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File: 413ed5c33f5249d⋯.jpg (198.65 KB, 888x500, 222:125, slider_image_12_01.jpg)

6d31ef No.14303307

How is there not a thread for this already? I can't be the only one hyped for new SRW finally free of both SEED and 00, and with the original Mazinkaiser returning to boot.

018e1f No.14303393


I made the huge mistake of not buying the limited edition when buying SRW V.

I will definitely buy the limited edition this time.

df1a48 No.14303395


What was in the limited edition of V?


I'm excited for the Belchorika's Children units getting added.

6d31ef No.14303401


The Grungast and Huckebein? Those were just first print copies, regular or limited, same with Masaki and Psybuster this time. The limited only has original sound, which means vocal for most, and the PS1 version of Time To Come for Grun and Hucke, so presumably FC version of Neppu Shippu Psybuster in X.


It's been too long since we had Hi-Nu I hope to god Nightengale is back too

f92997 No.14303466

File: a655bb34f45e2d9⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 360x261, 40:29, mcfucking killing.jpg)


>How is there not a thread for this


90b411 No.14303821

>no SEED and 00

Meaning it's dead now?

6d31ef No.14303854


I can only hope they're dead forever, but then I dared to hope that about Geass too, and that's coming back alongside it's spiritual sequel, so don't get your hopes up for SEED and 00 being dead forever just yet.

501863 No.14303873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Been working through the Z series recently, a bit more than halfway through Z3 1. Already played Rengoku-Hen (Z3 1.5) earlier this year so might skip that and go straight to Tengoku-Hen, but that would mean missing more Crowe and Rand.

Also, what the fuck is Clavia's relationship to Aim? They have the same last name and are both sphere researchers for Sidereal. Is she his wife? Sister? Daughter?

Asakim best waifu, Adobento worst.

a545f4 No.14303888

I made a thread about this when the PV first dropped. OP is slow and stupid and probably going to buy the SEA version

Also the Grungst and Huckebein were just "early gets", instead of mid game you'd get them early on. Same thing will most likely happen with Cybuster

6d31ef No.14303912



I'm so mad I missed out on that, hopefully they rerelease it at some point.


>I made a thread about this when the PV first dropped.

I was there for that thread, I'm just wondering why people aren't still talking about it constantly, especially since it's not like there's any other games coming out in the meantime or after.

>OP is slow and stupid and probably going to buy the SEA version

SEA version?

>Also the Grungst and Huckebein were just "early gets", instead of mid game you'd get them early on. Same thing will most likely happen with Cybuster

Yeah, confirmed to be the same with Masaki.

501863 No.14303914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder if it's OG Masaki. He does fall through universes and into crossovers all the time because of his Stigma.


There's a vpk you can use if your vita is hacked.

6d31ef No.14303918


I may need to find that at some point - my Vita's on current firmware since that's how I played V, but it'd be worth keeping around for when Vita CFW catches up again.

833b01 No.14304126

File: 0c9b89b8e67bf2b⋯.png (81.7 KB, 750x900, 5:6, SRWXO-Shatte_(Swimwear_201….png)

Post your SRW waifu.

4e6c26 No.14304240

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>no Gundam X

>no Xabungle

>no Groizer X

>no Exkaiser

It's V all over again with these missed opportunities. Also you might be happy about no SEED and 00 but watch as Geass and Unicorn replace those. At least Buddy Complex is actually getting a proper debut instead of suffering the same fate as MJP, Dougram and Albegas that is the shitty mobage.

6d31ef No.14304252


>It's V all over again with these missed opportunities.

Preaching to the choir there, I was holding out hope for a V sequel that would go on to Victory story moving forward after Crossbone.

>Also you might be happy about no SEED and 00 but watch as Geass and Unicorn replace those.

Unicorn also got dropped, thank goodness. Geass is complete shit though, you're right.

900f87 No.14304262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>You will never play a SRW game with M+KB

It pains me

6d31ef No.14304270


Honestly, I prefer it that way, I remember playing a Fire Emblem clone on the PC that couldn't use a controller and KB+M is just an awful interface for the genre.

501863 No.14304490


That's pretty much just Alpha Gaiden/Z1 all over again though. This one is a La Gias style realm, so expect shit that will easily slot into OG.

501863 No.14304495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also Baran Doban's theme is awesome, even though he's literally a nigger kike.

0ab357 No.14304501

File: d6f68af75b77363⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1383109040138.jpg)

All I care about is Big O, what games have Big O aside from D.

3cd53b No.14304523


The Z series.

900f87 No.14304581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>TBT game

>KB+M is just an awful interface for the genre

>Having to clunkily navigate menus using a directional pad is not

OP please

501863 No.14304609



Big O is really important in Z. Mostly in 1 and 3 (both parts).

a43d0d No.14304641

File: fef51f3f928c9d7⋯.png (742.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1449383748801.png)

Mecha SRPGs are the best games of all time. But I wish Bamco would die a fiery death.

a545f4 No.14304657


South East Asia

Basically "English" releases are just the ones for like china and whatnot


>Still no Dougram

>Votoms has been in

I can dream.

5cca61 No.14304773

Any of them have Big O AND G Gundam?

d78a33 No.14305395

File: 1592801fd045664⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 480x351, 160:117, Autistic shrieking.gif)

>No Getter Robo

284243 No.14306056

How bad is the engrish version of V

df1a48 No.14306242


It's good, a few odd misspellings here and there.

7efc0c No.14306249

>Rayearth was never allowed into SRW


>No Super Mahou Shoujo Wars (SMSW) series with tons of titles and OGs

why live?

6d31ef No.14306269



How? It's literally just "push up and down on the D Pad" what on Earth is clunky about that?


Oh that crap. Nah, like everyone else on /v/, I play games in original language.


No ;_;

a545f4 No.14307302


Most people on /v/ seem to scramble for any type of EN release as so long as it's not (((localized)))

I have a vita and I've got basically just GB3 and V for it though I might get a PS4 for G breaker 4

6d31ef No.14307976


>Most people on /v/ seem to scramble for any type of EN release as so long as it's not (((localized)))

I think for a lot of actual /v/ users it's a holdover, someone did a poll that found that over 70% of /v/ was at some stage of learning Japanese, and when you factor in how much of /v/ nowadays is shitposting Goons and shills for the (((Western industry))) it paints a pretty clear picture of how disillusioned with English versions of Japanese games the dedicated gamer is. For my part, playing anything translated is pretty cringe-inducing at this point because I can tell when they're making shit up since it's stuff that there's no way was in the original.

a545f4 No.14310146

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



4d5f66 No.14310279

G-reco is going to be the real treat of the game.

900f87 No.14310397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm not saying it's clunky

Just clunkier than a M+KB which would make the movement of units and equipment phase lightning fast.

501863 No.14310433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Better version.

0ebffd No.14310496


I fell like they are probably waiting on Devloution to finish since Armageddon is getting milked to death.

837e83 No.14310529


They could easily have used New. It was only used for Neo and it fits with the fantasy theme.

I think they are mostly recycling the roster of the last game because Nadia and Wataru were a giant pain in the ass to get

ad1f79 No.14310544

File: ef720a5f841876c⋯.jpg (145.14 KB, 1055x1054, 1055:1054, ef720a5f841876c0d18cd5f409….jpg)


>I think for a lot of actual /v/ users it's a holdover, someone did a poll that found that over 70% of /v/ was at some stage of learning Japanese, and when you factor in how much of /v/ nowadays is shitposting Goons and shills for the (((Western industry))) it paints a pretty clear picture of how disillusioned with English versions of

Oh you're that faggot. The one who saw a shitty poal.me with the tiniest fraction of the userbase, something like at the ~110 when /v/ at it's peak and decided every option that wasn't just the "i know it already" option was goons, redditors, and shills. Yeah, ok.

4764c4 No.14310717


How are these games? I like the idea of building custom suits, but the gameplay looked kind of slow.

a43d0d No.14310808


Pretty fun for a button masher but it gets repetitive and in 3 at least the levels tend to drag on the further you get. The customization is pretty great though, tons of little things to bolt onto your suits.

80e682 No.14310816

Yeah OP that game seems cool and all but


72d7f2 No.14311104

File: 1df6f1ba1021637⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, 200:103, GetALoadOfThisFaggot.gif)


>boards I post in is a hivemind cause everybody who disagrees with me isn't a real human bean

If even a fraction of /m/ fags could read moon runes then Super Robot Wars would be talked about more because only a fraction of those games are properly translated.

501863 No.14312054

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5365b4 No.14312065


Is this an actual screenshot from the game? Why does it look like a PSP title?

6d31ef No.14312111

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What engine did the old ones run on and why did they downgrade to Unreal?


That's not how you spell Wataru


Gonna have to disagree, I find KB+M far clunkier than the control scheme the games uses.

a545f4 No.14312150


This, 2 and 3 were vasts improvements over 1 in customization and 3 let you slap abilities onto parts meaning you could have a stock Zaku II with an I field and a Trans am


I forget, but it was for those games IIRC

4d5f66 No.14312164


Its made for the vita as well so yes.

6d31ef No.14312289


>I forget, but it was for those games IIRC

So they went from a custom engine to a generic Doomclone engine? That's unfortunate. Hopefully it's still good.


More accurately, it's made for the Vita primarily with a PS4 port in all likelihood.

80e682 No.14312375

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



it's no Endless Saga

a545f4 No.14312385


It's made as mecha fanservice first.

The early plot of Alpha Gaiden is literally

"Marimeia army tries to use nukes to strong arm the Titans into giving up the Macross but it falls through when the Preventers arrive but everything gets fucked when a big bad shows upo and the heros are thrown into a possible future that worries Char so hard he wants to drop axis on the earth to kill the ancestors

501863 No.14313386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And then Shu shows up because fuck you.

a545f4 No.14315847


Honestly that's the best way of describing the final boss of the hard route.

It's just "I'm here because fuck you"

Alpha Gaiden had a nice story

b5a639 No.14315991


Fuck X-Omega…when you have FUCKING IDOLMASTER in an SRW before the Brave Series, before Red Baron, before Govarion, before Mospeada, before Mellowlink and Dougram and before Dairugger XV..you're priority is skewed.


>No Getter (so no FDS)

>Probably no Grey Stoke and the Gump

>No Gun X Sword

Yeahh..still, no SHIT, no SHIT Destiny and no Gundam "We swear this is not Gundam Wing" 00 is still OK in my book

c18dd3 No.14315994

wtf but I like Gundam 00

Am I wrong?

b5a639 No.14315997


Bah..fuck Devolution. Made by the same chucklefucks who turned Ultraman into a guy in power armor instead of a 50 foot giant. First chapter? Ryoma Nagare made into those loner edgelords you see in modern anime.

a545f4 No.14315998



yes you are, now fuck off


Devolution is made by the guy who made linebarrels of Iron, a ok series but Devolution just doesn't work. Almost as bad as darkness which has literal /ss/ in it

b5a639 No.14316002


Doesn't work is right. When you fuck up Ryoma Nagare (even the watered down 70's anime made him ballsy as fuck, scared of high dives? Bungee jump of a rope bridge to simulate the dive so he can be rid of that fear), you just fuck up big time.

a545f4 No.14316007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's weird but I like toei and manga Ryouma better than the CHANGE! GETTER! version (Which is actually another character and Imagawa being Imagawa).

Reminder no matter what Musashi is a true hero

b5a639 No.14316019


And by the by, same guy who made Linebarrel of Iron also fucked up Ultraman. Turning a Space Opera Kaiju battle series…into some street level adventures. Because when I think Ultraman, I fucking think discount Kamen Rider.

b5a639 No.14316020


He is our hero…and you see Gainax? That's how you do a death scene.

a545f4 No.14316040


Never realy sat down to watch ultraman or any tokusatsu outside Zyuranger because it was bastardized to make MMPR which I remember seeing as a kid

3f1a65 No.14316069


S1 was great, S2 was a worse Zeta, and the movie had problems, but it also had the best beam spam in the series. A lot of people like Endless Waltz when it was basically a worse Trailblazer.

3f1a65 No.14316075


Man, if only the rest of Shin Getter could keep that level of quality. Also, New Getter in SRW when? It'd fit great with X too, what with that whole time travel thing.

5c0299 No.14316153


>not in english

6d31ef No.14316160


>A lot of people like Endless Waltz when it was basically a worse Trailblazer.

Man, you must really have a hateboner for EW if you think Trailblazer was better.


>Playing games in anything but their original language

Haven't you learned anything yet?

900f87 No.14316295

File: dcb968d39d7893f⋯.png (16.29 KB, 141x364, 141:364, Meluamelnameia.png)

File: 0115f60f4b2f5f9⋯.png (119.1 KB, 250x457, 250:457, Melua.png)

File: 9c9a12dc5f28ca4⋯.jpg (138.22 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Melua.jpg)

File: c454c834e11243a⋯.jpg (140.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Melua chocolate.jpg)


The purest and cutest


>I find KB+M far clunkier than the control scheme the games uses.


a545f4 No.14316336

What we really need is V gundam back in a SRW title

3f1a65 No.14316984


I agree, she even has the coolest Infinity Calibur.


They both follow essentially the same plot, but Wing has the problem of featuring Relena in the leading spot, whereas Trailblazer relegated Saji and Mareena to cameos. They both have nice animation and non-sensical plots, so it's a close race either way, it just depends on the characters, which I prefer in 00.

837e83 No.14317116


>non-sensical plots

Yeah but Trailblazer wasted the aliens

and Endless Walts had better designs

501863 No.14317315




00 has sillier names, though. I'll never get over Reconquista in G though, the president of Ameria is named


25e196 No.14317548


Could be worse…could be Natora Einus. Yes, there was a Captain Einus.

25e196 No.14317561


Or Neo Getter…I mean, who wants to see Shin vs Neo version of Texas Mack and its pilots broken Japanese…we all do!

6d31ef No.14318003



It's much faster to select units by using L and R to cycle quickly through them than to move the mouse around physically, same with a simple tap of the D Pad to move through menus.




Relena at least grows throughout the series and becomes a respectable character by EW, whereas Marina never really fucking does anything ever. As for the characters, opposite here, the only likable characters in 00 for me were both dead before Trailblazer.


This so hard.



a545f4 No.14318044



4600e9 No.14318134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8d479e No.14320318

Wait..do we get to see X's OG unit? Or Masou Kishin's the OG rep for this?

018e1f No.14320452


I like the plot and the music in these games so I want to play the English limited version.

I am a bit bummed that EVA and Getter is not in SRW X, but I am a huge Mazinger Z fan and I am excited to have a lot of it in this one. I hope they have a lot more story for Mazinger Z this time.

d79763 No.14320467


3 on SNES/SFC had mouse support. I'd say it gives mixed results

501863 No.14322134

File: ec6713d7017f903⋯.png (37.74 KB, 209x140, 209:140, special present.png)

File: fc2f43dedb0637a⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 480x272, 30:17, nothing wrong.jpg)

File: 1506e9a16fa828d⋯.jpg (100.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kaiser Reinharto.jpg)

File: 2a8061b2be2136e⋯.png (109.13 KB, 228x220, 57:55, space hobo.png)

Why are all the Z villains except Adobento so fucking good?

4651bd No.14322471

File: 03ab45435eae79b⋯.png (492.37 KB, 1651x1296, 1651:1296, 003_(2).png)


I'd rather get a proper Getter Go before Neo. Tell me you don't want to see these guys in an SRW. Just try.

4651bd No.14322560

File: 0e1e06bb88b8b99⋯.png (221.67 KB, 799x913, 799:913, Beetle_T23.png)


And who could forget the best robot, Beetle T23?

6d31ef No.14322893


Probably going to be a new OG, hasn't been announced yet I think


I mean, if you don't know Japanese yet, it's better than nothing I suppose, but the sooner you get on learning it the better, because there's no such thing as a good translation.


Gaiou was the absolute best and I'm still pissed that Black Charisma gets a pass and is forced onto your team throughout Z2 and Z3

25e196 No.14323269


If we are going to do a proper Gou, I think we're going to need the Manga Getter team too. Though do we have to do the ending where Shin Getter terraform Mars and we lost Ryoma and Gou forever?

a545f4 No.14323280


Play Getter Robo Daikessen!

25e196 No.14323290


I haven't played Getter Robo Daikessen yet..but ain't the Beetle T23 is a playable unit in that game?

25e196 No.14323373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You know…we could have the anime version of Getter Robo Go (the anime came first before the manga, yeah, same year but the anime was aired in February of 91) I mean, the anime isn't that bad (if anyone complained about not following the manga, every single Getter anime doesn't follow the manga) so why not have them instead of the Armageddon cast for once? Besides, this looks pretty good.

a545f4 No.14323538

4651bd No.14323586

File: 65deb277daccf24⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, ROBOFORMERS.jpg)

File: 62542538cab74f5⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2322x4128, 9:16, so many stars.jpg)

File: 8d938c28e261f43⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2322x4128, 9:16, evil empire.jpg)


Speaking of Getter Robo anime, look what I managed to find in my old stuff. I got these as a small kid at Wal-mart, well before I even knew what anime was. I don't remember at all what the dub quality was like, and I have no VCR to play these on, anymore.

4651bd No.14323591


Oh, and imagine my surprise when I see Getter Robo G for the first time and realized I had seen that robot before.

25e196 No.14323618


I know that the US got Getter Robo G as Starvengers as part of the Force Five and Shogun Warriors deal..didn't know about Roboformers. Though really, Evil Empire is pretty generic given that they were called the Thousand Demon Empire. At least the got the Darius Empire right.

4651bd No.14323629


"Demon" was probably a no-no word.

25e196 No.14323638


At least give it a unique name. Evil Empire sounds generic as hell.

4651bd No.14323640


You're asking this of the guys who put "star" in every single episode title of theirs.

25e196 No.14323645


Yes..he couldn't just slap star into the baddie group name? You know Evil Star Empire..or Starevil Empire?

4651bd No.14323661


That last one just looks like Stareville Empire.

4651bd No.14323673


Now that I think about it, how the fuck did I end up getting the two named "Star Attack" and "Star Defense"?

25e196 No.14323684


>Stareville Empire

At least it's something over Evil Empire. I mean, I dunno, the US can come up with cool villain names…yet sometimes we get duds like this.


Actually, Star Attack is the last of the Robo Formers series…and the only one that is a redub of Gaiking. The rest are all redubs of Starvengers..which is a redub of Getter Robo G.

501863 No.14324081


That's not the same Black Charisma, Z1's is Ji Edel, there is no Black Charisma in Z2, and Z3's is Suzune, who only trolls using the term.

6d31ef No.14326092


I know that's their excuse, but I don't buy it, and it's bullshit he gets to be a good guy, but people who really did nothing wrong like Schwartz and Gym just are forced to be the bad guys and if you want to get technical, Elgan Rodick was ADW's, since he was Ji Edel's ADW-self.

b63cf0 No.14329209


Yeah, how are they going to explain a series that is set in the far future of UC…with other UC series?

b63cf0 No.14329221


When was the last time we Beltochika's Children units in an SRW? Alpha 2?

501863 No.14329247


It takes place in a parallel world the licensed series get teleported to ala La Gias.


But Elgan never uses the name Black Charisma, his alter ego is Boatman. Obviously Ji runs around in his Charisma mask and h Suzune uses it as a screen name in the beginning of Z3 as an extremely obvious foreshadowing of her real identity.

Gym was treated as a minor pest until the tried to destroy the universe (Tree of Life), but he apparently survived that to come back in the special disc so that's okay. Schwartz was manipulating the negative aspects of the Origin Law to attack people and thus had to be put down.

However, the various Ji Edels were proactively working to get out of the Greater Singularity caused by Sol and is hilarious, so I can't stay mad at him.

501863 No.14329252


And to be fair they've already done that a bunch of times, Alpha Gaiden and Z have Turn A and Zeta/ZZ/Victory, I believe, and Z has all Turn A the way up to Unicorn (which happens at the same time as fucking Char's counter attack). In both cases they get around it via timeline or dimensional nonsense.

b63cf0 No.14329274


Yeah but at least Turn A in Alpha Gaiden is Time Travel and in Alpha Zanscare and the Crossbone Vanguards are part of the Jupiter Empire.

492757 No.14340704


Yeah, anime Getter Robo Go gets a lot of hate for some reason.

501863 No.14341728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bumpin w swank newtype music

a545f4 No.14341743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Implying this isn't better

If you haven't watched Vifam do so If you're a faggot and don't 3want to torrent, the entire show is on jewtube with no edits or audio alterations, it's just an upload of the existing subbed version

492757 No.14341763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


80's mecha always have good music, do they?

a545f4 No.14341941

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a545f4 No.14341943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm glad Galient got into a SRW game finally with BX

501863 No.14341978


That's my nigga.

492757 No.14341994

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Do you remember….that old lullaby?

a545f4 No.14341998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4764c4 No.14342002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



These are some top tier openings, but there's really no beating this one.

492757 No.14342008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

492757 No.14342018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

501863 No.14342023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There is one, the greatest op of them all. That is of course GODMARS

a545f4 No.14342024

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

492757 No.14342029


They blow all the budget in the intro…

492757 No.14342054

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Like to refute you on that…

501863 No.14342155


They blew all the budget on the 1st quarter of the intro which is why it repeats animations like six times.

492757 No.14342164


And that's why Godmars Doesn't Move

6d31ef No.14342471

>All this love for Machine Robo, Orguss, J9, Layzner, Godmars, and Galient

SRW threads are always the best threads on /v/

492757 No.14342474


It always is.

492757 No.14342581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If this was in an SRW..hope it's with G Gundam.

677577 No.14342604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I had never heard of the brave express prior to V and now I want to see them return for more SRW games.

Also Kamen Kamen is welcome in any SRW so long as he brings that sweet fucking tune with him.

492757 No.14342617

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He can be annoying though in Alpha Gaiden..but he did something good in that game too. He killed Dekim Barton. Also, you should take a gander at the Brave series in general.

018e1f No.14343590


You are right. I am currently learning Japanese, but it will be a while until I can play a game in Japanese. These English versions will have to do until then.

a545f4 No.14343881


>Not playing a game and understanding what you know and piecing together what the characters might be saying from that


3f1a65 No.14347938


J Decker is cool, just please get rid of Might Gaine. Wouldn't mind an HD Gao Gai Gar, but it's had a few turns so far. Maybe do a double feature.

3f1a65 No.14347949


That's how I played W, and while it was fun trying to sort out all the plot twists from smatterings of characters I could understand coming out of character portraits I didn't recognize, it wasn't very coherent. Let's just say I didn't learn much about GoLion from that playthrough.

492757 No.14347952


Why get rid of Might Gaine?

3f1a65 No.14347984


Mainly because it has 4 units to play with, and you can't freely combine and decombine like you could with Hyoryu/Enryu/Volfogg,etc. The few units we do get only get like, 3 attacks. Guard Diver gets what, 2? It's sad.

That, and if it stays they'll just reuse it without putting in new Braves. I want J Decker and Dagwon.

492757 No.14348023


If it's J-Decker..you could get Deckard and J-Decker, Gun Max, Build Team (MacCrane, Dumpson and Power Joe with Drill Boy joining later) Shadow Maru and Duke Fire. 9 units in total…not counting Build Tiger (all the Build Team combined) and Fire J-Decker (J-Decker, Duke Fire and Gun Max combined) and if they would allow it, maybe able to save Kagero.

6d31ef No.14348026


That's just a trend they've been going with in general lately. The Ryuus couldn't decombine or recombine in BX, for instance, with Genryuujin and Gouryuujin being limited to a single combo attack rather than full separate forms. That said, I do want J-Decker and Fighbird in quite badly, but I would much rather they make space by dropping Geass or Ange than Might Gaine or GGG.


>Save Kagerou

PLEASE YES and hey, they let us save Black Gaine, you never know

492757 No.14348048


Yeah, Fighbird would've fit well in an SRW..been watching 13 episodes in and I can see some interaction with Dr. Jango with other villains..like him hijacking the Nobel Prize ceremony…only to realize that other mad scientist Super Robot villains are doing the same or the episode where he had the Draias goons drill underground to start volcanic eruptions could be the thing that woken up Dragonsaurus.

a545f4 No.14350572

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Someone mentioned Dagwon

Good shit, covers a bunch of braves songs gonna post a few

a545f4 No.14350574

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a545f4 No.14350578

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a545f4 No.14350582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a545f4 No.14350606

and the Might Gaine song is blocked in the states


900f87 No.14350668

File: c2e62c230f53e7f⋯.png (196.69 KB, 535x479, 535:479, Come on now.png)


>It's much faster to select units by using L and R to cycle quickly through them than to move the mouse around physically

Next you'll tell me the action menu when you choose a unit is much easier to browse from top to bottom instead of directly clicking on the action.

a545f4 No.14351124


>Having ADHD

Either play or fuck off back to reddit

501863 No.14351142

File: 4c571d6cd181985⋯.png (755.49 KB, 969x990, 323:330, autism.png)




>there are people who don't move their back line first

>there are people who don't ace Zechs first for his sweet party wide 1st turn accel.

a545f4 No.14351620


Z2 and 3 felt too easy I gave up with Z3.1

768b0b No.14351752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yeah OP that game seems cool and all but it doesn't have the


501863 No.14351783


The problem with Z2 is that you can buy continuous action as a pilot skill (at 120+, get an extra turn once per turn if you make a kill) while still giving you Zeal and Enable, meaning you can get a ridiculous amount of turns at endgame. Z3 tried to balance that by giving everyone the ability to take as many turns as they wanted as long as they had two combo stars, not realizing that it's insanely easy to achieve that in a single action, while still having Zeal and Enable. Long story short: Kei can solo the entire game easily, clearing every map in one or two turns.

a545f4 No.14351853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


OG is shit


3f1a65 No.14351861


>OG is shit

>posts an OG

a545f4 No.14351954


>Being upset

Even if it is OG still better than the OG series and knowing Mazinkaiser's origins it'll get an animated adaptation and evolve from there

501863 No.14351966


OG's decent but the early games severely lacked unit variety.

f0d2a2 No.14352702


I still call bullshit on Shorouga or Supreme Z being powerful than the Emperor.

501863 No.14352726


It explicitly is, considering we see the Getter Armada inside the Z singularity.

6d31ef No.14353470


It is.


Zechs' Ace in Z3 was broken as hell, and even if he doesn't get it again in X, there's a new skill you can give pilots that starts them on a map with Kasoku, Fukutsu, and Totsugeki.


>Long story short: Kei can solo the entire game easily, clearing every map in one or two turns.

This. I played normally the first time, then on playthrough 2 fucked around by letting Kei rape everything.

a545f4 No.14353561


Thats because outside the supers there were so little.

I'm glad Huckebein and Grungst got into SRW V

f0d2a2 No.14353991


Little is right. Nowadays there's a lot of focus on reals for the OG mechs.

6d31ef No.14354036


It's really tragic, especially when you consider how much better their Supers are, like Rushbird and Falsaber.

f0d2a2 No.14354069


Or the Valcazard

3f1a65 No.14354081


Nah, man, Valguard is the realest nigga in that game.

f0d2a2 No.14354132


How so?

3f1a65 No.14354149


He's got the coolest dynamic kill with that big punchy attack he does as his finisher. I like Valcazard and all, but a bow isn't quite as cool.

f0d2a2 No.14354209


But it's a bow that turns into a sword…and the Valcazard can split into 6 or 7 different version of itself.

3f1a65 No.14354222


We never get to see it's other weapons tho, I just can't wait till we can see it flex it's muscles in OG.

f0d2a2 No.14354249


Just…just don't nerf'em in OG is all I'm saying…and Mist Rex stays the hell away from OG.

6d31ef No.14354317


OGverse version of Break The World happens because of Mist's immense and unstoppable hatred of the Earth

f0d2a2 No.14354364


Please tell me it's a joke…

6d31ef No.14354511


I was joking, but I could see it happening.Alternatively, Mist in one universe DOES destroy the Earth, and that sin casts him into the Infinite Prison to eventually become Asakim Douwin.

3f1a65 No.14354602


Asakim can't be anyone but Masaki. Aside from the fact that he is piloting a black Cybuster, and his name being an anagram, the hints they keep dropping about Cybuster running on negative nen now that it's spirit is gone, and how it will be VERY BAD should the negative nen build up in it, which Shu is very coy about the details on, really seal the deal.

501863 No.14355376


>saying this after Granteed: the movie the game


Well remember that Asakim is a reconstruction of Shoruga's original pilot. I have no idea how break the world will work in OG though. Only idea I have is that it'll probably start with the Granzon's gravity engine getting smashed somehow.

6773ab No.14356237

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Guys..guys..the new trailer just dropped


501863 No.14356409


If Zechs and Lelouche keep their ace bonuses from Z3 they'll be top tier again.

The OG mech is pretty sweet. It looks like Demonbane. Also, it has a familiar that will probably bully/marry Chika, which also points to Al Warth being related to La Gias, besides the obvious Masaki.

6773ab No.14356432


Yeah, it looked like a mix between a Nagano mech (the head screams L-Gaim to me for some reason), Zeorymer and Demonbane.

a545f4 No.14356513



6d31ef No.14356544


Zelguard looks promising, it's been too long since we had a magical OG. The Original humans are ugly as shit though, they look like 00 characters. Hopes looks pretty good though.

Trick Attack looks useful, and makes me even sadder that X doesn't have Gundam X.

Looks like they took out the super critical Boost from the Customize. A shame, but it was kind of broken, especially with Smash Hit.

Oh shit, Tekkamen and Glemy. Really getting curious to see how the UC plot's going to play out now.


I forgot how hot Nadia is

501863 No.14357631

File: 62aefa99a016226⋯.png (42.94 KB, 204x100, 51:25, mecha for ants.png)

Oh cool, for the two seconds the Geminion Rai isn't imprinted to Hibiki, it uses the the face of Black Charisma's Lemures.

3f1a65 No.14357653



4d5f66 No.14358003


As the one person in the entire world who likes G-reco. I can't wait to play with the units.

6d31ef No.14358012


The F91 villain, literally translates to Iron Mask.

9d0e5a No.14358677

File: 3a5ae9b1690b5c4⋯.png (289.27 KB, 633x654, 211:218, SRWXO-Ayame_(PP).png)

File: 0a04ba1bc8fadeb⋯.png (261.65 KB, 574x706, 287:353, SRWXO-Catalina_(PP).png)

File: a0bccebfc3918ec⋯.png (154.94 KB, 340x280, 17:14, SRWXO-Kun2.png)

File: 43937781fe3aacc⋯.png (265.88 KB, 750x424, 375:212, SRWXO-Olive_(PP).png)


I guess if you make a mobile game for iOS and Android from a much enjoyed series you gotta do something to make it sell, right?

Just like any getcha game, you gotta make it lewd

6d0788 No.14358696


>Glemy Toto

>Forever Alone Tier

>Every Time ;_;

0191b3 No.14358727


Man..too bad we don't have Dr. Hell in this one. You can imagine the hilarity of him calling his army the Iron Mask…while Iron Mask is there.

6d31ef No.14358736


Shin Mazinger's in, though we don't know how much of that story's getting in.

501863 No.14358843


He fucked Marida when she was a loli

4764c4 No.14358866


I normally don't care much about the OGs, but Zelguard actually looks pretty good. It doesn't really resemble it, but all the straight lines make me think of the Shaft from Geneshaft.

Shame the OG characters are kind of underwhelming, though the girl's cute enough.

a545f4 No.14359065

File: 879b0d5d542ac42⋯.gif (869.54 KB, 360x272, 45:34, 1466660938335.gif)


>You will never take in a puru and give her a loving home and raise her into a proper young lady

I liked Alpha Gaiden's ending where Judau is about to run off to Jupiter because now he has essentially 3 sisters to feed then suddenly Banjou just drops him a suitcase full of gold bars for a "thanks for helping with project aegis" payment

a42607 No.14361489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How's this? Not blocked on mine but doesn't sound as cool as the original, honestly.

a42607 No.14361496

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


As a bonus, here's the orchestral version of Arashi no Yuusha

72ea99 No.14361979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Posting a fake mazinger


0e39f8 No.14371048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The last time SRW got creative and for some damn reason, SRW never made something like PoD Gai ever again…well, OK there was Mazin Emperor G, I guess.

3f1a65 No.14371716


Another reason why W is the best SRW.

6d31ef No.14373152


SRW still gets creative you just need to be able to read

c5d4d8 No.14379919


Should have ara Kazumi when they did the timewarp nonsense for Diebuster/Gunbuster crossover.

0071a8 No.14384370

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6d31ef No.14384487


Oh god I didn't even think about the fact that of course IMPACT would have speeches too. Fuck now I really need to play it. Did they ever fix PCSX2 to run it?

0071a8 No.14385339


Honestly….I wish I could play it but my laptop is ass. Can't even play Rumble Roses properly in PCXS2.

1fc517 No.14387572



I'd watch her take a shatte

c5d4d8 No.14393228

Beat Z3-Tengoku-Hen. Obviously Char's personal mecha the Turn A Gundam and the OG's tore shit right up, along with Wing Zero's retarded post move map attack.

What should be next? UX, Coffin of the End or MXP?

169cec No.14394102

c5d4d8 No.14394522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I was leaning that way because I already know the story via OGs, therefore don't need to waste and time translating it and motherfucking Zeorymer.

6d31ef No.14394541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Weep! Wail! And then… die!

10071b No.14397391


Well, Zeorymer and Machine Robo! And a movie accurate (OK, Kouji didn't pilot the Mazinger in the movie) of the Dragonsaurus movie + the FDS.

10071b No.14397418

So…I just found out that Go Nagai also created Jushin Liger and yes, he was in SRW Neo…which begs the question, why isn't Jushin Liger in more games?

a545f4 No.14397453


That's the one I was talking about


dunno, also Jushin Liger was in SRW OE too, but that game was so fucking grindy.

10071b No.14397469


I mean, crossovers with Go Nagai's work in general but yeah, more Jushin Liger in SRW is all I'm asking.

6d31ef No.14405423


I personally think it's a crime that we're getting Geass/Ange again without Revenge of Chronos, the only reason they should be in the game at all is as villains for Rom to refuse to give his name to.

138817 No.14405580


That and Rom Stoll giving them a verbal smackdown

6a24a8 No.14411507

File: f8e73789968bd17⋯.jpg (85.52 KB, 720x480, 3:2, hochew_nougat_sadame.jpg)

*muserus your robot*

25e196 No.14415571




e3b0e8 No.14415600


according to wwwjdic, museru means to choke over or be choked by something

so choking over the robot

25e196 No.14415612


OK…that's a weird thing to say.

6d31ef No.14415766



It's a reference to the lyrics of Votoms' theme song, Honoo so Sadame.

a545f4 No.14415800


Dougram I found a bit better.

also this


Though the source for the rumor is fucking (((resetera)))

25e196 No.14416126


…So, don't believe it?

a545f4 No.14416428


I'd like to believe

but yeah the source is as credible as a drunk hobo

346cc9 No.14416624

File: 463db6c13eecd41⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 675x430, 135:86, むせる.JPG)

Got around to continuing my MX Portable playthrough. I could listen to Rom say


all day.


is that bird voiced by the combat pro?


it's a meme

25e196 No.14416655


What bird? And how far are you in MX?

346cc9 No.14416694

File: 79109ed275d21ec⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 251x414, 251:414, 戦闘のプロ.JPG)


The bird accompanying the SRWX originals.

Chapter 41, right after the attack on Spiral City

fddec9 No.14426104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fddec9 No.14428689


So, I just talk to a buddy who actually knew Japanese…Z was trying to stop the Getter from reaching Emperor form because the Emperor is a major threat. So, no…it's not powerful than the Emperor.

a545f4 No.14432677

File: 77a384bd2470c96⋯.jpg (94.33 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-02-16-205236.jpg)

File: d0f3a9cff814456⋯.jpg (79.95 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-02-16-222457.jpg)


So basically every getter robo villain ever?

Because that's like 98% of the reason every villain after the hyakki Empire wants Getter dead.

Got bored in G Breaker 3 on vita, built a Zaku Half Cannon from MSV and my own personal favorite, the Gelgoog Apex

aa36c7 No.14432698


Yup..Z is every Getter villain since after Emperor is introduced. But consider that a God like Z considered Emperor is a threat…and that's the force that wipes out the universe every 12,000 years? Yeah….that's saying something.

a545f4 No.14432708


and then they realize that Emperor is only ONE possible future for the getter.

aa36c7 No.14432733


Depends on the continuity. Sometimes the Emperor is benevolent, other times, it's a destroyer of universes.

a545f4 No.14432746


Not really, the ONLY time it could be considered benevolent is the non-canon manga where it's a god.

Emperor is a sort of bad end, it's survival theory given form and being wielded by humans or something akin to them. The timeline which births emperor creates a earth that is uninhabitable to human life and people begin to merge with getter machines.

We'll truly never know what the end is though since Ken is dead

aa36c7 No.14432804


It could be benevolent..I mean, in the future, it helped humanity spread across space. Though in that one anthology apparently there are other Getters from alien worlds and it was a plan by the real Emperor that exists outside of the universe to evolve certain races so it can fight God.

c5d4d8 No.14443423

Damn is there any sort of story guide for Masou Kishin F? It's actually not bad, given how unfair Pride of Justice was in order to sell DLC.

095f53 No.14443432

I wanna GaoGaiGar the Gurran Lagann in the face

a545f4 No.14443518


Could you not talk like a retard?

45ea8d No.14443552

I don't even know what the hell is going on.

6b537c No.14445093

File: e8362c4501e40ed⋯.jpg (890.96 KB, 942x1483, 942:1483, IMG_20180110_184940.jpg)

I know y'all already discussed this but





They could do their job properly: all the Getter's guns from the manga would be present (either on the Shin or the Black Getter. You could put Musashi in the latter and make him remind people what heroism and heroic sacrifice are). Shin Getter Robo has a proper planet-slicing Getter Tomahawk, a Getter Beam so hot-blooded that someone could mistake it for Shin Getter's final attack, and a Shine Spark that bashes the target to a dimension where the animated Getter Emperor transforms from his spaceship form and fucks the target's shit up, with his army supporting him a little, all while Emperor's Ryoma would be smug as fuck.

Or you could do a Getter og.


Damn it, I am not talking about a new Daikessen. Bandai couldn't ever do a minimum of reusing a certain single unit from V like it did with some others. You would ever not have to modify Getter Robo Armaggedon's plot for your little fantasy fantasies, Getter Energy explains everything.

c5d4d8 No.14445094


Probably can't afford to HD the Getter sprites yet.

c5d4d8 No.14445102


Imagine trying to fit in this hard.

61cd31 No.14445107


Dino Getter exists.

c5d4d8 No.14445114


>he's still upset

Show me where the mecha touched you anon. Ryusei starting shota?

c5d4d8 No.14445122


Niggers can't into strategy anon.

6d31ef No.14445444



I've been asking that since J.


Less fitting in, more like trying to astroturf. /v/ has always loved SRW, it's always been Goons trying to turn us against it because of their pathological hate for Japan and manliness.

a545f4 No.14446146


When will we get L Gaim back though?

6a3217 No.14448583


Well, we did get L-Gaim in OE..

a545f4 No.14448675


OE is trash though

c5d4d8 No.14448933

File: 549b07e2d266899⋯.png (3.36 KB, 806x48, 403:24, new valkyrie profile subti….png)

Pic related is Japan's assessment of Masaki in MK:F

6a3217 No.14448948


Soooo…a hot blooded lucky bastard?

71f76d No.14457698

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

First scenario of the game, we get to see the new protagonist with his mech.

c5d4d8 No.14460573

Great Battle 1-5 were fan translated and released.

04ea92 No.14462182


They are? YES!

04ea92 No.14462185


OK, I like the music already in this.

6d31ef No.14462668


>Iori's route starts with Wataru

Well, I guess we know whose route to play first then.


Forget translation, is there a move list for 4? It took me forever to figure out Powered's ball transformation, and I'm terrible with fighting game commands so figuring out CompatiKaiser's moveset is a bitch and a half.

c5d4d8 No.14463221


Move list

https://gamefaqs.please use archive.is/snes/571200-the-great-battle-iv/faqs/58827

c5d4d8 No.14465072

File: ef2b3bcd7ca999f⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1240x1060, 62:53, 1.png)

File: 9e9b3855adf84cc⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1238x1082, 619:541, 2.png)

a7c710 No.14472301


Here's hoping that Amari's route would start with Nadia…unless Banpresto fucks up and have her route start with Cross Ange.

052601 No.14472441



>that shit art

Kill yourselves for having such shit taste

c5d4d8 No.14477619

SRW V eng for vita dumped for anyone on 3.65 enso.

d48845 No.14477930


…Looks like I'm grabbing a Vita on April then.

a8919b No.14482998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If they can't get Getter…why not put in Geppy X?

4f8399 No.14483093

File: 331aea04c72a196⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, alrightyou.jpg)

>Megas in Super Robot Wars NEVER EVER

057f0c No.14484804

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alright, lads..this one is with English subtitles.

0372ca No.14485171


>3.65 enso

Holy shit, updating right fucking now

c5d4d8 No.14485179


You actually don't have to, it turns out you can play 3.61+ games on 3.60 as long as they're maidumped from 3.65.

0372ca No.14485189


Oh, that's neat.

c5d4d8 No.14485265


Yeah someone tried it as a joke because people kept asking for 3.60 undertale, and then it actually worked. This is actually great news because it means we'll likely be able to play SRWX (which may be 3.67) on no 3.67 consoles.

9f1921 No.14491585

How are you supposed to play these games? I'm a bit new to SRT (only played both Original Generation games back in school), so the first mission of A already raises some questions.

Is savescumming a given when playing them? Your units seem to get taken out in 4 attacks, so when playing honestly, one miss can mean losing a huge chunk of your earnings to repairs. And from what I remember about OG, extra objectives that the game threw at you could get pretty brutal. Same for later missions, and bosses who could outheal your entire army's worth of damage.

c5d4d8 No.14491745


First rule of SRW is never kill any enemy by focus firing with multiple units on your turn if you don't have to. If you can leave it over to suicide on your units by attacking on your turn, do so. This is generally to get under turn limits for SR points, which unlock hardmodes and secrets in most games.

Second is to focus on damage mitigation. Get your tanks support defend, boost armor of supers and evasion of reals. Use evade and defend, try to have at least one layer of defensive spirits up (one of either guard or iron wall/fortitude/persist, focus or flash/alert) if a unit will face more than two enemies on its own.

Third is to save before attacking a boss because those fuckers tend to run at half to quarter HP, depriving you of the best sources of XP, funds and items. Other than that, just save at the beginning of a stage and keep several seperate files during intermissions (in case you fuck up a secret or something. For those, Akurasu is your best friend.)

A is a bit of a pain in the ass if I recall correctly. If you want to start in an easier place, pick J for the GBA, which is fully translated into English. Alpha Gaiden for PSX is also fully fan translated, but not a good place to start because of its difficulty. The two OGs for the GBA have been translated, as has the most recent OG for the Ps4, Moon Dwellers. The two most recent games, V from last year and the upcoming X both had full english translations on vita/ps4.

c5d4d8 No.14491789


*attacking on their turn

9f1921 No.14491858


What about earlier SRWs? I heard some of the early games didn't even let you grind indefinitely, so you had no choice but to be good at them. And I'm not afraid of a bit of Japanese, even if I can't read it worth shit, so untranslated games aren't much of an issue.

Specifically, isn't 4 supposed to be good? Or is it just because Gespenst first appeared there?

And as for letting enemies die to your counterattacks, does the damage you take become easier to mitigate later? I made it a point to only let enemies bump into my units if it was some irrelevant small fry, like 1200 or something HP units appearing in the middle of OG. Plus, I could control who gets the XP if I killed enemies on my turn, a Fire Emblem habit.

c5d4d8 No.14491881


>I heard some of the early games didn't even let you grind indefinitely

You never actually have to do the game over grinding if you're playing smart. Most players don't know what size categories do and thus get fucked. Or don't check enemy barriers or abilities.

957ebe No.14492169


>And I'm not afraid of a bit of Japanese

You eventually learn to recognize everything you need to play the game and you have Akurasu for when you don't.

>Specifically, isn't 4 supposed to be good? Or is it just because Gespenst first appeared there?

4 was the first SRW that I played and I loved it but that was years ago, if you have played newer SRW you might not enjoy the game that much, I mean you only can get parts if you get your robot to a specific locations and can't skip animations (although they are shorter).

>And as for letting enemies die to your counterattacks, does the damage you take become easier to mitigate later?

Yes, you get more parts that gives you more evasion, shields, armor, hp, etc. You also get more defensive spirits commands, some pilots level up or get more skills.

> I could control who gets the XP if I killed enemies on my turn,

You can get easy XP for a character with Bosses also, but it can mess up some secrets and SR points.

6d31ef No.14492626


>What about earlier SRWs? I heard some of the early games didn't even let you grind indefinitely

I can't think of any SRWs that let you grind, actually. Maybe one of the weird ones like OE did?

>And I'm not afraid of a bit of Japanese, even if I can't read it worth shit, so untranslated games aren't much of an issue.

Good man. Keep practicing, it's worth it.

>Specifically, isn't 4 supposed to be good? Or is it just because Gespenst first appeared there?

I think people tend to prefer the F/F Final remake since it ups the difficulty, but yeah, 4 is highly regarded.

>And as for letting enemies die to your counterattacks, does the damage you take become easier to mitigate later?

Depends on the game, but also keep in mind that supers will often have 底力 (Sokojikara), which especially at higher levels can make them practically invincible when their HP drops. While less reliable for reals, it does boost their evasiveness, and sometimes a real pilot with high levels of Sokojikara can become nigh unhittable when it activates (Votoms' Chirico in the Z subseries in particular is notorious for this, since he has a full 9 levels of it by default)

>Plus, I could control who gets the XP if I killed enemies on my turn, a Fire Emblem habit.

This isn't a bad idea either, especially in games with Ace bonuses where you want to Ace a certain pilot as quickly as possible.

c5d4d8 No.14492636


>I can't think of any SRWs that let you grind, actually. Maybe one of the weird ones like OE did?

If you get a game over and don't restart it will dump you to the start of the stage with your gained XP, funds and sometimes kills. Been that way since PSX era, I believe. Makes you forfeit the SR point in games that have them, though.

6d31ef No.14492653


>If you get a game over and don't restart it will dump you to the start of the stage with your gained XP, funds and sometimes kills. Been that way since PSX era, I believe. Makes you forfeit the SR point in games that have them, though.

Oh right, I keep forgetting that's a thing. Never bothered with it myself.

957ebe No.14492772


You can grind XP with a combination of MAP weapons, resupply and units that can heal. You can also do it in scenarios with infinite reinforcements I guess.

c5d4d8 No.14502738

They are getting really open about how they'll integrate shit into OG. V has dimensional quakes, just like Z and a red, blue and green earth, just like Z.

ae091b No.14503839


And they might include the ACE games in OG because ACE 3 has that alternate universe thing.

c5d4d8 No.14503910


Already canon, ACE3 happens after OG Gaiden but before OG 2nd.

c5d4d8 No.14503911


*2nd OG

6d31ef No.14504098


>V has dimensional quakes

No it didn't. It had shifts across parallel timelines, but those were all the result of either intentional actions like Boson Jumps or other phenomena like Axis Shock.



I think you guys are thinking of ACE:R since that's the one with Masaki and Kyousuke and Ryuusei.

ae091b No.14504210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I mean, should they decide to bring in characters from ACE, ACE 3 kinda give the door open for them. I mean, OG is going to be Banpresto cramming in characters from their other games (that's how we got Guilliam from Hero Senki in SRW after all). Wonder if they're going to bring in characters from Super Tokusatsu Taisen

ae091b No.14504260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's sad that the only way Banpresto can get Giant Robo in SRW is if they use the original Tokusatsu Giant Robo.

09d741 No.14510182


>buy the SEA version

What's wrong with that? Asking for a friend.

c5d4d8 No.14510411


Yes it does, at the end of stage 8 they literally say "It's a massive dimensional quake!" right before Soji and Chitose get split from the Yamato.

fd822a No.14513461


I prefer to buy overpriced sound edition myself. Not sure if SEA version might have some soundtrack cut? Don't think but they don't have option for jew soundtrack edition.

c5d4d8 No.14517561


Also after stage 12 when Tobia gets back, "After that dimensional quake seperated us." It's so they can easily throw it together with Z2/3 in OG. Won't be surprised to see Kali Yuga in there as well, probably as Anti-Spiral's equivalent.

707737 No.14526810

Shame that Zoids appeared in like what? One SRW game? And it's the horrible SRW K. Would love to listen to the theme they used in K again…missed opportunity not to use it in Z or X.

be499e No.14529097


What's bad about K?

a545f4 No.14529182


Behind in content, comes out later. Translation is iffy and sometimes machine like at worse.

c5d4d8 No.14529191


Or just sloppy. "A Super AI will lose to a regular AI!" (the word never is omitted)

4764c4 No.14529351



Still better than most western (((localizations))). It's a decent alternative until you're able to read the original Japanese.

837e83 No.14529477


Mist exists

c5d4d8 No.14529486


Can't wait for that in OG.

bbb69f No.14529706


NO! Mist should never be in OG…ever! I mean, even Japan hates Mist.

c5d4d8 No.14529717


That's exactly why, they'll make him into an exaggeratedly hilarious version of himself.

ce1162 No.14532821


but learning japanese is hard dude

fbc0f9 No.14533737


You are a nigger.

f66b9a No.14534471


See, even this anon think putting Mist in is a stupid idea. Mist should've joined with the characters from SRW 64 and SRW 4…forgotten.

6d31ef No.14535371


>tfw you know Mist and friends will show up in OG at some point because they go out of their way in K to mention how Revlius is supposed to use frames, so it's going to get in so the R Originals can use their tech expertise to make frames for it.

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