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File: 6c6360e38556b1f⋯.jpeg (76.3 KB, 811x640, 811:640, 8E31F3C1-163C-4CA1-B268-1….jpeg)

d58747 No.14318119

Is it hard to get a job as a game journalist or game reviewer? I have a feeling Most people in the entertainment journalism field never went to college.

208b29 No.14318137

They didn't. They hate videogames and are fucking miserable.

681b1b No.14318141

It's the opposite they all went to college, then proceeded to network their way into the business. This is why they have such an iron grip over people they should have no business having any influence over to begin with. If you want to be a game journo you basically suck Jewess pussy while saluting feminism and getting your balls cut off for Social Justice.

208b29 No.14318150

File: 752a2cb1214ca64⋯.jpg (106.34 KB, 617x720, 617:720, IMG_20180210_124911.jpg)

d58747 No.14318154


You consider liberal arts and gender studies real degrees?

d58747 No.14318160


It’s funny. Because it not outta character. He in a literal cuckholding relationship with his wife

8531cc No.14318164

You aren't writing your own stories. Your editor will tell you which kind of gender discrimination you felt oppressed by.

1ef5a1 No.14318165


Tell me he's a master troll or that it's shopped

681b1b No.14318167


No, but it doesn't matter they meet and network in college even if their degrees are useless and suck each other off with their ideology and brainwash people they hate into their cult via emotional abuse so they can join their orgy. They also use these cliques they form to keep everyone else out if they can.

208b29 No.14318170

File: 5f02628532efda9⋯.mp4 (2.38 MB, 400x400, 1:1, culture2.mp4)

File: 572b71b20473bea⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, c12da7a3-be7e-4d3e-a6fe-d8….jpg)


Now that edit makes sense. I am so sick to my stomach with these awful fucking people. When are we allowed to legally kill them without any negative repercussion?

64fe0d No.14318178


>it's an arousing story


>my wife, her two kids, or even her boyfriend

This can't be fucking real.

496b3f No.14318203


>top critic

>not top cuck

low hanging fruit, I know I know

b22407 No.14318205

File: 1619bde4344ad8b⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 433x439, 433:439, 906e4afe073335ff53b09eee2f….jpg)


what clued you in?

63e349 No.14318212


They aren't journalists. They only work there for a few years, to write enough positive articles to get noticed by the people they want to work with.

Real journalism is dead. It's all about yellow journalism these days.

f91efd No.14318222

File: ed462445f18bbf9⋯.gif (2.67 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1433901670268.gif)


Soy. Not even once.

0653a6 No.14318246

Surely if you really wanted to become one, the answer would be to start a youtube channel and try and find a hook that would cause people to give a shit about your opinions? (And by extension give game devs reason to give you demo builds for publicity)

3eb552 No.14318282


Hate to say it but SJWs have taken over Youtube networking too.

d2ecd0 No.14318285


More than enough reason to kill SJWs for real.

c1af8f No.14318288


They have taken a lots of things already anon. To bad we can't kill them. but we still can secretly :^)

dcb635 No.14318867


I plan on being a YouTube guy, but I know for a fact that I'll get less views than even Jesse Wood or Lamb Hoot, because my content has no audience. Like, I'm almost positive I'll piss off /v/ too. Not that it matters because I won't monetize my videos and I'm doing this more for myself than any of you worthless ingrates. I need to finish my chart.

bb3037 No.14318882

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>1st webm

i honestly thought the music at the beginning was embed related

166a6e No.14318885


The problem is that we live in a world where people exactly like that exist in numbers above zero.

You could show me indisputable evidence that it's fake, signed by God Himself, and I'd still be slightly skeptical.

208b29 No.14321362


Is a fax alright? God is a bit busy right now.

e9000f No.14321387

File: 72b2dd1d6cc8858⋯.mp4 (4.84 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 72b2dd1d6cc88581cb30f71649….mp4)


>Is it hard to get a job as a game journalist or game reviewer?

7dbd5d No.14321440


Most internet journalists are people who are english majors and failed at finding a career in writing and are extremely dissatisfied with their life which is why they all become weird nu male types. I know Jeff Gerstmann didn't go to college and he's one of the earliest game journalists. I've heard of stories where people who posted on review site forums got hired. Pretty much the only way to get in now is to start your own little blog and then start sucking dick.

912ea6 No.14321450


You need to start making videos, I already want to watch a bunch of the videos that were on that chart, chart-anon. Especially the Uncommon Time one.

You're not going to get any views while the videos only exist on your chart.

db89b2 No.14321470


>Is it hard to get a job as a game journalist or game reviewer?

Without sucking dozens of dicks or drinking few hundred litres of kool-aid, yes.

>I have a feeling Most people in the entertainment journalism field never went to college.

Majority of them are failed majors in english, journalism or other not science majors.

6ffdf1 No.14321520



7865ff No.14321553



efa749 No.14321571


>being a soyboy

e9000f No.14321583

File: ccea0d175d128b5⋯.jpg (411.52 KB, 2192x3024, 137:189, buzzfeed testosterone leve….jpg)

0f6162 No.14321603


>Pretty much the only way to get in now is to start your own little blog and then start sucking dick.

This. I knew a guy who is now a gaming journalist and a developer consultant and is making more money than I do just to dick around all day and work on his hobbies. His background isn't even college, the guy barely graduated high school and was working as a car detailer when he decided "I'm going to start up a shitty blog about videogames" and he did thanks to leddit giving his website clicks through shitty clickbait articles calling anything and everything a turd including specific fans.

b3a4f1 No.14321643


Soy having xenoestrogens is not psuedoscience, do not eat soy products if you're a man it's simple shit.



8f6103 No.14321652

File: b15abc409de4ec0⋯.jpg (283.15 KB, 836x900, 209:225, smug.jpg)

0f6162 No.14321660


>Well, you should have been in to make your dues when you were 16 or so too.

This wasn't way back then, this happened in early 2015. The only trend that I could have hopped on before everyone else did and flooded the market was e-celeb LP bullshit but back then I thought it was dumb cancerous bullshit even before the rise of PewDiePie and Markiplier facecamming shitty horror games.

be75ff No.14321665


I don't care what the fuck you think you're talking about. I talking about the origins. People who even hated the gamespy network.

268ef6 No.14321690



Estrogens from outer space? It was an ayylmao plot all along.

0653a6 No.14321742


Why would you need networking? It's not like E;R had SJW's approval when he racked up 2.5 million views shitting on Force Awakens.

d1e5f8 No.14321772

Yes and no

There's quite literally (as in if we're talking actual qualifications) nothing but being able to operate a keyboard to get hired by one of these places

However, if you aren't part of the clique or a perspective recruit it's basically impossoble to get a job.

b3a4f1 No.14321782


That's not particularly clever, Xenoestrogens are compounds that act like estrogen. There is also phyloestrogens which is specifically xenoestrogens that come from plants. I'm just snatching this shit off the National Institute of Health this isn't some made up Pseudoscience chemicals and food that have estrogen properties and what can happen from overexposure is being studied and the overall picture is "not good".



963d23 No.14321793


please bear in mind that xenoestrogen isn't the only problem of soyboys, becase there' also lack of proper nutrition, processed literal trash figurative food, no exercise, pollution and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

My professional opinion is that big cities should be gassed.

be75ff No.14321795


Networking has been a thing for ages, video games is no different than any business convention. You just should have been in sooner, to be the interlocutor. This works no different than any other business. Business retreats? End up with at least one person waking up naked.

d1e5f8 No.14321798


Why not contain the soyboys to the cities?

963d23 No.14321816


why not remove soyboys entirely?

d1e5f8 No.14321819


They're funny to watch

7dbd5d No.14321829


Why contain it?

6ea2f6 No.14321838


I'm surprised you didn't post hbomberguy.

0e9a3b No.14321845


I know this thread will die so I want to ask, how do you increase your testosterone? I mean I do have the total testosterone at age 25-34 but is there a way to increase it?

dae27f No.14321853



fba058 No.14321857


Drink lots of cum

f0016e No.14321862

File: d25ad744b4290d3⋯.jpg (139.47 KB, 750x733, 750:733, TiqK3wRG1QgUETclNCQXYRY7bH….jpg)



dafece No.14321866


They went to "college" to study shit like social sciences

08d3d8 No.14321877


Journalism is dead. They're just bloggers who get paid.

c311b4 No.14321890

File: babe72c84030fe5⋯.gif (266.7 KB, 473x570, 473:570, _r_19829347289739472893.gif)


>Is it hard to get a job as a game journalist or game reviewer?

Not at all, all you need is a jewtube channel, a blog or joining a non-cancerous gaming site like Nichegamer or LewdGamer.


>I plan on being a YouTube guy, but I know for a fact that I'll get less views than even Jesse Wood or Lamb Hoot, because my content has no audience. Like, I'm almost positive I'll piss off /v/ too.

Quality is rarely rewarded with fame, if you want to increase your e-peen then virtue signal your way to the SJW clique.

963d23 No.14321893



>cut down on masturbating

>eat quality food

478343 No.14321907


i've been gradually exercising more and more and i also brought masturbating down to about once per week or two or less (not because of that gay nofap shit though, it just brings me down and makes me lazy whenever i do it) and i've been feeling absolutely feral today. exercised till i screamed then i ran to the outdoor exercise place to exercise some more and try to pick a fight with anyone in my path. didn't meet a single person though so i just exercised

478343 No.14321912


i've also been eating lots steak, ribs, meat in general. i try to eat it every day but it's kind of expensive so it's more like a 4-5 times a week thing.

0e9a3b No.14321920

File: 3b8d5539a40a7f7⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 360x200, 9:5, Il_Duce_showing_Hitler_his….gif)

7711bd No.14321924


Are you sure you're not turning into a nigger?

dae27f No.14321925

File: dbb9a0226718f61⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 640x456, 80:57, de.jpg)


>not being a soycyborg

478343 No.14321928


maybe, idk, idc, feels good man

b3a4f1 No.14321941


Once you start getting into it and having the testosterone increase a spike in energy is a natural result, then all your anger you've been holding in is more likely to come out. Having healthy levels of testosterone means you won't hesitate and step down so much. NoFap makes it worse cause you'll catch yourself staring women down and become even more aggressive after the initial 1-2 week period. You need to channel this energy or you just become aggressive and hyper.

208b29 No.14321950


Niggers are just dumb in general. A feral white man is more intimidating than a feral nigger.

1b2296 No.14321953


Are you trying to turn him into a spic?

1b2296 No.14321960


>A feral white man is more intimidating than a feral nigger.

At least with a feral white man you'd know when he's getting aggressive, niggers just snap like a twig in a hurricane without any warning.

0e9a3b No.14321974

File: 5d42244f1221637⋯.png (200.76 KB, 500x373, 500:373, 5d42244f1221637f2e5914708c….png)


I am a spic

f0016e No.14321976

File: 0c08c35e7d38f0e⋯.jpg (28.84 KB, 440x440, 1:1, 0c08c35e7d38f0e28bfc2b7f5e….jpg)

b476c7 No.14321983

File: 14c2d2e9ac2857f⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 207x253, 9:11, fact.jpg)


>He in a literal cuckholding relationship with his wife

1b2296 No.14321987


>Not a single nigger stole a single one of our bikes

Why? Did you actually put a lock on it and stored it in your garage like a white man?


My condolences, hombre.

b3a4f1 No.14321991


>This faggot has never done anything.

You have never been in a situation where everything around you makes you angry. Exercising for me didn't cut it because that is exactly the situation I'm in I even see people become SJWs and Tumblerinas in real time until I started gardening and trying to build shit in my garage I wasn't able to calm down.

0e9a3b No.14321992


but I dont want to go back to cuckchan


>white mother and puerto rican father



208b29 No.14321994


Get a wife. Fuck her brains out.

208b29 No.14321997


Tell us more.

be75ff No.14322002


>your bike is always in storage

>not just fucking around for a moment while in a convenient store

You couldn't chase a little nigger down ever, not even at 13.

7dbd5d No.14322004

File: 647fbb2d63dbee7⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.07 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Si fly.webm)


You don't say.

3d21a2 No.14322015

File: 89e3d2afcd593c9⋯.jpg (22.43 KB, 419x387, 419:387, 122117509.jpg)


>not being a soyborg

c0c475 No.14322026


>a good role model must be south american

I mean what? Are white people in the US really that cucked, that you don't have even one funny alcoholic uncle who shows you how to fight and be a man?

1b2296 No.14322028


We had our dedicated guy who'd wait outside the store, usually decided by rock, paper scissors who'd watch out for niggers.

They hunt in packs, so why not do the same.

c513b1 No.14322130


Can I see your chart please?

c71f5c No.14322141

The only regret regarding soy for me is sushi. Does anyone know if there are any studies relating sushi consumption with the low height and penis size average in Asians?

f0016e No.14322152


If you are talking about soy sauce the fermentation cancels out the estrogen effect

5cbb6a No.14322157


Unless you start your own reviewing site it's hard. Because you have to become friends with these cunts. It's all about networking and being friends with them, so they will help you get jobs.

435f57 No.14322166

Is it hard to get a job as a vol or BO? I have a feeling Most people in the Mozambican parchment sketching moderation field never went to college.

1b2296 No.14322172




It's piss fucking easy, ask the likes of Pewter.

cc8ceb No.14322179

File: 615e0ed45e39976⋯.jpg (170.78 KB, 666x972, 37:54, soy-based_gene_therapy.jpg)

be75ff No.14322195

The fucking suburban trash that did it shot his dumb fucking self anyway.

be75ff No.14322196

On accident.

bb4f04 No.14322197

File: 9847cc49b2f6c65⋯.png (479.19 KB, 1348x812, 337:203, Nintendrone Soyboy.png)


Look at the asshurt soyboy

cc8ceb No.14322200

File: a2551367863deba⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 814x564, 407:282, reddit xbox vasectomy.JPG)

9ad12f No.14322209


Psychology is also considered a pseudoscience yet they tend to be spot on with mental issues

aac8c8 No.14322214

File: 73702af3b19f160⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 73702af3b19f16038b5af737f0….jpg)


The numbers don't like, Xbone confirmed Soybox.

1f664c No.14322218

File: 79fb79a824084a6⋯.png (49.17 KB, 719x841, 719:841, reddit cancer.PNG)


>that can't be real

>check the archive

Maybe it is real, who knows.

I wonder what the hell a "CF girlfriend" is though.

b8128c No.14322221

File: 5acda471403fcfb⋯.jpg (74.73 KB, 1182x966, 197:161, 1.7 TB Farage.jpg)

5a086b No.14322230


the subreddit is childfree, so presumably childfree

i googled it and got cystic fibrosis and i was left confused

f0016e No.14322232


Cystic fibrosis?

04c4c4 No.14322233


Ohh god the comments on it, every single one is supportive of his vasectomy

208b29 No.14322235


I thought this stood for cuck faggot, but it actually stands for Child Free.

Sliiiightly less worse.

208b29 No.14322238


Soybox One

Soyny Estrogen 4

Soytendo Bitch

f0016e No.14322240



Now that I see it's "Child Free" it's even more ridiculous. "Why won't the man who I will never bear children with marry me?" How stupid can a person be?

cc8ceb No.14322241

File: 7cfa55524475318⋯.png (909.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ff917f48c8fff8c70e4d40daf6….png)

5ef0a4 No.14322243


The Soyboy "meme" is not welcome here.

There is a line and you have crossed it.

3a81af No.14322244


Maybe they find cystic fibrosis really attractive.

1b2296 No.14322246


>both vegan

This fucking animal abusing nigger faggot.

He can cut off his balls for all I care but leave the dog alone.

e9000f No.14322247


Not feeding your pet properly is animal abuse. Vegans are truly subhuman.

7dbd5d No.14322252



Dogs actually live a completely healthy life on a vegan diet. Unlike cats.

68fb3b No.14322255



He had his nuts lopped off?

1b2296 No.14322258


>Dogs actually live a completely healthy life on a vegan diet

Maybe the rat sized ones that should've never been engineered to begin with.

bb4f04 No.14322259


Soyboys shouldn't be welcome here, but then we would have to kick (((Mark))) off the board.

5a086b No.14322260


i hope you're aware of the fact everybody who says they're female on reddit (or really anywhere) is LARPing for attention or a tranny who wants attention

8be936 No.14322262

File: 0802ae3989eead2⋯.png (701.5 KB, 780x632, 195:158, 0802ae3989eead2f91a0ce1813….png)


This guy reeks of weakness, physically and spiritually

9ad12f No.14322264

File: d0facdcec1d8f6f⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 680x494, 340:247, 1504650127496.jpg)



>vegan diet for dogs

5a086b No.14322268


this is called natural selection

f0016e No.14322270


Reddit is basically facebook for people who want to appear "intellectual" or "counter-cultural" from my understanding so I am sure there are some used up whores who go there to get attention they are too unattractive to get in real life

7dbd5d No.14322273


Bramble the dog

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_dogs number 4 here

Lived to 25 years old and was fed a vegan diet.

7dbd5d No.14322274


Bramble was a Collie.

5a086b No.14322276


regardless, 99% have a penis and the other 0.5% are ones who chopped it off

e9000f No.14322277


Natural selection would be shipping them all off to concentration camps and gassing them.

f0016e No.14322279

File: 02eb51e069b7bca⋯.jpg (46.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 02eb51e069b7bca80e17fa23d0….jpg)


You are correct

1b2296 No.14322282



>Lived to 25 years old and was fed a vegan diet

Was he given any other choices, though?

Like put two meals in front of him and see which he goes for, one being vegan the other not?

This smells of one of those "experiments" where the outcome was not what they wanted so they did some slight changes to the report.

7dbd5d No.14322290


Well according to the owner she was excited to eat her dinner. I see dogs eat fuckin' grass and turds and you're here telling me they have the sophistication to decide which meal they prefer.

https://v-dog.com/blogs/v-dog-blog/bramble-the-collies-secrets-to-living-to-age-25 Here's some article I found on the internet, enjoy.

1b2296 No.14322299


> I see dogs eat fuckin' grass and turds

That doesn't mean they do so because they're hungry.

Cats hunt mice to play with them, too, not because they desperately need food.

This sounds like some horseshit where the food had something mixed into it that caused either an addiction of made the dog think it was proper food.

Not that I care enough to spend hours looking into it.

98bd24 No.14322301


>You could show me indisputable evidence that it's fake, signed by God Himself, and I'd still be slightly skeptical.

God cucked Joseph.

03b5ff No.14322305


God damn anon, are you so fucking unwillingly to accept shit that you think they drugged the fucking dog? Do you think things can't be omnivorous or something?

584db6 No.14322310

File: ab89f83bd86f1f5⋯.png (4.89 KB, 549x61, 9:1, reddit.png)

File: 27d68d2d9d80464⋯.png (12.08 KB, 905x116, 905:116, reddit1.png)

File: cd9275c63f62c4d⋯.png (39.68 KB, 918x323, 54:19, reddit2.png)


Holy shit this is the worst subreddit I've ever seen.

f0016e No.14322320


What do you expect from people who create an identity out of not breeding because kids eat into the abortion and star wars poster budget?

e9000f No.14322327


What the fuck is reddit gold and what does it do?

03b5ff No.14322333


I think you can post on a special sub reddit and that's it.

68fb3b No.14322359


I don't really see this issue with the last one.

584db6 No.14322373


It's a subscription service that gives you access to a bunch of organization tools that no one ever uses and lets you access a circlejerk subreddit. People can gift gold to posts they like when they feel that upvoting isn't enough.

159484 No.14322374


You just need to know the right people or proclaim your idelogy loud enough.

7dbd5d No.14322384

File: ce330fc9b3e9f62⋯.webm (5.07 MB, 480x360, 4:3, chemicals in the peanut b….webm)


If you've ever owned a dog you should know that dogs will eat almost anything and will hover around you for food and beg.

0ede99 No.14322409


dogs also eat poop

435f57 No.14322428



slow down there, soyboy

42da85 No.14322436


What about cutting wood?

8aebc8 No.14322446





IDK about dogs, but I know humans live longer when they eat a low carb diet because your body goes into starvation mode which results in cell division that is more effective in the long term. Maybe the dog scarfed the food because it was in starvation mode and the owners trained it well enough to not eat things it wasn't being given and maybe the starvation mode is why they lived so damn long.

b29504 No.14322451


yeah, uh-huh, i totally believe your larp.

be75ff No.14322455


And what are you, then?

565edd No.14322472


>not getting a stealth vasectomy after hulking up and winning lawsuits against girls trying to pin pregnancies on you

it's like you don't even like money

e9000f No.14322476


If they're trying to trap you into marriage where do you get the idea they have money?

d41b40 No.14322492


Whenever we have a meal with meat and my dog starts begging I sometimes hand him something like bread or veggies instead, which he refuses to eat it after smelling it. Whenever we don't have meat he will gladly eat whatever I'm giving him though. Dogs definitely prefer some meals over others.

They also tend to eat grass if their diet lacks fiber. It's quite common.

40e087 No.14322497

File: b96f6b294b66d94⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 720x404, 180:101, joneslaugh.gif)

c311b4 No.14322500

File: f877d3728c75991⋯.jpg (101.85 KB, 656x893, 656:893, _r_1761273562763526347.jpg)

>all this 4am posting

dae27f No.14322506

File: 3105ca0de0e3664⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 302x433, 302:433, soy-.jpg)

565edd No.14322509


then they shall go to debters prison

9ad12f No.14322644

File: 4f77056373af349⋯.jpg (132.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1504647097948.jpg)



>7:31 pm

b34b5c No.14322683

File: 6e53afb2379349f⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 480x369, 160:123, too many sluts.gif)


Okay, which one of you fucks edited this?

491caf No.14322717

File: 9712b86b752a49b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 66.09 KB, 349x229, 349:229, shitreviewer.png)

15e0c5 No.14322758

File: 26c017de5e2bfe7⋯.png (67.08 KB, 741x364, 57:28, nigger.PNG)


the reviews for this film are really something else

64cca1 No.14322774

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>makes video training to disprove the soyboy meme

>ends up in a two month soy only diet

>to disprove a meme

40e087 No.14322787

File: ce69125579c0798⋯.png (11.1 KB, 705x106, 705:106, ClipboardImage.png)


I thought that last one sounded too ridiculous to be real, even for NPR. I was wrong.

b5e9ae No.14322798

File: 177232ac0cac537⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 550x512, 275:256, 1452652661498.jpg)


>top critic

435f57 No.14322805


>global systems of institutionalized racism

<cut to net US aid to Africa

b34b5c No.14322828


>implying that if something like wakanda actually existed they wouldnt hate it for being too western

8b7f7f No.14322831

File: 02edc8ee76df39d⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 600x499, 600:499, 02edc8ee76df39d7055ecdea33….jpg)


I've been seeing poster of this shit all over my uni god i fucking hate bongistan.

5cbb6a No.14322844



>My Wife

>Her two Kids

>Her boyfriend


40e087 No.14322851


It's not a real review. This is the real review (minus the BLACK'D profile pic): >>14322717

491caf No.14322927

File: a1bcc6b0df19948⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 336.89 KB, 811x640, 811:640, merged.png)

be5dd6 No.14322974

File: 9c3c0b786f671fe⋯.png (607.06 KB, 698x564, 349:282, ye olde numerals.png)


Those digits don't lie.

ebf65d No.14322987

I eat tofu because it's cheap. Should I switch to some other source of protein?

Are lentils safe? I have lentil curry once a week.

208b29 No.14322994


Lentils are really fucking good for you. Switch NOW.

11e240 No.14323001

File: a93a25f58d5af1f⋯.jpg (124.06 KB, 996x1008, 83:84, 1518533741013.jpg)


faggotry is bounded by neither space nor time.

435f57 No.14323002


>not going full shrekmode and eating nothing but onions and red meat

8b7f7f No.14323012

File: 64ba7cc4baa167f⋯.jpg (135.6 KB, 797x876, 797:876, 64ba7cc4baa167fabb5213d79e….jpg)


wtf is king nog doing?

435f57 No.14323033


That's his official presidential portrait.

2436b9 No.14323061


fucking infuritating. i want to vomit

411e4a No.14323111

File: ab1a11abcf9514d⋯.jpg (435.65 KB, 797x876, 797:876, akumcat3.jpg)


Kanging and going Ook as hard as he can.

d63769 No.14323209


Raw onions.

d63769 No.14323235


coolest monkey in the jungle

39cc98 No.14323283



Technically speaking "xenoestrogen" is more correctly used to refer to artificial chemicals that mimic estrogen, DDT and friends for example.

5166d9 No.14323368

File: d3bff3b133a6b9b⋯.jpg (338.97 KB, 811x1917, 811:1917, vasectomy pasta.jpg)



>Getting a vasectomy.

>Telling people about it.

881b58 No.14323398


Are they referring to women that don't want kids or women who aren't single mothers? I've had a shitload of trouble trying to find someone who isn't a single mom

565edd No.14323410


fake or not it's a good lesson to remember if you ever become rich, famous, or some other form of desirable.

3a81af No.14323533


I think the best thing about this is it's a fucking XBox. If a cunt wants to have my balls all but cut off, they'll have to do a whole lot better than a retarded kid's VCR and a headset.

You can start by waking me up every morning with a deep-throat and swallowing, welcoming me home on your knees every day, happily doing all the house work and maybe keep a jar of full-strength baby juice in a sperm bank, just in case.

But I think I can see who's wearing the pants in this relationship. So, yeah, enjoy your little XBox, dude.

d1702a No.14323570


It's always shopped

565edd No.14323582


your post is almost as cringe worthy as getting good boy points-xbox for snipping the bud. All the men in my family got vasectomies after having 2 kids though, makes me question if it made them soy boys on accident but none of them are american aside from me

e1ba5f No.14323798

File: 3bc2c05c093ad99⋯.jpg (247.61 KB, 642x957, 214:319, Fat fucking furry on Pewdi….jpg)


>We are allowed to mock poor journalists for not knowing how to play

<And support Pewdiepie after shouting the n word

940229 No.14323923


you can tell she's unique cause of her different eye colors

39e1eb No.14324004

File: 4b0eb25d03aa73f⋯.jpg (51.89 KB, 612x400, 153:100, charlie.jpg)


Is that a furry trying to hold being a furry over another furry to try to discredit their opinion?

8b7f7f No.14324045

File: a466fab0333e854⋯.png (355.53 KB, 1000x1076, 250:269, ugot.png)



>borderline furry porn


f20162 No.14324096


Probably one of those SJW invaders in the furry community I heard about, awful people, don't make anything, try to get blacklists for artists in the community, pay for degenerate (Even when considering we're talking about furries here) shit

577fdc No.14324102


SJWs are the reason furries are the way they are.

f20162 No.14324114


According to 4/5 furries I talk to on a regular basis yeah, essentially.

I mean if we're talking strictly the entirely abhorrent shit, not basic I want to cuddle a dog that is also a lady stuff.

577fdc No.14324151


I'm talking about the "furry community" that enables the abhorrent shit.

f0c283 No.14324155


i thought it was the opposite. sjws act an awful lot like furfags but with different outlets for their illness. i always assumed furfags just started becoming sjws for more acceptance, and it worked pretty well.

6ce578 No.14324170


Okay I laughed at that one.

f20162 No.14324175


Hate to break it to you but a good portion of the "furry community" fucking despises "itself". Like with a burning passion, and this isn't like a joke about the furries that want to fuck sentient fire.

9806ff No.14324181


Honestly if you set up your own half-arsed review site and virtue signal in it you'll probably get in the door.

6ce578 No.14324194


If you get into low carb diet you become a liar because you literally cannot survive on that low energy and you need to get extra from normal food, but you never tell anyone you do this to keep the holier than thou veil or some shit.

577fdc No.14324203


They were the first victims of the id politics they use. Though furfags are older than what we would call an SJW, the very first kind of proto SJW is what turned them into what they are.


Were that true the "fandom" wouldn't be the mess it is would it?

6ce578 No.14324210


Same deal with phrana eaters or whatever - they eat like normal people except they do it in secret.

f20162 No.14324212

File: 06567d04c9c0e2e⋯.jpg (73.53 KB, 777x800, 777:800, .jpg)


Are you really trying to imply that it isn't?

6ce578 No.14324219



Any fandom is like this. Many fans tend to completely dissociate themselves with the fandom altogether. I enjoy Rick and Morty for whatever reason, but I don't go anywhere close to the faggot R&M communities.

577fdc No.14324220


I'm saying the amount of self hating furfags that exist is vastly smaller than you perceive.

f20162 No.14324225


I'd have to disagree and leave it at they're quieter than the rest.

07ac29 No.14324652


>It's not just sincere, but that rarest of birds in the JUNGLE

>Black superhero movie

Wew Joe must secretly hate his job.

Also they're basically saying all that fancy shit about racial discrimination because the main dude's a black guy. Black Panther is about a segregationalist colony of african blacks who literally live in a walled community and keep advanced technology out of everyone's hands to ensure their rule over Africa, and BP is just the prince/king of that whole mess, and goes out in his costume skivvies while letting his advisors run it. If there wasn't so much pressure to make blacks look good, there'd be a story arc in the comics where he finds out his advisors or some shit are abusing their status and they become arc villains, it's been done a fucking huge number of times before by Marvel since their main heroes tend to be flawed people with superpowers instead of the "I represent and am a human symbol of justice" type shit DC does. It'd be interesting, but as things are, there's no incentive to make black or women characters BECAUSE they complain, and instead of dealing with the uproar of getting one "wrong" (protip you can't get them right because they'll always find something wrong) you just don't write those characters because this shit is a business.

Iron man's a fucked up jerkass alcoholic, Spider-Man's an eternally impoverished reporter who recently got body jacked by his main nemesis and got his shit together and started selling his inventions, Captain America is the closest thing to a DC type hero but is old-fashioned and displaced in time, so on and so forth. Black Panther's not allowed to have flaws because he's black and (((people))) would complain about it if he did. And you wonder why there's so few black characters or "empowered females"?

Because if you wrote them you can only write them one fucking way, generic and without personality so as not to offend. And because they're like that they're one note characters at best, and badly written by principle.

The reason why they complain in the first place is to get people to hire "diversity specialists" and "sensitivity gurus" which happen to be them or their people, and through this they essentially get paid for doing nothing.

cc8ceb No.14324817

File: 3342122e4cbf63a⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 0Tg2iSvmtC-iFGZc0EtLDaiN9U….jpg)

d41b40 No.14324994


On the upside, forgettable capeshit movies like this one won't stand the test of time. BP'll be forgotten by the end of the year.

3a81af No.14325069



Go back to youtube, fucking half-wit, I don't want to hear about your dodgy family.


Sorry, was this something to be proud of?

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