game so far, but for a Zelda game? more like a 6.5/10. I'm not a huge fan of Zelda or a anti fan either, but it has a lot of flaws.

cf8ad1 No.13932030


>8/10 as a open world game

How? There's nothing of any value anywhere - it's all the same fucking fire sword or whatever that will break in 60 seconds and noise function landscape. There's no reason to explore. All you need is some hearts so you can fight the final boss which are obtainable anywhere.

608319 No.13932054


He is using the IGN scale, where anything lower than 8.5 is utter fucking garbage.

000000 No.13932098


It may be the truest Zelda game, if we consider it a spiritual successor to the originals, especially the very first Zelda. Zelda 1 feels aimless until you master it. People hate that now, but that was the majesty of it. You're in the wild. You have to chart your own course. At the time, those graphics and sound were profoundly more compelling than they are today.


As a kid, you never wished you could digitize yourself into the game? I sure did. Digitizing my toys would be just as cool as a kid. Amiibos are meant for kids, and for kids, they are a really cool idea. I wish that existed when I was a kid.

e0c777 No.13932112


There's a reverse scheme going on with video games. Its usually what's entry level becomes the higher level later on. And one of the reason this happens is because people tend to return to what they played during teen/childhood days rather than play anything new.

e0c777 No.13932117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also about BOTW, just watch vinesauce playthrough. He played exactly just right to keep it perfect. Its a great game. Anyone buying it will still say its a great game, anyone who pirated for emulator or didn't bought switch/wii u at all and hates nintendo will say its SHIT. But watch playthrough of a good twitch streamer and everything comes onto its desired place.

Breath of the wild is a good direction for zelda and it brings happiness to my heart.

81dde8 No.13932601

File: d77cea2cae1d18c⋯.png (627.27 KB, 1126x1052, 563:526, link-alinktothepast.png)

File: 6e2b3c81b1580b7⋯.jpg (568.33 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, legend-zelda-breath-wild-l….jpg)


>BOTW sequel with LTTP-style

BotW Link itself already shares a few amount of traits to Link from ALTTP. For instance, the eyes of both kind of look similar, and the hair overall of both matches.

870961 No.13932620

File: 2591fc861e508ef⋯.png (557.79 KB, 600x565, 120:113, 2591fc861e508efd19569e1041….png)


Nintendo makes average games, which is already a step up from most AAA garbagr, with great production values and tons of shilling, rivaling or surpassing said AAA companies, plus nostalgiafagging and brand loyalty holding the more core audience.


Its autism, brand loyalty and nostalgiafagging

t.Sega battered wife

66a40f No.13932622


>comparing ALTTP link to fucking narrow shouldered curent year "person" who doesnt have secondary male sex characteristics

870961 No.13932628


Oh yeah, its also Japanese so its already sucked off just for that fact alone.

095362 No.13932675


Darksiders was a fun Zelda game. I haven't played the sequel yet, but if it's like the first it will at least be above average.

5308b5 No.13933210

File: 28289b84497ecc6⋯.jpg (239.91 KB, 1280x984, 160:123, comfy doggy.jpg)

It was a good game but it kind of over simplified the standard zelda formula to make room for the open world mechanics (which are really neat and it's impressive it even runs on the toasters that are nintendo hardware).

For example, there are no complicated and ornately designed dungeons in this one. The only real 'dungeons' in game are giant war machines and Portal 2 maps.

Overall 8/10

ccd458 No.13933274


>kind of over simplified the standard zelda formula to make room for the open world mechanics

>it simplified already simplified mechanics since TP and added open world cancer

>it also removed dungeons being any good

You've said nothing to give the game anything above a 2/10 so far.

dd6a85 No.13933291


It's very eh. Combat's alright but level design went way down and the Diabloesque loot shit is just a chore.

608319 No.13933381


Yeah if the first game had no fucking dungeons, no treasures in dungeons and 2000 more map squares filled with nothing.

ccd458 No.13933447


Don't forget less enemy variety and health you can refill at any time.

6b5f96 No.13933503


I'll tell you what, it's a great first try. You're right that it's a bit lacking, but they can only improve now.

5e410b No.13933512


>it's top notch open world shit

It's actually very low tier since it lacks character creation and porn mods, both of which are things that open world games are only good for.

608319 No.13933567


>>open world is mostly-fun and well-designed, lots of verticality

What the fuck does "mostly fun" mean? Why is it fun? The map is the only good thing in it I'll give you that.

>more challenging than most recent Zelda games

Until you get some hearts then it's the easiest zelda ever made. It's only difficult because of 1 shots.

>very non-linear

That means nothing when you have almost no content.

>rewarding sidequests

What fucking side quests?

>"Here fuck my wife and I'll give you this orb to unlock a shrine!"

>RPG elements work very well, cooking is fun

That isn;'t even a fucking RPG element and cooking is so easily exploitable 2 hours in it's a joke that felt like it was thrown together in a week of dev time. Most ingredients are fucking useless.


>no dungeons

>all tools available from the start

>cryosis is barely useful

>no magic meter, they dropped the ball with not having orbs being traded in for a magic meter upgrade to use for magic weapons/tools

>weapon durability, I wanted to use rods for more than 10 - 20 swings

>armor system leaves much to be desired because too many armor pieces do absolutely nothing and many of the 3 piece bonuses are trash

>korok seeds

>side quests usually just lead to a trial or some useless reward

>crafting is busted, not enough unique potions and food is obsolete aside from Hearty items and buff foods

>stamina caps at 3 bars, let me dump all of my orbs into stamina if I want you fucking kikes

>200000 chests around the world with 5 arrows or 20 rupees

>music and audio design is almost non existant, they went full ambient meme and even then it falls short

>completely forgettable ganon fights aside from thunderblight

>ganon fights are a fucking joke

4/10 zelda

5/10 open world game


Terrible first try but I will admit they have the framework for a good game they just need to fucking add shit to it.

53aaa8 No.13933570


All the main-series games have been abysmal since Twilight Princess. Nintendo continues to think that adding extra bloat and superficial changes to the series is improving it. Kind of like what happened to Sonic in the late 1990s.

51f895 No.13933594


Or stagnate and fail to build upon it.

608319 No.13933604


This is likely what will happen because now they know just how little effort they can put in. The modern consumer is terrible.

d8cf6d No.13933659


I think it’ll depend on how long it takes to make the sequel. Less than 3 years and I think they might legitimately be giving the series the Mario & Pokémon treatment

0ef213 No.13933715

It's LITERALLY Japanese Skyrim

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