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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b4c9d9 No.13933076

>watch high level gameplay videos from westerners

>it's all about boring, cold efficiency and getting the most optimal results

>watch high level gameplay videos from japs

>it's all about abusing the mechanics to create absurd & artful outcomes with the end of having fun and entertain the viewer

every damn time. What explains the different mentalities? what are your favorite examples of this?

8ce73a No.13933094

>the japs are honorable and cool and better than us at everything

daily reminder weebs are actually cancer. There are people here who think the Yakuza are "better than other gangs/mafia organizations" purely because they're japanese

sage because not only is this thread cancer, its entirely untrue and you started off with some shitty embed as well, not even a hooktube link you lazy faggot

4b2c52 No.13933095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sorry, can't webm.

79583f No.13933098


>What explains the different mentalities?


>what are your favorite examples of this?

Well, I just discovered the fulton rocket launcher two years into playing the game, so I’ve been having fun with that recently (too bad it’s so fucking limited in its use). And other than that, the water gun is the only “fun” weapon, and it does absolutely fucking nothing. Also, “Big Boss has had enough of your Guantanamo bullshit” is a westerner’s work.

4b2c52 No.13933107

File: 67565f4a9a77a33⋯.webm (7.31 MB, 427x240, 427:240, bigbess.webm)


I actually have that one.

c79717 No.13933109

File: 14b6cb9fcdd9f13⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1_EaypZ7liisVbMqXIjsoQxg.png)

>muh japan

They hate you over there, faggot

b4c9d9 No.13933119


yet if you were to take out all the messages, editing & memes it wouldn't be nearly as fun. thx for proving me right

3e891a No.13933120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>inb4 Faggot Frank

800796 No.13933126

You're a massive faggot.

b4c9d9 No.13933132


am I? again, your average high level "fun" gameplay from westerners is including memes everywhere and heavy editing, whereas from the other side you have stuff like >>13933095, funny on its own merit

ade66c No.13933147

>all this triggered niggers

>not a single example to prove him wrong


49aae0 No.13933154

File: 9562b692ce77890⋯.png (172.81 KB, 319x271, 319:271, Q9A50dU.png)


>Killed over 7 soldiers

>detected at least one time



>Foxhound S rank

a7a20d No.13933204

File: 201924609534480⋯.gif (3.27 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 7d164c8a51b14307d580c95148….gif)


>Whites play games to be good

>Gooks play games to be retarded

so what?

87db17 No.13933209

slanteyes are bad at videogames so that's all they can do

take the nip dick out of your mouth

d29f37 No.13933221


>creative and funny

They're soulless bugmen, don't ever forget that.

c788e0 No.13933231

>All these anti-Jap posts

Can the goons and kikes please leave?

79583f No.13933234


Reported. Fucking kill yourself.

b394c2 No.13933246


Well White gangs are so few I'm beginning to doubt if there is anything else besides biker Gangs. The mafia and the mob? Italians and Greeks and I'm suspicious that a lot of them are actually just Jews. Every street gang is always some minority driven enterprise that recruits whites otherwise everyone seems to just operate "independently".

597367 No.13933247


Weeaboo has lost its meaning since every fucker throws it at everyone who admit playing japanese games, but you are a bona fide weeb

87db17 No.13933257

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


get BTFO weeb


>muh boogeymen are bullying muh based nips again ;_;

40d7e4 No.13933267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's probably because japs have the tism.

Or maybe because for them having fun is more important.

c788e0 No.13933276


>h-how dare anon like what I don't like!

It's funny how many dumb reddiniggers like you hate Japan, on an imageboard with a culture greatly influenced by Japan.

tl;dr: kill ure'self nigger.

24c46b No.13933281


>this entire thread

all these underage newfags, I want my old /v/ back.

98ffd9 No.13933290

File: afd2d00ead6318b⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 500x603, 500:603, 55dd9ac47a12d95eed851e9ea8….jpg)


>watch gameplay videos

Stopped reading there.

c788e0 No.13933297


I will as soon as you kill yourself, faggot.

24c46b No.13933302


you need to get the fuck off this website

2e4f6d No.13933331


because humour requires intelligence.

79583f No.13933334


Reported. Your kike shilling will never, EVER work.

2e4f6d No.13933363


Check the medical reports, japanese have the fastest reflexes and cognition results on the planet.

It is why they can play games at insane levels of ability, their brain is simply faster.

2e4f6d No.13933389

72a820 No.13933416


Yeah you don't see many japs in tournaments about eating shit either, I wonder why?

2bf45d No.13933420

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like jokes with my fun, OP

a36ced No.13933430


You know this imageboard is hosted alongside 25ch? We both use the same servers, you're the unwanted one here.

72a820 No.13933432


I wouldn't know, but then again I don't play Q3.

c86f69 No.13933446

>it's more fun to watch the game instead of play it myself

>it's more fun to watch my wife get nailed by tyrone

Watching others play games instead of playing the games yourself is psychologically rooted in cuckoldry.

b4c9d9 No.13933448


I've played the games enough to appreciate the skill in videos fag

also I'm not american, you're the only ones who consume interracial porn

2e4f6d No.13933523


>not recognising Hit-hands

b4c9d9 No.13933524


>hey let me spend the day on 8ch complaining about the state of the western gaming industry

>w-w-wait! wow that guy over prefers something japanese over western! in a vidya related board nonetheless! I have defend my western honor and call him a loser!

cb2fc2 No.13933525

burgers like eficiency

they play jewing the laws inside the box to get the optimal result with the tools provided to them by the devs

nips like outsmarting others

they play jewing the laws outside the box to exploit the gliches and any other mistake the devs failed to iron out

8db638 No.13933535


>8ch is one person

>/v/ is one person.

50d4b2 No.13933574

File: ab0e00fda737e7e⋯.gif (2.48 MB, 440x440, 1:1, korean_tv_laughs.gif)


>the Yakuza are "better than other gangs/mafia organizations" purely because they're japanese

They're "Japanese" in the sense that they live in Japan and speak Japanese as their primary language, but a lot of yakuza guys are ethnic Koreans.

t. ex was from a Zainichi family, uncle owned a pachinko parlor

4a5968 No.13933577

File: ebdfe48629a3362⋯.png (92.21 KB, 209x228, 11:12, smiling down.png)


You do become a loser when you cross the line between preferring something and idolizing it.

0f68f6 No.13933578


>To be good

Again if Group A and Group B bnoth reach the same goal, but Group B does it in a way that makes you interested to watch whose better at it?

Not to mention you have faggots who think TAS is a legitimate form of speed running.

0df511 No.13933587

Lemme post god freaking dammit

5fc442 No.13933592

Other then anime tits and katanas, Japan isn't really worth much.

cf6993 No.13933613

File: 3d4aea428cd53e5⋯.jpg (91.78 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 3d4aea428cd53e5c4af4f5f75b….jpg)


Why are you watching other people playing video games?

2994db No.13933637

ITT: Goons

b6280d No.13933643

File: 537d4a663a5bb56⋯.png (124.71 KB, 343x260, 343:260, this isn't good.png)

>this whole thread

b4c9d9 No.13933645


Goons fear the Samurai

e7cc82 No.13933658

What the fuck is happening in this thread?!?

Has school already let out for winter holiday? It’s like i’m really an Australian, I’m experiencing summer in December.

de4e1e No.13933660



Behind every shitpost, a weeb.

Behind every shit thread, a weeb.

e7cc82 No.13933695


But this entire thread has just been faggots telling about how Japanese games suck and that we should be playing superior western games. Wholesome pro-white games like Bioware rpg’s and Todd’s latest Gamebryo rehash. Like I said, winter is basically “Summer 2.0, when shitposters get cold prepare for trolls”

cf6993 No.13933714


It has been like that since the birth of the internet and imageboards.

b394c2 No.13933732

File: 72ac3ec344ba248⋯.png (11.7 KB, 868x136, 217:34, VN's are vidya too.png)


So what shit hole did you crawl out of?

9c933f No.13933741


Christmas has come early :^)

4a5968 No.13933771


>But this entire thread has just been faggots telling about how Japanese games suck and that we should be playing superior western games.

But anons have been arguing about highly skilled players, nobody has said anything about the games themselves

64a8e7 No.13933780

>What explains the different mentalities?

The people in the West making those videos of this game are faggot streamers and there is a lot more of them in the West. There are quality videos of MGS5 made by westerners with the motivation you describe, they're just drowned out by the "SUPER EPIC ALWAYS USE MAGICAL INVISIBLE DOGGO AND CRAWL AROUND AT A SNAILS PACE WHILE ONLY USING TRANQ DARTS!!" bullshit.

b4c9d9 No.13933817

File: 91c57e3cbc27448⋯.png (945.21 KB, 1040x615, 208:123, Capture.PNG)

holy shit i just reloaded the page and 30 replies are gone

well fuck the goons anyway, let the weeb flow through you

12f2e3 No.13933819


>Hating weebs

>Posts on a Mongolian Throat Singing Forum

In addition, Japanese are more honorable than Jews.

1ac851 No.13933849

File: 8bca5a8c89bf757⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 287x400, 287:400, 70-stophim.jpg)

Japan is full of garbage players like every other place. The only reason Their top players have an edge over other nations is the tightly knit arcade community. Something the rest of the world barely does any more. They're constantly getting new arcade games and discussing with each other on how they do certain things. Meanwhile arcade games promote competitive mindsets where it's against others or their top score. The better you get, the less money they spend. It's like how they have a competitive puyo-puyo x tetris scene while we (in the US) barely do.

Another example is their Gundam Versus community which eclipses ours. I've learned a lot playing with JP players and it took a while before US players started playing at a high level. I've only run into a few US players that completely destroy me.


This. Weeaboos barely even exist here. It doesn't help when any game with graphics similar anime is called a weeb game.

1ac851 No.13933893


I've been seeing more "Waah people are having fun with things I hate" posts. This retarded shit you would constantly see on 4/v/ because idiots not only didn't have anything of worth to add to the discussion but couldn't come up with an argument to defend their game either.

Also how did goon become a buzzword so fast?

b394c2 No.13933905


>Also how did goon become a buzzword so fast?



Goons are what people from SA are called. They call themselves that too, this has been a thing for over a decade now.

de4e1e No.13933906


Yea but goons don't come here. It's a /pol/ boogeyman.

b394c2 No.13933919


What are you talking about, a self admitted goon was arguing with an autist in his own thread for saving threads as html files like 2 weeks ago. They come here but they don't make it obvious, outside the dumb ones.

8e42dd No.13933927


Goons go all over the internet and retain their cancerous goon identity. They seem to make it their mission to establish a foothold in any gaming community and attempt to ruin it. They are literally the Jews of community gaming. Just look at Eve

252109 No.13934008


>It's a /pol/ boogeyman.

That's /leftypol/ and /intl/, but goons are very much real.

de4e1e No.13934050


The goons that still post on their tenbux special snowflake forum are entirely occupied with being retarded trannies. What you are referring to are probably FYAD/Weird Twitter idiots who have formed their own little (gay, transsexual) clique by now.

6b6fed No.13934110

mods stop deleting posts, fags

ce64d1 No.13934122


Old /v/ is gone amd will never ever cone back.

Build a better future.

8e42dd No.13934147


No, I'm talking about real goons who post on the SA video games forum. That is exactly how they organise their little groups in each game. I used to browse the board and wish I could pay the ten bucks to be a super cool goon when I was like 14. Weird Twitter doesn't even play fucking video games hence their Gamergate participation.

a9a7e0 No.13934499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

OP is a gay nigger weeaboo

0bdfb6 No.13934508


Ah yes, the only BR good at video games.

b4c9d9 No.13934566


You know that guy uses cheats (infinite mana in Dishonored for example) to do those videos right?

a9a7e0 No.13934578


your point being?

3b5d14 No.13934653


thats one of the wildest gameplay vids I've ever seen

c4cc6f No.13943099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You dont understand the clutchness of western high level play

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