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File: 6e2f4fe1c4cce92⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1617x948, 539:316, 6e2f4fe1c4cce9202e2b907867….png)

24730c No.13933170

I made a thread about this 2 days ago but everyone was complaining that the game freezes.

Hopefully I've fixed it now so maybe people can actually play it and tell me what they think.

The game is http://wizardz.io

It's an online chess type game with different creatures.

Any feedback/comments/suggestions about the game?

b7130f No.13933310

Why should I play your game?

24730c No.13933412


Because I spent a month coding it and it takes 5 minutes to play?

cbcf6f No.13933428


can i be the little girl?

54b285 No.13933436


I predict not.

9227b8 No.13933453


Sounds like you’re shit at code.

bf52ba No.13933548

File: a38de77161b5e03⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 1000x1070, 100:107, headpats.jpg)

A chat option would be sick, a tutorial would be helpful aswell, other than that, seems like a neat little game. good job anon, im proud of you

bf52ba No.13933554


oh yeah, and a player timer to prevent stalling

1433ae No.13933560


so you think you're special and you deserve to have people play your game?

Here's the deal, send me 5 dollars on paypal and then I'll play your game for exactly 30 minutes.

That's 10 dollars an hour for playtesting.

d201f4 No.13933599

File: 034edac5e879811⋯.gif (45.64 KB, 575x573, 575:573, jerkcity5295.gif)

>four moves in

>make move

>system says its still my move

>opponent's not doing anything

>can't do anything

>can't even surrender

>system says its the other guy's turn

>he's not moving

>my turn again

>still can't move

Good game.

85d750 No.13933608


Im going to play it twice now just to spite you

cadbde No.13933623


the guide doesn't explain ghosts properly, I have no idea what their attack range is or how they move through enemies without attacking them

timer isn't shown

no chat feature that lets me call the opponent an faggot

Seriously, why do modern game developers not include chat in their online games? It's such a humongous missed opportunity. I suspect not being able to call my opponent an faggot is the only reason I can't get into games like Gwent

1433ae No.13933624


>he works for FREE

I wish some of my employees were this fucking stupid.

bc1d41 No.13933638

File: 9e916e4e5ccc64a⋯.png (469.62 KB, 1139x1079, 1139:1079, imagine.png)



I'd kill myself if I worked for someone on /v/. What a nightmare.

0f8d8e No.13933641

File: 4d0d56c599d6bb7⋯.png (235.04 KB, 652x720, 163:180, 4792720f5587519205dcbb5b8e….png)


Anon why don't you go off to the gamedev thread? You'd probably get more attention rather than the shitshow you're putting on.

8f8222 No.13933663

File: ab40426b56eee54⋯.png (113.83 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 2b71a9129ae7384f5077719b23….png)


>Says ghosts are immune to physical damage.

>Doesn't say me which creatures deal physical damage.

>Ghosts also deal physical damage, so they can't attack each other


cadbde No.13933787

and now it refuses to let me or my opponent make any moves

a0ed2d No.13933806

>still breaks

>not posting in /agdg/

Nigga come on.

952cb6 No.13933812


Is OP dare I say it /ourguy/?

3fa13c No.13933873

File: 58bd715091fdbb6⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 480x542, 240:271, w.jpg)


>open game twice

>play against yourself

8d598c No.13933883

>not https

lol, do you even ssl?

a0ed2d No.13933892

File: 77468abc9fa81df⋯.gif (3.6 MB, 320x179, 320:179, bye.gif)

>succubus: stops enemies in range from moving or attacking

>gets attacked by enemy in range

24730c No.13933909


You have to attack them first.

a0ed2d No.13933913


Put it in the fucking guide then you plum.

a31327 No.13934073


how do I acquire penis gold?

97f00d No.13934093


he's getting plenty of attention here tbh.

952cb6 No.13934538

Okay so overall it's a neat little game, I take it you're going to be designing it with tablets and phones in mind?

33a304 No.13934553


The following posts are good:



074ddf No.13934657

I just beat up some fuccboi so I guess it's alright.

5a71e3 No.13943072

a0ed2d No.13943231

Alright nigga, I'm going to waste ten minutes writing this feedback up.

1) Make it much more obvious who's turn it is and show the remaining time for their turn. Don't use the fucking log for this. Highlight one of the player's boxes and add a proper timer display. Add a countdown until game over too, since you mention games time out at 10 minutes.

2) In general you're showing fuck all information in the UI. Add costs under monsters. Show how many out of the maximum you have summoned. Highlight when the player earns gold for a move or a kill.

3) Show the grid.

4) When you select a monster you should be able to see it's movement range and highlight enemy monsters it can attack.

5) Succubus is worthless while Demon is stupid strong.

6) Show tiles you can summon to when you click on a monster icon.

7) Add a health display for towers, since they seem to require multiple hits. (But I had a demon one shot a tower in one game?)

8) If you're going to have different damage types then put that information somewhere in game. Is a succubus attack physical? Is a slugg's explosion physical? These shouldn't be trial and error questions. In short: if you're going to have these types of mechanics you need tool tips or something so people can see the information in game. And run with it more. Make sluggs immune to magic or something, so you can threaten sorceresses dead zones, things like that.

10) You mentioned last thread it was meant to feel like chess but right now, against an opponent that knows how to play, you're just setting up a no man's land until you can get demons out. The game would benefit from having secondary objectives, like tiles you can capture for an income bonus or are required to summon certain monster types or increase a monster cap limit or whatever else you can dream up.

11) Fix the blurry text and images.

12) Add a chat so we can have some banter.

cb7cfa No.13943799


>12) Add a chat so we can have some banter.

5df3e9 No.13943824


I told him half this shit in the first thread

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