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File: a1a1ea4156bea93⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 552x591, 184:197, It's still Windows 10 only….JPG)

e81652 No.14329458

311c8c No.14329477

File: 6a05d635b053da1⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 398x450, 199:225, EYE computer.jpg)

The what now?

3dde35 No.14329479

Whats this oWo?

e81652 No.14329483


Microkikes DRM

This game though had 5 layers of it

311c8c No.14329487


Oh I see now. You should've said that the game was zoo tycoon, I didn't read the image closely enough.

e81652 No.14329499


It's also in the linked article you fucking Jian

1270a2 No.14329521


>five layers of DRM

>for a fucking zoo tycoon remaster

While a great effort, there isn't that many games that are under UWP. Plus in order to play this you have to use fucking W10.

425e1f No.14329522

How is it a universal game platform if it only works on modern Windows systems?

5278cc No.14329523

File: d64c58cf36e6553⋯.png (32.44 KB, 140x137, 140:137, 06bd67476d3a211e3d58d970c0….png)

>Five layers of DRM

>For Zoo tycoon

Jesus fucking shit, why do I still have windows installed?

e81652 No.14329530


> there isn't that many games that are under UWP

Forza Horizon 2 and Halo Wars 2

I think that's about it and they're just ok and mediocre respectively.

At least the goys who actually have Botnet10 on their computers will be able to play AoE at 4K.

722447 No.14329566


>those protection names

Jesus Christ that sounds worse than Denuvo. The amount of code they must have had to analyze must have been huge.

fd6f79 No.14329578

So that means I can play Farce Horizon without giving a single shekel?

55f43d No.14329596

File: d92ad864df733ee⋯.jpg (340.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ZTUAC.jpg)

File: 37f6b291d016cea⋯.png (13.67 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, ZTUAC.png)

File: 44189a48dca8512⋯.jpg (378.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ZTUAC2.jpg)

File: 6a43e19ccea1d58⋯.jpg (224.26 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, ZTUAC3.jpg)

File: bc8f0ade44ce557⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 550x309, 550:309, ZTUAC4.jpg)


Was that Zoo Tycoon even worth it?

08a0d5 No.14329610


That's just the name they gave it faggot, you think micro$oft cares about that outside of how it sounds?

3dde35 No.14329613

File: c9ba27332e43e63⋯.png (13.01 KB, 599x605, 599:605, 1471798989916.png)



08a0d5 No.14329617


What I find even funnier was that it was cracked, this must be an utter humiliation to them right now

e81652 No.14329622


No, it's fucking trash

Hopefully they don't fuck up Jurassic World Evolution because it looks great and they did a good job with Planet Coaster.

9e57b7 No.14329730


And Horizon 2 is absolute trash compared to the first so may as well scratch that one off too.


I bet you can't even feed people to animals, can you? Now I just want a proper Zoo Tycoon thread.

7ffa32 No.14329738

Pirates find a way.

5d2494 No.14329843

how many layers of protection are you on my dude?

66aa70 No.14329858



54d740 No.14329868


I know this feeling, I need to get off this fucking datamining platform and go full /tech/.

0e8f71 No.14329876

I feel like games aren't being cracked anymore because people want them but how many levels of DRM they have

3dde35 No.14329931

File: 900761cf5674ecb⋯.gif (76.8 KB, 340x340, 1:1, 900761cf5674ecb5eac052b3da….gif)


>games aren't being cracked anymore

6bed91 No.14329932

File: 29621fc804adf72⋯.jpeg (47.34 KB, 640x920, 16:23, 6590F729-8DF4-4931-A0C8-4….jpeg)


I haven’t bought a game in a decade and I don’t think I’ve pirated one in the last year. There just isn’t anything I want anymore.

a8fd28 No.14329933


Whats the point of extreme drm if no one even uses it? Though now it certainly is useless cracked.

6bed91 No.14329934


Read the entire sentence, dipshit.

03874f No.14329944


>Jesus fucking shit, why do I still have windows installed?

Because Linux still doesn't have much in the way of games. Otherwise I'd recommend everyone to jump ship, it's so much more reliable and customizable that having to go back to Windows is depressing.

cd13aa No.14329945


The day when devs natively dev for linux instead of windows


5278cc No.14329956


I get by now like, using ubuntu or some shit probably won't be annoying or hard to set up probably like sudo give wine use wine on (installer) and get my games running in wine, but like, it seems like such an inconvenience.

22a055 No.14329957

>five fucking layers

Isn't this a new record?

6637f1 No.14329966


It's the ultimate anti-piracy technique, selling garbage that normalfaggots will gobble up anyways


Yeah. It's probably for the best. Thank goodness the old games will always be there to offer you solace in these dark times.

9e57b7 No.14329979


I think AssCreed Kangz was similar, so it may be a tie at this point.

6bed91 No.14329988



It’s nice to see former Windows users finally comprehend why OS X is so popular. *NIX system with a pretty UI and a ton of features that non-power users went gaga for. Maybe before 2030, if civilization hasn’t completely collapsed (lol), we’ll finally get a near-guarantee of *NIX system compatibility with any given piece of software.

d25f6c No.14330000


That sentence is missing a few key words that could understandably cause confusion in someone expecting competent English.

cd13aa No.14330003



get outta here with that

5a5f6c No.14330009


this. once linux has a slightly more reliable and retard-proof method of gaymen i'm going to switch over permanently. i have a 10 year old laptop i brought back from the dead a few months ago to try linux on for the first time ever and i'm genuinely shocked at how a decade-old piece of garbage is giving me a stabler, smoother and more enjoyable overall computing experience than my medium-high end desktop for everything but games

e2bd24 No.14330065


I'm switching when they cut support to 7 in 2020.

I recommend everyone to do so when it happens, using Botnet10 is physically painful to me.

0e8f71 No.14330076


Sorry I don't write for autistic retards

6bed91 No.14330091


The only word it’s missing is “A” before “*NIX system”. I expected you to be competent enough not to need it.


lol, you’ll get over it.

f48519 No.14330110

>not running OS/2


b62131 No.14330115

File: 5f01881dc4f47c1⋯.jpg (60.55 KB, 540x554, 270:277, marie fu.jpg)


>when they cut support to 7 in 2020.

I knew it would happen one day, but I had some vain hope it would be further away than that. I'm sure Microsoft can't wait to pull the plug, and even if only 10% of the laggards ever upgrade to win10 they'll consider it a success for the company.

03874f No.14330120

File: 3e4b95a02741148⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 250x323, 250:323, sherlock-holmes.jpg)


I deduce that this is bait, for a very simple reason: actual Mac users know the system is called "macOS" now.

But I have to agree that it has an interface so damn nice that it doesn't have to be customizable. Too bad the hardware is mad overpriced.

d25f6c No.14330128


>I feel like games aren't being cracked anymore because people want them but how many levels of DRM they have

Where is "*NIX system" even in that sentence? Are you even paying attention to what posts are being replied to?


Says the guy so retarded, he can't write with proper grammar or even with all the words he meant to use.

e2bd24 No.14330129

File: 6326080b55f4509⋯.jpeg (27.52 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 6326080b55f4509cfc9fc7481….jpeg)





This is why Burger nighttime is fucking cancer

Damned lemmings

a8c3b2 No.14330134

File: 7925b4023bd22ea⋯.jpg (97.7 KB, 1280x694, 640:347, DARK-STAR-10.jpg)


i know what you are feeling, i want to install some other OS and kiss microsoft goodbye but i want to play my vydia

e2bd24 No.14330144


They're datamining everyone after giving out the product service for free and now they're paywalling it before they pull the plug.

Of course they'll consider it a success.


It's just pathetic shitposting

Ignore it

6bed91 No.14330185


>you’re baiting because you don’t use the faggy new name instead of the good old name

Sorry I don’t confirm to your newfag expectations. I’ve been using the platform since the Apple II and sometimes still say “open apple” and “closed apple” when referring to command (you’d call it the windows logo key) and option (alt), respectively. I’m not a fan of a single thing the butt-blaster has done to the company post-Jobs.


Don’t reply to the wrong person next time, faggot.


>ha ha wow i can’t actually reply in any meaningful fashion

Go back to sucking Bill Gates’ cock, then. We were discussing *NIX systems.

d25f6c No.14330233


>Don’t reply to the wrong person next time, faggot.

I replied to the right person, dingus. You told that anon to read the entire sentence, as if the sentence was perfectly fine and all error was on him.

350aa1 No.14330435

File: d2c5b8a47fa8feb⋯.gif (46.59 KB, 250x194, 125:97, 1466982783513.gif)



Windows 7 is still going to work, you fucking idiots. Do you think Kikerosoft is going to flip a switch in 2020 and every Win7 machine will just shut down? They just won't give it updates anymore, which are worthless anyway.

This whole thread is full of the stupidest niggers I have ever encountered here jesus christ.

9e57b7 No.14330504


It's not like you can't have more than one OS on a computer anyway. Shit is retard simple to do these days.

9e57b7 No.14330510


I'd never install 10 though, just to be clear.

eba439 No.14330521


Is Microsoft still pushing the W10 updates? I haven't updated 8.1 since then.

c4dac5 No.14330524


>Do you think Kikerosoft is going to flip a switch in 2020 and every Win7 machine will just shut down?


e2bd24 No.14330545

File: 24df66aae293e1c⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 244x209, 244:209, 1394677007584.jpg)


>Windows 7 is still going to work, you fucking idiots.

No shit you dumb fucker, I have a pirated copy of Ultimate with the auto updater function off.

Microsoft officially cutting updates to Windows 7 will mean developers and hardware manufacturers will stop supporting it as well.

It's already happening with hardware considering Jewtel and AMPajeet latest's CPUs don't support Winblows 7.

It couldn't give a shit about garbage bloated updates, but normalfags do and the hardware and software manufacturers that Microsoft will pay to cut support to W7 certainly do.

f45a8c No.14330736


>AMD's doesn't support windows 7

Ryzen? I'm pretty sure they back tracked on that

bcecb5 No.14330739


I bet it's actually just F2P shit

6bed91 No.14330749


>I replied to the right person

Look at my ID. Now show the class where I said

>I feel like games aren't being cracked anymore because people want them but how many levels of DRM they have

I'll fucking wait.

6bed91 No.14330756


It's entirely possible to block 10 from accessing any form of Microsoft servers, ever. It means no OS updates, but it also means absolutely no spying or telemetry.

47e4a0 No.14330770

File: 14995e48c384a47⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 235x150, 47:30, 14995e48c384a471ff0af9abd2….gif)

These DRM schemes aren't about Piracy. They were never about piracy. The PC Platform is more profitable then it has ever been, why do you think AAA publishers, who normally gave PC tertiary attention at best, and Weeb publishers, who normally out right ignored it, are rushing to get their games on PC?

The market is huge, the overhead is low thanks to digital distribution, and it'll continually trickle in revenue with absolutely zero work by the publisher. Things physical mediums just don't allow. So, if PC is so god damn profitable that they all dropped everything to start supporting the platform en masse, why are they doing all this DRM bullshit? We know piracy doesn't actually effect sales, even the most recent EU study showed that. So, what's the game plan here?

It's simple. Post sale control. The game nowadays is Ecosystems. That's what it's all about. You get someone locked into your ecosystem and you have them by the balls. You control what can and cannot be done, farm personal information, serve up ads and synergize all this to increase sales. This is the current war going on between Apple, Google and Amazon, and a smaller scale version is happening in gaming. EA, Ubisoft and Microsoft all fucked off to make their own closed platforms to try and lock you into their ecosystems, where they can just farm you for money, information and ads.

Which is the real irony here. Steam, as much as /v/ hates it, are just regular gaming merchants. They control the monopoly ecosystem on PC, but they currently aren't interested in doing all the normal ecosystem bullshit everyone else does. Their greed is old fashioned, quaint almost. And by controlling the PC gaming ecosystem, they also, completely by accident, prevent any of the others from realizing their avaricious dreams of closed, completely controlled ecosystem. Don't take this as a defense of Valve, they aren't doing this on purpose, it's just their own ambitions are much more mundane and less malevolent then the ambitions of the others. That could change one day.

Until then, publishers have to try their hardest to find ways to get their grimy hands into your gaming library. To leverage their sales to you, the consumer, into ever growing, never ending revenue. Denuvo is a very small step toward that end goal.

47e4a0 No.14330776


>Denuvo and UWP

7ffa32 No.14330805

The difference between EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, etc, is that they are all publically traded companies where wall street demans ROI and has these marketing departments that want to lock things down and collect all the information they can mine to sell ads. While Valve on the other hand, is a private company that answers to no share holders and only seem interested in making a profit as you stated.

b8cf23 No.14330902



>they did a good job with Planet Coaster.

Denuvo Coaster?

The game that still nowadays has performance problems on modern GPUs and build?

The game that charges you FUCKING $11 for a "spooky pack" and the "adventure pack", just a bunch of props that should have been from the start?

Stay away from giving money to those kikes

d25f6c No.14332108


I never said you said that. You made this post: >>14329934, which is about said sentence. You made it to reply to a dude who misunderstood said sentence, because it's terribly written. But, instead of acknowledging how awful the sentence is, you implied the dude was entirely at fault for his own misunderstanding.

f87981 No.14332112


Man why is everyone so angry this month? It's not even the usual bullying, it's just people being pissy. Are there more women on now or something?

7b33f0 No.14332113

What are the chances of DX12 being cracked or just made available for Winblows 7 through exploits?

ee70cb No.14332116

File: c715845f73e5bac⋯.png (69.95 KB, 1137x925, 1137:925, Confused.png)



>Windows Universal Platform

Which game uses this DRM?


This anon gets it. It was never about piracy, it's more of control and domination. Piracy is just an excuse for malicious backdoors, information gathering, and telemetry.

946c01 No.14332129

File: 17140121af5dd3b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1255x827, 1255:827, 1436655458784.png)


This is why modern consoles are trash and why we might see "cloud gaming" forced on us one day.

f78a64 No.14332135

File: 52c8f3ef88c0153⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1182x673, 1182:673, ClipboardImage.png)


Slim to none, maybe through DXVK when DX12 support becomes a thing, but I seriously doubt they'll support piracy.


>Which game uses this DRM?

pic related

9eafcb No.14332143


consoles are a lot worse than PC in that regard. Consoles aren't always online DRM locked boxes where you have no physical ownership and are tied down to a single store which only offers you rentals of licenses of games. Much like you might still own a copy of super mario world on the super nintendo, you can own a 20 year old copy of bloodborne that 20 years from today will still work as you had it on day 1. Piracy is just evasion of the ecosystem, much like declining a steam hardware survey omits you from the statistics, it removes any influence you may have on that ecosystem.

They got PC gaming by the balls and have since steam won out.

9eafcb No.14332145


console aren't worse than PC in that regard*

7b33f0 No.14332146


I don't want to buy an xbone just to play Forza I don't want to get W10 either this is pain.

90141c No.14332151

File: 04357e7a36f0898⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1020, 32:17, ClipboardImage.png)


It's suppose to "ease" the porting of games between the XB1 and Windows 10.


>Forza Horizon 2 and Halo Wars 2

>I think that's about it

There's also the Phantom Dust remaster and ilomilo +.



>Whats the point of extreme drm if no one even uses it?

<If only that were true

I would like to know what numbers MS is pulling from the store. So far, they haven't said shit about it.


Anon, Macintosh used to be a viable gaming platform. Then the executives decided to muddy it up.

76e51b No.14332248

File: 6bdc3e5762f4522⋯.jpg (300.88 KB, 600x801, 200:267, pajeet.jpg)

UWP has failed and is essentially being abandoned in favour of PWA as the "future" for Windows "apps". A PWA is simply a website that uses certain Javascript APIs so it can be used offline. Microsoft plan to crawl the web for PWAs and package them into their shitty "app store" without asking permission from the website owner. Yes, Mircosoft really is that desperate. PWAs of course work on any recent real browser so there's no reason to use Windows as far as normalfags are concerned.

Microsoft has suffered one or two lost decades (depending on who you ask) in terms of APIs. For example they have never had a decent UI framework. Metro was and is an abomination. There are so many abandoned and deprecated APIs now developers have been trained to never trust Microsoft and not waste time investing in learning them.

Apple will never get their shit together in terms of performance or price and we see they are abandoning desktops and laptops (and cutting their own throats in the process) but there is a chance Linux will one day have APIs for basic things like sound that are documented and perform in a non-joke fashion (fingers crossed). When that happens Windows is finished. Arguably though Linux is heading in the wrong direction.

Today and for quite a long time many programs like Photoshop are almost completely separate from the OS. They did this for cross platform reasons but also because Windows essentially has no usable APIs apart from basic IO functions. Almost all game engines have layers that do the same thing.

7e66d5 No.14332253

File: 43e9502bbb87f50⋯.png (117.22 KB, 465x357, 155:119, 1293840124812341234958534.png)

Gonna get me that sea of thieves when it comes out hell ye

Nobody deserves their games torrented more than Microsoft

f78a64 No.14332257


Their last resort to make UWP relevant at all is outright lock the ability to run regular Win32 stuff to the higher SKUs (Wijn10 Pro/Enterprise etc)

ee63b2 No.14332304


But is it any fun without other players?

76e51b No.14332309


They may do that. Though Microsoft has now abandoned Windows S after abandoning Windows RT, and is adding a Windows S mode to Windows 10. It is always funny to see how everything they've done is a wrapper for Win32. .NET and C# are useful but all the abstractions are so leaky and Win32 is everywhere. Win32 itself is just an extension of Win16. For example the basic window event system (window procedures) is from the Windows 3 era and earlier, and underneath Metro, UWP, etc still uses that (despite their denials).

4bdc77 No.14332322


>pirating a online game

Are you literally retarded

7e66d5 No.14332328



It's not just online is it?

cb3112 No.14332334


I think it is.

946c01 No.14332344

File: 28579f9b0178359⋯.jpg (120.19 KB, 600x555, 40:37, unsolicited opinions on Is….jpg)


Nigga, people used to set up offline WoW serves just so they could dick around in the world and do boring quests back when private servers weren't a thing.

3a77e3 No.14332356


Actual honest to god autists who would rather have a dick measuring contest about who's right about completely irrelevant shit than to discus fucking video games.

That and I wouldn't doubt for a second there's continued effort from other sites to shit up the board

e81652 No.14332365



Cuckchan is coming on this site

Clover now supports 8chan and Legacy Captcha was removed from cuckchan arounf the same time so we have shitters from there coming here.

90141c No.14333874

File: d57b478afb08804⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 400x300, 4:3, windows-ce-dreamcast-sega.jpg)


With the initial presentation, I thought it was a good idea...then I found out about Windows CE on the Dreamcast and why that's mostly bullshit.

f705fd No.14334335


Shouldn't the staff on this website ban Clover then, since only retarded shitposting kikes are using it?

e81652 No.14334361

File: 0d0f2fd5ea8b977⋯.png (328.55 KB, 513x355, 513:355, Pickle.PNG)


>ban Clover

f705fd No.14334409

File: 070635267d81b44⋯.png (208.7 KB, 625x720, 125:144, 1435077635290-1.png)


Then why are you bitching you nigger?

6bed91 No.14334460


You’re utterly illiterate.


Genocide’s happening. No one’s doing anything about it. What fucking reason do YOU have left to live, you stupid piece of ignorant shit? Why should anyone be anything other than stark raving furious?

e81652 No.14334472

File: e1dd9dabb984fda⋯.jpg (59.8 KB, 704x528, 4:3, Naga.jpg)


Do you even know what Clover is you retard?



5bf8ad No.14334518

File: db2bf00465aa177⋯.jpg (56.65 KB, 596x480, 149:120, 1429293530257.jpg)

My god nobody even knows the games this shit was forced on, this is hilarious.

9e0b2d No.14334528

File: cd29dec56e5e170⋯.png (25.05 KB, 1020x808, 255:202, Punished Clover.png)


>Ban Clover

6bed91 No.14334533


Reported for interminable retardation.

653e2a No.14334588


Windows XP support ended in 2014, can you name any games that do not work on windows XP that are not exclusive to windows 10?

e81652 No.14334644


All of the games that don't support DX9

650832 No.14334660

Only UWP game I'm interested in is that one with the shota fox they showed at E3. Not a furry I swear.

653e2a No.14334696


like what?

b5e0c8 No.14334719

File: 76dedff342b776d⋯.png (55.18 KB, 217x190, 217:190, 4c81b6fb7e657189c77fd4c79d….png)


Probably cracked it just because they could.

e81652 No.14334731


Like every game released after 2013

f705fd No.14334841


You really are fucking retarded.

9075f3 No.14334896

>good luck Im behind 7 layers of drm

4438ef No.14335033


only decent looking game out of those is sea of thieves, and that's always online.

941fb1 No.14336135


so basically just shit games?

b97352 No.14336616

File: a8fc771fd13c699⋯.webm (4.03 MB, 720x550, 72:55, it was behind the paintin….webm)


For now the best setup is Linux with a PCI passthrough VM so you can play games on Windows without having to dual boot and lose everything you're doing on Linux. It doesn't work for everyone though because your hardware has to be compatible and you need a second GPU. WINE is great for a lot of games but it's not enough to replace shitdows yet. You could at least stick Linux on a laptop and do your shitposting there.




What if you miss something? Why bother when you can just use Linux and Windows 7?

53bf0e No.14352830


At this point microsoft is just training the next era of blackhats.

aa5992 No.14353117


Linux has more native games than any console in existence. Anyone who stays on windows because "durr linux nogames" just has a bad case of baby duck syndrome that they can't shake off.


Wine runs XP-era games and earlier better than Windows 10 does, and most dx9 games work just fine on wine. Either platinum or gold rank on winehq, just look up the game if there is any workarounds if it's gold rank.

cee870 No.14353159


whats this clip from, the way that it was scripted im guessing Monty python?

823893 No.14353169

File: d7fb98ff70a5145⋯.jpg (222.89 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, 1984-por-peppito-carteles.jpg)


No. That's the famous 1984 film adaptation.

72fc35 No.14353191


>What if you miss something?

I didn't. My block is more of a whitelist than it is a blacklist. I don't access the Internet in Windows very often, if at all.

Also, I love the poetry behind John Hurt being Winston in 1984 and then the "big brother" figure of Norsefire in V for Vendetta. It's just a shame that the movie was a period piece of leftist faggot propaganda and not, you know, actually against leftism.

14cd5c No.14357149


that wasn't part of the discussion, he asked for games that didn't work that weren't w10 exclusive. dx12 games are w10 exclusive, dx10 and dx11 games can't be played on xp and aren't w10 exclusive.

32cc34 No.14357257


>Nu-zoo tycoon

>it's all auto paint tools for environments and soft edges for pathing


cde9a0 No.14357278

File: 3fe048229de96fd⋯.png (111.27 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1452394477963.png)

I like Win10.

311c8c No.14357296

File: c19857ec484a8ba⋯.webm (202.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Don't do that.webm)

6c51f4 No.14357312


Good job Codex but it should be mentioned that you not only need Win10 to play it…you also need to have the win10 store + xbox app installed.

852150 No.14357320

File: 695a46e6f4b0d9a⋯.png (74.4 KB, 746x311, 746:311, universalapps-overview.png)


It's a bit more than just DRM.

It's also intended to be their successor to Win32, not that it'll succeed on PC, where it counts, at least.

cde9a0 No.14357328



Disabling updates then debotnetting it makes the OS something worth using, in my opinion. I wouldn't ever suggest anyone else make the switch, though. There's nothing Win10 can do that Win7 or Win8.1 can't do, but certain hardware forced me to make the switch to Win10. I just don't hate it.

296e9b No.14357353



<he says this without realizing that he has a better command line and bash implementation; not even thinking of one good reason

stupid nigger

14c792 No.14357358


It's the successor to 32-bit Windows…? Did you mean GFWL?

14c792 No.14357360


>There's nothing Win10 can do that Win7 or Win8.1 can't do

Play games. Have a better UI. Run much faster.

852150 No.14357366





It's just missing a comma.

>I feel like games aren't being cracked anymore because people want them, but how many levels of DRM they have

There, fixed.

Alternatively, you could phrase it as:

>I feel like games are no longer being cracked due to public demand, but for the sake of the challenge.

Either way, isn't the challenge the primary motivation to crack something? Public demand may prioritize what gets cracked first, but it ultimately comes down to the challenge, right?

14c792 No.14357369


>woman has hairy armpits

>even the man has shaven armpits but not the woman


852150 No.14357372


No, the Win32 runtime, i.e. regular Windows apps.

b14d9d No.14357820

File: 50a2859e8b45364⋯.png (79.96 KB, 1982x1133, 1982:1133, grenade gadsden.png)


The fact that UWP prevents modding is a cherry on top. It can't replace Win32 if it doesn't do the same thing.


Is this guide any good?

d9086e No.14358248


FF12 just got cracked. King Cum Delivery was cracked within the first day.

e81652 No.14358360


DBFZ and Injustass 2 next

Denublow v5 is out of comision

9037f1 No.14358455



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