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File: 0b19eb2fd7433c2⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0465.jpg)

05c3fa No.14309461


Old thread is past p13 >>14279365


>DE unvaults some old ass shit

>everyone has it

>some jewtuber makes a video how DE should unvault cosmetics separately from gear

>DE says on stream they are looking forward to it

>Raids are to be removed on Feb 28, arcanes are still Raid-exclusive

E-celeb in question is Jim Sterling, who I'm pretty sure is SJW, but for once did something right.

Don't give him views anyway.

Discuss the game.

Do you care for Raids/Trials being removed?

Do you care for Arcanes?

Do you like new Eidolons? I do, even though I'm yet to fight Hydrolist

Do you bring opticor to Eidolon fight? you shouldn't

Will you give DE money for cosmetics?

Can we post Chad meme yet?

04fd3d No.14310158

Arcanes will be part of eidolon drop tables. Don't know if they will drop from regular eidolons, or only the bigger ones.

I'm MR23 and never did a raid. Never really felt the need to, although having arcane energize could be cool, the two times I tried setting a group we barely got enough people and we didn't finish them due to disconnecting in both cases.

So I'm glad arcanes will be part of a different, possibly more popular, grind.

Also you are giving fat sterling a LOT of unearned credit. Youtubers asking for unvaulted cosmetic packs have been a thing since forever. DE must have had a below than expected revenue from the last unvaulting, and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss this. I think it's a good move for DE, I think people are less encouraged to purchase full packs, since a lot of players already have said unvaulted items, or just don't want to spend that much money. Creating cosmetic-only unvaulted packs will see an increase in sales, imo.

04fd3d No.14310164

Also what a fag title for a general thread. The semen in your throat is damaging your brain, OP

075f46 No.14310207

I'm kind of bummed they're doing away with Raids, it felt like good end game content because it required party composition and some form of coordination. I feel like it could really be effective if they actually dedicated time to working them out.

But then again Raids are only good for one run until then you're pretty much done with them.

0f4ed3 No.14310220

File: f57149344ebf2dc⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 332x319, 332:319, Nezha.jpg)

Seperate Prime cosmetic packs have been requested ever since they Prime exclusive cosmetics were a thing. Sterling as usual just fucking regurgitated a mainstream opinion but presented it as a brand spanking new.

0f4ed3 No.14310225


Another issue with raids is that they were extremely buggy, like Plains of Ayylmaodon on launch tier.

e466ce No.14310235

File: ae5ce5b2de08028⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0481.jpg)

File: d30124fe51b1f93⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0484.jpg)

File: 1e3c763016bdf3c⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0487.jpg)

File: 581cc6b267d13a2⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0488.jpg)

File: e399d8628cb280f⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0491.jpg)

Just defeated Hydrolist with a bunch of randoms from recruitment channel. Does it count as randoms though?

Anyway it's great fucking fun.

I trade raids for this all day every day.


I did each raid once for the cosmetics.

They are not fun unless you really like some retarded puzzles and navigating multilayered mazes with WF's flat minimap that doesn't show shit.

Arcanes would be incentive if 80% of them weren't retarded bullshit like "+8% chance to activate 11% bonus for wall latch on head shot".

0f4ed3 No.14310254


What's even worse is that you need to grind 10 of a given arcane in order to make the effect not fucking suck. Apparently they're gonna let you swap that shit freely in the future(unless they did that already), so the system might actually be worth a damn.

e466ce No.14310283

File: e0b42932fb65356⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0492.jpg)

File: e7b9488c2a2f2ac⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0495.jpg)

File: 23e513e4463ac3e⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0497.jpg)

File: 5382a375705696f⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0499.jpg)


They were saying that arcanes themselves won't change, but they will be equipped into slots on the loadout screen, instead of helmets/capes.

I dunno if they will put a cap on how many arcanes you can get per 24h or how many eidolons you can defeat, but if they were to drop one from hydrolist as those are now, people would just swim in arcanes.

I fully expect them to put some fuckery up or buff eidolons considerably.

07a37d No.14310363



I have a hunch the drop rate will be pitiful and you'll be grinding out these things for ages just to get a matching arcane.

In the end you'll be going to some jew in trade trying to get you to buy his set for 5k plat.

e466ce No.14310387


Sounds like something they could do, yeah.

Problem is arcane was a guaranteed reward for completing the raid, people would throw a massive fit if it will be just a % drop.

e50d6b No.14310417


You can already swap arcanes freely. They made the arcane extractor (or whatver name it had) re a reuseable item. after getting one, you can install and remove arcanes as you please.

b22fc8 No.14310909


The arcades from raids still had ass drop chances, as all the good ones never fucking dropped. I ran raids regularly and never once got a grace of energize.


Shit that's nice.

96fc22 No.14310927

>you will never marry a warframe

>you will never hold your framefu's hand

>you will never walk walks in the park with your framefu while walking your pet Moa together

just kill me now

a13b07 No.14310958


>that whole post

Do kill yourself.

e59c79 No.14311067



45b60f No.14311095

When are the pet Moas going to be added? Somebody said they were working on them in the previous thread.


Raids were too buggy so DE just got rid of them instead of fixing them because they're lazy niggers.


He put the title wrong part of the OP, I don't know why some people do this.



You two aren't familiar with the kind of shitposting that goes on in threads, I presume?

e59c79 No.14311114


I filter that fag every time.

I guessed I can announce it for a change.

a13b07 No.14311136

File: 9447728050f7605⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 349:642, pretending.jpg)


>You two aren't familiar with the kind of shitposting that goes on in threads, I presume?

Should've just filtered you right away. It upsets me that people like you exist and post on this board.

45b60f No.14311161



Read the IDs, dumbass. I hate shitposting like that but replying to it only encourages the people doing it.

c19049 No.14311237


>you will never get to tell your operator to shut up

>you'll never get to bully them as they're stuck in their stupid chair

>you'll never get to let the Stalker back on board and tell him to finish the job

e50d6b No.14311240

File: 8ebb080786b9bc3⋯.gif (470.79 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1118835375_preview_nyx dan….gif)

80e41c No.14311504

File: 44021aeef761c62⋯.jpg (13.55 KB, 202x267, 202:267, please cease your faggotry.jpg)


>he doesn't want to marry a warframe

What a fag.

f06c5d No.14311748

File: 411aa9e5a0012b8⋯.jpg (82.06 KB, 600x720, 5:6, 1495192078367.jpg)


Wouldn't your warframes be jealous of each other?

96fc22 No.14311776


>not having only one framefu

4f1431 No.14311800

File: 3a379396c0059a0⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1162x725, 1162:725, idolon.png)

Do i even bother farming depleted reload for the vectis or is the euphona already better? (for eidolon fights)

33c1ea No.14311802

Post warframes lewds or i cri

80e41c No.14311816


Nah just stick with euphona. Also why seeker? Just put more damage.


You're a big boy, you can find some yourself.

80e41c No.14311820

File: a5c8bf263b934e9⋯.jpg (120.03 KB, 700x918, 350:459, 63530427_p0 - らくがき.jpg)


ate my fucking image.

33c1ea No.14311826


What if i'm not a big boy but a small boy who wishes to be sexually cuddled by an ara warframe

4f1431 No.14311833


>Also why seeker? Just put more damage.

I think i read somewhere punch through is good for eidolons because you can hit them multiple times or something?

80e41c No.14311847

File: dfea901c95b8744⋯.jpg (568.15 KB, 1000x619, 1000:619, 66515777_p0 - アコライトさんズ。.jpg)


I think that only applies to your amp, as any shot going through the eidolon's weak points is gonna hit the invulnerable parts of it.


I believe in you, you can find some.

1a0293 No.14311851

File: 616bb46d961c113⋯.jpg (284.24 KB, 1800x976, 225:122, fat.JPG)

How do you guys do it?

How do you keep playing the same missions over and over and over again for a 0,03% chance of getting some mod/material? I can't be arsed to continue playing after 3-4 missions in a row. I barely have enough prime trash to buy shit off of Baro and I'm always low on Plains materials.

80e41c No.14311859

File: b41222ad3c7be13⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 62396694_p0 - Nidus Warfra….jpg)


>How do you keep playing the same missions over and over and over again for a 0,03% chance of getting some mod/material?

I don't.

978c6d No.14311976

File: e01716c789a7fa4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 921.91 KB, 2048x1217, 2048:1217, e01716c789a7fa482a56662eea….jpg)

Some anon posted this a thread or so ago, I felt like it deserved a repost.

4f1431 No.14311982

File: 6316c1321506af3⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1108x749, 1108:749, boltor2.0.png)

File: 3f4f2c28a9a3cc3⋯.jpg (774.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Warframe0147.jpg)


ohhh yeah, now it's coming back to me; you're right. it was about the amp.

Good point. I'll tweak that

On a separate and unrelated note; holy fuck the boltor is BACK. I just messed with my old build a bit (more status) and took it into a void survival with rhino and holy shit it was like it was two years ago. And the 'constant' blast proccing throwing dudes in the air was pretty cool looking too, feels a lot more like a 40k bolter than a warframe 'boltor' (which at the time I first picked up I primarily associated with that bolt gun from F.E.A.R. as the most iconic equivalent)

That being said; is there something I can do to make this even more effective? I honestly haven't used the boltor much in the last two years or so because of meta changes. It was however one of my very first primes and first 'main' weapon for quite a period of time when I started playing. I mean; the 100% status build seems pretty straightforward; you need all the dualstats on unless you have some kind of status riven or something, and the other cookiecutter (hcal/serr…) seems necessary. That being said; is there some better elemental combo stuff I should be considering instead of corrosive blast?

I guess I'm somewhat open to removing shred and replacing that with something else? Like I was thinking gas maybe? with 100% this should practically be an AoE weapon on hit with gas right? I mean it'd have to be paired with magnetic which to the best of my knowledge is basically garbage, but it'll still be 100%. So maybe I swap order for gas, and swap shred for pointstrike to bring it to 30%cc with AoE on strike(gas)?

Also, I brought Rhino on that boltor void survival run for old time's sake and it had a pretty good time. I've only ever had one 'paint scheme' for this guy since I got him (and he was my SECOND prime frame, and the first prime frame I actively farmed towards; my first was nyx who I got 'incidentally' while running voids for other stuff) It's a pretty simple white swap for the original black because I always liked the whole orokin white/gold theme. I still LIKE this color-set but I'm kind of wanting to try something a little different with him since much like the boltor; I'm actually interested in using him again for the first time in about 2 years

tldr: give me your rhino fashionframe ideas and 'post SoE' boltor builds

80e41c No.14312002


There's no need for 100% status on anything that isn't a shotgun, you're fine standing at 90%. And if you really want more damage swap infected clip and either heavy cal or wildfire for the crit mods. Also you might want to get a telos boltor, it has fucking 30% crit now.

2c0c91 No.14312139

File: 1002d159f587b57⋯.jpg (410.21 KB, 640x735, 128:147, 1344709715309.jpg)


You have to understand something, most people in here don't even play the game, they mostly shitpost and try to help new players that were attracted to the game thanks to these threads

Some anons stick around due to the cool art direction and potential but then they remember that the game is made by canadians who work for chinks. Honestly, this game would be fucking amazing if the devs listened to feedback outside of the WF forums

726fba No.14312185


Do they still work for chinks? I thought Warframe flopped hard in China and they shut down the servers.

80e41c No.14312200


The company that owns DE is leyou, and they are chinese, but the servers did shutdown IIRC. But maybe only for console or something.

2c0c91 No.14312232


Leyou owns the majority of the company, this could explain why DE keeps perusing meme trends like open world and stuff

Also, the servers that closed down were thr ps4 ones, PC and xbone are still up

726fba No.14312418



Oh, now I'm remembering. Shit.

7a6168 No.14312868

Is there a good guide for getting back into the game after not playing for 2 years? Been trying to play again but feel completely lost, on PS4no bully

87f49c No.14313285


she has a nice bush and ass, if that is indeed her.

b84884 No.14313570

DE where's my pet MOAs?

80e41c No.14313696


Do the star chart.


>implying DE is gonna be that fast for anything

They just showed up on devstream, it's gonna take at least a month or something.

c1bad3 No.14313878

File: 772f3f0d590e41c⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, FUN.jpg)


It's fun

96fc22 No.14313897


It's simple.


2c0c91 No.14313908


What's your MR and in which planet are you?

I might be able to help since I play in ps4

8e6d63 No.14314009

Never tried or even looked into Raids for Warframe. However, as Raids are the absolute worst thing in gaming and are a toxin that slowly poisons all games that have them, I'm not sad to see them pulled away.

c1bad3 No.14314516


If you think Raids in general are cancer, imagine them being like 10 times worse, that's how they are in Warframe.

They worth nothing, thank god DE removes them.

2c0c91 No.14314537


Look at the bright side of raids: You could get a 30 minute credit/affinity booster and that's way better than most shitty arcanes

80e41c No.14314569

>finally get a good eidolon team

>get to hydralyst

>even with all of use trying our hardest we barely kill it(not even cap) before sunrise

Oh good, they replaced the pain of raids with the pain of eidolons.

5ef799 No.14314650


>all that eye cancer

c1bad3 No.14314657



>not liking Ravedolons


7a6168 No.14315132


>What's your MR and in which planet are you?

12 I think and all of them. I had done pretty much all the star chart from back when i played. I have a few missions not done on most of the planets though and a lot of the junction things not done.

62587e No.14315146



Sure does look a lot like her. I wouldn't commit to saying it's definitely her until I see a shot of her midriff to see if the scars match up.

e44a33 No.14315175


Where did the Lotus go to?

c1bad3 No.14315291

File: bf8245e198d2179⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0264.jpg)


For D.

They always leave for D.

e44a33 No.14315294


Well, for a glorious looking faggot like that, I wouldn't be surprised.

I wonder if he's gonna be featured in that new "endless dungeon" thing they talked about.

I also have a theory about him:

He probabbly lived INSIDE the Kuva, since they imply the red liquid is actually memories or essences of… people/things/orokin. Maybe he was bottled up and after confronting the queens, we let him out. And he's been waiting to contact Margulis/Lotus/Natah.

I wonder if he knows that he's talking to Natah, not Margulis.

c1bad3 No.14315312

File: cb3e57789e719e9⋯.webm (2.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 14585639734050.webm)


>muh theories

Worked out just fine last time, right?

e44a33 No.14315372


Well, that sorta makes more sense now too.

Ballas says (in one of the prime frames videos) that the Frames themselves are to be feared by the Orokin, despite being under Tenno control.

I don't think it's been faily explained yet why, but the Frames are most likely entities by themselves that the Tenno can control.

We know they're made of Infested stuff, orokin tech and wathever else the Origin system have.

Wouldn't be a stretch to discover that frames are Sentients too.

b7b5f2 No.14315396

File: fd27e52184f22f1⋯.webm (527.88 KB, 340x436, 85:109, Rebecca DE nip slip.webm)


The tits don't match up.

c1bad3 No.14315402

File: e7be3b25ce9e1a7⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 1276x396, 29:9, name it.JPG)

File: fcce9749230b473⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 724x277, 724:277, shit.JPG)

So you can name you potato guns eh.

Dubs decide the name for this one.

Take note that "profanities" are not allowed, so try to be creative.

e44a33 No.14315412



And take your "dubs name" shit to /b/

87f49c No.14315413



c1bad3 No.14315425




You can't put special characters in there.

1a0293 No.14315445



b84884 No.14315472

c1bad3 No.14315478


So close

659e5d No.14315479



e44a33 No.14315492



Name it Tism Prism.

e44a33 No.14315513


Other sugestions:

'tism related terms:

Spectrum Launcher

Dweeb Device

Savant Salvage

Aussie Assalt

Sonichu Sonicor

Axbergs Axiom


Aspergic Arcenic

Spergy Splosion

Downs Town


Cosmic Aspinaut

Potato Related themes:

Pringles Popper

Chips but no Fish

French Fry u

Mashed n Baked




55cb18 No.14315533

File: 324b535ddf23445⋯.webm (15.26 MB, 960x508, 240:127, Cernos Prime is a Beast.webm)

So post buff the Cernos Prime is a monster with Hunter Munitions. It's really quite impressive how good it suddenly became. And what's really funny is, it's actually glitched at the moment and is calculating status chance as if it had 11.22% base status and not 30% - but it doesn't care. It still wrecks shit. Once they fix the status calculation this thing is going to be a real terror.

ccdae5 No.14315537


Read the Rhino Prime description, its pretty much what you said. They have a conscience and the potatoes can control.

a13b07 No.14315542



5e0576 No.14315553

Is there a guide to help a player go from "I just started playing this game and it's pretty fun" to "okay I've been playing two months now, maybe I should figure out how this shit actually works"?

c1bad3 No.14315556


How about you sage non-video game threads soyboi?


Hunter munitions nerf is a question of time. It's just too good.

a1eda5 No.14315566

File: 94b4dc6f532e295⋯.jpg (48.67 KB, 355x604, 355:604, lKjPy9VXePU.jpg)



Warframe is not streamlined railroaded experience, unlike say PSO2 or DFO. You can do one shit and completely ignore the other.

There are plenty of people who played it for years and didn't run raid once.

Maybe look up list of warframes and weapons and see if something looks cool for you and start grinding for that particular piece.

Or maybe start hunting eidolons.

Or maybe run derelicts for corrupted mods.

Or maybe do quests for muh lore and some frames.

Or maybe start breeding cats and selling shit from them, apparently it's in high demand still.

1a0293 No.14315590

File: 52fc66c8d588823⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1448x862, 724:431, spear'd.png)


>play warframe for way too long

I need a break from this

>play Monster Hunter

The grind creep is real, gotta stop playing before I get addicted again

>"So post buff the Cernos Prime is a monster with Hunter Munitions."

>"is a monster with Hunter Munitions"

>"monster with Hunter"

>"Monster Hunter"

why do you do this to me, anon?

d955b0 No.14315638


Cernos P is good now? Fuggg. I sold that shit after maxing it out because I hated how everything was split between 3shots rather than 1

a1eda5 No.14315639


Monhun World can't come out soon enough.

e44a33 No.14315654

>decide to go fishing for my aquarium

>accidentally leave lobby setting as "Public"

>mid-fishing someone joins

>then another

>they're both from my country too, WTF

>they hang around a while on the other side of the map

>after 20 minutes, leave

>do some other missions for a while

>one of them sent me a clan invite

On one hand, it's kinda creepy, because I didn't keep watch on the minimap for most of the time. It's entirely possible these two dudes were looking at me fishing for some perverted reason or Stalking me.

On the other hand, the Mirage I'm building is coming out of the Foundry today and I was looking for a clan I could nig a Lenz from.

Hopefully they already have that shit researched.

4f2e2e No.14315712


if they have a Hema nig that shit too, that shit is a pain in the ass to farm for, someone else can tell you what other shit is also painful to get

e44a33 No.14315729


Ah, nah.

I was going for it back when I was in a small clan that broke apart for stupid shit.

I know about the Mutagen bullshit.

It's not really THAT terrible if everyone in your clan helps. A 50 man clan can do it in 8 hours of raiding. It's not fun, but gets the job done.

I ended up getting it with the Nidus Bundle because I had plat to spare and didn't feel like farming/waiting for Nidus + Hema + Potatoes + wathever melee and secondary he has.

I have a good job and can afford to buy some plat here and there (with discounts of course).

I'm starting to think I should buy crap in the Trade chat instead of the market so the plat enters circulation and I can help other Tenno, but everytime I bought something, I get the distinct impression that I was jewed without really knowing.

Last purchased was a full Vectis Prime for 300 plat. Probably overpayed, but I like the Vectis, it's fun.

e50d6b No.14315788


>There are plenty of people who played it for years and didn't run raid once.

3 years for me and not a single raid done

e44a33 No.14315919


I remember asking around if it was worthy (because lmao, 8 people) and the general response I got was: "you get a sticker on your shoulders for doing it".

Didn't even knew about the arcanes thing.

And looking back at how it worked, I can't really say I'd bother with it.

e466ce No.14315940

File: 91b321cfc9e50ea⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 500x276, 125:69, m8iall9Z0s1qhi1hz.jpg)


Running each once for a sticker definitely worth it, because sticker is permanent and something that will never be taken from you or nerfed or whatever.

Grinding them for arcanes and credits on the other way, is not. Even best of the best arcanes only moderately improve specific frames, while most of the arcanes are trash no matter what.

Considering amount of effort you need to put and how diluted those reward tables are you better be off running something else, like index for credits, or syndicate missions for syndicate mods that also improve specific frames but for much less pain in the ass.

And the most effort when it comes to raids is not even running it, but organizing with people that have adequate gear and know what to do.

Alternatively you could (still can) run with Raid School Buss, which takes roughly 1 hour for each raids since they actually are teaching people.

Either way it's not worth it, unless you REALLY had nothing else to do and maxed out everything else.

Eidolons on the flip side are fast, relatively easy, and you really need only 2 people knowing what to do and having decent gear to win at least one Hydrolyst per night with 2 randoms being marginally helpful.

Fuck you can even solo it with chroma/good sniper, but that's just too much busy work for the rewards, that don't include arcanes yet.

e44a33 No.14316001


I got one sticker from the Lephantis thing.

If they're all the same (fake 3D white stencil) then they can keep it.

Still got a few hours till I can play. I tried soloing a Teralyst before the update, wasn't that bad but it does take a lot of time.

Funny enough: I discovered that the best way to farm Intact Sentient Cores is to follow Teralysts without killing them.

You know those fish that follow bigger fishes for certain advantages? Kinda like that.

Once you damage the "void shield" of the Teralysts enough, they start summoning Vomvolysts non-stop. And if you keep popping them, you can rack some 100 of those things in 30 minutes. I can see climbing the Quills standing turning out to be one of the easiests to farm.

I'm still gonna buy the Bobba Fet looking armour set for the Poterator.

57acb1 No.14316021


You can farm cores even more effectively by getting 4 Ivaras together with Prowl on and pickpocketing each Vomvalyst 4 times before killing it, you can get a maximum of 5 cores per Vomvalyst then, since each unique Ivara pickpocket has a chance to spawn a core.

b22fc8 No.14316022

File: 3774bafb3159e1f⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 500x249, 500:249, IMG_3887.GIF)




>soloing anything other than the teralyst

Faggot are you joking me?

e44a33 No.14316035


How hard are they?

The hardest part about Teralysts was the *teleports behind you* thing but that's negated with the lures.

Do the Hydrolysts feature something like that?

b22fc8 No.14316044


Both hydro and gant feature massive aoe damage all the goddamn time and have two more synovias on their back that are a bitch to hit. I was playing bless trin and spamming 4 and barely kept the team alive, and for hydro couldn't even keep the lures alive. There's just so much damage spam I would instantly die if I stepped out of void mode as a Tenno.

2c0c91 No.14316079


Then you are pretty much done; you could finish the planets and junctions since they give you MR. Or you could just farm to make yourself even more strong in preparation for the new dark sector

482750 No.14316093



Chroma + pizzas = win. I mean Chroma isn't even mandatory, it's just he has biggest damage buff AND best tanking properties.

The other night fucking Volt mostly soloed the entire run without dying while we were managing the lures and watching chroma suffering with his opticor.

It's isn't easy, especially by warframe standards, where supposedly hard content like siphons and sorties is brain dead, but is definitely doable.

Then again there is no benefit in soloing it, but there are already people managing two hydros per night. All you need is to learn their attacks and what to do during each phase.

It looks chaotic because of all the colorful bullshit, but at its core it is megaman-kind of fight, where

1 - boss telegraphs attack

2 - you dodge

3 - you attack

4 - repeat

Meanwhile something like LOR has list with something like 20 points instead of 4.

Oh and potato gun. Most people suffer because they use default potato gun.

I gave up and just bought gems and fish with plat to get what is everybody recommending (shwaak-pencha-juttni), and guess what, it trivializes eidolon shield phase. It cost me something like 40-50 plat total, but I don;t give a shit, no way I'm mining and fishing all that, while grinding ostron standing.

b4e672 No.14316103


I wonder if all the shitposting and stale copypasta will be gone by the time the PC version comes out.

63979a No.14316109

Any and all of you that are still playing, you all need to kill yourselves.

482750 No.14316117

File: 7fe1868fb918dcd⋯.png (179.12 KB, 295x256, 295:256, Duc3WxS.png)


Ah hello there hater-kun, I was wondering when will you appear.

What fun video games did you play today?

b22fc8 No.14316132



Knowing /v/ it will only get worse from here.

e44a33 No.14316152


>40-50 plat

that cheap? I was considering just farming it for the heck of it, but since I'm sitting on 1100 plat, fuck it then.

It reminds me of the archwing.

People suffered a lot because the default archwing is hot fucking garbage. I ended up tossing plat to get another one and I can tell you: any other archwing trivializes archwing content. It's actually enjoyable.

You can use perma stealth.

Or blast shit to smithereens without even knowing what it was.

Or (the one I'm using) where you just press a button whenever you decide you don't feel like dying.

I'm fulling expecting the Amps to follow a similar pattern. The Mote amp doesn't even award standing since it can't be guilded.

482750 No.14316158


Mote amp can get guilded though.

Dunno about it giving MR.

b22fc8 No.14316163


The mote is such a piece of shit it's embarrassing. Literally every other amp in any combo will outperform it.

57acb1 No.14316168

File: ce7c0014bd8c170⋯.png (14.67 KB, 722x179, 722:179, amps.png)


>The Mote amp doesn't even award standing since it can't be guilded.

Wrong. It's just that it doesn't get any stats from being gilded, it still gives mastery.

482750 No.14316174

Yeah I mean fuck, it's the same as with those prime frames and what not.

You just farm random shit, sell it and get entire prime warframe set for around 100 plat in one fucking day. Two if you;re unlucky and only got junk.

But people just farm shit hard way and then complain about it being grinding hell or something.

I'm not defending stupid shit like build times or some regular frames being absurdly hard to get, like Harrow, but as far as tradable shit goes, it's usually easier to buy something you want with plat directly or from other players.

Fish goes for 3-8 plat a piece, and you need like 2 or 5.

Gems are sold by NPCs for 10 pieces for ~10 plat, and you need like 20.

But if you want to make proper amp the hard way, you'll most likely spend fucking month between grinding capped standing, getting bait, actually fishing/mining etc etc.

5ef799 No.14316178


>Last purchased was a full Vectis Prime for 300 plat. Probably overpayed, but I like the Vectis, it's fun.

The most expensive part is only 100 plat, the other couple are like 20.


>I gave up and just bought gems and fish with plat to get what is everybody recommending (shwaak-pencha-juttni)

I recommend this too. Just made the little shit blaster yesterday and it's worlds more damage over the mote amp. It's like a little Opticor on your operator once you use the secondary fire.

b22fc8 No.14316188


I farmed it the regular way and it wasn't too bad actually. Mind you I already had some components cause I built a zaw, but it still wasn't too bad as long as you aren't starting at square one in terms of quills and Cetus rep.

482750 No.14316195


Oh right, that shit can actually kill regular enemies too. Not as good as real warframe weapon, but you can chill on fucking hydron and actually contribute with it.

1a0293 No.14316255

Hydron has a Golden tater thing going on.

7a6168 No.14316291


>Or you could just farm to make yourself even more strong in preparation for the new dark sector

Yeah that's where i'm lost though. Last time i played all the endgame stuff was doing void stuff with void keys and now it seems the void is just an area on it's own that doesn't really drop anything good.

b22fc8 No.14316302


The new void is fissure missions. It's basically the same thing but now on all the tile sets. Just look at some of the new weapons or try to get some of the new good mods and get those ironed out. Stuff like hunter munitions or condition overload you're gonna want.

d955b0 No.14316338


>you can sell fish and gems for plat

Fuck, really? I've been wasting those fucking things on Ostron rep. Goddamn!

7c96d9 No.14316370

File: d5f9f785d61de68⋯.png (345.94 KB, 1024x582, 512:291, vegeta_crying_by_majinvege….png)


>DE never implemented a proper stealth system for a game about space ninjas

>Instead introduced grinding within grinding

>grinding to put any other grindfest to shame.

My soul will never heal.

7c96d9 No.14316372


Didn't mean to reply. I might as well kill myself while I'm ahead.

8fc1fa No.14316375


>a game about ninjas


>a ninja


>a ninja


>a ninja


8b4418 No.14316378

File: f6524c3e62c7bb0⋯.png (323.38 KB, 599x435, 599:435, 1460127847503.png)


reddit has been complaining about that shit for years and the only reason DE didnt budge is because those whales would have bought it anyways despite complaining about it. DE just didnt want to have a bad image. its all about the good image which is the same reason they still let that fag get what he wants with his little faggot pass. if you dont know what im talking about good its better for you not to know.

>Do you care for raids


>do you care for arcanes

no they are only a product I can sell for plat

>do you like new eidolons

no its not even hard its boring but apparently shitters cant actually get to the hydroyst

>do you bring opticor


>will you give DE money

i havent spent a dime on this game and i have raked in up to 50k plat from jewing alone.

11de1a No.14316395


They're all ninjas if you apply naruto logic to the game.

don't actually do this

Ash is the only actual ninja and he does his job well.

8fc1fa No.14316398


Loki and ivara I would count too as they are actual stealth frames, but literally every other frame in the game does not have a design nor abilities reflective of being a ninja or for stealth gameplay.

2c0c91 No.14316410


In that case you need to do fissure missions instead of void ones, fissure missions can be accessed by the mission tab in the starmap.

Once you selected the mission you need to also select a relic (which used to be keys) once you pick one you just need to kill corrupted enemies inside the mission and collect void traces that they drop, when you get 10 traces you can finish the mission and open the relic.

Also, when you complete the mission you'll get a material that you can put into your relics in order to increase drop rates of rare items.

1a0293 No.14316417


>anon, we've been through this: Rhino IS a ninja. If data has been stolen, but noone was left alive to see it, did it really happen?

11de1a No.14316516


Stealth alone does not a ninja make. Ash has both the function and the theme.

8fc1fa No.14316547


I mean both ivara and Loki have very ninja powers, just the themes aren't ninja. Clones, switch teleport, disarming, pick pocketing, bows, are pretty ninja things.

11de1a No.14316622

File: 39f7c45c1e226c9⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 478x479, 478:479, StarNinger.jpg)


>both ivara and Loki have very ninja powers

By that logic just throw Excalibur and Saryn in there while you're at it. Excal's sword dash is similar in general function to Ash's bladestorm and he blinds people so nobody sees him killing everyone. That mean's he's a ninja frame too, right? Saryn can rack up kills via poisoning everyone and ninjas commonly used poisons, plus her molt is a misdirection tactic, just like ninjas.

Mesa is a ninja too because cowboy ninjas are apparently a thing now.

cf06ae No.14316942

What the fuck does "2 years of community bricklaying" even mean?

8b4418 No.14316953


max hugebox and whale growing

6d6ac5 No.14317326

File: 56115558683407b⋯.png (114.79 KB, 485x199, 485:199, 22.12.3-1.png)

File: e79d64afeb719a6⋯.png (103.76 KB, 474x186, 79:31, 22.12.3-2.png)

File: 0cd444180b4eb03⋯.png (39.89 KB, 472x71, 472:71, 22.12.3-3.png)

6f679b No.14317344


At least they are working on it

11de1a No.14317348


>inb4 it's that nerf to her 1

6f679b No.14317422


They showcased some ideas for her. I'm quite pleased whith the proposed changes. Nothing final though

>1 on ground: Sends you up in the air, but now you stay airborne for some time. Duration dependant maybe?

>1 on the air: Dash thowards your reticle as usual

>1 on the air, pointing down: divebomb

>2: nothing concrete yet

>3: Inaltered

>4: Tornadoes spawn at reticle, closer together, you can slowly controll them with your reticle, like nova's antimater. Considering the option of dealing damage to all enemies in a tornado by shooting it, to compensate for them draging enemies around aimlessly

I can't find the video though

2c0c91 No.14317430


Wasn't her 2 a projectile that triggers knockdown and increases the size of her tornados?

6f679b No.14317437


Fuck me I'm an idiot. Only after posting it occured to me to check the forums



Some of Zephyr's abilities are cheaper to cast while airborne - details in progress.

Tail Wind - Combined into a single ability with Dive Bomb. Can be charge cast on the ground, launching Zephyr into the air where she then hovers. In the air, Tail Wind still flies in whatever direction you’re looking, and Dive Bomb activates if cast while looking straight down.

Air Burst - New ability replacing Dive Bomb. A projectile that causes an AoE burst on contact, ragdolling enemies. Can be fired into Tornadoes to make them bigger.

Tornado - Now spawn where player is aiming and can be steered. The closest tornado will move to your aimpoint, meaning you can move them around. Tornado damage type now determined by largest amount of elemental damage absorbed, instead of last type absorbed. Tornadoes do a better job of keeping enemies captured, and shooting Tornadoes will do damage to enemies trapped inside.

Zephyr, the warrior of the skies, has seen little change since being introduced in early 2014. Four years later, her ability kit is showing its age - Parkour 2.0 improved mobility across all Warframes, making her reduced gravity and Tail Wind less useful by comparison. Turbulence is consistently useful, but all other abilities leave something to be desired.

To give Zephyr new wind beneath her wings, her Tail Wind and Dive Bomb will now be the same ability, cast depending on which direction the player is looking. This makes room for her new ability Air Burst, which gives Zephyr new ways to rain death from the skies. We do not have a gif ready for this yet. Combined with Tornado tweaks intended to make the ability more consistent and useful, Zephyr’s more well-rounded kit should help reassert her air superiority.

11de1a No.14317445


Nigger I know what her rework consists of. But currently you can spam her 1 on the plains and send yourself much higher than the archwing flight ceiling, without penalty.

6f679b No.14317490


Dunno bout that. Don't get your knickers in a twist, m8

80e41c No.14317493


Titania can go just as fast as any of the archwings and doesn't have that weird gravity shit on her, so I think they'll leave zephyr's 1 as is.

11de1a No.14317521


Its not the speed but the fact that Zephyr can fly where archwings and Titania can't. It's only a matter of time until that rusltes Steve's jimmies.

6f679b No.14317595


I'll probably regret asking

But what's the point in flying higher than anything else on the plains?

11de1a No.14317616


Being out of range of practically every hostile on the map while still having enough air control to effectively snipe everything that's still within render distance.

6f679b No.14317664

File: 1f448328b937f5e⋯.jpg (114.66 KB, 577x719, 577:719, Tiamat.jpg)

My dad works at DE, I can give him some leads and suggestions on this game, so

How would you fix Chroma's effigy?

80e41c No.14317668


Ebin maymay, but for one make the energy cost drastically fucking less.

70b2b3 No.14318448

>Decide to try killing Eidolons

>Take Ash + Vectis Prime

>fuck me, the Mote sucks really bad

>after a while, get his shields down


>Vectis is plinking 60 damage per shot


>deplete entire ammo pool to remove about 1/3 of it's health

>give up, back to orbiter

>Oh that's right, this isn't the Maxed Vectis, it's the [17] Prime Vectis!

>farm up a bit

>find out what damage works best (puncture + radiation)

>slot some mods

>Vectis dealing over 2k damge (technically, two instances of 1k)

Wew. It never ceases to amaze me how proper mod slotting can turn a simple weapon into a rapecannon. Shit hasn't even had a forma applied to it.

At least I got enough standing for the first Amp's parts.

I can see why people like these things.

You can actually coordinate people into roles and form a team that wipes the planes with Teralyst face all night, every night but that actually requires planning (and 3 guys running corrosive projection).

17a92f No.14318758

File: c6e0cc8a99a8c91⋯.jpg (309.98 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, warframe___ash_practice_by….jpg)


As an Ash main I hate how he's useless anywhere where any sort of team work is required.

His abilities are useless in raids.

His abilities are useless in bounties.

His abilities are useless on eidolons.

Fuck, even his passive doesn't work on eidolons.

80e41c No.14318761

File: 8f636d58334765b⋯.png (121.16 KB, 797x528, 797:528, shrug.png)


He can cloak his team kinda

17a92f No.14318770


Eidolons are blind, they just nuke shit randomly around them.

In raids you're either CC enemies or tear them down before they even touch you.

In bounties you can't cloak that fucking console.

Cloaking drones/rapefugees? Those are unkillable anyway.


70b2b3 No.14318926


Well, there's only two real reasons to take Ash anyway:

a) You're playing solo. I personally think it's the BEST frame for solo play.

b)His handsome looks. Not by a lack of competition, he's just THAT cool.

I was gonna say "kill shit really fast" but I saw a Mag today nuking everything in a 2 room radius and I don't know what to think anymore.

80e41c No.14318947

I just bought 60 of those eros decorations. What frame should I make a love shrine to /v/?

ea5be7 No.14318960

File: 9f5004ea5ad511e⋯.jpg (118.55 KB, 1024x849, 1024:849, valkitty_by_scorched_ice-d….jpg)

11de1a No.14318980


This >>14318960 and then post pictures.

63979a No.14318991


>warcucks that suckle on the chinese grindwheel built on a dead game

>Also monhun casuals edition faggot

You should have killed yourselves years ago

Do it now

80e41c No.14319004

File: c3344629cd1020e⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1519x1025, 1519:1025, atlas love valkyr.png)

File: a761eb8d7dd3978⋯.png (393.5 KB, 1280x868, 320:217, 1469915762988.png)



Couldn't put all 60 or else she'd drown in hearts.

c55f36 No.14319030

File: 388dbf2ffa01050⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 719.79 KB, 610x740, 61:74, mag levitating.png)


Tell me, anon, how do I be this mag.

80e41c No.14319057


I guess power strength+range. Polarize and crush could work given her new buffs.

5ef799 No.14319107


You should get a Volt and Euphona :^) also eidolons don't have armor to strip with corrosive projection, just use some other gay shit aura

2117ac No.14319189


They do have armor and it IS stripped by corrosive projection.

It's just so fucking small it's negligible.

Eidolons are basically fuckhuge oxium ospreys so you try to raw damage them instead, especially since they are immune to status procs.

2117ac No.14319406

File: d6e98ffbb57fa92⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0502.jpg)

File: 7b78ed99a184a06⋯.jpg (32.61 KB, 892x237, 892:237, 4543.JPG)

>no chroma

>no volts

>2 trini 1 rhino 1 harrow

>harrow was obviously a newfag that was messing his ult all the time

>still successful cap with most damage done by other Bless's lanka

I have a gut feeling they will either buff eidolons or put up some bullshit gating on hunting them.

c6c65b No.14319522


Chroma's fucked. That they openly said they were butthurt about the ayydolons being one-shot pretty much cements him as the new mag.

I was going to post tiamat smut but fuck it, I'm going to bed

a13b07 No.14319540

File: cd6e6636eeccdaf⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, soma prime.png)


Anyone have a recommendation for soma prime formas? I don't want to forma and then regret it.

Also, how is this build?

95df7e No.14319580


>Anyone have a recommendation for soma prime formas?

Well you can't really go wrong adding one or two more V polarities on.

2117ac No.14319796


pretty much this.

a13b07 No.14319917



That's what I figured.Thanks.

e34c4a No.14320302

File: 192c5e70d08cfbc⋯.png (280.39 KB, 784x668, 196:167, mag and excalibur.png)

For now you can buy the Valentine colour palette for 1 credit.

Don't forget, anon.

a13b07 No.14320324


Would rather buy a qt 3dpd waifu for a plat.

8f1a66 No.14320596


Funnily enough, working on stealth is one of the features DE didn't reply with their bullshit "never say never" response, flat out said that they will never spend time on it and added that any improvements or nerfs to the existing stealth mechanics will be purely the result of other mechanics being worked on.

70b2b3 No.14320606


I'd like to see them add some sort of stealth-exclusive rewards while also adding some loud-explodey rewards.

So people can play one way or the other and get diferent stuff.

Maybe move all the "stealth" and "defense" mods as rewards for when you're being stealthy and place all the kablooey mods for when you're being loud.

8f1a66 No.14320643


Dream on. People, me included, have suggested those little incentives for years and years before they shut down the official stealth suggestion thread(they had one, yeah) and focused on the spammy shit we have now.

On one hand I get why they don't to work on stealth and give it anything remotely worth playing for, since it'll just be dominated by frames with permastealth and Operators. On the other, it really wouldn't be game breaking or particularly difficult to add something simple like a 50% bonus xp modifier to the end of mission screen that you only get if you didn't sound any alarms. Then again, it would escalate the problem of Focus farming even more. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

1a0293 No.14320652

File: 07ff5f7ff7928f5⋯.jpg (32.55 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ff51cbe7367066e21a1b2d0c2d….jpg)


>it's valentines again already

4f2e2e No.14320780

>finally get Hate after more than a thousand hours of gameplay

>it's a fucking disappointment all around

Well fuck my life.

95df7e No.14320785


At least you get some mastery experience.

c3e834 No.14320825


I actually invested a ton of forma and use it regularly on my nekros, just because how hard it was to get it

70b2b3 No.14320851

Is there any weapon that sucks complete ass even after 8 forma?

Asking for a friend.

4f2e2e No.14320857




70b2b3 No.14320877


Never tried it but I remember seing some people a few years ago with it. Or maybe it was that dual mining laser thing. It wrecked everything.


The Seer looks really cool, but every single one of those stats is a letdown. I got the blueprint and never bothered learning where to get the parts.



I have no idea where, but I once made some Wraith Twin Vipers.

How can one weapon suck so much dick.

>Do you like your ammo pool? BAM It's gone.

>Do you like killing more than one enemy before reloading? No you don't.

For shits and giggles, I tried maxing the fire rate and it's really good at killing ONE thing at a time. Then you can max reload speed to kill 12-15 things, ONE at a time extremely fast.

Afterwards you change back to your primary because lol no ammo and you still got 200 guys to kill.


70b2b3 No.14320893



What happened to beam weapons?

I just made a Glaxion for my Frost (keeping it thematic) and now I'm worried.

I was quite happy to see that Multishot actually creates two beams.

e9e26f No.14320900

File: 8a6bea820aa615e⋯.png (54.51 KB, 337x205, 337:205, Gud boi.png)

Who is the best _boi_ and why is it Nidus?

95df7e No.14320908



Go back to >>>/reddit/

e9e26f No.14320930


>no fun allowed

You first, friend.

70b2b3 No.14320966


It's a facebook meme for retards.

>implying you're not trying to start another "chad shit, let's fuck up the thread again and bitch at the mods"

4f2e2e No.14320967


They doubled the ammo capacity of the vipers now so you can waste twice as much ammo!

>Twin Vipers Wraith

>Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 7

>Status chance increased from 5% to 9%

>Critical chance increased from 18% to 19%

>Ammo capacity increased to 440

70b2b3 No.14320972


>Critical chance increased from 18% to 19%

Oh boy, that alone makes me wanna dig it up again and play again.

That's what that weapon needed: +1% crit chance. Goddamn, it's gonna take down 150 enemies with one clip now!

e9e26f No.14320983


Well, with mods and such, the absolute ceiling for crit chance got a decent bump. It's still useless though. Just use Zakti+Glaive Prime and don't look back.

9f38b3 No.14321011

File: 75d7e4d093db7a4⋯.png (418.88 KB, 1400x569, 1400:569, 1e7f99bd072e6e960084366d2a….png)


If mods get triggered by memes, they are bad mods and should be removed.

4f2e2e No.14321017

Also another shitty meme gun is the Kraken, which at some point the Seekers who wielded it made it look like a good weapon as they took you down with only a few shots.

70b2b3 No.14321024


It's not the mods. It's half the board being triggered by the other board.

Then both "sides" proceed to bitch and moan and turn entire threads into landfills.

When the mod steps in, all he can do is pick which group he's gonna piss off.

Or do nothing and piss both.

9f38b3 No.14321032

File: c42081d5d481d4b⋯.png (165.82 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1_GlyphClem.png)


So man up and don't bitch about the memes then?

DE embraced the memes, and so should you.

ce6589 No.14321042


>shit memes are fine

>t. redditor posting shit memes

b2e811 No.14321067

Can you make Ripkas any good for <3 forma? I got that vermillon whatever stance and i want to Zangief towards enemies threateningly.

b22fc8 No.14321185


Just use venka prime, or do you really want to use the ripkas?

e9e26f No.14321250


Don't forget Nidus' new augment for the meat vacuum power. Endless utility.

2c0c91 No.14321373


Dude you are completely right, who could forget epic memes like Clem, its funny because Clem is his name and the only thing he says XD

Can we get a "NANI?" or "boneless pizza" going on my brothers?

Also don't forget to send a Mag to Shy (she hates Mag XD)

Also, does someone want to duel me for plat? No Rhino, Atlas, Valkyr, Inaros, Abilities, Sentinels and whips allowed

c6c65b No.14321879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The sad thing about Clem is how badly they fucked it up. In the original comic and following doodles datareaper did Clem was basically a grineer that wanted to be a ninja like the tenno but was heartwarmingly bad at it. He was slow, clumsy, had no real concept of stealth, and had a shit vocabulary. The twin grakatas came froma comic where a rhino(I think) tried to give Clem some dual zorens for coptering purposes, but he wanted a grakata, then "twooo grakata".

Companies embracing memes only kill the meme. Like how the Rickroll was publicly executed during the macy's day parade. Clem should have just stayed a collection of doodles, or at the most the twin grakata, with a very vague reference to Clem in the item description.

848d5e No.14322315


Maybe so… But you can't deny that the Twin Grakatas are fun to use

e89b77 No.14322344


If only they reloaded a bit faster and didn't suck ammo.

848d5e No.14322408


Honestly, I've had little problems so far with it. Maybe sacrificing a mod slot just for a reload speed mod is handy… An unmodded Grakata takes like 3 fucking seconds to load… It's stupid.

As for ammo, I don't usually run out simply because I'm usually using my primary until I feel the need for more dakka. They are by far the least ammo efficient weapon in the game though and can eat up reserves fast unless you conserve it a bit.

But if modded right, they're a solid weapon, they're certainly far better than a single grakata. That shit has more recoil than a god damn kid with tourettes having a seizure during an earthquake.

For a secondary weapon, twin grakatas are great though.

e89b77 No.14322418


Don't get me wrong, I love both twin and prisma, they just both need carrier, which isn't too much to ask. Also why the fuck is the normal grakata stronger than prisma now? Who's idea was that?

848d5e No.14322420


>less than 10 hours to go until Rhino-chan is finished crafting

Am I in for the memes now? :^))))))

848d5e No.14322429


I mean… All the cannon fodder Grineer use grakatas, they're fucking shit but as soon as they're in Tenno hands they're suddenly more powerful?

Shame you can't shoot anything for shit without the camera going all over the fucking place when aiming and bullets spreading in every fucking direction other than the target when not aiming.

The only time I used a grakata was when I had one spare ready to craft a twin grakata

e89b77 No.14322439


You're in for meta shittery


I don't find the recoil too bad, at least on prisma.

c6c65b No.14322548


Of course, alongside the Brakk they're my go-to grineer sidearm. But they came at the cost of clem being fucked in the ass.

b52747 No.14322555


>one guy says "clem" in region

>almost derails every discussion

>most effective when some fucker says it right after updates

I love it.




Finally some Twin Grakatas autism. What rivens you got, and what stats to aim for? I don't have WF installed right now haven't been playing for a while either, but I got one with 3 stats, boosting both crit modifiers and reducing reload speed, ALMOST feels like it can rip some ass. I just need those exact sexy stats, preferably boosted and with a 4th harmless modifier to really round it up. Only then can I ascend into the higher planes of dakka.

11de1a No.14322584




Fuck off back to >>>/reddit/ and take your ellipsis marks with you.

Fucking faggot.

5ef799 No.14322618

848d5e No.14322629

c6c65b No.14322663


I've given up on rivens for weapons I like. I lucked out with Ogris because it was before it got its buff.

I usually build it like this: Serration, Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion, 2X Dual Stat Mods, (Primed) Target Cracker, (Primed) Pistol Gambit, Free Space/Hydrolic Crosshairs.

I need to add forma and grind up endo to replace the crit mods with their primed versions but this is a satisfactory setup as of now. I usually run Corrosive but sometimes I run blast for shits and giggles.

The Ogris Riven is +Multishot, +Toxin, -Crit Chance, by the way.

b52747 No.14322705

File: 132e0be37006b56⋯.png (243.31 KB, 500x737, 500:737, this is how you grakata.png)


Where are your grakatas bich


That's my grakatas' set-up too. It looks like the weapon cannot be pushed any further without some crazy as fuck riven. At least I'm headed in the right direction. On that note, got any recommendations how to mod a Carrier to hold all of my bullets? I have been getting by, but I want to know if it's really worth spending resources on fully modding one.

c6c65b No.14322763


>No grakata melee to complete the meme build

>No grineer gunblade with is a pair of machettes welded to a grakata, called the Grakutta

Anyways naw I haven't really bothered modding carrier beyond making sure vaccum, universal ammo mutation, and animal instinct is on there.

96fc22 No.14322908


Is there a name for cute, loving porn?*

2c0c91 No.14323028

File: ec9949d4b48dcf4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 186.04 KB, 653x543, 653:543, pDANICc.png)


This sounds awfully familiar

c6c65b No.14324942


Basically. Normalfags kill memes.

fb851d No.14326896

Anyone try the new ayydalons?

17a92f No.14326922


Guys from alliance run them on and off occasionally, some autistic fucks run them non stop every night.

fb851d No.14327040


>every night

for what purpose? only worth while drops are the riven transmute right?

b22fc8 No.14327048


Quills standing and focus. The new shards give a lot of focus and you need the old ones to unlock waybound passives. And eventually the arcanes will drop, so I guess practice?

ee2ea3 No.14327771

File: 9fdf9ed50cac5e6⋯.jpg (742.36 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, nyx_prime_watermarked_120_….jpg)

>started playing couple weeks ago

>having fun, buy the starter pack

>hop into tradejew, "wtb starting stuff for noob"

>little do they know i have market rates pulled up

>filter like a dozen ppl

>meet badass who drops me mods, prime frames and runs me through some missions, giving tips and shit

>joining his 100% end game clan soon

Still have no idea wtf I'm doing, but it's bretty gud for a f2p. also fuck jim sterling.

1259a8 No.14327838

File: f3bdf08c80a3541⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 577x226, 577:226, IMG_4581.JPG)


>buy the starter pack

505644 No.14327879


I'd recomend buying only the main corrupted mods, mostly because I hate vault runs. And some primed mods that I think are fundamental, but if you're going to play for long therm, then you can probably wait for these mods to come with baro (p. continuity, p. pressure point, p. point blank).

Otherwise, farming all the rest is, dare I say it, fun

fb851d No.14328464


Be warned the more stuff you buy with plat the less of the game you have to play.

c6c65b No.14328514


>end game



You can't escape the grind. You can barely even lessen it.

2c0c91 No.14328529

File: 9fddbe9c4074cff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.71 KB, 720x708, 60:59, fun_fact.jpg)


>spending money in something besides tennogen

ee2ea3 No.14329141

File: 4cf430c88dd3483⋯.gif (66.78 KB, 446x400, 223:200, 1468257024706.gif)


my new bro can hook up the corrupted, was looking them up and while interesting, they seem gay as fuck to farm. Ya, I'm starting to complete my warframe collection and haven't really been bothered aside from some Nitain. It's been ____fun


thanks, i backed way off after getting a headstart. there's so fucking much to this game.



sorry about your poverty

505644 No.14329186

File: d47186d41be6099⋯.png (196.29 KB, 331x331, 1:1, esteban.png)


Hmmmm, what did you say your name was again anon?

c6c65b No.14329250

File: 2b6ced48041568d⋯.png (37.67 KB, 578x712, 289:356, 1491319732540.png)


>You didn't waste money on a starter pack

>You must be poor

One of them mentioned tennojew, which is literally paid mods.

06358f No.14329364

File: c9553d00a1917e2⋯.png (427.25 KB, 514x662, 257:331, kot.png)


>he spends real money on free games

Might I recommend a change of speed for you, anon? Check out >>>/patreon/ , it has all kinds of content that you would just love, and for very reasonable prices!

286603 No.14329428


Welfare was a mistake.

80e41c No.14329446

File: 78ac4dc7b296986⋯.mp4 (12.36 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Yodelling_-_Franzl_Lang.mp4)


I like how this is the warframe version of toddposting now.

ee2ea3 No.14329480

File: 5dc465bb22761fb⋯.jpg (128.57 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, HOMELESS-jumbo.jpg)




I had no idea kike was infectious. Mark must be patient zero.

No other explanation for getting this keister kerfuffled over someone spending 20 dollarydoos on vidya instead of McTendies.

06358f No.14329517


>If you don't throw money at something that's normally free YOU MUST BE A JEW

That's your argument for spending cash on free games? bahahahahahahahaha

80e41c No.14329526

File: 31ab15bf4771b88⋯.png (461.92 KB, 482x701, 482:701, fifty shades of hek.png)


Don't engage him nigger.

c6c65b No.14329612


You spent 20 dollars on a starter pack for a free-to-play grindgame. It's not that you're spending money, it's that you suck at spending money.

Exilus Adapters are useless early game because you won't have any mods to put in it, the forma to fit it, or access to any decent grind area to make adding forma not as much of a chore.

Credits fall like rain and 30k is pocket change. If, by pluto, you don't have at least a million you've done something wrong.

The lex skin becomes useless the moment you upgrade to the aklex which is strictly better.

You could have gotten a better deal spending 10 dollars on plat. Especially since fresh accounts are way more likely to get the 75% discount because DE wants to ease new players into the idea of buying plat.

70b2b3 No.14329713


>decent grind area

Is it still Akkad, in Eris?

That's my favourite spot so far.

c6c65b No.14329751

File: 2eccfdd79f1f3f3⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [SHILLING INTENSIFIES].jpg)


Hydron, on Sedna if you're not in a squad. Akkad is nice but personally I prefer hydron because it attracts less frosts. I like explosive weapons and don't need a bubble suddenly making my weapon a liability. That said, Lenz and Cycron having infinite ammo is unexpectedly comfy, even if the latter kind of sucks.

70b2b3 No.14329785


Never tried that place. I'll give it a go. Bit higher level too, should speed things.

Akkad is nice because it's just that one room and everything flows in there. If you think Frosts fuck over Penta, try farming up a Vectis or any sniper and having half your vision blocked.

And never, NEVER mention it in the chat. They'll just spawn a dozen more all over the place.

I was unfortunate enough to run it once and get 3 brazillian frosts. The bubbles were tiny, but they had a fuck ton of them. Then I discovered they were tiny because they modded for power strength at the expense of power range. Fuckers.

c6c65b No.14329863


Yeah. I have nothing against Frost himself: he's a serviceable warframe with great CC and defense. But god damn does he seem to attract the worst kind of people. That, along with his deluxe skin looking like a dude in a dress, kind of put me off of him for a while. That said my frost is modded to run Ice Wave Impedence and picks things off with a bow because I'm a faggot and hate efficient loadouts.

ee2ea3 No.14329989


enjoy all those freely developed games


we must secure the existence of our reddit 4chan tumblr 8chan and a future for all hugboxes


the on paper value is objectively higher

c6c65b No.14330046


Yeah but the practical value is lower. You'll get more immediate use out of straight plat and spend less. You wasted your money, especially if someone was giving you a bunch of essential free shit anyways. The only thing in the starter pack that is actually useful to a newbie is the booster, but you can get those for ~40plat, which is less than five dollars' worth.

2c0c91 No.14330160

File: 6b3abf7b181e6f5⋯.jpg (40.59 KB, 500x499, 500:499, MI0002204872.jpg)


>spends twenty dollarydoos in a F2P game

>a F2P game that he hasn't played before

>the items he got alongside the pack are items that you can get in low level quests

>people mock him

>gets ass blasted

>claims that there's nothing wrong with being the goodest of goyms

2117ac No.14330190

File: 49084e482bbbc49⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0342.jpg)

Nothing wrong with supporting your hobby with money.

2117ac No.14330213

File: 659399401a76799⋯.jpg (46.39 KB, 1139x243, 1139:243, 768787к.JPG)

Also starter pack gives you exclusive cosmetics that you can't get other way, so this alone makes it worth it.

If you like the game already that is.

80e41c No.14330220


Oh boy, a fucking sigil and glyph that also scream "I'm a newfag goy"

2117ac No.14330241


It looks nice.

Also muh goy-jew dichotomy is only prevalent on imageboards, and not in general public, meaning most players will see those just as nice cosmetics.

11de1a No.14330321


>most players will see those just as nice cosmetics

Who gives a fuck about what random people in Cetus or on a relay think?

2117ac No.14330330


But anon should give a fuck about what random anons on /v/ think?

When it comes to warframe the single most important thing is what player thinks.

Does glyph look nice? Is it worth 20 bucks? If so, then the player is happy.

If somebody tells you otherwise you tell them to fuck off.

190795 No.14330340

c6c65b No.14330352


He just started. Hasn't played it enough to call it a hobby.


>20 dollars for a sigil and glyph

>Also muh goy-jew dichotomy is only prevalent on imageboards

Well then post on the forums because here he's a goy that wasted 20 dollars on effectively nothing


He's posting here isn't he? What did he expect coming in saying "Hurr durr I haven't played this game but I've already burnt twenty dollars on it"?

11de1a No.14330371


>But anon should give a fuck about what random anons on /v/ think?

Generally? No. But what the fuck would you expect to happen when you openly announce what a good goy you are in the same post he talks about being brand spanking new? It's almost like he thought he was on reddit or something.

2117ac No.14330405



Maybe he likes bullying?

c6c65b No.14330412


He could have just said he liked nezha or something.

2117ac No.14330432


>not mag

2c0c91 No.14330434

File: 06c29f0b430d843⋯.png (50.71 KB, 944x357, 944:357, important_list.png)


>I got my money's worth see!? I got a sigil!

Anon you are gonna ditch that shit in less than a week and replace it with a syndicate sigil since it gives you syndicate standing

2117ac No.14330439


You usually put syndicate sigil on your ass and cosmetic one on your forehead.

a741d5 No.14330444


Anon Mag is good now we need someone new to bully


>not putting the syndicate sigil on you back with 0 alpha so you cant see it

Not defending him just calling you a faggot with bad taste.

2c0c91 No.14330459



>not showing your dedication to your faction

You guys are either gay or belong to a syndicate with ugly sigils

41aa0f No.14330465


"Free games" is marketing bullshit name (don't know why this even allowed this is blatant false advertising.) Warframe costs $20 to buy plat with 75% discount.

starter pack sucks

80e41c No.14330472


Then don't buy the plat you dumb nigger.

2117ac No.14330484


>trips wasted on worst frame

What a shame.


The only good syndicate is symaris and his sigil doesn't give you shit.

80e41c No.14330490





2117ac No.14330497

File: 83c6c49702d3275⋯.jpg (207.42 KB, 1698x1131, 566:377, wpid-photo-201508040011257….jpg)

41aa0f No.14330498


Not having plat will lock content behind absurd amount of grind. With mentioned amount of plat Warframe feels like full game you buy at once with no F2P bullshit. Guy >>14329612 is right about spending smart

a741d5 No.14330507


You clearly haven't tried her since the update if you think shes the worst frame in the game now.

Im starting to think Nyx is with all the balance changes everyone else has gotten so buffed up shes still just a 1 trick pony.

A 1 trick pony that Loki does better mind you.

2117ac No.14330519


Between invisibilty, going fast and I win button Loki is 3 tricks pony, which is already more than most frames.

803ea2 No.14330535

What the fuck is up with that fag, buying starter pack, when the twitch shit, gives you weapons that will carry you through starchart and add to the already cancerous fame of frost. There is nothing redeeming in that pack outside two orokin stuff that costs 20 plat ingame each that you will have no use for at least two months of solo play as affinity is that fucking awfull in early game, and 300 platinum is almost penny exchange and can only net you two or three vaulted stuff worth your time mid to endgame mind you, as your collection of then will be fucking awfull for a long freaking time.

Outside the fact that you have nothing to carry you through affinity farm spots so the boosters are wasted. And any mod pack is cancer in this game, even relic pack is horrible at the moment even though you can get the unvaulted shit locked inside the plains with then.

The only good thing from this experience of yours was getting a veteran in this game that was willing to help, for fuck sake i use streamline to make transmutations in my free time as i will not lift a finger to farm some shit out there and have credits to burn mindlessly.

Moving on how is the chart of weapons now with all these fucking changes as i can't be assed to try half of then because i got PTSD from the fucking sound of magazine running low, WAS HARPAK NOT ENOUGH DE? Who is the retarded that thought this was a good idea?

And the trio of eidolons was already solo captured in a single night with broberon.

11de1a No.14330552

File: 2184c3eb9a2b301⋯.jpg (201.26 KB, 1579x1599, 1579:1599, I have autism.jpg)


>Not having plat will lock content behind absurd amount of grind.

2117ac No.14330554

File: 2e3a1ff0d31ff9a⋯.jpg (28.81 KB, 510x438, 85:73, CKe2JR1UAAAZOOh.jpg)


>There is nothing redeeming in that pack










41aa0f No.14330824


p o t a t o e s








11de1a No.14332310


>potatoes are content

>not having potatoes locks you behind absurd grind

I'm not sure which you're implying here but both are wrong anyway.

e44a33 No.14332339


Don't click this shit unless you've got some script blocker. Shit's trying to load some shady shit.


c6c65b No.14332346


He's technically not wrong. Without the doubled mod capacity, you'll have to rely more on forma to make space for the good shit. I mean god help you if you want to use any primed mods or have an effective build without adding a potato to something.

11de1a No.14332354


Potatoes don't negate the need for forma on any build worth a damn.

c6c65b No.14332374


That's why I said "an effective build" and not a good one.

e44a33 No.14332392


Without potatos, every item needs 5-6 forma.

Consider that forma is essentially a potato for that slot already that can be installed on top of potato for the item.

A item has a mod capacity of 30.

With forma on every slot, it's 60.

With a potato, it's 120. That's enough to put 12 energy mods in every slot, eg: WAY more than you need.

If you assumed that every slot gives you 3 energy then and a typical item has 3 slots with polarities then a typical item has:

(7 * 3) + (3 * 6) = 39 energy capacity.

If you apply potato, 78 capacity.

If you want to use forma instead of potato, you'll never even reach those 78, it caps at 60 with all slots forma'd.

Of course that, even with potato, 78 means you're missing out on 42 capacity, around 31% of the energy potential on the item.

Some items/builds might need it, some don't.

Primed mods demand it nearly always, but I've managed well without forma'ing too many things.

6f679b No.14332490

I never bought a single potato, yellow or blue. I can say that I have struggled for maybe my first two months because of this. But if you keep up with all gift of the lotus allerts every two weeks, you'll have a main set of weapons to play your everyday grind (just remember to check if a weapon is viable before potato-ing it) , and any potatoes that come after that will serve to broaden your arsenal.

b49ee5 No.14332530


>I never bought a single potato, yellow or blue. I can say that I have struggled for maybe my first two months because of this.

Potato is 20 plat anon. 20 fucking plat. Not even 50.

6f679b No.14332541


All I've ever spent plat on was cosmetics and slots.

Actually I lied about potatos, just remember last year Darvo had a 50%off weekend on potatos, I think I bought a few then (I was already a veteran by then however). I usually use coupons on cosmetics, but since that promotion only applied to potatos, I took the oportunity.

b49ee5 No.14332555


My point is you could avoid struggling by dropping plat on potatoes. In a month you already should have been swimming in it anyway.

ee2ea3 No.14332563

File: 64ab74874df6949⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 250x500, 1:2, tumblr_n0z777ST7U1sovldzo1….gif)

Hope you had a nice Valentines Day with the loving embrace of a 3dpd, anons. That free color pack fucked up my random and turned everything into a hemorrhoid.


So the only value lost is subjective. Personally an 8/10 starter pack, with 2 extra points for the asshurt for a 10/10. Would buy again.

b49ee5 No.14332571


Every time I see cute art of mag it reminds me how fuck ugly she is in game.

b22fc8 No.14332583


Just get her pneuma skin, it's great.

e44a33 No.14332621


I got Mag Prime but I'm seriously considering getting the Pneuma.

Not even for the MAGnified breasts, that head is just so sexy.

e6da08 No.14332632


>Not even for the MAGnified breasts, that head is just so sexy.

Wait, what?

6f679b No.14332637

File: 25dcbe3ed8aa782⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1lOmkxJ.jpg)

File: 8b034d4619a67eb⋯.jpg (80.9 KB, 1456x819, 16:9, fMquMA3r.jpg)

File: 5abfa9ea2621028⋯.png (435.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, HyHSTw7.png)

File: ae830378b911b06⋯.jpg (169.57 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, mag_pneuma_by_roboew-dbqfe….jpg)

File: 46b35fc55c0de3c⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, TAlpsfV.jpg)




By your powers combined

1d923d No.14332638

File: 48fcd919ebcb05b⋯.jpg (32.04 KB, 450x350, 9:7, don't put that evil.jpg)


>Hope you had a nice Valentines Day with the loving embrace of a 3dpd

ee2ea3 No.14332718


>Taro-san will never work on a framefu's ass


watched 2D with mine. best of both worlds

b49ee5 No.14332801

File: ef07f1602c7aff2⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 233x320, 233:320, cant_fap.jpg)



fb851d No.14332815

>108 sorties

>no shotgun riven

6f679b No.14332825


not quite

her joints are not jointed

60c399 No.14332838

File: e1017f249101caa⋯.jpg (88.36 KB, 900x673, 900:673, IMG_3666.JPG)


>got a shotgun riven

>for the convectrix

6f679b No.14332845


Isn't it good though?

I remember investing some forma on it, it performed ok. My only problem with it is that it's ugly as sin

60c399 No.14332851


It sucks, and I got the riven way before hunter munitions was a thing and before it got buffed(I think it did at least).

6f679b No.14332860


Shit nevermind, convectrix sucks ass. I was thinking of the trashbin shotgun that works like a bow, the Drakgoon

11de1a No.14332864


-It's a beam weapon

- It's the lowest damage shotgun in the game

- It's got abysmal range for a shotgun

- It eats ammo like Mark eats cake

- It won't deal full damage to your intended target until both beams converge on it

In short: It's shit.

60c399 No.14332933


Fuck off

bdf043 No.14332944

is the 8ch clan still full?

60c399 No.14332951


We made an alliance and have another clan, they might have some openings.

70b2b3 No.14332975


the Drakgoon is absolutely fucking awesome.

Slap multishot on it and it rolls the multishot for every bullet.

Slap it's own mod and the shots bounce everywhere. You can spam fire it to clear mobs or focus fire to deal 30k damage to a single tough enemy.

I take it to kill infested and it assrapes everything. Especially that 3 headed boss.

Performs rather badly against grineer and corpus though.

70b2b3 No.14332986


What the fuck. That whole thing.


This makes my stomach lurch harder than gore.

c23b8f No.14332987


The other Infinity clan is also full and I don't feel like expanding it into the next tier.

96fc22 No.14332993


Mag's for fags.

60c399 No.14333012


I don't suppose you'd be interested in a riven for it then?


Wot a shame

70b2b3 No.14333034


My plat is reserved to buy hundreds of those spinning grinner pet toys and creeping out people visiting my ship. :^)

How much do you want for it?

Post stats.

a13b07 No.14333066

Does anyone have spare corrupted mods they wouldn't mind parting with? They seem like a pain to get, also I wish for gibs.

5e0576 No.14333180

File: bb0161eb8483118⋯.png (2.75 KB, 51x51, 1:1, warframe wtf.png)

This is bugging the shit out of me. This icon is flashing in the top corner of my screen and I have no idea what it means. I don't have a coupon available so far as I can tell. What the hell is this?

ee2ea3 No.14333188


Vday specials as far as I can tell.

aca659 No.14333227


I'll post it later, I think had it had electricity, status chance, and some other trash stat. I don't expect much, maybe like 20-30 plat.



It is indeed the valentines darvo deals. That symbol in the bottom left of the cart is darvo's.

a13b07 No.14333341

File: 2dc4d2dbd889f0a⋯.jpg (124.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2e50ff437abea8463ebee70ea6….jpg)


I meant corrupted warframe mods, not for weapons. Forgot to mention it before.

e34c4a No.14333807

File: 4272e3a3a8297d5⋯.png (162.5 KB, 494x232, 247:116, 12.13.1.png)

1a0293 No.14333820

File: a239c7ea698fdf6⋯.jpg (96.8 KB, 444x873, 148:291, Capture.JPG)

File: 3a2338cdc654560⋯.webm (59.92 KB, 326x184, 163:92, absolutley_loud.webm)



3d2666 No.14333961


I'm rather fond of official shitposting

4f1431 No.14334337

File: 679ae0645d27ab4⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1142x559, 1142:559, MuhDetron.png)

holy dick the mara detron can 100% now

That being said; what's the best elemental combo for this pocket status-blaster?

Should I stick with viral/rad? maybe go corrosive/blast? or gas/magnetic?

It seems like viral/rad has the most total damage output potential with pic related; while the other 2 combos are giving 3011/3011 of each

Also what the fuck is up with this new font

8567a5 No.14334652

File: a7656a4cbf32f02⋯.jpg (600.54 KB, 920x950, 92:95, geralt_del_toro.jpg)

What the fuck is this new fisher price font, it's disgusting and has garbage kerning.

Couldn't they have just improved the old non-LOUD font to have better res scaling?

e34c4a No.14335397

Can someone draw a picture of Atlas punching someone so hard that he turns into a door?

8b4418 No.14335415


smells liike reddit

80e41c No.14335805

File: 8e5744c14d18594⋯.png (296.45 KB, 339x464, 339:464, asagaegagr.png)

Here's drakgoon riven if that anon wants to purchase it. It's basically an upgraded dual stat. It's low roll if you care about that too.


I'd go corrosive as you aren't doing enough damage or slash to justify viral.


It's really weird.

e6da08 No.14335834


I don't even know why they decided that a hotfix patch was the best way to unveil this bizarre change.

e3399c No.14336502

File: f57a5c9e545f1e7⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 330.97 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 1428006025598-1.gif)

Why the fuck do you fags not have a god damn dojo?

a13b07 No.14336553


We do. Two actually.

5ef799 No.14336555

File: 24cc25aaac77962⋯.png (9.41 KB, 359x25, 359:25, Warframe.x64_2018-02-16_02….png)

I must find a way to go even faster

e44a33 No.14336847


That anon here, I'd buy that for 40 plat 8get yourself a pair of potatoes with it).

Probably gonna have to re-roll it though.

The primary source of damage for the Drakgoon is slashing so I was speccing it to deal with infested. Elec and damage to corpus doesn't really help that much.

50a4e1 No.14337301


>spends thousand hours in sorties

but sortie requires like 15 mins to be completed

50a4e1 No.14337311


they fixed it finally, right after the buffs came out i put 4 dual stats and archieved only 98.8 status chance

6f679b No.14337748


Play Nezha (put a non-fag idle animation on him, too)

Have high speed multiplier



55cb18 No.14338212

File: a33f2c43101bbf1⋯.gif (248.69 KB, 500x210, 50:21, Slide.gif)

fb851d No.14338578

>lephantis sortie

9f1ba0 No.14339586

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ee2ea3 No.14339639


jews… android dick?

9f1ba0 No.14339705



80e41c No.14340374

File: 189db15900a52c1⋯.jpg (941.23 KB, 1200x999, 400:333, smol nanachi.jpg)


K, my ID is 3k_halogen so friend me or meet in the dojo or something

e3399c No.14343186


Well whats the details on them? Any open slots for a fuckface like me?

db3434 No.14343979


You can rerun them as many times as you like.

It's worth doing with eximus stronghold interceptions/survivals as those give crapton of focus.


We're both full.


dc97ca No.14346419

so what's a good opticor build for ayy hunting anyway? I just got the weapon

b7b5f2 No.14346433

File: 5aa125149b39c33⋯.png (115.63 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 5aa125149b39c33eeb903d9f4b….png)

>In an elimination mission solo

>Room i'm in goes into lock down

>Kill everyone in it before going to the terminal to unlock it

>At full health with 100% scarab armour on

>As soon as I enter the lockpick mini game I die

>Revive and finish the mission

>The end results show no deaths

What the fuck just happened, anyone else ever experience this?

80e41c No.14346515


Sorry to tell you this but I think opticor is old news for eidolons. It can still wreck shit though. If you do use it for eidolons build for crit and radiation damage. For general purpose do the same but slap hunter munitions in somewhere.


Nope, spooky.

dc97ca No.14346535


what do people use for ayys now

I heard Harrow is old news too because arcane nullifier negates all magnetic effects

what frames are people using? what weapons

80e41c No.14346588


Vectis prime is king, but really any sniper will do. People run with either oberon or trin for support, and rhino, chroma, harrow, volt for damage. Basically anything with a damage multiplier.

b7b5f2 No.14346715


Ever since I got my Vectis prime from that twitch event I haven't used anything else, i'm honestly shocked they buffed it.

dc97ca No.14347006



my clan leader is convinced he's useless and refuses to let him into ayy runs, what makes him useful?

80e41c No.14347031


Healing, armor bonus to allies, sacred ground/reckoning for dealing with vomvyalists.

2eab57 No.14347034


Iron Renewal and Smite Infusion. Your clan leader's a faggot.

dc97ca No.14347050



welp, my clan leader won't listen to me so I guess it's pubs then. Got any good oberon builds?

2eab57 No.14347160

File: 8263fcf85ffcf54⋯.jpg (549.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180217202927_1.jpg)


This is what's on mine, just swap out Phoenix Renewal with Smite Infusion, another duration mod, or even more armor

dc97ca No.14347189


what is the firewalker for?

2eab57 No.14347249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a Bullet Jump mod, what the fuck do you think it's for?

dc97ca No.14347307


but that doesn't help against eidolons at all

314440 No.14347405

Harrow is better than oberon, because he trivializes magnetic explosion thing between phases, so you don't have to run back and forth in range.

80e41c No.14347438


Or you could just be your operator in void mode and not give a shit.

dc97ca No.14347460



>use a full set or arcane nullifier +1

>100% resist to all magnetic memes

b49ee5 No.14347487


As an operator

>you can't reload weapons

>you can't get energy from pizzas to your frame

>you can't refresh buffs

>you can't heal lures if needed

>you can't set up new shields as volt

>you can't micromanage other small shield

in short

Harrow > Oberon

Can oberon even heal lures?

80e41c No.14347505


You only have to be in operator mode for about 5 seconds to wait out the screech, you really need those 5 seconds to do all that shit? Harrow's buffs are just a bit too finicky to be effective.

b49ee5 No.14347518


Harrow is not about buff, it's about nullifying that explosion phase. It's infinitely more useful than clearing out grounds and some second rate buffs that don't compare to Chroma/Trin/Rhino ones.

Oberon is not useless mind you, like some fucking nezha or ash, but if you get to choose, you better choose Harrow.

80e41c No.14347532


But that phase is trivial to deal with. And harrow can't reliably heal, so he's not really competing with oberon. Oberon is competing with trinity.

b49ee5 No.14347540


And oberon can't compete with trinity.

I guess you closed your own case.

80e41c No.14347560


He can, he trades damage reduction for more offensive abilities. So if your party consists of rhino and two chromas or something, then heis the better choice.

dc97ca No.14347618


void mode doesn't stop magnetic procs


80e41c No.14347659


Yes and? The magnetic proc hardly matters.

dc97ca No.14347667


it does if you're chroma

80e41c No.14347679


Why? You don't need the shield if you're buff is already up, and you should be using zenurik anyway so you should be able to regen enough energy to be able to keep vex armor up regardless.

b49ee5 No.14347696


You can already melt Hydrolist with one good chroma, you don't need any more offensive abilities, all you need is more safety to not waste time replacing nuked lures or reviving dead cats.

dc97ca No.14347729


>using zenurik

what is wrong with you? you use madurai for void strike to melt the shields

80e41c No.14347752


Provided the healing affects the lures, depending on the exact math he could be about equivocal to trin in terms of healing lures.


I don't have the autism to grind for both, and zenurik is always useful. Not to mention if you have negative eff chroma, which you should, it's either that or pizzas cause nothing is else gonna give you energy.

5ef799 No.14347940


I did this as Nehza before playing Volt though

the 20% speed boost on his 1 + Volt speed is nuts

b49ee5 No.14348147


All nezha fags should be gassed

e9b385 No.14348159


I've played Nezha a bit, to me he doesn't strike me as a great frame. He has OK crowd control, an OK protection for himself, and the rest of his gimmicks are just that. OK. Nothing to really write home about. Rhino can do the same CC if not better. Rhino can also get far better protective shielding. Healing can be better done by any other healing warframe. And his 1 is pretty meh.

There isn't much good about that frame besides you can go a bit fast. Or you could just slap an exilus adapter onto any other warframe and then some parkour mod.

c22c8a No.14348288

File: 2467481763bf042⋯.png (2.17 MB, 986x1378, 493:689, Waitframe 2.0.png)

Make a new thread somebody.

Because every time I do it cobalt gets triggered and deletes it.

80e41c No.14348307

c6c65b No.14348336


>Only 800 hours

>What I expected: grinding and jewery

>Shows results of grinding and jewery

>A rhinofag

>Knowing he's wrong, so trying to cut it off ahead of time

>by using memegenerator

>waifuing the coalburner

Got lost on the way to the forums?

c22c8a No.14348360


>all this mad in one post

c6c65b No.14348391


>"Y-you're mad"

Who's mad? Here I'll use your own image.

>What I expected

Jews: in the third part you show a fishing screencap where you have a tennogen helmet on. That's 7 dollars for just a helmet. Bethesda didn't charge as much for paid mods. There's also the prime access, which is 150 dollarydoos for the latest prime. Most GAMES don't charge that much for one character and some accessories.

Grinding: Tons of waiting windows, multiple maiming strikes, rock farming achievement, and the room full of statues are all the result of grinding

DE has outright said that they were being petty and nerfed chroma because he was too good at killing ayydilons. And Rebecca has banned people before for making a fool of her. The topless thing is from the devstream/primetime episode where niggamu showed up. Pure coincidence I'm sure.

As for Memelands? The game kills whatever jokes come up in it. See: Clem.

Rhino is just shit, and I'm mocking you for your shit taste. Even atlas has better armor now.

That you needed to toss in the custom-made memegenerator shows that you know that you got what you expected, but can't take the i-told-you-so that comes with it.

c22c8a No.14348514

File: 26b9c88707218b6⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 298x224, 149:112, 1407402230589.gif)


>I'm not mad

>follow by wall of text with retard spacing

c6c65b No.14348553


>Can't say anything but "U Mad"

>thinking that's a wall of text

>memegenerator-user getting to call anyone a retard

Gonna post a smug anime girl next?

c22c8a No.14348578


Don't need to, you already destroyed yourself.

See you next thread.

c6c65b No.14348585


You just can't argue back

c22c8a No.14348591

File: 67ec25fbfc059a2⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 465x382, 465:382, 67ec25fbfc059a2a5a6bc23970….jpg)


I'm not reading your shit. Your're obviously fucking mad.

c6c65b No.14348596


I think you might be projecting there. What happened to "see you next thread"?

c6c65b No.14348621

But you know what I can actually leave a thread when I say so. See you later, faggot.

c22c8a No.14348680


Just wast making sure you have to get the last word. You had two.

You're platinum mad my dude.

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