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File: 64a53546f7c159e⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 1273x1800, 1273:1800, KCD.jpg)

cc5f9d No.14328743



If you have microstutters:


Another link to check out to improve game's performance:


How's your adventure going on, anon?

Post last edited at

5458e4 No.14349923


Fight unlocked. Press left shift or middle mouse button to unlock. You're at a disadvantaged so you're gonna have to be defensive. Keep both at a distance and in sight and stab any that comes close to you. Also, learn to prioritise targets. Is one guy wearing plate armor and the other is just wearing soft silk that's easy to stab? Go for the silky one and stab his eye out, then you'll be alone with the plate

2d6eaf No.14349926


Regardless; tell me about Bane, why is the recipe masked?!

66d37a No.14349932


A lot of loyality for a hired mercenary

d0dc5a No.14349939


>Guards! We have a pagan heretic here.

Someone hasn't read the Epistles of Paul. It's completely possible for a power to convert to Christ.

2d6eaf No.14349941


It doesn't matter if we're Cumin, what matters is Sigismund's plan.

5458e4 No.14349948

Any way to set "r_TexturesStreamingMipBias -3" to be used without having to type in everytime I need it?

718331 No.14349957


You can dump it in the user.cfg file. Also what does that command do exactly?

66d37a No.14349962


Run into the Skalitz castle son, they expect one of us on the market square.

2d6eaf No.14349972


Have we set it on fire?

5458e4 No.14349992


It's supposed to help with load times

850630 No.14350029

I don't understand combos. I'm doing the required input but it doesn't do any special animation, even if I have the correct weapon equipped. The only one I can do reliably is False Edge and I shouldn't even be able to since I'm wielding a shorsword and the tooltip says it's for longswords.

718331 No.14350043


see >>14349700

5458e4 No.14350052

File: ea74c4694d01d8f⋯.png (923.41 KB, 850x749, 850:749, BOW.png)

Where do I even sell these bows?? The armorsmith, swordsmith and black smith wont take em. The general trader has piss amound of money. So where?


Combos work even if your opponent blocks them. You also have to do it fast. If you've noticed, the bar of your cursors flash brightly for a moment, that is when you should attack with your next strike. All you strikes must land consecutively with a quick succession. Doesn't work if your enemy counters you.

2d6eaf No.14350053

File: 1d45e29f2034569⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 240x280, 6:7, coffeeinstant.jpg)



Nice. I haven't gotten to perk combos yet, but It'll be good to. I'm thinking of specializing in mace (maybe with a shield?) or maybe sabre. Opinions on the different gear/weapon types? I just don't have enough playtime yet to formulate my own without additional data.

66d37a No.14350057


Normal merchant

850630 No.14350058



I knew about the flashing thing which is why I was really puzzled as to why it doesn't work when I do the proper input. I'll try them in training.

718331 No.14350061


I started out with longsword perks because it pays to have the longer poking range before you have armor. Now that I'm geared up and I maxed out swords, I'm going with mace + shield.

8d3173 No.14350062

File: 111490d811e6cc9⋯.png (960.27 KB, 924x616, 3:2, Remember Hiroshima.png)


You don't because literally everything hinges on stats. We've been over this but anons keep lying.

You can block excellent and swing great but Henry will stall or whiff because he's a low stat pansy.

You have to go running in circles for a while to earn the "softfooted" perk or whatever that jumping off a pebble won't break your legs. It's THAT kind of game.

2d6eaf No.14350065


Have you tried sabre at all? Seems like it would be a fantastic bleeder.

5458e4 No.14350066


Sword and shield if you're a pussy. Longsword if you're a manly man with big areolas.


They can be a bit annoying to full off because sometimes the enemy is just good in how they prevent combos on themselves. They usually prevent it by doing a perfect block on you, cutting of your combos.


Like I said, general traders don't have enough money to buy my stuff.

718331 No.14350068


If shortsword and sabre perks work with shield, we might actually have a meta winner.

66d37a No.14350081


Then wait for some days, they should get money, or sell to the Millers they should have atleast 800 Groschen.

2d6eaf No.14350082

File: 85e5a3d5d66622d⋯.jpg (247.5 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, buckler.jpg)


Might. Are there bucklers? I haven't seen any in stores nor anyone using them. The thing about a big shield irl is it's kind of inconvenient and at the very least uncomfortable to walk around with one (on arm or back), while bucklers don't have this problem.

718331 No.14350083


The smaller shields are on the cumans.

c74e2b No.14350084

File: eac782223aee1c7⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 417x256, 417:256, fXXALZah.jpg)

>getting 650 Groschen for every bandit ear I turn in to Vom Berg

This HAS to be a glitch

a057ff No.14350088

File: bfdbe5e75d4d3fa⋯.png (94.18 KB, 362x492, 181:246, bfdbe5e75d4d3faa5ba5474d3d….png)

Where the fuck are my saves stored? I cant fucking find the folder

Please help me

718331 No.14350089


It might not be if you think about how much it cost to train an arm a soldier and potentially lose him to a fucking bandit camp.

8922f8 No.14350090

File: a7f663f3dbdfc11⋯.webm (7.67 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Bread Merchant.webm)

This bread merchant has a hooked nose and a nasally voice.

c74e2b No.14350093


The other camp-destruction quest givers pay you like 40-60 per though, and for part of that time you're hunting Cumans.

7acf87 No.14350094


the huntsman

2d6eaf No.14350095

File: b14de1f5a011814⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sample.jpg)

File: 77f4dca62933cb1⋯.webm (612.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, damn_jews.webm)

Non sequiter, but am I the only one that wants vavra to pour his autism into a castle building/sieging game?

Pic related inb4 crapdev is the best I've found so far.


Damn jews and their guilds. They're the reason so many trades got choked up with regulation.

8922f8 No.14350096


CODEX version puts them in:

C:\Users\username\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves

66d37a No.14350097


>soy in my Brezel

c74e2b No.14350101

File: 41ff08daf3a8de0⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 270x302, 135:151, amy11.JPG)

>using Capon's hunting bow (Power: 54)

>find Elm Longbow (Power: 72)

>repair it to full

>equip it

>ranged damage goes DOWN about 20 points with all arrow types

What the fuck? The longbow is even worth more money, why is it worse in every way?

c74e2b No.14350107


Oh, I don't meet the stat requirements.

a057ff No.14350133


Thank you very much

8922f8 No.14350139

File: 78041dd69d900d9⋯.gif (516.47 KB, 300x258, 50:43, birdhouse_of_mystery.gif)

Why even engage in the close combat system when you can just knock people out from behind or shoot 'ein the face with an arrow if they're running toward you?

I happened upon a Wayward Knight who wanted to duel and he would only bet one piece of equipment on the duel if I had enough money to bet which I didn't. But if i just came up behind him and knocked him out I could loot ALL his equipment and money. So what's the point?

I guess that's realistic since real life isn't balanced. Doesn't matter how great your equipment is if someone can choke you out from behind without warning and take your shit. Do any enemies do the ridiculously overpowered knockout or point blank arrow to the face?

c74e2b No.14350145


There are plenty of enemies that will hang back and shoot at you while their friends attack. Nobody is gonna use stealth against you, though. I have yet to see a game that has any idea how NPC-vs-Player stealth would even work.

8922f8 No.14350147


It would be interesting it enemies used stealth, but if they were good enough there wouldn't be any defense against it. They could kill you in your sleep.

c74e2b No.14350150


I mean, that would honestly be the easiest thing to implement. Sleep in the wrong place (e.g. that bandit camp you just cleared out)? Wake up to some dude bringing his dagger down into your chest. Game Over.

It's more that it would be near-impossible to code an NPC "sneaking up" on the player during normal play.

2d6eaf No.14350151


Perception checks? If you have crap eyes then just add an invisibility effect to the npc for you only. If other people detect the npc and point him out, everyone, including you, now see the npc.

8922f8 No.14350160


>invisibility effect

Would be better if the NPC just tries to stay behind you or in cover. The perception check would determine whether you hear them coming.

0d42a5 No.14350169

File: 418f6470369cdb3⋯.png (2.69 KB, 194x194, 1:1, chikoshit.png)

>don't have schnapps to save

>find a tavern to sleep and save at

>character is too retarded to climb the top of a ladder and falls everytime

what do

5458e4 No.14350174

File: c837a03f5623d08⋯.jpg (239.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219004106_1.jpg)

File: 339b7ce31c92973⋯.jpg (135.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219004113_1.jpg)

File: e190d1fc1eae00e⋯.jpg (127.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219004117_1.jpg)

Wtf is this? Why do I have the ability to transcribe something IN LATIN.


They're not bucklers though.

c74e2b No.14350178


If you know how to read, how is it so hard to copy down some Latin words? You don't need to understand them.

718331 No.14350208


>why bet with the wayward knight

He gives you a 24 def brigantine at full condition if you win. He wears a 20 def version.

e63227 No.14350224

File: 94075304ee1b1c0⋯.png (58.66 KB, 172x163, 172:163, arice.png)


pray that someone fixes the fucking collision which makes some places unusable. Atleast it makes a funny moment when you ride at a gallop under a street sign and Henry gets knocked to the floor and stunned

d49fac No.14350229

Just bought the game.

What am in for?

5458e4 No.14350243


What's the point of transcribing them though?

c74e2b No.14350246


Remember that this is just around the time of the invention of the printing press (~1440), so this was the only way to copy anything.

549bf5 No.14350247


You're just copying what you see.

e63227 No.14350263

Anyone know where the third miller is? Ive got the second who lives just down the river fromt he first but I need another fence for all the shit I have

0d42a5 No.14350266


"muh realism"

d49fac No.14350268


Is there a problem with that?

Hopefully even more based Slavs start making realistic games based around their countries to show the communists in the west what a real video game should be like.

Stay triggered.

d2e761 No.14350271



0d42a5 No.14350277


im not triggered but if you wanna make realistic mechanics make sure they fucking work properly

5458e4 No.14350279


Bug and general shenanigans. Drink as much alcohol as you can as you have a drinking skill to level up.



Right, but in-game what does this achieve?

0cb1a3 No.14350287


>fresh from the oven

ee2e1e No.14350293


Mount and unmount your stead. It may reset your animation.

ee2e1e No.14350304


Codex scribes.

7acf87 No.14350307

>finally fug Theresa

>that boob jiggle

That made me smile

c74e2b No.14350316

File: 145afa2a37c5508⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 229x300, 229:300, 1252546843443.jpg)


>fugging Theresa

>first camera angle artfully covers her boobs with your arm

>huh ok

>sudden swap to other side

>you can see everything

718331 No.14350334

>quest wants me to go around getting cuman armor because your good friends hatched the most idiotic plan of the century

>My Henry's disbelief as the quest giver tells him to go collect three sets of cuman armor and helmet by charging into cuman camps and asking nicely

>2 hours later in some cuman camp…

>A heavily armored nigger with a mace runs in screaming top of his lungs

>The cumans instantly recognize him as Henry of the black hood, scourge of the cumans

>Henry ignores the perimeter guards and sprints straight to the campfire, where the cuman captain sits

>Captain gets his head bonked in before he even manages to stand up.

>His lieutenant manages to stand up, but gets bonked down before he manages to draw out his saber.

>Lesser cumans start bolting, Henry sprints after them beating all of them down with the ceremonial mace picked up at Rattay.

I did exactly that for 3 camps to get all the best possible loot I can. Funny how the game dynamic changes once you have access to heavy armor.

e8c220 No.14350376

File: 0f36a26eeb834d2⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 1187x526, 1187:526, candy.jpg)

>take quest to investigate witchcraft

>3 sluts who all have their own personal problems openly admit to it and tell me to mind my own damn business

>tail them to their meeting ground

>one is holding reservations because she doesn't want to "rub ointment on her cunny"

>is talked into it by the old hag of the group

>accidentally get too close to their ritual

>they think i'm satan summoned forth to fulfill their desire

>they rub their LSD cream on me, start hallucinating, they all turn into various barnyard animals

>henry ends up plowing the one who turns into a horse

10/10 sidequest

a91657 No.14350429


>go behind the horse wench

>lockpick level: very easy


7ffab3 No.14350466


>in-game what does this achieve

It doesn't make the librarian think you're an incompetent fucktard and complain to the monk police that'll lock you in the cellar if you fuck around too much.

Also, I just found the recipe for "witches brew" which is said to make you see things.

Should I try it on myself or should I pour it in some peasant's food and see what happens?

999718 No.14350481


>LSD cream

My beat guess would be cream of belladonna berries. Historically used by witches to get high af, common symptoms include sensations of flying. They used to use the ends of broomsticks to rub it in a girls cunny so she'd get high af without the person applying also getting stoned, hence "witches flying on broomsticks"

2d6eaf No.14350525

Can I improve stats just by swinging the sword in the air or do I have to fight somebody? I am literally 2 exp away from the needed stats to use a sword.

549bf5 No.14350529

File: 6737d60f058725e⋯.jpg (166.59 KB, 593x564, 593:564, 1440318486351-1.jpg)


>implying you don't want yakety sax hijinks with angry peasent villagers in their underwear

git gud and actually train with Bernard. Most glitches and bugs I've come across are primarily graphics related or some mild stuttering from Cryengine's texture loading and re-loading.

5458e4 No.14350531


Wow, I actually looked at Ratay and Sasau and they don't sell this. Even the Wayfaring Knight stopped spawning for me after beating him twice in a row.

7ffab3 No.14350532


Go fight the Rattay captain in the arena beyond the upper city walls.

b73098 No.14350541

Any way to identify unknown potions? I don't really wanna try one and end up shitting out my guts or something.


>accidentally get too close

That kind of pissed me at first because I was trying to hide behind a tree and in the end had to kill those two innocent guys, but the hallucinations and dialog made up for it.


>my best guess

She tells you there's belladonna in there when you question her dude.

>They used to use the ends of broomsticks to rub it in a girls cunny… hence "witches flying on broomsticks"


5458e4 No.14350546


Well, his not that far off. I've come across several quest bugs that made me not able to complete it. I had to reload. One such quest is the lost in translation where if you choose to keep the treasure, the quest won't update even if you give it back.

5458e4 No.14350550


Apply it to sword, cut a peasant with it. If he thanks you, it's ok. If he's dead, it's not ok.

44c009 No.14350564

File: 02600616bbb2a64⋯.png (79.51 KB, 166x314, 83:157, 1363195154215.png)

Is the "Padding" perk under "Maintenance" a bit overpowered? I can wear full plate armor and have 0 noise. Before the perk and in this armor I had like 60-70.

b87a4d No.14350576


>stealing and sneaking

Henry is no thief. What would his father think? Shame on you anon.

2d6eaf No.14350580


That's what I've been doing for a while now.. Feinting doesn't seem to work for me. I hit attack, feint right after I press it and try to attack from another direction but it always does it from the first direction.

dacbd7 No.14350588

there are swordsmiths and armoursmiths, but are there any bowyers where you can buy bows from?

af35df No.14350610


You have to hold it in one chamber until you draw the weapon back, then quickly move to another direction and release. Everyone should practice with Bernard in Rattay near the upper gate. Not only is it good practice and basically free levels, but some of the lessons give you perks and teach you new abilities that I don't think you can learn otherwise.

Also, I've found it's a lot easier to get perfect parries and master strokes when you're already holding your weapon in the same direction they're attacking from. This also helps you escape stunlock combos where just timing your parry right doesn't work.

718331 No.14350614


Huntsman is who you are looking for.

0d42a5 No.14350619

File: 46e59e601a6ffc2⋯.jpg (34.82 KB, 500x331, 500:331, jack_frost.jpg)

>on a detective mission

>guy tells me the suspect went to church last time he saw him

>interrogate the priest

>ask him what he told him

>"i can't tell you other people's confessions anon, that's god's law"

>"i will beat the shit out of you until i get my answers church boy"

>priest actually fisticuffs with me

>beat him and now he cooperates

absolutely halal 10/10

b87a4d No.14350623


You missed the best quest in the game by doing that. Redo it, go drinking with him to the tavern, see what happens. Best quest in the game in the last 10 years.

2d6eaf No.14350628


>hold and release

Entirely different to other games I've played. I'll try that as soon as my bones stop hurting from mace practice with berny.

0d42a5 No.14350632


im gonna do that right about now

f189dc No.14350634


That questline is great. God bless godwin.

b87a4d No.14350638


When you go to the tavern and finish talking about quest related stuff, he'll ask you for a drink. Say yes. And also, answer all his questions, don't choose I can't talk about it ever

af35df No.14350642


>mace practice with Bernard

Even wearing heavy armor and using the practice mace, he still wounds me more often than not. Blunt damage is no joke.

718331 No.14350664


Yeah I skipped trying to practice macing with Berny and went straight to putting mace to bandit face for levels. Now I have no idea if I need to fight unmounted to train my mace skill because I have all the skills I need to lazily sit on my horse and smash people's face in.

2d6eaf No.14350682

File: b97941ba7f76256⋯.png (266.89 KB, 330x295, 66:59, wall.png)



I want all those cool counter moves Bernard has and uses constantly. I like playing tanks in rpgs and I don't particularly care about damage combo moves if I can have an unbeatable defense.

fbba59 No.14350691


I found that witch's brew at the foot of this cool three-headed pagan shrine out in the woods west of vranik. I drank it and all it did was make my vision all chromatic abberation-y.

7ffab3 No.14350693


Then I'll feed some to peasants and see what happens

Let's hope for a massacre

af35df No.14350694


At some point, maybe it depends on your weapon skill, he'll teach you master strokes for different weapons. That's what those cool counters are. They happen sometimes if you get a perfect parry and have your weapon in the same position as the incoming attack.

ede7ba No.14350696

some goy described this as "more of a simulation than a game", is this true?

af35df No.14350699


In some ways but not really. Realism is definitely a goal of the game, but they're always ready to move away from it if it would damage gameplay.

0de335 No.14350706


He gives you the hard as fuck quests though. One of them had a guy in full plate with a heavy warhammer that was a pain in the ass until my knock out perk got him on one of the hits and I was able to just mercy kill him.

c74e2b No.14350713


The last one was hard (the giant camp with 7-8 bandits) but the other two were pretty standard bandit camps. Whatever, if that prick Vom Berg wants to bankrupt himself paying me to put arrows in bandits, fine by me. I only wish there were even nicer clothes to buy.

fbba59 No.14350714


Kinda? Like it's definitely a game, it's not walking simulator. You have to eat and sleep and have the option and washing yourself and your clothes so I can sorta see where he's coming from. But on the whole it's just a rollicking adventure with a slight focus on realism.

109dbf No.14350738

Why the fuck this game crashes all the goddamn time? Thank G'd i did not pay for this.

GOG torrent when?

2d6eaf No.14350739


Actually starting to get a couple pommels to the face against him in clinches, which is exactly how I wanna fight. Counter and punish.

da2db3 No.14350753

File: 9b8df45ee74e985⋯.png (228.42 KB, 822x741, 274:247, holy sex positions.png)

Is this a Christian game? I'm sensible and can only play pure games.

af35df No.14350758


Clinches are weird. They involve the two combatant's strength and respective weapon skills, but it seems like it relies on some input as well.

4faf9d No.14350760

File: 78eafd58ae3e79c⋯.gif (99.88 KB, 96x96, 1:1, feels good.gif)

>finally get enough money to buy a body plate

>people are starting to call me Knight



you can be a good christian in this game

af35df No.14350764


Christian maybe but pretty pro Reformation, which may offend you if you're a fag. The game is set shortly before the Reformation began, and there's 2 popes I think.

b87a4d No.14350772


>the priest favours reformation

>goes drinking with you, fucks the waiters, pukes from the top of the bell tower and rings the bell at 3am, says mass burping the next morning

Yeah, pretty favorable treatment of reformation.

2d6eaf No.14350773

File: 76701d954729a8d⋯.webm (1.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, do_you_feel_in_charge.webm)


If you can hit the F key early when it starts, you win more often.. I know that much.

Though, mfw I'm slapping bernard sensless once we started pole training.


7acf87 No.14350778


Reformation didn't happen for another hundred years. This is set shortly before the Hussite wars.

1aa3bc No.14350781

>>14350753 see >>14350771

82a402 No.14350789


Just checking, when OP talks about "microstutters" they are NOT referring to the 3 to 10 second freezes right? "Micro" stutter shouldn't be more than a half second at most and it's more of a jerky look than anything. I'm not getting any of that so I haven't bothered with the fix.

0d42a5 No.14350793

File: ca41245f910a192⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, risitas.jpg)


THAT'S WAS SOME GOOD SHIT ANON, i suggest people to do this when they get the chance>>14350619

7acf87 No.14350806


You can be a real paragon of virtue in this game, morafagging 24/7. The game allows for that (you can even spare your enemies rather than killing them in cold blood), but of course, you will miss out on all the thieving quests and all the quests that have to do with drinking copious amounts of beer and wine, as well as fucking wenches. The romance questline in this game has you take a nice stroll along the river with the girl, take her out to town for dinner, and finally make vanilla sex to her in the barn

82a402 No.14350808


And then completely forget about her, even losing the dialog option to give her gifts

2d6eaf No.14350815


Are there more chances for fugging or does that disappear too?

7acf87 No.14350820


also disappears, sadly.

549bf5 No.14350827


I see the lady who is thirsty for your cock in the prologue didn't blindside you with surprise sex.

095a08 No.14350828

I've seen rabbits and deer. Any other forest critters to shoot? There better be wolves.

b73098 No.14350829

File: 2d46288f3756666⋯.png (151.75 KB, 371x380, 371:380, 2d46288f37566668f9de88b93b….png)

Where's that last fucking Nightingale. They're loud as fuck, I shouldn't be having trouble with this.

82a402 No.14350837


All three of them are in a line (mostly north-south) to the east of the center marker. They aren't spaced that far apart.

b87a4d No.14350843


Yeah I felt the same way. I kinda regret I unwillingly cheated on Theresa. hope you beat the shit out of the Bailiff and his posse

2d6eaf No.14350862


Haven't been to talmberg really since the prologue. Unfortunately more forest assholes decided I would be a good sword holder and I have to redo training with fucking bernard.

c0a0b1 No.14350864

File: ffc188d64ca8373⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 193x135, 193:135, 1296783207083.gif)

>want to see what the gameplay is like

>search for its gameplay on youtube

>trying to find the intro to get a sense of what its like

>every single video


What the FUCK, I just want gameplay, not some retarded chuckle fuck talking about nonsense the whole time….FUCK

b87a4d No.14350867


I skipped that fucking quest, fuck that.

af35df No.14350868


There's boars and I've seen groups of white deer. Heard wolves howling in the woods at night, but I haven't seen any.

549bf5 No.14350869


Bernard is the best trainer you'll come across, if you don't take that training everyone is going to be doing cool counter moves against you like a bitch.

af35df No.14350875


The gameplay changes a lot from early game to midgame.

009930 No.14350886


Hassan Al Hajry always does a voiceless and competent playthrough. Not sure if he has done that game yet, but it's worth a look.

2d6eaf No.14350888


Yeah I just wish I could save at a shrine or something, like a good Christian? Right? I PLAYED LIKE TWO HOURS OF TRAINING BUT BECAUSE I DIDNT SLEEP FOR SIX FUCKING HOURS AFTER IT DOESNT COUNT

003f6c No.14350894


Just keep slamming him. If you can't hurt him, then keep attacking until your strength levels up enough.


When making Savior Schnapps, I never ever made it come to a boil. I just pressed G twice and it worked. I'm assuming it doesn't work so easily on other potions, though.


Plagues were not exactly an uncommon occurance. The black plague was the super big one, is all.


Pretty sure, yeah. I've never picked up a shield off a guy I've fought that wasn't completely broken.


He's just a random encounter, it's not supposed to be a single dude. That's like saying the "Bandit" NPC keeps respawning.


By running the fuck away. I'm prettygood at the combat and have good/decent gear, and fighting two people is still a challenge. Until you can very confidently fuck up one person, don't bother with two people.


>r shoot 'ein the face with an arrow if they're running toward you?

Because this isn't Skyrim and shooting arrows blows ass.


Read a fucking history book you worthless sack of shit.

7acf87 No.14350898


why aren't you stockpiling the save game booze?

0de335 No.14350908


Shit he could just make it himself. The ingredients cost like 10 silver to make 10 drinks.

2d6eaf No.14350913


I am I just don't like using it. I think I have 7 of them and yes I admit they do no good if I don't use them but I need to locate a good spot to get belladonna, I have nettles for days and no belladonna.


Did I mention the bitch who wanted 3.3 groschen PER FLOWER? She's the one I ax'd in the back.

af35df No.14350934

I feel bad trashing that Faint Hearted Knight every time and taking his nice shit. He seems so downtrodden. Maybe I'll let him win next time.

c74e2b No.14350948

File: 4822408deef0cc5⋯.jpg (31.56 KB, 491x445, 491:445, 01A2347721EF48498BCAD46F6E….jpg)

>get to 8 lockpicking

>even Hard locks are ezpz

>but very hard locks are "too difficult"

What is this bullshit?

0de335 No.14350951


>Did I mention the bitch who wanted 3.3 groschen PER FLOWER

If you aren't haggling people down to at least half of what they want for their goods you are doing something wrong.

2d6eaf No.14350956


I do, though most of the time they just cancel the deal. I'm not dirty or anything and I can average 7 charisma.

1956f5 No.14350960

Anyone else having strange VRAM issues with this game? When I start the game and look at the console, it says that my 1080 only has 3988 MB of dedicated VRAM when it should have around 8 GB. I'd like to see if I can correct this to get more performance out of the game.

dacbd7 No.14350961


if you can get it, get the luck of the drunk

0de335 No.14350967


Get the final offer perk then just take whatever they give you when it pops as it will give you a good idea when to stop.

003f6c No.14350971


>I have nettles for days and no belladonna.

Buy the belladonna you fuck. Flowers are cheap as shit.


You can actually keep haggling after the final offer perk is used, but you have to know what the fuck you're doing.

8922f8 No.14350993


I tried changing the textures from high to ultra high but it didn't seem to change the VRAM usage. It's like there's a cap that is well below how much VRAM you actually have.

e63227 No.14350996

File: 6c7daa7589a40d0⋯.png (266.69 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 1476277625137.png)

What does the empty red coin bag mean next to a town name on the map/rep screen? I assumed it meant a bounty but since I had it on a town that hates me, but now one has appeared on a town that likes me too

c74e2b No.14351003


A red bag with coins falling out of it means you are wanted for a crime that requires a fine (instead of jail time). Stop getting caught thieving, anon.

66d37a No.14351006


Someone saw you and reported you, the local opinion about you is unimportant,

1956f5 No.14351013


I think I might have read on a post in this thread previously or somewhere else that there is a known issue with the game's VRAM usage being capped at 4 gigs or something like that, but I can't find anything about it when I Jewgle it and now I'm unsure of myself.

2d6eaf No.14351020

Also how exactly do shields work? I notice that holding Q makes me kinda raise it.. does having one just auto block? Make parry windows bigger?

7acf87 No.14351026


they are simply very hard, anon. What is not to understand?

e63227 No.14351030



is it bugged to pay your bounty then? I only stole a fucking cup but I cant find anyone to pay off my bounty

7acf87 No.14351034


the guards have a chance to recognise you depending on the severity of your crime. When they do, you can surrender to them and pay the fine

af35df No.14351035


You can hold it up to block, most useful for blocking arrows. Otherwise it's best to time your blocks/parries to create openings to attack the enemy.

af35df No.14351040


If you find the bailiff you can probably take care of it.

c74e2b No.14351041


If you're in the town where you're wanted, just go up to a guard. If they don't nab you on the spot, talking to them will probably do it.

e63227 No.14351055




its one of those little towns and I havent seen a single guard. time to wander aimlessly to stop these fuckers hating me so much

8922f8 No.14351079

File: bb2e2adc3d0f6ab⋯.webm (11.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rain.webm)

I don't like the rain in this game. It's just an overlay that has zero interaction with any objects. It's especially noticeable when you see small, distant, raindrops overlayed onto a bush that's right in front of you. It's also only really visible in dark areas. When it's overlayed on a light-colored sky you can barely see it.

Rain also doesn't affect faces. There was a cutscene at night in the pouring rain with people talking and their faces looked entirely dry. Rain does at least create an effect over the surface of water though.

af35df No.14351085


Rain cleans clothes too, yours and NPCs. At least cleans the blood of it, anyway.

e63227 No.14351089

Well I killed the bailiff and now my bounty has dissapeared. I tired punching random villagers but no guard came so fuck this, atleast the bounty is gone now

8922f8 No.14351092


Is there any reason to use a bathhouse over a common trough?

0d42a5 No.14351099

File: 1178a7ee8e3df94⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sin.png)

my nigger Henry is getting laid in all the places, i should invest more in hand to hand combat and drinking just get into all of the barfights i can manage to make Henry a man

1956f5 No.14351103


I suspect that it makes your blocks take less stamina if you screw up a perfect block, but I'm always too focused in a fight to take notice of how much stamina those individual moves use. Also, being able to block arrows is quite important.

0de335 No.14351108


You get cleaner.

2d6eaf No.14351111


Cool thanks.

Side note, does anybody know from what direction of talmberg is the camping spot where hans at during the hunting quest? I ditched him as soon as we got there and the marker isn't showing up- though the quest status is the same. (we arrived at the campsite where we would spend the night)

1956f5 No.14351113


You can get healed there cheaply, it saves the game and you can get perks that give you buffs that last for a day after taking a bath. Also, you can get laid.

629de4 No.14351115


That looks fucking awful

ee5236 No.14351117





Judging by symptoms it is cholera.

8922f8 No.14351123


That does sound better than a trough. Maybe I should stop being a cheapskate and avoiding all these places.

003f6c No.14351135

File: 0961699f49b724f⋯.gif (429.27 KB, 431x235, 431:235, PNeCPgU.gif)


So you can pic related

1956f5 No.14351136


"Plague" was a colloquialism for any deadly and contagious disease in the day, I'm not sure if that discussion came up because someone in the game said it.


The inherent effects of being cleaner from bathing aren't very explicit, but apparently you are stealthier if you're clean because you don't stink. I'm not sure if using a trough also gets rid of the stink or not. I do know there's a Maintenace perk that gives you +1 CHA for a day after laundering your clothes at a bathhouse though.

4faf9d No.14351141

File: 75e7b644fffa615⋯.webm (3.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, best sidequest.webm)

8922f8 No.14351146

File: 59e48aa1ac14bd9⋯.webm (7.51 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Stormy.webm)



Here's weather from TW3 for comparison.

e3b6a1 No.14351147

File: 34e3603cb384a17⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 704x704, 1:1, Questioning anime girl won….jpg)

Can we expect Prague DLC?

I'd really like to see a large fancy medieval city

66d37a No.14351158


I heard it smells like shit, Henry-kun

1956f5 No.14351161

So, suddenly I don't even care about the VRAM issue I mentioned a few posts ago. I was running GPU-Z and realized that my 1080 is practically asleep while I run this game on all low settings. I have varied amounts of stuttering in populated areas and it's pretty annoying. I set PhysX to use the 1080 specifically and that helped a bit, but it's quite irritating when I'm in any big town like Sassau or Rattay. I have an i5 6600k, which I thought should be serviceable for this, but God damn. All of the fights in the game so far have happened around the edge of town, or when everyone was asleep in town, or outside of town, so most of this game has been fine for me but I'd really like to eliminate the stuttering in larger towns.

ff3453 No.14351163


Would the engine handle it? Sassau runs like shit on my PC as it is, which while not a beast isn't completely dogshit either.

ee5236 No.14351168


Every medieval settlement smells like manure, because you know horses.

e3b6a1 No.14351178


Even the rich Church and Merchant sectors?

e3b6a1 No.14351181

File: 85066c3cf20c127⋯.jpg (529.86 KB, 1920x775, 384:155, Prague.jpg)


Well it wasn't that big back then

66d37a No.14351185


Guess what they use for transportation

0de335 No.14351186


Probably more so as the rich would own most of the horses.

2d6eaf No.14351187

File: b5e3698b349d22f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 372x323, 372:323, Hell.gif)

Okay I seriously can't find hans- there's no quest marker, we haven't even done any hunting yet but I've search pretty much all the woods between neuhoff and talmberg but I can't find him.

Did I bug it? Is my savegame screwed? I mean I picked some pretty awful perks so I could always start over but

e3b6a1 No.14351189


Actually in 1371 it had 40,000 people in it.

How many NPC's where there in Novigrad?

66d37a No.14351195


Go to the camp and wait for 10 hours.


They really should add climbing.

e3b6a1 No.14351203


Their feet, wagons, and horses?

0d42a5 No.14351237

File: beba56c4904a75f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.75 KB, 700x700, 1:1, beba56c4904a75f0c9ee77d174….jpg)

i still don't get this, how come you can't steal people's home but you can eat from their pot without permission?

2d6eaf No.14351241

File: cd264c0a7a1c151⋯.png (4.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, white clouds.png)


That's just it, I can't FIND the camp. I searched everywhere that had white clouds but I didn't find any camps similar to what I remember before I ditched hans. The moment we got there I fast traveled back to Rattay.

e3b6a1 No.14351254

File: b6bf86d65821892⋯.jpg (197.53 KB, 1171x1017, 1171:1017, Question Tohru.jpg)

I'm doing the Ruin activity where I hunt down bandits for money but I had to flee after killing the bandit leader and now when I come back the corpse is gone so I can't collect the bandit leaders spurs.

What the fuck do I do?

0d42a5 No.14351258


i think you broke it, reload a previous save and actually follow hans and you will fast travel with him

2d6eaf No.14351271


Yeah we did the fast travel- I ditched him after that. I also went and did a lot of stuff after that.. I mean maybe I'll just restart since I would have to replay so much gameplay and I know better what I'm doing.

009930 No.14351284


Have you looked for the bastards that picked up the corpse? Check the paths nearby.

5e323b No.14351293

So, what kind of mods should people expect for this game? they talk little to nothing about the modding capacities.

2a65ba No.14351295

So are you shills even playing the game, or just sucking it off because of muh SJW?

b87a4d No.14351299


Yeah, I played it from Friday afternoon to about Sunday afternoon, now I'm taking a break because tomorrow's Monday and I have to work and I hate my job and I'm too depressed to play.

f97f03 No.14351307


I've heard the game's file structure is very modding friendly, but I don't know if that's true or not.


At least put some effort into your shitposts, anon.

4faf9d No.14351325



It's a cryengine game and all the files can be modified, you can try opening the .pak files with 7zip or a similar tool and extract them for modding. Also check nexus, there is some mods already up.

5e323b No.14351339



I was just wondering if the PC version would be really customizable or it would be the same as the console version.

4faf9d No.14351341




forgot to tell, there's a big overhaul mod already in the works and the devs said something about releasing all the SDK after some time

5458e4 No.14351344

File: 85885a8c349870a⋯.jpg (778.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219051235_1.jpg)

Anyone know where to find the houndskull bascinet? No one sells it.


By memory it should be here.

842f1f No.14351367

File: d6298e4728604b0⋯.png (84.93 KB, 588x577, 588:577, you can play oblivion and ….PNG)

At least he tried.

5e323b No.14351375


So, we should expect crazy mods soon?

1aa3bc No.14351386


>been a few days and there's already 4 pages worth of mods

Albeit uninteresting and not needed mods but mods none the less, hopefully we get some really in depth mods that change the game at its core. and to remove the black screen when you go to the bath house with a wench

94271a No.14351401

File: e4cc2cd0bb46a98⋯.png (3.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, I Want You, Mare.png)

4faf9d No.14351410


here's the link for the GOT mod http://www.moddb.com/mods/seven-kingdoms-total-war

so probably soon we will be getting some good mods


check >>14351141 :)

ae6661 No.14351412


Though posting on the Vinesauce Twitter, Limes is female. She even works for Twitch.

a7ad83 No.14351421

File: 99084090e85472d⋯.jpg (36.24 KB, 750x350, 15:7, jewssassin.jpg)

>Just finished intro

>Level 2

>Got a skill to spend

What perks/skills do I get to be a sneaky, conniving, backstabbing jew?

82a402 No.14351427


Pretty sure I came across a couple in that big bandit+cumin town in the main story. I of course killed everyone there when I was supposed to "scout" it.

I don't like wearing helms that obscure my vision so I stick with the bell shaped kettle hat

0d42a5 No.14351428

File: eb226f639bcc0d2⋯.jpg (6.4 KB, 184x184, 1:1, c7ffce90715c59327a3171f6f7….jpg)


>lockpick (very easy)

842f1f No.14351434


I meant the fucking comment.

eb1f7e No.14351447

File: 78f12563fbc91d6⋯.png (102.65 KB, 600x587, 600:587, 1474837706613.png)

1aa3bc No.14351472


Sounds pretty cool, I'm not into GoT that much but it's interesting nonetheless.

ff3453 No.14351526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I kind of feel like I'm playing this game wrong, since I usually end up sneaking around and stabbing bandits in their sleep and stealing everything not hidden behind a very hard lock and even then i'm a master pick pocket now. I end up riding around singing this to myself.

af35df No.14351551


IMO it's best to roleplay for your first playthrough, given Henry's pre-existing motivations of wanting to avenge his parents and make his father proud. Then be a shitty ass stabber later.

970877 No.14351572


>You have to go running in circles for a while to earn the "softfooted" perk or whatever that jumping off a pebble won't break your legs. It's THAT kind of game.


902608 No.14351588

How common are bows and arrows? I'm still grinding away in the training yard, but from what I can tell so far, shields are absolute shit and are completely worthless except maybe to defend against bows since I can just parry with a longsword.

629de4 No.14351596

File: b0791446b3cd3b2⋯.jpg (5.17 KB, 249x234, 83:78, 1419204790487s.jpg)


>Horse Stamina


0e6a76 No.14351655


Can anyone confirm this mechanic?

cabd5c No.14351828


Bohemian hospitality goy

0dba64 No.14351837


>those janky as fuck animations

>the scene focuses on the guy for most of it

I know you're all fags but tone it down please.

1aa3bc No.14351941

>looking through the mods on nexus

>either reshades kind of pointless personally UI mods or 'make the game way too fucking easy by making the combat literally just one hit kills' mods

Hopefully they'll get better.

d0dc5a No.14351952


So they can makes items of increase horse stamina.

629de4 No.14351968


But I don't need to fucking visualize it with a bar.

Shit is perfectly clear if the horse get's tired

Fucking why?

2d6eaf No.14351974

File: 818e6087429ae68⋯.webm (392.4 KB, 540x540, 1:1, better terminals.webm)


Thanks anon… ._.

I'm just gonna start over- I think I'm gonna do a vitality build with whatever weapons, maybe axe or mace, also probably scoundrelism with fugging and stealing.

e63227 No.14352228

File: 28753f0cdd3e5bf⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 1428519808592-4.jpg)

Holy shit the mines in skalitz. Does a quest take place there, I stumbled across them and spent the last 20 minutes lost in the depths, only finding my way out thanks to some chalk arrows. Jesus its so fucking deep and spooky as shit since its completely silent except for some foreboding ambient music and your footsteps

2d6eaf No.14352269

File: 716a4ce094fb27d⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, laughing-skeleton.webm)

>Charcoal burner seemingly permanently bugged from the getgo so I can't buy charcoal

This game is not worth money in it's current state, good thing we have fitgirl.

44c009 No.14352287

File: a98b8c1197d1740⋯.jpg (355.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180218225135_1.jpg)

Can you do this quest without having someone killed? When I chased them away by beating them with my fists all the women were dead when I woke up. And when I killed the "demons" with my sword the priest and herb woman were upset.

94271a No.14352290

Just realized my horse could jump. Don't know why I didn't think of it before.

e3b6a1 No.14352296


I installed the unlimited saves mod because I can't stand losing an hour of progress because of some bug.

If they had save on quit then I would never install it.

2d6eaf No.14352313

File: a05568c0ca82a2f⋯.gif (82.68 KB, 200x200, 1:1, skeledance.gif)


Yeah I remember in a video they said they would have save on quit (but not quicksave), and yet they don't have this on release. Rattled my bones.

b67181 No.14352355


>devs said something about releasing all the SDK after some time

Don't they need a permission from Crytek though? After all they're using CryEngine.

503449 No.14352359

>shills and countershills are finally mostly gone

>people are talking about the game now

told you fags that doubted that it was a good game

d2e761 No.14352375


I really don't see why people complain about the save system. It's only a pain in the very beginning. You get 3 fuggin bottles of schnapps for 2 belladonna and 1 nettle, and you can buy them at every herbalist.

095a08 No.14352418

Thingken about falling for this meme.

Can I buy it elsewhere than Steam? Can I buy it elsewhere than Steam and still get a Steam key?

1aa3bc No.14352427

File: 67e081037f9a312⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, I'm planning on getting rid of it once I have a good supply, I'm just an autist with saves as I usually save once, then again and then once more for good luck all in a matter of seconds.


>tfw want to go to explore but need sleep and also have shit to do tommorow

thanks anon There are more caves by the way, I assume there is reason behind them.

17986f No.14352444

File: d6d44067fb52a9a⋯.jpg (235.84 KB, 1044x950, 522:475, 'based'.jpg)



>Anyone who follows me on social networks will know that I cherish the antifascist movement of our past, and the people who follow me always remember our past or honors for our ancestors who were fighting against this regime , I do this to remember the history of our country and its fight against two unjust regimes so that my fans - especially young people - will not forget them.

>My point of view to GamerGate I have stated in various interviews, among others, at Kotaku. In summary, I would like to say that for me at heart it was always about the freedom of speech and the freedom of opinion and thoughts. The freedom for artists to create art, free of political influence. For me personally, and I speak only for myself, should the artwork initially always be seen free of political or ideological views, unless art clearly and aggressively communicates racism or any form of discrediting minorities. Such messages can, do and will not be good, not only me, but our entire team.

>Today I see my comments in a different light and would like to apologize if my points of view in individual discussions should have been better communicated by me. I'm sure I should have used a better word choice or form of communication in some cases. I wanted to contribute with my view to the above-mentioned freedom of speech and my desire to make artists work without being influenced by the opinion of other people. This is my personal opinion.


82a402 No.14352454


You only get 1 bottle until you've trained Alchemy up to level 10 at least. Grinding alchemy is a fucking bitch

d0dc5a No.14352461


Except that's not in there.

d0dc5a No.14352465

Why did the kike mode delete the kike mod deleting this thread thread thread?

e3b6a1 No.14352471


The fuck is this faggot saying?

8fa171 No.14352475


now you're being credible, for once


he ran it through Google translate

d2e761 No.14352476


I'm level 9 and I'm making 3. You sure you ain't just simmering instead of boiling?

17986f No.14352485


No need to be dishonest, nigger. It's a 6 page article and the exact quote is linked right there.

64b5d1 No.14352493

File: 5002b12fa2dd080⋯.jpg (193.44 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, 5002b12fa2dd08000cd0ecc7b9….jpg)


Sorry anon i don't see the faggotry, this ain't /pol/ where you must strictly agree and advocate for their politics.


Probably had a seizure trying to think.

2d6eaf No.14352506

File: fdf38b9076054f1⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, spooks_HD.webm)


This >>14352454

Early game is a massive hill and my problem is having to replay 1-2 hour sections of game because either didn't have time (quests being time dependant), didn't have potions/money, couldn't get to a bed, FORGOT, etc.

It's stupid. I could live with it if save&quit were in there, but I feel I can't use my schnapps because I have to save them for quitting the game.

2d6eaf No.14352520


I should add that I have to replay them because out of nowhere CUMANS and die.

1aa3bc No.14352525


Might want to add the rest of that paragraph for clarity.

"After the war, the Communists confiscated my family's home and business and repressed our freedom for another 40 years. I am not a friend of any kind of totalitarian rule and consider the accusation that I am a Nazi or close to any ideology that even remotely goes in that direction, therefore as absurd, even personally offensive and offensive. Anyone who follows me on social networks will know that I cherish the antifascist movement of our past, and that the people who follow me always remember our past or honors for our ancestors who were fighting against this regime. I do this to remember the history of our country and its fight against two unjust regimes so that my fans - especially young people - will not forget them."

Also who the fuck cares about this guys political views, there isn't any political wank fucking the game up and that's about as far you should go. Also find it funny you appeared just ten minutes after >>14352359

>this guy doesn't agree with my worldview so we shouldn't ever play his game

Not to mention most people wouldn't say "lmao yeah I love hitler" when trying to make a game"

d0dc5a No.14352530


Yeah I scanned through the german until I saw antifascihte and closed in disgust. Excuse my early reply.

b9d7b1 No.14352542


man i had no idea skavens posted in 8chan

31b82c No.14352556

File: 859b906d5dbc8f4⋯.png (322.84 KB, 919x1300, 919:1300, 859b906d5dbc8f49d1c71e3bc1….png)


Found the SJW leftyshill. You people can't meme.

fb7333 No.14352558

File: c3404177ab4b1e5⋯.webm (961.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Kangdom.webm)


The game is shit.

586563 No.14352569


just like your taste in videogames, kill yourself faggot.

586563 No.14352582


who fucking cares, he's just, get this:


just play his game, you autistic faggot.

af35df No.14352583

The archery pisses me off sometimes. I noticed you actually can injure your hand though if you suck at the bow and aren't wearing the vambraces.


>/leftypol/ using halfchan memes

What a surprise.

d0dc5a No.14352585


This is even more pathetic than usua shilling.

586563 No.14352593



you can't even type, faglord.

7acf87 No.14352595


During the water carriers side quest, one of them, if you ask him, mentions that there had been some mysterious, likely illegal activity going on in the mines before Cummies came. Not sure if it reffers to an actual quest or if it's just something unmarked, but there should definitely be something down there.


Sounds like he's a moderate. To say anything else about racism and fascism would shut him the fuck down (the government doesn't enforce the anti-fascist laws too much, but there are many shitlibs over here that would screech loud enough to basically excommunicate him from the society at large), the rest is about him promoting freedom of speech. Nothing that would make him a fag.


the point of the save system is to prevent save scumming. Grinding pickpocketing and similar through savescumming is incredibly easy in any game that features it, since the moment you fail, you just reload. Here you'd need to waste a bottle of schnapps after every attempt to do that, which would eat through them like nothing.

af35df No.14352601


Nobody ever said or thought Vavra was a Nazi, only that he called out faggot SJWs. You fags are pathetic, fuckin ass blasted that the game is doing well despite not being sanctioned by high priestess Anita and the church of Kotaku. Why don't you go do something you enjoy instead of submerging yourself in shit you hate? I bet you'd be a happier person.

b8dada No.14352607

File: 9f15e5f76f3eac6⋯.png (37.96 KB, 875x223, 875:223, Capture.PNG)


Here's your (you).

629de4 No.14352616

File: 394aef52cff4201⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Christian-Bale.jpg)


>Brainlet Wojak

How's cuckchan?


Yeah I only play fascist games like Ethnic Cleansing.

31b82c No.14352618


>let's never buy anything ever and never support based devs

d0dc5a No.14352620


This is sad.

d0dc5a No.14352622


>based antifa


629de4 No.14352624

File: a10cf5ff6c3e4b7⋯.gif (652.84 KB, 201x281, 201:281, Nods.gif)



This is some awful fucking falseflagging you cuckchan niggers.

6d6dfc No.14352628

File: 270940168946ed9⋯.png (183.21 KB, 456x418, 12:11, 270940168946ed961f343e6c0c….png)



brb destroying all of my shit because none of it is a Nat Soc simulator

586563 No.14352632

File: 86d6f572af7386c⋯.png (255.51 KB, 723x600, 241:200, ClipboardImage.png)


does it trigger you to know that your people won't show up in game?

7acf87 No.14352633


you fucking retard, he isn't talking about fucking antifa

9dfe95 No.14352635


>/v/'s problem with lefties is SJW pushing politics instead of making good games

<maybe /v/ will stop buying x if I push my politics into it.

No one cares faggot, STALKER was made by some of the kikiest of slavs and people still play it.

82a402 No.14352636


Does it actually have to be vambraces though, or does any kind of heavier arm armor count?

af35df No.14352639


Next you're gonna call me a virgin man child, right? Don't you have anything better to do?


Where are the mines? I'm down for a spooky adventure.

31b82c No.14352643


Haven't seen any MLP reaction pics in a while. Good taste.

b8dada No.14352649


.02 shekels have been deposited into your account. Vavra thanks you for your continued efforts.

629de4 No.14352655

File: 60791efc4d3d58e⋯.jpg (344.36 KB, 1240x828, 310:207, Mutants.jpg)

586563 No.14352656


you're either trolling or you're extremely retarded.

either way you should consider killing yourself for spreading lies.

eb1f7e No.14352657

File: 6d235efed54d1e6⋯.jpg (109.11 KB, 686x596, 343:298, 921b4a3863b09ebb218ac72f0e….jpg)



What the fuck happened the the lewd horse simulator?

d0dc5a No.14352663


>literally calls himself antifa

629de4 No.14352666

File: a9db5018a1a56f1⋯.jpg (856.33 KB, 1974x2643, 658:881, Red anon.jpg)


>Everyone against me is Mark

>Everyone against me is Vavra

It's been a whole month

You fags are pathetic

b8dada No.14352667

File: 887aee1c7e02917⋯.png (103.89 KB, 1179x585, 131:65, cbe7d37064e5549cce8cafcaea….png)

File: 6eb4a9bf0065833⋯.png (306.53 KB, 613x1132, 613:1132, 55ce9d122748473d2bab668590….png)

586563 No.14352670


>muh shekels depositing meme

this is what a nigger would say to blend in, spotted the nigger.

9dfe95 No.14352671

File: 2bab7b8df9b1d48⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 1421270859396.jpg)


This first pic is a dev of Wofenstien not Kingdom, Holy fuck are retarded.

586563 No.14352673


you know who's also a kike? the creator of all the SWATS game, yet I don't see you faggots complain about it.

7acf87 No.14352678


And you see aantifa support where, exactly?

1cad22 No.14352679


>non-stop shilling of #BASED Vavra

>Vavra is actually a fag

>REEEEEEEEEE who gives a fuck just buy the damn game

629de4 No.14352680

File: 25d708f9e660648⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trash_2.webm)


>More cuckchan screencaps with no source



No, Smejki is a Warhorse designer

66d37a No.14352681

>Nobody talks about Vavra for a day

>Actually talk about the game

>Leftypol starts spamming Vavra

31b82c No.14352684


Were you even in the deleted KCD thread? That's a dev of KCD. He played the game for three hours and hates it.


Fuck off. RPGCodex is an alright place.

629de4 No.14352685



You don't fit in, you never will


Their tears are delicious

b0970d No.14352694

Can we talk about the ending to the story instead, then?

Specifically when we're going to be able to see it. Six months, a year, two years?

9dfe95 No.14352696



Which means what.

No one cares, this is /v/, people play fun videogames.

The thread has been on cyclical for 2-3 days and remained top part of the thread.

Give up you faggots, no one cares. No one has stopped discussing the game or playing it.

I haven't played the fucking thing yet but seeing faggots so adamant about not playing vidoegames, and being fucking


ff3453 No.14352698


leftypol is deluded enough to think that /v/ is full of complete idiots that they lead by the nose by just mentioning da jews and so and so is not nazi enough etc…

eb1f7e No.14352701

File: ddb811756cecda2⋯.png (147.96 KB, 1178x1198, 589:599, ANON IS AN ABSOLUTE FAGGOT.png)

9dfe95 No.14352710


Its probably half of both /pol/s

/pol/ is filled with reddit and cuckchan tier moronic newfags.

The election was the equivalent of Chanalogy back in 2006-7.

586563 No.14352716


he doesn't because he's retarded, the part that he said "different nationalities and even ethnicities" implies that you'll be seeing german, czech, some eastern european invaders and so on, nowhere in the game will you find niggers, but you will find some speaking in latin language, perhaps even italians from time to time.

as for the "jewish ancestry" I mean what the fuck do people expect, this game is based on BOHEMIA, IN A COUNTRY THAT WAS INVADED BY THE AXIS, and from what I heard just because you have some 10th gen kike blood pumped in you, it still makes you a pathetic gentile

89d9ce No.14352722


The election was way more entertaining than chanology.

At least this time we got something out of it.

ff3453 No.14352724


probably, but there's a literal screencap of leftypol bragging how they can influence /v/ by merely mentioning how whatever isn't natsoc enough.

9dfe95 No.14352745


that's effective because you have /pol/ that feeds into that as well.

Does the game take place in WW2.

Well then I want to play a fucking Nazi and Gas degens.

Does the game take place in 1300's in Europe? Cool I want to play someone from that time, I don't need for that person to also be a fucking Nazi.



Considering how much power Scientology has in the U.S now, its a neat even in history.

2d6eaf No.14352792


Pissed around when runt challenged me, leveled up in the plot armored zbyshek, and killed a bandit, which gave me a bow EARLY

ee5236 No.14352797

File: c18e9f91ef50374⋯.jpg (485.17 KB, 1000x1148, 250:287, 8764247543340.jpg)


There is save mod on nexusmods.

66d37a No.14352798


It’s funny how it is always (1) IDs, the same 2 Vavra jew or developer suicide in the making screencaps and the same 5 bug cuckchan no sound webms.

They don’t even say that they hate jews, they can’t say something like that.

It is ingrained into their brain.

629de4 No.14352807

File: 200cb7099cba8b8⋯.png (490.08 KB, 851x434, 851:434, OH SHI-.PNG)


>Why do they show the same image twi…

af35df No.14352810

Man I feel fucking terrible for that Faint Hearted Knight. Especially when he gives you his sword for winning and he tells you it's a family heirloom, but more of a family disgrace in his hands. I planned on letting him beat me that time but the game wouldn't let me surrender, maybe I didn't let him hit me enough?

Still though, goddamn. Crushed that man's hopes and dreams and sent him home a broken failure. My next random encounter will probably be him hanging from a sign post. Poor guy.

629de4 No.14352817


They've been spamming the same images for 5 days now, trying to fit in and aggresively posting like retards with no single amount of nuance, it's so blatant is funny.

66d37a No.14352819


I stabbed him in the face 2 seconds into the duel and he fucking died.

af35df No.14352825


Maybe that's for the best. Every time I met him he was more downtrodden and his armor more fucked up.

2d6eaf No.14352826

>Actually took the time out of my day and possibly dying to save theresa from the cuman dick

>she doesn't even thank me

w o w

>hey vulvra here we make game you can play anyway you want man yes sir so good see when something happen it always have consequence or benefit you know so its the way you want to play

>railroads player through 6 hours of cutscenes and forced decisions anytime they want to make a new character

When it somebody going to make a good rpg? inb4 toddpost


The first time I just told him to go look for pussy before trying to fight people. That cheered him up.


Yeah I found it, I'll probably install it, thanks though.

31b82c No.14352827


>anime backgrounds are just traced photos


Anyway, just bought the game, any insider tips I should know while it's downloading?

af35df No.14352833


Don't disappoint your father.

66d37a No.14352836


Be a big guy

5504d7 No.14352837

My computer is absolute dogshit, do I have any chance of playing this comfortably through any means?

bfc9e4 No.14352838

5504d7 No.14352841


n-not even on potato quality at a very tiny resolution?

bfc9e4 No.14352843


post specs

7acf87 No.14352863


don't spend the game stealing shit. Do it when you feel like it, when you want to go around picking pockets and shit, but don't grind for money that way. It's more fun to not have infinite money.


I'm below min requirements and I'm running it just fine. Just set everything to minimum and play on low resolution

af35df No.14352867


For real though, something easily overlooked is how useful it is to train with Captain Bernard just outside Rattay's upper gate. Not only is it good practice and lots of free levels, but he teaches you techniques and gives you perks that I don't think you can learn otherwise. Drop back in every now and then as your weapon skills progress and he'll have new techniques to teach you.

1d81a9 No.14352875


not him but:

>integrated intel HD4000 gpu

>core i5 3210M 1.25Mhz

>x64 system

>8gb RAM

It's a notebook also. Can it be played in 800x600 on low?

2d8394 No.14352885


>Equipment makes a difference

>You get ganged up on in combat by people then unless they're peasants with fuck all armour and/or equipment then you're probably fucked

>Horse makes all the difference. Especially when you're outnumbered

>Stealth seems much useless outside of noise in daylight.

>Many perks are at best sidegrades or situational

>Saviour Shnaps are your save and early on they're a bit of a shit to get. You can also save by having a rest in a bed, just make sure you let it tick down completely. No saves for interrupts.

>Cash and equipment seems like arse to get at first-it isn't. Get out the prologue, do the combat tutorials, do the extra tutorials there, get the bandit bounties. They're finite but you get so much cash towards the end it's insane. If you need equipment, remember you can always slip into a bandit camp at night and steal their shit from their storage chest.

>Stealth kills/knockouts are not 100%

But by far the most important thing:

>Don't persuade Father Godwin with skillchecks. The 'fail' 'quest' is fucking great.

5504d7 No.14352894


NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

AMD Athlon II X2 245 Processor


It's an oldish family computer I'm using as a backup because I'm a poorfag.

e63227 No.14352896


I cant find him but i'm still doing the early story missions. where exactly does he roam around there?

bfc9e4 No.14352899


you might be able to chug out 20fps if you're lucky


destroy it and force them to buy a new one

82a402 No.14352902


>Saviour Shnaps are your save and early on they're a bit of a shit to get. You can also save by having a rest in a bed, just make sure you let it tick down completely. No saves for interrupts.

Saves in bed are unreliable. If you want to be SURE it saves, rest in a bed you own for at least 2 hours and don't inturrupt it. If you rest for less time or interrupt sleeping it MIGHT save, or might not. If you sleep in a random bed it might not save regardless of how long or whether you interrupt sleep.

af35df No.14352903


He'll be right by the combat arena most of the time. He won't show up though until you're far enough in the story, probably after you've dealt with the situation in Neuhof.

629de4 No.14352904





1280x720 might be doable

af35df No.14352921


Adding to this, picking flowers is an okay source of money early game. Won't get you much but enough for booze, inns, food, and dice.

2d6eaf No.14352945



He's there after you train with him (during the day) the first time after entering Radish's service.

82a402 No.14352950


Best way to earn money early is Poaching. If you cook the meat it no longer counts as stolen. Blacksmiths (not weapon/armor smiths) will buy anything and usually have a good bit of coin. The more often you shop at one merchant, the more coin they will have every refresh.

82a402 No.14352962


With a starting bow and cheap arrows all you will be able to kill are hares. Larger game use some kind of damage reduction system, so it doesn't matter how many shitty hunting arrows you hit them with you still won't kill a boar. Meanwhile, get a Cumin Bow and some Improved Long Range Arrows and you can take down a boar in one shot, despite only doing like 30% more damage

94271a No.14352997

File: 12b21a3df86b145⋯.jpg (44.8 KB, 640x504, 80:63, 1402088484870.jpg)

>fighting with two cumans

>trading blows with the sword-wielding one when the other one comes sprinting straight at me


>runs straight passed me

>start wailing on the first guy so his buddy can't flank me from behind

>another cuman runs right across my vision and I hit him instead of the sword-swinging first one

>it happens again

>realize it's the same guy who ran passed me earlier

>he keeps sprinting tight circles around me

>finish of the first and turn towards the idiot circling me

>he's got a shield but no weapon

>kill him and start looking through his inventory

>he has 3 different swords and an axe

94271a No.14353025

File: 407dada7acf70c7⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 2968x4218, 1484:2109, 1.jpg)


His inventory. He had two shields too.

2d6eaf No.14353028

File: 27516e245743f91⋯.webm (6.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Feminine_Penis.webm)



I'm sorry I'm just really salty right now. My anger has propelled me farther in my do-over playthrough than my sincere one where i was actually trying to have fun. Why must it be this way?

pic not related

4ea9b4 No.14353031


>Buy Belladonna for 3.3 Groschen

>Sell Savior Schnapps for 80

>Buy more Belladonna

I fail to see the problem here.


Not very, but shields are also much better at blocking melee attacks, you can barely miss and half the time it auto-blocks because it's in the way of the enemy weapon accidentally.

There's also combos that use shields. Read the descriptions.

9dfe95 No.14353054


That's pretty realistic, deer and boar are hard as shit to penetrate.

Boar especially.

2d6eaf No.14353058


Is it two belladonna or one? I thought it was two, but I can't remember.

c9e49a No.14353059

join our disagreement server


e63227 No.14353066



Yeah early on I managed to get a boar glitched into a rock and cut it to death where I got about 4 hunting levels at once. They are hardy cunts, took about 3 minutes of attacking it

66d37a No.14353070

82a402 No.14353113


2 belladonna 1 nettle

The problem isn't so much the cost as the rarity. Herbalists only carry 5-10 units at a time.

253e6b No.14353119

File: 03f6daa4a8b750c⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cunny.png)

File: ee64df8dadb9c8a⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gottagetagripxddd.png)

<too much lag at large scale battles


but then again i am using an old i5

f84045 No.14353153

File: 3ee21b775402d8a⋯.webm (462.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, source fags.webm)

Can someone just post the magnet for the crack? I can't seem to find one that works or will obviously install bitcoin miners on my computer. Sage for being a spoon feeding faggot.

66d37a No.14353175

File: 7f2ed1918d33ed1⋯.jpeg (461.34 KB, 775x494, 775:494, B0499DD8-5E13-4D20-AE59-1….jpeg)

How many Groschen for an old Škoda?

82a402 No.14353176

Currently grinding Alchemy skill by means of marigold decoctions due to their easy production and common ingredients.

If anyone isn't too sure about how alchemy works, I figure I'll list the exact steps to produce the potions in the shortest time.

>Ready ingredients

>Pour water

>grab Nettle

>drop nettle in pot

>bellows 2x

>grab marigold

>drop on Dish

>grab marigold

>drop on dish

>grab dish

>drop in pot

>grab phial

>use on still (finish potion)

>bellows twice

At no point during these steps do I stop and wait or use the hourglass. the time it takes to place 2 handfulls of marigold on the dish is enough time to "cook" the nettle. I never really give it time to cool, but that's probably an acceptable "error".

2d6eaf No.14353245


Shnapps is just as easy



>belladonna in mortar bowl

>nettle in pot

>bellows hot enough it won't go out

>grind bella and put in dish

>boil pot (seeing bubbles, just bellows a lot)

>crushed bella in

>boil again

>pour anytime from pot to phial

2d6eaf No.14353251


That's two belladonna by the way. you can put two in the mortar and grind them at the same time.

82a402 No.14353281


The catch is that you have to boil the nettle for 2 turns, then boil the belladonna for 1 more turn. That means waiting a lot unless your alchemy skill is high enough to ignore the "mistake". Plus belladonna is rare as fuck (merchants sell only 5-10 units at a time) while nettle and marigold can easily be gathered by the roadside.

2d6eaf No.14353336

File: f9f411775178fcc⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bowman.png)

HEH I AM THE BOWMAN, HAVER OF BOWS! also i found brigandine and a great sword in some grave


I'll admit on the nettle, but for some reason I was able

2d6eaf No.14353345



please be patient I have retard

>I'll admit on the nettle, but for some reason I was able

to dump the belladonna in, bring it up to a boil and pour right into the phial. Apparently grabbing the phial is enough cook time.

239f79 No.14353353

File: 2919f3392df1abc⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, 119:90, slapping intensifies.mp4)


>mfw I sucked absolute dick at archery and still do

e3b6a1 No.14353355

File: 2e2e8b0c42fae39⋯.jpg (33.82 KB, 359x343, 359:343, question cute girl.jpg)

Are there any claymores or two handed swords in this game?

I want to Larp as Guts while playing Forces.

82a402 No.14353367


Yeah for 1 turn you basically don't have to wait at all, provided you have a reasonable amount of skill in alchemy already. At level 1 you probably do have to wait a bit.

2 turns though, and boiling the whole time, that is the tricky bit

269b91 No.14353376

If you sneak around the back of the cuman camp theres an easy chest with a full set of cuman gear in it. I put this on and the cumans all still get mad at me when i want to sneak around amongst them what am i doing wrong?

2d6eaf No.14353378


The whole time? I didn't even do that. As long as the fire is on for the two turns, and then you flashboil it after to then put the bella in, it's good. Worked for me at pleb-tier alchemy skill.

4ea9b4 No.14353427


Is there a way to train bows that does not involve hunting bandits?

Hunting does nothing for some reason.

af35df No.14353432


Disguising is weird. Try removing anything that doesn't say Cuman on it, or is obviously Cuman. Probably need a face covering helm too.

af35df No.14353437


Hunting should train bow, unless you have a bug or something.

82a402 No.14353439


Killing animals with the bow works for me, it's the only thing I really use it for and my bow skill isn't completely terrible.

22389d No.14353449

File: 68d7e953a16bd70⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 750x559, 750:559, nog.jpg)


What the fuck is wrong with his knuckles?

2d6eaf No.14353474


Pretty sure the archery range will do it if you hit the targets. Probably slower than killing people though.

4ea9b4 No.14353490


Yeah, I think I'll just farm random bandit encounters at night.

ca2038 No.14353503



I think you're in the wrong game. The longest you get here is a longsword.

82a402 No.14353514


Shooting targets does NOT train the skill. I tried shooting them point blank, at proper distance, and during competitions, none of them worked. It's possible winning a competition gives xp, but I somewhat doubt that.

e3b6a1 No.14353534

File: ac30180bdac9660⋯.jpg (33 KB, 370x341, 370:341, Question drooling anime gi….jpg)


Why are there no Claymores?

326c1f No.14353535

where the hell can I buy/find some damn lock picks?!

2d6eaf No.14353542


Because it's bohemia, not scotland.

e3b6a1 No.14353552


But they have Italian Armor, Invaders from Hungary, and a German antagonist.

c74e2b No.14353555


Bandits usually drop them, also Miller Peshek sells them as part of his fencing operation.

Also, mod for unarmed fightan perks just came out


240cb3 No.14353559

File: 31b93f991cc1ee7⋯.webm (14.22 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Kingdom Come Review.webm)

326c1f No.14353562


Yeah I can't complete his quest because I dont have any lockpicks and can't find any merchants who sell them.

I'll just have to git gud so I can kill some bandits then. I'm still really early on in the game.

c74e2b No.14353568


Ask him to teach you lockpicking, he'll give you some picks.

f3fab0 No.14353585


>e-celeb garabe

yeah thanks for contributing so much, now it would be best if you found the right road to where you blong

326c1f No.14353588

File: 73dcee007d24a48⋯.jpg (33.34 KB, 500x386, 250:193, 1452018812528.jpg)


>implying I didn't already blow through them

4ea9b4 No.14353599


Do his stealing mission to the end, then you'll be able to sell stolen goods to him, which is the same dialogue option you use to buy his lockpicks.

326c1f No.14353653


Doesn't it require a lock pick at some point?

82a402 No.14353689

Ok that's weird.

There's a very hard locked chest in what I assume to be the blacksmith's house in Rattay (next to the forge) that links to your horses inventory. Anything you put on the horse including its equipment appears in the chest and vice versa

7e509a No.14353692

File: be725597839d260⋯.jpg (6.78 MB, 4864x5122, 2432:2561, KingdomComeSJWGamingPress.jpg)


Holy shit. When I tried this game (and promptly uninstalled/refunded when an objective called [CW: Rape] "Save Theresa from the rapists" popped up onscreen) I had no idea of this background, but as i dug deeper into the marketing and then the opening act, I was like “Huh a bunch of things about this game’s design philosophy feels like it’s hinting at the ideology that formed GG”, right down to evoking The Witcher 2 & 3 in very particular ways. I kind of hate being able to feel this shit in my bones these days.

This is swift becoming a dire example of what games culture (especially on PC) utterly fetishizes. Immersive sims have stopped being cute experiments when you realize how easy it is for such a traditionally centrist-bent genre to slide very far-right with the veneer of the thinking man’s whatever.

The facial mocap is intricate and the camerawork deliberate (ass shots included!); the tutorials are unwelcoming walls of text for overwrought systems meant to impress you, like they were made by a gameFAQs kid that wants every game to be “more realistic”; the fact that you can accomplish things in several ways is meant to eclipse any consideration of what your objectives or given choices might mean. All this showy bullshit and the right connections to make the game happen have made it so that Waypoint’s still the only place I’ve seen bring up the inexorable link to GG, while it happily plays to any other outlet remotely covering PC games with a dash of the ol’ No DRM to show just how consumer-friendly they are.

Plus, even in the opening act, the game reads like a manifesto on the contradictory very ethical thoughts of creeps that are convinced games aren’t political while they try to make a political point with their video game.

and they are/were helping develop a game of thrones mod even before the release, because of fucking course they are.

edit: okay the Polygon article at least brings the GG connection up, but that’s still an exception to the vast rule of this game’s coverage. Boy this medium sure is still unprepared for cryptofascists getting creative power, huh.

239f79 No.14353707


why would an actual shill play the game you fucking retard

or is talking about a game = shilling now?

2d6eaf No.14353716

File: be9820e857a710c⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, You do not belong here.webm)



Nice spacing there, though I think if you click this link >>>/reddit/ I think you'll find a much more receptive audience newfriend.

inb4 I was only pretending to be retarded it was bait lololol xdddddd!!!111one!!

82a402 No.14353730


He was quoting some polygon garbage, you're the retard here.

eb1f7e No.14353759

File: 09b77fc2d566e01⋯.png (139.57 KB, 938x785, 938:785, 09b77fc2d566e013cd89abd750….png)


Wait, is this some elaborate bait?

4ea9b4 No.14353772


Not if you stab the target in the back

2a9e64 No.14353776

File: 330c4510733b677⋯.jpg (73.96 KB, 862x582, 431:291, 1427077385191.jpg)


Well, it finally happened. For a while it was "no, it's not historically acurate, but we do it for inclusivity", to full blown "we write the history books now. know your place prole or you'll be fired from your job and branded a heretic".

c74e2b No.14353797

File: 75df8921ab14eab⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 384x329, 384:329, hogarth33.JPG)

>Get Insomniac and Ascetic perk (slower hunger and energy drain)

>get Contemplative perk (sleep and hunger don't drain at all if standing still/sitting somewhere)

>get Revenant perk (heal over time instead of needing food/marigold decoction)

>fugging a bathwench refills energy and hunger to full

>mfw Henry of Skalitz is now a fucking madman who never sleeps and subsists entirely on raw honey and pussy

af35df No.14353807


If you get a bow headshot with a decent arrow on a guy with no helmet, it's an instakill. Even works if you hit a guy wearing an open face helmet, you guessed it, in his goddamn face.

2a9e64 No.14353808



>muh poor 1 dimensional stereotype cumans

Welcome to what it feels like being german in every ww2 game and movie ever

822edd No.14353848

>baptism by fire quest

does the loot stay there if you fast travel back to the camp or is all the good shit gone? Just fucked up the bandit leader and it felt oh so good

095a08 No.14353854


What is this, pasta? Why do you feel the need to counter-counter-shill with a political bent when the leftists counter-shilling this game are so transparent and easily BTFO? If you were here out of enjoyment of the game, you'd ignore them or BTFO them without humping political angles. You are politics and not videogames and need to fuck off.

c74e2b No.14353860


It's gone. The only way you can loot the camp is by killing dudes while you're scouting it before the battle.

822edd No.14353871


its fine, I'm already decked out in that wayfarer knight's shit after I left it in my saddlebag for a week to drop the stolen heat. I should have looted them mid battle though but last time I did the mission bugged out and the whole army died giving me a game over

822edd No.14353878



nevermind I just got to the camp and started looting chests, inside one was fucking hundred plate armours including a hund visor helmet. or is this juts a treasure map reward chest

75d391 No.14353883


A german soldier's plight towards the end of WW2 is the perfect FPS premise.

7e509a No.14353899


https://forum.waypoint.please use archive.is/t/we-havent-covered-kingdom-come-deliverance-lets-talk-about-why/12942/5

af35df No.14353966


Yknow, you're right. Germany was a fucking hellhole towards the end of WW2. (((Western))) generals pioneered a technique literally called terror bombing, the absolute devastation of civilian centers, completely non military, in order to demoralize the population.

112a97 No.14354077


▲ ▲

94271a No.14354094

File: b8fa1f7eb0b8e94⋯.jpg (763.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2.jpg)

File: 55f7fcafea9c41e⋯.jpg (813.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3.jpg)

I went out in my shiny new armor and people greeted me as "Sir Knight". 2 dozen cumans and bandits later, they ask me if I got assaulted.

326c1f No.14354101

8 hours of gameplay and I finally just now hit a bug that actually drove me nuts. I was just walking along no big deal when I suddenly clipped through the ground and fell to my death. Fuck I just lost so much time.

82a402 No.14354102


I think that happens whenever your charisma score drops, which is usually a result of your clothing being dirty

718331 No.14354112


But /leftypol/ also who think that just because vidya doesn't constantly call for 1488, we'll want to be degenerate parasites instead. Vidya is vidya, gas for many others comes for free

112a97 No.14354114


>battle damage makes the armor look worn

makes sense

822edd No.14354128

>wayfarer knight challenges me to duel

>knock him out with a head poke

>loot his body

>he gets up and declares him the victor and takes 250g from me

What the fuck game

e3b6a1 No.14354212

File: 2eb9c83a1fb5541⋯.png (105.31 KB, 360x338, 180:169, Question Cat.png)

Goddamn it what I really want to do is Hunt bandits but the quest that I get from the Rattey captain bugged out.

Does anyone else offer bounties?

66d37a No.14354228



A man gotta do what a man gotta do, the freedom of Rattay ain’t free.

e3b6a1 No.14354275


I don't even know where to find bandits without those quests man.

549bf5 No.14354277


So what happened?

e3b6a1 No.14354290


I killed the Bandit leader because he was retarded enough to not keep his sword on his so I maced him to death but I had to run away because I was weak back then and there were 2 bandits left.

I healed myself came back and killed the other bandits but the leaders corpse was gone. There's still a map marker there but no corpse.

75d391 No.14354294

So is this like a better Witcher 3 which is a better Skyrim?

e3b6a1 No.14354303


Different from Witcher 3 it's not far comparison.

Much better than Skyrim.

66d37a No.14354313


First time I heard that happen.

How old is your last save?

549bf5 No.14354318

File: 3e6e76c86717650⋯.webm (697.7 KB, 854x480, 427:240, coldsteel_of_the_north_st….webm)


You might have to do a reload, this is why you should have the "save anywhere mod" because as much as standard way of saving is growing on me bugs requires more saving and loading.


This is Vavra's big "fuck you" to Skyrim. I still don't know why Skyrim only has 3 outhouses.

af35df No.14354319



The game is still pretty buggy, which is unfortunate because literally everything else is excellent. I don't know if they released early because of a publisher contract or what, but it's too bad.

66d37a No.14354327

I think I hear voices in those fucking Skalitz mines.

ec332a No.14354328


Possibly. They had planned to include a dog companion and blacksmithing but had to scrape it.

I've seen some videos of Vávra working blacksmith IRL. Knowing the guy, he probably wanted to bring an autistic amount of detail to it and shit took too long to implement.

I'm fine with it as long as we get it eventually.

I mean, look at the autism involved in alchemy. If blacksmithing has only half of it, it's gotta be good.

ec332a No.14354329


>Avenge us!

66d37a No.14354330

549bf5 No.14354338


I keep having the sneaking suspicion a lot of things are missing as cut content or because Vavra didn't want you to kill children.

09dc61 No.14354339


alchemy is a chore. the novelty wore off after the 3rd potion. doing alchemy drunk is the only way to make it remotely bearable.

af35df No.14354343


There's plenty of cut content. Straight blacksmithing and a dog companion for starters.

e3b6a1 No.14354346

File: 57874e6d81fe0a1⋯.gif (417.77 KB, 300x144, 25:12, Kek Pepe meta commentary o….gif)




Iv'e played past that point by so goddamn long that it's been over 20 in game hours.

66d37a No.14354353


It’s still just 20 Groschen per ear or 40 per mask.

You can get money with other ways.

af35df No.14354357


I've played since release, only short breaks for sleep.

902608 No.14354368

>do a few archery contests

>spend an hour or so in the woods training archery and hunting

>get to herbalist's hut

>find alchemy bench

>use it

>suddenly start floating up into the air

>leave bench

>fall and die

Welp, considering uninstalling now.

902608 No.14354380


I should add that this wouldn't be nearly as bad if they at least had the decency Bethesda has and give us a working fucking console so I can enable godmode or noclip when bullshit like this happens, or give myself back my money when the other contestants in an archery contest decide to just stand there and never shoot, forcing me to forfeit. Instead they disabled the only 2 "cheat" commands upon releasing the game for god knows what dumbass reason.

549bf5 No.14354391


Wait you haven't brought the console command down by accident?

239f79 No.14354397



is it your first time playing slav-tier buggy games or what

822edd No.14354411


he's right its no excuse to disable to the two console commands, or at the very least noclip to get you out of shitty places you cant escape from. Ive lost 2 hours of progression when an invisible wall appeared infront of an inn sleeping room and another few when I fell into a group of bush

af35df No.14354415


The game is God tier, as well as the bugs. If you're worried about it, wait a few weeks for them to be patched out if that's a concern.

902608 No.14354422


The console is there, but there are no useful gameplay commands. Just stuff like setting FOV. There was only 2 gameplay commands in the beta, which were add money and add item, both of which they removed on the full release.

549bf5 No.14354427


Noclip is disabled? Who the fuck cheats with noclip?

239f79 No.14354479


thats not what Im talking about tho

this game is known to be crash prone and buggy, how the fuck do you go 2 hours playing it without saving?

549bf5 No.14354498


I'm pretty sure sleeping autosaves doesn't it? At least I don't get a save prompt after I sleep.

239f79 No.14354515


Ive had only one instance where it didnt

not sure what the deal with that one was tho

51114a No.14354523


Not always. Beds save maybe 1/3rd of the time for me. Strongly considering the infinite saves mod because of this.

902608 No.14354532


No, I've suffered my way through 7.62, but at least in that game I could save whenever I wanted. If the game wasn't broken, I would have no problems with the save system, but with this many bugs you kind of need to save every few minutes.


Because you have to go all the way back to your bed or buy an extremely expensive item to do so? I just installed the unlimited saves mod anyway, and the game has already vastly improved. Already had to reload twice to fix the archery contests breaking.

902608 No.14354535


I'd recommend it tbh

549bf5 No.14354541



You can actually brew those saves yourself after learning alchemy, in fact the recipe should still be up in this cyclical.

4ea9b4 No.14354544


>extremely expensive

Poaching gets you 3-5 of them for a single deer.

902608 No.14354548


Yeah, that's actually what made me all excited to find the alchemy bench that killed me.

0dba64 No.14354559


RPGCodex is shit, not like this place is much better nowadays.

RPGCodex seems like a place populated by a minor portion of anon material drowned in steamfags who preorder and buy early access, and a big number of gamefags/IGN-tier forumers.

c43f3c No.14354560


I had the recipe unlocked from the start personally. Unless someone gave it to me without noticing.

Is there any way to check recipes without being at an alchemy bench ? I didn't find anything in the codex.

3b55fa No.14354561

How butthurt does one faggot has to be that he runs to /pol/ and bitches about it not in one but in two threads?



66d37a No.14354584


Top kek

239f79 No.14354610


its not just one faggot, have you seen how the threads looked from the beginning?

66d37a No.14354619


Leftypol is a one person hivemind.

586563 No.14354620


because you haven't used your wallet properly, wait for the dlc, goyim.

3b55fa No.14354624


There are 2 faggots?

902608 No.14354632

File: 4f1d9121c427cda⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Good to know this wasn't a one-time occurrence.

66d37a No.14354637

549bf5 No.14354641


That actually looks pretty good, you should go and use alchemy benches all over the maps and screenshot everything.

239f79 No.14354643



youve gotta be delusional if you believe that theres no such thing as a honest to god rabid /pol/tard, and that everything retarded /pol/tards do really is a falseflag of sorts

269b91 No.14354652



You can only pick one between releasing an extremely bugging dogshit game and not having saving on demand. There is no reason to not have the save system be in a hardcore setting. Same with the archery reticle being toggled by a console command.

I'm still barely having fun with it but i'm also so very glad I didn't pay for this early access tier mess.

66d37a No.14354655


Poltards would make arguments and try reasoning with logic.

What they do is spam the same 5 cuckchan webms.

239f79 No.14354670


Im sure logical reasoning is the reason you cant discuss video games on /v/ lately, and not the incoherent screaming about shills and shilling and how a game is SJW because the core gameplay loop does not revolve around gassing jews

66d37a No.14354676


Guess who shits up our board?

3b55fa No.14354678


Hard to tell, /pol/ usually refrains from this. Usually some other autist or /leftypol/ comes and creates a D&C threads in order to distort and demoralize.

239f79 No.14354689



nigger they BOTH profit from shitting up the board by radicalizing the average /v/irgin against each other

ee2e1e No.14354730

File: 3276586f07f69bd⋯.jpg (455.51 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 3276586f07f69bdabb1a37bbc6….jpg)


>meddling with witches

You got what you asked for, Henry boy.

60f0b1 No.14354797

File: d347c20a70ecd9e⋯.jpg (72.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d347c20a70ecd9e3ad7fa81c92….jpg)


>patched out

>implying it's not the fitgirl repack he's playing

>implying anon buys videogames.

fb04e1 No.14354805

File: 7ea42599317ce3f⋯.jpg (203.65 KB, 1552x873, 16:9, yfw realism sucks for vidy….jpg)

>motion capture

lol, game confirmed for realism-pandering sim garbage

Why are people hyped for this exactly?

549bf5 No.14354839


Right, right. Anon you've been casually talking with me this whole time and if I didn't outright tell you I'm a /pol/ack you'd never notice.

I still recognize you by the way.

So anyways the cyclical is no longer a cyclical so it's back to the standard general rules I guess.

dcb1ab No.14354918


Clothing wears out way too fucking fast. One combat is usually enough for my gambeson and other cloth-based equipment to go to at least as low as 20-30%. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't get hit to begin with, but that's kinda hard when you're fighting more than one enemy, and some faggot keeps plinking you in the back with a bow while you're fighting the Big Guy.

7acf87 No.14354922


>tribal steppe society used to frequent warfare

>technically converted to christianity but keeping many pagan customs, even the very brutal ones

>from that, make an army of mercenaries

>don't pay them too much, so they're tempted to loot

>mercs don't even know the language of the country they invade

Honestly, depicting them as anything other as horseback devils would do injustice to their victims. The people at the time must have been terrified – a slant-eyed monster screaming something unintelligible slaughtering whoever stands in its path and looting their homes before setting them on fire.

They should be happy they even got included in such a game, else nobody would even know they exist outside of GSG enthusiasts.

ee2e1e No.14354956


motion capture is cheapest way to make ok animations anon…

3bfd2d No.14355013

Where can I get a good mace ? I managed to loot a Morgenstern or something like that (I assume it translates to Morningstar, never seen one hollow inside though) from a shit tier bandit which quite surprised me since it appears it's not a bad weapon.

Also, the help about melee mentions that during 1v2 fights it's possible to perfect parry someone and retaliate against the other one but has anyone actually done it ? It seems like it would be kinda hard to pull off.

dcb1ab No.14355026


I dunno if you've looted it yet, but at the area where you do the Nightingale capturing quest (west of Rattay), you will stumble upon some ruins (Interesting Place). If you climb one of the ruined walls, you can jump into the interior of the ruin. There's a chest with a chainmail and a warhammer there.

3bfd2d No.14355051


I went to that area but I haven't stumbled on the ruins, I'll check it out thanks.

69769f No.14355214



You are both wrong, best income early game is lockpicking, in every guard tower there is a chest that is easy or very easy difficulty and has weapons that cost from 300 to 800 each gold (merchants buy them for less ofc) added bonus is that you get gear as well you can use. For my early game I used a merchant's sword found in one of these

549bf5 No.14355223



This is the same lockpicking minigame that will likely break a total newb's first lockpick from a very easy chest and require a reload.

82a402 No.14355237


Git gud, the lockpicking is easy as fuck and you shouldn't break 10 picks in the entire game.


Not repeatable or easy and it's difficult to sell the stolen goods, and at the end of it all you've made the same you would from a single hunting trip.

549bf5 No.14355255


>git gud

I already did, that still doesn't change the fact that someone playing the game for the first time isn't going to immediately be able to pickup on it without breaking the lock pick multiple times.

82a501 No.14355258


It's not that bad, takes a few tries to get used to the motion of it I guess. Here's a tip, if the sweet spot is somewhere you're having trouble keeping track of like in the middle of the open part somewhere you can leave the minigame and then go back into it and the sweet spot will move somewhere else. Consider doing that to move it to an easy spot till you get a couple levels and your pick doesn't shake like crazy

b0b98e No.14355262

File: c112a9e3500e7e3⋯.jpg (46.87 KB, 498x498, 1:1, Ika shinryaku musume insid….jpg)

Anybody else waiting for the gog patched release?

I don't care if i have to wait a month, I won't play it until its mostly playable

549bf5 No.14355272


You only have to wait for the 27th I believe, the game in it's current state with the hotfixes is playable enough that you can take the time to go through the prologue and explore Rattay to see if you like it enough. For some reason the cutscenes are actually the least intensive part of the game and play more smoothly then anything else in the game and they go all out on making those cutscenes look good too.

b0b98e No.14355288


Also does anyone know anything about the watering down they did from the beta version?

Are they already planning on releasing an "enhanced" edition later on?

And why do the witcher fags keep trying to shit on this game? i mean not only do they put massive discounts on all their games when it came out, but they'e also posting how bad it is in the forums and theirs a lot of faggots comparing this game to it in this thread

I mean wouldn't skyrim be a better comparison due to both of them being first person?

Trying to compare third-person and first-person games with each other is a bad idea, it makes me think their are witcher shills here or something

also I think we've reached the bump limit

dcb1ab No.14355298

File: 8138aa9cc92012d⋯.jpg (496.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 379430_screenshots_2018021….jpg)


Interestingly enough, playing the Steam release, I have not encountered a single crash yet, in all 23 hours that I've played. I did encounter some physics glitches.


>tfw Rayman

549bf5 No.14355304

File: f33bcb586d29e5c⋯.png (80.3 KB, 501x441, 167:147, buy Skyrim you fucks.png)


If bump limit then shitpost to 700 then a new thread can be made immediately or wait for page 13.

>And why do the witcher fags keep trying to shit on this game?

Butthurt Anon, it's everything they ever wanted but it's not a Witcher game. Think about it Vavra's entire reason for starting this project was Skyrim he made a longass rant dedicated to the game which answers most "whys?" about most game features. But the guys who hate this game the most is Witcher fans. When you see baldie in Witcher 2 kick ass on the boat then the combat is just subpar spamming the same magic spells all the time then an autist comes around and makes a full blown open world game with a dueling simulation system for combat, bam suddenly Witcher's combat feels lackluster.

Unfortunently I didn't play the beta so I can't tell you what is watered down or not, the DLC though is just some maps apparently the treasure they lead to is already there. So if you stumble around the woods you'll find it anyways and then some.

69769f No.14355305


Well I don't really like to grind, so I don't really want it to be repeatable, with this approach I didn't feel short on cash. Literally the first quest that you get in Rattay unlocks fences, also items loose their stolen status overtime.

And being able to keep the gear instead of having to buy it is a big benefit


I had no problems with that at so I wouldn't know

608de7 No.14355312


Lockpicking is easy though, I bullshitted my way to a single pick from a merchant and was in shit in no time.

dcb1ab No.14355316


It's a bit annoying at start - keeping the lockpick in the sweetspot is easy enough, the problem is that (at least for me) the lockpick starts vibrating like mad towards the end of the rotation. It got much, much easier once I got the lockpick durability perk, though, I think I only broke one lockpick since getting it, due to carelessness.

b0b98e No.14355319

File: 3bd61eb1c61c89c⋯.png (203.64 KB, 500x378, 250:189, Ika puffed cheeks annoyed ….png)


>it's everything they ever wanted but it's not a Witcher game

Why would anyone think this game was going to be like the witcher?

I mean we knew it was going to be first person for a god damn long time, probably since its inception and it was also going to lack fatansy aspects like magic and monsters.

How can any of the wticher fags think for a moment this is a "witcher" game?

Unless they're actually retarded enough to think this game was going to be like the witcher because of its slavic roots, i can't really see how they thought this was going to be like the witcher at all.

On that note though there are a few witcher references in the game

69769f No.14355324


I kinda break them on purpose now for some chests. I don't know why but some "very difficult" locks break my lockpick instantly, and others I can open just fine… and that's where the lucky thief perk comes in

549bf5 No.14355325



Well it basically either boils down to Henry's stats when you first try it. Or there is a mild RNG for failure and I got screw the first few times to have the lockpick outright break every time I failed. I remember that if it so much as went grey even a tiny bit on the very easy chests I tried it'd snap completely. Then suddenly sometimes the lock would just stop instead of breaking my lockpick.

At least I'm not any of those guys who actually needed the Mod that removes the minigame entirely Did they even read the tutorial?

dcb1ab No.14355327


Yeah, like a perk literally named "Witcher"

69769f No.14355331


yeah it's possible I guess, I don't know if depends on agility as well. But after you get a few levels in the skill it is trivial for most chests

582f2a No.14355334


Dumb explanation. It's not witcher fans, it's faggots trying to pickup some form of actual competition against it (since Skyrim isn't gonna cut it) and start shitflinging between both userbases.

You see the same in other threads like Dwarf Fortress vs Rimworld, just fags posing as "fans" that are more interested in the shit flinging.

Witcher is still "fantasy and mythical creatures", focused on Geralt's personal story and the world around him, it does not appeal to history buffs just like an historically correct world does not appeal as much to fans of fantasy. Two completely different playerbases for two conpletely different games that do different things.

>it's everything they ever wanted but it's not a Witcher game

Hardly. Witcher fans expected to slay monster, slay bitches and look cool doing it, which is what they got out of their game. The melee part of Kingdom is fun, but it would be just accessory to the game and considering it makes you look like a complete novice when you start, it would even be detrimental to Witcher.

In reality, it's actually what Skyrim wanted to be but never could because the CreationEngine can only do so much regarding animations and combat.

582f2a No.14355336


These threads have had non-stop shitposting against both the game and the creator. If you didn't beleived any of that was genuine concern about the game, if you know very well it's just shitposting against the game, why would you start beleiving any of these Witcher comparisons are being done honestly?

dcb1ab No.14355345


I think the main points of comparison with Witcher are the characters and C&C.

b0b98e No.14355348

File: 85be3ab4725d207⋯.jpg (72.03 KB, 891x595, 891:595, True face of fear Soon Emu….jpg)


>why would you start beleiving any of these Witcher comparisons are being done honestly?

Because someone posted an image from one of the forums of someone who works at CD PROJEKT RED making disparaging remarks and comparisons about the game

I can't find the image as it was back from when the thread was cyclic, but it makes it definitely makes it look like cd projekt red has it in for kingdom come deliverance

That and they put a massive discount on their game when it came out, that shit is clear as day as to what they are doing, What i can't figure out is why

I mean they're different genres as ones a first-person while the other is a third-person

dcb1ab No.14355355


An RPG's genre isn't determined by its point of view, unless you're comparing something diametrically opposite like top-down versus character-locked camera. I do agree that KCD and TW series differ quite a bit, though, and I'd love to see that screencap, because I have no idea why CDPR would be hostile towards WH.

549bf5 No.14355360


>considering it makes you look like a complete novice when you start, it would even be detrimental to Witcher.

Have you ever tried any of the Witcher games? Combat in the first one isn't that good, the second one feels very "off" despite having more action based mechanics, and 3 refined it to be fun but it still has a large MMO feel to it. Besides Geralt forgot his memories from almost being killed in the first game as a continuation of the books so that's not an issue of looking like a novice. That said I'm open to the idea it's just someone trying to slander Kingdom Come in the most obtuse way possible which accomplishes nothing but hey it'd be hilarious if it's the devs being afraid that Deliverance will kill them for good, since that implies they have a very good reason to be scared.

b0b98e No.14355362


Can't find it, maybe i mixed it up with a different company?

Could have sworn it was cd projekt though

4ea9b4 No.14355400


That just goes for non-metal based clothing.

Of course cloth tends to wear out fast when guys keep slashing at it.

582f2a No.14355444



Would it be the pick here: >>14352667

That's Warhorse and it seems to be mostly about the comparison between KCD and Wolfenstein 2 financial success, which he did got right on the reasons behind it, but that's besides the point.

I don't see ProjectRed having some kind of beef with this game, it's something entirely different from what they made. The faux-competition is artificial and fabricated here. PR are likely too busy with Cyberpunk I hope to care about this, now that they've already sold as much of Witcher 3 as they could.


I meant in the sense that the game portrays you as a blacksmith son with absolutely no experience and the skills\atributes\combat enforce this very well.

Meanwhile, the tutorial on the first Witcher is more than enough to award you with all 3 fighting styles and have you slash people left and right in witcher style.

Sure, your numbers can go higher but that's mostly as good as you're going to get.

The point is that, if the Witcher made the combat feel like you were an absolute beginner right from the start and for a long while, it would detract from the concept of "elite mythical creature killers" that witchers are supposed to be, which is why at best it's just your numbers that are too small.

Meanwhile if you started KCD playing mostly the same way you'd be playing when you're almost done with it, it would also detract from "I'm just a common peasant, I make blades, I don't swing them!"

See for instance Skyrim, where you're swinging your foam batons the same way at One-Handed 15 and at One-Handed 100.

dcb1ab No.14355454


It's logical, but just really annoying. To the point where I am considering just taking off all cloth before a fight, even if it negatively affects my defense. Having to shell out over 100 groschen every time for repairs seriously irks me.

e8c220 No.14355459

Does anyone have any tips for finding Pie at the crossroads in the forest near Talmberg? I've been sweeping every inch of it and haven't found a god damn thing. The log recommends you ask any passerbys but none of the guards and wayfarers are even able to be interacted with outside of pickpocketing.

549bf5 No.14355469


I think you actually missed my point entirely Anon. But you're in full autism mode so I'll proceed against my better judgement.

>Meanwhile, the tutorial on the first Witcher is more than enough to award you with all 3 fighting styles and have you slash people left and right in witcher style.

Did you even unlock all the abilities that are completely barred from you from the beginning? That part isn't strictly neccesary for Witcher. KCD combat resembles Dark Messiah combat, Arx Fatalis combat, and some mechanical similarities to M&B you actually maintain all the stuff that make the combat system go over much more smoothly by default and it's not a problem.

582f2a No.14355504


>that's kinda hard when you're fighting more than one enemy, and some faggot keeps plinking you in the back with a bow while you're fighting the Big Guy.

Are you an MMORPG boss?


>going full barbarian


Thread's past bump limit, it's autismposting time anyway.

I also apologize, it's been a while since I played the first one and indeed there seems to be an extra attack for each style you perform by holding down the mouse button.

I still maintain that you look far more kickass as soon as you leave for the first town, while in KCD, or Arx, you still fight and move like a novice at the start.

Dark Messiah starts with The Boot, so you always look literally kickass right from the tutorial.

b73098 No.14355507


Go back to the crossroad and follow the shit trail, you'll eventually come across a guy who saw Pie.

4ea9b4 No.14355509


Take a tailor's kit with you. It's what I do and I fight without armor, just a shirt.

It lasts quite a while too

dcb1ab No.14355523


Now that I have a horse, I can easily haul at least one of every kit with me. Of course, you can't repair mid-combat, so I just need to hope I don't damage shit beyond my ability/my kit's ability to repair. I dunno the thresholds, 50%?

b73098 No.14355524


So, why haven't you gotten at least some chainmail to cover your gambeson?

549bf5 No.14355531


sneaki breeki iv damke?

dcb1ab No.14355538


I recently did, which reduced the damage to the gambeson quite a bit. But for the longest time, I simply didn't have one.

b73098 No.14355565


Yeah, you'll just have to bear with it until you get the dosh for mail. I was glad that I had been saving up and hadn't spent my coin yet when I saw the price of all the armor in Rattay. Shit's expensive.

718331 No.14355574


Boars run a lot slower and you can easily beat it to death with a mace.

dcb1ab No.14355586


I found the chainmail in the ruins at the nightingale quest area, as I described earlier in the thread. I just didn't realize there was a chest at the ruins until my friend told me to climb up on the wall.

b73098 No.14355592


Well shit, guess I'll have to go back and check that place out better.

549bf5 No.14355596


>Boars run a lot slower and you can easily beat it to death with a mace.

Combat is not that realistic dealing with animals, I find. In real life you need specialized spears to hunt Boars and that's because it'll try to kill you while it's dieing after impaling itself on the spear so a guard is designed to stop it from reaching you. Guess "must have full armor to fight boars and wolves" would be bullshit to most people.

dcb1ab No.14355603


One of the reasons to have full armor when fighting dangerous animals is that you don't want to get wounded by dirty tusks/claws. That shit spells tetanus in best case scenario.

132db3 No.14355605


>you can play as an incubus

good to know anon

718331 No.14355608


In case you didn't noticed, they slowed the gameplay down just to claim that even fast travel is slow for their clickbait points.

b9dd8a No.14355628

What are your thoughts on the different melee weapon types? I've mostly been using Long and short swords and repeated combo stabbings seems pretty effective against most enemies so far.

I tried Mace training with the dude but they felt really bad in comparison, no free ripostes on counters, shit reach and sort of slow. Haven't touched axes much but also did a training session, didn't get a proper feeling for them though. Halberd was lame as fuck but maybe because I was fighting that OP trainer and he dodged pretty much every attack.

4ea9b4 No.14355638


I've been using longswords and hunting swords.

The latter win for me. Faster and they feel nice and meaty what with their cleaver-style blade.

You can also use them with a shield without being slow as molasses.

dcb1ab No.14355648



I've only used longswords, I should probably switch to shortswords. I have a big problem with longswords in that enemies seem to have no problem blocking chain attacks at all, either due to having more skill than me, or just due to longswords being slower. I also haven't managed to pull off a single combo.

b9dd8a No.14355651


Use the sound of your weapon hitting the enemy as an indicator for when to attack again to start a combo.

dcb1ab No.14355659


Does every hit of a combo have to connect for it to work? For instance, if the enemy blocks or dodges the first move, can I still keep the combo rolling?

009930 No.14355667

My Henry started his game drunkenly picking flowers for 2 hours and had enough to buy a dagger, armor, high-quality wine and had enough left over for 2 lockpicks. I'm now a better herbalist than almost everyone in the empire.

3bfd2d No.14355680


If your enemy dodges or perfect blocks, it stops the combo. If he blocks, you can continue it.

718331 No.14355683


Well polearms are honestly half assed in this game (no option to go into neutral stance with a polearm, no means of permanently storing one), but yeah, having a boar spear would be fun. Also there's two types of boar spears. The one you're mentioning is the more slender version with wings. The wingless version is the broad boar spear that fans outs, so when the boar does a death charge at you, the increased width of the blade stops the boar from coming in closer while at the same time you can remove the spear as needed.

718331 No.14355690


The mace is a very stat reliant weapon in my opinion. I recently switched to mastering maces after maxing out my sword levels and at my stats, macing people will outright overwhelming them even if they are blocking.

dcb1ab No.14355693


So the stamina damage is really high for blunt weapons? Seems like dodging and perfect blocking are the only valuable way to deal with that.

718331 No.14355708


Yeah, I think mace is the only weapon where both you and bernard will suffer HP damage to the point where you have to stop practicing.

2a9e64 No.14355821

File: 854a92be8e1aa2a⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 2723x2000, 2723:2000, 854a92be8e1aa2a689df17a9ca….jpg)

Is there a poor mans version of this game? some sort of text based or top down medieval sim or something of that nature?

b73098 No.14355822

I'm doing the Ruin sidequest right now. How on earth do you deal with the bandit camp on your own? There's four of them whacking at me at once.

4bd0ee No.14355862


>There's four of them whacking at me at once.

Don't stand still. Get in a few combo stabs with a fast weapon and retreat. Just make them dance around like retards, might be really hard to avoid all of them but it's easy to make it so only 1 or at most 2 have clear shots at you. Use the terrain to your advantage.

This is pretty basic group fighting tactics, good luck playing Gothic 2 NotR if you have trouble with this ez NPC juggling fight.

66d37a No.14355866


Go in at night.

Stab them while they sleep, run away, repeat.

3bfd2d No.14355904


For some reason I think a lot of people expected this game to be combat focused, which means a combat system closer to Chivalry, Mordhau or Mountain Blade. I don't know where this misunderstanding came from but I assume it's because it's the only frame of reference people have for medieval "realistic" setting in video games.

After playing it's obvious that the game is trying to be an RPG focused on character progression so I'm not surprised to see that, while they tried to make something different, it's not as fleshed out as it could be. In fact I've also seen a lot of complaints from normalfags that this game fails at being "realistic" gameplay wise but that doesn't seem really reasonable. From what I understand the intention was always to have a credible setting with historical accuracy for a few elements (location and equipement for example) but provide a fun RPG with lots of room for improving your character. I mean the game would be fucking awful if it tried to be realistic gameplay-wise, in fact there wouldn't even be a game since there's no way in hell a peasant at that time could learn to do all this. I don't even know if normalfags understand what a "realistic" medieval RPG would look like, not that it couldn't be fun, it just doesn't feel like this is what the game was striving to be at any point of the developement.

The game has its fair share of problems, it's buggy, optimization isn't that great, the story is really linear, there's some things that get old really quick (animations for picking up herbs for example) but instead of seeing people focus on that I feel everyone is complaining about what the game should've been regarding their personal expectations instead of what the game is trying to be and does it succeed at that.

And also, regarding normalfags, I'm always impressed at the sort of double standards they seem to have. I've seen folks in the same post complain that this game has slow, unsatisfying combat and unexpressive NPCs while taking Skyrim as an example of a game that did it right. I don't see any problem with having complaints about combat or facial animations but how come there seems to be this double standard where they can see the flaws in one game but not in the other ? I don't understand.

ca2038 No.14355908



Can also soften them up with arrows, although I find it easier said than done. Gotta use proper combat arrows, I've tried using better hunting arrows, but even multiple face shots barely do any damage, weirdly enough.

4ea9b4 No.14355947

Holy fuck, Bane potions are great.

Apply to weapon, give some guy in full plate armor a little lovetap, three seconds later he falls over dead.

Time to level alchemy.

e8c220 No.14355950


>but how come there seems to be this double standard where they can see the flaws in one game but not in the other ? I don't understand.

Because normalfags don't have any genuine opinions of their own. They're NPCs that just parrot what shit is spewed down their throat.

3bfd2d No.14356007


I could understand if there was one of the two games the person hadn't played but in this case they obviously played both. It's like if you showed someone two jeans with holes in it with one having nothing on it and the other having a Levis tag, they tried it, and they'd go "well the Levis one is great and looks nice but the other one is really shit".

Feels like at some point their actual experience gets overwritten by hype or what they think they should believe given the reputation of the thing. Enough of my autistic rant, no point in trying to understand normalfags anyway.

326c1f No.14356009

is there a way to knock someone out with out killing them?

718331 No.14356013


If something isn't really sentient can it truly be human?

3bfd2d No.14356017


With stealth you can (it's linked to a perk), just approach someone in the back while crouched. In fight : you need to have the headcracker perk and it RNG reliant (I may be wrong though, I THINK the perk knocks the person out but it may also actually kill them, I've never bothered to put my cursor on the body afterwards).

326c1f No.14356037


Thanks anon, I'm not above knocking someone out to rob them blind but I'm not some bloodthirsty murdering heathen.

582f2a No.14356039


>how come there seems to be this double standard where they can see the flaws in one game but not in the other ?

Because the flaws are not in the same category.

With Skyrim, the flaws you can point out are in the game design itself, which goes way over their head, or it's a matter of internal consistency and wasted potential that really only matters for anyone that cares about lore or has some imagination to use.

Normalfags will never care about how static the economy is, how linear the civil war is, how little stuff was used from the vast lore Skyrim had and how generic a lot of the world ended up because in the end, it's still a fantasy world and they couldn't imagine anything better than what they got.

With KCD however, it's a game set in "reality", for which they do have a base line they can compare with. They have a notion of what medieval life was, what swinging swords is like, and since this game isn't supposed to be a fantasy where you shout at dragons, they'll expect "realism" to incredible degrees because they do not understand at all the concept of abstraction. And they will indeed demand levels of realism that would completely break the game because of how boring they actually are because normalfags have no concept of game design at all.

It's not a double standard, it's just that since both games try to go for something different, there are effectively 2 standards to judge those games and normalfags screw up both because they have no imagination, no concept of abstraction or understanding about how you actually design a game instead of a documentary.

2d6eaf No.14356041


If they're sleeping (like on a bed) you can press f to pay respects knock them out. That means they won't wake up for anything.

326c1f No.14356047


perk required or is that available for anyone?

2d6eaf No.14356050


I mean I was able to do it to the executioner for the first miller quest, so probably no perk.

326c1f No.14356054


Excellent, that is exactly what I'm trying to do.

2d6eaf No.14356069


Yeah, just take off just about all your clothes so you have 0 noise (he won't see you), and then approach the bed. There's a prompt for F to knockout and E to talk as if you came for that

3bfd2d No.14356075

File: 6a3168b824bb628⋯.jpg (99.92 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 6a3168b824bb628d7ce70a5af6….jpg)


I think you've put the finger on what was bugging me, very nicely said.

69769f No.14356080


you get it by default, all you have to do is approach someone while crouching from behind.

Enemies in heavy armor tend to resist it (at least the one I tried it on)

66d37a No.14356246


They don't resist it that often when I wear armor too.

2d6eaf No.14356257


I know the boar perk damages enemies while sprinting if your armor is heavier than theirs, so maybe they had a retard moment and decided to compare the difference in armor weight for stealth kills?

4bd0ee No.14356271

File: d03a764585f24df⋯.jpg (599.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219170837_1.jpg)

Where is this cunts stash? I've looked in every single fucking corner of every house on the tanner lot for a spot to dig.

4bd0ee No.14356277

File: 95e08bb601a1a07⋯.jpg (463.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219171245_1.jpg)


As I post and go back to the game I of course find the piece of shit. Why did it say at the western corner of the half house behind the tanner. This is at the edge of the fucking property.

718331 No.14356311


A half house means the shed behind the house. The spot is pretty much right next to the shed.

82a501 No.14356576


It's based on your maintenance skill, which is pretty quick to raise by repairing after each fight and using a grindstone on all the weapons you picked up before selling them to improve their condition and make more money. It has really good perks too.

5458e4 No.14356669

File: fe2d2fbdebf639d⋯.png (471.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KingdomCome Sallet.png)

Why do we have a Sallet in the loading screen when the game takes place in early 15th century? Didn't the Sallet design get created around mid-15th century?

2d6eaf No.14356731

File: 722b5fc59cff49f⋯.webm (1.69 MB, 644x477, 644:477, benderu.webm)


Same century nobigdealright? Supposedly the first recorded instance of the (or a prototype of) the word sallet was 1407 but it was more like a barbute and the sallet in your picture.

>mfw developer claims MUH REALISM and expects a free pass on anything.

af35df No.14356736


The Sallet was designed to keep the common man down.

411f62 No.14356792


Mountain Blade.

66d37a No.14356825


Hussite wars DLC confirmed ebin :DDD

2a9e64 No.14356954


m&b is fun as hell, but it's more of warlord simulator.

2a9e64 No.14356970

File: 4956b9a25c8404c⋯.jpg (74.33 KB, 1065x859, 1065:859, 4956b9a25c8404c8e08d8e86d2….jpg)


>no comrade henry quest path

the masses of crossbow armed proletariat need a leader

4bd0ee No.14356982

File: 8354cb6f6d28ebc⋯.jpg (627.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219193810_1.jpg)

Is Fast Striker in Agility worth it? The long combos would be nice but I have trouble picking so many of these perks with downsides.

2d6eaf No.14357012

File: 10f8cebb58c2afe⋯.jpg (36.59 KB, 474x536, 237:268, legs.jpg)


Honestly STR builds it seems to me are the way to go. Maces let you rape armor, and crack heads, and win clinches, and carry more things.. and do a lot of things that agility just doesn't seem to do. The way combat and damage works in this game, there's really no downside to using a mace and a shield. Shields aren't unwieldy and uncomfortable to wear around daily ingame like IRL, maces can defeat anything a sword can, and unlike swords IRL, aren't unwieldy or uncomfortable to wear around ingame (weight distribution, no sheath, etc. etc.)

So yeah, far as I know no reason to not be a str build unless you're larping for agility specifically. Get featherweight, though, it goes a long way to not breaking your legs everytime you fall off a 5 foot ledge.

57c2ce No.14357176

File: 404a99b95c4f7a0⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_19_12_….jpg)

File: 5d5239f1b83ea59⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_19_12_….jpg)

File: 22aaf2151c997cc⋯.webm (179.72 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Too late I've become the ….webm)

>fuck a man's wife

>Others look up to you now.

>Charisma +5

822edd No.14357241


Swords are so much more fun in the duels, to pull of their special duel combos. also they cause bleed more easily which combined with sadist and bloodlust lets you cut down groups easy

b73098 No.14357243

File: 9a7791e68fbda8e⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 230x300, 23:30, 1431666031140.jpg)

>looking for Timmy, get surrounded by dickass thieves and start asking me questions

>have the option to send them on a false trail to Rattay

>think that way they'll get caught by the city guards or something since they're fucking bandits

>they're just sitting there at the alehouse doing nothing

I-is something bad going to happen to Rattay now? fug

095a08 No.14357245

File: 971c3035268b5ac⋯.jpg (162.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, spaghetti suffering.jpg)


>always peeved how blunt weapons are always inferior to muh swords

>KC:D happens

>blunt is good

>blunt is so good it's actually overpowered and I have to intentionally avoid it so as not to cheapen my experience

4bd0ee No.14357252

File: caefad8dc047c7a⋯.jpg (717.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219205930_1.jpg)

I'm doing the Waldensians quest and I know I followed the instructions correctly up to the mark, the next clue makes it sound like I'm looking for scarecrows or strawmen but after not finding that I settled for a pile of hay and went into the forest.

I found an "Interesting site" here but with nothing of interest.


>Honestly STR builds it seems to me are the way to go. Maces let you rape

Yeah I've grown fond of my Warhammer since I started using it.

160e19 No.14357264


Ok, here's what you gotta do.

The jaws of behemoth means the ruins, like you probably guessed.

It's just that you aren't supposed to go through the doorway on it but instead just ride past it and follow the road.

Then when it talks about some apostles, look for the nearest fishermen.

They are already pretty close you your marker, hell, there's a exclamation mark and a coin mark on that spot.

From there, look for the weeping widows, follow the end of the world, witness the bones of the leviathan and then follow the end of the world till you come to the two bridges and from there you should be able to find your way.

850630 No.14357266

File: 052b3b1b3bf631d⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 740x784, 185:196, ENOUGH.jpg)

>Riddler got my money again

>After thinking about his riddle for a good 10 minutes

He can't keep getting away with it. Who /brainlet/ here ?

af35df No.14357267


This. The maces are cool and effective, but the game prioritizes swordplay. There's more combos and stuff like that. Still keep a mace on hand though to crush armored skulls.

2d6eaf No.14357273


Meanwhile I'm going to be perfectly happy abusing the game and smashing skulls because I had to start over my journey into glitchdom come: deliverable.

160e19 No.14357276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

160e19 No.14357280


What was his riddle?

The ones i have lost so far have been the praying lord and how many hours he prays as well as the one about money duplicating pouch.

af35df No.14357297

Fast travel is for fags that don't know how to ride a horse. Fucking commoners, filthy beasts.

850630 No.14357303


The one with the 3 fates. I'm a retard though because I had figured the "trick" of the riddle and then rushed my thinking so I got two fates mixed up.

bc70db No.14357309

come take a look at our disagreement community


b69cb6 No.14357318

File: 934853d87a6a585⋯.jpg (367.19 KB, 1000x1585, 200:317, 1349059845924.jpg)


fellow bowman, yes it is worth it since it allows you to make enemies bleed to death rather relying on brute force. if things get to hairy for you, just mount up on your horse and go for hit and run with your bow and cheese yourself to victory aganist any knight who wants to 1vs1 you.

>but muh shield

shield doesnt protect the legs.

bc70db No.14357325

for those looking for a cool chill place to hangout and learn new stuff from interesting ppl from around the world join our disagreement server


b69cb6 No.14357329

File: 6526f7d00480d43⋯.jpg (916.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, caefad8dc047c7af6f0bd4e1a8….jpg)


here they are, friend.

4bd0ee No.14357343

File: dcf9e688da35de4⋯.jpg (423.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219211233_1.jpg)

File: b89ff2722cc29d3⋯.jpg (397.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219212701_1.jpg)


>you aren't supposed to go through the doorway on it but instead just ride past it and follow the road.

Wow that's bullshit, there's trees and even two bridges (the one I marked) that fits it and everything.


Thanks, was about to ask for further help because fuck this quest. Riddles is one thing but at least be clear with the meaning. I just kept following the road and found this hay looking thing and thought it might be here somewhere.

160e19 No.14357351


Well you could say that the ruin on the right is the upper jaw and the ruin to the left is the lower jaw.

But then again, i went to explore the nearby fields and river, just like you did, before figuring it out after not finding the hay guardsmen.

4bd0ee No.14357364


I was just a bit pissed that it was a timed quest without letting me know, forcing me to reload a save (not much lost though) and doing it at night because I can't waste time.

160e19 No.14357368


I didn't even know it was timed yet i did it also during the night.

718331 No.14357380


I didn't even realize some of the main quest was timed so reeky got absolutely gutted.

af35df No.14357392


Shit, really? Been hunting bandits and Cuman instead of going after that guy.

160e19 No.14357399


You can actually save that guy?


Welp, still not worth it, i rather have my wild night with the parish priest and tavern wenches.

718331 No.14357416


I remember watching a beta playthrough done by archwarhammer and he found the guy shaken but very alive Also very scared as archwarhammer ran into the cave head to toe in cuman gear so the guy was literally begging for his life

af35df No.14357419


He does that mobo

1c51c1 No.14357424

So somehow I managed to get a lance into my inventory, but when I figured out that to equip it you need to drop it, that's barred me from re-adding it to my inventory. Is there any way for me to keep this thing, or have I fucked myself?

718331 No.14357432


Polearms are half assed atm, no idea if they will get better. You can't even walk around in town with them because guards get mad at you.

718331 No.14357439



Also guards literally dump them on the fucking floor when they go to bed.

6db164 No.14357478


So is this game actually good or just kneejerk spiting muh ess jays

b69cb6 No.14357508



polearms are overpowered as fuck, there is probably a good reason why they seem so half assed.

especially if you fight while mounted on a horse.

7ee4a3 No.14357521


one of the best games this decade, tbh

4bd0ee No.14357598



I fucking despise this quest now. First I lose it while the game auto waits for them to pray. I reload an earlier save and get there in time, then when I head back to the village, the priest is obviously asleep and wont speak to me. He's called the guards on me twice now. If I wait for morning I fail the quest :^)

718331 No.14357612

File: 8c5887804956445⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1652x702, 826:351, WhatchaLookingAtM8.PNG)

File: 03d9b3fde696cd7⋯.png (1.72 MB, 810x862, 405:431, KnightInShiningArmor.PNG)

I regret selling my pig faced bascinet so much now that I managed to get a proper chest plate from the knight of passau. Oh well, I can still downgrade to a great bascinet until I can find another bandit with a pig faced bascinet since the arching bascinet comes with scale armor and is ugly as sin (but 23 def) while the italian bascinet while beating the great bascinet by one point, doesn't scream KNIGHTLY. Debating whether or not I want to wear a dark tabard or at least a black hood over the armor but that would hinder my shininess.

718331 No.14357618

File: 46969ddf5fd7dba⋯.png (1.5 MB, 825x667, 825:667, KnightInShiningArmor2.PNG)

Forgot my closeup.

7ee4a3 No.14357621



You look like a metallic dildo, m8

718331 No.14357630


That's the point. Enemies laugh to death before I charge in and pummel their heads in.

7ee4a3 No.14357649


you're even driving a horse with phalus in its name

a92c35 No.14357679


Possible that the concept art was painted before 1403 was set in stone as the year KCD takes place in.

d2e761 No.14357684

Why the fuck is the weaponmaster in Vranik an essential NPC that can't be killed, considering he's hostile? Jesus Christ.

718331 No.14357688


Thankfully my horse is also a penis demon capable of teleportation.

822edd No.14357720

Any mods for armour dirt yet? I hate walking through rattay for an hour and looking like my shiny new armour from the bath was was rubbed in fresh shit

718331 No.14357724

>Sir Hanush sends Hans out on a mission to confront some robber bandits

>I stole his St. George longsword in the bathhouse mission

>He's still not carrying a sword and we're riding into a fight

084312 No.14357737


Nigger I've never broken a lockpick


>I fight without armor, just a shirt.

Fucking how

09dc61 No.14357754

Think I'm going to wait until a patch hits. 5 places have constant -100 reputation. Stopping me from getting quests and selling stuff because I gotta pay 400 gold to talk to anyone.

e3b6a1 No.14357759

File: 024b669f8096bf5⋯.gif (657.06 KB, 191x381, 191:381, senjoughara asking a quest….gif)

Are there any maps of where bandit camps are?

I don't even want bounty anymore I just want the experience and to sell off their armor.

239f79 No.14357805

File: 5cc153f60c77899⋯.png (260.09 KB, 580x650, 58:65, 5cc153f60c778990a3dc733481….png)

does Playing with the Devil actually have a way to not kill anyone?

because I managed to mace the fuckers into submission but they still appeared dead the next morning

82a501 No.14357818


Maybe you shouldn't have murdered all those peasants?

822edd No.14357831


some places are bugged and doing one bad thing in a quest such as an insult can suddenly lower the rep to -100

b73098 No.14357846

What does it mean when 'quest tipsters' act like they want nothing to do with you, even though your reputation is just fine? They all act like I took a piss in their beer. Maybe this has to do with me sending those bandits to Rattay, thinking they'd be arrested?

09dc61 No.14357853


One place I opened my chest in the Inn and got chased by guards. Another town started hating me for no reason. One town I walked into a house right as someone was about to exit and it pushed me into the side room which had a Very Hard lock so guards opened the door and forced me to run. Forget what I did in the other two but it sucks.

7ee4a3 No.14357875


I think that's a bug. Happened to me once and they worked like normal after relaunching the game

718331 No.14357889

File: f2fd3e045aa839f⋯.jpg (379.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180219222818_1.jpg)

>Sent to bandit camp to parley with their blue-blooded leader

>This happens

I think my Henry is shit at this negotiating thing.

b94862 No.14357909


>there isn't any political wank fucking the game up and that's about as far you should go

That's exactly the kind of shit I'd expect to hear from a fucking monarchist! This game blatantly glorifies the feudal system!

7ee4a3 No.14357935



>not being a monarchist

I bet all your ancestors were peasants

718331 No.14357941


True monarchist has never been tried before. It's the peasant's fault for not working hard enough for their lord.

d2e761 No.14357953

When do you shag Divish's wife? After her side quest?

1aa3bc No.14357959


uhhh sweetie, it worker for over two centuries? I thin k it's a perfectley good and reasonible idealoge system. Look at the proof you fear mongerer!

b73098 No.14357967

File: 0f39aaffc6a6584⋯.jpg (118.06 KB, 668x623, 668:623, crops.jpg)



b94862 No.14357970


At least one street vendor is selling watermelons. Pretty sure she's in Rattay, but I could be remembering wrong. I did see them, bought one, and ate it. It is the largest berry in the Holy Roman Empire.

6836bb No.14357976


>medieval sim

I'm supposed to go around picking locks like a fuckin retard that would get me lynched in that time period.

Not the game's fault but it reminds me how much I dislike most RPG mechanics.

b73098 No.14357980


I see. I was wondering if it had to do with those bandits I had sent to Rattay. Got me worried there for a moment.

7ee4a3 No.14357984


the biggest problem with lockpicking and thievery in general is that it gives the player way too much money and puts in-game economy into the shit

4bd0ee No.14357989

How should I solve the Waldesian quest? The best move seems to be to tell them to leave and then report to the Vicar what's up. With 9 +3 Speech and 16 charisma I still can't convince her to leave.

All other ends seem suboptimal.

82a402 No.14358000


"lockpicking and theivery" is one of the worst ways to make money, most chests have a half dozen animal skins and some other assorted shit that isn't even worth the carry weight. Even the ones that do have valuable wares are typically only what a mid-range bandit would be carrying and you have to go through a fence or sit on it for a week if you want to sell it anyway.

As with any game, the fastest way to make money is to clear a bandit camp and sell all their shit, failing that, Poaching is still better and more reliable than stealing, especially if you can bag a boar. You still have the right theory, you get WAY too much money especially when the economy seems to be built around fractions of a coin, but it isn't lockpicking that does it normally.

82a402 No.14358004


Have you tried telling her you work for the Vicar before trying the speech check to get her to leave? Otherwise you are absolutely right.

Alternatively, you could murder the Vicar

239f79 No.14358068

File: 94cda77924b7390⋯.png (1.42 MB, 928x755, 928:755, nice.png)

>stuck inside horse

4bd0ee No.14358075


Hah I can't believe my luck, I had 6½ drinking levels, and I thought to myself certainly there must be a speech related perk, and it's at lvl 7. Two bottles of spirits later I lvl up and manage to convince her.

And yeah I tried the all Vicar alternatives before so this was truly my last shot.

7ee4a3 No.14358128


>"lockpicking and theivery" is one of the worst ways to make money

I assume you've never robbed a shop blind, or went to sightsee the inside of the monastery. The amount of money you get is ridiculous.

6836bb No.14358136


Yeah it's more just my personal problem. D&D/rpg style adventuring isn't how feudal Europe worked. That's as much fantasy as dragons and goblins tbh. You don't learn to read after a couple of hours. You don't go from 'can't hold a sword' to killing knights in a few days. etc

But that's a different topic and a different game.

82a402 No.14358143


I did both.

I'm sitting on over 50k and almost all of it comes from selling cuman shit though.

239f79 No.14358151

File: efc9236f4cbab5c⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kotweebsmetana.webm)


hit enter too soon

>stuck inside horse

>camera points upwards and does not allow to look down

>does not allow to get off the horse

>save, reload

>stuck inside the horse

>fast travel

>no horse, cant move, X does nothing, combat mode does not engage

>lost 2 hours of alchemy and forest grind

gee golly I sure do love videogames

4bd0ee No.14358158


>You don't learn to read after a couple of hours

To be he says it's going to take multiple days, then a montage of you reading starts and then you start at lvl 1 and can barely read the words properly.

1aa3bc No.14358171


To be fair, the way they've done it keeps it fun and interesting, if it was too realistic then it'd take years in game time of training and I dont think anyone wants to do that. Honestly there needs to be so many more perks though. Level 20 I think it is you have everything on that specific set of perks.

they should have added weapon forgery too, you're a blacksmiths son for fuck sake


is that webm the poi poi meme in russian?

82a402 No.14358177


I had a similar glitch with the camera. I didn't have any trouble getting on or off the horse, but if I was on it the camera would point at the sky and spin. The glitch was on the save file so I had to reload an earlier save.

c17f58 No.14358180

ehhh i'm trying to get the wine keg for that [spoiler]slut]/spoiler] but the tourney wont load. its been sitting on the loading screen for ten fucking minutes now. is there a way to fix this or a way to get the wine without playing the tourney?

549bf5 No.14358181

File: 9de604d72bf1826⋯.png (355.34 KB, 439x468, 439:468, Visible Confusion.png)


Where do you get "hours" from?

82a402 No.14358187


>they should have added weapon forgery too, you're a blacksmiths son for fuck sake

Gotta save something for the expansion/sequel right?

239f79 No.14358208

File: 2e2d95e7e3c929f⋯.jpg (67.49 KB, 750x592, 375:296, kotvoprosvopros.jpg)


>what is mechanical abstraction

cbaebc No.14358211

File: 9e2e78b58321e38⋯.png (418.05 KB, 520x552, 65:69, ClipboardImage.png)

>have to stand watch all night guarding the walls

>guy walks up to me

>ay lad this you first time, just lean against the wall

>keep standing there watching the town

>jesus it would be nice if there was a timepassing feature

>spend the whole night standing there like a retard, whistling and listening to the echo

>get told that there is a wait key the next day

This is skyrim sprinting all over again. At least it was very atmostpheric.

1aa3bc No.14358212


Hopefully it wont be that way but I doubt it. Still, I heard they cut out a lot of content? Maybe that was something they removed, if so then it's nothing a good bit of modding cant fix. if modders can fix kotor 2 then they can fix this game

7ee4a3 No.14358216


>they should have added weapon forgery too, you're a blacksmiths son for fuck sake

It was planned, but cut due to time constraints

c17f58 No.14358245



>patrolling the town with that old guy til night

>sit down and play dice in the tavern

>i win



>decide to get up because old guy is just sitting there staring at me

>t to wait

>no you cant wait because something important is going on

>end up patrolling the town alone for hours until time passes from noon til 9 pm or whatever

>find out later time was supposed to fast forward during the dice game


1c51c1 No.14358366


Almost did the same, but then I saw the nifty little popup in the upper left corner telling me about the wait feature

cbaebc No.14358391


Guess I was trying real hard to see suspicious activity in the distance. I take my job seriously.

c17f58 No.14358430


>he does it for free

cbaebc No.14358457


If I do it for free long enough maybe I'll get to be the bull instead of the cuck.

7ee4a3 No.14358517

Archery is so much fucking fun. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to get the arrows to fly where you want them to, but once you do, you become a murdermachine.

>three fags charging me

>kill one with arrow to the eye from fifteen metres

>second one dies mid-shout as he closes the distance

>backpedal from the third and kill him through a gap in his defense (shield didn't help him much)

It's absolute ass at low levels and you won't hit anything, but once you level it up a bit, it's awesome. With a good bow and arrows, you don't even need to headshot most enemies – unless they pack plate armour, it's just gonna pierce straight through them

c74e2b No.14358533


It's pretty great, once you have a bow+arrow combo that gives you 100+ piercing damage you're golden. It's actually often better to aim for center of mass, since bandits seem to have pretty solid helmets even if they're wearing some crappy hauberk or gambeson. That "double over and slowly die" animation never ceases to make me grin.

508931 No.14358604



(((Bing))) translate is better than (((Google))) translate, imo

508931 No.14358623

The fuck? Did the faggot vols just delete a bunch of posts or what?

549bf5 No.14358659


Originally a cyclical.

82a501 No.14358682

Just spent an hour and a half clearing out Runt's bandit camp by myself. I guess he's locked himself in the churchyard with the door you can't open? These fuckers better not respawn when I come back with the army.

084312 No.14358684

File: 888d17756036754⋯.jpg (284.11 KB, 814x638, 37:29, Fucking Mad.jpg)


>They removed the cyclical

>Next thread is going to be filled with retards again

94271a No.14358697


You can go in the churchyard, but they'll close the gate if one of the guys up there spots you. You should be able to get in around back iirc. Make sure to climb all the ladders in the church and lockpick everything. There's a good amount of shekels up there, and a shitton of cabbages for whatever reason.

4a60bc No.14358729

File: edd625f8c51a2f8⋯.png (3.81 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Planning to role play a miles Christi but I'm uncertain on the tenets.

Thus far I have:

-limited and/or no looting

unsure about this, either depending on outlaw, ordinary enemy and noble or only specific equipment, if at all

-surrendering enemies shall always be given mercy

-none of the above apply to infidels and heretics

-no thieving

-no lying

Intend to main long sword, short sword, maces and axes would work too.

I don't think bows would fit except for hunting maybe.

And most likely a virgin play through. even if not necessary for a soldier of Christ

Anything else I should consider?

b2e425 No.14358746


If you want to hardcore RP, read "The Rule of the Templars", they had a pretty strict diet for example (TL;DR version: Little meat, little booze, lots of beans for maximum lean gainz, fast days every week, etc.)

82a402 No.14358764

Has anyone manged to find Belladonna growing in the wild? Any idea where to look for it?

b2e425 No.14358775


Go straight east from the Rattay arena, cross the river and follow the fork further east, then go north and your character head on the map should just hit the cliffs on the map, there's a small cottage in the forest there with some Belladonna in the garden

82a402 No.14358778


That doesn't answer the question "in the wild", plus I doubt there's more than 10 if it's a garden, I'll have a look next time I go out that way anyway

822edd No.14358787

File: 70825a0dcff5c30⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 379430_20180220014325_1.png)

the npc interactions are pretty neat, spent a few minutes watching the blacksmith and his assistant hammer the sword with both the hammer and sledgehammer one after another in succession. I didnt even know npcs had joint animations like this

94271a No.14358831


Must give alms to any beggar you meet on the roadside. Not the cities, though. There are a hundred of them in Rassau alone.

718331 No.14358871

Man I was so engrossed with playing the game I didn't realize the amount of salt it's generating on twitter over leftist getting upset over the game selling well.

902608 No.14358879

So are axes the best weapons in the game, or are they shit? I haven't used one yet, but from what I can tell they're objectively superior to swords. They get the blunt damage of maces without the shit defense, AND the slashing damage of swords. So you're never in a position where you can't even scratch a guy in plate armor.

Is there any reason not to use axes exclusively?

e128cb No.14358882

File: a13acda0367ac9d⋯.jpg (281.56 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, theguild2.jpg)


It isn't the same, but you could try a medieval RPG. Come to think of it, most of them have magic, except a few of the very old ones. Maybe give The Guild a shot, you control a dynasty and must jew the other dynasties by infiltrating every public office and acquiring more shekels through your very reasonably-priced and perfectly legal businesses.

718331 No.14358885


Speed maybe? Longswords are excellent plate crackers but there's nothing as satisfying as a good mace whack.

c74e2b No.14358891



Also maces deal with heavily armored foes beautifully. Axes have some blunt damage, but they don't crush heads and stagger through blocks like maces do.

c74e2b No.14358908

I wonder how fun/viable it would be to do a full bandit mode second playthrough? Combat grows your stats pretty fast, and if you don't care about the story, it doesn't matter if everyone hates you.

With the right perks, and knowledge of where the various camps are, you could live off the land fairly easily as well. The only problem would be repairs, since you have to buy kits or pay traders.

b2e425 No.14358924


You can just keep a homebase, ideally either Rattay or Sassau since there's one of every merchant there, then kill everyone else.

c74e2b No.14358938


Hm, that's a nice idea. Probably Sasau, since there are more scoundrels and other rough types there.

82a402 No.14358941


Bandits and well-maintained gear don't mix. Just use what you can loot and throw it away when it gets too worn

c74e2b No.14358958


That's also a good point. Maybe multiple challenges could be born from this

>BRIGAND: Choose a home base, raid everywhere else. Always tip merchants and help beggars in your base

>BANDIT: Live in camps, raid everywhere, use what you find.

>SAVAGE: No camps, eat raw meat and foraged vegetables. Use what you find. Kill everyone you see.

>CAVEMAN: Rags only. Bludgeon only. Final destination

b2e425 No.14358996


I'll add one:

>HULK: Only pants and fists allowed. Must punch everyone you meet.

902608 No.14358997

File: e13f23cb26896f5⋯.png (3.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh, longswords can be used against plate? I was under the assumption they were completely useless. At least my short sword did absolutely nothing but put a scratch in this one guy's helmet.

a92c35 No.14359005


With a decent longsword (and admittedly a high Sword skill), I'm able to put that guy down in a single combo.

82a402 No.14359020


I should try a different weapon maybe. I used swords exclusively all game, my axe and mace skill are 0 and 1, my sword is at 18

549bf5 No.14359022


Well until you git gud with the sword both you and henry in-game then it's basically a slug fest between tanks until one of you dies from exhaustion.

718331 No.14359030


No rush at all, I personally only switched to mace from longsword after securing heavy armor.

My gambeson, hood, tights and spare boots are all dark though in case I want to sneak around.

4a60bc No.14359034

File: 58508ceea8e50fe⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1462078444764.jpg)

File: a85c607ab793f9b⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1282x1500, 641:750, belladonna.png)


>"The Rule of the Templars"

That was an interesting read in of itself.

Many rules obviously don't translate well but the dietary guidelines are something I'll follow and apparently a bow is fine for hunting.


>give alms

wouldn't have even thought of that.

Thanks you two.


South of Rattay, but honestly considering how hard it is to spot Belladonna I doubt it's worth the trouble.

bcc6d6 No.14359046


>after his town is pillaged, Henry snaps completely

>seeks vengeance against all humanity

>murders entire towns, becomes the scourge of the country single-handedly

>eventually kills his way to the guy who actually killed his parents, kills him, then kills himself

I'm not even halfway done with my first playthrough, and I almost want to start over to do this.

902608 No.14359047


> then it's basically a slug fest between tanks until one of you dies from exhaustion.

That's basically what that fight was, and is what I was wanting to avoid by trying out axes.

c74e2b No.14359054

File: 210f798d3a201d3⋯.jpg (20.57 KB, 275x320, 55:64, 1252006809349.jpg)


>slaughter whole villages because they're the easiest way to get weapon skills

>become one-man holocaust

AKA the Dorf Fort adventure mode method of character improvement

82a402 No.14359057


I'm basically at the end of the game, hence the level 18 skill

718331 No.14359062


I've only killed the knight of passau and my sword skill is already 20 ages ago. How often do you fight?

82a402 No.14359071


As often as possible? I even went through Pribyslavitz when I was supposed to scout it and killed everybody. Right now I'm right before the attack on Vranik, which I reloaded my save to because I wanted to finish some sidequests.

82a402 No.14359073


Worth mentioning though I end up killing almost everything in one hit

822edd No.14359087

File: 44cc92f06c919ab⋯.png (922.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 307690_20180204220346_1.png)

Anyone else finished the "In god's hands" quest at the monastery? I seemed to heal every villager but no fucking reward from that thot healer. Seriously all the effort for you to go "welp did the best I could"

c74e2b No.14359097


You get a free level in alchemy I think.

94271a No.14359101


Dwarf mode is beating an enemy to exhaustion and then cutting off the individual fingers and toes from their limbs for the weapon skills, and purposely sleeping out in the open so you can fight the boogeymen who try and kill you. I love adventure mode.

718331 No.14359107


Probably my training sessions with bernie to get my combos downpat then.

822edd No.14359114


Didnt notice since it ended so underwhelmingly. atleast its not listed as failed or my autism would be through the roof

82a402 No.14359131


I gave up on comboes, basically impossible to execute them when the enemy keeps dodging and countering, and when you do manage to hit them they die anyway

ede7ba No.14359148


I'm stuck in an infinite load screen near the end of the watch quest. Tried about 5 different times, gets stuck at slightly different points. Releasing a gimped save/load system would be fine if you didn't have to worry about the game ending forever every time you shut it down.

94271a No.14359166

File: 9a9fedd745ade47⋯.jpg (503.21 KB, 1680x1511, 1680:1511, Untitled.jpg)


Make sure to pick up a holy relic or two in Sassau.

82a501 No.14359172

What's up with the free hits enemies can get on you when they perfect parry you? Not the normal follow up swings that you can parry back but the ones that lock you into an animation where they fuck you up. Am I doing something really dumb or can you not avoid those?

c74e2b No.14359179


those are master strikes, you can learn them from Bernard.

More annoyingly, why can every NPC clinch you (armlock, knee to face, etc.) during a fist fight the moment you get near them? I have 14 STR and 6-7 Unarmed and even regular townsfolk become MMA fighters when I'm around.

82a402 No.14359195


I usually win clinches. I find it's one of the best ways to open up a shield-using enemy. Just walk up on them to force a clinch and try to attack while they are staggering backwards

718331 No.14359197


Clinches are not automatic. You just failed to react to it. I can't remember if left mouse or F is the trigger because F also launches a kick.

c74e2b No.14359206


What are you supposed to do, though? In a regular armed fight, you get that weapon clash animation and then mash left click or whatever. In a fist fight you just get instantly grabbed.

2d6eaf No.14359221


I never mash the click, I press F I think. Does different stuff happen? F usually slaps, smacks, kicks, or pushes them away and it's fairly reliable, can sometimes get a hit in on even a skilled opponent after.

c74e2b No.14359235


Alright, I'll try that now in my daily sparring match with Milan.

a41767 No.14359248

Can anyone who's finished the story tell me if you get to continue roaming around or does the game just end? NG+?

82a402 No.14359272


I CAN tell you a number of sidequests get cut off as you do the story, haven't actually finished yet though

718331 No.14359288

So anyone else getting a bug where you stop being able to challenge the wayward knight? All I can do is tell him we met before.

c74e2b No.14359291



The only thing that's different is that pressing F lets you (sometimes) be the one who does the armlock. Otherwise, you still get grabbed and kneed in the face/arm-locked if you get too close, and as far as I can tell there's no counters. Also very annoying that pressing F sometimes kicks and sometimes attempts a grapple, with no real way to control which.

718331 No.14359297


Clinching is activated from when you go too close to the enemy though. I never had problems controlling when I want to clinch because I facehug when I do.

c74e2b No.14359307


But how do you prevent yourself from getting clinched? Since you take guaranteed damage every time you do, and nothing seems to stop your opponent from doing it over and over again every time you close in.

718331 No.14359312


Once you're strong enough, you really shouldn't be clinched unless you screw your timing up. Also stop facehugging people

c74e2b No.14359321


>stop facehugging

>need to close distance to clinch

Also, I have 14STR and it happens even when I'm fighting random-ass townsfolk.

718331 No.14359332


Clinching is very situational because of the low damage and if you're using it to win fist fights you're doing something very wrong.

549bf5 No.14359346


Just straight punch people like kenshiro over and over again. It's the proper way to punch people anyways.

c74e2b No.14359353


I'm not clinching my opponents that often, but fuck if they're not clinching me 7/10 times I go in for a simple punch. Not only is it annoying to be locked into the same animation that many times, but all that chip damage adds up.

718331 No.14359371


Just like IRL maintain your distance when punching?

549bf5 No.14359384

New thread >>14359377

66d37a No.14359819

BAHAH that big nigger died because of a stabby into his face 0.2 seconds into the fight.

Should’ve worn a helmet.

5458e4 No.14360963

File: 43f5f3f9c760f6f⋯.jpg (163.19 KB, 487x613, 487:613, MS_44_A_8_2v.jpg)

Any of you have some of Lichtenauers manual on the Longsword? He doesn't really focus on any of the basics of Longswords and instead focuses on the advance techniques right? Like I don't see any verses where he talks about the Oberhau.

4da163 No.14363837

Worst Questline in the entire fucking game hands down.

Witch Questline.

Preacher asks you to look into an old witch in the woods.

(((Witch))) is actually just an old hippie selling LSD to young women.

Go talk to young women and they all meet in the forest.

Have to follow them for about 5 minutes.

They rub drugs on their pussies and then try to summon satan.

You are supposed to interrupt then an embarrassingly bad cutscene occurs.

you have to lockpick a horse to continue the mission but you can also pick a chicken which doesn't have a lockpick prompt and you can easily get stuck here.

I thought the questline broke and restarted at this point.

then 2 bandits will attack.

You are supposed to kill them. The game wants you to kill them. Fuck it basically begs you to,

The only 2 branching paths of this quest is kill the bandits or let the bandits kill the women.

There is no reward at all for the second option.

Oh and if you use the alchemy bench near the old woman you float into the sky then die from fall damage.

0/10 Quest.

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