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File: 5bf815a4b8912b6⋯.png (1.33 MB, 711x1000, 711:1000, DSoWLtCU0AAAWXH.png)

cd2a44 No.14117531

Right Behind You


January Event Schedule

12/31~01/09 - Right Behind You

01/10~01/16 - Rise of the Beasts

01/17~01/24 - Unite and Fight (Wind Enemies/Fire Advantaged)

01/25~01/30 - Miscolored Memories (rerun)

01/31~02/08 - New Event Scenario


1.Infinity - 692908

2.Kihou - 740471

3.Sky Lords - 733000

4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

Guides and info


>How do I even play this shit?

You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/

>I'm not going to use google botnet to play this.

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

cd2a44 No.14117546

File: 14c82a4f50356ca⋯.png (76.82 KB, 588x216, 49:18, Riseofthebeasts_top.png)

The event is almost over. Right after that it's RIse of the Beasts.

96a169 No.14117651

File: 16350b9d6191818⋯.png (58.97 KB, 1533x489, 511:163, FINAL.PNG)

File: 28a46b3658a22ed⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1175x810, 235:162, Month 10 - Beginning.png)

Friendly reminder that all accounts other than 9 are up for grabs.

One anon was asking about 1, if you're here let me know.

Also, I got a whole lot of shit during the spark, and I've got 2 Sunlight stones (with a third on the way) and 2 gold bars burning my pockets.

Sadly no 120% Atk summon and the primals look like a very long term investment, so I'm open to suggestions.

On one side, I kinda want to get Uno and 5* him ASAP, on the other, I'd still like to get a couple GW Harps.

2341e0 No.14117783

File: c1b65c1a2261a0a⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1153, 1080:1153, IMG_20180108_123724.png)


Crewm8 asked how hard can Percy hit.

caa649 No.14117830

File: 0719aa2fdf2a0f2⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1515202024934.gif)



What gear do you have to get those numbers?

2be21e No.14117863


esser at 4* is unimpressive even ghanda is better than her (no seriously if you intend to use esser seriously at least 5* her)

2341e0 No.14117970


look at the post above


I know, I use her for the th in fast raids, she barely even hits Tia.

I'm looking at Magisa or Grea for longer/harder raids

c5ba07 No.14117983


With your team comp, try aoidos or sturm. Both of them can hit more than percy-chan.

d35cf3 No.14118053

File: 045bbbec6719336⋯.png (163.45 KB, 539x475, 539:475, 045bbbec67193360ed0da23cf8….png)


Ah, time for this snoring event again…

2e48a8 No.14118076


>free SR tickets

>free gold bar to make a free SSR character

>complaining about this

The event's not that bad. The bosses are actually challenging to solo

862dde No.14118132

File: a663114f3a244ec⋯.png (429.65 KB, 482x441, 482:441, Percival Damage.png)


Percival is great, especially for a fearbot.

c5ba07 No.14119013


I meant for 3rd slot.

96a169 No.14119543

File: 2009f287b0edfc2⋯.png (20.57 KB, 276x604, 69:151, Results of the biggest cel….PNG)


Yeah, I wish I was lucky enough to pull Sturm, but I only got her pincushion sidecick instead.

Aodios… I don't really like enough to use a suptix on.

I'm gonna save crystals to spark again in the summer though, hopefully I'll get her then.

2b05e6 No.14119668

File: f1a7ddb7db37350⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 62034860_p0_master1200.jpg)


Reminder that Wind is going to be the harvin element soon with both oracles for wind being potatoes, so a team of humans/harvins with bahamut gun will become esports core.

96a169 No.14119798


>Soon™ - Anon

>I think that we can refine "Arcalum summon stone" from within now, because we will refrain 10 sages to playable within the rest of the year.

>"within the rest of the year" - KMR

Also, both wind harvins (if the character element is tied to the summon element) are male. The only Tarot harvin worth looking at is the water one.

3dd885 No.14119819



considering one of the most played teams was hairtato nio siete last gw taht's pretty much the norm

2b05e6 No.14119846

File: 145da2c83367928⋯.jpg (259.08 KB, 500x441, 500:441, 1460457899068.jpg)


>he doesn't want an old man hermit to introduce to his Uno 5* so they can talk about their exploits during their youth and give eachother tips on floating better

>he doesn't want a potato bro who acts smug with Siete and commands a TOOTcat to bless his gacha rolls

plebian taste my guy

cd2a44 No.14119894


>wanting males

Where the fuck did you come from? Leddit? Cuckchan?

3afbf8 No.14119947

File: 74a70eb04a97749⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 1515327393577.png)


What are you doing in this fujobait kusoge if you hate males. Even the best girl is a male inside. Youjo Senki collab when, need my team of old men being cute girls.

3dd885 No.14119964

File: bd67701ad8c9bbc⋯.jpg (101.49 KB, 657x800, 657:800, chie hades.jpg)


i have okto 5* come at me bro

cd2a44 No.14120042

File: ba0c0d5e84003a5⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1125x1728, 125:192, 94f5ebe46f3014ad64258c4769….png)



>when most of the characters are female

You can have your gay discussion >>>/anywherebuthere/


>only good on element or anything that lets him crit

He's alright I guess

96a169 No.14120479

File: 57e170965540b29⋯.png (253.27 KB, 457x572, 457:572, multi reduce when.PNG)

File: 774f68e7900021a⋯.png (225.82 KB, 458x453, 458:453, multi reduce when 2.PNG)

I keep reducing shit, but that fucking button can't get in here soon enough, I have like 10 pages of magna selfies to grind to dust.

d830bf No.14120631

File: ef6535eb60f28a8⋯.webm (579.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, granblue fantasy in a nut….webm)

You didn't spend money on this, right?

1279c4 No.14120811


Humans/harvins is already the best wind setup and has been since GW 5* released.

28abdc No.14120867


Yea i'm here, i'll take account 1. Do you need my email or something?

1655c5 No.14121754

Oh man, I sure do love this RNG bullshit within RNG bullshit for 5*ing GW. Have to spend a 1000 AP just to NOT transform. Good shit, real good shit. Hey here's an idea, if you're gonna do some shit like this, either make the Relic come uncapped 3 times for 10 shards or 100% transformation if you have the character with you for 40 shards.

5417bd No.14121863


You have to grind halo for rusted weapons anyway, so you might as well settle in for the long haul.

Also, you can check the script on the webpage to find out if the weapon will transform or not. The details are on the wiki.

becb74 No.14121866


doing it wrong

you don't grind halo solely for relics, that's how you make yourself go insane. Either level a bunch of 5star chars or 150 weapons at the same time, while watching something on another screen

862dde No.14122302


Sure, but what I'm saying is that both Aoidos and Sturm generally don't out damage him.

14ffce No.14124751

File: 6b820866edc3807⋯.jpg (655.9 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, little erune.jpg)

Still in the top ten!

be18e6 No.14124765

Oh! They added "set A" "set B" on the team selection.

Double the build construction.

5417bd No.14124767

File: 28cda01590d6f33⋯.jpg (467.32 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 63581390_p0.jpg)


>every version of Jeanne constantly in the rate up

I like her and all but this is getting to be too much. She is, at best, a 7.5.

02f1d5 No.14124852

File: a17d43efd89a3b8⋯.png (1.13 MB, 800x971, 800:971, 1515431690687.png)


A-at least two of my Homoknights reached the top. That makes me happy.

Poor Siegman, and Vane even with the recent event didnt made it

96a169 No.14125818

File: 018c52edeab33cd⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 567x800, 567:800, H09.jpg)


Shoot me an email at heles.eruneslut@gmail.com

I'll give you all the info you need from there.

8eee59 No.14125902

File: eb4ca83f3ec5c4d⋯.jpg (458.02 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, szs.jpg)

Getting spammed with network errors, is it just me or did they mess up something again?

6ec9e7 No.14125960


>Now I can make rainbow teams for omega farming, for omega farming on strike time, for autoing event content, for meme teams and joke builds, nuker teams for Arcarum, teams for superbuncle fights, Prestige pendant sniper teams for HL omegas, R/SR/Mixed R and SR pendant teams, 5* levelling teams, teams to farm different GW character materials and even then still have spare slots.

This tickles my autism

c5ba07 No.14126021


You can effortlessly maintain hype 4(100% unique mod) with Aoidos with xeno axe and an atma in your grid, Sturm also gets stronger as the fight goes on with hot headed, not much(50% unique mod). The thing with Percival is that his damage boost has a really shitty uptime of 3/8 while Sturm and Aoidos can maintain good damage after 3~4 turns until the fight ends or they die.

c5ba07 No.14126043

File: 3b6ed125a371b33⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1420x1008, 355:252, percyaoidos.png)



As seen in the image, Aoidos does roughly the same damage as percy with his buff.

6ec9e7 No.14126062

File: ecf992030bc7acc⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 200x302, 100:151, Joan of Arc as the world p….jpg)

File: d79858c9da80043⋯.png (181.9 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Joan of Arc as Japan perce….png)

File: f5e57650b4881eb⋯.jpg (378.11 KB, 512x724, 128:181, Joan of Arc as Japan perce….jpg)

File: 967c9b76d710c5b⋯.png (235.7 KB, 512x724, 128:181, Joan of Arc as Japan perce….png)

File: c073d22d3f70bbd⋯.png (179.34 KB, 500x374, 250:187, Joan of Arc as Japan perce….png)


Japan is obsessed with the french and their culture, the mere existence of Paris Syndrome proves this (look it up if you don't know what it is).

So naturally they absolutely adore one of the biggest national heroines of France to the point of her being one of the most popular characters in both FGO and GBF, and, I shit you not, having her own Meduka Meguca spinoff.

08f17c No.14126647


>Nips will never animate the accomplishments of Charles Martel because he doesn't have waifu potential.

d6f812 No.14126668

File: 44f12ca8ab92d4b⋯.jpg (289.47 KB, 500x740, 25:37, 1393610515501.jpg)


>the faces on those japs when they go to Paris, only to see it plagued by muslims and niggers shitting in the streets right next to their paper mache tents and forts

d6a0da No.14127043

File: ed7dac0015344db⋯.png (484.06 KB, 493x685, 493:685, korwaBirthday2.PNG)

Time to kill myself.

862dde No.14127044


I can't keep his buff up even if I triple attack all the time. Would you be able to show me what you're doing to keep it going?


I guess it looks comparable the 1/5th of the time you're able to get hype 4 when you also give Aoidos a bunch of other buffs.

c2a891 No.14127071


Didn’t stop them with King Arthur, they just made him a chick

28abdc No.14127095


Sent you one.

d2e072 No.14127255

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maybe someday he'll appear in moon media or in granblue. Gotta give the fujos the equivalent to Jeanne D'Arc or a girl version of Martel.


>The culture shock is so bad, the tourism for France decreased.

At least they know better to not come to France.

c5ba07 No.14127293


Turn 1: use all his skills and ougi with xeno axe mh.

T2: attack.

T3: ougi with aoidos and whomever else.

T4: ougi with mc and whomever else. aoidos should have hype 4 already, 3 if unlucky.

T5: attack.

T6: ougi with aoidos and whomever else, if possible don't ougi with mc. (hype 4 if unlucky, +2 turns of hype4)



T9: ougi or use his 1st skill.



T12: ougi.

Repeat ad infinitum. Remember to keep an eye out for when his passive procs as it gives you more two turns to gain charge bar for his ougis or use his first.

862dde No.14127427


I've tried this a few times now and its dropped every time. I guess it could work if I triple attacked 100% of the time.

c5ba07 No.14127697


Do you have atma? it became possible to keep his hype at 4 only after having it and his passive emp maxed out.

862dde No.14127778


For my tests I used 2 athena spears an atma sword and agni/agni. I guess if his EMP passive activated it would have allowed him to keep his hype up, but that only has a 5% chance to activate.

c5ba07 No.14127861


Are you testing it at trial battles or normal fights? his aggro also generates plenty charge bar.

862dde No.14128053


I was using the trial fight. I'll go try it on Garuda or something.

cd2a44 No.14128340

Rise of the Beasts starts in under 4 hours. We're getting FLBs for Huanglong and Qilin weapons this RotB right?

2b05e6 No.14128465


Yeah, we are. Also no more non-host gold bars

d2e072 No.14128911

File: e5314fda5eaf736⋯.png (688.75 KB, 634x831, 634:831, ClipboardImage.png)

Since there's going to be a Part 2 on What Makes the Sky Blue, is there a chance the game will replay on Part 1 like they did with Platinum Sky? Got in the game last Summer, and missed on what looked like a really exciting event along with getting Lyria as a teammate.

56a97a No.14128944


It's quite likely. Either that, or they'll make part 1 a side story.

Expectations for part 2:

>5* for Lyria

>sand dolphin SSR in gatcha

>Olivia as the big bad

>shitty summon

>more free horns

>5* for lucio and DAO

3dd885 No.14128981

File: 01d7934ebb39def⋯.png (28.86 KB, 139x348, 139:348, corner smug cat.png)


>5* for lucio and dao

that would be the only way to save olivia from being only cute

d2e072 No.14129014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>14128944 (checked)

>5* for Lyria

>sand dolphin SSR in gatcha

Got to hold onto those christmas crystals if that time comes.

d35cf3 No.14129016

I want playable sandalman. Misunderstood gentleman that did nothing wrong.

70bc62 No.14129224

File: 2ed71a42835b91d⋯.jpg (30.95 KB, 500x502, 250:251, DEkbfzzUwAEVYml.jpg)


>pushed danchou off a cliff

>nothing wrong

2e48a8 No.14129245


No one's posted it yet. half off campaign starting tonight until the 25th. Daily 1 draw tickets. Bonus exp and rp for people under 101

870302 No.14129253


Are they trying to convince players to commit suicide?

658f83 No.14129294


he literally tried to kill you and the only reason you survived because luria vii kun god powers

14ffce No.14129379


Homoangel is even more irredeemable than Fenrir. He nearly murdered you and didn't a couple islands drop from the sky killing everyone on them during his tantrum?

7de6e7 No.14129386

File: 6188477b654763e⋯.png (657.3 KB, 712x861, 712:861, gbf2017-267.png)

File: 7b267dfd6758fa1⋯.png (112.78 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990528000_hood2.png)

File: e699d289344fbe4⋯.png (115.29 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990528000_hood.png)

File: 731d999a5550c6c⋯.png (121.84 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990528000.png)


d2e072 No.14129410


either dolphin guy is going to be a shitty event sr character or a ssr summon for the event. I personally think he's in the same league as fenrir, but way worse seeing that he tried to end the world.

c0293d No.14129414

I'd play this if it's got dating sim elements. Does it have any, or even suggestive messages?

2b05e6 No.14129427

File: 4465761ea4a1ff3⋯.png (651.55 KB, 597x657, 199:219, 1510559911883.png)


There are some real slutty characters you can get who throw themselves at you in their fate episodes. The story overall and the fleshing out of the characters you get is really good.

be9643 No.14129431

File: 01d4ffd32b60402⋯.png (294.03 KB, 478x613, 478:613, DarkHarp.PNG)

File: 3238180f8029b41⋯.png (276.12 KB, 479x532, 479:532, QilinSword.PNG)

File: 57e19eb555ba814⋯.png (269.68 KB, 472x571, 472:571, DmgCapBow.PNG)

4* Uncap Materials for Qilin Weapons.

0584b5 No.14129432


dating sim elements, it has like, tiny crumbs of those. very tiny crumbs

Suggestive messages, yeah. I'd say there's not a lot, but I can't get the sound zoizoi makes when she's at red HP out of my head.

d2e072 No.14129438


Only few hints here and there. Some characters do have relationships or crushes with other characters though.

4e9ab3 No.14129441

File: 6196d114385f9fb⋯.png (1.12 MB, 800x859, 800:859, DTFzakJVMAESiEU.png large.png)

02f1d5 No.14129873

File: ab69143acd48d12⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1167x1650, 389:550, 1515296062268.png)


Like everything in life, you get very little romance out of this. But theres around 230 playable waifus. Choose one and be happy my dude. This is my wife Cagliostro.

56a97a No.14129893

File: fbbf23ba006724e⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 439x583, 439:583, fbbf23ba006724ea059acb2f83….jpg)


There was a little dating sim with Carren during that urchin event. That was nice.

d35cf3 No.14129920

File: fd80a4fe5d60dcd⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 565x800, 113:160, fcc8caa3.jpg)


What a cutie.

403906 No.14129941

File: 2b41c544070bc3a⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 641x960, 641:960, granblue trap.jpg)

d35cf3 No.14129960


I want to give Kou headpats and call him a good kid

4e9ab3 No.14129975

File: 5e98f71d14c53be⋯.png (810.2 KB, 700x847, 100:121, f451240f4ac43411375565efc9….png)

File: 561564dde3ae49f⋯.png (795 KB, 700x847, 100:121, 18424ffad4dce729c4491bf915….png)

02f1d5 No.14129982

File: eb3e68c849f87df⋯.png (995.31 KB, 944x1355, 944:1355, 63651509_p0.png)

File: b923fcf4c7910e1⋯.png (1.4 MB, 853x1207, 853:1207, 64137840_p0.png)

File: 261c7719ae54742⋯.jpg (588.2 KB, 3508x2480, 877:620, 65963566_p0.jpg)

File: 1d986c1cd6dc9b0⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 64426599_p0.jpg)



Slanderers, Cagliostro is a girl, the cutest girl, and she's my wife.

206cf0 No.14130004

File: 868483341d7f95f⋯.png (55.34 KB, 252x232, 63:58, 868483341d7f95f62de57bd01e….png)

Who /progression/ here?

>first time ever, managed to solo Macho and Agni

>despite dumping most of my efforts into buffing the shit out of fire, I got bullied by Zephryus by knocking his HP down to 25%


e946f6 No.14130006

File: 140ea6583e5644d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.47 KB, 756x1035, 84:115, 19116292913c6524d431dcb2ee….jpg)


She's a good girl, don't listen to the faggots.

7de6e7 No.14130007

File: b520b781d650b8f⋯.png (98.77 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990700000_hood2.png)

File: 95f2e6c10248dd7⋯.png (99.82 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990700000_hood.png)

File: fc2f0791abda54a⋯.png (111.95 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990700000.png)

7de6e7 No.14130010

File: ecccd13fb9bd76f⋯.png (111.68 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990699000_hood2.png)

File: 62524e1e50a92e5⋯.png (113.12 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990699000_hood.png)

File: 7ec9012294b80f7⋯.png (116.58 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990699000.png)

7de6e7 No.14130031

File: 506409d765c0c15⋯.png (81.62 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990695000_hood2.png)

File: b92ce2f0e7efa2d⋯.png (82.68 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990695000_hood.png)

File: f36148f37bd835c⋯.png (83.85 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3990695000.png)

02f1d5 No.14130694

File: ca2520128a72c20⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 60735331_p0.jpg)


Do we even have voice lines from the Oracles? Or anything, because Im not gonna be interesred in this Arcancer shite with no info

3dd885 No.14130730


hanged shota , light cow zerk and slut devil erune all had voiced parts

6ec9e7 No.14130732


I'll keep on believin' on Ruria's SSR uncap

6ec9e7 No.14130802


Some events have dating sim elements.

Loads of suggestive messages on events like your birthday, xmas day and saint valentine's, provided you have at least one of the gals that are thirsty for the Danchou (e.g. Magisa and Anthuria).


Daily reminder the Vyrn Fan Club is more than 100 strong and growing.

Anyone has that chart that shows that almost everyone loves either Vyrn, Katalina or Danchou?

6ec9e7 No.14130805

File: 199c3c8bd80b38c⋯.jpg (299 KB, 473x2070, 473:2070, Vyrn Lovers Anonymous.jpg)


Forgot the image

02f1d5 No.14130867


Isnt there an image where Kat goes asking half dragons about their ascendancy and then keeps looking at Vee?

6ec9e7 No.14130874


I'll check, should be one of the Grand Blues around the time of the Grea event.

6ec9e7 No.14131022

File: cdeaed204ecdda8⋯.jpg (223.72 KB, 630x3080, 9:44, Half-dragons.jpg)


Found it

df7d07 No.14131189

File: 999b076cff96fcb⋯.png (236.08 KB, 314x426, 157:213, 6ad1b1102cf1f6d5a6e1514f4a….png)


Even with the memes bogging everything down?

Anyone saved the scared Bea MP3s from the Behind you event?

603234 No.14131253


Yeah. She wants the V.

Shes gonna have to cover herself in applesauce.

70bc62 No.14132366

File: 0562fe3d6c40424⋯.jpg (25.28 KB, 451x115, 451:115, 2345364576.JPG)

File: acc4c06892b07d9⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 470x406, 235:203, 32534656756.JPG)

do I replace my regular twig with the new antique twig or finish one of my other antique twigs

96a169 No.14132373

File: e300ca43021f4ba⋯.png (23.72 KB, 585x441, 65:49, Anon delivers.PNG)

File: 7585fd275629a47⋯.png (340.39 KB, 455x447, 455:447, Account 1.PNG)

Delivery Status:


c5ba07 No.14132375


antique twig 0* is better than a colo cane flb man.

095d19 No.14132393

File: 473b81b77f42fea⋯.png (1.04 MB, 640x994, 320:497, gbf01.png)

2e48a8 No.14132462

File: de93acfe1c24f48⋯.jpg (131.02 KB, 960x730, 96:73, 19989798_1617657714925129_….jpg)


this one? Someone needs to update this with all of the relationships

658f83 No.14132508

File: 1585a2882f1364b⋯.jpg (45.23 KB, 766x460, 383:230, drake-hotline-bling-jacket….jpg)

206cf0 No.14132528


Need a crew, faggot? Post ID.

93013a No.14132543


That one, thanks.

d6f812 No.14132544


most of this shit isn't "love"

It'd be more accurate to call it "liking" I suppose

d2e072 No.14133379


Most of this chart is bullshit.

2b05e6 No.14133500

File: f165d9bb061e4f8⋯.png (63.37 KB, 461x344, 461:344, katalinahop.PNG)


Where the fuck is Yaia and Tyre?

d2e072 No.14133522

>>14133500 (checked)

Tyre is there, but Yaia is nowhere to be seen.

64eb88 No.14133557


oh man that fucking voice, i had sound muted when i received it.

4c2b0e No.14133585


Do a version for the fag santa claus

4c2b0e No.14133598


Playing last night, I got a SSR water dude with blonde hair who's fate episode was complete fujobait. Other than stuff like that, I don't think so.

70bc62 No.14133931


the matchstick stays till I have 4 completed antique twigs

1655c5 No.14134016

Anyone plan on doing Huang and Qilin trains? Because the raids fill up too fast even using the raid finder. And I only need two gold talismans for the ciphers.

df7d07 No.14134313

File: 9938e6b7bee1f17⋯.png (396.32 KB, 471x519, 157:173, 9938e6b7bee1f173b94b281e0e….png)


What, no Claudia?

0584b5 No.14134424

Does anyone have some numbers for how many crystals we get per story event? Say, like the miscolored memories one coming up.

e328c4 No.14134544


I'll join a qilin train if one comes up.

2f4a57 No.14135982



Join the nip trains in the coop raid room, it's much easier.

870302 No.14136051


If it's purely a physical attraction, then not gay, otherwise you're a faggot that's in love with an old geezer.

77cd27 No.14136934


>old geezer

Cagliostro's original body didn't even make it past childhood.

23788b No.14136973


I'm pretty sure he used alchemy to help himself survive to old age, then swapped to a loli body after. That's why Katalina mentions that he was known as a man rather than as a girl in his 2nd fate.

77cd27 No.14137226

File: 1a0090fb5a722c3⋯.png (427.63 KB, 489x665, 489:665, become girl.png)


No, Cagliostro decided to throw her original body away as soon as possible. As for Kat's comment, there are many possible explanations for that, maybe the first body wasn't female when Cagliostro publicized that she could create and swap into artificial bodies, maybe she and her sister talked about how body swapping came about when they would teach alchemy to other people.

8eee59 No.14137429

File: d99d06cf6576e5c⋯.png (119.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, wall of errors just like m….png)

Holy shit no wonder nothing works

14ffce No.14138244

File: fbb79e743feff46⋯.jpg (662.46 KB, 1100x1700, 11:17, dog side.jpg)

2f4a57 No.14138379

File: c0e55c87da2132b⋯.jpg (33.57 KB, 682x432, 341:216, kill_zoi.jpg)

AA86A194 zoi come bully

02f1d5 No.14138859

File: 146fd410dba8a9c⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1024x1446, 512:723, 55320235_p4.jpg)

File: 989103f7afc86cd⋯.jpg (2.84 MB, 1712x2571, 1712:2571, 55320235_p3.jpg)

File: 3033120f8428c4c⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1327x1024, 1327:1024, 63682145_p0.png)



Alchemist Astray gave shittons of charactet development to Cag, I already liked her for her body and personality, but add the whole overcoming your barriers and put it in a perfect mix of vanity and pride without turning it into an ojousama with dohoho laughs made me like Cagliostro more and more, and watch how she forgave her own family who tried to get her killed again and again, and then graciously tries to bond with her niece, Cag is a better human than she lets on and discovering that below the facade made it better.


Dude's right, Cag didnt made it to late teens, also his first homunculus body was female, alchemist astray points a convo between her in her new body and her sister who asks if she has to call her onee san from that point on.

1655c5 No.14139431

Why doesn't dispel work against the Leopard in Arcarum? Who design this bullshit? Waiting an hour because repel is fucking OP fucking blows.

df7d07 No.14139511

File: 40fa07f9e86bdec⋯.jpg (88.67 KB, 744x779, 744:779, 40fa07f9e86bdec14e5d920c1f….jpg)


You can't beat that thing quick? Are you running it with a weak Earth grid?

77cd27 No.14140007

File: 6a11f8f688eb499⋯.jpg (374.8 KB, 1107x1571, 1107:1571, whale inventory.jpg)

Man I went to go take a look at some of the public twitter whales, some of it I look on in jealousy, knowing that i can reasonably achieve doing things like beating agni in 2 minutes, but then there's stuff like pic related

206cf0 No.14140061

File: e3983d7481e902b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 953x937, 953:937, yer a faget Candi.png)

d6f812 No.14140105


just letting you know that being sexually attracted to characters like Cag, Da Vinci, Tanya, etc. makes you straight up


c5ba07 No.14140453


Who's Da Vinci?

d2e072 No.14140465


What's wrong with Tanya?

4e9ab3 No.14140490

File: 39b7bf6d50b3524⋯.jpeg (162.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, smug mikado.jpeg)


>just letting you know that being sexually attracted to characters like Cag, Da Vinci, Tanya, etc. makes you straight

Good to know

2b05e6 No.14140538

File: b105857c4255243⋯.png (115.8 KB, 480x400, 6:5, 480px-Tanya_(SR)_A.png)


Tanya is unironically the best girl in-game in terms of looks and personality, what the fuck are you talking about you actual homosexual.

e328c4 No.14140541

File: 7a69d4cfdbf871f⋯.png (297.13 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 88WQFXx.png)

can you only buy one qilin from the shop?

d6f812 No.14140572


In my post I was referring to men whose souls inhabited the bodies of females. Da Vinci is from another gacha shit game.


I'm talking about the evil Tanya

70bc62 No.14140581



he's talking about youjo senki

1279c4 No.14141790

e328c4 No.14141835

File: 3ac0ba87bc33979⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 16d.jpg)


well shit. Thanks for confirming.

0ad4c5 No.14142919

File: 9d5e94636ee12a9⋯.png (659.18 KB, 483x776, 483:776, b2z57sg4.png)


There's nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to any of those characters, because there's nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to cute girls.

It's only gay when you're emotionally attracted.

203a73 No.14142928

02f1d5 No.14144232

File: 79469e10f83b9f9⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, 50574317_p0.jpg)

File: c73fc7a95e4bbb5⋯.jpg (6.75 MB, 2505x3508, 2505:3508, 61428975_p0.jpg)

File: 5c933fffff0ff73⋯.png (399.04 KB, 749x1025, 749:1025, 50270174_p3.png)


>liking pussy makes you gay

Nigga, its all natural pussy via homunculi alchemy, supreme being fuckery or something, you sound like a dickbreathed barafag and a plebeian of the worst caliber. It must be a shame to your waifu that old men in girl bodies are better women than her

bbf089 No.14144242

File: 069ee3175f70cc1⋯.png (292.52 KB, 478x319, 478:319, i would had slaughtered yo….png)


I don't care if it's a magic tranny or Ranma, that shit is still gay.

70bc62 No.14144259

File: a2111f53d81d03a⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1376182224338.jpg)


>being this insecure

d6f812 No.14144265


>being this secure in faggotry

bbf089 No.14144337

File: db207fdb0324db6⋯.jpg (187.91 KB, 872x1223, 872:1223, 1447349019743.jpg)


Gender blender doujins are gay too

ab720f No.14144408

File: 77d412b7bdab8fa⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 77d412b7bdab8fad7324115edf….jpg)



clitoris is a tiny penis

85f520 No.14144462

File: 67b07c51c907770⋯.jpg (538.08 KB, 700x900, 7:9, 60941206_p0.jpg)

File: 261c7719ae54742⋯.jpg (588.2 KB, 3508x2480, 877:620, 65963566_p0.jpg)


So liking naturally born girls is gay too because half their dna came from a man?

Get your act together nigga, as far as shit is, Cagliostro is a girl, has been a girl for almost a thousand years, if not way more and shes cute. Now game related, are ROTB weapons good, I mean the broadsword of earth, anemoi lyre, septian burner and water whatever good?

70bc62 No.14144504


the broadsword is potentially usefull for new players who need extra HP

It and the other weapons aren't good statwise and would only ever be mainhanded in very specific situations

bbf089 No.14144511

File: 032439afe80b93b⋯.jpg (150.04 KB, 727x1000, 727:1000, red pills.jpg)


He is still a tranny, he just used magic instead of chopping off his dick.

Even if his DNA now is entirely a girl's, the situation is the same as a gender bending doujin.

He still is in essence an old man playing pretend.

7645da No.14144531


It's not pretend if it's a full on 100% female gender swap.

85f520 No.14144557

File: 205f98b09788d31⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1000x1100, 10:11, 65160866_p1.png)


So, its all fodder if Im somewhat geared, except the sword. Nice to know I get some extra fodder. Because I got a septian burner and it looked like shite.


Listen you 15/89 civnatfag, it didnt even had its balls drop as a man, dude died at 12-14 tops, it never even got to be a late teenager, it was a man for so short of a time that its irrelevant, might as well be a lolibaba.

Related to game, Out of Albert, Amira, Chevira, Ferry, Rosamia, who should be benched the fuck out because my brain says Albert.

58b60f No.14144567


Get back to your containment board, faggot.


bbf089 No.14144570


Biologically speaking you're right, I just don't take the whole "it's magic" thing, I don't care if we even get the technology to give trannies a completely female body and just switch their brain data to that body, I still find it as bullshit out of personal ethics.


>he died young

I'm pretty sure Katalina mentions him being an old man, you can even tell he's just roleplaying because he does drop the act from time to time.

4ef2cd No.14144576

File: 1ae1ca46dadd939⋯.jpg (37.26 KB, 439x583, 439:583, fbbf23ba006724ea059acb2f83….jpg)

ab720f No.14144582

File: 1fb8faa332d125f⋯.jpg (35.82 KB, 599x600, 599:600, miss you hitler.jpg)


furfags are here, now the party is complete

85f520 No.14144593

File: b80a5b3c454412c⋯.png (880.94 KB, 780x1006, 390:503, 66312996_p0.png)


>everything i dont like is cargo cult

I dont take waifuism seriously, Dicky Spencer. Its all tongue in cheek fun but instead of fighting the jews you go and attack one of the very threads that united us in imageboards, 2d tibetan manuscript girls. Not everything is /pol/, and most of you faggots are fat amerimutts fapping to civic nationalism who wont fight when the time for an actual race war comes.

bbf089 No.14144597

File: e9f7597f1f3491e⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, transchild.jpg)


fucking a tranny that went through hormone treatment since 7 years old is still gay too

4ef2cd No.14144608

File: e9557c060c8d12f⋯.png (114.06 KB, 321x290, 321:290, Bye.png)


>Lizard is furry

85f520 No.14144616

File: 5b0617ef2b00953⋯.jpg (843.19 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 66299347_p27.jpg)


Its later confirmed in Alchemist Astray that the Helmuth Guild had spread lies to build a fake church around Cag's sister to justify their shitty practices, Cagliostro was a woman by the time he founded the first school of alchemy but grew discontent with how greedy and asinine were her students, so they imprisoned her because they had no idea what killed her and then brainwashed cag's sisters descendants for a thousand years to train their Decay Alchemy to kill Cag, but it all backfired when Clarisse not only didnt but disarmed their Nigredo. Read the fucking game and fuck off back to r/the donald which is more your speed. This is just a mobage not what you should fight, like the jews and the kalergists, motherfucker.

bbf089 No.14144638


How does him starting the school of alchemy when he was already a master of it defies anything I said or back up the idea that he was just a young shota when he made his transition? How does any of that even make it less gay?

Just admit you're a massive faggot like Moot.

70bc62 No.14144655


read the thread >>14138859

> alchemist astray points a convo between her in her new body and her sister who asks if she has to call her onee san from that point on.

85f520 No.14144656

File: acb58e41bc80c06⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1062x752, 531:376, 65406685_p0.png)



What furry is there, he posted the average answer liking cag has.


It sounds to me like you have Jahans degree autism, its a mobage drawing with a pretty funny backstory, for all you know I could have another waifu and youre just being assblasted about a long running gag.

77c4cf No.14144680


i have no problem being called a gay

i have a problem when saying that it makes me gay, a friend next to me will call me transphobe, so in that situation i ==have== to say that im just attracted to "her"

bbf089 No.14144688

File: 0f53f4ebe177099⋯.jpg (5.94 KB, 143x116, 143:116, wakamoto.jpg)


No I actually don't mind at all, I just find it gay even if it's a magical transition that makes him genetically female.

You can be as gay as you want, from a scientific point of view it isn't gay at all, from a ethical one it's pretty dubious since it still is a man transitioning.

You making up excuses like "his balls hadn't dropped", which you could say about pre-teen trannies as well, is absolutely irrelevant just show delusional you are rejecting the faggotry involved.

70bc62 No.14144705


you're the one who brought up age like it mattered chucklefuck

85f520 No.14144718

File: 11cae81980f1741⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, 65087012_p6.jpg)


And you quoted my own post you absolute retard let me make a tiny timeline for you:

Year -1034-1039, Cagliostro Sister is born

-1028 sickly kid Cag is born

-1014-1010 Cagliostro dies, but managed to discard the body and creates a new body that is female, conversation with sister happens

-1000 Cagliostro has greedy students who were amonested about their gold greed, Cagliostro sister had died prior to that point, Cag was hurt but respected her wish to die naturally.

-990 Helmuth council decides Cagliostro is too dangerous to their greed and plans, locks her up, amasses funds to create a church that spread lies about the Cagliostro household and made Cag a deranged psycho and her sister a Saint who died wrongfully at "his hands". Then on he is demonized to the sisters descendants to kill him which none accomplish.

Year 0-Gran starts his trip, meets Cagliostro, Helmuth Guild was part of the Erste inquisitors and had integrated their corrupted lies to the army, which Katalina had barely heard of.

Year 3 - Alchemist Astray happens here

Clarisse not only doesnt kill Cag, but reunites the family after a thousand years of lies, Helmuth Guild is vonsidered defunct, Paracelsus on the loose. Read the game, nigger.

70bc62 No.14144742


take a deep breath, and actually read what I said and see why I quoted you in response to the guy you're arguing with

then stop making yourself look worse than him

bbf089 No.14144752

File: f7c4fd3f4306774⋯.jpg (102.72 KB, 715x1538, 715:1538, sides blown.jpg)


When did I do that?

Are you calling me an ageist now besides being a transphobe for not accepting his new pronouns now?

His age doesn't really bother me, the point of contention here is the fact he's a man that switching to a little loli girl and he is just playing pretend.

85f520 No.14144804


Stop moving the goalpost. Everything you have called out has been wrong, is part of your delusions or fake. Maybe youre shariablue, Schmuel

>>14144742 at first I thought you were him on a second IP, tbh, all Ive been doing lately is post evidence as to why hes wrong and just being retarded for the sake of it when everyone is by no calling him out.

8eee59 No.14144857

File: 3b1c7474b604cd0⋯.jpg (327.58 KB, 1786x1911, 1786:1911, major kusanagi.jpg)


>liking a man who takes over a loli body is not gay

>you must be part of the clinton staff trying to fool me

Whatever m8, you're just delusional

Fucking the major would also be gay.

85f520 No.14144886


As far as your logic works fucking any woman is gay because, they all also had to come from a father, never mind the body is a handcrafted doll, is fucking Orchid gay too? Because if a woman doesnt come exclusively of a woman its now gay if we go by your stance.

8eee59 No.14144905

File: e4e8ddcf58956ab⋯.png (179.41 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 0 int.png)


>come exclusively from a woman

>liking woman is gay because they have a father

Sorry where did I say the issue is that they have a father?

The issue here is that they're clearly a man taking over a female body in both cases, the fact a man manufactured the body is irrelevant, if Cagliostro's body was made by Clarisse as it was last time or his sister, it would still be controlled by and in essence be Cagliostro.

df7d07 No.14144920

File: 9b4300fd71d6e17⋯.jpg (390.95 KB, 554x728, 277:364, 9b4300fd71d6e1734417491405….jpg)


Should keep one of each for their special skills for when you're grinding out exp or items.

77c4cf No.14144965

its still a boy hungry for cock

even if he has his boy parts gone, he's still a boy.

a hungry nymphiotic cock boy

85f520 No.14145020

File: c5ab8c0328e5218⋯.jpg (425.2 KB, 733x648, 733:648, 66299347_p12.jpg)


It applies, Cag admits at one stage the body was handmade by him, in that case its just a doll, who he was died in the first body, how hard is that, instead you just want to make it look like its John Flynn all over again, at one stage he admits his consciousness as a man had gone, and all that remained was the alchemical being and even at that its more magic with sone will, than a soul. For all purposes its a female doll with a copy of a memory drive, like that Sixth Day movie.

e75349 No.14145031

File: a4f0f77f84d9dea⋯.png (1018.42 KB, 640x994, 320:497, plan.png)

85f520 No.14145066


Crashing this plane, WITH NO SURVIVORS!

Wish Siegman went full Bane just to hear him baneposting.

d6f812 No.14145093

File: 1a4e5c4e66d1649⋯.gif (80.76 KB, 326x300, 163:150, 5dcbeb344c6009517fbc828386….gif)


You're downplaying the fact that the soul and mind is still that of a male's. The body may be feminine, but at the root of all things it's some horny old man. In other words, no different than fucking a MtF transsexual.

2b05e6 No.14145174

File: eb3635409b65631⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 500x352, 125:88, 1513237998248.gif)


Cagliostro is a genius. Being a child at the time, he still probably wanted to have a body similar to that of a childs. Also, being female basically gives you +10 to any charisma checks against males, making iy do he can charm and possibly maneuver his way out of situations if it calls for it, which a male countenance couldn't do.

403906 No.14145200

File: ec35e7131d831d6⋯.png (124.17 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Aliza_A.png)


The problem with trannys is they aren't magically turning into complete females; if they were, there'd be less general disgust over these surgery abominations. A cute girl with a man's mind is, at worst, a tomboy, and if you're shitting on tomboys you'll have a whole army after you.

d6f812 No.14145219


I'm not bashing tomgirls - that's my fetish. No, I'm just saying that Cagliostro inhabiting a female body is still gay, just as if gender reassignment surgery were to advance such that you couldn't tell a woman from a man, even biologically.

77cd27 No.14145278


The soul does not have a sex

The mind is the result of chemicals in the body, and therefore does not have a sex either.

2d4760 No.14145299


>you'll have a whole army after you

How scared would anyone be facing an army of men who lust after girls that are stronger than them?

8eee59 No.14145321


The fact it's a man inhabiting a girl's body is still undeniable.

As is the fact that biologically speaking it is a female body.

Whether liking Cagliostro is gay or no is truly a battleground for philosophy and science.

70bc62 No.14145322



get the fuck out

77c4cf No.14145331


>at one stage he admits his consciousness as a man had gone

its still a boy

8eee59 No.14145347

File: a5b98fb0d47f671⋯.jpg (50.54 KB, 390x340, 39:34, caglioshock.jpg)


Fair point trannies always say their mind is not that of a man, yet they are still majorly 'lesbians'.

575d6d No.14145359


>tomboy = girl stronger than you

Nigger, if a moderately athletic female is stronger than you, you should really consider getting a gym membership.

d6f812 No.14145378

File: 127c8a98f8a08d0⋯.png (217.73 KB, 428x456, 107:114, 0ed39e99fccc8dfa9b43690c5e….png)


whoops, I meant to say tomboys. Everyone talking about tomgirls in the AGDQ thread got me mixed up.

77c4cf No.14145438


he's still a boy

a cock hungry boy

70bc62 No.14145561

File: 981349ce92b0964⋯.gif (462.56 KB, 300x188, 75:47, 1362687447049.gif)


you're on thin ice

3dd885 No.14145617

File: 6622b5156d78251⋯.jpg (163.57 KB, 1100x1700, 11:17, batman villain.jpg)

7B696A64 juan dong

3dd885 No.14145666

File: f873f158d9706d9⋯.png (261.87 KB, 376x431, 376:431, Caf_mQAXIAAQLH7.png)

5A07CE36 more juan

77c4cf No.14145886



stop posting encrypted CP or i'll tell mark

2e48a8 No.14145966

File: 4cad15ed02f1b6a⋯.png (98.33 KB, 270x306, 15:17, clarisse.png)

It's a 'is cag gay' episode

929fec No.14146097

File: e9a4688e3c1182d⋯.jpg (235.17 KB, 500x1044, 125:261, __noah_granblue_fantasy_dr….jpg)


I think the question we all need to be asking is 'Is Noa gay' the answer is no

3dd885 No.14146113

File: 75810a5209c25fa⋯.gif (505.13 KB, 560x462, 40:33, best girl dance.gif)


noa is gay and rackam property

e328c4 No.14146118

File: 2b793f3416d42b4⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 515x377, 515:377, 1dxet4.jpg)

8eee59 No.14146125

File: 69bf8d595fb6fc8⋯.jpg (10.27 KB, 346x200, 173:100, kaworu head.jpg)


Get in the airship rackam

929fec No.14146147

File: a905eebefa14021⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 692.96 KB, 1000x954, 500:477, __noah_and_rackam_granblue….jpg)




Noah is a very cute girl!

cd2a44 No.14146906

File: 7456780a323ca65⋯.webm (368.48 KB, 460x498, 230:249, WHAT IS THIS.webm)

>all this gay shit

Over a year of granblue threads and this is the gayest thread ever. Where the fuck did you guys come from? Only cuckchan and leddit does this gayposting, why here now? Fuck off and never come back.

7de6e7 No.14147123

File: 415cf9f9382a7e3⋯.jpg (403.32 KB, 536x578, 268:289, 61466381_p0.jpg)

un-gaying this thread

14ffce No.14147163

File: bdd81ac0931cf67⋯.png (905.76 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, beato from below.png)

File: 9405b0cdc3be1cc⋯.png (805.02 KB, 713x1008, 713:1008, beato 12.png)

File: cd1eae20849db7b⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 941x666, 941:666, beato from behind.jpg)

Gonna take a lot of fire to cleanse this one.

2b05e6 No.14147219

File: 8a331af26ada8ab⋯.png (495.87 KB, 575x1000, 23:40, 217d25d8fee2be967443bfa107….png)

Is christmas account-roller anon still on? I have a friend who wants to get into granblue, and I'd like to get him a decent account.

96a169 No.14147341

File: 19038da2c83e202⋯.png (67.3 KB, 471x434, 471:434, even lolier.PNG)

File: 32a803b58c015db⋯.png (224.05 KB, 479x380, 479:380, aw yeah.PNG)

File: 197790c52789596⋯.png (298.82 KB, 472x495, 472:495, H Bea.PNG)


I'm here, help me ungay the thread and pick one, it's like the second post in the thread.

2b05e6 No.14147437

File: 461c9becca05749⋯.png (705.42 KB, 850x620, 85:62, 19033086ad5df27d4cdcd7e08e….png)

File: 7d5cd2e4a55cdfa⋯.jpg (134.67 KB, 637x900, 637:900, 1492289834052.jpg)

File: 02ccc471c6a61aa⋯.jpg (314.08 KB, 1000x754, 500:377, 1499039398588.jpg)

File: 814628f7f6043f3⋯.jpg (714.28 KB, 740x1036, 5:7, 1514967561889.jpg)

File: df4abe95dfa1f82⋯.png (306.16 KB, 591x656, 591:656, d30671979e6d64b2148b0967c8….png)


Got you covered on the un-gaying. Account 2 looks pretty great, I'll nab that for him.

929fec No.14147501

File: 28c3211b9d94a67⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.21 KB, 760x1250, 76:125, noa jk.jpg)

File: aa3f3395b5d0f4d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.27 KB, 700x1047, 700:1047, noa.jpg)

File: 17aa258291cfd3e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 978.27 KB, 1500x1555, 300:311, lucy eating spaghetti (why….png)

Am I doing this right?

2b05e6 No.14148532

File: 8a331af26ada8ab⋯.png (495.87 KB, 575x1000, 23:40, 217d25d8fee2be967443bfa107….png)

File: a9484b58bfa98c0⋯.jpg (96.69 KB, 564x786, 94:131, 7720f22b86e459bb4e2bd7f3f4….jpg)

File: 7c39490bd0e4a76⋯.jpg (144.16 KB, 800x862, 400:431, 1492545506899.jpg)

File: d7f08fc323ea7e0⋯.jpg (103.21 KB, 400x1172, 100:293, 1494818155381.jpg)

File: 4d8eef4d99305a3⋯.png (27.83 KB, 112x108, 28:27, 4d8eef4d99305a3e318d608ce1….png)

d35cf3 No.14148922

File: 7212efeac619886⋯.jpg (968.57 KB, 1260x1015, 36:29, a2a34b8c5a33c6f047154f988b….jpg)

Thread explodes into debate about what character is considered gay or not.

I don't care if you fags like traps or black nigger dick, just fuck off already.

3dd885 No.14148956

File: ebf90197d33794d⋯.jpg (761.22 KB, 718x822, 359:411, 9yo.jpg)

D5FAA16A juan

c5ba07 No.14149261


Are there white niggers?

e328c4 No.14149340

File: 2ef8b970a5533ae⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 402x548, 201:274, 2ef8b970a5533ae6262db01511….jpg)


Russians, Australians. Take your pick.

2d4760 No.14149402

File: b0724923e175f8b⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 780x744, 65:62, Where is pin Sergei.jpg)




883731 No.14149432


They may be a constant reminder to the rest of the planet about the inherent dangers of consuming too much alcohol but they're still white.

0584b5 No.14149936

I remember thinking cygames set a pretty tall order for themselves during Christmas. I wonder what kind of announcements they'll make on top of that for the next anniversary. What's this one, the fourth?

Maybe they'll mostly be followups on things said on Christmas like EX arcarum.

c005d8 No.14149968


Anniversary livestream will be

>KMR bending over to apologize for Vajra and Olivia being weak, promises rebalance and announces other character for rebalance

>announce some upcoming collab

>ReLink news

>4th row of zeniths reveal

>Magna2 info including the light/dark ones

4ae2bf No.14150079


I'm not sure if they announced a time period for arcarum EX but i'll assume it's going to be featured in the livestream.

By that time, all the xeno raids will have come out so i expect they'll announce the plans for them as well. The current format of "replace an actual event with a xeno" is not very fun and i hope they add them to a rotation like their normal counterparts. Normal Ifrit, Cocy, etc. Also started as events so i'm holding out hope.

a3b5da No.14150084

File: 2148443db7addf0⋯.png (1.14 MB, 728x1000, 91:125, 1515059924051.png)


I expect no suptix, no relink info, shitty 8.5 free ssr and 200 crystals each login day during anniv magnafest with no half coop.

3dd885 No.14150121

File: bb59a4821c98593⋯.jpg (769.96 KB, 2000x2703, 2000:2703, 2m.jpg)

4A66EE70 juan

0584b5 No.14150133


I expect them to cluster them together at first like what they did with their predecessors.

3dd885 No.14150170

File: 3d6f291198d1516⋯.jpg (124.55 KB, 791x1000, 791:1000, charlotta gear solid.jpg)

37CAC26E black horse

0584b5 No.14150188


I'm not sure if such clarification is necessary, but I mean as an event.

Additionally I remember hearing something about a Grande HL? Not looking forward to that for multiple reasons. Bet my cosmo sword will go out of style and I'll have to spam the life out of that raid for something neater. I really don't like playing dark for some reason too.

3dd885 No.14150201

File: cbe05102a6f1332⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 667x671, 667:671, bully chev.jpg)


to my knowledge no , grande HL is not programmed dark is literally the all attackers elements where the mc is the only real support role go deep or die

0584b5 No.14150459


My problem is a little more autistic in that it's actually more or less the element I'm third most capable within, and that's no small thing. I just haven't found a way I can play it for extended periods of time and like it. Think it's because there's not too many team buffers there.

2f4a57 No.14150486

File: b529977297ec282⋯.png (53.74 KB, 256x256, 1:1, cute_zoi.png)

E1DDF262 zoi

96a169 No.14151044

File: 85df80372750698⋯.png (303.51 KB, 477x388, 477:388, That beach Kurwa.PNG)

File: 624093c53d7d14b⋯.png (344.56 KB, 478x380, 239:190, summer tweyen.PNG)

File: 44c1162477aa9ee⋯.png (313.39 KB, 479x384, 479:384, Summer Threo.PNG)


Same drill as the Account 1 guy, e-mail me at thatdarkfag@gmail.com

I'll link the account to this g-mail, then give you access to both so you can reset everything to your liking on your own.

2b05e6 No.14152154

File: bb88313fe0e1124⋯.jpg (195.55 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1515784450552.jpg)


Email sent, I mentioned the account I supported in the christmas draws so youll know its me.

be9643 No.14152812

File: 576708823223255⋯.png (109.98 KB, 458x120, 229:60, Walder.PNG)

How many of you still have this under your recommended quests?

3dd885 No.14153109

File: 776168170eac763⋯.jpg (515.7 KB, 828x1169, 828:1169, 13efa80264313b8b2bc35922f6….jpg)

D5B03C56 juan

2e48a8 No.14154421

File: 44831cf84952205⋯.png (1.41 MB, 700x1333, 700:1333, ClipboardImage.png)

c005d8 No.14154442


Damn it Gran stop being so best!

90aef0 No.14154488

File: 859cc3ed00ee982⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 571x800, 571:800, 859cc3ed00ee9825cc55bb8903….jpg)


Did Vira's VA actually sing that song?

cd2a44 No.14154646


Can anyone translate this?

96a169 No.14154750

File: e1975e554dddcdc⋯.png (277.48 KB, 479x655, 479:655, final uncap.PNG)

23788b No.14154792

File: f135e603950a409⋯.jpg (189.19 KB, 694x528, 347:264, 6.png.jpg)

23788b No.14155524


Also, Sarasa is the same height as the other girls, this artist can never get proportions for draphs correct ever

2b05e6 No.14155889

File: 7d9dbd378ffaa37⋯.jpg (102.87 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1512432398298.jpg)


I thought I heard about Vira and Farrah's voice actors actually singing it together, but I never found it or any proof of it being real.



P-pls respond on email, cutie

d7edd9 No.14156132

Anila 5 star when?

2e48a8 No.14156138


the 31st with legfest. They announced it in the latest granblue channel

de335f No.14156221



The fuck is this gay shit?

2e48a8 No.14156410



Here's a translation

Jin: It seems like we'll have a juutenshu joining our crew.

Eugen: Woah! I don't know who it is, but any of them will be dependable! Right, Soriz?

Soriz: If it were up to me, It'd be the sico three! If it's any of those three, I'd be satisfied.

Jin: No, hold on Soriz. Nio's adult charm is also the real deal! It's the sico four!

Eugen: Hey you Jin, Harvin's are no good…

Gran: No… You're all fools… It's the sico five!

Eugen: Captain?!

Soriz: Y-You serious?!

df7d07 No.14156479

File: 061e02ed0c5a233⋯.png (1007.08 KB, 741x942, 247:314, 56749832_p0.png)


How'd Sarunan Light shoot up to tier 9, was the buff that good? He's one of the few male characters that isn't fujo bait.

2e48a8 No.14156498


what? Did you intend to reply to me?

2b05e6 No.14156513


His dark damage cut is now 70% and it lasts for two turns, meaning you can full damage cut a skyfall or any dark attack if you use an athena or a light carbuncle. His attacks also got buffed a bit, and one of his buffs are now team-wide.

d2e072 No.14156592

File: 1efa0abc99e958d⋯.png (331.39 KB, 600x589, 600:589, ClipboardImage.png)


Done Waldur's fate episode when I first started playing the game, and I kinda hope for a SSR version of him someday or a replay of Ranger Sigh Bravo for his SR character. Have these two stuck on my list along with those extra crystals.


>He's one of the few male characters that isn't fujo bait.

His dark version is cool too along with his second fate episode which was spooky.

d2e072 No.14156600

File: 6422cbabcc170e3⋯.png (138.23 KB, 466x266, 233:133, stuck behind chap 63 wall.PNG)

File: 046ffcd893f9600⋯.jpg (698.94 KB, 1280x1830, 128:183, 6425324324.jpg)

df7d07 No.14156607

File: 0a4e941d0af6a4f⋯.jpg (95.93 KB, 884x1024, 221:256, 0a4e941d0af6a4f348a0986282….jpg)


No, sorry, forgot to take that off.


Do you think Io getting a little debuff was because they plan on giving her the final star soon?

862dde No.14156950


That would be because Gamewith's tier list is complete shit.

08f17c No.14157108


Why again do they hate Vajra so much? It's not like she's weak.

862dde No.14157222


She seems pretty weak to me.

6bb98a No.14157327

File: f47cedbb5643217⋯.png (222.85 KB, 600x732, 50:61, This needs an Ilsa edit.png)



First Skill could have used a WATER DEF DOWN or Bonus Water Damage, instead of being a 10% Debuff Resistance Down, it doesn't meshes well around, unless you really don't land debuffs

Petrify on 6 turns for 60 seconds as second slot

Third Skill has a extremely long CD

her passive skill requires Garjana to be out to be used, which is not a character trait you want if youre aiming to unga bunga shit.

All she's got is being nopan pantyhose. Poor Vajra. Let's hope Kubira gets a better treatment.

08f17c No.14157384


What exactly is lackluster about her petrify? People cream themselves over Perci's and it's exactly the same.

Her buff is on par with the other zodiacs and arguably more reliable.

Just because Mahira exists doesn't mean she's bad.

e328c4 No.14157388


that's true, but became a moot point as soon as the weapon she's included with filled the petrify niche.

08f17c No.14157396


>Never looked at her weapons

Why not both?

Throw in Sakura for shits and giggles. Nips think she's bad too.

2b05e6 No.14157461

File: 74360047c230a0c⋯.png (155.59 KB, 371x329, 53:47, 1514935817985.png)


The primary debuffers water will pack is Altair, Drang and Lilele, whom already have great/exceptional debuff landing rates, making her first skill moot in the element. Perceival's first skill is also an attacking skill, but it has a much higher cap and heals Perci, and upon ougi, can be used twice in a row.

Their two's are the exact same thing, but water is naturally a more defensive element than fire is having more core characters who can cut damage, making it less effective compared to the DPS style fire tends to go with, which requires a means to avoid enemy ougis to keep supplying damage in an attempt to beat the enemy before it beats you.

Vajra's three is neat in that its essentially Dancer's primary skill plus a strange "echo" which can be decent with Luchador's Tag Team, but the 2/12 uptime makes it a little difficult to rely on at all, as it will be down most of the time. Percival gains a very powerful selfish buff in his 3 which gives him Strength (20-60% damage increase that synergizes with his first skill), fire attack up, and 20% echoes on a much better 3/8 uptime, and an ADDITIONAL 30% fire attack increase due to his passive. Speaking of passives, Vajra's passive gives buffs depending on chain bursts, which is counter intuitive due to her lofty 200% charge bar total. Percival himself gains further buffs with the passive that boost attack and DATA due to having 3 other units out next to him, and lastly his EMP enables the Xeno Ifrit Axe mainhand to activate it's effect easier due to giving him the ability to burn on autoattack. Perci is a superior unit in every way and is very strong for the DPS-oriented element fire finds itself as, while Vajra is redundant and either does nothing other characters can't do better, or has gimmicks that don't mesh with the meta those better characters create within the element.

d2e072 No.14157516


>nips think sakura is awful too

Minus the fact that she doesn't attack, her others skills are nice along with her charge attack. Then again, I barely have an SSR light characters aside from Rosamia and that dude from the touken ranbu collab.

d6a0da No.14157779


Not attacking in an element that already has low damage is a pretty big issue.

d2e072 No.14157930


Fair enough.

e4db44 No.14158004

File: 06da59785bcc8f6⋯.png (256.91 KB, 457x336, 457:336, Account 2.PNG)

File: dc28296c7d76640⋯.png (173 KB, 456x226, 228:113, Account 2.2PNG.PNG)


Sent :^)

2b05e6 No.14159810

File: 2de96195e9288c8⋯.png (52.15 KB, 230x236, 115:118, Nice.PNG)


He got the account, thanks babe

df7d07 No.14160109

File: 0b2833b3941c572⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 480x705, 32:47, d98dcfe15d8b999c8d4e064c6e….jpg)


Kinda wanna make an E-Team now full of what should've been great characters.

ef83e7 No.14160331


Not to mention one of her skills being useless(dodge, in the element with so much life it can tank the world) and the 2 that deal damage having terrible cooldowns(7 turns). Her buffs aren't even that great, she is a terrible character through and through such that you are better off using most SRs over her.

3dd885 No.14160380


she gives atk (stamina ) the higher her hp is (in percentage)

d6a0da No.14160820

File: 499e57f43a99292⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 440.25 KB, 480x400, 6:5, 643988cccc10f07144c9c8e976….gif)


Her buffs are not actually that bad. If she could attack she would be top tier in light. Not many light characters can provide DA/TA and according to the wiki its a special type buff, meaning it should stack with other similar buffs. Echos are always nice and light is becoming more and more ougi-centric so uplift is solid too, there are no real losing results off that skill. She can hypothetically cap defense and attack down with mist or Jeanne in longer fights although that is in practice hampered by her long cooldown on her s2. Finally her stamina passive is a perfect fit for light's high hp.

Unfortunately light can't have nice things so they gimped her instead.

862dde No.14161613

File: 9d17e52dfc35069⋯.png (129.04 KB, 731x1023, 731:1023, Arcarum SSR Materials.png)

Someone got to the final step for making The Sun.

df7d07 No.14161655

File: ff627068f038b97⋯.png (219.75 KB, 473x402, 473:402, ff627068f038b9793a6574263d….png)


That gif makes me wonder why there's no metal music


>All those Seraph anima

>Rainbow crystals

Nothing is worth that much.

929fec No.14161664

File: dd04a5f397e86b3⋯.webm (980.59 KB, 204x360, 17:30, CONDUCTOR.webm)


>a fucking sunlight stone

2e48a8 No.14161668


why did you think they were selling them in the arcarum store? They wouldn't make it easier, anon

0584b5 No.14161684


Eugh. Guess I'll have to be a good little danchou for GW.

Damn I hate Guild Wars.

e328c4 No.14161700

File: 276e56aa099c362⋯.jpg (25.62 KB, 500x255, 100:51, 12077096_10205422021174930….jpg)



on the plus side, I'll never complain about 5*ing an eternal again.

df7d07 No.14161701

File: 14fb65bb33e878d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517.06 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 3b864a1faedb52398573dec295….jpg)

File: f4e9622f7dd8d84⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 56174592_p0.jpg)

File: 98406fd9ffdca59⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 679.23 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 63517400_p0.png)



Meant Sunlight and pick related was supposed to Sakura but couldn't find any.

1655c5 No.14161870


You know what the real tragedy is, even with Ex it'll still take fucking forever to get everything since Arcarum is time gated.

0584b5 No.14162038


For me it's thinking about this and GW 5*s and imagining having to make and break two of those summons.

0584b5 No.14162045


Ah, I mean for the arcarum characters.

I'd do anything for Fraux though.

d6f812 No.14162067

File: 98d465f5c0051e5⋯.png (204.34 KB, 479x400, 479:400, 98d465f5c0051e54a4a27df44c….png)


your fetishes are bad and you should feel bad

d6a0da No.14162087

File: 5a26b0186ffebe5⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.5 MB, 640x452, 160:113, 831_20171130053801_0.gif)


>pregnant lolis


d6f812 No.14162093

File: 587e517995e0a79⋯.png (276.45 KB, 490x630, 7:9, d801cd4a68d146a6294cee44de….png)


Lolis don't have the hips to give birth. It's an objectively shit fetish on top of a subjectively shit fetish.

575d6d No.14162118


>risking the health of both the mother and the child

Yeah, it's pretty shit. Pretty much guro-, vore- and scat-tier among psychoses that should have been weeded out by a biological drive to survive.

df7d07 No.14162250

File: 6903679c87d6a39⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.52 KB, 700x796, 175:199, 1995254.jpg)

File: b05c80f1bd0a73d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 793.61 KB, 1000x1416, 125:177, 60571995_p0.jpg)

File: 610a0539f38dc16⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 868.84 KB, 1006x1418, 503:709, 54853736_p0.jpg)

File: 16763980b5a4ed0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 495.33 KB, 600x624, 25:26, 55977232_p0.png)

File: 569eb5d20e5e71b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 52357622_p0.jpg)



>My fetish

Far worse


You become pregnant and your body will do the rest.

575d6d No.14162347


>You put a the barrel of a gun in your mouth, squeeze the trigger, and your body will do the rest

Human cranial capacity is already pushing the limit of safe births and the hip width of females have struggled to keep up with this, evolutionary speaking. To compound this issue, since we are predispositioned to learn a large portion of survival behaviors rather than have them hard-wired like other mammals, humans are born "premature", relatively speaking, further complicating the birthing process. There's a reason c-sections are as common as they are. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done. *Loli pregnancy is shit. Thanks for the shortstacks, though.*

575d6d No.14162355


On second though, I should reconsider drunkposting in general.

d6a0da No.14162513

File: 751c236b679e7d4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.73 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 831_20170909034042_4.jpg)


In 2d it works fine, don't bring reality into it.


>landwhale fetish

Fellate a gun.

ad3667 No.14162528

File: 6aca0fbe848ea53⋯.gif (1009.62 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 1429847055002.gif)


>toddlercon telling others to commit suicide

88c663 No.14162564

File: 88d8164ac78a7b3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 775.72 KB, 1175x603, 1175:603, what the fuck.PNG)


Do you find this attractive? I will never believe someone finds this attractive.

d6a0da No.14162587

File: 3a0029e6b0cdae8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.61 MB, 1500x2122, 750:1061, 22535917_p0_.jpg)

File: 4c7c845575d9472⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.15 KB, 860x546, 430:273, 91169af283bcad935158ee334c….jpg)

File: ff1b65772a817f9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.06 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, 40105629_p7.jpg)

File: 951d5abde681cba⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 608.45 KB, 1000x1017, 1000:1017, 64975659_p0.png)


I just like cute things for hug and fug.

df7d07 No.14162750

File: d079bc757ccf98a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.43 MB, 2150x3035, 430:607, 1512941716719.png)

File: 1367c0c664cd045⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.04 KB, 1452x1941, 484:647, DS8iS0SU0AMVPRm.jpg)

File: 944b6bea597081c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.17 KB, 867x959, 867:959, 67f481f8278cd8d5d477be1b09….jpg)

File: 311fadc697c2ccd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.98 KB, 500x695, 100:139, CwoTHqzUkAA0gtL.jpg)

File: c5db2d0b8470b09⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 800.28 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 24868713_p1.jpg)


Not before at least BBW-Chan dies.


No I do not find being squashed attractive.

If it's about the art itself; you should see the Western art; that'd make that picture as attractive to you as you're waifu by comparison.


I just want cute things to cuddle and bully; the Tumbler infestation and brainwashing of the fetish kinda killed the sexual appeal.

cd2a44 No.14162816

File: bc548645679ea99⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 400x480, 5:6, 73fec7372900c7fbd351c33519….jpg)

The fuck happen to the granblue thread? Can you guys post that shit somewhere else?

df7d07 No.14162878

File: 78ffcac146496a4⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1000x1412, 250:353, 54777019_p0.png)


Wasn't gonna post anything else.

df7d07 No.14162943

File: 05d3785fc139c9e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 965.17 KB, 990x1357, 990:1357, 80551_20161007005852_0.jpg)

File: 60b9e91008c130e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 965x1002, 965:1002, CzKBn2aUsAEVfZV.png)

File: 73972f9338717da⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 588.37 KB, 740x638, 370:319, 61623984_p0.jpg)

File: d2156e23f9683e2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 368.99 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 56820180_p0.png)

File: 81e3d74287263d6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.54 KB, 764x1080, 191:270, DKWYU3RVAAEMDPh.jpg)


Was I lying?

cd2a44 No.14162958

File: f0f09319022acc5⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 600x337, 600:337, DAwPOTiUMAA9DKK.jpg)


Yeah you are. Dump your shit at >>>/vp/ or something.

df7d07 No.14162992

File: 92e12d657a3d51b⋯.jpg (843.77 KB, 2668x1500, 667:375, 63235018_p0.jpg)


What's wrong, can't handle a little tit focus of Granblue characters? I can bow out of the other two but Tits and not exaggerated ones (except Zeta)? >>>Tumbler

cd2a44 No.14163018


Are you fucking new or something? Do you not know about the rules of dumping porn? You can't format for shit either, fuck off and never come back.





df7d07 No.14163097

File: f882804a8d1f6a9⋯.jpg (195.05 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 0cf517ddfdb7a1f65237397903….jpg)


Rules against dumping porn are that they need to be spoilered; 3+ rule is new though. The fuck's wrong with a lewd dump every now and then?

ad3667 No.14163107


>asks if someone is new

>in a mobile gachashit thread

You should know the answer.

08f17c No.14163111


The fact that you have shit taste is what's wrong with a lewd dump.

cd2a44 No.14163153

File: 304608500f71684⋯.webm (5.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Shomin GETS.webm)


>3+ rule is new though

Are you joking? It has been there for more than a year, probably more.


I do, thank you for the reminder anon.


Trips confirmed, porn dumper needs to be gassed

d35cf3 No.14163282

File: 35d9d613c2e1b3f⋯.mp4 (404.23 KB, 540x360, 3:2, g12527450.mp4)

d7edd9 No.14163298

Is there any guide on using mastery on certain characters and shit?

df7d07 No.14163304

File: d4632b07141fee9⋯.webm (88.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, where do you think we are.webm)


>It has been there for more than a year, probably more

Then it never gets enforced since I always get an eyeful of legit porn in Digimon threads and the most ever said back after I started coming here was to spoiler your stuff; I always thought the addition of the advertising porn boards later was just a joint effort to get people moving to other boards.

>porn dumper needs to be gassed

Dunno, you being bothered enough to speak out against spoiled porn in a thread about a game with a large chunk of the draw being from porn of the characters makes me think you'll be joining me in the chamber.

636fc5 No.14163330

File: 5bdd977d6909628⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 634x234, 317:117, 5bdd977d69096286098c02e7ba….jpg)


>I always get an eyeful of legit porn in Digimon threads

The digimon threads invite furries and /monster/fags. They generally devolve into shitposting and

>everybody but me is responsible for this filth even though I'm one of the people posting it

Using the digimon thread as a standard is a terrible idea. although looking right now most of the actual porn is spoilered

The posts of people just discussing taste in and posting porn are the exact thing that isn't supposed to happen.

The rule has been that generally lewds and porn are allowed but porn must be spoilered and the thread in general must be discussing the actual game and not just be thinly veiled porn dumps.

The digimon threads tend to fail this frequently in addition to just general autism and gets culled every once in a while.

cd2a44 No.14163349


>it never gets enforced since I always get an eyeful of legit porn in Digimon threads

Are you reporting them?

>you being bothered enough to speak out against spoiled porn in a thread

I don't mind porn, limit that shit here like 2 posts with a batch of 5 pictures that's granblue related or do it on /vp/

Another problem is that your other posts that are porn that have nothing to do with the thread. Just you justifying your shitty fetish while dumping your shitty lewds. Hell, even the >mobileshit shitposters are more on topic than you. Fucking hell just kill this thread already and kill ourselves in this guild war.

cd2a44 No.14163367

File: b8a0ddf11008a3d⋯.mp4 (7.56 MB, 358x640, 179:320, Z3SzDyY8KywUJdMs.mp4)

Down we go. See you in the fire advantaged guild war.

2341e0 No.14163802

We just hit 300, we won't go down for a while still.

Speaking of GW, is there a spot in the first or second crew for a rank 140 magnafag?

2aa9e0 No.14163823


Crew 2 is full as of this moment.

bbcf9a No.14163888


Crew 1 here, post your grids, party, husbando, waifu, and bank statement proving that you spend at least 50% of your monthly income on this game.

2341e0 No.14163960


Checking dem trips first. My charas and grids are at the beginning of the thread (only change is a SL 15 on the nova dagger).

I need a shitload of sunlight stones for the 3 primals I pulled.

Gays should be gassed and my waifu's name will remain hidden to preserve her purity.

I am a lawyer with a 6 digits annual income. I singlehandedly keep cygames afloat.

be9643 No.14164183


Post your ID, we are magically at 29/30 for crew slots.

2341e0 No.14164241



0584b5 No.14165012

File: 410fc3c91bbe5d7⋯.jpg (488.36 KB, 620x892, 155:223, __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_….jpg)

They haven't mentioned anything about this but I hope Kaguya and Grande get 4* upgrades. I don't got Grande but I'd love to see if they can do something with her to get multi-element teams more relevant.

I really expect Grande 4* because she's been pretty thoroughly obsoleted between Lucifer healing as much as her, doing it instantly and providing a decent jump to attack. Kaguya's top placebo if nothing else, but her active is not on par with a lot of the non-primal limiteds. I've had to upgrade so many guy summons, just please cygames let me get a bit of bunny girl in my summon slots.

A good character enables one team, but a good summon gives all your teams a fat chunk of HP and a useful active.

66a786 No.14165600


Siegfried is Batman though, not Bane

2f4a57 No.14165633


Yngwie has the VA from Bane

66a786 No.14165680


Didn't know that. I guess the reason he had retired was because he didn't fly so good

e4db44 No.14165682



I got the scouting, but I gotta wait a few more hours to accept it.

Please understand.

2e48a8 No.14166730

File: bf9edcf0beb7505⋯.png (465.22 KB, 650x487, 650:487, ClipboardImage.png)

Going to host a Huanglong in 23 minutes

2e48a8 No.14166829



2e48a8 No.14167600

File: 6f7ba3c63f1f3f6⋯.png (532.33 KB, 608x559, 608:559, therese.png)

File: fb7f10201062655⋯.png (429.3 KB, 541x566, 541:566, Ippatsu.png)

Suprise ticket and Grandefest with SSR Therese and SR Ippatsu


38a580 No.14167654

File: 3d8808aadf14868⋯.png (42.84 KB, 613x83, 613:83, Surprise.png)


Looks like you won't be able to ticket anything released this year.

66a786 No.14167660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>More Norio



206cf0 No.14168358

File: 5ea9d2553ada897⋯.png (501 KB, 474x603, 158:201, BURN BABY BURN.png)

>tfw actually somewhat ready for a GW for a change

d35cf3 No.14168632

File: 1570d188fdda5e7⋯.png (498.54 KB, 384x557, 384:557, f1g23t250.png)

File: 0cb3f3ba8a87be3⋯.png (237.4 KB, 386x570, 193:285, f1g23t2501.png)

File: 39f417b120512af⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 760x760, 1:1, 1458775078763.jpg)

Thank you cygames, I was in need of new dark characters.

3563f8 No.14168674


Im sorry

206cf0 No.14168865

HL Tia Up faggot nips won't show up


206cf0 No.14168908


Thanks lads.

2e48a8 No.14168921

File: 5bc4ed78c2f1d83⋯.png (161.02 KB, 474x1955, 474:1955, GW changes.png)

There are some changes announced during the christmas livestream that will be live this GW. More tokens and vice mvp tokens.

More autosell options and mass draw

Notification of enemy team strike time

Daily valor badge quest for people who don't qualify

More exp and rp.

14ffce No.14169274

File: 015b38d55f65fc7⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 480x400, 6:5, ahhhh.jpg)

>sick for two days

>miss 800 crystals and two tickets

d35cf3 No.14169312

File: 053ff9f2ed8a039⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 640x480, 4:3, d143245370.webm)

66a786 No.14169434

File: e7c91bc5c91d02d⋯.png (348.33 KB, 322x463, 322:463, Norio smiles upon me this ….png)


40 Draws but I've done it, I've gotten SR Ippatsu.

458b96 No.14169707


>Notification of enemy strike time

That make things easier, I'm a bit sad about it though.

I usually poll points, and would roughly guess when the strike time is occurring.

d7edd9 No.14169785

Anyone have the pokerbot link anywhere? my version keeps telling me to update and it just shuts down.

b9d5e9 No.14169849

So Eden FLB is out and adds medium stamina as a modifier, this is useful for any light grid as it's a unique modifier and if you have the damascus bars it's recommended that you use them

plus it's a great mainhand that adds atk up + 1500 damage shield on ougi

66a786 No.14169880


This is it guys.

Light can finally hit cap.

It just needs a bunch of FLB, Flashfest limited, SSR character weapons.

206cf0 No.14169902

File: 4d0e845807d0820⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 242x208, 121:104, 4d0e845807d0820149aee34920….jpg)


>mfw I got Lucio during Christmas

b9d5e9 No.14169922


I have two Edens and six damascus bars, I'm seriously thinking about uncapping them because I have every core light character and 5* Song.

I even pulled Zeus about an hour ago, just waiting for theorycrafters to see if it's worth uncapping him.

b9d5e9 No.14169928

also apologies for plebbit spacing, I promise I'm not from there

206cf0 No.14169935


I've got MLB Zeus, I'm several steps ahead of you.

7de6e7 No.14169995

File: db07c06b3d329a7⋯.png (727.08 KB, 729x1017, 81:113, 2018-021.png)

RIP Anat

2e48a8 No.14171146

File: 9518d9c6913a594⋯.png (578.15 KB, 600x750, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Huanglong. Coop raid room 08e368

206cf0 No.14171287

File: e52e41ad3d92ba9⋯.png (499.69 KB, 474x600, 79:100, SEVERAL HOURS LATER.png)

pic and filename related

2c2aac No.14171427


Why did you bother FLBing a Benedia?

206cf0 No.14171500

File: d8fa2329a2b53a2⋯.png (140.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 610ff07d827da46bd59b208b7a….png)


>why did you bother FLBing one of the few weapons that gives you Inferno III

>and it also gives a multi-attack boost and critical hit chance boost on top of the whole mess

2c2aac No.14171538


Unfortunately, it also sucks ass. It's about 5% crit chance and 5% double attack rate.

cd2a44 No.14171553

New thread


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