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File: 83ff50c5751a1bc⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, flying high.png)

49b300 No.14359377



If you have microstutters:


Another link to check out to improve game's performance:


How's your adventure going on, anon?

dfda77 No.14359390

File: 23e894179a30f55⋯.jpg (509.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180220032239_1.jpg)

A bit of bandit disposal here and there.

49b300 No.14359410

So about that clinching, Anon you shouldn't be right up close all the time.

dbe55e No.14359438

Ok seriously, how does this game compare to Witcher 3 and/or Skyrim? The combat looks like it's more involved, and I certainly like the idea immersing myself in a historic setting, but it also looks like it has an obscene amount of npc dialogue like RPGs are prone to. Is it fun?

a3c630 No.14359442

File: fe8f2e328e43839⋯.jpg (214.6 KB, 1280x1284, 320:321, disappointed knight.jpg)

Translated this opinion from elsewhere:

Where to spend gold - don't know. I finished the game with >30k groshes, forgetting about the bargaining somewhere at 15k.

Without alchemy, life is excellent, moreover - it is flawed to the point. Intentionally eats the time to make the artificial sense of a longer gameplay (as well as almost everything in this game, the gameplay itself is here at 15-20 hours, if slowly, as much, even more, add artificial pauses and slowness in everything). One potion to make - a minute and a half will pass. Or you can skip a day for about the same minute and the merchants will update assortment with ~ 50 potions.

Purely the level of 10+ already makes you invulnerable and vandalous of everyone and everything, with a maximum of 2-3 spams of the mouse depart all, without exceptions.

Do not want to disappoint too much, but overall the game developers were only thinking of the level up to 10th in almost all plans without exceptions. A lot of quests were not checked for balance, including the main ones; the combat system over 7-10 levels in general no one checked, 1 against 50 - it is easy as fuck, you get 0 damage. The economy is exactly the same, it just doesn't exist. The developers made somewhere 1/4-1/3 of the game, and the rest copy-pasted by feeling for large stats, that did not work.

In general, I expected from the game Mount and Blade in first person, but for the whole game there are three castle captures, and they are made clumsy. The combat itself is only good in one-on-one combat against the enemy. If there is more than one - the battle turns into jamming the mouse at random opponents, because the cursor is very difficult to control. Fight on horseback in general pain and suffering. The bow was thrown out after the hunt - can't hit anything. In general, in Mount and blade both battles and sieges are worked out in an order of higher magnitude. I look forward to the Bannerlord.

dfda77 No.14359447

Also, who needs negotiation skills when you can show up in armor worthy of a knight and threaten to burn people at the stake.

cc26e3 No.14359452

File: e4aa71a76828cae⋯.jpg (14.21 KB, 172x174, 86:87, 1252463028509.jpg)


Alright, I'll just do what the other anon said and jab in the face constantly. Seems to work. Also

>need to infiltrate monastery

>expect the usual "put all your items in a box, sneak around for a bit, mission complete"

>instead, game becomes Monk Simulator 1450


This game is great.

7d619e No.14359459

File: ae394b927df1716⋯.jpg (75.53 KB, 530x704, 265:352, a birburu.jpg)


thats a terrible translation

apply yourself

dbe55e No.14359463



So, the setting is so good that it excuses the gameplay mistakes?

7d619e No.14359466

File: 94cda77924b7390⋯.png (1.42 MB, 928x755, 928:755, nice.png)

b137cf No.14359492


That's a big horse.

45aa28 No.14359511


translation: I expected Mount and Blade instead of Skyrim with Swords, even though Mount and Blade is already a series and promo material never made the game resemble Mount and Blade in any way

a3c630 No.14359525


There are two clear main points:

1.The game is just as broken as bethesda games on high levels

2. Sieges and big battles in general are trash in this game compared to M&B

38d0fb No.14359531


>He got inside that mare

Lucky bastard

e6333e No.14359533


Both points are true. I'm sorry to say that it's only the surface level details that are better than Skyrim, everything else is the same or in the case of performance, worse.

49b300 No.14359540


This game is extremely immersive, even though Henry isn't your typical self-insert I ended up feeling for him and connecting with him so even though Henry isn't me I can still get into the zone. Sneaking is OP to begin with though, honestly the devs should've just made a bunch of "impossible" challenges in various optional drug trips for lvl11+ god forbid I'd want to throw down with Exanima's master level ogre in a drug trip. This is why big batytles suck because the dueling simulator becomes really obvious and NPCs don't take advantage of switching targets and going after eachother. More work should've been done on 2v2 and 3v3 moves, counters, and protection even if they had to make shit up on the fly so NPCs could backstab you, or you can protect an NPC with a special counter or get saved and so on.

dfda77 No.14359544


>Comparing this to mount and blade

And why do people even do this again?

5cb316 No.14359554

File: f88230d826a74e0⋯.jpg (77.27 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 1449618692798.jpg)


>tfw infiltrating the monastery and stealing all their rare books

0d9a6a No.14359563

Fuck off shill

cc26e3 No.14359566


I actually did all of that before I even knew about this quest, then I read them and put them all back

e6333e No.14359571


Even after reading all that shit I still haven't gotten to skill level 14 for the perk

49b300 No.14359580


Autism, lots of surprising overlap with M&B players. Guess they a desperate for Bannerlord to come out.

b4cee1 No.14359586

Can you kill cats to try to prevent the black plague? :^)

38d0fb No.14359593


Lots of history buffs and medieval setting lovers play M&B.

They're nothing alike in terms of game design though.

cc26e3 No.14359611

File: a6386a85d3f0358⋯.gif (1.98 KB, 130x130, 1:1, 1252213010047.gif)

>join monastery

>have daily schedule I have to follow

>including 2 hours of morning prayer

>game tells me to go to the church

>all the other monks arrive right after me

>everyone is kinda standing around

>expect a cutscene/timeskip

>chanting begins

>my face/ears/soul when

7d619e No.14359625



head dev hated skyrim so much he made the anti-skyrim, as in its an actual RPG and as opposed to action sandbox with tacked on RPG elements like current gen bethshit

also only about 10% of the game is actually spent fighting so if you dont like dialogue youre shit out of luck


jokes on you its an unfixable game breaking bug that prevents you from moving or interacting with the world



this tbh

the only contact points M&B and KCD have are that theyre both RPGs and both play out in a medieval setting

e6333e No.14359653


Yeah you are in for some shit. That whole quest and all the subquests there can go fuck themselves.

Obviously you want to use the wait function when you get there to skip time. Problem is you need to do that every step of the day. Fuck something up and they throw you in monk jail, which breaks quests. You get some warnings for missing church/work but it's guaranteed jail for trespassing and the guards are fucking psychic. Also you might end up getting gigged for missing even if you were there.

As for the main quest, as far as I know the only way to advance it other than randomly murdering people is to "accidentally" tell the guy you are looking for that you are going to kill him, fail the speech check (threaten), and then let him poison you at breakfast. Oh, and even that might not work if you don't start it the very first day, have fun! Real spoilers here, it's the first one you meet, who gives you the tour and everything

cc26e3 No.14359664


No worries about that, I intend to have the Full Monk Experience (TM) and not skip anything. I'm just thrilled that they bothered to make an entire quest chain that's basically "this is what actual 15th century monks did" plus a whodunit-style quest. Love this kind of shit.

b92f46 No.14359680


>might end up getting gigged for missing even if you were there

Never happened to me, but God help you if you leave one second early.

e6333e No.14359686


It doesn't count if you arrive before you are due and then wait until the end. You have to be seen arriving during the scheduled time.

dfda77 No.14359695

File: 5f901d50af8b355⋯.jpg (215.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180220045230_1.jpg)


Best part about that quest is that the entire monk line can be skipped if you keep your eyes peeled.

e6333e No.14359701


How is that?

6ad2bc No.14359733

File: 2cfec6c3b44f566⋯.png (36.34 KB, 196x196, 1:1, Perfectly Calm.png)

>Be part of guard-kinda

>Have to investigate bandits that attacked a farm

>Find a bandit in the woods

>Punch the shit out of the sword-swinging bandit

>Carry him back to the farm

>Everyone panics that the kinda-guard that interviewed fucking everyone is carrying a body after a mass slaughter

>Talk to captain guard

>Report that the bandit that I had on my shoulders is currently hiding out in the woods

>Everyone gets ready to sprint to the empty spot to the woods

>Drop bandit

>Sprints the fuck out with guards in pursuit

>Now I cannot seem to do anything else

Goddamnit and I was starting to like this game.

49b300 No.14359745


Just carve them up for their ears, carry a dead body around is a taboo.

cc26e3 No.14359753

File: 8e0774c48f0a3f4⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, screenshot0002.png)

Oh fuck

6ad2bc No.14359754


He was merely unconscious.

dfda77 No.14359765


If you paid attention to what the smith said, he leaves the product close to town and it always gets collected by the two same people, a peasant and a knight, but he never mentions a scheduled delivery time which means he does it regularly. If I was a bandit lord, I would suspect not having eyes on the smith/product would lead eventually to people discovering the shipment of copper sheets laying out in the open for no reason. That means I would leave someone I trust to watch over Sassau and he has to blend in. Which means the beggar.

If you're familiar enough with sassau, you'll realize there's a dirty but armed peasant who stands out a lot because he acts like one of the guards in his behavior showing Henry the peasant probably has military training at some point

e6333e No.14359767


Yeah that's for a quest to banish some ghost (you never actually see anything paranormal). The book directly left of it against the side of the cabinet is the one one of the head monks wants you to bring him

49b300 No.14359772


How'd you like if some asshole was casually strolling around with a body then plops it on the ground right in front of you. Just kill him and give them the ear or don't drag the body to town.

6ad2bc No.14359782

File: 9e52b75d65cf0cb⋯.jpg (25.05 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Amnesia The Dark Descent.jpg)


I thought that since it was an investigation I'd capture a bandit alive for interrogation or some shit and all it did was break that part of the main quest.

c71ec6 No.14359809

>no necrophilia

>cant rape unconscious people

>cant force yourself upon sleeping people

>cant talk your way into sex with random city wenches

49b300 No.14359817

File: 028343c44ff8122⋯.jpg (536.33 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, 1507135602.jpg)


The only thing less human then bandits are filthy cuman scum.

7a152b No.14359823

Is there any penalty at all for murdering a random guy in the woods if there is no one around to witness it?

d33449 No.14359824


middle click if you want to switch targets.

e6333e No.14359836


It might affect reputation. That's the only thing it could potentially affect, not saying that it does.

7a152b No.14359842


Yeah, that's why I was asking since the reputation info popup did appear, but I don't know if it actually affected it. My last save wasn't that long ago, I'll just reload and test it out.

ed6232 No.14359860


>targeting system in a game


Its the main problem I have with the game, its meme 'lock on? OMG its just like dark souls! LOL SO HARD' combat system is a cancer on the game.

Especially with the way the game forces your character's model positioning when interacting with certain movesets, like the pommel bash; if someone executes that while you are not locked onto them, the game forces you to change perspective to face the attack, watch the animation, then returns your model to the original position before the attack and locks you on to the opponent closest to your cursor, its extremely disorienting.

Can't wait for the option/mod with free camera movement in combat.

e6333e No.14359868


Lock on exists so that you can use directional attacks via the mouse.

b92f46 No.14359873


As long as nobody that sees it gets away, no.

5cb316 No.14359916

You can become a master pickpocketer in the monastery by pickpocketing the 20+ monks that are all sleeping together.

7a152b No.14359925


Okay, it doesn't affect reputation. No repercussions whatsoever it seems.


>its extremely disorienting.

I'm pretty sure that's intended. Being hit in the face tends to be disorienting.

>Can't wait for the option/mod with free camera movement in combat.

Hold shift. Unless you mean literally removing the entire combat system so you're just mindlessly swinging like in Skyrim.

b92f46 No.14359926


I prefer to pickpocket bandits the guards found in the forest and bound up.

Just stealth-kill the guards and the bandits can't run away and all have 4-5 items you can steal one by one.

49b300 No.14359935


Play Dark Messiah, pickup the staff and use it exclusively. Then tell me lockon for KCD is shit.

2d5a4e No.14359937



38d0fb No.14359942


>Casual can't use or hit with the staff

It's the most OP weapon class in the game, it's literally meant to damage groups of enemies.

789a3f No.14359963

File: 6eb90613c08fb56⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 11.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8888888 dehamanize.mp4)

Holy fucking shit i'm so strong with a Bow that I just soloed 6 cumans. Just one shotted most of them.

Henry is a fucking monster, he's killed 94 people.

cc26e3 No.14359965

File: a7bc8e52e54cb6e⋯.png (107.79 KB, 522x169, 522:169, kcd_cumans.png)




49b300 No.14359968


I meant the camera moving around, if he can't handle the game's own camera movement then that staff is gonna teach him a lesson.

38d0fb No.14359980


Oh yeah, then absolutely, I've gotten nausiated at one point.

789a3f No.14359982


Iv'e killed 43 cumans.

Punished Henry takes no shit from filthy Turks.

3ad654 No.14359992

File: 44059a7599382af⋯.jpg (152.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, olympic gook.jpg)

This game is fucking blowing up over at the Nexus, seems like many modders saw potention on it. The top downloaded mod has over 100k downloads already.

3ad654 No.14359993




49b300 No.14360020


So this game is going to, potentially, make a huge boost in the Cryengine's popularity. I can see the Skyrim port now.

789a3f No.14360026


Isn't Shekel Citizen taking Crytek to court?

49b300 No.14360037


Vavra wants to release their own SDK.

b7d215 No.14360038

File: 9db5a5917420d7f⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1503474127447.jpg)


I think it's the other way around

ab165c No.14360040

File: 6ea9ead0980891b⋯.webm (4.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Thou Shalt Fuck Off.webm)

104e9a No.14360042


Other way round. Roaches are suing the jpg-merchants because the latter decided to not fulfill a single part of their contract.

789a3f No.14360048


What total conversion mods would be good for this game?

Honestly I want a lord of the ring mod.

789a3f No.14360060

File: 680aa5ffab15449⋯.png (82.88 KB, 287x334, 287:334, 015078a0937243513703f2d3ec….png)

>I get a perk that allows me to never get tired or Hungry if I stand still.

I thought that this game didn't have any magic or Superpowers?

49b300 No.14360062

File: f3dfb68410813f6⋯.gif (2.08 MB, 517x349, 517:349, 280.gif)


Nigga, if the mass combat can be dealt with and improved then the potential is huge. Christ I'd even do a Deus Ex Mod if I was confident in being able to pull it off Dragotooth Sword duels Anon. Or even maybe Star Wars then you can renact this scene hell if you really wanna go out there just remake the entire Gundam Universal Century and the 1 year war then you can duel Zakus and Rick Doms in a GM and shit.

cc26e3 No.14360077


Any fantasy setting would be fucking amazing. I honestly hope Warhorse uses this game as a "base" to release other RPGs with the same depth. Imagine a magic system with the same complexity as the alchemy system in this game.

789a3f No.14360081

Where do I buy shit for my Horse? And no I don't want a new horse Pebbles is my tried and true friend.

789a3f No.14360082


Fully customizable spells like Morrowind would be amazing.

8fb135 No.14360097

File: 02aa1d764e6213e⋯.jpg (645.27 KB, 1534x2048, 767:1024, 1490708659881.jpg)

So how free flowing is this game exactly? I get the central plot is to find your brothers killer, but can I do so as a bandit Lord? Or a serial killer? Or even a Lord? The one thing holding me back from downloading this game is the premade MC

f78de1 No.14360098

>tfw your computer finally gets old enough that it can't run a game at 60 fps on the lowest settings

… at least it's at a time I have some excess money. Hate to ask for the spoonfeed but anyone know a decent budget build?

e6333e No.14360126


The alchemy system of KCD doesn't really have any "depth". It has a ton of busywork with interesting window dressings, but there's not anything you can actually do with it. It's not like you can experiment and create your own potions, and even if they allowed random mixing like that it wouldn't do any good because you'd have absolutely no direction with it, it would just be trial and error to discover a small number of existing recipes.

If you wanted to make a system with actual depth you would not only need the ability to experiment with ingredients but also for the outcome of those experiments to be predictable and useful.

7c367a No.14360128


Literally the first thing you say you get is incorrect, neck yourself

e9801a No.14360138


>Decent budget build



DDR4 RAM is overpriced as hell and the cheapest card that is worth a shit is the 1050 Ti which is weak too and overpriced by 20-60$, might be weaker than what you have now. 1060 is the closest thing to decent and those are above 300.

789a3f No.14360143


>and even if they allowed random mixing like that it wouldn't do any good because you'd have absolutely no direction with it, it would just be trial and error to discover a small number of existing recipes.

Just like actual alchemy.

d266d5 No.14360145


At horse traders

8fb135 No.14360147


This is possibly the worst time to build a PC. You could probably scrap together a ryzen 5 build, but you'll need to either deal with a 1050 which probably can't run any modern game at 60fps, or over pay by $100 for a good gpu.


Relax spergy. That's just what I gathered from a review. Were they also wrong about a premade MC?

d266d5 No.14360157


MC is premade.

I hope the make a autism simulator 2 in the following 5 years with full character customization.

3ad654 No.14360158


I have a 1050 that can run pretty much everything at 60fps, what resolutions are you trying to run shit at?

38d0fb No.14360159


>1060 is the closest thing to decent

I have an RX480

It runs most games at high at a solid 60.

>DDR4 is super expensive

8GB is like 100 bucks, my 8 GB of DDR3 RAM were 70 bucks in 2012.

ed6232 No.14360162


mount and blade has directional attacks without lock on, and it works pretty darn well.


It's not the getting hit in the face forced camera movement that I'm complaining about, I like that, It's the way the game forces your perspective to face an attacker when they execute a moveset, (not normal attacks, just movesets) essentially Hal has to spin 180, get attacked, do the damage animation, then return to original position, instead of just getting hit from behind.

This is an issue with special attacks, not normal ones.

05a2de No.14360185

Has anyone tried investing in axe+shield instead of sword skills for a good chunk of the game? How does it work out?

8fb135 No.14360194


A 1050 ti? What setting are you getting 60 fps on mid with tweaked settings?


The only ddr4 ram you can find at that price range works like shit with amd boards, which no surprise are much cheaper than Intel boards.

49b300 No.14360209


>1050 which probably can't run any modern game at 60fps,

We've reached a point where newer hardware is actually starting to fail to play Crysis 1 without problems at the highest settings even though it theoretically should be able too. Since this game uses Cryengine the parts he should be selecting for an upgrade are actually very particular both for future proofing and not pointlessly screwing himself over.

3ad654 No.14360218


Well, I do play most shit at 720p with high settings but thats just because my monitor is pretty small.

402e1f No.14360223


I'm genuinely surprised that was an issue at this point, everything else in this game is ridiculously planned out.

5cb316 No.14360224

File: 09d10d9abb86a54⋯.png (1.88 MB, 893x993, 893:993, Untitled.png)

Monks robes look surprisingly nice on a knight. Now if only they'd stop clipping.

e9801a No.14360242


I'm talking new parts. 480s aren't in production anymore and the 500 series equivalent is over 400 bucks at the moment due to miners. This GPU drought can't end soon enough since I wanted a 570/580 + 1600(x) build really badly.

8fb135 No.14360246


I have been planning a budget build for my brother which focuses on decent quality now and a lot of room to easily upgrade when gpu prices finally crash back down when the bit miners fuck off.



Not too bad if it works. On 1080p I imagine you could get 60fps with high heavily tweaked settings

74e101 No.14360251



f61807 No.14360314


fucks sake I thought that was a rage of mages 2 screenshot for a minute.

652f7d No.14360340


I'm glad I keep seeing this compared to mount and blade, because I want more mount and blade and I'm not getting what I want.

789a3f No.14360352

File: 010dfad1db57f9e⋯.png (645.96 KB, 813x679, 813:679, 010dfad1db57f9ef846a731a7b….png)

So iv'e got 5k monies, my own Horse, Full plate armor, and a sword with a Gold hilt.

Am I noble yet? People keep calling me a knight even though i'm just a squire for Sir Radzig.

79fa47 No.14360405

What's a good way to increase my Bow skill? The contest grant very little skill, fighting against bandits I only have time to loose one or two arrows.

Maybe hunting is an okay way? Just ride around on my horse in a forest and plink away at wildlife.

789a3f No.14360410

File: 071957fb0b0bbf8⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 684x648, 19:18, 071957fb0b0bbf8f5c6d3cdef0….jpg)

Can anyone tell me where the Stalitz silver mines are?

I want to kill everyone trying to steal the natural resources of my home.

d266d5 No.14360421


The mines are bloody huge and fugging spoopy

Don’t go inside.

But if you REALLY want to, south west from Skalitz, there are multiple openings.

104e9a No.14360432


Hunting works best for me, but you have to run around a lot to find game.

4a4392 No.14360450


get a horse, find bandits, ride a little bit a way, turn around shoot filthy peasants in the chest and laugh at them and ride away and repeat until all of them are dead.

7a152b No.14360485

How are you even supposed to do combos when anyone above peasant-tier will always perfect block an attack before you can finish a combo sequence? The only way to fight is to perfect block and get one attack in and then repeat.

0e2d2b No.14360498


>fugging spoopy

I once thought I heard a fucking banshee scream near Skalitz once. Are there ghost and goblins in the mines?

d266d5 No.14360509


Do you want to find out?


49b300 No.14360537


It sounds like you haven't even figured out how to clinch yet reliably.

b7d215 No.14360547

File: 463c635d91f8b80⋯.jpg (76.22 KB, 900x787, 900:787, 6.jpg)

I'm still waiting for a mod that fixes the atrocious cloth clipping.

f2f822 No.14360553

Oy vey thanks for the shekels goyim!

789a3f No.14360554


Are there any bandits or Cumans in or around the mines?

79fa47 No.14360558



Anyone else found the fist clinch/grab to be really strong? I can just walk up and chain clinch and win every time. Maybe my stats are good or theirs are just shit.

Weapon clinching seems more RNG even though my sword skill is on par with my fist fighting.

51f95b No.14360564

Daily reminder that the blacksmith goes full my wife's son and the ending sequence to this game is shit

Stealth is so fun though why did I have to ignore it until I beat the game

68b36b No.14360569

File: a4387869fe302d0⋯.webm (1000.46 KB, 1048x772, 262:193, Yo-Yo.webm)

>get dragged on a tour through Rattay

>get dragged along Capon's bunny hunting

When do I get to kill Cumans? I've resorted to killing civilians on the outskirts of town.

79fa47 No.14360573


Talk with the guy at the arena you trained with earlier, he has bandit hunting quests.

789a3f No.14360574


>I've resorted to killing civilians on the outskirts of town.

You are a spiritual nigger of the worth kind knave

49b300 No.14360575


Swords and weapons have to be at certain positions.

0d9a6a No.14360581


Die nigger

51f95b No.14360586


Save your murderous ambitions for the monastery. There's a ton of monks to kill for the fun of it while you're stealthing around.

789a3f No.14360593


Are there any Jews in the game for me to mini-shoah?

d266d5 No.14360599


It would spoiler your story to tell you WHY they are there boyo, but yes

49b300 No.14360604


You're outright told by that grey bearded guy whose name escapes me in the prologue why they're there. It's not that big of a spoiler.

d266d5 No.14360605


No there is bigger reason.

Something big was found inside the mines.

51f95b No.14360610


Just steal from the merchants

8c0ee2 No.14360623


Good christian.

46d8f5 No.14360677

>interrogate bandit quest

>shitty village got the plague

>tell some peasant I serve Radzig Kobyla and want to speak to the prisoner

>peasant doesn't recognize my authority, more concerned about his dying wife

>dares to disrespect me and Radzig

>Go to the guard directly, tell him Radzig Kobyla sent me

>"I don't care if the pope sent you"

>Knock out the guard and drag him to a shed

>Stupid peasant with dying wife comes around and says "Must have been an animal"

>Lockpick the door

>Can't interrogate the bandit because he's got the plague

>Pickpocket a note out of him

>Go back to Radzig Kobyla

>Tell him the bandit is dead

>Leave the village to die for disrespecting me

45aa28 No.14360715


You should also be able to do quests for either Brother Nevlan or Hall Monitor John, which will reveal to you that information about novices is kept in the Prior's chambers. Of course, in the case of Nevlan, this involves searching for ten torn out pages from a book of Ovid's (one of which is IN said chamber) so that the librarian will let you have the key to the forbidden books in the library, one of which Nevlan needs. This takes FAR longer than simply telling the correct novice, by "accident", that you plan on assassinating him.

The quest would be fun if it wasn't so utterly reliant on stealth, and being willing to venture quite far into areas which are considered trespassing. The only speech options offered to the player are for being caught out by a hall monitor on a minor infraction (such as missing Mass) or for not having someone snitch on you, when you stupidly reveal to them that you're in the monastery to murder someone.

As it stands, the most simple, least frustrating, and most BUG-FREE approach to the quest is to just storm inside and murder the correct person using prior knowledge, and that isn't fun.

79fa47 No.14360730

How do you guys deal with equipment for stealth?

Earlier in the game I had some darker and ligther clothes under my heavier armor and simply removed my outer layer, putting me around 20 in inconspicuousness, visibility and noise.

However now I have the Padding perk and if I wear heavy armor that takes advantage of the perk I get 0 noise but ~40-50 in the others. Maybe my best move is to go cloth shopping and get some really dark low noise stuff and skip shinier armor despite the perk?

45aa28 No.14360732


I should also mention that about half of these torn out pages require you to pick locks, meaning you need to good at the lockpicking minigame (you get a free one by looking around the church), or that you nees to steal food and trade it with one of the monks for lockpicks. Many of these torn out pages are also outside of areas that you will visit in your usual schedule, or are locked away in areas that are normally heavily populated. The quest is fun in theory, and when you manage to get several things to go right and make some progress in quick succession, it can be exciting, but by and large it is a complete mess.

45aa28 No.14360746


if you have the padding perk, maybe some of the Dark/Black Dyed Brigadene gear would work? I'm sure it will still be more visible that just a black shirt, but it should at least allow you to not be killed by arrows in one shot, in the event that you're caught.

94d3da No.14360784

So, how much freedom you have in the game? can you go full vigilante and crusader and clean Boemia of any corrupt lord or filthy cuman?

dfda77 No.14360799


Black hoods are your path to salvation.

104e9a No.14360805


I heavily disagree. The best approach is to sneak into the monastery at night and start killing every living thing outside of it, then either hope you got some monk with a key or lockpick the door, then kill every living thing inside.

Gotta be thorough when rooting out bandits, after all. For all you know, that naked guy on the cross could be a bandit in disguise.


I use dark (ideally black) clothing with a black brigandine, chainmail headcovering, a black hat for style, and chainmail hauberk (I also get the light armor dodging perk), Vis is 28, and Con is also around that.

45aa28 No.14360814


killing monks is a sin, anon

46d8f5 No.14360815


I am wearing a full set of plate/mail/cloth, that normally have a noise of 100, and with the padding, and stealth perks that reduce noise, my noise it at 63.

But it think it is % based so for lighter armor it might not be so significant

Also people always catch me unless I make it zero anyways, but I can keep my plate armor/chain leggings/gloves/chain coif, and padding and it drops to 0

Visibility is around 50-60 with that setup

104e9a No.14360823


Letting a bandit live is a worse one.

As the bible says: Kill them all and let God sort them out.

45aa28 No.14360829


Yes I understand that. What I'm saying that if you get some of the SPECIFICALLY LABELLED gear called DARK or DYED BLACK that visibility might not be such an issue. Check the armorer in Rattay. He usually has at least the cuirass and maybe even the pauldrons.

46d8f5 No.14360855


ah yes totally misunderstood that..

I am not too concerned about that I only sneak around to locked chests, not people

51f95b No.14360882


If you trust the novice that's actually who you need to kill and tell him about your goal, he'll poison your food the next morning and take you back to the chambers.

Then all you need to do is first thing in the morning, take down the prior in a small window he's alone after morning mass and steal the key from him.

Run out and come back with a sword to finish the job, or keep coming back to get some loot and kills.

5785b7 No.14360914



So I've downloaded this twice and installed and reinstalled twice.

It gives me an error of 3 missing files in the after-install check and says that "msvcp140.dll" is missing, which has something to do with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. I try to install that apparently missing file and it says it can't because I already have a newer version installed.

So, I'm going to spend another few hours dling and installing the CODEX version because fitgirl a shit. Hopefully this one will actually work.

e8ee94 No.14360922

bbfa90 No.14360924

>tfw no smf porn of henry getting bullied by klingon cunts

5785b7 No.14360932


>stupid retard nigger

I literally said in the post you responded to that I downloaded and installed exactly what you linked, but it said I had a newer version. Read before you reply.

104e9a No.14360959

Where the hell do I get horse armor?

The Uzitz stable doesn't carry it, and I have no clue where else I could get it.

e8ee94 No.14360967


then uninstall it you retarded faggot nigger

5785b7 No.14360972


eat shit kike. i'm downloading a different version of the game now.

ea5477 No.14360998


Lets see. RPG games in medieval setting without fantasy and magik. M&B, KCD, … … ?

BTW comparing them again. Feminist M&B and patriarchal KCD. Because in KCD you can play only one and male character. There is good way to poke SJW again. If Warhorse wants to make expansion they may add female characters but hit them with real penalties to physicals stats like "stronk warrior woman" gets only 50% of strength and 70% agility.

51f95b No.14361003


The general trader in Merhojed sells some. I think I saw some in another blacksmith too but I can't remember where.

68567e No.14361009

File: 43f5f3f9c760f6f⋯.jpg (163.19 KB, 487x613, 487:613, MS_44_A_8_2v.jpg)

Any of you have some of Lichtenauers manual on the Longsword? He doesn't really focus on any of the basics of Longswords and instead focuses on the advance techniques right? Like I don't see any verses where he talks about the Oberhau.

38464d No.14361010

File: 3639dd04ed6cece⋯.webm (14.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018.02.20-12.40.webm)

e8ee94 No.14361014


>being this butthurt because he hasn't run windows update

you already have nsa's dick up your shitter. not running windows update doesn't change that.

46d8f5 No.14361025


pretty bad, no combos used (although it took me 2 days to learn how to them myself, and I only know 2 by heart and to reliably), and no doesn't perfect block on the counter after a perfect block

when I fought him I had so much strength all I needed were 3 hits

also the player has injuries and is missing half his health from the battle before, considering he had a whole army to help him then..

51f95b No.14361028


Why are you so bad anon?

Perfect block. If they hit you don't panic and spam Q, just angle it, be calm and press Q at the right time.

Nice quick strikes inbetween parries, then back off when you're low on stamina.

5785b7 No.14361029


>not running windows update


8c0ee2 No.14361033


How is M&b femminist?

Playing a female gives you maluses.

e8ee94 No.14361034




38464d No.14361036


This is my first fight in the game. I always ran away and call guards

f959f2 No.14361038

File: bc32ab294fd1ca8⋯.png (169.37 KB, 357x423, 119:141, bc32ab294fd1ca847b4ea9a763….png)

This racist game sucks, but for completely different reasons.

5785b7 No.14361041


fitgirl a shit

e8ee94 No.14361042

46d8f5 No.14361043


Are you roleplaying as a cowardly peasant or something..?

At least it saves you right before the fight

f1f163 No.14361050


What is a name of a gentleman on your picture?

51f95b No.14361055


Practice with the guard Captain. You'll learn the timings with practice but the general idea is to angle your sword where they've got theirs and while they're swinging press Q. If you ever get perfect blocked back you'll know, always be on the defensive after you've been perfect blocked.

If you swing and they haven't perfect blocked, go on the offensive for a little. If you hit someone you'll notice a portion of the star turns white if you've unlocked a combo, attack from that side to carry on the combo.

f959f2 No.14361057


Mendacious Mendoza

d266d5 No.14361067


Man , dude really got fat

d266d5 No.14361086

File: 534837293204149⋯.gif (708.23 KB, 360x290, 36:29, learrymakemethink.gif)



b55322 No.14361087

I can't unsee Radzig as Charls Carrol

d266d5 No.14361091



1bdd2f No.14361094

File: 935e880ec548f38⋯.jpg (585.17 KB, 1539x2258, 1539:2258, where's the vidya gonzalez.jpg)


>check his youtube/twitter to see if he actually said anything he didn't, fuck you

>he's shilling someone else's stream of the game

>he's getting barely any interactivity on his tweets despite 300k followers based on a 3mil sub youtube account

>every last one of them is screaming at him for being a lazy spic and not producing effortous content for three months

Didn't he already go through something like this?

>you will get to watch Egregious Gonzalez become the next Spoony

cf9fd2 No.14361107

File: f8463e1360b1ea0⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Autistic Andre.webm)

5cc811 No.14361127

File: 9b8df45ee74e985⋯.png (228.42 KB, 822x741, 274:247, holy sex positions.png)

So, in the end what is the verdict? Is this a Christian game or not?

7c06ce No.14361135


>is this a christian game

No, its a catholic game.

4e83fa No.14361138

Is there a way to turn the lock slower during picking? Or do I just have to git gud and get a steady hand?

696d08 No.14361139


>New Vegas.gif


He didn't get fat, he's probably still at a healthy BMI, but the dude certainly did gain weight.


I don't get it, what's going on in this image?

104e9a No.14361140


If you use a gamepad, apparently.

But once you get your lockpicking skill up, it really isn't a problem anymore.

45aa28 No.14361149


>If you trust the novice that's actually who you need to kill and tell him about your goal, he'll poison your food the next morning and take you back to the chambers.

I alluded to this in my post, but didn't spell it out.

>Then all you need to do is first thing in the morning, take down the prior in a small window he's alone after morning mass and steal the key from him.

You can also steal it from the very backroom of the kitchen storage area, if you don't Henry to be going around knocking out elderly Priors. This does not change the fact that the most efficient way to advance through the quest is to just run in and murder Pious using previous knowledge. What you've also stated here, as I did, is that the second most efficient way to complete the quest is to play Henry as an absolute moron who goes around telling people his very secret plan. It's poorly designed, and the player is actually punished for trying to do a good job of infiltrating, by having the quest become a humongous timesink.

8795de No.14361157


What a good alchemy system needs is meaningful interaction between ingredients and meaningful effect of acting upon ingredients. For instance, "combining X with Y typically produces effect A, with exception Z, in which case the effect is B". Or "boiling this ingredient for X time multiplies all its effects by 2x, but overcooking it halves all effects instead". After these rules have been established, you sprinkle the system with a bunch of interesting interactions and a learning process (from literature and experimentation), and you have a fun alchemical system. Also, don't forget to add limitations to avoid the Morrowind situation, which is fun but does not make for a balanced game mechanic.

Of course this won't really fit into a game like KCD, I was merely brainstorming here.

79fa47 No.14361169


I just hit my dpi switch and go to my super low setting on the mouse. I recommend trying it if you've got a mouse like that.

8e5289 No.14361170

File: 9b22d7f0c886948⋯.webm (144.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Angry Joe Thread.webm)

652f7d No.14361190


Perturbed Pablo

3ff40c No.14361209


>Warhammer Fantasy RPG

>Play as a Lord dabbling in chaos

>Winds of Magic are not blowing in your favor

>get blown to pieces right across the lands or turn into a Spawn and spend the rest of the time murder/fucking/eating whole villages till you get purged.

Never going to get this rpg but I will always dream

94d3da No.14361216



Cabreado Carlitos.

652f7d No.14361232


Apprehensive Alejandro

a8c728 No.14361249

File: 0c9f26e21917650⋯.jpg (32.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1446557466.jpg)


i can't decide who's more pathetic.The retarded mexican who's shit at videogames?The people responding to him asking him to return and make a stream when they know he's shit?Or (you) for saving that image and posting it in a good thread?

104e9a No.14361254


I want to relive my exciting tabletop adventure of trying to beat a demon to death with a stick.

Never agree to random characters, especially if you're mid-campaign

8c0ee2 No.14361266


Nothing will be as fun as watching a powerfull character get killed by a peasant with a pitchfork covered in shit, or having your balls mutate and run off to join a chaos warband.

1bdd2f No.14361278


Spic shills someone else playing a big new release, fanbase eats him alive for going a quarter of a year doing no-effort streams and unedited movie podcasts with his friends instead of the relatively quality videos they're cucking up their patreonbux for.


>dude I enjoyed this image but you're pathetic for posting it lmao

17672d No.14361301

File: 69e411ec7718e03⋯.jpg (7.61 KB, 216x251, 216:251, Yari ashigaru.jpg)


Obligatory Sengoku Jidai mod.

1c3fff No.14361304


Hyborian age mod for Bonnerlord and this.

a8c728 No.14361308

File: 3538a045cc9d5ef⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 400x190, 40:19, 2696971.gif)



17672d No.14361312






51f08d No.14361320



I am so sad Onin no Ran for M&B died. This game would be even better for it I think

94d3da No.14361323


I just wish there was a reconquista mod and slain moors.

1c3fff No.14361324


There's Gekokujo for Warband.

a4b73c No.14361328

godfucking damnit, this game is unoptimized as fuck; my i3/4gb/gtx750 toaster couldnt run it.

i played every new game from mid-high setting with little to no problem, this was the only game that made me feel i have an outdated rig.

8c0ee2 No.14361331


Kommenian restoration mod never ever.

7b7a01 No.14361352

File: 8a8b3c24fa2b5e9⋯.mp4 (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, What will you take.mp4)



51f08d No.14361354


yeah maybe.. but Onin was created by people who genuinely really cared about it, if you look at the dead forums half of the threads are discussing history, tactics, how weapons interact and so on. I haven't heard of this one, but that mod had heart


you do have an outdated rig

17672d No.14361355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e5bb39 No.14361359


>No Powerwolf or Sabaton


8c0ee2 No.14361363


Does sabaton have any songs about the crusades?

Ive seen their songs about the conflicts between the protestants and catholics and about modern day jihadists, but never crusades.

b55322 No.14361372


>Joan of Arc storyline

>Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours

>Romanian empire

>Ancient Greece

The possibilities are endless

e30f1f No.14361374


"Two snakes coming together… Facing each other! But they're one." - Henry of Skalitz ~1404

a4b73c No.14361376


i do but why do games from this same year say otherwise?

3ff40c No.14361382


my sadness grows

>skaven engineer

>blow up everything

1c3fff No.14361391

File: 5a7cbd69079b410⋯.jpg (139.33 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, c6e6daa2bf4b4ea480b32790eb….jpg)


>"What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance!… I salute you."

>"Civilization! Ancient and wicked. Have you ever seen something like this?"

I swear every line of this movie is quote worthy. Why aren't movies like this made anymore?

inb4 jews

yes, it's jews

2f2e22 No.14361399

File: 17785ec3cb32d29⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 523x372, 523:372, grow_up_gaming.jpg)

This game is absolutely problematic. No niggers, dykes, trannies, and otherkin in medieval Bohemia. What the hell were they thinking. It's the current year.

51f08d No.14361403


it's true that it's not very optimized, but how many of the other games you mentioned use cryengine

8fd52e No.14361408


Worst of all, positive image of Christianity, how dare they?

79fa47 No.14361421


It took me a good few hours to get used to people aggressively exclaim JESUS CHRIST as a greeting rather than its modern usage. I felt like I was startling everyone.

a3c9ac No.14361430


Which one is that again ? Is it the one with the birbs or with the night patrol ?

If it's the night patrol, reloading at the beggining of the dice game triggered the event correctly, the game saves right at the start of the dice game.

If it's about the birbs, you need to have the objective correctly update to "Trap set" in your journal (the traps should then also appear in your minimap as objectives B, C and D, if they don't it means you need to pick them up and replace them again). I managed to unbug that quest by taking the trap after it was dropped but not "set" in the journal, moving it to my horse, exiting the menu, moving it back to be again and finally dropping it again.


The story is pretty linear, you can commit some crimes here and there but that's pretty much it. The biggest interest of the game is watching your character grow going from peasant who gets his shit pushed in by hobo bandits to a full fledged knight who can do pretty much anything. The prologue is specifically set that way, several times Henry is shown powerless and inept at a few activities. If you enjoy this kind of games with a distint progression of your character that is acknowledged by NPCs and very palpable by yourself, you will like this game as there is a lot of areas where you character can improve. If you're looking for something where you can influence greatly the world around you from the choices you make, you are going to disappointed.

309b6e No.14361441

File: a16f8e3f0d08e0e⋯.jpeg (153.61 KB, 650x392, 325:196, NicCage.jpeg)


My sides have been vaporized!

6332bb No.14361453


>revenge plot

>positive image of christianity

b2b98a No.14361470

File: 71baf4bbc7f1c85⋯.webm (1.97 MB, 360x360, 1:1, aryanmen.webm)

Dude1: This game is in urgent need of diversity! There's not a single PoC!

Dude2: Well, there are Jews, some Turkic peoples known as Cumans and other Europeans represented in the game. They did everything they could to be as historically accurate as possible.

Dude1: WTF? I don't give a damn about Jews or those Cums. I want BLACK POC!

Dude2: Why? Are you anti-Semitic?

e6303b No.14361483



414a36 No.14361484

File: b194be6263a49e9⋯.png (368.76 KB, 408x624, 17:26, what was that.png)

File: 33204615fbc3cb9⋯.jpg (115.89 KB, 749x754, 749:754, haha.jpg)


>that webm

38464d No.14361526

File: 95f983559d1a9f2⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 412x232, 103:58, 294053_w412.jpg)

European Kojima?

ab4055 No.14361549


I'm gonna need context for this webm pal

b41f95 No.14361593

File: 13556e0c89e4a25⋯.gif (109.3 KB, 575x573, 575:573, for a second there.gif)


>that webm

a95ad6 No.14361595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>No Saxon

Apply yourself friend.

b12387 No.14361598


>Compares it to Skyrim

>Compares it to Mount and Blade

But it's neither kind of game. For instance, can you lock-pick a horse's vagina in either of those? No, no you can't.

b12387 No.14361600


My Brother in Christ

b12387 No.14361604


No because, unlike Kojima, he doesn't felate himself(he can't because of the gut).

b12387 No.14361608


You haven't played the game, have you?

b12387 No.14361619


She's 14 by the way.

b254ed No.14361630



>an insult is something impressive nowadays

What a horrible cucked age.

b12387 No.14361631



Also she's Bulgarian, which is pretty evident(not just the language, you could guess with the sound turned off). Bulgarians are half roach and all fucking degenerate, even the nominally "Slav" half of them can't be called Slavic anymore.

Bulgarians are a disgrace on the Slavic race, knowing no shame, pride or virtue. Really, there's no redeeming qualities about Bulgarians, not even their women(which can be bought cheap).

d266d5 No.14361657



>no Walther von der Vogelweide

bfc3a3 No.14361689

File: 57a2638bc1c317b⋯.jpg (564.88 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, HighImpactSexualViolence.jpg)


Yeah, after killing the men and looting the house and seeing a lone woman approach the area, I thought "Hey, Loverslab could make a pretty good mod for this situation".

Maybe they could cough up a few mods in the near future?

How mod-able is this game anyway?

b254ed No.14361709


And what are you insulting cunt ?

Who are you to talk of virute?

Bulgarian women are top tier and regularly win beauty contests on a european scale.

>disgrace to the slavic race

>based on a pop-garbage video some retard posted

In what way ? Not winning solo against the ottoman empire ? Being communism cucked by fellow slavs ? Having Russia actively support ugoslavians in distancing Macedonia from you ?

In what way retard ?

>which can be bought cheap

I bet your mother could be bought for cheap.

74f4c7 No.14361726


Not at 14, yid. Reported for childfucker.

000000 No.14361739


no one asked you virgin

d266d5 No.14361778


Mod tools will be released soon.

5785b7 No.14361782

File: a7544948471d5c4⋯.jpg (114.13 KB, 354x417, 118:139, laura loomer.jpg)




laura loomer, the tire jew. she's crazy as fuck.

bfc3a3 No.14361786

File: 4094764e60bb147⋯.jpg (151.88 KB, 1324x1000, 331:250, Lucius_the_Eternal_vs_Dark….jpg)



I can't wait to desolate the countryside.

b12387 No.14361788

File: f0c731b5f466eb9⋯.jpg (145.36 KB, 618x346, 309:173, Bulgaria.jpg)


Only if she doesn't have STDs and or completely used up bits…which let's be honest she's got both.

If she doesn't, then yes because in Bulgaria you can get away with it. It's illegal but if there ever was a country to break the law in.


She's the son of a degenerate Pop/Folk singer - who is also Bulgarian. Like I said, Bulgarians are barely people. They lack absolutely any sense of shame, pride, virtue or morality.


>Bulgarian roach is butthurt

Well, I'm not a Bulgaro-Mongrel degenerate for one.

But if you want the in-depth breakdown, you'd have to ask why your country is in such shits that poor people from other 3rd world countries go to shop in Bulgaria.

>win eurowhore contests

Just because they're the most willing to suck the judges' dicks doesn't make them beautiful.

You're a people devoid of humanity, of shame, of pride, of virtue, of any kind of moral compass. You're disgraceful, and you have the fucking gall to attach your degenerate name to the proud race of Slavs? Fuck you and your dirty Turk ancestors.

>distancing Macedonia

Motherfucker we were never close. It's not enough that you try to steal our cultural heritage, our language and our traditions but you want us to be "close" with you? Fuck you Turk, you'll never be Slavic no matter how much you weep into your 14th century straw pillow.

95f0c7 No.14361791

File: 8070cda7e9502cb⋯.jpg (143.3 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, euro beauty standards.jpg)


>european beauty standards

this might have meant something 15 years ago

d266d5 No.14361802


From an interview

>We are developing our own proprietary RPG-MAKING TOOLS for easy development of this and any future content, including custom support for game design, animations, branching dialogue, clothing definitions, etc. We plan to release these tools to the modding community.

They have to get the a yes from Crytek too.

b12387 No.14361805


15 years ago you could buy an entire town in Bulgaria for a 12 pack of Coke and some gum.

Not even shitting you, the old man once spent 3 weeks in a massive, luxurious villa for the equivalent of 5 Euro. Even today Bulgarians are poor - and that's by Slav standards.

You have to be in dire straights before working class Slavs can call you poor.

e30f1f No.14361811


>all those blokes

>pure stoic "must not get a stiffy" faces

e5bb39 No.14361818

403366 No.14361820


Did you see a sign saying dead nigger storage outside?

6d8a67 No.14361826

File: 680aac4f5a8c4d3⋯.jpg (83.18 KB, 1000x425, 40:17, Kingdom_come_Deliverance_1.jpg)

Making a sword with my wife's son

b12387 No.14361827

File: 412d4e97ee49295⋯.jpg (68.27 KB, 350x466, 175:233, Pope.jpg)


>Wants to rape

Wencislaus, get the urethra stretcher. We have a heathen on our hands!

e30f1f No.14361831



b254ed No.14361834

File: 3da641c0832df02⋯.jpg (147.84 KB, 741x515, 741:515, muh natzee.jpg)


>Motherfucker we were never close. It's not enough that you try to steal our cultural heritage, our language and our traditions but you want us to be "close" with you? Fuck you Turk, you'll never be Slavic no matter how much you weep into your 14th century straw pillow.

>strawman history

>this coming from a macedonian, whose invented country is less than 200 years old

top kek

How does it feel to be such a dumbass, that every notable country in the region and outside it has brainwashed you into thinking you are not bulgarian ?

How does it feel to have so little basis for a country that you steal bulgarian kings and call them your own ?

How does it feel to be so delusional that you believe you believe egyptians are macedonians ?


And above all, how does it feel to be brainwashed so badly, that your arguments against bulgarian boil down to:

<we hate you

<you are fascists !

bfc3a3 No.14361840

File: 177a0b852ba0ed7⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x2055, 100:137, Chaos_champion_of_slaanesh.jpg)


Oh boy, am I going to have some fun in the future.

I may actually buy the game if they fix some of the atrocious bugs and follow through with their mod tools.


Hey, I never made a claim to piety.

If there were female Cumans I would solely target them.

Off topic but I hope they add decapitation to the game.

It'd be fun to cut their legs off and watch them squirm for a while.

591ede No.14361863

File: ea009de83cce0ce⋯.png (253.1 KB, 960x1023, 320:341, ea009de83cce0ce63e053740b7….png)


Wouldn't it be the people paying the borderwall jumper to not play videogames through his patreon?

d5c4bf No.14361872

Are there great swords and 2 handlers in this game?

6d8a67 No.14361878


Even middle age Bohemia could not rid themselves of the cuckolds

51f08d No.14361881


>Motherfucker we were never close. It's not enough that you try to steal our cultural heritage, our language and our traditions but you want us to be "close" with you? Fuck you Turk, you'll never be Slavic no matter how much you weep into your 14th century straw pillow.

And there you have it, "macedonians" thinking "their" culture is stolen by half the balkans because it sure looks like this when you have no culture to begin with. Next thing you'll say is that Alexander the great was not greek.

By the way did your country change its name yet so Greece would let you in the EU?

b12387 No.14361883

File: 0382dddd144d6de⋯.jpeg (181.52 KB, 1200x827, 1200:827, mockery.jpeg)


>When you're so dumb you believe you're not Bulgarian and also the entire rest of the World - including the ones that hate you - say you're not Bulgarian

Your logic is flawless, mate.

>How does it feel to be the oldest Slavic people on the Balkan having given the gift of writing to the entire Slavic race

Not bad. Personally I don't subscribe to the historical revisionism of VMRO - a party of criminals and gangsters of which most have Bulgarian passports and have clear links to Bulgar politicians. As such, I only go with the confirmed history of my people - the one you miserably try to claim is yours…despite you being pagan turks at the time that didn't even speak a European language.

>Muh Egyptians

Who even on God's green earth has ever said something so ridiculous? If you're referring to the Ptolymeic dynasty…yes, they were Greek Macedons. What's wrong with this? Is Bulgarian education so bad they don't even teach classical history?

>They hate us

We don't hate you, we pity you.

>They think we're fascists

On the contrary, you don't possess the intellectual capacity for Fascism. You were so massively cucked by Papa and his Jewry that you still cling to Marxist-Bolshevism as if it were a legitimate political philosophy.

d595bb No.14361901


You are literally descendents of bulgars and ancient balkanic tribes, though. Alexander, ptolemy et al not only were ethnic greeks, but were from southern macedonia.

591ede No.14361911

File: d61c602f2f0f526⋯.jpg (288.04 KB, 1450x1200, 29:24, d61c602f2f0f52667ce54da2f6….jpg)

I didn't even know bulgarians browsed this site. They seem very hostile.

a95ad6 No.14361922

File: 1c0aa4a19aa7202⋯.jpg (67.66 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Bulgaria 2017 4.jpg)

File: 4a75f8388a2f2fb⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Bulgaria 2017 3.jpg)

File: a989e5a73db9e3a⋯.jpg (80.54 KB, 480x864, 5:9, Bulgaria 2017 2.jpg)

File: e1ab5a89d499ba6⋯.jpg (93.14 KB, 960x720, 4:3, bul2017.jpg)

File: 568e602eaa0c9f3⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 636x854, 318:427, Bulgaria 2017.jpg)


Lots of bulgars here.

de94c7 No.14361940


remember when these threads were about video games

a95ad6 No.14361944


Yes, Hungary also does a march of SS men and other defenders of budapest on their retreat out of budapest.

b59cdf No.14361958

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



591ede No.14362002

File: d425c4522bf2d5c⋯.png (379.66 KB, 500x628, 125:157, d425c4522bf2d5c75c58539b1b….png)


Interesting. I did not know they still celebrated national socialism. Might be why they got shit on in thread.


Yes yes, you are turbo oldfag, practically bones and dust now compared to the whippernsappers, we got it.

9ca3bb No.14362021

File: 6d67c8de9ff1175⋯.png (434.59 KB, 466x682, 233:341, 1413095696739.png)


The only good christian rock song

7d6432 No.14362027


I've been having these shitflingings with macedonians for at least 6 years. Odd that you haven't noticed.

Hey mod. Don't be a fag now. I had 24 bans on the day of the exodus. Don't do it for free.

591ede No.14362045


I don't recall a lot of arguments with macedonians on /v/ the past 4(?) years, but I got a shit memory too. You guys shouldn't fight then, macedonians and bulgarians are both white, and it'd be a shame weakening each other instead of other enemies.

7d6432 No.14362056


It's a long painful history of wars, brainwashing and invented history. First brainwashing attempts by the turkroaches, then russian influence, ugoslavian interests in macedonia and etc.

These things are very hard to heal. With macedonians the branwashing was so bad at times they viewed us as more evil than the turks who would take children from both sides and make them jannisaries.

It will be a while before the current macedonians come around

776323 No.14362067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>fitgirl installer uses Fu Rin Ka Zan

god tier taste confirmed

104299 No.14362133



3e6c2a No.14362147


I think Macedonians have a bigger bone to pick with Greece than Bulgaria.


>bulgarians are white

Aren't they former steppeniggers that only adopted a slavic language later on?

e6333e No.14362149


She's been using that for as long as I've been downloading her repacks

d595bb No.14362172


>Aren't they former steppeniggers that only adopted a slavic language later on?

I think they are the steppeniggers who brought the slavic languages to the area. Back in the day, no one spoke slavic in the balkans

3e6c2a No.14362195


pretty sure the actual slavs, like Serbs and Croats, did speak a slavic language.

b12387 No.14362197


>Masos have more beef with Greeks

Politically? Yes. The problem, however, is largely due to the previous government being fucking retards(read: a bunch of Bulgarian infiltrators) and the Greek government being absolutely infantile.

We've been calling ourselves Macedonians for 1,000 years. The Byzantines called us Macedonians, the Turks called us Macedonians. We are Macedonians. Not Greek Macedonians, Slavic Macedonians.

That said, we do have some historical gripe with Greeks - that being about one Aegean Macedonia's worth of gripe being that we lived there for a millennium before the, at the time Fascist, Greek government(for whom Macedonians actually fought against Communists and the Nazis beforehand) decided to exile most of the "slavophones" - lotsa people lost their ancestral homes, lots got bayoneted or shot.

That said, our beef with Bulgaria goes even further back as, while the Greeks have stolen our land(or taken it back, depending on how you look at it), the Steppenigger Mongrelians want to steal our entire nation. In order to lend themselves legitimacy as Slavs - which they're not - they've taken to stealing every part of Macedonian history that they can.

Also, Mods, if you're such massive fags as to ban me for this one again…well…I can't take the dicks out of your mouths. But I WOULD like to go back to talking about Kingdom Shaming: Degenerates.

511a7b No.14362202

File: 1db0a3eae8ee186⋯.png (464.47 KB, 559x1229, 559:1229, muhhalfswording.png)


Realistically they mingled with both Balkan tier and eastern slavs for centuries not unsimilar to Hungary. Steppeniggers one day and culture melting pot and the bulwark of Christianity the next.


Back in what day? We talking Rome? When Slavs migrated to the area they talked slav The written language and regional differences appeared with time and foreign influences. Mostly Byzantines and Catholics with roaches later.

b12387 No.14362203


>Steppenigers brought Slavic languages

Are you on Crack? The Bulgars adopted Slavic Language and religion(orthodoxy) in the late 9th century, by which point Slavs were well established in the region.

Slavs came just before the Bulgarians and definitely did speak Slavic(no shit). Hell, Old Church Slavonc had to be invented before the Turkofags decided to steal their newly acquired subjects sense of civilization.

bcfe45 No.14362205


>Aren't they former steppeniggers that only adopted a slavic language later on?

it's a bit more complicated - multiple waves of steppeninggers as you call them, settled and mixed with the slavs who already living there



the slavic language was artificially created by the Byzantines to spread their influence, later when they gave up on it and its creators and their students persecuted a bulgarian king took them in, which turned out to be a pretty good political move

b12387 No.14362207


>Bulgarians bulwark of Christianity

90% of their "bulwarking" was as Pagan mercenaries for the Byzantines.

After that they stopped being useful and, at times, helped the Ottomans - hell they're partially responsible for the downfall of the Eastern Roman Empire.

511a7b No.14362221


No, Cyril and Methodius for one example helped codify the language into written language. They didn't invent it from scratch.


I was making more of a point in relation to Hungary but Russians had designs for them as a proxy against the roaches for centuries.

>they're partially

As are Crusaders, Serbs/Slavs, Venetians, other Byzantines, Genoans, the French, Catholics in general and a whole lot other.

d595bb No.14362222


The serbs were also steppeniggers who invaded the region. The croats, idk, but they possibly were steppeniggers too.


> Not Greek Macedonians, Slavic Macedonians.

Yep, pretty much this. It's just ridiculous when you claim WE WUZ ALEXANDERZ, because that's factually wrong, but oh well.


Back in the day before they migrated to the balkans, when did you think i was talking about?


It depends on your definition of being a steppenigger in this case, i guess, but i guess you're right that the bulgars werent the first steppeniggers to bring the slavic languages to the balkans.

b12387 No.14362224


>The slavic language was artificially created

Nigger are you a downie?!

1: Slavic language has been a thing since before the Roman split

2: Slavic WRITTEN language was created by two Macedonian Slavs(granted, in service to the Byzantine Orthodox church)

3: What Bulgarian King? This was before Bulgaria adopted Slavic culture and language. Boris the 1st came just after.

Bulgarian education is absolutely trash.

b12387 No.14362244


>serbs and croats steppeniggers

Bulgarian butthurt on display. No, Serbs were one of the primordial - read first - Slavic ethnicities and form the core of one of the four main Slavic groups.

Croats are funny Serbs.

>We Wuz Alexander

Once again, not me(or indeed us). This is largely the result of VMRO - a "right wing christian nationalist" party with Bulgarian passports, friends and paychecks.

>Bulgar steppeniggers brought Slavic language

You can't bring a language you don't possess, Roach. Bulgarian education is absolute trash.

511a7b No.14362250

File: 90ba347452e1d95⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Mile Kekin.webm)


>that language was unfamiliar until the people that speak it came to the region

Well, goddamn. I think you're talking shit tier bait but nice digits.


Only when they have a sense of humor :^)

b12387 No.14362253

Anyways, what's your favorite Bug about KCD? Personally, it's the one where the whole world refuses to render properly and you have invisible people and empty suits running allover the place. That's my personal favorite.

b12387 No.14362265

File: fe62bf591775983⋯.jpg (26.64 KB, 300x225, 4:3, s-l300.jpg)


Funny as in "not right" or "amusing". I love Croats, they're some of my favorite people, but they need to get over this shit with Serbia.

We need to get our sense of brotherhood back, it's what The Old Man would've wanted.

bcfe45 No.14362272


>No, Cyril and Methodius for one example helped codify the language into written language. They didn't invent it from scratch.

yeah I did mix it up.. I assumed it was about the written language. Inventing a language from scratch is pretty much impossible (how'd you get the people to use it?). And how can you really say when a language was created when they continually evolve from one another, and the creation of the written word intended for Moravia is an isolated event

d595bb No.14362275


Doesnt matter that they were the original slavs there. They still were steppeniggers. Also, i'm not a bulgarian.

>Once again, not me(or indeed us). This is largely the result of VMRO - a "right wing christian nationalist" party with Bulgarian passports, friends and paychecks.

Well, that's retarded i guess.


What? I just said that he was right when he said that the bulgars werent the ones who brought the language there.


Stairs. I havent had other serious bugs, only the game failing to render certain pieces of clothing until i get close. hats and bracers, mostly. might have to do with the options i picked

5d788a No.14362280

File: daa0f23b42ef318⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 251x255, 251:255, mad spruddo.jpg)

My main complaint about the game is the Alchemy system and how much of a fucking wasted potential it has

It has all this complexity and step-by-step preparation, but the only thing you can do with it are fixed recipes, you can't make custom potions, this is perfect case study of added complexity without adding any depth

b12387 No.14362286


Never were Steppeniggers.

No steppes around the Southern Baltics/Eastern Poland, mate. It's mostly just woods there - certainly was 1500 years ago.

7d6432 No.14362298


>Steppenigger Mongrelians want to steal our entire nation. In order to lend themselves legitimacy as Slavs

Bulgaria is larger as a territory and had more slavs on it than ancient macedonia. That said they were not divided back then.

>our entire nation

You have no nation. You are not descendants of alexander macedon, nor are do you have connection the the egyptians. You are an invented country as old as the 19th century.


There was no divison of slavs back then numbskull.

This is your invented divison.

511a7b No.14362299

File: b3d6b3f35d52df4⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 800x490, 80:49, 2dgn66x.jpg)

File: 97f713d4430220e⋯.jpg (163.49 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2eltmqd.jpg)


Pretty sure that train left the station for good.


Steppe niggers are mongols or at least altaic people. Horsefuckers.


There's still a difference between completely inventing it in the vein of Tolkien and enforcing your own language with missionaries or soldiers until some bastardized version takes hold. Modern Macedons are a good and relative example of that.


Swamps and mountains too.

b12387 No.14362303


I definitely agree - that said, that's pretty much the case with any game. Even the ones that let you "create custom potions" are lists of recipes and it's very easy to come up with a dud when you mix components that don't match.

With that said, it certainly matches the style of the times though. People tended to use "common wisdom" or "ancient tradition" when messing around with herbs and poisons.

Even then, the only people that really fucked around with actual poisons were herbalists, old wisewomen and apothecaries - which made up a very tiny portion of the population.

Most medicine was "what worked for grammy" and even the idea of books of remedies and medicinal recipes(most of which were bunk or harmful) only came up AFTER the printing press. Sure, some existed, but those were mostly closely guarded secrets traded around by monks and academics.

7d6432 No.14362314


>Bulgarian butthurt on display. No, Serbs were one of the primordial - read first - Slavic ethnicities and form the core of one of the four main Slavic groups.

Literally serbian propaganda from the times of ugoslavia from your highschool.

>Once again, not me(or indeed us). This is largely the result of VMRO - a "right wing christian nationalist" party with Bulgarian passports, friends and paychecks.

So VMRO is building odd monuments in skopie then and claiming greatness for macedonians ?

>You can't bring a language you don't possess,

Ancient bulgarian is a thing and has enough artifacts leftover to prove it. The slavic alphabet is based on it, but the relation with russian is undeniable as these are brother languages.

Meanwhile ancient macedonian… is just a dialect of greek. Like modern macedonian is just a dialect of bulgarian.

f3aaef No.14362317


The setting is so detailed that it has gameplay in places you don't expect. And no, doing seemingly mundane tasks are usually not boring in this game because of the level of detail. For example in the monastery quest you can talk to monks about monastery politics and just like in real life you have access to the most information because its the only place with a collection of books. There is a lot to do in this game besides combat. That's not to say you can't make the game about combat if you are a warrior, but most of the quests don't even involve combat aside from incidental combat you may encounter on the road. The last quest I did was helping an estranged girl find a home since her family is dead and she married a scumbag who got hanged and it only involved talking to people.

That said there is a lot missing from this game that can be added by mods. I think with mods this game has the potential to become the ultimate medieval life simulator.

b12387 No.14362325


>Bulgaria was bigger

It didn't, not before Bulgaria expanded over Byzantine Macedonia. That said, that people was largely one and the same. The Turk Bulgar part of Bulgaria was the main difference.

>yuo hab no nation, yuo sak

Your nation isn't much older, Roach. Most *nations* don't date much before the 19th century. That said, our people - and thus our national heritage - is about as old as Slavs living on the Balkans.

>No division of slavs

By 900? Not much, no. Later? Yes. That said, the Slavs that lived in the Byzantine province of Macedonia were Macedonian Slavs, hence you being a retard.

b12387 No.14362331


A man can always dream of better days.

511a7b No.14362336


>closely guarded secrets

That's poppy. Literally in some cases seeing thin poppy tea was used as an analgetic and to calm everyone from wounded to crying babies. People who lived in a area for ages generally knew what plant is harmful and what could be used as a poultices or whatever. Folk remedies and shit.


>Slavs that lived in the Byzantine province of Macedonia were Macedonian Slavs

You're waaaay off if you think that's the origin of FYR Macedonia.

b12387 No.14362338


>Serb Propaganda

Also the dominant anthropological theory as of yet.

>VMRO is building monuments

They were. New government now, all that shit's either on pause or in the works for getting canned as soon as economically viable.

>Anceint Bulgarian

You mean Turkish. The word you're looking for is Turkish. Everything else you said here is bullshit of the highest order.

Honestly, why am I even taking your bait?

b12387 No.14362351


Not of the country no, but of the nation. There's a difference between a Nation(being a people with a distinct identity, culture, language and shared history) and a State(being a governing body).

The Country is as old as 1945, the idea of the Country is as old as the 1870s, give or take. The idea of the Macedonian National identity is about as old as well. The National Heritage, however, is about as old as it gets for any Slavic people.

7d6432 No.14362371


>It didn't, not before Bulgaria expanded over Byzantine Macedonia. That said, that people was largely one and the same. The Turk Bulgar part of Bulgaria was the main difference.

Before bulgaria you were a mere province of the byzantines. like the other slavs. There was nothing special about you.


I will not be told this by someone who is being overrun by Albanians.

The wars we fought to keep the turks away are way beyond your capability as is fighting against an empire, be it the byzantine or ottoman one.

>That said, the Slavs that lived in the Byzantine province of Macedonia were Macedonian Slavs, hence you being a retard.

Macedonian named after the region not the invented nationality. There was nothing special or different about them or their eastern brothers.


>Also the dominant anthropological theory as of yet.

The dominant theory was also that all homo sapiens came from africa. Which is being proven wrong.


No you buffon. I am talking about the clusterfuck of unrelated monuments you build in skopie.

>You mean Turkish. The word you're looking for is Turkish. Everything else you said here is bullshit of the highest order.

Turkic people and turkish people are a different thing.Learn the difference make.

>Honestly, why am I even taking your bait?

You are the bait anon.

511a7b No.14362372


What you call national heritage I call fabrication and brainwashing-by-bayonet. Or are you suggesting Bulgars didn't enforce their language, their laws, forcibly converted and renamed the population they (((found))) in that region? Is this Albanians were Illyrians and there were pyramids in Bosnia shit we're talking about?

511a7b No.14362374


Bulgarians, rather.

17672d No.14362380


No John, you are the Cuckolds.

And then John fucked Stephanie

b02567 No.14362388

What's with the butthurt niggers ITT? All slavs are garbage can tier, so seeing you fling shit at each other is amusing, but fuck off back to /pol/ or whatever board you crawled out of.

f3aaef No.14362389


At least he was a nobleman and not a nigger.

7d6432 No.14362412


If the scots told you king arthur was a scott and had their alternative history where they colonized india alone you would have a similar shitstorm.

e6333e No.14362419

I hate that the quartered combat jacket you steal from the Talmberg Armory in your quest to escape talberg (to run off and bury your parents) is the best outer armor in the game. It looks like fucking ass

f3aaef No.14362428


What? I'm pretty sure that plate armor is better than whatever you're talking about. If you're still at that part of the game you haven't even left the prologue.

e6333e No.14362438

File: 63c9a6ca13fc765⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, combat jacket.png)


It goes over plate

b12387 No.14362451


And after Bulgaria…we were a mere province of the Byzantines…and then the Serbs…and then the Turks…and then the Greeks and then the Greeks sold the region your way before taking it back and then Yugoslavia happened.

What's your point?


The fact that our country is slowly being given over to mudslimes doesn't change the fact that you're a Roach by blood.

>Wars against the Ottomans

And wars FOR the Ottomans.

>Macedonia named after a region

And the nation gets it's name from the region, being the descendants of the Slavic people of that region. You, meaning Bulgarians, not being this because you're Roaches.

>Niggers ain't from Africa

That's fine but is unrelated to the topic. Bulgarian state propaganda is about as valid as VMRO propaganda about "Macedonians being the primordial humans".


Guess who built them, moron.

>Turks are not Turks

Same language group, same cultural group, same genetic group. You're Turks, Roach.


You can call it what you like, you've demonstrated that Bulgarian education isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

>Are you suggesting Bulgarian ADOPTED Slavic culture

I'm not suggesting it, it's a fact of science. You don't go from being called Mehmet Khan to being called Boris without some pretty serious changes.

>Albanians were illyrians

I can't think of anything else they might be. Not pure illyirians, no, but what else? They certainly aren't fucking Kurds.

>Bosnian Pyramids

Don't you know Maians learned the Calendar from a Bosnian Muslim shepherd? Bosnians Wus Kangz Maine!

f3aaef No.14362455


I actually never picked that one up. Is it not the same as literally any other combat jupon? There's a ton of them in the game.

e6333e No.14362461


I wouldn't say a ton, but they all look more or less the same with maybe +-1 in stats.

b12387 No.14362462

File: f390eed905d7cfd⋯.jpg (166.15 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, Blingeth.jpg)


>Wearing a commoner's jacket instead of a lord's wafenfrock or hood

What kind of a peasant are you? I bet you make your living tilling soil and doing honest work! God how revolting!

f3aaef No.14362477


That jacket is worth 1300 Groschen so I doubt it would be worn by any peasant. Also it's supposed to be worn over armor; if you can afford armor, you're probably not a peasant.


Where exactly is that thing anyway? I definitely would have kept something worth that much if I found it in the armory. All I found was a normal Talmberg waffenrock, shield, common bascinet, gambeson and padded chausses and coif.

b12387 No.14362484

Also, 1st mod that needs to come out for this game is one that slows down the rate at which you become dirty and your clothes are damaged.

I swear to fucking god I get off my horse and 30 paces later I'm literally covered in cow shit. How?! FUCKING HOW?! HOW IS MY HELMET BROWN AND MY GAMBESON TORN?! I walked through a fucking puddle and now I look like I just got out of a sewer!

It's kind of ridiculous.

511a7b No.14362487


Arnauts or a strain of roach or possibly roach gypsies. As for "Macedonians" they've been brainwashed so many times in the last two centuries alone they have less of an ancient legacy or root than your average US state. Communist fabrication made to fight Bulgarian fabrication which in turn fought Serb fabrication which in yet another turn fought a roach one. And that's not even the bottom of that rabbit hole.

b12387 No.14362494


>probably not a peasant

Actually by 1400 most commoners could afford some armor, professional soldiers could even afford brigandines and plate(men-at-arms).

Waffenfrocks are worn over armor too, same for hoods.

f3aaef No.14362497


I can't tell but there may be a hidden effect for clothes where if you launder them at a bath they stay clean for longer. Also this is why well to do people had separate set of clothes just for travelling, even in real life you would be amazed at how a layer of filth just begins to coat your entire body when travelling while exposed.

b12387 No.14362499


Nothing I've said thus far can be demonstrated as being false, quite the contrary. Everything I've said is factually true and it's easy as piss to verify for yourself.

1:Check when Slavs came to Macedonia.

2:Check when Bulgars came to Macedonia

3: Check when Bulgars converted to Slav language, religion and(over time) culture.

4:Agree with me because it's the only valid position left.

e6333e No.14362500


I couldn't say, it's been ages since I've picked it up. It had to have been right next to the quest marker in an easy or very easy locked chest

f3aaef No.14362503



As a follow up, my personal pick for feature that would make this game a million times better is outfits. Managing my clothes isn't incredibly tedious but it would be a noted improvement.

f3aaef No.14362509


Yeah but it's evident that waffenfrocks are much more simply made than that exquisite jacket.

b12387 No.14362513


If there is such an effect, it lasts a very short while. I got absolutely filthy because I got off my horse for a combined time of 2.5 minutes to kill and loot some Cummans.

It's not even travel - because I travel on horse mostly, even between shops - it's whenever I have to get OFF the horse to talk to someone.

At this point, I don't even wear my full armor - so I don't look like absolute shit in combat and I only put on my fancy Charisma Clothes(a combined 15-6 Chr) on special occasions so I don't have to bathe twice the same day because you can't launder shit that isn't on you.

I know it's "easy" to get filthy because I've done a lot of traveling up and down dusty and muddy bits of terrain and….I'd have to roll in it to get as filthy as the character gets within the day. Boots? That makes sense. The rest? How?

dd93d5 No.14362520

File: 0db3f7e2917818f⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 379430_20180220174615_1.png)

Rate my Henry

7d6432 No.14362525

File: 4c593d6639afb25⋯.png (358.32 KB, 281x911, 281:911, nicopolis.PNG)


>What's your point?

You were not a thing before the 19th century.

We lived together. We lost to the ottomans together. We rebelled against the ottomans together. But when bulgaria was freed it was too weak to get all it's territory together and the treachery of serbs and greeks only helped worsen things. You were just a victim of the clusterfuck around the balkan and two world wars.

>The fact that our country is slowly being given over to mudslimes doesn't change the fact that you're a Roach by blood.

I have made genetic tests on me boyo. I am more slav than you are.

But to keep the banter, do remind me which country changes it's views based on the actions of albanians.

>And wars FOR the Ottomans.

That would be your beloved serbshitters. Against bulgarians, french and etc. christians.

>And the nation gets it's name from the region, being the descendants of the Slavic people of that region. You, meaning Bulgarians, not being this because you're Roaches.

Slavs weren't native to the balkans too so what is your point? Bulgarians have little to do with roaches other than warring with them. This is you unable to grasp the turkic vs turkish thing.

>That's fine but is unrelated to the topic. Bulgarian state propaganda is about as valid as VMRO propaganda about "Macedonians being the primordial humans".

VMRO is a non-factor in bulgaria. An irrelevant small party.

But one that triggers you because the party is as old as your country is.

>Guess who built them, moron.

Monuments of things you never were. A clusterfuck of a capital of a people with stolen roots.

>Same language group, same cultural group, same genetic group. You're Turks, Roach.

We are slavs and so are you. We are as much turks as you are albanian.



>You can call it what you like, you've demonstrated that Bulgarian education isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

As opposed to fabricated ugoslavian education huh :^)

>I'm not suggesting it, it's a fact of science. You don't go from being called Mehmet Khan to being called Boris without some pretty serious changes.

Bulgars and bulgarians are different things, like turkish is not the same as turkic.

You are really dumb for a make.

>I'm not suggesting it, it's a fact of science. You don't go from being called Mehmet Khan to being called Boris without some pretty serious changes.

Is this what they teach you in that albanian school of yours ?


Everyone enforced something at one point. The difference with macedonia is that the bulgarian dialect of the region was taken, altered further and presented as a unique thing, which it isn't.

This was supposed to help take the region and use it for ugoslavia. Bulgaria was weak at that time and couldn't oppose enough.

The macedon bulgarian rebels there were slaughtered, it was forbidden for a macedonian man to call himself bulgarian. Heavy repressive actions were taken against civilians so that the lie could become reality for the newer generations.

And it did.

Just look at this make shitter here.

Here in the western part of bulgaria people can easily speak with macedonians and watch macedonian news. It's just a dialect, not a separate language. Never was.


>writes on an alphabet developed in bulgaria mostly by bulgarians and greeks, based on ancient bulgarian which was influenced by northern slavs as bulgars travelled

>durr we're relevant

>durr bulgars adopted everything slavic

You are the ignorant tiny macedonian manw with 100 years worth of fabricated history.

One you cannot give up even as albanians swallow you up.

A shameful blood brother.

e6333e No.14362532


Do you enjoy being half blind in combat?

b59cdf No.14362537


Seems to me like one of the better visors, I saw one before that made you 90% blind. That one, at least, looks to have rectangular eye holes.

511a7b No.14362545


Check when you're talking out of your ass? I can sympathize with Nationalism and pride for clay but well fabricated lineage is something of an lost art these days. Current year Macedons have as much of an ancient or even medieval tier claim to that name or ties to the people that historically lived on that land centuries ago as your average Martian.


Granted. But in my defense English is my fourth language. Also a roach by any other name is still a roach :^)

Really, really shitty bait though.

dbe55e No.14362551


What magnificent advancements in productivity! And they call it the dark ages.

dd93d5 No.14362553

File: 42ff9a1a0dba170⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 379430_20180220175544_1.png)


compared to the lower rank helmets its absolutely fine, and why would you be too much of a peasant to not wear a beautiful visored helm

ae6c47 No.14362554

File: 88f481697e23aae⋯.jpg (48.93 KB, 720x450, 8:5, 88f481697e23aae79a17742cce….jpg)


Why are you cucking yourself with Bianca's Ring? All it does is increase visibility. A simple silver ring increases your charisma and I'm sure there are even better options.

e6333e No.14362556


I can't argue that the Hounskull isn't the best head armor in the game, but I can't stand losing half my vision. I stick with the (ugly as shit and less protective) kettle hat because it's the best open-faced armor available.

e6333e No.14362557

File: a63da2ea604a458⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe it's because I have a 16:10 aspect ratio, I lose a LOT more screenspace

f3aaef No.14362559


>It only happens when I get off my horse

That makes a lot of sense actually. Now you know the real reason knights prefer to stay mounted. Who wants to clean that armor every time?

>killing and looting Cumans

Well that doesn't surprise me that you got dirty quickly. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the game made you dirty just for looting. You would be on your hands and knees after all.

One thing I will mention is that you can easily kill Cumans without getting off your horse. Maybe that will help you stay clean. But they don't say fighting is a dirty business for no reason.


Do you enjoy getting shot in the face?

7d6432 No.14362563


How is a person from asia a roach ? How is a person who has dedicated his life to fighting roaches and has fought much more than you ever have, a roach ?

Why are you a retard ?

e6333e No.14362585


Do you remember where you found that arm, hand and leg armor? All of it looks like an upgrade over what I've got

511a7b No.14362592


Big talk from people who needed Austrians, Germans and a Typhoid plague to barely force an orderly retreat from an enemy rearguard. The same enemy that despite smaller numbers bloodied your nose and won every time you came dick swinging.

>Why are you a retard ?

And no, thankfully I'm neither Bulgar or Bulgarian, I just happen to like history.

dd93d5 No.14362605


I think I bought it from the various armour merchants. There's a second salesman in sasau who sells good equipment like the rattay merchant.

That or I think I got it from a treasure map. The treasure maps drop really good unique equipment.

Also does anyone know how to improve the rain texture? I used to have it really good but fiddled with my settings and now it looks like a pixelated mess

e6333e No.14362612


Has to be the treasure, I've got a bunch of those but haven't bothered searching, the merchant in sasau has crap

7d6432 No.14362613


What ? Are you imagining things again ? It was the black plague that was spreading at the time before the Ottomans came here that weakened the balkans and byzantium alike.

b12387 No.14362622


>You were just a victim narrative

Jesus Christ do you WORK for the Bulgarian government? Can you try to at least sound like you're not just parroting their lies.

>Misa Slav Gin Pruf

Sure you are, and I'm Pope Pious XII.

>Serps did it too

So did you.

>Slavs not native to the Balkans

Irrelevant. Learn to read.

>Still claims Turks aren't Turks.

A Roach by any other name is still a cockroach.

>VMRO non-factor in Bulgaria

I said nothing about Bulgarian VMRO, I was talking about Macedonian VMRO - which is owned, run and operated by men with Bulgarian passports, Bulgarian friends and Bulgarian money in their pockets. And no, VMRO-DPMNE is not as old as Macedonia, it only goes as far back as '91.

>more about the monuments

I like this, you've realized you're talking shit so you're just trying to divert now.

>Roach thinks he's a Slav

Sure thing, babe. Keep telling yourself that and it'll be true some day.

>Muh Ugoslavia

For a country you can't spell right you seem to be absolutely obsessed with it.

>Bulgars and Bulgarians are different

Yes, the people that made your country a thing and who's blood runs through your veins are different from you.

Maybe there's also a difference between Anglo-Saxons and Englishmen, too.

I'm not going to address the language bullshit because if the entire body of linguistic science can't get through your retarded, indoctrinated skull I certainly won't.

>Bulgarians were slaughtered

Like just before when the opposite happened…except this didn't actually happen.

>Western Bulgarians can speak Macedonian

>Is literally inhabited almost exclusively by indoctrinated Macedonians.

This would be kind of like a Greek saying Slav Macedonians are actually Greek because half of Northern Greece speaks fluent Macedonian.


This is Latin, the Romans did this. Cyrilic on the other hand was invented by a bunch of Macedonians during a time when that part of Macedonia was Byzantine.

>Still believes that Mehmet became Boris overnight with no changes

Sure thing, effendi, and maybe dogs can become whales with no change to their DNA.

Bulgarians are so indoctrinated they're actually incapable of linear logic. This…this is worse than I thought.

dd93d5 No.14362626


I'm pretty sure I bought the arms from sassau though, perhaps they stock better sets later?

4a4d58 No.14362633


>Maybe there's also a difference between Anglo-Saxons and Englishmen, too.

There fucking is! The Anglo-Saxon were the french speaking faggots the who have invaded England with papal blessing. There are still tensions from King Harod's tragic defeat left, especially in the form of class differences and paranoid race hatred against Germans.

b12387 No.14362636


I'm not, check and see.

>Fabricated lineage

Well if I lived in a house, and my father lived in my house, and my grandfather lived in my house surely I am my grandfather's grandson and the house belongs to me.

>Current year Macedonians have nothing to do with Macedonians from X years ago

And I suppose the English are entirely unrelated to the Anglo-Saxons and Denmark has nothing to do with Danes. Top logic.

b12387 No.14362643


>The Anglo-Saxon were the french speaking faggots the who have invaded England with papal blessing

Right, I'm done!

511a7b No.14362651


>arguing historical facts from 13th century

>don't know what happened in the 20th century


>read a book on logical fallacies

>if it worked on reddit… :D

I think I'll go and play the game now.

b02567 No.14362657


Thank fuck, tired of you inbred niggers.

b12387 No.14362667

>Fighting on horseback

Have you tried it? It's cancer. Besides, you can't get your weapon skills(not counting bow) or defense up that way.

>getting shot in the face

Has never happened, I've never actually even been shot and I fight Cumans just for shits and giggles. Mostly, unless the enemies are armored or there's more than 3 I don't even bother to put on my full armor(just a gambeson, vembraces, hunting gloves, riding boots and the splinted/rivited leg thingies). I get hit rarely enough as is without having to get my armor filthy just to take a saber strike that either isn't going to land or isn't going to hurt me anyways.

7d6432 No.14362673


>Jesus Christ do you WORK for the Bulgarian government? Can you try to at least sound like you're not just parroting their lies.

Can you deny that you were a weak piece of shit after the liberation from the ottomans ?

>Sure you are, and I'm Pope Pious XII.

You keep talking like a tard and your proof is in macedonian bullshit every single time.

>Irrelevant. Learn to read.

Quite relevant when you claim being ancient greeks.

>I said nothing about Bulgarian VMRO, I was talking about Macedonian VMRO - which is owned, run and operated by men with Bulgarian passports, Bulgarian friends and Bulgarian money in their pockets. And no, VMRO-DPMNE is not as old as Macedonia, it only goes as far back as '91.

Because those bulgarian macedonians still know their roots and fight for them. Even after systematic murder.

>I like this, you've realized you're talking shit so you're just trying to divert now.

You haven't said anything of value to give argue about that.

>Sure thing, babe. Keep telling yourself that and it'll be true some day.

I've done genetic tests m8. Maybe you should too.

>For a country you can't spell right you seem to be absolutely obsessed with it.

I'm spelling it in bulgarian. Don't really care about a the english version of the country.

>Yes, the people that made your country a thing and who's blood runs through your veins are different from you.

Who made the country and who populates it are not the same thing.

>Like just before when the opposite happened…except this didn't actually happen.

This is documented m8. Lying about civilian deaths is not ok even for a blood brother.

>This would be kind of like a Greek saying Slav Macedonians are actually Greek because half of Northern Greece speaks fluent Macedonian.

They used to say exactly that before they gave up on territorial claims to you.

>This is Latin, the Romans did this. Cyrilic on the other hand was invented by a bunch of Macedonians during a time when that part of Macedonia was Byzantine.

>bunch of Macedonians during a time when that part of Macedonia was Byzantine

Not really macedonian, but within the borders of macedonia then, which was in the bulgarian borders boyo.

>Sure thing, effendi, and maybe dogs can become whales with no change to their DNA.

Odd how the person we rebelled with in the past against the ottomans is now calling his brother mehmet and being a fag.

Who told you this shit ? Do you have any proof past macedonian propaganda ?


>alternative history beliefs


Fuck off. The turks always had numerical advantage.

b12387 No.14362675

Anyone got any idea how to get the Heretic bitch to leave for Father Godwyn? I'd just as soon burn her but I don't want to get in the shits with Hanush.

Nothing I try works, at this point I'm halfway through convincing myself to fast travel to Rattay just so I can take a bath then travel back to Uzhlitz just to talk to her.

f3aaef No.14362679


OK I gotta admit confusing Anglo saxons for Normans is pretty fucking retarded. How do you get arguably the most culturally defining and significant event in English history wrong?


Didn't know it didn't train your skills. Hopefully that's just an oversight they patch out later. I am personally pretty paranoid and I know from watching streams that bows instakill to the unprotected face seemingly always.

4a4d58 No.14362720


Yes, I am reading up on it right now after the fact I have realized my fuckup. The people I meant are actually the Anglo-Normans. The Anglo-Saxons are the fucking English unless you consider the period in which they actually settled to England. Then yes, there was a difference between Anglo-Saxons and the native English.

>How do you get arguably the most culturally defining and significant event in English history wrong?

By mistaking Anglo-Saxon for a synonym for Anglo-Normans. Which is a bunch gobbledygook, because Normans and Saxons were two distinct people from two different regions. They weren't even in the picture during the first Saxon settlements in England.

b12387 No.14362734

File: 6b678601e54ceee⋯.png (56.54 KB, 800x370, 80:37, ByzantineEmpire867AD4light….PNG)


>How was Macedonia after the Ottomans

Part Serbian part Bulgarian.

>You claim to be ancient Greeks

Is illiteracy a common trait in Bulgaria? I certainly wouldn't be surprised.

>Bulgar Macedonians are indoctrinated, this is fine

Sure, sure, and there are no Armenians in Turkey and there never were.

>You've said nothing to argue against

Yes, I have. Learn to read.


I believe you, I also believe in the flying spaghetti monster, the flat earth and that bread with yeast in it is the way to Satan.

>I'm spelling it Bulgarian




>Who made and populates the country is not who populates the country


>The Greeks used to say Macedonians were Greeks

And they were exactly what you are - Wrong.

>Not really Macedonian but part of Macedonia which was Bulgaria

Pic related is a map of the Byzantine Empire at the time, tell me if Thesalonica is within the purple.

>We rebelled together

Yes, we did. We also rebelled with the Albos and the Greeks. Just because you rebelled against one brand of cockroach doesn't stop you from being another brand of cockroach, effendi.

>Do you have proof dogs can't turn into whales

Yes. Yes I do. It's called "genetics". And if you're talking about the transition of Bulgars into "Slavs" look up who Boris I was and what he did. Also tell me if Khan Omrutag sounds particularly Slavic to you.

b12387 No.14362755



I'm afraid the Angles and the Normans never interbred. You're looking for plain old "Normans" lad.

>There was a difference between English and Anglo-Saxons

Given that England comes from Angleland - land of the Angles - no, there's no difference between the English and Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons wiped out the local population when they moved over - sort of like the Slavs did the various celtic, illyric, thracian and greek populations of the Balkans.

Now if you were to say "There's a difference between the English and Britons" you'd be correct. It would be a non sequitur, but it would be a correct one.

b12387 No.14362759

As a note, Bulgarians are internationally renowned as being highly uneducated. This must be why.

101631 No.14362772

File: b4e336f439e1465⋯.jpg (36.62 KB, 409x600, 409:600, 1303115004188.jpg)

So according to Eurogamer this game is absolutely problematic. DIdn't know having no children in videogame is such an issue.

f3aaef No.14362781


It is when you're a pedophile.

Seriously though, children have no place in 99% of vidya and they require a bunch of extra work from the animators, modellers, riggers and VAs for what is essentially window dressing

b02567 No.14362785

File: 024bfd04943620b⋯.jpg (470.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, herbwomyn.jpg)

So, if we can focus on the actual game, and not some extremely butthurt toilet cleaners - the herb woman is not here and I've gathered all the shit I have to give her for the Siege quest. The marker shows her here, but she's nowhere in sight. Am I fucked?

4a4d58 No.14362786


They are called Anglo-Normans anyway. Apparently because they still stayed in England; land of the Angles. That they are plain Normans might affect their narcissism but not the truth.


>They forgot the Chiiiii~ldren!

That's a huge fuck up for a game with the ambition of simulating medieval life. On the other hand, aren't whiny college kids the first one to roll in fetus pose and cry, whenever there was a RPG in which you could harm children?

49b300 No.14362787


>that pic

Anon those types of swords are not universally razor sharp across the whole blade, in fact it's actually pretty dull at the point she's holding it specifically so that doesn't happen.

b12387 No.14362800


It's not window dressing if you can kill them, skin them, and mount them on your wall as trophies.

Mods man, never get into mods. Worst drug on the market.

276c50 No.14362806



b12387 No.14362808


Anglo-Norman is used a distinction for Normans after 1066 for cultural-historic reasons to separate them from the rest of the Norman Empire which had holdings all the way from Denmark to Sicily(Sicilian Normans being called Sicilo-Normans etc.).

But the people themselves, at the time, were plain old Normans from Normandie(at the time Angiou or something like that)..

b12387 No.14362812


This is not correct, you'd make them sharp all over….but just because it's sharp doesn't mean you can't hold it. You just have to hold it right…or wear some fucking gloves.

b12387 No.14362813


You can't.

3e6c2a No.14362836


Is that Julia from Rance? Good taste.

b59cdf No.14362837


We should get a mod for this. Even add a menu option for on or off.

49b300 No.14362840


The last 5-6 inches is razor sharp, the the rest of the blade is "very sharp" to "sharp".

b12387 No.14362849


That's kind of like saying "this end will cut you, this end will cut you also. This final end will also cut you but not as much".

b12387 No.14362856


Why, though? It's not like you're supposed to be picking herbs all day, nowhere near enough for it to become a nuisance, at least.

Also, does anyone know how to convince the Heretic Wench at the Bauer farm?

e6333e No.14362858


Maybe not even. You would expect to use the middle of the blade to parry right? You'd actually want the edge there to be thick (not sharp) in order to withstand that sort of use without chipping.

Even then, I wouldn't really want to hold there and use the guard to bludgeon. It might not be sharp, but it's still thin enough that striking something while holding there would hurt like hell.

d8e1ad No.14362861


You don't really need gloves either. Unless the blade is shaving sharp, and not always then either, you just have to grab it firmly or leave a small space between your palm and the blade.

t. hemalarper

b12387 No.14362867


I know, which is why I said "hold it right"

d8e1ad No.14362878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nah, the general rule for parrying is to do what it takes to keep from dying. Flat or Edge, Middle, Guard or Tip.

As a sidenote, where can I find more cumans to kill? I've done all of the bandit camp quests.

276c50 No.14362879


If there is money laying on the ground waiting for me to pick it.


was lv11-12 herb and had 3 strength by then

f78de1 No.14362891

>5-10 second load times to just talk with characters

I think that’s what is killing my experience the most. Does a better pc cut that down?

49b300 No.14362898


Razor sharp is so sharp that a light nick can cut deep, like a straight razor.



That guy is going down the tumblr path, also he's likely gay. he's even started wearing problem glasses just for the sake of it. Too bad.

cc851e No.14362905


>same as it was before the ottomans and long before that

>Is illiteracy a common trait in Bulgaria? I certainly wouldn't be surprised.

>Alexander Macedon

>not greek


>in macedonia

>Sure, sure, and there are no Armenians in Turkey and there never were.

You country underwent close to 100 years of a communist regime which wrote a new history for it. Will you really argue that no alterations were made when you were threated as a piece of land by the ugoslavs ?

Will you argue that bulgarian rebels were not systematically murdered and that the macedonians who dared call themselves bulgarians were not repressed and forcefully relocated ?

>Sure, sure, and there are no Armenians in Turkey and there never were.

This is no argument make. We are talking about the suppression of population's beliefs, not some random minority in a big country.

>I believe you, I also believe in the flying spaghetti monster, the flat earth and that bread with yeast in it is the way to Satan.

There are genetic tests which can help you determine what genes you actually have.

You claiming basic intelligence should be aware of that.



>a fucking dialect

top kek

>>Who made and populates the country is not who populates the country


Extreme misunderstanding of history. Are you saying all who lived in the roman empire were romans and nothing else ? Even in regions where roman presence was minimal ?

Was Alexader the great's expansion into the middle east and up to india making everyone under him a greek ? Use your head.

>And they were exactly what you are - Wrong.

Oh everyone is wrong but you eh :^)

Boastful, stupid, weak yet proud. The way you always were.

>Slavic alphabet

>written in Preslav

>supported by bulgarian kings

>durr no it was written in Thessalonica

You realize you are reinventing things again ? This part of history is public as Cyril and Methodius travelled a lot and their journeys are written down.

You cannot change the location just because your *great school of propaganda* told you so.

>Yes, we did. We also rebelled with the Albos and the Greeks. Just because you rebelled against one brand of cockroach doesn't stop you from being another brand of cockroach, effendi.

1st rebelling was organized together and closely so, not like with albanians or greeks

2nd there was still no macedonian idea back then, so we did act as brothers at that time

>Yes. Yes I do. It's called "genetics".

I don't mean proof as in your ramblings, but legit sourced proof.


Yeah sure, the name is from the ancient bulgars. What about it ? Does it trigger you ?

You who claim pure slavic genes, yet have nothing of the sort ?

Boris ? Who adopted the name Michael ? It was common to adopt christian names especially during conversion so I don't see your point. You did too at that time. Old slavic names were different for all slavs.

f3aaef No.14362910


Why are you interested in hunting children? They don't even hide well or run fast. Boring.

The murdering psychopath trope has been done to death. The only reason I'd want to see children in this game is if it went far enough to where you could actually marry some of the women you encounter instead of just shagging them and leaving and start a family. I felt like they wanted to do that but didn't have enough time; all those courtship quest chains end suddenly with a sex scene and then literally nothing happens.

7ce02c No.14362993

File: 8d1b5c0e91e190e⋯.jpg (581.6 KB, 1138x1558, 569:779, zhi-chen-kharn-the-bloody.jpg)


>Why are you interested in hunting children?

Why not?

>They don't even hide well or run fast. Boring.

Not like the average peasant is any better.

>The only reason I'd want to see children in this game is if it went far enough to where you could actually marry some of the women you encounter instead of just shagging them and leaving and start a family.

I want them in the game so the media can cry about the children being killable.

I also look forward to mods and the shitstorm they will bring when "Journalists" find out about the more risqué ones.

>all those courtship quest chains end suddenly with a sex scene and then literally nothing happens.

They might sort that out later on but I can't see them letting you start a family.

ed6232 No.14363080

File: 4e517cefe144a46⋯.png (983.71 KB, 1770x1256, 885:628, big beefin sausage.PNG)


>Do Mysterious Ways quest

>get fucked up with Goodwin

>lol good times

>leave Uzhitz

>haven't been back to Uzhitz once since that quest

>many hours of gameplay later, decide its time to learn how to read

>return to Uzhitz to speak with scribe


>have to pay 70/210/350 groschen (peasant/trader/bailiff) just to fuckin talk to anyone

>pay innkeeper so I can quest and raise my rep

>Won't give me any quests and tells me to fuck off

What the fuck, how do you raise your reputation if you can't even do any local quests?

I killed a band of cumans in the woods nearby, and have been hunting for bandits, rep remains unchanged.

b12387 No.14363109


Forest near Talemberg is teeming with them. You can't walk 5 feet without stumbling into one. Otherwise, it's that general area of the map that's full of them.

b02567 No.14363119


Did you fuck up your speech checks or something during the mass? I ended up having ~30 reputation after that quest.

b12387 No.14363124


I wasn't that autistic, but I picked up about 10 groshen worth of nettle.


He's got a wife…okay maybe not the most womanly of wives, but he's civil unione'd to a female of humanoid aproximation.


>>>/hebe/ Go back to where you came from pedo.

b12387 No.14363128


You either missed Mass or you fucked up the Mass speech. Everyone loves me in Uzhitz.

7ce02c No.14363132



He's also a furry.

ed6232 No.14363155


If i remember correctly, the last option I chose was 'condemn heretical clergymen (including Goodwin)'.

I'm thinking I must have been seen killing a ruffian or something from a random encounter during quick travel?

Or does reputation decay?

This is my zealous justice playthrough, so I haven't been thieving or murdering in towns.

I don't, however, have mercy on anyone, I send them to be judged by the Lord.

d8e1ad No.14363157


Yeah, it's unfortunate, but he was a leaf so I guess it was inevitable.


Are you running a gtx 660 like me? If you're running something alot better then probably not, an SSD might make a difference and that's it.

49b300 No.14363172


He moved to leafland, it's like silent hill but for faggots.

5cb316 No.14363178

File: 40759b287858399⋯.png (4.18 MB, 1921x2160, 1921:2160, ccc.png)

r8 my fashion

dd93d5 No.14363187


mine reset after I spent a day in jail in sasau, maybe try to get arrested somewhere else, its currently a bug with the town

f3aaef No.14363188


>I want them in the game so the media can cry about the children being killable.

So your motivations are purely political then. I hate to be that guy but you are just as bad as the SJWs here, if you want people to put sweat and labor into something just so you can see someone else's reaction to it. It's frivolous and frankly shows total disrespect to the developers.

b02567 No.14363193


Nice skirt, faglord.

dd93d5 No.14363200


Personally I just want kids for the atmosphere and immersion, I wanna ride into town and see kids run past me giggling to the fields to play. They dont even need to be interactable like most of the town peasants, just background for realism

7ce02c No.14363206



You look imposing but you would look better with a melee weapon.

A sword and shield would net you a 9/10 and a shield that suited your look would net you a 10/10.


Nah, my motivations are fun.

I think it would be fun to kill them and I think the reactions to them being killed would be funny.


Yeah, at least then they can be modded to be killable.

3e6c2a No.14363211


>wearing a skirt

Medieval Bohemia is not the place to LARP as an anime girl, anon

b12387 No.14363221

File: 37cc8c3255af801⋯.jpg (65.94 KB, 485x769, 485:769, Mehmet.jpg)


>100 years of Communist regime

>'45 to '91 of Socialist Yugoslavia

>100 years

Bulgarian education, everyone!

>Macedonians who called themselves Bulgarians were repressed


>Bulgarian REBELS were arrested

No shit.

>There are genetic tests

And I'm sure you've undertaken them….surely nobody would lie on the internet.

>100 years of history

>Thesalonika Bulgarian in 850s

>Bulgarians spoke Slavic before Slavs

>Bulgarians invented Cyrilic

>Bulgarians aren't Roaches

>Say someone else misunderstands history

Keksiums Maximus.

>Romans didn't make everyone roman, duh!

>Greeks didn't make everyone greek, duh!

>Migrating hordes don't replace populations….duh?

Perhaps, one day, if the standard of Bulgarian education ever progresses past the stone age you'll understand the difference between a conquering army and migrating tribes.

>Hur dur Cyril and Methodius Bulgarians, Cyrlic alphabet Bulgarian

Meanwhile, in 850s Bulgaria(pic related)

>You think you're right, huh?

If I didn't I wouldn't be holding the positions that I do. It's more concerning that you think you are,though. You should change that, being wrong is not something to be proud of.

>Rebelling with Greeks and Albos wasn't organized

>Macedonians were literally took part in organizing Greek revolt

>Macedonian Albos were recruited into Macedian rebellion.

>You know…the ones our "Bulgar brothers" refused to back.

>Genetics aren't science

Bulgarian education, everyone.

>Still can't accept that Bulgarians adopted Slavic culture from Macedonians, even though he admits Bulgars are roaches.

>Is half-breed Roach

>Calls Slav non-Slav

>Adopting Christian names was common…especially Slavic ones like non-Biblical, non-Saint Slavic names like Boris, Ivan and Vladimir

You forgot to mention that you also adopted a language and, over time, a culture too. You're welcome, by the way, albeit I'm of the opinion that we want you to go back to being pure Roaches. You sully the good names of slaves with your lack of education or morals.

I also like that you completely forgot your 100 years of Communism and destitute poverty when you talked about "the brainwashing communism of Yugoslavia". Surely, Bulgarian communism is wholesome and Bulgaria, even today, does not propagate any propaganda, fabrications, and fiction. Surely, this cannot b e.

Bulgarian education, everyone!

b12387 No.14363225


That explains the wife.

b12387 No.14363233



Ditch the bow, not Nazgul-y enough.

7ce02c No.14363234


In the Middle Ages, men and women preferred dress-like garments.


Can you guys not just take this to /int/ or /pol/?



b12387 No.14363240


I'm not the uneducated roach, here. I'll stop making him look like an illiterate commoner when he stops parroting Bulgarian state propaganda word for word.

7d619e No.14363246

File: 2919f3392df1abc⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, 119:90, slapping intensifies.mp4)

If you ever find yourself stuck in geometry, or inside yer hoarse, drink yourself into a stupor and you will get out.

f3aaef No.14363250



No, poor people and women preferred dress like garments because they never had to ride horses. A knight with that outfit would probably be a laughing stock among the other knights because they'd all joke about how he rides horses like a lady.

b12387 No.14363262


You mean in game? Shit I thought that was the default state for playing slavshit.

7ce02c No.14363270

File: 8eca988aef1cdb9⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 309x309, 1:1, nani.jpg)

b12387 No.14363271


Clearly you've never heard of a tabard or waffenfrock. They were pretty popular all the way up to the mid 1400s. After that they fell out of use for some reason and never came back.

e02678 No.14363274


I dont know about liechtenauer himself but Ringeck says in regards to a strike that matches the oberhau "This is the longsword's first lesson; that you shall learn to cut properly from both sides" (Ringeck, MS Dresden C487 (trans. keith farrell, 2011) v11-12)

So its definetly part of the liechtenauer tradition

e6333e No.14363277

Does anywhere know somewhere I can play dice without being on a particular quest? I picked up some interesting dice and wanted to try them out but it doesn't look like anybody actually plays, or is there some special way to use the gambling tables?

3e6c2a No.14363285


>bugs in a slav game are fixed by getting drunk as shit

I have to say, this brings immersion to a whole new level.

b02567 No.14363287


You sound pretty fucking butthurt. Both of you are rapebabies, you do realize that?

b12387 No.14363294


The trick is to be drunk in real life as your character is drunk in the game. That way, you can fully immerse yourself in the game.




I kid, of course, but Czechs have always been Western as all fuck, even compared to Slovaks and Polish.

b12387 No.14363301


I'm not saying we aren't, the difference is that I'm a White rapebaby and he isn't but he REALLY wants to be - so much so that he's willing to steal other people's cultures, languages and historical achievements just to look more White.

Bulgarians are kind a funny that way.

f3aaef No.14363303



Yes, those are garments which have a split down the middle for riding horses. Which the poster's Henry clearly doesn't. Why are you deliberately acting like morons?

7ce02c No.14363313

File: 58dc408df11916b⋯.jpg (191.67 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, thefuckyousaying.jpg)


>No, poor people and women preferred dress like garments because they never had to ride horses

>Yes, those are garments which have a split down the middle for riding horses

It's ok to be wrong, faggot.

b12387 No.14363314


No, that particular one doesn't, this is true…but those kinds of tabards are, unfortunately, not in the game(albeit it would actually be a bit late for them).

3e6c2a No.14363334


I'm czech, I'm drunk, and I'm playing Kingdom Come right now (by the way, Czech subtitles are miles better than the english ones. Like, holy shit, the english version is so lacking when it comes to the flow of the conversation or the cadence of insults.)

>but Czechs have always been Western as all fuck

That's true. Bohemia was one of the HRE electors, after all, while Slovaks, while culturally incredibly similar, have been just a hungarian minority. Some people claim that Czechs are something in between slavs and germans, but neither is a bad genepool so I don't think many would be terribly offended by that (call slovaks Hungarian and they'll lose their shit, though).

e6333e No.14363336

File: 780582c607c9079⋯.png (3.48 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Superior Order coming through

f3aaef No.14363350


>"dress like garment"

What's the first thing you think of when you hear "dress?" Oh yeah naturally it's a battle garment worn over armor designed with horsemanship in mind which isn't even in period. Stop projecting, idiot. Next time learn to take in context.

>I'll hide my shame with a smug anime girl

Couldn't be any more predictable.


I agree if his… skirt? Had a split I'd be okay with it. But the image, as posted, is rather nonsensical.

ed6232 No.14363357

>headcracker perk

>wayfaring knight duel

>knock him unconscious with warhammer to the skull

<"well, a wager is a wager, pay up!"

>you parted with 250 groschen


b12387 No.14363358


Czech are definitely Slavs although very much westernized. My favorite people, the Czechs. If for no other reason than because they're the last sane country on Earth, at this point.

When everyone else is restricting liberties, Czech republic is expanding them.

When everyone is opening borders, Czech republic is saying "No Rapefugees"

When everyone else is banning guns, Czech republic almost passes it's own 2nd Amendment.

God fucking save you magnificent bastards!

b02567 No.14363360

File: 9a92b41762cd13b⋯.jpg (477.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Welp.jpg)

>can't pass this quest by purging

What gives?

b12387 No.14363361


>DLC armor

Not sure if kike shilling or just cuck.

e6333e No.14363368


Oh is that what it's from? I should have guessed, but then I'm on the repack release so of course it has everything

Besides, I'm only wearing the helmet and waffenrock.

b12387 No.14363373


You have to either tell the Vicar - and he'll do the purging or murder the Vicar.

You can also try to convince the heretic to leave but that's tough as all fuck. Apparently there are some people that actually want to be tortured and burnt at the stake.

P.S.: Waldensians would later become part of what was the greater Protestant Movement. Jan Hus would be sort of like the Dante of Protestantism, being a precursor that helped it all to happen.

Jan Hus also burned at the stake.

b12387 No.14363377


Same, except for the "wearing it" part, you jew cuck.

b12387 No.14363383

This specific war, in this specific region, in this specific part of history is literally one of the most important events in all of European history, by the way.

b254ed No.14363388

File: 5d11007e35abb22⋯.jpg (40.44 KB, 400x253, 400:253, Image_6423178_126.jpg)

File: 15731c3b5e26aa1⋯.jpg (167.21 KB, 650x816, 325:408, Image_6423181_128.jpg)

File: c4a9c1cbe76cfc7⋯.jpg (94.18 KB, 650x432, 325:216, Image_6423182_128.jpg)


>Bulgarian education, everyone!

Nigger communist influence was there long before the regime took place. Don't play the retard card again.

>>Macedonians who called themselves Bulgarians were repressed





>No shit.

Why do you think there were rebels ? Refer to the above links of which there are tons, for a reason.

They were free christians now, but persecuted for their identity, not their religion now.

>And I'm sure you've undertaken them….surely nobody would lie on the internet.

I bet you wouldn't take one out of fear.

>>Thesalonika is relevant to Preslav


>Perhaps, one day, if the standard of Bulgarian education ever progresses past the stone age you'll understand the difference between a conquering army and migrating tribes.

You are one to talk of stone age. When you get everything from the outside handed to you.

>Meanwhile, in 850s Bulgaria(pic related)

This happened to everyone on the balkans make.

You are one vile creature to laugh at this, when it happen to your very own women.

The women here threw themselves off mountains, just so the turks would never get them. This is no laughing matter for anyone on the balkans.

At times I think you believe turks were nice to you specifically back then.

>>Hur dur Cyril and Methodius Bulgarians, Cyrlic alphabet Bulgarian

Where is it written boy ? Who funded it ? Who gave the mass of scholars and writers to write it ? Who supported it ? Who helped spread it ?

Sure as fuck wasn't *macedonians*.

>>Macedonian Albos were recruited into Macedian rebellion.

Wait, you legitimately support albanians ? What kind of a cuck are you ?

>>Genetics aren't science

>>Bulgarian education, everyone.

What genetics you mongrel. Where have you given any genetic proof of purebreed origin ? There are no sources, just your words.

You are like the SJW of history.

>>Still can't accept that Bulgarians adopted Slavic culture from Macedonians, even though he admits Bulgars are roaches.

You claim Bulgars are roaches, yet you cannot even grasp their origin, given that the origin is still being disputed.

>>Calls Slav non-Slav

Suck albanian dick, calls others roaches. Kek.

>You forgot to mention that you also adopted a language and, over time, a culture too. You're welcome, by the way, albeit I'm of the opinion that we want you to go back to being pure Roaches. You sully the good names of slaves with your lack of education or morals.

Nigger the ancient bulgars passed tons of slavic tribes on their way. Slavic cultural exchange was well underway long before they came here.

>You forgot to mention that you also adopted a language and, over time, a culture too.

Many things were adopted, and many things were given. Do you believe you didn't exchange with the greeks ? Or byzantines ? Or romans ? Or albanians ?

Grow up, cultural exchange is not a thing to always be disliked.

>You're welcome, by the way, albeit I'm of the opinion that we want you to go back to being pure Roaches. You sully the good names of slaves with your lack of education or morals.

Turkic =/= roach.

Roach = turk.

But in your lingo things get really messed up.

>I also like that you completely forgot your 100 years of Communism and destitute poverty when you talked about "the brainwashing communism of Yugoslavia". Surely, Bulgarian communism is wholesome and Bulgaria, even today, does not propagate any propaganda, fabrications, and fiction. Surely, this cannot b e.

Yugoslavia was entirely made up and many people died for that failed idea. A lot of nationalism and brainwashing was needed to keep it afloat and that is a historical fact.

Communism did a lot of shit to us both, no argument there.

>Bulgarian education, everyone!

Nobody cares but me and you make. These other people here want to talk about games.

We're hear arguing how much of a fucking retard you are.

Macedonian education clearly taught you that repression of civilians claiming to be bulgarians is ok, but rarely happened at all. While in fact it was extremely common, especially around the balkan wars.

The above pictures of a pedestal symbolizes the grief the serbs caused us, when they turned back on us during the balkan wars. Wars we fought for you make.

Wars in which the *slavic* brothers, the serbs used to take you as a chunk of land, because the greater powers didn't allow the serbs to attack Albania. So the gave you to the serbshitters instead.

It was a tragic moment. And we grieved for you and for how little the slavic origin meant to the serbs.

3e6c2a No.14363406


Thanks, anon, you flatter me. In reality, though, the country as a whole is basically on the fence. In general, you could say we hate EU for being a bunch of neomarxist cunts, and that we hate Russia for the past shit they did to us, but at the same time, we fail too see any other alternatives. So it devolves into an argument about which side is the lesser evil, and the country basically maintains status quo, constantly complaining about the EU yet too scrared to actually leave it (it could tank the whole economy), constantly shitting on Russia yet at the same time having a large number of people (even in the government) who seek to increase trade with Russia. You could call it an attempt at maintaining the status quo of 90's that is under constant attack (especially by EU), but manages to hold on due to people being generally satisfied by how things are and disgusted by the EU. Such a situation can't be maintained forever, though, and I think it's only a matter of time before something major happens that pushes us on one of the sides of the barricade.

dfda77 No.14363449


Anon where did you get your hounskull? I've been trying to get a second one since I sold my first one and regretted it. Should had just stashed it in the lockbox.

dd93d5 No.14363460


from the chest in the camp you kill the bandit leader, after clearing the camp you can ride back there and loot the chests. two have all the shit in it. one full of bandit armour and one full of cuman. I think its unique so you might not get another one.

f78de1 No.14363462


gotcha, one of my good friends built my computer for me so I'll have to ask him. I believe my card is a amd radeon 7900 series and I've got 12 gigs of ram.

I'm wondering if it's the optimization of the game or my big ol' computer at the moment.

dfda77 No.14363477


The animation is fine since as you level up herbalism, your herb picking turns from a single herb to a fucking huge AOE skill.

f3aaef No.14363478


This game has massive CPU issues. It actually runs serviceably on mid range and even crappy GPUs. I have an i5 6600k and my game chops up only when in large towns. Meanwhile my GPU usage is less than 50%; I have a 1080. I am guessing it's either the massive number of props in town with physics or the increased density of NPCs.

dfda77 No.14363483


Shieet, would be nice if someone could teach me how to command console one into my life. I downgraded to the great bascinet to have a knightly look but I miss my hounskull. The arching bascinet is ugly as sin and the italian bascinet just feels off with plate armor.

dfda77 No.14363486


It might be increased density. I did some experiments with messing around with AI modes and I found that the game runs a lot choppier if I run around rattay attacking people and drawing in the entire garrison.

f78de1 No.14363491


gotcha, so I guess I'll just put up with the issues for now and hope they put out an optimization update at some point. Guess I'm just glad it isn't my PC.

f3aaef No.14363497


I was actually leaning towards physics because the game had a huge improvement in performance when I set the Nvidia control panel to use my GPU always for PhysX. Maybe it's both?

ae6c47 No.14363499

File: 23de649505aecbb⋯.jpg (97.97 KB, 759x1092, 253:364, 1468355307465.jpg)



> you can't get your weapon skills(not counting bow) or defense up that way.

I can confirm the opposite, that you do lvl weapon skills on horseback. I had like 1-2 in skill in mace, smacked a bandit in the head while on my horse and gained a point. But yeah it's hard to hit if they're moving.

dfda77 No.14363519


Mounted combat tips from someone who spends most of their time macing people from horseback. All I can say is mount and blade players need to stop treating KCD horseback like mount and blade. To understand that, you need to under how napoleon viewed heavy cavalry.

>Line and heavy cavalry is used to break lines of infantry in a charge, lighter horses can then be used to harry their retreat

>Line and heavy cavalry do not charge until very close distance (~100 meter) and even then the speed of the charge is never at full gallop but instead a more manageable fast trot (there's even historical examples of heavy cav charges being done at trot and walking speeds in certain conditions).

In other words, don't fucking gallop and try to hit someone from horse back while doing so. Just maneuver next to them and mace them in their heads while moving past them and then gallop away for a turnabout and fast trot back into a charge and beat someone else over the head. Once their morale falls, just fast trot next to them and beat them over the head.

dd93d5 No.14363534

Anyone found any shields that work with longswords? All the small shields make combos harder or impossible and stop master blocking until you unequip it and use longsword in both hands

35b225 No.14363541

File: ee4c1dcad1091c0⋯.png (4.07 MB, 1911x1079, 147:83, dead bandit.png)

What do I do after killing this bandit?

Is something supposed to happen?

I can't carry my loved ones bodies?

dfda77 No.14363543


wait did you just broke the tutorial?

f3aaef No.14363545


Charging at a gallop only makes sense with lances even in M&B, and lances were well outdated in Napoleon's time


I haven't been able to make my longsword combo work at all. Is it because I tried to use a heater shield? I've been putting the right series of attacks in but nothing special happens. Also, is "master blocking" different from perfect blocking? Because I definitely haven't had any problems doing that with the shield, just my combo.


d8e1ad No.14363547


Yeah, sounds about right. I just fucked with my settings a bit and tried chatting up randos and got 10-11 second pauses like you.


Is there a trick to triggering master blocks anyways?

f3aaef No.14363549


Assuming you aren't somehow trolling, you've managed to break the game. You are supposed to lose.

35b225 No.14363550


Wait, are you supposed to let the bandit kill you? What the fuck?

f3aaef No.14363552


Yes, that's why you die in one hit for that fight.

35b225 No.14363554



Okay, that's stupid, why doesn't it account for you beating him instead of dying like a bitch?

dd93d5 No.14363555


using a shield with a long sword wont let you use the best longsword moves, it only works with short sword


once you learn it from captain bernard it should trigger on most enemies when you perfect block, some enemies may be higher sword skill than you which might make it not work. Also you cant seem to do it with a shield equipped, atleast on longsword

f3aaef No.14363556


It is a little stupid, but it's supposed to set you up for a rivalry where you fight him again later. Also, it's equally stupid that a commoner with no experience could beat that guy.

d8e1ad No.14363559


I always use a Noble's Shortsword and shield and it triggers maybe once every 10 or 20 blocks with maxed sword n board.

dfda77 No.14363570


Yeah if that is Runt, he's supposed to steal your father's sword. Is he the bandit with the big club?

f3aaef No.14363572


>using a shield with a long sword wont let you use the best longsword moves

Thanks, I needed a legitimate gameplay excuse to look like a proper late medieval knight instead of one that uses a shield because gameplay advantages.

dfda77 No.14363574


You need to match your weapon direction too IIRC

3e6c2a No.14363590


I heard that beating him should trigger a cutcene in which you also win over him

dfda77 No.14363597

Here's an interesting mechanic. When you have loose clothing (padded jacks, chainmails) your noise level goes up. If for example I wear darkened padded jack and a black pants, silent dark shoes, hunter gloves and a black padded coif, my noise is 11. If I then add an aachen dark brigandine, which has the highest defence for black gear at 20, my noise falls to 0, presumbly because the the brigandine prevents my loose clothing from rubbing around.

35b225 No.14363599



This game is pretty buggy, I had to reload and do that entire thing over and stand there like an idiot for the bandit could kill me. Then the fever dream thing happened, Theresa woke me up, and now I'm stuck in a loading screen. Fuck this game, srs.

789a3f No.14363600

How do I get gud and master combos?

Shit is hard to execute.

f3aaef No.14363610



It's buggy, but the bugs vary greatly depending on who you ask. I've had no significant bugs in my playthrough for example. I've also never crashed once even though I've seen quite a few mention the unlimited saves mod as "necessary" due to the crashing.

dfda77 No.14363613

File: c2424892138bcdb⋯.png (1.87 MB, 806x890, 403:445, NoBrigandine.PNG)

File: 57626a906c9ee22⋯.png (1.86 MB, 802x885, 802:885, WithBrigandine.PNG)


what the hell did you even do to have such of broken copy? Mine has pretty much been bug free this whole time.


Forgot to add the pictures for comparison. Next I'm going to go get a darkened brigandine arm guard and see if I can retain stealth while still armoured up well enough

b02567 No.14363623


How the ass are you level 6 or higher during the tutorial?

b12387 No.14363627


>hurdur communism

From the country that still worships it.

>Bulgarians were repressed

According to Bulgarian media sources, how about you go fuck yourself?

>You get everything handed to you

>Is an EU state

>Literally the poorest EU state

>Literally poorer than Macedonia, which is dirt poor

If you projected any harder you could work for a cinema.

>Everyone on the Balkans was a Roach

>Thinks he isn't the Mehmet in this situation

Bulgarian education, everyone!

>Where was the alphabet written

Glagolic? Either Moravia or Byzantium. Cyrilic? Macedonia and Bulgaria - in two schools(one in Ohrid and the other Preslav), almost all of it by a mixture of Macedonian and Byzantine students of the two Saints.

>Who funded it?

The Greek Orthodox Church, mainly, but also the nobility of Moravia, the Catholic church to a lesser extent and also likely the Bulgar king who was interested in converting to a new language and religion.

By your logic, by the way, if I send some money to a Korean burger joint it's suddenly mine.

>Who supported it

A lot of people. A LOT of people. Certainly not Boris I who was born a couple of years before Cyril and Methodius died.

>Who helped spread it

Their pupils, also various nobles, also probably the king that wanted to become a Slav Christian.

But once again, that's like saying Catholicism is Frankish because Charlemagne spread it.

So if I thought of up a book, and then wrote that book down, it's your invention because you…advertised it? That's….that's some interesting reasoning you have there, Roach.

>Still contests the notion that a dog can't be turned into a whale with no genetic change

Bulgarian education, everyone!

>Proof of Macedonian purebreeding origin

Yes, look up the history of the Macedonian people. You'll find some fucking around on the fringes, but it's almost 100% Slavic.

>You support albanians

Who ever said that? I said they fought with us against the Turks as Macedonians for an independent Macedonia.

>Still claims roaches aren't roaches

>Tries to divert

>Bulgar horse tribes from the steppes of middle-Asia wus Slavs before Masao shits, bruh!

>Dude, bruh, do you believe you didn't exchange, like, culture with Romans?

And here I stand not claiming to be Caesar.


So tell me, effendi, what separates one roach from another? Do you think the Turks are a special kind of Turkic or do you think Turkics were called that for no reason whatsoever? Someone just decided to fuck with a cuckold on a board about video-games 400 years down the line?

>Yugoslavia was made up

And yet it seems to have existed.

>Many people died

Kek. Bulgarian communism…peaceful…fucking wot?

>You're brainwashed said the Bulgarian.

>Nobody cares but me and you

So why don't we stop this shit and talk about the game? Aren't you tired of being wrong by now?

I mean I have nothing against individual Bulgarians so long as you don't call yourself a Slav…a Demi-Slav, maybe, but don't muddy my lake, man. I don't go over to Bulgaria claiming to be a Turk!

>ur retarded

>100 years of Communism in Macedonia

>Macedonia didn't exist before Yugoslavia invented it

Can you pick at least one to stick with?

>Wars we fought for you

>By conscripting all of your able bodied men

>Fought for you…to remain subjected to Bulgarian despotism

Nice one, faggot. At least with the Serbs we got our own state and, with time, independence.

>Serbs were treating Macedonia as land

>Bulgarians wasn't

>Legitimately buys into per WW1 war propaganda

Everyone saw Macedonia as clay, everyone still sees even what's left of our tiny nation as clay. One of the drawbacks of being placed on literally the best clay on the Balkans right in between 3 empires and some Albo troglodytes.

>People were repressed in times of war

Shall I tell you of the tale of the Macedonian identifying Macedonians and what was done to them by the Serbs, Greeks, Ottomans AND Bulgarians? Shall I tell you the tale of young men lined up against walls and shot and old fathers dragged away from their children to get shelled to death by guns in a war they stood to gain nothing from?

Shall I tell you the tale of the farmer, the miner, the smith who's labor was turned against his brother and neighbor Macedonian, or the widow and the orphaned daughters of brave Macedonian men sent to fight in someone else's war?

Shall I tell you of my great-great grandfather's family, the one who's cousins were rounded up and shot by Serb and Bulgarian alike for refusing to fight?

Shall I tell you the tale of every Macedonian, and how we spilled our own blood to survive?

The only people who gave two shits about us at any point was ourselves and The Old Man, and even he fucked with us more than once.

Get fucked, stay fucked, and die being fucked.

f3aaef No.14363637


>blue noise number

I think that may be because you have the perk which makes armor quieter when you do maintenance on it.

dfda77 No.14363638


So that means once you have the perk, having armor instead of cloth on the outer layer is required for maximum stealth?

dd93d5 No.14363640


mind not going full autism and stick to talking bout the game

dfda77 No.14363642


Oh I know a way, let me try it out with chainmail. Will report back in a bit

b12387 No.14363647


It's slower and you can't raise your defense. It's slower because you can't actually use the weapon as much, can't do combos etc

b12387 No.14363654


I talk about the game between fits of being told that people who came to murder my people were "doing it for their own good".

It's like an Armenian coming face to face with Chenk Ugyur, the urge to rage is difficult to ignore.

f3aaef No.14363655


Unfortunately I don't know, I went with a virtuous knight who is loved by the people for my first playthrough. Fuck enforcing anti-poaching laws though because it makes everyone starve.

35b225 No.14363656


I don't know, I got a levels from killing the rapists and other people I guess.

f3aaef No.14363660


>He killed all the Cumans harrassing Theresa during the escape

Are you shitting me? I know Radzig's sword is good, but goddamn, how many times did you load?

dfda77 No.14363667

File: 8cd5e1d24afce27⋯.png (1.86 MB, 805x887, 805:887, Chainonly.PNG)

File: 6c0005ad4dfe831⋯.png (1.87 MB, 805x892, 805:892, GambesonAndChain.PNG)

File: 3af2726cc597619⋯.png (1.9 MB, 813x892, 813:892, GambesonChainAndBrigandine.PNG)


Looks like which one is your outer layer does matter in regards to how the game calculates your stealth.

b02567 No.14363671


Can you even wield the sword properly with the starting stats? Even a trash-tier sword requires like 6 STR.

f3aaef No.14363674


That's very interesting, but I don't think brigandine is nearly that quiet in real life and it definitely wouldn't do that much to reduce the jingle jangle of maille. I have to wonder if it was intentional.

35b225 No.14363678


What, did you let them rape her?

I'm the only one allowed to rape in these parts.

dfda77 No.14363684


Yeah I basically started looking into this because I wanted a night fighting kit instead of standing out like a metallic dildo at night. That said, I have won more than one engagement just by rushing into the centre of the camp and beating everyone I see over the head with my mace.

f3aaef No.14363685


I had to, because fuck fighting 3-5 assholes in full armor when I don't even know the combat system.

b02567 No.14363689


You can just hit one from behind and leg it, you distract em for long enough for her to fuck off.

f3aaef No.14363701


Oh well I did that much. I whistled several times at them before jumping on a horse and skeedaddling when they committed to chasing me.

b12387 No.14363705


My favorite tactic is to knock them out while they sleep, throw them in a pile and practice some archery…or just murder them with an axe, that works also.

b12387 No.14363710

File: 7779c11697b78d8⋯.jpg (11.32 KB, 261x193, 261:193, images.jpg)


You mean you didn't take the chance to stab a Cuman in the ass and run away? What kind of faggot are you?

7b7a01 No.14363735

File: d3deee6c7b3edb9⋯.jpg (53.61 KB, 400x562, 200:281, why_.jpg)

>finished the game

>didn't recover my mother's husband's sword

>didn't avenge the the sacking of Skalitz

Why did anyone think that was a good idea?

b02567 No.14363811


>Just finished it

Oh wow, that was fucking god-awful. There had better be shit after the credits.

7b7a01 No.14363829


There is a epilogue after the credits where you can finish the side quests and then leave Bohemia with Hans.

dfda77 No.14363832

File: 114687f942be701⋯.png (1.86 MB, 809x879, 809:879, Stealthkit.PNG)

I am completely invisible in forest areas.

2fe95a No.14363835


You don't get to kill the German knight?

7b7a01 No.14363843


No you don't even kill the Hungarian that stole your sword.

b02567 No.14363844


Of course not goy, gotta save it for the inevitable DLC/Expansion.

2fe95a No.14363850


But I already killed Runt, the fuck are you talking about?

7b7a01 No.14363856


The guy that came with your father to check upon the sword.

b254ed No.14363858

File: 3f0514d99247dd3⋯.jpg (236.92 KB, 728x1085, 104:155, macedonia-warlords-rebels-….jpg)


>According to Bulgarian media sources, how about you go fuck yourself?

Read a book by a brit then. Oh no you won't.

Well that is just how you makes are.

>>Literally poorer than Macedonia, which is dirt poor

Top kek. Any source on that, but stories from 24 years ago ? Oh wait, you are the poorest ones and not even in the EU, and currently we are helping drag your sorry asses into it.

By your own free will mind you and you are requesting it.

>Bulgarian education, everyone!

There is no audience here but me make. Do well to not appeal to the masses who equally hate you and me.

>Glagolic? Either Moravia or Byzantium. Cyrilic? Macedonia and Bulgaria - in two schools(one in Ohrid and the other Preslav), almost all of it by a mixture of Macedonian and Byzantine students of the two Saints.

Unfortunately for you the *macedonians* of those times were either greek or bulgarians.

>The Greek Orthodox Church, mainly, but also the nobility of Moravia, the Catholic church to a lesser extent and also likely the Bulgar

The byzantine church, which later wanted them dead and would have stopped the entire thing if it wasn't for us.

>A lot of people. A LOT of people.

Oh yes, but the deed was complete on bulgarian soil, and that is not a debatable issue. Unless you want to go into crediting everyone including the pope, which is not accurate.

>So if I thought of up a book, and then wrote that book down, it's your invention because you…advertised it?

It's not the same. It was written for these people on their soil, for their use. They had full support from the country and king. They were canonized as local saints. Local scholars joined them in writing and later distributing the thing, but you ignore those completely.

Give genetic studies or fuck off. You just acting like the retarded make parrot that you are.

>Yes, look up the history of the Macedonian people. You'll find some fucking around on the fringes, but it's almost 100% Slavic.

Nigger have seen the genetic studies of our region ? The balkans are a clusterfuck with several dominant genes and a ton of mixture. We are the eastern gateway to europe. Lots of nationalities moved through here.

>>Bulgar horse tribes from the steppes of middle-Asia wus Slavs before Masao shits, bruh!

Another ad absurdium out of you. If I dig into what tibes the slavs of the balkans mixed more than 1800 years ago I will find you not-pure and very mixed. But I don't act like a fag about it.

The bulgars came here and build a country out of warring tribes. Nothing wrong with that or shameful about it.

Those horsefuckers that you mock ? They bested you in battle and build an empire that you never could.

So if my ancestors are a mix of these guys, who 1600 years ago mixed with considerably more slav, I cannot relate to slavs and should relate to bulgars more, because you a hateful make on a chan says so ?

You are full max retard. By that logic you are greek and not slavic at all. And your mixing has been happening longer.

>And yet it seems to have existed.

Difference between invented to suit a purpose and having actual origin and reason to be there has to be made. Not for the feeble make mind, mind you.

>So why don't we stop this shit and talk about the game?

0 sources

nothing but insults and you claim you are right

You would laughed off reddit, let alone here.

>Nice one, faggot. At least with the Serbs we got our own state and, with time, independence.

The serbs who refuse to acknowlege you, make. Did you forget that we are the first coutnry to acknowledge you as a separate entity at all ?

You have gotten mostly good out of us.

>Everyone saw Macedonia as clay, everyone still sees even what's left of our tiny nation as clay. One of the drawbacks of being placed on literally the best clay on the Balkans right in between 3 empires and some Albo troglodytes.

We never saw you as mere clay. We have so many similarities you cannot distinguish a make from a bulgarian until they speak the dialect.

>Shall I tell you of the tale of the Macedonian identifying Macedonians and what was done to them by the Serbs, Greeks, Ottomans AND Bulgarians? Shall I tell you the tale of young men lined up against walls and shot and old fathers dragged away from their children to get shelled to death by guns in a war they stood to gain nothing from?

To this day there are tons of successful makes, even from back during communism. So that is not really an argument. Whatever repressions the communists did, they did to all bulgarians.

>Get fucked

You will regret your words one day make. And that day is not very far.

For every time we have given you a hand you have bitten, but in the end the lies of history wll be undone, and you kids will not hear retarded fairy tales of evil bulgars, but of brothers.

Кръвта вода не става !

f3aaef No.14363867


Fuck. I love this game already but I get the gut feeling that if they had another year to work on it and add content, it would easily be one of the best games of all time at launch.

b254ed No.14363873

File: d278ff4aafb01c9⋯.png (853.9 KB, 986x1118, 493:559, GLL0M9y.png)


>durrr I'm pure slav

Fucking serbs aren't but you are ? Oh wait you are so small you shouldn't even make it on the map.

Brits barely make the count for pure while living off the continent and you claim purity. Fucking retard.

5cb316 No.14363885

I hope I'm not the only one who murdered my way out of Vranik. That was fun as fuck.

>stripped down to my skivvies and half dead

>sneak out into the street and follow the first patrolman as he passes by

>start wailing on him from behind

>he draws his ax, but I force him into a corner and start smacking his head until the headcracker perk finally fires and he's down for the count

>take all his shit, don his armor and murder him with his own axe

>sneak up behind some other bastard, knock him out, and do the same

>he has lockpicks on him, and I unlock the chests with all my shit in them

>5 seconds later, I find the key to the chests on a table

>murder my way through 20+ bandits all the way to the main gate, only to find I can't actually go out that way and have to jump in a pile of shit instead

>meet up with the green nigger outside the camp and beat him to death

7b7a01 No.14363902


Yeah the ending felt like it it was only two thirds of the game.

b02567 No.14363941

File: 9b036108150a0f4⋯.jpg (707.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, horse armor.jpg)

So has anyone even found horse armor anywhere?

b12387 No.14363946



Haven't you all had enough of being wrong? Just go back to talking about games already, Jesus.

f3aaef No.14363949


That, and the general lack of small things I expected to be in the game.

>no forging/tanning your own gear even though you're the son of a legendary blacksmith (Seriously what, I don't care if they use a system where it takes me a whole in game week to make a sword like in real life, I wanna craft shit with muh realism)

>only random encounters on the road are "dudes who want to fight you honorably," "dudes who want to fight you dishonorably," fences, and "dumbass commoner murdered somebody or poached and tries to act like he didn't do it"

>no family or relationships even though you can do several quest lines to court women that abruptly and mysteriously end when you shag them

>no crossbows or spears, both incredibly common weapons for this period

>no forms of land ownership or ye olde profiteering

b12387 No.14363950


Armor? No. Caparisons? At any horse merchant.

b12387 No.14363969


They said they couldn't manage to make smithing in time to release the game, although it was planned and is likely making it to the next Act.

You can also encounter bands of brigands or cummans, battles, and people carrying prisoners - also beggars.

>fucking isn't the end goal of any relationship

What do you think this is, a dating sim? You fuck and then it's over!

>no spears

There are polarms in the game - spears included - you can pick them up off of anyone using one but you can't store them in your inventory. It's kinda like muskets in AC3.

Crossbows sucks though.

>No land owning

Unfortunately not but may come in future Acts.

2fe95a No.14363973


What are the plans for the future since the game is selling so well?

b12387 No.14363980


2 more Acts, if I'm not mistaken. Blacksmithing should be added and Polearms should be added as normal weapons.

Otherwise, I don't know much. This is just stuff from dev-vlogs/blogs and such.

2fe95a No.14363990

I'm at the mission where you deal with the town that's come down with the Plague.

How far in the game am I?

7b7a01 No.14364003


A around one third.

b12387 No.14364027

By the way, how good is Achen/Noble gear? I just killed the vicar and stole 2 dude's worth of what I'm assuming is late-game tier armor.

2fe95a No.14364040

Jesus fuck I slaughtered the Cumans easily but these Skalitz Bandits are really tough cunts.

f3aaef No.14364042


>What do you think this is, a dating sim? You fuck and then it's over!

I was hoping for some utilitarian shit honestly, like asking your wife to make shit for you with alchemy, or cook. Also a reason to get a homestead instead of servants quarters.

>Crossbows suck

Tell that to Pope Innocent III who had to deal with so many knights butthurt about how effectively a peasant could kill a knight trained from birth in full armor that he declared crossbows a dishonorable weapon fit only for hunting deer and Muslims.

d8e1ad No.14364068


Wasn't armor piercing crossbows debunked a long time ago?

b12387 No.14364088


I meant the lack of crossbows sucking.

>crossbows were banned because of knights

Not quite, at the time crossbows still couldn't deal with the sort of armor knights could bring(that is, during the time of Innocent III).

Crossbows would have to go a LONG way before they could outstrip the power of normal war bows - especially things like the English longbow - and they'd have to go even farther than that before they could penetrate plate armor.

The crossbows -arbalests- capable of penetrating 15th century plate were more like miniature balistae needing a windlass to draw and some kind of support to shoot because of the sheer weight of the thing - which is why they were mainly used when defending or attacking sieges and very little in the open field where lighter ones were used.

There was basically nothing that could penetrate plate armor other than specially made anti-armor melee weapons(like war hammers and various polearms) until the late 16th century when firearms became advanced enough.

Even the sort of firearms that might've been seen during the Hussite wars(that's the setting of the game) would've been far too primitive and weak to deal with proper, knightly plate. A peasant's wrought iron cuirass? Sure. A Knight's hardened steel panoply? Not likely.

f3aaef No.14364092


Depends on the armor, anon who uses ridiculously vague terminology. Plate armor could protect you decently even from early fire arms, but at the time the crossbow ban was instated (12th century) plate armor was not really used among knights because it was still too expensive if I recall correctly.

b12387 No.14364094


Which ones? The ones you can find by the road side die in like 2 hits, the fuck are you on? 1 if you hit them in the head.

The duel-guy with the giant club you can't beat.

2fe95a No.14364101


The one's that you get send after by the knight in Sassau once you exterminate the one's in Rattay and around Talmberg.

b12387 No.14364111


12th century plate armor does not exist. Plate armor started being developed in the 13th century(coats-of-plates, brigandines etc.), through the 14th century(with early plate harnesses made out of mild steel) and reached it's recognizable form only by the 15th century. Even the plate we see in the game is primitive compared to the image of a "Knight in Shining Armor" - an image that actually comes after the common use of knights - which is armor more from the 16th and 17th century.

f3aaef No.14364113


Are you sure you're not confusing horn and steel crossbows? The ban came around the time steel crossbows first came into use and I think those are capable of penetrating maille.

b12387 No.14364115


Haven't gotten that far then, shouldn't be too hard anyways.

2fe95a No.14364117


I was one shotting Cumans with my Bow but these bandit fucks took 6 shots on average to take down.

Don't underestimate them.

f3aaef No.14364121


Well if we want to be autistic, plate armor was in use by the ancient Greeks and Romans, so I believe that it was "possible" but that the manufacturing capabilities of dark ages Europe had to catch up to the concept of steel plate armor. Yes I know that bronze was easier to put into shape than iron and steel.

d8e1ad No.14364126

I've found my way into the skalitz mines. I ran by the area where Ulrich is perpetually frozen in place, explored a few floors, and then came out on the other side of the hill, but so far no Cumans. Am I missing them?

b12387 No.14364142


That can't rightly be called "plate armor" as we recognize it - otherwise we'd have to call bronze panoplies from the 10th century B.C. "plate armor".

Plate armor simply didn't exist in Europe - or really anywhere - in the 11th and 12th centuries BC - not unless you count things like helmets and shin-pads.

b12387 No.14364143

Also, I still haven't received an answer on the late-game-y ness of Achen armor.

2fe95a No.14364176

How much money do you guys have?

I'm sitting on a fat wad on 10k

f3aaef No.14364178


OK, now I'm curious. What do you think differentiates lorica segmentata principally from brigandine other than the fact that with brigandine the plates are nicely wrapped in cloth and the quality of manufacture?

b12387 No.14364191


About 2k in my wallet and at least 5k worth of stolen high-tier armor…probably more not that I'm going to sell all of it.

b12387 No.14364213


Different binding system. That said, I wouldn't necessarily call brigandines "plate armor" even though they are simply to distinguish them from the style of "plate" armor traditionally seen on late-era knights, men at arms and soldiers.

Typically when one says "plate armor" they mean exactly what's denoted as "plate" in the game. Even though roman lorica segmentata and brigandines are technically plate armor(so're helmets, by the way) because they're made of plates they're not "Plate Armor" as a style of armor.

Basically, it's all a matter of semantics and terminology to easily distinguish between various styles of armor. It's kind of like why you also wouldn't call lammelar armor plate armor - even though it is.

Banded armor - like lorica segmentata - is it's own category made differently from brigandines, bound differently and, principally, worn differently(the lorica weighs almost entirely on your shoulders whereas good brigandine armor has distributed weight).

dfda77 No.14364231

File: fe07bb209f68787⋯.jpg (477.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180220233236_1.jpg)

>Go to the Rattay execution

>Everyone's here to watch three people get executed yay

>Suddenly hear some foreignese gibberish

>See pic related

Did they let him out of jail just to see what's going to happen to him?

3ab652 No.14364246


>8 gigs of memory

i understand its a budget build and memory is grossly overpriced but i dont think you should go for less than 16

b12387 No.14364261


One can only hope.

f3aaef No.14364268


Ah, okay. It's been a while since I autistically discussed medieval military history so I guess I'm rusty on the nuances of the terminology.



I agree totally, you should shoot for 16 because 8 is going to be the minimum in a year or two if it isn't already.

b12387 No.14364276


8 has been the minimum since 2015 at least. I know because that's how much I have and…uh….it's not exactly ideal.

7f55ac No.14364340

File: 8f0d2e1af0fa58f⋯.png (4.12 KB, 598x27, 598:27, ClipboardImage.png)


I blame web browsers.

3ab652 No.14364348


also id advise going on kijiji or ebay or whatever and buying a used pc for about $100 max. you can strip the powersupply from that and reuse the case as well, and also the ram if you make sure its compatible and decently fast

i trawl used pc listings when im thinking about a new build and start getting the new parts when i find a good deal on a used tower that has all the parts i listed above

7f55ac No.14364360















good advice though

2fe95a No.14364416

File: ad80a6893ed8280⋯.gif (396.51 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Yes this pleases me.gif)

Well I figured out a way to deal with the really tough bandits.

You just run up to their camp while their lying down and beat them to death with your Mace then Arrow the rest of them.

e6333e No.14364430


Yeah and don't even bother sneaking. Just like the player it takes them half an hour to get out of bed, so just run in at top speed and you should get two or three of them down before they can get their pants on.

2fe95a No.14364474


The Bandit leader had really REALLY good equipment.

Fucker had Golden spurs worth 2k

10dc6b No.14364484

How do you fuck up performance in a game this badly? Do they plan on further optimizations ?

e6333e No.14364490


Yeah the very last bandit leader I fought (going through all three activity chains) had Magdeburg Plate arms and legs. As far as I know, those are the best in the game and they were several points better than the best I had found up to that point.

b12387 No.14364504


If you haven't done the Waldensians quest, sneak into the Vickar's chamber at night(that is, the one on the immediate right of the door to the priest's quarters) and pick the lock on the chest there. You'll find everything from Noble to Aachen to Magdebur gear - it's all his guard's stuff.

It's excellent shit.

2fe95a No.14364509


The problem was that the Bandit leader was using a Heavy Warhammer.

Tore right through my armor.

218e25 No.14364560


>Aren't they former steppeniggers that only adopted a slavic language later on?

They were steppe niggers that lived around the Volga river (hence it's name). Some migrated south and kicked Byzantium's teeth in in the 8th century, while those who stayed got destroyed by Kievan Rus later on. I believe Kievan Rus also invaded Balkan Bulgaria at one point and that was when the Slavic culture took over the steppenigger one, but the name stuck around.

e6333e No.14364570

Picked up two sets of Lu Ci Fer dice. One from random encounters and the other from treasure maps. They are HEAVILY weighted towards 6s, so much so it's almost impossible not to get at least trips on the first roll. I actually managed to roll all 6s once already, which is 4800 points in a single go.

Of course it's entirely pointless and hard to lose even with fair dice, but I thought you might want to know how heavily favored certain dice are.

ea5477 No.14364580


this >>14363178. Ditch bow, get mace. and this will be 11/10.

b59cdf No.14364584

Is kunesh (in Rattay) talking out of his ass or does he have a good lead on some loot? I always get the same "then uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont know what i can do for you" every option I try that doesn't involve straight up forgiving his debt.

7c367a No.14364590


just beat his ass

7c367a No.14364593


I'm retarded and didn't read what you posted. Yes, there's loot. it's not much but it's money.

35b225 No.14364606

File: b96f8cb67583bee⋯.png (3.64 MB, 1911x1079, 147:83, ClipboardImage.png)

He won't navigate around the fence…

b59cdf No.14364619


Cool thanks, maybe I'll hold onto the debt to see if his life situation changes it probably won't

Do you or some other anon know if Bernard training with real weapons levels you up faster than with wood ones? I have a bunch of completely destroyed cloth armor I wear for even wood training because it still gives some defense.

6e19ff No.14364647

File: 5a47f7346dd8671⋯.png (233.55 KB, 351x339, 117:113, Mista_question.png)

File: 2e1451d45ddcba1⋯.png (112.55 KB, 323x323, 1:1, Question catgirl.png)

Torrent about to finish, any tips for someone who has seen nothing and knows nothing?

2fe95a No.14364653


Git gud

7f55ac No.14364661


you can stop the rape

b12387 No.14364663


Prepare thine anal cavity for low frames, glitches and awesome gameplay.

To say anything else would be to spoil the joys of discovery.

6e19ff No.14364667




If I like it can I transfer my save if I bought it legit?

2fe95a No.14364668


I didn't stop the rape and I feel so goddamn bad about it.

2fe95a No.14364671


I'm sure there's a way

b12387 No.14364673


Also be prepared to have your own, dedicated set of Jewing clothes for Jewing everyone you meet out of every last sliver of a shekel you can.

I swear to God I haven't Jewed this hard in any game to date, and I can get pretty fucking Jewy.


Dunno, probably.

104e9a No.14364676


After the tutorial you'll be able to train with the captain of the guard at the Rattay arena.

For the love of god, train. Until your weapon skill is at least 5, you're just some retard flailing a sharpened stick around and even a peasant can stave your head in easily.

2fe95a No.14364683

File: 965775eb3d0e181⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 621x634, 621:634, question aimuuu.jpg)

Now that i'm rich as shit with 15k monies how should I spend it?

6e19ff No.14364685


I see, gotta kike it up.


I remember watching someone complain about the combat but is it one of those learn and you get good Deus Ex style?

104e9a No.14364690


The combat isn't only based on your skill, but also character based.

As a result, the people that didn't train with the guy like the game tells you to complain a lot because they're stuck with a character that barely knows which end of the weapon he's supposed to hold.

Train your weapon skill up to at least 5, along with your defense skill, and you'll be fine.

b59cdf No.14364691

How good is the "tight grip" perk? I think I'ma go for an axes and shields build, kinda like it and that's the only weapon I have I can use atm, so why not.


Oars, Whores, and Hor d'oeuvres.

b12387 No.14364692


I didn't actually train with him and, to date, I've lost 1 fight - the one against the Wayfaring Knight with the black armor, that motherfucker can kick ass.

Also against Bernard himself when I tried to do real maces for the first time. His bullshit "I can hit you in the middle of your hit and you can't block my next 3 hits" schtick is getting pretty fucking tiresome, though, I have to say.

6e19ff No.14364695


When it comes to different play styles can I do my Thief 1 larp or no?

35b225 No.14364696

File: b70819940d2afc8⋯.jpg (174.74 KB, 627x869, 57:79, 1462060386456.jpg)

What's the cap for skills and stats?

b12387 No.14364707


You can almost make that exact knight in the game - of course you won't have the hospitaler crosses or the all black shield and you'll want to use the Italian Bascinet which looks most similar to that helmet but otherwise you can do it.

Albeit, I'd advise keeping a mace or hammer(my prefered one) on hand just in case some cnut in armor shows up.

e6333e No.14364717


Swords are perfectly viable against the heaviest armor. The real struggle is getting past a shield.

dd93d5 No.14364720


helmet? currently the best ive found is hundskull

b12387 No.14364732


Not at all. A good stabbing sword maybe, but even then you're just damaging your sword and extending the fight - even with all the blunt-strike and grapple skills.

b12387 No.14364735


The one that looks closest to that is the Italian Bascinet or German Bascinet you can buy off the armorer guy in Rattay.

I'm looking for a Hundsckull right now for my character. I'll see if I can figure out how to screen shot his current set up(it's almost perfect for now, just the kettle hat I want to replace).

92b370 No.14364742

File: 02b205728b92da5⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1625x1062, 1625:1062, super hans.png)

>oops the door opened

92b370 No.14364752

File: 25c4d078842d51b⋯.png (1.61 KB, 164x44, 41:11, smile - gone.png)



>all his stuff is in the unlocked chest behind him

>ai doesn't notice I take all his shit

and I think I can't continue the quest either "come back after dark" but it's already the next day.

e6333e No.14364753


No, slashing. With a good enough sword and high enough skill you can still 1-2 shot people in full plate. I use either Herod's sword which you can buy from the weaponsmith in rattay, or the sword you reforge from fragments. Herods has 75 base slash but only I think 35 pierce, the other is 65/65.

768acb No.14364754


iirc I've seen an all black shield (maybe even complete with the cross? I forget now) on one of the mercenaries who wants to duel you on the road. By that point I was so strong I accidentally killed him with a single blow to the head, but didn't take the shield because it was inferior to the cuman one I already had.


This. Once you get a sword with high slashing damage it's not hard to destroy their armor's performance with a few blows. When dealing with shields I generally just try to set up perfect parries until I can clinch and overpower them (with 15-16 strength and the clinch perk it's worked on everyone I've encountered), and use the opening to land a free blow to the head, after 2-3 hits even a full helmet will be almost no protection.

35b225 No.14364766



What? No, I mean what's the maximum level for both skills and stats?

c70c32 No.14364777

Highborn or Lowborn?

Savage or Burgher? (or do stats cap at 20 even with perks, making it irrelevant?)

Also I'll have 3 perk points to spend in vitality by level 12; out of three: Berserk, Blood Rush, Last Gasp or Revenant?

e6333e No.14364780


75/45 for Herod's, 65/65 for Queen of Sheba's.

Consider that the best armor in the game puts you at around 50 slash protection, either one of those swords is still going to do damage past the armor even before you consider how much your skill and strength gives you. Currently Queen of Sheba's puts me at 139/139 after skills, so I basically ignore armor completely.

c70c32 No.14364796


Does durability affect deterioration or does it only affect the negative penalties for damaged equipment? Because according to the wiki QoS's has a durability of 10 (i.e. dogshit).

ed2421 No.14364801


Can't wait for realistic re-balancing mods, I liked mid-game fights where weapon type could still be a factor for efficiency.

104e9a No.14364803


Lowborn, merchant prices are based on how much they like you and none of those are nobles.

Savage, most fights aren't in towns some bigger ones are though

Revenant, constant slow healing is great.

87a226 No.14364811


From what I've noticed, there's a bug that will cause NPC models to not load up, but certain information still exists in the game for it to still have an entity with a behaviour and position. Same thing happened to me when I wanted to get training from Rashek. Figured out the technical bits by bumping into him and getting a response, despite him not being an interactive NPC in his invisible state..

b12387 No.14364813


I just bought the Jewblade. I'm still keeping the hammer though.


Dunno, ain't gotten that far yet.


That seems kinda broken, plate armor should be pretty much immune to slashing.


Took highborn for quest purposes, I am regretting it like you wouldn't believe. Wish there was a way to respec.

e6333e No.14364825


Lowborn is probably better. I picked highborn figuring that speech checks on nobles would typically be harder, but you really don't talk to them all that often and I haven't had any trouble.

I preger Bergher for the speech bonus. +1 strenght/agi probably won't even be noticed, but it could easily push you over the top with speech and you do most of your talking in town. Also major enemy bases count as towns too.


I don't really know how durability works, but I've been using Queen of Sheba's sword for a while and it barely deteriorates at all. By the time my armor is <50% the sword is still ~95.

e6333e No.14364847



Blood Rush is great. 50% damage is huge especially considering armor, makes 1-shotting enemies much easier. It doesn't last very long at all though. Revenant heals you at about the same rate your energy/nourishment go down, so fast traveling between towns might heal you 10%, which isn't very good. Last Gasp and Berserk I suppose work well together, but I mostly find if my HP is under 70% I need to either get serious or get the hell out, letting it get down to 20% I'd sooner load my save before I use those perks.

c70c32 No.14364858


20 naturally, although I don't know if you can exceed that with perk bonuses, something I'd really like to figure out.

c70c32 No.14364889



Yeah, but the Highborn perk specifies +3 speech for nobles and *wealthy people*, i.e. merchants with alot of cash, I'm just wondering if its worth it for haggling with wealthy armorers and swordsmiths, or if Lowborn is better just for quest benefits.

761b91 No.14364915

Has the new patch fixed the horrible freezes?

be1689 No.14365010


So I just took the opportunity to train with el capitan and…well….I'm bleeding from the head but I did gain like 5 perks total for 10 minutes of practice which is pretty good. Got better at blocking too.

Going to go heal, sleep, practice tomorrow morning too(in game of course, in real life sleep is for the weak).

e6333e No.14365048


Just FYI if you haven't already figured this out, to perform a "master strike" you simply guard at the very start of an enemy attack. Sooner the better, by the time you see the green shield it might already be too late.

Try just standing there and doing Master Strikes against him, you'll probably win the fight and train the shit out of your weapon and defense skills.

be1689 No.14365074


Will do, segniore!

b59cdf No.14365099

Sadist or Furious? I chose bloodletter already which is why this is a choice. Doing axes and shields

104e9a No.14365126



Taking damage is way too bad to do it just to activate a perk since it also limits your stamina, which is needed to use plate armor

dd93d5 No.14365133


sadist, you can destroy groups with it

be1689 No.14365138


Why not both?

be1689 No.14365147

Game logic:

Oh, you walked on dry, flat road for 2 minutes? You're absolutely covered in mud!

Oh, you rolled down a massive hill, over rocks and dirt because you fell off your horse? That's fine, you're pristine! Not even a bruise!

e6333e No.14365173

>Challenged to a duel

>Master Strike

>Hes dead before he can yield


5cb316 No.14365174

This game needs way more perks. There's hardly any to choose from in each category, and often I don't want any of them.

a007bc No.14365218

>Go look for Ginger

>Quest just vanish from journal

>Ginger is back at the Stables chatting with Zora

RIP save file I guess

b59cdf No.14365230

Also is brute worth it? I saw there was a sort of discussion about 20 being the limit on stats, but I'm wondering if by taking brute I can get a 22. Has anybody tried?

be1689 No.14365315


I generally avoid perks that also apply debuffs, seems pointless.

dd93d5 No.14365421

File: 140e7b7335e9071⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 379430_20180221025544_1.png)


c70c32 No.14365484


Sadist synergizes with bloodletter

dd93d5 No.14365558


why is there so much cut shit in the game that was promised? Did warhorse begin to run out of money and needed to push the game out quick?

b59cdf No.14365587


Yeah seems like they really wanted to force choices, but when the combat can be deadly so swiftly having penalties makes it suck more until you're top tier.

768acb No.14365626


But is being good at combat absolutely necessary? Obviously on my first run I'm wrecking shit with a sword and shield but I can't think of any quest yet which couldn't have been done non-violently (beyond hunting bandits, but that's just an activity, and could plausibly be done using only the bow).

768acb No.14365663


Kind of pissed at no Halberd skill lines, but according to that mod the skills were already in the game files, so possibly to be debugged and patched in? If they were to do that it really makes rushing it out a non-issue, I mean we were going to wait a few months more for it to come out anyway if they released it with polearms, why not get to play it in the mean time?

b59cdf No.14365744


Yeah it might be interesting to do some kind of scholar run. You don't do combat and I guess you don't have to care about the main questline then… like dueling runt.

7d619e No.14365745

File: 42a6e6dd27ac6e2⋯.jpg (28.98 KB, 480x462, 80:77, 42a6e6dd27ac6e2b8d02b9dae3….jpg)

More info:

After winning the Talmberg race for Zora, she wont actually give you the saddle because the quest is broken for everyone.

dd98e9 No.14365869

File: 1cbf4bc0afdf5ab⋯.png (676.11 KB, 901x615, 901:615, ClipboardImage.png)

402e1f No.14365891

Do the perks in maintenance for things you've repaired apply to the item permanently, or do they get cancelled if someone else repairs them?


Being able to designate an "outfit" would be great.


Keep leveling it up. Eventually it's so fast to gather shit you don't care.

dd93d5 No.14365922


also vsync is forced unless you disable it in console or edit your config file which doesnt always work. Got 20+ fps disabling it too

be1689 No.14365956


Shield line seems kinda retarded. Also, shouldn't be "halberd" skill line it should be "polearm" since halberds aren't the only polearms in the game(in fact, I haven't seen one in quite a few hours of play).

That said, shield skill-line seems like cancerous pointlessness. That's what defense is for and you use shields in conjunction with other weapons. The discipline is "sword and shield" not "mixed one handed sword and one handed shield".

c71ec6 No.14365957

Who maxed their drinking skill before all the others?

be1689 No.14365965


They get canceled out when it goes back into disrepair or is repaired by someone else.

As for the outfit thing…honestly just the ability to have little sub-tabs in the armor menu itself would be enough for me.

be1689 No.14365966


How to do?

be1689 No.14365967


Not me…it's a useless skill and the only "perks" in it are various flavors of debuff - that's unless you enjoy spending hundreds of groshen just to stay perpetually drunk.

402e1f No.14365970


What defines "Disrepair"? Any damage at all?

be1689 No.14365979


My guess is when it goes in to orange. This is all guesswork on my part ,by the way.

c71ec6 No.14365984


Loose tongue is a good perk. It's not hard to amass 10k+ dosh so its easy to stay drunk.

dd93d5 No.14365985


the perks that help you get less drunk help with potion buffs, since some are alcohol based

c70c32 No.14365989


Herbalism all day erryday only stat at 20

It's the only reason strength is my highest stat and I'm able to afford near BiS gear without ruining reputation through stealing.

402e1f No.14365999

>Need to train strength up to buy new axe

>Almost at the next level to use it

>Go to Bernard and train to level it up

>Been doing pretty well

>Decide to train with real weapons

>Almost fucking DIE

>Nurse my wound with Marigold potion while picking flowers to train strength instead

My pride has been drawn and quartered

c71ec6 No.14366002


Getting drunk and going poaching is how you make a bunch.

e6333e No.14366011


You get literally 1 xp for strength each time you bend down to pick herbs, you would have to do an insane amount of gathering for that to actually level you up

2fe95a No.14366014

File: 6116d1a44b08332⋯.png (570.13 KB, 637x630, 91:90, Question anime wife.png)

My problem is whenever I try to do combos they do a perfect block and fuck up my Combo.

How I get past this? Should I level up defense?

e6333e No.14366019


This is why I gave up on comboes. The only enemies stupid enough to let me attack 3-4 times in a row die in a single hit anyway

c70c32 No.14366028


I just do it reflexively when i see a patch of expensive herbs, currently 14 strength while the rest are at around 9-7. It adds up, helps that gathering is aoe.

e6333e No.14366033


Gathering might be AOE, but you only gain 1 strength XP each time you bend down, not for each plant you pick

2fe95a No.14366034


The way that I make money is killing bandits and selling all their expensive shit.

I make serious bank.

c70c32 No.14366069


I got Leg Day during Skalitz tutorial, might have something to do with it. I took out Kunesh in a few punches, had 5 strength at the time.


Well same now that Im basically a walking tank and have a horse to transport their shit.

402e1f No.14366076

File: 64c3981763318d5⋯.jpg (139.46 KB, 598x608, 299:304, Getting fit.jpg)


>I got Leg Day during Skalitz tutorial

Fucking what

c70c32 No.14366095


Im autistic. I also cleaned all the merchants of their cash and savior schnapps before moving on.

b816ac No.14366108

File: c01e21ea27df72c⋯.webm (9.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, American Psycho - Paul Al….webm)

In my attempt to murder and pillage the entire starting village i found an easy leveling glitch thanks to the stupidity of the devs. im already level 10 and all i had to do was hit an unconscious unkillable NPC with an axe for 3 minutes although i suppose you could do it with any weapon on any unkillable NPC.

>start first game

>get fagget quest from fagget dad

>go beat up the drunk fagget who doesn't pay his debt

>run around town trying to murder everyone

>shitty devs made it really fucking hard to murder the fuck out of an entire town

>finally find a lone NPC

>knock them out

>loot their shit

>murder them with their own axe

>get lucky with a guard and manage to knock them out and drag them into a barn



>next to where i left the body is the drunk faggets house

>he beat me in the fight a half dozen times before i managed to beat his ass

>decide to murder the fuck out of him

>i corner him inside his house, close the door and then knock him unconscious

>option to kill wont turn up

>decide to beat his ass with my axe

>get GAINZ

>he still wont die

>im bulking like a nigger on roidz and watermelon extract

>post here about it before i max level and then murder the entire town.

e6333e No.14366111


I got it immediately after the prologue, when I noticed all the plants growing around the millars house. Then I pretty much stopped gathering when I realized it was only 1 point per and I was already burnt out on grinding herbs to 10.

d4e36b No.14366118


I want them to make a Prague DLC so I can Holocaust the Jewish sector.

e6333e No.14366127


I noticed a couple of enemies later in the game that wouldn't allow me to attack them at all. One in Vranik when you are trying to escape, he'll attack you on sight but if you try to hit him you just get a little X on your cursor instead of swinging, same with bows. Maybe fists might work but that's kind of hard against an armed foe. He's the one who gets captured when you are actually attacking Vranik

402e1f No.14366149

"You have discovered 'Accident'"

061ef3 No.14366160


You've pretty much fucked up by breaking the whole game, the prologue railroads you like a motherfucker and until you finish it those constraints that prevent you from doing anything past a certain point won't be removed.

402e1f No.14366174

File: 9950b275172fa81⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Forgot the picture

d4e36b No.14366215

File: d3733a73e4dcfc2⋯.gif (69.75 KB, 296x335, 296:335, Question qt.gif)

Is there any way of upgrading how much my Horse can carry?

There's to much loot for me to carry when I kill bandits.

402e1f No.14366220


Buy a new horse and perks of Horsemanship.

c70c32 No.14366238

File: 8e5cd85bb791df7⋯.png (55.12 KB, 299x315, 299:315, 8e5cd85bb791df7698d80b8ee3….png)


This, butchering cumans is fun and all but why cant i pogrom Ahasuerus.

e6333e No.14366240



Also buy a new saddle with saddlebags. Both the number of bags and the type of saddle matter. As far as I know the best is a Nobles Saddle with 4 bags

d4e36b No.14366246

Oh holy shit now I have 23k

Killing Bandits is way to profitable.

d4e36b No.14366260


Where do I buy shit for my Horse?

e6333e No.14366263


Same place you buy horses. Trade with any horse trader

402e1f No.14366312

File: 2b8189bf1d97717⋯.jpg (116.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [FreakCrSuBuS] Black Clove….jpg)


>Didn't know you could buy shit for your hourse

dd98e9 No.14366328

File: b6327f1bbf0ff2f⋯.gif (482.29 KB, 300x300, 1:1, hank suspicious.gif)



9c52e9 No.14366340

File: 618b313554f0c21⋯.jpeg (306.28 KB, 1151x1069, 1151:1069, 618b313554f0c217b15185f1d….jpeg)


That's pretty much exactly what happened to me. If I could skip the stupid cinematic every time I wanted to pick a flower it wouldn't be so bad, but otherwise it's just not time efficient. Even if I needed a perk to be able to skip that 4 second cutscene I wouldn't care; it would still be the best perk available for the skill.

eb711a No.14366635


Fun fact, it's in everyones game but the maps that lead you to it were only handed to the pre-purchasers.

You can find the locationsof these armor pieces in youtube.


btw, is there any bonus you get for wearing the whole set?

e6333e No.14366655

Well, that's over. They are clearly leaving it open for a sequel/expansion/DLC given that absolutely nothing is resolved

d266d5 No.14366769

I think it was a mistake to shoot the backside of my horses skull while trying to Mongol a bandit camp.

68567e No.14366789


It re-adds the files relating to the ginger quests with the one in 1.2.2. You'll still keep the other fixes from 1.2.5


68567e No.14366791


Use this. Revert back to save before ginger goes missing.>>14366789

afb243 No.14366843

Where can you find the save files on a pirated copy?

7c367a No.14367037

>After multiple failed attempts at brewing that fucking potion, complete the pestilence quest the way it's supposed to be done

>interrogate the bandit

>Straw Sr. comes in

>Absolutely sick of the disrespect and the quest in general, I tell him that fucking bandit is coming with me

>He attacks

>I knock his ass out

>Fucking village attacks me and one of the guards gets a lucky combo in and kills me

I'm burning this motherfucker to the ground.

fc7fdf No.14367057

File: 95a3e80e388334e⋯.jpg (611.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180220232138_1.jpg)

>Helmets without faceguards


a1a501 No.14367067


do it like a drive by, aim you bow behind your target and let the momentum of the horse bring the arrow on target and then let fly.

I've got a bunch of satifying kills like that. aim center mass.

d266d5 No.14367069


It’s like the quest for the holy grail.

Where the fuck.

37b1bf No.14367084


There was a codex folder in appdata or my documents or something.. I am at work so I can't really check

If your copy is from somewhere else, I can really help you

a3c9ac No.14367220

I found a chest in some ruins with a warhammer and some armor. Is the warhammer a preorder bonus ? The armor was definitely one of the preorder bonuses as it is called "Warhorse something" but I don't know about the warhammer. I'm asking because from having tried it quickly, it seems OP as fug.

I don't know if I should continue using it, I kind of want to prolong the hobo phase as long as I can.

e35b90 No.14367252


14 is legal here, get fucked burger

8fd52e No.14367254


Their first game ever, all the programmers is directly out of school.

d266d5 No.14367258


Its funny, there are 5-6 people in the team who worked on older games and the rest of the 20 people are greenhorns.

I expected more bugs tbqh.

dd98e9 No.14367267

File: 4db3f3b952082c8⋯.png (285.17 KB, 1050x885, 70:59, ClipboardImage.png)


Supposed to get a patch around Feb 28.


591ede No.14367276

File: a3d15fe4e60cdae⋯.jpg (81.46 KB, 828x466, 414:233, Where's the tim hortons eh.jpg)


You can't fool me syrup chugger. I know what you are. You stink of tim hortons and hockey gear.

1af98b No.14367278

File: 1d8360a5ce12db4⋯.jpg (480.52 KB, 937x582, 937:582, Difficult Combat.jpg)

>Mace and shield.

>Drink Strength/Warfare Potion

>kill literally everyone with your baliff mace in a maximum of 2 swings regardless of armor.

>Most bandits surrender after blocking just one of my mighty blows

21c692 No.14367318


The archery perk in the drinking line is quite useful.

You have to spend money for food anyway, might as well buy wine instead.

dfda77 No.14367321


Best part is increased stats means both of you can start your swings at the same time but you will always crush his head with your mace first. I don't even blocking anymore

dfda77 No.14367336

>Incoming patch 1.3 includes

>Alchemy recipe for respec potion

Wew, there's already people who gimped their henry?

ae6889 No.14367412

File: 7020ba9c0413a27⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_21_06_….jpg)

File: 614d7cd9da2d29c⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_21_06_….jpg)

File: 4fa29988b77dcfa⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_21_06_….jpg)

File: 26d1addb89b6fbd⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_21_06_….jpg)

File: 9a219eeeff48ded⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, KingdomCome_2018_02_21_06_….jpg)

I discovered an accident with a bunch of unkillable chickens around it. And I found remnants of heretical rituals, but then on my way back to Sasau the game crashed so I will have to discover it all again.

e37568 No.14367417

was game supposed to make gtx650 melt into a pool of snot?

7c367a No.14367462

Is there a way to fix items at zero health? I spent a good bit fucking around without paying any attention to my equipment, and I'd really rather not bench the only set of chainmail i've ever found

ae6889 No.14367468

File: 28812bee41910f7⋯.jpg (326.34 KB, 391x906, 391:906, Alarm Doggo.jpg)


C:\Users\username\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves


steam_emu.ini says game data is stored at Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\379430 but there isn't any save data in there.

7b7a01 No.14367474


Pay some armor smith to repair it.

7c367a No.14367481


I tried, but the game said he's not good enough to fix it

ae6889 No.14367491


>trying to shoot through the small eye holes of a cuman's helmet

>can't do it, dunno if the hitboxes simply don't allow it or I'm just not aiming well enough

>only his upper body is well-guarded so just shoot his fuckin legs

>cuman instantly dies

dfda77 No.14367497


Try the armorsmith in sassau or rattay? Usually I use blacksmiths though.

7b7a01 No.14367498


Try the one in Rattay.

7c367a No.14367507



I've tried both the sassau smithies so far, and they've both declined. I've got the cash, so it's not that. I'll try Rattay next, I've got a vague recollection of him repairing a 0 health chestpiece before.

Also new thread when, we're close to post limit and page 10

dfda77 No.14367533

New Bread >>14367528

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