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File: 4f54e7429ae67b1⋯.png (1.06 MB, 800x1122, 400:561, 4f5.png)

d7c6e1 No.14136323

So im just about to start playing the original Deus Ex for my first time should i go vanilla or are there any mods i should get?

b43acb No.14136341


>Not playing a game vanilla by default so you can experience it as intended and put the mods in context

You're a flaming homosexual

5f3118 No.14136352



71bb78 No.14136476


GMDX is vanilla but perfected. You would know this if you actually played Deus Ex.

d7c6e1 No.14136487


Gotta check it out im just looking for some minor fixes

e55a90 No.14136489

Just finished the first Deus Ex and really liked it. How's the rest of the series? Are the new ones any good?

d7c6e1 No.14136496


I played the new one it was shit…

71bb78 No.14136503


GMDX is basically a revision that brings the game to its full potential, with changes such as actually good enemy AI and stealth. It doesn't change things enough for the game to not be vanilla anymore. They've even canned changes made along the versions because they felt it changed shit too much.

d7c6e1 No.14136515


Good to find some non-homo ppl on this board im downloading it right now

a58418 No.14136530

File: 1bdfeec090a6684⋯.jpg (10.1 KB, 244x207, 244:207, 3511122a0e105f9d55f3d49702….jpg)

Am I the only one who thought stealth was fine in Deus Ex? You just had to use your brain. Like the tranq. You where required to invest completely in pistols to use it, and even then your target has to be isolated when you take them out because they still run around for half a second. Plus ammo was scarce so you where forced to use it when you needed to, not just whenever. You actually have to know when to use it and context for the situation is required.

Unlike something, like dishonored, which gets shilled here constantly. Where the tranq is a oneshot, ammo is plentiful, you don't even need it because you can fucking teleport. Are all stealthfags just fucking casuals?

de4e1f No.14136533


You're the nigger.

d7c6e1 No.14136540

File: 3d57b423e8d4536⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 231x218, 231:218, download.jpg)


Suck my slav cock you fuckin double nigger

d7c6e1 No.14136544


Dishonored was easy as fuck but i found it still fun

a58418 No.14136549


It's too mindless for me.

de4e1f No.14136554

d7c6e1 No.14136557


Did ya like the Thief games?

a58418 No.14136564


Yeah. And dark messiah, which I found better for stealth than dishonored.

d7c6e1 No.14136570


Dark Messiah was fucking awsome if you did not abuse the kick

a58418 No.14136594


Yeah. Same studio. I tried playing dishonored as if it where dark messiah. Ignoring blink and such, but the environments aren't designed for it.

d7c6e1 No.14136613


when i played i used only blink and no other powers also did non lethal playthrough

f97601 No.14136618

Play it with basic compatibility mods and fixes like deusexe. Gmdx is the complete 2009 of deus ex.

d7c6e1 No.14136629

alrighty in few minutes i will be instaling GMDX thanks for the tips anons

f6e75e No.14136639


Don't do that. A HD retexture pack should be all you need. Deus Ex GOTY edition is completely fine to play as is. You should definitely play GMDX, but after a vanilla run. Experience the game as intended and then used the mod that overhauls it. GMDX also makes a certain enemy type far more annoying.

36c713 No.14136641

File: bb387c2b3055584⋯.jpg (94.05 KB, 892x1024, 223:256, JC Hyde.jpg)


>Not playing it vanilla the first time

OP you are such a faggot holy shit

d7c6e1 No.14136669


Nice meme my m8 ;)

a029dc No.14136670


Use kentie's renderer and (optionally) HD texture pack. Everything else should stay vanilla for your first playthrough.

GMDX is a major overhaul. It stays true to OG spirit, but there is a lot of significant balance and mechanics changes.

d7c6e1 No.14136674



Well i could try vanilla first i dont care about Texture packs and shit like that

f6e75e No.14136711


Go vanilla then. The graphics aren't a big deal and the game is still great as is. Definitely try GMDX afterwards though.

859d9c No.14136721


OP is a shit-eating mongoloid as always.

d7c6e1 No.14136728


Tell me about it :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

15ccff No.14136813

Just go with the Malkavian Mod, it fixes pretty much everything.

a58418 No.14136917


I find nonlethal just way too tedious for dishonored. Yet, not in Deus Ex. I suppose it's just internal bais.

8f4c5e No.14136955


I found non-lethal in deus ex to be notably tedious and awkward. the melee combat just isn't very good, the prod charger gets too little ammo despite being the most effective solution, and tranq darts are remarkably useless. It's not supposed to be easy, but it's not interesting or much of a challenge to execute. It's just tedious, mostly comes down to silent running, crouching to follow, or sneaking around the not very smart AI that can't see more than 10 feet.

f6e75e No.14136976


Police baton is superior to the prod anyway. Hit someone in the back of the head/neck and they go down.

8f4c5e No.14136985


yeah, its still tedious and awkward. The hitbox is a little inaccurate however, so targeting the head works only sometimes. the lower back is more consistent but not perfect.

a58418 No.14136997

710513 No.14137147


None of them live up to the first.

The Human Revolution is okay. The Mankind Divided has decent gameplay but not a great story. Invisible War is plagued by a number of issues stemming from both bad design and technical limitations (it was simultaneously developed for both PC and the original Xbox) but in terms of the gameplay it's just okay.

The problem is that all of these games carry the DX title, and when measured against DX1 they all fall flat.

710513 No.14137159


>Police baton is superior to the prod anyway

The prod is the best weapon in the game, hands down. It's capable of incapacitating any enemy with one well-placed hit, including the MJ12 commandos if you hit them in the small of their back.

710513 No.14137164


Dishonored is overrated garbage

8c63eb No.14137295

The only acceptable mod is the 3dfx glide wrapper

6d7cea No.14137337


>suggesting someone play a game their first time modded

You're a faggot, I don't care how good the mod is. He should still experience the original version so he has a fucking point of reference retard. Respect the original designers.

15ccff No.14137348


>too little ammo

This is how I know you're bad at games and likely stealth particularly.

f97601 No.14137432


This is not an argument. The prod charger takes one hit with trained but ammo for it is very infrequent. Other stealth methods are either shit like the tranq darts, or are boring.

0be01c No.14137563


>reminder that 'vanilla' is a term that came from sex fetish 'communities' before the internet. it was used to describe anything that didn't involve shitting, pissing or whipping.

Nice to see how it has spread to the innocent tongues of the youth.

3ed57c No.14137620


The word itself has lewd origin, stemming (no pun intended) from the plant that has some resemblance to pussy. Modern day usage can be applied to many things considered boring or original. Chocolate Doom is a play on that.

5a068f No.14137692



Do not play GMDX as your first play through OP. Go vanilla for the first time. This guy is a flaming homosexual.

8bbb70 No.14137729


The base game is fucking broken

Playing it vanilla will make you hate it because by itself it's fucking trash

It's in an even worse position than New Vegas somehow

5a068f No.14137750

File: 9ad14932279ac10⋯.png (233.09 KB, 878x450, 439:225, what_are_you_casual.png)


>Playing it vanilla will make you hate it because by itself it's fucking trash

I don't even care if this is bait. Leave, and never come back.

58fdbd No.14137762


>telling an anon with an actual personal opinion to leave

Yeah let's just parrot and circlejerk how deus shit is the best game huh. I really like the crappy skills that never get used, shitty dialog and railroading. What a great game.

8bbb70 No.14137777

File: 16a2c3d0294b72f⋯.png (390.13 KB, 719x719, 1:1, 0c5cfd37fbc8d1e823cd9e2309….png)


I played the game a few years back with no nostalgia and I followed the advice of anons here to not mod it to "get the full vanilla experience first"

I dropped it halfway through because I was just getting annoyed at constantly having to reload because the hitboxes are fucked and the events in the game constantly breaking.

Took me ages to actually try it again with a bunch of fixes and enjoy it.

The mod that released on Steam sucks but the one that got released some months back that fixes stuff is essential.

710513 No.14137819

>>14137777 (check'd)

I never had that issue. The game has always run perfectly fine for me without mods for bugfixes. What problems did you have?

684e0b No.14137836

File: 5189635a2fdfbf8⋯.gif (29.78 KB, 700x400, 7:4, filth.gif)


> I was just getting annoyed at constantly having to reload because the hitboxes are fucked

>He actually used guns in Deus Ex

>He actually got into combat situations in Deus Ex

8bbb70 No.14137868


Insta stuns not registering, characters needed to progress the story staying in alerted mode or sometimes being attacked or killed by other characters, tranq bow revealing my position even if I shot from very long distances.

There are the main ones I had once I managed to fix the speed of the game being tied to the framerate and shadows straight up not working.


I used the fucking stick and the tranq bow. Trank stick is an insta stun only in a very precise point where two hitboxes meet, same for tranq bow.

>inb4 I never stunned anyone during my first playthrough of the game because I somehow knew all the pro strats

3ed57c No.14137890


Sounds more like he doesn't even know how to aim, or that weapons have accuracy stats, and governing skills. There's no issues with the weapons missing that's for sure.


It is not a perfect game. But in its default state it's a damn fine game. Linearity isn't necessarily bad since the actual levels offer multiple routes and potential for exploration instead of just being a corridor.

8bbb70 No.14137953


They're not shit, they're just a bit rough around the edges.

Deus Ex is excellent once all the technical stuff is fixed.

Apparently the stuff that happened to me doesn't even happen to most people so it's not even the game's fault.

I just think saying that everyone should play the game vanilla before anything else is a blanket statement that just should not be made.

5a068f No.14137970


>I just think saying that everyone should play the game vanilla before anything else is a blanket statement that just should not be made.

Then you're wrong.

8bbb70 No.14138015


It's like you didn't even bother to read my post just to repost the same opinion everyone has exclusively so that you wouldn't get called out on wrongthink

a58418 No.14138378

File: e60e09f014119d2⋯.png (313.02 KB, 600x449, 600:449, e60e09f014119d2527cbf8029e….png)


>Other stealth methods are either shit like the tranq darts

You basically gave yourself away as a shit stealth player. You expect them to be the guarantee instant-kill that they are in every other game. This is why the answer to broken gadgets in stealth is fucking ghosting, since the vanilla game is so broken because dipshits like you don't wait for targets to be isolated and can't land a headshot.

8bbb70 No.14138437


Do tranq darts headshots even stun instantly?

I've shot people in the head with them and they never worked. Even at incredibly close range to test them.

8a2bf0 No.14138440


Non-lethal in Deus Ex is extremely easy. You just spend the whole game crouching around whopping people in the tailbone with the baton.

Stealth is baby mode in this game.

a58418 No.14138453


You need to max out pistols and get a headshot and it takes half a second to knock them out, which is why I specified you had to wait till the person is isolated.

5a068f No.14140169

How is the latest release of GMDX? I played 8 awhile ago, and it had quite a few problems with some abilities not working properly. Any worthwhile mods released recently?

96fdfd No.14140221


GMDX is probably the only one worth getting.

5a068f No.14140243

File: 5ec500646c12351⋯.png (224.48 KB, 460x438, 230:219, PaulDenton.png)


I thought the one where you play as paul was pretty fun until the end with the legions of ayys.

710513 No.14140261


Burden of 80 Proof and The Nameless Mod are two that I recommend to everybody. The former is an Office-Space-style comedy game and the latter has some really great level design, two diverging plot paths, a bunch of custom weapons and equipment, fully-voiced characters, and is almost as long as DX1.

2015b3 No.14143550


Human Revolution is more than okay, come on. It doesn't measure against the original in any way, but it's a very compelling conjunction of a rich universe with continuously interesting mechanics. Shootouts are great fun throughout and the attacks turned into animated sequences like takedowns and the typhoon are cool in every way.

I'd say pretty much everything about it deserves praise except calling itself Deus Ex.

710513 No.14144175


Like the other sequels, if it didn't have the DX title and instead stood on its own, I think it would have been evaluated higher and would have spawned its own wildly popular franchise.

feba45 No.14144202

I always play a good game vanilla first. without it, how can you decide what mods sound fun or worth trying?

a64498 No.14144236


I heard they fucked up the GOTY edition on PC. Should I go for the original release?

8bbb70 No.14144248


The original release is pretty bad.

The bosses completely break the flow of the game and while doing a non-lethal playthrough you might end up locking yourself in one of the boss battles.

As far as I know the GOTY fixes that, I don't know what the other changes are

a029dc No.14144551


It feels like it has much more in common with GITS than with Deus Ex, especially with its themes, visual design and presentation.


The enhanced edition of HR changes boss fights considerably by expanding arenas and giving more options for stealth and non-lethal builds. I found this to be a significant improvement over the original.

Another important change is the inclusion of Missing Link expansion in the main game. I feel like it breaks the pacing somewhat, but the level itself is, IMO, the best in the entire game. The nature of it (originally a standalone interquel) also means you get a few more Praxis points and an option to respec close to the end of the game. I recommend going for the Factory Zero run (no aug upgrades and no item use).

All other DLC content is also there - Tong's mission is the same as in original while weapons are scattered across levels instead of being in your inventory from the very beginning.

There's also a number of minor changes, but those are barely noticeable. AFAIK, nothing was cut and no plot changes were made. I don't see the reason to play original version over this.

710513 No.14144590


>It feels like it has much more in common with GITS

Yes I feel the same way. As a GitS game it would have been phenomenal. It's a shame that IP will never get the treatment it deserves.

cf07c3 No.14146259

I always save Paul.

b380aa No.14146400

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

99f84c No.14146602



UNATCO hurt my weenie

620650 No.14146700

File: 05804160202ea2e⋯.jpg (11.22 KB, 226x255, 226:255, f6c341a64d3786f9760f68d704….jpg)


Anon, it's no use. I first I thought that the people crying about Deus Ex being too hard for them were merely baiting but turns that most of them are just too young and stupid, seek instant gratification and really aren't used to any older games with lesser hand-holding or that don't have a modern level of polish. I have seen anons legitimately complaining about not understanding an easy game like Fallout (that's why you see so many New Vegas threads but no 1+2 threads) or not finding the first hidden switch from Grimrock. This place is filled with faggots who pretend to enjoy classic titles for gamer cred but never actually get down to playing them.

402c72 No.14146716


I've heard it more than a few times that the changes to reduce the yellow filter end up hurting the atmosphere.

cf07c3 No.14146725



17b42c No.14146926


I'm disappointed you didn't just point Anon to the most basic fixes for Deus Ex Kentie's Launcher and the DX10 renderer.. I'm just glad Anons aren't recommending Deus Ex Revision that shit is far worse then recommending GMDX right off the bat.

3ef2a0 No.14147053


You should always approach any game with as few mods as possible. You can then have a reference point for whether any individual mod is good or not, as you have experienced the thing that the mod alters.


>that image



You're right, there are a few faggots like that, but they get rightly called out when they do pop up

ba5f22 No.14147319


No mods for first playthrough and GMDX for later ones if you want more but still keeping that vanilla feel. Going modded your first time just means you're either underage or retarded

230e5a No.14147734

As the other person said GMDX is good but I am not as positive on it despite playing both 8.0 and 9.0. It's a good mod but absolutely play vanilla first with Deus Exe for the modern support.

6b5e27 No.14147814

File: 19198adf1aeeb93⋯.jpg (340.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sorry, I don't have any fo….jpg)


If you're playing for the first time or only plan on playing the game vanilla, then just use the following.




eeaeab No.14148045

File: 78f98804fe65507⋯.webm (6.39 MB, 540x360, 3:2, The Nameless Mod Launch T….webm)


This mod (a full game) here after your first play through, and no, you don't need any mods.

710513 No.14148434


this is one of the best and most memorable mods I've ever played for any game. in terms of production quality and amount of content it can easily go toe-to-toe with most AAA productions

eeaeab No.14148461


AND it has two completely different ways to play the game, meaning, that you can choose one of two sides and the game follows a different path accordingly after a couple of hours of game play. This was the only game where I remember seeing this sort of thing implemented properly.

710513 No.14148494


I still haven't done my WorldCorp playthrough. Maybe I'll do that soon.

eeaeab No.14148651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


its pretty awesome, make sure you take over forum city and ban scara. honestly the best ending

892e92 No.14148738

File: 542d87f54eba935⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5w5xxdw.jpg)

>play 100% stealthy no kills

>find the dragon's tooth

>instantly become a serial killer hiding in bushes for the rest of the game

>get helios ending because i figure a nutjob whos a god is the worst end

217685 No.14149644

Go vanilla. Honestly my favorite of the series is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But the originals, even Invisible War have a superior world and story, though a vastly inferior gameplay experience. It may have been quality at the time, but not anymore.

810b05 No.14149694


It's not so much about the gameplay but the freedom of choice and level design.

772e06 No.14149938

File: b96a5e123b58b1f⋯.jpg (477.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Future is FEMA.jpg)

3660a6 No.14149990

File: facf53d3e901a18⋯.jpg (184.92 KB, 428x500, 107:125, Deus Ex Trump.jpg)


I also thought it was perfectly fine, I think it's just newfags butthurt that tranqs don't work like they do in MGS in that they actually feel a sharp object entering their body at high speeds.

a58418 No.14150042


TBH I think the tranq is the best I've seen for stealth in any game simply because it can't be abused. Ammo is also limited enough to where you only use it when you need to, rather than knocking out half the level, however it's not so rare that you never get to use it (like the gas arrows in Thief). Pac-man stealth and broken tools really did rape the genre.

a58418 No.14150056


I should mention, it also takes skill to use & you have to invest your whole character into it. You can't just shoot any random dude in the ass with it. You have to wait till they're isolated and land a headshot. The headshot+Rare Ammo part also makes it so you can't whip it out in a gunfight without risking losing a bunch of shots you need later. It really is the perfect stealth weapon in terms of balance.

6fdc19 No.14150359


>You have to invest your whole character

>into using a weapon with relatively limited ammo

> which can only be used against targets that are so isolated that you could sneak up on and knock them out with a blackjack anyway

I don't know, it sounds like a shit way to play to me, why bother with that when anything else is better?

I see what you're saying, comparing it to more recent stealth games, but in Deus Ex the tranq sounds useless to the point of using it exclusively for challenging yourself and in a very specific manner.

3ce622 No.14150407


I am the argument, and you are the evidence.

a58418 No.14150424


Maybe if every level was a corridor maze, but most areas in Deus Ex are really wide open with enemies vantage points. Even more-so than Thief. This means trying to catch up to someone in melee range runs the risk of being spotted by someone else, where as with the tranq you can shoot them and not waste time. You can also take out enemies who you can't even reach for a while or are behind cameras and other traps. It just makes it really handy for taking out any enemies that might pose as a problem later that you can't reach immediately. Like snipers.

Along with all the natural benefits of ranged vs melee.

17b42c No.14152776


>I don't know, it sounds like a shit way to play to me, why bother with that when anything else is better?

You have to invest your whole character for any weapon specialties, everything except for 3 weapons, one of which is only acquired mid to late game and the other will kill you as likely as you are to kill your enemies but you can get it from the very beginning. The last one is mines which have better uses and if you can ghost to place mine traps then you're already good enough to use something else.

And the tranq is much more useful then you make it out to be, although for head shots the hit box is actually four squares just to the front, sides, and back of their head don't go for diagonal shots.

eeaeab No.14152909


BTW the best weapon tree to spec into is rifles. There is more ammo for them, and the sniper and assault riffle can be modded to perfection without master skills. The rifle also can use HE grenades. The assault shotgun can carry sabot rounds for robots. Silenced sniper with laser with mods will head shot everyone from any distance.

The handgun spec, which includes the minibow, can get you fire arrows (hilarious) and tranq darts, but they are all close range weapons.

The heavy weapons is not so good because they take up too much inventory space and make you slow unless you invest heavily. You can just use them a moment if you find one, to open doors, blast robots, or whatever. Ammo is more limited and carrying a flamethrower, gep gun and plasma rifle use up almost your entire inventory.

>>inb4 inventory stack cheat

Melee… well, the only worthwhile of them is the nanosword which can also open doors and drawers. It is always handy to carry at least a baton however so you can open boxes.

Grenades are good because you find them anywhere and are very modular and useful for the inventory space they use (stacks of 10), but you will use them more for opening doors, safes and setting up traps. The skill lvl1 is only required so you have enough time to disarm them, otherwise it can be pretty tricky.

So yeah you only need advanced for your spec choice. Maybe master for handweapons because it also gives a damage boost, making those tranq darts deadly.

a58418 No.14157560

I forgot how slow of a start this game is.

6174f0 No.14158230



Get Deus Exe and the Direct3D10 renderer (follow the two steps in this link) to avoid weird lighting issues on modern systems. Otherwise go vanilla.

a58418 No.14164358

I'm doing a replay and I remember running out of tranq ammo a lot on my last playthrough so I've been hoarding it all game. I now have 40 shots. Also each time you visit new york it feels more and more hollow

710513 No.14164670


the best weapon is the prod. stop being casual.

a64498 No.14164715

Is there any reason to go non-lethal other then personal challenge? I tried at the beginning but ever since I got the dragons tooth I've just been wacking everyone with it

a58418 No.14164815


Not really. Although, it's heavily implied by the game that it's the way you should go non-lethal since a huge theme is most of the soldiers are just doing their job. It's kind of like chaos in dishonored, except it's more of a personal moral thing than a game mechanic.

2768fd No.14171379

File: 3611c8cc7cbf7d2⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 423x535, 423:535, Silent Takedown.jpg)


Invisible war was shit

Mankind evolved is good but it doesn´t live up to the OG

(((Mankind divided))) is SJW propaganda


Play it vanilla on Realistic difficulty for full JCDenton GEPGUN experience

9ce45a No.14171386


>Mankind evolved

Human Revolution you mean?

>(((Mankind divided))) is SJW propaganda

It definitely improves in the gameplay department though.

2768fd No.14171424

File: 7d3f53e234a47b0⋯.png (433.27 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Slav Ex.png)


>tfw i actually went through the game killing everyone (wich resulted in paul being triggered) while rushingcombat whenever someone spotted me and maxed Melee Combat skill

and all of this on Realistic difficulty

2768fd No.14171452


yeah i meant human revolution i can´t into fucking names anymore sorry

6d5d9a No.14171460

There are only a few old games that are must-mods, like Baldur's Gate 2. Deus Ex is a complete and fully playable game without mods.

5fc71d No.14171502

File: 12882d26326bfc7⋯.png (390.69 KB, 548x503, 548:503, ClipboardImage.png)


Tonglets will defend this.

710513 No.14171520


Tong's path had nothing to do with mud huts. It was about destroying globalism and returning to nation-states with established borders. Take your internationalist propaganda elsewhere, greedy banker.

96fdfd No.14171530


This. Destroying Area 51 would, iirc, shut down the internet or something to that effect

5a068f No.14171539


It's not so much that it would shut down the internet, it was the fact that area 51 was the hub for controlling information. Without they didn't have the infrastructure needed to manage it.

eeaeab No.14172032


Not nation states, city states

>>Come find us JC!!!!! … static…

eeaeab No.14172058


except the men in black and MJ12, you can full on unload on those motherfuckers.

But for NSF, UNATCO, cops, chicoms etc, sure.

The zodiac mod is the story continuing as Paul, its really cool.

There are other standalone full campaigns that are worth playing also. I think of them was about trying to get drunk, high and score pussy, but i forgot the name.

519ddd No.14172139


You pump one point into melee and you literally knock-out every enemy in one hit if you hit them in the back.

c1e273 No.14172313


Here's your (you), Everett.

df3d69 No.14172681

GEP gun

2ad2da No.14172757


i think the stealth is fine too, but the tranq never felt worth using regardless. Ghosting and the occasional prodding/baton whap are all you need.

6d88ff No.14172765


anyone have the cap of that australian guy thread , where he would pick up sluts just to devastate them. that pic was in OP

327136 No.14172950


>Melee… well, the only worthwhile of them is the nanosword which can also open doors and drawers.

If you upgrade melee strength, unarmed skill, and the targeting vision augmentation (instead of the more useful night vision), you can break cameras, alarms, turrets, and I think 50% doors with throwing knives.


>Is there any reason to go non-lethal other then personal challenge?

Iirc it only makes a few minor dialogue differences in the early game. I can't remember if whether or not you kill Manderley affects the content of a datacube later in the game. Late game, it's the only safe way to loot W/MiBs (if you're fast you can kill them with the Dragon's Tooth, loot them and run, but there's a good chance you'll take damage in the explosion). Other than that, no, it doesn't really matter. It's also impossible to do a no-kill play, there is one enemy who you cannot advance past without killing.

a58418 No.14173649

Is it just me, or are lockpicks rare as fuck? I am putting a good chunk of my points into lockpicking, only doing it conservatively and I still only have 10. Where I'm always stuck at the multi-tool cap without even spending a single point on electronics.


Currently on a replay and I found myself using the prod most of the time to, despite building tranqs. Mostly only using tranq to take out snipers or enemies in really annoying positions. Until robots started showing up. It's way safer to tranq an enemy who will run around for a bit, than sneaking up behind him and risking the robot rocketing you down.


Yeah the prod and teargas + baton has been really good for me so far (although the game stole all my teargas when you get captured). There has been a few times where I was very glad to have the tranq, but I've been using the prod way more. I get the feeling that's going to change though when I get to Paris. I remember on my first playthrough I lived and died by the tranquillizer towards the end, blowing all my money on ammo for it and still not having enough. I'm starting to utilize it a lot more now to that robots showed up.


I looked that up online and someone glitched through the door to get away from her

6174f0 No.14173841


>Is it just me, or are lockpicks rare as fuck? I am putting a good chunk of my points into lockpicking, only doing it conservatively and I still only have 10. Where I'm always stuck at the multi-tool cap without even spending a single point on electronics.

You can break open some doors with explosives instead.

6174f0 No.14173842



Oh and the DTS later on.

2398d0 No.14173848


Remember to max out your swimming skill, there are many underwater passages and secrets and the entire last level is underwater.

485126 No.14173850


This. Even in the first level below the docks there's some useful stuff laying there underwater. Swimming is underrated as fuck.

6174f0 No.14173858


Pretty sure he was just shitposting but there is indeed value in a new players grabbing the first level of swimming (Hong Kong canals for example).

327136 No.14173859


>are lockpicks rare as fuck?

Not to my memory (or at least the way I played). If you're picking everything and level 1 lockpicking skill I guess they would be. But between finding the key for some locked things and blowing other things open with grenades/GEP/sniper rifle/throwing knives, I recall having way more lockpicks than I needed at level 2 lockpick skill, and even level 1 being pretty easy. Lockpicking 3 and above should basically never be needed imo.

>although the game stole all my teargas

Pepper spray is awesome. I love the way everyone screams. You could have gotten everything the game stole from you and more back if you had found the armory. It's pretty easy to sneak past the big security bots.


That's not who I'm talking about. It sounds like this isn't your first playthrough, so you've already killed this person in previous playthroughs. It's: Howard Strong at the missile silo.

a58418 No.14174435

I've been fucking around with the tranq more. It doesn't come online until you've maxed out pistols and dumped all your upgrades into it. Then it kinda changes the game completely. Instead of sneaking up behind a guy and knocking them out, you have to kind of assess the scenario and play around it. It works best if you're positioned in a way where enemies can't get to you and if you're far away then they forget about you almost instantly. So it's basically best at really long ranges but in close quarters you can abuse silent running or other tools like teargas. Also the arc is weird as fuck, because it goes perfectly straight then drops like a rock after a bit.


That's basically what I was doing after the submarine level when I had 10 LAMs. I can't break anything with DTS as I went for lifting aug instead of melee, and didn't put any points into melee.


Oh no. I know about the armory. It's just my fucking teargas wasn't in it for some reason. I searched high and low.


Oh. I completely forgot about him

4745f7 No.14174445


Took the words out of my mouth.

710513 No.14174652


I think multitools are slightly more common, or are used less often. I found that I usually had fewer lockpicks than multitools. That being said I never felt like I was running low on either of them.

bb2c73 No.14174930


>inb4 inventory stack cheat

A developer over sight isn't a cheat you faggot. I bet you think the BSP holes count as wall hacks, retard.

578d37 No.14174951

File: 8f189635d1c097c⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 366x350, 183:175, 1431082677001.jpg)

>Deus Ex will inevitably receive the "remaster" experience

I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, the game is deserving of being remade, but on the other hand, there would be a severe casualization of the plot and every other gameplay mechanic.

710513 No.14175078


Isn't that what the Revision mod is?

402c72 No.14175175


It would be atrocious and we all know it. Deus Ex is a game that cannot be properly remade in the modern era.

17b42c No.14175239


And Revision is shit they even butchered the soundtrack.


Dragontooth is strong enough that you can actually take out robots with it if you're balsy.

327136 No.14176637



Actually I was wrong. You can tranq him so you technically don't have to kill him. He's just the one character in the game who you have to confront and can't run away from.

33fc22 No.14176742

File: 9580088f97fc78b⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 552x539, 552:539, da phuc.jpg)


I looked up the guy in your spoilers and I don't remember him at all. Even with pictures and a full description of everything I don't ever recall experiencing any of that.

327136 No.14176917


He's a nobody character. You never talk to him, he has no dialogue, just a few pop up phrases iirc. He's just a normal human and easy to kill, you probably just smoked him like the nobody he is and moved on.

5482d6 No.14177067

File: f18812960579e19⋯.jpg (212.48 KB, 960x1332, 80:111, deus-ex-eu.jpg)


Imagine if dudesex came out in the current year, everyone would shit on it for not being cucked.

0e1605 No.14177292

File: 7ef7f598ce1591b⋯.jpg (18.45 KB, 396x479, 396:479, Howard Strong.jpg)


He's the guy standing on the forklift thing in the middle of the missile silo, when you go up the elevator. You probably didn't even get a good look at him. I just killed him in my first play through without even realising he was a named character. It's weird that they just made him so insignificant when he's closely associated with Page, in command at the missile silo and has unique textures, he's the most forgettable character in the game.

ba5606 No.14177371

File: cda195ede91cdb4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 990.79 KB, 1522x1100, 761:550, 1370143149633.png)


This? Sage for off topic.

797f61 No.14186299


Oh yeah him.

6d3d5b No.14186611

File: c6e9aad41ea14d3⋯.jpeg (165.72 KB, 814x1027, 814:1027, duceex.jpeg)

>we will never get the full originalio game

a58418 No.14187522


Better to get a well done game than one that stretched itself out way too thin and comes out unfinished.

7b0205 No.14187600


there's probably some cut content in the deus ex bible where he had some character development maybe in the lunar base or something but he came off as page tossing a boss at you after you foiled his plans. The game gets pretty weak after hong kong but after x51 its a parody of itself.

6d3d5b No.14187774


Well no shit. It's a shame they didn't have enough money/time to make it as they wanted.

a58418 No.14191688


>Weaker after Hong Kong

Yeah. You can tell they where losing steam when you hit Paris. It's like an extremely water'd down version of New York. Instead of wandering around in Paris doing some minor backtracking to places you saw earlier but didn't think much of It's just a sequence of levels. I think the only backtracking you do is passing the subway to the cathedral, and the game flat out says it's not time to go there yet

64a50f No.14192099

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I'm not a big fan of the nu-DX games but the side game no one asked for that comes with Mankind Divided has a pretty good soundtrack. It's from the same author of the Neotokyo soundtrack.

f2f1a6 No.14201900


the fuck

I had no idea

only good thing to come out of that abortion of a mode

f2f1a6 No.14201912

File: f1b8bead3189d4b⋯.png (552.77 KB, 500x722, 250:361, Gamma_Temp[1].png)

File: c5f84fe3290598b⋯.png (394.63 KB, 500x722, 250:361, Demiurge_Temp[1].png)

Isn't Sheldon J. Pacotti's writing and not only coding one of the reasong DX is so good?

are his novels and stories any good? Has anyone read them got a download?

7aeae7 No.14208096

this game is too fucking easy

>get dragon's tooth/gep gun

>rpg elements are now worthless

>every mission and compound has a million 0 effort ways to enter, exit and solve that you will just stumble into by walking around a corner and hacking a terminal

this isn't challenging or engaging me at all

a58418 No.14208206


So do non-lethal.

7aeae7 No.14208249


fuck off paul non lethal is gay

a58418 No.14208267


*too hard for you

33f1b5 No.14208274


You're complaining about a weapon with incredibly limited ammunition and a weapon that you get in the last third or so of the game.

710513 No.14208899


They're bottom-left-quadrant-libertarian nonsense. One of them is literally about a nigger kid who becomes so incredibly smart that he takes down the entire pharmaceutical industry by himself. I would avoid his post-DX work at all costs.

Deus Ex 1 was good because everyone on the team worked harmoniously, with a clearly established vision. Team members had just enough room to add their own ideas or make their own decisions while sticking to the core concept. It was an example of the "right time, right place, right people." Pacotti was part of that, yes, but so were a hundred other people whose names are never mentioned.

34e078 No.14208975


shit I've been wondering why hitting them from behind wouldn't work every time

a58418 No.14209209


>One of them is literally about a nigger kid who becomes so incredibly smart that he takes down the entire pharmaceutical industry by himself. I would avoid his post-DX work at all costs.

Reminds me of this really bad show called King of the Nerds. I was watching it with a few friends to laugh our asses off at how bad and cringey it was. I remember an entire season was dedicated to how useless and shit this one chick ones.

Anyways I remember there was a team of 4-5 girl nerds who just schemed and gossiped and one genius black kid. They where at the top because the black kid would literally ignore his team and do everything by himself. Then there was a jewish kid who teamed up with the clique gossip girls to scheme against the genius black kid and get him kicked out. Every attempt failed until they finally got down to a competition that was literally just fucking luck. One of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen but not for anything it did intentionally.

710513 No.14209276


My friends and I also watched that show. The autistic black kid was like the only reasonable person on that season. We're all racists but we were still cheering for him because he was the only person who wasn't a dysfunctional jackass.

I wish they hadn't cancelled it because it was some of the most hilarious shit. Some of my fondest memories are spending Friday evenings with a bunch of shitposters laughing at how fucking bad it was.

5c352f No.14209414


>Deus Ex 1 was good because everyone on the team worked harmoniously, with a clearly established vision.

That's not how Deus Ex's development went down at all, it was basically being mismanaged for a god awful amount of time then one guy basically hurriedly slapped everything there was together in less then a year.

d7c03a No.14209517


>What is most development cycles

Was software development always like this? I've never heard or been part of of a properly managed development project.

17b42c No.14209543


Deus Ex was one of those projects that was being picked up then dropped over and over again, usually those don't turn out well or turn out at all. It is basically just one guy's work reusing discarded assets when you play most of the game.

d7c03a No.14211411

File: c6bf3fe60ed47f1⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 450x633, 150:211, Sudeki.jpg)


Sudeki was one of those games too. One of the employee's said so on the resume.

a0e4bb No.14212130


>steal his uniform

>adds deus ex engine port to the list of things to do after completing current game

It has needed one for well over a decade, someone has to do something but no-one has, greatest game of all time, fuck even sonic 06 is getting an engine port.

7aeae7 No.14213648


any good weapons mods?

a58418 No.14214337


>That's not how Deus Ex's development went down at all, it was basically being mismanaged for a god awful amount of time then one guy basically hurriedly slapped everything there was together in less then a year.


>Deus Ex was one of those projects that was being picked up then dropped over and over again, usually those don't turn out well or turn out at all. It is basically just one guy's work reusing discarded assets when you play most of the game.

I wonder if this worked in it's favour since it's a more serious game with references to real world issues and philosophy. Team gets stuck, drop the project, someone comes in with a general idea of what's going on. Maybe they miss-interpret/miss-remember something and come up with a cooler idea than what was originally planned. Add a little extra touch. Cycle repeats. I bet every time they picked it up Hong Kong and New York where padded a bit more, while Paris and the other environments where probably done once and just bug tested.

00740b No.14216359


I'm in the middle of my first do sex playthrough and it's fucking awesome.

f2f1a6 No.14219087


>One of them is literally about a nigger kid who becomes so incredibly smart that he takes down the entire pharmaceutical industry by himself

fugg. Sounds like he wanted to be the next Bruce Sterling. Still, got a copy to share? I found enjoyment even in the more cucked cyberpunk novels, so I guess I can filter out the bullshit.

don't really know if I'll be able to stomach the sequel to Gibson's Peripheral, judging by the premise

2398d0 No.14219181


Almost definitely, did you ever read the original plan for Deus Ex? It was going to be hot garbage that was going for the casual shooter audience.

f2f1a6 No.14219253


The "troubleshooter" document or the age-old Deus Ex bible?

Or some other proposal from around here?


I personally haven't read most of this

2398d0 No.14219346


The very first proposal, when it still had a different name. I remember one of the first pages said that RPG stats were too complex for the shooter audience and how they should simplify it to appeal to them.

f2f1a6 No.14219441


The 1994 proposal sounds awesome. I imagine it would be mission-based System Shock 1 in the real world, from what the proposal describes. No way in hell they'd be able to pull off what ended up as Deus Ex in 1994, the closest any game came to this was Strife, and that was released in 1996.

>3.0 Product Overview:

>I see it being like Underworld in the richness of its world simulation, but like Wolfenstein in its emphasis on action over roleplaying and inventory manipulation

da4504 No.14224020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just rendering mods, get DX9, OGL 2.x, DX10 and see which one works best for you



http://kentie.net/article/d3d10drv/index.htm DX10 one

Just slap them in and then run game setup to switch renderer, like it's described here http://kentie.net/article/d3d10drv/index.htm#installation

Also make sure your game is already patched to 1112fm, if you don't you can grab one here


Other than that not much more needed, you could install some grafix whore mods and sweetfx with dx1 profile but eh, can play game just fine without that, vid related.

710513 No.14225172

File: 192212a25a01e34⋯.mp4 (930.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fernsehen_ist_Elektrojude.mp4)


I stopped reading Gibson at the Blue Ant trilogy. He had some neat ideas in there, and his prose was still great, but the story was just fucking boring.

I have a signed copy of The Peripheral that my wife got me for Christmas but it was so bad I put it down after a few chapters. I think he just went too far leftist/marxist and lost all of his edge.

Did you know he's a literal cuckold? He met his wife while she was in bed with another man.

>got a copy to share?

Sorry, I don't. I'm not the Santa Claus of horrible books.

6e250b No.14227113

Deus Ex is overrated.

1eaa92 No.14227151


Thanks for coming in here and telling us again. See ya in the next thread.

9a0ab2 No.14227266

File: 4adb9c6266ee3ca⋯.png (316.66 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 4adb9c6266ee3ca877fb62f297….png)


the only time to play mods at the start is only for things like framerate bugfixes or resolution but otherwise your a massive faggot for not playing vanilla

ee8242 No.14227828

File: 454a8e29e9dd4b7⋯.mp4 (7.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jcdenin.mp4)

>the best weapon is the prod.

This is doubly true if you pair it up with the peppergun, or a ready supply of fire extinguishers.

Likewise for the crossbow— firing darts at the ground is about as good at incapacitating people as a gas grenade. Even with multiple targets, if you can have them line up front to back, gazing at a dart in the floor, you can come up from behind and prod them one by one.

Shit's OP.

e55a90 No.14235838

Just finished my first play through

I blew up Area 51. Did I make the right choice?

ba5606 No.14235886

File: e1ff06873ecdd7a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 623.67 KB, 445x640, 89:128, chaser2.png)


>Better to get a well done game than one that stretched itself out way too thin and comes out unfinished.

f2f1a6 No.14245360


>copy of The Peripheral that my wife got me for Christmas

Ha, hope you forgave her.It was a trudge for me as well. I really liked the Blue Ant stuff though

The Bridge trilogy was the boring one for me

>Did you know he's a literal cuckold?

Doesn't surprise me at all.

>not the Santa Claus of horrible books

always worth a try

d4ccfe No.14245499


So, is that one good or stretched thin?

6174f0 No.14245706


Whatever choice you made the canon ending is all of them at once.

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