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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8759de No.14145507

Faggots, it's out and free to try on PS4. Yes, you bet your sweet anon ass I'm shilling for this. What do you think? They're not letting us use the full roster, but the characters so far are largely in line with what we had in 012, with certain ones like Golbez and Emperor feeling a lot different. Ramza is esentially a nerfed Gabranth. It feels very polished and the netcode seems good. There is a gacha system for cosmetics that could be abused in the full release.

Glorious Nippon already has the full game but our release is soon. Who's gonna be your main? You have friends for your party, don't you anon?

eb0222 No.14145543

The game looks too floaty and there is too much HUD on the screen. I dont think that Ill even bother with this game.

a2c022 No.14145652


I don't have PS+, can I try the beta in single-player or is it online only.

e6481d No.14145732

519e8f No.14145910

I really don't get the hype surrounding this game. It's just so boring.

8759de No.14146013

File: ad06c0a1ac4cbf4⋯.png (97.36 KB, 205x255, 41:51, 1418302250743.png)


The beta is open for everyone. You can play with AI in basic arcade mode or online (solo/party). The full game's online needs the good goy sub though.


It's flashy fanservice first, decent (niche) gameplay second. It's like Eyes of Heaven, if you're not part of the fanbase that's immediately a turn off.

1b89eb No.14146244

Still looks like Dissidia 12 is the better of the two. Sucks since I do want Ace and Ramza in a game like this.

1a535c No.14146442

Who the fuck thought slowing Dissidia down was a good idea?

8759de No.14146646

File: cc98ed9d86235be⋯.png (193.18 KB, 938x528, 469:264, img1_l2.png)


Whoever thought 3v3 was a good idea. Likely a Gundam Versus fan. Terra and Bartz are still fun to play so far.

1e8537 No.14146663


It's secondary bait like all crossover games. You too can pretend you played FF1 by using a character that never actually appeared in it using combat techniques that didn't exist.

8be164 No.14150776

Who is best boy and why is it Firion?

a1b5b0 No.14151230


292474 No.14152549

File: 01ea3d2d84f7abe⋯.png (374.39 KB, 751x563, 751:563, so you're 18 now quistis.png)

No Quisty, no buy.

458e29 No.14152560

File: f429a384ac24bf4⋯.jpg (12.91 KB, 421x261, 421:261, Jd8PjhA.jpg)

>This video has been removed by the user.

000000 No.14152615


who cares

f69b8b No.14152632

a thread about another enix shit game opened by this line from op:


> Yes, you bet your sweet anon ass I'm shilling for this

will he kill himself? would he vote for anitfa? does he yell when to many white people use the street? you bet your sweet anon ass he does.

sage goes into email my friends.

8759de No.14152915

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


here have a random Bartz match I found


>would he vote for anitfa?

Don't be retarded, anon. I won't kill myself yet! Maybe if this game turns up shit, we'll see.

e20ee8 No.14153140

File: 663a27c9bac9cfe⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 663a27c9bac9cfefb553dbb746….gif)

I have yet to play but just watching hours of gameplay over the course of a few months, I'm not impressed. The movement is butchered and doesn't allow for much freedom like the PSP games. Only having 1 break move is absolutely retarded. Sure you can switch it out but it only gives you one way to actually deal damage. The summons aren't great either as it just makes the enemy team run constantly. They could have made them more more interesting like as a npc boss that fights with you. Neuter the movement, how you attack, and the options you have against characters and it just comes off as boring. This all just from looking. I could dig deeper if I played.

1b415f No.14153372

File: 51a030f062eb740⋯.jpg (138.89 KB, 1273x709, 1273:709, Cq23FLeVMAA_XcT.jpg large.jpg)

nu-Chaos looks like Jecht if he got sent through The Warp and had a shave.

9cd8f8 No.14153441

The first Dissidia was pretty great. 012 was not quite as good gameplay-wise IMO, also brought way down by the inclusion of blightning. The gameplay in this one seems ok, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss a lot of things from the previous games (EX bursts, character ability and item customization, some characters' (Firion's) superior movesets). Definitely still not buying a pay-to-use-my-paid-internet-connection console though, but if it comes to PC I'd have some interest.

1b415f No.14153518

At least Noctis got transported to a better game. FFXV was a big disappointment.

1b415f No.14153719


>Only having 1 break move is absolutely retarded

Sure you get more in the full game.

I hope you do. It'd be stupid not to.

8759de No.14153837

File: c1964278010613a⋯.png (637.15 KB, 595x912, 595:912, 1254847687653.png)


You do have a selection of HP attacks for each character, but only Vaan gets to use 2 at once, that's part of his Concurrence gimmick. The idea is more HP attacks at once would imbalance the 3v3 too much, but whether or not that's true is debatable.

1b415f No.14155473

File: c106531fa816e66⋯.png (107.12 KB, 500x458, 250:229, Sephiroth_Dissidia_Render.png)

Just figured out you can turn the mog off.

It's called "system voice" in the sound options.

Hope this helps.

1b415f No.14155538

Oh yeah, disable "moogle advice" in the support menu too. Shut that bitch up.

951e68 No.14155934


>Ashley Burch is your announcer and will constantly remind you about shit

>Sometimes her voice can be heard in the startup logos

What were they thinking? Also hate how most of the males look like fuckbois. So I went with Golbez and Emperor. Golbez is better for assisting and following up attacks while The Emperor just throws shit out and can be a bitch if left alone to deploy projectiles.


I don't see why that would even be a problem. You have more shit flying at you in Gundam Versus despite being 2v2 and that turned out just fine.

1b415f No.14155951


Whoever, you can disable it so it doesn't really matter anymore.


quit being a nigger.

57dc8c No.14155971


>Ashley Burch is the moogle

Fucking bullshit, between the non-Story Mode and massive gameplay changes I hate it.

3f0164 No.14159006

File: 2da83fde205a784⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 62172222c794969d7c1f214e3d….jpg)

Well Max OP, I played it and my impressions are not fucking good.

>Control's feel fucked

>Only one hp attack and you can't customize your bravery attacks

>No EX mode with a super attack

>Stages are not nearly as interesting or fun to play on as they were on the psp

>NuChaos is just a re-colored Jecht

>NuCosmos is really stupid looking

>The 3v3 is the worst decision they could have made, way too much bullshit is happening at once and its more frustrating than fun to deal with

>Summons make it even WORSE, thought trying to keep track of everything happening was already hard enough? Have fun with most of your screen covered in what ever shit the summon is doing

And to think; all they had to do was re-make the psp games, update the graphics, and add a few more characters

97ef14 No.14160400


The gacha system is just bonus rolling for shit that you can always buy using gil you get from playing the game. Ramza's not really nerfed Gabranth, he's got a different moveset and the team buffing that makes him a bit different too but he's pretty awesome overall, and extremely faithful to FFT. Game's a ton of fun, once you get used to the team based nature it really feels like it adds a lot more to the base gameplay that they were trying to go for with assists.


The only thing that's slower are the dashes, because they were always dumb as fuck with how good they are honestly. Everything else is practically identical.


>Control's feel fucked

Outside of no way to change jump back to X there's nothing wrong with the controls though.

>Only one hp attack and you can't customize your bravery attacks

One HP attack is the kind of thing you need to get used to, but it works better when you take it as choosing your role and how you play, and it's way more important than how customizing bravery attacks used to be, since if you were a character that actually had extra ones they were usually shit. A lot of them act as two and some people have extra ones anyway.

>No EX mode with a super attack

Ex Skills are the Ex Modes now, and Summons are the Ex Bursts. But some people have them as HP attacks like Cloud and Omnislash.

>Stages are not nearly as interesting or fun to play on as they were on the psp

For every one or two cool stages there were four that were just a pain in the ass. For what they are the stages are nice and look amazing.

>NuChaos is just a re-colored Jecht

More like a recoloured Ansem

>NuCosmos is really stupid looking

Easy access dress holes though.

>The 3v3 is the worst decision they could have made, way too much bullshit is happening at once and its more frustrating than fun to deal with

Nah man, you just have to get a little used to it. It doesn't even take that long, the stages are big enough and it lets you do so much cool shit and makes fights more fun with the scale. Use the map a lot.

>Summons make it even WORSE, thought trying to keep track of everything happening was already hard enough? Have fun with most of your screen covered in what ever shit the summon is doing

That's why you dodge them, it's just git gud.

It might take a little getting used to the changes if you're really hung up on the first games, but it's a shitton of fun when it clicks. I played the first two for far too long, but I didn't really have any issues with it and loved it early on.

1b415f No.14160440

Once you unlock Meteorain for Cloud, it becomes really easy. Just get your bravery into the purple and cast it from midair. It rarely ever misses.

d73bd4 No.14160441


>Only one hp attack and you can't customize your bravery attacks

you see Goy less options Equals more fun.

Could you be less of a fanboy.The game is so fking slow that there isnt even a point in trying to fight 1 v1 everytime you get hit to the ground you have to wait 4 seconds to get back up.

Its fked and you know it.

97ef14 No.14160567


If I was a fanboy then by most people's standards I'd be expected to hate on this game for dumb reasons, but I played the originals a lot and am really enjoying this too. It actually does mean that in this case, since you overall have more options with dashing brave attacks, the two dashes being on at once, character specific mechanics and Ex Skills, and HP attacks all have their own quirks now and change on ground or in air sometimes. Picking HP attacks, Ex Skills and a summon is a lot more important customization than there ever was, and the game literally isn't any slower than the old ones were, outside of dashing which was too fast for it's own good and made everything else shit because of it. Chase is gone so if anything it's faster. You only get knocked down like that if you get hit by a HP attack, and it's so you don't get ganged up on since you wake up with iframes, but you're still able to put someone down for a short time even if you don't kill them. Any other time if you get knocked back you can recover earlier just by hitting jump.

8759de No.14160591

File: e7526139c0deeee⋯.png (392.32 KB, 1099x897, 1099:897, 1272015452683.png)


>there isnt even a point in trying to fight 1 v1

That's kind of the idea.

d73bd4 No.14160623


>>there isnt even a point in trying to fight 1 v1

>That's kind of the idea.

Then make fking call of duty, whats the point of a fighting game then?

8759de No.14160656

File: 27832465e6fe09c⋯.jpg (272.25 KB, 630x712, 315:356, 1251897680654.jpg)


Why are you expecting a 2D fighter from a party brawler? Are you mentally challenged?

d73bd4 No.14160659


>character specific mechanics and Ex Skills

That already existed.ex zidane had infinite jumps on Ex

>more options with dashing

No you dont its the same you had omni dash

>Skills and a summon is a lot more important customization than there ever was.

Its you teamates that chose summon.

> game literally isn't any slower than the old ones were, outside of dashing which was too fast for it's own good

If you get knocked down it takes 4 seconds to get back up.

> You only get knocked down like that if you get hit by a HP attack, and it's so you don't get ganged up on since you wake up with iframes,

You know how they solved this problem in the original??????? Hp attacks sent you flying, here you have to fking wait.

Cant believe people defend this.

d73bd4 No.14160663


>Party brawler.

Since when was dissidia a party brawler?

c0343b No.14160664

1 hp attack means you must always pick the best one. Picking different ones for a mixup could instead result in gimping your ability to fight for the entire round.

2 ex skills from a generic pool means that only the best get selected or else you're underperforming. See flash in LoL, where even to this day it's routinely selected over other skills.

Characters with the most variable movesets are instantly top tier. All JP play consists of Vaan-Lightning and some other filler. It has been endemic since forever.

8759de No.14160697

File: 2493a0651f6f7dd⋯.jpg (162.39 KB, 800x401, 800:401, 631049026_Gmwbv-L.jpg)


Since they made this one over a year ago. I don't really know what to say to you if you genuinely thought previous Dissidias could be considered traditional fighters in any way. Fun to play in multiplayer, yes, but nowhere near a balanced competitive fighting game. It's why this switch to a 3v3 feels weird as they're trying to push espoahts because it's fucking Squeenix.

d73bd4 No.14160723

File: f0716a385065caf⋯.jpg (22.1 KB, 348x367, 348:367, Joe.JPG)




I would pay money to try to put thos on Esports its so fking dumb.

You cant even see on the screen half of what happens on the stage.

What a clown fiesta.

8759de No.14160755

File: 75209515f2466a1⋯.jpg (82.81 KB, 720x848, 45:53, 1270593858693.jpg)


They're having a fucking launch day NA tournament. They talked to fucking Daigo and he played the game in a livestream. The dissonance is very real. I mean, fuck, I'd love it if Dissidia somehow gains massive popularity so we get more characters to beat the shit out of but the disconnect between the (((board))) and the audience is clear as night and day.

e4938b No.14161562

Not digging this from the beta, feels like half the matches are just chasing a faggot around the arena until someone else come just close enough to switch to and hit with a combo and inevitably send them flying a mile away and repeat, the format just feel like the A.I. never sticks with 1on1 for any length of time and they're either all on you (or all on one ally) it's just so schizophrenic behaving.

I think this is going to be one of those games to pick up a month or two down the line when the price have caved in.

ee8155 No.14161812


nu-Cosmos looks fucking hot and just about naked in a still clothed looking way, holy shit.

0c21b6 No.14161981

File: 3ef3a754d26e6a7⋯.jpg (537.72 KB, 800x1075, 32:43, CaptainAmericaRobLiefeld.jpg)


Nu-Chaos looks like this to me.

d5d7d8 No.14162008


>That already existed.ex zidane had infinite jumps on Ex

He had nine jumps. Now him and everyone else have things much more unique, either through their Ex Skill or just in general. Zidane for example can debuff enemies while buffing himself through stealing and he happens to be one of the more basic, other people have things that pretty much double their movelist.

>No you dont its the same you had omni dash

You also have Free Air Dash by dashing without holding a direction.

>Its you teamates that chose summon.

You all vote on it based on the ones you all have, and it gives a big buff both before and after summoning.

>If you get knocked down it takes 4 seconds to get back up.

Only on a HP attack, as I said, and it's more like 3 seconds, plus there's no chase. Dodges feel faster now too and are far less mashable which turned the pace of the old games way down, and guard doesn't freeze you for a second and merely lead to a punish whether you do it right or wrong.

>You know how they solved this problem in the original??????? Hp attacks sent you flying, here you have to fking wait.

Not any more than other attacks, plus I think you're forgetting how in the original you could just run away and build up assists, turn anything into a HP attack, then run away again. This game has far more combat going on everywhere, there's no waiting except for when you would need it.


HP attacks all fill completely different roles, it's not about which is the best but how you want to play. Ex Skills are the same and are also dependent on how you want to play and help your team. Japan fuckin loves Lightning for whatever reason, and Vaan is strong for a lot of reasons beyond his multiple HP attacks but still has his weaknesses, and neither are the only ones picked at all if you actually look at the usage rates.

b1c7ce No.14162025


who's the babe?

d5d7d8 No.14162049


You can cancel the end of attacks by dashing to follow up from some things like wall rushes or keep up pressure. Aside from that you need to work with your team, and pick targets you can go for easier while ignoring them if they run too hard since it just means you won anyway. Which character are you using?

0c21b6 No.14162116

File: 20a05d2daaf289d⋯.jpg (560.31 KB, 2331x1291, 2331:1291, Screen analysis.jpg)

File: 58cec4129e804b8⋯.jpg (785.2 KB, 2331x1291, 2331:1291, Screen analysis 2.jpg)

File: bf28a1ece79131d⋯.jpg (489.9 KB, 2331x1291, 2331:1291, Screen analysis 3.jpg)


One of the reasons they dumbed down the combat is because they're introducing a shit ton of characters after the console release as either free or paid dlc, around 50 are planned total apparently.

It suffers from bad screen design and that's not negotiable, when half the screen is covered in overdesigned jpgs you need to rethink your design, in fact it was probably done to make the combat seem complex since everything's cluttered. The only things you need on the screen are the Brave count and EX meter, along with character portraits.

Check the images for why it sucks and how they could have avoided this.

First off, when you're making a menu in a game, any slight space between two spaces should be considered occupied space, if something isn't fully visible it's hard to look at and should be considered invisible for all intents and purposes. When you make a menu it's important to determine what is needed to be displayed at all times for the player's information, which for this game includes about 3 elements, Brave counter Health bar, and EX bar, and with three players that ends up being 6 health bars, 1 ex bar, and the brave counters for each player.

The numbers need to be visible, but don't need huge fonts, and the health bars are easy to see. The last game DID NOT have a minimap because it had a 3d translucent arrow pointing towards the enemy at all times around the character, and it doesn't need a minimap now either, that one bit takes up around 25-30% of the screen and it would have been better if it weren't there. The two bars on top of the screen denoting team points are excessively ornate and have a lot of misused space, loads of soft unknown space like I talked about before. The health and brave bar area is arranged badly and could easily be downsized using square shapes instead of tilting rectangles.

There's plenty wrong with the game and honestly it's rather shallow gameplay wise.

d5d7d8 No.14162254

File: 7c152a40d4a3d3f⋯.jpg (107.19 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, DKF1nK7UIAAWp3f.jpg)


>those images

Oh boy. First off, to get it out of the way, that's the old UI. The new one is significantly cut down and has much more screen space while still showing all the important information, and despite what you might think it is very important information, and only someone who has barely played the game, if at all would think it isn't, which lines up perfectly since you didn't even know it was the old UI. They said months and months ago that they were changing it and showed what it looked like even then. The fact you actually think the map isn't necessary in a team game about being aware of all the other player's positions just screams how little you know about the game. Yet I'm sure you're someone who cries about people being difficult to track despite every advantage and tool you're given. The UI also turns transparent if anything is behind it, and that last image is quite frankly bullshit with how excessive the red space is and how it ignores vast spaces of vision in an attempt to desperately prove your outdated point.

What really betrays how you don't actually know shit about this game is how your comment about the actual gameplay itself is that it's supposedly shallow while you disregard any kind of specifics and just trail off.

d5d7d8 No.14162298


Oh whoops you did actually make another vague comment about the gameplay. It's not dumbed down though, directly compared to the previous game two mechanics were removed (one being little more than fancy forced rigid RPS that slowed the game down), many more were added and others were replaced by something equal or greater. Each character has unique mechanics that allow them much more depth and sets them further apart from the others, and this is placed on top of a team system which increases the depth cumulatively. That "50 planned" quote is always doing the rounds but no one remembers where it actually came from so I want to put it to rest. They're not just planning to throw in 50, this first came from a while before even the arcade version released, where they said they'd like to add a lot of characters that people are interested in, and they even had some ideas for how 50 or so might play. That's all that is and has ever been, but people have been passing it around everywhere like it's gospel.

0c21b6 No.14162327


The new one occupies the same amount of space, and the bars are in the same places.

Also I added on that last comment to gauge your reaction, and you're in heavy defence mode, don't be so quick to defend something that much. Otherwise you'll be mistaken for a shill, which you likely are.

15cf0c No.14162337


>Likely a Gundam Versus fan

The same one who thought jewing the newest game would be a great idea?

d5d7d8 No.14162407


>spend multiple paragraphs and three outdated images trying to trash a game you obviously haven't played or understand

>if someone happens to call you out on being blatantly wrong they're suddenly a heavy defence mode shill, but you're clearly not blindly attacking something because you said the magic word first so you get to win

>"a-all according to keikaku" cool guy ender that you want to pretend makes you special because it means you're actually aware that you know nothing about the game yet spent this time on it anyway

It'd be laughable if it wasn't so moronic. Anyway, the bars are in such places and shown clearly so that you can glance at each point and both quickly and easily know what you need to know. If you somehow have issues seeing the screen with it being that cut down then I question your eyesight.

57dc8c No.14162409


That and they didn't quite get the idea behind Gundam Versus team work. Coordinating between two people on a team is doable, 3 is nearly impossible.

Also impressive how they both managed to "streamline" characters, but also complicate the controls to the point of frustration.

5ce7d0 No.14162521


Kill yourself kike.

951e68 No.14166927


>Much more depth

More like stripped down to certain niches. Giving you less moves to play around with doesn't add more depth to the character. It just streamlines the way they're meant to play without much variation.


What makes the controls frustrating to you? What really bothers me is how dashing has a huge start-up. And like someone else said, I feel like I'm chasing people most of the fight but unlike Gundam Versus, it has a less diverse movement system. Many times I don't see much of a reason to run on the wall for example.

eb3aaf No.14167184


They have more moves though. 7 brave attacks minimum, plus your HP attack for ground and air which at times can be 2 different attacks rolled into 1 and can come with passive effects, a unique Ex Skill which is usually an attack and two other Ex Skills you pick that can be debuff spells as well. Many characters have multiple different attacks and can be played in different ways. Then there's the actual mechanics that add a lot more variety to most characters in how you approach playing them and far more moves and/or depth. I don't know how you could ever say people like Onion Knight or Cecil or Ramza aren't varied as they can be played very much how you want to and there's no one way to use them, especially when you consider you're working as part of a team.

In regards to the movement, you do have two dash types available, can fast fall with guard which cancels the landing recovery and can cancel attacks with dash or dodge, but wall running isn't as good or fun in this game and there's no rail grinding or gap hopping which sucks. Dashing is still really good though and needs that startup to be balanced, after all it made other movement in the old games entirely pointless, here you at least need to be aware of which to use and how your gauge is. Who are you playing as anyway? Don't chase people that far if you're getting nothing from it. Also this might be a team game but Gundam it is not, adapt to what you have access to in this game instead of trying to force what you think you know into this one, that never works well in any game.

a514c5 No.14167235


They just completely robbed Exdeath of his gimmick

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