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File: c6963555dcd43ca⋯.jpg (271.51 KB, 953x1200, 953:1200, 1517891988307.jpg)

771c4b No.14306096

Which games are you currently playing?

81052b No.14306101


08971c No.14306105

>Linus x


f580c6 No.14306134

Linux has no games. Stay on your Windows™, /v/.

4515b0 No.14306158

Spec Ops The Line. I usually don't like cover based shit but I'm enjoying this game.

4ff4f5 No.14306181

File: 6cbfc4f24c13a48⋯.png (19.63 KB, 139x115, 139:115, pomp la moose.png)

I'm stuck trying to get my internet working on my linux computer.

4515b0 No.14306186


ifconfig, look that up.

08971c No.14306205


>he didn't install gentoo

4ff4f5 No.14306210


I'm at that part in the slackware guide but no dice so far.


Tried to and my computer didn't like it for whatever reason.

f5e62c No.14306218

File: b9cbbc105f5d496⋯.jpg (218.82 KB, 1273x1024, 1273:1024, 1464147431488.jpg)



6fea2a No.14306227



My dubs are free software

5115f9 No.14306404

File: 357547aa24e069a⋯.webm (7.75 MB, 352x262, 176:131, illegal lunix.webm)


Trying to get RenegadeX to work but it kills itself without NET and with it it just goes zombie.

So X3:AP it is.

846924 No.14306416

File: cb97b0f972ff042⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 540x301, 540:301, chewing aoba new game.gif)

Toontown Rewritten.

1caab7 No.14306436



Moero Chronicle

Kamidori Alchemy Meister

And I just downloaded .hack//G.U. Recode

e0cc05 No.14306444

I wonder if it would be possible to set up a doombox with DSL or Tinycore. That is, a computer that can play doom, make levels for doom, utilize SLADE, compose midis, and edit image files.

1caab7 No.14306448


Oh wait…Linux Gaming… I uh…overlooked that. I'm playing all that on Win 8.1

b29814 No.14306484

File: edbc20358588afb⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 300x226, 150:113, 709689435q5246476798708-70….jpg)

Trying to decide between what fork of Ubuntu Xubuntu or Lubuntu or some other derivitave I want and talking myself into making the investment in a new CPU before the new CPU friendly mining comes out and rapes the msrp to death.

Does Ryzen have built in graphics or do you need a dedicated card like the nonAPU chips AMD has?

4767c7 No.14306495


Ryzen is only CPU so you need dedicated graphics card. Raven Ridge APUs should however come very soon. Those will be CPU + GPU.

846924 No.14306498


If I'm not mistaken, MOSTif not all Ryzen CPUs need dedicated cards. All Ryzen 5 CPUs require it, at least.

ebf63e No.14306517

File: 3fff64d4d28c6d0⋯.jpg (181.83 KB, 953x1200, 953:1200, c6963555dcd43cacdb200fcb7f….jpg)


a million hours in MS paint

b29814 No.14306521

File: d9820c72c2b3873⋯.jpg (79.55 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 30298309123.jpg)



Well soon ain't gonna be soon enough, you know with the mining bullshit about to hit cpus again

Thanks for the advice though, I guess I can look into a refurbished/low low end card, even if it's a bottleneck the main issue is a usable system and gpus should at the very drop with the new gimmick in monopoly money printers

f5e62c No.14306543

File: 3b31c90f3d85ef7⋯.jpg (30.71 KB, 352x330, 16:15, Wheres the dong.jpg)

4767c7 No.14306549


>Well soon ain't gonna be soon enough

It's coming out on Feb 12th.

b29814 No.14306552


Yeah but it's january dummy.

65f6f1 No.14306980

>tfw I don't play vidya on my toaster anymore

Anyone got a good list of toaster-certified games? Here's some of my most played shit:

>Binding of Isaac Rebirth


>Crypt of the Necrodancer



>Risk of Rain

>Rogue Legacy





Translators Note: Karakara means thirsty. My nipponese learning is actually paying off.

45d5a9 No.14307003


How do you make Terraria run on Linux?

65f6f1 No.14307357


It's been ported to linux; at least on Steam anyways. I'm sure you can find a linux binary for the game in the share thread. There's also the option of just getting a windows binary and running it through WINE.

7a7318 No.14307366



pretty sure gog released a drm free linux build too

6bf73e No.14307368


You need to kill yourself.

9daffd No.14308301

Parsing through that giant GOG pack looking for stuff. I'm disappointed SWAT 2 doesn't work, even after finding the necessary patch they neglected to include in the torrent. I tried Full Spectrum Warrior but it's really not what I remember, and the FOV's so bad it makes me physically ill. Hopefully the other ones I downloaded will be more up to par.

Other than that, I've been pecking at a couple games that I will binge uncontrollably if I'm not careful: CK2, Dorf Fort, KSP.


>trying to play vidya on Slackware

I'm not saying it's impossible but you really should pick a different distro.

65f6f1 No.14308444




Gentoo is the exact opposite, it's complete freedom, where the user has complete control over his OS and builds what he wants from source.

71e8a3 No.14308480


Trips of truth.

45d5a9 No.14308512

File: 495807f51c1ced1⋯.png (4.45 KB, 574x220, 287:110, Screenshot from 2018-02-11….png)



I didn't know there was a linux binary.

It doesn't work via WINE though..

but for those who are looking for games that work with WINE, pic related runs very, very well.

ebf63e No.14308537

File: 3c796a003dee62c⋯.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1395x1395, 1:1, Slavoj Žižek.jpeg)

>>14308444 (wasted)

>complete freedom

freedom is a lie that enslaves you to your hedonistic pathos. Communism offered "freedom" and it lead to slavery.

ebf63e No.14308552

File: aac731ff5cfaaac⋯.jpg (93.41 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, f9f.jpg)


>true patricians choice

sure :^)

45d5a9 No.14308558


but anon, then it isn't linux gaming ;3

6fea2a No.14308578


>invoking aristocratic terminology to extol the virtues of ancap

What the fuck?

ebf63e No.14308593

File: 127d257598ac78b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DClH8yJVoAA5JIn.jpg)


>being retarded

anon shame on (you). please I don't get into it. I don't want to derail this thread more. I just wanted to make fun of GNUJoo and there no video game system. not debate politics with a mentally retarded lolbert.

d50d7b No.14308624


True anarchocaputalisma would quicly end up with chaos sooner or later that would lead to a new system being enacted. Trying to have capitalism without a governement is one of the stupidest ideas ever thought up but hell if I had the chance to see it I would just to see all the crazy shit that would happen. I do have a sneaking suspicion that it would just be more of the shit we see today with orwellian mass corperations breeding their employees from the ground up with indonctronation, brainwashing and constant propaganda and any smaller companies being absorbed or starved taking away any chance of real competition while a fake charade of competition is played out between the large compagnies as every year fake improvements are show inbetween them as the real meat gets downgraded more and more for mass-production.

d50d7b No.14308648


Ironically the purpose of communism is complete freedom but it fails to take into account what happens when you try and let more than one entity with their own will have that freedom. Trying to put that ideology as a political system might be the largest screw up ever made by man as Marx was too stupid to think that it would be any better than just letting everyone on /b/ 2006 have the ability to delete posts, change the site or even ban people.

Still your observation does show why freedom of data is so good even if it seems communist on the outside. The free flow of information between individuals is much different than a political system that relies on thousands to millions of people.

d50d7b No.14308661


this is a /pol/ thread now

ebf63e No.14308669

File: 46af2891b111f27⋯.jpg (620.35 KB, 758x916, 379:458, 1424893179932.jpg)


Boogie would not be fat ether because of youth training and forced military service.

b6305c No.14309956


Good taste,

Opus Magnum and Shenzhen I/O is on loonix slash gahnoo and is the same dude that did Spacechem/TIS-100

63cec7 No.14310006

a9e5f4 No.14310077


27758c No.14310084

File: 2345bb803253068⋯.jpg (160.11 KB, 780x1200, 13:20, 2345bb80325306895da6e22684….jpg)


I'm playing react but having trouble getting it to work properly. Spent the morning compiling yarn and watching it download 3GB of deps.

b29814 No.14310418

File: f09c5a4b35d352a⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 474x836, 237:418, .jpg)


>Ironically the purpose of communism is complete freedom

communism and all marxian based ideologies are made to cause political unrest to install yourself as an unquestionable leader. It has nothing to do with economic freedom, that's all a lie.

Didn't you play Kirby Super Star?

e0cc05 No.14310426


Communism is a pretty shit way to become the Glorious Leader, because as we see in Russia, you'll inevitably be assassinated and replaced by your assassin.

b29814 No.14310435


Literally every marxian based political entity crumbles in its own decay, because it's not a workable system.

I said it gets you there, it doesn't do any favors for you after you're there since now you actually have to do things instead of lying over and over.

e0cc05 No.14310448


I think we can all agree, Theocracy is the best form of government if you want to be the Supreme Ruler.

b29814 No.14310455


At the very least it's less unstable

e0cc05 No.14310474


That's not important: when you're the Ayatollah/Pope/Dalai Lama/Mormon President, who would kill you? Assassins and those who hire them risk eternal damnation in a Theocracy.

b29814 No.14310482


Beg pardon, considering this from the position of a plebian compared to the ruling group. Mostly because actually running a country doesn't seem like a country something I'd want.

I simply want a peaceful life.

8e20e2 No.14311375


The true patrician's choice is nationalism and anti-counterculture sentiments, all these bullshit meme ideologies that aren't dealing with the main issue are the work of the devil.

d8b0c6 No.14311716

File: cc9bee190c4b7cb⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 519x389, 519:389, 1430103392903.jpg)

>linux thread

>installed gzdoom

>going to post that im having fun

>mfw this thread

d31f94 No.14311723

Starcraft 2 through wine and nothing else!

032a0f No.14311740


I'm having fun playing doom too, Anon.

9daffd No.14311779


>using a liveCD-focused distro to play vidya

>using a rolling release distro to play vidya

>starting this whole political derail

>posting images from Reddit

Go back, faggot.


This is what happens when we don't report this shit as soon as it starts.

667cf6 No.14311813


Add factorio. It's not 100% toaster certified, but it works.

91aca8 No.14311866


>playing games

4ff4f5 No.14311916


How do I know what those are?

65f6f1 No.14312004


Can't get Shenzhen to run; my integrated card doesn't support opengl3. Will try Opus Magnum though.


Will check it out, thanks.

cfa356 No.14312093


I miss AssaultCube.

f33d40 No.14315474


ef515f No.14315942




Can I get a edit that says "Femdom"?

d2d8b9 No.14315985


>I'm not saying it's impossible but you really should pick a different distro.

It's a good distro imo. As the saying goes, "if you learn [distro x], you know [distro x]. If you learn Slackware, you know Linux." Learning on slackware is worth much more than learning other distros and once you've learned it it's a pretty sweet distro. It's also a sweet distro if you're old-school and like DOS.

51a373 No.14316036

Playing everspace. Its been pretty good.

93bc2a No.14316092

I love the fact that you can play DCSS in the terminal doing a one click package install.

55ee03 No.14316522

File: 57d3de3302c2795⋯.jpg (7.1 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 35.jpg)



What are you,Gay?

52939c No.14316728


You gonna do it or not?

212f0f No.14316751


Are you really so shit in image manipulation that you can't do it yourself?

52939c No.14316755


I don't have MS paint on my phone.

212f0f No.14316784


You can't put enough energy to post here on a PC and you want people to work for you? You do it.

5115f9 No.14316860


If learning Linux is your goal you should just give LFS a whirl

950390 No.14316868

File: 1d93e4f4357c8dd⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 800x584, 100:73, 25cfec073bc65e80ad1216734d….jpg)

40f66a No.14316904


What the fuck are you gonna be mining on a CPU?

52939c No.14316911


>I like discriminating against phone users.

You are a homo.

9daffd No.14316951


There's nothing wrong with Slackware. I'm just saying that it's not ideal for people who want a not-Windows to play their games on.


Monero is the only one I can think of where CPU mining is feasible, but it's still more profitable to line up like 8 GPUs instead.

771c4b No.14317153

File: 11d1ec9dc632bd9⋯.jpg (350.19 KB, 1100x1032, 275:258, 1453054380771.jpg)


Tugging your pee-pee to femdom is wrong Anon.

3c1d7c No.14317218


What are you gonna do about it? Stop me?

cd6fb9 No.14317245


>imagine being such a giant cuck that you actually fap to inferior women smashing your balls


039e23 No.14317416

why, I'm emulating windows with gpu passthrough so I can play 10 year old PC games and emulate 20 year old console games.

living the dream.

f92d7d No.14317491

File: d7b5e61b15d0370⋯.png (28.86 KB, 1488x1488, 1:1, mfw_no_face.png)






3c1d7c No.14317499


>inferior women

What did he mean by this?

039e23 No.14317533


there's something distinctly kosher about this image

64f04b No.14317542

File: 465420a73d87c70⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 540x547, 540:547, 4ea8b422c8c923926e645f079d….jpg)


I had (2), actually (3) now.

Step up your posting game faggot.


Have another pepe-spurdo hybrid

28b73d No.14317606

File: bc0b4f95d2c3509⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 960x544, 30:17, bc0b4f95d2c3509b3daae24644….jpg)

anyone here knows how to get aurora4x to work properly on wine? I've wasted about a week trying to do that and i'm starting to get frustated

b29814 No.14317651

File: 1476d83dabe3c16⋯.png (99.77 KB, 212x197, 212:197, 3148d89ffb415ada9a1137c306….png)


If the games you are playing are 10 years old why the fuck aren't you using wine?

Do you have brain problems?

910256 No.14317798


What's the point of this exercise? Is there a secret assault handshake?

f92d7d No.14317821


>Is there a secret assault handshake?

Grip strength actually helps a lot in self defense.

52939c No.14317847


Forearms get stronger.

910256 No.14317880

File: 941da1964bc4026⋯.png (181.98 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1515252325391.png)



I am asking a hypothetical question for a Friend. Let's say my nutcracker was broken, could my friend buy one of those handshake of death devices, get ripped and then crack walnuts with my bare hands?

f92d7d No.14317891


Your hands are probably too soft to focus your strength on the shell enough to break it. You'd probably still have to hit it against something hard. But this is just a guess.

910256 No.14317945

File: 988117cd3082f33⋯.jpg (142.29 KB, 679x631, 679:631, 988117cd3082f33c9e4cd4d30d….jpg)


>Your hands are probably too soft to focus your strength on the shell enough to break it

Wouldn't the user (my friend) get iron hands that are hard as steel after a couple of workouts? They wouldn't put a gorilla on that case just for show. I think i'll have to get my friend to buy one for science to get to the bottom of this. I wish i hadn't misappropriated that nutcracker tho.

f92d7d No.14317978


No matter how tough your hands are, flesh in general is not good at applying pressure.

965655 No.14317992


Your skin and muscle aren't going to be able to apply pressure well enough. If you want to crack nuts with your body, you'll have to use your bones.

It's really autistic but using your elbows or wrists to strike down on the nut when it's on a hard surface would probably be the best way to go about it. You could try hitting your wrists together with the nut in the center as well.

Just make sure you're not using your palms; that's just going to hurt like shit.

965655 No.14317994



Good reference would be how shaolin monks break bricks; just substitute brick with a walnut and figure it out.

910256 No.14318049


I always dreamed about karate-chopping nuts, but i always figured they'd fly all over the room and i'd have scuttle around the carpet to collect all the little pieces and god help me if i miss one. One false step and it'd be all over. Broken nutshells are sharp. and i'd have to wear shoes inside - That's not gonna happen! Socks - okay, but not shoes. It's not a home if you have to wear shoes inside.


>Good reference would be how shaolin monks break bricks

That's not an option for me. Pretty sure i'd get a headache after a while. One nut, okay, maybe two or three, but what if there's a bumper crop?

db7e3a No.14318081


Domination 5: Warriors of the new rape


Rimjob world



d267a8 No.14318169

If any of you fags get the trial for illusion's forthcoming Koikatsu running via wine, drop some wisdom on me.

72dba3 No.14318318

File: 919248ff4028b6e⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 251x191, 251:191, consider.jpg)


You can crack walnuts using another walnut. Put two in one hand (make sure they are secure against each other so they don't slip) and squeeze.

52939c No.14318358

You guys do realize that she was talking about human nuts. Not walnuts.

dbb76f No.14319008

Why isn't there a systemd free Ubuntu? Off the chance that it is spyware I'd like a distro that isn't Arch or Gentoo that's easy to use.

f92d7d No.14319019

File: 540c166288e64f3⋯.png (653.45 KB, 750x850, 15:17, take the systemd.png)

4d88fe No.14319233

File: 503b9faa5d78dda⋯.png (738.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, deskexample231.png)

>Supreme Commander

Linux native FAF client FTW


Still playing solo, no friends to learn it with

>Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Want to get back to it just for the music and atmosphere

>tabletop simulator

Comfy times with that 1 grill but tablet still doesn't fucking work on linux


Got it cheap when it was on sale ages ago. Can't help but boot it up for the elusive targets. Performance is abysmal if streaming/recording.


Trying to figure out if it will accept my current wine installation of windows steam instead of it attempting to create another. This shit worth it?

>Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

Still just can't get back to it for some reason. Need a VN kick up the arse. Are there any decisions? It mentioned difficulty but seems pretty KN.



acbe62 No.14319236


This is froma drug rape doujin,isn't it

212f0f No.14319471


>I like discriminating against SMART phone users

Yea no shit. Fuck off.

05e732 No.14319561

Are any of those open source games that Linux users occasionally shill any good? I really want a new, sandboxish MMO to play but nothing in the market looks good private or official.

0acfea No.14319617


What is this?

18b0b8 No.14319622

I dont play videogames

b5a1cf No.14320524


Nintendo switch


There are a couple of good open source games but no MMOs that I've heard of.


That's a steaming urinal cake


All user friendly distros will use systemd, because systemd is user friendly, same goes for pulseaudio.

d0499a No.14320546


>install windows

>can't use internet without installing my motherboards drivers

>install linux

>internet works out of the box


7f0865 No.14320691


it's magic

fb958d No.14320756

File: c8a5cd24d9d5a41⋯.jpg (159.87 KB, 675x900, 3:4, trash-talkin' stallmanu.jpg)


I don't recall having issues with the generic drivers in Windows. *nix drivers have worked out of the box as well, at least for basic usage. Have things regressed over the years or do you just have some weird budget motherboard?

At least the days of "don't have network driver to download network driver" and having to double-check that you have everything you need and making sure the downloads actually finished and aren't corrupt are generally in the past. Still worth keeping a supported bootable OS on a disc or USB stick lying around in case something goes horribly wrong.

51a373 No.14320766

File: 301abdb6732c441⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 1432x1142, 716:571, 1513581700953.jpg)


>Install windows on laptop.

>trackpad barely works without driver.

>Install linux

>trackpad works without issue, including multi touch

9c47d6 No.14320799

File: 980f7d9982e3659⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 176x244, 44:61, Giggle.gif)




212f0f No.14321711


Lots of it. Why you ask?

8de560 No.14321843


You may need to enable dhcpcd.service .

1b7997 No.14321858




f352e6 No.14323431

>this entire thread


All I know of is Ryzom and Planeshift, but all the news and press releases are ancient now so I'm not sure how either games are in 2018.

d2d8b9 No.14325252


I honestly think that the difficulty of Slackware is vastly overstated. If you have ADD and can't be bothered to RTFM I guess Slackware is hard but it was my first Linux distro and it was easy enough and I like it. Then again I'm also fond of DOS so I suppose I had an easier time settling into the command-line. Still, if you're not brain-damaged, Slackware is easy enough to work your way around.

Also you vastly overstate the difficulty of typing "startx" to enter the GUI. Now if you're unlucky you'll have to type "xorgsetup" first and select a couple of menu options. If you want to hardmode it you can edit the xorg.conf file manually. In that case, the manual is your friend, so "man xorg.conf" will tell you what you need to know and you can get a basic xorg.conf up with "X -configure" if you feel like it.


Console emulators run on Linux natively, you know.

d2d8b9 No.14325330


>If you want to hardmode it you can edit the xorg.conf file manually. In that case, the manual is your friend, so "man xorg.conf" will tell you what you need to know and you can get a basic xorg.conf up with "X -configure" if you feel like it.

Forgot to mention this but you can also just run "xorgconfig" for your xorg customization needs. Usually it runs out of the box and xorgsetup will be enough if it doesn't though.

370ebc No.14325590


Kerbel Space Program

893de2 No.14326304

File: e12524b5bd5bbdd⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1100x1400, 11:14, e12524b5bd5bbddd15fd7f32a9….png)

This thread went shit quickly.

I've been playing Cave Story + recently, and Stardew Valley, and playing some VNs, currently Katawa Shoujo. I created a Virtual Machine with PoL for Windows VNs only.

I'm almost done with my Arch + I3 installation, almost everything works as I wanted now, I need a good PDF reader, free as in freedom.

e9e90d No.14326351

The worst part about playing gaymes on Linux is that the usual places where you can pirate games dont have the linux version when its available, or have it with 0 seeds…

All I want is fucking X3.

731792 No.14326437




abbb5c No.14326489


PSA: it's a trap

55ee03 No.14328528

File: b5a9c54fcb1ef3f⋯.png (96.15 KB, 1556x532, 389:133, Dirty_dumb_phoneposting_sc….png)

f6ebfa No.14328882


It's not a urinal cake, retard. It's a daikon.

212f0f No.14329077


It's obviously a urinal cake.

f6ebfa No.14329219


Everyone that loves taking corporate cock will accuse you of being a communist if you don't pucker up when they shove their cock in your face. GNU/Linux is about user choice. Proprietary software is dictatorial and monopolistic.

f6ebfa No.14329234

File: 7703d9dfd9a3746⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Daikon_oden_and_Beer_by_sh….jpg)


No, it's not, and you have no idea what you're talking about.

0a46ed No.14329282


>ant people eat urinal cakes

Disgusting. No wonder they make such shitty games.

f6ebfa No.14329295


You take that back. Panty Quest 7 is the best game ever made.


0a46ed No.14329431


All "japanese" game devs are actually White men who have undergone surgery to look more Asian in order to capitalized on western retards and untapped Asian pussy. Inf act, real "Asian men" are very rare.

59bac3 No.14329488


Well then how do they know Japanese? You can't learn Japanese.

f6ebfa No.14329507


>we wuz devs n' sheit

f6ebfa No.14329513


Hitler has a good point.

a7c959 No.14330022


The world is anarchocapitalist and all the nations are just entities that exist within it, which means in practice anarcho capitalism wouldn't really exist.

If the US government suddenly collapsed then one of two things (or a combination) would happen, either nearby countries would annex the now lawless territory, or factions like corporations or remnants of the former government would establish new states that would eventually be considered to be nations. Capitalism is a great concept for how an economy should work, but there is always a power that rules over it.

082c3c No.14330113

File: e44dfab690cb3ed⋯.png (102.51 KB, 624x434, 312:217, Smug Sophist.png)

>all the political discussion itt

>nobody argues for technocracy, noocracy, or enlightened aristocracy

>he doesn't want a caste system based on one's abilities instead of status of birth

>he doesn't want dank philosopher kings ruling

>he doesn't want a strong hierarchy based on Platonic principles


f6ebfa No.14330127


No, I want a dictatorship with me at its head. Off to drink some hemlock, fag.

846924 No.14330131


What the fuck?

Are you sure?

f92d7d No.14330135


>>all the political discussion itt


082c3c No.14330141


And you'll go as all tyrants do: to the grave, only for your progeny to bicker over your estates.


Earlier, starts about with these two posts.



f6ebfa No.14330148


>And you'll go as all tyrants do: to the grave, only for your progeny to bicker over your estates.

I will not die. The world will die.

082c3c No.14330155

File: 308ba8ab45ee31e⋯.jpg (25.68 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1254645342.jpg)


I've got some bad news for you, anon.

Everyone will die someday, yourself included.

f6ebfa No.14330161


No, you don't get it. When I "die", the world for me will die, and it won't matter. Only my life matters, therefore, I should be dictator.

f92d7d No.14330162


You didn't understand what he meant.

082c3c No.14330173

File: 0e2bc1694d50cad⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 14543431626.jpg)


Well with an argument like that, who could disagree?


Do I want to, though?

491649 No.14330210

I got a few questions.

Does someone else have an AMD RX Vega card used with their Linux install?

Are you able to use Radeon ReLive (desktop & game recorder)?

4d88fe No.14330642


ReLive is part of AMD's proprietary windows driver AFAIK. OBS is a fine solution for desktop capturing.

491649 No.14331118


I personally get far better results with ReLive over OBS i.e stable 1440p @ 60 fps, meanwhile I'm stuck with 720p @ 60 fps for OBS.

6b2d3f No.14331356


hey….try audacious instead of clementine if you want, I liked it better personally.

192ced No.14331436

Has anybody of you goys managed to install the pirated version of C&C Generals? I downloaded one from the share thread and it fails at installing, like as soon it is about to install it complains that it couldn't find the first disc/iso of Generals 1 despite I have it mounted already

192ced No.14331625


Welp I solved it already, the installer works when I copy the content of those 2 converted iso files to their own folder. I assumed that wouldn't be possible at all due to some weird mechanism built in place or so, but it worked for this goy https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1717&iTestingId=95172

1d89a5 No.14332176

File: 732840f3e755587⋯.png (361.23 KB, 700x477, 700:477, 22131ccf8e549ec544525b568e….png)

a2e7b7 No.14332613


Many feel that way, and that's why many are unfit to rule.

4767c7 No.14333025


just use ffmpeg

212f0f No.14333504


Stop posting pics of people serving urinal cakes faggot.

b7e34c No.14338624

File: d1f8d73c8fc27e2⋯.png (10.4 KB, 400x450, 8:9, d1f8d73c8fc27e2327c5b2b6df….png)


5115f9 No.14339183

File: 6d4df216482ceff⋯.png (552.01 KB, 1023x713, 33:23, CYLrBa-UEAA23Iu.png)

000000 No.14339338

abbb5c No.14339346

4767c7 No.14339403

5115f9 No.14339556


Whoa there, we aren't talking WMs here

000000 No.14339724

242db8 No.14345540

File: 612247de7513a28⋯.gif (1017.51 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 0e6cad252f1836ace85aefb2d8….gif)

I've been playing Diablo 2 mods and Titan Quest Aniversary Edition via WINE, both work pretty nice on my old Laptop. I'm still waiting for Lutris to have GOG and HumbleBundle integration.

4d88fe No.14348884

File: 22951602af45154⋯.jpg (173.93 KB, 736x960, 23:30, doom2.jpg)


Blace your bets on which will come first; Galaxy linux support or Lutris gog support

a71502 No.14350132


Good taste

I've tried everything under the sun but I always come back to vim in the end. Spacemacs was kind of nice but I didn't like how slow it was, and had a bad tendency to crash every now and then.

43025c No.14357013


>Which games are you currently playing?

Was playing TL2 for a bit. Just browsing some sales and keeping an eye out on a title that is still delayed in early access and also no word on the loonix version release promise.

474d46 No.14357083


Dwarf Fortress runs great on toasters, as long as you limit your map size and your population.

000000 No.14357127



>using software made by a jew

u wot m8

df40ff No.14357377


>This thread went shit quickly

They always do because lol nogames just buy a real computer xDDDD


(((GNU))) emacs isn't the only version of emacs


>Trying to decide between what fork of Ubuntu Xubuntu or Lubuntu

You can switch desktop environments later if you end up wishing you picked the other one. Personally, I prefer lubuntu of the two. LXDE looks a little shitty by default but it's nice once you tweak it.

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