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File: 937c78895b3c398⋯.jpg (158.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, HorizonZeroDawnFrozenWilds….jpg)

91b79e No.14148939


>Outstanding Achievement in Animation

>Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

>Outstanding Achievement in Character

>Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition

>Outstanding Achievement in Story

>Outstanding Technical Achievement

>Adventure Game of the Year

>Outstanding Achievement in Game Design

>Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction

And of course

>Game of the Year

First GDC, now D.I.C.E. Is that the Social Justice clique got so angry that Horizon didn't win the GOTY at The Game Awards, that they have to rig almost every nominee with Horizon just to prove how woke the game is?

ac8605 No.14148953

File: c360cb608e02f1d⋯.mp4 (11.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Dorito Pope.mp4.mp4)


Because the TGA with Dewritospope didn't end so well because of those pesky voters, now they'll have to settle with the industry circlejerk!

a75a81 No.14148970


>Outstanding Achievement in Animation

Hit me with some animations anons.

5b9fff No.14148990

File: 55ec1f0886c55b9⋯.png (785.62 KB, 859x720, 859:720, 55ec1f0886c55b935ba0aa0eb8….png)


>Outstanding Achievement in Game Design

>use Arkham detective vision to find weak points

>use nuTomb Raider bow to shoot weak points

That's some real innovative shit right there.

91b79e No.14149024


It could be that other sites from different countries that haven't been affected by the SJW influences might have helped out in this, such as Japan, China, South Korea, Poland, etc.

eac4cd No.14149038

>Outstanding Achievement in Character

>Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

>Outstanding Technical Achievement

>Outstanding Achievement in Animation

Oh get fucked.

Does anybody have that screenshot explaining why the game's characters look so ugly?

2cd457 No.14149043

They got really asshurt about that Horizon Zero Awards joke.

8e09b6 No.14149053

How come I barely see any porn of this game? The girl is a 6/10, and that should be more than enough for someone to draw her getting fucked by a robo-dinosaur or whatever her game was about. I have no idea what Horizon: Zero Dawn is about

b90989 No.14149057

File: 6f2023eee82c715⋯.png (472 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serious look.png)


Isn't it innovative to steal game mechanics from other franchises and be praised for it?

582758 No.14149072


>I have no idea what Horizon: Zero Dawn is about

Femishit propaganda and all things wrong in that world were caused by males.

91b79e No.14149077

File: 3f4068b2b0c04e5⋯.jpg (68.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3199657-gameplay_horizonop….jpg)

File: 8570539e2dfdcde⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 58927bb3bd3fb3e82c75f0dd-1….jpg)

File: a63bfa07ea23430⋯.jpg (78.14 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Cinemati….jpg)


Only got a few.

I'm missing the one niggress everyone keeps posting every time Horizon gets mentioned.

50a16b No.14149082


Is that meant to be an actual baby? I genuinely thought it was supposed to be one of those plastic baby dolls.

707ab8 No.14149084

File: 0fdbad0ab92eaae⋯.jpg (262.19 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, flat,1000x1000,075,fijuui.jpg)

File: 6cbe3013e13c493⋯.jpg (122.86 KB, 1000x490, 100:49, flat,1000x1000,075,fii.jpg)

File: ae73e0e4b947745⋯.jpg (183.42 KB, 1000x636, 250:159, flat,1000x1000,075,fkji.jpg)

File: 87128c59f937c19⋯.jpg (111.39 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, flat,1000x1000,075,f (2).jpg)


>I have no idea what Horizon: Zero Dawn is about

Just make up your own story. Regardless of what ever you think up it'll be a damn sight better than what the actual plot was.

My personal version of the plot takes place in Simon Stålenhag's alternate 1980's.

2c880a No.14149097


>I have no idea what Horizon: Zero Dawn is about

I don't think anyone does on /v/ from what I've seen. Most of the discussion about it has been about:

>why are there borders in an open world

>why do their faces look like clay


eac4cd No.14149101


I mean there was a screenshot of an anon explaining exactly why it all looked so wrong.

It some something about everybody looking oily.

8e09b6 No.14149103


Has anybody actually played this game?

707ab8 No.14149105


I got it as a Christmas Present. I still haven't played it.

eac4cd No.14149106


I played it at a friend's house.

It's an open-world action game. Not much special.

eac4cd No.14149107

2c880a No.14149110


I have, it's a 7/10, best thing about it is the robot dinosaurs are pretty cool and tough and it's pretty. lots of padding with resource gathering which becomes mind numbing.

eac4cd No.14149122


>lots of padding with resource gathering which becomes mind numbing


I personally would have given it a six, but I didn't play long enough for it to get boring. Why are you rating so highly when you call it "mind numbing"?

2c880a No.14149127


the resource gathering is the mind numbing part, the combat is pretty fun. I don't consider a 7/10 high praise.

050a6f No.14149129

File: e5692a1836038e2⋯.mp4 (13.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 81325798495781324324.mp4)

>Outstanding Achievement in Animation

>Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

if Cuphead doesn't win these awards, we'll know the whole shitshow is rigged

80344c No.14149134

File: 1c9e1724d300e2b⋯.webm (11.95 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 2bdance01.webm)


how's this

e72663 No.14149142

41017d No.14149144


But we already know it is

f1e3ec No.14149150

File: 274963c0ac5fd50⋯.jpg (95.17 KB, 1240x1228, 310:307, stalker shrug.jpg)


>we'll know the whole shitshow is rigged


91b79e No.14149158

File: 4f2874e7198012e⋯.jpg (100.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Cuphead gijinka.jpg)


Of course, just by looking at the nominees just reeks of soy and feminism.

I was actually more happy that the anti-Cupheadtards stayed silent when it won 3 awards at The Game Awards

87d9d3 No.14149159

87d9d3 No.14149175


>How come I barely see any porn of this game?

Uppity feminists are utterly unattractive as a general rule. It also doesn't help that the characters look like dog shit.

68d005 No.14149178


The graphics are great, but that's about it. The technical achievement award is well desrved.

9e3a2b No.14149181


They all look like animatronics because of their doll-like skin. Their skin has no blemishes, is a uniform color (people have different color skin all over their body), and it stretches like it's plastic. It's fucking creepy to look at.

68d005 No.14149184


I bet you're fun at parties, fucking soyboy faggot.

8e09b6 No.14149191


It's not creepy enough for me to not want to fuck the girl in the OP image.

91b79e No.14149192

File: f0bc5eeeebc757a⋯.jpg (223.38 KB, 1024x887, 1024:887, SJW in disguise (color).JPG)

e72663 No.14149193


Hahaha nigger. Show's how much you know, I don't go to parties.

7bb13f No.14149200

File: 0ae99ed9754854b⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 275x208, 275:208, 1431129456557.gif)

What surprised and disgusted me most reading this shit is

>game of the year


91b79e No.14149220

File: 41daaa0d9a2b237⋯.png (47.9 KB, 177x217, 177:217, Disgusted Adachi.png)


>A shit game that's not even out yet gets the GOTY nominee because its popular towards chinks and gooks

Why do they have shit taste?

eac4cd No.14149240


>I bet you're fun at parties

What the fuck is with this insult?

I see it all the time on NormalfagBook. Is it a quote from a movie or something? It seems to be used a complete random.

eac4cd No.14149250


I forgot to add, I near exclusively see it being used when somebody is either corrected about an inaccurate statement they've made or they've been proven wrong about something.

1ab6ec No.14149251


>Outstanding Achievement in Story

They might as well have given it to BioWare then, at least their garbage was so bad it was entertaining.

707ab8 No.14149258


>The technical achievement award is well desrved.



e13bc3 No.14149259


>It seems to be used a complete random.


> I near exclusively see it being used when somebody is either corrected about an inaccurate statement

You okay anon?

bd52bb No.14149266


I bet you're fun at parties.

5b9fff No.14149268

File: 361b4412cebf547⋯.png (458.29 KB, 626x429, 626:429, fugG a big boy.PNG)


It technically got a full release in late December.

eac4cd No.14149272

File: ef62ee8782d290a⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, agony.jpg)


I confused it for a different phrase at first but I only realised after already making the post.

1ab6ec No.14149292


Just because they slap a 1.0 on it doesn't mean the game was actually feature complete.

2c880a No.14149294


it means the developer considers it complete, and anything past this is just refinement. so it actually is feature complete. Now you can judge it based on the final version.

1ab6ec No.14149303


It's like when they tell you a nigger is human but you know it's not.

5b9fff No.14149309


That's why I said "technically". Either they were satisfied with the game or they were too lazy to go into the thousandths for build numbers.

335170 No.14149343


This reminded me of Dayz for some reason

ac6f0f No.14149963

File: bb7a9d3ddbe1079⋯.png (198.73 KB, 416x470, 208:235, bb7a9d3ddbe1079606de77f23e….png)



56831d No.14150010

File: 3050177f21aca92⋯.jpg (101.34 KB, 1024x519, 1024:519, faces.jpg)


Half-Life 2 still has one of the best skin/face textures imo.

ac6f0f No.14150021

File: 5d9585c3e4d2b71⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0dc048186b6aee06a9f3beed27….jpg)


>he says as he post alyx

e11290 No.14150022


What the fuck?

I know a guy who knows a guy who got this game used, so I went into it completely blind with nothing to expect. My impression was that its a terribly bland and generic open world made even worse by its over-use of current-year "Gamer-y" neon shaders in your fucking face all the time

Ignoring whatever sick agenda that was most likely behind the games characters and writing, there is absolutely nothing that stood out to me in terms of graphics or the games open world. It was just generic all around in that regard

310e85 No.14150234

File: 58c91d5e1cbdc1c⋯.png (6.56 KB, 312x321, 104:107, 58c91d5e1cbdc1c86ce8aab513….png)


gib robot pusy

78177c No.14150235

File: a288fd571f7cb8e⋯.jpg (73.75 KB, 960x694, 480:347, Male Feminist 119.jpg)


707ab8 No.14150248


I just wish the future females were female.

314c36 No.14150258

File: b720374c3d56230⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1062x752, 531:376, 3DD5CAC9-E870-4B19-AAE0-53….png)


Too clean shaven.

707ab8 No.14150265




123b8b No.14150266


you forgot snopes and comedy central

eb5a2e No.14150274

File: 8ad64625d9727a4⋯.png (47.29 KB, 800x646, 400:323, gamer.png)


Normalfags who don't know any better have, and they're sucking its dick really hard it might comes off

314c36 No.14150280


Still waiting for a soygoblin trailer. The selfie was tweeted in a Sony Devs hastag.

371344 No.14150294


An ambitious but incomplete mess of a mod that gets ported over to become it's own stand-alone thing and subsequently fails to make any further progress?

That's about right.

1904fc No.14150312


This just always makes me think of the individuals I've had to execute, they get crystal clear right before their ticket is punched. For that last brief moment, their senses are off the charts. Like they could be putting me on Mars.

1a5368 No.14150319


I have. It gives me motion sickness because of the shit framerate and the tiny FOV they use to hide the fact consoles can't put out enough geometry without letting the framerate drop to single digits.

It's basically a stronk woman who has been unfairly treated by the patriarchy (even though the people that "cursed" her in the first place are all women) and then she has to go and save the whole world while also being treated like shit. Like the Witcher, except even worse.

And no good looking characters anywhere, except the males the ugly Ashley Birch voiced MC attracts, because of course they would be somewhat decent looking.

The plot is pretty much told immediately if you're not a retard and then fed in drips via notes you find as you do quests for people. There was global warming catastrophe, people tried to fix it, the machines went crazy, and now they are dinosaurs, and for some reason you can kill them with a stick even though they're made of fucking metal.

47c235 No.14150365

Make normalfags see awards for what they are: nothing.

All awards are for cucks to suck each others cocks inside their safe spaces. Create an environment were it is impossible for them to have safe spaces and burst all their bubbles of regressive thought. It will be a fun time to see all the salt resulted from that.

4a3aaa No.14150366


>Outstanding Achievement in Animation

<it ran really smoth with barelly any pop ups, at least least during the parts i saw

>Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

<robo dinos looked cool

>Outstanding Achievement in Character

<pfff you mean the Mary Sue MC? yeah sure

>Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition

<nothing i remember from the OST, any Nintentdo game mops the flor with them

>Outstanding Achievement in Story

<eeeeh, it starts with a personal quest of the MC that later grows into a quest involving the whole world, not really bd narrative but the story itself was retarded

>Outstanding Technical Achievement

<doubt it, it performed as it should have but it didn't blow my mind like the new cell shaded Arc System Works fighting games

>Adventure Game of the Year

<in the same year a Zelda game came out… nuf said

>Outstanding Achievement in Game Design

<you mean the barebones farcry with a little bit of monsterhunter thown in the mix?

i don't now what was worse, the weapon selection, melee combat, the hitboxes, or the designated yellow climbing ledges or designated red hiding grass

>Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction

<i'll be nice and say that if theyr goal was to spread themselves to thin and lower the bar to the lowest common denominator to get that precious "broader appeal" they kinda succed at it, the gaem is so bland and meh that it ain't even worth hating

it was the first SJW game that wasn't unpliably bad i'll give them that, but take away the robo dinos and your left with nothing

86e5ac No.14150380


Not enough money in the marketing department for that I'm afraid.

ac6f0f No.14150386


>Skyrim with a twink was good

2d5cf3 No.14150390


Bit too much nintendo, nier automata was better than anything nintendo released and botw did a lot of the same shit as hzd.

19b0de No.14150401

File: ad0767899eb6f39⋯.jpg (195.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, skyrim.jpg)


I used to play skyrim with twink. Nothing wrong with that :^^)

4a3aaa No.14150409


>I have no idea what Horizon: Zero Dawn is about

>steeve jobs build skynet and bestow his terminator with the ability to consume biomass for fuel

>they go rough and eat the whole ecosistem

>stronk independant womyn scientist builds an AI a niggress called Gaia and a genetical store designed to repopulate the earth with life and restore the ecosistem by using the robo dinos once the terminators run out of fuel

>before dying Steeve Jobs destroys the archive containing mankind's knowledge so the new generation has nowhere to learn from and become primitive abos

>Hades, an extintion program designed to destroy the ecosistem if Gaia fucked it up goes rough and decides to fuck it all up by waking up the terminators, despite Gaia kinda succeding

>to stop this Gaia self destructs and clones the woman who created her cus her genes would grant her acces to all the AI vaults where she could attempt to repair Gaia and destroy Hades

>one of the most violent trives finds Hades first and beliveing him a god they become his minions

in the secret after creddits cutsceene, it's heavily impliyed that the reason the first Skynet and then Hades went rouge was cus they recived an alien signal

4a3aaa No.14150414


Skyrim with a twink was a millon times better than HZD


ture dat, Nier's OST is god tier, but the big N ain't that far behind with Super Mario Odissey or the Skyrim Zelda

ac6f0f No.14150421

File: b910df7ab89f61d⋯.jpg (61.85 KB, 593x665, 593:665, b910df7ab89f61dc189c4685fb….jpg)


I don't know whats more insulting, the faggotry or how it misses Skyrim's theme.


>Nier's OST is god tier

Stop this.

19b0de No.14150425


There's probably someone insulted i play skyrim at all.

7b6c7f No.14150435

File: a40093423e3c3e7⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1714x836, 857:418, discover the nu you.PNG)

18f17b No.14150540


Holly shit, tl;dr.The first two lines got me bored to fuck. No thing personal.

5b9fff No.14150572

File: 9ab3cff1e9a5b6d⋯.png (129.13 KB, 600x419, 600:419, ClipboardImage.png)


>"I can't pay attention for more than thirty seconds at a time"

5eee02 No.14150578


>nier automata was better than anything nintendo released


21b2e5 No.14150583


In 2017? It absolutely was.

5b9fff No.14150595


I'm not too fond of Automata's gameplay, but at least it wasn't the boring slog Odyssey was.

085591 No.14150613


>muh Nintendo

I really wish you people would stop sucking that dick as hard as you do.

I enjoy some of their games, but you bastards are always insufferable.

fd4463 No.14150770



Are you a balding fuck that only gets to play with his switch when your "wife" allows you to?

68d005 No.14150793



>better than anything nintendo released

That's not a high bar at all to achieve. I wouldn't say that Nier is better than their SNES era games though, Nier is a fucking ADHD weebfest.

009d3b No.14150803

File: c9afdc090dd3004⋯.png (841.17 KB, 1331x1016, 1331:1016, textures.png)

7dd1c7 No.14150808


this is a thread about an award show reflecting 2017, not 1993.



050a6f No.14151001

File: b96a5e123b58b1f⋯.jpg (477.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 23673242134456.jpg)

085591 No.14151047


>those two poor cunts in the middle wishing they were anywhere but there

That can't be a real 8/pol/ or even a 4/pol/ meet up.

ac6f0f No.14151053


That was HWNDU faggots from cuckchan.

085591 No.14151065



Thanks for letting me know.

b03d8d No.14151094

More like

Horizon Zero Awards

3707e6 No.14151513


none of these people are from HWNDU though lol.

ac6f0f No.14151547


I don't know of any other /pol/ related gathering.

a5f535 No.14151567

File: 88d3abec48f6e3d⋯.png (494.61 KB, 615x346, 615:346, Confused Broken Woken Hard….png)

>trying to show how "woke" they are

I don't understand… how will this show their wokeness? Are they really think Matt Hardy will give a single fuck about this?

0f897e No.14151594

we all one race

just the human race

just a different smile

for a different face

b03d8d No.14151595


Here let me tell you how "Woke" works

>How do I know if this industry is ready to push ideology on


155816 No.14151596

File: 46ccaa4a87c219f⋯.gif (2.47 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1380169015233.gif)


53b5a0 No.14151637



It was the NASA speedrun event

53b5a0 No.14151670

File: 620582408aede02⋯.jpg (86.52 KB, 1264x636, 316:159, nasa.JPG)




751178 No.14151682


I can now never trust dudes with long hair without thinking they are possibly trannies. Holy fuck i changed.

b03d8d No.14151711


NASA? Didn't they put a furry into space at some point?

ac6f0f No.14151778


That was the Russians.

d3434c No.14152029

File: c8bcd035a502ba6⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 15.82 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Breath of the Rape.mp4)

4a3aaa No.14152086


ok lemme try

>skynet kills everyone but notskynets brings everyone back to life using robodinos until skynet awakens and tryes to kill everyone again cus alliens said so

74728f No.14152201

File: 64e4796a7f0c02d⋯.png (366.98 KB, 502x581, 502:581, 0001.png)

da5a11 No.14152370


Is that a gorilla on the right?

6bc6a8 No.14152374


>Outstanding Achievement in Animation

It's mocapped

>Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

Outside of the robots everything is just real shit scanned in

>Outstanding Achievement in Character

Not even gonna start with how fucking wrong they are there.

>Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition

Shit all sounds like that Hollywood thing where they use placeholders and then the final composition is 90% the same(I forget the term for this)

>Outstanding Achievement in Story

Need good characters to have a good story

>Outstanding Technical Achievement

Only award I can see them deserving. The engine does some pretty impressive stuff for the game

>Adventure Game of the Year

Every adventure game that isn't this one is more deserving of the title

>Outstanding Achievement in Game Design

It does nothing unique. Even BoTW is a better contender because of climbing mechanics

>Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction


>Game Direction

Pick one

>Game of the Year

How many dicks did the only cute girl at the studio have to suck for them to get that nomination?

b0afd4 No.14152417

File: 1ee625d141d6af2⋯.png (1.11 MB, 909x659, 909:659, cuck face.png)

253b65 No.14152427


Are all those video games related people? I only know that guy that worked on NMS, who are the rest?

049a6a No.14152468


I can see Cucky "Gender Neutral Bathrooms" B

b0afd4 No.14152481

I don't recognize most of those people either. Some anon on /pol/ noticed a bunch of cucks post images of themselves online making this stupid face and he started compiling a collage.

80344c No.14152485

File: d9165ee78bd0179⋯.jpg (120.13 KB, 960x837, 320:279, fear_grimace_explanation.jpg)

86e5ac No.14152488


Top left guy looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

91b79e No.14152535

File: 67bc6e561cfe8b6⋯.jpg (97.27 KB, 719x712, 719:712, 67b.jpg)



Why do they all smile like that?

d7831e No.14152555


2B is one of the best things to happen to video games in a very long time

d08c61 No.14152567


Because they are faggots that suck dicks.

you wanted this answer, you expected it, right?

74728f No.14152572


literally explained in the second post you quoted

41017d No.14152635


Is bottom left a jew? His nose looks very hooked, but he doesn't have that Mediterranean curly hair I've come to associate with them

f33f82 No.14152638


I have. Brother lent me a ps4 with that game installed

>Starts with a long, unskippable cinematic

>Basically you're a baby, and your (adoptive?) Father wants to do a ceremony to name you

>He goes to some old lady to do so. Some other old ladies (matriarchs I think they're called) show up, they said he can't raise your child like that and they banished both of you.

>Cinematic ends, you are now in the main menu

>Start game

>Another cinematic starts (skippable though)

Its a boring game, I don't care about any of those characters. Can confirm it's not an open world too (it restarts whatever you were doing if you're leaving the area)

639b0d No.14152642

File: 99074f0ccff2686⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 502x506, 251:253, typical switch owner.jpg)


Have another for your collection

639b0d No.14152687




For another

85145f No.14152701

I don't hate the game as much as a lot of people and it makes a hell of an HDR tech demo but an open world checklist game isn't """outstanding""" in any way.

80344c No.14152723

File: b51c11aa121bde5⋯.png (37.85 KB, 125x190, 25:38, b51c11aa121bde582e0a3d613e….png)

File: 9a18ab78bc5ed33⋯.jpg (74.93 KB, 650x462, 325:231, 766f381aefcacaa853b745b9e9….jpg)

File: 6473112f7d454d3⋯.jpg (24.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6473112f7d454d3b62f6de91df….jpg)

File: dae7d63cd6837da⋯.jpg (400.65 KB, 1134x1312, 567:656, bb0956bcc5dea8896ba02563aa….jpg)

File: 5ddb9479b32193e⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 590x451, 590:451, 2e8e5826bc6842c339800da631….jpg)


Have some more numales

d2ffac No.14152781

Why do people praise games with generic gameplay?

830abc No.14152822

File: 809a3d23c722949⋯.png (6.53 KB, 645x773, 645:773, Thatface20110725-22047-wla….png)


>Tattoos were a sign of rebellion

>SJWs took it

>A beard used to be manly

>Now every beta has it

d7831e No.14152833


Tattoos were never good anon

830abc No.14152846


Fuck you punk girls used to be hot

10 years later now I just find them.. shit. Weak.

9828cf No.14152853


Beards still look good as long as you don't make retarded expressions like those

049a6a No.14152864


>punk girls

Goth maybe, but not punk.

They were always disgusting. Hanging out with the "bash the fash" morons and fucking behind dumpsters.

d2ffac No.14152872





Odessey and Splatoon 2 were better. Nier used generic Bayo combat that I played in 4 other games

d7831e No.14152876


Tattoos were always shit and ugly.

But I feel your pain. I used to have a thing for chicks with short dyed hair, and also sidecuts. Marxists really do ruin everything.

8e1bf2 No.14152884


I always figured that because they were such underdeveloped man children that when it comes time to put on their best face for a camera, they default to "8 year old spazzing out". They default to what a child thinks is endearing to others because they're coddled children themselves.

926b12 No.14152897


Tattoos are now a brand that consumerist sheep use to show which companies own their soul.


Have you considered that your mind was just pozzed at the time? Rebellious girls were always irredeemable sluts.

4f0f24 No.14152904


>A beard used to be manly

Meh. Takes more discipline to shave than not shave, plus it scars up the face when you use a razor.

>Tattoos were a sign of rebellion

I suppose, but paying somebody to inject ink into you seems really stupid. It's lab-rat tier, but worse because lab-rats get room and board for getting stabbed with needles.

19e7df No.14152927


>everything bad was caused by males

Not just males, white males. While a white woman is the protagonist, and a black woman is the real hero.

60bbdc No.14152929


A beard still looks manly if an actual man is wearing it. It's all in the face. If some soft pudgy androgynous numale has a beard the beard will look goofy and absurd. If some rough hard tradesman has a beard the beard will look manly.

Similarly a numale can shave but he'll still look like a complete numale.

8e1bf2 No.14152943


Beards are fine as long as it's well-kept and you aren't just growing it to compensate for a weak jaw line.




Punk girls have been diseased cunts since punk's inception in the 70s and only endowed the failings of men they clung to. If you were ever attracted to them it's because you were a diseased punk cuck yourself.

638585 No.14152949



Your body is a temple anon, and you don't put graffiti on a temple.

a6cf88 No.14152955

Has anyone even talked about this game in the last couple of months?

66400a No.14152957

File: 0f8c38822afcace⋯.png (642.76 KB, 1022x731, 1022:731, 0f8c38822afcace5c77947d9f2….png)


>Takes more discipline to shave than not shave

This. Its about the maintenance of your appearance rather than the appearance itself. Shaving or maintaining and grooming a beard shows general cleanliness and effort in not looking like a total dumpsterfire. Nu-males tread that hipster line between not giving a fuck at all and trying to be fashionable that makes them all look like idiot normalfags.

fd7f26 No.14152964


its the human version of the primate fear grimace

049a6a No.14152968


Eh, I don't blame any anon who in their youth thought with their dick as long as they've arrived in reality by now.

Rather have had that happen when you were young and learn from it than be a cuck now.

830abc No.14152979


stop being a tryhard fag

liking the aesthetics of it doesn't mean you subscribe to the lifestyle

4f0f24 No.14152985


>Not just males, white males. While a white woman is the protagonist, and a black woman is the real hero.

Ironically, this doesn't even bother me anymore. I spend my days hauling/mixing buckets of mud for tilers, save my higher-than-average pay (thanks to construction wages) for real estate, while they're busy circlejerking each-other and living in delusion. They'll get fat, they'll get lazy, and then I'll rule them.

d7831e No.14153003

File: 2877be621e89aa3⋯.png (266.14 KB, 500x333, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f63f0b8e9855cf⋯.png (419.81 KB, 500x633, 500:633, ClipboardImage.png)


>Have you considered that your mind was just pozzed at the time?

No, I just liked a bit of edge on them. The sidecut thing was actually relatively recent (~3-4 years ago) and I was already natsoc by then. It's one of those things that looks great until you talk to the girl and realize she'd probably cut off your balls to feed to her feminist cultists betaorbiters. I lost interest in the entire idea within six months.

I still have a thing for short hair (when properly styled) but the dyed hair preference has also fallen to the wayside.

85806b No.14153010

File: d536fe1e1c2a01d⋯.jpg (96.75 KB, 430x320, 43:32, Check 'em.jpg)

>>14149077 (Checked)

1st pic

Looks just like that monster baby from the Witch Doctor comic book.

>>14152822 (Checked too)

I know that feel to anon.

>>14152833 (Checked as well)

>Tattoos were never good anon

t. prude.

19e7df No.14153011


Nintendo fags forgot they're not 9 anymore.

19e7df No.14153032


Tattoos are awesome but I'd never ever date a girl that had them, unless it was some subtle piece somewhere remembering a parent that died or something like that.

fffa5c No.14153047


It's simple. They want to put on a big wacky smile to show off that they're in a good mood for the photo. However, being idiots, they just strike a pose and hold it for the shot. It makes them seem lifeless and weird.

They want a "YEAAAHHHH" face but say nothing and instead attempt to mimic it and hold it in an inorganic fashion. The end result is an unnatural, static look.

This is the type of shit you learn not to do as a kid, but these people don't learn.

4f0f24 No.14153048



Why would you like tattoos? You're PAYING MONEY for somebody to stab you with a needle and leave a permanent mark on your body. I said this before, but lab-rats are smarter than people with tattoos because lab-rats GET PAID to be stabbed, rather than PAY to be stabbed.

830abc No.14153060


>Why would you like earrings? You're PAYING MONEY for somebody to stab you with a needle and leave a permanent hole on your body.

You're oversimplifying things

3dd651 No.14153102


Earrings and all other sort of piercings are bullshit as well.

23ecd0 No.14153139


still not understanding this meme of "alyx is ugly"

8e1bf2 No.14153149

File: 14ec8bb3eff7332⋯.png (53.84 KB, 500x534, 250:267, )w2777133.png)


Indeed. I knew some chicks who were semi into punk, but after dropping contact with them after high school, I really don't want to see what they've become of themselves.


Nigger, shut your lip then if you want to stick your dick in crazy, especially in crazy that has a decades long history of ruining men. Quit trying to excuse your fetish for degenerate aesthetics and aids.


You sound like an insecure faggot who is exactly one of these ugly subhumans with a shitty beard, piercings and smeared tats who just got cucked by a feminist punk cunt. Enjoy your aids.

8e1bf2 No.14153188


Also, punk aesthetics are tied to the lifestyle, so yes, if you have any of those ugly tats and piercings, you're basically screaming "I'm a pozzed moron who goes out of his way to look like a degenerate fucktard because IM A REBEL MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN", just like how baggy hip hip clothes on a black guy screams "I'm a nigger with a subhuman iq and lives off welfare and who has a long criminal record". Start dressing like an adult or kill yourself.

2441e8 No.14153192

File: 19fa26fc17a2d5c⋯.jpg (225.38 KB, 886x886, 1:1, 19fa26fc17a2d5c9be810e0bba….jpg)

File: 22078cfbf12b52d⋯.jpg (300.63 KB, 1053x1035, 117:115, 220.jpg)

File: ee37cee0455bfb7⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, uZulqQz.gif)

File: de53f0e45652210⋯.jpg (190.31 KB, 1000x1382, 500:691, de53f0e45652210635731d14be….jpg)

File: 4f3585850146061⋯.png (81.59 KB, 275x675, 11:27, toobie.png)


I'm pretty sure she was one of the best things to ever happen to vidya.

ac6f0f No.14153201


>being blind

23ecd0 No.14153252


yadda yadda mixed blah blah but shantae is hot for some reason bbloobloo

2441e8 No.14153278


>Nier OST

>Not god tier

Must be rough going through life with such terrible opinions.

ac6f0f No.14153317

File: 2e85d0bb06546b5⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 240x233, 240:233, charging_duck.gif)


>alyx is ugly

>shantae is not

>this is somehow hard to comprehend


>my banal shit is so good lmao

aff8e4 No.14153416


>disease ridden crazy whores where hot

I'm amazed you survived so long anon

925920 No.14153429


Every game award recently has been nominating this piece of crap too many times. Do people even remember this exists, much less play it?

639b0d No.14153491


>Do people even remember this exists, much less play it?

The money remembers it exists.

196e66 No.14153657


>to prove how woke the game is?

The fuck? Have SJWs hijacked the term "woke" now?

900155 No.14153688


Unlike the other uptight fags, I agree with you anon.

Goths and goth aesthetics were cool until the emos came along. Then, when you thought it was over and killed, the sjw-sphere took it to another level of stupid, wana-be, poser faggotry.


Is this bait? Woke was always an sjw term, some of us just use it ironically to make fun of them.

4f0f24 No.14153708


I thought woke was a negro term, like "based."

fffa5c No.14153747


"Woke" is a nigger word that means you think the Earth is flat, and it is supposed to be a compliment.

"Woke" is the nigger version of a conspiracy theorist. While "conspiracy theorist" is used to defame people who know the government is lying to them, "woke" is the nigger word for being actually fucking stupid.

"woke" "people" think the Earth is flat. They think there are massive subterranean cloning facilities where celebrities (especially nigger celebrities) are cloned and put into gladiatorial showdowns to amuse the jews evil white man. And they honestly believe in the Melanin Theory and Yakub and other hilarious shit like that.

900155 No.14153764


Based is now a normalfag/reddit/twitter-tier term, or maybe it always was. Either way, luckily, nobody uses it anymore.

196e66 No.14153772



"Woke" started out as the normie version of red pill when highly conservative "memes" become popular. It wasn't hijacked by SJWs until later.

38ffee No.14153788

File: d2fb9551db7795d⋯.jpg (188.81 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1452299554383.jpg)

who even cares about these awards tbhfam

85806b No.14153810


Woke is just the leftist version of redpilled.

196e66 No.14154017


Literally who used the word "hypocritical"? Other than you.

687014 No.14154058


>everything I don't like is because of SJWs

I guess this would be true if you think literally every person is an SJW.

687014 No.14154078


>open mouth exposed teeth is a submissive gesture

Nowhere in the entire animal kingdom is this true.

ac6f0f No.14154091



196e66 No.14154118


>hurrdurr why aren't you putting words in his mouth like me, maybe you're just not smart enough for the elaborate strawman tactic

687014 No.14154126


You didn't even read what you just linked.

aa1eaa No.14154129

File: 8e242d880dae063⋯.jpg (148.32 KB, 1346x1056, 673:528, 8e242d880dae063d908c47cb83….jpg)



What did they mean by this?

fffa5c No.14154139


What an ugly creature. Why must God create such things?

2a6a72 No.14154146

File: 0ba5b9b8935a14d⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 800x531, 800:531, d6b3153c277d18f1212a8386ce….jpg)

Whew… crying and bitching over a mediocre vidya getting some nominations for a stupid award show. Yeah… you guys are really no better than the SJW, you know that.

a5f535 No.14154147

File: 5395622e7616e29⋯.jpg (104.37 KB, 728x546, 4:3, chimpanzees-by-sean-laffer….jpg)

File: ba1daab3635cb85⋯.jpg (515.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, J5RLAma.jpg)


Why are you lying?

687014 No.14154158


>fear is submission now

How far are you going to move the goal posts?

ac6f0f No.14154285

File: c81f57974548f2d⋯.jpg (62.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, god.jpg)

ac6f0f No.14154289


shit meant for >>14154139

inb4 banned

34aafa No.14154625


i feel like its the nu-male version of the duck face

56831d No.14154770


Never said that she is pretty or sexy. Good character design

eac4cd No.14154775


>Mixed race mongoloid-negroids

Both of her parents are black.

No clue why she looks like a quadroon, though.

56831d No.14154921


Her mom was Chinese or something

eac4cd No.14154964



My memory must be failing me, I could have sworn her mother was black in that photo.

8e09b6 No.14154976

File: 33897595bd4c022⋯.jpg (529.26 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, breen.jpg)


Breen had very solid art direction as well. Valve did a top-notch job with their HL2 characters.

eac4cd No.14155020


That fucking cinematic mod always gets me.

8e09b6 No.14155038

File: 2c74f3c882ebb2f⋯.jpg (206.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alyx 'steve O' vance.jpg)


What are you talking about? This is vanilla HL2.

ac6f0f No.14155056

File: 901903fb49257ac⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1234x1190, 617:595, imma wanna forget that pos….png)


Stop posting that shit….

679693 No.14155146

File: 375676a6ef70364⋯.jpeg (69.55 KB, 750x744, 125:124, FA625CD7-2901-4B50-B1C2-F….jpeg)

This thread has gone off the RAILS

008970 No.14155214

>doesnt deserve an award in any of those

I don't get it.

Xenoblade 2 has the better story by aegis but will never recieve one one billionth the recognition this game recieved.


For its time sure the witcher 3 blows it out with ease, and many faces were photo captured and converted into textures, eli is based on a homeless man.

56831d No.14155311



I still can not fathom how someone can make that and say - Yes, this is great!

92c43e No.14155342

File: 52caf1361b1d760⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 52caf1361b1d760c578f2afe4a….jpg)


>countries that haven't been affected by the SJW influences

>South Korea

I've got bad news for you m8

3cf795 No.14155356


That baby's eyes seem to spread apart and the bridge of the nose where it joins the head is just really smoothed over looking.

How old is that baby? If they are performing a naming ceremony it must be newborn but IT HAS TEETH!


>robo dinos looked cool

THIS. This is the only (good) reason people will remember it for. Everyone just longs to fight big dinosaurs in video games don't they?

1b7d8f No.14155422

File: 6b13e9d19f6eb9d⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 1552x7337, 1552:7337, koreasgenderwar.jpg)


>countries that haven't been affected by the SJW influences

>South Korea

Nigger, are you for real? Sage for off-topic.

000fad No.14155597


I was a career Marine for a decade, and daily shaving was mandatory. The advantage is that even now that I can grow a beard, I don't need to since I'm not baby-faced after scraping my jawline daily for 10 years. Also, chicks are into stubble a lot more than a beard if you've got a solid jawline.

eac4cd No.14155797

File: 33a1c70832cb34a⋯.jpg (437.73 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, JUST.jpg)


Reminder that having no beard looks better than having a disgusting thin pube beard like pic related.

If you wear glasses don't wear those disgusting box frames but don't go for some hipster 70's shit, either. Go for thin metal frame glasses or frameless glasses.

16f10f No.14156170

File: 31a7a6abe8c1e91⋯.gif (492.72 KB, 500x288, 125:72, 84f77bdef85591c1d0a7eae8a0….gif)


>believing whatever you read in the GG threads without evidence

900155 No.14156186


>this is only posted on GG

>not also everywhere else where politics and social justice mania is discussed

16f10f No.14156236


>one autist with a gook flag posts it everywhere

>this is a valid source

12667c No.14156457

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>countries that haven't been affected by the SJW influences

>South Korea

12667c No.14156473

File: be0554b772a38b3⋯.png (369.9 KB, 832x868, 208:217, be0554b772a38b3853a82ec908….png)


>that baby

>the eyes on the monster in the 3rd pic

12667c No.14156610

File: b2c95b9dae8bb1d⋯.gif (312.91 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ....gif)

File: 3fd999ba262172d⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, slow zoom.jpg)

File: 85c84254e367023⋯.gif (3.54 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Cut to Black.gif)

File: d4b0ddbbc51d5d6⋯.gif (995.56 KB, 500x283, 500:283, End Credits.gif)


>My personal version of the plot takes place in Simon Stålenhag's alternate 1980's.

>a malicious virus bruteforced the AI cloud sustaining the cyberneuro algorithms of Helper Tech, causing mass destruction across the world

>genocide of unfathomable proportions

>destruction and desolation of cities, towns, entire infrastructures

>survivors band together in groups to hide from the drones which were once benign helpers of man

already a better premise than Walking Dead and every single post-apocolyptic story on the market - all with zombies

>eventually, over time, man learns to adapt and hunt the hunters

>centuries pass, a millennia goes by

>civilization has regressed to the state of cavemen and the AI cloud has, through weaker and weaker self-maintenance, basically become dino-retarded

>there is legend that one day a son of man will destroy the metal beast's outer god and rid the land from their towering shadow forever

Plot twist is the virus was an international cyber attack and it only targeted this country because it was becoming a global thread (see: Germany) and so they colluded together to destroy their threat from inside-out. It became known as "No Man's Land" and no one has ever set foot there all this time.

In the end you save the land and find out this truth but instead of settling down as a hero you set out to sail towards the nearest of the countries who sought to destroy your people.

>As you sail you end up going through a choking fog. No big deal, you got some technomask you stole from some defunct bunker, but you don't know why it's like this.

>The fog starts to clear and you find yourself going ashore to a desolated city filled with the sound of constant screams and ear-splitting chants

>Wasn't this supposedly a rival to your people at one point? What happened? Where is everyone?

>protagonist tries to make out a sign that's been spraypainted over with a new name

>Fog finally clears

>protagonist's eyes go wide

New Caliphate of Britain

2a6a72 No.14156624

File: 66abcff4c162de2⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 673x372, 673:372, aloy-feature.jpg)

File: c43593955b6dbcf⋯.jpg (158.04 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, aloy__horizon_zero_dawn_by….jpg)

File: 0af70fd5c49ea15⋯.jpg (242.47 KB, 672x950, 336:475, horizon_by_coliandre-da6ox….jpg)


I feel like most anons here are literal nickpicking at this game for bullshit reasons( just like most SJW do for most games), so I gonna give you a honest review.

Is not in any way a bad game. It's a solid 6 or 7 tops.

My biggest beefs with it. 1) Is it's too fucking easy. If you're familiar with games like Cuphead, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Nioh. You will be able to defeat most machines by dodge roll and timing your attacks with your spear. Even on it's hardest setting, you'll be coasting through easily. Not like thats a bad thing all the time. Killing three Rockcrushes on horseback is a fucking blast.

2) It's a open world but it's fucking linear. You see a giant mountain in the distance. You'll probably want to climb it, unfortunetly you won't be able to unless to approach it proper linear way. The game basically limits player creativity. You'll have to walk around the mountain until you see the designated yellow climbing signs (ropes, etc). Scaling mountains, buildings, and machines, are too fucking easy. Alloy has limitless stamina so you can just hang on any ledge forever. Push up on toggle and she'll scale any height with ease. You don't time or press anything. There is no sense of scale conquest like Shadow of Colossus or Monster Hunter.

Other than that. The game is beautiful, weapons are cool, the story is unique ( YOU'RE FIGHTING ROBOT DINOS, COME ON!), the OST is solid, (all the NPCS suck ass) and Alloy is charming as fuck. She really is. I went overly kind route with her. She is pure.

Most the beefs here are BAWWW Feminism and BOOOO NIG NOGS! Seriously? First off men didn't ruin the world. Everyone working at Faro did.If you read the numerous texts. Everyone dropped the ball there, and continued to fuck up by allowing billions of people to be slaughtered while the worked on Zero Dawn. Sobeck is bitch man. It was her plan to let billions of innocent people die fighting for a lie while she and few other people stayed safe in a bunker while she created STONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN WHO NEED NO MAN ROBOT to rebirth the planet. Heartless cunt.

So yeah, there is a lot of feminism bullshit in this game. But it's not as annoying as it or as bluntly forced as many other current female lead stories. Alloy entire society worships the All Mother. So most women are raised to gathers, nurturers, etc. Men will make comments all the time about her fighting and trying to hunter lodge blah blah. But she proves each time, and the guys come around to that. It's no where as annoying as say Super Girl or Jessica Jones. Where the guys are like HURR DURR FEMALE to fucking overpowered superhuman.

Also all minorities, gays, trans, etc. All that bullshit is there. It's not forced down throat though. And honestly if that stuff will ruin a game for you then you really are no better than SJW who refuse to play video games simply because the MC is while and male.

TLDR it's a decent open world game.

12667c No.14156675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Neir OST

>banal shit

12667c No.14156705

File: 8e5c8aadb1645a8⋯.png (227.81 KB, 344x376, 43:47, Untitled.png)


>Is not in any way a bad game

Except the plot is >>14150409

And the game looks like >>14149077 because of >>14150803

And it's written by ideological queers, so no


SFM hobbyists take the absolute worst traits of modern hentai, man, I swear



I also like Xenoblade 2, man, especially fun that it ends with the shota getting two girlfriends but let's be real here

68d005 No.14156754


>muh plot

>muh character facial models

>muh politics

You're the literal cancer, kys yourself my fam.

3896ab No.14156760

File: 9a302069cd3c4c0⋯.jpg (163.17 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 9a302069cd3c4c06066d02eb5f….jpg)


There's something about her face that's so unappealing, but I can't pinpoint what it is.

e89db8 No.14156792

File: d39f136e44d4ff5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 7.76 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, Best grill.png)


>being a bigger faggot than the faggot you're insulting


i know i am.

14fe6d No.14156826

File: e65dd37f292b3fb⋯.jpg (36.67 KB, 350x339, 350:339, b17369eb43bd8e78fad498e508….jpg)

>tfw Gravity Rush 2 will never get any awards

fb2f02 No.14156830


cool game

526d56 No.14156855


What song is this? I know I've heard it before although it wasn't this version that's been remixed to sound like nigger music

a28709 No.14156904


>So yeah, there is a lot of feminism bullshit in this game.

That's all you had to say, since it invalidates everything else.

e89db8 No.14156941

File: 3e5a739941c9e6f⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 289x313, 289:313, katoobie.gif)


of all the underrated games this year gr2's one of the biggest.

e00d4d No.14156964


She looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome.

c189a3 No.14156967


>I'm trying so hard to ignore that this "game" was developed by Marxists for the sole purpose of pushing a narrative and you're just as bad as SJWs if you refuse to touch this "game": The Post

9ffd6b No.14157005

File: b28a9990870388a⋯.jpg (215.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mediocre.jpg)


I don't buy your argument, that it's mediocre at best. the game does nothing original, and having played it, it's worse then mediocre, same as any Ubisoft product, it's bland and boring.

Also, robotic dinosaurs, appealing to a kid's fantasy doesn't necessarily make the game good, even by concept. When the execution is terrible, no concept can save you.

there's no talk of the game outside of the basic political complaining even by normalfags, because even they aren't looking at the game. These are the people looking at the game with a fresh unaltered view of it, and if THEY aren't at least hyped for it in any fashion? You're fucked.

All of your complaints about it are that it't mediocre, and mine argue that it's worse then that, so tell me, why would anyone waste time with this when it's MEDIOCRE at best?

66d2fe No.14157097

File: 9b138f6822a4e24⋯.gif (486.76 KB, 480x309, 160:103, master-b8tor.gif)


maybe then you should take a moment from your intense dick sucking sessions that seem to have monopolised your time and attention and watch the damn thing to the end if you want to find out that much

526d56 No.14157116

File: 52d2906939f7458⋯.png (121.64 KB, 498x383, 498:383, 1467915560649.png)


oh fug

I'm too used to these things never having sources.

3105fa No.14157151

File: 72fbcedae131a7a⋯.png (472.23 KB, 800x800, 1:1, (you).png)


Here you go.

246178 No.14157202



this is eerily similar to most reddit posts. Besides, having a certain type of enemy doesnt automatically make the game passable. Yakuza 2 has a part where you fist fight 2 tigers but yakuza is a good game with wacky premises. HZD isnt.

adfa79 No.14157282


Well Anon I'd complain about the gameplay as well,


20a17e No.14158251


Box frames are the most convenient, they're robust and comfortable. Maybe you try wearing wireframe glasses, faggot.

aff8e4 No.14158365

File: 3c61b1614bf8122⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 554x376, 277:188, IMG_2192.JPG)


>no tits

>skinny bones

>wewuz face nd shiiiit

75e753 No.14158394


>those pics

Y'know, I've got a copy of the rulebook for a tabletop RPG nominally adapted from Stalenhag's artwork, and I just realised how neutered it is. It's explicitly meant to be like a (((Spielberg))) film, and the player characters are explicitly not allowed to have their lives put in danger or to get possession of firearms no matter how ultimately dangerous for them the setting is supposed to be (read: very). Meanwhile, in Stalenhag's own art, there are kids getting into confrontations with police and a kid pointing a gun at what going by the intended reading of the RPG's rulebook would just be a whimsical (((Spielberg)))bot.

978c0f No.14158484

File: ffb1a969ad551bf⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, main-qimg-1ee02ef477e7ce58….jpg)


>the story is unique ( YOU'RE FIGHTING ROBOT DINOS, COME ON!)

That's a premise, not a story. The STORY is that you're a Mary Sue who everybody loves and respects despite being a literal outcast with zero social skills since nobody was allowed to talk to you until you showed them how much of a stronk independent womyn you were. Your mission is to defeat the evil white male and his toxic masculinity (he literally tried to kill his wife on his wedding night because their marital bed was too soft, and strong men hate soft things) before he can resurrect the metal devil. Sound boring so far… but you haven't heard the TWIST yet! The twist on the story, is that you're not just any old Mary Sue - you are the future clone of MARY SUE JESUS who everybody loved and saved the world after a Rich White Guy fucked everything up by gathering a team of top-notch tumblerites to build a high-tech arc - and ended up sacrificing herself to save ALL LIFE ON EARTH ever after the tumblerites fucked up the design. Also, after she dies, the white man (distraught over fucking up and killing Mary Sue Jesus) fucks things up again - leading to the decaying state that sets the stage for the game's events.

Also, I'm pretty sure the Metal Devil's avatar is a white male - at least, he was designed by a white guy (and a southern/christian) - while Gaia, the secret super advanced AI tasked with repopulating the Earth with life - is a black woman who dinndu nuffin wrong but is being persecuted by the other AI cores because she got the feelies for the current life pattern she created - rather than letting the slate be wiped clean so the job can be done right.

0c1feb No.14158555


That's a lot of effort put into one joke anon.

0ecc1e No.14158565


They did this a couple of years ago with Fallout 4 also. Fucks at Zenimax couldn't get Dorito Pope to give it an award, so they went to DICE so it could win GOTY. And it worked.

47c235 No.14158720


And still, we ruin everything that they try to do. Deal with it.


Anything that have leftist politics must be destroyed and the leftist killed. Watch out for yor food, car, home, etc. "Accidents" will happen to leftists all the time.


The only joke is the idea that women cand niggers are people.

53b5a0 No.14158725

File: 04ae9be338f638c⋯.png (31.78 KB, 1166x960, 583:480, nu male biology.png)

7dd1c7 No.14158727


>And still, we ruin everything that they try to do. Deal with it.

not much success in that field, unfortunately.

53b5a0 No.14158730

File: a64bee579d486ab⋯.jpg (102.47 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Ellie035.jpg)

99c3fc No.14158760


Yeah I wonder why

>no PC version

593d78 No.14158771

This is the same award biz that gave prizes to fallout 4 because todd was sad.

c5d793 No.14158781


>have 2 of these

Oh god.

901ea7 No.14158785


>thousand cock stare

>muscular torso even though the size wouldn't allow muscles at all

>the lips of a pornstar who had her lip muscles and jaw stretched by having ten thousand different cocks go in it

>rape my face makeup

>no tits

>that weird as fuck line deliminating what is hip and what is ass

>the nose bridge of a martian

>wrist is somehow smaller than the arm even though everyone's wrist is slightly bigger than the piece of arm right before it

>those rubbery arms/wrists/hands

>middle finger of left hand has no joints, it just bends, same issue present on all other fingers to a lesser extent

>that fucking gap right in the middle of the teeth

>thick as fuck hair that doesn't come out of the front half of the head, probably balding

>that "jacket" she's wearing is at least 1 inch thick

>crotch ends abruptly, vaginal depth is at maximum 4 inches

I've seen skinwalkers look like a more convincing human.

901ea7 No.14158789


I have the receding airline. Not a warning sign alone since baldness isn't exclusive to cucks.

If you have 2 of the listed signs you're hopeless though.

c5d793 No.14158794

File: 4545cc992296d72⋯.png (69.37 KB, 1445x695, 289:139, In the end, I realized my ….png)

de7b70 No.14158837


>exiled for being a man trying to raise a girl

Now I want to play a game called I Wanna be the Dad. It's a platformer where you navigate crazy death puzzles and fight off Marxists trying to stop you from being a decent parent.

2a6a72 No.14158902

File: a5e574dcdd3e4c3⋯.png (952.48 KB, 1231x700, 1231:700, aloy___horizon_zero_dawn_b….png)

File: c7c5bc348940505⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 600x442, 300:221, Horizon.Zero.Dawn.600.2193….jpg)

File: 0a7a1b99199c5c0⋯.jpg (964.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Horizon.Zero.Dawn.full.213….jpg)

File: 1a0129257e8c6ea⋯.jpg (11.55 MB, 4800x3000, 8:5, Horizon.Zero.Dawn.full.218….jpg)


But it kinda contributes to the plot. You're a female and you've trained to fight your entire life while majority of the females in this world learned to be nurturers, gatherers, or priestesses. So male NPCS are going to say things because she's different, but Alloy responses are not at all preachy and annoying like most feminist characters. She just proves herself, and guy either realizes "hey she can hold her own", or continues to be dick. Either or it feels more genuine unlike say.. Ray from Star Wars. Complete shit character, that is a true Mary Sue.

It's kinda like playing as any other race than the main in any Elder Scrolls game. NPC are going to say things because you are minority in their lands.

The SJW bullshit is excusable too for me, because it wasn't forced or preachy like Dragon Age Shitquisition (Still the worst game I've ever played). There is no five minute cut scene dedicated to character being gay/trans or preachy bullshit. You'll meet gay or trans NPC, but that doesn't define the character, and it don't make a big deal out of it. He/she/whatever is as pointless and unmemorable as the rest NPCs ( Besides Erend. Best boy. Period.)


It's mediocre. But it is fun mediocre. It's better than most open world games from Ubisoft. It doesn't do anything new, but its fun. Encountering new machines and trying to learn the best way to defeat them is best part of the game. It's like Dragon Dogma in a sense you can wander off anywhere at low level and get straight fucked up. I don't know about you guy, but when I discovered my first drake in Dogma at level 18, I stayed. I died over and over trying to learn best way to destroy it. Climbing on it over and over and falling to my death. Some four hours later, I did. totally worth it, so satisfying…. Same thing with this game. Instead following the plot I went exploring, decided to swim to other side of map. I got straight raped by those robot gators. I learned from my mistakes. I had a blast jumping from mangrove to mangrove shooting them down.

You have a bunch of fun weapons, traps, and mounts, and bunch of fun enemies to fight. Learning the best way to take them down is the best part. If you can ignore the plot, you will enjoy this game. That's all I am saying. It's worth a rent if you're bored.

That being said….>>14156941 and >>14156826 are insanely better and deserve all the awards. Play those if you haven't yet. And please buy them. They're on sale now, and each one is totally worth it. They deserve your monies.

86e5ac No.14158910


Add some self-flagellation and implied homosex and you'd have a critical darling for 4-5 years ago.

bd878d No.14158912


TL;DR you’re a faggot with shit taste.

864384 No.14158944

The robot designs look really bad. They're incredibly generic and bland and look exactly like countless designs we've seen before. Why have all those exposed parts? They'd get tangled up with vegetation and packed with dirt.

53b5a0 No.14158964

File: 4a43a1375617e44⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 3415x3046, 3415:3046, notestosteronenevergetting….jpg)

File: 499e5a4ff1d8afc⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 600x450, 4:3, BqxrL_8CYAA4IhW.jpg)


dont worry anon, even blueglass despite his looks isn't a soyboy. A true soy is revealed once put in front of a camera.

86e5ac No.14158966


>and look exactly like countless designs we've seen before

I guarantee you almost all AAA game development is outsourced to the same handful of production studios. Everything looks the same because it's literally made by the same people.

3903ae No.14159169


trudeau's in there, kek

50ecf3 No.14159180

File: cef41972a35d221⋯.jpg (62.7 KB, 737x626, 737:626, 00447361536d3cf9682a3658d5….jpg)


>receding hairline

>patchy beard that i keep shaves

Oh god, I'm biologically a numale but not mentally.

771241 No.14159215

File: b81ce15dc2a7229⋯.gif (499.28 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1334034905519.gif)


>tfw have a single patch on my neck so I have to keep shaving

I don't understand why either. I have a thick head of hair, could shave twice a day, and lift regularly. All other hair seems to grow fine except this tiny patch. I read something about follicle density because I'm absolutely convinced it can't be a lack of testosterone.

3903ae No.14159313


always expections, I'm sure you'll find chad looking guys that are complete cucks

864384 No.14159332



Not wanting to be numale is a really good sign you're not a numale.

ea318e No.14159400

Why are 3D action games called adventure games now?

86e5ac No.14159430


"Adventure game" pretty much means "the locations are kinda big" now and has been for a while.

6396e2 No.14159490

File: 6a34316104cb990⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1072x489, 1072:489, Regalia-pilled.png)


>the programmer who created the repository of all human knowledge and the educational system that the post-extinction humanity would learn from is created by a stronk hijabi wumyn

>straight white male patriarchal capitalist steve jobs destroys her work and kills everyone in charge of the project

>game treats this like a bad thing

Guarantee her "lesson program" was nothing but quran readings. Nothing of value was lost.

32ec6f No.14159540


>Receding hairline

Oh no.

At least I have a full beard and thin-rimmed glasses. Really would love some of those WW2 German glasses with those hooks behind the ears, really getting annoyed at these ones almost falling off when repairing cars, or well, doing anything.

7a7d6a No.14159649

File: e929d9f8998680d⋯.png (603.5 KB, 754x884, 29:34, tumblr_n5rwiolDKK1ryleeco1….png)

7a7d6a No.14159698


I get the impression that their breath smells of boiled cabbage, especially the beardy ones

47c235 No.14159918


Say that to Disney, EA and Star Wars' producers. Say that to Bungie, Activision and Blizzard.

We are taking down the big ones while also making normalfags aware of their shitty ideologues and their practices.

91b79e No.14159934


It may smell between soy milk or tofu dogs.

8dbfa3 No.14159985


What is this?

eac4cd No.14159998


>it's all roughly the same shade of brown

That's what the fucking problem is. Their face is entirely one color, it makes them look like clay.


Read the post he's replying to.

3d0016 No.14160108

File: da42e6f8175a699⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 400x338, 200:169, 85494186.jpg)

File: c2a7a2c1814ad3b⋯.jpg (95.55 KB, 798x530, 399:265, snarling-dog-hd-photo.jpg)


>open mouth exposed teeth is a submissive gesture

You think?

3d0016 No.14160136


I can't breathe

53b5a0 No.14160169

File: 1c12d8850bbc9e4⋯.jpg (444.13 KB, 1500x1101, 500:367, stock-photo-dog.jpg)

3d0016 No.14160174


>Receding hairline

>Something 80% of the male population has always had

>patchy beard

>Even though plenty of nu-males have full, spotless beards

3d0016 No.14160184


>A dog panting is a sign of submissiveness

You're trying to reduce body language to the mouth only, and that's supremely retarded.

86e5ac No.14160195


If you actually bothered to read you'd know that was specifically about Chimps. Seriously, fuck off with this stupid bullshit you retarded ass goon.

eac4cd No.14160196


Oh fuck, I'm in stitches over this.

aff8e4 No.14160201


Sure buddy, now go back to your shed

91b79e No.14160210

File: ff7fe87863b0202⋯.jpg (705.04 KB, 1840x1088, 115:68, Warning colors.jpg)


You mean like the warning colors on feminists?

50ecf3 No.14160215

File: ab5a956c7927b99⋯.jpg (32.59 KB, 720x447, 240:149, ab5a956c7927b991a096d9cc1a….jpg)


I'm getting a lot of uncalled for rudeness lately. How about you go fuck a nigger instead.

42fc50 No.14160225


2nd from bottom left is Opie from Opie and Anthony and I don't think he is a nu-male but he is in fact a massive faggot with tits.

558550 No.14160231


And now you're undoubtedly a numale biologically AND behaviorally. Congrats.

Kill yourself

3d0016 No.14160243


Something has happened to this board again, the passive aggressiveness is off the charts.


Back in my day, people would put some effort in their shitposts.

4fbd00 No.14160261


>How about you go fuck a nigger instead.

He probably did, seeming as you sound positively asshurt right now.

d33123 No.14160319


>Two of the women shown have light brown to auburn hair, a perfectly natural hair color that many people have.

>Showing a flower that uses it's bright coloration (most of which the Human eye can't detect) for ATTRACTING pollinators.

>Showing a berry which once again is brightly colored to ATTRACT in particular something to eat said berries to distribute the seeds the berry contains.

This picture and the people who use it are stupid and entirely miss what they should be looking out for.

51c77c No.14160339


where's that from?

3d0016 No.14160361

File: 7f4b106f20a63ca⋯.jpg (301.78 KB, 2100x1440, 35:24, 170110_putinglasses.jpg)


Women have no testosterone. How often do you see women with fucking receding hairlines?

>bald means beta durr

Pic fucking related you cum guzzling fudge packer, 100% pure certified soyboy beta faggot amirite? Do I fit in now? Can I post on /pol/ now without being banned?

Just how can someone suck so many dicks like you do and still find time to post Indian street tier shitposts?

86e5ac No.14160370


Notice how he ignores the "201 to 30s" part like a word-mincing goon.

d0f9ab No.14160404

Aloy is one of the ugliest characters in recent memory next to Senua.

66250b No.14160416


For the two "normal" ones it's the oversized (and in one case colorful) glasses that are designed to draw attention to themselves, rather than blend into the face. Those people chose those glasses because they draw attention, not because they genuinely think they look good in them.

56a6b3 No.14161468



>a boring slog

I want goons to go and stay go

3a096c No.14161709

File: d58fdf66c7407d5⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 560x613, 560:613, happy cuck.jpg)

ceb9ac No.14161735


>2D animations shouldn't even qualify.


ef9a8f No.14161839


t. butthurt chromedome

9fc75f No.14161854


Regalia - Of Men and Monarchs

f9faee No.14161878

File: 75540ed457ff0ec⋯.jpg (116.32 KB, 626x612, 313:306, ba1daab3635cb85d45224556b5….jpg)


Hey, I recognize that face.

3a096c No.14161886

File: 2ddf5b2c1d87946⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.49 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Leonardo Dicaprio approves.jpg)

0ee126 No.14162751

Horizon: Zero Awards.

Almost everyone knows that the shitty ubisoft copy doesn't deserve a single awards. Most people are actually shitting on it and calling out horizon for that crap it is.

53b5a0 No.14162895

File: a0de4a4bec6c5a3⋯.jpg (66.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Tgywof3.jpg)

978c0f No.14162947


>Most people are actually shitting on it and calling out horizon for that crap it is.

Here, maybe. Everywhere else you'll be stirring up some shit.

78df09 No.14167713

File: 791cf1e7770f64a⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, __aki_girls_und_panzer_dra….png)


>tfw so poor that can't relate to any of these threads at all

>only play indie shit and decade old games

am I the only one?

f88d15 No.14167724


poor in money rich in taste.

these games suck dick and the only reason they're popular is because of advertising budgets that are bigger than development ones.

5118ed No.14167816

File: 59c3788fc42772a⋯.png (1.21 MB, 772x1082, 386:541, a288cd8a43942854b922c8eff1….png)


>People still shill this bargain bin stuffer

An old friend of mine I hadn't seen in years had this game in his PSN list and got almost all of the trophies. I asked why he liked it, he said his fiancee recommended it, and he really liked it. Turns out his fiancee is some turboslut he met at work, and she has a half-nigger kid. The guy ended up being a literal cuck during the years we haven't spoken to one another. Sad story, but there's an example of your typical Horizon fan.

0422df No.14167920


Its the ending theme to Samurai Champloo

5042d7 No.14168131


The expression in the original soyboy picture literally said "fear grimace"

8b4888 No.14168137


I feel you. But something inside tells me we're better off that way.

e7c154 No.14168143

File: f12773899873ea3⋯.jpg (39.1 KB, 960x719, 960:719, sad drinking gondola.jpg)


This was me for most of my life. I definitely missed out on some experiences over the years but nowadays I genuinely don't give a shit about the majority of new games even though I have the rig to play them.

Actually I don't like video games in general all that much anymore. I don't know why I'm here.

8b4888 No.14168152


>I don't know why I'm here.

Just to suffer?

What kind of vidya do you like anon?

5042d7 No.14168195


Same here, I'm actually glad I don't have to deal with any of this current year shit.

33db0a No.14168345


I mean where is she going to find the time to put on makeup

33db0a No.14168351


because they are fucking normal fag loosers who are extremely boring in real life so they make dick sucking faces like they are having a good time.

1d86dc No.14168849

File: 9462e04360f7cca⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1332x1639, 1332:1639, __fio_germi_metal_slug_dra….jpg)


You're here because of the (gay) community that you could relate with, Humans crave social interactions despite what wizards has led you to believe, but the fact that we usually shy away from most social gatherings is because they are not relateable to use for the most part, and we only enjoy the company of other with the same mindset But atleast we're together and honest to speak our minds for the most part


Don't even bother, most of the games of today are rehashed shit. The only game that truly felt like next-gen AAA is Bloodborne and its been 2 fucking years after it released. Which i also been only starting to play it atm since i'm a gigantic poorfag that needs 6 fucking months to actually buy Bloodborne-box You'd be surprised at how fast consoles depreciate in value if you're a patient motherfuckger

47c235 No.14169491

So, aparently there are literal niggers and soyboys here reporting any truths that they don't like to hear.

To those: niggers are apes. They can't create. They only imitate when domesticated by the Master Aryans.

As for soyboys, yes, you are impotent failures. Yes, it is ok to ruin your lives just because we can.

9dee77 No.14169839


Man, remember when WIRED was a good tech magazine? What happened?

9dee77 No.14169843

File: 4193ef34ec32917⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 620x516, 155:129, coste-psicologico-nunca-de….jpg)


>red on gray

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