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File: d52d97a7ee18c16⋯.jpg (105.47 KB, 600x337, 600:337, FF12-Steam-Ann_01-11-18.jpg)

fa4bf6 No.14139404

And its getting all the added benefits on being on PC too.

Too bad I have a toaster



Also Final Fanstasy thread I guess.

f8ea97 No.14139469

It also has fuckin denuvo so it's dead before it even arrived. fuckin emulate the PS2 version with the patch so you get the same exact thing

0ceb2b No.14139490


But muh effect capacity for all those spells that were completely fucking useless.

76c4c5 No.14139518

File: 08a8b1058b60d13⋯.png (420.34 KB, 786x974, 393:487, 08a8b1058b60d1333dec8b8c85….png)

You could emulate fft just fine for years now

bbf446 No.14139527

Steampunks or CPY will just bypass it/crack it so denuvo isn't that big of a deal anymore. Once the pirated copy is playable I'll get it but until then I have a ton more games to go through.

11efe6 No.14139548


Neitehr have shown signs of life since October, none of the v4.7 games have been cracked outside of the one Unity based game.

Not saying it's never happening but you're not getting it as soon as you might think you will.

79fa3e No.14139572

File: 6918ed5ae27d1e8⋯.jpg (129.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tri.jpg)


It already is on PC though

e9e194 No.14139594

File: 35f6a2a430fa7dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Slavery.jpg)

A Steam port is not a PC port.

f546fe No.14139605


It wasnt the game version, it was the fact that Denuvo got BTFO so hard they actually paid said groups to stop much like they paif 3DM to stop.

Their PR is even worse than Starforce and even normalfags hate their fucking shit.

8e7dac No.14139610

File: 7f92920866af333⋯.png (9.93 KB, 668x331, 668:331, ClipboardImage.png)


>Install game on my PC

>Play game on my PC

>Not a PC game


Next you'll say that PCs aren't consoles either.

c56968 No.14139695




Nice bait.

fa4bf6 No.14139697


Does the patch fix the limit breaks so that they dont run at a silky smooth 5 fps anymore? That was the only flaw I found with the emulated version. I'd rather just pirate this new version since there will apparently be more content and hopefully it should run fine on my toaster.


kys anon

I tried playing FF13 years ago and tried so hard to find any good out of that game, I tried to find ANY semblance of enjoyment, but there was fucking none. 60 hours of my life wasted because of that piece of shit. I am not even going to touch FF15 which I own because my brother bought it after playing that filth.

0ceb2b No.14139708


How in the mother of fuck did you manage to spend 60 hours in 13? The game is absolutely barren.

fa4bf6 No.14139858


Its a bunch of actual corridors until chapter 10, then it becomes a grinding simulator.

047b79 No.14139872

File: 03f04cc212e653c⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 03f04cc212e653cfa1b1e36b06….jpg)


>best Final Fantasy

>The one that plays like a single player mmo

>the one that broke the formula totally and was the beginning of the end

OP is always a retard.

d9e82f No.14139887


How does it play like an MMO? Because it plays like a turn based game with customizeable AI.

79fa3e No.14139896

File: 94197c29f78d750⋯.jpg (3.98 MB, 3840x5120, 3:4, Lightning.Farron.full.5601….jpg)


It's worth it just for her.

047b79 No.14139902


>RTwP is now turn-based

You don't even know what you're talking about do you?

12c7ff No.14139907


>how does it play like an MMO

It plays like one because many items in the game can't be acquired except through random chance. And many other items require grinding enemies for a ridiculous amount of time. The retarded distribution doesn't of what drops what didn't help. For example to build one of the best weapons in the game requires an item that drops off a semi-hidden enemy in one of the beginning areas.

12c7ff No.14139915


ADDENDUM: Lets not forget the secret bosses that take hours to kill.

694520 No.14139940


>muh asexuality

>muh indifference

>muh best friend's name is hope

cfc3c4 No.14139945

File: f9d3a221a029cd9⋯.jpg (15.68 KB, 208x236, 52:59, 00188.jpg)


>The one that plays like a single player mmo

Because FFXI didn't exist before FXII.

>the one that broke the formula totally

>Implying this wasn't the good direction to go

After XII what we got?, hallways and hour long Cutscenes with shallow pretty boys and girls..

0ceb2b No.14139954


It didn't even take me a day to max out the sparky level up grid.

047b79 No.14139964


>implying hallways and hour long cutscenes were part of Final Fantasy staying to form and not part of the formula being broken.

Final Fantasy was about exploration of wide open areas, what the fuck are you smoking?

>bitches about FFXI while defending XII

They are both shit.

cfc3c4 No.14139982


>Final Fantasy was about exploration of wide open areas, what the fuck are you smoking?

That's what i'm saying, X and VII being the most well regarded were corridor after corridor, that's not what FF is about, FXII broke the formula that hanged around since V.

f5e7ba No.14140411


You can already play FF12 IZJS edition in PCSX2 or whatever PS2 emulator you use, and it runs flawlessly. As far as I can tell, they didn't really add anything of significance between the IZJS release and the Zodiac Age re-release. They've both got the fast-forward mode, the zodiac job boards instead of the default sphere grids, and all that good stuff.

Why play it for money when you can play it for free?

144a47 No.14140428


I wish they would put FF:CC multiplayer on a new system, or My Life as a King on PC

a5d24b No.14140433

File: 0b2589291a44b2b⋯.png (274.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1449942003375.png)


>shitty offline MMO

>best final fantasy

0af6e0 No.14140441


but muh cheevos and steam cards!

cfc3c4 No.14140484

File: a6616f70a2e43f6⋯.png (13.44 KB, 676x615, 676:615, 1515363228256.png)


>nep poster

>having good taste

pick one

a5d24b No.14140492

File: cccacf846041f29⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 466x379, 466:379, f810758fbf03ca564dedb3a53c….jpg)


>says the cuckchanner

967395 No.14140495

File: 41ab3be07abc28b⋯.jpg (401.86 KB, 1536x800, 48:25, Agrias.Oaks.full.1925845.jpg)

>best final fantasy

>anything other than FFT

4649fa No.14140498


Yes, because it's the least shit offline MMO in the franchise.

fa4bf6 No.14140569

File: 555608c328bad25⋯.png (534.07 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 555608c328bad25c5054b361ff….png)


>tfw I thogght FFXIV was going to be an MMO FFXII but instead it was another wow clone.

FFXII had the most interesting and fun combat system out of all of the mainline FF games and had the same kinda abilities and spells you would find in the other games. The gambit system was a wonder to use too. It was amazing and didnt go full retard like FFXIII. If you just dismiss it as MMO combat you are either trying to bait me, wrong or just plain retarded.

65c582 No.14140597

Why no ff8 remake?

53fa26 No.14140623



>the best final fantasy


Check these fuckin' dubs, boi.

dbe7da No.14140630


If I could just get a mod to remove that shitty class system it would be 10/10

1e2d5e No.14140636

File: 457eba78e34e3b2⋯.jpg (95.62 KB, 861x623, 123:89, 669.jpg)


>They are both shit.

If you're going to use shit taste as bait, don't do it in such an exaggerated amount.

08c13c No.14140642

File: c50d36690d30ce2⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 224x257, 224:257, 13134297372704.jpg)

>60FPS – Ivalice will look better than ever with the game running at 60FPS.

Oh boy, day 1 pirate.

8b6adb No.14140644


But that's not Dissidia 012.

8e7dac No.14140650


Were the other FF ports moddable at all? Like even if it were a simple model swap

I'd love to have Moogles replace Viera

047b79 No.14140673


<I love FFXI and XII

No, it is you who has the shit taste m80.

08c13c No.14140676


FF7 and 8 have mods and shit. Dunno about the rest.

8b6adb No.14140683


As far as I know, LR never got a mod to give Lightning a decent ass, which I would think would be done as soon as possible, were it possible at all.

c563f7 No.14140715

If I liked Vagrant Story, will I like FF12?

519c0b No.14140726



How and why people like this game?

actual question

0944fa No.14140821


The battle system is actually fun. You just have to complete the game to unlock it and even then you only get to fully use it against 2 super bosses.

12c7ff No.14140876


The combat has nothing to do with it being like an MMO.

0ceb2b No.14140933


The Lightning Returns port is so god awful I don't think any self respecting modder, or even the paid shill ones, ever bothered.

c5824f No.14141164

File: b4eb28895ff9926⋯.jpeg (467.51 KB, 696x811, 696:811, ebc30d9dda96b8997492c1b4a….jpeg)


>Best Final Fantasy

Fuck oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooff.

f1e4df No.14141214


>This retarded hipster again

How is that guilty gear multiplayer going for you?

ca37d7 No.14141311


so you played a jrpg?

bdc497 No.14141329

File: 0b3ddf659b6916f⋯.png (490.14 KB, 600x850, 12:17, topnep.png)

Can't wait to pirate it.

dd54ae No.14141330

File: 5ea766b9c57d1c3⋯.jpg (22.78 KB, 248x255, 248:255, ghheyy.jpg)


>best FF coming to PC

yep, FF 9 HD is already on PC

dd54ae No.14141336



or remastered, not sure if its HD

725351 No.14141340

File: ef174208c1d9698⋯.jpg (112.42 KB, 573x572, 573:572, 64321659.jpg)

>Best Final Fantasy


Wew, that game was pure wasted potential, a fine setting such as Ivalice wasted on a bland story, an uninteresting androgynous faggy protagonist and an all human party when you have all those interesting races (except for Fran who TOTALLY wasn't human guise) to work from. I couldn't care less about this announcement, already played this game years ago and i'm currently too busy playing actually good games.

ca37d7 No.14141341


>final fantasy was about exploration of wide open areas

. . . unless you count most of the games in the series

even then 12 was wide open areas by your definition, so what you bitching about

>11&12 are shit


725351 No.14141348


You actually like FFXI? Isn't that a fucking MMO?

ca37d7 No.14141361


>bland story


>uninteresying androgynous faggy protagonist

>vaan is the protagonist in 12 guys, just like terra is the protagonist in 6

>all human party when you have those interesting races

>furries == interesting race


4f78b0 No.14141362


>14 seconds between a random battle being triggered and the player being able to input.

Solid pass.

dd54ae No.14141373


>i need instant action asap!

heh, get some patience kid

725351 No.14141375

12c7ff No.14141401


The games has a very nice world, and the combat system with the exception of the spell/ability queuing is quite good. The combat system also features a sort of instruction set you can give your AI partners so that you don't have to micromanage so much. It focuses on commands, and priorities. Higher up commands are given greater priority. Negatives include some areas being to large, and too bland, horrible mini-games, MMO tier grinding/gathering, and a story that had potential but ultimately falls flat. Speaking of the story it becomes very obvious they were massive changes made likely very late in development, as none of the characters are fleshed out very much. This game can be described as having many good things executed very badly. Fran is best girl.

ca37d7 No.14141413


>game is made poorly

>its all a feature gaizzz

caebc2 No.14141524

f37d5c No.14141536


>The combat system also features a sort of instruction set you can give your AI partners

This is nothing new

bbae7f No.14141561



Realtalk, I'd get FFT: WotL on Steam just for the multiplayer.

d62d5c No.14141852

File: 1bc4d58e82a8cd5⋯.jpg (70.36 KB, 1500x1153, 1500:1153, 5dffb26454c0026ea41e390b33….jpg)


I can't hear you over all those dicks in your mouth. Speak up.



>Best FF

Pic related.

d362b1 No.14151324

>tfw no tactics remaster ever coming out for PS4

8c5aee No.14151334

File: c8c64cd3aed0ae3⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 419x387, 419:387, bad, sad bad.jpg)


We can dream, anon.

2a8168 No.14151856


I'd pay full price for a FFT remake with extended story lines for the story characters that didn't make it into the original. It would need to have an option for the original translation though. Fuck that ye olde english shit.

e88260 No.14152104

Has Balthier taken his rightful place as MC yet?

4ffcba No.14152108


>he wants a (((remaster)))

hello reddit

d7d4a6 No.14152137

File: 8bb47623ea13cce⋯.jpg (680.76 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 60432 - AKR Final_Fantasy_….jpg)

cool, I really enjoyed XII, but then, I'm a sucker for decent mmo's and this was an offline mmo that played out like a fantasy Star Wars…. also, Fran was a qt.

Between this and the DaS remaster I might just have a fun little year. It's sad that I really only get excited for pc releases of old vidya any more.

53b639 No.14152139

File: e987443a9b3c51e⋯.png (146.7 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 1439430575097.png)


>Caveman posting


I wish you would be quiet and you are also incorrect . seriously lurk more

aedb4e No.14152166


I played the ps2 version 3 times already. The PC version will fix the fps drops during LB and change mechanics that only existed because of the outdated hardware, for example the spellqueue system will be gone which changes completely what setups you can run from the ps2 version.

7ff9be No.14153195


Fran is delicious as were any of the Viera.

8cbbf9 No.14153245


I know you're playing me, but ff13-2 is actually pretty fucking good. I did not go in expecting Chrono Break

12c7ff No.14153375

File: bf582bbf58cd590⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1280x1044, 320:261, fran5.png)

File: 0809492f79c2c4a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.72 MB, 1300x2800, 13:28, fran4.png)


Everyone loves chocolate bunnies, especially around easter.

432051 No.14153388


That's a weird way of spelling Final Fantasy Tactics

84d475 No.14153389


ff6, 7 and 8 have long been available on PC?

aedb4e No.14153398

>For example to build one of the best weapons in the game requires an item that drops off a semi-hidden enemy in one of the beginning areas

FF always did bullshit like this no matter what entry. In FFX-2 you couldn't reach 100% clear status if at the very start 1min into the game you didn't talk to the blue bartender and went to lie in the bed upstairs even though that impacted the game jack shit. I reasoned it's to sell guides.

7ff9be No.14153400


I stayed around viera all the time and was always distracted by them.

02c008 No.14153475




Literally the only reason I care about FFXII at all. Otherwise it was incredibly forgettable. Just a boring and bland story and characters, at least on the playable side.

25837c No.14153507

File: fbd0a41b2d234e8⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 303x355, 303:355, SeeqRanger.jpg)

FFXII does not play like an MMO, it uses the ATB system seen in the previous entries but in a 3D environment and allows you to pause to queue commands.

There are no hotbars, you can actually move while attacking and your gauge fills up, and you can customise the party AI through gambits.

Xenoblade acts far more like an MMO than FFXII does and everyone here is sucking XBC2's dick despite it being a terrible game.

XII has some of the best worldbuilding the entire series has seen, a very subtle plot that's not overly anime (muh you're the great hero of the world).

The anon who complained about item drop rates clearly never played the game or was too retarded to understand how chaining works as if you kill the same type of enemy again and again the drop rates, quantities and qualities improve dramatically.

XII has a plethora of content and a beautiful soundtrack.

That being said why the fuck would you buy it on PC when it flopped on PS4 and is now dirt cheap? I picked up a copy of Zodiac Age for £15 and i'm sure I could have found it cheaper if I looked.

Also the Ivalice world has the best races of any FF game, though I admit the Tactics games give them a lot more charm and personality.

12c7ff No.14153516


>FF always did bullshit like this no matter what entry.

Oh yeah. How about the zodiac spear? It's obtained from a certain container in a high level level area IF and only IF you have not opened other specific containers in four different locations two of which are located in starting areas. So of course you will open them, and you will not get the item. You can obtain the spear in another area, but only from a container that has a 25% chance of appearing when you zone in, and it's still a one in one thousand chance. You can use a glitch to break the RNG though to get it, but that's because of shitty programming.

0ceb2b No.14153544


It's also not really worth the effort at all. A holy spear with a white robe and hat do more, or around the same, damage and allow you to heal yourself. Best part, you can just buy that shit from a store.

dd2b1c No.14153570


This. Game would have been much better if you could play as the empire.

12c7ff No.14153586


It also would have been much better if the viera were naked. What's your point?

f92b62 No.14153591

enjoyed the hell of that to bad i never finished it stop playing after cid battle and escaping didn't remember where to go also was trying to get the primals which were really really hard to get etc.

still actually have a working ps2 and save file and copy of the game but i guess it be better to start over.

but it also has drm so wait for crack really

0944fa No.14153675


Oh good the marketers are here.

25837c No.14153736

File: 0e69db335b73514⋯.jpg (32.71 KB, 280x314, 140:157, Ffta2-bangaacannoneer.jpg)


>cannot counter comments made on a post


Get fucked, this place doesn't get enough traffic to warrant paying people to astroturf here and you know it.

e01680 No.14153765


Omega is starting to look like the fucking Macho Man crossed with Penn Jillette.

12c7ff No.14153771

File: 4f0549806739be9⋯.png (83.26 KB, 481x637, 37:49, kys.png)



You stick out like a sore thumb. FF12 has the most grinding of any of the other titles because of the ridiculously low drop rate of some items. This is not even counting the absurd amount of grinding that it takes to get items like grand armor/helm without using an exploit. You're also the idiot buying his games.

b24633 No.14153789

File: 1f32defcb5d9823⋯.jpg (21.85 KB, 320x414, 160:207, sigh.jpg)

Why can't I get into this franchise? I tried playing FF 1-6 but I always lose interest early on and drop the game…

2a8168 No.14153885


You play those games for the story and the characters.

d362b1 No.14153909


the only two that have any story are 4 and 6 and 4 is not a good game

e01680 No.14153922


Wait for the FF7 remake, bru

2a8168 No.14153955


Not disputing that. But outside of story and characters, I can't think of a reason to play those games.

25837c No.14154015

File: 2dc0c0eae475986⋯.png (258.8 KB, 500x620, 25:31, bangaa.png)


>ridiculously low drop rate of some items

>Traveler's Tips Chaining For Fun & Profit

>By defeating several of the same type of foe in succession you can create a battle chain.

>When a battle chain is formed, the number of links in the chain is displayed on screen. The longer the chain, the greater the chance that loot will drop.

>Battle chains of a certain level will not only increase the chance of loot dropping, but also the chance of multiple item drops.

Do you guys actually bother playing a videogame before you complain about it? Anything that can't be won by battle chains isn't needed.

There are a few outlier cases with very rare items that have a retarded requirement but you don't need to get those items… You can beat the game and do a lot of the optional content without them, and beat it easily at that.

Hell you can get far in the story without having seriously upgraded your gear at all, and only occasionally picking up new items. So arguing about the drop rate of a select few items you don't need is a moot point.

Any rare drops won through battle chaining are easy game given you can increase the speed of the game to x4 and plow through areas and monsters at a stupid rate. This also makes grinding a lot easier than any of the other FF games.

12c7ff No.14154037


The battle chain isn't necessary. Why not just increase the drop rate, and in the case of something like wolf's throat's blood you will still be killing hundreds to get a few. Ball's in you're court mister marketer.

ff552f No.14154106

File: a9559c897d4d587⋯.jpg (66.74 KB, 282x341, 282:341, 1349609348823.jpg)


Why not give that item to you in the first place?

Why don't you start at max level with all gambit anyway?


e01680 No.14154184


What are you talking about, only those 2 games have a story?

What about 7? what about 9? what about 10?

gtfo with that bullshit elitism, and why the fuck would it even be an elitist opinion? What's so damn special about 4 and 6? I'm not even claiming the others are better or anything, but to say only those 2 games have a story is retarded. Have you ever even played the OG Final Fantasy on the NES? You nostalgiafags, man. I swear…

cf34ca No.14154400

File: 0be085ca0b11acd⋯.jpg (293.08 KB, 850x1207, 50:71, 1434371709871.jpg)

File: f907b5300253f84⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, DQX Dragon race area figh….webm)


Overrated game that's over before it gets started and without regularly sold pots which you will have to work for. Good ass game though.


It apparently wasn't a WoW knockoff so anyone who enjoyed MMOs before they became tainted would likely be happy with that.


>story that had potential but ultimately falls flat

Huge ass understatement when it's compared to what it could have been.


>FF always did bullshit like this no matter what entry

Excalibur II never ever…


>I-it has ATB s-so it doesn't play like an MMO

It plays like an MMO, just not a Korean or Blizzard MMO.

5ef6a2 No.14154452


Having large areas and mobs that roam the map isn't MMO features you schlong swallowing goblin.

Its a mechanic that has existed in RPG's for years before and having tight claustrophobic areas to fight enemies isn't a characteristic of RPG's.

a5d24b No.14154478


They literally added a turbo speed button because the areas are too large for a single player game.

5ef6a2 No.14154502


>because the areas are too huge

You're full of shit, its to grind drops which would be the opposite of a wow MMO where they give incentive TOO GRIND.

Top tier tard.

12c7ff No.14154524

File: 397389c75a20081⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 635x457, 635:457, waningnah.jpg)



Christ you FF apologists are insufferable. Anyone states anything negative about your golden calf, and you have to shit up a thread.

e6fec4 No.14154547

that fucker from square was right about everything he posted. I wish I copied everything he said.

It was like 2 years ago he side every FF will come to pc. even said FF15 will well before it even came out.

he said (at the time) there are no plans for KH to be ported to pc though

2a8168 No.14154553


5, 7 and 8 don't really have an overarching story, it's more along the lines of "stuff happens, you react". Very episodic chain of events instead of having a clear cut goal from the start. I only played 9 once when it came out and forgot most of the story except monkeys from space and evil fat queen, so no comment on that one. 10 also has a story, like 4-5-6.

e88260 No.14154584


>Huge ass understatement when it's compared to what it could have been.

What was the original idea again? All I know is more Balthier and Vaan didn't exist.

a5d24b No.14154592


>"stuff happens, you react"

That's a story, dummy.

cf34ca No.14154597

File: e1d3e2f5dc41426⋯.jpg (63.94 KB, 520x640, 13:16, 675797.jpg)


How does that mean they're not stories?


I think there was supposed be like 8 kingdoms you move through and around 16 characters.

12c7ff No.14154601


Originally Basch was going to be the main character. Remember when vaan runs around town saying "I'm Basch." instead of Basch himself? Vaan was put in to appeal to the fujoshi crowd like always.

0ceb2b No.14154604


How does that not also apply to the other games? I wouldn't say the goal is clear from the start for any of them past 2.

e01680 No.14154607


FFXV got ruined anyway, you can have it.

e88260 No.14154671

File: df2e4393eb272db⋯.jpg (45 KB, 600x456, 25:19, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxe.jpg)


Is that why his backstory is so well fleshed out and the entire story revolves around him? Huh. Crazy.

>fujo ruin games just as much as they're ruining my anime

The fujo menace must be stopped.

2a8168 No.14154706


Well like I said, it's more along the lines of having an overarching plot, a clear reason to get things moving and keep them moving. 4 has the kingdom gathering crystals and Golbez fucking shit up. 5 has the crystals breaking and the power of the elements fading. 6 has the empire taking over the world and quite literally poised to attack. On the other hand, 7 is just "save the planet" with no clear reason behind it; hell the clashes with Shinra are instigated by Avalanche. Once you leave Midgar, the story more or less becomes about following Sephiroth from town to town. In 8 you're a soldier going on missions and sorceresses are bad and stuff. And 10 has a clear goal of stopping Sin by going on a pilgrimage.

a5d24b No.14154737


Loli Penelo would make the game better

92feae No.14154761


Nobody fucking wants XV now since they murdered it.

5ef6a2 No.14154772


I don't even care about the game that much last time I played it was when I was a kid and never got past the phoenix boss.

I'm just pointing out the complaints and criticism you fags are using are objectively wrong.

92feae No.14154783

File: eaf6054cdd7cf9d⋯.png (57.33 KB, 276x256, 69:64, 1439909617994.png)


>there's a patch for the original version that increase the shit ATB speed and casual difficulty

>hurr play the shitty upscaled android with oversharpened pre-rendered backgrounds

>my favorite Final Fagasy


cf34ca No.14154847

File: 36f756fd092ee27⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 21329015_p0.png)


They just have the story unravel as you go along instead of starting it off at a 10 with you in the heat of things; it shows what they were like before and with FFIX and FFVIII having the main characters profession being the thing that leads them into the story.


I hope FFVII Remake can say the same.


FF will never have lolis again and I'm willing to bet the potato race will be damned to only MMOs unless a new Tactics ever happens.

a5d24b No.14154932


Potatoes aren't good lolis anyway, they are ugly.

e01680 No.14155601


WHY DID NOMURA EVEN FUCKING ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN? FFvsXIII was looking GOOD around 2011/2012. What the hell?

92feae No.14155710


Nomura got fucked and was moved from the project, Gackt got assmad about it and fucked off from whatever he was doing with them.

0ceb2b No.14155760


The entire company turned into another indistinguishable AAA shithouse in 2013 when LR,ARR,ATB and whatever the fuck they called the Tomb Raider reboot came out. As bad as they used to be they at least tended to not fill everything with nickle&diming DLC.

4b0bcd No.14155888


Square Enix had no idea what they were doing making HD games and FF13 flopped so they canned the entire Fabula Nova Crystalis concept.

0ceb2b No.14155898


They didn't have much of an idea what they were doing with SD ones either.

c58b43 No.14168135

File: 9f02114e67c973f⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 489x355, 489:355, 9f02114e67c973fca55a089928….jpg)



>remember back when they had their first trailer for e3 2006

>looked much more appealing visually and the battle system looked much better

>find out years later it was all staged and faked

>complete utter rage from how much SE lied

>ALL the fucking shilling from Dissidia 012 to that 3rd birthday shit, and THAT's only for the first one out of the 3

>try playing it on my brother's ps3

>holy fuck it really is shit AND linear

>suddenly seeing them in a bargain bin so early into release made sense

>try watching the rest of the cutscenes because I couldn't bring myself to even finish

>what the fuck is a story?

>No srsly

>why the fuck is this serah chick such a big deal and why does she look like a pink version of that chick from bible black

>well at least it's ove-


>Lightning shilling still continues for years


>whatever the hell of a broken clusterfuck that was the Fabula Nova Crystallis project is now paraded around

>This series stagnates so fucking badly it made the literal autism version crossover (Kingdom Hearts) actually less cringey (even if not much to some)

>meanwhile superior Ivalice Allaince was almost kill



And i'm hoping that SE is starting to realize that too

be0415 No.14168230

>Thinkinh Vaan is the protagonist

Are you guys blind? Vaan is a side character who watches Baltier, the real main character.

27afcf No.14168621

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I remember that guy, I saved his post but my HDD burned up and I lost most of my shit from 2014-2015 and from 2016 including.

It wasa huge fuvking leak and he was right in almost everything, I think the dates were out of place though.

Also, Final Fucboi XV has Mod Support out of the box on PC, they actually delivered.

22b5d3 No.14168648

File: ca06f974f3f0835⋯.png (39.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1311313256163.png)

I really liked the dialogue in XII. The chocobos were also top tier, though the power on a lot of the espers was a bit disappointing. One of the few "recent" FFs that I enjoyed playing tactician in.

9ee481 No.14168877


>single player MMO

that's a pretty good way of putting it.

Don't forget the recycled Uematsu soundtrack with no original tracks from him.

d51c20 No.14168887

File: 11c76292570735b⋯.png (117.51 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 144295754.png)


>eceleb faggotry

>acceptable on 8chan

maybe you should read the board rules before posting next time,seriously take your own advice

73118c No.14168889

it's sad that the best ff is not even part of the main series. besides, ff is just a poor man's dq when you can read jap and not rely on the shitty translations of the west.

27afcf No.14168901


DQ is just a poor mans Ultima

4f78b0 No.14168902


DQ is boredom incarnate, it's genericism brought up to 11, it is the apotheosis of cliché.

73118c No.14168911


>not wizardry

e8fb28 No.14168912

File: c1a6e910af50066⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 1415563157500.gif)


Or wait for the crack

94381f No.14168940


>best Final Fantasy

>"protagonist" is a soyboy instead of rugged pirate because cunts complained

>main female lead is used goods

>it plays like an MMO

What garbage are you sprouting OP?

b728c5 No.14170562


>Best Final Fantasy

It's unfinished. The director left halfway through development so a bunch of rubes stitched together the second half. It's literally fan fiction.

cf34ca No.14174699

File: f16aebcc67c95e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.57 MB, 2000x1718, 1000:859, 1431391651135-1.jpg)


>Not both


>it's genericism

>it is the apotheosis of cliché

It is Final Fantasy

81609b No.14174708

File: 9866fd4f4c65c99⋯.jpg (118.61 KB, 870x660, 29:22, ur boy.jpg)



>not following /v/'s hivemind

You should kill yourselves. FF12 is the best final fantasy. And it plays amazing because its not made like your usual jrpg.

9c3d5d No.14174798


Define plays like an MMO please.

There was a bit of pretty good side content here and there but it wasnt xenoblade chronicles tier where you were pretty much the slave of every other person in the game and without that EXP from sidequests, you would be too weak to do the main missions and be forced to grind.

In FFXII can't you just play through the main storyline like any other jrpg? Or am I getting your definition wrong?


Its pretty good for a finished product, at least it didnt get raped and mutilated like FFXV.

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