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File: a0bda682406362e⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 220x311, 220:311, Kingdom_Come_Deliverance.jpg)

454fd0 No.14324383

Since the other thread is choke full of political shit unrelated to the game itself, I'll just make a new thread here.

>poor optimization

>loading screens up the ass

>for honour combat only even more clunky

>mary sue MC

>"realism" aspects that are mostly annoyance than actually fun, though some like sharpening weapons are fun

>invisible walls up the ass

>getting stuck in the invisible walls

Those are what I get from the negative receptions of the game. What do you think.

e6b619 No.14324402

>here's a thread for talking about the game without the political shit journos force it to carry!

While laudable, the problem is that it never works. Political autists genuinely consider you're genociding them if you just want to play video games.

ed1c16 No.14324412

>poor optimization

>loading screens up the ass

runs pretty damned well as far as i'm concerned.

that's actually the one thing the game has going for it.

e3cad7 No.14324417

File: ddee69d72e25f3c⋯.jpg (334.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)


Still best open world first person rpg up to date, better than anything made on gamebryo/creation engine.

Its a medieval stalker with gothic 2 quests.

454fd0 No.14324418


Performance does vary, but the game still has a lot of loading screens. From what I heard, even opening your map opens up a loading screen.

6924c0 No.14324420

File: 3ece031c087f272⋯.jpg (92.51 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, based gamers.jpg)

nobody can talk about the game, only how based the jewish developer is and how owned the SJWs are by the game existing.


thats a really low bar you're setting

454fd0 No.14324421


>better than morrowind

Eat shit homo.

e3cad7 No.14324423


I have everything on low except textures on high to keep 60 fps. Never saw a long loading screen, every loading screen is less than 5 seconds. However i tried rising all settings to maximum and noticed that geometry detail setting and vegetation setting do raise loading times significantly.

e3cad7 No.14324429

File: ada6f5418fb8f0b⋯.jpg (126.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)


>better than morrowind

Yes, better than morrowind. No joke.

6924c0 No.14324432


It wouldn't be an accomplishment

454fd0 No.14324445


Definitely seems like crytek related issues.



>low budget half finished witch3r ripoff muh realism autism simulator

>better than morrowind

go suck a cock n'wah

6924c0 No.14324449

File: 1852c80359f3cd1⋯.webm (88.04 KB, 318x504, 53:84, naninani.webm)


>tes fag speaking to me in his furry tongue

quiet pleb

e3cad7 No.14324461

File: fca6c44af4b8ce7⋯.jpg (354.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 21-….jpg)


>witch3r ripoff

The only thing they have from witcher is alchemy (even has a perk named "witcher). But don't forget they both ripoff gothic.

454fd0 No.14324471


>they both ripoff gothic

Fair enough.

ffaea7 No.14324480


>poor optimization


>loading screens up the ass

Post a webm or gtfo

>FOR HONOUR combat only even more clunky

Are you fucking retard?

>mary sue MC

Hahaha, real funny there OP.

>"realism" aspects that are mostly annoyance than actually fun, though some like sharpening weapons are fun

Come on, you already are full of shit, you're just going towards dobson's levels of inflation shit.

>invisible walls up the ass

>getting stuck in the invisible walls

Yup, you are fucking retarded.


>low budget half finished witch3r ripoff muh realism autism simulator

You are goddamn retarded, jesus christ, you must be the same retard who made the 3 "I hate this game" threads a couple of days ago, you can shit on the game but you're far up to your own ass that your kissing it.

e6b619 No.14324485

File: 35e7ac3600b5d35⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 553x585, 553:585, 9980464fda42ebac0a393837be….jpg)




How much brain damage is this game inflicting on you?

6924c0 No.14324488

File: dfdf7e35e43e0a8⋯.jpg (153.04 KB, 720x960, 3:4, morrowind fan.jpg)


hows it going todd

e3cad7 No.14324490



>mary sue MC

>Hahaha, real funny there OP.

Tell me please you guys actually skipped cutscenes, because i found them extremely fucking annoying. I also cannot protect the very slow beginning of the game filled with cutscenes after every quest.

This cinematic shit was the real minus of the game, i didn't even expected it to be there.

863454 No.14324491

>getting this buttblasted over anons calling you out in the last thread

It's fucking decent. I've played about 8 hours without any loading screen issues and wall glitching.

4f63bb No.14324496


>liking Morrowind


06073f No.14324497


>morrowind fan

Seems like your everyday /v/irgin, /fa/ggot, and fa/tg/uy rolled into one anon. He's probably published multiple supplements for MYFAROG.

fc840d No.14324503

is it worth getting this over ffxv

e3cad7 No.14324505



I think you're overdoing it guys. Leave morrowfag alone, he has magic to break until the game crashes from impossible numbers.

8dc791 No.14324510

File: 55ce9d122748473⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 416.14 KB, 613x1132, 613:1132, 15184339981850.png)


863454 No.14324519


Welp, returning my cope :^/

e3cad7 No.14324521


There is a quest related to persecution of the jews, you have to help a jewish merchant in it.

8dc791 No.14324527


webm please, that sounds hereticaly fun

3d7028 No.14324532

File: 2ed9ad1ff450eb5⋯.png (483.5 KB, 851x440, 851:440, Czech em.PNG)

Seems like there's a coordinated effort to shit on this game by a couple of autists.

The game is decent like expected despite normalfags and consolefaggots who have never played Mount&Blade lauding it as the best thing since sliced bread.

Combat is absolute fucking shit, but it's a good RPG, Vavra and his team delivered a nice package.

Pirate it and play it instead of shitposting and then discuss the game.

e3cad7 No.14324537


I'l have to complete it again, but okay.

f6d55b No.14324538

I saw you make a thread with the same exact formatting as this one earlier today trying to shit on the same game with different points where you got btfo'd. Go back.

6924c0 No.14324539

File: 41467b7675ccaa1⋯.jpg (210.76 KB, 875x1167, 875:1167, eliminate goose.jpg)


these are some weird and oddly specific scapegoats you've created in your head. I'm just calling a shill a shill.

a395ac No.14324544

File: c5d9f8a51a89427⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 439x298, 439:298, 3d4aea428cd53e5c4af4f5f75b….jpg)

Ill wait for the GoG version to pirate and then see if it is worthy of a purchase. I am sure most shit that will hit the fan by then will tell me if it is even worth the time.

6924c0 No.14324548


we'll never know if its good or shit if people don't stop dickriding how based (((vavra))) is

f04b0d No.14324551


The optimisation, loading screens and getting stuck in invisible walls will probably be solved with a patch. The main character being a possible mary sue doesn't bother me since it's not the type of RPG that relies on its writing. Realism being a hassle is fine too and invisible walls I'd have to see what style of gameplay they're going for (is it open world or sandbox?).

What really worries me about that list is the combat system since it looks to be the real meat of the game. I'd like to hear more on that from someone who's tried it.

3d7028 No.14324553

File: 7c6193b596c495c⋯.jpg (144.73 KB, 800x469, 800:469, 749b2753b004b3c6d1c1010563….jpg)







you haven't made a single good post

You're just fresh out of cuckchan to shitpost here.

Nobody here sucked Vavras cock

>Pirate it


Go back


i'm just waiting for the performance issues to be ironed out to try it.

I fucking knew this shit would happen since Cryengine is absolute fucking shit

8d4a8a No.14324555


>poor optimization

Nvidia cards got shafted for this game, otherwise why are you playing on the highest settings? This uses the Cryengine.

6924c0 No.14324558

>he wants attention that badly

oh I recognize this posting style


>Nvidia cards got shafted for this game

that's a first, I actually find it hard to believe.

f04b0d No.14324559



>A game that was only popular because it was a massive thing on the Xbox hueg

Give me Gothic any day.

8dc791 No.14324560

File: 11a023c7d73c8d1⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 500x760, 25:38, Mexican anime girl dancing.gif)


thank you, anon, you are doing G-d's work.

6924c0 No.14324565


>but m..muh kikebride

002091 No.14324572

When in doubt, wait to pirate it.

If you are certain that you want to buy it, pirate it.

Never buy.

25e9e1 No.14324574


>kikedom cum no deliverance

You have already fucked up. Just delet your thread and try again.

8c13f5 No.14324575

>getting stuck in the invisible walls

fucking dirty cumans.

I'm currently unab;e to escape fast enough on a horse due to invisible walls and cuman arrows.

game is pretty cool.

8dc791 No.14324577

File: cffea475a1c63bc⋯.jpg (7.14 KB, 200x150, 4:3, wait.jpg)


>Pirate it and play it instead of shitposting and then discuss the game.

I will buy it when the monstergirl mods gets out.

8c13f5 No.14324579

File: 03cc978eb56baaa⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 500x396, 125:99, fucking cunts.jpg)

blocks your progression

cbf709 No.14324589

File: 91a3f4c8e1e2eeb⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, culture.jpg)


Das it mane.

c6d345 No.14324594

File: 73b032431e2def3⋯.png (868 KB, 710x587, 710:587, how many.png)

how long until speedruns of this game?

8dc791 No.14324598


i wonder how much cancer the normalfags are going to produce for this game.

15e19a No.14324602


lol TES fags so butthurt

c6d345 No.14324607


just wait for King's Dong: Cum Deliverance Furry Edition for the real cancer.

cbf709 No.14324614

File: 0e81d89f7badb8d⋯.png (336.79 KB, 674x744, 337:372, git gud.png)

>open up Steam to customer reviews

>main complain is that the save system punishes you for being an Elder Scroll baby who saves every 2 seconds

They should be graceful that the option to go back to before your embarrassing fuckup(s) was implemented in the first place.

7c7ee6 No.14324619


No fucking shit, have you seen the jewish medieval trade routes? There's a reason why jews are universally considered as wealthy people.

8af69a No.14324621

Where the hell do I find bandages or healing in the evening?

I was walking in the woods near Rattay and slid down a little hill and both of my kneecaps exploded. It took all of my bandages but one of my legs was still at 25% bleeding, so I spent half an hour limping my sorry ass back to the town chugging those regen potions I stole from father's trunk.

As soon as I walk into the market square, the dinner bell rings and everybody fucks off to their homes and all of the shop doors are locked. I have about 5 minutes of blood left. Where the hell do I go?

aaafc0 No.14324628


>Where the hell do I go?

To kingdom come

8794a4 No.14324630


I'm sorry anon, but that sounds pretty fucking hilarious. You're going to die froma pair of scrapped knees after you slid down a small hill.

f04b0d No.14324633


Sounds like an accurate description of life in a slav nation to me.

429c0c No.14324634


Thank very shitty implementation of physx. Like i said in previous thread - cryengine works like garbage with it.

429c0c No.14324636


Elder Scrolls baby saves every 2 seconds because Elder Scrolls baby has 100 mods that crash the game every 2 seconds.

8af69a No.14324657




I've been trying to play the pious morally righteous route, and told that Miller guy to go fuck himself. It's more moral to murder a thief than become one, after all.

But god damnit, I have no knees and I must squat. Gonna break into every building I see until I find a bandage or a god damned medieval tampon or whatever else will stop the bleeding.

429c0c No.14324663


That's the "stalker" part of the game. Loot in buildings and on bodies is actually important for playthrough. Can't really survive without it.

429c0c No.14324669

File: 969565de0f261c4⋯.png (461.7 KB, 914x809, 914:809, mods.PNG)


Cheats and reshades already being delivered.


8af69a No.14324670


I've only been attacked by one bandit so far, so I took some of his armor but he didn't have any bandages.

I also haven't found any ways to make money that aren't illegal, so I've been slowly selling everything I own just to scrape by.

Life is truly hard for those who walk the path of the Lord.

454fd0 No.14324676


>unlimited saving

>free training

>no lockpicking minigame

Those aren't cheats, those are fixes for a broken game.

cbf709 No.14324677

File: 24e10bd28ab4b60⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, laughing avgns.jpg)


>Unlimited savings

Why aren't these kids playing Skyrim instead?

c2a505 No.14324679


Is there a morality system in the game that punishes wicked actions, or do you do it for just RP?

454fd0 No.14324683


>it's not the type of RPG that relies on its writing

The amount of in-game cutscenes and most mission structures so far say the otherwise.


>playing morrowind on xbox

Who the fuck could bear that suffering.

21a98a No.14324684


>unlimited saving

8dc791 No.14324686

File: e65b262d8354996⋯.jpg (23.21 KB, 400x229, 400:229, 9ae.jpg)


all that is missing is the invulnerability mod

454fd0 No.14324687


u foken heard me m80

812241 No.14324689


shouldn't that be toggle god mode in the console?

21a98a No.14324690


fiht me come to Isle of Man mate

8af69a No.14324703

I limped into the church to see if this town comprised of 90% nuns had priests that could tie a strip of cloth, but no luck. I stood there before the altar staring Mary and Baby Jesus, ready to die for my knee skins, but at the last minute decided it just wasn't proper to go down praying like a bitch.

Wound up finding a smug dude leaning against a wall a few buildings down and he had three bandages for sale. Sold one of my saviour schnapps to afford them. Survived with about a milimeter of health left on the bar.

Haggling over the price of the bandages was probably a bit reckless considering.


There's reputation systems, but I'm mostly doing it for the RP. I just don't like playing as a criminal, shithead or any other variety of degenerate - generally speaking.

a62174 No.14324712

File: bcacec4510ef361⋯.png (239.88 KB, 674x666, 337:333, c20818deafb22a9f3ebfe395ee….png)

>decide to watch a little bit of the cr1tikal livestream to get a feel for the game

>combat looks clunky as fuck

>cutscenes have """cinematic""" black bars

>AI is shit

>even the environments looked washed out and bland

So what's the saving grace here?

f04b0d No.14324715


>The amount of in-game cutscenes and most mission structures so far say the otherwise.

Well I've not played it yet it just didn't seem like a game that was going that route.

429c0c No.14324734


I will legit switch back to skyrim after being done with this game. Its too clunky and laggy for me anyway.

That's however me being too honest to sound acceptable.

ef8686 No.14324742


Buying the game will save the white race and destroy all the boogymen.

8dc791 No.14324745


>implying normalfags know how to use console

5521c6 No.14324766

File: b22d317adf01e77⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 392x373, 392:373, retard.jpg)

Reminder that WRPGs are dead, evolve to grorious JRPGs or perish.


>implying cryengine is good

3e1f7d No.14324769


>i'm too mentally defective to comprehend what's happening to the industry, and why this is merely a function of a larger problem

Then kill yourself.

21a98a No.14324771


Nice try Samuel-Sama

3d7028 No.14324773

File: 3719e60b45028de⋯.jpg (35.39 KB, 600x692, 150:173, ZUCCED.JPG)


>I will legit switch back to skyrim after being done with this game. Its too clunky and laggy for me anyway.

OP always sucks cocks, always

Check my dubs


If they're not SRPGs they're fucking garbage

JRPGs are fucking garbage and so are Japanese dungeon crawlers.

3d7028 No.14324774

File: 1b18a098d1f37bf⋯.mp4 (11.26 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Dubs The Motion Picture.mp4)



3d7028 No.14324776

File: 4d5e442dfa26bd7⋯.png (5.86 KB, 145x120, 29:24, Dubs Check Em.png)

3d7028 No.14324777


8dc791 No.14324781


> evolve to grorious JRPGs or perish.

so just add big titties and ass?

5521c6 No.14324784

8dc791 No.14324786

21a98a No.14324787



3d7028 No.14324806


I still remember the time when rerolling more than once was ok.

db4c98 No.14324846


limited amount of saves? lol is this a neet only game, I have a lifestyle that is way too robust for this kind of shit to still be a thing, pass

ad2197 No.14324852


We've seen similar threads and replies using non-arguments and outright fabrications to shit on the game. You may think I'm jumping to conclusions here, but it looks to me like the political drama manufactured by the press has attracted zombies desperate to hate the game and shit on it even if they didn't play it. Don't forget there are people who actually march in unison to this regressive left rhetoric so if the game is slandered with a bunch of commie buzzwords they won't just repeat it, they believe it, and they try to shill against it.

With nu-Ghostbusters or the Black Panther movie it's the opposite, they're told it's progressive so they shill for it. You may not believe this occurs here of all places, but it does. Manufacturing consensus isn't a phenomenon exclusive to facebook, reddit, twitter, etc.

3d7028 No.14324864


OP plays Skyrim and this board has been filled with cuckchan since mid January.

21a98a No.14324882


This. Pirating the game and looking for myself if the game is good or bad.

6b491a No.14324891


>this sexist game sucks, but for completely different reasons!

Nu/v/ is a herd of soyboys easily swayed by the goons

454fd0 No.14324892


I've seen playthrough videos.


>non arguments

whatever floats your ass buddy

481f04 No.14324893



kys urself

8d4a8a No.14324895


Yeah, fucking years ago before I dubs bombed a GamerGate thread and pissed Mark off. Getball was also acceptable but /sp/ only aimed for the big fish when rearing up for spam. You're just shitting up this thread and have no interest in even playing the game let alone anything else involving it.

d24d59 No.14324897

File: 91b5aeba29a2781⋯.jpg (112.2 KB, 550x733, 550:733, 91b.jpg)


you don't even have to that far,OP made some claims has (8) posts iTT and has posted exactly 0 screenshots of the game itself.

The default discussion should be about OP's cocklust and about how many dicks he can fit in his mouth simultaneously but instead people >>>/cuckchan/ newfags actually indulge his 0 effort bait thread and join him in his cockapalooza extravaganza.

454fd0 No.14324906



>not even discussing the game

Look who's talking.

6b491a No.14324907


You can't take the reddit out of a redditor, no matter where he's posting. All the faggots here are just waiting for a top post to upboat and accept the consensus. All it takes is for /leftypol/ to keep repeating the same memes used to shit on any game: the redditor sees the repetition, learns and does the same.

15a611 No.14324908


>Nu/v/ is a herd of goons pretending to be easily swayed by the goons


454fd0 No.14324916

For god's sake people, just fucking tell us what you really like about this game if you hate the negative criticisms so much. No need to go into schizophrenic shill accusations. Some people love it for the deep rpg mechanics and realism, some hate it for the shitty combat and superficial take on realism. Did my OP post trigger your ass that much? Maybe you should head off to reddit if you're that easily triggered.

21a98a No.14324920



d24d59 No.14324922

File: 61546449dd85a10⋯.png (152.36 KB, 402x400, 201:200, 6449dd85a103ee73a15b7f01db….png)


you're the one making all the claims here faggot,you post the proof

bc28f0 No.14324927



This game sounds great

454fd0 No.14324931


I literally said at the beginning that I'm addressing the negative criticism of the game that already came out in steam reviews and some websites. Then I asked if your own take on it.

21a98a No.14324935


The steam reviews are crying about saving

15a611 No.14324940


So you're just a derivative muppet with no opinion of your own regurgitating the (((wisdom))) of other (((reviewers))) and (((youtube))) videos.

Got that.

6213ea No.14324941

File: 7a91371e969b19f⋯.jpg (122.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rules of nature don't hold….jpg)


>Did my OP post trigger your ass that much? Maybe you should head off to reddit if you're that easily triggered.

>trigger your ass

>easily triggered.

Maybe it's time to take your own advice and

head off to reddit, faggot

e25259 No.14324943

File: a88bb8ae5169f03⋯.png (112.94 KB, 500x519, 500:519, ClintWojakwood.png)


Are you that one sutistic faggot who jumps in every time the game is mentioned to shit on it?

Looking at all the posts in this thread, I'd say yes. You are. Also a morrowindfag that shits on everything similar to it. Now it all starts to make sense.

e25259 No.14324945


>For god's sake people, just fucking tell us

>just fucking tell us

>tell US

Who you're working for, moshe?

31cf10 No.14324946

File: 0263d665349393e⋯.png (41.8 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1378378168805.png)


that sounds like a legitimate issue for anyone who isn't a full on no lifer. I've got meatspace shit that takes precedent, and i dont want to have to lose 20+ min of gameplay because vavra couldn't contain his autism.

8d4a8a No.14324948

File: 1f9285f5c32befe⋯.webm (807.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, rules_of_kingdom.webm)


The last thread was better, since there was guys actually fucking playing it and posting screenshots all you're doing is being a faggot. Seriously just play the fucking game, if you don't want the CODEX cracked version wait for the fucking GOG release 2 weeks from now fuck paying attention to Steam reviews since all the negative reviews comes from guys too stupid to realize it's the cryengine.

454fd0 No.14324952


I hate games without quicksaving too, so no doubt I'd hate this game if I actually played. Modern game without quicksaving is like a car without a seat.


Well, kinda. So?


I'm like triggered by the game, not by you.

454fd0 No.14324954


Well, you could like, play it right now and post us some screenshot.

21a98a No.14324955

File: f8e5e3edb7c5ddd⋯.png (542.57 KB, 500x775, 20:31, nice.png)






8d4a8a No.14324960


It's a 32GB game cunt, the torrent is going to take a while.

9f9ad8 No.14324962



Wasn't this supposed to be a realistic game?

e44bee No.14324964

No rape, no buy.

If this game is so realistic, it should be able to give you the ability to rape hot maidens.

15a611 No.14324965


>Well, kinda. So?


640e3d No.14324969



who fucking says this

093696 No.14324971


What isn't realistic about making medicinal salves?

59d7a6 No.14324975


thats the patch, the game is 20GB.

I myself will hold off for at least a month since what I've seen there are some improvements still to be made:

>character animations

>door colliders

>fov fix

The creators even admitted that they will release the next patch in 2 weeks

9f9ad8 No.14324976


The fact that they heal you.

454fd0 No.14324977


Sounds good. I wish my rig was powerful enough, it can even barely run skyrim and darksouls.


I guess every kind of substance mixing back then was called alchemy.


We're here to talk about video games not play them.

61c6a8 No.14324978


>I've got meatspace shit that takes precedent

>browses H8-Chan

Not all games should cater to people who can only play 30 minutes per day because of poor planning.

093696 No.14324979


Is medicine not supposed to make you feel better? Hell you also heal from sleeping. Fact is you need a way to heal otherwise the game would be boring as fuck because you would just have to start over every time you got hit in a fight.

15a611 No.14324981



We? Who's we? You and your three headmates?

6213ea No.14324982

File: 17eb7455b226293⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.16 KB, 251x249, 251:249, Aya is worried.jpg)

File: e5e2371531556a3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 267.08 KB, 448x421, 448:421, back to the oven.png)


>He literally admits to being a sockpuppet.

>He keeps using that word.

>I'm like triggered by the game, not by you.

>I'm like triggered by the game

>I'm like triggered


You need to go back

f04b0d No.14324983


>I've seen playthrough videos.

I'll probably download it for myself in a few weeks (after any patches of note) and decide then (if it's gud I'll buy it I guess).

f04b0d No.14324984


>I guess every kind of substance mixing back then was called alchemy.

It was indeed.

4d178b No.14324985


the game already comes patched, the 20gb is just for the console versions.

8d4a8a No.14324986


So yes it's a "wait for GOG" to anyone dedicated to piracy or needs to make sure they can even play it.


> it can even barely run skyrim and darksouls.

What the fuck kind of toaster do you have that you can't run Skyrim I once had an OEM card (desperate hand-me down) that was an microsoft OEM card pretending to be the latest Radeon release at the time I had it and I could still play games far above it's weight with all the settings turned down, including Skyrim.

>We're here to talk about video games not play them.

Get the fuck outta here then cunt, if you haven't actually played the game or want to play it then there is no reason to be here unless you have ulterior motives.

3f7982 No.14324987


I'm pretty sure they had beer making figured out.

69bc79 No.14324989


No, that guy is me but OP is correct in saying this game is ultra shit.

454fd0 No.14324996



The issue isn't about how long you can play a game in a day. It's about actions and consequences. If I'm supposed to take full consequence from a mistake, then why do I even play video games in the first place? It would be no different from real life.


Me and my non gentile co-workers.


>What the fuck kind of toaster do you have

Some old core 2 duo. It was a low end product back in 2013 and even more low end now as you should figure.

>unless you have ulterior motives

I love discussing video game design tbh.

bd0fcb No.14324998



#based vulva

093696 No.14324999


Have you played it?

69bc79 No.14325001


No, I haven't played most of the games which I say are shit here but OP makes pretty convincing statements about it.

bd0fcb No.14325003

File: c5ccbab6ecaa1ad⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 576x649, 576:649, 1427816351201.jpg)

>>14325001 (You)


e1b442 No.14325005

So no game discussion in this thread either? What's up with the combat?

093696 No.14325006


>OP makes pretty convincing statements about it

He didn't play it either though. So both of you are shitting on a game you haven't even played for reasons that you don't even know are true?

f04b0d No.14325008


If you want to be pedantic making bread is mixing substances too.

21a98a No.14325010


Nice just sold 100k

69bc79 No.14325012


i will give it a try if it means so much to you, but if it's shit then i reserve the right to call each and every game shit in every thread ever

093696 No.14325013


It's pretty need as you need to actually watch the enemy to see when they are going to attack you so you can parry or dodge and you can unlock combos when you level your weapon skill up enough.

454fd0 No.14325015


>timing based like simon says

>broken parrying

>hard to take on more than one enemy

>designed around autotargeting

>console oriented

>like for honour

Or so I heard.

093696 No.14325016


I mean you are just going to do that without playing the game anyway so nice shitpost to try and take the moral high-ground I guess.

454fd0 No.14325021


>watch the enemy

How to design a shitty video game combat 101.

093696 No.14325024


How do you play video games without eyes?

21a98a No.14325026


He is Canadian

15a611 No.14325028


Just swing, swing, swing away, all day every day. Works in Skyrim and that's obviously the best game ever created. Every other game should be like it.

eca7ce No.14325030

File: 5d20da25f9c50d9⋯.png (199.25 KB, 296x353, 296:353, really.PNG)


>has such a big, busy, important life

>still posts on /v/

Seems legit.

aaafc0 No.14325034

OP may be a massive faggot and needs to go back, but I have yet to see anything positive being said about the game other than muh realism and #based vavra. Sell me if there truly isn't anything wrong with it you filthy shills.

093696 No.14325035


The game even fucking auto saves multiple times during long quests so you are never more than ten minutes behind a death unless you were fucking around for hours but even then you need to sleep and when you do the game saves.

e1b442 No.14325036



>make realistic game

>wtf why I'm not a superman


454fd0 No.14325038


Dunno. In dark souls, you could counter the enemies without seeing the direction they're swinging or memorizing their sword technique, and it's fun.


Skyrim's combat is only bad due to unresponsive animations and weak sound effects. If the animations and sound effects were excellent like dark souls and GTA IV, even if the combat is still swing-swing-swing without strategy, count me in.


>make realistic game

Their first mistake.

bc28f0 No.14325040


Medicine wasn't as shit as people think it was back then. Trepanning was actually used at times to alleviate cranial pressure and save lives

15a611 No.14325041


But I can't play it on and off for five minutes at a time like I do the twitter!

3f7982 No.14325042


>Skyrim's combat is only bad due to unresponsive animations and weak sound effects.

I understand now, your parents didn't beat you enough in your formative years.

093696 No.14325048


>In dark souls, you could counter the enemies without seeing the direction they're swinging or memorizing their sword technique

Nigger all you need to do to parry or dodge is do it right before they hit you. Attacking in a different direction only helps you hit less armored body parts and makes it harder for them to block your hit if you attack the opposite direction their stance is in.

a05fcb No.14325058

This game is autism simulator. I think you all will love it.

59d7a6 No.14325062










6213ea No.14325064

File: aef3a16e639a3d3⋯.png (1.06 MB, 723x900, 241:300, high wizardy.png)

61c6a8 No.14325068

I have a theory that how good discussion will fare about a newly released game on /v/ depends on prior hype/expectations and how easy it is to pirate on release. If the game size is larger, then it'll take longer for people to torrent and post impressions which leaves room for faggots to post their shit about the game which they haven't even played.

Also, if you want actual impressions from non-bugs with some shitposting mixed in, I suggest you read this thread: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/kingdom-come-deliverance-release-thread.120418/

15a611 No.14325071



21a98a No.14325073


Guess how the Brezel was made

61c6a8 No.14325074

File: ab397741e98670c⋯.png (47.97 KB, 1744x421, 1744:421, kingdomcum05.png)


What did he mean by this?

According to the developer posting there, Save and Quit should be in next patch.

1bcb50 No.14325077

File: bed742de666f88e⋯.jpg (484.11 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, bed742de666f88e71aa096ee2e….jpg)

>for honour combat only even more clunky

But the combat in For Honor wasn't clunky anon. Not in the beta at least. And Kingdom Come's combat is nothing like in For Honor. Are you retarded (((OP)))?

>poor optimization

Only for nvidiacucks. AMD cards seem to run it just fine. Runs better compared to the average triple A garbage. Pretty good for an indieshit studio and a game of this caliber

>mary sue MC

Citation needed

>"realism" aspects that are mostly annoyance than actually fun, though some like sharpening weapons are fun

Which of these aspects assblasted you so hard, OP?

>invisible walls up the ass

webm or gtfo

>getting stuck in the invisible walls

webm or gtfo

e1b442 No.14325079


they made quit & save or what?

a05fcb No.14325081


fastest speed


ddc026 No.14325083


Save and quit should be a thing just so you can fucking quit game without having to drag yourself towards the next bed or shop to buy save potion.

61c6a8 No.14325085


They couldn't get it working before release, is what they are saying, so according to them it should be available in the next patch.

e1b442 No.14325086


I was merely joking, my friend

093696 No.14325103


How do these faggots play for hours without using a bed? You get horrible penalties for going days without sleeping.

61c6a8 No.14325104

Who's ready for an RPS review?


>“Elder Scrolls without the magic,” is the elevator pitch for Warhorse’s historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but magic is a relative term – it all depends on what you’re used to. The game’s stringent recreation of alchemy may seem downright paranormal, for example, if you’re used to the streamlined, fire-and-forget approach of a game like Skyrim.

Given how many dungeons, dragons and mages RPGs tend to contain, Kingdom Come’s strictly historical approach often seems more fantastical and mysterious than its peers. That mostly helped me to make my way through this open world RPG with a spring in my step, even when bugs and crashes threatened to spoil the experience, and the story fell flat and the sidequests became repetitive.

>Midway through the story of Henry of Skalitz, blacksmith turned countrywide errand boy, you’re asked to tend to wounded refugees at a monastery while dealing with a local plague outbreak. In many such games, this would boil down to visiting the nearest meadow, clearing out the local rat/unicorn infestation and harvesting a few generic herbs – and you will, in fairness, be asked to fetch bandages and rustle up some deermeat for the sickhouse cookpot. But there’s also that alchemy system, whereby you must not only gather materials but follow written instructions at your worktable: bringing the cauldron to a simmer or boil using the bellows, grinding up ingredients and adding them at the right time using an hourglass.

>It’s quite the adventure, and all of that assumes your character can actually read those instructions, a skill that must be obtained at some expense and honed with practice. It also assumes that you correctly match each patient’s account of their symptoms to the remedies in the monastery’s archives. Neglect to speak to all the plague victims before taking to your worktable and you might have to make a wild guess about the cure. And just to pile on the pressure, one of the people you’re trying to heal is a mercenary your liege-lord has ordered you to interrogate. Better do your homework, then.

>Set in 14th and early 15th century Bohemia, Warhorse’s debut RPG shines brightest when the quest design really digs into the peculiarities of its era, not quite cutting you adrift, but certainly not holding your hand. Broadly, the game blends the freeform progression and swirling, reactive NPC citizenry of an Elder Scrolls with the grot and skulduggery of a medieval conspiracy thriller. As the game begins, poor young Henry’s village is burned to ashes by a marauding tyrant, sparking a quest for vengeance that soon enmeshes you in a wider conspiracy.

>The story keeps you moving around the game’s vast persistent map, and serves up an enticing variety of very open-ended quests. You’ll be asked to scout out a bandit encampment, describing the terrain to a general and advising him on how many troops to commit; as with the plague cure scenario, it’s possible to observe wrongly and screw up your side’s chances in the ensuing brawl. You’ll do a little detective work, hustling peasants for dirt on their neighbours using any combination of threats, theatrics and common-sense reasoning. You’ll serve as page to some toffee-nosed princeling, chasing down boars in the forest (if he really gets on your nerves, you might find a way to head home without him). All these scenarios float atop the placid tides of village life, with NPCs following daily routines and forming opinions of the player that have a range of effects. Act the brigand, and guards may insist on checking your inventory as you stroll about. Keep your nose clean, and you’ll be able to push for lower prices when haggling.

Henry’s stats, meanwhile, are increased by performing the associated action, and there are perks to unlock in each of the game’s skill trees, from combos and special moves to traits that let you carry more stuff, obtain valuable pelts from animal carcasses and minimise the wasting effects of time in jail. Or the effects of booze and hangovers.

>Deliverance’s narrative is good at taking you places and changing its tune to fit the circumstances, but the tale itself dissatisfies. Largely that’s because it’s more about machinations than people, offering up a parade of soap opera sketches – ornery lords, roguish priests, preening bureaucrats – who further the plot but rarely tickle your curiosity. Henry himself is about as exciting as a bowl of porridge, though I enjoyed watching other characters respond to his rapid ascent of the hierarchy: there’s a hint of Geralt of Rivia, even, to how the character is at once courted and resented, a useful pariah in a world of rigid caste relations. But the script never crackles like that of The Witcher 3, and though they usually have ulterior motives, the merchants, peers and yokels you’ll meet harbour few genuine surprises.

61c6a8 No.14325107


>It’s not a story that has much time for women. Since you play the pre-designated character, Henry, it’s down to the supporting cast to provide different perspectives. Unfortunately, female characters typically fall into the categories of maidenly love interest, prostitute or surrogate mother, in keeping with the portrait of a “purely patriarchal” society described by Kingdom Come’s historical database. I don’t know enough about 15th century Bohemia to address this, but I’m not sure the defence of historical accuracy extends to blokier character buffs like “Alpha Male”, which confers a +2 charisma boost when you visit the brothel.

>Tedious macho elements aside, there are other questions about the depiction of the people of early 15th century Bohemia. During development director Daniel Vavra claimed that there were “no black people” present in the area of Bohemia covered at the time of Kingdom Come’s events and though the game doesn’t present the region as a bastion of monoethnicity, the issue of race deserves further examination. I’d especially like to read a critique of its portrayal of the Cumans, a Turkic nomadic people represented by other characters as vicious killers, who often feature among the ranks of your enemies.

>Vavra has defended the research that went into the game’s racial diversity and apologised for some of his comments, and it’s important to note that the development has been a collaborative effort of more than 100 people rather than the work of one man. If Kingdom Come existed in a vacuum, the treatment of the Cumans might seem like a meaningful depiction of the othering of outsiders, which might in itself help us to understand characters and the setting. In reality, it’s reasonable to dig deeper into the game’s claims to accuracy in this and other regards now that the whole picture can be seen, and that’s something we’ll be doing.

>Kingdom Come’s world is grim and life can be cheap, but the game’s survival mechanics are gentler than they first appear. You’ll have to worry about hunger, which erodes your stats, but between hunting, stealing, the spoils of war and the pots of bubbling stew you’ll find at taverns, it’s hard to run out of grub. I’ve spent more of Deliverance worrying about the effects of over-eating than malnutrition, and much of the food I picked up eventually rotted away in my pocket. Fatigue can be tricky, as you’ll need to find a bed or pay for one, but you’ll acquire a permanent lodging once you’re done with the prologue, and there are perks you can unlock to make the effects of insomnia less pronounced.

>The game’s approach to saving is harder to swallow. To checkpoint progress you must either sleep, reach a significant quest milestone or down a tot of Saviour’s Schnapps, a finite beverage that can be bought (expensive) or brewed (time-consuming). Fortunately, small amounts of booze improve certain stats for a time, including your charisma. My version of Henry has accordingly passed many a fateful conversation in an amicable stupor, swaying in and out of view.

>Tethering checkpoints to boozing is fun, but the lack of a quicksave does get annoying. Partly that’s because the game is somewhat prone to crashing at the moment, and partly, it’s because Kingdom Come’s melee combat is as tough as horseshoes. The basics see you angling your weapon with the mouse, then left-clicking to swing and right-clicking to stab. To defend you hold Q, or tap it as your opponent swings to parry and create space for a riposte. Angle your weapon to meet a swing and you’ll block more effectively; conversely, you’ll want to lay into an opponent’s unprotected side to break through their defences. All this burns stamina, and exhausting your stamina isn’t a good idea if you plan on running away.

>It’s a ferociously in-depth system that’s enjoyable to master, but you’ll need to grit your teeth. There are practice arenas at many towns where you can level up individual weapon stats and practice combos. It’s wise to train often, because if you prioritise the story you’ll quickly run into challenging opponents. Quality of equipment naturally counts for a lot, but it’s not just a question of overall defence values: you’ll need to layer gear properly, wearing a nice padded vest under your mail, and patch up any holes in your regalia between scraps. If nothing else, well-kept gear might help you talk your way out of trouble. NPCs judge by appearances as much as eloquence, and anybody whose helmet looks like a colander evidently isn’t much good at protecting himself.

61c6a8 No.14325108


>There’s a point where Kingdom Come’s rigour loses its novelty, and the game’s rough spots grow more pressing. Some of the milder hiccups are delightful in that usual open worldy fashion – at one point I beat a man senseless and stole his clothes, only for him to greet me gaily on the road a few moments later. Less forgivably, there are quirks like NPCs refusing to loose their remaining arrows in an archery competition, forcing you to throw the tournament. The landscape can also be unruly when you stray off-road. You’ll encounter fences topped with invisible walls, and hedges that spurn your advances where others pose no barrier – worse, you might end up trapped in one.

>Aside from story missions, side quests and recurring activities like alleyway brawling and dice games, there are random, pop-up scenarios that prompt awkward memories of Bethesda’s early forays with radiant storytelling. One of the common examples involves a corpse in the road and a stranger who immediately accuses you of being the killer, to varying outcomes. I have experienced well over a dozen renditions of this, but as far as Kingdom Come: Deliverance is concerned, you can never have too many roadside corpses. Fortunately, it’s always possible to ride around them.

>The measure of an open world is ultimately not the story it tells but whether you’re happy to kill time within it, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers plenty of ways to do that, even if a lot of them will, in fact, get you slaughtered. It isn’t the departure I was hoping for, thanks to a shortage of character to set against the nuance of its historical sandbox, but the grubby realism is a pleasant shock next to the tales of elves and dragons that are its nearest competition.

f23e72 No.14325111


>a current year game having console commands

ddc026 No.14325117

File: 97ffc41c9fa7a87⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KCD.webm)

File: 23b4e4624be8857⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KCD2.webm)


Try not to save when you fall into the ground and have to collect all herbs and loot you collected for few hours again because game shits itself.

34320b No.14325138


>Morrowind on a console

jesus christ how horrifying

f04b0d No.14325142


I don't think the console version ever got the journal quest log patch either.

aaafc0 No.14325155


I had a feeling no one here has anything good to say about the game, it all boils down to "#based vavra" after all.

At least it's clear here >>14324948 and here >>14325117 that the game is a bug ridden mess.

15a611 No.14325161


Your mother.

3f7982 No.14325170


>Tedious macho elements aside

The soy strikes again.

>Daniel Vavra claimed that there were “no black people” present in the area of Bohemia covered at the time of Kingdom Come’s events

The most shocking statement under communism is always the truth.

e1b442 No.14325177

File: 29df1478367556d⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 550x365, 110:73, brudle.jpg)

21a98a No.14325183


>I don’t know enough about 15th century Bohemia

Translated: I don't know shit, but hear my opinion,

c3bf46 No.14325184


>kike makes a thread to bash the game

>oh, and I’m being apolitical my fellow gamers!

Makes my noggin go joggin’.

61c6a8 No.14325197


Fun fact, originally it said 14th century Bohemia, which they changed to 15th century after people pointed it out since the game actually takes place in that time period.

21a98a No.14325210


They probably don't even know where Bohemia is and think of the 1000 years of medieval history as 50 years 'knights and stuff'.

ddc026 No.14325229

File: 4a50f5168cd14ba⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KCD3.webm)

File: e7088df909ad8e0⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KCD4.webm)

File: 77b1681258d6650⋯.webm (1.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KCD5.webm)

File: 2172ed81fb3f54e⋯.webm (3.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KCD6.webm)


But anon, glitches do not matter when the game is good!

7743a7 No.14325230


I'm pretty sure their knowledge of history boils down to evil whitey being evil and taking over the world and sheeet. And then communism came along and it was the greatest thing ever.

f04b0d No.14325236


>And then communism came along and it was the greatest thing ever.

Reminder that the lead dev literally had to wipe his arse with newspaper back when he was a kid because of Communism and yet people are confused as to the reason for his political beliefs.

f04b0d No.14325241


So as someone who has actually played it what's it like aside from the bugs?



f04b0d No.14325246



Assuming, that is, that they are your webms

ef8686 No.14325247


It doesn't matter if the game is both broken and garbage, as #basedvavra is our greatest ally and deserves our shekels unconditionally.

3d7028 No.14325255

File: 3838ec5d0ec62cb⋯.jpg (17.67 KB, 301x249, 301:249, Say that to my face fucker….JPG)

File: 9f0097fcc4b9fa2⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 600x777, 200:259, Say that to my face fucker.jpg)

15a611 No.14325257


They're just reposts from other threads. They're just sad they can't spam la creatura memes at this game. Brainless automatons are near indistinguishable from bot scripts.

21a98a No.14325260



ddc026 No.14325261

File: 3321cb6e62f4353⋯.jpg (323.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-13 22-….jpg)

File: 94ab682e68366f3⋯.jpg (136.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-14 00-….jpg)


>So as someone who has actually played it what's it like aside from the bugs?

Eh, i like collecting flowers. Loads of flowers. Then i lost to some guy and was disappointed about the fact i lost all my time collecting flowers. Then i decided to go out and collect more flowers, again. This time around i tried to deal with vsync/physx issues and my GPU stopped responding. I was pretty bummed about that, i lost my flowers again.

So i thought later, the guy who created the savior schnaps system is probably happier than me losing my flowers, and general happiness in the world increased, so whatever.

3d7028 No.14325267

File: 2c23f3bb3c82ef3⋯.png (128.72 KB, 354x504, 59:84, OY VEY.png)


>Spamming 56%

>Spamming Wojak

>Spamming Chad

>Now this

>Starts happening just as the Legacy Captcha on cuckchan gets taken down for a Google botnet

>Around the same time 8chan gets added to Clover

Pure (((coincidence I'm sure)))

c73d05 No.14325287

This thread is cuckchan. Every opinion against the game written here reeks of cuckchan and OP is so much of a faggot that he has to be from cuckchan.

ddc026 No.14325294


Relax. Everybody who cares about this game is currently playing it with no rest, not discussing it on imageboards.

3d7028 No.14325302

File: 55b885657291659⋯.png (557.02 KB, 498x632, 249:316, Chad Daddy.PNG)


But you're posting here anon

How's the Roleplaying by the way?

46d461 No.14325307

File: 0c91a87f1298160⋯.webm (214.52 KB, 500x437, 500:437, sad mike.webm)

I wanted this game to be at least good.

It's painfully bad. To add to OP

>day one patch as large as the game itself, taking all day to download

>the worst archery in a game I've ever played

>realism apparently includes taking headshots without shrugging

>game's render distance for textures is like 30 in-game meters so everything's popping in

>everything looks like a lowres texture

>combat is laggy and non-responsive, but

>even the most random, untrained enemy can perfectly block, perfectly parry, perfectly dodge 9 times out of 10

>npcs move so fucking slow

>you don't have any time to ever visit a shop, you get a quest and if you don't speak to the guy in 2 minutes you fail it

>escort quests everywhere

>spending half an hour trying to find someone in the woods when you can't see jackshit in front of you more than a meter

I came out of a day of playing this game feeling legitimately miserable, frustrated, and tired. Even with bad games I just feel ambivalent. I played Inquisition and fucking even that pile of shit held my attention longer.

At least I'll be legally guaranteed to get the $90 refund I paid for the fucking basic edition of the game in Ausfagland. I'm really enjoying that new tax on video games, governcunts.

21a98a No.14325310

Started the game for the first time

>poor optimization

55-60 fps on average, everything maxed out

>loading screens up the ass

loading took 4 seconds

3d7028 No.14325314


> I played Inquisition and fucking even that pile of shit held my attention longer.

Opinion discarded

ddc026 No.14325316


There's no roleplaying, you're defined character who is shown in cutscenes as a weak pathetic faggot. Either you're are an honorable thief, or a honorable knight. Or a honorable bandit who kills and loots, but still honorable and benevolent in cutscenes.

d69eeb No.14325318


I'm so happy that Chad hasn't dropped the joke.

46d461 No.14325322



>all posts are /tv/ shitpostings

And nothing of value was lost.

b630b0 No.14325324

Aside from the:

- save problem

- loading screen everytimes you talk to someone

- absolute shitass facial animation

It's a pretty nice fucking game for a first dev.

And it's nice and you can loot the first cuman trio you happen to find yourself into, just knock them out and take their shit.

I think I'm gonna buy it.

a14182 No.14325329



>i-if I close my eyes and pretend the politicization of everything isn't real i-it will go away

didn't work in '14 won't work now

3d7028 No.14325335

File: 37ff31de00d1790⋯.png (106.5 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 37ff31de00d1790d32509a01fe….png)


Welp, I guess it's shit



I've seen better discussion of movies on /b/ than /tv/.

/tv/ might as well be goonsalon

c73d05 No.14325336



This is what I am talking about.

3d7028 No.14325343

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not wanting to lick a Marmite covered bulldick clean

What are you? A Kiwi?

1dcf90 No.14325360

File: 049eeb8c9f82228⋯.jpg (82.26 KB, 539x648, 539:648, 049eeb8c9f822283790648afbb….jpg)

File: a2e4279283eaa25⋯.jpg (69.62 KB, 453x632, 453:632, 1509318650919.jpg)

File: 6ef7e1e413826b1⋯.jpg (118.33 KB, 670x959, 670:959, 1506565162241.jpg)

Kind of off topic but do you every think that the subhuman niggers in Africa, or the niggers anywhere in the world will ever make a video game at any point in human history?

d4df92 No.14325361


So can you deliver some kingdomly cum in this game as a form of a gay romance?

3d7028 No.14325363


Ask Bioware

12adc3 No.14325368



>for honor rips mount and blade combat system

fron now its for honor system, simpy ebin.

65cea2 No.14325369


We have IDs here, you know.

aaafc0 No.14325374


Yes and? I replied to my own post as reference. What's your point?

8b6f2d No.14325377

File: 48b97cf6f542ddd⋯.png (14.28 KB, 189x160, 189:160, unnamed (2).png)




This guy knows what's up

Also, so many Skyrimjob crybabies in this thread it's not even funny you muppets. The only way I could play Skyrimjob is with the huntan' mods and Frostfall. Savescumming is for bitches and whores. Suck my dick.

94a453 No.14325395

File: 540b9e6ed38db1c⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 895x719, 895:719, todd.jpg)


Good riddance Fallout 4 has such wonderful Survival mode just for you. Where you can only save when you sleep. Truly a hardcore RPG experience. Inspired Vavra to create such wonderful elder scrolls spinoff! Oh, and don't forget to buy new creation club Survival mod for Skyrim Special Edition, with help of Frostfall creator we at bethesda achieved new levels of survival gameplay in cold wilderness of skyrim, even though you're a nord with frost resistance or a cold blooded argonian and cold shouldn't even matter to you!

e18927 No.14325405

File: 070d0c493b64a6a⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 350x233, 350:233, suggestions.jpg)


> cold blooded argonian and cold shouldn't even matter to you!

cold blooded creatures are more affected by cold climates because they rely on their environment to warm their blood

kys todd posting faggot

3d7028 No.14325407

File: def64dc553a1035⋯.mp4 (182.53 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Oh God.mp4)

>>14325377 (checked)

Very nice


The sad thing was that I was at the very least expecting a Fallout 3 tier steaming pile of shit with better graphics and gameplay before E3 2015 and instead we got something worse than Skyrim.

ffdaf7 No.14325411

File: e49247233953473⋯.jpg (67.85 KB, 960x513, 320:171, thanks libshits.jpg)


All this political bullshit reminds me of another game.

It's like they're unable to learn from the past at all.

e1b442 No.14325421



their newest game is pretty decent, even if you can play open multiplayer beta for now (I wonder how long will it last)

3d7028 No.14325426


>Console RTS

>Extremely few units

I'm expecting the worst

1f7f84 No.14325444

This game reminds me of the original release of the first Witcher. That is to say, it has a lot of potential, but for now its really too buggy to bother with.

d22984 No.14325447


Hatred could really use some mods, a zombie mod with that destruction engine? Anyone? I wish I knew how to mod for it.

12ba1b No.14325448

File: 1da42d9af62052e⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1024x724, 256:181, 8609288a7fa300c2c1ca0cf1af….png)

I've been playing for 10 hours, ignoring the main quest as much as possible and mostly just screwing around and seeing what I can get away with.

First off, henry is a fuckup and a peasant village idiot at the start of the game, but that's a good thing. People who say the game doesn't let you roleplay because you can't just roll up a badass warrior, an ideal digital-self right from the get-go are retards who never even played gothic. There's more to roleplaying than just character creation.

That said I'm not sure if the games social systems are all they are advertising themselves as on the surface. If people like you more when you wear finer or laundered clothes, or when you take a bath, I haven't noticed. I got enough money to adjust my fashion a little before I went to meet the lord right after the prologue, thinking no one would accept the village idiot tracking mud into the hall blabbering about muh father's sword if he didn't at least look decent. But I don't think it even helped the speech check with the guard at the gate. Maybe that's just because it was a main story quest.

It's funny how late you can encounter the first real combat tutorial depending on your playstyle. Game doesn't hold your hand. I'm not sure there's even a codex entry or written tutorial you can access elsewhere. The guy who trains you goes on about how you've never held a sword before, but I'd murdered several people with one already by that point, admittedly blundering through the encounters and getting fucked up in the process. I guess that's my character motivation for wanting to go pro instead of just being a bandit.

Did anyone manage to fuck the noblelady in the prologue? What options did you pick?

3c1400 No.14325461

8b6f2d No.14325463

File: 2b7b27f22bac7b7⋯.jpeg (56.06 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, C-bI3giXsAUoPYM.jpeg)



>(((Merchants))) selling ammo by the assload

>Purified water in random ass drawers in an irradiated wastelands

>Powered Armor and cores ubiquitous and you don't even have to spec in it to RIP AND TEAR

Sorry Todd, even your limpid eyes and beautifully chiselled jaw can't make me call it a good survival experience


Ikr, I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed. At least the Boston Salt Party provided much needed lulz


Ey fuck you, play hatred with Papa roach and Linkin Park Ripperoni Chester and shit yourself laughing sometime

e1b442 No.14325469


dunno, it's pretty fun so far. it puts more weight on positioning and abilities than unit variety.

f04b0d No.14325480


R.U.S.E. managed to be good despite being a console RTS but the PC version removed the unit cap.

3d7028 No.14325482

File: 79a2f63f3111bee⋯.jpg (25.77 KB, 535x364, 535:364, bane.jpg)


>it puts more weight on positioning and abilities than unit variety

Red flag right there


So did a ton of other RTS games around the same time

But this is CY+3

e38f33 No.14325565

Trying to find a decent torrent, the one I'm on currently can't peak over 100 kb/s. Can someone spoonfeed please

<Just buy the game already, support the based devs!!

Fuck off with that shit, I at least wanna try the game first to see if I'll even like it. They may have actual ethics standards and decency, which in this day and age is a rare sight indeed, but if they can't make a decent game as game developers then all they're good for is being on the right side of history tbh

8707f4 No.14325572


>the worst archery in a game I've ever played

>realism apparently includes taking headshots without shrugging

I call bullshit. Either you're lying or you firing shit arrows.

>wake up, game saves

>time to try stupid shit

>let's play "hunt the villager"

>aim bow and try to get a feel for it

>stamina left actually determines bow sway

>hit their head: insta-kill

>hit their back: they stagger

>hit their arms: they recoil a bit but start running

>hit their legs: they fall down on the ground


>fucker with funny iron helmet charges me across a bridge

>whole head covered in iron except the face

>fire and hit the face

>insta kill, arrow stuck in one of his eyes

>his buddy comes around


>hit top of the helmet


>he recoils from the impact but is otherwise unharmed

>hit his foot

>make a run for it

>he can't run for shit

>use distance to take pot shots

>turn his chest into a pin cushion because armor

21a98a No.14325573


https //scenegames.goodolddownloads com/game/kingdom-come-deliverance/

ecbd94 No.14325592

So its a poorly made game that promises more than it can deliver made by Slavs? /v/ loves those games.

0d9ff4 No.14325595


So, what's the deal with the last pic?

8707f4 No.14325599


It's a flawed gem that delivers on nearly all it's promises and is made by slavs.

They cut some content that they couldn't finish (dog companion, blacksmithing) but the recent news is that it will be released for free.

3f7982 No.14325600


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is considered a big deal by human burgers, so the nigger kneeling like the subhuman animal he is when respect is paid is beyond insulting.

0d9ff4 No.14325602


But isn't kneeling a sign of extreme respect?

8707f4 No.14325605


Why do burgers associate kneeling with disrespect?

I'm genuinely curious. I saw that niggerbal stuff where they kneeled for… god knows why.

In the rest of the world, kneeling is a sign of submission or deep respect.

Or a position that facilitates fellatio.

Where does this "kneeling = insult" thing come from?

3f7982 No.14325607


No, it's the newest tantrum niggers have been throwing, inspired by the brain damaged NFL silverbacks that kneel whenever the anthem is played. The idea is you stand and pay respect, not kneel in some deranged attempt to show contempt. Niggers need to be periodically lynched to keep them in line.

002091 No.14325608


And even when they are on the right side, as soon as they get a cult following and/or too much money, they turn into leftists.

Never pay for entertainment.

4ad511 No.14325616

8707f4 No.14325617


>kneeling instead of standing

Here's how you can tell they're retarded.

The proper and civil way of showing disagreement in that particular situation (anthem) is to turn your back to it.

It symbolizes leaving you exposed to backstabbing (accusing them of treachery) and choosing another way of doing things (facing away from it).

Instead they kneel like the dickwashers they are, goddamn.

7cce63 No.14325621

File: 5d5d1516e755e74⋯.jpg (161.75 KB, 623x414, 623:414, TrulyUnited.jpg)

I've been trying the game for a bit and just got off the whole prologue bit. The game was very cutscene heavy for me until this point, but it looks like it has finally stopped. It will be a bit of a pain to get through all of that if I want to replay it, though.

>Few areas are truly cut off from the main map. Going from castle areas to the world hasn't presented a loading screen so far.

>Not many invisible barriers. There is one castle you start in that you have to get out from, and you can do so by straight up jumping from the drawbridge into the moat below and running off. Guards will notice and chase after you, though.

>Hunger system in place, but not as bothersome as I expected. It tends to hit you when you wake up after a long rest, but there is usually a cooking pot nearby you can munch on. You can also carry food in your inventory to heal a bit, but it begins to rot after a few days and if you eat too much you become overfed and can't scarf down one more bite.

>Combat system begins fairly simple, but grows in complexity as you go on. Your stamina starts pretty low, and your chances aren't good if you have to face more than one opponent at the time, and even less if they got any metal armor in them. Weapons can deal either cutting or blunt damage, with blunt being better suited for armored folks.

>Combat slowly gets more complex as you unlock new abilities with the trainer and get new skills. Just learned a riposte ability from the trainer which looks useful as fuck.

>There is an alchemy system in place that allows some minor fantasy stuff such as low light vision and minor health regeneration, but I haven't explored it too much so far. You can also blacksmith your own gear eventually.

Oh yeah, and the main enemies of the game seem to be some foreign mercenaries with metal masks that speak an unknown language and are called barbarians, so time to teach them about the glories of God.


I passed all dialogue checks with her but no dice on showing the glory of Henry's savior schnapper.

3f7982 No.14325623


The proper way is to make a public statement, not give the proverbial middle finger to everyone in the audience that came to see you get brain damage. NFL has been bleeding money due to these kinds of stunts for years now.

2a3da1 No.14325625

File: 812a73d3eb5d905⋯.jpg (139.89 KB, 862x719, 862:719, Hotpockets.jpg)



>There is a quest related to persecution of the jews, you have to help a jewish merchant in it.

Well there goes my purchase. Still gonna pirate at one point tho.

8707f4 No.14325630


That reminded me of something.

In the tutorial, you have that part where some horse archer shoots you in the leg while riding.

So essentially, you have a "timed mission" to get to the end of level.

I thought it was quite intense, seeing arrows fly around you, and when one hits you and you see the wound get worse it really makes you panick. But I ended up doing it first try and though it was a great, tense moment (especially if you looked back).

So I wander over to the steam reviews to leave them a positive one after the tutorial (since I was enjoying it so far) and I find loads, LOADS of people who failed that part several times in a row.

They didn't have their horse sprint.

They didn't zig-zag to avoid arrows.

They just rode at a merry pace while 3 heretical barbarians shoot arrows and profanities at them, died over and over again and decided asking for "Easy Gamemode" on the forums was a good idea.

People like this are fucking braindead.

8707f4 No.14325639


That anon forgot to mention that you can kill everyone in this game.

And then you can drag their body to a place dogs will find it.

21a98a No.14325650

I think that moustache dude is a fucking traitor

15a611 No.14325656


You're supposed to stand up for your country, not kneel to it.

2a3da1 No.14325667


Can i help the persecucion in the quest?

c411ef No.14325676


It stems from expecting people to stand up in places with seats, like schools and theaters, when they pay respect. Kneeling just isn't a part of the tradition, anywhere.

65cea2 No.14325677


From what I've played so far, you can most likely kill him yourself and loot his body. And then take his horse if he has one.

a05fcb No.14325686


Installing it now. Any tips at the beginning of the game?

a05fcb No.14325689


So, this game is more like The Guild?!

eff8fb No.14325707

File: 6eb4a9bf0065833⋯.png (306.53 KB, 613x1132, 613:1132, 55ce9d122748473d2bab668590….png)


It's okay. I've played both better and worse games.

15a611 No.14325711


What? Different ethnicities? But-but-but- they're all white!

6924c0 No.14325719


This is remarkably shitty looking.

8707f4 No.14325721


Yeah. Pay close attention to everything.

The first hour of the game is one long ass (somewhat boring) tutorial.

You start in a city called Skalitz, then you go to another city and return home.

There's a truckload of cutscenes, enemies you can't really fight (you're welcome to try and get your head bashed in) and most of the game's mechanics are explained to you.

It's really essential to soak it all in, despite being a bit boring. After that, you get a cutscene with the credits and you're taken to another city where the game actually beings properly and opens up the world to you.

If you want to fight prepare to do some training and grindan. A very skilled player using a very unskilled character can still win fights, but it takes a fuckload of time and is not fun at all. Don't rush combat in the begining, this is pretty much Medieval Stalker afterall.


Bringing up the same picture every thread for the last two weeks doesn't really accomplish what you think it should frenchie.

And get some context: most people living near Vávra have a Jew or two in their family tree.

It doesn't mean their Jews (Vávra isn't).

8707f4 No.14325733


Oh look, the "stop sucking Vávra's cock" anon is back from >>14324548.

Try this simple trick to supress your autism:

Ctr+F "Vávra".

Noone here is praising him. Praising Warhorse maybe, but not him. More than half the hits on that search are you and your sockpuppets shitting on Vávra for some reason.

Are you sure you're in the right chan?

Are you sure you're even in the right site?

Because Polygon called. They said their cuckshed is empty and they miss you.

6924c0 No.14325735


defend enemies snapping over the air to kill you. defend enemies not seeing you in broad daylight with their freshly killed comrade in your hands. defend this shitty game some more so I can laugh at you.

15a611 No.14325740


>typed so furiously he forgot to capitalize

21a98a No.14325742


Are you shaking?

6924c0 No.14325744



two in the barrel just like that

8707f4 No.14325745



Why? Why would I defend bugs?

They're there. Everyone knows they're there.

People who care head to their forums and report them so it gets fixed.

People who don't care keep playing witih no problem since those bugs happen once every 2 or 3 hours, not every 10 minutes.

I'm not sure what you mean by "defend".

We're not fighting dude. We're talking.

15a611 No.14325746


And you, in the bottom of it.

ef8686 No.14325751


So is the future of the European peoples if you don't buy three copies right now (and at least one in GOG next week).

8707f4 No.14325752


Oh. You're one of those idiots that criticized the witcher 3 by reposting the bug webms endlessly while forgetting all the other valid criticism because you didn't actually play it since you have a toaster and just mindlessly parrot what you hear.

Good luck with that pal.

aee1e9 No.14325754


>given a role to play

>not role playing


a05fcb No.14325760


>Medieval Stalker

Stalker was easy as fuck as soon as I got a rifle.

6924c0 No.14325763

File: ce83205385ccc95⋯.jpg (124.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, samui.jpg)


>we're talking

>barges out of the gates with I KNOW WHO YOU ARE


you dropped the ball pretty quick.


I usually criticized the witcher 3 for getting basic game design wrong by not having simple things like hit stopping and having follow the dotted line game play. So far we have remarkable bugs, shitty rock paper scissors combat, an over abundance of cutscenes, and absolutely broken AI.


I must saves the whites by supporting this unfinished garbage, this is more than just a video game, its a statement.

bcc3fa No.14325765

File: 71e128bd72f789d⋯.png (298.31 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 71e128bd72f789df04fc714419….png)


So you're given a role and that's not role playing according to you?

15a611 No.14325769


It's a goon, alright.

bcc3fa No.14325770

File: ad832a6f679fd63⋯.png (247.73 KB, 1200x672, 25:14, sarcuck.png)


You're too enlightened for us here lad.

6924c0 No.14325771

8707f4 No.14325774


Now replace "rifle" with "a good sword, armour and skills/perks".

The hobo phase does last somewhat longer than Stalker which is great since hobophase is best phase.


>barges out of the gates with I KNOW WHO YOU ARE



>hit stopping

>basic game design

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your mental impairment. My sympathies.

>shitty rock paper scissors combat

Oh I see, your favourite streamer hasn't progressed enough to unlock a proper moveset. Well, keep on watching. Judging by the average streamer IQ, you'll find out what I mean by this time next year.

15a611 No.14325775



6924c0 No.14325780


>he doesn't know what hit stopping is

this is a little sad


where you belong my goony beard man

925d8b No.14325782


Anon your linebreaks are firing up my autism.

8707f4 No.14325785


I know what it is, you fucking retard.

I meant it's not "basic game design".

It's a fucking crutch for unskilled faggots that can't move and atack at the same time without.

8707f4 No.14325787


Do you want me to put a space inbetween them? :^)

bcc3fa No.14325789

File: fd2d32e4c0304b6⋯.png (265.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, fd2d32e4c0304b644fe3c25384….png)


Don't you mean,

>white nigger youtuber shit.

66296b No.14325794

File: 4076c3384ca8db4⋯.jpg (383.38 KB, 1097x1493, 1097:1493, Medieval doctor.jpg)

>no combat webms

so would you stop shitting each other?

6924c0 No.14325802


no, it's basic game design and has nothing to do with hit stunning, which you think it is. I'm not talking about a pinky demon's chance to flinch. I'm talking about a basic element of games which has been in games since the 70s.


they're afraid.

15a611 No.14325803


>i watch extra credits religiously and know everything about game design there is to know

6924c0 No.14325808


I don't think extra credits has ever mentioned it, I would be surprised in between their talks of space jews sinking atlantis and gamer addiction.

>youtuber shit

15a611 No.14325814


>I don't think

That much is obvious.

3f7982 No.14325815


But the Cuck of Akkad isn't a quadroon, the stupid sack of shit mistook his Mediterranean ancestors for niggers.

8707f4 No.14325823


Funnily enough, there's several quests about you being an apothecarian of sorts in the game.

And you really gotta study that shit, talk to the patients or you fuck up and they die.

06073f No.14325824




Africans make better media than Jews, Chinks or Japs ever could.

8707f4 No.14325827


He isn't a VIDEOGAME either, but here we are.

bcc3fa No.14325829


Are you German?

3f7982 No.14325831

File: 83acf17b84b7af2⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 500x669, 500:669, nigger romance.jpg)


Indeed they do.

8707f4 No.14325835


Are you a cuckchanner?

bcc3fa No.14325836

File: 70a193a4cb94fc2⋯.png (3.24 MB, 3213x2859, 1071:953, sargoy of wakkanda family ….png)


We're all the same apparently, there are no niggers there is only humanity.

e3d01f No.14325837

File: 9a3f3e0ed3349cc⋯.png (32.68 KB, 245x300, 49:60, 9a3f3e0ed3349cc19ab0854fc1….png)

>Come to see if new memes and helpful advices are posted

>Spot mostly "political opinion" shitflinging

The thread shitters need to hang

Game is good as far as i have played, not much tho

231fd4 No.14325839

File: fa633f802ec3c01⋯.jpg (96.91 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, racemixing.jpg)

06073f No.14325842

File: b25e814da2e21a1⋯.jpg (425.44 KB, 1200x1558, 600:779, who_killed_captain_alex.jpg)


African Americans are not Africans you fucking retard.

8707f4 No.14325843


I got an advice.

Murder people. I'm not even joking. Everyone carries around 20 to 30 grenchen. or whathever the coin's called.

I can murder 20 people in a knight, and cash in 500 plus a couple of swords the mill will fence for me.

Shit, I can eat sweet cakes and whores all day by sheer murdering.

e25259 No.14325847

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is shit.

3e4515 No.14325850


Watch out guys, based vavra is getting pissed. Fellow gamers, we have to buy this game.

ef8686 No.14325852



Even if you never play games, you should buy this game to fight SJWs.

6557f2 No.14325855


Fucking kill yourself.

f04b0d No.14325857


It's a bit of a common misconception that crossbows took off and the Pope tried to ban them because of greater power: it was really the fact that any idiot could be taught to use one while a longbow took years of practice. Also the supply of yew ran out.

I do wonder how accurate the metal tip on the bolts is though, both in terms of shape and tempering. I'm too lazy to watch the entire thing and he doesn't seem to mention it in the description.

335a04 No.14325863

File: 01dea199bba09a3⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 320x194, 160:97, 36b8c45f1efe0a1e913f64fd52….gif)


Holy fuck, kill yourself you fucking faggot. How can you be so averse to having to live with your mistakes in a fucking RPG. I haven't even played or seen anything of this game yet but I know the entire point of the game is to be historically accurate and realistic, so yeah it's supposed to be like real life you nigger. Jesus christ do you pass up games where you cant savescum like demons souls in order to play piss easy baby games with no stakes where you can start the game, then savescum your way to the final boss in 5 minutes like botw. Go back to reddit if you don't have enough time for video games but have enough time to waste on a website surrounded by people who hate you

8707f4 No.14325864


The only person bringing up Vávra is you.

bcc3fa No.14325865

File: bd8e6d21949e574⋯.jpg (937.32 KB, 989x5094, 989:5094, americans.jpg)


Don't worry my white friend, I have indeed day one purchased this game to help out my fellow gamers, because GamerGate wins.

66296b No.14325867

File: c8388bd783d41f6⋯.jpg (36.6 KB, 576x374, 288:187, bodkin.jpg)



the bolts are not even armour piercing shaped

f26a05 No.14325869

File: 0fb037d3e7cde6c⋯.png (71.2 KB, 534x269, 534:269, who pissed in my coffee.PNG)

Why does this have to happen every single fucking thread?

8707f4 No.14325871


Mods are a sleep, and this is the new sink posting.

2f99c9 No.14325872

File: 53195c29d125f3e⋯.jpg (7.52 KB, 167x144, 167:144, 1423092385547.jpg)


>I can murder 20 people in a knight

>in a knight

ef8686 No.14325876


Good to hear, my fellow white person. It is indeed important to support this game as it's under the attack of the Jewish controlled anti-white video game journalist league.

c83f4e No.14325878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You know why.

36b8bd No.14325879


spelling mistakes are always prone if you are flushed

6924c0 No.14325883


oh no no no no


shit games create shit threads

61c6a8 No.14325891





A forum where they handed out bona fide special Trump emblems and ratings for anyone who betted on him winning, a hive of goons? Do you know what you are talking about?


>oh no no no no

Mate, only cuckchanners do this OH NO NO NOposting thing. And /tv/. At least have the decency to fit in.

bcc3fa No.14325892

File: d0ac6b821071c98⋯.jpg (250.45 KB, 974x928, 487:464, white or jewish.jpg)


Don't be a bigot, be a /v/ board mod.

6924c0 No.14325895


I wouldn't know, this is the only board I post on

a14182 No.14325901


what's the difference exactly?

59d7a6 No.14325910


>shit games create shit threads

no, threads about ME: Andromeda and similar were fun and entertain because everyone was having a blast shitting on it. It's the mediocre/good games that create a shitstorm since any praise or criticism can be viewed as shilling and spiral out of control.

8707f4 No.14325917


>shit opinion from shitchanner

Colour me surprised.


Also because this is a thing:


They mostly shit up /b/ though.

This is the real threat:


Let me break this down to you.

You're not seing regular cuckchanners with their no-effort brainlet shitposting.

You're seeing halfchan's phoneposters.

The shittiest and dumbest of them. The kind of poster that even Pajjeets can look down at.

82b61b No.14325923


The Africans who went to America were firstly the ones who were so dumb, poor and disliked their own people sold them as slaves. Then only the ones strong enough to survive got to America alive (selection for physical strength only) then only the ones dumb enough not to escape to Canada or the British colonies in the Carribean and strong enough not to die stayed around as slaves. After that throw on a century and a half of blaming all of their problems on the white man instead of getting an education and you have modern niggers.

06073f No.14325926


Africans live in poverty, American Negroes breathe out poverty. An American Negro will actively try to live in his ghetto or hood, while an African Negro has no other choice but to live in his village, or he risks being shot by child soldiers or stepping on a landmine.

6924c0 No.14325928


people literally bought ass effect andromeda to be with their autistic waifu thank to the threads here. Shit games create shit threads, anon. full stop.


is this how you found out about h8chan?

f04b0d No.14325931


Can confirm that, at least in bongland, the blacks from the Caribbean are generally pretty top-tier (the Jamaicans in London being the exception).

8707f4 No.14325935


>projecting your autistic fetishes unto other people

bcc3fa No.14325936

File: 2fd34a2a647c70a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.17 KB, 1126x815, 1126:815, NTR.jpg)

File: ffe6302eb212f69⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 857.69 KB, 2127x1814, 2127:1814, NTR1.jpg)

f04b0d No.14325941


I'm not talking about blacks in Africa faggot, only the ones from ex colonies who've been under better influence for centuries. It's the same as the chinks in Hong Kong and Singapore losing a lot of the soulless ant people attitude.

6924c0 No.14325942


>he wasn't here for early 2017

You must be one of those captacha cuckfugees I've heard so much about.

82b61b No.14325944


Its selective breeding really you just get the dumbest but strongest candidates surviving to breed. Same reason that jamaica dominates in sprinting: the slaves that could run away the fastest were the ones who survived.

bcc3fa No.14325945


What have you got against Nigger Titty Rape?

(apart from the aids)

ed1b3e No.14325946


> A literal britcuckold calling someone else a faggot

*raises paw*

Uhm excuse me?

8ae3bc No.14325947

File: c2e62c230f53e7f⋯.png (196.69 KB, 535x479, 535:479, 1372781932849.png)


By that definition pretty much any game is an RPG, you dumb faggot.

e25259 No.14325949


Yes they are, you fucking retard. The image in the video is from the first bolt he fired from the 300 pound crossbow. He uses long, narrow, bolts with a 1000 pound crossbow.

f04b0d No.14325953


Compared to the pakis they're fine enough people. Funny thing but the Somalian 'refugees' in (((London))) are fucking drug dealers at best in comparison.

61c6a8 No.14325960


>You must be one of those captacha cuckfugees I've heard so much about.

>is an OH NO NO NO NOposter


6924c0 No.14325962

File: e6ebc8f70bf101d⋯.png (316.71 KB, 854x480, 427:240, frankly pathetic'd.png)


>filename posting

get lost on your way to facebook?

ed1b3e No.14325967


Not compared to real human beings though. You Britcuckistanis deserve the hate for your joke of a country.

635d83 No.14326008


>haggling over the price of bandages

>while bleeding to death

Are you roleplaying a Jew?


I can confirm the existence of the clothing system. Everybody refers to me as Sir Knight now and all the peasants are very happy I'm speaking to them instead of using their chest as a sheath for my sword.

2e90de No.14326014

File: c821f0e1ff0a5cc⋯.png (930.15 KB, 659x768, 659:768, ClipboardImage.png)


>i can eat sweet cakes and whores all day

>eat sweet cakes and whores

>eat whores

Is that a typo or can you be a cannibal in this game?

65cea2 No.14326040


I don't think you can.

8707f4 No.14326064


>posting cuckchan memes

>accusing others of being cuckchanners

Ah, I see. That old jewish trick: "accuse the other of what you are yourself doing".

That's working wonder for you pal.

8707f4 No.14326070


In my native tongue, "eating" also means "banging" when it comes to sex.

640e3d No.14326072


>forgotten weapons

>cuckchan meme

939241 No.14326073

i just buyed 5 copies of kingdom come

Match me guys!

8707f4 No.14326081


Not that one, you dolt.

The "oh no no no no" shit.

Also, I just found out that savescummers can get extra fucked. One thing that might cross the minds of many casuals is to simply cheese a lot of money and buy a truckload of Saviour Schnaaps. Then they quickscum to their hearts desire right?

Nope. Schaaps is an alcolic drink: drink too frequently and you become an alcoolic.

It reminds me of the pink bracelet in Ninja Gaiden.

2e90de No.14326098


where are you from anon?

8707f4 No.14326119



d4933c No.14326143


>There is a quest related to persecution of the jews, you have to help a jewish merchant in it.

If its anything like the other quests you should be able to tell the jews to fuck off. If not then that's a pretty fucked up inconsistency because I've been able to do that most of the game so far.


>A forum where they handed out bona fide special Trump emblems and ratings for anyone who betted on him winning, a hive of goons? Do you know what you are talking about?

Check out the Bethesda section..

>Oh no its retarded.

RPGCodex is full of mentally retarded people. The RTS section is even worse.

2e90de No.14326152

File: ff4eecd9264877a⋯.png (220.23 KB, 645x512, 645:512, ClipboardImage.png)


ok thats cool I guess. I'm a burger so I don't know shit.

5b223f No.14326166

File: 85f5b5965e9a042⋯.jpg (581.41 KB, 824x678, 412:339, wew.jpg)

I'm not going to buy this game, not really my thing personally.

However, It's nice to see communist pandering devs get completely btfo.

a83e90 No.14326200

File: d84c781dcb3c373⋯.jpg (303.94 KB, 477x600, 159:200, georgia-rodger-photos-1.jpg)


Can we just agree this game is shit like skyrim is shit an ban threads on it? I really think the mods here should ban casual games. I'm tired of seeing all this soy-boy "lol so geeky shit" like zelda and civilization

3f7982 No.14326213


Seeing Wolfenstein 2 selling like hot garbage makes me happy.

2e90de No.14326219

File: aff08f2048e1c61⋯.png (87.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

59d7a6 No.14326281


thanks anon, I nearly fell for that.

1fc543 No.14326297


save the girl before you get on the horse

635d83 No.14326312


Is that even possible? I tried a few times and at best I managed to kill one before I got raped to death by a bunch of burly heavily armored turks

46d461 No.14326333


>I call bullshit.

Call what you want, I'm not lying. I snuck up on the turk that captured that faggot lord who took you hunting, hit him pointblank in the neck with an arrow, and all he did was go from resting on the tree to standing next to the tree. I shot him a second time pointblank in the leg and he didn't even react.

Second time was the quest with stables, tracking that bandit and his wounded friend talking. Shoot an arrow in the head of the non-wounded one and all he did was stand up. Fire again and missed but hit the one laying down and it went right through him. And yes he was still alive.

I was withing two meters of each. They should've been instant kills. Instead it did fucking nothing.

bd0fcb No.14326335

>punch sheep running around the village

>falls over and despawns

>pops back in after a few seconds and runs off

>steal a bludgeon and whack a chicken

>feathers explode off the body

>game crashes

>"run from the polecatcher" phase of the throw shit quest bugs out and never ends

>locked out of talking to npcs

>have to reload an autosave

>running from sandniggers in the prologue

>hit an invisible wall placed right next to the road for seemingly no reason

>get caught up to and killed

>have to reload an autosave

Personal GOTY for me and I'm not even past the prologue yet. How you lads enjoying it?

bd0fcb No.14326353


That thread is locked dumbo

133a62 No.14326357


Page 13 or 700 posts you retard.

133a62 No.14326379


>350 posts till it stops bumping, smart ass.

700 posts or until page 13 until you're allowed to make a new thread. Retard.

61c6a8 No.14326384

File: 14ce62e65276e1e⋯.jpg (14.57 KB, 400x200, 2:1, 1468972872261.jpg)


Damn, you're such a badass.

d4933c No.14326388


hit them once and then run for the horse. As long as you land one hit it counts. Don't try to fight them because reinforcements will follow. I managed to do it on my first playthrough after seeing most youtubers fail that bit thinking that its not possible to beat it, but in fact you can.

bd0fcb No.14326392

Why is everyone so triggered by this game?

>500000 liberal propaganda games

>everything is fine

>1 right wing simulator

>the world is ending, nazi's are running free, free speech must be stopped

Really boiled my noodle.

152ea0 No.14326404


>Better than Catherine

133a62 No.14326408


This is not 4/v/, I don't even think Mark put the bump limit back to 350 and it's still 300. The rules for generals still apply regardless. This thread got away with waiting until page 10 since Mods were asleep. But if you wanna be a whiny little bitch you have to obey the rules and wait.

3d7028 No.14326465

File: 2c18b2db9e6fd6f⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 255x437, 255:437, Max Payne.jpg)





>Cuckchanners ID hopping trying to push for samethink

>Oh no no

>Not knowing how this fucking board works

Holy shit

8707f4 No.14326473


>hit him pointblank in the neck with an arrow, and all he did was go from resting on the tree to standing next to the tree

And the next thing you're gonna do is play a few more hours, find a neckguard, equip it, read the description and think to yourself "SHIIIIEEEEEEEEET".

9bc47f No.14326476


is this game shit?

hows the combat?

are there waypoints/trails?


good quests?

freedom in how you complete quests?

freedom in doing what you want when you want and most importantly how you want?

can you grind?

does overleveling reduce the game to repetition?

are there homestead options?

replayable? or is this the kind of game you just keep playing? or both.

8707f4 No.14326499


It's good.

Slow and intense.

What? Fast Travel is in a la Fallout 1: with random encounters.

No QTE's.

Too early to tell.

Does killing people instead of asking nicely count? Because it works.

Sometimes, yes. Other times people will expressely tell you shit's going down and quick. If you don't move, it's gone.

You can grind but don't need.

Too much crap to do for it to ever become repetitive.

No. Your character is a bum and lives in Inn's and friend's houses. traditional D&D murderhobo.

Yes, fucking yes. There's a lot of choices.

More importantly: pirate that shit if you're iffy about the pricetag and give it a go.

This is like Stalker or EYE divine cybermancy: it's skubtastic and you got players split asunder into the "FUCK THIS, IT'S SHIT" group mostly casuals who can't hold their saved games and people who love it even with all the flaws.

133a62 No.14326506


First off if you have an Nvidia card then you may as well wait for the GOG release because the physx implementation is a bit fucked. The combat is as advertised, if you mash attack you're gonna get fucked up.

8707f4 No.14326533


I'm gonna add something to this anon:

If you wanna get into combat, follow the mainquest for a bit.

After waking up at the Miller's house, you're tasked with talking to some armored dude.

I haven't talked with him because I'm going sneaky breeky, but that's the dude that takes you to an arena and actually teaches you how to fight, with ripostes grabs and other shit like that.

It matters A WHOLE FUCKING LOT because every other dickhed with a sword knows this things and you don't.

Seriously, don't fight without talking to this guy first.

61c6a8 No.14326535


>hows the combat?

It's initially clunky because you start off as a peasant who never swung around a sword before, but player character responses become quicker and smoother once your avatar improves. If you've played Gothic or STALKER, you kind of know what to expect. The combat is quite involving, it relies on directional attacks, stamina management, feints, fake-outs, ripostes, and that sort of thing. The enemies are no push over and most people know how to block or dodge your shit. Basically if you think you can get through the game by spamming LMB, you're fresh out of luck. It becomes rather brutally hard when you're fighting two or more guys at once, though I hear from people who've been into actual swordfights that that's just how it really is.

>are there waypoints/trails?

Kind of, there are location markers on your compass on the top of your screen and the map to show where you need to go. Apparently the feature to disable them will be in next patch.


Not as far as I know.

>good quests?

From what I've seen, I very much liked it. The hunting quest you can go on actually makes you feel like a hunter.

>freedom in how you complete quests?

Very. Usually you always have the option to tackle anything via persuasion/bribes/violence/theft/intimidation/disguises/assassination, and sometimes there's also outside-of-the-box solutions like escaping a castle by just jumping off the wall, if you can survive the fall that is.

>freedom in doing what you want when you want and most importantly how you want?

Very, though some missions have time limits. Over the whole you're not forced to play the game in any particular way. The introductory 5-10 hours of the game features a lot of cutscenes, like 50/50, but after that it's like 95% freedom and 5% cutscenes.

44b7c4 No.14326551

File: ad4a290519d4892⋯.jpg (124.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180215002938_1.jpg)

I used fucking hated Father Godwin, he was so out of play especially with the way his voice actor played him. He sounds like some fucking american drunkard instead of a european priest. But then you start drinking with him and he gets you into all sorts of dumb shenanigans.

8707f4 No.14326553


Have you had any sucess with disguises?

I managed to knockout a sleeping guard, dressed as him but his buttbuddies still recognized me.

Is it because I'm already wanted by the authorities?

635d83 No.14326567


>It becomes rather brutally hard when you're fighting two or more guys at once

Always carry a bow. You should generally be able to get 1-2 people out of a fight before they reach melee range.

Just make sure you pull out your sword early so the survivors don't get a free attack.

If you enter melee with three people that are about as well equipped and skilled as you, start running or you're dead.

61c6a8 No.14326573


Haven't tried it much myself. If you already have a negative reputation in the local area, then of course disguises are bound to work less efficiently.

133a62 No.14326576

Oh, right this is important

The game apparently has poor ram allocation issues, it's actually using 4Gb of ram. You need to put in the right settings via console command to allow more ram usage then your performance should greatly improve.

c83f4e No.14326581


My brother's been playing the game with some really bad stuttering from time to time, what's the command so I can send it his way?

9bc47f No.14326610


>no QTEs

no button prompts or anything? no "right click to do an execution!" shit?

>quest freedom

i mean more in that, if they tell me to go kill someone on top of a mountain, can i launch an arrow straight in the air and have it fall on their head? or do they do shit like force me to reach a certain point before "the fight" starts and that kinda shit.

>cant be repetitive

i mean, if i overlevel and become all powerful, does it make the game easy? or will low level enemies still pose some kind of challenge. for example in mount and blade, even with the best armor, and a great amount of leveling, you can still be killed by a volley of arrows, or lanced off your horse in a single blow so combat never becomes light.

your other points look good.


>hunting quests

its not the kind of shit that makes me somehow make the target "appear" by wandering in an area. right?


i mean more in the dark souls "cheat the system" kind of way to accomplish a mission options being there. do i need to trigger cutscenes to progress? kind of like "kill guy in this castle" do i have to enter the castle to trigger a cutscene before being allowed to kill him? or some such shit? i see this so much in games and it completely kills all fun for me. if i clear an area so i can make a good getaway, is the game going to spawn enemies on me during my escape making my preperation meaningless?

these arent specific questions, im just asking if this game does this kind of thing in a broad sense.

9784f2 No.14326660


>no QTEs

You can do mercy kill moves which is kinda like that, but no push Q to dodge then mash E to kill type events.

>quest freedom

Quests are free form, as in there are numerous ways to do them. Your second sentence is damn near impossible due to hardware restrictions. Even the most powerful high end rig would go up in flames if it tried to render and account for everything on the map at all times. Games add a draw and AI distance for a reason.

>cant be repetitive

You become more skilled and combat gets a little easier as you progress. You can never become unstoppable or a living god type like most modern games.

8707f4 No.14326683


>no button prompts or anything? no "right click to do an execution!" shit?

They call it the Incline battle system.

The way it works is you got 5 directions plus a stab.

You move your mouse up/down or to the sides to pick the direction then either press Q to defend that region (and I think the adjacent regions too) or you press LMB to swing your sword on that direction.

If you press RMB you get two diferent stabs: when you pull your mouse up, you're trying to hit their head (more damage) while pulling it down you're trying to stab their chest.

Diferent weapons are better for stabbing than swinging, diferent armours protect you better against stabs. Stabs are faster but easier to be defended against. One of the basic combos they teach you for instance is:

Swing left, swing lower right, stab head.

Usually your oponent will defend your first strike but leave his lower right undefended, so your second strike leaves him staggering from the pain and he can't defend against your stab.

In theory anyway. In practice things don't go this smoothly. You can also use F for kicks (usually they just push him back and cost some stamina).

You can also start a swing, press E to abort it and swing the other way to feint the guy.

If your oponent has no armour, a sword will make him bleed really fast. If he's wearing plate mail, you're in for a long fight. Armor hits or sucessfull blocking means you take "damage" to your stamina instead. Only after the stamina is depleted do you get actual wounds because when you're tired, you start making mistakes. So when someone is armored, you gotta hit him A LOT to tire him first. After that, most hits will damage him but here's were the layered clothing system enters: if you're wearing chain beneath your plate, even a sword hit when you're depleted of stamina won't cause that much damage. The chain will absorb most of it. The armor does get damaged, but it's easier to remare chainmail than flesh.

Bleeding out IS a very dangerous risk too, for you and your oponents. They will usually surrender when they're bleeding really badly.

Some perks have them surrender faster too.

Helmets limit your vision but protect your head, something you want to keep intact during a fight.

Blunt weapons usually fare a lot better against armor. They don't cause as much bleeding, but they cause wounds. Wounds apply penalties to your max health and stamina. After hitting a guy a few times, he'll have very little health and stamina to fight with. These wounds are tracked per body part and cause stat decreases which also make your oponent fight even worse. And to make it worse: when a body part is injured, any strike to that region has a chance to cause bleeding, the chance increases the more wounded that part is. So you can make someone bleed with a mace (internal bleeding).

You can't heal mid-fight, and neither can your oponent. Getting drunk is a good idea for tougher fights.

If you're lightly armoured and fighting a knight in full plate, you're really boned. You can try to dodge all of his blows while hitting him with a mace but if he hits you two or three times, you're finished. Poison WILL help you here, if you can atleast land a blow or two.

Otherwise, do what I do: find where the guy lives. Pay him a visit at night. And shank the motherfucker. It's easier if you pickpocket his house keys.

>i mean more in that, if they tell me to go kill someone on top of a mountain, can i launch an arrow straight in the air and have it fall on their head? or do they do shit like force me to reach a certain point before "the fight" starts and that kinda shit.

There's a couple moments like that, especially in the first hour of the game. But like I said on another post, it's just a very long tutorial. Do the stuff as you're told so it's over quickly. Afterwards? If they tell you to kill someone, you can pick wathever method you want.

>i mean, if i overlevel and become all powerful, does it make the game easy?

If another anon has made it far enough, maybe they can comment. I'm still dicking around at the start. I'll take a guess and say no. The combat is really, really dangerous and if you take your "overleveled and powerfull" character against 2 guys, you'll find yourself being used as sword sheath.

Stealth might be overpowered. I can steal quest items before the quest is even given to me, murder named NPC's like it's noone's business and get rich quick. Once I get the stealth-kill skill I'm going to attempt to murder everyone in Rattay. If it works, yep stealth is overpowered. But still fun as fuck:

>some guy insults me

>punch his nose

>guard calls me

>fuck that, start running

>run faster than guard

>turn a corner, hide behind a cart

>guard turns the corner keeps running ahead

>stops after a few meters, looks around

>"If I catch that guy…"

It's like police chases in GTA instead of the Omnipresent guards in Oblivion. Really well done.

8707f4 No.14326698


Found something about that:

Low FPS fix for PC having 8GB or more RAM:

-Right click on the game icon and choose Properties.

-Click on General Tab and click on "Set Launch Options"

-Add "-heapsize 1048576"

Low FPS fix for PC having 16GB or more RAM:

-Right click on the game icon and choose Properties.

-Click on General Tab and click on "Set Launch Options"

-Add "-heapsize 2097152"

133a62 No.14326706


Also reduce shadows to low.

9bc47f No.14326708


> mercy kill moves

? whats this? like the kills in nudoom?

>second sentence.

i dont mean specifically, i mean in a broad sense. read my reply to the other guy in that post in regards to freedom. its a hard thing to convey if you dont know this aspect of games that newer games usually totally dont have. i mean does the mission create the objectives for me, or do they just ask me to do things that i could do anyway.


>You can never become unstoppable

thats good.


sounds kind of like mount and blade combat, but maybe alittle more polished.

does running away with guards raise some universal "wanted" level? or some kind of reputation thing?

c83f4e No.14326725


From what I saw of my brother playing, after he beat up a bandit trying to run away after he decided to kill him after the bandit surrendered, there was a prompt in the top right to do a mercy kill. The guy was already lying on the ground unable to move so it was just an optional cutscene prompt. Nothing actiony or anything, as the name implies it's just Harry calmly stabbing a bleeding out person lying on the ground.

635d83 No.14326727


>mercy kill moves

If the other guy is heavily injured and lying on the ground, you can do this, which is just standing above him and stabbing your sword down.

Or you can just use your regular move to stab the fucker in the jugular. Works just as well.

You rarely even get the opportunity, only really if you're against an opponent that doesn't surrender while being lightly armored.



You have reputation and if it sinks too low, people stop wanting to deal with you.

If it gets really, really bad, they'll attack you on sight.

9784f2 No.14326737


Mercy kills are pretty much killing them when they are down. Say you kick someones ass, they go down you can mercy kill them or let them get up to fight again or run away.

Quests give you objectives, how you complete them is up to you. If you want to sneaky kill them you can, or you can poison their food, or you can run in swords flashing.

8707f4 No.14326766


>? whats this? like the kills in nudoom?

No. Not everyone fights to the death. In fact, a lot of your oponents will throw down their sword, get on their knees and beg you not to kill them.

You can tell them to fuck off, take their items, or straight Mercy Kill them (sword through collarbone).

Or you can knock someone uncounscious from stealth, draw your sword and mercy kill them too.


There's a wanted level for each region.

You can kind still play with it anyway. Entering town is a bit harder since the guards won't let you, just run in and try to lose them (works best at night).

Then use the backalleys, dark streets and other shadows to move around.

Outside cities you might see patrolls. Either pay attention and hide when they pass or avoid roads completely. You can kinda play with a huge bounty (I'm wanted for 27 murders) but completing the main quest might be really hard that way.

The good news is: if you kill witnesses before they reach a guard (or get out of "simulation radious") then the crime isn't reported!

Go murder and stab everyone, as long as you make sure everyone dies, no problem.

If you're caught by the guards, you can try to convice them to let you go or be punished.

This is prison, pillory and fines according to the crimes.

Thankfully death sentence isn't there, otherwise I'd be boned.

133a62 No.14326792


512MB System Memory:

Your -heapsize should be: "262144″

1GB System Memory:

Your -heapsize should be: "524288″

2GB System Memory:

Your -heapsize should be: "1048576″

3GB System Memory

Your heapsize should be:"1572864"

4GB System Memory

Your heapsize should be:"2097152"

5GB System Memory

Your heapsize should be:"2621440"

6GB System Memory

Your heapsize should be:"3145728"

7GB System Memory

Your heapsize should be:"3670016"

8GB System Memory

Your heapsize should be:"4194304"

However for Cryengine http://docs.cryengine.com/display/CRYAUTOGEN/CONSOLEPREFIXR#AnchorRTEXTURESSTREAMINGRESIDENCYTIME

Open the console and input:

r_TexturesStreamingMipBias -3

The key to the poor ram usage is the borked texture streaming.

8707f4 No.14326803


Do I have to type that every time I play or can I edit an .ini for it?

635d83 No.14326804


Prison degrades your stats. You're still boned.

8707f4 No.14326831


Temporarily. It applies a debuff that can last… I dunno how long. But it eventually wears off.

It hits you pretty hard (harder the longer you've been in jail) but it's temporary so all I gotta do is reintegrate myself into society and become a productive serf :^)

And shank the motherfucker that snitched on me.

454fd0 No.14326858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's confirmed to be shit.

8707f4 No.14326872


>soy-voiced casual gave up during the tutorial

And you're taking that trannie's opinion as true because… you're mentally defective yourself?

133a62 No.14326888


That Anon is a woman or tranny "her"self, also is OP of this thread.

454fd0 No.14326905



nice argument, my transexual comrades

c79c2d No.14326906


The fact that a low life MC knows how to do them instead of a pries

133a62 No.14326919


The salves are magic so this is basically very, very low fantasy.

635d83 No.14326923


He doesn't though.

You'd have to read a recipe book or have someone teach you (or blindly try), except you can't read at the start and have to pay a lot to learn it.

769fcd No.14326932

I figure the only way to find a decent opinion on this game is waiting a month for it be really patched and then giving it a shot.

21a98a No.14326942


>thumbnail says it isn't good

>voice says it's ok but I suck ebin lol so randim


133a62 No.14326944


Scene groups are firing out hotfixes left and right, even groups thought dead are coming back from the grave. I think this game is really something but since OP is a faggot discussion of it is stalled. Plus all the Anons who refuse to upgrade their toasters.

454fd0 No.14326950


Watch the video beyond the first 3 minutes. She totally shat on it.

769fcd No.14326951


I've been with this toaster for 11 years now, it feels weird trying to put together money for a better toaster.

8707f4 No.14326965

c83f4e No.14326982

File: 07e4f4e92296805⋯.png (35.98 KB, 499x338, 499:338, This guy is a fucking idio….png)


Why should I care about some random fuck's opinion? Oh man a youtube video you sure showed everyone on this thread. You're so desperate to either hate this game or try to bait people that you're coming across more as pathetic than anything else. Stop while you're still ahead Anon, you've already embarassed yourself enough and anyone reading the thread already knows your tricks.

133a62 No.14326990


Well outside waiting for the parts it's like lego now, just make sure the case fits and everything is compatible with old and new games. The most tedious thing is switching files over but honestly you should do a full new install and bear with it. Makes everything nice and fresh.

454fd0 No.14326996


he, it, xer, whatever


This game seems like shit alright. No tricks, I'm just a TES fan[insert non binary pronoun here] who just hates this game from design standpoint, but you're free to have your own opinion. I'm like, free to have my own opinion too.

9bc47f No.14326997




>mercy kill

can i opt to just crack the guy in the head with a hammer or something? or set him on fire?


>as long as you make sure everyone dies, no problem.

awesome, i hate how in games i get some invisible "evil" rating that actually changes how people treat me.

c83f4e No.14327007


I don't see why you couldn't, just hit the fucker while he's on the ground.

133a62 No.14327012


Now you're just pretending to be retarded and mocking yourself to alleviate blame and pressure. A classic tactic, fuck off you've already established you don't matter and you're just a sock puppet.

454fd0 No.14327038


>you've already established you don't matter

And yet you're still replying.

133a62 No.14327051


Yes I am cunt, because it's easy to just takes seconds to post while waiting for a torrent to finish.

9bc47f No.14327052


i agree, but then again why would the game offer a mercy kill option if you could just hit the fucker?

133a62 No.14327063


Skyrim enemies would run, then come back immediately.y after an arbitrary distance. Remember Vavra was set off by Skyrim which is what motivated him to do this.

454fd0 No.14327079



>5-10 hours

Dude, that sounds like work.


Go play outside or something.

382272 No.14327086


Its ironic that SJWs wanted this game to fail based on political viewpoints rather than the quality of the game. But its actually having a very positive marketting effect, regardless of the quality of the game.

If your making a video game dont spend a penny on marketting. Just go on twitter and trigger some SJWs for a day or two.

They will do the rest of the work for you. Spread your name around letting everyone know you dont stand for SJW nonsense.

a6faf6 No.14327095


Because some people are subhuman faggots who enjoy uninterruptible precanned animations on every kill they ever do.

e44bee No.14327100


Judging the whole game based on the prologue is not a good review tbh

454fd0 No.14327105


She's already 6 hours in. That sounds like a really long prologue.

e44bee No.14327117


It is a long prologue.

005f9d No.14327119


>jewtube shilling

382272 No.14327127


>She's already 6 hours in.

So she hasnt even really started the prolog.

454fd0 No.14327135

e44bee No.14327136


The prologue is about 3 hours long if you don't wander around wasting time or going afk.

8897f7 No.14327139

File: 8eaee884168f8b5⋯.png (65.33 KB, 1814x350, 907:175, reseshit1.png)

File: f2704668653ad85⋯.png (40.46 KB, 1829x185, 1829:185, reseshit2.png)

So aparently, on Resetera, Vávra being racist isn't just an opinion or a fact.

It's a rule now.

Do you disagree and think Vávra isn't racist?

That's against the rules. Banned.

Also, if you read some of the threads they made about the game, aparently a small amount of them bought the game.

This is of course a problem, and they are terrible people. So half their "comunity" decided to bash them for it and completely shit up several threads about the game because people supported a "literal nazy OMG".

The moderators didn't want Resetera eating itself alive (past trauma from Neofag, no doubt) and applied an extensive wave of temporary bans to people screaming bloody murder at the evil nazi-suporters.

In case you were wondering were our "newfriends" in this thread came from, now you know.

There's a disagreement server where they're venting about it and a bunch of people are pissed at the situation. Dunno if I can get in and mine some salt, waiting for confirmation. Some of them post here aparently.

The good news: most of those bans are month-long, so we should have proper threads about the game by then. In the meantime enjoy it anons.

382272 No.14327141


Your meant to spend a few hours setting up your key bindings.

e44bee No.14327142


The prologue is about 3 hours long

8897f7 No.14327148


6 hours and in and she HASN'T cleared the prologue? That shit is the most linear and non-interactive part of the game, and she takes 6 hours dicking around?


e44bee No.14327156


Before the game's release I saw a Austrian streamer finish the prologue after 8 hours. He was coming off as an idiot though and he paid a lot of attention at the chat and going afk a whole bunch of times.

382272 No.14327159


She spent the first four hours twerking to the game menu,

133a62 No.14327227

File: 9281bb4bfd3242a⋯.jpg (302.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1516483450-1.jpg)

658627 No.14327691


>implying that's not true

9da0f4 No.14327698


shoo shoo normalfag

21a98a No.14327840

Look how many slide threads are being created.

They are ANGRY.

Also the combat’s not clunky, it’s fugging hard

658627 No.14327862

So will this game be fun on a niggerstaion 4?

a0bff7 No.14327975

File: 6263debbac31b55⋯.jpg (96.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-15 00-….jpg)

File: c8e8c4f316192bf⋯.jpg (351.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome 2018-02-15 00-….jpg)

Perfect game. Better than skyrim.

8897f7 No.14327995


Fuck off resetera.

It already sold 3 times as much as Subnautica.

You fucks have no power.

21a98a No.14327998


Never had something like that.

8897f7 No.14328002


I'm starting to think this shit is some anti-pirate thing.

Wouldn't be the first time a dev fucks over day one pirates.

Either that or that gigantic patch fixed everything.

At most, I get stuck on some bushes, but it's easy enough to avoid.

133a62 No.14328005

File: abee1fea5bb4bc7⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 854x480, 427:240, skyrim when cats fly.webm)

21a98a No.14328019


But I pirated it¿?

44b7c4 No.14328096

File: d6664175e1ecd03⋯.jpg (162.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180215004704_1.jpg)


Because sometimes the game doesn't hit where you want to hit when you free aim. i.e. Horseback combat.

bcbf0f No.14328105

File: 448fd6a96696731⋯.png (677.95 KB, 809x829, 809:829, 693910325d798ee09bfe67b63f….png)


Hello good sir!

I don't quite agree with that opinion of yours. I think skyrim is a great and well optimized open world rpg with unique gameplay that can also appeal to masses while your *cough* game *cough* is laggy and doesn't even have paid mods magic. According to my previous statement it would only make logical sense to buy skyrim instead of your game. I also suggest buying the special edition after you have purchased the normal version since you can support your favorite game developers and you get extra content. I also recommend buying my… i mean Bethesedas other game, fallout 4!

Thanks for your time and happy purchasing (of skyrim)

61c6a8 No.14328168

File: 42a9905cf064ede⋯.png (671.86 KB, 1161x957, 387:319, kingdomcum06.png)



bcbf0f No.14328206

File: 72783c37a6b6775⋯.png (143.46 KB, 398x384, 199:192, 72783c37a6b67756ce93bcc491….png)


This is a good and valid post

46d461 No.14328305


The next thing I'm going to do is return it.

It's a shit game, after all. Not wasting my money on it.

133a62 No.14328349


Whelp considering you like Inquisition your opinion is shit anyways. You can't even git gud at shooting arrows and expected the combat to be easy.

133a62 No.14328416

I've uploaded the crack plus some other stuff for it on the vola.


401c3a No.14328578


>no i kill pursuers option

FORCED drama. But i guess rails are needed to for majority of gamers.

>They didn't have their horse sprint.

Meh design i say. Just make it "throttle" without any additional inputs. Press forward to accelerate and then it turns into sprint by itself, there is no need for additional buttons if you can avoid them. It is also more realistic.

1740c5 No.14328647


Thanks. It's not dolphin porn right

133a62 No.14328652


Archive cut short, so it's actually useless sorry come back later.

907479 No.14328658


Why does that man have down's syndrome?

722882 No.14328742


>the san fran sjw clique is still asshurt that a videos game can succeed without their approval

>They still try to sway consensus against those evil racist sexist christian bigots who dared not to have any PoC or stronk womyn in their game

75e1b5 No.14329456

File: 4fc2b7edda5df25⋯.webm (9.44 MB, 720x480, 3:2, KCD_Strike.webm)

File: fbda86478cd170f⋯.png (653.76 KB, 583x600, 583:600, plumes.png)



The worst part is the combat. It's nearly unplayable.

Say what you will but ultimately no one who's played anything other than walking sims and indie trash would tell you that a whole second delay ever attack press is remotely tolerable.

8897f7 No.14329652


That "second delay" is there because you're starting a swing. You can use it to change the strike direction before it's done.

The second swing will take half of that, and if the other guy riposts, you have half a second to riposte aswell.

8897f7 No.14329702

So I got my first horse for saving that Hans fella.

I'm wondering: if you shank the bastard in the forest and return without him, what changes? Do you get a horse anyway?

46d461 No.14331776


I never said I liked Inquisition. I said I played it and it held my attention longer. Learn to read what people have written before replying to them.

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