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a77714 No.14414241

We Sandnigger faction now



94fd42 No.14414262

Whoah. Showing Camels will surely make up for not showing up at 2018 E3.

38a54c No.14414269

How badly will this game disappoint?

ac85a6 No.14414271

Now that I think about it, Taleworlds now have an excellent opportunity to piggyback off of Kingdom Come's massive success.

02195a No.14414274


More than Duke Nukem Forever, less than Metal Gear Solid V.

88eb5c No.14414288

File: 663c776dfec1424⋯.png (236.33 KB, 446x330, 223:165, turkemb.png)

File: 8f098bd6e72e271⋯.png (289.18 KB, 389x519, 389:519, turkroach.png)

File: d7d916ed0b0aded⋯.png (661.73 KB, 500x667, 500:667, turkroachanimorphs.png)

File: 47a80733c016f7b⋯.png (934.07 KB, 797x600, 797:600, turks1.png)

File: bd9647e3ef48272⋯.png (447.94 KB, 600x352, 75:44, turksdeclarewar.png)

never ever

ac85a6 No.14414298


I think this is a Kingdom Come situation where most people are cautiously optimistic. The game looks good from all the previews I've seen so far.

e885de No.14414322

so i should assume that rigging isn't automatic anymore?

which is technically a good thing

a77714 No.14414326

File: e7e0e85a7531bf6⋯.jpg (520.19 KB, 908x954, 454:477, Bannerlord Camels.jpg)




Swedes afraid of being misrepresented ITT

e7847c No.14414328


The only way they can fuck it up is if they deviate too much from Warband, which really doesn't seem to be the case.

a77714 No.14414348

File: b2b48ed2678fc14⋯.mp4 (691.14 KB, 478x556, 239:278, Bonerlord Camel.mp4)


It has more polish and more depth without sacrificing the core mechanics of the previous releases, so yeah, it's looking pretty good.

58891b No.14414362

File: 71398beced3e365⋯.jpg (90.92 KB, 291x409, 291:409, Alexios_I_Komnenos.jpg)

>still no release date

eed340 No.14414373

Turkey has C-A-M-E-L-S

a77714 No.14414380

File: b1841a865ef2103⋯.jpg (123.81 KB, 926x521, 926:521, Taleworlds CEO.jpg)


Turkey has roaches

e7847c No.14414445


Do camels mean Bannerlord will have an AO rating in Saudi Arabia?

a77714 No.14414492


Isn't vidya haram?

e7847c No.14414515


Arabs, being the disgusting subhumans that they are, don't have any problems enjoying the fruits of Western technological development while whining about their "golden age" just as much niggers ook and eek about WE WUZ KANGZ.

990af9 No.14414530


>all these passable graphics

>not deviating from Warband

The higher definition graphics means that large skirmishes and sieges will be incredibly taxing. They should have went the other way: make the graphics shittier so you can have thousands of units on the map without stuttering.

e7847c No.14414540


They already said they spent a lot of time and effort on optimization so bigger battles could be created. Far as we know the biggest number of units they tested so far was around 500, but they mentioned they really haven't set an upper limit so it's very likely the game will scale well as more powerful hardware is introduced.

a77714 No.14414549


>The higher definition graphics means that large skirmishes and sieges will be incredibly taxing

They keep talking about optimization so the game doesn't become a slideshow.

990af9 No.14414569


I think that in a game like this, the number of enemies on the map should make Serious Sam look like a duel. 500 is pretty small really, considering how huge armies were and still are.


Yeah, it's optimized, but not for truly massive conflict. Even Warband shits itself when you have huge numbers of troops, but in a different way(you can't actually get up the siege ladders, horsemen keep ramming into eachother, etc.)

a77714 No.14414607


>Even Warband shits itself when you have huge numbers of troops

Only if you change the config file to spawn more NPCs in the map though.

5333c4 No.14414610


>We Sandnigger faction now

There were turks already, so if anything we will get 2 muslim factions to remove.

a77714 No.14414622


>There were turks already


There's no new faction anon, Aserai are the Sandnigger faction and there's no other one.

There was only camels today

5333c4 No.14414638

File: 9a98271fe20708f⋯.jpg (4.45 MB, 2160x3112, 270:389, check these byzantinumeral….jpg)


Who where those fighting the (not)byzantines in that video they released some time ago then?

afc663 No.14414642


Or, update your hardware instead of whining about devs not catering to your shit setup. I mean my computer could barely run Warband and there's no chance it'll run Bannerlord, but I'd rather they keep pushing the envelope forward anyway. There's no reason the game can't be prettier AND have bigger battles. It's nice having shit look good when you're playing in first person.

fc398c No.14414656

ITT: Jizzskins getting butthurt because the game focuses on the glorious Ottoman empire which lasted for 900 years

Can't wait to remove potato, so excited.

791e48 No.14414664

File: 83fcce66526fd69⋯.gif (85.11 KB, 450x523, 450:523, bait.gif)

5333c4 No.14414665

File: e4fa6323b421a07⋯.png (90.55 KB, 805x673, 805:673, eastern roman shitposting.png)


I know this is a shitty bait, but noone is butthurt about there being muslims and the game is not focusing at all in the ottomans, if anything, its dark ages so you would see a strong ERE duking it out with (not)persians and barbarians.

e7847c No.14414674


If anything, the game is primarily focused on the Byzantines. From what I've read a large part of the "main" quest will be centered around the three imperial factions and their attempts to unify the empire once again. Hopefully you get to fug the imperial princess.

fc398c No.14414685


Then why not just play RTW: Barbarian Invasion?

a77714 No.14414686


Aserai lad

5333c4 No.14414702


You think i havent done so?

MnB doesnt means ottomans, so far they havent been featured in any MnB game, unless you consider the khergits to be the ottoman empire.


So turks?

d70184 No.14414710

File: 1a1987c099a6ec7⋯.jpg (241.97 KB, 659x660, 659:660, 1374116957344.jpg)



791e48 No.14414719

File: 7959ed257f98dcf⋯.png (403.93 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 1347763505510.png)


Never ever.

ce234b No.14414720



58891b No.14415638

File: d65ef35c55725e5⋯.jpg (6.06 KB, 176x250, 88:125, brais dengri.jpg)


>khergits to be the ottoman empire

Rooman seuraaja! :–DDD

2c600e No.14415646


lost my interest once I saw them associating with denuvo. Now only corporate cocksuckers defend this.

a77714 No.14415680

File: c2e62c230f53e7f⋯.png (196.69 KB, 535x479, 535:479, Come on now.png)


Fuckoff goon

I see your other low effort shitposts on the other threads don't you worry.

c01d36 No.14417429


Wonder if the release date got the hump to add this?

7045b2 No.14417431

File: 639d1a227b85650⋯.jpg (27.87 KB, 560x354, 280:177, 1328571076362.jpg)


Not him but if it has denuvo by principle you shouldn't be supporting him.

0b1bc8 No.14417560


I fucking hope it deviates from Warband singleplayer-wise. It needs a better formula that has substance, depth and not be an endless drag to finish.


Maybe this time they'll make single player beatable without grinding for a hundred hours of countless repetitive shitstomp battles.

e7847c No.14417566


Most of the drag came from shitty sieges and lords constantly escaping and pulling new armies out of their ass. Sieges have been fixed, you can kill enemy lords and they have said they are now tied to the economy so if they are losing the war they can't magically get more troops out of nowhere, moreso if you hit their economy.

0b1bc8 No.14417575


That's pretty good if true.

>you can kill enemy lords

Interesting, can the player get killed too since he's a lord? I wouldn't mind it a la Crusader Kings where you play as a heir when you die.

bfe0cd No.14417589

How pozzed will bonerlord be?

e7847c No.14417590


We know that the player character can age and die and then you, supposedly, take command of your heir, but the mechanic hasn't really been explained properly. IIRC there was some discussion on what happens to the character if they are defeated and people have theorized that it won't work like in Warband.


There's apparently female lords, but the inevitable rape mod will take care of that.

2c600e No.14417591


>denuvo is OK when these based turks do it

dude, stop being a stupid nigger. They're probably gonna end up using it, and it's just saving yourself the trouble by realizing its not worth the denuvo shitstorm.

If you wanna be on the defense of denuvo when the games out, be my guest.

2788fa No.14417594


I don't think you can die in battle but I've heard some rumours about dying of old age and heredity via a child with new stats.


Kill yourself >>>/leftypol/

c9480f No.14417595

I'm glad they're adding camels. It means there will be a proper sandnigger faction which will be the first one I will wipe out, everytime.

2788fa No.14417597


>They're probably gonna end up using it

Just like the countless other devs that emailed the Ex Sony Austrian kikes and never used their garbage software right?


2788fa No.14417602


There was a proper sandnigger faction added in Warband though.

2c600e No.14417603


and the countless others that did. Good look defending denuvo because it's gonna be in a game you like. That's an outstanding way to approach a new release, like a fanboy faggot. Haven't seen that one before.

c9480f No.14417605


Yeah but they were just reskinned normal people.

Sandniggers are not normal people, and their mounts will now reflect this.

05db6f No.14417613


>They're probably gonna end up using it

You really think so, when they're pushing for the game to fully support mods? When so many have already voiced their opinion about Denuvo to them? I know you desperately want to shit on the few decent video games left on the horizon and be left with nothing but shit, but at least wait until there's proper confirmation.

Some leaked email of them inquiring about that shitty DRM isn't enough to go around screaming "It's fucked!".

Go bait somewhere else.

a77714 No.14417643


>If the gane had Denuvo you will defend it

>Denuvo is uncrackable goy

Kill yourself kike


He's a goon trying to disrupt the board by sliding threads into derails by consesus cracking anything even close to controversial.

He's been doing it to other threads as well.

2c600e No.14417670


>when they're pushing for the game to fully support mods

denuvo hasn't seemed to stop mods with other games, so I'm not sure if there's any truth to the claim that denuvo prevents mods. It seems all the games that haven't had mods made for them simply didn't support them like many games before denuvo didn't.

>decent video games left on the horizon

all games are shit until proven otherwise.


>>Denuvo is uncrackable goy

it is, but it can be subverted. What a hill to die on.

b092a3 No.14417706


Might as well ask here.

One aspect I liked from Mount & Blade was how, if you choose to take a female character, the characters rightly tell you to fuck off and go make babies. However, I found that aspect underdeveloped, well all is said and done it boils down to a few agressive comments and a harder time getting fiefs. Are there mods that elaborate on that aspect?

ca73fb No.14417709


Yup. It's even a feature in the standard mod base Diplomacy.

05db6f No.14417712


Anon, no one here is defending Denuvo. I'm going to ask you again to fuck off until there's actual evidence that they're going to be using it for Bannerlord, because right now it's nothing but "stop talking about this thing I do not like".

2c600e No.14417715


>actual evidence that they're going to be using it for Bannerlord

their interest is enough.

57f119 No.14417718


>the inevitable rape mod will take care of that.

I want to play as a loli who goes around raping middle aged lords she has captured in battle in her dungeon.

abcffd No.14417727


I want to play as a middle aged lord who goes around raping lolis he has captured in his dungeon

7bbf6e No.14417729

File: dd04a5f397e86b3⋯.webm (980.59 KB, 204x360, 17:30, conductor we have a probl….webm)


>he starts detailing the camel's anus with photo-realistic precision

05db6f No.14417750

File: f1aa2b6227b0b11⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 470x706, 235:353, bane.jpg)


For you.

b092a3 No.14417756


Probably should have mentioned I played with Diplomacy. It's actually the only mod I ever really played with.

abcffd No.14417780


Doesn't Diplomacy add an entire romance & relationship system, in that case?

57f119 No.14417782


Didn't your mother tell you to watch for strange lolis offering you cigarettes and beer in their van?

4e0dd4 No.14417797


Well you got me to watch the whole thing

camels have wierd feet

632ab2 No.14417799


not that I know

abcffd No.14417804


Nah, I'm like 99% sure you can fuck your way up the noble hierarchy as a female character in Diplomacy, adds options for swaying your husband n stuff.

aab822 No.14417805

Never played Mount and Blade 1, but the hype threads about 2 are always so entertaining that I have to play it with you faggots when it actually comes out.

e7847c No.14417813


>Never played Mount and Blade

You're not welcome here.

2788fa No.14417817


>Never played Mount & Blade

Then what are you waiting for nigger?

05db6f No.14417820


Warband is still fun if you've never played it, so you should definitely give it a shot considering Bannerlord may or may not still be a ways off from releasing. I never tried out the multiplayer though but that might be where most of the fun is at.

57f119 No.14417856


Posts like these makes me wish spankanon would show and discipline anons for such posts.

afc663 No.14417926


If there's denuvo I won't buy it, simple as that. I'll wait for it to be cracked and get it then. Fuck denuvo, that shit is spyware dressed up as something good.

0b1bc8 No.14417996


Warband, not 1. Single player is amusing at first but you realize eventually it's actually pretty shit, even with mods. Multiplayer is pretty good, had a good time with the gamenight.

c48040 No.14418057


I recall you could woo a lord and marry into his faction and whatnot. It was welcome but not quite to the level of "uppity tomboy really struggles to be taken seriously" I'm looking for.

afc663 No.14418468


Never played multiplayer, but if you think the single player is shit you can think again. Even without mods it's excellent, and with them adds hundreds of hours of fun.

aaa9ab No.14418837

File: 7ec671297209120⋯.jpg (468.77 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, bigsmile.JPG)


Can confirm. I've played Warband for over 700 hours. I've spent about 10 hours in multiplayer, most of those from the gamenight. I'd say it's the roleplaying aspects that really make the game for me. The combat itself works well enough but lacks the depth required to be truly engaging the way a game like Chivalry might be. If you separate the combat from the party and character management you're left with nothing really special.

dfce94 No.14420428




This better be bait

a77714 No.14426486


58891b No.14426516


>he can't counter the ballerinas

Engaging is a very encompassing word

58891b No.14430657

File: dd5d6512460c0c8⋯.jpg (484.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20160511012158_1.jpg)

I have a question to whoever may be able to answer: Is there a comprehensible guide to modding Warband floating around out there? I'd like to port certain items from other mods into different mods but I am not sure how to do it.

0b1bc8 No.14430715


It's shit when you've played enough of it because you realize it's far, far too long, repetitive and grindy for no good reason. Native greatly lacks a ton of depth and features at every end.


>I'd say it's the roleplaying aspects that really make the game for me.

I hear this often but cannot for the life of me understand how people are entertained by blatantly shallow braindead lord AI that gives players the same handful of quests and lines of text.

Also do tell how Chivalry has such depth and truly engaging gameplay compared to WB.

a77714 No.14441885


5333c4 No.14441948

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty much a mashup of varius stages of byzantine military technology, it nails the aesthetics though.

18a007 No.14442132

File: d8e8ee9f54d79a5⋯.png (532.71 KB, 718x639, 718:639, 19225572_1004867886319055_….png)

Will there be Bulgars?

2c46ed No.14442313


Morghs and OpenBRF are everything you need.

3edb76 No.14443381



3edb76 No.14443454


How could it disappoint? Literally all they need to do is release Warband with better modding support. That's it.

a6555e No.14443709


A little known fact is that Sarranid characters can gain a temporary healing buff by drinking camel urine.

2a9c66 No.14445350



941c9e No.14445538


Forever Ever

46136e No.14449995

I got a theory on how to get a release date

But it takes too long and I am not autistic enough to calculate it, here how it works:

FT = Count how many factions the game have

BF = Count how many blog posts were made about factions

BT = Count how many blog posts where made

Release is in: 7 * ( (1-BF/FT)*(1-BF/BT) ) days

In the case I am retarded and didn't properly made the formula, the logic is as follows:

If they are making blog posts about factions, it means the game will not release until they make a blog post about all of the factions

Therefore, the release date can be expected to be revealed, or be, the day they make the last blog post about the last faction, one or two weeks more

So, we calculate how many factions are left, and how often they make faction blogposts, to calculate when they are about to make the last blog post about the last faction

ede85c No.14450173

I crave BUTTER

05db6f No.14450188


I've got some man butter for you.

ede85c No.14450196



d230d1 No.14450322

Bannerlord will release August 14th 2019 screencap this.

aec496 No.14450323

File: 64c40661bb04085⋯.webm (4.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ballad_of_King_Harlus.webm)

e7847c No.14450344


But they need to make blogposts about the various subfactions, and the independent factions. If they keep the current pace we'll see the game released around 2025.

aec496 No.14450405


Speaking of which

Blogpost soon

ec3fe9 No.14450413



3f07f2 No.14450630

File: be47f20ededa856⋯.png (197.39 KB, 428x620, 107:155, be47f20ededa85624de957facc….png)



http://archive.is/yNXZd (last post on the page)

There's no proof it'll actually be in the game, but considering this happened you should be wary all the same.

2c600e No.14450671


to the eternal anguish and denial of the most dedicated brand loyal faggots on here:

>My name is Vishnu Vijayakumar. I am the Producer at TaleWorlds Entertainment. We are a game development studio located in Turkey and we are the creators of the sandbox series known as Mount & Blade.

>Our new title, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is currently under development. We heard about your technology and we are interested in integrating the anti crack system in our upcoming title.

>Could you please put me in touch with someone from your technical and sales team so that we can discuss and understand how your system works - and possibly evaluate your technology?

>Thank you very much!

>Best regards,


absolutely BASED

a77714 No.14450684

File: 94746f1f9e135b2⋯.webm (890.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, i didnt want it to be lik….webm)


I saw the leaks you fucking retard

It's fucking meaningless as piracy is a thing and that won't stop anyone from playing it or discussing it.

Kill yourself

2c600e No.14450704


>playing denuvo shit

all denuvo games are shit.

a77714 No.14450795


Not as shit as your posts

9dbcfe No.14450815


I see you are new to sequels, never underestimate a devs ability to completely miss understand what people liked about their games.

a77714 No.14450871


True, the game looks promising but we can't know if it's good or not until we actually play it

2c600e No.14450920


you can tell its shit by the fact they are using denuvo at all. Keep defending denuvo, brand loyal cuck.

5e3d7c No.14451126

File: 11afe05d1344752⋯.png (165.41 KB, 800x800, 1:1, i can't believe its not bu….png)


No it's not, else why would Crapcom put a sandnigger in it? Also i think they did some design contest where a kebab woman (who would probably look 7/10 if she's not wearing 6 layers of clothing) won the design or some shit


Here you go



18a007 No.14451175

File: 3cb9c94989d6a57⋯.png (216.82 KB, 355x620, 71:124, 3cb9c94989d6a57b107d791952….png)




ede85c No.14451934



18a007 No.14451986


Its extra carbonated plant oil

366d1c No.14452653

a77714 No.14452728


Why would you share the one on Steam instead of the one on their own website?


632436 No.14452732




Unmodded warband could only have ~200 units on the map at once, as a top extreme. As long as Bannerlord can meet that minimum I'll be satisfied, and the promotional materials imply that it can.

a77714 No.14452738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They said 500 vanilla

Also, offiicial engine 1.4 vid

a77714 No.14452740


500 vanilla for Bannerlord

5618ad No.14456604


it is in the same way that alcohol is haram, as in it promotes idleness and may "cause one to forget to pray" but in all realness islam lost its grip on the muslims long ago. and now exists more as a cultural storm than anything else with most "muslims" all but abandoning their faith, drinking beer, failing to fast for ramadan, sex out of marriage…. but still calling western women whores and publicly pushing for shari law.

551810 No.14456681

File: 05817cf9083db28⋯.jpg (36.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, peps4.jpg)

I want Conan mod

c74e41 No.14456714


In western countries maybe. Friends of my parents lived in Mauritania for a few years, alcohol was so fucking haram they basically could only drink in the embassy.

835add No.14456722


the fuck is Mauritania

d0effd No.14456723


No idea what you're talking about, anon. Even in quite westernised countries like Lebanon, alcohol is strictly avoided by muslims and they make triple sure to go pray five times a day, including very early morning hours. Muslims in most muslim countries definitely believe in Islam, and quite zealously so.

c74e41 No.14456728

File: 6840c76c4d267c9⋯.png (119.6 KB, 627x588, 209:196, ClipboardImage.png)


A country, dear stereotypical burger.

119a4d No.14457768

File: 5874b18e4cd602f⋯.jpg (38.28 KB, 480x729, 160:243, cf0.jpg)


You think that's something? I had a coworker eventually piss his pants because he refused to water the bushes. Why? Because the urine ((maybe)) spraying on his shoes would be unclean.

aaa9ab No.14457868


Welp. I guess I'm pirating this then. I wanted to support Taleworlds but I can't defend anyone who uses Denuvo. At least I'll save the money.

05db6f No.14457979

File: 7dd2da2bb32165f⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 284x276, 71:69, 1451040212259.jpg)


Why the fuck is he talking about Spongebob?

7cb232 No.14463441

File: 7d52c4684db7d11⋯.jpg (110.24 KB, 640x480, 4:3, laughs.jpg)


why is your map half written in terrorist?

417d7c No.14463458

File: fd794769deb8518⋯.png (95.28 KB, 273x386, 273:386, 1421978528786.png)


are you talking shit, burger?

a73b41 No.14463484


7cb232 No.14463486

0b1bc8 No.14463583

File: 141e0c435b6383d⋯.png (66.63 KB, 1020x713, 1020:713, bl.png)



aaa9ab No.14463696


This is pretty good work, I must say.

2cbe65 No.14468286


>no butter surge in the marketplace

The roaches failed us once again.

ca73fb No.14468449


93e9cf No.14468967


I'm giving you an F, anon. Sorry.

835710 No.14471877


>Unmodded warband could only have ~200 units on the map at once, as a top extreme

It had no theoretical limit, and you didn't need to mod a thing. There was a single value in a config file you had to change, they just limited the slider that determines that value to 200 in the options menu.

2b4a7c No.14478236

File: ae632146d845c4d⋯.jpg (419.58 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, mb_1029374809283042.jpg)


>Mount & Blade thread

It's been a very long time since i played Warband, recommend me some mods.

9cb3e0 No.14478258

File: 0cbf4a96fb510da⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 105.34 KB, 320x237, 320:237, hi.png)


>There was a single value in a config file you had to change,

gib value

6258bb No.14478261


Changing a value somewhere other than the in-game settings is a mod.

39c3bf No.14480149


The franchise is known for it's sandbox elements, plethora of mods, and it's ability to run well on nearly anything.

If the customer requires a top of the line CPU and GPU in order to have a 250 vs 250 battle that means Taleworlds has failed their fans in favor of graphics. If Taleworlds is interested in raising their graphical quality it's not for the fans that have bought and played the games for over a decade, but an effort to attract new customers.This is a valid fear as we've all seen franchises we love get dumbed down in an attempt to catch a wider audience.

Reminder that Bannerlord is being released on PS4 and xbone as well.

a77714 No.14480363


>and it's ability to run well on nearly anything.

>If the customer requires a top of the line CPU and GPU in order to have a 250 vs 250 battle that means Taleworlds has failed their fans in favor of graphics.

You don't know shit about Mount&Blade, truly.

>Reminder that Bannerlord is being released on PS4 and xbone as well.

Post a valid source or fuckoff

aaa9ab No.14480457


Just run it on lower settings.

39c3bf No.14480520

File: 47e349e2566221d⋯.png (709.11 KB, 982x384, 491:192, straight from the source.png)


>You don't know shit about Mount&Blade, truly

Nice rebuttal, anon.

>Post a valid source or fuckoff

Did you really think they'd stop at Warband?

f7ec67 No.14480533


mount & blade fans are the most delusional corporate cocksuckers known to man. They're thoroughly convinced that this game won't have denuvo as well.

a77714 No.14480535


>having better graphical fidelity which will need better specs than a computer that can run 10 year old game means the developer has failed their consumer

Sound very reasonable

>Did you really think they'd stop at Warband?

Nice source

c74e41 No.14480560

File: 623a7d24436f7da⋯.png (857.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, top bun.png)


>The franchise is known for it's sandbox elements, plethora of mods


> and it's ability to run well on nearly anything.

It's not known for that, no. Just because it can run on toasters doesn't mean it's a key element that defines what Mount and Blade is. If Bannerlord comes out and it's Dynasty Warriors 9 levels of horribly optimized I'll call it a failure, yes, but I think we'll live if it can't run on all toasters.

aaa9ab No.14480570


So you don't have a source with someone saying that Bannerlord will be on consoles?

Hint: speculation is not a source.


So what if it has denuvo? That just means I'll pirate it.

a77714 No.14480576


Nice ID hop

39c3bf No.14480611


>Sound very reasonable

The issue is that on release both M&B and Warband could run well on most computers, I had no issues running the games with my piece of shit toaster laptop in 2010.

>Nice source

Which is more likely, the company that ported one of their popular titles to consoles then released their next title in development on consoles, or the company that ported one of their most popular titles to consoles then ignored consoles when concerning their title currently in development?


>Just because it can run on toasters doesn't mean it's a key element that defines what Mount and Blade is

I'd argue that is is, were it more demanding modders would actually have to unfuck their shit and optimize. I do not think there'd be as many mods if it were more demanding.

>I think we'll live if it can't run on all toasters

It won't affect me, true, but it would've affected me if I were in the same shoes I was in a decade ago.


>Hint: speculation is not a source.

You're right. Speculate with me, anon. Do you think Bannerlord will be released on consoles?


I can't be assed to switch my IP in order to discuss my favorite games and their successor with people on the internet.

a77714 No.14480632


>The issue is that on release both M&B and Warband could run well on most computers

Because they had visuals from 2003

> I had no issues running the games with my piece of shit toaster laptop in 2010.

Nah, still plenty of CPU related issues at launch, especially during sieges.

>Which is more likely

A port 2 years down the line

39c3bf No.14480675


>Because they had visuals from 2003

Yes, and that's what I'm worried about. Their current audience has never expected stunning visuals from them. While I agree an update was in order for Bannerlord I think that the new visuals go too far and am worried that they mean Taleworlds is looking for a wider audience. It would be understandable, as I haven't got the slightest clue how they've stayed afloat during Bannerlord's long development cycle. Do you think they've taken loans? I haven't tried to look into the numbers, but I don't think their expansions would cover their operating costs.

>Nah, still plenty of CPU related issues at launch, especially during sieges.

Guess it just werked on my machine :^)

>A port 2 years down the line

I don't really see that happening. As I see it if you port a title while in mid development of another you're going to plan the current around consoles, rather than exert the extra effort later on to port it.

c7b4fb No.14480739

i wonder how long before they invent a computer powerful enough to run bonerlord with more than 20 soliders on each team.

a77714 No.14480789

File: 58c363fdd1f7850⋯.jpg (15.97 KB, 393x130, 393:130, Minimum reqs.JPG)


>Their current audience has never expected stunning visuals from them

The visuals are anything but stunning, they look solid for a modern title, but not anything special.

> I think that the new visuals go too far

Because it has actual lightning an HD models?


If the issues arise they won't be graphical wise, they will be CPU bound due to all the shit happening on the battle sections.

>I haven't got the slightest clue how they've stayed afloat during Bannerlord's long development cycle

Game sales money, private funding from software companies/Universities and the Government itself


>Guess it just werked on my machine :^)

Or maybe you didn't play any of the pre release builds or the original at launch.

>I don't really see that happening

I don't give a shit about your uneducated opinion



5 years ago

39c3bf No.14480899



Thanks. Never would've thought that Turkey would be funding game development, or that roaches apparently like pokemon go. Did we ever find out what happened between Taleworlds and Parakike?

>Or maybe you didn't play any of the pre release builds or the original at launch

If you don't believe me nothing I say will change your mind, besides I have no reason to attempt to prove I played a game nearly a decade ago.

>I don't give a shit about your uneducated opinion

Then get off the internet, anon, it's mostly opinion and porn. Especially this site.

c7b4fb No.14480912


>5 years ago

kek, youre joking with that, right anon?

a77714 No.14480938

File: fe6440192af8887⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 235x58, 235:58, 5 years.JPG)


>Did we ever find out what happened between Taleworlds and Parakike?

Considering Parakike made them rush the OG game and that they went full kike and then went public being taken over by open market kikes I'm pretty sure the roaches wanted off that sinking boat.

>it's mostly opinion

It used to be about educated opinions, but now it's either shit bait, grudges and/or completely ignorant ones with no basis for speculation.


Pic related

c7b4fb No.14480941


>Pic related

how new are you? serious question.

a77714 No.14480954

File: 9ab0be49d88e4d8⋯.png (78.07 KB, 801x961, 801:961, Anon shiggy.png)


>Saying pic related makes me underage now

Is this your feeble attempt at trying to fit in?

c7b4fb No.14481005

File: 8b29fd437fee7e6⋯.jpg (55.06 KB, 610x359, 610:359, screens_3.jpg)




freudian slip?

anon, you realize that thats not footage of the completed game, right?

a77714 No.14481031

File: f10f26779f2e57d⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 446x469, 446:469, what the fuck am i reading.gif)


>you realize that thats not footage of the completed game, right?

Do you mean the minimum specs?

I'm still not clear on your POV

c7b4fb No.14481070


do you understand how bullshots and bullshit footage works? do you know what optimization is? cmon anon, you cant be this naive.

a77714 No.14481088


What the fuck are you talking about?

I never mentioned any screenshots

Are you a schizo?

aaa9ab No.14481109


>You're right. Speculate with me, anon.

No, go fuck yourself. They haven't talked about a console release so there's no reason to start making up bullshit. If they ever do release the game for consoles it'll be way after the PC release, like Warband.

c7b4fb No.14481114


>footage can only be still images.

anon, was english not your first language?

39c3bf No.14481142

File: 0b01d3b0bc981be⋯.png (830.09 KB, 950x1200, 19:24, 0b01d3b0bc981be8ed0de9a273….png)


>No, go fuck yourself

>They haven't talked about a console release so there's no reason to start making up bullshit. If they ever do release the game for consoles it'll be way after the PC release, like Warband

Thanks for joining in on the speculation anyways, anon.

a77714 No.14481143



What do you see in this post?


247ca2 No.14481147

I wish Warsword wasn't absurdly unoptimized.

c7b4fb No.14481171

File: 4539d35310e2c36⋯.jpg (273.1 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, 1431450537197-3.jpg)


lol, newfag plz. do you not even undersand how video games work?

14811d No.14481268


funny..dark souls was downgraded even more yet no one bitched about it that much

c7b4fb No.14481290


dark souls 2? i think the distinction was that it was a known console game ported to PC. fans kinda knew that from the start.

while the witcher people claimed to be making a PC game then downgraded it for consoles, even though it was more likely downgraded because of general performance issue when the hardware diversity reality hit them.

66c61c No.14481376

File: fd0ee5c482b039c⋯.png (121.94 KB, 430x602, 5:7, My post.png)

060962 No.14481378



monstergirl mods when?

66c61c No.14481386


>Ravage monstergirl village

>Rape and breed them all

Hopefully soon

10d012 No.14490060

blog today

a01e9e No.14490400


If you're talking about Dark Souls 2 people bitch about that to this day (As they should, it was pretty egregious)

a60979 No.14490454


that is zbrush.

It is not their damn mod tool retard

247ca2 No.14490480

I really cant seem to figure out how to use polearms effectively, they just seem to be worse than 2-handers in every way for ground combat.

Are non-lancecharge polearms just shit or am I retarded?

d0effd No.14490656

File: b9074a7e13a25d0⋯.png (3.27 MB, 1714x959, 1714:959, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems we'll get some new terrain shit

a77714 No.14490751

File: 621dc4c6f65199d⋯.gif (7.75 MB, 575x319, 575:319, blog_post_31_taleworldsweb….gif)


Nice Kingdom Come screens…oh shit.

That's pretty fucking good

That custom map looks very taxing though

>Guy misses with the axe

>It hits the ground

>Makes a small cloud dust

It's the little things


e7847c No.14490907

File: df02c06aaa9c854⋯.jpg (25.86 KB, 449x550, 449:550, 39kQg4.jpg)


>still no release date

I think a new Crusade is more than justified at this point.

a77714 No.14490950

File: 5883ce2fe9ebd4f⋯.gif (360.18 KB, 301x301, 1:1, 5883ce2fe9ebd4fc3af8d85286….gif)


>Crusade to get Constantinople back

>Move towards Ankara and make the devs release Bannerlord

>Move towards Israel, eradicate the populace and then make a new vidya about said Crusade

ba5be7 No.14494905


Disregard monstergirls, obtain ELEPHANT CAVALRY and take them across the Alps!

58c8c3 No.14494951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

367507 No.14494958


>washing machine is on fire

<first instinct is to snap a pic for free upboats

58c8c3 No.14494959


wtf, must be some mandela effect or some shit because i've never seen that country before or mali.

2df5cb No.14495261

Will the (not)byzantines be getting their flamethrowers?

3488ab No.14495276

File: 0d7b4e0c38b1dd6⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 590x443, 590:443, ,ongo.jpg)

This didn't happen recently, but I still got to say it.

>people talk about Prophesy of Pendor like it's the best and hardest mod ever

>actually it's really easy, because you can just use qualis gems to make yourself and your companions into killing machines, only the beginning is hard and even more grindy than vanilla

>mod has some very OP troops, but you can just get them yourself and be OP yourself

I don't know how it ever got the reputation of being the hardest mod ever. And yes this is on hardest difficulty.

Anyway what are some actual hard, but also good mods? And don't say Brytenwalda with "realistic" settings on. The shit they want to do in the game just doesn't work.

>cucking you out of epic battles, because you slowly bleed to death once you get even slightly grazed

>ultra hard tournaments that are in no relation to the potential reward and what you can do on the battlefield

>articially difficult to pronounce town names in some weird fantasy language

>tedious shit like fatigue, falling down backwards that doesn't fit well into the engine

245b6b No.14495280


>He wouldnt make a picture of burning washing machine

8dde07 No.14499069

File: b830c327829c2e8⋯.png (10.8 KB, 1291x177, 1291:177, dyn du.png)


me2 buddy

722565 No.14505867


Gaelic isn't a weird fantasy language you mongoloid

fa5f16 No.14505874

>shitty kingdom come clones already

Can’t say I’m surprised

a77714 No.14506101


Pretending to be retarded wasn't funny on cuckchan and certainly isn't funny here.

05db6f No.14506473

File: 7d0865f8aa7f66d⋯.png (188.2 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1467479005949.png)


>This is what happens when you don't separate your colors and whites.

3c7aba No.14506631


>weird fantasy language

Gaeilge is a real language, anon.

aad10f No.14511927


No because weird fantasy languages at least have value.

5333c4 No.14511976

File: 3e17a1bb76c6fa1⋯.jpg (83.28 KB, 728x960, 91:120, siphonator.jpg)

File: 188ee73ac44b831⋯.jpg (253.8 KB, 1024x720, 64:45, Get out of my bosphrous sa….jpg)


As cool as they are, we still dont know if land siphonatores were a thing, apparently they only used them on sea or as grenades.

67491a No.14512670

>all these impatient niggers

I miss the pre Steam days of Mount and Blade. Back when you had to buy it on their site or find a physical copy. The community was so much better.

3488ab No.14513155




>not a fantasy name of a fantasy language

Tell me i am wrong.

aaa9ab No.14513221


Have you ever heard the name Gwendolyn?

Because you basically wrote that with funky spelling.

58891b No.14513251

File: cd7baaa594f6f31⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 936x1297, 936:1297, 936full-maximilian-i,-holy….jpg)


How many years has it been

048976 No.14513252

File: 2d8be36a3fb28cd⋯.png (118.94 KB, 594x578, 297:289, 1380248674040.png)

The only reason I'm excited for this is because they seem to be giving us a REALLY good mod tool. So even if the game is trash, we can mod the shit out of it to fix it.

And if it's not trash, well, all the better.

3c7aba No.14513288


Beth sy'n bod, sacsonaidd? Ydych chi'n siarad Gymraeg? But yeah, as the other anon said that's just the original spelling of Gwendolyn, it's not too bad. Welsh is a weird language though, I can sympathise.

866605 No.14515462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anons, Recent Interview of Taleworlds

722565 No.14522854

Any indication of TW letting in the community to beta test the game yet? We all know what a mess warband was during beta.

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