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File: 446da2b68f0979e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1024x562, 512:281, P7ToWs7Sa7x-vgi6-anlZoRgLn….png)

798a6a No.14286086

There's an Outbreak and this is the quarantine zone.

7ce41e No.14286138

Ubishitters go home.

185a10 No.14286279

Is it out?

Fuck, I'm on vacation.

a63e95 No.14286376


No. Not until March, which is a limited time event for god knows why

69dce4 No.14286548


>wanting zombies in your game

tasteless pleb

9c10a9 No.14286591

>weekly challenge is to play the gooks


Getting tired of this

02ff0f No.14286744

5e5ff9 No.14286833


okay maybe I'm retarded or they didn't clarify it

but are these new ops for the zombie mode only? or for regular quick play?

be9068 No.14287335

File: a0e6fcce855f7a0⋯.jpg (217.61 KB, 1780x1080, 89:54, operation chimera.jpg)

5e5ff9 No.14287342


why are these images so fucked up

820730 No.14287348

>playing ubishit games

27f9e8 No.14287351


Seems like a private beta thing. He's censoring the little watermarks of his username most likely so he won't get banned.

ae9c3b No.14287382


bot sounds OP as shit, more bad news for roamers, this is pretty much the same as the really early leaks right?

b704e5 No.14287394


>the leak was real

>a supercharged attacker doc

>a supercharged attacker pulse

>Ubisoft is just reusing existing ops but makes their abilities ridiculous while tying it to limited uses and/or cooldowns

I'm not a fan of these new 'PRESS X TO TEMPORARILY GAIN THE ADVANTAGE OVER YOUR OPPONENT' abilities as they did with Dokkaebi. They're not things which really alter your playstyle, or allow you to counter it (unless you can somehow shoot the UAV drone), nor does it really change the meta. I feel they were designed with Outbreak in mind first, which is stupid considering the whole thing is a time-limited event. The gadgets of newer ops are leaning too much on being one-button-press gamechangers.


The early leaks also mentioned something about the NANOMACHINES giving you a recoil control buff, I don't see that here.

d73482 No.14287450


Hello again. See you in the next thread.

dc5407 No.14287543

>a defender that palace a pingable cardboard of his image

That would be a nice idea if made properly ergo no becasue now ubishit spotted the game and started to make it shittier and shittier

64839c No.14287671

File: d1b8d3ff60c43b0⋯.jpeg (143.32 KB, 1600x1177, 1600:1177, 1462333297504.jpeg)


>we have to nerf twitch because even a minor hp reduction can dramatically change the TTK

>lol +40hp to entire team

>rdy for zombies XD

>also buy more out of style hats to finance

I hate Ubisoft


>I'm not a fan of these new 'PRESS X TO TEMPORARILY GAIN THE ADVANTAGE OVER YOUR OPPONENT' abilities as they did with Dokkaebi.

Are you telling me you DON'T like being a roamer about to get the drop on the attackers only for them to be instantly alerted to your presence, forcing you into a several second period of complete helplessness with absolutely no way to counterplay it?

e18856 No.14287811


They can fix dokki nerfing her gun and not let her be able to see valks cams

They should give back all shots to twitch and drop it to 5hp dmg instead of 10 even so I see people zap shot rather then get gadgets which Is moronic how do you fix twitch from zapping people to actually be useful? I mean it useful to force the defender to move but I mean how do you focus more on clearing a room from kaps and jager gadgets instead of get shot down to have one assist more?

They should nerf Ela to have even less ammo

Buff castle because everyone and their mother can breach his shit

a53443 No.14288777

File: 91e67ead98f4ecb⋯.png (312.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_4632.PNG)


Worse than a thousand 911s.

2f1e6b No.14288786

>best roaming spots

Away from the game, right now.

8b49e2 No.14288834


>take supercharger

>4 fbi recruits with 5.7 and shield

>laugh your way to the objective hipfire blasting everyone

2f1e6b No.14288954


>take Finka

>time to push into the objective

>your team is Finka, ash, hibana, IQ, Blackbeard

>there's no physical way to lose

>three (or four, we don't know Finka's stats) 3 speed operators with 3 armor worth of EHP

>blackbeard with even more EHP and can't get headshot

>have an infinite pool of weapons to draw from

>make some kind of make-believe .308 vector and AR

I'm fucking convinced that the whole dev team got sacked before or during OP health and replaced with talentless imbeciles.

8bd827 No.14289083


That KRISS is fucking disgusting.

aa8f99 No.14289128


I don't know why they even used it again, Mira has it already. It's gonna be her vector but with a fucking gorillion round mag so we'll have another ela on our hands.

93f513 No.14289150

File: 7a39de3ba853999⋯.jpg (68.27 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7a39de3ba853999bf9240686d9….jpg)


>was at least expecting some cool ass hazmat suits from this gay ass season because of the theme

>of course the womyn has an open suit and just a mask

Getting real fucking tired of this.

aa8f99 No.14289161


This was honestly the last game I thought would ever be infected with what I hesitantly would call "waifushit"

d63272 No.14289168


They were planning on making a .50 bmg vector so .308 isn't that make believe.

e84acf No.14289169


IQ should've been the red flag and she was there from the beginning.

2f1e6b No.14289173


>CBRN suit cosmetics for the Russian operators

>it's just yellow gorkas with gasmasks and fingerless gloves

>thermite CBRN suit

>it's a gasmask, while he has goggles under it, and his regular outfit in yellow, with yellow handwraps

Hope is the first step on the road to Warhammer 40k quotes and all that.

798a6a No.14289262


But that would be a positive.

With ubi the only positive we would get, at best, is HIV.

2d6470 No.14289277


I'm not sure if I should be more mad at ubi for enabling and making this shit or at the redditors for demanding and funding it. both is the answer

e18856 No.14289439


The Spanish one (velvet shell?) was he last good one. Both ops were balanced and changed the game style but didn't brake it the cosmetic were nice but still realistic and the map well thought even if the west side of it ain't used much

From then on every option was shittier than the preceding with terrible OP operator, shitty mapstheme park is still kinda of ok with 4 rooms that I've never been inside apart of learning the map but tower is shit on all the line horrible cosmetic top hat on BB? Really?

You aren't wrong anon…we should check if it have basis and can be shown

a9863e No.14289486

File: 8ddb38528567a0f⋯.png (805.79 KB, 1300x417, 1300:417, absolutecancer.png)


>that fucking kriss abomination

I don't fucking like that gun to begin with and they managed to make it worse somehow

3adb2a No.14289635

File: c354a997072cbf1⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_3713.JPG)

It's all just an elaborate ruse right? It's gonna turn out ok right?

541f56 No.14289833

I like the winter games charms but holy shit could they have made them any more annoying to get? Win 20 rounds with the shittiest Ops available…

64839c No.14290159


>SPEAR .308: 38dmg, 780rpm, 30 cap

>V308: 44dmg, 850rpm, 50 cap

So are they going to have dramatically different recoils, because otherwise the V308 sounds better in every way other than damage dropoff.

2f1e6b No.14290208


You know what also does 44 damage, at 850rpm, but has a 30 round mag, most likely worse recoil, is also attached to a 1 speed operator who also doesn't get wallhacks? Fuze's AK.

ef8e69 No.14290673


After the fucking top hat got added to the game, I strongly doubt it can improve from a design point of view. Whoever is in charge has different objectives in mind, check the recent "nerfs"

ae9c3b No.14290911


They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're making new operators as powerful as possible so that people are tempted into buying season passes or siege bucks.

181852 No.14290936

File: e426b4e57470b40⋯.jpg (61.79 KB, 953x573, 953:573, 512ae588c0f5165d3eb23fae99….jpg)

tfw no iq to rape your ass

How much longer until this game dies anyways? I thought it wouldnt last this long since every update is shit, theres only like 6 maps since they removed 2, and everything is still broken.

1668b5 No.14291089

File: 2719452e7dca5ba⋯.png (206.6 KB, 306x336, 51:56, 1447722695318.png)

>"Oh cool I finally got unbanned. Let's see what's been happening."

>patch that did nothing to Ela and remains stupidly OP

>next patch are both attackers

>both of them are just straight up better versions than existing ops

What was even the point of waiting for TWO FUCKING MONTHS for this shit?

4f9a02 No.14291146

File: 42fd6e35d038583⋯.jpg (63.41 KB, 753x1080, 251:360, DVZOEzcXkAsDEmE.jpg)

here's the other gay fucking assault rifle

60cc14 No.14291201


Post more shit nigga

747151 No.14291217

File: c2c8f40913cb877⋯.jpg (70.88 KB, 1280x495, 256:99, Korobov.jpg)


Shit that looks like the last rifle Korobov designed before he kicked the bucket.

229fd5 No.14292397

At least they picked best girl for the zombie trailer.

f27535 No.14292422


It doesn't look half bad for futuristic sci-fi design.

be9068 No.14292426



>best girl

44be5d No.14292434

File: 43d25d2277c50a9⋯.jpeg (31.5 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 0238be6f4b720fb8bc2cbff70….jpeg)


big jew milkies

f27535 No.14292456

File: 3d3478c8c0be769⋯.jpg (352.38 KB, 1996x3000, 499:750, Claudia Black.jpg)

File: 55416c7155a8ff5⋯.jpg (396.9 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, Khazar Milkers.jpg)

File: 8410503f51a7e5f⋯.jpg (127.77 KB, 660x504, 55:42, who would win.jpg)


At some point you will get a better taste.

64839c No.14292496


>At some point you will get a better taste.

For what, somewhat attractive women?

be9068 No.14297945

File: 591c41629ad0ff9⋯.jpg (870.47 KB, 900x2019, 300:673, Rainbow.jpg)


51db3b No.14298018


Oh man, that 100% describes my playstyle. I've been trying to play an aggressive kapkan recently.

c152e4 No.14298032


You're not fooling anyone kike.

1d24f1 No.14298924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Does anyone have the screencap of anon predicting it was going to be Tachanka ?

37364d No.14298988

File: 9e8dd23c78b2d35⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 325x326, 325:326, big thonk.jpg)


Am I retarded, or does Thermite sound nothing like he does ingame?

dbc571 No.14299005

File: b6d855cbbb5786a⋯.jpg (738.49 KB, 900x2083, 900:2083, IMG_0560.JPG)


>no jackal

0ce120 No.14299057


>model a white texan woman

>canonically call her jewish

>fellate the IDF in her bio, one of the worst fucking jokes of a militaristic organization

O i am mad. The only saving grace of such an abomination is that the geniuses at Ubishit decided to name the kikess Ash, and it opens up a whole array of Smoke-related jokes.

a53443 No.14299094


I also can barely recognize him without his coke bottle glasses.



c9e712 No.14299098

File: bfb69f483ac9c95⋯.jpg (82.14 KB, 584x778, 292:389, Abigail-Shapiro-kinky-nude….jpg)

File: 01f3bc90174408c⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 500x375, 4:3, sexy jewwess.jpg)

a53443 No.14299111


What is up with those nips?

37364d No.14299114


Jewesses seriously do have same face syndrome. when they don't look like half-aborted lizardmen


Superior Ashkenazi genetics, Goy.

541f56 No.14299755


Why are they putting so much effort into a one week event? It makes no sense especially since it's Ubishit we are talking about.

5f3b75 No.14299816


>50round drum

watch this fucker be 3speed too and create another Ela


>who's this guy


on one hand i hate this push for story, on the other hand i'm glad that thermite is a "main" character


because he, like most operators only say 2-3 things in game

5f3b75 No.14299863


trying to ride that overwatch train with limited events. I don't know who thought it was a good idea because up until operation health, siege was actually moving at an almost (no pun intended) healthy clip with players rising through gaining interest on free weekends. My assumption is that the game doesn't make money from regular sales at this point since the playerbase is already there but they aren't buying the shitty cosmetic DLCs so they're trying this angle to rope people into buying ~LIMITED~ loot crates.

On the other side of the hand if they just threw this in as a game mode for laughs I probably wouldn't be so adverse to the idea but this comes off as a resource hog in a game where the resources seem to be going into the wrong places consistently for several months now

8b49e2 No.14299966


>we have to get rid of maps because we are running out of asset space, thats why we can't just tweak them and re-release

>add whole new gamemode with its own maps, enemies and dozens of cosmetics

This was probably planned for a while ago

f41254 No.14300224


Man, if I had a decent outfit to buy for my boy Mute I'd play more to earn those creds. Not that shitty WWII cosplay, something modern.

dcb3a9 No.14300312



nezumi type of human anatomy

5f3b75 No.14300366


the only outfits i like so far are the blackbeard and kapkan DLC ones and i'm not willing to give my money out for them. I let ubi slide by getting the game itself that's all they get

0ce120 No.14301249


>but they aren't buying the shitty cosmetic DLCs

most likely because even normalfags being as fucktarded as they are don't want to shell out the ingame currency equivalent of 25 dollars for a fucking skin that's glorified camo pattern, simply because Ubishit says "IT'S RARE".

Seriously, go do the ingame currency conversion for real money when looking at the cost of the "blue camo pack" for 4 operators in that bundle (its mainly for Spetznaz I think). If you wanted to buy that using the siege tokens or whatever, it would cost you 35 dollars. For blue tinged splatter camo. Shit that is not only ugly and fucking unoriginal as all get out, but makes you stand out like a sore thumb in any environment.

5f3b75 No.14301340


>but makes you stand out like a sore thumb in any environment.

Pay 2 lose. The only camos i really like are the black ones, i'd be willing to buy them with in-game currency but i'd rather hold on to my digi-shekels to buy the new operators

1af399 No.14302107

File: 68b737710353fcf⋯.webm (1.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rainbow 6 Siege.webm)

5f3b75 No.14302581

File: f294dac45aa5caa⋯.png (254.69 KB, 500x375, 4:3, rainbow six siege.png)

5e5ff9 No.14303226

File: 3e15fb417051dfb⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 700x903, 100:129, 2d56b870a3d2c465b874ce5488….jpg)

7d96e0 No.14306277

File: ed3c40d8cb020b4⋯.jpg (112.87 KB, 1080x1391, 1080:1391, p1c9xhzhsjd01.jpg)

I've been gone from siege for awhile due to its netcode and bugs, Is it better yet?

7d96e0 No.14306615


okay i guess its still shit

5f3b75 No.14306714



it's in a rough state right now, sadly.

9c10a9 No.14311649

Ded thred


I need an edit where it's kapkan in the chair and tachanka or glaz in the hole. Or maybe mira windows over the hole.

681ab2 No.14313400


I think it’s more all their other games flopped hard, so ubishit wants to monetize siege, with it being their only successful game in years, as much as possible to make up for the losses.

5f3b75 No.14313431


I might be looking in the wrong places but i feel like i see more complaints than praise for recent choices. Save for those reddit goblins who praise the shitty buffs/nerfs

fd35e1 No.14314629


The videos have massive amount of likes, so the majority of people who see them think its ok

d63272 No.14315224


Didn't the new asscreed do well though?

8ef51a No.14318449


There's no competitor in terms of FPS

>quake champions/xonotic/warsow lack diverse content and are way too niche/high skill

>same kinda applies for tribelikes

>nobody cares about savage/moba fps

>ns2 compmod is dead, CSGO is a shit game

>arma lacks competitive balance

>cod/battlefield are too casual

32fc2a No.14318468


>with it being their only successful game in years

And they still have no idea of how it became a success. For Honor failed and only recently they decided to add dedicated servers. Skull & Bones was supposed to get a close beta last year but I haven't heard a thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it came back to the drawing board to make it more like Siege and less like For Honor.

9f0b16 No.14318623

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>posting the censored trailer

C'mon son.

af9670 No.14318791

File: 3c0fa8211d77be2⋯.jpg (936.02 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, a1f31866a29febde82f9fc510c….jpg)

Does anyone know if they updated the rules for secure area?

I was in a 1v5 situation as Montagne (I would have ace clutched this match if this shit had not happened and would have been the best fucking thing I ever pulled off in this game) and when it came down to 1v1 and overtime contesting the point with the last guy it just made the defenders auto win after about 30ish seconds of us contesting the point. I'm positive I did not leave the point.

I've been in similar situations in the past and had much more time to wait for the right opening to attack. I've tried looking for patch notes but all I can find are year old threads complaining about infinite overtime and Montagne afk-ers.

9c10a9 No.14318833


Not that I know. Could just be that good old ubi coding, or they stealth changed it to appeal to the comp fags.

27f9e8 No.14318845


Had a similar scenario when playing with friends. Map was the bar one and it was Secure in the Motorcycle garage. He was Chanka and attacker was Ash. Neither had a good angle of attack to they actually just sat there for a minute or so after overtime until Ash made a move and got killed. Not sure what happened with yours.

1668b5 No.14320083


At least Tachanka might be a bit more mobile from what we can tell of his LMG.

e595e6 No.14320575


I still have infinite contest time. Either you exit the area without notice or was a shitty bug

dc5407 No.14321075

>ELS cancer started again

>people try ebin moves or kick you if in a 1v5 you don't ace it while they died like faggots

God damnit

d63272 No.14321304


Honestly that never happens to me, more often than not I get faggot 4 mans who go recruit and then teamkill you over and over or just straight up kick you.

714050 No.14321812


Yeah the recruit rush always happen to me but since I fucking hate to do it becasue the game ain't set to be cruaaazy fast as much dev try to push it I get TK a lot…when I see they pic recruit I usually either go out by myself or pic a shield op

be9068 No.14326931

I sure wish that Ubisoft would allow Recruits to use weapons from every operator. I wouldn't mind at all playing as a defender recruit with Ela's or Mira's rifle.

a53443 No.14326938


But then you wouldn't have nearly as much reason to buy the operators goy.

be9068 No.14326952


I already have all the operators, I just want to be able to use specific weapons after someone else picks the one I would have preferred to use.

69e736 No.14326959

These threads border on Overcuck Generals.

a53443 No.14326973


Don't worry we'll be gone after that new zombies mode hits.

88b57a No.14327008

File: dd9dec0b63d169f⋯.png (255.7 KB, 500x375, 4:3, dd9dec0b63d169f74f30f9e644….png)


>Battle rifle

>.45 ACP

>Half the effective range of 9mm and both are pistol rounds

What the flying fuck.

a4615d No.14327047


>playing doc

>dude gets DBNO upstairs but is still alive

>yell over all chat "I'M COMING FOR YOU, NIGGER"

>run upstairs

>3 enemy team members are milling about, planning their attack down another set of stairs

>kill them and run in to save my nigger

Best round of Doc ever. But yeah, every other time it's just "oh no that man's down I better shoot a thing to him" and I get instantly head shot by some peeking faggot.

88b57a No.14327091



>throw my drone upstairs if we're on a lower floor every time, or somewhere in a critical hallway

>camp in a position where I know I have plenty of time to react near the objective

>call out all of the stupid faggots who simply cannot look up and sonic blast them as they peek

>put away the drone when I run out of charges and try to snipe shitters with my ACOG MP5 Super Dank edition

His gun is highly underrated in my opinion. Only thing I hate is that you can't use active scan for scan assists.

7eae37 No.14327637


Well he is mic depenedant but fucking no one even listen to call outs anymore so each time I use him I get frustrated

His rifle is fine, the shotty is like smashing your eyeballs with a crock screw

88b57a No.14327933


I make my call outs as obvious as possible, i.e. "second floor hallway" or "stairs." Stupid niggers and slavs/Peruvians who don't know English were going to cause your team to lose anyway even if you didn't call out, it's not like there's anything you can do about those people except grief them until they stop playing, but that requires too much time spent on my part.

5f3b75 No.14328186

File: 2e1f950cfea5b77⋯.jpg (170.58 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 2e1f950cfea5b77c26a72bcb79….jpg)

Free weekend starting like tomorrow, let the next round of this shitshow begin, but also it's a good opportunity for those who want to try it to do just that, but in you're heart you know you missed out on the times when the game was at it's best

ebd73d No.14328482


Anon, read it again

>This battle rifle features the same famous system for mitigating muzzle rise seen in its .45 ACP cousin

>it's .45 ACP cousion

It's a .308 Vector. Your reaction is still appropriate though.


Get a friend to play Cav or another roamer, it's good fun to work together to pomf and bang people.

88b57a No.14328532


>It's a .308 Vector

Neat. Didn't know they existed.

>Get a teammate to play roamer

Sometimes I do and it works. I don't get to play with my friends all the time though.

f07f84 No.14329138


If it fixes the lag and hit detection they could add 3 elas and I wouldn't care

37e785 No.14329174


Sadly they are more likely to add 5 Elas and keep the shitty lag/hit detection.

5f3b75 No.14329294

File: 0396cdf311e68a2⋯.jpg (296.33 KB, 868x749, 124:107, grom op possible leak.jpg)


I'd like another fucking 3armor attacker that doesn't necessarily use a shield. also you guys remember when Ela was almost cute

ebd73d No.14329347

File: a7435d0fa2cd097⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 800x524, 200:131, DVEQ5qRX4AIa0jf.jpg large.jpg)

File: d4ac336eb8ce328⋯.png (517.08 KB, 569x830, 569:830, adfxvxcx.PNG)

Random idea here, in Insurgency you had the option of taking AP or Hollow Point round as modifications to your weapon. As expected, AP rounds mostly negated armor but had lower base damage and Hollow Points had higher base damage and did more damage on limb shots but could barely penetrate heavily armored targets. Might it be viable to introduce this to Siege? Most people would gravitate towards HP to deal with Ash and Ela, but that'd make 3 armors juggernauts to those people. Only issue I see is that it'd make Rook even better.

Actually, that brings me to my next point, why can we not modify our loadout after the drone phase? I understand not switching operators, but on some maps what room the defenders choose to be in can severely impact that generic gadgets are useful.


All I feel when I look upon Ela is hate.

5f3b75 No.14329368


>Might it be viable to introduce this to Siege?

maybe if you shifted focus on armor penetration and changed to wall penetration which is more crucial? I feel as though the gunplay except for the new operators laserbeams works fine as is and wouldn't alter it too much

> why can we not modify our loadout after the drone phase?

would be a savage attacker advantage. I'd generally argue that a large part of what makes siege fun is having to adapt on the fly in all under like 3 minutes. having one of your ops get killed early or waste their gadget can change your whole game plan

ebd73d No.14329390


>having one of your ops get killed early or waste their gadget can change your whole game plan

If by that you mean your Thermite rushes out and gets spawnpeeked, so you're fucked from the start but I see what you mean. Still, it's frustrating to take breaching charges on Twitch only to find out they're defending Bank vault. I resolved after about a week of playing Siege that given how pissed I tend to get at it, I would never once play ranked.

5f3b75 No.14329404


I have a shameful amount of hours in this game and i got started somewhere around the end of the Dust Line season, in year 1. I have never touched ranked because why would i play the game mode with less fucking maps in cycle

5f3b75 No.14329676

File: cc8ee08e96cf25f⋯.png (891.04 KB, 1379x784, 197:112, valentines challenge.PNG)

File: 632eedad0477c9c⋯.png (306.22 KB, 478x417, 478:417, echo fort.png)

This is just trashing on echo

9c10a9 No.14329744


Gotta have that DEEPEST LORE

5f3b75 No.14329782


it's not that deep, luckily. Just a bit of fluff before they went full retard with ela and friends.

ebd73d No.14330187


To be fair, Lesion's lore is halfway to a superhero backstory.

9c10a9 No.14330217


I just looked it up and it's not nearly as bad. It's all very believable until the part he falls in the oil tank.

ebd73d No.14330261


I just looked it up myself, and I swear they toned it down or changed something, because I remember it outright stating that his oil tank adventure made him resistant to toxins.

5f3b75 No.14330297

File: 431bcdf9417dce4⋯.jpg (378.82 KB, 1894x853, 1894:853, 20180214232139_1.jpg)


if you're looking it up on the website those versions are shorter than some of the ones in game

9c10a9 No.14330306


Oh wow, that is retarded, nevermind.

d63272 No.14330413


I'd like a stealth based attacker since armor doesn't mean shit when all people do is headshot you.

5f3b75 No.14330450


jackal semi-fills that role since he's a fantastic flanker, the issue with a stealthy attacker would mean another fucking 1armor attack and i just want a new 3armor because it's fun

d63272 No.14330470


My issue with 3 armors is that if you don't have a shield protecting your face you are just going to get headshot and killed rapidly. I can't tell you how many old kapkans, chunkies and fuzes I've headshot through barricades and walls.

ebd73d No.14330576


I'd prefer there be some flexibility in the "headshots always kill" rule. I don't expect to survive a marksman rifle headshot, but playing Fuze and getting one-shot from 50m by some guys sidearm is a bit questionable.

a1f089 No.14330613


>Using company time to browse /v/

>Using company equipment to browse /v/

>Putting livelihood on the line to look at vidya

d63272 No.14330661


It upsets me that a PMM does like 4 less damage than the deagle, but at the same time they balance around firerate and mag size which is fair. Otherwise the vector would be even more ridiculous or they would drop the extended mag that it gets and that would just be shitty.

455000 No.14330703


No they don't ela exists and she doesn't have a bad matchup from any range

ebd73d No.14330715


I'm pretty sure at one point the Makarov did more damage than the Deagle.

d63272 No.14330723


They do though, her smg does 28 for 40 rounds and 1080 fire rate. The mp7 does 32 for 30 rounds at 900 rpm. Frost's C1 does 43 for 34 round at 575 rpm.

ebd73d No.14330774


The problem that comes with Ela isn't so much the raw stats on her gun as to how things work in Siege's game logic. Everything works in Ela's favor.

455000 No.14330994


too bad damage doesn't matter with a firerate that high. The game's logic doesn't work in a flat manner like that. Firerate and mag size>>>recoil>>>>>>>>damage in 90% of encounters

37e785 No.14332057


I wish raw numbers affected her weapon. But it doesn't.

d63272 No.14332167


It does though, the higher the damage the easier it is to peek and kill someone. Firerate really only helps shitters get those spam fire headshots because they just spray and siege really likes to reward spraying with random headshots.

b442b0 No.14332172


>the higher the damage the easier it is to peek and kill someone

How do you become this retarded? Learn to aim.

e19d78 No.14332186


They don't exist. It's another made-up gun. Ubishit has done this eversince they changed the devteam.

e4bed0 No.14332197


Adding onto this:


I dunno how up to date this spreadsheet is but Ela is pretty good at killing in body shots within a short time. Her gun has easy to manage recoil, high magazine, fast firerate so if you do get a headshot it will be faster, she's a speed 3 op which is the "best" kind of op in this game and she has a pretty strong gadget at contesting choke points.

She's undoubtedly strong.

d63272 No.14332200


They were going to make a .50 bmg version of the vector though. Not the same thing per say, but it is related. I think they stopped development on both it and a shotgun they were working on.

66ff37 No.14332203

File: a600653dc53abd8⋯.png (308.25 KB, 631x503, 631:503, a600653dc53abd818e349175d8….png)


What other guns have been made up?

d63272 No.14332209


They've fucked up some of the burst functions of the guns and the AUG has no fire selector.

e19d78 No.14332218


>He doesn't know

The LMG-E that Zofia uses is based upon the Krytac airshit LMG, whose real counterpart doesn't exist.

Also, expect for guns that have appeared in Ghost Recon Wildlands to appear in Siege.

66ff37 No.14332276



The devs have done this from the start, it's not anything to do with a "new devteam" or anything stupid like that.

Guns have had incorrect firerates since the game released, and the SMG-11 (While similar to a mac-10) is a frankengun all of its own.

Honestly the game has enough problems to bitch about without having to invent any.

d63272 No.14332278


There isn't a need for a new 5.56 ar based lmg. The setup of the Krytac LMG-E isn't like super unbelievable other than it would be a pain to lug around with how short it is and how heavy the mag would be. They just took an AR and took the magazine idea from the Negev.

d63272 No.14332286


I'd like to see a tone down in the amount of random headshots people get because the head hitboxes seem to be so inconsistent. I'd also like to see an increase in tick rate and some optimization to stop people from taking 12 years to load in.

e19d78 No.14332370


The SMG-11 is, like the name implies, based on the MAC-11, not 10, as it canonically uses .380 ACP.

It is therefore not a frankengun as it is easy to build and does exist.


As for the LMG-E, it does resemble some of the 556 belt-fed uppers, but it does not have any direct counterpart and there are no working versions of it that exist. The closest you'd get is a Shrike upper, but it is still very different from the LMG-E.

There is no indication that the LMG-E has anything copied from the Negev, many LMGs can feed from regular box magazines. A short low profile machinegun with capability of sustained fire is also something many military operator units value over conventional heavy LMGs because of mobility.

The SMG-12 from the same update is supposed to resemble an UZI Pro, but the dimensions, lack of grip safety and wrong lower reciever makes it unbelieveable to keen eyes. I also don't understand why they'd give it an OSS style suppressor

I do believe that they shill the Kriss Vector and the Krytac LMG because the two are connected. Krytac is a subsidiary of Kriss and Krytac produces licensed airshit copies of the Kriss Vector.

They probably nudged Ubishit to put in the game and gave them a copy to model into the game.

66ff37 No.14332479


Except it still is a frankengun, because it has a side-mounted bolt handle (Instead of a top-mounted one) as well as functioning as a closed bolt design (Being able to hold on in the chamber)

e19d78 No.14332890


You can get off the shelves side charging mac-11, so I don't know what your point is.

Closed bolt Mac-11 also exist. Although in the game, the way the character manipulates the mac-11, is as if it was an open bolt design.

The roung count is also completely off on most weapons, so that is a general thing that is completely off.

be9068 No.14333932

File: bbb9a0347919874⋯.png (70.81 KB, 1000x769, 1000:769, Capture.PNG)

be9068 No.14333936


Stuff about the new op Lion.

be9068 No.14333951

File: cea786590a89f5c⋯.png (87.8 KB, 985x775, 197:155, Capture.PNG)

Finka's equipment and gadget.

7d96e0 No.14333993

File: 80dd2c177936b92⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 658x707, 94:101, onepunch-man-10330927.jpg)


Ubisoft changed the devteam? when? and where are they now?

8a517c No.14334037

File: 4715cdc478d2882⋯.jpg (28 KB, 544x400, 34:25, get_this_destiny_off_my_ch….jpg)



>only two new guns between them

>both gadgets are most likely invisible, as the drone flies above the map, and the nanobots are microscopic

>the only two things that are actually new with this season are two new operator models, and two new weapon models

Jesus Christ, how pathetic, they didn't even put effort into this shit.

eb7392 No.14334047

File: 125aafaa874bfd9⋯.jpg (33 KB, 240x320, 3:4, IMG_3373.JPG)

>These new ops

I hope you guys like overwatch

4c4ba7 No.14334182



If these leaks are even true, FemDoc doesn't really bother me as long as the bots cannot revive a DBNO operator and the health effects are not as good as Docs. The motion sensing drone does bother me as there is no one on the defending team able to detect electronics. It should effectively be a non lethal claymore at best. Hopefully it makes noise or something as it tries to detect you.

df3509 No.14334257

File: d64b1287dfa2cb4⋯.png (485.14 KB, 720x552, 30:23, vlcsnap-2018-02-11-19h15m5….png)


If I recall, the leaks state she can revive DBNO at 40 health that eventually degrades to 5.

8a517c No.14334292


The drone is global, my man, and I doubt you can even take it out.



4c4ba7 No.14334326


These leaks are not confirmed are they? If I recall correctly, Vigil was supposed to have a bulletproof face so he could survive a headshot according to rumors. The game is supposed to have checks and counters for each character (though lately they are not adhering to that rule) so a global detection system would be absolute bullshit.

4c4ba7 No.14334332

On another note, are they planning to fix the fucking flash grenades or something? I'm tired of getting flashed when it lands directly behind me. Is there a way to at least prevent it?

8a517c No.14334360


Flash grenades will always blind you when they're within 3m of you, regardless of facing. Outside of 3m, the effects are minimal if you turn away.

4c4ba7 No.14334390


I was afraid of that. Guess Jager will have to step it up. Speaking of grenades, has anyone successfully caught one before?

246eda No.14334391

File: 4afa1bc0a4fd489⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 409x366, 409:366, face-melting.jpg)


>What is up with those nips?

In the other pics it looks like Ben Shapiro's sister has some sort of horrible skin condition or a gross rash on her tits. Also has hairy pizza nipples. Maybe all joobs are like that, I dunno I'm a Lutheran anti-Semite.

d2e00a No.14334402

File: 4cac4ea2ab43129⋯.jpg (188.16 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Thinking Bird.jpg)


Wait what? I thought only Blitz's shield could flash you from behind.

d63272 No.14334752


Freelc at least though unless the coop event and shit is locked behind the paywall

d63272 No.14334757



The drone most likely has limited charges as to how many times it can scan or even stay active for.

70f710 No.14334778


I miss Farscape

5f3b75 No.14335115

File: 4babe6ce175bc6e⋯.webm (485.85 KB, 480x360, 4:3, adios.webm)



>finkas gadget is passive as fuck

>1 new gun out of 3

jesus christ. at least she has the 6P41 which i'm a fan of

>Lions gadget could be absolite horseshit depending on how it operates



5f3b75 No.14335126

File: 0454c98364958c3⋯.png (357.23 KB, 650x366, 325:183, cursed siege image.png)


shit one more thing i'm worried about is what if they decide to make one of these new operators immune to smokes bombs for wacky lore reasons like echo/dokke

d63272 No.14335181


Tbh finka and lion should be immune to smoke's bombs.

5f3b75 No.14335218

Anyone read the new operators bios? they're still overwritten but I'd go on a limb and say they're a step up from Ela/dokke/zofia

>Finka is on a steady dosage of nanomachines to keep her neuropathy from putting her out of commission. Kapkan gave her the scar on her face, friends with tachanka and wants his RP46 mounted and ready in her butt

>Lion joined the military because he knocked his girlfriend up, then got cucked to the point he sought out religion and became some fucked up paladin, friends with montagne, not friends with doc

9c10a9 No.14335226



fucking awful


Sounds like a true bro.

45dd9b No.14335241

File: ca27621523e76ae⋯.jpg (117.18 KB, 1425x920, 285:184, semenelf.JPG)

I just got an email about a free weekend,is it worth jumping into now or no.

9c10a9 No.14335249


I'd try it cause it's free, but don't buy cause it's not fucking worth it.

45dd9b No.14335255

File: 7c29b54b8563210⋯.gif (928.98 KB, 500x300, 5:3, Graveyardinsteadofstairs.gif)


>50 gigs

lol fuck that

d63272 No.14335258


They didn't discount as heavily for this free weekend as well. I picked up the full game for 15 buckaroos back in year 1.

5f3b75 No.14335264


taken from the website

>Unfortunately, Lion has rubbed some people within GIGN and Rainbow the wrong way. Doc thinks he lacks the empathy necessary to help in medical crises while Lion thinks Doc’s humanitarianism is a liability. Twitch is not happy about being caught in the middle of that fight. Lion’s closest friend in GIGN is Montagne, but when Thatcher punched Olivier after he said the wrong thing during a training exercise, Lion almost brought the GIGN and SAS to blows.

Your boy is getting ready to start another anglo-french war


There's no harm in trying it, but do not invest in it unless you're 110% sure you find it fun. I say this as some one with over 1k hours in the game and GENUINELY still has fun playing it despite the shitty string of operations constantly about to sent it to death. I only got into it because i tried it on a free weekend for yucks, funny enough


> I picked up the full game for 15 buckaroos back in year 1.

we're the lucky ones, it seems

9c10a9 No.14335266


You're not missing much, the game is getting more fucked as time goes on.

1f54bb No.14335268



Echo doesn't have a phone you fucking mong, it would make less sense if she could hack his shit.

681ab2 No.14335289


Hypothetically around operations health.

Y1 operators all had believeable gear and less techy shit compared to Y2 operators, where they decided to start spamming that weird metal outer layer armor on all of the new operators just an example.

there’s also that community manager on leddit getting replaced during that time frame

Fun fact: Ela is the self insert of the QA dept. head at ubishit

5f3b75 No.14335291


the developer excuse was something along the lines of "echo worked with dokke on the logic bomb and thus is immune to it" because they didn't want to animate the logic bomb shit onto his wrist gadget

5f3b75 No.14335381


>less techy shit compared to Y2 operators,

This isn't defending year 2 (save for mira/jackal) but I do feel like the devs might of pigeonholed themselves into having to up the tech on the operators since year 1 already covered all the bases for the most part

0ce120 No.14335395


>taken from the website

Jesus christ. Someone from Ubisoft wrote that? What is this soap opera tier horseshit? There's a difference between being able to write backstories and worldbuilding, and writing menstruating knitting-circle tier hacky romance novel drama.

Then again, I suppose this is precisely what I should expect from Ubisoft.

541f56 No.14335401

So it's 2 new attackers? That won't affect my OCD on the menu at all.

d63272 No.14335438


The italians will probably both be defenders provided they don't switch sides

681ab2 No.14335446


It still doesn’t excuse Zofia, which is basically a slower ash/ela hybrid with the ability to self revive.

Although the salt you get from successfully self reviving and winning the match is fucking delicious. Or when you kill caveira.

5f3b75 No.14335715


i don't excuse Zofia she's probably worse than her horrible sister. I will take back what i said about new operators for Ying/Leison, they aren't terrible. Ying is actually a solid gameplay design because she's more like the year 1 DLCs that were alternate takes on existing ops

9f0b16 No.14335716

File: 5ee569a1efae985⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 500x501, 500:501, Do you have a single fact ….jpg)


>Fun fact: Ela is the self insert of the QA dept. head at ubishit

0ce120 No.14336056

You know, now that I think about it, when I look at the Y1 ops it looks like it's a relatively balanced minus Tachanka, he's always been almost useless ;_; game that's trying to maintain some semblance of realism and tacticool military qualities. When I then look at Y2 and Y3 ops, it really looks like as time when on they began losing focus on the combat aspects of things and started making it more "overwatch"y. I don't know the word, pick and counterpick cancer, like everything has become far more about who you have on your team and retarded fucking abilities rather than focusing on good teamwork, quick reflexes, good hitreg (yeah fucking right), with abilities taking a backseat.

I don't know, I'm sure some /v/irgins are going to claim it's always been like that, but when I look at the roster and the kinds of shit they added as time went on, that's my conclusion. There is no niche to fill, so to add content when they add operators, all they can do to make them useful is make them a better version of something that already exists. It's turning into MOBA tier character picking.

5f3b75 No.14336144


not many would disagree with you, post health operators are pretty messy with the exception of maybe ying and vigil. It's annoying because Ela would be a pretty easy fix. I often forget how many fucking mouthbreathers on reddit play this game and applaud the shitty choices

>There is no niche to fill

I would have preferred more maps and universal gadgets than more operators at this point that's for sure.

d63272 No.14338097


They gotta actually up the tick rate for better hit registry and work on their networking as well. They can't still be relying on bits of their p2p system as well.

2adc44 No.14338786

That writer for the newer characters was on the invitational stream today talking about her "secret agenda" and how diversity and representation are the most important things to her

Lead artist basically only talked about SAS and how they wanted their designs to be realistic

33227e No.14339076

Are the new ops really going to be used for both the zombie mode and normal mode? I honestly thought they would be coop only (because those gadgets are fucking absurd)


Zero surprises.

dc5407 No.14339162


We think around operation health….that's also when the skins became increasingly more fluffy shit like the gentleman blackbeard or The alpha packs and every new operator became OP as fuck

dc5407 No.14339178


Once when I was starting….after ELS became a thing and people started to cook them like a pro which mean shittier blast themself

dc5407 No.14339191


>glaz using fuse charges

>thermite insidealthought is still ok I guess

>castle is white

dc5407 No.14339221


>play as op Luigi

>last men standing 1v5

>use his gadget

>mission successful


It would be funny to actually have an op that can decoy himself or place a decoy to fuck with the enemy

dc5407 No.14339229


Virgil-lesion-ying are the best thing from last year. They are all with good guns and don't brake the gameplay too much dokki could work if they don't allow for valk cams hack

d63272 No.14339264


Deploy like a drone that can mimic footsteps or shit

541f56 No.14339852


I've been loving Lesion lately, being able to see what trap triggers is my favorite part.

5f3b75 No.14340268

File: a8afb37bd9751f7⋯.png (860.94 KB, 529x700, 529:700, spetz christmas.png)


Did they do a patch that made his Gu more visible to the naked eye? i hadn't played for a little while and when i hopped back on recently I found myself noticing the mines without droning or something similar. That's not a complaint at all either i find it much better that way but i thought they were almost 100% invisible to the naked eye as i remembered

b704e5 No.14340336


They never were completely invisible, you can usually notice them by the distortion effect they have on the floor, which is especially noticeable when looking at ground level through a drone.

d63272 No.14340360


I feel like yokai's distortion should be better. It already has loud as fuck fans that give it away.

9c10a9 No.14340387


You'd be surprised, I can often creep up on people with yokai and they never notice. Though making the ammo charge faster is a good idea, as it stands you can't really deny an area very long or from more than one attacker with only three charges that refill at a glacial pace.

5f3b75 No.14340402


I've found more use in just using it as a defensive drone than actually using it's brain-hurting-beams. Especially since it can peep under the doors to the outside of the map.

d63272 No.14340422


Concussion effects don't slow anyone any more do they? I'd be fine with having the charges as they are if they applied slow.

9c10a9 No.14340429


Yeah, as soon as you blast someone your cover is blown, but no one ever sees yokai if you don't shoot.


Yokai never slowed, only ela and zofia's brand do that.

d63272 No.14340452


I know yokai's didn't and they removed the slow effects from all concussion weapons.

9c10a9 No.14340462


Ah I read your post wrong.

c71680 No.14340926


SAS used to be immune to smokes bombs actually

d8f6b6 No.14340962


You must be new to these threads. It's true.

c71680 No.14340964


Thats kinda shitty then it degrades to 5 and someone tested Frost traps to see if you could get a stim shot revived if you are trapped in one and it does not work.

5f3b75 No.14341035


how early was that? before black ice?

c71680 No.14341068

File: 667c3784f00a4ed⋯.jpg (764.86 KB, 1200x819, 400:273, 74151451481461467514956415.jpg)


Its way back broski like Alpha see the little CTU bonus. They removed it since some were useless like the GIGNs revive increase.

8a517c No.14341069



c71680 No.14341070

File: fd984b2bb824a44⋯.png (599.89 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 545415145145641854514.png)


I meant to post this

5f3b75 No.14341081




glad that didn't make it to release

c71680 No.14341095

File: 67dae2c103db162⋯.jpg (123.02 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 7418146145754648541951.jpg)


Yet running outside took 5 seconds to detect,essentially having no anti cheat at launch, and Thatchers EMP could go through like 3 floors were nicely packed for release

8a517c No.14341125


Can't forget the sniper semi-auto shotguns, shitty pulse who couldn't see shit through the sensor, and screamed to the enemy team when he was pulling it out, 4m instakill radius on Fuze's pucks, the old twitch drone that could spawn on a roof and be unable to climb down, Thermite with grenades, etc.

d63272 No.14341144


Running outside taking 5 seconds to detect only stopped being a thing in health didn't it?

5f3b75 No.14341146

File: e3ca47d04801fac⋯.png (839.34 KB, 369x1200, 123:400, glaz facepaint.png)



I had a lot of fun as thermite with grenades even if it was bullshit. loudass pulse was pretty funny too. I've always believed that the good aspects of this game were a wild fluke

8a517c No.14341202


>Dust Line hits

>ay yo here's a character that can't get headshot and has a 800hp saran wrapper on his gun

>have fun kids

>this is where I got the game

>do fine against everyone but Blackbeard

>look at reddit, because that's the only place ubishit actually listens to

>"blackbeard is perfectly fine, he just mixes up the meta a little"

>a single character that fucks you if you're actually good at the game and go for headshots

>it works against literally every single other character

>this doesn't get changed for months because reddit thought it was a good addition

Yeah, Blackbeard mixed up the meta like explosive diarrhea mixes up a pool day.

c71680 No.14341213


It was not a fluke watch the GVMERs Patriots to Siege video they fucking interview the devs and apparently they did not want to make boring scripted events for single player but instead wanted to give the player the ability to make those scripted moments in multiplayer.

5f3b75 No.14341227


I joined around dustline too, Blackbeard players would put laser sights on their guns on purpose to fool people into trying to get the drop on them, I think lasers still carried from barrel to wall back then too instead of just showing up as a dot

8cbec1 No.14341649


Doesn’t help the fact that the new writer looks like a fucking kike.


https:// www.LEDDIT.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/79ycod/this_ela_popped_up_at_the_studio/

Welcome newfriend, and remember if you ain’t spawn peeking you’re a fag.

c71680 No.14342068


thats just cosplaying

be9068 No.14342086

File: a04458506f22a1f⋯.png (66.36 KB, 997x848, 997:848, Capture.PNG)


Read the full thing you retard.

cfb986 No.14342305

File: ce3d2757968d873⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1494114638416.png)


Are you a nigger? Can't you read the fucking comment section?

d63272 No.14342332


I didn't bother to check out the link because fuck reddit, but the pic he posted makes it seem like its just a cosplay and not that Ela is based off of her. Although most characters in realistic esq games are based off of real people.

455000 No.14342361


>I didn't bother to read it

>but here's what I think it says based on the name

d63272 No.14342417


I read the screencap of it, you mong

5f3b75 No.14345567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

embedding, I don't know if "PCGamesN" is an approved channel or not but it has some footage of the new ops. Lions drone gives you a short wallhack (maybe 2-3 seconds but it seems obscenely powerful.

1f54bb No.14345588


It did more than just block headshots though, it covered almost his entire upper body with proper positioning.

9c10a9 No.14345625


Oh my fuck. So if you have both on your team you can just activate your wall hacks and your health buff and recoil buff and just go in and slaughter the defenders. Who the fuck approved of this?

5f3b75 No.14345637


on top of ringing your phones and dropping fuze charges in as well. what a mess

9c10a9 No.14345667


I guess the ideal set up now would be thatch +thermite, the two new ones, and either montagne or blitz. You could just breach somewhere and leave the enemy team totally at your mercy as they are highlighted and your team is buffed as hell and can be remotely revived.

5f3b75 No.14345670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dunno if this is an approved channel or not

Ela is getting nerfed, recoil will be increased, impact grenades removed, there will be a pick-and-ban system removed which is actually FUCKING WORSE than everything they've done so far

5f3b75 No.14345682


>a pick-and-ban system removed


9c10a9 No.14345686

File: 23da5dd07260382⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 446x469, 446:469, 1434476397795.gif)


>there will be a pick-and-ban system

Well that's it, that's the final straw. It's an FPS MOBA like overwatch now. What a fucking shame.

3ed0a2 No.14345754


Looking at Lion's tool it seems like it only works on people moving. Which, to me, seems like it could be a benefit depending on how it changes before live release.

>Prep phase ends

>use a 1 bullet hole peek spot near a common entrance

>Enemy Lion uses his device

>You're not pinged

>enemies run right into your line of fire.

It'll only be a massive "Fuck you" to roamers. As if they didn't have it hard enough already with Jackel, Dokki, drones, and using your eyes and ears.


>Ela gets more recoil and less damage

>still doesn't fix the large issue of Large Quantity of Bullets + Firerate.

1 headshot and its done, recoil won't matter a ton as only 1 of those 40+1 bullets hit the head hitbox.

ebd73d No.14345755


>free revives anywhere, get fucked cav

>lol wuts barbed wire

>lol wuts recoil

>more pointless interaction with other ops gadgets

Fuck, well, what about the drone guy.

>the drone is indestructible


d63272 No.14345778


I'm actually fine with that shit as long as it isn't in casual. Make the tryhards suffer, just don't change my casual gameplay.

3ed0a2 No.14345790


I agree completely. If someone like Hibana or Bandit is banned, it can completely fuck over one of the teams.

All attackers: Ban Bandit

All defenders: Ban Hibana or someone particularly annoying.

5f3b75 No.14345927


>All defenders: Ban Hibana or someone particularly annoying.

nah, defenders would ban thatcher every time because then they would be safe from thermite and hibana in most scenarios. Banning bandit would still leave mute and on most maps you only need one of them to keep your walls pretty safe unless thatcher comes by

be7919 No.14346187

>drone can only scan a small section of the map at any time

>drone can only detect running/sprinting ops

>drone can be shot down

>drone only gives a general idea of movement

>drone has extremely limited uses

They could have had any of these and I would have been okay with it, but nope.

9c10a9 No.14346223


Seriously, just think of all the other things in the game that detect enemies.

>Pulse, has limited range, can't use weapons with it out, only gives dot over enemy

>IQ, only works on certain OPs when they are using phone/gadget

>Jackal, only one OP at a time, pulses instead of constant feed

>caviera, have to down an enemy and do lengthy interrogate that leaves you vulnerable

But no, this nigger can press a button and get full wall hacks, and do this three times. With literally no way to stop it save for killing him.

9c10a9 No.14346229


And you know what, the heal is OP too. Doc has to be able to hit you with a dart, and only gets three, and they heal the same amount. The only thing doc has over the new op is he can self revive.

d63272 No.14346310


The heal will help rushing teams, but I can see many people popping the heal at the wrong time or to only pick a friend up. Plus its one time use and it triggers on everyone. Out of all the rounds I've played today I can only think of one round in one game where two attackers got downed by a cav where it would have won them the round.

be7919 No.14346483


She gets 3 charges.

b68dae No.14346584

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Finka can heal/overcharge her entire team with NANOMACHINES by 20HP twice per round, which temporarily also increases everyone's recoil control

>anyone under the effect of NANOMACHINES is also detectable from longer ranges by Pulse's heartbeat monitor and takes more frequent damage from Smoke's gas grenades because of higher heart bpm

>NANOMACHINES do not protect you against frost traps

>getting hit by gu's or yokai cancels the buff

>Lion's UAV will display all moving defenders to the attacking team for five seconds when activated

>the UAV is indestructible (LOL)

>upon activation, there is a visible countdown of three seconds for both attackers and defenders to signify that the wallhack is going to be activated, giving defenders time to stop moving and not be spotted

>moving around in the range of a mute jammer will not get you spotted when UAV is active (seriously, with this and Dokkaebi's phone alarm hack they should extend Mute Jammer's range already by a mile)

>UAV can be activated twice per round and has a cooldown between usage

>it's not mentioned whether Vigil doesn't show up during the UAV scan if he's cloaked

Why does Ubi hate defenders so much? Attackers keep getting new ops with powerful abilities which FORCE defenders out of their hiding spots or put them at a disadvantage with the single push of a button. I'm sure that this will turn out to be not so overpowered in practice and that nerfs are sure to follow, but I don't like this new direction at all.

9c10a9 No.14346605


Those additional details actually make it seem much less powerful so that's nice. I'm really hating all these weird unnecessary interactions they're putting in though. The whole counterpick shit is a cancer on class based multiplayer I hate it so much, and now they have the stupid fucking pick and ban too.

5f3b75 No.14346613


jesus christ playing mute is already a lot of work they should give him more jammers or something at this point

9c10a9 No.14346626


They should reduce his jammers by one but double the range or something. Or make you throw them to place them just so it's quicker. I'm pretty sure that mute would be hard pressed to get a jammer down before the UAV goes off.

d63272 No.14346639


I'd like to see them be able to be placed on walls

9c10a9 No.14346682


Why though? I don't see how that would make them any more versatile.

5f3b75 No.14346735


If the map/composition permits it when i play mute I'll sometimes keep one jammer on my person to sit on while roaming, seems like an even better idea now that dokke and lion can pull similar shit on me

d63272 No.14346746


Would help protect against shooting them through mouse holes or around corners of doors. Plus it would make it harder for twitch to counter them.

5f3b75 No.14346774


you shouldn't place them directly infront of a drone hole anyway, place it right next to it and it will still jam drones trying to go through

26da1d No.14346800


>spotty tits


d63272 No.14346851


A lot of mouse holes are short enough so people can just prone and angle and shoot the jammer out or just twitch drone it.

7cfab5 No.14346872


They should make jammers jam an entire room at a time, rather than just one spot.

3ed0a2 No.14346873


Doesn't seem too bad, but its still some overpowered bullshit.

>lol just standstill it isn't bad

Finka is the more OP of the two. COMPLETELY disables Cav.

>Teammate gets downed by cav for interrogation

>Finka pops the ol nanobots

>teammate comes right back up and blows open cav's dome.

ae9c3b No.14346911

Does anyone have the leaks for the last operators? I'm curious now that the leaks have been pretty accurate.

d63272 No.14346928


Good caveiras either instakill or if they are close enough they will immediately interrogate. It only would help in situations where a cav bites off more than she can chew and downs a few people at once. Plus doesn't finka have to do an animation to activate the nanomachines like dokka does? If she does then it means if people get downed and she is getting engaged she probably won't risk activating her ability.

5f3b75 No.14346933


>>teammate comes right back up and blows open cav's dome.

depends how long the recovery animation is. Zofia usually can't escape Caveira unless they'r really far away and the cav is just playing rusky

541f56 No.14346955

So Lion pretty much makes Jackal useless? Although I guess he's still useful if the roamers are careful and not moving during his drone.

5f3b75 No.14346965


jackals ping lasts a lot longer than the drone, and his footprint tracker still functions after his scans have been used, I don't think this will put jackal on the bench especially when he's still a very versatile pick

c71680 No.14347628



My problem with Finka is it seems like she can fuck you over more than help. That smoke damage is insane and simple shit like Echo or Leison makes you lose the effect too. Also the pre nerf Pulse Radius.

c71680 No.14347654

File: 63a79ff3cd9e980⋯.png (233.2 KB, 1122x712, 561:356, 169494518151.png)


Jackals pings you no matter what standing still or moving and lasts for long time now.

Honestly I kinda like Lion Season 2 used to have a real cancerous roaming meta but they managed to tone it down.However ever since Ela came out seeing teams of Defenders with four 3 speeds was getting fucking annoying. I am indifferent on Finka since I always wanted an attacker medic albeit my idea was just toxic healing grenades from Rainbow 6 Lockdown. fuck you I liked Lockdown

9c10a9 No.14347664


I'll give you lesion and echo, but how often do you actually get hit by smoke? And if you're finka is using the hit before you're already within pulse range she's a dumbass.

8a517c No.14347678


I mean, if you're getting damaged by smoke, you're already fucked most likely, so it's absolutely nothing. It'd also be nice if Mute jammers could stop the nanobots from activating, but ubishit would rather give you a shitty placebo downside to make the operator seem balanced, instead of actually making the operator balanced.

c71680 No.14347690



I need more gameplay but just getting a whiff of the smoke takes you down to like 40 damage. Like I said I always wanted an attacker medic but maybe if they did not make it global people would prefer it more.

9c10a9 No.14347699


>just getting a whiff of the smoke takes you down to like 40 damage

It certainly does not. Most of the downsides to finka are placebos like >>14347678 said. The real counter is gonna be lesion setting up in obj so if she tries to boost and run in her team ends up debuffed and sitting ducks running head first into the obj.

c71680 No.14347715

File: 51adbae80576a7e⋯.jpg (258.02 KB, 1538x520, 769:260, 5465456454564164651541.jpg)


I gotcha I mean understand where you guys are coming from but at the same time I kinda dig all the new gadgets and shit the operators are getting the reason people like Siege is becasue its a "Tactical" shooter without the autistic parts of one. It actually feels like a Metal Gear Solid spin off FPS game.

9c10a9 No.14347727


>the reason people like Siege is becasue its a "Tactical" shooter without the autistic parts of one. It actually feels like a Metal Gear Solid spin off FPS game.

m8 that is the problem.

c71680 No.14347750


Maybe you gotta face the facts and sometimes people do not like their characters wrists getting broken after firing a single shot or running out of breath after a slight jog.

9c10a9 No.14347757


Faggot, there is a difference between being not clunky and adding in bullshit scifi crap that is also overpowered.

3489bb No.14348116


Won't really matter since they'll all be rushing you still. And since Ash rushes are a thing, it wouldn't be surprising that the round ends before Lesion gets more than 3-4 mines out. Hardly enough.

9da6cc No.14348322


I think the best way to balance out Finka would be to make the buffs only apply when you're overhealed. It means that you should really only use it when charging in for a breach and the healing as a secondary reason. Honestly, it really shouldn't be fucking global but considering they obviously don't want to model any more shit I doubt we're going to get anything interesting.

9da6cc No.14348328


To add onto this, these two look far less cancerous than the cancer that is Ela and Dokkidokki.

9c10a9 No.14348345



Ela's gadget honestly isn't that bad. She only has three now and they are nonlethal so you have to babysit them to get a kill, which no ela has the patience for. It is and was her gun which just rapes. Dokki's gadget is also not too crazy as the phone ringing isn't debilitating and neither is the camera hack. I'd say Zofia is really more comparable in bullshit, being able to get up and also being a straight upgrade to ash in every way.

As for balancing it, maybe take away either the recoil buff or the revive. Having both seems like it will just make you a killing machine.

0ce120 No.14348444


Ela's gadget not being too big a deal is something I agree with. Her stupid speed and gun are why people complain about her, and Ubisoft is finally nerfing her because they noticed in the data what all their players were saying: she's overpowered. The data shows she's had the consistently highest pick rate and win ratio of all the operators since she was released.

>Dokki's gadget is also not too crazy

Now that I disagree with. It's fucking retarded. Let's leave aside the absolutely insulting concept that these top tier operators are amazing military personnel who get easily undermined by carrying around fucking cell phones…that still leaves an ability that 1) can't be countered, 2) presents wallhacks for anyone close enough, 3) gives general direction for anyone far enough away, and 4) allows cameras to be used against the defenders alongside drones. The only counter for it is to kill Doki. When that shit goes off you have to pray someone isn't close enough to see you, and even if they aren't, pray nobody blasts your skull apart while you're trying to turn your phone off. The only real downside Ubisoft gave it in an attempt to "balance" it is that dead operators' phones also make the noise.

Mute should be able to counter it, honestly. He counters anything electronic, her phone hack should not be able to affect anyone within range of a jammer when Doki tries her bullshit.

75a31b No.14348453


Mutes jammers do stop the phone from ringing if you are close enought.

9c10a9 No.14348455


Her phone gadget really isn't that helpful and can be played against her quite easy. If you know you've been found out you can relocate or watch where they're gonna come for you from and shoot them as soon as they come. The camera hack is often ineffectual as it just makes both sides hate the cams so both teams shoot them out, since defenders can still use cams when hacked.

I do agree with mute however. I also think vigil's ability should just be a straight up jammer on his back and also stop things like hacks.

0ce120 No.14348471


are you totally sure about that m80? I'm pretty sure I've tried once or twice and it didn't work, but then again it was hard to tell in the middle of a hectic round


>watch where they're gonna come for you from and shoot them as soon as they come

in any other game I would agree with you, but I have seen more ridiculous latency bullshit that seems to favor the person on the move than any other game. When I asked about this back when i got the game lots of people told me about "peeker's advantage." If they know where you are and you're sitting still, even with a fantastic reaction time, the odds are against you. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a quick glance of someone's arm coming through a door and died instantly, and then their killcam shows they walked through the doorway and saw me crouched there for like a full second before lighting me up.

9c10a9 No.14348494


You don't stay stock still my man. There have been so many times as an attacker I've been hit by a gu, ela mine, yokai, etc. and just hid and watched the nearest door, then lit up whoever came to try and finish me off. It works the same way dokki, and jackal too.

75a31b No.14348543


Well I have not seen it in Ranked but it does work in casual that I know. And first I thougt it only worked for mute but its anyone that is close enought to a jammer dont get there phones activated. But I was a bit confused at fist when I suddenly got 3 jamming bonuses at the same time out of nowhere.

5f3b75 No.14348552


that might be a bit too much, I feel that the range is pretty good but he might need faster deploy time or an extra jammer to help how much work mute had to put in now


I don't think lion and finka will be as bad as they sound, its just these gadget concepts are really weak that bothers me. the only have 2 unique weapons between them too which is pretty gary


> but how often do you actually get hit by smoke?

I play smoke a lot and his gas is less about killing and more about area denial. If you're down to the last minute on something like secure obj, smoke can hold down indefinitely if he still has all 3 bombs

9c10a9 No.14348561


>its just these gadget concepts are really weak that bothers me.

This. We now have three ops whose gadgets are just fire and forget full team things. They all behave in the exact same way.

0ce120 No.14348636



It's not just that, it's lazy and (probably secondary to most people, if they care at all) breaks immersion. This game's world is supposed to be modern day or five years into the future with cool technology that's realistically possible. As time goes on they're getting more and more scifi bullshitty, it breaks immersion at best and it shows Ubishit's stupidity at worst. We have drones, those are believable. We do not have drones that can track movement through walls throughout an entire building from the sky. We do not have fucking nanomachines that can suddenly somehow teleport to everyone who is your ally and magically make them more resilient or temporarily fix your goddamn wounds. We have any number of biological weapons we can throw into a deployable gas canister, and we have wide-frequency jamming devices. Those make sense. We do NOT fucking have "lel gamer grrrrl xD" iPads that automagically "hack" anyone's phone in range and make them ring.

They keep hopping from believable, modern day realistic gadgets to horrendously thought out, stupidly designed and out of place bullshit tech. You could feasibly try to accomplish what Jackal's Eyenox can do, but it would require a lot of time and a lab, not some mystical headset. Need I go on?

9c10a9 No.14348651


Dokki's hack I could excuse as about as realistic as sticky cams or fuze's charges, but nanomachines and wall hacks drones I can't. Jackal's is more of just a way to mechanically implement a cool concept of tracking foot prints. If he couldn't track the way he does it just wouldn't work.

I think one of the major immersion breaking things for me is the uniform designs. Ela's nylon pants, dokki's pants and weird soft armor, even vigil's mask, are all weird and don't look like something the military/swat team would ever fucking wear.

b68dae No.14348693


>be me Caveira

>see through cams that attackers have Finka

>down some inattentive ponce from behind, stay outside of his PoV

>wait for it

>wait for it


>down the guy again before he can get up

>one charge of nanomachines effectively wasted

>optionally wait again for especially newbie Finkas to waste their second charge

>interrogation time

Granted, it's not as easy when you have to deal with multiple attackers, but you were hardly ever going to interrogate someone if there's more than one guy overlooking your target, at that point you kill them instead because it's safer. A Finka in Casual is very likely only going to pop her NANOMACHINES once someone gets downed, and most people die before they get downed.

0ce120 No.14348805


well if we're talking about that stuff, we might as well mention the most glaringly obvious angle of progressive pozz which is the most immersion breaking: stronk independent wymyn who don't need no grunts. I haven't played any of the other Rainbow Six games, but women being in combat units is not realistic; women being in effective combat units even less so; women being just as fast, physically or mentally strong, or accurate as men just fucking false. Then they go and give these women retarded getups you'd never see in CT units. Yeah, sure, Valkyrie is wearing makeup, has tats, and is flexing her tiny bicep, and we should take that shit seriously. Okay.

5f3b75 No.14348829


I wouldn't even necccessarily mind the more sci-fi gadgets if the rest of the game was themed that way. I like the IDEA of sci-fi tacticool but it just feels out of place when year1 and half of year 2 was more feasible in design. I mean for gods sake Frosts gadget is literally just a bear trap and bandits is a car battery

a53443 No.14348832


That didn't bother me for most of the base ops as they kept it pretty toned down and there were only a few. But now as they add waifushit like dokki and two female polish ops it's really starting to get to me.

5f3b75 No.14348840


>alkyrie is wearing makeup, has tats, and is flexing her tiny bicep, and we should take that shit seriously. Okay.

Honestly I let pretty much everyone before Ela slide. Valk is far fetched but they still tried to make her look tough. Ash/frost/twitch/IQ/cav/mira all fit in with their respective unit as well so i never thought much of it. Then fucking Ela and dokke showed up with their goddamn dyed hair and yoga pants

0ce120 No.14348851


right, that's precisely my point. They started putting in gadgets that did not fit into the world they built. They started out will believable modern military tech and they began throwing in advanced scifi nonsense later.

3489bb No.14349821


>Ela's gadget isn't that bad

Compared to some other ones it kinda is.

The mouse sensitivity fucking is terrible. If you're aiming the wrong way before you're hit by it you're fucked. At least with Echo's drone pomf-ing you the ability to aim at attackers isn't completely stopped. Combine Ela's mine with 3 speed bullshit and you better be ready to get raped by anyone waiting nearby. A well organized team can make use of it extremely well.

d63272 No.14349938


Don't forget that once you get used to being drunk you can kill Elas pretty easily since concussion doesn't slow your aim anymore. You're right in that Dokka's gadget isn't insane its more of her weapon setup. Semi auto rifles have always been strong in siege since BB and Buck plus she gets an even better sidearm SMG than echo and the SAS bros.

d63272 No.14349945


But you're fine with Lesion's cargo shorts and a t-shirt?

8a517c No.14349967


I mean, you've had three dudes and a woman in jeans and hoodies since the game came out, so it's really not as offensive to me.

51db3b No.14350000


>we might as well mention the most glaringly obvious angle of progressive pozz

You'd be pretty surprised. Female operators of different nationalities have been there since Rainbow Six 1 and Ghost Recon 1. There were playable black women, chinese women, korean women, israeli women, polish women, swedish women, etc.

It's kind of why it was called Rainbow Six 6, there were six special units from different backgrounds ("Rainbow" means). The games were just unpopular in comparison to Halo and didn't sell well despite them dumbing down the gameplay in each iteration.

SJWs complained about games lacking diversity when there was plenty of legitimately good games with diversity beforehand. They use it as an excuse to market mediocre games that don't deserve a spotlight.

d63272 No.14350034


Its not offensive to me either, I find it hilarious killing people in cargo shorts and a t-shirt, but dyed hair seems pretty small in comparison since it doesn't affect their tactical ability as much.

8a517c No.14350051


I don't really have a problem with dyed hair in the game, but I do have a problem with Dokkaebi's full body gimp suit.

c17914 No.14350379

File: b6d332c4399377e⋯.png (648.94 KB, 639x763, 639:763, ihlb78644.PNG)


They're finally nerfing her so they can bring in the next round of overpowered operators. That's clearly their modus operandi.

> Let's leave aside the absolutely insulting concept that these top tier operators are amazing military personnel who get easily undermined by carrying around fucking cell phones

Well, you'd be surprised.

c71680 No.14350535

Yo this zombie mode actually looks kinda sick

d63272 No.14350569


I'm mostly just hoping this leads to them creating more PvE scenarios

5f3b75 No.14350688

File: e4cc7a96e98fee5⋯.jpg (109.3 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, gsg9.jpg)

File: 5be8448c4149c60⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 800x533, 800:533, german police jeans.jpg)



the GSG-9 operator outfits were based off some real quick-response guys. It wasn't actually GSG-9 but you can find a lot of photos of german special police wearing tacgear over whatever they were wearing at the time. As for Leison i just find him funny and can't find it to dislike his silly shorts

0ce120 No.14350790


Personally i don't mind the jeans and sneakers thing, we're talking about quick response urban teams usually. I mind things that just would be fucking stupid on an operator getting out there for close quarters combat, like Ela's pearlescent hot pants, or Doki wearing a fucking beanie with zero head protection and smiling that stupid smile on her stupid moonface while wearing pigtails, what the fuck or Lesion's cargo shorts (you don't wear baggy clothing). There's also something that bother's me about Cav's design but I can't quite place it. It's like they were trying waaay too hard to make her stereotypically badass. I don't know if I can articulate it better than that, it just gets under my skin.

b68dae No.14350841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2992e0 No.14350877

File: f3378c48b3b52fb⋯.png (48.43 KB, 184x117, 184:117, doc.png)

ah yes, the mask takes off quite a bit of melanin

3489bb No.14350885


I can see they are really embracing the normal fag memes in this one.

0ce120 No.14350910


so did i understand this right that this mode is only available for a limited time or something? Like you can only play it for a couple weeks or whatever and then they're removing it? Or am I thinking of something else, because that sounds dumb to me

d63272 No.14350935


4 weeks, yeah? Honestly I think its to test the waters and see if people like PvE modes. I'd like to see some more indepth terrorist hunt missions that I could play with friends.

5f3b75 No.14351042


wow its l4d which i never liked to start

9c10a9 No.14351045


>There's also something that bother's me about Cav's design but I can't quite place it. It's like they were trying waaay too hard to make her stereotypically badass.

Is it the skull face paint and smug lines she spews after an interrogation?

9f0b16 No.14351106

File: 3d62ee9b793087a⋯.jpg (102.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Where it belongs.jpg)


>that cringey meme and nigger slang ridden narration

They must really want this game to die.

5f3b75 No.14351211


I like cav and capitaos design only because it works with the "concept" of BOPE being the savage deathsquad that they are, but in reality BOPE members just wear regular swat gear

541f56 No.14351276


All their videos have this and it's fucking awful. But surprise surprise plebitt loves it so it gets worse every new video they make.

8a517c No.14351709


>it's clearly visible that they could've done a pretty good singleplayer campaign

>they didn't because they actually didn't feel like it

>it wasn't due to a lack of resources or time

>all of that effort wasted on this garbage

Kill me, Pete, I don't want to go on anymore.

0ce120 No.14351763


i watched the video and nothing much stood out to me outside sounding like a generic E3 presentation narrator guy who sounds lame. Can you give me examples? The only thing I really noticed about shitty cringe was him making a side joke about Lord Tachanka near the end, I didn't hear any nigger slang either

d63272 No.14351788

File: f56f5fe1e9c4b75⋯.jpg (176.82 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, eewjk50.jpg)

5f3b75 No.14351829


maybe i'm out of the loop but i fail to see the nigger slang in it as well, just lame jokes

d63272 No.14351895


I was just trying to say that you fell for the low quality b8 that anon laid out

0ce120 No.14352851



oh, you're saying his post was bait. Seems like pretty weak bait, good bait is meant to piss people off or make them indignant. There was no reason to think he wasn't being serious, and if he wasn't the response is "okay" and a shrug.

9f0b16 No.14353361


>i watched the video and nothing much stood out to me outside sounding like a generic E3 presentation narrator guy who sounds lame. Can you give me examples?

"some grunt is gonna pop off and text all their grunt buddies"

b5071b No.14354434


>"you're gonna have a bad time"

>"text all his grunt buddies"

>"super clutch stim pistol"

It's like i'm listening to a CoD kid from 2012.

896922 No.14354733


>twitch it

>wasting one of the 10 zaps on a shitty mute jammer

896922 No.14354749


>you just don't stay still

Now with lion you do anon

d63272 No.14354760


Why would you not use them to kill batteries or mute jammers? Do you not want to help your thermite or hibana? Since you know no one is playing thatcher or Jaegar.

896922 No.14354769


I could agree with you. In casual I've played a lot with dokki and done the recent 20win challenge and people just don't know when to pop the phone ring….they either start the round and waste it or never use it, I stay behind as if I was a support op and wait for ash to be already inside while glaz is ready in position to snipe and the rest almost inside to ring it once and help them

9c5bb2 No.14354789

File: 947faba0be47160⋯.jpg (55.68 KB, 700x903, 100:129, IMG_9958.JPG)


i mained twitch prenerf and I would clear cam/jammer/bandit/jeager/kapkan and valk cams….now you only have 10 shots which actually have 5 becasue your drone is fucking huge and can't jump therefor will get shot easily. You need to consider if shooting the jammer or bandit it's really worth it? It's better get 40dmg by kap or let them use cams and scan your ass? What if they are doing the bandit trick? Now you have to shoot once or twice on the operator to delay the deploy and allow hibana or thermite to work but now you are down to 3 shots…. but oh! The enemy is camping obj and you need to flush them out of the spot but can't

ubishit said the average zapping of gadget was 1.7 per game or something?

but I agree those are the first thing to go which makes the nerf fucking terrible and I was shitposting

9c5bb2 No.14354792


Why the fuck the first part was under spoiler?

7f206b No.14356031

File: 694690271d693e2⋯.png (38.33 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Maybe dumb question:

Can anyone tell me what type of gun is used in the Siege logo? Is it a glock?

51db3b No.14356519


Looks close to a Beretta 87 Target

6eb8e6 No.14357719

File: 3bdca002fabcda1⋯.jpg (21.09 KB, 422x422, 1:1, 30021148200966060715476147….jpg)

3d50a3 No.14358174

Just wondering, I drop shot alot. Today I got called toxic my team and the opposing team for drop shotting. Am I the bad person here? If so I'll stop. I only ask because in all my time in playing vidya I've never heard a more retarded complaint.

3489bb No.14358431


>Am I the bad person here?

Are you reddit? No, of course not. Ubisoft has been aware of dropshotting for a long time. Even the pros do it. Its a competitive game, you get no points for acting "honorable" by not exploiting everything to your greatest benefit.

d63272 No.14358460


Its part of the game so there isn't anything wrong with it. You are probably just offending CoD fags. People in multiplayer games tend to call anyone they disagree with "toxic" especially when they are losing.

5f3b75 No.14358753


you're gay for doing it but "toxic" doesn't really apply

5f3b75 No.14359111

Anyone try the TTS? I played the last one but it was an absolute shitshow

d63272 No.14359232


Holy fuck is Blitz broken now

5f3b75 No.14359244


how? he was already super strong after his previous buff

d63272 No.14359258


Hes speed 2 now. So with the Finka buff he comes at your team like a freight train.

5f3b75 No.14359279


christ, really making him live up to his name but I wouldn't say he needed a buff at all

1d24f1 No.14360743


This one is on page 12 so i made a new tread


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