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File: c99db51c3c5ecca⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1042, 960:521, spacehulk_deathwing.jpg)

73a6dd No.14145851

I could have sworn this was already out on consoles, have passed by it many times on the PSN store over the last year not thinking about it much til resurgence of interest in 40k and as soon as I do, it's gone? Can they fucking do that? 40k general too I guess. I literally feel like I'm figuratively losing my literal mind.

9b36ea No.14145944

>can they do that

Yes? If it appears on some digital storefront that doesn’t mean it is immune to being taken down.

830dfd No.14145954

its been on the ps4 for over a year. not gonna check to see if I can see it but make sure you're looking it up properly?

e975c7 No.14145958




its pretty much fixed on PC

fbb4c8 No.14145979

File: 97bdbf2ab9365a8⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 600x429, 200:143, beauty and the link.jpg)


>look it up

>it's not slated for a console release until 2018


830dfd No.14145997

File: 1852c80359f3cd1⋯.webm (88.04 KB, 318x504, 53:84, naninani.webm)


my mistake, i looked up the release date and just saw dec. 2016 and assumed it was a multiplatform launch

also use this for your naniposting

67d245 No.14146012

File: 642383283d113e5⋯.jpg (83.75 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 52636928.jpg)

Whether or not OP is losing his mind the consoles will be getting fixed version of the game that the PC has and they are branding it as the, "enhanced edition".

18b11c No.14146017

It was scheduled for early 2017 but still nothing. Since the PC version wasn't that great I guess they'll release the "enhanced" edition later on consoles.

67ae92 No.14146174

You might have confused it with Deathwatch, which has been on the PSN store for a while. I have also made this mistake.

05dc1d No.14146220

How is the game anyway? I love EYE.

fbb4c8 No.14146242


So-so it was really broken on release I'm not sure how well it runs now but if you can't get a group to play with you together don't expect much.

05dc1d No.14146248


I see. Think it work out if it was just me and one more person, instead of 3 others?

cab98f No.14147127

Would it play well on console? I’m normally wary of Console FPS, but I feel like the command wheel and the slower nature of Terminators I know they aren’t meant to be slow means that a controller could be alright.

Also, my PC is becoming toaster and after EYE I have no faith in Streumon optimising for toasters.

73a6dd No.14153306

File: 133f72cb8c24d0c⋯.jpg (100.67 KB, 452x683, 452:683, Aquilon.jpg)

That's fine if they took it down to remaster it, but my computer is outdated and I dont have the money to upgrade it. They should have just left the old version up and put an update out instead of re-releasing the game on the store.

Whatever though, it says Q1 so it should be out by the end of this month or next.

9dd8a5 No.14156528


Bump for this.

Also, why was the game so disappointing to so many people on release?

cf87d0 No.14156561

File: 617546ed39145a3⋯.jpg (162.75 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, EVEN IN DEATH I PURGE XENO….jpg)




>Would it play well on a console

You already know the answer for that goddamned question.

Plenty of long range targets which require precision and I'll be surprised if it can reach 60FPS at all consiering all the shit on the screen at once.

73a6dd No.14157136


Is anyone in a Dreadnought even conscious as they were before they got shoved into it? They're looked up to by pretty much all other space marines in their chapter, but are they actually capable of giving advice and telling stories to their subordinates?

68f53a No.14157182


Some are probably interred better than others.

2dd48c No.14157186


Couple of reasons.

The most obvious one I can think of is the performance. At launch the game had terrible performance and rigs that exceeded specs still had to use low settings to run the game.

The second thing is lack of replayability. The game spawned the exact same enemies in the same spots with the same objectives, meaning you got levels that played exactly the same with no replayability. I know they added the random objective mode as a response.

Lastly, a lack of progression. You have nine levels but that's it. There is no persistent customization or anything for multiplayer, meaning there is no reason to keep playing once you played it all. Singleplayer has artifacts to get but they only give you more points to unlock things in the SP campaign.

I'm waiting for the Enhanced Edition update. I preordered both EYE and Deathwing and I'm treating Deathwing the same way I treated EYE: Hold off on playing it until it's a somewhat playable state first.

ae9c65 No.14157188


Bjorn the Fell-handed, the last remaining Space Wolf to have walked alongside Russ is famed for having led his chapter and being a great tactician, all while buried in his adamantium coffin.

cf87d0 No.14157213


>but are they actually capable of giving advice and telling stories to their subordinates?


5bb80e No.14157244

File: a7e200a5b2a5b1c⋯.jpg (402.71 KB, 688x1044, 172:261, Tankred.jpg)


They are completely conscious and fully capable of communication via speakers, they are also allowed to sleep for centuries when not needed either for a rather difficult battle or for sagely advice from one of the chapter's oldest members.

a7ec34 No.14158247


>There is no persistent customization or anything for multiplayer

That's a good thing, persistent unlocks are cancer.

>meaning there is no reason to keep playing once you played it all

If the only reason you keep playing a game is a skinner-box unlock system there's also no reason to keep playing. That's just a crutch.

254c9b No.14158293


>there is no reason to keep playing once you played it all

That's a good thing

73a6dd No.14159088


That's cool. The whole concept of these guys is really badass and it's something that should inspire some real world invention in the future.

I'm sure plenty of legless vets would like to be suited in power armor and sent back out to fuck shit up. They're bored as shit when they get sent back home, even the injured ones.

38abd8 No.14159205


We might see some of those on non combat roles before we die unless there's a really big push towards that by some nations out of trends or desperation.

9a6749 No.14159824


Yea, if you love killing xenos it does it well. It was a bit iffy depending on how big of a lore fag you are, but I found it fun(someone who hasn't read any of the books/played the tabletop, but enjoy the lore)

73a6dd No.14159983

I was kidding. That would actually be a fucked up thing to do.

fbb4c8 No.14160034



Legless vets would rather have robot legs, in fact prosthetic leg development is so good that there is a problem with prosthetic arms for armless vets.

a9df97 No.14160044

Eh, kinda fun but no replayability

82b292 No.14162361


Game looks like ass anyway.

fc8c13 No.14166074

oh boy a warhammer video game, these are always worth checking out

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