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File: 256238c77c5104e⋯.jpg (264.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_6019.JPG)

8819d9 No.14321310

The 2018 Winter Games are happening right now, and we didn't get a new game at all. We're finally free of the curse.

Though they're probably gonna make a new one for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

db29f6 No.14321315


d5308e No.14321319

Do the olympics change every 4 years? Why would they make the same game twice?

3a30f7 No.14321323


the new one will have a fast walking category.

8819d9 No.14321350


There's an Olympics every two years anon. This year it's the Winter Games, then in two years it'll be the Summer Games.

d5308e No.14321352


No, the Olympics are every four years. Winter and Summer games alternate every two.

e2c7e4 No.14321374


Fuck you, curling was THE shit back then.

2d3bdb No.14321395

File: 0c4ebf971d380e6⋯.jpg (361.86 KB, 1043x1200, 1043:1200, m.jpg)

While I'm happy that they've stopped supporting this franchise, what worries me is what the projects the staff members are working on instead.

2f2532 No.14321447

Although the Mario and Sonic at the Sochi thing had a really nice sounding announcer.

a4c4c9 No.14321651

File: 6b47f954dc2b55c⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 07121134_5784574edc633 (1).jpg)


They're getting the rights for the anime characters so they could be in the Mario and Sonic 2020 games

71dad9 No.14321653


Nah, it's always been a show of globalism.

Sage for /sp/ and /pol/ shit

a4c4c9 No.14321663


Are you ready for Goku VS Sonic in Swimming

baf817 No.14321676

File: 63160ca1c539288⋯.jpg (63.26 KB, 385x397, 385:397, Sonic_Computer.jpg)

It would be pretty funny if they added Olympic E-Sports to the next game just so you could pick your team of Mario and Sonic character hand have them all sit down at computers and play a shitty MOBA.

05ea35 No.14321687


Yeah I'm sure the Greeks were globalist Jews.

ee8842 No.14321699


Fuck off Quentin.

664010 No.14321704


Current (((Olympics))) are just facade for globalist jews' scams, you deformed kike.

71dad9 No.14321736



>Ancient games are just fine

>Brought back as a "tradition" in 1896

Gee, that's just around the time that Jews really started to get themselves involved in global politics. Really makes you think.

Someone else can post the image about how Team USA isn't diverse enough.

b25fac No.14321792

File: 5eadc129f10e0dc⋯.png (1.6 MB, 775x1108, 775:1108, berlin.png)





I dunno guys, the latest M&S Olympics game was pretty good.

0a8ebc No.14321979


>that fucking ghost cat again

Nip kids have the worst tastes

3eca53 No.14322887

I enjoy the olympics-games, they are fun to do solo and achieve better scores but they are most importantly fun to play with friends. I didn't enjoy latest ones, the best one was Athens 2004, they didn't do convulted stuff, instead kept it simple with button-mashing and timing.

Also New International Track&Field on the DS was good. Haven't seen anything close to it lately though, it's like they stopped doing those classic games.

f03d5a No.14322894


yokai watch is already pretty much completely dead. all the retard kids forgot about it when the new pokemon came out.

c13c38 No.14322907


>trying to shame anons for enjoying Mario


81770c No.14322922



>not patriotic as fuck

c13c38 No.14322932


Modern Olympics are the ultimate globalist event.



0a8ebc No.14322954


I don't think this is true, nip kids absolutely loved YKW and still do, if the constant stream of movies is of any indication. Give it a couple more years and they'll all forget.

f946aa No.14322966


I'm more happy that shit like Mario Galaxy and Sonic Lost World won't be made again after both did bad while Odyssey and Forces did good.

Thread is still garbage.

c13c38 No.14322992



>>>/cuckchan/ seems more up your alley newfriends :)

6f75b3 No.14322995

File: a2454294d199cf0⋯.png (4.48 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 6a84a5f3b55eaa890c5b1152bf….png)


>being a soyboy

>telling others to leave

c13c38 No.14323006



Already told you to take this consolewar faggotry to >>>/cuckchan/

2339a7 No.14323016


>likes the feel of hairy plumber cock

>repeats insult

Autism at its finest.

71fce1 No.14323027


It's not even console wars you autist.

f5f02c No.14323031


>Therefore, I am not choosing sides, ergo, not console wars.

Fence shitters like you still need to be gassed. Also rule 7.


c13c38 No.14323039




I bet that you honestly believe that you are fitting in.

f524a1 No.14323040


>rulecucks that are literally listening to what a JEW says

>telling anyone else to get gassed

Kill yourself.

ea3dc5 No.14323041



>shitting on numales

>muh console wars

Mark is that you?

71fce1 No.14323045


You're really the only one trying here. I simply pointed out that making fun of a franchise isn't console wars.

ea3dc5 No.14323055


Nigger you best post that source

f5f02c No.14323078


Cry more.



>Isn't rule 7 only when you are making a new thread?

There is only one way to find out.

e45bf9 No.14323088



>/leftypol/ furfag at that

Argument invalid

0fb5d8 No.14323095



Oh hey there goes your opinion lad.

f5f02c No.14323097



That other anon was a fag.

e45bf9 No.14323119


Uh-huh. Fuck off, /leftypol/, nobody wants your propaganda no matter how you try to hide it.

e45bf9 No.14323137


>Irony is that I'm further right than you are.

>Being a furry

Doesn't matter how far right you think you are, you will always be a leftist.

ea3dc5 No.14323139


>wait 5 minutes for search results to load

>Mickey Mouse

Thanks fag.

0fb5d8 No.14323157


>He's an ID hopper!

Can you not see the ID? Are you a nigger instead? You better not be.

e45bf9 No.14323159


>What's it like living with genuine autism? Must be rough.

You tell me, after all, that must be the only way you can think that you can be a degenerate dog fucker, and not get lynched for it.

16e6f0 No.14323466


>be Sonic fan

>Olympics are held in my city

>no M&S game for the first time since the series started

I don't really play those games but it would have been cool nonetheless, nothing ever happens for either Sonic or vidya in general here.

b367ed No.14323600


I thought that yokai watch was extremely forced and that even japs hate it.

ee8842 No.14323648


Autists on the chans are pretty vocal about things they don't like everything, but if a series really doesn't have any fans, it gets cancelled after one season (or earlier) and forgotten about immediately. I'm not a fan of pony stuff, for example, but I have to acknowledge that there are in fact a lot of people who like MLP, otherwise Hasbro wouldn't have spent the time and money producing so much stuff around it for so many years.

b367ed No.14323657


Is there something behind how forced yokai watch seems to have been, though? Some hidden reason?

ea3dc5 No.14323658


>there are in fact a lot of people who like MLP

>otherwise Hasbro wouldn't have spent the time and money producing so much stuff around it for so many years.

Ever heard of little girls, anon

24092f No.14323750

File: 592660c1355733c⋯.png (13.57 KB, 360x96, 15:4, Yo Kai Watch fandom.png)


It's a masterpiece compared to MarioXRabbids




>Yo-Kai Watch

Not even showing fanservice with their lolies helped much.

b9f8df No.14324029

File: bc09080d29ca046⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 680x383, 680:383, mario listen ere you littl….jpg)


Mark my words, with the new movie from Illumination coming out, we're going to see a literal MarioXMinions licensed game sometime in the future.

ecaff3 No.14324082


i just want yokai watch 3 already, i don't know why they bothered releasing 2 again over a year after the first two versions came out when there's not much changed

e45bf9 No.14324131


>Is there something behind how forced yokai watch seems to have been, though? Some hidden reason?

I'm guessing Nintendo. NoA in particular has been really fucking desperate to get a "pokemon killer" for god knows what reason. Nobody knows what the fuck a yokai even is, much less any of the other hardcore Jap shit that's in the game.

314615 No.14324242


they just need the 90s nintendo advertising back. Pokemon isn't even half as big today as it was back then.

f03d5a No.14324370


explain fanservice.

28645a No.14324530

File: 688751bded3c2ee⋯.png (95.55 KB, 500x522, 250:261, you-are-like-a-little-baby….png)

File: 8a5883f718be2c0⋯.png (295 KB, 356x500, 89:125, john-madden-football-usa-e….png)

File: 4cad167d021f7a6⋯.png (162.51 KB, 356x500, 89:125, fifa-international-soccer-….png)

File: 176432ea6ea9012⋯.jpg (150.22 KB, 800x1122, 400:561, NBA Live 95 Genesis.jpg)

File: e241ab6a1b92012⋯.png (349.65 KB, 350x487, 350:487, nhl-hockey-usa.png)


>Why would they make the same game twice?


664010 No.14324597

(((Olyimpics))) are also in a all time low with the sports audience. Hence the desperate move to put as many shit in the official games as they can, such as (((e-sports))) and shitty activities that a small parcel of young idiots like (skating and others).

The olympic games, after the hueland edition, opened the eyes for the majority of people for what they are: propaganda for globalism. They had a rapefugee delegation in the 2016 hueland one.

It is only natural that the shitty video games with olympic staples are also declining.

You have the declining franchises teaming up to play in a declining event, made by already decadent companies, sponsored by globalists.

No kid want it, and no father want to buy it to play with his family.

34b39b No.14324641


Nips are currently hating on the Worse Korea Gooks and Libtards for cheering on Bad Korea's "cheerleaders" and politicizing it out of spite against Trump and making Fatty Kim look good, and there's geopoliticis and historical hatred against one another, so lucky us.

f28ed9 No.14331547

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>we're going to see a literal MarioXMinions

For a second I thought I misread it as "liberal"


Give what their fans demand.

>vid related

I was about to show the little girl farting and showing her ass, but this video popped up and caught me off guard.

93ca6d No.14333024


>competition between nations is globalism

This is how mentally defective the shills actually are.

0a8ebc No.14333145


To be fair, early sportsball games were trying to invent the formula instead of just changing the rosters and charge full price for the same game with slightly more bloated code.

10278e No.14333166

>Olympics in chinkland city

Gee, I wonder why the japs aren't making an Olympics game this year.

929675 No.14335069

Can someone tell me whats wrong with the mario/sonic olympic games? I like them

3b8ba7 No.14335142


They were. The Olympics was their excuse to get together and fuck children in peace.

2bbb03 No.14335831


What about Teen Titans Go tho

baf817 No.14335943

File: 587ec9c42696303⋯.webm (9.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dr Eggman is the fastest ….webm)


While I haven't played them I don't see much of a reason they would be seen as bad or disliked, their essentially just Mario Party mini games right?

6a8aa6 No.14336602

File: 31db81d3c2baf5b⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 400x252, 100:63, MegaTurrican Olympics.jpg)


Not that I know, besides being a dumb idea. Eggman being playable is the opposite of a problem.

220727 No.14336627


Repetition, really. You play one Mario and Sonic Olympics, you've played them all. Plus a tad of resentment because of all the things a Mario and Sonic crossover could entail, being just a bunch of minigames is disappointing.

e45bf9 No.14336628

Actually, i wonder if the abysmal sales of the last game have anything to do with there not being a 2018 version. The 3ds version didn't do too hot itself, but Wii u version sold horrifically, Nintendo didn't even bother to stock stores that bothered selling that shit with more than like, 2 or 3 copies.

30010a No.14336641


i liked the dream olympics minigames

although the last one i played was the 2009 one

edf4b1 No.14336671


i'd forgotten how hideous the london 2012 logo was

they must've gotten a paki to design it.

664010 No.14336889


Everything is rigged. It is not a competition. It is propaganda for the highest bidder.

You deformed kike (or is it an impotent soyboy?) don't even know what a shill is.

56c11b No.14337654


The Winter editions of those games were the best tho, specially the one on DS, truly a gem.

21fbe7 No.14344735


Kids actually like it.

And a show can't have bad ratings if its all you show.

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