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File: 9dcf29a836b89e2⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1357x767, 23:13, serveimage.png)

b1a094 No.14142951

How would you design a good anticheat solutions considering that all the current ones suck ass?

More generally how to prevent cheating in online games?

574954 No.14142980


>More generally how to prevent cheating in online games?

its a money issue, cheats exploit bugs in games, or modify things that shouldn't be modified. So either you need a team of anti-cheat engineers that fix up bugs or programmers that find ways to detect modifications.

Then impose permanent IP bans or account bans.

8d4e9d No.14143005

who the fuck cares you goddamn baby? are you upset someone invalidated your 10 minute life affirming video game experience by cheating?

jesus christ grow up you fucking pussy.

42807d No.14143011


4853bc No.14143023


The only solution is LAN party.

574954 No.14143035

File: abd6ddd155eece7⋯.png (51.94 KB, 542x512, 271:256, chanface.png)


>calls OP a baby

>talks like an angsty call of duty teenager

a192c1 No.14143070


>he doesnt pay 600 euro a month for a hardware hack

0af25d No.14143219

Community run servers that consist of the majority of all servers and have an active and attentive admin staff. Since this is the era of match making, this will likely never happen again.

8d4e9d No.14143268



spurned pussy detected. please go back to whining about how some ebin script kiddie pissed in your cheerios and shot you through a wall and ruined your day.

im gonna go turn on cheat engine while you monitor this thread for more replies to your posts like the virtue signaling faggot you are.

a01550 No.14143272


I would ban all players from my game forever. No players - no cheaters.

9f1930 No.14143276


Please don't use cheat engine on 8chan.

6dd632 No.14143278


laugh maniacally at cucks who actually bought the game and can't play it because some based hacker ruins their experience and then record the salt

468026 No.14143282


Xonotic prevents wall hacking by pruning data about other players before sending the packet back to the client. So even if you can see through walls you wouldn't be able to see the other player.

So there's one.

468026 No.14143286


To clarify, if the other player would not be in line of sight.

9a32a9 No.14143317


All current solutions are botnets. They know everything about your system and what you're doing (e.g. VAC scans your DNS history), and from that they make decisions. Despite that, a caring server moderator/administrator still does a better job at spotting cheaters than some proprietary malware. Another solution would be to design game engines such way that cheaters can't get advantages, using >>14143282 as an example.

6a345c No.14143323


>VAC scans your DNS history

Not true. You may be confusing it with another anticheat. See: https://www.unknowncheats.me/wiki/Valve_Anti-Cheat

1abb32 No.14143332


stop making games for pc, play games on console instead. There I just solved it

9a32a9 No.14143334

b57e4a No.14143344


ip bock shithole countries

9a32a9 No.14143351


This, to be honest. Too bad AAA games won't sell if you block USA though.

26080a No.14143356

File: 3cddd7b34ed3112⋯.png (1.74 KB, 165x45, 11:3, Untitled.png)


Simple, if you catch a player cheating: Don't tell them you've caught them, just throw them in a pool with all the other Germans, Mouthbreathers, and Kids that get a rise out of downloading aimware.

VAC is a barely passable system because it's too slow, and rarely catches private cheats. Ditch the wave system, and simply hand out "Shadowbans" immediately after cheating is detected.

bec575 No.14143358


Remember thrash like Aequitas? That was a rootkit in all but name and caused constant crashes while people who bought private hacks simply laughed about it.

CS comp play was shit 10 years ago and is probably ten times worse thanks to MUH ESPORZ cancer.

ac39e6 No.14143363


>use cheats online

>need affirmation from a videogame for support is life but since it's a scrub he needs cheat engines


ff843f No.14143367


>considering that all the current ones suck ass?

Have you considered that maybe making a good anti-cheat isn't as easy as you think it is?

>Despite that, a caring server moderator/administrator still does a better job at spotting cheaters than some proprietary malware.

you know how many times I got banned from games because some whiny admin thought I was cheating? Admins are gay.


>Then impose permanent IP bans or account bans.

There are people with dynamic IP's out there who can just change their IP whenever they want.

1abed2 No.14143371


>idiots caught by this system will complain about the amount of cheaters

>cheaters will out themselves

ff843f No.14143380

File: 8196d1a9e41646f⋯.webm (8.47 MB, 889x500, 889:500, MissQGemini on people cal….webm)


>im gonna go turn on cheat engine

How are you any different from a nigger? Instead of playing the game like a civilized person you go around like a ape ruining the fun for everyone. What is your problem? Are you literally non-white? Does your live suck so hard you feel the need to spread your pain?

8d4e9d No.14143381


>>need affirmation from a videogame for support is life but since it's a scrub he needs cheat engines

what did she mean by this

728602 No.14143488


>cheat engine

is there seriously a multiplayer game that can't detect that shit?

c7347d No.14143505


I'm sorry, but shadowbanning is a scummy practice no matter how it's performed. Plus, if someone gets falsely accused of hacking, throwing them to the sharks is the opposite of what you want to do.

95b0aa No.14143606

allow people to host their own server and give them the ability to votekick, anticheat is the shittiest concept ever.

1e5999 No.14143610


>How would you design a good anticheat solution

Don't. Purposefully encourage the development of cheats and make the entire game about trying to outplay the opposition with superior software.

9cd165 No.14143692

File: 3e54031f46834bf⋯.mp4 (5.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, asdc.mp4)


This, people can do a much better job than some automated program looking for hooked programs(innocuous or malicious.)

Anticheats are malware to begin with and don't even do their seemingly-obvious job well, it more often than not bans legitimate users for overlays or only the most popular hacks, while private hacks take longer to be noticed.

df66f2 No.14143693

File: 3188ea273c3981c⋯.jpg (179.45 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, raccoon002.jpg)

In Dark souls pvp, the cheaters were usually the ones who were worse at the game and would fall for easy gravity kill bait unless they had an auto-kill switch which was really only ever found on pc.

It was always funny because they were prone to send hate mail after being beaten and in those messages their broken psyche would show how up is down and down is up in their messed up mind.

there's only ever 4 reasons why someone would hack a multiplayer video game.

-to remove tediousness (like quick pvp builds in dark souls as opposed to grinding and farming for 15 hours, this can be bad cause of 0 health builds, but I've made loads of quick pvp builds cause fuck boring grinding)

-it's available - this is the broken psyche one, they usually don't even think they're cheating and are capable of mental gymnastics usually only ever seen in the most brainwashed of soyboys, I've noticed these guys tend to be mexican a lot based on their names and edginess.

-the trophy is better than the game to them - otherwise known as tryhards who suck but really want that top 100 rank.

-trolling - basically the people in this thread which isn't surprising, you can't really blame them when they're a day away from killing themselves and the only thing keeping them alive is making people mad. If they didn't have multiplayer games to hack they'd probably be dead.

180c0e No.14143701


>A year is more than enough for a person to revaluate their decisions.

yeah, what we need is millions of cheaters thinking "time to ragehack again in a year!"

you're fucking retarded

9a32a9 No.14143709


Just so get banned again? I dunno who's more retarded, you or the cheaters.

180c0e No.14143713


>Plus, if someone gets falsely accused of hacking

are you dumb? no game bans because someone claims another was hacking, there wouldn't be a playerbase if that was the case

ff843f No.14143719


>are you dumb? no game bans because someone claims another was hacking, there wouldn't be a playerbase if that was the case

a lot of games ban you because of the amount of reports you get. Pretty sure Siege handles it this way and battlefield too.

180c0e No.14143721


do you not realize that after two years there will constantly be cheaters returning every single day just to ragerhack again? that also implies they're banned instantly, letting them ragehack again for even a day is unacceptable because thousands will be returning to their accounts each month, they will all be ruining someones play session because you're so retarded you think someone who became a ragehacker in the first place actually wants to play the game seriously and that they'll all change. even if 80% of them changed and stopped cheating it wouldn't be worth it, and what about the ones who are still vindictive and so become closet cheaters? have some foresight you fucking mongrel.

180c0e No.14143723


[citation needed]

3b8a1e No.14143733


Then make the system reset the 1 year countdown every week it detects cheating. That way the cheaters will forever be stuck in the shadow realm unless they stop cheating for a year.

fb055f No.14143755

The easiest way to stop a person from doing something is simply by murdering them. They won't doing much after that, I tell you hwhat.

But a more legal method would be for games to implement a way for users to report cheaters to mods + a way to submit evidence to mods as proof. The subtle cheaters may still get away, but the overt cheaters who noticeably break the game won't escape.

df66f2 No.14143788


1 problem with this

In tf2 I was accused of hacking and kicked out of servers a lot.


play call of duty 4, its a hackers paradise right now about who can be the bigger god.

9cd165 No.14143799



Better than being banned from the game permanently.

02cf3f No.14143805

File: df130b0a537185d⋯.png (5.23 KB, 259x288, 259:288, df130b0a537185d1be45dcd1b7….png)


>have cheats

>still loses

it would be excusable if she was at least able to place her reticle on the other person since csgo has rng spray, yet she cant even manage that. sad!

4a09d0 No.14143812

You have a team that actively searches obscure forums and other sites for the latest cheats. Then update your rootkit almost-illegal-tier malware of a anti-cheat to scan everything and ban both the IP and the hardware permanently and block his game account along with his credit card.

>B-but muh privacy

Sometimes we gotta sacrifice some things. I would gladly make an anticheat that is just barely legal as long as it works and BTFOs the subhuman cheaters.

3b8a1e No.14143827

File: b93ee73c3bfd742⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 500x281, 500:281, brown loli.gif)

The simple truth is that valve doesn't care about cheaters, and in fact wants them around. The cheaters are probably one of the biggest profit sources for csgo, since every time they get banned they buy a new copy of the game and keep going as usual.

83d67a No.14143831

File: 52c8a9b2439c241⋯.png (201.65 KB, 301x301, 1:1, Trumplol.png)

All anticheats are reactionary by their nature, therefore the only solution is to preemptively obfuscate your game as much as possible, but unless you're writing your game in your own programming language, you'll still get cheaters. Otherwise you're best off with letting people host their own servers. Closet cheaters are worse than blatant cheaters. Closet cheaters are tryhards who're also hybrid edgelords and wiggers who actually care about their face, reputation, and actually competing despite cheating.


>I can take my boobs and smack you across the face with them.

That would be hot if she actually had boobs.


That's more of a trust issue than anything else. That said, you'll only get banned from individual servers and groups as opposed to the entire game.

1c3139 No.14143840


Tie game accounts to your DNA and require a blood test every time you fire up the game.

If you cheat, your DNA is blacklisted for life - and also you're killed.

4a09d0 No.14143841


This is the only correct answer

b68ccc No.14143880

File: 429277ac6944af1⋯.jpg (132.09 KB, 1885x1060, 377:212, I wonder who that could be.jpg)


That's a great idea, Goldstein.

000000 No.14143888


>direct linking reddit

>keeping cached versions of your internet history



c4dc29 No.14143906


>steal someone's hand

>make fake DNA tester

There's a world of reasons against biometrics in their various forms, besides that the majority of them aren't all that accurate.

5e6108 No.14143913


The majority of the time it's easy to tell who's cheating, the issue isn't detection but them getting kicked or banned in fast reliable manner. Trying to get into an arms race with cheat devs and go full botnet with file or memory scanning is a waste of time and effort.

3e039d No.14143914


As far as I know, Rocket League doesn't have any cheats at all, despite being competitive and popular. How do they do it?


At least cs has the trust system now, which supposedly only queues you against people with similarly old steam accounts. But otherwise you're right

5e6108 No.14143935

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Considering how simple the gameplay is they probably do most things server side. Even still a quick search found plenty of videos.

b82ad9 No.14143956

HWID bans like Blizzard does. It works insanely well. Valve has a lot of good ideas with Overwatch not the game, it's a system in CSGO where reports are verified by players by watching the gameplay of the reported player and players are de-rendered if someone is far enough behind a wall to prevent wallhacking.

839a17 No.14144021


Yes, put the moderation in the hands of idiots.

It can sometimes be good bit it usually goes like

>s-someone on your team is cheating

<you need more than x votes to succeed

<No one on said team cares because they win

<There are afks and people who don't pay attention to chat.

>free for all

>someone is skilled enough to be accused of cheating

>vote succeeds

And there are other cases that it's bad regardless of cheats. I've gotten kicked on tf2 while playing as defense engy for not having a high enough score after a while.

563c30 No.14144554

I think this thread is limited to counte strike.

6f56df No.14144571

Make online games so bad everyone with taste stops playing them, so the only people left are adolescents and hackers, both of which are inconsequential to everyone else in the world. Oh wait, that's been going on for fifteen-plus years now. Seems like everything is in order, then.

0911b1 No.14144572

File: dcfec2d20a4dc71⋯.png (458.05 KB, 635x640, 127:128, smugcoolranch.png)


I'd run a subroutine to look if, at any point in time, the main attributes of the player character in the multiplayer online game are being altered. Then, rather than having any immediate action, I'd let it wait and check on how well the player is doing. If he's racking up points extremely fast then there's a very high chance that he's cheating to get on other people's nerves, but rather than banning him I'd make it so that a number of random things can happen to his game for a certain amount of time, including:

>random crashes to desktop

>scores dropping to zero for no apparent reason

>screen gradually turning darker or brighter

>screenshots of the game automatically becoming the desktop background and folder icons

>arbitrarily making certain keybinds not respond

>adding a vuvuzela sound that goes off whenever the game is shut down

423ca4 No.14144602

Can any anon teach me how to cheat? Asking the real questions here

25faf2 No.14144633


fairfight still works?

ac39e6 No.14144649


>I have to watch this. This is so good

>gets the banhammer

I'm laffin

10eb3f No.14144670

I wouldn't really care. I'd just let people to make their own servers and ban the cheaters themselves. I hate cheaters but cheats are basically mods and trying to be too hostile to cheats you end up accidentally banning mods. It's a community issue, not a developer issue. That's how I see it anyway.

0911b1 No.14144796



Put pictures of white families and breastfeeding, slender moms in random folders on his computer instead. You want to drive him insane, not just gross him out.

000000 No.14144877

8fadbb No.14145040


>in your own programming language

That won't do shit, still compiles to binary.

a679a1 No.14145069

>How would you design a good anticheat solution

Region banning all IPs east of Poland.

0d2868 No.14145173


Pay the NSA to be the anti-cheat.

21dbeb No.14145198


>get rid of competitve modes

>get rid of ranking

>get rid of leveling up

>get rid of matchmaking

There now all of the kids who do that won't play the game in the first place

9fdf00 No.14145247

By implementing cheat enabled games.

06841c No.14145258

eb57e0 No.14145699

File: ab606a2824639d5⋯.png (105.99 KB, 805x540, 161:108, 1510026083962.png)


I'm no software engineer, but my proposed method of handling the problem would be like so:

Use a compiled data file for the game-code of your game ala QuakeWorld, but don't define the main functions engine-side (which is something QuakeWorld does.) Have the server validate the checksum of the progs.dat (or whatever file) based on the one the server is running. This also gets around security issues of custom game-code without the need for sand-boxing. Also do away with horrible horrible shit like client-side damage calculation (I'm looking at you TF2!)

446f18 No.14146317


Closet cheaters really require a social component to deal with them. Most are quietly supported by a large group of non-cheating friends that pressures/gaslights everyone else into letting the cheater get away with it. Gets really bad when everyone on the server is friends, because the cheater is going to naturally be the best at sucking the admin's ego off.

And they are really hard to spot, easiest way I've found is that they play late at night on un-moderated servers, where they very obviously test out all their cheats. Otherwise it requires some edge case like the the hack bugging out while moving up a staircase or someone shooting at a spectator (and even then, their friends all pull gas-lighting duty).



I can tell you, there is A LOT of very mild cheating going on to 'keep up with the Joneses'. Some cheaters do it to gain the attention of the best players, so they can be friends. Yes it is as sad as it sounds; remember the eternal normalfag only cares about his social life

4446ef No.14146711

File: 8d58ea85cee032f⋯.webm (250.11 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 85g pack of keks.webm)


This, not only hilarious, but it solves the IP switching issue since they won't know about the changes to their account. For PR you just say the usual BS like "Our team is working as hard as we can to eliminate this problem from the community" without mentioning any implementation at all.

82290f No.14146816

I would develop strong tools for administrators to remove players and leave the rest to the honor system. Trying to make some incredibly complicated invasive system process to monitor player activity just ends up fucking everybody at the end of the day.

82290f No.14146836

File: f42e0b930cedad2⋯.jpg (138.91 KB, 640x908, 160:227, PSO.jpg)

When you get really carried away with anti-cheat you can end up ruining a game experience. Definitely something to be avoided on a console experience that can't be patched like a PC game.

cd7098 No.14147041


I have to admit PSO2's gameguard is a bit silly. the admin prompt kills PSO2 and recording usually means I have to open OBS BEFORE running PSO2

82290f No.14147142


Gameguard is a fucking rootkit. The versions of PSO on the other hand got so carried away with memory card save checks that they introduced not only ways for players to accidentally corrupt their character files, but ways for other players to force them to corrupt.

6db694 No.14147178


found the cheating defense forces

6db694 No.14147233

File: 8967aae35a6ce3a⋯.png (875.51 KB, 600x826, 300:413, 1397030085690.png)

I stoped playing Gunz Online because cheating.

like I don't undertad people who watchs letsplayers and streams and cheaters. I mean all of those do one thing only:

they don't play the game.

f8ad2f No.14147264


>cheating defense forces


45691d No.14148232


The second reason really has me thinking. I'd regularly PVP with this spic looking faggot on DS1, and he'd always get utterly destroyed. He tried to turn on infinite health once but I knocked him off a ledge, and he justified his cheating by saying he 'only' used infinite stamina and magic most of the time.

623d37 No.14148252

File: d779ab62abc005e⋯.png (42.1 KB, 344x517, 344:517, 1344799219715.png)

You can't prevent cheating. It's an endless arms race. The best you can do is sweep up as much as you can.

Systems like CS:GO's prime thing tied to your in-game time played and phone number are just ways of making it less likely that an undetected cheater with custom made cheats will still be undetected by the time he gets matched against you, and is willing to risk an account and all that play time against the possibility of future detection.

In some ways I'm fond of the Rockstar method of matching detected cheaters against other detected cheaters, so they don't know they've been detected and get to find out if their cheats are better than someone else's.

81bf55 No.14148299

I would ban people from playing online on any of their steam games.

95b0aa No.14148370


>allow players to host servers

>server has dedicated hotpockets

I get that there will be shit mods/players that will try to abuse it. but it's better then having a mallious piece of software search and log every process on your computer.

I have a huge hate for any anti-cheat software since i use a virtual machine to play most games.

Theres nothing wrong with giving people the choice to host for their self even if they're shit

t. freetard

5d35e7 No.14148390


>initial cheat

3 month ban

>second offense

1 year ban

>third offense

2 year ban

>fourth offense

5 year ban


This system would end up banning repeat offenders longer than your service will even be alive. So what if they get to hack once every year or three? It's much different than holding the ban and letting them hack for weeks or even months like VAC and then permanently denying them service to every VAC game. That's just a scummy move.

More thorough anticheat is too invasive, it's better to appeal to an audience that will cheat responsibly (make their own cheat server and announce hacking is allowed in its name). If your playerbase is such ass that you think they need permabans, your players all suck.

32e21b No.14148424


I'd ban them from official servers but let them keep playing.

This makes your game look more popular

c9bc33 No.14148429

File: 6547178682b2a55⋯.jpg (276.07 KB, 500x750, 2:3, akitsu.jpg)

I'd make it so that if you try to cheat, you'd instantly die.

5d35e7 No.14148439


two problems:

requires working cheat detection

needs anti-"death circumvention" measures now

c9bc33 No.14148446

File: 6ee3d6c617dc0cc⋯.png (119.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, akitsu.png)


My anticheat detects everything, and there is no possible way to circumvent the instant-death.

5d35e7 No.14148455


between having the funds to hire someone that isn't a street-shitter to program it and having your employees put up with your avatarfagging, that's quite the achievement.

95b0aa No.14148506


>implying it wouldn't just teleport them to the shadow realm

9b9fb0 No.14148514

File: 745d2ade876ec49⋯.png (499.51 KB, 662x425, 662:425, There are no heros left in….png)

The answer is simple: provide fun, unlockable and varied cheats available for single player only, so that anybody who wants to cheat can get their jollies without ruining anybody else's fun.

Also split screen multiplayer so if anybody is cheating they get a shot in the arm like god intended.

95b0aa No.14148539

File: 184f6552887e626⋯.gif (859.83 KB, 600x313, 600:313, 7e9916a0f5d377e35a9dbf4ab6….gif)




a0de29 No.14148598

>More generally how to prevent cheating in online games?

Hardware bans.

32e21b No.14148629


>writing hardwarw specific code

b02b1c No.14148661

Have everyone in the nation equipped with a remote detonated ass impaler, and then in the EULA state that anything considered offensive will result in immediate ass impaling and will also text your mother.

b9c151 No.14148701

>support custom servers out of the box, with cheat and mod toggles built in

>make the client always record matches

>users are given a number from the first server they access for ID purposes

>allow servers to receive match recordings from the client, randomly and on report

>server mod reviews match, decides the guy is cheating and hits his ID number with a cheat tag that may or may not expire

>cheat tag notification propagates among the server list

>cheater limited to servers that allow cheats

There, cheating resolved without malware.

21e34d No.14148729


That would only work if the server mod isn't a faggot, which is never the case

014f0e No.14148745


>mod doesn't like player for some reason or is 12

>hits ID with a cheat tag

>fucked out of the rest of the game

a192c1 No.14148751


Takes a minute to change HWID


Did you came up with a shared Banlist yourself? Still does not stop me from writing my own ESP and hack in your game.

147e9c No.14148764


Go back to having community run dedicated servers that provide their own admins, that worked brilliantly.

429993 No.14148981


Its why to this day Warband and NW have no cheaters/hacking problems.

3b8a1e No.14149161


Becase it's not really as easy to cheat in those games compared to contemporary FPS games. Visibility does not offer much of an advantage in either of them and neither do they have hitscan weapons that would greatly benefit from perfect aim.

4581b9 No.14149231


>they get a shot in the arm like god intended

Fun story:

>middle school

>at friends

>screenlook for easy kill

>he goes to punch my chest

>I duck

>he punches my fucking throat

Never before or since have I been so sure I was going to choke to death

0af271 No.14149400

Why not just provide the hacks for free yourself under a pseudonym and then when they try to use them online you can just detect the hack itself directly?

Or possibly have a subdepartment devoted to hax and give them a small budget to purchase the hax/scripts and then code detection software for each one?

147e9c No.14149406


Pretty much, though both also do as much as possible serverside so cheating is harder anyway.

46da0a No.14149441




cheater kiddy detected

3759f7 No.14149512

File: 0402fe4401730c1⋯.png (4.26 KB, 212x238, 106:119, 39d8e045c4e98f244eeb096371….png)

Current anti-cheat shit is good enough. You really only need anti-cheat software that is able to detect interference from third-party applications, which you can solve with strict memory access rules using existing OS APIs for shit like virtual memory gating. This is shit we already have and use

The ONLY cheating programs that get past the radar generally speaking are shit like wall hacks that exploit existing game engine APIs and various glitches. This shit isn't an anti-cheat problem. This shit is a straight up engine design problem. And overall, if you really think we need more than that to solve cheaters, then you need to stop being a faggot and bitching about cheaters. Unless they're in every fucking game you play making the game as a whole unplayable, they're not a problem.

b6262c No.14150011

File: 1b5f67ce0d31ebd⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 540x808, 135:202, 421c3691cba5b1988b5e3feaae….jpg)

>design an anti-cheat solution

>cheat creator looks at how the anti-cheat works

>designs a cheat that bypasses the anti-cheat

>now you have to release an update that encompasses this cheat as well

5639a7 No.14150232

File: d33ea42e4eea155⋯.jpg (291.8 KB, 875x1437, 875:1437, anon and his mom.jpg)

cheaters are just people with mommy issues

064d48 No.14150344

File: 4ab1d0822725169⋯.jpg (29.76 KB, 255x235, 51:47, 1429814998874.jpg)

>someone cheats

>laugh at them

>someone loses their shit over it

>laugh at them too

I don't see what the problem is.

e628e7 No.14150933


>Spend money on hack for game

>Use it once at LAN party

>Everyone knows it's you and kicks you out

Tribalism is the only way to live

d14de8 No.14150993

File: 04c7785d8c09761⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 600x438, 100:73, meanwhile at valve.jpg)


Community servers patrolled by admins with VAC as a long-term deterrent. It worked for fine for CS and TF2 in the past. Then Volvo decided automated matchmaking was the way of the future.

0b6b9c No.14151052

Hire a bunch of janitors who do it for free

5639a7 No.14151088

File: 20918f10f085f7a⋯.png (312.3 KB, 389x386, 389:386, 1481328619021.png)


What kind of retard does it for free?

f9be37 No.14151120

File: 26036e18ea78464⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 320.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


These fine specimen.

466c71 No.14152031


You can make it optional like Valve does with VAC, Server hosts can disable or enable VAC if you happen to hate for some strange reason.



Why give cheaters a second chance at all? There is no reason to cheat.

4446ef No.14152061


If the software gets confused and bans someone for cheating when they didn't. Some very accurate people happen to have twitchy hands/aiming and some people get kicked for flying when they only jumped off of something. It all depends on software quality of the anti-cheat.

466c71 No.14152124


How often does that happen and in which games?

e2a0e6 No.14152169

What was that game that banned heaps of people recently? you had some of the kids who cheated pretending to be their parents saying that their son didn't cheat, it was pretty funny.

4446ef No.14152299


I'm saying it's a possibility. I know it's a crap game but the kick for flying I've seen in minecraft, and I've seen actual CS players be very twitchy but not actually be cheating; you can tell.

20d266 No.14152463


i dont know about the twitchy hand thing but flight detection has been notoriously buggy since it was first implemented in games. Thats why it usually doesnt ban just kicks from the server.

f216ab No.14152741


doesn't make sense, since women are the regulators of sex, and anime mostly targets men. if women wanted to reproduce, they could always lower their standards.

000000 No.14152804


But women already want to reproduce just not with white soyboys

bfa79c No.14152886

File: 2c4edfb540f7638⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1190x540, 119:54, Tiger mafia rising revenge….PNG)


Simple: Send a wave of enraged feminists after the cheater. Results guaranteed.

572f77 No.14152926


You can't.

e9584a No.14152980


As an avid ArtificialAiming cheater, I've yet to be banned for software detection. Rather, where I get banned usually is games like battlefield with abnormal stats on a per weapon basis.

This is important, as it's one thing to have fun cheesing people with weak or slow firing weapons (and forces you to keep your overall kills per minute low). I'm still many standard deviations above the mean kpm with that particular weapon.

This means there's not much way to rage for more than a day (switching weapons to avoid hitting the 50 kills where the weapon stat ban takes effect). If origin access weren't $5, I would have gone to other games long ago.

24ac80 No.14153314


Anticheats are like DRM in the sense that they will work for a short time when they're new and then be completely useless, maybe even harming or hindering the legit player.

I wonder if something could come up using artificial intelligence. Like, training a neural network or something with both legit players and cheating players and then using that to detect them server side.

466c71 No.14153473


>maybe even harming or hindering the legit player.


82290f No.14153497

466c71 No.14153554


who cares about those shitty weeb games anyway? It's a trashy game for losers with a shitty anti cheat.

162716 No.14153668


heres an idea:

when a game starts on a server, it is also started in a secret parallel "universe" server, wherein there is a clone of every player character; those clones are controlled by the computer, and will perform the exact actions of the corresponding player on the normal server

however, the actions of the CPUs are limited by the game mechanics, whereas the actions of the players who cheat are, of course, not because they're cheating

if the CPU players cannot perform an action that the player has performed, then the corresponding player is automatically kicked from the game and reported to a moderator, with the relevant log files

162716 No.14153684


but of course, that wouldn't detect aimbots

466c71 No.14153699


that's one way to fix it. Either that or we continue the way we are doing right now because that seems to be a good enough solution too.

466c71 No.14153993


There is a reason why I asked "How often does that happen and in which games?", I knew it was going to be some shit useless game with a shit anti-cheat.

65d519 No.14154009


>Too bad AAA games won't sell if you block USA though.

assblasted shitskin detected

dob jej

466c71 No.14154086


Don't try to change the subject, the questions was what games use these anti-cheats and as it turns out only bad games use them.

4446ef No.14154466


Unfortunately you also more than double your computation requirements for the server host, so not really feasible.

0c8f4b No.14160717


just have the game install a unique file into the game folder for each individual computer, and when they get banned, they just look for that file for identification. if they remove it or get a different one they get instabanned

a917a8 No.14163794

Most anti-cheat is literally just pointless spyware. Cheating in games happens due to either

<the client is able to read variables he shouldn't



>see the health of enemies

or worse

<the client is able to modify variables he shouldn't


>weapon hacks

>free xp and money

Both are results of bad network code. The second is simple incompetence and bad programming looking at you Rockstar. Some P2P games were also infamous for this. The first could be fixed only by not sending over anything irrelevant to the current view, but it would be very expensive performance-wise for the server and often difficult to code. Modern devs simply can't and won't bother, especially since cheating is quite profitable.


How do you detect cheaply that the CPU player couldn't do that action? Compare the positions every few ticks?



>get bored

>uninstall game

>reinstall it later

>get banned instantly forever

db4a1d No.14163966

File: 473db65e196e51c⋯.png (440.29 KB, 1080x1702, 540:851, IMG_20180115_124508.png)


>only one ban

You are a baby, watch this

4df1ee No.14163993

File: 077273e7630878e⋯.jpg (7.11 KB, 135x140, 27:28, uh.jpg)


I cheated every god damn chance I got growing up, and not just in video games.

And I'll keep cheating so long as it helps me to get ahead, and doesn't hurt anyone else.

19a072 No.14164014

File: e70e1336af77174⋯.png (232.42 KB, 233x465, 233:465, zZIHM2f.png)

Have an automatic anti-cheat and user reports. When both get a match and you're 100% sure that a person is cheating you get their address which they must to input beforehand in order to play your game from your database and send a "reformation" squad at their doorstep which will then proceed to bash their heads in with a ban hammer live on camera for everyone to see. Once you've done this a couple of times and set the example, you'll see that people won't be so willing to cheat anymore.

db4a1d No.14164019

File: 9135c2e886d1a4a⋯.jpg (67.03 KB, 1005x1280, 201:256, IMG_20180110_032215_091.jpg)


>he thinks people who cheat will use their real data

19a072 No.14164035

File: 761131f820b5049⋯.png (315.45 KB, 599x502, 599:502, dc2.png)


>implying retards know basic opsec

db4a1d No.14164037


That being said doing this will make your Anti-Cheat not only banned in pretty much every country with basic human rights, but also gain probably the worst rep in the history of gaymen

4df1ee No.14164049

File: 724688351e3e0c1⋯.png (209.44 KB, 587x508, 587:508, 1512934467325.png)


I have no god damn idea what you're talking about.

e2029b No.14166641


i would make it detect if youre jewish or have jewish goals and if it finds out that you are a kike or kike headed it would turn you to stone

46b6ee No.14167534

7d8873 No.14167593


A cheat system that if you cheat you get a spanking. Cheat again you are put in a diaper and sent to bed

314d5e No.14167595

File: b862e0dc68080ca⋯.jpg (163.67 KB, 1310x873, 1310:873, Battlestation.jpg)


It's far easier to tie multiplayer access to an online account, like Steam or Origin. Basically anything that requires the client computer to be "honest" can be worked around.


Why do they have links to help pages when you can't appeal your ban anyway?

f6910a No.14167603


They do unban accounts if you can prove you werent the one doing it.

For example your last login was in Harare Zimbabwe when a few hours earlier you were at your home address in your country of birth.

cdd3ee No.14167608

Bring back dedicated servers. Put it on the servers to fight the problem. It's a massive fucking money sink to fight them, no point.

7189f8 No.14167617


Blizzard manages to fuck everything but anti cheat up.

Ban people by their hardware IDs. You're never going to get all the cheaters but as long as you're not turning your head while they buy your game again you'll ban enough to make it not a big problem. Alternatively make games like Rocket League where no matter how good your information cheats are you still need skill to win.

42621c No.14167620

File: 9f9dedd0d4dd444⋯.png (116.14 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>kike headed

d9aa20 No.14167633

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>being booty blasted by cheating

lmaoing @ ur life

ceca71 No.14168275


Your GPU has a UUID that games can use to track you. I just have to ask your drivers like this, there are several API's that expose this hardware feature, here are some of them:



And I can literally ban your GPU from my game :^) . Your hardware has a lot of fingerprints on it and it's pretty hard to find and change all of them. So, you might change one small thing, but it will still match your hardware profile on the Valve/EA/Bethesda cheater database.

9b9094 No.14168589


>using cuckvidia hardware


e893e2 No.14168601

Hackers/cheaters should die a slow and painful death.

d5c7b1 No.14168615

File: 913cb8ff86b83e2⋯.png (198.25 KB, 372x343, 372:343, 913cb8ff86b83e215dfa01a2bb….png)


>owned by a cheater and had his feefees hurt

Are you autistic?

64f419 No.14168658


>Only scanning DNS history

Valve's like a little baby, watch this https://archive.is/MIJRs

7e7b56 No.14168675

>Teamkill cheater

>They throw an almighty sperg fit

Every time.

7f2321 No.14168695


CS:GO only has RNG spray if you're running and gunning, though. The whole point is to be good enough with your movement to counterstrafe for a pixel perfect tap to the head.

21dbeb No.14168842


well that's because rocket league is a good game and first person shitters aren't

7f2321 No.14169209


>first person shooters aren't good games

I'm sorry you're so bad at shooters

d78acc No.14169226


now now, no one is bad at shooters. this is a non-argument and first person shooters are a bad genre

ceca71 No.14169241


It's a standard feature in Vulkan, which means that developers can probably find a vendor specific API for AMD hardware as well as Intel hardware that gives me a UUID as well, or just get it from Vulkan.

7f2321 No.14169267


you autists will go out of your way to be contrarian hipsters

5149f3 No.14169423


But he's right

The whole gameplay concept of first person shooters is retarded. They're just a malformed doom-like child that tries to be realistic by shoehorning uninteresting, badly thought game mechanics

b8bdf3 No.14169435

File: 19875be0a9d6f7e⋯.webm (11.72 MB, 978x550, 489:275, Half-Life- Bunny Hop 2_2.webm)


He isn't, shooters are pretty decent. Half Life, Counter Strike, UT and Quake are very good games. This is the peak of gaming, those games are still played today and they have a huge modding community behind them.

338e03 No.14169441


>send a team around to the real houses of cheaters to tease them and poke some fun

>cheater lives in a castle doctrine state, legally executes the team

I'd like to see that. It's like real life cheating–bringing a gun to an inflatable hammer fight. Or just

>cheater puts in the address of someone he hates/is known to kill and rape people/etc.

>this happens anyway, just not on his property

17713f No.14169790


>how to prevent cheating in online games?

play on consoles.

d78acc No.14169809


> This is the peak of gaming

peak of normal faggotry. take your dudebro shit and get fucked fag

b8bdf3 No.14169888


So, what is in your opinion the peak of gaming then? Some Japanese visual novels?

d78acc No.14169891

82290f No.14170470


You mean STDs (shoot them downs).

e9a056 No.14170652

File: 0d1e8b61cb7b754⋯.jpg (118.73 KB, 680x509, 680:509, 1454166292357.jpg)


>tfw you cheated

>you were put into a servers with shit tone of other cheaters

>because you had cheats installed you were able to see people aiming into exact middle of area displayed by your WH when spectating.

>each game over half of the server is cheaters.

>each game guy leading the score is someone with aimbot

>there is no report button to submit

>there is no kick option

>there are no mods on the server to kick him

<tfw I am describing my cheating experience in MW2 and not some absurd anti-cheat system.

d78acc No.14170714


no i mean scrolling 4 point tracking games.

390801 No.14170818

By having user controlled servers.

390801 No.14170869


Korea does this.

3b04af No.14170896

File: 3be84d592680c51⋯.png (245.5 KB, 1063x1063, 1:1, 1508240365001.png)


Looks like your dubs script is working just fine.


Cheating is always going to be a problem with online games but I think a big factor is price of entry. It seems like a lot of people cheat on CS:GO because the keys are relatively cheap, so a ban really isnt' that expensive. Free to play games are even worse. It seems that the lower the bar of entry to play, the higher the ratio of cheaters to normal players is.

390801 No.14170929

A lot of people are missing the point that these 'anti-cheat' programs are actually spyware.

2f1d92 No.14170940

Actual fines.

9d1586 No.14171166

File: 0220b05f4c29890⋯.jpeg (76.75 KB, 640x789, 640:789, 0220b05f4c298901c8a533f12….jpeg)


>How would you design a good anticheat solutions considering that all the current ones suck ass?

I don't let anyone else play my game.

35aeca No.14171186



>nVidia specific

That's PCI standard, and it must be spilt to the kernel for mapping. Windows can give it away in a heart beat.

d127cc No.14171211

Depends on the game. Depends on the cheat. Flying out of the boundaries never harmed anybody.

ad6101 No.14171247


>More generally how to prevent cheating in online games?

What other cheating is there that matters?

0078fa No.14171262

File: ef40e3782d4b19a⋯.gif (919.88 KB, 441x350, 63:50, 6fa2573e7da5195d009bb5ba57….gif)


While you are correct that those games handle it that way, they also hand out temp and perm bans with options for appeal, not shadowbans. And only rarely is someone falsely banned (at least in Siege) due to the sheer amount of reports needed. Those games use BattlEye for most of their anti-cheat.

Shadowban people with hard evidence of cheating and keep a hardban system for like 5% of cheaters to maintain the appearance that hackers would KNOW if they got banned, but wouldn't actually be able to tell unless they figured out they were in cheater purgatory.

bf4d0d No.14171693


There is only one good anticheat solution: Authoritative servers. As long as a game client is in charge of deciding what is going on in the game, the game is essentially fucked. You can't make sure the client isn't sending manipulated data unless you're in a locked down scenario like iOS or non-hacked consoles. Games with authoritative servers don't have cheaters, and they never will.


>almost every RTS

>MMORPGs, at least most of the game logic

However what you can't avoid even then is scripting.

9b9094 No.14178629


>using windows


9b9094 No.14178635


>literally using (((vulkan)))


904038 No.14179105


>considering that all the current ones suck ass?

Punkbuster is extremely effective, and most anticheat systems have almost eradicated wallhacks as they originally were. Wallhacks are still there, of course, but they've been gimped severely.

904038 No.14179135

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