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File: ad816e23405b49b⋯.jpg (193.11 KB, 1200x669, 400:223, psycho-pass-virtual-realit….jpg)

e2a012 No.14151007

First off, I'm aware that there's a VR-themed thread already, but it's more about VR Chat and the cancer it spawns, not actual game discussion.

The actual reason why I'm making this thread is because I'm genuinely confused as to why VR is so popular. It seems to me like just another gimmick, just like 3D was. VR seems to pop up every decade or so, just to fade away into obscurity again. Every VR game I've seen to date is just a fucking toy, or a demo. It just looks lame, like the game was limited in what it could do specifically BECAUSE it was VR. Every VR-loving person I've talked to so far keeps saying the following:

>"But anon you just have to try it. Have you tried it? You don't get it. You have to try it to get it."

And they repeat it ad-infinitum. They can't put it into words. And it's infuriating. Every person who likes VR is fucking convinced it's the future. And I just don't understand what can even be done with VR that will actually innovate videogames. It all just looks lame.


What games can actually be made that benefit from being VR?

ff3468 No.14151135

File: c235e49fab0ae97⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 7ef.jpg)

At its current stage, none, it's gimmicky, expensive and generally not worth it because of its limitations. Maybe in the future when you can actually walk and interact with shit properly like in Seto Kaiba's virtual world, then maybe.

e2a012 No.14151141


So it's just a dumb fucking gimmick then?

ff3468 No.14151174


Did it take you this long to figure it out?

e2a012 No.14151186


It's what I thought and it is what I expected, but I like to make sure I'm not just being a reactionary backwards caveman. Keeping an open mind, you know

d2185b No.14151197

I want a realistic looking VR corridor shooter with realistic AI, realistic gore, and realistic body movements and physics with Euphoria animations. Bonus point if the controller is shaped like a gun with real weight to it and recoil force like one of those arcade shooters.


There's already so much potential in VR FPS games. Devs are just stupid and/or catering to the lowest common denominator.

3d025d No.14151253

File: e71f2d9e2ad001e⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 600x837, 200:279, 10 mb.jpg)

>fucking convinced it's the future

They're right though. All new technology starts up as useless garbage. What could you do with the first personal computers? Nothing, maybe make some big calculations but that is not ineresting to the average person, your hard drive only had a few MB space at best. Yet, regardless of how useless it was they cost thousands of dollars simply because it was new. Now, look at what the average consumer can do with a PC in this age, had the PC somehow flopped in the 70s or whatever we might not have been posting on this board right now.

The same goes with cellphones, they used to be these large, heavy machines that were difficult to carry around which kind of defeated the purpose of a mobile phone yet now they are small, light and almost as advanced as a PC.

I don't like what you can do with a VR right now and won't be buying one any time soon but I do believe that they will become more advanced and useful in a few decades and once that happens people will look at shit like the Ocolus rift and laugh at how expensive and large they were.

c675c6 No.14151325

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My idea for a vr handcontrolled game would be a game where you control a puppet.it could be a puppet show sandbox or a puppet time adventure, but vr puppets look ok.

9b1419 No.14151360


If you play a racing or flight based sim style game. VR brings a lot, being able to look into corners natrually and look around while in a cockpit type machine has a lot of benefits.

Basically it offers a lot for Vehicle based sim stuff for actual game play.

For others you get, arcade shooter galleries and on rails shooting galaries it seems.

I think it might have some real cool applications if it was used in and RTS properly. And not the half assed things we have now.

But its relay use is in EXPERIENCES or practical uses like showing mock ups of home renovations before they are done. The real applications for VR are IMO in business uses or medical uses like training for a medical procedure or teaching.

They want to make VR a gaming thing cause its the best way to expand the development of tech and get the costs back. Since they cant openly admit they want PORN to be the major push behind it.

But the ones pushing it as the NEXT BIG THING in gaming are wrong. And the game industry itself had no Idea how to push it. It should have launched with and actual flight sim not short demos or sonic kart racing game in VR.

939dc9 No.14151368

File: ca62f7bda5b3984⋯.jpg (146.68 KB, 1920x1053, 640:351, 1291859479218.jpg)

The best current use of VR is racing game cockpit view. It adds actual depth perception, which is typically the main difference between racing sims and real life driving that gives sims such a learning curve. The braking line in Forza and GT is compensation for having no depth perception, and if players had it they wouldn't need the line telling them when to slow down, because they'd be able to more accurately tell how far away from a corner they are. Also the ability to look left and right makes drifting and hard cornering much easier. VR is similarly useful for other games that take place in a cockpit, but driving is the easiest comparison to real life since most people drive and know what it SHOULD feel like in vidya form. VR driving with a quality wheel is extremely close to real life.

9b1419 No.14151369


Its called farpoint. Its a good game. But sadly way to short.

9b1419 No.14151382


yeah Gran tursismo and DIRT and Drive Club really show you what can be done with VR. I use my PSvr more then my VIVE cause as sad as it is the lesser power set up actually has games with GAMEPLAY but are sony exclusive.

Rigs and battlezone are cockpit based and making the simulation a cockpit experience helps a lot.

d2185b No.14151400



>corridor shooter


9b1419 No.14151404


You also cant overstate how good it is to be able to look into a turn properly in a racing game. VR is a game changer for Racing games.

Imagine Need for Speed from the PS2 era in VR

9b1419 No.14151420


Bugs and aliens had gore, and yeah it was a corridor shooter you were stuck only moving forward and all paths lead to the same point. Even if you can run around in the corridor.

939dc9 No.14151421


VR is almost perfect if the game takes place in a seated position, we just aren't ready for walking-around-VR. It'll never take off until we can plug our brains in matrix style, because every attempt at it requires huge amounts of space or money that people just don't have.

d2185b No.14151424


Yep, VR cockpit view is awesome. I just wish that I could really see my own hands holding a real steering wheel so I'm able to turn the steering wheel more than 270 deegre like a real car, but that seems impossible. I prefer arcade driving games with realistic physics to racing games anyway. Something like Driver San Francisco or GTA IV driving in VR would be great.

18d31c No.14151426


Taking huge leaps in an instant has never worked.

VR should work towards being non-gimmicky and the first headset that isn't garbage should come out, and then most first person games (they don't even need to be good games) need to have support for it. The market will build itself.

Once a good portion of the market has a VR headset, start introducing gimmicky shit like motion controls.

d2185b No.14151442


That's not what I meant. I want a shooter VR in cramped corridors where the enemies are humans and don't stand more than 30 feet in front of you. Like the old Medal of Honor games or Goldeneye or Soldier of Fortune, but with realistic physics and gore.

939dc9 No.14151472


I turn off the driver arms when possible. I don't know why the animators didn't think of making that shit realistic.

9b1419 No.14151473


Fair enough.

fb13ef No.14151478

File: 75fb0c2d000e992⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.21 KB, 255x255, 1:1, inspect.jpg)

Okay I got a good one.

Imagine, and bear with me here, imagine OP makes a, I know it's really hard to, but trust me it'll be good, imagine OP makes a good thread for a change.

Now hear me out, I know it sounds completely retarded at first, and you'd be right, but let's just put reality aside and let that suspension of disbelief do its magic.

So, OP makes a good thread and anons actually add to the conversation because OP was not a raging cock hungry dick eating penis munching noodle slurping ass plunging butt pirate with hemorrhoids.

I know, I know, but listen, it gets better.

Now, OP made his good thread and anons have a good time, and now imagine that this thread is actually about video games.

Yes, video games. I know this term hasn't been brought up properly for a couple hundred threads, but in this fictional scenario it was.

And the absolute best part would be these dubs.

What do you guys think?

939dc9 No.14151481


But the market will never be saturated with VR owners UNLESS they sell it to people with a gimmick like motion controls. Most people are literally too stupid to comprehend benefits like depth perception and head tracking and don't consider them worth the financial expense. See: Every single VR thread in the past 6 years where people criticize it as "a screen strapped to your face." They are among us.

1aef87 No.14151494

It looks like a lot of the vr games are on consoles right now. I mostly see existing games with a vr mod on pc with mixed results that seem more concerned with compensating for limitations rather than improving the game.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm willing to take the plunge.

5bda53 No.14151566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is the answer.

ca8f4b No.14151577


I hate these stupid cocktease games.

18d31c No.14151585


And I hate you, but you don't see me talking about it everywhere do you?

170993 No.14151612

File: d644868aa1eadcc⋯.png (378.23 KB, 670x420, 67:42, 1447094984513-0.png)

Ideaguys suck at everything including making ideas, and that's why no one wants to use (or steal) your dumbass concepts. Either git gud and study compsci or find something else to do.

20bbc8 No.14151644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've got an idea for a vr game. You play a magician performing a show for other vr players. You can combine any voice command with a motion controller movement and a premade or an uploaded vfx. The crowd players can clap their controllers together to make a clapping noise in game or do a throwing motion to throw tomatoes at the stage. A small stage is suited for the kind of space that is available in a room and the game doesn't have to rely on teleportation movement.

50151c No.14151651


i feel like vr is being put in the same position as kinect where the technology itself allows for some pretty cool & useful things but it's all being shoehorned into one of the things that it's still not very good for: playing videogames.

with that said, i think it would be cool if vr could spark a resurgence of arcades & this is supposedly happening to a small degree. the cost threshold combined with some amount of haptics seems like it would cater really well to the economics & appeal that made the golden era of arcades possible in the first place. i also think that it could do quite a bit to make the arcade experience more enjoyable for an autist like myself if games are largely confined to the headset, then you don't have to deal with the constant sensory overload that happens in a good arcade.

What games can actually be made that benefit from being VR?

at this point, anything that only requires fixed perspective

>light gun games

>cockpits, racing/mecha

>dioramas & god view

0c6b88 No.14151672


RTS and strategy games would get a lot out of letting the player look around without dragging a mouse. Like a table with miniatures running around killing each other, you giving orders from above.

939dc9 No.14151690


Has anyone made a D&D VR sim yet? I know people who play tabletop games semi-regularly and their biggest problem is all being in the same place at the same time, since they're adults with jobs and families. VR sim of sitting around a table together could solve that, and have infinite possibilities simulating physical maps of dungeons and little plastic models and shit.

578d69 No.14151709

Microsoft Mixed Reality is cheap as fuck right now so if you want VR with Controllers for 220 bucks go for it.

Also it has a higher res then other systems but since they called it mixed reality it fucked up selling it.


e8e749 No.14151716

VR has huge potential and could be fucking awesome. The problem is that it needs widespread adoption before companies are willing to really invest creating kickass games for it. It needs to reach a sort of critical mass, but that seems to be very slow going since most people don't want to buy a very expensive gaming accessory for the limited number of games available currently.

939dc9 No.14151760


Is this one of those things that fucking nothing will support though? Or it's shitty and uncomfortable and hurts your head after 10 minutes?

9b1419 No.14151793


Yeah, imagined a D&D scenario creator. Where you can hold sessions in VR chat like scenarios but with custom dungeons etc.

0c6b88 No.14151822


This is why streamers are pushing that brainless VRChat crap, it's a way of getting normalfags to buy headsets and increase the number of owners.



>They're right next to– oh right, never mind

09b84f No.14151827

File: fe5f697e76a519a⋯.png (33.72 KB, 346x193, 346:193, 1437376768321.png)


VR is to desktop is like 144 Hz 4k monitor is to old b&w TV. Except a magnitude stronger jump yet. It's a new kind of monitor; it's miles better for viewing games than normal stationary monitor, but it doesn't adds anything gameplay-wise, it's gonna be all the same games. Just like 144 Hz 4k monitor is way better than old b&w TV for playing games on it, but it doesn't paves the way for more advanced games.

578d69 No.14151885


I got it yesterday at 6 and when I felt actually sick and tired it was 11. Also it has SteamVR Support meaning that it works with VRChat and anything that works with steamvr.

09b84f No.14151893


What shit game doesn't renders turning the steering wheel past 270 degrees? Also yeah I just disable the driver rendering, I don't need to see my own body in VR (it doesn't match your physical body position anyway), and you get used to "being a ghost" very quickly. In fact not having your appendages blocking your line of sight is beneficial, for obvious reasons.

09b84f No.14151904


But why? At that distances you wouldn't even have to aim, you just shoot in general direction of the enemy like a nigger and hit 50% of the time anyway. That would be fucking dumb.

36ba9e No.14151914

3D is not a gimmick. The application of 3D earlier was flawed. The new application of 3D within VR is the furtherance of game immersion-perception. To perceive the world better we have 2 eyes, and this is replicated with 2 separate monitors for VR. You are looking at 2 different images, both separated by a distance and angled slightly to give depth perception. First person character games improve greatly with this. Life really pops out, go play Metroid Prime 1 again with VR, its totally perceived by you differently. You can understand environments much better.

That's just the talk of 2 monitors. We haven't begun talking about head tracking or motion control. Both applied correctly further game perception, there's nothing to argue about other than the way its applied by.

939dc9 No.14151921


It depends on the game. I can't remember which, but one of the racing sims I play will render the wheel turning 900 degrees if you turn the arms off, but will only do 270ish if you leave the arms visible.

09b84f No.14151932


Sounds like iRacing but given that it's paid subscription with no free trial, you'd remember it.

af4eb3 No.14151937


They think they can turn every game into walking simulator where you fuck around with tiny objects, click a button to teleport instead of actually moving around the environment,

use motion controls that failed as hardware and cut it all down to 3-4hrs tech demo

1561c3 No.14151941

waifus and escapism

I'm less interrested in VR than I am in AI though. We need an AI waifu that can pass turing test.

07a027 No.14151943


>Someone who hasn't played any good VR games.

439137 No.14151946

If they make Matrix-like VR, I will become the little girl and suck off a virtual dick.

af4eb3 No.14151952

>>good VR games

name one that doesnt explicitly require the hardware and is established IP that gets milked to death

939dc9 No.14151955


It might be Dirt Rally

09b84f No.14151963

File: acce5b6b041ab45⋯.jpg (13.25 KB, 240x364, 60:91, acce5b6b041ab457874a870d9e….jpg)


>asks for example of good game

>specifies that it has to be shit game

939dc9 No.14151965


>We need an AI waifu that can pass turing test.

Not really. We just need it more passable than the average chatbot. If I had one I would actively try to keep the illusion going by not challenging it with super hard conversation.

36ba9e No.14151968


Did you just argue that its impossible to accurately scale your body position in a car cockpit? You are arguing the wrong premise. Its the developer that didn't correctly program the game camera and character. Ideally you input you physical characteristics like height, arm length, eye position and separation, and sitting height. Then your character will scale to your eye view and size. Add in hand/finger tracking and you won't feel like a ghost. Its all an argument of how good can the developer apply the current technology.

07a027 No.14151970


VR brings a lot of things to the table. People who haven't played VR sure are adamant that it doesn't bring anything good though.

Weird how that works, huh?


H3VR, VTOLVR, Climbey, Cloudlands, UItrawings,

Now tell me which VR games you have played (PSVR and phone VR don't count)

af4eb3 No.14151973


>>actually believing chans have good taste that isnt based on retarded rants

thats rich

af4eb3 No.14151984


never heard of any of those games ever mentioned anywhere, obscure garbage

07a027 No.14151985


Your own ignorance about the topic you are discussing is not something you should so proudly admit, nigger.

939dc9 No.14151991


>People who haven't played VR sure are adamant that it doesn't bring anything good though.

The first time I used one of the prototype oculus sets at a con, I straight forgot what my orientation in the room was and tried waving at the other guy in the game (without motion controllers) to get his attention. I was waving at a wall IRL.

af4eb3 No.14151998


>>not caring about bullshit 3-4th tech demos is ignorance

not surprised at all that idiots in vr have shit opinions and defend their tiny garbage pile

09b84f No.14152000


Unless your physical setup exactly matches the cockpit of the car you're currently using, there will be mismatch. And because it's a simulator, aiming to be 100% true to life, with laser scanned 3d models and shit, they won't be altering the cockpit for you, you will have to modify your physical cockpit. For every single vehicle, individually. To top it off, it's a lot of very hard work that can be instead put elsewhere, for something that has no impact on the gameplay and that many people will just disable. So while technically it's possible to render a model that well approximates your body, in practice it's out of the question entirely.

07a027 No.14152007


>I only like AAA games from journo-approved publishers like EA and Activision!

I can smell your black ass from here, nigger. Will you change your tune on VR if the government lets you trade in some foodstamps for a rig?

07a027 No.14152015


You are chatting some pure shit here dude.

4ba688 No.14152020

09b84f No.14152027


No, mang, pure shit is expecting all that technology and effort going towards implementing a non-feature that won't even work properly unless you've spent equal amount of time adjusting your physical setup.

af4eb3 No.14152030

>>dont expect the experience to be good guise, accept trash because hardware limits


af4eb3 No.14152033


06c7b2 No.14152039

File: 751d6a1f7e8949e⋯.png (34.32 KB, 769x733, 769:733, dont_give_em_4.png)

939dc9 No.14152044


I don't think anyone ITT has said that. Unless you mean the car cockpit setup not matching your physical setup? In which case you're demanding literal magic.

a92fe6 No.14152046

File: d52289717af84fd⋯.jpg (297.34 KB, 1508x1493, 1508:1493, hello reddit.jpg)

09b84f No.14152048


You can always play VR ports of existing games. Virtually every simulator game in existence, a bunch of old school and latest release shooters, etc. A lot of non-VR enabled games run in VR with a plugin, like FNV and NFSU2.

ff5818 No.14152050


>What games can actually be made that benefit from being VR?

Porn and waifu simulators.

You don't even know the bliss of molesting a Japanese schoolgirl in VR.

Anything else requiring immersion too, I guess. I'd like a Mechwarrior with you actually manipulating cockpit controls with the Vive controllers.

More than that though, a dating sim like love life in VR.

b92f90 No.14152066


>And they repeat it ad-infinitum. They can't put it into words. And it's infuriating. Every person who likes VR is fucking convinced it's the future. And I just don't understand what can even be done with VR that will actually innovate videogames. It all just looks lame.

VR makes it easier to immerse into vidya, and gives you some level of depth-perception.

That's it.

If you're used to traversing 3d environments in vidya and getting immersed, VR will seem like an overpriced toy to you. And for the most part, it is just that.

But for normalfags, immersion is a revolutionary innovation.

>What games can actually be made that benefit from being VR?

There's a lot of issues with VR which actually makes it pretty bad for vidya in general.

I can see it being used in modeling, architecture, etc. though. Depth perception is an amazing addition for those fields.

f5cb9c No.14152072



07a027 No.14152122


You think tracking the body position is something that wont work properly? You realise there are games that do this already right? It's not anywhere near as hard as you are trying to say it is.


>There's a lot of issues with VR which actually makes it pretty bad for vidya in general.

Such as? Because there are plenty of good VR games.

09b84f No.14152142


Nigger what I'm saying is that if your physical steering wheel 3 inches under your virtual steering wheel, only one of the two gonna happen:

1) it gonna track your hands precisely and they will float mid-air 3 inches under the wheel, clipping through it when you move them around the rim

2) they will snap to the wheel and will be rendered 3 inches above your actual hands which you will notice instantly and it'll be worse

The only way either scenario will result in pleasant experience is if your physical wheel is in exactly the same position as virtual wheel. Also the same pitch angle and the same diameter. Hence people just don't fucking bother and disable first person model rendering.

b92f90 No.14152244


>Such as?

It's very easy to get sick whilst playing VR since videogames generally have a lot of oddities in how movement works. This is the reason why a lot of VR games use teleporting movement instead of normal walking.

In general, only vehicle movement with proper (de)acceleration works. But that already limits the amount of existing genres immensely.

Secondly, you cannot draw something "flat on top" screen, since that means you either need to make it infinitely close or infinitely far away from your eyes. Both will cause eyestrain if you focus on the edges, so it's a clear no-go. As a result, displaying huds is a lot trickier. Not only that; but since you can't draw flat on the screen, text is no longer perfectly aligned with pixels, requiring it to be 3~4x higher resolution to properly read it! As a result, conveying information to players in VR is a lot harder.

Third, looking around with a VR headset is significantly more cumbersome than with mouselook. The only thing you gain is depth perception, but there's currently nothing out there that uses it. (And there probably wont be since VR adoption is minimal.)

Lastly, VR has a lot higher requirements than VR, as minimal input latency and stable, high framerates are required. It just makes it more expensive to develop for.

>Because there are plenty of good VR games.

Why don't you name some good VR games that wouldn't work just as well without the headset then?

07a027 No.14152284


>its very easy to get sick playing VR

If you're a pussy, yeah. Most people get over it inside of a day, a lot of people don't even get it. It's like sea-sickness. Or Car-sickness. The problem was vastly over-inflated by soyboy games journos.

That said 99% of games have at least one method of circumventing this, such as narrowing your vision during quick movement, or on-screen HUD stuff. And every game uses normal movement. VR Games all being teleport-only was a thing in the first wave of games because devs would show it to journos who would piss their pants and cry about it making them sick. Once it got out to the general public people realised it wasn't necessary.

>you can't do HUDs or text

Yes you can. Why you would want a traditional game HUD in VR is beyond me though. Most games that want to do this either project it at your feet or above your head so you have to look up or down to see stuff like your health. Or they put it on your wrist or something similar.

>looking around in VR is more cumbersome than using a mouse

What the fuck are you even on about with this?

>name some VR games

I did earlier in the thread. There are plenty. I'm willing to bet you haven't heard of or tried any of them though because you read some kotaku or Giantbomb article about how soyboys can't handle VR and dismissed it out of hand. Your entire post just screams "i know nothing about VR, and haven't really used it!"

b92f90 No.14152298


>I did earlier in the thread. There are plenty. I'm willing to bet you haven't heard of or tried any of them though because you read some kotaku or Giantbomb article about how soyboys can't handle VR and dismissed it out of hand. Your entire post just screams "i know nothing about VR, and haven't really used it!"

You missed the "that wouldn't work just as well without the headset then?" part you dumb nigger.

07a027 No.14152345


No, I didn't. None of those games I listed would work without a headset.

I get that niggers cant afford expensive electronics. And I get that niggers are monumentally stupid. But what makes them think they are experts on something they have no experience with and know nothing about? It's baffling to me. A 5 minute google search would point out how stupid you are, but then I guess that's why you don't do it? Or maybe google just doesn't understand ebonics, I dunno?

e21b8b No.14152437

File: 3cf44f9acadc7d7⋯.png (535.87 KB, 1110x1080, 37:36, 1435888429066.png)

What puzzles me the most is people saying it's impossible to have a good or even decent VR game when Resident Evil VII exists. Are there a lot of shovelware and tech demos out there, especially on PC? Yes. Are there actual games, mostly sims and first person puzzlers too? Yes. It takes time to adapt to a new platform. VR means you can't have a traditional HUD and your field (or focus) of vision is not the same because you're not looking at a 2D screen, but a point in 3D space like real life. It's why an RTS in VR feels weird.

At the end of the day, porn is being made for VR, and you know what that meant before. The waifu age is upon us no matter what you think.

07a027 No.14152536


Resident evil VII isn't a good VR game beacuse it's seated only with no motion controls. I've not played it myself, but from all accounts it's a good game in and of itself, but as a VR game it's not the best.

PSVR is to VR what consoles are to PC.

e21b8b No.14152585


It's a fantastic experience even when it's seated (although there's nothing stopping you from playing it standing really) and without motion controls. So how come there's no such game for the superior PC headsets? It's strange.

a2a11c No.14152614



racing games and ace combat when it comes out

captcha: vrjews

7ea8b4 No.14152641



>What puzzles me the most is people saying it's impossible to have a good or even decent VR game when Resident Evil VII exists.

Because it's shit, retard?

cbffab No.14152803

File: af90b7dbc72dccf⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 384x216, 16:9, 10.gif)


10/10 Post right here.

You touched on everything and from every angle, good job. No homo.

One thing to add:

>Since they cant openly admit they want PORN to be the major push behind it.

Anything that porn adopts, people will pay attention to, and it will see standardization from that alone. See: VHS vs. Betamax in the 80's.

I'm curious what VR will be like as a platform a decade or two from now. Everything currently with VR feels like a "reset" in gaming, like every game currently out for it, feels like we've taken a step back into the early 90's in terms of appearances and basic premise. Even VR Chat feels like we've gone back to the days of Onlive! Traveler, which is a fucking weird full circle to be coming back to.

One other huge obstacle for VR I think, is tactility, which >>14151197 covers. Which makes me wonder how peripheral-dependent we'll have to be for the medium overall, since a headset alone can't provide tactility beyond visual feedback.

8193be No.14152830

Even the shit VR we have now is a godsend for first person awareness

And I think those individual hand motion control things feel way worse to use when you're just waving them at a screen

Basically it's great for cockpit/seated games and/or autistic simulators

9bbeda No.14152937


It's arguably not a deciding factor anymore see: HD-DVD vs BLU-RAY

626b17 No.14152998


>meme spacing

>10/10 post

Both of you need to leave.

939dc9 No.14153007


>Anything that porn adopts, people will pay attention to

Unfortunately, VR porn has already taken off and there are actually many stereoscopic POV videos that take advantage of head tracking. People can get their fix from putting their phone in a google cardboard, or from the GearVR they got for free when they purchased a recent Galaxy phone. Those sub-par devices, and pornhub's VR section, are enough for most people with only a casual interest in VR for the porn. They'll probably even climax fast enough to effectively ignore google cardboard's drift problem.

805bf1 No.14153026


That just sounds like another Comedy Night, but magician and VR flavored.

cbffab No.14153058

File: 0072cb67021525a⋯.webm (655.88 KB, 900x400, 9:4, Gondola VR.webm)


Good point. I probably shouldn't have used that analogy since that would be more appropriate for different headsets like the Vive vs. Oculus as opposed to the VR medium entirely.


Maybe. The cheaper tech gets, the more interest and traction it gets, and shit like Google Cardboard seems like a shallow interpretation over VR - but who knows, that could very well be the deciding factor for it overall due to its low barrier of entry.

I don't really care how we get there, since I'm not really invested into VR one way or the other besides work, but I'm always interested to see just where it goes. Could be awesome, or it could just wind up being some porn outlet for autistics and furries just like Second Life did.

939dc9 No.14153116


This past Christmas season, stores were saturated with glorified google cardboards advertising themselves as if they're full VR. There was an entire endcap of the things, all from different made-up chinese brands that'll disappear in a year, of varying price points and quality. But every single one was just a piece of plastic with lenses in it and a spot for your phone. Not a single one had sensors or anything to enhance the experience. There were easily a dozen different kinds, and the most expensive one was $100. 100 fucking dollars for two glass lenses and a handful of plastic. People bought it more than the cheap ones because they thought it was a better product than the "fake" vr devices around it that cost less. Sharper Image had one. There was one that was officially branded with Jurassic World and had a QR code on the back to download a dinosaur game. There was one that advertised itself as a VR racing experience, but it was just a plastic google cardboard device with a cheap chinese bluetooth controller that looked like a steering wheel, like one of those endless torrent of Wii ripoffs back in the day.

This shit is what people think VR is, and why it's struggling to gain any respect.

07a027 No.14153895


I'm fairly certain that's what drives most of the people in these threads to say some variation of: VR has no games, VR does nothing new, VR is all walking sims, VR tracking is bad, etc.

You'd think gamers first stop to see if something was worth while would be games, but I guess it's surprising how many people think the best way to find out what games are on a platform is to go to GiantBomb or Kotaku or wherever the fuck instead of just going on steam and seeing what's being played.

e98070 No.14154014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your post reminded me of this 'gem" for the kinect

ce8972 No.14154208

File: 74f78c3de1f6e9c⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 790x444, 395:222, What VR is for.jpg)


OP why did you ask a question that you already know the answer to?

95ceda No.14154283


How is this better than closing your eyes and fucking a folden blanket?

ce8972 No.14154346

File: 47b739b2bc578e7⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 3fe99a441d8e1ff7ffa3ebad63….jpg)

5f9f5f No.14154387

Anyone who keeps on talking about how VR is a fad that gets attempted every decade, trying to discredit the current attempt is a complete dumbass. The technology has progress enough to make any kind of comparison to past attempts completely laughable.

As far as the application to games goes, the answer is VR works great for game genres that can actually accommodate the technology. It's not going to be the future of vidya but only idiots expect to be, or insist it should be in order to be worthwhile.

95ceda No.14154398



Uh sorry I meant folded*

ce8972 No.14154450

File: 5833f4df633a688⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.36 KB, 500x424, 125:106, 2lewd.jpg)


that doesn't explain your fabric fetish anon.

1843fb No.14154549

File: 38e55f7686d3562⋯.png (298.4 KB, 578x597, 578:597, 1513666763564.png)


>How is complete and almost realistic and immersive visual aid and sound better than closing your eyes?

939dc9 No.14154567


who fucks a blanket?

ac7c5a No.14154586


Why do you need videogames my man, just close your eyes and imagine having fun cunt

46784b No.14154599


Tabletop Simulator is exactly what you're looking for.

a92fe6 No.14154600

File: 79a8989a7f90cd1⋯.png (302.16 KB, 645x469, 645:469, 1441062456570.png)


Blankets don't have hips to hold while you thrust into them. Also, my imagination is mostly limited to my fetishes.

3f27b0 No.14154615


>Breaks thoughts up with linebreaks

>meme spacing

Kill yourself.

c06fc7 No.14154617

>What does VR actually bring to the table?

Stereoscopic 3D, that's it

939dc9 No.14154623


And head-tracking.

3d444b No.14154648


you never played vr havent you

08c1ad No.14154683


fleece blankets are good for rubbing your dick with when you are circumcised and don't want to fuck around with lube.

939dc9 No.14154714


Doesn't that produce incredible heat from the friction?

8193be No.14154723


>Needing lube to fap when circumsized

That's like, child who just learned what masturbation is tier

e8df8d No.14154738

File: 38701118b00503d⋯.png (1009.85 KB, 1142x497, 1142:497, there's no god here.png)

Even a shitty, generic game like Skyrim can be interesting if it's you walking around blocking attacks with your shield and shooting fireballs out of your hands.

Did you never play those arcade games that react based on your movement?

a92fe6 No.14154747

File: 1d3fdec3d614f3b⋯.png (323.52 KB, 573x648, 191:216, hink hall.PNG)


Good thing i'm not circumcised.

4be0fd No.14154760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> The real applications for VR are IMO in business uses or medical uses like training for a medical procedure or teaching.

Nah, in the professional spaces you want a capable AR system that can overlay information/alterations onto the real world. It's one thing to be able to take a VR tour of a home renovation. It's another to be able to flip back and forth between the renovation (or aspects of the renovation) while touring the actual home. Or… for instance, during the renovation itself. Imagine you're trying to knock out a section of wall to make a doorway. Which is going to be more helpful… a VR simulation which you walk through beforehand, or an AR overlay which shows you exactly where the studs are, where the electrical/utility lines are ran, and which beams are load bearing - all while you have the tools in hand to actually do the work.

VR simply doesn't have the input resolution - necessary secondary sensory feedback - and general purpose utility to be useful for businesses. It requires you to be hooked up in a tracking grid and isolates you into an entirely virtual space. It has very little bearing on reality or how real people operate in a real space. Therefore, it's productivity potential is extremely limited.

Vid related is 10 years old concept, but demonstrates the utility of AR in professional workspaces.

cbffab No.14154801

File: 4ff2b09e5335355⋯.jpg (416.78 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, space jam pillowcase front.jpg)

File: 73cc468755a988f⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, space jam pillowcase back.jpg)


Blankets are good though, so are pillowcases.



Fucking cloth items doesn't require a cloth fetish, because it's a means to an end. I'll explain.

When I was 13, my older brother bought me a pocket pussy because he was a cool guy.

So, I still had a Space Jam pillowcase at the time. This Space Jam pillowcase as a matter of fact. (first pic)

And it just so happened that I thought Lola bunny was fucking smokin. So, I'd fold the pillow around the pocket pussy and pretend like I was plowing Lola bunny.

One day, and I don't know why, I flipped it to the other side. And I thought about fucking the Orange Monstar.

I stuck with that side of the pillow for the next five years.

When I left for college, I brought all my favorite stuff with me. Including my Space Jam pillowcase.

One day, my roommate asks me why I've still got a little kid's pillowcase.

And then the epiphany hit me that I've been fucking a cloth representation of an Orange alien that stole Charles Barkley's basketball talent for the last five years and that maybe it was weird for an 18 year old to be doing that.

I was a weird kid.



58da69 No.14154805

File: bd77a3b0fcecd3c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 1920x3254, 960:1627, headpatting porno.png)

Extremely lewd headpatting and hand holding simulators


>Anything that porn adopts, people will pay attention to, and it will see standardization from that alone. See: VHS vs. Betamax in the 80's.

I'm curious, mind explaining?


Arcades could really benefit from having VR+Special controllers to take advantage of the new market.

939dc9 No.14154830

File: 9260b6cff99954a⋯.jpg (17.63 KB, 210x241, 210:241, glad its over.jpg)


You should not have posted that story. I fucked a hole in a stuffed animal because it was a hole and I was a dumb kid, but the poly filling chafed like hell and I stopped after the first time.

939dc9 No.14154855


>I'm curious, mind explaining?

Pretty common knowledge. VHS had porn and Beta didn't, Beta quickly died.

8f229e No.14154890

File: a9d527a301866a5⋯.webm (8.16 MB, 400x224, 25:14, We tried out the most rid….webm)

let's see what's new

939dc9 No.14154908


HTC is making a Vive Pro with a resolution high enough that you can actually read regular sized text in VR. 615ppi I think. So if anyone ITT was about to take the plunge, wait and save another few hundred in anticipation. It'll be the new standard.

cbffab No.14154925

File: ebcaa842c640b4b⋯.jpg (28.9 KB, 460x276, 5:3, VHS.jpg)



In short, JVC beat Sony because they could produce cheaper, and their tapes lasted longer. (3 hours, vs. 1)

Sony had the better technology and fidelity with Betamax, but studios (namely porn ones following the fall of the 70's porn theater market) went to VHS in droves because they were cheaper to produce for, and could put matinee content on a full tape.

At the end of the day, quantity trumped quality.

4be0fd No.14154943


Google is working on affordable 8k displays for VR with much wider FOV than current sets, and they should be out in the next two years or so. The only problem is they estimate 50-100Gb/s of data bandwidth to actually feed those screens. So they're falling back on using eye-tracking to figure out where your looking at on the screens - and then only render those in high resolution, while dropping everything in the periphery down to much lower resolutions.

4d888a No.14154951

File: bebde48fa699676⋯.png (944.48 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, whee.png)


>tfw still no Steel Battalion-like game for VR

Wasted fucking potential right there.

939dc9 No.14154957


That, and the implication that when porn producers put their product on VHS, normalfags who wanted porn bought VHS players to view the porn, thus solidifying VHS stranglehold on the home video industry.

3af6b7 No.14154961


>So they're falling back on using eye-tracking to figure out where your looking at on the screens - and then only render those in high resolution, while dropping everything in the periphery down to much lower resolutions.

Sounds like a recipe for motion sickness.

8193be No.14154967


Why do they always try to shove AR into "normal" glasses that always end up looking bulky and strange

Why don't they like, do cool masks, or try to bring goggles back into fashion, or just fucking something that would actually function well as an AR device and not be weird

8193be No.14154974


Give it time anon, the autism will come, but it can't happen over night

939dc9 No.14154986


Nothing that deserves VR gets it. Steel Battalion came too early and got the kinect treatment instead. Gorgeous games like The Witcher 3 or the Xenoblades where you'd love to just travel around admiring the world don't work properly because they're designed 3rd person. Forza Horizon 3 has no VR support because MS is retarded, and VR mods don't work with it because of the extremely locked down software permissions on Win10 and the microsoft app store. Shit's fucked yo. There will never be a beautiful expansive comfy game where you can relax and explore with a VR headset.

58da69 No.14154992

File: 0a82dd1dcd064ee⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thumbs Up.jpg)


Makes sense, thanks anon. pretty much any cyberpunk story has new technology becoming popular mainly through porn

cbffab No.14155032

File: bed69786d556ae1⋯.webm (11.61 MB, 853x480, 853:480, VR Piss Porn.webm)


>pretty much any cyberpunk story has new technology becoming popular mainly through porn

Art imitates life. Porn shaped home viewing, home delivery, and Pornhub completely paves the way when it comes to site design and video codecs. Seriously, their content delivery is fucking unreal.

dfc41e No.14155047


There is one important thing to consider.

To make games now would be like making movies when they were just invented. You can't make them too flashy or wobbly or people are gonna get sick from it.

So make a game with limited movement, and give it a good gameplay.

I'm thinking a space exploration game would be supercool tbh.

e8df8d No.14155061


Why is Michael Jordan white in that picture?

939dc9 No.14155225


Elite Dangerous is already one of the best experiences in VR, due to the feeling induced when you look out your cockpit window and behold the majesty of space as if you were actually in it. If you've got a thing for space, like a lifelong dream of exploring the stars but a lack of ambition or motivation to ever actually get there, it's something else. Star Citizen would be even better if they ever finish the fucking game, or even got it to run at a stable frame rate long enough to walk to your ship and take off

8193be No.14155278


>Scam Citizen

I think their single player thing is actually making decent headway, likely since the gameplay for that doesn't have to be anywhere near as autistic

939dc9 No.14155330


Who knows, it might be. But I booted up their Alpha 3.0 the other day and it was stuttering at 10fps in my tiny space station hotel room. It actually got SMOOTHER when I went out into space, but then my ship glitched and started spinning uncontrollably. When I got that under control and purposefully encountered some enemies to fight, the FPS went back down to 5. My computer is nothing to sneeze at either, that game is a fucking embarrassment upon the entire industry.

8016c7 No.14155341


What about simulated classroom environments?

939dc9 No.14155347


For what purpose?

bfc693 No.14155354

File: 37fa2a13be0969e⋯.jpg (67.44 KB, 1173x723, 391:241, stereoscopic porn comic je….jpg)

>bought chink phone VR headset

>even comes with a controller

>nothing but REALLY shit games

All I was able to do with it was "watch" some apps that are basically ever playing MMDs and jerk off to stereoscopic pornI had to swap the sides in every single image using photoshop.

At least post some videos of cute anime girls or something so I can watch while using that piece of shit. Thanks.

939dc9 No.14155369


Pornhub has a VR bit that's compatible with google cardboard and stuff, but your controller has to act as a mouse pointer or you have to open the headset to browse and start videos.

8193be No.14155396


The AR columbine experience, of course

bfc693 No.14155464


I don't have an account so I have to deal with low quality videos. Other than that, it looks weird watching a video or a recording on VR. At least the ones I've seen. Even though a phone's screen is pretty shit it mainly shits up the FOV, other than that, stuff can still look great, the apps really prove it. The games sometimes have some really immersion breaking stuff where the textures are absolute shit, stuff looks nice from far away but once you get close to it it gets fucked.

939dc9 No.14155491


I mean I've found a few videos with 360 POV that has head tracking and everything, like they had stereo cameras on the dude's head.

bfc693 No.14155513


Me too but back when I tried it they didn't let you watch on anything better than 480p or so without paying.

d5ed7e No.14155733


That US Government school shooting simulator would be balls-to-the-wall crazy in VR and you know it.

On-topic: As it stands, most games made in VR use it as an immersion gimmick. Outside of that bomb defusing game, I'm hard-pressed to think of any games that virtually require VR to "work". Even games that are made much better with it could still probably exist with a standard keyboard-and-mouse control scheme. Only a handful of games will get past this method of design thinking, unfortunately.

8193be No.14155789


Well, we're working on decades of the standard VR fantasy being a regular ass generic weeb MMO with tacked on full body movement, so that's just what we're going to have to deal with

e8e749 No.14155807

File: 6da1b0a6837dd86⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1350x2000, 27:40, 8chanmage.png)

Buy PS4 VR headset.

5ed789 No.14155851

File: 6c1b07e7c57543d⋯.png (338.54 KB, 761x563, 761:563, 6c1b07e7c57543dcb0eb691b01….png)

The main benefit is that you feel like you're fucking there. You're in Lordran. You're in skyrim. You're in GTA. You are the guy.

The main draw back is that people apparently get motion sickness from movement they don't initiate. (Like getting flung out of a car window, or having your head turned by scripted events)

Games have to be designed with controls specific for vr, but this isn't happening because it's too big a risk for publishers because they market is too small right now because of price.

The market is budding, but who knows if it will bear fruit. If a big publisher takes a huge risk and makes a great game for vr it would sell like hot cakes and cause a vr boom.

The problem is that no one wants to go first and take a potential loss.

c575ed No.14155865

true or false: porn will make or break vr in the end

a65146 No.14155884

VR was used by surgeons to visualize and plan a complex heart surgery of conjoined twins. So it has it's pratical purposes.

It's also being used in medical education somewhat.

441063 No.14156224






>flag fagging in every thread

Go be an attention whore somewhere else.

e8e749 No.14156269

I could make VR a global experience.

d2185b No.14156360


>what are early 90's classic FPS games

Get a load of this dumbfuck.

cbffab No.14156400

File: 8365a547bc9d27d⋯.mp4 (2.08 MB, 490x276, 245:138, VR Waifu.mp4)


Plenty of indies that will do it, and have been doing so. Big publishers never step in until the way has been paved by innovators, this won't be any different. After that point, the niche weeb/indie paradise will turn into a giant, boring, overly commercialized normie Facebook kiosk, but the lead-up to that point should be fun, it'll be like the Internet Wild West all over again.

As far as motion sickness goes, that probably depends on the person. Some people get it, some don't. And some that do, could be as easy to correct as an update to display Hz or FOV fix, but that's just a side effect of gaming and displays in general, I don't think it really affects the larger populace as a whole.

09b84f No.14156421


Have you tried hitting a full body target at 30 feet distance with a gun? Nerf gun, airsoft gun, .22 gun, whatever. No aiming required whatsoever, that defeats the whole point of playing a shooter game. Quake 2 has 100 feet average shooting distance, which is fuckall for the size of its targets, but the only gun that can attack at that range is railgun, because plasma bolts travel just barely faster than you run and take forever to get there, rockets are even slower than that, machine guns have spread like sawn off shotgun, and shotguns just spray pellets in a 90 fucking degree cone like a sprinkler head.

3f27b0 No.14156432


Motion sickness comes from refresh rates, not resolutions.

578d69 No.14156454

I want to do a boxing game but since you cant actually get punched and feel feedback have that be replaced with Ippo level of style and presentation in order to curb that limitation.

3f27b0 No.14156455


Doing a bit of hip shooting at the range will definitely show you that you can instinctively aim fairly accurately from the hip. Easily accurate enough to hit targets at 10 yards.

09b84f No.14156459


Oh and fucking hand grenades. With arm muscle like that you'd expect at least 90 feet throw, but it barely makes it across a small room in a highest arc you can make. It's gotta be like 20 feet throw or something.

09b84f No.14156469


My point exactly. How is that a shooting game if you need to point away from an enemy NOT to hit it?

fb81cb No.14156623

Seems like a good thread to ask, what's the best VR headset for porn right now? Is it worth getting a full one or just using smartphone + cardboard/daydream?

09b84f No.14156659


A $10 phone one.

a21645 No.14156718


>muh realism meme

Leave your house and play a paintball fight with your friends, there's your realism faggot.

0c6b88 No.14156723


All this time and it turns out Quake marines build up muscle mass without strength.

eb4e56 No.14156738

File: 8324627cf0f131b⋯.webm (9.43 MB, 800x400, 2:1, Nustartrek.webm)



But I fear that the waifu simulators are the real sellers. It's sad and weird, but virtual waifus are going to be the selling point for virtual, for now.

Unless the VR devs step up their game, they won't though, as long as there is easy money in shitVR

d07a73 No.14156820

File: f86a758ff67ff61⋯.mp4 (4.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Alex Jones Hacks the Gover….mp4)


I do have to ask if you've tried modern VR at all because you really do have to try it.

Then you'll either 'get it' or you won't. The tastes within VR are pretty wide ranging, as are individual tolerances to simulation sickness.

I'm really fond of games where you get to hold a gun or weapon in your and and physically aim it at the targets, I also like the atmospheric benefits of 'being there'. I can't handle vehicular locomotion though, that sets off simulation sickness for me pretty badly but so did direct locomotion until I put some time into acclimatizing to it, I need to do the same with vehicles at some point.

What it actually does that standard games can't is absolutely unexplainable, it really has to be experienced. It has an impact on some games that would normally be boring where they suddenly become entertaining due to the admittedly gimmicky effect of it. Skyrim VR is a good example, it's a lot more entertaining than it should be, because of VR. Arizona Sunshine would be a boring as fuck linear zombie shooter on par with Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddlers Green, because of VR. Simple shooting galleries like Shooty Fruity or Ancient Amuletor, and wave shooters like Raw Data become a lot of fun where they'd normally be boring, because of VR. There's really nothing like the approaching enemy getting up close, you put the gun to their temple and pull the trigger.

VR games are visually boring to watch from the outside, I think because they have to be tooled to human reaction time and movement capabilities as opposed to just point and shoot with a cursor.

When you're actually inside of it though the pacing seems anything but slow.

A lot of the gimmicky/toy type games and experiences are a good chuckle often times too. Star Trek Bridge Crew looks like a boring piece of shit until you actually play it and then it's a hilarious blast.

I really think there's always going to be two kinds of people on the subject either way, those who 'get it' and those who don't.

That's not a dig at not getting it at all, just that it's like anything else with personal taste tied to it, you're going to see and be interested immediately or you're not, and that's probably going to be a solid indicator of what you're going to think of it long term.

You look at VR and don't see the appeal so it's very possible you still won't if you get into it.

VR right now is at the stage gaming was in the early to mid 80's, moving into late.

It's largely flat, one dimensional arcadey stuff that's very focused on a single objective/gameplay mechanic and those that do it well are a lot of fun and you can keep coming back to, those that don't are really, really shit.

Also, good VR porn is fucking phenomenal.

full disclosure: I got a VR unit totally for free so I don't have any sunk cost holding back my opinion of it

efff3d No.14156865

File: 2549de830688115⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, the world.jpg)


That doesn't really apply here because what made PCs seem dumb back in the day is the fact that they had bad memory and all that shit, which could be improved later and was.

VR is as it is, it's goggles that track head movement pretty well and that's it. What else can you really do to it that makes it enticing to buy?

It took PCs becoming useful enough to set up networks and to literally become a lynchpin tool of accelerating the economy before it came into it's own as a device, what exactly does VR have a use for other then digital porn with a head-track view?

Where's The World?

d2185b No.14156991


VR is still hurting your eyes, badly optimized more often than not, and not that affordable. The games are shit on top of that. I think it definitely needs an improvement in respect of the lighting system and telescopic view. Dont know about you, but it made my eyes hurt.

7c584e No.14156997

File: a40f45e6bf51114⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 782x729, 782:729, 50422aa37358f53dca5092a400….jpg)

File: 6e6cf3a98704dbc⋯.png (195.22 KB, 326x319, 326:319, 6e6cf3a98704dbc804e121c221….png)


If VR was realistically applied and actually well done; which it has not been-and will not be until massive leaps are made both in efficiency of GPUs and game engines, it could add a significant amount of immersion.

The problem seems to be the means by which immersion is applied. In specific application it seems to do ok, ie- flight simulator. There are specific controllers that are already adapted, available, and from the users standpoint, highly immersive. It still requires leaps forward in application since there isn't a flight sim game where VR actually gives you any advantage over players with track IR and a 4k monitor. Nonetheless, a modern Il-1946 on decent headgear gives me a hardon.

The same could be true for just about any simulator oriented game, but therein probably lies the greatest difficulty for advancement. Normies don't give a shit about good sims. They obviously don't even give a shit about good games along as it isn't 100% obvious they are getting jewed.

d07a73 No.14157014


If it makes your eyes hurt your interpupillary distance isn't calibrated correctly, that will give you almost instant eyestrain as it's like wearing someone else's glasses.

5d2ba1 No.14157066

File: 8baf99e22725e90⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 854x480, 427:240, A Great hero, makes a nob….webm)


Pretty much this, I disliked VR, but once I bought an oculus on sale for cheap I realized how fun it could be in scenarios. I thought games like From other suns, The Climb, and Rec Room would be boring and stupid. But the fact that you're activly there and picking things up enhances the gameplay to a point.

VR right now is kinda like playing MTG or DnD on Tabletop versus in real life. Sure its the same game, but its different when you're actually there or feel like you're there.

aa5cfb No.14157080


>nu star trek

Good god, that's fucking awful.

e3c422 No.14157134

Samurai Frisbee Massacre

f2cf70 No.14157256

File: 492513293dbae93⋯.gif (966.31 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Francistableflip.gif)


This webm is more relevant than I first realized.

f2cf70 No.14157281

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

To be honest, a good first start would be in the arcade market. I could see a company like Sega developing a VR booth with a beefy computer processor to back it up. While it would lack in porn and waifu sims, it would allow people to access VR until the technology develops enough for viable home use.

984a49 No.14158144

File: 38544446dbe9735⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 348x244, 87:61, 1513871530266.gif)


You should try fucking a real girl. Its not as terrifying as you think.

855178 No.14158254


>off by one

>ignores all the on topic replies


how did you get one for free?

I would buy one if I had the PC for it.


This tbh. Hookers are cheap and won't ask questions. Make sure you rubber your ducky though.

e3c422 No.14158263


I could kind of see something like strip clubs for VR booths being a thing. Could be quite a racket.

d07a73 No.14158429


Long story short a friend didn't 'get it' and after it sat around untouched for over a year he just gave it to me since he knew I'd get more use out of it. He wasn't wrong and my appreciation cannot be understated.

3d025d No.14158488


My point was not about the hard drive space (though I did mention that so it might seem that way) but rather that just like VR glasses you couldn't do anything with it. Even if they had >1TB hard drive space, what could you do with a pc with shit RAM, that you can't put any videos or photos on, that you can't play games with or watch films on etc.

f78b2c No.14158504

>What games can actually be made that benefit from being VR?

Driving/flight simulator or anything that require players to sit in a cockpit.

I think vr is a perfect gimmick for gov't contractors to sell war simulator to the military.

327342 No.14158516

VR would be good if there was a mech piloting game that didn't cost thousands of dollars with a big cockpit rig.

Otherwise it's just a screen you put on your face, and that's really all people are using it for.

e06169 No.14158620

File: ffa34221eabbb1b⋯.jpg (85.99 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 20170103112355a0elud4mb55z….jpg)


VR makes motion controllers work.

The idea that nintendo got with the wiimote ultimately didn't work because when you move a wiimote you are moving something someone else has inside of your tv screen. There's a physical disconnect there and VR solves it.

When you're in VR the motion controllers are your hands and their position both from your point of view ingame and irl match correctly.

This in turn enables natural interaction with environments. You can actually grab and throw objects, operate guns realistically, punch things, do a lot of things you'd do with your hands in the game world, in a natural way.

You can also physically move around with room-space VR, which greatly enhances immersion.


The thing is, VR elevates motion controls from a gimmick to actual working controls.


Brushing away VR Kanojo's Sakura's hair in VR made my heart skip a beat. Definitely the future of waifus.

494cfb No.14158657

It lets you fuck anime bitches.

87293a No.14158661


It's like playing the wii, but you have to wear a heavy headset over your eyes while doing so. And the games available is not even Wii-games but the shitty flash-games you used to play on the computers at school as a kid.

87293a No.14158670


>There was no use for PC's back in the day

Let's forget how it basically extinguished the shitty type-writer. Also, it was mostly for business-purposes people had computers, hence why it wasn't that popular until the 90's to own a home-pc.


I can give you that, it was a stupid gimmick, especially since we already had car-phones, home-phones and telephone-booths. The mobile-phone really does suck, i hate having to hear people go around and talk loudly into their cellphones in public. Especially the fucking headset-wearing morons really should be scalped, disrespectful.

4be0fd No.14158677

File: 2f08f2461d2dd5f⋯.png (791.69 KB, 975x575, 39:23, reeee.png)


>VR makes motion controllers work.

Sucks to be Microsoft then. They get such a backlash to the Kinect that it almost tanks their console (at least, contributed to it significantly) - meanwhile no worthwhile game used it beyond tack-on gimmicks. By the time they finally get around to discontinuing the fucking thing, the level of motion tracking that they were going for would have been fantastic for VR integration. Though I guess the Xbox One probably couldn't do worthwhile VR anyhow. The PS4 can barely manage a bottom-of-the-barrel VR experience, and the Xbone is even weaker.

They'd probably have to redesign the whole fucking thing anyhow to make it binocular, and then add a second or third remote camera for a complete 360 degree viewing area.

There's little chance they'd try to push out a Kinect 3.0 when they've made such a big deal over killing Kinect 2.0 so thoroughly that they're not even making the adapters anymore.

4be0fd No.14158692


>Also, it was mostly for business-purposes people had computers, hence why it wasn't that popular until the 90's to own a home-pc.

This. The reason why IBM Clone PCs became a household staple - and the reason why Microsoft dominated the OS market - is because it allowed standardization between home and office. Usually the people who could afford a PC back in the 80's and 90's were either rich enough due to careers that required portability of the workplace - or they were granted by the company specifically to do work at home.

Home computers for personal use were more like classic game consoles - closed-boxes with extremely varying hardware architectures, operating systems, and software suites. They were incompatible with office computers. Eventually, home computers faded away in the face of more general purpose production machines. The adoption of budding dial-up networking/internet (which again, mostly for remote communication with work) only cemented the dominance in the home.

They didn't become capable game machines until much later.

36ba9e No.14158806

Butterlord needs VR. I would love to aim with a bow or crossbow with depth perception. Also head tracking would be fun. Do it.

000000 No.14158812


>What does VR actually bring to the table?

Do you have to ask?

They will bury it and and remake in another 30 years, just like last time.

AVGN had a nice review of 90s VR gimmicks.

0accf2 No.14159144

File: 0f0b91924002665⋯.jpg (363.63 KB, 2160x1200, 9:5, 2018-01-14-PM_05_32_41.jpg)


I hate to repeat myself, so here is table and what it brings on it. Could we stop nao?

af4eb3 No.14159155


>motion controllers


is this a joke?

the fucking virtual hands are flying and throbbing around in the world like you have anorexia

only motion controllers that ever worked properly are the Nintendo ones

af4eb3 No.14159158

best part about this all is

VR is COMBINING multiple FAILED technologies

d605db No.14160444


VR's most immersive uses at this moment: cockpit games (for example mech games) and peepshow porn videos. So combine the two: torture strippers with your comfy mech. Maybe give your mech tentacles.

8193be No.14160520


>The quintessential VR experience becomes fucking anime girls through a third party like you're that little men in black alien that secretly piloted that robot dude

eeaf2b No.14160685


>What does VR actually bring to the table?

absolutely fucking nothing.

its a gimmick for retards with too much money, there isn't ONE single piece of software available for it that isn't the same OR better on a monitor, and with KB+M or a controller. that fantasy of the "vr world" that games like .Hack prophesied is still not here and won't be here for maybe another century. its just a fucking screen thats right in your fucking eye, i already have enough sight problems as it is

ced972 No.14160808


what's that salami-shaped thing popping from the bottom?

1461eb No.14160858

File: e7f476002a5e8b6⋯.jpg (54.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1426396063359.jpg)

Am I the only one here who wants VR WITHOUT motion controllers?

It is so fucking hard to just make a normal game that you play with your controller but VR compatible? Just make sure you can move your head to use it as the camera instead of the right stick and leave the right stick for some other things (or to turn around in case you don't want to break your neck turning all the time).

Motion controls were a mistake and VR will be another mistake if you attach it to motion controls. VR could be the great comfy gaming thing just laying down in your bed.

df629b No.14160868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What games can actually be made that benefit from being VR?

Racing games where you can break the sound barrier.

939dc9 No.14160945


Does that clip make any more sense in-context?


>black alert

I'll fucking say so

539bc2 No.14160996

File: ee65b76abeb0631⋯.png (412.04 KB, 720x963, 80:107, ee65b76abeb06311e60e07a593….png)


I fear the biggest impediment to VR's development is that devs fall into one of three categories:

1) The "interactive cinematic experience" that want to create just that, miniature movies where player interaction boils down to being amazed by being immersed in the world - at their core these games aren't bad, but they suffer from limited game time and replayability. Only ever good for reviving Myst styled PnC adventure games;

2) Normal game, but with a VR set, where they just add a layer of complexity to a game that was by itself already perfect without the headset (like that EA Sports mode that lets you play Fifa as if you were in a couch of a bigger mansion for no reason at all), these include most FPS titles and those that put you in an active spot;

3) Gimmicky and funny games where you get to shitpost or waste a bunch of time experimenting, shit like VR Chat and Job Simulator, where the core focus of the project isn't really to proceed to an objective but rather screw around, with quality ranging from an afternoon with friends to an occasional commitment's worth of gameplay time.

The core problem is that none of these developers have been able to address the quintessential flaw of the VR + Dildo joysticks combo: you can't fucking move. Moving physically from point A to B has no real solution, some games let you move to predetermined spots, others just move you automatically, some other games for God knows what reason want you to kneel down or turn more than 180°, both moves really unreliable when you're immersed in a fantasy world.

If I were to develop a game for a VR headset, given its current specs and setups, I would probably go two ways: either a vehicle simulation (the headset would work spectacularly for immersing you in a car's driver's seat or in the cockpit of an Ace Combat game, but you'd then need a matching joystick), or a game where it's not the player character to move at all, but the object he's in or the world around him. A mecha game would work fantastically, but it needs to use the normal controllers and use the added depth of the VR headset to fill the screen with as much info and options as possible, making it so you pull levers and push buttons on purpose rather than waggling your hands around like an idiot. A puzzle game where you had to create a path for yourself in first person would also make things interesting. Tank controls would also work wonders with the set, because it rotates the camera ever so slowly that the player doesn't feel utterly carsick when moving around.

7ea8b4 No.14161014


looks like hyper-add shit tbh

472a52 No.14164995

Last night I bouth a PSVR (I don't even own the console).

Downloaded Trinus + Tridef.

A bit expensive (should total at 450€) but less than everything else I could find that doesn't rape eyes.

The result?

I could play E.Y.E., Postal 2 and a bunch of other shit. In 3D. Right in front of me.

It was surreal. Jumping 10 meters in the air with a minigun and raining lead down upon enemies while the water splashes rise to hit you in the face.

It's downright unbelivable and I give up entirely on "converting" people to VR. They were right. It's one of those things you gotta experience to try out.

I plan to run a bunch of old games through Tridef and see what happens. Morrowind is very likely but I really want to give Vampire the Masquerade a try.

472a52 No.14164999


Fuck that. Really.

Just get a 3D stereoscopic shader to generate the SBS image and go to down on any game ever developed.

63d418 No.14165000

File: 3be19bffcab4a46⋯.jpg (60.43 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, make b8 gr8 again.jpg)


>they tell me to try it and I won't try it, what do they see in it?

Here's your (you)

0d34c6 No.14165162


>The core problem is that none of these developers have been able to address the quintessential flaw of the VR + Dildo joysticks combo: you can't fucking move. Moving physically from point A to B has no real solution

"I have no idea what I'm talking about, haven't played any good VR games or used any good VR rigs, but everyone look at my animu meme avatar while I pretend to be knowledgeable in an effort to cover for my jealousy over people with more money than me!"

58da69 No.14165289

File: 1bf344671a8611c⋯.png (9.35 KB, 186x196, 93:98, smugChen.png)


>animu meme avatar

pretending to be retarded or not, your entire post smells like projection to me


>vr rigs


Pick one

f30d3d No.14165315

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is the best argument I've seen in favor of VR.

35b0d7 No.14165415




Tried it, don't get it. If you get immersed in VR, I think you have to be suffering from some issues.

It's a gimmick that's about as good as the ol' arcade games with light guns, except it looks better, causes more eye strain, and is far more expensive.

Maybe if they actually get some accessories for it, since the controllers just don't cut it at the moment, so we can get shit like what >>14158516 is talking about, it'll be worth it, but for now, only a tard would spend hundreds of dollars on a cheap gimmick that might not go anywhere


Normies ate up the Wii and its motion controls, you're full of shit.


This man speaks the truth. So far the only ways you can really 'move' in VR outside of your small lil box is with your controller. This can either be through teleporting (Arizona) Forward-looking movement (BAM) Point-based movement (Battlesky or whatever it was called), or just automatic.

d5b35c No.14165476


>Maybe if they actually get some accessories for it, since the controllers just don't cut it at the moment, so we can get shit like what >>14158516 is talking about,


Controllers that emulate human hands work for everything human hands can do, wwith the exception of tactile feedback

Mechs have controls you use your hands for, anon, that's the entire point of a mech

And seated/cockpit games fix the problem of movement in VR without having arbitrary or unrealistic restrictions and changes

0d34c6 No.14165607


How am I projecting? What am I projecting?

I pick VR rigs, because having owned one for a year I find it to be quite good. Which is why I know posts like the one I quoted are full of shit, because they're demonstrably wrong.


>since the controllers just don't cut it at the moment

PSVR user detected.

Comparing true 1:1 perfect tracking with wiimotes is about as stupid as I would expect from a PS4 owner though.

78fd64 No.14165646

File: e57a6b6d946862d⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 588x588, 1:1, e57a6b6d946862d553a61703c6….jpg)


>That tank drift at the end

539bc2 No.14165973



1. You probably mean "envious", 2. I don't really care for VR that much. I'm probably more livid about shit like PUBG being popular over better games that I supported in the past.



Go ahead with your argument then, doc


Doesn't that count as Augmented Reality though?

b0806c No.14166012

I like how the most useful thing about VR is never posted in any of these threads. It reduces close-focus eyestrain and when I'm studying from digital text or watching anime, I turn on virtual desktop and spend ~30 minutes in it to relieve strain. Current-gen VR again strains the eyes in a different way, so it's not a complete replacement for desktop, but it's decent enough. Looking forward to the ultrawide FOV 8k Pimax, and fucking SteamVR introducing support for resolutions other than the Vive.

35b0d7 No.14166101


Never played PSVR, never owned a PS4, and I never intend to either. It is a simple truth that the controllers simply do not cut it; They lack buttons, they lack a decent layout, and they lack customizability, which would be extremely useful for many VR games. As it stands now, they're extremely basic and fulfill basic functions, which is why even the 'best' games that VR can offer right now still use the menu button for movement.


>Emulate human hands

What you said does not mean what you think it does.

>Mechs have controls you use your hands for, anon

And tactile feedback would be very important for that, or superior controllers. Having tried a few of the games, doing something as pathetically simple as pushing open a door can be finnicky at the best of times. That simply won't cut it.

d5b35c No.14166245


>Having tried a few of the games, doing something as pathetically simple as pushing open a door can be finnicky at the best of times. That simply won't cut it.

That's more of a problem with software than hardware, given the ridiculous lengths they go to to ensure the hardware is accurate

And surely it'd be better to develop ways to add feedback to general use controllers than to design and produce physical accessories for every game

35b0d7 No.14166309

File: 43ce9972f475b6e⋯.png (386.03 KB, 620x465, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I doubt it. It happened with every scenario I encountered it in. The only time the controls worked great was when I was 'holding' something and was using it; blocking things in Audioshield, shooting things in arizona (sort of, the aiming was pretty shite), and so on. Maybe it's the software, I can't prove that it isn't, but I quit believing that after the 5th game in a row where throwing things and opening doors is unreliable.

>And surely it'd be better to develop ways to add feedback to general use controllers than to design and produce physical accessories for every game

Sure, maybe, if it's possible and the feedback is good. The thing is, can you think of any ways to do it? I can't, and they've been trying pretty hard to think of things. That's why I think a new controller is better, or just cheap and well designed accessories. It's been done before and worked pretty well, afterall.

297bd3 No.14166323

VR is still quite in it's infancy, as it stands VR is going to be a platform rather than a replacement and it will most likely stay that way for the future. When it comes to games most rightfully have the idea that it's nothing but tech demo's and walking simulators. and it was back when the Oculus and Vive first launched as dev's tried to figure out what worked for gameplay. Though in the past year more of what I would actually consider games has come out (I got a vive as a gift this christmas). Though VR has the best "experiences" (and you will hear that word alot with VR) when it comes to sim games, like X3, Project Cars and Flight sims.

When it comes to shooters the only one I've currently played is PavlovVR which is a CS:S clone. Aiming is exceptional and It would be better if I had an object to actually stock to my shoulder. with the room tracking the vive offers one can actually treat cover as cover and concealment as concealment, Shooting under a car and kneecapping someone is a great feeling, Gunfire exchanges have a great weight to them as one was actually in a firefight, I cant stress enough how natural it is to aim in these games, It's again one of those faggy "you gotta try it!" saying's that comes with this. Movement is strictly smooth and offers no issue, Devs have found a rate of motion that prevents sickness for even the weakest willed of faggots. I plan to get Serious Sam the first encounter when it's not an assblasting $60. Other games like superhot are great to play though once you beat it, it more or less becomes a wave shooter with modifiers. I play it with ankle and wrist weights for a mediocre attempt at exercising while gaming. I haven't yet played any more of what I would consider a game as my computer is a shitbox awaiting the time when GPU prices drop, Audiosheild is another fun one.

In terms of production I've used it to view my scenes in blender to properly scale a scene as I'm a nigger that never uses measurements. Tilit brush is neat for a while and my girlfriend is the only one that actually attempts painting a scene with it. All in all while VR is neat, I would avoid it until PC hardware catches up so that you don't need an wallet killer computer to run it decently. and while dev's figure out new gameplay styles that fit the bill.

d5b35c No.14166349


Yes, the steel battalion controller was badass

For steel battalion

Fucking expensive addons for one game are not viable long term, that's why they don't make that shit anymore

35b0d7 No.14166515


>For steel battalion

Yes, because it wasn't as easy to make money if you were also trying to sell an addon with your game. This can be solved with general-use accessories, which, while not very useful for normal gaymin, would be great for VR, especially since the VR Companies can profit off of them.

>They aren't viable

They aren't as profitable*. If there was a variant of the Steel Battalion controller for VR, but it was sold by the company making the VR Headsets as well, it could be compatible with practically any game. This would be alot more effective, and solve alot of issues that no amount of clever software programming can.

d5b35c No.14166616


>it could be compatible with practically any game

Maybe if it was extremely modular, which it wouldn't be due to the costs vs. demand

Switches and dials and sticks are pretty general purpose, but what if I want a different setup of switches and dials? What if I want to pilot a mech that's more like Big O, would I have to personally design a custom rig with sticks mounted on specialty rails? What if I want to drive a tank or something that has pull chains or valves or periscopes or some shit?

What if I want to use anything that features touch screen computers or holographic interfaces?

It's just not going to work for every game, man

35b0d7 No.14166635


>Maybe if it was extremely modular

Why wouldn't it be? Costs vs Demand have nothing to do with it, even less when you could have not 1 game by 1 company using it, but several games by several companies. Not to mention, the costs for manufacturing wouldn't be very high.

>Switches and dials and sticks are pretty general purpose, but what if I want a different setup of switches and dials? What if I want to pilot a mech that's more like Big O, would I have to personally design a custom rig with sticks mounted on specialty rails? What if I want to drive a tank or something that has pull chains or valves or periscopes or some shit?

That's why you make it modular. Of course, there will be limits to what you can do, and it'd be up to a clever designer to figure out a way to make it useful for a variety of games, but none the less, it would be infinitely superior to the current controllers, which are finnicky at best, and, at their worst, simply non-functional.

>Its just not going to work for every game, man

Of course it won't. The exact same can be said of the base controllers, so its not a problem.

d5b35c No.14166661


>The exact same can be said of the base controllers

An interface that to some extent mimics human hands would work for literally every game where you play a character that has hands, and is incredibly freeform allowing designers to do whatever they want

And it's simply just far more cost efficient than making dozens/hundreds of peripheral modules all designed to be used with everything else

The only hurdles are building feedback into the controllers and getting a stable physics framework in place for games to use to detect the hands

35b0d7 No.14166693


That interface doesn't exist, though, the controllers we've got now are barely able to interact with anything without it either sticking to your 'hands' or being barely functional. It just doesn't work.

>And its just more cost efficient

Not if it doesn't exist. Also, you don't have an argument to make if you don't have examples to give; If it's good enough that it brings in a profit, it's 100% irrelevant to you as to whether its cost efficient or not.

>The only hurdles are building feedback

And making them function properly, and figuring out movement, and figuring out how to deal with clipping, and so on and so forth. The problems are immense, and are limited by the design of the controllers, which, again, have to change. No amount of clever software programming will get around those limitations, believe me, they've tried.

d5b35c No.14166788


>And making them function properly, and figuring out movement, and figuring out how to deal with clipping, and so on and so forth

physics, physics, physics, physics

People go on and on about the games being nothing more than half-assed tech demos, but when there are clipping issues or certain things don't register exactly how you think they would, suddenly it's a problem with the controller

f9cdcf No.14166871

File: 72a9c35734148f5⋯.png (176.19 KB, 358x355, 358:355, 72a9c35734148f5d496107efe6….png)


>Euphoria animations

You'd like to see corpses shit their pants, too?

07f2b2 No.14166997


>Euphoria animations

how’s your thesis paper coming along anon?

be6e9b No.14167164


>B-but muh physics

You're either going to destroy any sense of immersion (Which already happens in any game requiring movement) or you're going to clip through things and do the same. Feedback is necessary, and the controller is the issue there.

9bb5d1 No.14167528

File: 64b6e76a0a0a273⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 679x679, 1:1, 64b6e76a0a0a273107d112ca82….jpg)

I wish I had enough money to waste on a decent HMD

And a PC that could run games with it

be6e9b No.14168100


>Muh goons

Yes go- err, guy, the goons made up the meme spacing! the website itself doesn't force its users to format things in a retarded manner so that they use it elsewhere on instinct, ehehehe

Also, I agree that some spacing is fine and dandy,


the problem, you see

is when every sentence

gets a linebreak unnecessarily

048190 No.14168127

Fucking nothing.

5f9f5f No.14169301


The bottom line is that the way someone formats their post is the dumbest thing to bitch about. And insisting that it is justified when it's the most extreme example of it won't stop idiots from not getting the memo and bitching about minor uses of it either. (Also if it was that bad you wouldn't have felt the need to exaggerate it).

db2414 No.14169869


Don't feel too bad, we paid twice what you will to get half what you'll get.

ab6dbb No.14169970


I wonder how ace combat 7 will look in VR

405e1e No.14170054


Dont EVER fucking post in an idea guy thread.

A few years back I had an idea for a shooters where the players could use a few special abilities and movement options with a colourful theme and then a few years later they release it and they call it Overwatch and it's completely shit. Everything about it is trash. And this isn't something rare either, every single fucking time they do this the end result is a moldy, rotting sack of garbage with maggots escaping through holes, it's as though everyone involved in the game industry is an incapable, halfbrained moleperson who only works on games out of spite. Go make your own games, you can't rely on the industry to do it.

afe1f4 No.14170548


It offers a lot for simulations that don't involve a lot of walking around the world.

Flight or truck sims come to mind especially, but I think a space game would be best for it. You're the captain of your own little space ship, from the front you can view space and to the sides and behind you there are the controls for the game. Go about it like any other sim but maybe throw in some combat or exploration modes and you're good.

Mini god games would do well too, like the Dust game from a while back. Its not one constant world but you'd be given a space around you where you control the landscape and people and must work to a goal before going on to the next level. You can do things like bring down meteors, shape rivers, and control your priests directly to instruct their movements through the world or give commands.

On rail shooters would work great, practically made for it since it doesn't involve moving yourself.

I think games about working with your hands would work. Something like a game where you need to quickly build things on a desk or assemble parts, maybe something like Papers, Please even.

Basically theres a lot of options but its new tech and we don't really know how to use it other than as a different flavor of screen. Doesn't help that people just whine about it being a gimmick without realizing the fucking controller was a gimmick at one point when compared to the joystick.

d5b35c No.14170596


>Something like a game where you need to quickly build things on a desk or assemble parts

That's what I was thinking too

That'd even work well with vive's room scale stuff, keeping you mostly in one spot but giving you some freedom to move around a small workshop of some sort pretty naturally

515e29 No.14170636

File: 254a0eba8bf1dea⋯.jpg (110.16 KB, 657x985, 657:985, IMG_9347.jpg)


It should have just been a simple tool to provide depth perception and the ability to physical point and shoot a gun using motion controllers in first person games.

Instead it's marketed as a genre and instead of being an option in the games menu it's a separate game at full price that doesn't even let you walk around. They're just glorified rail shooters with teleportation.

Normies ruin something that could have been nice yet again.

afe1f4 No.14170950


Fuck anon just had an idea

Robo Waifu assembly station. First you build your robo waifu, then you fight things as them.

d5b35c No.14170977


>fight things as them

>Not fuck them

Come on anon

We could have the next goddamn generation of dress up porn games

c17dcc No.14171038

A shooter like Max Payne but instead of painkillers to regain health you eat food. But you're diabetic and it spikes your blood sugar so you you either have to eat little bits and risk having low health or you can take insulin and risk going into a diabetic coma if you can't find enough food later on to maintain your blood sugar. If you let your blood sugar get too high you get blurry vision but you also take less damage because of numb limbs. If it stays high for long you go blind and have to have limbs amputated. Instead of difficulty modes you have to choose either type 1 (hard), type 2 (medium), or prediabetes (easy).

4be0fd No.14171295

File: 06db6f482a6041a⋯.jpg (69.42 KB, 960x540, 16:9, GTS 2D.jpg)

File: 6b29a64646fa51e⋯.jpg (252.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GTSVR Ad.jpg)

File: 2f4a119e5a31790⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GTSVR Reality.png)


>I wonder how ace combat 7 will look in VR

It'll look like shit. Might be alright on PC, but the PS4 is garbage for VR. Also, AC7 won't be a VR title. It'll have a tacked on "VR Experience", which is an entirely separate game mode stripped down to a few key scenarios you can play through which are totally separate from the main game. Sort of, again, like how GTSport's VR mode is just a glorified tech demo totally disconnected from the main game.

It's not like Resident Evil 7, where the entire game is playable from start to finish in VR, and be essentially the exact same experience as the 2D - only in VR.

4f1bb5 No.14174876

File: 13bb1b4dac94e39⋯.png (139.8 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 13bb1b4dac94e3972d7ba056dc….png)


You don't understand the implications of VR. Guess why facebook bought occulus? It is to extinguish a threat.

VR allows people to create their own 'persona/avatar' which makes the avatar belong to you locally which enables decentralization and with enough encryption, port-forwarding and IP-peer-like network it would destroy the cancer that is social network and giving up personal information to access content. It instantly brings back the old internet, so to speak. Another thing is it will kill the porn industry owned by (((them))). Imagine VR pornography etc. viz a viz.

VR will save humanity and imagine when virtual social interaction becomes a game. Just imagine it. What went wrong after Generation-X and why people now are so anti-social and self-absorbed in their portable social media toys and meme machines while being fed (((controlled))) content.

Watch Serial Experiments Lain.


Realisticly speaking, it's just that poorly written high level programs are what slows down the graphics performance and vendors only laugh at vidya people who fall for gimmicks and marketing strat. Cash the cow, as they say.

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