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File: 0ba39e96e61b79f⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3440x1440, 43:18, ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-16 01-3….jpg)

f18d18 No.14072195

Waiting for "Late January" Edition

Try the game for free forever! (Only up to level 35) - http://www.ffxiv-freetrial.com/us/

Current Patch: 4.18

Patch Archives - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/patchnote_log/

Useful resources:

List of Commands (used for macros) - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/win/text_command/

Gamer Escape - http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/

Garland Tools Database - http://www.garlandtools.org/db/

XIV Database - http://xivdb.com/

Ariyala (gear build simulator, hunt tracker, relic light tracker) - http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/HuntTracker/Exodus

Mithrie's crafting guides - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma5lzsYTA3I&index=4&list=PLbE_CU9Jt_uc0MAfIOY8JqtN5PyPO83Q5

>Don't know what to do pre-70?

1. If you're brand new, do Hall of the Novice. It's stupid and only teaches you common sense stuff, but you get a 30% exp boosting ring and free level 15 gear.


3. Do all of your class quests and get yourself a job - http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Category:Jobs

4. Attune to Chocobo Porters (taxi), Aetherytes (teleport) & Aether currents (flight) ASAP - it will save you a lot of time & effort

5. Unlock your challenge log, gives great exp and some gil - http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Rising_to_the_Challenge

6. Do your daily roulettes - all of them are great until 70, except guildhests, which is great until around 40-50

6. Level crafting & gathering - free dosh (Cooking has an amazing crossclass skill at 37 you need to get.)

8. Hit Tab to [I seem to have misplaced my keyboard]

Get a FC, they give bonuses as long as the people in charge aren't retards

You cannot join a FC if you are currently on a free trial account

8ch Free Company is Neo Wheels Order on Exodus (Primal Datacentre), Contact Aloise Nel'hah, Babs Babyface, Mew T'kins, or Shiaia Reingot for an invite. Applications are open as well, so if none are online just leave an application and you'll get in as soon as possible.

There is also a linkshell for all 8ch players on Exodus to congregate, so that people can communicate regardless of what FC they're in or if they're running the free trial. Contact Lyfon Yharnam, Quickscope Easybake, Aloise Nel'hah, Mew T'kins, or Shiaia Reingot for an invite.

572595 No.14072378

File: 98e352e2fbb977c⋯.jpg (141.69 KB, 1816x930, 908:465, 1438310594363.jpg)

is it too early?

f18d18 No.14074077

Has anyone here won the jumbo cactpot? Is it even worth bothering?

686ea2 No.14074092


I got third prize once.

I mean I guess its worth a shot, not much to lose.

686ea2 No.14074141

How is the community on Omega anyway? Been looking to hop server lately.

I know 8ch guilds are usually pretty decent surprisingly, but outside of that little bubble how are the folks?

Are they active?

Is the MB shit?

Any roleplay?

Is it degen ERP shit?

How are statics?

5b8cb4 No.14074217

File: c6a66ebd787c8bf⋯.jpg (317.94 KB, 1200x1188, 100:99, DA_a4skU0AAujx4.jpg)


3b0b59 No.14074236

File: 9d43c97b0b184c3⋯.png (20.58 KB, 116x194, 58:97, 1365825119400.png)

>unsub once the token grind became too much

>started playing more games than I ever did before

>tfw I might just wait to come back for 4.5's story

Is this what it feels like to be free again?

ded game. The playerbase killed it.

c66d73 No.14074816

File: c4e2fa4d356a856⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 670x748, 335:374, c4e2fa4d356a8564396fc53c78….jpg)


I let my sub lapse whenever the guild dies down between patches because Yoshida is a fucking retard who is so terrified of someone getting informed that they're bad at the game that we still don't have official addons despite it being promised for Heavensward launch.

Also because the GMs are retarded hotpockets and you'll get permabanned for saying anything that can be construed as mean or offensive yet you can speedhack and ability hack all day all night and go years without an infraction. This is why PvP, including the brand new mode, are completely dead. Don't forget the recent drama where the GMs that "can't use outside sources like video evidence of cheating because it can be doctored" recently threatened a JP player with a ban by messaging him on Twitter because he was posting pictures of his in-game character in lewd poses. Not even modded, just wearing in-game costumes.

I fucking hate the people who run this game.

1b5320 No.14075574

File: 1a4f88060100507⋯.png (758.22 KB, 770x742, 55:53, ffxiv_12312017_122606.png)

Remember to log in and get your doggo!

8b0908 No.14075804

File: f3b59f95dbe70f7⋯.jpg (803.5 KB, 1163x1200, 1163:1200, 56468122_p2_master1200.jpg)

where the C@s at?

f18d18 No.14079086

File: ef47e6a3f353cdb⋯.jpg (795.11 KB, 1817x1151, 1817:1151, ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-01 04-1….jpg)


Works pretty well with the Genta/Genji set.

17ff94 No.14079899


To build on this, the fact that the cash shop gets more quality shit in it than the actual game does makes me wonder how the playerbase continues to suck Yoshi's D. The japs are far worse Jews than actual Jews when it comes to a cash shop in a sub game. Whatever I guess

6b2b86 No.14080018


Is chocobo racing still shit? is it still just racing against NPCs?

If I could race against other real people that alone would help me rationalize a resub.

f393db No.14080042


its suppose to que with players over npcs but since there is so few players its almost always npcs

8f2201 No.14080067


6b2b86 No.14080160


Well the races are over so quick it just feels disjointed interaction wise. It's like party finder. I wish I could limit it to my own server. That way if I find a cool group of players they aren't lost forever to the ether of cross server integration.

I'd happily take a longer queue time while I'm doing my gathering/fate dailies if it meant I could actually meet the people I was doing a dungeon with sometime later.

1b5320 No.14081314

File: 2a4a8dddf46ff6e⋯.png (474.95 KB, 703x404, 703:404, ffxiv_01012018_135801.png)

I made a new friend today, /v/.


17f10c No.14081360

Bored as fuck in the game, I don't feel like pugging anymore, don't feel like crafting, fuck it.


Don't come to Omega, just don't.

5eeb92 No.14081423


What did you expect from a company that has sjws in it despite all thje "dark sutff" in the game? I'm glad I killed my sub before the 2nd expansion hit.

55479c No.14081447

File: 8eefb1500731f72⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1300x2800, 13:28, 1463181600535-0.png)



we want bunny girls

f9d98e No.14083478


That would also mean bunny boys. The cats are faggy enough as is, those would be even worse. Think of the consequences.

a4f240 No.14083626

To the one first-time tank who stood there and listened to my entire explanation of the Sohm Al boss mechanics, then proceeded to screw every single one up, including killing me with a Comet for good measure:

Thanks for the commendation, idiot. I'm amazed you figured out the combination of buttons required to pull that off.

f18d18 No.14083645


Welcome to why most folks don't bother explaining shit.

d7e61a No.14083671

File: a7f3ee2d856a6e4⋯.jpg (15.62 KB, 480x262, 240:131, fbd52197de2bac2d434449c911….jpg)

>The elemental converter is now operable!

>Someone immediately activates it

4b8fbf No.14083701

people still play this heap of garbage?

d94e08 No.14083730


Is that a trap?

ea4c4f No.14083811

File: 9f8ed9e00141435⋯.jpg (106.59 KB, 839x720, 839:720, fang6e.jpg)


>doing Navel trial for the first time

>everyone runs to the edge

>okay whatever probably an AoE thing

>AoE comes and goes, continue

>everyone runs to the edge again

>hold on this AoE looks different, maybe the edge is g-

>realize I'm probably standing a bit too far

>too late

>the others were all so high level they finish the trial from like 50% without a healer

>get a commendation


a742aa No.14083832


It's a very awkward AoE marker for what it's trying to convey, in all honesty. Standardized, the outside ring would probably be doing a normal AoE flash while the center of the battlefield would be radiating the pulsating "wave" marker of an attack that does less damage the further away you are from it.

a742aa No.14083840


>It's like party finder. I wish I could limit it to my own server.

I'm going to assume you meant "Duty Finder" because you CAN restrict party finder to just your server.

>That way if I find a cool group of players they aren't lost forever to the ether of cross server integration.

Your contacts list allows you to send friend requests to people you have played with recently cross server. You are also able to send cross server friends tells.

e556eb No.14083873


Is it a good time to start playing? A lot of MMOs become pretty uninviting to beginners after a while (wakfu for example).

f18d18 No.14083883


A lot of stuff got simplified with the release of the last expansion, and the community is pretty good - if you have a question and ask it, or ask for a rundown of mechanics you'll pretty much never be mocked for it.

Biggest downside is the first 30 levels along with a section of the level 50 quests are pretty bad - they're quite fetch-y.

6da89e No.14084447


Not really? Balance is meh as usual, but the annoyance of rampant hacking that the GMs refuse to do anything about is worse than it's ever been.

They know leveling is so bad they offer a jump potion so let that sink in.

4bcce6 No.14084861


They offer levelling potions because lazy faggots and whales will buy them

f9d98e No.14085498

File: 0989e121537b0c1⋯.png (253.86 KB, 649x538, 649:538, Bigfatcattats.png)

6b2b86 No.14085611


It's been a while since I picked it up. The last time I did they introduced a number of new UI shit that just turned me off. Glad I hadn't resubbed was merely playing a "free week" from a friend.

>Your contacts list allows you to send friend requests to people you have played with recently cross server.

Yea but unless you transfer to their sever you can't really hang out with them.

>I'm going to assume you meant "Duty Finder" because you CAN restrict party finder to just your server.

Does anyone actually use party finder?

d7e61a No.14085734

File: 1cf569d99eb4a23⋯.png (18.47 KB, 584x33, 584:33, Your very own mentally ill….png)

File: 52dfb8452062358⋯.png (14.03 KB, 416x40, 52:5, r9k.png)

File: 07fc82df20524c7⋯.png (19.18 KB, 604x34, 302:17, LGTBBQ static.png)

File: dc4a43bbd51b5e7⋯.png (9.9 KB, 304x34, 152:17, Healslut.png)


>Does anyone actually use party finder?


f9d98e No.14086112

File: 40a4b1da0fce992⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 781x49, 781:49, degeneracy.jpg)

File: 636145be9f0a27f⋯.jpg (285.36 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1503248773499.jpg)

d7e3c9 No.14086120

File: 633cda21536caf9⋯.png (268.06 KB, 640x864, 20:27, Manderviled.png)


SB dumbed down alot of classes with the knock on effect that most jobs now don't feel complete till you hit 65ish or 70 but XIV is really friendly towards beginners and the community won't mind newfags and will explain mechanics if you ask provided you aren't 100% retarded.

You can also swap jobs on the fly and gain an exp bonus for all classes under your highest leveled class so if you don't like your current job you can swap to another instead.

If you are on the fence you could just buy ARR to see if it clicks with you as you have to finish the story to even access the later expansions unless you want to be scab lizards that badly anyway.

Just remember if you see someone with a crown next to there name, take everything they say with a huge grain of salt as they tend to be shitters of the highest tier.


>Join DF

>Autism Vale

>Ninja keeps using Katon on single targets and standing in the gold dot

>Point this out and give some tips

>"I know how to play my job"

>Get to boss

>Doesn't eat fruit and dies

>Tank is retarded and does the same

>Wipe and they both instantly leave

I never speak unless its in party finder. You try to help people who are clearly shit and they take it as an insult.

47c164 No.14086145

File: 370062ac27228af⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 574.13 KB, 1011x808, 1011:808, Cattats.png)

812ac2 No.14086169


nice c@


>bunny boys

top cute tbh


/cuteboys/ guild when? :^)

f9d98e No.14087138

File: cb91e018eccdab0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1920x1083, 640:361, ffxiv_01012018_211102.png)

d90365 No.14087411


waaaaaait a minute. how do i make this happen? can i make this happen?

7ebfd0 No.14087444

File: 248057bba6af194⋯.jpg (19.35 KB, 415x479, 415:479, 248057bba6af1945e10b7fee65….jpg)


>Just remember if you see someone with a crown next to there name, take everything they say with a huge grain of salt as they tend to be shitters of the highest tier.

That's very dependent on which server they came from. Some servers have nothing but shitter mentors/Novice Network, others actually put the effort in.

7ebfd0 No.14087453

File: 41bb580c4e899c8⋯.jpg (248.94 KB, 654x1000, 327:500, 59937d7d5e77018c30604c3443….jpg)


Goy up and pay for a shitty mod.

f9d98e No.14087463

f9d98e No.14087551

File: da9b0c58ec3e691⋯.png (65.96 KB, 446x401, 446:401, da9b0c58ec3e6914e8e10255c3….png)

d90365 No.14087569


Look me only like 20 mins to find and install the free version. Looking at my character nude in game right now. However, it is only a replacement for the "emporer's new armor" or unarmored look. So I have to glamour that to be nude all the time. Super lame like this.

d90365 No.14087578


I mean, I obviously know this is just a tease to get you to buy it so you can apply it to other armor sets or whatever. But still pretty cool that unarmored is nude now.

d90365 No.14087600

File: 00d220932faf095⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_01022018_210951.png)



Proof if anyone cares. I'll post if I find some way to get around the pay wall.

fc0d0f No.14087613


That's not half bad,now if somebody made some lewd animations that'd be dope.

d90365 No.14087650


This thread actually looks pretty promising. I got the tools for editing outfits and whatnot. It doesn't look too complex to mess around with. I'll post tomorrow if I figure out anything.

f9d98e No.14087663

File: 1317f9efa8c64a8⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1317f9efa8c64a808a2b067fbb….gif)


TexTools does look pretty robust, but I have no modeling experience whatsoever. If you find a way to slap the nude mod onto equips please do tell.

43c24d No.14089485

>item to turn housing into item shop at 5 million gil for years

>check today and they are as low as 5000 gil

wha happen?

d7e61a No.14089682

File: 3ebdbfe57cebc0e⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, c02c7a8e2e4cac1ae00df29c95….jpg)

>Buy stuff at beast tribe vendors

>List on the market at ten times what I paid for

>The goyim buy everything

823c4d No.14089815

File: 591f7e98a4fbbbb⋯.jpg (161.91 KB, 898x709, 898:709, 591f7e98a4fbbbbbdb176cc28f….jpg)

Why is Balmung always full and is it shit?

f9d98e No.14089856

File: f8720d9df3a9d3c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_12312017_082132.png)


It's the designated roleplaying homo server. If you like being a roleplaying homo, then Balmung is the server for you.. If you don't like being a roleplaying homo, then join a populated server like Leviathan or Gilgamesh instead. If you don't plan on raiding, join a low population preferred server and get comfy. If you like ERP, just fap to your own character and play on a real server instead.

823c4d No.14089923

File: 9c1f3907f77e992⋯.jpg (234.71 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 9c1f3907f77e992ebaac99ab51….jpg)


So it's complete garbage got it, not paying 18 buckeros to change to that mess. Makes me wonder how it's always full though, do these homos just not log out?

I have some friends who played it and got in on it back when it wasn't so full they eventually dropped the game and we were planing on getting back in, I assume they have no idea what hell they left their characters in.

I've been enjoying the game but boy the main quests from 20-30 are pure suffering.

8f8003 No.14089995

File: 177232ac0cac537⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 550x512, 275:256, If only you knew.jpg)


> boy the main quests from 20-30 are pure suffering

Just wait till the ARR postgame

6da89e No.14090041


just wait until HW postgame or the start of SB

2a4c02 No.14090056


>I've been enjoying the game but boy the main quests from 20-30 are pure suffering.

You ain't seen nothing yet, nigga.

823c4d No.14090064

File: a51b023b677000c⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 499x525, 499:525, Really fires up those neur….jpg)




I have no idea why I keep getting into these kinds of games when I have a backlog.

6da89e No.14090076



d7e3c9 No.14095010

File: 9f6af427f7db47b⋯.png (6.56 KB, 759x551, 759:551, 1439934392544.png)


>Titan story arc

>ARR post game patches makes you do old dungeons because people were retarded enough to miss them

They really need to go back and cull the main story quests and just turn them into sidequest chains. You could purge half of the main questline and I don't think anyone would notice.

c9da65 No.14098436

So I just returned to the game after like a fucking year or something, cant remember. I got stormblood out of impulse because sales and I see that NWO is ded. All I know is that I need to do my main quest since im only at 58. From what it sounds like it's gonna be a wild ride.

I just wanted a house

ec7b72 No.14098502

File: 2fac36d33f2faa8⋯.jpg (246.28 KB, 720x480, 3:2, trudaeu whm.jpg)


You'd best start saving money then, they'll likely release more at the end of the month.

c9da65 No.14098575


I guess I should start flipping shit in the market again. Also, I dont remember BLM being this hard to play, I mean fuck I can barely survive two mobs attacking me, im so damn squishy.

eaa7dd No.14098583


It's always full because idiots keep like 10 RP alts there.

d57f52 No.14098824


Its literally locked right now so he couldn't pay to transfer anyway.

764999 No.14099260


I don't think this is true anymore. Balmung has been closed off for a while and I've found that a lot of people are flocking to mateus now. I would put mateus as the #1 server for rp followed by balmung. There's no growth on balmung so it's just a bunch of fags with no fresh blood coming in. That's not how you make an active and thriving server much less an rp server.

Not that I care either way. RP fags are the lowest scum on Earth.

710ab6 No.14099285


Mateus has more degenerate erpers than balmung. Just wrap your mind around that one.

c844cf No.14099451

File: 8120bcfc869aa7f⋯.png (6.98 KB, 64x39, 64:39, ClipboardImage.png)

>Getting this fucked by crafting RNG

How the fuck can I get 8 successes in a row but not a single condition change?

764999 No.14102901


Yea this is my point. That mateus has become what balmung was. Balmung had the benefit of people being able to transfer to it so it could still lure in disgusting trannies, furries, etc. Since the closure they have all since piles onto mateus and destroyed a once nice server. I remember when housing on there never filled up and pretty much everyone knew each other. Can't say the same about it now. I've had a lot of people leave my current server in favor of mateus and I just don't see the appeal.

baa857 No.14103908

Any good ENB/sweetfx/reshade worthwhike to use? I started using that Stormshade one and it looks pretty fucking terrible.

d0a943 No.14104295


Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to roleplay a 50 year old man who is forced out of retirement to pay his bills on Balmung.

It's suffering

d7e465 No.14104312

>that feeling when your subs runs out

now I can finally move on with my life

d0a943 No.14104325


Would you like me to buy you another month?


c844cf No.14104731

File: 1af1ffa74414ee4⋯.jpg (221.67 KB, 1160x1656, 145:207, 1af1ffa74414ee45b662da690c….jpg)


>sub runs out

>during a dungeon run

Thank god as the healer was fucking awful.

d7e465 No.14109655



3cab1f No.14110823

>get to leveling alchemist 60-70 as my last crafter

>leves are shit for it

>crafting is shit for it

>maybe ill finally farm yellow scripts for crafting

>HQ endgame gear

>always 2 behind the collectible rank on things like molybdenum.

i wish i could get into the crafter/gatherer game but it just feels like so much time for so little output.

84accf No.14117635

Anyone here play on Ultros?

3cab1f No.14124359

>get all gatherers to 70

>buy gear

>down to 28,000 gil to my name

>Still failing to get collectible kopranickel ore to start on yellow scrips.

so what stats am i missing? im at 971 gathering and 895 perception with more than enough gp to do the collectible rotation. Do you need like a solid 1000 gathering?

28ba25 No.14125946


>down to 28k

How much did you have before? With only a little bit of jewry I'm almost to 10 million. If I went "OY VEY" and spent more time studying the markets I could probably rake in even more gil.

3cab1f No.14126457


just buying some rare mats for crafting. its a shame so many monster drops suck. Currently farming 300 amphiptre skins for ALC recipes i'm making for neoshekels and FUCK is it boring. The drop rate is like 2 per minute tops.

93da8a No.14126472

File: 3db2abc8f26aa47⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1206x674, 603:337, ffxiv_01092018_135805.png)

Odin down and I helped :3

d0a943 No.14126489


Yep. Dead serious

28ba25 No.14128514

Can we discuss how shitty the MSQ dungeon has become and how Squeenix still has no plans to fix it?

d78903 No.14129349

>tfw considering resubbing just to continue working on shinryu totems but the fight is in shitter territory

6aaa18 No.14129621

Why is the main quest line so shit? It has every crappy anime cliche with none of the good ones.

f4897e No.14129747


Might be worth looking in something like primal raid network to see if you can find a farm group, the dedicated LFG places are usually a bit better than PF.

f0f8d6 No.14129899


Supposedly the rumor is that in 4.2 every boss gate will keep you out until everyone is done viewing cutscenes

7d65b0 No.14129965


send the code to my email johningrim@gmail.com. I'm using US ffxiv account by the way.

7d65b0 No.14129989


>Aurion Pax

I heard of that name before on this general but I don't know what was it about

d78903 No.14130205


>last post was last sunday

i don't think that will do me much good, but in their defense the game is pretty dead at the moment.

28ba25 No.14130249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>that only helps the minority of players that still haven't cleared it at least once

What about the majority that wants a fun and compelling raid? Mechanically it's still too piss easy for me to give half a shit about even trying. It's basically a daily token farm for me. I'm not saying to turn it into a coil tier difficulty but at least make it so I can't clear it while I'm half awake and pressing random buttons.

One of my biggest problems (for both parts but particularly part two) is that the gameplay doesn't match the narrative. You're supposed to be facing off against the "ultimate weapon" and it' essentially a joke. It doesn't feel climatic at all. It's a curb stomp every time I've ran the thing.

The running gag I have whenever I start MSQ dungeon is saying "Welcome to MSQ, where the dps is high and the story doesn't matter."

4d416b No.14130329


>making content that's there as a time gate difficult

>especially when everyone so massively out-gears it

>put gates that no one can progress until cut scene watchers are finished.

And watch that queue plummet into 9+ hours because no one wants to watch the two hours of cut scenes across both dungeons.

I don't disagree, I would like a EX version or some shit that basically just boosts it up, but having the version that's required be harder when it's massively irrelevant content is an awful idea.

If SE were to completely gut the story, because lets be honest it doesn't matter at fucking all at this point especially late ARR/ all of HW, I could see it. But as it exists now, all it would do is punish players who want to actually progress in the story.

28ba25 No.14130447

File: e5cbe9fe83922f5⋯.png (154.96 KB, 400x297, 400:297, let me tell you.png)


>making content that's there as a time gate difficult

Maybe it shouldn't be a shitty time gate to begin with. Rebalance the token reward based on player job level or something. They can reuse assets and rebuild and rebalance shit so it's not shitty anymore. I'm not keen on math but I'm sure you could use a simple scaling formula to rebalance the rewards without completely dismantling everything.

>people outgear it

>except everything is supposed to sync'd

>except it's still balanced so poorly the syncing doesn't matter

hmmm… really activates the almonds.

>put gates that no one can progress until cutscene watchers are finished.

I didn't vouch for this. It's slightly "better" for new folks but shitty for repeat runs. Also, it doesn't really address the problems I have with it's current mechanical failings.

My issue is that it's designed the way its right now to encourage people to run it so new folks can enjoy the story. But the reality is no one using the duty finder is going to get any enjoyment out of the MSQ dungeon story because it basically devolves into a speed run with one or two "first timers" and everyone else rushing to the end.

People there for the story get fucked because the gameplay doesn't mesh with the narrative. People playing it for tokens get an unsatisfying grind with rofflestomp bosses. The way it is now no one is getting any good out of it other than tokens and as we've already established, time gates are a shitty mechanism for slowing progression and the less there are the better.

To compound the maddness the whole thing sticks out like a sore thumb because there's nothing else like the MSQ dungeon in HW or SB so it it's a like a cancerous tumor of gameplay that everyone is afraid to excise. The longer they let it fester the worse it's going to get.

It's not like Yoshi has anything better to do. No one likes stormblood anyway. rite?

4d416b No.14130475


you should've finished reading what I typed before you replied because you just angrily agreed with what I said

21560d No.14130487

File: 408c48e21b5a3a1⋯.png (59.97 KB, 325x221, 25:17, 408c48e21b5a3a1d45c23f49ec….png)


Because the script writers have to work around treating a vacant-eyed strawpuppet as a valid entity within the world. While the playerbase parades around thinking the protagonist and the villains they fight is some kind of deep meta commentary on MMOs as a whole.

28ba25 No.14130503


You didn't autisticlly go into enough detail. I need others in the thread to understand the problems you merely glossed over. Thanks for being my foil.

Also, your sentiment seems to be "it's hopeless" whereas I think things can be fixed if the devs would actually do dev shit. No story needs to be gutted. Honestly, I don't have a problem with the story (apart from it being shit overall) unless you're referring to the timegate nature of the MSQ outside the MSQ dungeon itself.

My main issue is the mechanics, both gameply and reward wise that cockblock all of the fun for both newcummers and oldfags to the MSQ dungeon.

4d416b No.14130522


The issue is with the MSQ itself. It's so bloated and the time milking nature of it hampers the game.

And this is SE we're talking about here. the MSQ could be saved if a competent company were to do it, trimming some fat, picking up pacing etc. I could see castrum easily being saved. But as it is the only way for it to exist in a way that'd give everyone what they want is an EX version or something kind of like what they did to coil.

If they want to keep it the way it is, condense the cutscenes down to the end of a dungeon after you leave the portal. It kills flow a little, but at least you get to see the cutscenes without your group abandoning you

28ba25 No.14130614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>EX version or something like what they did to coil

The problem with this is the new people will have a longer wait. I think the answer lies with reward scaling based off job level/some other criteria. That way regardless of what level you are and where you are in the game you get a reasonable reward for the time/effort you put it based on those criteria. This allows the devs to scale the content to make it more difficult without it becoming less rewarding.

>condense the cutscenes down to the end of a dungeon after you leave the portal.

A sensible solution to the cutscene problem. In fact they could have narration going over the high points of the dungeon ala the Fallout series hitting all the keynotes of the story in it.

>The issue is with the MSQ itself. It's so bloated and the time milking nature of it hampers the game.

I would agree. Without wanting to call out to WoW what they should do is mix up more "fun" story quests in with the more uninteresting "Go to x location to talk to y person for a cutscene". A few ideas off the top of my head.

>chase down Garlean henchman on a Chocobo while avoiding shit he throws at you to slow you down. Extra points if it has some FF7 motorbike chase music with other Garlean goons harassing you as you chase him.

>Something involving fighting on an airship. Maybe something where you hop between airships ala FF10

>More things to do with the magiteck armor blowing shit up. You basically use it once in the MSQ dungeon and then never touch it again. They already have the attacks built into the game so it wouldn't be hard to move those out into the open world for some kind of power trip quest or two or three.

Those are a few ideas. More stuff like that. I'm not saying every quest needs to be a full-on Dragon Ball teir cuuurazy adventure but something to break up the monotony of "go to x for y" over and over and over and over and over again.

I mean, it's not like they have a whole library of games with this sort of shit in them base this sort of…oh wait.

4d416b No.14130622


How the scaling works is really weird. Basically it's designed to only work when it reduces your level and not otherwise, so areas that used to be caps and cover large I-level ranges get incredibly screwy.

Also on that note of syncing dungeons, them removing half or more of your skills when you get moved down is awful. I really think the idea of being able to sync down to do lower dungeons is fantastic, the execution especially with how it restricts your skills is annoying.

502be7 No.14130672


They are a gigantic unlikable faggot

28ba25 No.14130677


That's a whole other kettle of fish that is indeed a problem as well. I can't think of too many things that would ruin mechanically. The only recurring problem would be the confusion for new people not knowing what skills some of their party are using. That's not necessarily the worst kind of problem to have if it encourages them to ask questions about mechanics

>"What is that cool move?"

>"Don't worry you'll get it later, it does 'x' which is good for 'y'. "

>"neat :^). "

I'm sure if you nitpick you'll find some dungeon where having a certain skill makes it easier to beat but overall I see that being a more non-issue. The number of instances where that would even occur would be minuscule at best.

If it's an issue of syncing damage output I'm sure you could have a flat damage cap that keeps people from going over x amount of damage in lower level content if they're that worried about people cheesing things. My point is that there are ways to solve these problems mathematically that keep the game both challenging and fun.

4d416b No.14130738


Yeah, I agree with that. The problem that occurs is keeping the horrid gate that is the MSQ moving.

If for example we didn't have the MSQ completely cockblocking people from playing the expansions and basically any content, I can easily see it working the way you describe. The only concern would be striking the balance between easy and difficult as the dungeons progress. But with the MSQ existing the issue becomes that you need new players to get pumped through so you need to make the dungeons as brain dead as possible with rewards to encourage high levels to sync down to provide a constant source of party members for the required dungeons.

29d41d No.14130846

File: 62dd4e37849c140⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_12292017_215236.png)


Well shit, it even removes the terrible sandals so you can actually have bare feet. I'll grab it just for that alone. Really needs someone skilled to come in and redo some of the models and textures, though.

d7e465 No.14136603


are SE gonna banned you for using mods?

f0f8d6 No.14136736

File: f032a3f1add753d⋯.jpg (60.72 KB, 594x425, 594:425, 1422887950043.jpg)

Square simply needs to do two things at this point to fix the shitty MSQ dungeons and leveling in general.

for MSQ dungeon, the only real solution is to scrap it entirely; split up the cutscene-heavy shit into solo duty instances, with the big climax battles being the actual 8-mans with the cutscenes before and after. ez.

Then, you can take the original (now obsolete) dungeons and work them into "Castrum Meridanum (Ultimate)" and "The Praetorium (Ultimate)", Yoshi did say he was looking into harder dungeon content, after all.

For leveling skills, you have three options, of which I realistically only think one would ever be on the table for the shitters at SE but here goes

>Option 1

Completely rework level scaling to be on an individual level instead of flat, i.e. as a level 70 BLM you are paired with a level 27 THM and you both fight on the same level. The two popular methods of this would either be the typical "nerf the higher level person across the board so that at average performance they're about the same as someone the appropriate level" or alternatively the WoW method of

>level 70 character sees and fights level 70 enemies, and any support skills or heals effect teammates as if they were level 70 (i.e. Cure 1 on the 26 THM heals for ~300 but on the 70 BLM it heals for 5k). The former is more of a balance nightmare but the latter takes significantly more effort from the devs.

>Option 2

Completely rework every job in the game except for maybe PLD to change the order in which they learn new skills and cut down on worthless filler skills i.e. Blizzard 2 so that they're actually enjoyable to play at all levels. This is the easiest option and the only one I realistically see them considering.

>Option 3

Both at the same time. This is the ideal.

Who am I kidding, none of these options are realistically going to happen because that would require japanese devs to acknowledge that they made a mistake.

d7e465 No.14136793


>Who am I kidding, none of these options are realistically going to happen because that would require japanese devs to acknowledge that they made a mistake.

They did acknowledge many mistakes like 1.0 and cross class system which they completely ditch in 4.0 but some are irreversible like SMN/SCH

f4897e No.14136868


I'd take option 1 but make it a queue option like frontline freelancer - that way I can pack between braindead/lazy or putting in effort/fun.

ec7b72 No.14139102


It's in the same limbo as ACT (Parser) is, as in, don't fucking mention that you use it to random people like a retard and you'll be fine.

28ba25 No.14139563


> scrap it entirely

Sounds nice but I don't think they'd do it.

regarding dungeon scaling in general-

option 1 is probably the way they'd go.

option 2 seems more like an addendum rather than an additional option. Instead of scrapping blizzard 2 I'd just make it useful so you don't need to scrap it. Make it behave like fire 2 in terms of targeting enemies instead of it being a localized AOE. Maybe turn it into a quasia support skill that gives someone or a group of people (in an AOE sort of way) 20 or 30 seconds of "ice armor". Make fire 2 a support skill as well to make them match up so to speak and have it be a 20 or 30-second attack boost with "fire charged weapons". It'd be a nice callback to FF9.

You could make it the effect target dependant. If it hits friendlies it's a buff. If it hits bad guys it's a damage. If you want to nerf its usefulness you can make the buffs and such traits you earn along the way.

My point is instead of scrapping things I would try to rework them first. And if there's no possible way to rework it without breaking things then you scrap them.

28ba25 No.14140214

File: 072bfc402ad4a90⋯.png (516.19 KB, 408x900, 34:75, I don't think they like me.png)

I don't think they care for my shitposty demeanor :^(

4d416b No.14140215


and if you scrapped the useless abilities you wouldn't have any real attacks until level 70 because of how badly they skillcrunched

2bc851 No.14143254


>using /tell to recruit peoples!

do they know how annoying that is

764999 No.14143769


>SE banning for mods

Been botting nearly 24/7 for over 3 years and still waiting for the ban hammer

28ba25 No.14143773

File: 0f8c37b0f020011⋯.gif (43.32 KB, 560x582, 280:291, 8e3.gif)


I'm not actively looking for a FC so I like the play a game I call "autistic charades" whey I ask increasingly weird questions and see how many of them I can get the person talking to me to answer before said person either stops responding or calls me on the crazy. I try to play it straight like every question really counts towards my decision of joining.

Sometimes, you gotta make your own fun.

>"Does your FC house have a designated mi'qote love room where I can pet them and use them as living body pillows?"

>"No? Well, your FC beginning to look like a hard sell for me here."

d7e465 No.14144459


never look at it that way, thanks anon, you just gave me ideas to troll the fuck out of these annoying fags

3cab1f No.14144910

Sometimes its kind of crazy to think people that just level one combat class to cap and stick with it are missing. Not even stuff like golden saucer but imagine trying to make money without reduction.

a32d69 No.14145310

File: 12356b511db8e53⋯.png (159.73 KB, 322x330, 161:165, yoshidahead.png)

Are you looking forward to 4.2?

3cab1f No.14145356


Gimme my relic yooouuuu FUCK!

4d416b No.14147079


what great nerfs can we expect? Oh brave yoshi.

Will a class that's already awful get shit on? Will you implement a dungeon that actually needs an OT as opposed to "DPS that very rarely tanks?"

ea9c97 No.14147106

File: 73541e971d2f93c⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ffxiv_01122018_173727.png)


>tfw haven't completed a khloe book in months

thread is kinda ded. post glams.

ec7b72 No.14147221

File: d20b0d0eefa1bea⋯.png (3.16 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, ffxiv_01122018_205547.png)

ea9c97 No.14147257


toppest tier minion choice.

968fe4 No.14147735

File: 7d7d08281045565⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, 7d7d082810455659443a3969f4….jpg)


I'll never fucking forgive SE for ruining Mateus. It was the nearest FF11 experience I had. Low pop, everyone knew each other, assholes publically humiliated and shamed.

Now it's nothing but endless furfags and borderline pedos yiffing in shout chat.

And I'm stuck because me and the SO are some of the fags the newbies like to whine about. Hundreds of millions of him and several houses between many characters.

I just wish it could go back to being dead.

abd864 No.14148347

File: fddd40deeca2c46⋯.png (8.22 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



are you even trying?

ea9c97 No.14149685


>he doesn't like the combination of classic FFT styling with rugged battle-worn accents

everyone's a critic i guess.

yours is spot on though. i've seen way more pld glams that work out compared to drk/war stuff in SB. nothing has really struck me for drk/war as it has for pld

c0d0dc No.14149755


>I'm not in this photo and I think I should be

What the fuck kind of problem is this? Under what circumstances would someone find themselves saying that? Due to what kind of photo? Like a group photo? How is that Facebook's business at all? Maybe I'm the one that belongs in that photo.

ea9c97 No.14149955



>maybe I'm the one that belongs in that photo

no anon. the leftists and kikes and commies in charge of faceberg are the ones who belong in that photo. you're needed to fight the good fight and make eorzea great again.

9f7cbf No.14158654

did they said anything about housing yet?

e2791c No.14159849

Why is everyone so dissociated? Why is there no community? Are they content to let the game die?

What happened?

28ba25 No.14160288

File: b5407724db6d54c⋯.jpg (638.7 KB, 1352x932, 338:233, milf headpats.jpg)


I blame dungeon finder. Look at the underlying mechanics and the answer becomes clear.

First, ask yourself a very important question. "In the game is there any reason for me to talk to or cooperate with other people?"

Apart from just shooting the shit with randos I don't have any real gameplay reasons to talk to people. If I want to find out where to go or what to do for a quest I can just google it. As long as google is faster than a person I'll defer my search to it rather than trying to hunt down people or NPCs in game to give me the answer.

Fates and leves operate in much the same way. Mechanically you're just killing things so I don't actually need to critically think or work with anyone. Often I run this content solo (I'd say 99% of the time). Apart from finishing it faster, there's no real benefit to playing with others to clear this content. Remember, this is content for an MMO- As in, everyone working together to take on challenges they couldn't overcome on their own.

We've established you don't need to talk to people to help you understand mechanics or quests, you don't need people for fates and leves, you don't need to talk to people for dungeons (courtesy of dungeon finder) so what the hell do you need people for in the game? The answer is you don't really need to interact with anyone to go through any of the content. Hell if you knew the mechanics you could probably do the coils without talking to anyone either.

The reason the community is shit is that there's no reason to form meaningful relationships outside of nostalgia for other MMOs where everyone came together in those.FFXIV's original manifestation was a dumpster fire that sucked so bad they basically had to rebuild the shit from scratch. As we all know, certain mechanics were also scrapped. I think a lot of that difficulty and player cooperation was lost in that rebuilding. You can almost see where it might work if they rebalanced things and encouraged players to work together for bigger rewards.

The real problem with

>muh single player MMO

becomes apparent when you realize there's no mechanical need for you to interact with anyone for any reason. The only time you probably do interact with a another player is when someone screws up in a dungeon and you have to chastise them and tell them what not to do to not wipe the party. Talk about negative reinforcement.

Of course everyone here plays for the story rite?

8912f0 No.14160403


e2791c No.14160448

File: 4327d452c40c345⋯.png (409.28 KB, 833x899, 833:899, 4327d452c40c345f55d837a27f….png)


>You can almost see where it might work if they rebalanced things and encouraged players to work together for bigger rewards.

I'm so pissed off. Why do my games have to get so shit when it's such an easy fix with the right focus? Do they not have a single clear idea of what they're making?

d57f52 No.14160463


Its not about making a good game, its about making good customers.

e2791c No.14160516


But making a good game makes good customers.

I don't get it. By having a dedicated community, you are ensuring yourself eternal support and growth.

The single player fags will tire eventually and move on while the community endures.

4cfe31 No.14160529


Yeah lots of good points, aside from EX fights and such, not a whole lot of reasons.

28ba25 No.14160617


I don't wanna go full meta gamedev shit but if you want your players to do something in your game you have to give them a reason to do it. Right now the objective is for people to stay logged in and grinding through content; that's crafting, gathering, fates, leves, dungeons, story quests, etc.

They encourage this behavior with your typical skinner box techniques. Your gil, exp, flashy clothes, new mounts, emotes and so on.

Free companies are supposed to be part of the community aspect and to their credit, they do offer stat boosts and the airship quests. Outside of free companies though there's pretty much nothing to draw players together.

I would utlize the challenge log. In a party of 2 or more people do the following things with only players from your server.

>complete x amount of fates

>complete x amount of leves

>complete x amount of dungeons

>complete x amount of chocobo races together

>complete x amount of treasure hunts

And have the rewards maybe be special friendship emotes or something you wouldn't normally get from regular challenge log. Basically, your objective is to encourage social interaction through gameplay. Not everyone is going to be a gabby patty but even if only one out of every five parties talk to one another and interact you'll start to see non FC based groups forming.

Hell I would make it so you only get the rewards if you and another player do a fistbump or some other emote in unison after you're done with certain challenge logs to trigger the awards. That's some deep mental manipulation though and some people may start to catch on to what you're trying to do at that point.

There's already some groups like this and they run around and do things but they're happy accidents rather than some occurance through explicit mechanical design. The formed in spite of the gameplay rather than because of it.


This guy gets it. hand rubbing intensifies.


From a dev point of view I would want to do the least amount of work to get the most of out my assests. There's lots off shit to do in FFXIV so the content is already there. The trick is to encourage people to enjoy it together. I don't think adding a few lines of code to generate some challenge logs would be too hard.

b31a8b No.14162748


I mean, you're ALWAYS gonna end up with more than you put in, so why not?

c604c3 No.14164198

>Finally get the stats to get red and yellow scrips from MIN

>Get first of two folklore books

>Took 400+ collectibles

>All that waiting for GP to refill even with cordials

>Another book to go for MIN alone

So at this point is it even worth mining stuff like Molybdenum for yellow? or should i just do the weekly zhloe and catgirl turn ins?

f4897e No.14164352


I grinded collectibles to level and had all my books before I hit 70 - you may wish to go that route and level BTN or FSH. If you have the stats for HQ gathers on any of the timed nodes, you can make good money.

28ba25 No.14164624


Am I doing it wrong by doing the provisioning quests out of east shroud?

dae85d No.14170753

File: c69085f7ef23e18⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_16012018_214549.png)

e2791c No.14171277


>Kitty the Edge

ea9c97 No.14171891


>c@ SAM

>red and black

>but it's on a pale ginger so you avoid the "ow the edge" factor a bit

>kinda reminds me of dante in a way


abd864 No.14171928

File: 707d523fd783e6f⋯.png (2 MB, 1580x889, 1580:889, ClipboardImage.png)


you missed the orinigal one

c46b2a No.14171970

File: 8769522c9cb5a45⋯.jpg (331.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Yare Yare Dazze.jpg)

28ba25 No.14171977

File: 57ba3f6da28251f⋯.png (995.96 KB, 1142x526, 571:263, miqote petting rooms.png)

Are there no FC's with miqote petting rooms or what? I figured LGBBQT&chips would have something along those lines. So much for the tolerant left

abd864 No.14172171

File: 5dc1a76426ee723⋯.png (3.11 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


depends which server you're on

ec7b72 No.14172457

File: 541c27381720501⋯.jpg (428.76 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1506628076727.jpg)

Who else is ready to buy out an entire housing ward?

8912f0 No.14172523


How much dosh that is it cost to buy some land? I want to farm

ea9c97 No.14172750


3 million on the cheap end, at least before depreciation kicks in. i think the bottom cost for a small plat is like 1.5mil but good luck finding that kind of a deal.

38de2c No.14175668

File: 396ed06a70504a6⋯.png (4.76 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-17 12-4….png)

Made it to 7th floor of lost canals and met a new boss.

6eb4d1 No.14175716


Here I can clearly see you were talking to the owner of some LGBT thing but who were you talking to in >>14140214 ?

28ba25 No.14176601

File: 5f5d0b9694bb2d9⋯.png (291.12 KB, 374x654, 187:327, sayhitomyblacklist.png)


I don't remember. Read the interview. You can probably sleuth it by backtracing their character name.

also sayhitomyblacklist.png

d78903 No.14177985

>people who hide their parses

Outside of people having their shit parses be judged, why do people do this?

502be7 No.14178820


What the fuck is up with all the OW MY EDGE fuckers in XIV?

38de2c No.14182253


There is always going to be a community of them in most MMOs.

28ba25 No.14183412

File: 824e70caaa33685⋯.png (396.63 KB, 736x468, 184:117, overused joke.png)

File: 2a1fc656a74a490⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 4:3, disgusting.jpg)

How many 2 girls one cup references do they need to fucking make.

10e745 No.14183482

File: 0d8243c6bd98011⋯.jpg (38.97 KB, 464x591, 464:591, Squirrel Chair.jpg)


Anon, it's a reference to the expression "Killing two birds with one stone"…

1b7125 No.14183513

File: 6a5f44198c9305f⋯.jpg (69.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 6a5f44198c9305f93a9684e679….jpg)


And I thought I had my head in the gutter.

28ba25 No.14183521

File: e23f2a5166da0d9⋯.png (538.36 KB, 712x1379, 712:1379, quake me up.png)



I want to believe that but the writing is just so bad and memey.

39c748 No.14183527

File: cbf6389020b9cbc⋯.gif (2 MB, 500x375, 4:3, cbf6389020b9cbcb192e0f86b9….gif)


Are you ok Anon?

28ba25 No.14183539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No I am not.

8b31bd No.14184109

File: a9278584647bf37⋯.jpg (100.66 KB, 1912x1084, 478:271, ffxiv-1685.jpg)

Hey guys Its my first time in this dungeon. What am I in for? My guild mates say they don't want to help me out with it. Is it that bad?

28ba25 No.14184251

File: 4656e56dba2ea95⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1010x900, 101:90, you say yes.png)


Don't forget to remove the poison after 2 stacks by eating the strange fruit.

Also, if someone asks if you have designated mi'qote petting room you say YES!

ec7b72 No.14184306


Get a better free company. It's only a bad dungeon if the players are bad.

f0f8d6 No.14184855

File: 6b465cd4843da3d⋯.jpg (60.01 KB, 457x555, 457:555, DRV2rBOUQAA0284.jpg)


It's the first dungeon in the game that actually kills you for being a retard who doesn't pay attention. Ergo, bad players hate it with a passion.

ea9c97 No.14184948



it is the noob killer. every report i have made in this game has come from this dungeon, and all of them have been a result of people who were unable to learn, take criticism from others, and/or adapt, and in the process they would drag the entire instance down for everyone else.

it's glorious. i love AV. it's level capped at 49 so you don't get any of the level 50 goodies that allow you to skate by when you make a mistake (HG, bene are most prominent) and the resulting stat cap is so harsh that there is actual danger of dying if a pull goes bad or a boss fight goes sideways. the addition of patrols in certain rooms coupled with the occasional environmental hazard just adds to the salt.

if you can handle AV at ilvl sync without anyone dying in your party, then you're well-equipped to learn and handle anything else the game throws at you.

4d416b No.14184988


>reporting people for being bad

Lucky SE hasn't banned you yet, then again the only real way to get banned is call someone bad, say you use ACT or scream racial slurs. Hacking, botting and the like will never get you banned, but god help you if you say "how the fuck are you so bad at the game"

28ba25 No.14185003

File: 44f1f494770b91f⋯.jpg (7.11 KB, 197x233, 197:233, 1445771031886.jpg)


I've always ran it in pubs and I don't think I've ever had to bail on it. What kinda mouth breathing retards are wiping on this shit?


>racial slurs

It's okay to be racist against lalafell right?



ea9c97 No.14185101

File: 674767a1a9f6664⋯.png (723.65 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ffxiv_08162017_155407.png)


>just let shit players who refuse to learn continue to shit up the community after they blame everyone else for their fuckups

go home hitler dubs, you're drunk. wowfugees and other shitters not welcome.


i've only had to bail once.

the tl;dr is that a brd thought he could backseat tank and also didn't respect marked kill order. so i finally said "fine you tank" and started to dps. he died, his healer friend died, the other dps and i had a chuckle and then i bailed to go get some ice cream.


the three reports i've made were on 2 tanks and another brd there's something about brds man. all three times were a result of the same thing, and i was healing all three times. we'd get through the first room and the same thing would always happen; a frog would aggro, the tank would get pulled into range of another group, a pat would aggro, and the entire thing would go to shit. this is after me asking at the beginning "anyone need any tips on this first room? it can be tough so just lemme know" when i see that there's a new player bonus.

we'd clear the first boss ok, maybe a death, but i always mark fruit at the beginning and assign people a number if i see there's a newbie. then i'll say "eat at 2 or 3 stacks, but don't let it go past 3 or you might get one shot" and this usually solves the problem. things usually go fine until we get to Coincounter.

now, i love Coincounter, because he completely upends everything the game has shown you up to that point. of course, someone who has done any FATEing in coerthas won't be surprised by Coincounter, but that's becoming more of a rarity nowadays. so i'll preface the fight by saying something like "this guy's aoe doesn't have any indicators, so if you're melee and you see "swing" then run away from him. do the same thing if you're tank, but also do it from "swipe." if you're ranged and he looks at you, sidestep about 10y to the left or right to dodge his laser. if he "considers his actions" get within about 10y of him to avoid the circular aoe."

it's pretty concise and simple, and if people don't get it right off the bat then that's fine. you gotta learn somehow. but all three times i've reported they have all failed spectacularly on Coincounter, then were unable to take constructive criticism from me or the other randos in the group, and *then* proceeded to shit on everyone else for not keeping them alive or not dpsing hard enough or some other special snowflake-tier "it's not me, it's you!" excuse.

the final straw is the pull in the room after Coincounter, where the last set of patrols are. both tanks i've reported have fucked that pull up spectacularly, usually wiping us, and in one case (with the brd) the brd was the friend of the tank who ended up getting kicked after the blm called for his kick because he A.) sucked, B.) was unwilling to learn, and C.) kept blaming me and the blm for his mistakes. i ended up reporting the brd because he tried to actively MPK us lol by dragging mobs from deeper in over to us. naturally this didn't work out because of how aggro works in FF14 the blm and i just laughed as he got his shit pushed in but the brd got defaulted to leader after we kicked the pld, and he actively refused to recruit for another tank or to be a fucking man and take the 30 minute penalty. so we both reported the cunt and kicked him.

in the case of the tanks, it was a report based on the tank sucking, the tank not wanting to learn and being unable to take constructive criticism i didn't call them noobs, i just said hey AV can be tough and let me give you a few tips and in both cases resulted in me being called an "elitist" because wanting to successfully complete a lowbie dungeon is elitist now and shittng me and the other rando's by blaming us for stuff we didn't do while both tanks continued to suck.

in the case of the brd it was all of the above plus the attempted MPKing and the intentional desire to not get a new tank to "punish" us for kicking the pld, while also being a little bitch who wouldn't take the 30-minutes like a man and instead forced us to kick him too just so we could complete our damn instance.

i have no patience for people like that, and they don't belong in this game. no regrets for any of these reports, because shit like that has no place in this game. it can stay in WoW where it belongs.

4d416b No.14185168


>he thinks an MMO is hardcore

>kicks people for being bad

Wow it's toxic players like you which is why we must ban ACT or any tool to hold people accountable for their actions. Stop being so toxic you don't pay their subs

ec7b72 No.14185188


>didn't respect marked kill order.

Stop marking shit. It's faster to divide damage between the mobs as DoTs work their magic. You should be able to cope with that easily. If not, well, git gud then.

ea9c97 No.14185291



>oy vey goy! invite more bad players into your game and then don't speak up when they ruin things!

>expecting a standard of play is bad goy! don't you want to be the same as everyone else?!

>stop using in-game methods of dealing with aggressively toxic players goy! that's a sign you aren't "git gud" enough!

you both are cancer.


>Stop being so toxic you don't pay their subs

that's exactly what the shitters said.

you're still a shitty tank gretty

b656a5 No.14185307


Bro, marking kill orders hasn't been relevant since Heavensward came out and effectively made ilvl sync a joke. DPS have TP regenerators by AV level and should be using AoE on trash pulls regardless.

4d416b No.14185326


Wow, just keep being a bad player. We here in FFXIV believe that no player should be called out for sub 10 dps at level 70. That's why we don't ban hackers, but will ban asshats like you who call people out on playing poorly

ec7b72 No.14185347

File: 0039fd0802dc0fe⋯.jpg (433.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 87.jpg)


Sorry man, but I gotta spread the poz evenly. I HAVE TO. I'm not gimping myself for yet another tank who refuses to let go of the marking crutch. It just ain't happening.You're gonna get BANE'd on and you're gonna like it.

28ba25 No.14185397


Regarding marking. Unless someone besides the tank is requesting it I never see marks go up. Occasionally I'll see positional markers but enemy markers are a rare appearance.

I don't do coils though because I heard they were hard. Do coils require mob markers?

104f9e No.14187314

File: b7f72ee71b56fbd⋯.png (174.21 KB, 358x358, 1:1, friend.png)

so how bad is the heavensward msq compared to the arr msq? am i going to want to blow my brains out again?

ec7b72 No.14187351

File: fc41a656b854c3e⋯.jpg (158.88 KB, 823x1071, 823:1071, FRIENDS STAY.jpg)


It's a lot better. Much less fucking filler and shitty roe NPCs making you do meaningless garbage.

dae85d No.14187401

File: 20b4272e45b61aa⋯.jpg (139.51 KB, 896x716, 224:179, darkah channeru.jpg)


And more importantly you won't get a grueling aftergame either

104f9e No.14187460



thats a relief

4d416b No.14188103


it's just as bad. Have fun with even more filler quests and the reveal that none of the HW story mattered

ea9c97 No.14188123



>Bro, marking kill orders hasn't been relevant since Heavensward came out

>they haven't been playing since 1.0

where in my post did i say this was recently?

hint: this happened back before 2.1


you. you're a cheeky cunt, but i like you.



they're used more for marking players for paired mechanics than anything else. i.e. shinryu EX for the 4 stack mechanics in the last phase.


>none of the story mattered

bro, you're playing an mmo. none of this matters. just let yourself go and have fun

710ab6 No.14188422

>That Phantom Train

>That Chardanook

>That Boss Rush featuring Guardian and Atma Weapon

>That Kefka

>That Byakko

>That Wardrobe

>1440 more houses per server

This patch was worth the wait.

93da8a No.14188592

File: 2ea4984e7694afa⋯.png (3.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_01192018_140113.png)

Will you help count my shekels, /v/?

28ba25 No.14188633


That rings a bell. The most complex thing I've done mechanically was watching aggro and swapping it between myself and another tank for some boss battle.

33f340 No.14188668


Were you asleep during the whole thing or do you just have irredeemably bad taste?

4d416b No.14190589


The big twist being lol she juts was sleep poison or the hey lets just kind of half assedly huck the super evil eyeball to the bottom of this cliff really none of dragonsong war mattered at all, and the plot is completely disconnected from the other garbage pile that is the SB story. Now this wouldn't be an issue except you have to play through it, and the flow between the two is horrible

a32d69 No.14190953

File: 9c5e873dc03db67⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 540x309, 180:103, 2051215_0.jpg)

Shill me on the latest patch. You can't.

93da8a No.14192759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93da8a No.14192771

File: 3cc523bb7baccb8⋯.jpg (217.28 KB, 1083x622, 1083:622, 1516457725070.jpg)

Best race does it again.

93da8a No.14192821

File: d4f935618c13ee6⋯.jpg (46.64 KB, 1385x128, 1385:128, 1516460996183.jpg)

File: e1c878f111d71ba⋯.png (153.92 KB, 915x592, 915:592, 1516437615989.png)

73453b No.14193269

So is Guildworks perma ded?

ea9c97 No.14194708


>dancing mad will be re-made for ff14

>best villain makes an appearance

>alpha dressed in garlond ironworks gear

truly this is best patch.

5ec621 No.14196822


my god i can't stand that voice acting

764999 No.14196952


There's some retarded decisions being made but we'll see how it pans out. If you've managed to stay away from this game good for you. Never touch an mmo again

988ae6 No.14197051


Heavensward is great, if the story had been its own game people would be heralding the glorious return of final fantasy.

28ba25 No.14198071

File: 3fa73b2dfb9af36⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, Now we're talking.png)

We're getting closer

11587a No.14198356

File: 04acc218c968644⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 357x459, 7:9, 70d6945de1ebd629cb3c4b1aef….jpg)


Mind elaborating a bit more? I was thinking of resubbing soon but I might hold off if it's as bad as you imply.

28ba25 No.14198641

File: 96acf08a878fb4c⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 600x625, 24:25, otter eating while sad.jpg)


Skill progression has been changed. Some would argue for the better. other might argue it's easier for new people. I don't like how for big patches of leveling you're effectively gimpped skill wise. Some classes are affected more than others.

As far as quests go I haven't really gotten excited by any fates or leves in HW more than I was in ARR. Without spoiling the story for HW so far "the holy see church is good. Or is it? DRAGONS! They're our enemies! Wait no, maybe not. UHOH, someone isn't a pure blood! Insert arbitrary drama about muh bloodlines and that's about as far as I've gotten. Not terribly gripping thus far.

If you're an autist like myself that likes leveling all the classes at once you're doing it wrong and your leveling experience will take longer. Hope you enjoy the grind.

The community is still shit. Everyone is effectively cordoned off in FCs and unless you're in one the game acts as a single player MMO most of the time. Considering a lot of the faggots here like Sword Art Online that shouldn't bother them too much hue.

I haven't played to the SB content yet. I heard its serviceable if you liked the expansions before it.

8979d8 No.14203876


So Gosetsu is now Guts and the evil goth bitch from 4.0 is now Casca retarded. The trailer had a Drag-on Dragoon vibe to me.

8979d8 No.14203955

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


HW has been a better expansion IMO. The story for Stormblood is pretty much a retarded marriage of The Patriot with Mel Gibson and :Le Miserables that side-stories to Shogun between the first and third act. Azim Steppe is best zone btw.

The main villian is built up in a very Sword of the Stranger type way, but cucks out in the end.

30456b No.14204073


Just want to let you know that your shitposting is very appreciated.

475335 No.14204400


>Azim Steppe is best zone

I agree. Hopefully they add something that draws people like PotD so I have more of a reason to hang out there.

28ba25 No.14205440

File: 0abc0d86fee72b1⋯.png (1.61 MB, 2194x610, 1097:305, two for the price of one.png)


Glad you rike it. Here have some double prizes.

e95e7e No.14206049


Seeing him shit up the novice channel not enough for you?

4d416b No.14208616


HW is alright until you hit the postgame story. It's so abysmally bad. Literally the entire xpac gets made pointless because they refuse to actually have a world that progresses

ec7b72 No.14209323

File: f492adcf50d05fb⋯.jpg (9.94 KB, 781x50, 781:50, wtb gf.jpg)

734057 No.14209891


I wouldn't say it's entirely pointless. Just half of it, and it's mainly because they had no idea what to do with the warrior of darkness. That entire plot point was worthless and went nowhere.

19be12 No.14212393

>start a dungeon

>tank makes first pull

>oh sorry guys I gotta afk for a sec

>10 minutes still afk

Man some people are just huge assholes who have no respect for anyone's time.

4d416b No.14212864


Remember how they did that entire thing with "oh shit someone's gonna betray you" and then he just… doesn't

ec7b72 No.14216942

File: b4bf0a537abd5d6⋯.jpg (55.78 KB, 608x323, 32:17, party finder cancer 1.jpg)

31e777 No.14217020

File: 412c5dea852e56c⋯.jpg (54.01 KB, 867x1193, 867:1193, 1467164108023-3.jpg)


The Garlean Empire does nothing wrong

ec7b72 No.14217350

File: 952dabb78533506⋯.jpg (48.41 KB, 607x319, 607:319, party finder cancer 2.jpg)

File: 1d3c65b4627ef01⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 610x323, 610:323, party finder cancer 3.jpg)

File: 716fff48314ca8f⋯.png (62.56 KB, 259x232, 259:232, ====.png)

19be12 No.14217597

I wanna pick up a ranged DPS class should I be RDM, MCH, or BRD. Don't care about who is top tier right now since that is always changing just what is the most fun.

f4897e No.14218616


RDM is boring as hell, BRD is considered more "fun" than MCH

19be12 No.14222584


I don't like how fun is in quotations.

2879ab No.14222774


When can we finally team up with the Garlean, all the other factions are a bunch of faggots that deserve nothing but ridicule

4e5387 No.14222930



bard and mch are personal taste. do you like frantic burst periods every 60 seconds or do you like a far more laid back rotation? mch and brd, respectively

96b160 No.14223158


MCH is just unjustifiably complicated , in a real battle situation, keeping track of your bullet timing and buff is a real fucking pain. MCH is just too complicated with zero payoff.

19be12 No.14223284



Hmm since it's just an alt class for me I'll probably pick BRD then. I get enough of that stuff playing DRG.

4e5387 No.14223347


no it's not. you have one buff to keep track of, and it's 60 fucking seconds long. you just reapply it during your cooloff period after overheat and be done with it.

cfafc8 No.14223537

hows the population?

4382b6 No.14223811


of ffxiv? good

99b64b No.14226123

File: b596ef774b941dc⋯.png (507.61 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, war meme.png)

>these fucking patchnotes

93da8a No.14226168

File: 4428d0f06653cf3⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1283x912, 1283:912, ffxiv_01262018_115014.png)

>blm getting buffed


93da8a No.14226193

File: af36d7249311147⋯.jpg (14.76 KB, 301x206, 301:206, 1516997405022.jpg)

24262b No.14226200

File: 50bf1396ecdf8e6⋯.jpg (174.98 KB, 756x570, 126:95, 1408565046720.jpg)


>8 second Transpose

>Thundercloud and Firestarter now 18 seconds

>Aetherial Manipulation down to 10 seconds

>Fire IV buff

Wednesday can't come soon enough.

9ee725 No.14226408

Is Dragoon good?

ee84b8 No.14226419

>To ensure new players are able to enjoy the cutscenes in Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium, all cutscenes in these dungeons can no longer be skipped.

Now no one is going to do those raids

I was gonna sub for ghost train but none of the armors look nice anymore

b656a5 No.14226491


>The trailer had a Drag-on Dragoon vibe to me.

What? I fucking wish XIV's story would be half as grim and gritty as Drakengard, or even NieR. Heavensward came close at points, but now it's back to ARR style "Actions have no consequences and everyone is happy" nonsense, even fucking Zenos' sociopathic fixation on playing with people and tormenting them is glazed over in favor of "HEY IT'S ME GOKU! THANKS FOR THE GREAT FIGHT! SEE YA LATER!" and then he instant sudoku's out.

fadd4b No.14226656


They're fucking retarded to have added cutscenes in the middle of a raid in the first place.

fadd4b No.14226730

Also, new housing when?

f9e15c No.14227144

File: 0ba3fb36b13cb47⋯.png (744.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, k02.png)

What the fuck are these WAR changes?

764999 No.14227519


Everything that >>14198641 is true and expresses more or less how I feel. The game is really just a small coop game with friends unless you are actually a social fuck. Not saying being that way is a bad thing but you have to either sit in limsa where the fags are to get discussion or hope your neighbors are decent.

I never played for story minus coil so I can't give you a rundown of how bad or good that is. All I can go off is what most anons have said here that its retarded. I speak from merely a crafting standpoint of the expansions and I personally feel like it's gotten worse.

As for running shit it's the same as always since you last played. 4.2 gets rid of X tomes, replacing anything that you could get with X tomes with Y tomes. And now Z tomes have been added for the newest gear. It's the same pointless grind that kills any desire to want to put effort into getting gear because it's effectively useless 3 or 4 months later.

Oh and I'm sure you'll get that relic area in 4.3. Oh what? You heard 4.35 was the new relic area? Pretty sure Yoshi said 4.4 :^)

4d416b No.14227799


well see, they decided that they wanted all tanks to be a slog to play and be unfun. So they decided to nerf all the tanks, and give such a minor buff to DRK it doesn't matter.

Also way to go on them completely killing new players as there is absolutely no way to do Castrum anymore

19be12 No.14227889


Well they give them such good rewards for queues since nobody plays them so they had to make them less fun so less people get the rewards.

4d416b No.14227951


they didn't even buff the rewards at all. No one's gonna do castrum period

4d416b No.14227953


compared to the time invested for the rewards I mean. There's what 90 fucking minutes of cutscenes in each part? and they increased rewards by.. 80?

19be12 No.14227978


Just fucking make them instanced duties and completely redesign them. They have dungeon and raid mechanics in storm blood duties. Just go back and put int he work to fix the mess you made. Stop putting band-aids on it. I watched all the cutscenes my first time the party was slow enough that I was just able to go cutscene to cutscene. With the recent changes to speed up completion in earlier dungeons I bet it made that pretty much impossible. So now this retarded change.

4d416b No.14228057


That'd be effort, and as we know from the entire SB expansion, SE hates effort more than normal recently. Please look forward to your relic coming patch 5.0

60b428 No.14228217


You need to keep track more than just hotshot buff, your bullet count, your heat gauge, you proc and much more retarded shit just so you can do enough damage as other range class. Its just too much work to be played properly because your rotation rely heavily on timing and proc.

502be7 No.14228409

What the fuck is up with FFXIV having the most obnoxiously catty and bossy faggots all the time? Took a millisecond to long to turn on Defiance? Someone is going to bitch you right the fuck out.

99b64b No.14228772


That's just what the tank life is like, anon. You're the most visible when you fuck up. DPS pretty much never take shit, even if they're constantly dead or doing trash tier damage.

ea9c97 No.14228784





>these WAR changes

i take it back, this is no longer best patch.

99b64b No.14229388


I'm unsubbing. Fuck this.

fadd4b No.14230884


>tfw had to skip all cutscenes and wthen watch them at my own leisure in an inn

ea9c97 No.14233435

File: 2ba5c3d4da25a6b⋯.jpg (266.79 KB, 537x600, 179:200, infinite madgusted.jpg)


>browse the official forums

>check out the math post on reddit

>it's very rough napkin mathing that basically says WAR is losing ~5% of it's overall damage

>people saying "oh it'll be made up for in the increased amount of fell cleaves/beast gauge we'll have from using infuriate on cooldown instead of saving it"

>some people chiming in how they're happy the class is being "simplified" dumbed down for idiots because they couldn't be bothered to spend 30 minutes on a training dummy until they got the IR/zerk pattern down

>other people bitching about how playing a "math" minigame while tanking was too much for them

>all of them completely ignoring a shitton of unjustified nerfs to a job that was performing great while not being overpowered

>like how our AA damage has been completely gutted by the loss of 10% dmg from SE and the ~10% overall gain from current 30% berserk

>but muh fell cleaves

>but muh 5x IB self-bene in case a healer is dead

>but muh unchained can actually be used now

>but muh tanks shouldn't be dpsing even though the entire fucking meta in this game is about pushing dps as hard as possible to beat all the stupid dps checks and enrage timers the devs keep stuffing into every god damned fight

>all of this energy needlessly changing shit for WAR and DRK is still stuck with crap

>i'm reminded of how i felt when SB first came out, when it looked like there were two teams working on jobs

>one team was working on SAM/RDM/PLD and they did an amazing job making everything awesome

>the other team was working on everything else and they did all that they could within their power to give new meaning to "phone it in"

>fast forward a few months and the first team has finally fixed most of the bs the second team introduced to the jobs they worked on

>this patch comes out

>WAR bullshit happens and DRK doesn't even get crumbs

>apparently that second team hasn't been taken out back and executed like the communist parasites that they are

i guess my ex-wife was right. i'm far too optimistic when it comes to other people, no matter how many time's i'm disappointed.

9ee725 No.14234277

Since all of this talk about tanks is going on right now, I have a related question for you folks at the end game. About how much of your playtime do you spend in Full Parties and Raids as opposed to Light Parties? Is most of it in 4-man dungeons, or do the larger parties dominate?

ec7b72 No.14234549


End-game raids are entirely 8-person fights. 24-person raids are more for catchup gear a patch after the last raid content came out. 4-person dungeons are never endgame, just a way to gear up that doesn't involve raiding. Don't worry about getting 24 people together, people only do it with randoms in duty finder.

4d416b No.14234553


also the 24mans are some of the worst content in the game

ea9c97 No.14235503


all i'll say is that rescuing people to their death during ozma is pretty great.

a63379 No.14236347


I only do 4 party shit for daily roulette, I mostly do full party stuff like farming mount, savage, etc. Why do asked this and why to tanks in particular?

a63379 No.14236352


rabanastre can be a real pain if you don't coordinate with other alliances

326cec No.14236413

>new content patch drop

>barely any anon talks about it

d-dead game?

b417ef No.14236422


It's not out until Tuesday, you mong.

326cec No.14236428


my bad then

9ee725 No.14237043


So here's the silly story. I started the game a year ago. I only play tanks in MMOs because it's all I have fun with. I didn't read into the game at all in advance, saw lancer, and said, "Oh yeah that's what I'm fuckin' tanking with right there." I didn't learn that the lancer wasn't a tank until the "learn your role" laughed at me. I was playing the game with a friend at the time who knew this but didn't stop me, because he wanted to play primarily a tank. I'll wrap that part of the story up by noting he was a total cunt about everything, and then rushed 20 levels ahead of me over the span of 2 days. He gave me a good "see you at end game". I quit playing because I don't play MMOs alone anymore. He quit playing because he had no friends to queue with for duties that had long queue times.

Fast forward to today, another friend had pledged to play with me because he wanted to play the game. Original friend picks up that we are playing and resubs. The two friends want to play with all of us together. I had already begun leveling a paladin before friend returned. Friend goes full sperg and threatens to quit, claiming that we can't play together since we're both leveling tanks. Informing him that it looks like we'll need two tanks anyway only made him sperg harder, claiming that the majority of the end game will take place in light parties "because that's how all MMO's work". Said friend simultaneously refuses to queue with us, partly because he doesn't want to play the stuff, partly because he claims that he loses 2 commendations when we play together.

tl;dr: a cunty friend is ruining shit despite not playing with us and I was looking for a way to convince him he is irrational but I decided to just stop playing with him since I posted anyway.

ea9c97 No.14237179


>no one talks about it

do you not see the utter obliteration that will be leveled upon WAR? or the utter lack of anything meaningful for DRK?

the content itself looks great. sigmascape, an homage to FF6 shit, an appearance by kefka, yotsuyu and brosetsu are back, alpha dressed as an ironworks engineer. all that looks great.

things are sweet if you're a BLM too. but WAR is looking at at least a 5% drop in power and the status of being the most facerolly tank when it comes to dealing damage. just more dumbing down for the fucktarded masses, courtesy of SE. if nothing else, Stormblood will be remembered as the xpac made by two dev teams; one knew their shit and put out quality product, while the other committed endless sings against nature.


>all this

holy shit anon your first friend sounds like an absolute asshole. no, "most" of the game isn't done in 4-mans at the end game. they are a big chunk of the leveling experience, and on average you can expect to do 1-3 a day for roulettes at end game for the daily roulette awards but any meaningful content that would be done more than once per day is 8-man. 24-man's have a weekly lockout on loot one piece per week per person so anything beyond the one run to get loot is just extra tomes endgame welfare gear currency or for funsies.

furthermore, this game doesn't restrict you to a single job. one character can have level 70 on everything. i myself have SAM, WAR, DRK, DRG, PLD, AST and WHM leveled to 70. all i need now is a ranged dps, but i just haven't had the motivation to level RDM. this means, outside of higher-end 8-man shit, i usually run as something other than my main which is WAR just so my friends and i can switch things up a little. nothing is quite as fun as rescuing my WHM friend when we're in a 4-man and he's on his MNK and i see that he just activated Brotherhood and blew his tackle cooldown.

as far as your "friend" goes he's an insufferable faggot and needs to be thrown into the bog with the rest of the gay community. you're better off without that drama queen. he's so wrong about what end game is like that i have to believe he's outright lying.

4d416b No.14237422


>the content itself looks great. sigmascape, an homage to FF6 shit, an appearance by kefka, yotsuyu and brosetsu are back, alpha dressed as an ironworks engineer. all that looks great.

That's actually something that's horrible about it. Simple "hey look it shares a name things" are fine but both the endgame raids are fucking HEY REMEMBER THIS WE AREN'T OUT OF IDEAS WE SWEAR!

4d416b No.14237428


okay you have 2 days to get to 51 before the patch means you have to either pay someone or get carried through the new hell that is castrum

a4a35a No.14237565


End game shit are all full party that require 2 tanks except for 24-man raid which only need 1 tank per alliance. Having 2 tanks that are buddies are actually beneficial since tank mechanics required a lot or coordination with each other like tank swapping and damage mitigation

f9e15c No.14238002


>he claims he loses 2 commendations when we play together

That alone is reason enough to kick his ass to the curb. Karma whores are fucking cancer.

c1827a No.14238256

File: 96b7dab64a209cd⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 481x401, 481:401, 96b7dab64a209cd0b5543802ff….jpg)


I was a DRK main from the start of HW, cleared A4, A8 and A12 in their respective patches. Loved the skillset even if it was quirky and smelt of the devs not being totally sure what they were doing. Loved speed running dungeons and doing shit tons of AoE DPS while sustaining myself with Abyssal Drain. Loved that it had a higher skill ceiling and punished you for fucking up.

Now I can't even play the job anymore, it's such a pile of shit to play. When I logged in on SB launch and saw what they did to Blood Price I was mad as fuck, goodbye meaningful AoE. Scourge removed because tracking one fucking 30 second DoT on a tank was too hard for shitters. Delirium combo removed because fuck utility and you don't need to choose between more DPS or recovering MP anymore. Just put your Soul Eater combo on 123 and hit those keys nonstop while spamming the shit out of Dark Arts.

Then finally a ray of hope that DRK might see some love in this patch. Nope. Too bad. We'll nerf the other tanks DPS down to DRKs level, and then we will make WAR just as boring to play.


>Kill last boss of a dungeon/raid and someone uses a "please gives me comms :3" macro

pic related

3910aa No.14238335


I think the reason is that SE wanted the tank to act like a tank however because of the meta, all tank want to deliver the biggest dps. This is very noticeable when playing DRK where you constantly running out mana when using dps stance as there hardly any mp generator skills. They want you to use tank stance as you main stance and dps stance strictly for off tanking. But this idea clashes with the gameplay when they tossing dps check on every fight that required tank to be in dps stance all the time.

I don't know who to blame in this mess, SE or the metafag, probably both.

c1827a No.14238343

I also hope every warrior with a crap ping enjoys having a large chunk of your total DPS situated in a 10 second window, congrats - you're the new machinist! Have fun stacking skill speed and playing second fiddle to people situated next to the servers.

d0a943 No.14238498

anyone in balmung have a FC I can join

It'd be nice if you had some heavy RP in there

3910aa No.14238501

File: 7c8f095b1465197⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 323x559, 323:559, 8fdds7f90s.jpg)

d0a943 No.14238504


wrong type of RP

plus my character a 65 year old Highlander who is forced out of retirement to pay his bills.

3910aa No.14238545


any type of RP is still gay. I got this one dude in my FC that constantly RPing as sassy dragon girl but everybody knew he's a guy IRL and it always break the immersion. I try to play along every once in a while but my god it really suck the soul out of me

f9e15c No.14238671


Sounds like magical realm bullshit. Just ask yourself "is the other guy masturbating to this?", and you'll probably be able to weed out most of that.

734057 No.14240383

Why the fuck do they need to shut down the game for a whole day to patch it?

8623c8 No.14240480


hate it but no one has really manage to replicate gw2 live update system.

from one standpoint they are making sure shit works and longer updates usually intell a whole new system put into place aka the dressers and bunch more housing wards which do take up server space so they probably adding more servers to handle it etc.

21560d No.14240513

File: 2b89cc490b9eb24⋯.jpg (242.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pointing_monkey.jpg)


>Cucked enough to consider rolling back the potency to its original Heavensward amount a 'buff'

You're retarded.

ea9c97 No.14241080

File: 8ab9f2ff6209031⋯.jpg (141.68 KB, 514x836, 257:418, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)


>SE or the metafag

SE, for sure. they create the content. people work around the content they create to get the best results they can get. see also: the NIN nerf early in 4.0 because players were using a better rotation than the devs had envisioned, and thus were getting more damage out of the of the job than SE had "intended."

SE pushes high damage as means to A.) finish shit quickly, and B.) beat dps checks/avoid enrage. on their own neither of these things are bad, it's just that SE goes out of their way to cater to idiots who have difficulty playing anything more complex than a 1-2-3 rotation. so on the one hand they create challenges that require practice and optimization to beat, but on the other they lower the skill bar so low that beating the challenges they create becomes less about personal skill and more about ilvl/melds.



i feel you bro. as a WAR main this patch hurts, but it will never hurt like it did when they gutted DRK. i've always enjoyed all the tanks this game has to offer, even when PLD was boring as fuck in 2.0. DRK was a nice breath of fresh air, as it scratched my "fuckhueg 2h weapon" itch alongside being an actual tank. it's playstyle was different from PLD and WAR in a good way, it had choice animations i still miss the Scourge and Delirium animation/sound effects and it provided some nice utility via it's debuff on Delirium and the constant self-healing from SE. it was also nice having a tank that played a little differently in that you didn't use your aggro combo much beyond the initial pull. PLD wanted to RoH for the str debuff, and WAR would use SP for their debuff, SE for their buff, and then BB for damage/threat, but DRK would maybe open with a PS combo then alternate between SE and Delirium as needed. barring those times when you had a MNK in the party, it was nice knowing each tank had a unique way to contribute to lowering boss damage.

and then they stripped all of that for the sake of "accessibility" and gave us the fuckshow we have now. at least 4.1 WAR was fun and challenging. managing your gauge alongside timing your IR/zerk cooldowns was something that, when you pulled it off, it felt good. nailing 6 FC's, 2 Onslaughts, an Upheaval, an HS, a Maim and an SP in a single zerk/IR window made you feel pretty badass. and it flowed so smoothly once you got the feeling for it.

now it's just going to be HURR DURR I DO DPS LAWL every 90s. you don't even need to think about it. you just meld the requisite SkS to get 5 GCD's inside the IR window and go to town. you no longer have to think about using Infuriate, it's just spam it on CD so that all the FC's you'll be doing reset it even quicker. oh, and fuck Berserk, because fuck you.

the fucked up thing is i enjoy this game, and i enjoy several jobs in this game, but SE seems hellbent on taking all that's good and fun about tanking on anything that isn't PLD and raping it brutally with a cactus, then telling us that we should look forward to it. i'm not platinum mad, but i'm getting there.

fuck tank BiS right side requiring crafted penta-melded accessories

93da8a No.14241553

File: c2cb1af7023bc76⋯.png (959.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1517229171359.png)

Go be with famiry…


38c5ed No.14243584

File: 6f5a24fe3bd7d46⋯.png (96.02 KB, 1417x625, 1417:625, q542dsfhgjkz.png)

5541da No.14243886

I'm happy I went to Distant Worlds and got to sing One Winged Angel along with Nobuo Uematsu, even if the only lyric we sang was "Sephiroth!"

d585e5 No.14243924


>still being this mad over a warframe thread

ea9c97 No.14244053



>in the ff14 thread

you took a wrong turn anon. we don't have any jewtit nipple slips here.

0454ad No.14244060


He's referring to some board drama that happened in it, so now an asshurt autist is spamming chad memes.

69e912 No.14244074

File: 47d32332facec85⋯.jpg (299.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 47d32332facec857961315d551….jpg)


Bruh. MCH, the least used dps class got nerfed. WAR are still far more popular than MCHs.

4df75d No.14244082

File: 958fe1002fcafd6⋯.png (110.06 KB, 1087x499, 1087:499, unknown-11.png)

File: 66faeb4b0ddc532⋯.png (122.68 KB, 586x364, 293:182, 66faeb4b0ddc532c028ab3e813….png)


Look at this FANTASTIC opener. Nuance is entirely gutted from the job. And after leveling and dabbling in every single job because content drought, what we had in 4.1 wasn't even that difficult to pull off. With the only threatening damage being tankbusters and raidwides, and Shirk+Shadewalker making aggro management about as important as TP management, the only thing I had that was interesting was uptime optimization and planning Zerk windows. It was just punishing if you fucked your gauge up, but it WAS salvageable if you were willing to use Storm's Path to overcap intentionally. As long as you followed the 4FC, 1 Upheavel, 2 Onslaught system in IR, and the 3 FC, 1 Upheavel in Berserk, THAT WAS IT. You had a 40 second window of downtime where you could decide to dump guage with an extra cleave, onslaught, or even go into Defiance(no one did this). Now you have 80 seconds of downtime where you can do whatever the fuck you want.

I am fine with Inner Release being changed to 100% CDHs, and Storm's Eye getting nerfed to compensate, that makes WAR damage more consistent without relying on criticals for good damage, but they should have kept Berserk the way it was. This is just a Deliverance issue, of course. Defiance was boosted to incredible, previously unseen levels. What other tank has the blessings to entirely negate the damage penalty to their tank stance for 20 fucking seconds? I always said Inner Release and Unchained need to be decoupled, but I now see that was a horrible mistake. With these new buffs, the only reason you would ever go into Deliverance is during Inner Release for your fell cleave super slam every 90 seconds, and then you can turtle inside of Defiance, use Unchained to compensate for your damage loss, and only switch back to Deliverance after tankbusters. Or don't. It doesn't matter as long as you get in those Fell Cleaves in Inner Release. Can't wait to get to a dummy in 4.2 so I can see the potency/time ratio for Warrior. I bet over 40% of your damage will be in those 10 seconds because of the Eye nerfs.

This is the hidden advantage of playing WAR in the next tier. A "free" tankstance for any amount of time will do wonders for progression, even if Defiance as a stance is pretty mediocre. No other tank has this benefit. It raises the skill floor for WARs who sit in Defiance all day, gives them a "fell cleaves now" button, and I'm left bored and unsatisfied. It is for this reason in particular that I find the PLD potency nerfs and complete lack of DRK changes so baffling.

Playing other jobs (moreso NIN, MCH, and DRG) made me realize that if WAR's rotation was too hard for people, there's a serious problem with player competency. I kinda realized this with Shinryu NM and Steps of Faith, but that was for mechanics, not people being completely UNABLE to read tooltips and reach simple conclusions on how your job is supposed to act. The cooldown was 60 seconds and 120 seconds! You don't need to be on the fucking dev team to understand that these are meant to go together! I'm not even good at this game.

Maybe if the job quests actually explained how you are supposed to use your job instead of sucking your dick post-50 or having meaningless interactions with people I hate (WAR), this wouldn't happen.

Still, I doubt that would really make a difference. People just don't give a shit about how they well play, even if their ignorance and inability to understand basic instructions and mathematics leads to "buffs" like this. And why should they? pls carry me. Go unmelded and unprepared inside of Savage fights! Don't challenge yourself to become a better player, because you already are the best! Those players who kicked you from the raid because you were doing less damage than the tanks? Report those elitist scum. WAR got HUGE buffs, what are you complaining about? Tanks don't need to do damage! You're supposed to tank!

"Taking things away from those who care to give them to those who don't."

Fuck, rest in piece Dark Knight, I was thinking of switch mains to DRK during HW, that's how fun the job was. Now I can hardly play it. All of the tanks are going to be PLD offshoots, just wait.

I'm not usually this passionate about job balance(read:autistic), but I'm sick of the tank role taking a sledgehammer in balance every few months. Maybe I'm a fucking idiot and all of this is garbage.

f9e15c No.14244370


I have to wonder just how much mitigation a WAR could get if they sat in tank stance and focused on maximizing Inner Beast uptime now. I know there's nothing actually worth doing that for, but it does strike me as funny that WAR can do that now.

Still, not worth losing Berserk+Inner Release for it, or having to unlearn the rotations and timing involved.

eaa7dd No.14244678


Wait, did War actually get nerfed in 4.2? I thought they were trying to bring it back up since everyone loves Pld now.

f9e15c No.14244810


WAR received potency buffs across the board, but also had Berserk, Inner Release, and Unchained changed.

Berserk now causes all of your attacks to critically hit and direct hit, but lasts 10 seconds instead of 20 and has a cooldown of 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds.

Inner Release is now a passive that makes your Rage-spending abilities not consume Rage while Berserk is active.

Unchained is no longer tied to Inner Release because that's a passive now, so WAR can actually use it instead of ignoring it but it'll still be ignored anyways unless you have a good reason to be in tank stance.

The math I've seen thrown around due to those changes comes out to a minor nerf, somewhere around 5% or so, but it also does horrible things to the complexity of WAR's opener and burst rotation. It already wasn't that difficult to play, but dumbing it down like this is frustrating.

ea9c97 No.14245126

File: f7350074a85b6f7⋯.png (77.55 KB, 263x278, 263:278, perfectly fine.png)


>all this

hear hear anon. the dumbing down of the game is as frustrating as it is depressing.



>WAR nerf

sorta kinda. supposedly if we nail all 5 FC's in the 10s of the new IR which will require a relatively ludicrous amount of skill speed, and basically invalidate tank gear for the other two classes then it's a DPS increase. not a major one, but a noticeable one. however, if we missed that 5th FC, whether because of latency or a lack of SkS or what not, then it's supposedly like an 8 or 9% loss in DPS over the old 4.1 WAR.

the new IR basically boils down to "you can use everything whenever and deal insane damage." you're encouraged to basically keep Infuriate on cooldown, spam FC's whenever you can to get the cooldown on Inf lowered as much as possible, pop IR as soon as it's active and you can be sure you'll have the full 10s uptime, and then spam FC with Upheaval and Onslaught packed in there somewhere. like this anon shows >>14244082 the "rotation" is stupidly easy compared to what it was in 4.1

in fact, it's stupidly easy compared to literally everything else. at least PLD has a pair of physical dots to manage that they need to fit into FoF. yes, it's piss easy to do so due to the CD on CoS and the duration of Goring, but hey, at least they have to keep track of *something.* WAR no longer has to keep track of shit, not even party raid buffs thanks to the new 90s CD. you'll always miss every other buff window, so who gives a fuck, just hit the button and spam FC! congrats, you're a WAR now!

fucking disgusting.

i like SAM because on the surface it's a relatively straightforward class; use Sen in such a way that you're natural combo progression doesn't override any Sen. keep banana up on the enemy with no more than a 1 or 2 GCD gap between reapplication and fall off. buff every banana and midare. use shinten as a kenki dump to prevent yourself from capping. use Guren more or less on cooldown. use hagakure more or less on cooldown to help manage Sen and kenki.

all of that alone is relatively simple, but when you combine it, things get wonderfully complex. proper hagakure/kenki usage makes or breaks your DPS as a SAM. you need to mentally track your kenki input vs. output so that you always have enough to buff banana and midare when they come up, while also ensuring your 2 buffs stay up and you're using your cooldowns within 1-2 GCD's of them becoming available. this makes the class relatively easy to learn while still allowing for a lot of depth at the high-end of play.

WAR was not SAM. but WAR was certainly the most complex of the three tanks. sure, we hardly used BB combo, but no tank uses their aggro combo outside of the initial pull nowadays thank you Shirk and NIN. however, managing your beast gauge to prevent yourself from capping via good use of Upheaval and Onslaught, coupled with balancing your usage of SP for gauge gain and SE to make sure you had a full-duration buff before a berserk or zerk/IR window, added a lot of complexity to the class. not SAM or MCH levels of complexity of course, but still, it took some practice and some thinking to make sure you always had enough gauge for 6 FC's in your zerk/IR window while also ensuring you had your two oGCD's ready and you hadn't wasted any gauge by overcapping.

and all of that wonderful complexity has been reduced to "push button, spam FC." there is no benefit to pooling gauge now, because you want to keep Inf on CD, which means spamming FC. you don't need to pool gauge to maximize a zerk or IR window because we now just have one DPS cooldown and it makes every gauge command free. so there goes the resource management mini-game leave it to SE to give us a resource bar and then invalidate said resource bar within two major patches of the xpac.

but hey, if you pentameld SkS on your accessories your dps will continue to blow the other tanks out of the water ever HARDER.

abd864 No.14245197

File: f82c671bc9f7ce0⋯.png (2 MB, 3340x1570, 334:157, dorf (2).png)




c83851 No.14245504

Why are japs so bad at releasing patches without killing servers and instances?

734057 No.14245583

>Day long server maintenance for new patch

>still had to do emergency maintenance

Quality stuff SE

ea9c97 No.14245814

File: 6467303df38fe10⋯.jpg (111.62 KB, 1280x958, 640:479, payfeel.jpg)

>Traveler from afar….

>Thank you….for Doma


ea9c97 No.14246213

>first impressions of the "buffed" WAR

>you really do use a LOT more IB's and FC's

>keeping infuriate on CD is easy, and it comes up again pretty quickly

>it does feel good to nail all 5 of those IB's or FC's in a row

>possible to do as many as 7 in a row from what i've seen, probably even 8 if your infuriate CD lines up just right


>if you miss one of those IB's or FC's, then it slows everything down

>you won't get the fuckhueg numbers you could get before due to the lack of zerk

>numbers seem smoothed out overall, with a higher low end and a lower high end

>at 1163 SkS i need to hit IR at the tail end of my GCD or else i won't get all 5 IB's/FC's in time.

>double-weaving skills is risky during IR window, the ani lock may cause you to miss an FC or IB

>you really notice it when you only hit 4 instead of 5

i'll parse some stuff later and see what it looks like compared to 4.1, but overall it's not quite *as* bad as i thought it would be. but my god is it facerolly. the only thought process that comes in now is, if you're tanking and in Defiance, "will i need gauge for an IB sometime soon?" if that answer is yes, then you just treat 50 gauge as your 0 point and don't go below it unless Inf is ready. that is the extend of executive thinking and planning that goes into the new WAR.

as far as the actual DPS window with IR goes, i figure once you hit north of 1300 SkS you can actually hit it during the middle of the GCD like you would with most other oGCD skills. anything under 1100 SKS is going to have a rough time making the cut however, especially if their connection isn't top notch. a little bit of lag will cause a missed GCD and that chunks your damage down by quite a bit.

on the bright side, sigmascape is fucking fun as hell, and savage kefka is going to be insane. also, them feels with the cinematic at the end of phantom train >>14245814

91fb21 No.14246227

File: 4b50659a4a3b7cc⋯.png (156.51 KB, 301x307, 301:307, 1445705213414.png)


Chad memes are funny though, not HA-HA funny but I do get a good chuckle from it

99b64b No.14246426


You should treat 50 gauge as your 0 point anyway for the crit bonus in deliverance. Always keep gauge as high as possible without capping.

a6b3cb No.14246537

All I want to know is if the phantom train fight is garbage or not

0fa978 No.14246558

>played this fucking game for 3 or 4 months before HW

>comfy crafting, more than half of craft jobs at 50, miner at 50, never finished mainquest

>all this autism ITT

Did I miss something fun or is it token grind on steroids?

ea9c97 No.14246832


>phantom train

no, it's fun as fuck. i'm looking forward to savage. the music gets you pumped, the mechanics are a split of new and old and there's a lot that happens without overwhelming you.


i generally did too, but doing so now isn't as big a deal as it used to be since you auto-crit with IR up, overriding the boost you'd gain from higher gauge.

91fb21 No.14246934

File: 334f6d6a380d243⋯.png (66.98 KB, 275x245, 55:49, Oie_5OhUVtELVSdc.png)


Be specific, what autism? If you're talking about the combat changes its the usual meta vs job roles. Peoples want big dick dps but SE said "nope, you're a NIN, you can't have higher dps than MNK, I nerf you" and SE solution to closing the gap between casual and pro players by making it easy to do rotation but limiting how much damage you can pull. Also, if you're a crafter I hope you enjoy more RNG bullshit they put in your crafting skills

a6b3cb No.14246938

>phantom train


>magitek guardian


So we can be certain now this entire raid will be fanservice the whole ride and I'm fucking loving every second

0fa978 No.14246948


>Be specific, what autism?

Screeching over balance changes and shitposting about Mi'qote petting rooms.

>I hope you enjoy more RNG bullshit they put in your crafting skills

It's ok anon, Hasty Touch/Byregot's rotation was always the right one.

91fb21 No.14246956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Did you clap when you saw Kefka?

99b64b No.14247068


IR is still only 1/9 of your uptime

ea9c97 No.14247197


yes, but more FC = more infuriate. there really is no benefit to pooling gauge outside of saving for an IB. using Inf on CD and then spamming your moves as they come up outweighs the extra 5% crit by a good margin. just as long as you have Upheaval and Onslaught available for your IR, then you're good to go.

sad that it has come to this

99b64b No.14247343


Obviously you still use inf on CD, just make sure you do a cleave when you have about ~10 seconds left on the cooldown and you're good to go.

29af23 No.14247786

>Hey why did they bring BLANK back to voice one scene they never do tha -OH GOD

ea9c97 No.14248138

File: 08f4752426b2f2f⋯.png (229.98 KB, 500x443, 500:443, my oh my.png)

File: 130e2cd771ca0ff⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, high res smug catgirl.png)

File: b25785817158f71⋯.png (221.12 KB, 444x506, 222:253, smugess.png)


>tfw the little imperial shite shows his true colors but you told hien you didn't trust him because you saw through all his bull

brosetsu/tsuyu slice of life side quests when?

38324f No.14248703


>male rabbits are gay

>t. every single zoofag projecting his faggot fantasies

i bet you jerk off to those ugly fat cheeked dead eyed female cats instead of the highly superior highlander mystery meat

e4f212 No.14255132

>Unable to download patch files [30413][25008][10009]

Please god can someone tell me how to fix this shit. I tried running as admin, reinstalling, fucking around with my DNS, installing internet explorer and even forwarding my ports.

there has to be something I can do.

f65bdb No.14259531

are there any other mmos except for this one that deserve attention

6e3596 No.14259802


>except this

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