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File: 9dcd0f3cc07e648⋯.jpg (6.36 MB, 4292x2310, 2146:1155, kingdom_come_deliverance_F….jpg)

3f718f No.14318695

b0ac58 No.14318699

>more shilling for this shit

f180dd No.14318701

File: 9f02114e67c973f⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 489x355, 489:355, 1463876670715.jpg)

>medieval life was a melting pot of different races.

fdd667 No.14318709

File: fd0adbdaa0d4912⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 700x477, 700:477, yo.jpg)

>expecting anything at all from (((games journalists)))


d352bd No.14318710

File: 67da3fb53ff8f01⋯.jpg (649.39 KB, 1631x1373, 1631:1373, go away.jpg)

Fake news you nigger. He's calling out the dev, not the game. Your title is not reflective of the content at all.

848285 No.14318713


Italians, greeks, romans, germans, anglos, etc all mixing = whites fucking gypsies and niggers

3f718f No.14318720


>a few whites fucking some sex slaves means the majority of the continent of Europe was niggers

Only the rich could afford sex slaves, the majority of the hard working and self-sacrificing Europeans were white.

17ef36 No.14318724


>People have brought up the argument that the hundreds of other developers who worked on the game don’t deserve to suffer lost sales because of one racist, but I have to call foul on that. He’s unashamed in his racism, and it’s clear the game comes from a source of deep rot.

>I implore people to not buy the game, to boycott it. We have to show that people who hold such disgusting views should not be rewarded, and that games that come from such a rotten, anti-progressive stance don’t deserve to succeed.

b0ac58 No.14318725

File: 3ece031c087f272⋯.jpg (92.51 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, based gamers.jpg)

whats up gamers? It's just me. Your fellow based dev, here to tell you about the hottest new game on the scene, kingdom cum deliverance. Get on your knees because it's gonna knock you way back when I whip it out. You can get this loaded in your face on Steam. That's right and in a few weeks, you can gog on it too. ;) This is a real hard core game for my fellow gamergaters at r/pcmasterrace, so hard core you're gonna wanna be all over it. I know you want it my fellow gamers, and it's coming to you soon. First person, eye to eye, swinging around your rods and spears, gritting your teeth at this realistic, throbbing experience.

6bc27b No.14318726


>GC: Metal Gear was never that big commercially, and the new one seems to feature barely any stealth at all. We think the concept has just fallen out of fashion, and is seen as too slow and difficult.

fdd667 No.14318731

File: e0d2a5efb825dce⋯.jpg (345.16 KB, 1105x802, 1105:802, wrong kingdom.jpg)

16deb5 No.14318735


>you can gog on it too

okay, quality innuendo

05dd56 No.14318739

File: 75255b685d09f6d⋯.png (168.6 KB, 348x360, 29:30, autism.png)

The game may look nice but can you fuck montergirls in et?

ee65e4 No.14318742


I wish all shitposts strives for this quality

c1f721 No.14318748

File: a6b07b17820a1c9⋯.jpg (21.7 KB, 301x600, 301:600, feels gud.JPG)


top kek

d352bd No.14318752


None of that contradicts what I said.

f877a2 No.14318767


This should be the new toddposting.

2f9849 No.14318776


I know it's the hot, trendy thing to shit on literally anything that is new and people like, but holy shit you're trying so goddamn hard. It's just /v/, nobody here is going to be mad at you for liking something. You may get bullied, but it's okay to actually like something.

d135ff No.14318780


They actually did post here once. They would stand out a lot if they tried shilling here because of their posting style.

Needless to say, they don't shill here apart from that one thread years ago.

71a767 No.14318782

daniel i already bought your game in order to tell everyone how it runs on my amd meme cpu as a community service. you dont need to shill it here

dd11b7 No.14318797

3458c9 No.14318801


The game is set to release today/tomorrow isn't it?

c12717 No.14318855


If you consider hairy slavic men to be monster girls then yes

113460 No.14318861


13th I think. I will pirate it when possible. Something is bugging me about the game but I don't know what.


isn't the player character some neet twink?

f6ccc7 No.14318870


Kingdom Cum is actually shit though.

563b47 No.14318876


fa1d46 No.14318892

>sonic racing 3


3458c9 No.14318894

File: 85343ec4f05d875⋯.png (51.57 KB, 223x251, 223:251, I browse to masturbate lat….PNG)


>Something is bugging me about the game but I don't know what.

You too, huh? It has that "half-polished" feel to it the kind of feeling you get when playing a fan's mod of a particular game. The still faces in combat, no screaming or angry yells, no sound or animation tweaks to imply impact, some odd textures that are out of place, etc., etc. We'll see if it's any good, Vavra really should've paid attention to how animating fights works.

c12717 No.14318899

File: 1358f66816f2e4f⋯.jpg (54.93 KB, 545x428, 545:428, 66b822cdc8b146f8f2ee1b16df….jpg)


I'm just here to watch journalists and their ilk kvetch about the ebil nazi devs

3458c9 No.14318909

File: 7d81e8349a8b198⋯.gif (483.11 KB, 245x235, 49:47, 1387856623039.gif)


Dubs of truth right there.

0de7be No.14318923


The game has almost no facial expressions.

Everyone looks dull and bored, and when combined with emotion-heavy dialogue it looks pretty jarring. Not ME:Andromeda level of uncanny valley, but still uncanny.

563b47 No.14318925


And what was the budget of the game now?

d068e8 No.14318941


Now that's some right proper smug.

93d391 No.14318952


It's not okay to lie on a Christian imageboard anon.

138a67 No.14318963


But the BO is a kike

3458c9 No.14318964


1.1 million £

1182c9 No.14318968

File: bcae1b020e32c8a⋯.gif (204.08 KB, 404x416, 101:104, 8bitlaugh.gif)

9f9e12 No.14319014

File: 62946624a514732⋯.png (15.6 KB, 526x166, 263:83, melting pot of different r….PNG)


ITS 2018

Statements like this is a norm.

416c74 No.14319018

I bought the game yesterday and its downloading now. I think it looks neat.

563b47 No.14319020


Now that's just lazy, Tobal 2 for the PS1 had facial animations

fa1d46 No.14319024


Nice, everyone here needs to do his part and buy this game.

416c74 No.14319028


Fucking kill yourself if you're buying this to support some retarded ideal.

d352bd No.14319031


He's either baiting or falseflagging.

aade83 No.14319032

File: 0925494df140d2d⋯.png (103.48 KB, 600x539, 600:539, 0925494df140d2d85ec15b0c3b….png)


So how is the game? Is it ok ?

fa1d46 No.14319038



>supporting good devs makes you a shill or falseflaging

Take your meds.

d352bd No.14319041


>buying a game because a dev said some kind words

Yes it does make you a shill.

8306af No.14319044

File: 5f6df2eb6302220⋯.png (583.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5f6df2eb63022200f3e7bf09ee….png)

File: 26cf3ffa7fc7aea⋯.png (119.52 KB, 293x254, 293:254, dae1780bea8b2c2083e413b39f….png)


Well, here we go again with the SJW screechings about how a game portraying historical accuracy is racist because it takes place in 15th century Europe which was predominantly white at the time. The same bullshit was spewed with The Witcher III.

I have a game idea: African Tribe Simulator. This game will depict cultural accuracy as you play a member of one of many African tribes of your choice.

However, since it would be rayciss 'n sheeit to have the tribes consist of only black Africans, tribes will be evenly diversified between black, Chinese, Japanese, native American, white, Hispanic, and sand nigger.

As a member of an African tribe, your character will:

>walk around completely naked with tits and/or balls hanging out freely

>balance baskets on your head

>elongate your neck with neck rings

>suck on cow clits to promote lactation for milk

>dunk head under streams of cow piss to bleach your hair

>bathe in the same water in which your animals urinate and defecate

>pay no mind as flies crawl all over your body

Would be a great opportunity to break through these racist trends of entrenching your game in racism under false pretense.

Who wants to get this game started?

113460 No.14319046


I'll buy it if I like it, not because the dev is saying some shit I agree with or like. So far, I'm still up in the air but is a definite pirate.

d352bd No.14319049


Fuck off, no one cared when you posted this the other three times.

fa1d46 No.14319051


Supporting devs that share our political views will help us drive the Communists out, that's why we need to make this game a commercial success.

138a67 No.14319054


good dev =/= good game

798ff7 No.14319055

It's decent which is more than I can say about most games from the past few years. Buying my nephew and cousin a copy as well.

9f9e12 No.14319058

File: c45f913ba9c2b92⋯.jpg (8.4 MB, 4792x7084, 1198:1771, black merchant.jpg)

One question, they quoted Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, who is up to read their "Medieval and Modern Concepts of Race and Ethnicity" written in 2001 and "The Difference the Middle Ages Makes: Color and Race before the Modern World"?

They quote those studies their proof of niggers in medieval countries. Anyone read them?

fa1d46 No.14319060

File: 1c8d20bc8977cfe⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 640x742, 320:371, tmp_1c8d20bc8977cfebd62385….jpg)


Buttblasted sjw detected.

0de7be No.14319062



>blindly buy shit to support "good devs"

>doesn't care if the game's good or not

You must be retarded. Pirate and play the game first. If you enjoy it and think it's worth your money then and only then buy the game.

Don't be a sheep.

d352bd No.14319063

File: 187eb0139602713⋯.png (199.53 KB, 366x460, 183:230, jewish merchants.png)


>we need to make this game a commercial success.


we don't need to do shit you shill faggot.

73e2af No.14319067

File: 1a4a5c07cdb301b⋯.png (73.87 KB, 869x236, 869:236, ClipboardImage.png)

798ff7 No.14319070

Bump. Seems a few /lefty/anons are getting assblasted.

73e2af No.14319073


>buying things makes you a shill

Found the SJW. Back to goonland with you.

fa1d46 No.14319075



/ggrevolt/, please leave.

9f9e12 No.14319079

File: 94bcb5d5efe66c5⋯.pdf (136.72 KB, d0c25244338ffe1aaa5fcaad75….pdf)

Testing PDF upload of a book mentioned in article.

d352bd No.14319086


>desperately trying to convince others to buy something

>not a shill

ok bud.

0de7be No.14319089


>the quality of the game doesn't matter

>the devs' ideology is the primary concern

You're no different than the SJW clique

140816 No.14319092

File: a8bf3919106970a⋯.png (946.57 KB, 900x675, 4:3, Marks gluttony.png)

Might get it for my birthday, but I for sure won't be getting it within the week.

0e63d1 No.14319098

File: 0ef1cfe3363623f⋯.jpg (262.02 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Cz7Dy2_UUAASDn8.jpg large.jpg)


It's a shame. Vavra got into this shitflinging mess because fuckers like Polygon kept pushing him into it. I am surprised he stood his ground though; we need more unflappable devs who don't cave to social media posturing.

73e2af No.14319101


You realize we're immune to your cultural marxist subversion tactics, right? Someone post the "I hate SJWs too" pic.

0de7be No.14319110

9f9e12 No.14319116

File: 33317d4a3ac3485⋯.pdf (143.79 KB, Place and Time Medievalism….pdf)

File: 6912358de7a4b18⋯.png (31.66 KB, 813x261, 271:87, pre-race utopia.PNG)

Another book of similar thinking. It sources some ideas of the "Difference the Middle Ages Makes: Color and Race before the Modern World", which i cannot find yet in pdf.

c0dc38 No.14319119

File: 57bcb05ee9c97d8⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 1442995002312.jpg)


I bought it today at around 10ish.

It'll be done downloading the 23gb Day 1 Patch around midnight tonight (thanks Australian NBN). I'll let you know after.

416c74 No.14319126


I bought the game because it looked good and I have a medieval itch to scratch.

You are a massive faggot, why not just blog on tumblr?

0de7be No.14319133


Wait, how big is the game? 40GB+?

4b6374 No.14319137


You're still retarded for buying a game on good faith instead of trying it out first.

9f9e12 No.14319139

File: bc73bbeb2ed42a9⋯.jpg (532.69 KB, 980x1305, 196:261, moor.jpg)

Basically liberals think like this, according to their books:

>Medieval ages didn't had concept of race

>That means medieval ages was an anti-racist utopia

>That means there were all ethnicity possible during medieval ages and nobody was racist

>racism is a new concept coined by hitler

>everyone lived happily in diversity and multiculturalism before him

>that means we can show niggers and arabs in roles of key historical medieval figures because by their non-racist ideology they wouldn't mind

Or its just philosophical thought that in medieval settings you can put more diversity because there were no ideology against diversity.

c0dc38 No.14319147

File: 708e8ed096d98a4⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 400x601, 400:601, HUTTERITE_HUSKING_t400.jpg)


Around 30gb.

416c74 No.14319149


Fuck that, been following it for a yearish and decided I saw enough I liked to get it.

0de7be No.14319156


Ah crap, gonna take me a full day to download it.

I have a very lousy internet.

4b6374 No.14319161


>a yearish

It does make you an absolute retard, that point isn't debatable. Worst part is that you come here and brag about it shamelessly.

0c8ac4 No.14319168


FitGirl will have a repack out within a day or two, I'd imagine.

786ad6 No.14319173

The only thing i know about this game is you get an achievement calling you a virgin if you complete the game without going after any waifus, which was funny enough to get my attention. Might grab it if a few anons confirm it's good, its been fucking ages since a good medieval game came out.

416c74 No.14319174


I don't know, seems like its a debatable point. I thought something looked fun so I bought it. How do you judge something is worth buyin?

148653 No.14319177


I've got to wonder if she actually lives up to her name.

4b6374 No.14319184


If I have the possibility to do so by trying it out first? I sure hope you're underage because that level of clueless retardation isn't excusable past a certain point.

0c8ac4 No.14319185



I like to imagine its a slavtrap.

416c74 No.14319191


I guess the point is in a few hours im gonna know if I like the game enough and considering it was just about the only game I was going to pay full price for anyhow why wait like a jobless autist hoarding his gimmedats.

b4c779 No.14319204

>This interview with Kotaku in July 2015 laid his beliefs bare. In fact, one of the reasons he developed the game was because he believed it was ‘historically accurate’ to not have any non-white characters anywhere, which is provably false given that medieval life was a melting pot of different races. The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies published a paper on it, on how pointless it was to compare modern concepts of race to medieval notions of ethnicity.

Can someone explain without /pol/ terms if this is actually accurate or not?

c0dc38 No.14319215

File: 2c440150d1726e3⋯.jpg (457.26 KB, 2000x1704, 250:213, naughty-nun-cover.jpg)



I should mention that you can play it without the patch.

But the patch does:

>re-balances the entire game (weapons/combat/money/exp earning)

>improves hit detection

>enables stealth archery

>improves npc reaction time

>"massively" improves facial animations

So you kinda need it for it not to be unbalanced combat with slow ai and oblivion facial animations. Why the fuck some of this shit wasn't included to begin with is beyond me. I guess they didn't want to delay it for a third time.

786ad6 No.14319220


It really is "Europe was always a multicultural shithole" historical revision.

148653 No.14319222


hmm,that might be attractive

4b6374 No.14319235


Yeah and you're gonna enjoy having two hours to figure out if the game was worth you money.

>why wait like a jobless autist hoarding his gimmedats

>needing instant gratification when repacks are gonna be out soon

Yeah, you're definitely a manchild, a proper one.

The only decent argument about buying a game close to day one would be not having to deal with manually patching it yourself, but you can still fucking try out before.

>like a jobless autist hoarding his gimmedats.

If you work for your money you should care about the value of what you're giving away. You're spending philosophy is down in the gutter. Hoard your money you fucking retard.

2509a3 No.14319241

File: 111b774656006a3⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 409x406, 409:406, OH I hate this Reimu touho….jpg)


>I have a very lousy internet.

>a full day

Its going to take me at least a week

You yanks have no idea how lucky you really are

0c8ac4 No.14319249


It's not.

Race wasn't really cared about back in Medieval times because you'd rarely see anyone non-white beyond some traders/slaves brought over on ships, and even that was unlikely.

As such, they've distorted lots of documents to say "Look, they never said there weren't only whites, and there's a few non-whites documented in history, so they must have been there and racism didn't exist! How wonderful!"

Adding to that, there are lots of documents that refer to "dark skinned" people that came from ships across the sea.

Those often referred to Italians, French, even Germans, who were much more tanned than Anglo-saxons were.

So, when you see someone say that Europe has always had a vast number of non-whites in it, they're lying out of their arse or are too stupid to do their own research and just listen to and parrot someone else's arse talking.

If someone ever tells you Europe has always had Arabs/Blacks/Jews/etc in it, ask them the exact point that they were shipped away in the 1700s to make Euope 98% white, per censuses.

They can never answer this point. If blacks were so common in England and were treated as everyone else was treated, why did slavery suddenly pop up in 1700s? Did they all just decide one afternoon to quickly round all the blacks up and put them to work (not to mention the population of slaves vs what they claim there was in Medieval times suddenly decreasing by hundreds of thousands).

5e7df2 No.14319252

File: c2c3e9555613f0b⋯.jpg (90.34 KB, 1208x340, 302:85, Shinra guarantee.jpg)


But do you guarantee it?

416c74 No.14319255


>Yeah and you're gonna enjoy having two hours to figure out if the game was worth you money.

If you cant figure out within an hour if you like the game you may be retarded.

And yes, if I want my gratification now with the money I work for I fucking will. Pretty funny the guy REEEEing about how other spend money is throwing around manchind.

2509a3 No.14319261


to fuck over pirates who download the 30gb game early on, and then proceed to need to download it again when its patched?

040d61 No.14319262

File: 89d3aad16ac4145⋯.jpg (39.8 KB, 730x368, 365:184, 03219409.jpg)

2509a3 No.14319263

File: 436e92d09128914⋯.jpg (495.18 KB, 1176x1000, 147:125, awoo shy curious touhou hi….jpg)


>If you cant figure out within an hour if you like the game you may be retarded.

What if it takes an hour alone to get the game running because you're using a toaster?

4b6374 No.14319272




>If you cant figure out within an hour if you like the game you may be retarded.

Dependign on the game that can be valid. It isn't the case for most RPGs. The beginning can be really bland before it picks up, or the other way around, the game turning to shit past Act 1 or 2, plenty of things can turn to shit aftet a few hours or a dozen. Hell it might take you up to half an hour or more to pinpoint the optimal settings you wanna use.

The only thing I m reeeing about is sharing a board with actual retards and having nowhere to go.

416c74 No.14319273


Then maybe you should save your money, get a decent PC and quit being a nigger.

3bfb26 No.14319275


Any good methods?

416c74 No.14319277


Im sure you could go find somewhere where everyone is as enlightened as you.

0c8ac4 No.14319279


Costs money to put out patches.

Deep Silver (publisher) was probably needing the money and didn't want delays, so they put it out and dropped a patch.

That's why most games have day one patches; it's been in the works for weeks if not months, but they had timelines to follow and it's easier to drop a patch than recall every physical copy and ask Steam/GoG to change over the base install (which Steam regularly says is a hassle, so I assume their infrastructure is shit).


>commit crime in ghetto

>no one assumes it's you because you're white

Not hard tbqh

7c47fb No.14319280


It's a non argument. Just because past concepts of race were different does not in any way prove that 15th century Europe has vast numbers of blacks.

Look at it like this: in the late 19th century, blacks were considered so alien to some Europeans that they were put on display in human zoos. How did this happen, if black people were normal, everywhere, and intermarrying with Europeans as they claim?

The truth is that before the Age of Discovery intercontinental travel was extremely difficult and most Africans, whether black or Arab or Berber, would not be allowed to casually travel through Europe and settle on account of their Muslim faith.

4b6374 No.14319282


It's not hard to be enlightened compared to people who have never seen the light through their shit covered face.

2509a3 No.14319286

File: 728addfa4e68200⋯.png (26.62 KB, 144x162, 8:9, tomo-chan wa onnanoko Smug….png)


If i was a nigger I would steal a better pc

416c74 No.14319300


You really have no excuse then.

c0dc38 No.14319303


*Tips Reichskrone*


a71852 No.14319304


>decent PC

>in CY+++

yeah good luck with that

554e6f No.14319316

File: cb3e62b0b12e6ef⋯.png (390.28 KB, 768x673, 768:673, ai the smug.png)

>goons ITT this mad that a medieval game isn't full of big black bulls

3bfb26 No.14319323


No ghettos in my country yet

a71852 No.14319327

File: 55a48f4f17bfbad⋯.jpg (27.15 KB, 336x422, 168:211, 7c89751560e63b0b7efdf9a2b4….jpg)


but is it fun ?

c0dc38 No.14319335

File: 8e15a44747451c6⋯.jpg (35.96 KB, 480x264, 20:11, 650d69a9691e51be07bbc7894f….jpg)


Literally no one is arguing that here. Shitposting is suppose to be funny by being ironically retarded, not be just plain retarded by being actually retarded. Try harder with your shitposting or don't post at all.



An optimist, I see.

1b3ef8 No.14319336

File: a6811fa70d7f7be⋯.jpg (231.4 KB, 815x1024, 815:1024, Obviously African.jpg)


I had never heard of the author before but from what I can see Dr. Bartlett is an avowed deconstructionist in light of his history series for the BBC. Medieval history is filled with many of the same sort of infiltrators, they aren't interested so much in the subject matter as they are in shaping it to the contemporary image- such as with black Achilles today.

>This is not to deny that there is genetic and biological variation between human groups… These biological differences do not themselves constitute race or ethnicity but are part of the raw materials from which race or ethnicity can be constructed— along with language, religion, political allegiance, economic position, and so on.

Here we see the key point of the argument. Much of the debate we see today is in identifying genetic factors that would be connotative of race, but the cleverist of the societal deconstructionists already know that that will be a conversation they will lose, so instead they try to take control of the word "race" itself, including not only genetic factors but cultural and (((economic))) ones that they can define at will, excluding or including any group into any other group and muddying the waters into an unintelligible mess whenever it is convenient for their ends.

>It must be possible to reclaim the word race from the racists… As long as it is made clear that race is not a biological category… race [refers] to the identifications made by individuals about the groups they belong to.

Here we have the author openly proclaiming his intent to assert control over the definition of the word "race," shifting from the sensible definition of a genetic category into a postmodern collection of labels that can be changed like shirts. Except he multiplies his nefariousness in classic deconstructionist behavior by proclaiming his bold-faced lie was, in fact, always truth and that it's the ebul nazis that are misconstruing things.

b7bd24 No.14319358

File: b8aecf07b63a5a4⋯.jpg (26.33 KB, 322x304, 161:152, b8aecf07b63a5a412cb74dcb42….jpg)

>forgot game was coming out soon

time to preload

786ad6 No.14319363


>his history series for the BBC

That's all that needed to be said really.

e5b237 No.14319366

File: ad2597898cc0093⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 300x400, 3:4, AH HA HA HA MAGGOT.jpg)


>You may get bullied, but it's okay to actually like something.

c0dc38 No.14319372

File: 32119056ba9ee54⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 1447985716378.jpg)


Wait does this game really release a day later in the US than it does Australia?

Did the devs know shitty Australian internet would make us unable to download the day 1 patch in in under a day to actually play it before you lot?

2509a3 No.14319396

File: f6f03d24b2328f5⋯.jpg (163.17 KB, 757x960, 757:960, Free Trade Australia.jpg)


Its probably become a developer standard at this point anon

dac649 No.14319416


From the names you can already see one thing: They aren't about Niggers actually living in Europe (which would be a lie), they are about medieval people not giving a shit about race (which is mostly correct, faith was much more important, not that being a Christian Turk would do you any favors in Europe).

b7bd24 No.14319425


It said less than an hour to release when I started the preload

382cc2 No.14319445


I skimmed it, or at least tried to. Says nothing about black people in small czech towns. Just saying the modern race is different because medieval thought of it as religious, white vs black (heat vs cold), and tribal (goths, celts, etc) differences. That most people were ingrained in their culture as Christians, as English Speakers, or Englishmen, and not as 'British' or 'White'.

At the time there were two Popes with Europe divided and the nobility perhaps speaking more than one language. They weren't concerned about some spice merchants in Prague since they wanted to kill the heretics who supported the Avignon Papacy and crush foreign influence like the Poles or the runaway German influence. There's a shit more they could have harped on but that won't be anywhere near the game and won't be near any game.

7884b4 No.14319457

There's so many socjus cucks on nu/v/ that we might as well go back to cuckchan at this point.

4b6374 No.14319477


Goons, low tier muh pedo moralfags and shitty baits all around.

b04539 No.14319478


>If someone ever tells you Europe has always had Arabs/Blacks/Jews/etc in it, ask them the exact point that they were shipped away in the 1700s to make Euope 98% white, per censuses.

Nice post Anon and I like this quote.

Slightly off topic that has to asked though, how many white folk from medieval times were in Africa? Wouldn't there be more whites (with the boat technology to travel) going to Africa vs black Africans trying to go northwards to Europe?

c0dc38 No.14319479



Literally no one's arguing for black people to be in the game here. Go shitpost elsewhere.

4b6374 No.14319499


Was more of a general statement about the state of the board. We've got another kind of retards in this thread.

3a5ec7 No.14319500

Has there been an actual review posted somewhere yet?


Lolicons are cancer too

cd3f63 No.14319506


Cancer is a meme.

563b47 No.14319511


Kill yourself pedophiler apologist

f80621 No.14319519

File: e8ca478f3a8c634⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 595.94 KB, 800x1040, 10:13, 3334533.png)

0c8ac4 No.14319524


There were exploring parties and surveyers (looking for resources) but I can't think of any proper settlements being there.

The Spanish were the first to colonise Africa, as far as I know, but another SW Euro country may have done so just before them.


I've only seen reports of a 20GB patch and how rayciss the game is.

I guess if Polygon wants to boycott it, they won't review it, thus the only reviews will be non-lefty.

0c8ac4 No.14319545



Oh, and remember that, in Medieval times, boats were pretty scarce, especially ones that could do anything more than cross over to France.

The Romans and Greeks had settlements on the North, but I guess you wanted to know about whites and medieval times, which is long after Romans and Greeks came.

4b6374 No.14319549


A loli a day keeps normalfags at bay, but /pol/ faggots are too dense to understand that as usual.


Leave and go fap to your THICCCC mongrels.

c0dc38 No.14319550


>Has there been an actual review posted somewhere yet?

It's got a score of 70 on metacritic, not that metacritic acutally means much anymore. 4 of those scores are 80-90 range, three are 50, 60, and 70, and one is 40. The 70 below ones complain about bugs but they don't mention if they played with the day one patch or not. None of those reviews are by any website I've ever heard of before, though.

138926 No.14319553

File: 03c885ced850515⋯.jpeg (111.47 KB, 960x846, 160:141, 76zGGr.jpeg)

>gentiles don't know they own history

3a5ec7 No.14319554


Not really

>feel the need to shove their fetish in every second thread

>try to justify it

>get butthurt when someone points out it doesnt belong on a videogame board

>get asshurt when someone doesnt like it

>resort to cheap tactics like muh boogeyman etc.

Literally mlp


Wait there is already a 20gb patch in the works while the game hasnt even hit the digital shelves? Not a good sign if true

a71852 No.14319555

File: 3bab9e51ec813a1⋯.jpg (189.16 KB, 1025x639, 1025:639, 8e15a44747451c6fe9f4865a7b….jpg)


>Cancer is a meme

138926 No.14319560


>Wait there is already a 20gb patch in the works while the game hasnt even hit the digital shelves?

For the PS4 from what I've heard.

3a5ec7 No.14319567

File: af3936a0ff922b0⋯.png (276.93 KB, 632x822, 316:411, 292dea13aa32e0ced157c83394….png)

4b6374 No.14319569


The boogeyman is real faggot.

e3ebc6 No.14319572

File: 100807e85ff5ff7⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 255x195, 17:13, animelaugh.jpg)


>knows jack shit about game development

>knows jack shit about resource allocation and manpower organization

>still thinks he can make judgments call that hold any value whatsover.

So this is what it feels like to experience extreeme stupidity,

c0dc38 No.14319576



23gb patch. Downloading it now myself. It's fucking annoying.

e5df49 No.14319577

File: 981dbd6d97afbec⋯.png (203.58 KB, 1130x900, 113:90, b01.png)


>implying anything even remotely pro white will be received positively on nu/v/

>When the site is in the process of being taken over by /leftypol/ and other sjws

Shit dude, just go into any thread talking about censored vidya or SJWs and watch the heavy bitching and shilling.

563b47 No.14319584


You sound desperate.

138926 No.14319587


Wait, we're being taken over by /leftypol/? Since when? Do I need to post Mr. Piggy's marvelous blowjob?

e5df49 No.14319593

File: b413583f0d2a2fc⋯.png (560.31 KB, 960x862, 480:431, b413583f0d2a2fce3f91a85f70….png)


If you haven't noticed, then you haven't been paying attention. The long march has already begun and you're none the wiser.

0c8ac4 No.14319594



>friar tuck


smh the blacks don't even know the history they're (((correcting))) is just stories.


/leftypol/ has lost a shit ton of users and dropped 2 places after their bots stopped working for a bit and users that were running bots went to /leftpol/.

The correct problem is cuckchan refugees coming here because the 4chan mobile app, Clover, supports 8chan.

Bully them until they go back.

You can visit them here >>>/g/

3a5ec7 No.14319597

File: a387a7092ec6bcd⋯.jpg (113.7 KB, 640x840, 16:21, a38.jpg)



If pc then let us know how the game performs please. I can honestly get over few bugs here and there but not over the shit optimization

6e2b5e No.14319599


>Since when?

>there's always 1 retard attacking anything remotely political on "muh /pol/"

It's not a takeover as much as them getting louder

0d28ec No.14319602

File: 6e97d82e4524afd⋯.png (270.93 KB, 370x567, 370:567, blam!.png)


the Königreich Böhmen is german clay that menas no niggers! ok?

praise the kaiser

4b6374 No.14319603


The system requirements aren't bloated so there is hope still.

0d28ec No.14319604



i meant Kang of course

e3ebc6 No.14319605


And you sound retarded.

c53aae No.14319606


>The correct problem is cuckchan refugees coming here because the 4chan mobile app

Yep, I've noticed a lot of cuckchan filenames and soundless webms being posted lately.

138926 No.14319607


>as much as them getting louder

Not like screeching more will make people stop laughing at them.

563b47 No.14319614


I'm not the one barging into others like an angry sperg because of some inane comment.

e5df49 No.14319618

File: 7bb2239c6e2adeb⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 7bb2239c6e2adeb7f773713675….jpg)


Either way, the sjws, communists and nigger lovers can fuck right the back off to wherever they came from. They're not welcome.


They're far more prevalent. The last thread we had on censored vidya like 3 weeks ago was so heavily shilled and derailed there was no way to actually discuss the topic itself. It's getting blatant we get railroaded whenever we try to talk about it, and shaming tactics are used like being called /pol/ or /gamergays/.

3a5ec7 No.14319623


Yes but not when you use it against everything you dont like

4b6374 No.14319631


Better to overcompensate than the opposite, but I got your point.

eb9d49 No.14319636

Scope seems too large, and probably going to run like shit. When's it coming out? It's the 13th and the internet says its on the 13th.

6e2b5e No.14319637


Doesn't make it less anoying and they influence newfags easily


Either everyone left or a vast mayority forget to call them on their bullshit every time they pop out. Usually what I see is that they are ignored, that works on some cases but not here

86254b No.14319645


>in character

How exactly? Without the text I'd have assumed this was some niggress from a Maybelline add.

138926 No.14319650


You don't understand, she's playing Joan after she was set on fire.

5f9963 No.14319655

File: 20ddc00705c3fdd⋯.png (141.57 KB, 434x434, 1:1, 1510477718021.png)

>scroll down a bit

>PS: Incidentally, one of the sound engineers who worked on Subnautica was revealed to be a massive bigot, and was consequently fired from the studio. I hope the gaming community does more to thin out the cancerous elements that infest it.

1d6186 No.14319656

>2d cartoons equals 3d child rape

That retard from /tv/ is here as well?

3a5ec7 No.14319657


She took out a bone nose piercing so that means she is in character

86254b No.14319659


Huh. Well I guess I'm just not enlightened enough to understand British television.

1e243b No.14319662


>no niggers

I'll take 2. Bury me with the second one.

138926 No.14319666

File: adce8ad91f60179⋯.jpg (94.21 KB, 640x789, 640:789, doctor who blacked.jpg)


It's pure genius.

148653 No.14319670


That jesus bit actually makes sense though considering where he originates from

a71852 No.14319675

File: 3cf262f952efa37⋯.jpg (142.13 KB, 1036x746, 518:373, fdb0214e97f0f3a2a8f18ecbbf….jpg)

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Kingdom Come Deliverance. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also kingdom come deliverance nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Adolf Hitler's literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Kingdom Come Deliverance truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in kingdom come deliverance existential catchphrase “BASED GAMER'S FUCK ANITA xxDDDD,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Wilhelm Richard Wagner epic Das Rheingold. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those muddleheaded simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Daniel Vávra’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

b0ac58 No.14319679


don't ruin my original gold with this shit follow up


middle eastern isn't black

4b6374 No.14319683


There are too many of them, I blame cuckchanners and redditors and their vermin nest, nu/pol/.

148653 No.14319684


No i know,just saying it wouldn't exactly be the pure pristine white shown in shows either.

c0dc38 No.14319687

File: 8e575d88574ff98⋯.mp4 (3.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Doctor Who.mp4)

138926 No.14319688


Jesus wasn't black tough, so not only are they fucking over whites, but Jews too. Then again, Jews hate Jesus for beating the shekel out of them.


Why not? Centuries of Western depictions of Jesus portrayed him as a white man.

6ec9a0 No.14319691


>levantine jew



148653 No.14319693


Sure,doesn't make it accurate though.

0c8ac4 No.14319694


Go bully them for the right reason you fucking mongoloid.

If you tell a cuckchanner they're an SJW, they think youre delusional as they're on extr33me g4m3r sites.

If you tell them they're filthy refugees and not welcome, they'll learn to blend in or fuck off.

The "shilling" you're seeing isn't shilling, it's retards from 4chan that legitimately believe western games should be censored to sell better over here.

Call them out correctly and they will recoil, just like a certain (((someone)))

a71852 No.14319697

File: e8fd4d46f130cd3⋯.jpg (91.89 KB, 760x455, 152:91, Das Rheingold.jpg)


>t. mental midget

sorry if the joke went over your head. (you) must be new here.


5f9963 No.14319698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You can almost see Capaldi freeze up for a second, not believing the shit he's about to spew for a pay check.

Fun fact, lots of SJW types stopped watching Doctor Who after finding out about one of Capaldi's other roles.

c0dc38 No.14319699

File: 52fd398675f5407⋯.webm (6.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Doctor Who.webm)

38e578 No.14319703


jesus fucking ccccc hrist

1e243b No.14319710


What's that internet culture law were you don't know if something was suppose to be a joke or not that I see thrown around all the time?

bc28e9 No.14319716

File: ddb7f1a3ca2469b⋯.png (539.05 KB, 543x576, 181:192, I won't rage.png)

bc28e9 No.14319720


Poe's Law?

c0dc38 No.14319723


Poe's Law.

And trust me, it's not a parody/joke.

138926 No.14319724

File: 0c0d3fead690a66⋯.jpg (162.33 KB, 637x902, 637:902, tranny future.jpg)


>thinks they are more advanced than humanity

I take offense to that.

5f9963 No.14319729


This is not Poe's law. The BBC is literally just a left wing soap box these days with absolutely no depth to it. I think they got rid of the final conservatives who worked there when they fired Clarkson and everyone else left with him.

1a90d1 No.14319762

This game is actually decent. It's a hardcore RPG and there is one bug that is nearly gamebreaking. When you get dismounted by the enemy, you can float in the air at the height you've been dismounted. Looks hilarious, but you're stuck like that until you mount again and dismount normally. There's skill involvement and I think a lot of normalfags aren't going to like the combat very much.

953445 No.14319815


That fucking wog accent. and that's not even the worst of it

2aa8d3 No.14319817


>fap to yaoi


>fap to loli, toddlercon

>Reeeee not pedo11!!!1!!

Really gets my noggin joggin

4b6374 No.14319827


You should get your noggin joggin elsewhere faggot.

2aa8d3 No.14319835


nod an argumend xD :^)

60aa58 No.14319836


>This fucking argument again

Loli has nothing to do with age, they do not look or act like real children.

Toddlecron is shit.

d89a4a No.14319843

File: 8b88d5c9e4e86c7⋯.png (16.88 KB, 551x315, 551:315, The journalist is implying….png)


0c8ac4 No.14319846


Toddler has nothing to do with age, they do not look or act like real children.

Neophytecon is shit.


3d9d15 No.14319847


>Loli has nothing to do with age

c0dc38 No.14319856

File: 2987440e0fb7442⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 500x473, 500:473, DQgytUbWkAAW0s8.jpg)


>Loli has nothing to do with age

This statement is so stupid I'm genuinely mad.

563b47 No.14319862

File: b89ea6335a18fa7⋯.png (246.24 KB, 600x780, 10:13, b23e8f934a4afd1a6b165c3d22….png)


> they do not look or act like real children

RIGHT, like I wish people understood this and that lolicon artists aren't pedophiles. Look at this, does it resemble a child? Of course not you silly goose. Now get OUT of my board.

2aa8d3 No.14319868

File: affe232e88d74f1⋯.png (822.79 KB, 1000x1348, 250:337, Nowi_(FE13_Artwork).png)


t. 10 000 years old dragon

4b6374 No.14319871



>see lewd loli

>the pants rises

>work at a place where children run around nakes

>sometimes do cutesy things

>not the slightest sexual feeling

We have more confidence in our 2d sexuality than you moralfags and that's saying something.

73d55b No.14319874


Around dragons watch your flagons

5f9963 No.14319876

File: b0210292e128cb0⋯.jpg (14.17 KB, 219x265, 219:265, 1508092736332.jpg)


>work at a place where children run around naked

The fuck?

1e243b No.14319882


Oh so you work in hollywood

563b47 No.14319885

File: 2363755ebc68cb5⋯.png (339.93 KB, 800x417, 800:417, CJ9Hl0XWsAA_j8B.png)


>the pant rises

c3215b No.14319889

Why is /tv/ spilling over here, go back to your shit heap.

0c8ac4 No.14319891


Childcare, nursing, autism wrangling.

786ad6 No.14319892


>>work at a place where children run around nakes

Do you work in the backroom at a synagogue or some shit?

4b6374 No.14319895


Summer, outdoor city "beach", water mist dispenser kids are playing around, some parents take their young children clothes off.

2fdbee No.14319896


Europeans don't have facial expressions (lack of soy) so that makes it realistic

050a27 No.14319903

File: 14a8fe821c6dc64⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1430x1068, 715:534, 14a8fe821c6dc64f7e70c85702….png)

Just because leftists hate a game doesn't give you a license to shill it.

2aa8d3 No.14319904

File: 8252b0273ee576a⋯.jpg (90.19 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 05-harvey-weinstein-3.w710….jpg)


>this whole post

d89a4a No.14319905

File: 2a4f7c750c96f7e⋯.jpg (456.24 KB, 2886x1400, 1443:700, 2D Cia.jpg)


Tell me about Bane. Why does he read the doujins?

3a5ec7 No.14319908


Shut it, hothead

138926 No.14319916


The leftists are kvetching for a reason.

fca332 No.14319919

such a kike argument. the concept of whiteness didn't exist in yurop since everyone was white. white identity only started existing in the usa because there was actual niggers here. they're acting like because yurop has historically had no white identity that means it was filled with a bunch of niggers

b4c779 No.14319924



It means you get your 8ch pass

This badge of shame you'll wear until you die

It warns you're a shitposting man

563b47 No.14319931


What about moors?

447147 No.14319933


Lighter than Italians

5e7df2 No.14319937

File: d878a922b41ef7e⋯.webm (192.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Fun things are fun.webm)

File: f27ea25d8d92d44⋯.webm (7.55 MB, 498x280, 249:140, Masku no otoko.webm)

138926 No.14319938


Ah, yes, the famous Moors of the HRE.

2fdbee No.14319942



b4c779 No.14319948


And you will shitpost again

Unless you learn the meaning of discussion

13e639 No.14319962


this is a good post

b4c779 No.14319969


5 weeks for what you did

The rest because you ban evade

Yes a577a3

40b496 No.14319970

File: ade2731a5605a95⋯.jpg (18.64 KB, 233x267, 233:267, article-0-0958BD7C000005DC….jpg)


>Medieval Europe was a melting pot

>Which is why, when the European nations began their colonial eras, nobody brought back natives and brown peoples from the lands they were exploring - but brown people totally weren't a complete novelty.

>Which is why America never got a reputation for being a melting pot, because it was the norm for every nation to be a giant multicultural mess historically - so why would America stand out?

>The implication that, if Europe used to be a melting pot of ethnicities, but we now have to open the floodgates to immigrants because it was getting too monoculture in here - that at some point in history, there were massive waves of exiles and exterminations to get rid of all the brown people in Europe.

I'm sure the historical record totally supports this. Except in the case of the Jews, which it actually does, because Jews being thrown out of places for being acting Jewy is nothing uncommon.

138926 No.14319981


The Spanish kicked mudshits out of their lands during the Reconquista.

e3ebc6 No.14319989


(((7)))) posts of shit agressively attacking anyone who doesn't hate the game. Definitely a faggot that doesn't belong here.




>creating strawmen (buy it ONLY because the dev said X - which no one said)

>implying the game is bad

>implying anyone buying games is a jew (jews don't want to spend money, retard. If anyone is jewish, it's those that hold their shekels tightly.)

113460 No.14319991

it's up on igg games my fellow europids.

b4c779 No.14319996

File: 6a22bcdbdeae85a⋯.png (46.17 KB, 853x543, 853:543, 0e9681487f29e8fba2b97b88fb….png)



Do not forget my job

Do not forget me 577a3

40b496 No.14319997


But what has Spain got to do with Bohemia? Or England, or France, or Swedeland?

3a5ec7 No.14319999

File: fab6d8bf374ef71⋯.gif (3.78 MB, 320x570, 32:57, fab6d8bf374ef71d1727dc1de7….gif)

I dont remember this much kwetching when the witcher 3 was being released and it doesnt have any niggers as well

2fdbee No.14320005


Yurop is a country to amerimutts

af999c No.14320006




0c8ac4 No.14320014


Witcher 3 had Geralt talk to a lesbian about it being the $CURRENT_CENTURY

4b6374 No.14320019

>>14319999 (checked)

As much kewtching? If I remember right polygon definitely mentioned it, pretty sure kotaku did too and tumblr was losing its shit. But again, CDPR did not go all out like Vavra did so they didn't generate as much hate.

c04c07 No.14320026

The game looks neato but I see a bunch of reviewers complaining about it running bad on their nvidiajew 1080s. I will wait for a few days until things get sorted out

3a5ec7 No.14320034

File: 9a56e8fb21f4d7f⋯.gif (5.68 MB, 728x982, 364:491, l4kBWp4.gif)


I was expecting as much from shitengine 3

c53aae No.14320035

File: d65bf78bee91c5e⋯.jpg (314.18 KB, 492x1950, 82:325, witcher 3 Tariq.jpg)

fc93ca No.14320039

File: 98b407a0e6a1646⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 1146x1406, 573:703, in-game Vavra.jpg)

File: bf9a675d029fddb⋯.png (901.17 KB, 1231x1385, 1231:1385, Vavra - KANGZ.png)

File: 2d7158c987b5caa⋯.jpg (129.96 KB, 589x680, 589:680, Vavra_-_Make_Your_Own_Game….jpg)

File: 938696353bae90d⋯.png (387 KB, 1528x1798, 764:899, Vavra_VS_Historical_Revisi….png)

File: 3e6014ae328f3c8⋯.png (119.3 KB, 504x1193, 504:1193, Vavra_destroys_exclusion_n….png)


King Dumb Cum Deliver Ants has been triggering anti-whites for years now. Daniel Vavra is an unapologetic shitlord.

2fdbee No.14320042


>reviewers complaining

(((they))) will trash the game alright

3a5ec7 No.14320044


>important character


93d0ca No.14320063


It actually is pretty shit. In fact, it looks WORSE now than it did when Warhorse first started posting videos about the game, which is fucking insane. Don't believe me, go on YouTube and look them up. It's amazing that the combat looks worse in a finished product than it did in a concept.

>inb4 you're just another shitty reviewer

I would like all /v/irgins to consider the reason behind the sudden influx of KC:D-related posts in the last few weeks and the possibility that /v/ is getting flooded by shills playing on your hatred of media fags to push this broken piece of crap.

b04539 No.14320064


Thanks, I thought the Romans/Greek would have been there do to them knowing of African animals. Especially when Rome taking many African animals back for the coliseum like those, "elephants that can write latin", "Christian eating lions" and the "raping people to death giraffes"



4b6374 No.14320065

File: a95ae400e62260d⋯.png (849.5 KB, 850x679, 850:679, ClipboardImage.png)


>Witcher 1

>Main vilain for more than half the game is a brown guy from Zerrikania

>you can see Zerrikanian merchants

I guess Azar Javed wasn't brown enough for them, or they never played the game.

93d391 No.14320066

So where's the magnet link?

1e243b No.14320069


>medievilpoc dot tumblr dot com


f6c7fc No.14320071

Yah, I am going to wait it out a day or two and see If the games worth it. If it’s the least worse game by most of you anons I might check it.

0c8ac4 No.14320073


>early prototype looks better

More like early prototype was enhance with lots of CGI.


Woah, did you think normalfags played any Witcher before 3?

They asked on Reddit or watched a YouTube video for a plot recap then jumped into 3.


IGG games.

If you use magnets, you should know where to find them :^)

4b6374 No.14320078


>Woah, did you think normalfags played any Witcher before 3?

Considering the amounts of faggots I've seen whining about the clunkiness of the gameplay when the game is comfy as fuck played the right way I don't expect people here to have gone through it either.

843121 No.14320085

>no faggotry

>no magical negroes

I'll pirate this and if I play more than a few hours I'll buy it.

fca332 No.14320086


i legitimately think it looks good and my only issue is how the performance will be

563b47 No.14320092


IGG bundles bitcoin miners with their installers and usually modifies image files on their uploads to put their logo in the game.

33fb73 No.14320097


Talking about video games? On my /v/? It's less likely than you think.

5caaa3 No.14320100

So is this shit or the shit?

0c8ac4 No.14320108


You're a special kind of retard.

>bitcoin miners

No, that was generic malware and it was being uploaded by Goons to fuck with pirates.

>image files

Never seen a game from them have modified splashes. Splashes haven't been in season for some time, apart from RG crackers.

>not sandboxing every single fucking game

You deserve that shit and worse.

Also, their torrent site is automated to simply add a .html and .txt file to a scene release.

Again, if you're too retarded to find the magnet for a hyped game without DRM, you should probably just stick with the dodgy looking site.

caf1ca No.14320110

File: 93790defb2f1896⋯.png (378.9 KB, 374x406, 187:203, ok.png)

40b496 No.14320111

File: 9fe48b19890fb5b⋯.jpg (209.6 KB, 1600x686, 800:343, ValkyriaTeam.jpg)

File: e47b60db19dee7a⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 530x350, 53:35, valkyriachronicles2main530.jpg)

File: ecf3cd4a8ec6d6d⋯.jpg (144.18 KB, 960x544, 30:17, valkyria_chronicles_3___na….jpg)

File: a786f142b185f39⋯.png (236.83 KB, 307x763, 307:763, VC4_Kiara_Rodino.png)

Has anyone ever bitched about the lack of POC People Of Crap skintone in Valkyria Chronicles Not-Europe setting before? I can't remember a single nigger in the entire series. A very rare few brown people, but they're not depicted as being from other cultures - just having a tanned skin. There's Freesia, but she's not depicted as being from another culture - just ambiguously mentioned as being a dancer from the desert - which Gallia has. At best there's Vikky, who's an uncivilized wild child from some far off tribe - but that's more polynesian/indian. Both are minor expendable characters.

Maybe Chiara in VC4, but she's a filthy Imp anyhow, so that doesn't really count.

138926 No.14320118


Leftists don't play games. How would they know about any of that?

3e8a33 No.14320125

File: 5c3d2d16b565c99⋯.jpg (23.01 KB, 450x329, 450:329, b388ed2333841152e186d76a29….jpg)


So how's performance?

563b47 No.14320130


Check out the title screen for IGG's upload of Dragonia


.>Again, if you're too retarded to find the magnet for a hyped game without DRM, you should probably just stick with the dodgy looking site.

>implying I give a shit about this game

1d6186 No.14320136



There were also two delicious brown amazon warrior girls in the books, but only fags read those. Am i right, fellow Americans?

0c8ac4 No.14320137


Sorry, thought you were the anon asking for a magnet. I don't check IDs often.

33fb73 No.14320141


I don't think anyone would imply you care about anything but shitposting tbh

3a5ec7 No.14320142

File: 812a73d3eb5d905⋯.jpg (139.89 KB, 862x719, 862:719, Hotpockets.jpg)


Look down, look down

You'll always be a Vol

Look down, look down

You're standing in your hotpocket stash.

3e8a33 No.14320152

File: 87ace90ab86fc27⋯.webm (3.34 MB, 640x320, 2:1, hang.webm)


>brown girls


fca332 No.14320161


>reading generic poorly written plagiarized slavshit

i understand the shitcher is big for the poolish "people," but every game except the first sucked total ass. i mean what kind of pathetic country gives the president of the usa a copy of their game, like it's some historical achievement? the poolish "people" are pathetic

4b6374 No.14320163

File: f55de4aaafd0bdb⋯.jpg (66.46 KB, 530x1100, 53:110, f55de4aaafd0bdbe0916200567….jpg)


Those were also dragondick worshipping Zerrikanians.

Darkies showing up in the Northern Kingdoms would be like darkies showing up in Scandinavia during the medieval period. Yes it happened here and there, mostly to buy quality white slaves but they weren't here to stay and usually weren't peddlers.


We're entirely in the realms of imagination there, passed the post 2d reality frontier. anything goes.

919f0f No.14320167


>implying SJW and journos play games to begin with

Have you learned nothing in the past 4 years?

1d6186 No.14320168


Subhuman Brit detected.

6e2b5e No.14320170


That's not even brown

563b47 No.14320181


You have never read them yet you feel as if you can talk about them?

e54d57 No.14320193

File: 4e00350818a0fe2⋯.png (791.1 KB, 1024x427, 1024:427, We wuz knights n shit.png)


>We have to show that people who hold such disgusting views should not be rewarded, and that games that come from such a rotten, anti-progressive stance don’t deserve to succeed.


Ok this Soyboy is badly asking for a DOX

I am sick of these cocksuckers.

4b6374 No.14320202

File: b13983575265e67⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.93 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Browngirls.webm)


It's kebab it's brown to me, you pretendwhitie.


Well aware lad, well aware

4a5134 No.14320207


This is fucking nothing compared to what German journous wrote

3e8a33 No.14320213

e54d57 No.14320220




I wonder (((who))) is behind this shit show.


wew indeed


I you ask these "history expert"" soyboys i am sure they will tell you that medieval Europe was full of shit like that as well.

4a5134 No.14320230


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Rassismus, Sexismus und ein paar Neonazi-Fans - Vorwürfe gegen Studio

c3215b No.14320232


I was going to ask for a translation, but I think i got the gist.

4a5134 No.14320237

4a297e No.14320243

File: 5e28153b3271ae2⋯.jpg (186.54 KB, 680x750, 68:75, I am mad, mad about commui….jpg)


Rassenkrieg wann

2739d2 No.14320246

Can I run this at least at 900p on medium at 60fps with a 6700k and a 1070?


I don't know much about European history, but as a Mesoameriabooo I can vouch that the Spanish were mostly thinking in religious terms when comparing themselves to the Aztecs and such: In Conquistador accounts, they really only saw the natives as religiously, not ethnically or technologically inferior: They spoke highly of their cities, architecture, cuisine, medicine, artistry, and used words like "king" "court" "palace" rather then tribal terms (the former being more accurate anyhow, native mesoamerica was basically bronze/iron age tier in most respects); just also then going "….but they are sadly filthy pagan and devil worshippers"

3e8a33 No.14320249

e54d57 No.14320251


What a pile of shit, i am sure even the faggot who got paid to write that shit doesn't believe that garbage.

DOTR when?

4803d4 No.14320257


t. "white" American

0e63d1 No.14320262

File: ef967fbd1f25091⋯.jpg (135.86 KB, 598x710, 299:355, happy smug.jpg)


>bitching about Vavra snubbing Polygon, Gamespot & IGN, calling the outlets "manipulative"

>this is actually something to lambast him over

Oh I get it now. Vavra's not playing ball. Didn't pay enough for a 10/10 and a banner ad, did he?

defdfa No.14320271

Multicult is the state religion now and everyone and everything must adhere to it

0a07a4 No.14320280

File: 548f7f7f335553c⋯.png (238.23 KB, 757x330, 757:330, delivery hells.png)


>kingdom cum deliverance

0c8ac4 No.14320289



261064 No.14320291


It's amazing how many retards like yourself cannot do that meme correctly.

84da05 No.14320293


"Don't pay the jews, you lose", is their motto.

Well, I am suddenly 1,000 times more likely to buy this game.

0a07a4 No.14320305


Are you actually this retarded?

18a39b No.14320309

File: 3faa86192618440⋯.png (843.15 KB, 969x817, 51:43, ClipboardImage.png)

How's the cuck rage going?

84da05 No.14320311



The only sane person around.

0c8ac4 No.14320316


Just hoping there's a Christian doujin out there, nigger.


>civ 6 DLC

Does it fix the main game like with BE?

>slay the spire

>early access rouge-like card game

Gee golly that must be fun.

84da05 No.14320321


Sounds exactly like the little viral marketing company from England that was spamming the Mad Tampax remake for a year non-stop.

0c8ac4 No.14320329


>getting paid to shitpost for an entire year

Comfy, tbh.

Where do I sign up?

8e40a0 No.14320333

File: 8c7ccb64a144df8⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 785x815, 157:163, Capture.JPG)


>paying money to get corporate propaganda shoved down your throat

0a07a4 No.14320334


It has demon hooves in plain view, and you think it's christian?

Plus the reason I ask if you're retarded seems to have gone over your head. You really must be.

0ae60c No.14320345


>I feel included

Why do I suddenly feel extremely angry?

0c8ac4 No.14320349


Whoops, you're right.

Thanks for calling out my stupidity.

c47530 No.14320354

File: 9a031b6562dc3c8⋯.png (138.76 KB, 459x344, 459:344, What's wrong with you!.png)

These leftist shills think of shit Muslim occupations as proof that Europe was always multicultural, yet they never wondered to think if the white Europeans under these Muslim regimes were oppressed or not (Which they were). In fact, countries like Spain were racially and religiously segregated when under Muslim rule, so back then the purity of one's race was important, no matter what Leftists will tell you. And Muslim invasions only fueled that racial sentiment, case in point, after the expulsion of all the Muslims and Jews in Spain the Inquisition was created to purify the whole freaking country. So if anything, racial tensions were an all time high in Europe during those days.

40b496 No.14320362

File: 5a40ed519a03895⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Father_Alexander_Anderson.jpg)


Maybe it's a Catholic priest performing a sexorcism?

84da05 No.14320363


make the game.

create a kickstarter, patreon, everything.

apply to various "art" foundations, and any kind of funding councils for nignogs and the like.

You can make it 64 player, so you can be a whole village.

then cannibalise your offspring, drink blood from a gushing neckwound in a 'cow', and have pokemon style parasite collection as a minigame.

hookworms for the feet, horse hair works for the brain, fluke worms and tape worms for the belly, pin worms for the anus, bot flies in the skin.

84da05 No.14320368


more likely a jew siphoning off a child's penis

c47530 No.14320369

File: 67d9e6a0010113f⋯.jpg (430.15 KB, 1419x2000, 1419:2000, Casta_painting_all.jpg)


Didn't the Spanish have a race-cast system with pure Spaniards on top?

cae2f3 No.14320373

File: 6a0fb179e3b4680⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2400x2600, 12:13, d8b98b40bb0cac8c4eece07611….jpg)

I'm just here to make goons mad.

caf022 No.14320378

people saying review embargo, no remember, he shit all over games journalism, and you wonder why they don't get early code for a game. Like come the fuck on, the devs told the journos to go fuck themselves which is why IGN had to wait a day before release, meanwhile rando youtuber gets it 3-4 days prior.

Either way I was happy to support self publishing and I mean I'm glad someone at least had the balls to challenge Bethesda. That's my only reason for pre-order. But I do agree with everyone else, wait for review and until the honeymoon wears off. I'm happy to be the guniea pig in this case because I bought the game out of spite, I said fuck it, at least someone did something like this. I hope more are encouraged to do the same, make it unbearable for Bethesda and piss off all the normalfags that hate it when ever someone dares challenge them.

So far though the game looks alright. I'm not too far in though.

4b6374 No.14320403


Are you our dedicated Mesoamerican autist? If yes, been a while since I noticed your stuff

3d9d15 No.14320404

File: b6be2dd92edff8a⋯.png (291.45 KB, 656x393, 656:393, Supercross.png)


>Motorsport championships having sponsors is propaganda

2739d2 No.14320413

File: 4d503f03022ab23⋯.png (38.38 KB, 768x599, 768:599, mesoamerican population co….png)


Eventually yes, but during the early colonial system most of the native mesoamerican social and economic systems were kept intact, with surviving Aztec nobles retaining their influence; the Spanish just initially inserted themselves in the roles of the class system and native geopolitics; with former Aztec tributaries just sending their annual tribute to the Spanish instead and Spanish noblemen/the crown replacing the Aztec priesthood and royal family at the top of the class system.

Eventually the colonial system became more exploitative and disruptive to existing social and geopolitical systems (IIRC around the time of either the first or second cocoliztli outbreak, pic related but I don't quote me on that). It's also worth noting that the Fall of the Aztecs was not the end of the Conquest of Mexico, but was rather just the first major step: it took decades to subjugate other political states and some areas were never really subjugated. The last Maya city state only fell in the 1690's for instance.

I'd go into more detail but off the top of my head I don't know the specifics: My interest in the region pretty much solely applies to the native civilizations, so the colonial period I only know about tangentially and not nearly in as much detail.


Yeah, I've made a lot of posts in >>14267328 as well if you wanna check it out.


Anyways I don't wanna derail the thread: Can somebody tell me if a 6700k/1070 will be enough for a stable 60fps at 900p?

4b6374 No.14320420


Always nice to see people who put some effort in their posting stick around in these dark times.

6e2b5e No.14320425


But it is

c88f0b No.14320479


Scientific racism came as a consequence of colonialism and not vice versa.

In christian doctrine that was prevalent in medieval times you had only Christians and others. If you became Christian you became part of civilization or group, you stop being other. However as colonialism was expanding and became even more relevant of the economy, Christological disputes in Europe where it wasn't just enough to be Christian but which kind, and with the advent of Rationalism and Enlightenment ideas the European elites needed somehow to justify the exploitation of the natives but as well as the exploitation of European underclass. Thus the differing theories formed, from the unilinear evolutionism which claimed non Europeans aren't evolved enough to the opposite where it was claimed they degenerated because they were too far from Christianity, also you had social Darwinism, Kulturkreis among other things and some of them continue even to this day.

But burger kangz and their allies don't get this and only scream about muh opreshun and evil white people. That is what you get when you entire (non)culture and identity boils down to amount of melanin you have in your skin.

f8fe0c No.14320494

File: 3583c6ca3326fb3⋯.png (24.19 KB, 558x614, 279:307, dumbjack.png)


>implying global corporate advertisement and propaganda don't significantly overlap

>uses "monster" aka "the beast" aka "satan" "energy drink" and it's hebrew 666 logo to corroborate his point

43e25c No.14320503

File: cf817320e2c2165⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 736x550, 368:275, sad_skele.jpg)


>That feel when everybody remembers when Spain was occupied by shit-skin mudzies

>Everybody forgets Greece being occupied by the Turks and how they fucked it over with hideous muzzie traditions

>Nobody remembers awful "traditions" that muzzies implemented on whites like "blood taxes" or the children they kidnapped and brainwashed in the alter of Allah in order for them to kill their biological parents while oldfags pegged their assholes

>Revisionists sweep those under the rag as if nothing happened

>People start believing it

What's the point of life in Yurope anymore?

02b0cc No.14320514



There isn't any real proof Jesus existed besides the bible.

a8b712 No.14320521

File: fd2d32e4c0304b6⋯.png (265.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, fd2d32e4c0304b644fe3c25384….png)

This fucking thread, the absolute state of stupidity.

There comes a point where playing at being retarded turns you retarded and this thread proves it.

You white niggers need to clean your rooms and re-evaluate your lives.

6348b8 No.14320558


>clean your rooms

okay jordan peterson

bab035 No.14320563


>white niggers

Fuck off Sarcuck don't you have your own /cow/ thread to sperg in?

2739d2 No.14320579


>Nobody remembers awful "traditions" that muzzies implemented on whites like "blood taxes" or the children they kidnapped and brainwashed in the alter of Allah in order for them to kill their biological parents while oldfags pegged their assholes

you fucking what, everybody remembers janissaries

31661f No.14320600

File: 1649ab53714a14d⋯.png (47.62 KB, 499x616, 499:616, codex.PNG)

File: 88f0f2bf2507cf4⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 618x464, 309:232, its over 9000.jpg)

My level of hype: OVER 9000

b961a3 No.14320609


>if I want the gratification now with the money I work for I will

Literally a microtransiction user mentality

6a8963 No.14320636

File: e765b08841d33f7⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 614x808, 307:404, smug rape.jpg)


>fake shit

>equates to real shit

2d anything aint gay, nor is is pedophilic.

I fap to shota and loli but you'll never see me with a man or a child. I feel like people like you just project there insecurities onto otherse to hide the fact that they are not happy with there own sexual desires.


Seeing this post hurt me deeply, but I am happy to see it cracked so I can try it.

31661f No.14320644


>Seeing this post hurt me deeply, but I am happy to see it cracked so I can try it.

No point in saging past bump limit, baby. Also i almost finished installing. I promise a few screenshots later. I want to make berserker no armor build with two handed claymore as a main weapon.

6a8963 No.14320653


Just fuze both swords together if you go berserker and get a big dick sword. To truly be one with rage.

2739d2 No.14320694

936b3a No.14320717


On the one hand the game has always online DRM. Isnt very well optimised and seems a bit like the gameplay would get repettitive and tiresome.

On the other side the devs are shitlords who piss of SJWs.

Verdict: Im buying it.

8a24af No.14320748


>no facial expressions.

>combined with emotion-heavy dialogue

it's intentional, this is how we have conversations in eastern Europe

dac649 No.14320751


Gotta disagree with the not optimized part.

I've been playing it for over 2 hours and it doesn't stutter. Recommended Nvidia settings work.

I think the "not optimized" comments come from retards that set everything to Ultra with three year old cards.

c5e32a No.14320762

>buying shit games out of spite

fucking cancer

4a5134 No.14320779

File: 9f3a9ee6edc3d25⋯.png (29.66 KB, 635x334, 635:334, 515090e870c7ce37709f4a4ff4….png)


Vavra is some 1/12 jew or something.

I dont really know him that well to say if its alt right faggotry or not

138926 No.14320794


I don't understand what the argument is about? Vavra is basically agreeing with him here.

641956 No.14320826

File: b54bea4547d2bac⋯.jpg (182.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 17-….jpg)

File: aad17f9f90fb221⋯.jpg (241.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 17-….jpg)

File: f92401e11624711⋯.jpg (357.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 17-….jpg)

File: 5ca617f3dd70bf2⋯.jpg (377.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 17-….jpg)

File: bd30734b36fd4df⋯.jpg (113.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 17-….jpg)

So, optimization wasn't delivered since beta. I have everything on low with my shitty 1050 ti, and i still have stuttering. From time to time there's a few seconds lag when loading distant land or some shit. Requires really good intel processor apparently, like your usual i7 bullshit that has a backdoor for all new viruses.

Low doesn't look bad though, but i had less problems with fucking crysis 1-3 games on same engine.

641956 No.14320832


I am getting heavy Elex vibes from this game. People were talking shit about that european game too. This is more like first person gothic 2.

8f9497 No.14320864



I've read the books. The first three or so aren't terrible, but all the wimmin are bitches except loli Ciri and it devolves into reading about loli Ciri fucking up, growing up, and dragging her ass through the desert like the mistake she is.

Also Geralt is really, really edgy, and he's always monolouging about how he will never be accepted. Even though he almost has a harem.

555187 No.14320871






b35106 No.14320882


At this point GOG version, when it will come out, is going to weight 50gb at very least.

0a07a4 No.14320887

File: 49f908f72093bd4⋯.png (247.62 KB, 315x533, 315:533, dude weed lmao.png)

555187 No.14320901

CLUNKY is the keyword here,

can it be a little more fluid and less about rng guesswork

3138dc No.14320904


I want to refund subnautica so fucking badly, what a terrible game that went absolutely fucking nowhere.

78cf26 No.14320918

Vávra should make a PoC DLC to fuck with them.

9fc7e7 No.14320922

File: c4d32d320bf769c⋯.jpg (110.97 KB, 1429x624, 1429:624, kingdomcum01.jpg)

For some reason it's gathered a lot of normalfag attention.

e7c2ea No.14320934

File: 6fb1980b3640eb2⋯.png (174.81 KB, 609x492, 203:164, 6fb1980b3640eb28a1b8d92c7c….png)


The funniest thing about speaking to normie friends and seeing user reviews is none of them know or give a shit about the devs "views" even if explicitly told. They only actual bad reviews are from people complaining about the optimization. nothing these faggot review sites has done has damaged the release in any way and recommendations to play will probably spread by word of mouth

9fc7e7 No.14320959

File: 1abb2179a57dcc8⋯.mp4 (3.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dark messiah of kingdom co….mp4)


Even at my college did I hear people being rather excited for this game. People are so used to open-world games being on the glitchy side of things (WEBM related) thanks to Bethesda that they're willing to overlook it most of the time. From what I've heard and read the developers do deserve the praise, and for having the balls to have save and time limits even though most people just inherently hate those things. Seems it's also doing relatively well on Steam as it already hit the #1 spot in the Top Sellers list.

160e65 No.14320971

File: 55ce9d122748473⋯.png (416.14 KB, 613x1132, 613:1132, 15184339981850.png)

e69f1e No.14320990

File: c5118a82066ff14⋯.png (46.38 KB, 566x449, 566:449, Capture10.PNG)

File: 1239553012e5a65⋯.png (52.27 KB, 589x527, 19:17, Capture11.PNG)

File: f5b807af44dcbaa⋯.png (36.41 KB, 579x436, 579:436, Capture12.PNG)

File: b63b4f1adab6f07⋯.png (15.6 KB, 567x150, 189:50, Capture13.PNG)

File: 337d890eeeecb13⋯.png (28.35 KB, 574x341, 574:341, Capture14.PNG)

Dem comments tho. Fucking savage.

88b9f7 No.14321037

File: 7d8d9be4e2add5e⋯.jpg (219.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 18-….jpg)

File: 259dabaa60d3ee3⋯.jpg (165.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 18-….jpg)

File: 84d2072e8b87267⋯.jpg (93.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 18-….jpg)

File: 177443f147f0499⋯.jpg (288.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 19-….jpg)

File: 62bb4a762ee426d⋯.jpg (315.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 19-….jpg)

>escape the castle

>invisible wall around entire castle protects completely open bridge from jumping from it

At least rape is included.

caf022 No.14321046


too be fair the optimization issues are only effecting idiots that run the game on Very High. I'm running it on Medium because I like my GPU at 60 celcius, and the game still looks fine, but its running 60FPS. I also don't have the weird motion capture hickups that I've seen in the previews, the motion captures really smooth- I was getting it on high though. But anyway its cryengine so you expect it'll be unoptimized because CryTek are shitheads (see Star Citizen), its a miracle the game even got made tbh. So far I'm enjoying it very much, but its nothing like elderscrolls in the sense of "Do what you want" its more closer to Witcher 3 in that you're playing a part in the story that just happens to have free roam. The story is 10/10 so far. I also noticed that people were bitching about the intro being mandatory.. its actually important though because what you do in the intro changes parts of the game.

I'm enjoying the game so far. Most normies bitch about the combat system because the game intentionally misleads you at the start, it makes you feel weak because you are weak. You're just some stupid kid with a sword at the start, but by the end you're a knight who knows how to use it. They've worked the mechanics well into it. Unlike Skyrim, mashing won't win you battles, you need to think about how you move your sword. It takes a bit of getting used to but once the tutorials over, you'll have mastered it and so the frustraition dies down a bit. But at the start, the game will let you fail the tutorials which changes the story in parts.

This game also doesn't hold back at punnishing the player for stupidity. All of the perks have a negative trait, so this won't be like skyrim. (one of the traits is "Smell of a Man" which I find hilarious. Makes young women like you more, but everyone else thinks you smell like shit.. kek. Its super ballzy for them to have done a system like this in an age where Skyrim makes you feel OP as fuck)

I'm really eager to see how the game goes. I've only played 5 hours so far, but I'm liking what I've seen. Granted yes there have been really derpy stupid AI pathfinding bugs, all of which could be fix if they stopped pathfinding out of the character's head and did it from their feet or even knees, as the AI sometimes gets stuck on fences, a simple nudge will get them sorted though.

I've also had the AI lock the door on me a few times, which was a bit annoying, as some doors require the AI to open it for you.. which is dumb. I hope its patched out. Its mainly story doors though, and its because I did it in the wrong order- so it could just be down to user error but I do feel they need to take into account if the player sequence skips just because of how easy and unintentional it is to do.. But that said it did correct itself, so no harm there.

88b9f7 No.14321052

File: 5a4f614e6eb98dd⋯.jpg (123.91 KB, 1050x702, 175:117, man screaming at p1c.jpg)

Also a question - how do i stop the fucking lag that happens every few minutes for few seconds? Having 40 FPS is alright, but this fucking freeze once every while drives me fucking insane.

caf022 No.14321056


>invisible wall around entire castle protects completely open bridge from jumping from it

Strange, the other side works though, I went under the chain and hopped across the rocks to freedom, no one even saw me.

d89a4a No.14321071

File: 2e68db3740c9f9b⋯.jpg (34.63 KB, 436x719, 436:719, JoJo_This Pleases Dio's Wo….jpg)


>the optimization issues are only effecting idiots that run the game on Very High

Ah, the Very High Ultra Max Graphics Settings Meme strikes again. It's been a while since that has happened.

Every fucking moron is trying to run a new game on max settings with their toasters from seven years ago.

>Ultra high settings stutter

>Average normalfag's response:

>But I can run Skyrim at Max Settings, my pc should be able to run this at max settings, why doesn't it work?

I'm enjoying this.

4a5134 No.14321077


Lukas Benke


I am: - German - Gamer - Lover of History - Right-Wing - Anti-SJW - Kekistani - Free Speech Advocate - Pro-Israel - Love Japan - Comic/Manga/Anime Fan

caf022 No.14321089


yeah see I was smart, I just bought a 1050ti and I'm saying no fucking way in hell am I running this game at 70 degrees.. fuck that. Its just got fresh grease on it. Why rek the card. So I'm being sensible with it, I also used to play Mechwarrior Online so I know how Cryengine can be, all the LOD popup issues are Crytek bugs. I wouldn't blame warhorse for it, but sitll report them because I do think they can fix it in time.. Crytek are fuckwits though.

caf022 No.14321101


d33f72 No.14321108

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So apparently to get rid of freeze one must add the game's exe to nvidia's 3d control panel, it will switch a few options by itself. Also optionally turn PhysX to CPU instead of GPU. Which is retarded, but it works for this game.



fbf686 No.14321112

>be /v/

>hates easy games with console gameplay

>kingdom come deliverance is released

>is a unoptimized easy console game

>wtf i love easy console games now

>u mad /leftypol/ u mad

9fc7e7 No.14321118


>wtf i love easy console games now

Could you elaborate?

d33f72 No.14321123


Okay, optimization part is kinda hit and miss for certain machines, but there's nothing casual about KCD.

bab035 No.14321134

File: 007c88b328212f6⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1062x1062, 1:1, 007c88b328212f64776d89c012….png)


I bet you can't buy mods for it though.

535496 No.14321150

File: cb671553b50e932⋯.png (33.45 KB, 150x149, 150:149, wtf.png)


holy shit that webm

1c0f92 No.14321165



Is it shit?

bd8929 No.14321170


you wont know for at least week when /v/ stops jacking off to sjw tears. fallout 4 had enough threads for a while

1c0f92 No.14321193


welcome newfriend, the vast majority of 8/v/ knew fo4 was shit before it launched. hence the whole spoiler fiasco and salt mining threads.

bd8929 No.14321214


there was actual threads up to that point and beyond it but i guess its easy to forget them since that doesn't support your narrative

b37880 No.14321217

File: bd075d74aaf1ebb⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 654x480, 109:80, mv46oeAp8T1sjt57vo1_1280.jpg)


Gee, I didn't know this is what realistic medieval combat looked like.

43e25c No.14321223


As what though? I've seen so many attempts at swipping it under the rag and presenting it as the Sultan's loyal royal guard with no faults whatsoever and several peeps try to go with that in grade schools when they teach history.

caf022 No.14321226


those were shills, most of /v/ doesn't give shekels to Bethesda.

bd8929 No.14321236

File: c5c83ce924ad83a⋯.jpg (62.08 KB, 960x391, 960:391, skyrim.jpg)


>most of /v/ doesn't give shekels to Bethesda.

1c0f92 No.14321245


>a few shill threads and new refugee threads existed that were immediately saged and shat on by the majority of /v/ amongst multiple salt mining threads and spoiler posting threads.

>this means /v/ was jacking off to the game.

just go back to cuckchan or wherever you were posting at the time fo4 was being released. because you obviously weren't here.

af999c No.14321259


<buy hardware able to withstand heat

<why run a card hot????

what are you some kind of bitch?

ce31cf No.14321260



>shits on the game because it hurt his sjw feefees


dc9e10 No.14321262

File: 439d8db30592434⋯.jpg (352.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 20-….jpg)

File: 6b687e43f0cbf3a⋯.jpg (120.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 20-….jpg)

File: a11a45c6a6f0236⋯.jpg (374.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 20-….jpg)

File: 0b6fb158c106249⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 20-….jpg)

File: e8d7af01f63e930⋯.jpg (125.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 20-….jpg)

>loot all villagers bodies for food

>ignore muh forced morality

>collect loads of flowers

>lose one fight with some heavy armored guy

>have to start all over again because MUH HARDCORE SAVING SYSTEM

>the only thing i really lost was all this fucking time i was collecting shit

Good medieval stalkan either way.

bd8929 No.14321265

File: f45a92f4f2458ca⋯.jpg (113.96 KB, 1600x1254, 800:627, projector.jpg)


if you saged more maybe that thread would have been downvoted off the board :^)

ce31cf No.14321272


Lower the settings. Get a better CPU.

dc9e10 No.14321279


Already solved by this post >>14321108

The idea is that nvidia has some shit built in. 5 second freeze doesn't happen to ATI cards, steam forums confirmed that.

Update Drivers -> Add KCD into Nvidia 3d management -> Turn PhysX to CPU

Instant performance gain and zero freezes.

4a5134 No.14321289


>The idea is that nvidia has some shit built in. 5 second freeze doesn't happen to ATI cards,

this seems to be first time its not the amd shitting its bed.

1c0f92 No.14321295

File: 80b82d09e52dfea⋯.mp4 (4.95 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Fallout4 i believe i can f….mp4)


>i dont know why some pages quickly sink to the bottom of the catalog.

>i-im not a newfag! youre a redditor!

>i-i just forgot that /v/ shat on fallout4 for months leading up to its release and posted leaked spoilers to bother fans of this dead franchise.

caf022 No.14321301


I switched browsers so I'm not sockpuppeting fyi.

Why degrade hardware life just for pretty graphics. I'm only on a 1080 display, there's no need to run it like that, the game looks fine and I'd rather have 60fps with reasonable temperatures.

Or I can be an idiot like you and run the game at 30FPS, at 80 degrees, risk meltdown of the GPU only to squeeze a little bit more texel density out of the graphics. Who gives a shit. I use this PC for more than just gaming so I'd rather keep my parts going thanks.


Boston Salt Party, best thing /v/ ever did. Was an honour to serve in the shitpost armies of Youtube o7

1c0f92 No.14321314


my favorite was the pedo one where it starts up about rubbing vics vaporub on some little girls chest as a babysitter. that shit was gold and super effective… and the best part was none of them could admit why they were reading it, or how it got spoiled for them.

af999c No.14321341


because much like real life, it's going to be dead anyways but it's not going to crap itself in a few years, more like a few decades

bd8929 No.14321342


i changed my mind. you should buy like 20 copies of this game to stick it to the sjw's, who cares if its shit

d06244 No.14321366


>Hispanic Plato

Someone meme this.

1c0f92 No.14321435


>who cares if its shit

oh, it's shit? thanks for answering my original question, newfriend. care to explain why its shit instead of showing everyone how new you are?

bd8929 No.14321446


reading comprehension isn't your strong point is it?

1c0f92 No.14321466


now's the part where you quote yourself and where i failed to comprehend you, in order to make me look like a fool.

bd8929 No.14321475

File: 15dff46becb2926⋯.png (13.97 KB, 773x765, 773:765, 1468475410550.png)


i think you're doing that fine on your own

1c0f92 No.14321481


i was just helping you integrate, newfriend.

8338b9 No.14321493

>The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies published a paper on it, on how pointless it was to compare modern concepts of race to medieval notions of ethnicity.

Meaning the various ethnic groups present (which still all self-identified as separate, and frequently came into conflict along ethnic lines) were not as far removed from each other as the modern races (all of whom have been foisted upon Europe by jewish psychopaths). How fucking retarded can one be?

22647f No.14321512

bd8929 No.14321554


i was just giving my 2 cents you asked for on a game purchase before you got all booty bothered and your brain's blood leaked out your ass in fit of being pucker perturbed

1c0f92 No.14321604




please quote me where i "asked for on a game purchase"

cmon newfriend, you just highlight the text and click the post number to quote.

551767 No.14321656


Joan D'arc

7651ee No.14321673


They didn't add 23 GB to the game they changed 23 GB that was already there. Don't you know how patches work?

03f458 No.14321694


>Don't you know how patches work?

Some developers don't.

10d60d No.14321775

is the combat actually good or not? does it have console combat like all the anons say? don't really feel like wasting bandwidth and I'm not going to waste money either

9f6a1e No.14321796

Wow. /V really is full of anti-white shills. I thought that was just memeing and 4chan shit. This is incredible.


Where can I go to read more about this?

9fc7e7 No.14321804


From elsewhere:

>>Their failed sense of realism and all that talk about historical accuracy lead to a combat system that is little more than Skyrim + extra attack directions - so quite rudimentary. It also features a lock-on system despite being first person, which makes no sense whatsoever. Fighting more than one enemy is a huge pain. Of course the damage calculation is just a rudimentary like in every other game (basically just damage-armor), despite the game being supposed to be realistic.

>This is nonsense. Even a simple fistfight requires a decent amount of thought. There are no tactics in Skyrim. When you chain attacks from one direction to another, it ends up adding a lot of variables. Your enemy is almost always trying to block. You need to fake him out, force him out of position, or defend and execute a perfect parry, which so far requires a better sense of timing than I’ve developed yet. I tried to kite someone, but my stamina ran low, then he ran up and kicked me in the balls. There seem to be special moves you can execute—dude tried to get me in an arm lock and injured my arm, gimping it—but I haven’t been taught those yet.

>Describing the damage calculation as damage-armor is deeply misleading. Each body part can have different armor and strong armor will fully block many different kinds of attacks. Not only do you need to maneuver your opponent so he can’t block your next strike, you also have to try to hit an unarmored area. Or use blunt instruments if you want to wail away at a heavily armored part of your opponents armor.

>I really like the combat so far, but I can see how people used to spamming the attack button would get very frustrated.

>Target lock is optional.

Also here's a thread about people actually playing and talking about the game: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/kingdom-come-deliverance-release-thread.120418/

ce31cf No.14321813


This is bait, right?

No one can legit be this retarded, right?

9fc7e7 No.14321826

File: 968cf17b9b47f27⋯.jpg (170.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kingdomcum02.jpg)

I never knew there were transsexuals in Bohemia.


>No one can legit be this retarded, right?

Nobody except for the one who seriously responds to obvious bait.

bab035 No.14321899

File: 97a7d31d79feb02⋯.png (32.88 KB, 642x432, 107:72, 97a7d31d79feb02f35415ee12c….png)


Whers the benis :DDDDD?

9f9e12 No.14321918

File: b9e753851d2363e⋯.jpg (67.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)

File: ada6f5418fb8f0b⋯.jpg (126.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)

File: 5aead9e4713fb9c⋯.jpg (144.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)

File: 09448e043e9b8ce⋯.jpg (135.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)

File: 02d0e21782c79a9⋯.jpg (101.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)

c50b7a No.14321926


Those cloth textures get me all giddy.

9fc7e7 No.14321931

File: effed8658aea8f7⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, kingdomcum04.jpg)

The more you (((know)))!

e5a08b No.14322045


Where did you get yours, I don't want any surprise viruses.

13e639 No.14322059


enjoy the dolphins

65b893 No.14322108


They also very vram hungry.

e5a08b No.14322154


Bah, the last time someone trolled with dolphin porn it's just one guy giving a blowjob on a loop to match the size of the game.

138926 No.14322160


>dolphin porn hasn't been updated in ages

It hurts.

3e8a33 No.14322210


62ccbb No.14322217

File: 111490d811e6cc9⋯.png (960.27 KB, 924x616, 3:2, Remember Hiroshima.png)


Anon, where do you think you are? Or rather, when?


>8chan had 0 lol threads, 0 faggot posts (aka "ill suck ur dick"), 0 duckchan crossposters, wasn't friendly with reddit, every gif loaded automatically, waifu threads didn't exist (though waifu talk was there), 0 template threads, /pol/ had yet to be thoroughly subverted via kekmeme magic idols etc., "shill" was not as common as rain and we had genuine game discussions with only quality funposting here and there.

I remember distinctly that we would have round the clock quality for the most part, to the point where one anon was practically a prophet as he said

>the state of threads is the health of the board

>the minute you start seeing lol threads and they aren't immediately pruned the board is dead

Then what happened? That was just four years ago, just around Gamergate's hayday and the first exodus. What happened? Change of mods, change of people, Mark gets it in his head to get friendly with redditors and wanting to bring in more people to have more traffic to the board and site, faggots can't enjoy a good thing in quiet and start running their mouths about 8chan everywhere they can, GG gets thoroughly co-opted, e-celebs…well, they do what they always do that didn't change much but still–


>lol threads

>e celeb threads

>waifu threads

>every new game is trash

>every game you like is trash

>any game that was promoted during the days of Gamergate is cringy don't ask questions stop

>muh groupthink

>muh consensus

>muh trying to be a snarky faggot to look cool to the faceless posters on the internet

>rampant bait

>rampant shilling

>rampant claims of shills shilling

>homosexual posts all over the place

>"trap" joke is taken seriously

>muh "weeb games" at anything Japanese or anime

>muh "weeb games" at anything weeb

>round-the-clock downgrade in posting quality, no one lurking first, hardly anyone thinking for themselves but rather joining in to be cool

>infantalized posters filling up any thread like flies

Anon said it; the day we see lol threads and they aren't immediately pruned is the day the board dies.

Welcome to the corpse, anon.

555187 No.14322234

shit physx implementation in this, bizarre because latest one is somewhat ok, did they stick years ago to an older version because of feature freeze?

b0aec8 No.14322248

if you haven't been jailed before burying your parents you aren't playing the game right

62ccbb No.14322253


There we go. THIS is quality, not a post dedicated to the most amateurish queer innuendo

We need more glitch webms. This is brilliant

62ccbb No.14322267


>noggin joggin

Why is it I never saw this phrase used so frequently between anons on this board until that one eceleb started using it in his vids?

What's wrong with you?

7e1526 No.14322293

File: f17a18e73bd3e18⋯.jpg (145.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 23-….jpg)

File: 94ab682e68366f3⋯.jpg (136.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-14 00-….jpg)

File: 79982c80b73ec9f⋯.jpg (169.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-14 00-….jpg)

>read a guide about disabling vsync to remove freezes

>disable vsync, switch physx back to GPU

>GPU literally dies with no signal next time game freezes, had to restart computer

Now i have Vsync disabled, physx back to CPU, and Vsync enabled from Nvidia control panel instead. This is so fucking retarded. What lags actually is physx based shit on characters, which AMD users just don't have to give a fuck about, and for whatever reason it hates vsync of the cryengine. I remember Crysis using havoc instead of this shit, that's like the main performance issue for nvidia users.

e5a08b No.14322319


So the game is optimized for AMD interesting.

62ccbb No.14322324

File: 5c28bb84a6d53d7⋯.png (898.02 KB, 880x684, 220:171, ALRIGHT.png)


>That jesus bit actually makes sense though considering where he originates from

>Middle East is Southern Africa

>Israelites were blacks



>pure pristine white

What "pure pristine white" are you on about? Jews back then were no darker than the Greeks. They weren't Persians, and even then the Persians didn't look like Arabs who didn't look like Blacks.

Don't use "muh American education system" as an excuse; I'm American too and I'm not this stupid.



I'm glad my dad died before he got to see this. The last time we watched DW together was with Tenant's run and we laughed about how bad it had gotten, but somewhere behind his eye I saw a tear well up, like this was something he loved when he was young and wanted to share with me and tv execs ruined it.

Man, he had no idea what they would do next…

ce31cf No.14322481


I hereby call all the faggots who know how to edit videos to make a Fist of the north star parody out of this.

0ae60c No.14322649

>Object detail: Ultra High

>Texture detail: Ultra High

>Foliage detail: Ultra High

>Water detail: Ultra High

>Render distance: Max

>Foliage distance: Max

This + everything else on lowest = no frame drops on 1070 and looks the exact same

5af4b0 No.14322749


>title is

>Games Inbox: Kingdom Come: Deliverance racism, Sonic All-Stars Racing 3, and Fire Emblem on Switch

Jesus H. Christ

f15264 No.14322771


Man, am I happy to have switched to AMD.

Besides the cards being cheaper, there's less fuckery like that nowadays.

Nvidia is getting shafted while shafting it's users. Poetic.

5af4b0 No.14322821


the books were good until they focused on that mary sue half elf, chosen one, girl.

5af4b0 No.14322977

File: 1f9285f5c32befe⋯.webm (807.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, rules of kingdom.webm)

f15264 No.14323101



Also, this game is starting to feed my inner psycopath. There's plenty of oportunities to be a good faithfull knight, but damn, they didn't neglect being a bastard or outright murderous lunatic.

>enter some villagers house

>the guy is right there in the main hall wearing his pajamas

>shit robbery gone wrong, guess it's murder now

>pull out sword and wack him

>side door opens

>his wife comes out, in her pajamas, stretching her arms, sleepy asking "what's that noise"

>whack her

>husband sees this

>pulls out a FUCKING AXE

>my helmet takes two blows, survive with no injuries

>stab him while his wife runs away

I hope the guards don't come after me cause I can't find the bitch anywhere

>enter random house

>stealth-take down some woman

>draw sword, stab the body


>wut, am I a vampire or something?

>read description

>"gain points by running around, sumourting obstacles and SURVIVING COMBAT"

>stabbing uncounscious wenchs is SURVIVING COMBAT

I haven't laughed like this in a while.

I think I'm gonna take this Happy-Stabby playthrough to the end and see where it goes.

f15264 No.14323131



>stab a second uncounscious person on the same house


>stab a third uncounscious person


I think this game is trying to tell me something. And I like it.

4ed1b7 No.14323189


Legitimately curious, what has japan done to australia?

d395b7 No.14323247


They should have postponed it and, I dunno, included that in the game itself instead of it being a full fucking games worth patch. They’ve waited this long to drop it, go for a bit more for fuck’s sake to make sure your shit is done.

8afe1d No.14323264

File: 84de49b3a2bca6e⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 497x500, 497:500, 84de49b3a2bca6e3cb471fe171….jpg)

Has the shilling wave passed?

I want to plunder it but im afraid i might not be able to run it. Im currently with a good goy laptop sadly with i7 2.60 and a nvidia 940m and enough ram.

fc93ca No.14323289

File: 9ccb9a0b16c7f81⋯.webm (272.8 KB, 284x240, 71:60, laughing_&_wheezing.webm)

fc93ca No.14323316

File: bb2ed212c509113⋯.jpg (290.95 KB, 661x800, 661:800, Medieval Bullying.jpg)


This is kinda funny. It just looks like a group of guards beating the fuck out of some peasant.

5c173b No.14323424



2509a3 No.14323434

File: ddae011a49b63aa⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 763x757, 763:757, ausfag with spider punch a….jpg)


like are we talking recently?

Because they bombed darwin for starters although tbf Darwin gets destroyed every few decades anyway

I'm also pretty sure sending them boxes filled with redbacks was part of some convoluted revenge plot that's been in the works for some time

Sort of like how we tricked americans into planting trees that cause and spread via fires, that shit was hilarious

2509a3 No.14323497

File: 64c769f5d8cffe5⋯.jpg (129.14 KB, 850x391, 50:23, touhou this is fine fire.jpg)


The best part was when some amerifats decided to import Australian pests that fed upon eucalyptus trees and the pest ended up feeding on native trees as well

Also has anyone downloaded Kingdom Come Deliverance in australia yet?

That amount of gb is crippling for me and pretty much most of australia unless you count the cities as Australian which you shouldn't, Best speeds we get around here are around 56kb/s

f15264 No.14323520

>sneaky breekying in the streets is a viable option to move around

>you can turn a corner/close a door, hide and the guards won't find you

Alright, this is exactly what I wanted.

Morrowind RPG systems + Oblivion world but with proper stealth.

I still don't understand why some people can be chocked and others not. Soldiers and the like have to be choked in their bed aparently.

6ead75 No.14323526

File: 65e360773699f09⋯.jpg (2.91 MB, 4864x5122, 2432:2561, KingdomComeDeliverance.jpg)


Fucking faggots been at this since 2014

5c173b No.14323529


I'm getting 2 MB/s down in rural NSW

should be done in a few hours

2509a3 No.14323530

File: da419ff97897ea6⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1272x1800, 53:75, pig asked me to choke her.png)


>I still don't understand why some people can be chocked and others not

neckguards maybe? I'm pretty sure there was some sort of medieval protection gear for the neck, maybe something like a cowl?

I unfortunately wont be able to confirm until the next week due to my shitty internet speed

2509a3 No.14323545


Fucking NSW cunts, you deserve all the floods you get

also are you using the new NBN?, I've seen that shit happening sporadically, like their are people in the middle of nowhere with better internet than some areas in the citys/shitholes

f15264 No.14323548


Probably, maybe combat training or something like that.

It does give you a reason to sneak at night though.

On other RPG's, it's a "sneak skill bonus when it's dark"

On here though, there's less guards patroling and you can move more freely.

You can also choke the sleeping one's, kill them and then hide their bodies. When the patrolling one's change shift, they'll go to sleep, you choke them and now there's no guards!

2509a3 No.14323558


That does sound pretty neat'o

Got a question though, can you pick up shit and throw it?

5c173b No.14323587


No NBN here, but yeah they've been putting it out to the most random goddamned places.

It's not like our government has ever understood efficient infrastructure.

8afe1d No.14323607

File: cfde45bc0b43aa3⋯.png (598.64 KB, 600x877, 600:877, cfde45bc0b43aa33ed0e4ef7b4….png)


Why is net so shit in 'stralia again? DO the abos drink it out of the cables as well?

2509a3 No.14323611

File: fff50ca43eaf773⋯.jpg (114.45 KB, 900x900, 1:1, vomit ink disgusting ika m….jpg)

>There are actually faggots on this board who downloaded the unlimited saves mod

Its almost like you cunts have never played a survival horror before


>It's not like our government has ever understood efficient infrastructure.

not recently in my opinion anyway, although i heard Melbourne started off pretty efficient when they got to the city building part, which is completely the opposite of Sydney which is an utter piece of shit in infrastructure terms

Its almost like all our people who had any ability were eliminated or poached and now we're run by puppets

16a876 No.14323630

Are there any negative consequences from killing random civilians if you are not seen doing so? Stealing that ring without being seen is much harder than simply killing the executioner

2509a3 No.14323634


abos will drink it from where ever they can find it

And at least they're better than the imported pieces of shit we're getting, They crack down on bikies but all of a sudden can't do anything to crack down on "african Youth Gangs"

I can't tell if they targeted bikies to make a profit from all the lawyers that get hired to defend, especially considering the amount of lawyers in parliament or if they just wanted to make a point at showing how close we are to a dictatorship we are

Honestly I reckon if we banned all lawyers from being MPs we would have a much more functional governmental system

ea5a40 No.14323689

It's been pretty buggy for me on ps4, can only play toaster games on PC but nothing cool, just textures failing to load properly so things look all fucked up. Besides that though, pretty good game. Hopefully they iron that shit out soon, they really shouldn't have shipped it in this condition. I guess for once the console version is the shitty port.

01260a No.14323690


I can't find the image of the abbo pushing a pram with a jerrycan in when I need it.

5c173b No.14323696


Its a Massive amount of distance+few people+subnormals in charge = australian internet


Yeah abos are pretty harmless compared to the new lot. They're pretty apathetic.

8afe1d No.14323706

File: 870981631412a9c⋯.png (935.86 KB, 900x675, 4:3, grace.png)


Wait. Usually there are different branches of a provider/s. Do people not bother?

c338d4 No.14323767

File: ab229c00acaabf0⋯.png (38.94 KB, 1035x608, 1035:608, Untitled.png)

File: 9d3c03c873a52bc⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1366x1536, 683:768, Ultradepression.png)

>tfw my PC started getting real slow for some reason

>even a shitty game like counter strike runs at an unstable 40 fps when I would usually get well over 300

It's not like I wanted to play this shit game anyways

8afe1d No.14323787


Im not an expert but a tech friend told me that when that happens your GPU might be overheating. You might need to clean it or check on it.

9508cb No.14324055

File: 84d2072e8b87267⋯.jpg (93.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 84d2072e8b87267bd2f96bb423….jpg)

Do I get to pork the sweet noble lady?

8afe1d No.14324074

File: 1dbcb5065bd96a5⋯.png (213.75 KB, 395x502, 395:502, 6a6d6e0fdc2bbef26acd0ed40b….png)


>being a NTRfag

You should have died with your parents.

f2ca29 No.14324088

How's the combat?

f15264 No.14324089


Like in Dark Messiah? Doesn't look like it.

One of the skills had something about throwing, but I'm not sure what it's about.

But so far, I can't complain about the thieving experience. I dare say it's almost as good as Thief. Without all the fancy gadjets, but almost as good.

9508cb No.14324093


What's NTR?

f15264 No.14324094


Here's a hint:

her husband is an old man well loved by his people. What usually happens to old well loved people in stories like this?

f15264 No.14324095


Reall fucking slow but real fucking intense.

There's combos you can unlock too.

f2ca29 No.14324127


I mean is it like mount and blade? Is it like skyrim?

351f7c No.14324132

File: 122971386f5ccdb⋯.jpg (902.24 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, delete this.jpg)


The only valid reason for the unlimited saves is if your game keeps crashing every 10 fucking minutes.

Like mine

>mfw two entire weeks before a patch is released

ea5a40 No.14324147


It's kinda like Mountain blade. 5 attack directions and thrusting too. If you're parrying you'll want your shit to be in the right position. Good combos will force an enemy weapon to one side and then surprise them with a hit where they're open. It's pretty good once you get a feel for it.

f15264 No.14324254


This. Button mashing only mashes your head, not theirs.

Fighting more than one guy? Either you've got some great stats or you're boned.

Also, equipment matters a fuckton.

Once I got some armor, a guy with a mace couldn't even hurt me. Attacks on your armour will decrease it's durability and drain your stamina. Once your stamina is gone, you'll start taking HP damage.

If you see two armored guys fighting, it's like two Tanks duking it out. They gotta worn out their oponent faster than the oponents wears them down.

I ended up ditching all that armour for some confortable, silent and inconspicuous clothing. Makes sneaking a whole lot easier.

I'm not sure how I'll do the main quest now though. I gotta talk with a guy, but the fella is surrouneded by guards.

I might end up taking the 10 days in jail. I think I confirmed: it was that lone wife I let escape after murdering her husband.

Also: if you knock someone unconscious, you're fucked. They WILL remember that shit when they get up. Not really serious (and they can't prove you stole half their shop while they were down) but you get a fine for it.

f2ca29 No.14324274



Sounds good.

Are there capes? I like capes.

f2ca29 No.14324284

Also can you play in 3rd person?

f15264 No.14324329


Haven't seen any.

Plenty of silly hats though. There's even a complete Robin Hood outfit I've seen some commoner wearing.

The focus is clearly on the armour.

You have a ridiculous ammout of different armors with diferent stats and blazons.

It's like "ye old /k/" in here. Weapons too, sadly my thief is too shit to use anything.

Kinda pissed the dagger doesn't really count as a weapon, you just need it in the inventory and get the perk for sneak kills. But after I get it, I'm going sandman on the whole town.

I'm gonna be Medieval Elliot Rogers and all this wenches are gonna regret the day they refused to suck my stinky european cock.

ea5a40 No.14324528


Haven't seen any capes but there are mantles, like short capes.



c217e3 No.14324576

Anyone else having trouble with ridiculous amounts of pop-in? Especially textures? I'm running an R9 290X, so not exactly top of the line, but it SHOULD still be fine, right?

c338d4 No.14324611


Thanks friend. Now to wait an eon for the day one patch to be included in the pirated version

329c99 No.14324654

Shit I've done Pesheks quest and he said he'd be able to buy stolen goods. But I don't see any option on him. What's with that?

113460 No.14324665

Stole all of my parent's food reserves. If mummybot wants to be a cunt and wake me up after a bender then she can starve during winter.

f31b46 No.14324811

Thanks /v/, ive been deliberating whether i should get this game seeing as i havent bought a game since 2015, this threads has convinced me

21a5e9 No.14324835

File: 2fd34a2a647c70a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.17 KB, 1126x815, 1126:815, COLONIZED 0238483274982735….jpg)

File: ffe6302eb212f69⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 857.69 KB, 2127x1814, 2127:1814, 14934487367122398085432809….jpg)


NTR stand for "Nigger Titty Rape".

329c99 No.14325379


Never mind, found the solution. You have to give the ring to Wolz and only then you'll be able to sell to the fence.

Also, how the hell do you rotate the guy? I want to take a closer look at the sword/armour but I can't find a way to rotate the bugger.

a8b712 No.14325553

File: 7723f7afe60e9c1⋯.jpg (108.71 KB, 448x612, 112:153, liberalist.jpg)


I need to shill more here, not enough patreon shekels.

Har…hue…didn't you know? White people don't exist, so niggers don't exist, therefore you don't exist and this (you) isn't real.

e2eaa0 No.14325882


What are you using to pull your system settings? I've seen that shared a while back but forgot what it was.

06d4bf No.14325921

c37abb No.14325994


Shitty articles like that have started to show up in my country. There's a french tech site that went full Buzzfeed/Polygon not a few years ago and they've pubished an article bashing the game and Vavra. It's word for word the article published by Metro.

5698a1 No.14326275


Because the game is actually good.


It's as if all the bullshit you spend so much energy sperging about is completely irrelevant in the real world. Now you know what you and the SJW you're raging over on twitter have in common: you both live in imaginary realities mired by your complexes and insecurities.

a80ae8 No.14326378


I've lived in a handful of different rural and semi-rural areas in the last few years and have been able to get 10+ MB/s in all of them (all NSW, NBN). They rolled it out in a bunch of rural areas early on because the nationals pushed for it I believe

8099f8 No.14326840


i love it played nearly straight since release.

8099f8 No.14326890



Thing is i actually have a machiene that runs the game on max without any problems whatsoever. When you have a good machiene you can run it on good settings.

e2eaa0 No.14327242


Same here I don't see what all the fuss is about. I don't even have the best parts either. Good but there is better..

5af4b0 No.14327377

File: c624194d180bd81⋯.gif (876.09 KB, 144x192, 3:4, 654874632.gif)


>windows 10

ea5a40 No.14327593


Me too, but some of the missions are annoying, like when you have to search the woods for that faggot young lord or whatever. It's cool that you actually have to search the woods and you don't just get a quest marker to blindly follow but damn, I spent a long time wandering around in there. Didn't find the guy until I gave up searching and just left, and ended up running into him by chance.

It's worth it though, I guess. It's nice that you actually have to think about your objectives and how best to achieve them, not just skip through dialogue and then follow the omnipotent quest marker on your compass. Frustrating sometimes but it makes for a better experience overall.

c47322 No.14327831

The fuck's wrong with pickpocketing and lockpicking? Shit barely works, it reeks of console design garbage. And I thought the combat was clunky, this is a whole next level.

ea5a40 No.14327893


Maybe you're just not very good at being a dirty thief.

c47322 No.14327918

File: ff1c331f2086420⋯.jpg (19 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Made me think 11.jpg)


Maybe the game's controls are not very good.

3e9b6e No.14328597

But is the game any good?

d705c3 No.14328692


>it reeks of console design garbage

It's funny you say this because the consolefags are complaining it's impossible with controllers.

c47322 No.14329164

Oy, wasn't the miller in Rattay supposed to be a fence? I can't get him to fence my shit.

37564f No.14333794


Warlord simulator.

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