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File: 84d935b2aa3d369⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mgs3 choco chip camo wallp….jpg)

File: 5abb00b20a156df⋯.jpg (273.07 KB, 800x534, 400:267, camo frog.jpg)

File: fc600454b450fe3⋯.jpg (604.67 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, The Last March of the Ents.jpg)

File: 78a3ac406c9d3af⋯.jpg (62.42 KB, 610x544, 305:272, Camo_moss.jpg)

File: 7bdccb96b4152c4⋯.png (132.02 KB, 181x499, 181:499, Disguisecamouflage.png)

20cf92 No.14423313

Apart from Snake Eater and Hitman, what other games implemented decent-to-good camouflage mechanics?

3ae93a No.14423322

The only way this is possible is in multiplayer games, you don't program NPCs to be fooled by rendered camouflage.

20cf92 No.14423341

File: 453e79f9721e974⋯.png (257.53 KB, 635x457, 635:457, When you have been waiting….png)

>>14423322 (checked)

Wouldn't such a multiplayer gameplay based on sneaking and waiting get tedious without further stimuli? Maybe putting a time limit would help (or not)?

fbbd7a No.14423348

Splinter Cell and Thief?

3ae93a No.14423355


Do you only play console garbage? There are plenty of multiplayer games where camouflage is useful.

20cf92 No.14423356


Isn't that stealth "shadow based"? I'm talking about pattern camo that blends with the environment, the one that tricks the human brain.

20cf92 No.14423363

>>14423355 (checked)

Define "plenty", dubsman.

2f2ead No.14423368

There's the hiding mechanism in Live A Live's ninja chapter. You have a ninja cape you can hide under that blends into your surroundings.

000000 No.14423421

I once watched a documentary once about the US Army sniper school. At the end of the training they did an exercise where a veteran sniper team was on a platform scanning a forest in front of them with binoculars. The new sniper teams would go out in full camouflage, one pair at a time, and try to get within range of the veterans without being spotted. I always thought that would make a cool multiplayer game, some sort of objective defense against a weaker opponent team trying to take shots at you while remaining cloaked under foliage.

c3b04a No.14423794


mgo3 cloak and dagger mode. there was a time limit on it and it was fun as fuck but everyone played deathmatch and cheated so it died in like 3 months

dbdf02 No.14423894





>time limit


2a5be4 No.14423939


Bigger problem with multiplayer games is its too easy to cheat the game by fucking with the graphics settings.

dbdf02 No.14424016


Yeah this is the big problem for the games that try to implement sneaking and camo.

One of the solution is making low graphics models obscure more at lower settings. Imagine brush. At high LOD it resembles real brush, it has holes between twigs and you can somewhat see through it. At low LOD it becomes solid nontransparent cube (with twigs painted on it for artistic purposes) obscuring completely what is behind or inside it. And so on. Don't aware of games that do so.

c3b04a No.14424018


cheatengine being popularized doesn't help either since any nigger that used to cheat in snes emulators can use it

76b434 No.14424060

When it comes to camouflage, MGS4's OctoCamo was massive upgrade over how they did it in MGS3. Just lay still for a while, and your OctoCamo copies the surrounding texture. Quick and intuitive! I like MGS3 and all, but its gameplay was repeatedly interrupted whenever you had to constantly bring up the menu to change your camo. (Or to eat food or to heal wounds.)

40cd54 No.14424101


I remember watching some friends play that shit-tier failed MMO called Darkfall Online. It was supposed to be a fun PvP game. Except the PvP was literally "hide in bushes/grass, crawl slowly, backstab / shoot people in the back while hiding". It was pretty gay.

7c5d62 No.14424155


That doesn't solve the problem, ideally you would make it so that people who play on low settings, high settings or medium settings don't have a clear advantage over those who don't. Maybe have the game put you in rooms where everybody has overall the same game settings as you have, so if you have low settings, you get to play with other people who also have low settings, so even if the game doesn't render the bushes on low settings, or it make them into giant nontransparent cubes, if it's the same for everyone, then it's mostly fair.

5ca48b No.14424495


I'd say the octocamo makes it too easy to blend in anywhere

dbdf02 No.14424506


It is difficult to reach ideal. With proposition players have no incentive to crank graphics down to a minimum. Potato owners would suffer, well, my condolences.


No. Just no. Hard division of gamebase it last thing you want to do.

6a9250 No.14424613


It was a good concept but bad execution. It was too easy to sit still and have perfect camo, and you could do it anywhere and everywhere. The idea was that you'd find a good camo to move around in, but there were so many opportunities to just stop moving.

MGSV's camo system (without the sneaking suit) was good. You pick a camo and stick to it. You can call in a supply drop of new camo but it requires you to find a safe place to do so, so you can't just switch between grass and concrete at will.

baba10 No.14424652

File: 2e308e98f35b18a⋯.png (133.46 KB, 250x442, 125:221, ClipboardImage.png)

7c5d62 No.14424738


>No. Just no. Hard division of gamebase it last thing you want to do.

There is nothing wrong with dividing players, most multiplayer games already do that by rank/level so as to avoid a noob playing against a grand master, or in games like Warthunder, where depending on your gear(in this case tanks and planes) you moslty fight against those that have comparable gear(so you don't get a biplane fighting against a jet plane). If the game is popular enough, then a division by skill/gear and one by software settings would not be noticeable. I agree that it's not perfect, but at least neither poor fags, nor those who play on high graphic settings would suffer.

59d9c2 No.14425016


>No. Just no.

why do redditors always talk like that ?

35ada2 No.14429086


>Maybe putting a time limit would help

I hate time limits, sure, without one it would be camping galore.

fccc9a No.14429110

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

that's nice, looking like a tree or a bush is one thing but you ever consider that there's something missing? I'll tell you what's missing, in a world of movement what's the thing thing that sticks out? stillness.

153113 No.14429592


>MGSV's camo system

It's only aesthetics. It doesn't have any effect on being seen.

64cd89 No.14429610

The MGSV cloak and dagger mode worked fantastically whenever I played it with friends. You're nearly invisible while standing still, but moving makes your camo less effective. The mode had some problems, as did MGO3 as a whole, but it's a concept I want to see again.

8c9e14 No.14429642


MGO2 did it better.

dd516e No.14436716


render distance

896a4f No.14436773


The effect wasn't as obvious as in Snake Eater, but it was definitely there.

582a40 No.14441096


Fuck, you just reminded me of turning the graphics down all the way in the original Halo so that you could see people with stealth camo. Fun times.

f57b39 No.14441152

File: b768782d789cb90⋯.jpg (20.8 KB, 458x461, 458:461, mad as hell.jpg)


>online stealth games

>that one faggot that purposely cranks his graphics so low so he can see shit from a mile off

86df85 No.14441258


Not just graphics settings, but people will use simple clientside mods to improve visibility, for instance switching every camo texture to hot pink.

Even if you somehow code the game to prevent this, your game's going to get shunned when it comes to light that you've willfully blocked mods.

988048 No.14443820


That always gave me a chuckle when on a toaster, all my friends on high end pcs had me spot the enemies hiding in bushes and shit, it was great

988048 No.14443848


Agreed, so having small idle animations to characters but having a option to control how still a person holds themself within reason would be a cool feature

>hiding among rocks, stay as still as possible, hope they don't notice faint breathing motion

>hiding amoung tall grass, hold up grass section infront of you and try to mimic the surrounding wind movement.

df9e6a No.14453648

File: afd33af63eab7a8⋯.jpg (170.78 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mgs ghost feels.jpg)


MGO2 did a lot of things better.

8c9e14 No.14453906


It still hurts doesn't it?

e63cd2 No.14457588


Wookie school was alot of fun during the golden era of Arma 2 multiplayer. Talking pre-DayZ stuff. 3 teams would compete against eachother for control of an area on a random map, usually centered around buildings but what made it fun was when the randomized cap zone was in a spot like a valley or had loads of trees and such around it, making taking the cap very risky. Some players found it tedious, so it was love it or hate it deal.

d12626 No.14457631



Didn't MGO2 come back not too long ago?

8c9e14 No.14457663


Fans tinkered with it so that it works yeah. I haven't tried it myself.

2e81e9 No.14457683


It does. There's even a hidden camo index like in MGS3 that can be activated by mods.

23bf93 No.14457684



Playing BF2 back in the day, at minimal settings theres pretty much no cover, so it was easy peas to shoot guys with really nice rigs who were taking cover in foliage or shadows or anything that wasn't a tank or bigass building.

170796 No.14457707

Call of Duty with Ghost Pro perk.


e80e5a No.14457785


And this is why people who act like cosmetics behind a pay (or alternatively grind)wall is fine in any game with some sort of PvP are idiots. What would be easier to spot on a snow map, the guy wearing white or the guy wearing red? Or a guy wearing brown on a desert map or green on a forest map and so on. Even dumber is when some jackass takes a still image of the guy in white and goes "hurrr your dumb you can clearly see them". To think that these retards actually deny that camouflage is a thing and that it can give you an advantage.

8e7f8f No.14459310

Certainly not the Dark Mod

>daylight mission

>lady of the house leaves her house to go to a side building

>"wuts dat, did I see somethang?"

>looks directly at me, even though I am crouched behind dozens of boxes, which would have given me cover in any game besides the Dark Mod, because it solely functions on a shadow based stealth system

5a281c No.14459369

File: 73d1b33a66a3556⋯.jpg (218.24 KB, 908x1800, 227:450, Baki 12.jpg)

OP is a sick genius.

dd6efe No.14462137

File: d75a40d703adce9⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 18j3dajq476hkjpg.jpg)

Tom Clancys Future soldier

3246f4 No.14462218


I've only seen it work well in MP games.

259071 No.14463272


It's not possible to realistically portray NPCs reacting to camouflage based stealth and make it a fun game. The reason for this is because real camouflage is only good at distances hundreds of meters away. Players wouldn't even believe the AI isn't cheating let alone how fire fights would essentially be with enemies you can't even see off in the distance most of the time. Putting that aside one of the first things you'd need to do first is develop a bot that can recognize such things as skylining where your silhouette breaks the horizon and otherwise other things where your silhouette or shadow will give you away. Next you'll need Deep Web tier visual stimulus to not only recognize shapes but also color and the ability to be confused by those colors and the shapes to disappear I guarantee you'll get better results with low poly since the player will be roughly as limited by the color palette as well. Finally you'll need to figure out how exactly textures, floors, walls, the sky, lighting, sound, and props and stuff like grass are put together.

You'll notice all 3 of those steps isn't anywhere close to "easy", for that reason the only games that use the type of stealth as MGS3 and Hitman exist, also Death to Spies is another game since it's basically Hitman. Some games with multiplayer have features which allows for the type of stealth you want in limited formats but other then that shadow and sound based stealth is about the best there is.

dbdf02 No.14463785


>The reason for this is because real camouflage is only good at distances hundreds of meters away


>walk into the dark room

>sweep look

>no one here… oh shit, this dark blob in the dark corner is actually camping nigger

>but you realize this half a second too late after he started firing

This is one of cases of camouflage working at the room distance. But if it was brightly lit area with light colored walls and enemy is black you would be decteding him faster (someone said de_dust? Yeah, this why this map is so popular)

It is not only about probability of detection with infinite search time it is also about time of detection, and parts of second too late, parts of second after enemy may matter. But creation of model for this is not an easy.

>Finally you'll need to figure out how exactly textures, floors, walls, the sky, lighting, sound, and props and stuff like grass are put together.

Yeah accounting everything directly and creation of proper detection model maybe too complex task. But i think you can hack around problem in the multiplayer game or you have access to similar multiplayer game. You create neural network and feed it recorded gameplay footages where you can calculate probability and time of detection in player to player encounters. Neural network doesn't actually detect any targets it creates probabilistic prediction model that predicts what time players spend to detect targets in similar sceneries. Of course such model should be supplemented with hard detection model that checks target exposure so AI can't "detect" targets which are completely obscured by obstacles.

48e4f0 No.14463882


I dunno, Day Z was pretty popular

3d3ca5 No.14465788


>The reason for this is because real camouflage is only good at distances hundreds of meters away

someone post the webm of MGS4 where a player passes right by another one using octocamo and doesn't notice.

c5f70f No.14467829

Stealth games died when microsoft killed EAX and consoles created "stealths for everyone", at short range hearing is the most important thing.

65754a No.14471535

File: d3af1de52732c70⋯.jpg (109.59 KB, 907x907, 1:1, dionysus.jpg)

bb8a1f No.14471907


The fuck you can't. I used those crates as weapons, giving a whole new meaning to a tactical resupply.

For the slow, drop the supply crates on enemy heads and it'll knock them out. This works on Quiet too, during the sniper fight.

fc29c4 No.14479297

File: 8262aa1904940cf⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 600x300, 2:1, Americasarmy3.jpg)


Enepria verdite!

fc29c4 No.14479306

File: c9d36b1e8d9959c⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 331x331, 1:1, aa3_nme1.jpg)


Cont'd. The NME camo was very good, especially on dark maps.

Pic related does not do justice how hard they were to spot.

9bb6d3 No.14479308

File: bc0643d5c30f685⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 320x240, 4:3, mgs3 commercial.mp4)


>The reason for this is because real camouflage is only good at distances hundreds of meters away

I dunno bout that, I've been nearly pissed on because of how well my camo hides me.


Have the mgs3 commercial for I can't find that one.

f6869e No.14482568

File: 80f143a83d597dd⋯.jpg (309.17 KB, 1524x1902, 254:317, wolfenstein-2-cover-box-ar….jpg)

8214de No.14482643

File: b4e37fa94fc3921⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 500x385, 100:77, excellente.jpg)

File: eb76f77d4fd8bc4⋯.gif (47.43 KB, 250x250, 1:1, SPEC4CE-Urban-Light-clothl.gif)


>urban camo

>greyish brown instead of typical high contras black and white

Very nice.

bd735d No.14482683


This is bullshit. If you have decent camo and know how to use it, you can be invisible in plain sight.

t. scout

2ee80e No.14482720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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