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File: 7bb90455fa35e42⋯.png (909 KB, 900x887, 900:887, Outer_Pizza.png)

2b9ea9 No.14431241

What is Space Station 13?




>How can I play?

You can download the BYOND client or join our server directly from your web browser to play. The web client is presently unreliable, and we recommend the latest BYOND client for the best experience possible. The BYOND client is presently compiled for Windows only, though it is compatible with WINE. You will need a BYOND account to connect to our server.

Client download: https://secure.byond.com/download/

>Outer Pizza

IP: byond://

Tickrate - 0.6 // Random Names ON

Map: MetaStation

Git Repository: https://github.com/BigSlice/-tg-station

Issues: https://github.com/BigSlice/-tg-station/issues

IRC: #pizzastation on rizon

Last bread: >>14396358

We've been able to get some 10, 15, and 20 player nights with the return of BigSlice. BigSlice is also looking for coders, if you've used Python before it's quite similar.

c98e16 No.14431269


>BigSlice is also looking for coders

yes please every player has ideas about what they want in the game but no codeslave to implement those ideas.

12ab5b No.14431282

>copypasting the OP but not fixing the obvious as fuck redditspacing that creates

good job fag

2b9ea9 No.14431283


I'm working on a miniature sun because I want to add it to my map. I'm making it and I'm not asking anyone to make it for me. I do agree though that Slice or someone else should put a monetary bounty on bugs (paid after verification testing and implementation/integration) and if he's worried about anonymity or paypal then he can just use memecoins.

6019fb No.14431298

I've actually coded before but I'd rather play. Once you start coding, it becomes all you do and you don't play.

8f176f No.14431309

File: b32117dafc2eda6⋯.webm (6.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fateworsethendeath.webm)

We need a new codebase more then a coder, ours is old and buggy and a coder isn't going to be able to fix all our problems.

12ab5b No.14431327



Not a bad thing, considering newer codebases like nuTG require gay shit like Microsoft Edge to work properly. What is needed is new features and ports of QoL stuff.


That is indeed a thing, it could be solved by having more coders though.

efa604 No.14431398

Would it be possible to bring back the telecom scripts? but instead a simplified version with them already built and needs to be hacked to get the more malicious scripts going.

12ab5b No.14431460


<already built in psudo-malicious scripts

>not wanting the ability to upload your own bitcoin miner because you're a lazy as fuck engineer with nothing else to do

nuTG already does that. Bring back NTSL.

e1e318 No.14431982

2b9ea9 No.14432111




Do tell. I heard about the bitcoin miners though.

b96b8e No.14432140

File: a53f400f419189b⋯.jpg (11.33 KB, 282x287, 282:287, 752549-killer_tomato.jpg)

>want to go back to spess station after a faily long break

>don't really want to go back to /tg/ station

>holy shit 8/v/ has a serb?!

>check wiki

>job I care the most about is botany

>no ambrosia gaia


cad177 No.14432158



I hope it's just an oversight and the server host isn't completely retarded. :^)

b96b8e No.14432180

File: 2049f073745d74d⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 240x250, 24:25, dog1.jpg)

Can't we just, like, steal /tg/-stations code / game and improve on that instead of having to do all that shit over?

Why would anyone want to play on a much less developed station if there are others out there? Sure, their community might contain a little bit more cancer, but getting cancer is only a matter of time when the game is as autistic as spess station.

cad177 No.14432223


>Can't we just, like, steal /tg/-stations code / game and improve on that instead of having to do all that shit over?

I won't lie, there's a bunch of stuff in their codebase I've taken a look at, and some of it would be an improvement.

cad177 No.14432231


By codebase, I mean I ran a local server, connected to it while it was running their code and fucked around with the stuff and station for a while.

32790f No.14432588


>being a casual

1b9313 No.14432650

File: 410f10fab2899a7⋯.png (24.03 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Belt.png)

clown was almost robust enough to win

will clown earn his belt in this lifetime or will he forever just warm up the bull belt winners?

cad177 No.14432665

File: 728dde5494f1b56⋯.jpg (33.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1348425933948.jpg)


>tfw i missed the match

>tfw i missed the finish

>tfw i don't know if the clown is over with the marks

1b9313 No.14432673


He's in tag team mania with Chen as his partner

Honkmania liable to run wild now

e6f4df No.14432688


Last time this was tried on HateStation nobody committed anything and work on porting everything of value stalled.

The answer depends on whether you have a developer that wants to go ahead and actually turn a /tg/station fork into something unique or will neglect the whole project until /tg/station is again way ahead of the fork or so unpopular you go back to Hate/Pizzacode from ancient times.

Also, a bunch of Luddites who still want to use Windows Vista or earlier will whine about needing a newer Internet Explorer and how modernization is a great injustice.

cad177 No.14432689

File: 546ce1da9384902⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 200x163, 200:163, buryintime.gif)



Sup, /woo/?

1b9313 No.14432707


it was really fucking close for a final tbh


cad177 No.14436710

File: 64214fdc4c86ae4⋯.jpg (142.36 KB, 1157x772, 1157:772, 1422162515387.jpg)

>log into server

>immediately see:

>Supermatter Shard is consumed by the singularity!

>A horrible screeching fills your ears, and a wave of dread washes over you…

>[Common] Razzle Dazzle asks, "H-Honk?"

Yup. Just one of those shifts.

299152 No.14437316

What happened to the last thread? Did it really hit limit? Did the super saiyan singulo wipe it too?

a171ed No.14437555


Bump limit and sank to page 13.

299152 No.14437694

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Surprising, last I remembered it was sitting at 100-something posts.

a171ed No.14437775


Well, it's dead now.

cad177 No.14438046

File: 38bef55c4915622⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 762x574, 381:287, 1307639593026.jpg)

That round was..something.

cad177 No.14438312

File: 3050c0506803229⋯.png (7.83 KB, 493x402, 493:402, 1307683886191.png)

Mr.Honkington saved the day.

I have no words.

54e46d No.14441861

Can have a balloon but have fill it with your own gas or chemicals so you can place balloons inconspicious around places like for a birthday but they're actually filled with napalm! so you shoot or throw fire and everything becomes burn? or nerve gas

but it can also be use as healing

cad177 No.14441904

>log in

>station is overrun with vines

>station is punched full of more holes than the plot for a Micheal Bay movie

>everyone is dead save for one shitter afk or braindead at the bar

>no admins

>restart vote fails

Fuck. Who do I talk to about getting a early-mid day mod or admin for burger hours? This round is 11+ hours old.

c42d82 No.14441927


Welcome to how a clown truly clowns around.

> Harmless pranks

> Sneeki-Beeki full access at round start

> Causing traitors to panic, and drop their spaghetti

c42d82 No.14441943


I wouldn't mind modding every so often. Run on the EST Timezone, on in the mornings mostly. Getting burned out on Colonial Marines, and have had fun with the server the few times I've been on. Wouldn't mind fucking around as mod.

Either way, you can't win against surprise clown action.

d5d386 No.14442407

Trying to make piano music work, apparently no one has made system shock music yet.

However midi2piano adds too many notes.

Gonna have to learn piano music and edit the results to make it listenable.

2b9ea9 No.14442810

File: 548c850ec8c294d⋯.png (163.49 KB, 634x340, 317:170, Space Station 13.png)

We got 7 players, let's make it 10!


9fd4dc No.14442812



Why would you lie like that?

e1e318 No.14442942


We're at eight players right now, cyborgs, MoMMIs, and AIs aren't on the crew manifest.

385dbf No.14443257

why don't you guys play on /tg/station anymore? has the moderation gone to shit?

cad177 No.14443287


>has the moderation gone to shit?

/tg/'s admins are about as bad as gitgud, kyron, 0ak.. Nevermind the rampant and unchecked metaclub buddy cancer.

nu/tg/ needs to be shunned and forgotten.

2b9ea9 No.14443311


If you go to the OOC tab and hit the 'who' command it will show all people connected to the server.

e1e318 No.14443843


Also the neverending feature creep and literal reddit community.

e1e318 No.14443871


Oh, and furries. Almost forgot the furries.

cad177 No.14443907


Will admit that I do like how there's a space for practically every engine in their maps engine room. But that's about the extent of it. Don't know what to make of the ATM's, or wages, on there though.

d5d386 No.14444003

CMO here, sorry for being so unrobust that I didn't charge into maint with the armoury on my back for the ling, rarely fight lings tbh.

1b6a42 No.14444008


>wolfspider/chaosyourgod breaks OOC again

cad177 No.14444016


Ban when?

d5d386 No.14444022


If there's a ling on the new round then you're the one breaking icc ook tbh.

1b6a42 No.14444033


>banning me from the server

I would love to see you try, especially since I don't even know its IP, you moron

d5d386 No.14444047


Did I say I wanted you banned from the server? That you're not a part of, that you're trying to start some shit over some guy whom, as far as I'm aware, doesn't even play anymore.

385dbf No.14444073


cad177 No.14444076

File: 651f3e3620a0e45⋯.png (39.37 KB, 377x378, 377:378, 1307640607228.png)

c42d82 No.14444614

File: 7d1f06399e33b1c⋯.png (15.65 KB, 590x330, 59:33, fucku2.png)

> Be clown

You are a Traitor!

-Steal RCD

-Steal Top Secret Documents

-Free Objective

> Fug. Not much fun to be had. Oh well.

> Grab all access, grab RCD from EVA, Documents from the Vault

> Grab Atmos Suit, and Plasma container, may the FIRE RISE for my free objective.

> Fail miserably.

> Fuck it.

> Grab the armory, openly announce that I'm a traitor, and call the shuttle.

> Lockdown Escape

> Shock doors, bolt doors, then Emag doors

> '' Hi, I look forward on experimenting on you all! " a Geneticist says as they arrive

> Shuttle arrives

> Emag shuttle

> Oh, fuck you Geneticist says

> Greentext easily. Depressing, but greentext.

cad177 No.14444618


Geneticist salt makes up it.

c42d82 No.14444864


Both of those players were niggers, and deserve hate spewed at them, even if their presence is questionable or non-existent. They used to shit things up p'bad a long time back for the 8ch Stations past iterations.

But, let's be honest, we haven't had exactly good mods or admins either. Perhaps this time shit changes?

2b9ea9 No.14446657


Proabably fairly decent due to the clunky nature of the engine.

adf974 No.14446728


>griefing arrivals

You deserve a ban tbh

c42d82 No.14446752


That wasn't me famalam. The most I did was the command area, engineering, and setting the singloose.

385dbf No.14446851

have you guys ever played on baystation 12? it's literally just furries roleplaying and no fun allowed admins.

i remember accidentally feeding someone a slightly poisoned burger and i got permanently banned

c42d82 No.14446906


I played on Paradise once. Clown was being a shit, fed him a roboburger. After borgification, he complained loud enough to admins after I had disconnected for the day to earn me a permaban.

6c3d73 No.14447012


>slightly poisoned burger

you used space carp?

cad177 No.14447189

>he didn't finish him off on the shuttle

>he memed with plasma flooring and a welder tank

>he didn't meme with the last popper he made in toxins

Jeremy you pleb.

9fd4dc No.14447190

9980c8 No.14447205

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does the game have text2speech

cbda43 No.14447206


>slightly poisoned

The meaning of "slightly" changes a lot depending on what side of the burger you are, I suppose.

You're also not banned for that reason, unless you actually killed the guy. You're banned for doing it with absolutely no RP at all.

You can get away with poisoning food with mild toxins if you're roleplaying a disloyal Chef but you gotta put the extra effort to play that specific role, otherwise you're just being a cunt for the sake of getting people angry.

Baystation is just a server that knows exactly what kind of players they want and they make a good job of keeping everyone that doesn't fit that description out.

To be honest, it's a pretty creepy server, seeing how everyone is so friendly to each other and know everyone personnaly by name like they are long friends. It's quite unwelcoming for new guys because of this, but it makes sense considering the tight community it spawned off.

And looking back at all the drama surrounding most servers and how often they end up dying, you can say a lot of bad things about Baystation12, but you can't argue with it's success, considering how long they've been going with very few drama and their own codebase.

Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and working for that, even if it's something incredibly autistic.

2b9ea9 No.14447210

8 players your NIGGERS, also the australian wanted you to know that you're NIGGERS. Get in serb.

cad177 No.14447214
























9fd4dc No.14447215



Why would you lie like that, anon?

0bb33e No.14447236


Ick ock

You can check the crew manifest ingame, ergo you're reporting on ingame information

9fd4dc No.14447259


Yeah but only if you play as the station's robotic slut

2b9ea9 No.14447260

File: c90e87bf870e2a7⋯.webm (623.05 KB, 640x360, 16:9, you are retarded.webm)



It's called the who button for the second time, which is an OOC command.

9fd4dc No.14447266



What the fuck is wrong with you

cbda43 No.14447291


AIs, Borgs and MoMMIs do not show up on the Crew Manifest, neither do people who are Observing instead of playing.

Or picked as special traitors too, funny metagaming tactic used to be looking at the crew manifest and checking the number of players. 5 missing? You have Nuke Ops incoming.

Extra funny when it's actually fucking nothing but 1 AI, 1 stealthmins, 1 deadmin, 1 AFK and 1 person that genuinely just wants to watch

cbda43 No.14447367


Next time, before falling for bait this low, you might want to click on the ID and scroll up (or Ctrl+F it instead) and see the kind of person you are replying to.

Or even better, post a screenshot instead.

2b9ea9 No.14447581

File: 79e5215b510700b⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, only pretending 2.png)

2b9ea9 No.14447864

File: 53d0451e2d45cd8⋯.webm (756.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.webm)


cad177 No.14449174


>beepsky was the hero Gotham needed

What the fuck happened? I missed this round.

2b9ea9 No.14450506


I'll try to greentext it best I remember

>Had a tyrant AI, but he was pretty cool.

>Far as I can see, nobody trying to tator, or if they are, they're being discreet about it for a change

>be scientist

>Decide to do R&D pastebin

>Science GET

>There was probably a bunch of stuff I didn't remember

>I think I even went mining in a Ripley

>At some point I ask the AI for combat shotguns, which I get.

>Ask him to let me into security for firing pins, so we'll be ready for any possible alien invasion

>Get the SINGLE xray gun I've been thirsting for because I wasn't able to find a ton of uranium on my trip

>Adminbus anyone?

>Suddenly a nuke op shows up and starts murderboning everyone.

>I can't remember but departures might have been full of weeds, don't quote me on it.

>Go to face off with him while he's in primary tool storage

>Like an idiot, shoot a fuel tank through the wall and kill myself.

>The rest of the crew die in similar, retarded fashions

>Nuke op gets DAT DISK and sets up us the bomb

>AI is door cucking him at every turn, so at least someone is successful

>Less than a minute to go on that bomb

>He makes a mad dash for the engineering escape pod.

>He can't break the doors open fast enough

>Beepsky catches up to him and stun cuffs his red, hardsuit covered anus.

>Bomb goes off, with an incarcerated syndicate swearing his head off and a heroic beepsky

>Deadchat goes mad for a second there.

cad177 No.14450523

File: 2ad4ce7f152e7d3⋯.gif (966.99 KB, 245x180, 49:36, 1394838363325.gif)


>beepsky cucked a nukeops shitter

3876b2 No.14452729

File: 0a0439c52d3c18f⋯.jpg (68.31 KB, 600x619, 600:619, 0a0439c52d3c18f21f39f84ddd….jpg)

Get in fags

cad177 No.14452791


> faggot doesn't read the op

Read the first fucking post. Wiki's link is there.

cad177 No.14452814



2a22d1 No.14453331


Best way to learn is for someone to teach you in game

6624df No.14453541

File: 507c3221b83d5cb⋯.png (282.87 KB, 724x645, 724:645, syndct.PNG)

File: c5e18ed5d4700c4⋯.webm (182.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, based beepsky.webm)


Nukeops here. Actually was partly adminbus as well but i latejoined and din't know what was going much in the round other than deadchat screaming their lungs out about no antags because it happened that the tatortot killed himself really early on.

>Be ghost


>Shitpost hard enough until other admin spawns me as a nukeop

>Be Brett KikeKill

>Spawn in the AWAY MISSION which was filled with hostile syndicate mobs and ayylmaos which i had to kill to get out of

>also some shenanigans about being unable to remove nukeops hardsuit helmet because it got stuck and unimportant teleportation-to-get-shit-working shit that nobody cares about

>Gear up, Get free C20r with 2 and a half mags worth of ammo adminbus Nookops can't buy c20r nor its ammo from any uplink as that is only avaible on a real nukeops round and an ESword from dead syndie corpses, stock up on C4 and a Syndie toolbox i found on the way. As well as a Syndie Medibot that was on the away mission

>Objective Nuke the station to hell

>no nuke code

>no pinpointer (doesn't matter though already know where disk is)

>what the fuck

>"i'll make a code when you get there :^)"

>Play a dank midi on serb and bust through the gateway

>Forget i have no access, waste TC on emag because AI and fuck hacking

>See Inspector Johnson on the hallway

>Immediatly waste a mag trying to shoot it because AI was robust as fuck and i'm rusty as hell

>See assistant on hallway


>2shot him and toolbox to the head

>Head straight to Cap's quarters and blow up the wall leading to disk with C4

>Actually, that's wrong, i got the wall right behind the fucking TV so have to disassemble that except oh wait i can just grab the disk anyways because BYOND

>Head to Tool Storage

>AI doesn't bolt down everything except the front airlocks leading straight to vault, weird

>Whatever, break open into Vault by opening a hole into space and C4ring the back side leading straight to nuke

>By the way at this time was spilling my spaguetti all over the place with being unable to use both of my hands and handling weaponry because carrying a toolbox and dragging the medibot which lead to space wind shenanigans, decide to ditch the toolbox after disabling the camera in Vault

>Still no code from othermin, have to wait long enough for an atmostech to come and get 2shotted and esworded

>Finally get nuke codes

>Punch it in, give the crew 180 seconds to either get the hell outta dodge or beat up my corpse to get back their disk

<Should have put it at 240 or something but whatever


>Don't have to survive to win according to objectives so just decide to murderbone rest of crew

>Go back to tool storage, somehow the AI got a hold of my Medibot and hacked it, it injected a needle into me filled with poison, have to destroy it to continue

>Find bartender, i get the first shot at him and drop him but he hits me with one round of beanbag which immediatly makes me puke and drop all my spaguetti

>He doesn't get back up in time and i'm able to esword him

>On last C20r mag, which only has like 8 rounds

>Move to tool storage exit and SUDDENTLY EXPLOSION

>Someone goddamn blew up the fucking fuel tank and the radius was ONE TILE away from fucking me up utterly

>See knocked out scientist with XRAY GUN

>Waste the entire mag on the fucker and toss my gun at his corpse

>Get near an intercomm and scream my lungs out about how the entire crew will die

>Proceed to continue limping around the hallways getting somewhat shut down by the AI because it keeps closing airlocks and all i had was 1TC from my uplink so decide to use it on ANOTHER TOOLBOX just for the crowbar

>Puke streaks, weak as shit, slow as molasses

>Kill another two crewmembers with esword and pistol, run out of ammo while making my way to Engineering by breaking open everything in the way including windows, tables, faces

>Trying to get to AI Sat and either killing the AI with foam or exploding gloriously to turret lasers

>Shout at a nearby intercom telling the AI that i will kill it



>Try to run





>nuke blows up

>deadchat blows up too

>greentext regardless

385dbf No.14454116


he called shuttle early while I was 3 tiles from an escape pod

385dbf No.14454487

Anyone know how I can make my own singleplayer game so I can teach myself how to do things?

2a22d1 No.14454588


Download the source code from github, and run byond's dream runner, then connect to it.

f1b623 No.14454589


Compile the code using Dream Maker and host it on Dream Daemon.

385dbf No.14455575


I did it and the code is more updated and has more features than what's on 8station right now. Does 8station not use the latest code?

c98e16 No.14455628


after h8stations fall the successor stations each had their own take on the code and used a different iteration of pizzacode, so it isn't clear which repository has the latest iteration with the most updates.

385dbf No.14455652


The singleplayer server I made is tgstation and it has some cool stuff

c98e16 No.14455667



We tried that for a bit but the users revolted and wanted a code revert that had all our memes.

1547eb No.14455790

Play on vgstation. The meta club and shitmins are gone

385dbf No.14455916


>halfchan server


385dbf No.14457179

I just tried playing on tgstation and the average time until an escape shuttle arrives is 30 minutes. Somehow the players always make the station go to shit in just a few minutes, and so there's never time to do anything. There's also furries everywhere. Avoid at all costs

2b9ea9 No.14457793

File: a28db7d4b5f1ee4⋯.png (2.68 KB, 79x69, 79:69, orb.png)

Well, niggered an animated fusion orb which existed in the files somewhere. We have an animation now.

e5bd2b No.14457796


>The meta club and shitmins are gone

I need more specific details.

6259fe No.14457920

File: d174e21318a1c78⋯.png (142.66 KB, 979x668, 979:668, 1445703232903.png)


I believe this image will help to explain it

d78236 No.14457990


>152 hash

You have to go back, you literal cuckchan shill

6259fe No.14457997

File: 2845e78078424e4⋯.png (75.51 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, d355628b7a71f8e5aaa0a54d3d….png)


I got it off the /vg/ booru, sue me

948833 No.14458054


You have to edit in some tears, the statue is always crying.

6259fe No.14458153


there is a tear

6624df No.14458379



>the faggot who coded for nuTG and is directly in cahoot's with Zero's shitty disagreement circlejerk

>also the one who coded such amazing features such as Freon and Vape canisters, which happened to crash servers several times due to memory leaks and apported literally nothing of value to the stations it was implemented other than memes





Fuck /vg/ anyways, it's a shithole

6259fe No.14458410


fuck all mother fuckers tbh

2b9ea9 No.14458658

File: 3280903986f23c7⋯.png (148.33 KB, 1655x580, 331:116, questionmark.png)

Alright, I'm confused about how the singularity's icons work. First it goes from /icon/obj/singularity.dmi and picks one sprite out of there. On a stage increase it goes to a whole new folder where the .dmi is named after, presumably, the size in pixels. Is this what I want to do if I want a 3x3 or 5x5 sprite for the sun?

c98e16 No.14458698


SS13 has an intense case of spaghetti code given how many different authors have contributed over the years. Our pizzacode would have gone through two hugemajor revisions in the code by the time our fiends sank their claws into it. Most SS13 servers today run a cleaned-up version of the codebase depending on the variant. Off the top of my head, there's goonstation, tgstation, and baystation from which all other variants branch off of. We use a variant of older tgstation code. Modern tgstation underwent that previously mentioned cleanup and isn't recognizable. There's a general for SS13 in half/vg/ that has the tgstation details.

2b9ea9 No.14458710

File: 039e824b534907c⋯.jpg (7.82 KB, 209x241, 209:241, disdain.jpg)


>going to half

ew no. Either way, I'm wondering if the file being named with the file size has anything to do with it, since singulo stage 2 shares the .dmi with christmas tree and other stuff. I also want to know how to make a sprite the correct size to being with, since the icon editor doesn't SEEM to have that option, from what I have explored.

2b9ea9 No.14458724


Scratch that, it really does. Even editing a smaller icon in that file gives more room to work with.

c98e16 No.14458749


yes well I forgot to mention that you don't need to put anything in any specific folder because over the years different authors have applied different logic to the organization.

2b9ea9 No.14458761


Well, time to continue the spaghetti because I'm lazy and unpaid.

6259fe No.14458769


there's a video of the various changes over the years on the /tg/ github and about half way in lots large parts of it got out right deleted and I can't seem to find this video

5cb752 No.14460779

File: 358638253cbc1e4⋯.png (6.43 KB, 403x325, 31:25, 3f7350b92e09df1cf546d1e299….png)


01a263 No.14461887

File: d123dc03c3d5b6b⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 604x463, 604:463, 1520526553543.jpg)

New round starting

5971e9 No.14465939

File: cad71e32de4a3bc⋯.jpg (247.68 KB, 500x450, 10:9, thumbs_up1.jpg)

Will be on the server as soon as we get some other people in the lobby. Anyone down for a Saturday night shift?

df5db1 No.14466118


I can probably get on.

cad177 No.14467041

how do I git gud at viro?

6624df No.14467099


objects tab while holding dropper, set-transfer-amount 1 instead of 5

cad177 No.14467109


Which tells me nothing.

6624df No.14467294


Te inventive

Use the wiki

Try not to use up all your plasma as you can easily get nearly everything with V.Food and U.Muta, everything inside virolab is excessively good at making godvirus mixes and death plagues that can kill the entire crew in a matter of minutes.

1u dropper is your friend.

cad177 No.14467405

>round goes to shit 15 minutes in

>griff is rampant

Swear to god whomever cooked up that disposals loop better get a ban.

c98e16 No.14467423


What happened? Because infinite disposal loops have been patched out ages ago on modern codebases. If you try to put something into a loop and there's no valid exit it will fail. Unless there is an exit and its just really long with lots of turns to kill whoever is in it.

d40778 No.14467434

File: 0d916cb4702574d⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 500x281, 500:281, idiotsandwhich.gif)

>admin dealing with half the server retardedly killing themselves

4ec449 No.14467502

File: 337dd32bcc82f24⋯.jpg (40.73 KB, 441x498, 147:166, 9df.jpg)


>when the entire population apart from the admin and some dumbass learning the TEG runs into the loop below security, killing them

I have never been more depressed in my life.

385dbf No.14468362

File: 17aedb08b8c5115⋯.jpg (45.09 KB, 720x708, 60:59, 17aedb08b8c5115b9113667af2….jpg)

Are you allowed to rejoin on a proxy after dying and then metagaming to go after your killer?

Because 2 faggots just did that. And they rejoined as security. Game is still going as I type this message. Their names are:

Darcey Robertson

Edward Adison

When I killed them they were:

Bethany Osterwise

Reese Schaeffer

PLEASE ban these faggots.

OOC: Player (567): wait you fguys rejoined as security and metagamed?

OOC: Player (807): what u say

OOC: Player (807): we memegame?

OOC: Player (567): I killed 2 people then 2 of you show up as sec

OOC: Player (807): Hmmm

OOC: Player (807): No memegame friend

OOC: Player (567): that's not allowed

OOC: Player (807): k

OOC: Player (567): i thought i was just unlucky until you referred to the people i killed as your bodies

OOC: Player (807): what u sey?

OOC: Player (567): im reporting you bud

OOC: Player (807): call the police faggot

OOC: Player (807): they can't unrape you

OOC: Player (807): Do it

OOC: Player (807): DO IT


OOC: Player (807): CALL THEM

OOC: Player (807): REPORT US


c98e16 No.14468365


Yea thats very bannable.

6259fe No.14468385

File: a7ddd792ff7b49d⋯.jpg (96.19 KB, 600x330, 20:11, hm7CrsQ.jpg)


those are the two meta shitters which have been shitting up everything 8chan related since gamergate

385dbf No.14468400


I thought the servers tracked mac address so people couldn't do shit like this

2a54da No.14468408


>Ended a 3 players round just to get free objectives and escape greentext

6259fe No.14468413


oh you naive son


I really hate this kinda shit tbh

385dbf No.14468421


so they don't even need a proxy? they can just log in on another byond account? damn

385dbf No.14468477

File: 7f9a96fee004173⋯.png (7.38 KB, 931x125, 931:125, 1.png)

File: 70b6b69e22ab973⋯.png (19.27 KB, 951x463, 951:463, 2.png)

File: 726b7f033ecddb3⋯.png (5.13 KB, 959x91, 137:13, 3.png)

Admin requested screenies. A lot of my chat was cut off so he can go back in the logs and see the things I wasn't able to capture.

Picture 1: Refers to the 2 people who are dead as "our bodies"

Picture 2: Notice the fact they are not denying anything, just trolling.

Picture 3: Refers to the killings even though these 2 people joined after the fact. Again, not even trying to hide their metashittery.

385dbf No.14468502

File: aa1278fe2691e0c⋯.png (11.12 KB, 960x224, 30:7, 4.png)


Any admin who checks the logs will be able to see the smoking gun: 2 new players both signing up as security, grabbing guns and running to where the murder happened just moments after they died.

2a54da No.14468512

File: 0589f0c6b6e484d⋯.png (15.5 KB, 660x121, 60:11, ClipboardImage.png)

>ending it all for the pettiest shit

4ec449 No.14468539

File: fe445fae52bf46d⋯.png (150.21 KB, 855x333, 95:37, altsaregonegoodbyeboys.PNG)

My general understanding of the situation is;

>Traitor unnecessarily kills the rest of the autists on the station for no general reason outside of captain's id or whatever the fuck

>the victims go onto alts to kick his ass

>successfully kick his nigger ass

>nigger antagonist causes shit on the thread, attracts me during my slam slam thank you ma'am hours

>go check on the situation, figure out that shittery has happened, ban ban, etc.

since I honestly don't have choice to whom I side with, the people who used the alts are both banned and ip banned. Say goodbye, everyone. Until they make a new byond ckey and wipe and restart their router.

bd601f No.14468546

Why would I play here presently when I am actively profiling Oracle Station?

6bf8d7 No.14468658


>actually being a bitch about doing your damn job

Given that it's roleplayrascal admining (again), this isn't all that surprising.

c16211 No.14469544

File: efab33f43aac5b1⋯.png (65.24 KB, 286x308, 13:14, 2456473596846763.png)


So let me get this straight

>Antag antagonizes crew

>fags get upset by this

5db392 No.14469575

File: fb2a0240df0e241⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 640x467, 640:467, 1520232695735.jpg)


>antag antags the crew that couldn't deal with him.

>resorts to getting on alts and breaking several rules.

Lol-ing at these shitters, the traitor has full privlege to kill anyone he chooses. just get gid and fucking murderize him before he wipes the crew.

kek @ this station.

2a54da No.14469595




Are you proud yet?

5db392 No.14469624

File: cd18d39c2c17e94⋯.png (236.21 KB, 328x398, 164:199, 1488940946769.png)


ha it's the metagamer himself.

get banned kiddo.


>not knowing what the (1) is meant for.

don't return to the game, ever.

6259fe No.14469634


they're the two shitters, that's what they do when they can't shit up a server, move to the threads.

2a54da No.14469647

File: de7f3525828975b⋯.jpg (74.4 KB, 471x490, 471:490, 1404490329789.jpg)



Wow, must be fun defending your petty greentext shittery meme with proxies.

5db392 No.14469649

File: cc3e1e06bc97ccd⋯.png (211.46 KB, 553x507, 553:507, 1494695864540.png)


Does anyone know their Ckey?

it's always great to google it and see what other bullshit they've done on other servers.

5db392 No.14469662

File: 29ede8859f76527⋯.png (139.44 KB, 544x642, 272:321, 1493877894917.png)

Boi I haven't even touched ss13 for years due too college/irl bullshit

if anything am semi-hated here and would rather not reveal my identity.

Cause It'll be embarrassing

6259fe No.14469663


why don't you take a look at the posts in the thread before assuming that

5db392 No.14469665

4ec449 No.14470363

File: c9063c8394975e2⋯.jpg (75.71 KB, 538x900, 269:450, c9063c8394975e2c6ec20263d2….jpg)



I laughed.


Regarding the situation, it was a dead-pop antagonist killing the rest of the crew for lackluster reasons, and the crew came back with alts to shitpost on him. In this problem, both sides are basically faggots killing as an antagonist on deadpop is a surefire way to kill the pop, especially when theres no assassination objectives, but the antagonist is valid no matter what, so no real shit can be done about it, weird how that works :^) but being both metafaggots and using alts is an easy peasy way to get banned. I pity them because it is a cunt thing to deal with, but they dealt with it in the worst way.


this is true, please just get good so i don't have to deal with this shit :^)

c98e16 No.14470438


Getting killed wouldn't be so bad if there were any ways to get back into the round easily. Not saying that there's an easy solution and enabling respawn might turn it into an infinite shitterfest that results in arrivals always being destroyed, but that its something to think about and might be worth coding in.

If the pop is really low and someone dies, they come back as an antag or special role somehow.

4ec449 No.14470460

File: 86caf296189a9e4⋯.png (73.44 KB, 233x250, 233:250, 86caf296189a9e48e431c51a17….png)


There is ways to return back into the round without using another alt, but a majority of the time this is unwanted due to the fact that these situations can occur just by some nigger coming back into the round.

I would of probably given them a send back to lobby or some shit, but I wasn't on at the time.

d78236 No.14470462


Why would you reward being killed? I haven't hopped on this server yet, but iirc on last serb you could become a MoMMi or a rat if you died.

4ec449 No.14470467

File: bc4289b30442e00⋯.png (21.12 KB, 283x389, 283:389, bc4289b30442e00896f6e02719….png)


You can become a MoMMi, I don't think you can come back as a rat, but you can try. :^)

c98e16 No.14470481


Because on low pop its really easy to get killed and not everyone plays SS13 like its a deathmatch.

cad177 No.14470487

File: 937888279436c72⋯.gif (595.71 KB, 240x160, 3:2, 1313476372241.gif)

What the fuck

c98e16 No.14470491


Every ss13 turns into this sooner or later and its why for awhile there were no ss13 threads though by my understanding the server stuck around instead of going offline, kudos to the host for that.

6259fe No.14470667


that kinda thing has to be handled by an admin tbh

c98e16 No.14470783


Then you get shits like roleplay rascal whose moderation policy is to not moderate

6259fe No.14470820


it sounds like I was the only decent admin since back on nel's server

4ec449 No.14470841


This is clearly bait, but if you're saying this seriously, I must ask. Do you actually play on the server?

cbda43 No.14471444


Whenever these things happen, people really should get into the habit of investigating shit, if only to know if these accounts were made the same day to metagame.

As it stands however…

http://www.byond.com/members/Thegman254 Account created in 2013

http://www.byond.com/members/MaximusAutisma Account created in 2015

http://www.byond.com/members/FugAGuy Account created in 2015

I cannot find a "Abailord" account on Byond for whatever reason, but since he chose the same name from OOC to play as, that speaks volumes about how much semen he ingests hourly.

I'm assuming the first guy was a shit player back from 2013 and 2 years later met someone else to be his partner in crime. A THOT, it seems judging by the name and because this wouldn't be the first time a THOT decided to grief during low-pop hours and act incredibly unstable. Plus, the names seem to point towards throwaway accounts.

So expect a few more visits in a few days with newly made accounts I guess. Until someone decides to block anyone running old versions of BYOND anyway, I'm sure the newer ones don't run on the shitputers these fags are using apparently.


There's actually an implemented mechanism to help with this, whenever a round goes over a set limit. Can't remenber if it was 45 minutes, 1 hour or 1:30 hour, (it can be configured and these effects scale up with time) but nasty shit starts to spawn using dead players if available. That's how you get Xenomorphs and Blobs in regular rounds for instance, or Space Ninjas if they were working.

The idea was to counter traitors that took too fucking long to do anything, especially if they thought that killing everyone at the start of the round and forcing them to watch for 1 hour was a good idea.

Honestly, I think it would be far more important to create oportunities for people to practice combat since unless you roll traitor or pick Sec, you'll likely try to avoid combat or not use conventional weapons anyway, so not many oportunities to improve.

Or people could just start playing laser tag, I suppose.

cad177 No.14471777




Trips, very nice.

4ec449 No.14472003


My trips pal, Its Abajlord, not Abailord.

cbda43 No.14472177


It would be this one then:


Which was created at the beginning of this month. Considering your previous account dating back 5 years, it's fair to assume this one is just a throwaway (ence why you'd be a fag and use the same name IC)

If you have been playing the game this long, you should already know that metagaming or using second accounts is verbotten so you're never gonna change anyways.

Either you're the one that came up with the whole idea or you were convinced to join the thot, but either way… Your loss.

You're missing out on playing with 10-15 pretty cool guys during high pop just so you can stick to low pop and "be an epic griefster" or whatever you kids think you look like.

385dbf No.14472765

1ecf98 No.14472808

File: 3ac91682620b7f0⋯.jpg (64.54 KB, 550x746, 275:373, 3fcfb70e4ef5de48f9a9e50b8c….jpg)


>Get bored of my quest to record every mixable chem into the advanced chem synth and decide to mess around in genetics.

>Notice the viro is sick on medHUD. Immediately grab hardsuit and internals.

>People start buzzing and hissing over the radio, make mental note to upgrade to a larger air tank.

>Popping a combo of DD, my own nutritional supplement, and hyperzine to deal with radiation, hunger, and hardsuit bulk.

>Become a glorious green adonis with every power except xray and TK.

>Captain comes over with an ion rifle and stands at the genetics door.

>Chats for a bit before chucking a teargas grenade into the room.

>Test my latest SE before smashing his face in.

>Fuck, I'm deaf.

>Run through genetics door and beat captain to death with my glorious green fists.

>Punch him some more while fixing my hearing.

>Virologist walks into the cloning room with a welder tank.

>Walk to science side of room, watch as he welderbombs himself

This is why you don't get to bring friends, Captain.

113400 No.14475432

Considering the current server pop, would Ministation be a good idea until we can drum up more players?

2b9ea9 No.14475457


Possibly, yes. If I'm not mistaken, the main power source for that is the TEG so that should please that one TEGAUTIST. I quite like the layout of mini, too.

542f44 No.14477028

Do you like honking other people?

df2546 No.14477105


There needs to be a server hosted from this codebase:


86a6b6 No.14477199

>want to learn to play

>game too intimidating

>last time I tried I got drug away as a sacrifice for something and became a cockroach of some sort and people got mad at me for some reason

>died a little inside

6bf8d7 No.14477246


No, there doesn't. Now fuck off with trying to push that heaping pile of shit all the time.

cab6eb No.14477285


Have "say "I'm new."" bound on hotkey and spam it whenever something fucky is happening.

The worst thing that could happen is that the admin makes you into his personal ERP partner

7287fb No.14477317

File: 64209aa264cad05⋯.jpg (67.22 KB, 750x700, 15:14, 64209aa264cad056adc4208482….jpg)

Finally got BYOND to work with wine, or rather noticed how - using a virtual desktop shows the icon that it minimizes itself into after startup apparently.

2b9ea9 No.14477486

What are all of the benefits, downsides, effects, etc. of cyber augmenting yourself? I'm making a page on the wiki for it.

efa604 No.14477572


It's been forever ago since I've done that but:

You're a lot sturdier.

I think fully augmenting yourself lets you spacewalk without consequence.

Healing is different, I believe. You need soldering and wires (?)

2b9ea9 No.14477589


Yeah, that's as far as I know, though I think the space walking might be broken. They probably shouldn't have to eat either and be immune to chems since all their organs come out. To balance out I guess let them be affected by EMP.

2b9ea9 No.14477605


The page is called "Augmented", for a lack of a specific name, I guess. (Since any race can be augmented.)

e29ddf No.14477940

How to into virology

3cc66d No.14479167


Last I checked, you only "augment" your limbs, not the internal organs.

What this means is innate armor so you take less damage and said limb becomes space-proof. However to heal your cyber limbs, you need to use a Welder for Brute damage and Wires for Burn damage.

Internal organs stay the same, you still need to eat and breath.

However, there's more implants besides the limbs themselves, one of them actually removing the need to eat but breathing is still there.

This means you can technically "space walk" as long as you have a gas mask.

But quite frankly, you're better either trying it out in-game or checking the code yourself if you're looking for actually specific information.

2b9ea9 No.14479951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well, currently, you completely replace limbs via amputation and re-attachment, making them completely cyborg/metal. Only the chest have "augment" surgery. It would at least make sense to reduce caloric requirement to 0 for a limb, greatly reduce for the chest (since MOST of your organs come out) and not at all for the head [since you keep your brain, but of course cyborgs have brains but don't need to eat so ~(._.)~]

Honestly I would just have the chest augment remove at least the lungs and make the excuse that it has dialysis in there; then if you want to remove eating also you can get the nutriment pump. It's funny because you can just skeletonize yourself with krokodil first and then augment yourself- negating the need to breath, I'm also unsure how damage works out given skeleton takes more damage but augments reduce damage?

What if augmented humans were or could be upgraded to be badass killing machines but had lawsets?

d074fc No.14479981


the reason why you don't want augmentation what so ever is because you can only heal your self via tools, you cannot have any god virus or DNA goodies, you cannot even be admin healed it's that bad.

d074fc No.14479984


those are called syndi borgs

3cc66d No.14480200


>It would at least make sense to reduce caloric requirement to 0 for a limb

Sadly that's not how hunger works in the game, your organs and limbs don't count for it at all.

Which would be an interesting mechanic to have, stronger limbs\organs performing better but having higher caloric requirements.

>make the excuse that it has dialysis in there

You'd still need a source of oxygen anyway, so either an augment to have an oxygen canister slot in your torso or an engine that runs on water with electrolysis feeding you both oxygen and hydrogen. The later could either be expeled into the air ahah or another implant uses it for internal power.

>What if augmented humans were or could be upgraded to be badass killing machines but had lawsets?

That's what cyborgs are supposed to be actually, really upsets me how terminology goes for SS13 regarding this.

Cyborgs should be augmented humans with an organic mind.

Robots should be synthetic bodies with synthetic minds, which would include the lesser robots we have now as simpler but still robots.

The fact that a brain is used doesn't change this, especially since they have no extra needs because of that, unlike cyborgs that still have to injest sugar and other nutrients for their brain and whatever part remains of their body.

Which also limits the game slightly since we're missing Androids and Bioroid, the first being Robots that have a human appearance and the second being basically an organic body with a synthetic mind.

Goonstation had Replicants in place of Androids (which is retarded since they weren't biological at all unlike the source material) but we could have Bioroids to be vat-grown bodies where you put an MMI inside. All the laws and rules regarding synthetic creatures but with an organic body instead.


Considering how plentiful welder fuel and wires are on the station, especially since most people carry the 2 tools needed to heal yourself in a toolbelt anyway, it's really not that bad an idea.

And I'm not too sure on the virus and DNA since I haven't tried them, but couldn't you keep DNA powers even with augmentation? Hulk might be the exception depending on how health is calculated with those, but X-Ray, TK and even Fire Resist should still work.

Plus, virus that heal your body might not be necessary, but that just means extra slots for other virus, no actual need for toxins filter or the virus that keeps you well fed. You could inject yourself with Toxins Filter plus that strain where you spew plasma and be a walking hazard to everyone but yourself. Combine that with Fire Resist and you can go around setting the whole station on fire on your own.

d074fc No.14480219


the thing is, a patch with even a basic all heal would still be vastly superior then welding your self you could even use a vape and stick omni+ in to just smoke it when shit goes down. the issue isn't how available healing stuff is, it's how slow it is to heal

2b9ea9 No.14480249


Asmothia makes you spontaneously explode at some point of it's final stage, so it's probably not a good idea to have.

3cc66d No.14480299


>the issue isn't how available healing stuff is, it's how slow it is to heal

You're also forgetting that with extra armor, you'll take less damage. So while your opponent might have a patch constantly healing him, he still has to dish out more damage than you, otherwise it's not gonna help as much.

Let's assume a mad fight between Robodude (fully augmented spessmen) and Patches (chemist patched with Bicaridine), both wielding a Force 10 weapon.

Let's also assume they hit each other every single second in a 0.6 tick rate server with augmentation reducing damage in half.

This means that Patches is basically dealing 5 Brute Damage per second, meanwhile Robodude is dealing 10 but the healing, that amounts to 3.3 per second, reduces it to 6,7 Brute Damage per second.

So basically, Patches might be healing but Robodude will last longer than Patches can hold out in a fight of atriction and once he is done for, Robodude will have all the time in the world to fix whatever damage he took.

You should also remenber that not many people are gonna be carrying patches around if they aren't chemists or assistants that know where to get them anyway, as well as even having access to Ominize if you aren't a Botanist, who won't just give it to anyone, unlike a Roboticist who will gladly augment everyone.

Patches and Vape seem like the best option but only if you're considering some amount of powergaming into the equation, and even then.

Meanwhile augmentation is still the longer lasting and more easily available option.


In that case, you can play the most exciting game of balance, where you keep eating the cure to your disease in very, very slow amounts overtime. Done right, you can keep the symptoms strong enough to keep spewing plasma without curing yourself but not high enough you explode.

cad177 No.14480304



kill yourself right now

2b9ea9 No.14480314

File: 9f6a91db0bab4bb⋯.png (218.98 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, thonk.png)

If I use the following

var/datum/gas_mixture/air_sample = return_air()

for my sun, will I get the temperature and pressure data on the tile the sun is on? It seems like it's just a catch all kind of function for getting air data of some kind or another and it's used in tons of files and I can't find the source of that function.

cad177 No.14480323

File: 351c916ee5bd735⋯.png (11.29 KB, 449x389, 449:389, 2ec2e8a149e580fa08cbe95d0b….png)

3cc66d No.14480326


Do a ctr+F with: "/proc/return-air".

Usually, when searching for a proc, you want to add the "/proc/" before the name, otherwise you get 701 different returns.

That will get you air data from ANY gas mixture.

Tiles have gas mixtures. As do disposal bins, O2 tanks, mechs and some other miscellaneous thing.

Just make sure you're calling it on the correct air mix and don't let people bottle up the sun in air tanks. That's for the Dominions 5 thread.

2b9ea9 No.14480354


The sun is an entity roughly based off of the singularity. I want it to check the temp and pressure of the tile beneath it. If temperature is positive, it can grow- if negative it will shrink. If it can grow, energy (and thus size) is directly related to the pressure readout. The proc is in the atoms file, as it turns out- and it just returns loc.return_air(), so I'm assuming I can just use that and assign it to a regular variable?

/obj/sun/proc/eat()//Eat things. Make sure to check if the tile is NOT reinforced floor.
set background = BACKGROUND_ENABLED
for(var/atom/X in orange(grav_pull,src))
var/dist = get_dist(X, src)
var/obj/sun/S = src
if(dist > consume_range)
X.sun_pull(S, current_size)
else if(dist <= consume_range && !isturf(/turf/simulated/floor/engine))//This should mean we eat everything except for reinforced floor.

This is what I'm using for the sun eating things. Basically if it's touching it and it isn't reinforced floor, it gets nommed, so enough space and reinforced floor is the containment procedure.

df2546 No.14480355



It's just lifeweb without the ERP. Chill fam

cad177 No.14480395


>continues to defend interbay and lifeweb


d074fc No.14480407


the extra armour is moot because the difference is minimum and even so, movement is what's important in ss13 combat, not armour, if you take a hit it slows you down and that's the reason why you're more likely to loose the fight so that's why healing on the fly is critical. if you can utterly remove the need to stop for it you can fight pretty much consistent.

it's faster to break into the places with round start supplies then it is to augment your self or even have someone else augment you, the reason why robotist is glad to aug someone is because it's hardly ever done and more often then not the robotist is waiting on mets for cool mechs so has the time for it.

you need to consider powergaming as that's what the code base is balanced on as, while our code is old /tg/, it's still /tg/'s speed and until we actually get some level of competent coders to dedicate themselves to working on overhualing our codebase so that it's not just outdated trash with "neat things" put in, it's always going to be held hostage to powergaming.

3cc66d No.14480429


>fucking with atoms

Usually, I'm iffy about that. You know what an Atom is, right? Because it's pretty much EVERYTHING. Byond has two base types: datums are virtual pieces of data that don't really "exist" and atoms that are things actually placed on the game world. A person is an atom, but so is a potted plant, the black overlay to simulate darkness or a spark effect.

That for() you're calling will check every atom in a good range, and that might cause the sun to eat darkness, sparks, blood splatters and ghosts.

Pretty fucking metal when you think about it.

I don't really code anymore because I only enjoy coding wild shit that only 1 in 10 like but I'd definetly do that.

If you're looking for an inverted singulo though, don't work with pull. Push instead. The sun should violently explode every once in a while, throw things flying, that sort of stuff. Just call some explosion proc every couple minutes and increase the frequency/blast radious based on energy. Then make some aparatus that collects energy from explosions.

Just edit the ex_act from them and the sun, otherwise the sun explodes itself into nothing.

Unless you're doing an Object that orbits the station? Not sure how that would work. Mini-sun?

3cc66d No.14480439


Forgot to add: if you use a normal explosion for the sun, you not only reuse a lot of code/save a lot of work, you also create a fail state in case the engies fuck up: the sun fucking explodes. In the station/near it.

df2546 No.14480487


>being this triggered over a kick and jump mechanic

3cc66d No.14480504


>not making a thread for his own game

>leeching of other comunities

You are pathetic.

df2546 No.14480528


'Tis mere a codebase suggestion. There's a lot of servers that branch off /tg/ and baystation.

been trying to host a server tho

3cc66d No.14480542

File: 63c813219db92e7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)


Asking once is a sugestion.

Asking twice is a request.

Asking more than that is a paddling.

2b9ea9 No.14480657

File: a3ba8c68f064c78⋯.png (166.46 KB, 1110x665, 222:133, engineering, currently.png)


No, it sits in the chamber. I'm going to add code to solar panels that checks for the nearest sun and reads it's energy level. It then outputs power in watts based on that level. The thing will make a pyroclastic explosion if it gets too big, basically exploding part of engineeing and setting half the station on fire. For that, I'll reuse the explosion code and then copypasta the same code but make the effect call ignitemob() instead of damaging blocks/people (or so I think). In regards to the atoms, literally all I need is to get the gas data underneath the sun. I also need to refine the eat function, and I'm not sure if I'll keep a gravitational pull at all- might just limit it to the sprite size of the sun, so touching it means you get pulled to the actual entity's tile and eaten. The sun also doesn't gain energy from eating things, it just burns them up (I took the function that does that for the singulo out).

The basic idea is that because it's a miniature sun that isn't self sufficient, it sits (it doesn't move at all, unlike singulo) in a chamber occasionally spitting out new gas which makes it grow. If you try to regulate the pressure via space, the sun will die (and devolve into flaming plasma). This sun doesn't have radiation, so no collectors setup- you have solar panels next to it.

3cc66d No.14480719


> I'll reuse the explosion code and then copypasta the same code but make the effect call ignitemob() instead

Check the functions used to call explosions, there's several parameteres to them regarding the radius of destruction.

One of the parameteres is "fire radius", which is basically how far it will spread fire instead of just blowing things up.

You can have this value pretty high, much higher than the rest, and you'll get a nice fiery explosion.

3cc66d No.14480760

Quick question to the Admin of the station:

Would Respawn in low-pop be okay?

Because I could write something really small, 6 or 7 lines, stick it in a paste bin and then you guys just paste it on the serb's code and people can fuck around during low-pop /deathmatch until more people join.

We gotta agree on a limit on the number of people that constitute low-pop. I'd sugest less then 7 (so 6,5,4,3,2,1) being considered low-pop.

Then it can be toggled two ways:

Automatically: as soon as 7 people are connected, Respawn is disabled, if people disconnect and we're back to 6 or less, it's renabled.

Or at round start: whenever a round starts, it checks the amount of people and enables/disables it, keeping the value for the current round.

I'd personally prefer the first one and would only use the second if we have an automated shift-transfer in place (auto-shuttle call after 30/90/120 minutes).

2b9ea9 No.14480927


Nice, thanks.

6624df No.14481040


Fact about cyborgization: It really is not worth it for the amount of time/material investment that you put into it.

The benefits of gaining metal limbs and body is that you become partially, but not completely, spaceproof and you gain a basic 25% Melee resist towards all sources of damage based on Melee attacks Eg Brute from anything blunt and Burn mainly from Welders, with diminishing returns depending on how much armor you get on yourself.

Diminishing returns? Well Riot Armor currently protects up to 80 Melee Brute plain reduction. Along with Augmentation, you can only get up to 86 Melee Brute resist, as the 25% only affects the 0 basic defense and is lowered depending on how much armor you put on top of it so that it can never truly be 100.

You are also immune to ALL Chemicals, including anything harmful or helpful.

You are also immune to ALL Viruses, be they harmful or helpful.

You also heal from just welders and cable coil, but that is actually a bad thing and i'll start explaining why now.

The downsides of gaining metal limbs is that you can't be healed quickly by chemicals. You can ONLY fix yourself up with Welder and Cable Coil, and unless someone else is administering them to you, you will be stuck for minutes welding and mending your ass up with how slow fixing yourself is.

Chemicals, in the other hand, act incredibly quickly and stack with eachother. You will see no chemist do a simple patch with only Bicardine as a combat mix. He will add as much as he can into the mix so that it heals him up to 100% as quickly as possible, that means bicard+tricord+DD+Omni+kelo+derma+sypticP+silverS in your most basic "combat stim" patch and, if he's any competent at his job, he'll also add small amounts of Hyperzine, Ephedrine, Crank, Hotline or even BathSalts to his mixes for unmatched hyperspeed and anti-stun that is faster than Xeno Hunters.

Another bad thing about augmentation is that you lose some of your base speed. You are slow as molasses as a Cyborg and you CAN NOT FIX THIS WITH ANYTHING. The chemist will be running circles around you for hours with mixes he can make in 5 seconds meanwhile you're stuck with a subpar armor that can't even protect you as well as it should. Couple this that SS13 combat is ALL about Stuns, if either of you are smart at all, you won't be just meleeing eachother with Toolboxes outside of really desperate situations. You will arm up or at the very least keep a stunprod handy if you intend to fight eachother at some point over any innane shit and the first one to fall is the one that dies most of the time. Even so, if you stack armor with your cyber limbs you can only truly max out Melee Brute Resist, not Ranged Brute/Burn damage sources or Melee Burn based sources such as the Energy Axe or the Upgraded Welding Tool.

The other bad thing about Augmentation is how long it takes, how much it costs and how it definitely requires another dude to augment you to make it faster. It takes up to a max of 10-15 minutes to self-augment yourself fully. That is disregarding parts build time, the fact that you can die very easily when self-augmenting or streaks of constant bad RNG rolls that make you re-do shit. Just the plain surgery itself takes a fuckload of time.

It also takes 45 Sheets of Metal to print all parts from an unupgraded Robotics Fabricator, i've never seen augmentfags even upgrade their own equipment, so by the time they make 2 borgs/1mech and augment 2 people, they already ran out of metal and will cry at Cargo or Engineering for more materials and will start cannibalizing their own department for more of the damn thing. Seriously fucking do some basic R&D, just Materials level 5 and Pico Manips+High-Power Lasers basically makes you save up to 75% of your resources by just upgrading the machine.

With a competent partner you can cut down the surgery timer to about 1 minute or even a little less, but it requires him to act perfectly in every step of the way and is still not efficient.

Compare that with just mixing chems which take less than 10 seconds to come up with basic mixtures and massproducing patches and pills and you start seeing why people call Chemists overpowered.

I will not argue about this and i will fully state that Cyborgization IS faster than Virology, but that's mostly based on RNG and if you roll insanely good you can finish a god virus mix in 3 minutes or even less, but usually it takes a good 15-20 minutes.

Also you are subceptible to EMP as a Cyborg. There are many ways why this can fuck you over because it deals HUGE amounts of Burn damage to your entire body and several Antags have repeatable sources of EMP.

body of post too long lemme post godfuckingdamnit

2b9ea9 No.14481214


The answer is to further increase the damage reduction, across the board, I guess. Make immune damage, if not already.

What about auto aim of some kind? Could also make it so having cyber arms flat out increases the damage you deal with all melee weapons by a lot, since it's a robot punch. Possibly let them get the 2H damage from a fire axe while in 1H,

Oh, what if augmented humans could install exosuit modules, like laser cannons and hydraulic clamps? Just throwing out ideas here.

2b9ea9 No.14481217


>immune damage

I meant immune to toxin, thanks codemonkey.

aa4551 No.14481276


What's the draw of this codebase over others?

2b9ea9 No.14481298


Memes, self-surgery, not using micro$soft edgelord, probably some other things.

66fb83 No.14481315


vore code.

cad177 No.14481362

File: e199c20b87f86e3⋯.png (708.92 KB, 678x767, 678:767, 1520797540142.png)

2b9ea9 No.14481520


Also, what is this function for? It's called check_turfs, but I'm guessing it has to do with movement (it's from the singularity) but the minisun doesn't do that, so I was thinking of taking it out.

/obj/singularity/proc/check_turfs_in(var/direction = 0, var/step = 0)
return 0
var/steps = 0
steps = 1
steps = 3//Yes this is right
steps = 3
steps = step
var/list/turfs = list()
var/turf/T = src.loc
for(var/i = 1 to steps)
T = get_step(T,direction)
return 0
var/dir2 = 0
var/dir3 = 0
dir2 = 4
dir3 = 8
dir2 = 1
dir3 = 2
var/turf/T2 = T
for(var/j = 1 to steps-1)
T2 = get_step(T2,dir2)
return 0
for(var/k = 1 to steps-1)
T = get_step(T,dir3)
return 0
for(var/turf/T3 in turfs)
return 0
return 1

cad177 No.14481549

File: b81c73c511bc8d1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 635x896, 635:896, 1520811846610.png)

f83ef7 No.14481831

>Log in

>Station's low on power

>Nig spare

>Go to engineering

>Help MoMMI with repairs & power

>No-word nigger calls the shuttle


>Medbay is aliums

>Nig laser & shield

>Kill alium

>Oh it was called again

>Launches early

Yes I am antagonized

cbda43 No.14482148


I'll agree with everything you said, if only for the single reason that Chemistry is fucked. It's too OP and can get anything to anyone within minutes and no RNG. Only drawback is that every effect is timed, which is mitigated by how patches and vaping\cigars work, so not really, plus grenades.

The fact that so many other departments are also reliant on Chemistry too is also bullshit. It's kinda understandable why back in Goonstation, chemists never shared the recipes, considering how easy it is to abuse the entire department compared to just about anything else in the entire station.

Worst part is that the only fix would be to remove the ChemMaster from the game altogether since it's an infinite supply of chemicals at the expense of energy (something you also get infinite amounts of) and replace it with canisters in a stockroom holding a certain amount of each chemical and not all of them. Want more? Order some from Cargo or scavenge them from some other source. Maybe actually cooperate with Botany\Mining\Xenobio?

It's especially bullshit considering how useless ATMOS is for every other department since the few ones that need them already start with enough canisters that they don't actually need them, and ATMOS was supposed to be a main point of the game.


Ideally, limbs should be far more resistant than simply 25% reduction since that's practically nothing. For every 4 whacks you get, you'll just need an extra one. And considering the move speed penalty, it's clearly a "tank" role so 75% reduction at the very bare minimum.

However that isn't even the point of cyborgs, they should have an internal battery like Borgs currently do and use it for all kinds of things, like acting faster movement speed, stronger muscles and even in-built weapons or extra vision modes. The point of a cyborg is to be a titanium-coated swiss knife, ready for several situations and built to last.

cbda43 No.14482176


That seems an horribly coded thing but from what it seems to be, it merely checks a few turfs in a certain direction to see if there's a valid turf.

If this is for the Singularity, it probably picks a direction before calling this and then, depending on it's size, it checks 1 or 3 steps ahead in a cardinal direction. If all of those steps are valid, it returns 1 (so likely, it will move through them), otherwise it will not move.

If your sun ain't moving, you really don't need it, but it's a neat reference if you want to check for adjacent turfs I guess. I mean, besides the whole spaghetti part of it. those "dir2" and "dir3" vars are only there because the author assumes the singularity will only move either 1 or 3 tiles, if it was to move more this wouldn't work for it.

2b9ea9 No.14482425


Cool, thanks. I'll probably truncate that out.

This is the file thus far: https://pastebin.com/Nn3SBMR1

I know there's probably syntax errors somewhere and I still have features to add in order to have a complete entity, but it's been a good learning experience thus far.

cbda43 No.14482923

File: bf2477bec72b90a⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 358x400, 179:200, =3.jpg)


Oh, you're actually serious about learning how to code? If you're actually having fun, I say keep at it. You're already adding the Sun, why stop at a super powered fusion central?

I don't play anymore since I'm not a neet for almost 2 years now and I have other projects to work on, but I like to check these threads from time to time and I can help you if need be.

/*/obj/singularity/ex_act(severity, target)//What is this for?

This bit is how you're supposed to handle Singularities. Basically, the ex_act function is called on objects whenever an explosion affects them. This causes damage or gibs/destroys the object usually.

In the case of Singularities, it either destroys them if they are weak enough or it weakens them (so you'd need more than one explosion if it's above stage 2)

You only need this if you plan on having your Sun capable of being blown up or if you want custom effects for when bombs go near your Sun.

Also, your proc to check the current atmosphere and change the maximum allowed size has a small problem, you're changing the gravitational pull right there. Assuming that the size of your Sun doesn't change instantly as soon as enough gas is present, you'll likely want this changed only when it actually changes size.

Either make an helper function that changes the size of the Sun to a specific one and changes every property accordingly to the new size, then call said function and pass the right size to it based on conditions…

Or have instead a "progress" var that increases or decreases based on gas in the current turf. Then you test for "progress" in order to change size in a single part of the code, with the added bonus that you get an extra var to control it. Make different gases contribute more or less progress, temperature playing a role too or even the Clown counting extra (like the Singularity)

Another helpfull bit: if you're looking for code relating to testing the local turf and spawning gas, you might want to check the SuperMater shard. It's an alternative for engines that once activated, it starts producing gas (what you're looking for) and it starts to take damage once it gets too hot around it. You want gas pressure and not temperature, but you can get both properties using mostly the same method, so check that one.

Godspeed, mate.

2b9ea9 No.14482982

File: 37dfe6a5eb7698a⋯.png (77.38 KB, 694x801, 694:801, cs graduate.png)


Wew, thanks. I'll try to incorporate all that. I'm not sure how far I want to go into specifically SS13 though I've spewed my fair share of lofty ideas. I'm already a fairly competent programmer though I've never encountered scope nor spaghetti like SS13 code. I've handled and programmed from scratch many kinds of data structures before, in terms of my experience. The other thing relating to scope is just all the API stuff. What do I need in my file to not break it, what existing functions exist to support what I want to do with code, stuff like that. Thankfully I don't program like pic related but I still find them funny.

2b9ea9 No.14483012

//Ok, get the air from the turf
var/datum/gas_mixture/env = L.return_air()

I was right, It's just loc.return_air() for air data at the current location, then stored as a gas_mixture datum. >_>

I wish this code was commented well and more uniformly.

113400 No.14483220

Let's drum up some interest: post fun things that you learned about spessmen recently.

Pipes don't have an atmosphere regadless of their contents, so you can suffocate very quickly. Ventcrawl with caution.

On that note, Xenobio has its own vent loop that doesn't connect to the rest of the station; you can't ventcrawl out. If you want to dick around as a slime for a round, make sure you leave before you inject yourself.

Dakimakuras exist.

3cc66d No.14484106


The chef ID card has acess to the Morgue.

In ye old days, Security would arrest chefs for serving long pork.

Nowdays, a named burger is a delicacy.

af49f0 No.14484110

Location of the server?




4922f5 No.14484112


Jew York

7a8a6a No.14484131


I don't remember big slice much. Too long ago. Which server was that?

Was he good?

I guess I can start to play again.

160d7a No.14484288

3cc66d No.14484317



>Adolf Ligger

c98e16 No.14484318


>this is why Liggers are KoS

1a8745 No.14484344

tell me why i should continue to play this shitty game

i just joined paradise station and ended up getting perma banned for having fun on the comms. what a dogshit game

3cc66d No.14484355


1) The 8chan server is not affiliated with Paradise Station, what you do here or there has no bearing or importance in the other.

2) "having fun on the comms" is not very specific, depends a lot on what you consider "fun". If you're constantly spamming, that should get you banned from any server indeed.

3) If getting banned from a single server seems like a good reason to never play again with everything else the game has to offer, you're better off not playing the game.

385dbf No.14484365


use Zerobin nigger

1a8745 No.14484418


shut the fuck up faggot

2b9ea9 No.14484791


Paradise is literally the furry ERP station, don't go there ever.

6b61e8 No.14490035

>Finally get around to sign up


>the Crab clanks

Is this one of those great SS13 stories?

cad177 No.14490250

File: 1a545556859d9b3⋯.png (966.17 KB, 1126x1489, 1126:1489, 1a545556859d9b3f0c7e57af51….png)



Here's another shining example.

2b9ea9 No.14490273

File: 6b0024bf83b1aa4⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 320x200, 8:5, hehehehehe.gif)


>tfw chemist that round

a2239e No.14490424

Any of you queers gonna play?

113400 No.14490496



>midday for burgers

>teapeople just getting off work

>"why is no one playing :'("

sure, why the fuck not. i'll play you raging faggot

cad177 No.14490560


Later. Tugging one out right now.

1b9313 No.14503460

File: e253b121b03d070⋯.gif (366.05 KB, 611x747, 611:747, 1374738385083.gif)



53cbdd No.14503468

How many on right now?

163343 No.14503481


Git gud, saltpeter is still a thing.

6019fb No.14505639


That is the main problem with tgstation, it's a fast round server now. Back when it was good I used to play hours long rounds there.

cad177 No.14506786


Reddit server admins literally cater to the griffons and decided that only antags could have fun.

163343 No.14509580


I agree with this, and as a guy who coded dwarves into existence in hatecode somewhat recently, I am in a position of having the knowledge to buff augmentation.

163343 No.14510611

As far as improvements to augmentations go, I will prioritize coming up with code for the following:

-Make cyborg limbs resist 50% of brute and burn from all sources, with the exception of brute from acid and burn from X-ray laser guns. Potentially add Titanium Plating and Lead Shielding upgrades that can be applied to each body part to grant 25% resistance to Acid and Xray lasers respectively.

-Reduce the base effects of EMPs on augments to compensate for spammability, to the tune of 50% less damage than normal, and possibly add shielding components that can be added to each augmented body part to grant it 50% resistance (for example, if 2 EMPs can fuck you over now, it would take 4 at the new base amount, and 8 if you upgrade all your limbs with shielding.

-Reduce the time it takes to repair a limb once with welder/wires from roughly five seconds, to about 2. Potentially add Self-Repair matrix as a 5-per second healing upgrade for augs, which only affects mechanical limbs. This is partially to prevent stacking with chems/diseases, and partially to compensate for complete inability by augs to use chems. This way, a chemist cannot simply take cover for a few seconds with a chemical cocktail premium cigar and "god viruses" and benefit nearly as much from attrition.

-Make augs immune to cold, toxin (if they arent already), cellular, and fatigue damage. May need to add an implant that grants warmth, to remove reliance on medical for it, as well as one that provides the benefits of self-resp.

-Try to add three tiers of servos/hydraulics that increase base movement speed by 50%, 75%, and 100% respectively when applied to legs (technically via the groin region) with the final tier providing immunity to knockdowns, and increase punching damage by 100%, 200%, and 300% respectively, with the final tier providing knockdown effects when applied to arms (via the chest region). You have to swap these out when you want to upgrade them. This will hopefully put augs on roughly equal footing with Hulks, who cannot use ranged weapons or wear most forms of armor, while augs will retain that capability.

3cc66d No.14510623


>That is the main problem with tgstation, it's a fast round server now.


It has been like that for years, way before they even had 2 servers. There was a brief moment after the split where one of the servers was a bit slower since every roleplayer moved there, but the powergamers ruined that shit since it would be the backup server they'd migrate once they died in their main one. It was a bit funny to see a round going calm for 30 minutes and suddendly a bunch of people joining up, starting to cause a ruckus. If you checked the other server, yep. A bunch of dead guys.

It's one of the reasons I even stopped bothering with jobs there and I'm sure this happens to everyone.

You start with Geneticist for instance, and as soon as you finished getting all the powers, someone's already calling the shuttle to leave.

Or when you're almost done, there's Nuke Ops running around.

Or when you're just starting, the Wizard has shown up and the round ends up 10 minutes later.

I had these 3 things happen in succession, gave up Genetics after that and just played Janitor instead. Even Engineer seems like a dumb job when the initial SMES will likely hold out long enough for how much the round lasts.

3cc66d No.14510630


If you're going to work on that, remember to include internal batteries that work mostly like the borgs (but instead of a port, you have to be shirtless and use a crowbar with the Help Intent)

An internal battery is crucial for balance since you can tweak power requirements for most extra powers you grant with augmentations, preventing them from being too good or too shit.

For instance, instead of giving a passive increase to speed that can be too high compared with other things or too low to bother with, it can be a "toggled mode" that runs on energy, making it valuable but not spammable.

Same thing for pretty much every other aug you might want to add like self regeneration, cloaking, laser eyes, skull cannon, etc.

f8bc0b No.14510649


jesus christ, now I know what to avoid

163343 No.14510656


I'll consider this for things like cloaking and internal energy weapons, but not for the more basic things like the regeneration, melee damage, and move speed, because of the way viruses, cigars, and genetics work. I'm giving augs some buffs that will compensate for most of what Medical can get basically unlimited amounts of that Science cannot already produce (and that they don't benefit from as augs). Speaking of internal energy weapons, I was thinking along the lines of combat implants like you find in TG nowadays, as wells as engineering toolsets and maybe even medical toolsets. This way you really can be the transhumanist swiss army knife of the station, saving belt and backpack space you'd normally have to spend on tools.

cad177 No.14510816



>here just to shitpost


2b9ea9 No.14510998


>other abilities

Targeting system? Could help you hit that hotline-laden chemist a bit easier.

163343 No.14511035


Maybe some ranged weapons with homing projectiles like the magic missle? Could have a ballistics-based weapon with finite ammo, and an energy one that draws from the internal battery, if I can manage to implement that.

3cc66d No.14511046


I recall that some server, either /vg/ or Bay (but likely /vg/ took it from Bay) had a "hands up!" mode, where you could set it, click on someone and now you'll automatically shoot if they move. Dunno if it scored automatically or if it even simulated the projectile (unlikely if they wanted to actually hit all the time with that) but it's something that can be jury-rigged into a Targeting System.


Ballistics with homing doesn't make much sense, but it can be balanced over the energy one if it does more damage.

Honestly, having a sub-machinegun mounted on your arm or a shotgun coming out of your wrist would be pretty cool anyway.

163343 No.14513005


Why stop there, when you could have a gattling gun come out of your arm?

On the note of the targeting mode, whether or not the shots hit depended on if the target was still in the path of the bullets by the time they got there. While a max-speed chemist might be able to dodge unguided bullets if he moved erratically enough in a more open space, the more he moves, the more bullets he has going down the hall. With homing energy projectiles, I would probably add a projectile that does fatigue damage in addition to a stun, since that will cause a slowing effect under sustained fire. Perhaps I will even add the option for guns to switch to a riot payload, doing all fatigue damage instead of lethal, though it wont knock down like beanbag slugs.

cbda43 No.14513247


>having jewish fetishes

>having goon fetishes

>having shit fetishes


cad177 No.14513459



163343 No.14513940

File: 4460c38b74d2d5e⋯.jpg (20.09 KB, 283x447, 283:447, gtfo.jpg)


>muh realism

Wanting to force your brand of degeneracy on the rest of the server isn't advocating for more realism. I'd argue that if you actually wanted a more realistic experience, you would be trying to get into lifeweb, not shitposting here because you arent being catered to.

Take your scat fetish and gb2 >>>/furry/

cbda43 No.14513952


You have 3 posts on this thread.

The first one is from 3 days ago, where you were considering hosting a server.

Now you're defending shitting.

I'm sorry, no matter how good your server might be, connections from Europe/America to India would make it lag pretty bad.

cad177 No.14513981


t. literal shit slurping goon reject

Unironically kill yourself

163343 No.14514087


>I'm sorry, no matter how good your server might be, connections from Europe/America to India would make it lag pretty bad.

Now I want to add an cheeky poo in loo joke somewhere for people to find and enjoy.

2b9ea9 No.14514102

File: 2da63caf909f103⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 750x706, 375:353, vegan a sauce.jpg)


Make a /v/egana joke?

175cd6 No.14514139


funny the goons were the ones who effectively ended shit and piss in ss13 probably because this one guy would go around soloing the entire security staff ass naked by slipping them on shit and grabbing and dumping all their gear.

163343 No.14514234


So what, they removed it because a griefer abused it so hard the salt started bursting blood vessels like popcorn. Is it not damning enough that they introduced it in the first place? It's funny only for the initial shock value that comes with "suddenly, shit everywhere" and for hilarious stupidity like the "honk honk butt" round, but it will inevitably be ruined by people with no regard for Rule 0 who will do it ad nauseum for no other reason than forcing their shitty, unfunny memes.

b5470b No.14514243

Hey we're one of the returning players. We noticed there's still no Lavaland and botany is still way behind. Can't coder take stuff from the others?

163343 No.14514319


In theory, yes, but a lot of that stuff relies on nuTG, which iirc doesnt have much in the way of backwards compatability.

175cd6 No.14514540


>removing pre-existing features or nearly destroying them because you might just have to ding dong bannu

This is the fucking reason so much shit on /tg/ has been reverted/removed/locked behind busywork because people with your way of thinking run the codebase because god forbid you create something you may have to one day ban someone for. infact most of the cool ideas flowing into nutg shit is nerfed and fucked in the ass by a struggle session of antifun faggots like you before it ever even touches a test instance.

163343 No.14514569


It's one thing to create something that someone may at some point abuse down the line, and another entirely to add a feature that was removed in the first place because of widespread abuse of it. I highly doubt that it was one person alone abusing the shit mechanic, otherwise, to their credit, the goons would probably have simply acted to remove the one or two people that ruined the fun for everyone else. That's not to suggest they arent petty enough to cut off their nose to spite their face, but that's my two cents on the matter.

b5470b No.14514571


Well I've already played what we had to offer for months on end and the new surgery system too. It's awful having to resort to Hippie for new content because their playerbase is so dogshit, we want to chill in low pop.

c98e16 No.14514577


the original idea behind switching to nuTG was that we'd port old stuff to it rather than the other way around which isn't possible without a lot of work, but the userbase flipped a lid and dropped the serb. You can't even mention GitGud without raising a shitstorm, even though I suspect our current host is the same person with a new name.

175cd6 No.14514647


you have clearly never experienced the goons then, goonstation mods are the same people who will quite literally delete the entirety of chemistry and leave open space behind a door for a round because one guy discovered a random secret club recipe the creation of which instantly alerts the admins and you will be interrogated.

b5470b No.14514654

Also can I still make Life chem

c98e16 No.14514672


the goons are that protective about their metachems that are basically cheat powers that they used it as an excuse to not open their codebase. Some of the recipes are so goddamn esoteric that if you find them out, its a logical conclusion for the admins to think that there was some sort of info leak behind it.

163343 No.14514771

File: 20491fbe8805dd7⋯.png (4.64 KB, 222x94, 111:47, dickborg.png)


I can't speak for any other volunteers, but I am going to have my hands full making improvements to Augmentation to bring it up to par with Genetics/Viro/Chemistry, as well as some cool shit for inter-department augmentation. Depending on how powerful late-game augs end up being, I may make some items for Security to assist in taking down augs.

Pic related is the captcha. My sides have achieved orbit

b410dd No.14515153


Do not add any speed boosts. Just make them as fast as normal human. Speed boosts are "I WIN" button in this game. Since combat is based on dodging and moving around, anyone with speed boost gains huge advantage, stronger then any other buff. Since augmentation is pretty simple and science is simple too, it does not have any RNG, having speed boost will make augmentation completely overpowered. You can't balance it without adding huge downsides. Any other speed boosts in this game are overpowered too. So we should not add any more.

163343 No.14515615


>Just make them as fast as normal human.

They will be to begin with. They have to go through additional surgery to get any faster, and swap out the augments that add these boosts to get a better one. Surgery is a somewhat lengthy process, especially without help from other players, so it's not as if reaping the rewards of science will be an effortless process.

>Since augmentation is pretty simple and science is simple too, it does not have any RNG, having speed boost will make augmentation completely overpowered

Chemicals are just as easy to work with and give all of the same benefits, if not more. The only real difference is that Chemistry requires slightly more math.

>You can't balance it without adding huge downsides.

Can and will. In fact, the downsides of augmentation currently outweigh the benefits to the point that almost nobody does it. If anything, giving them the capability of getting a speed boost will help bring them up to par with how powerful Medbay is. Even then, I said I intend to add some specialized equipment for taking down augs.

2b9ea9 No.14516160



Especially considering as a chemist I can make combat patches ready to go in 5 minutes if I'm tryharding or 800+u of black powder + delivery method in 10 (or less).

c98e16 No.14518855


The only other game with such a strong overbearing goon presence is EVE online. Goons take their code very seriously and they used to monitor servers, including ours, to check for stolen code.

163343 No.14519056

File: e9d0e0395da2fcd⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bait.jpg)



Like Goons are ones to talk about stolen code. SS13 itself was stolen. That said, I kind of like Goon's mining system, and their space exploration system sounds pretty cool, though I havent had the interest to play there enough to try it out.


160d7a No.14519467


m-muh view count

160d7a No.14519469


kill on sight more like neuter on sight

01a263 No.14529155


>cloaking and energy weapons

sounds like if this goes well we could just scrap space ninja and replace it with a fully aug'd cyborg

c98e16 No.14529192


I think certain viruses should give mutations rather than have their benefits act as a part of the virus itself. This'd have the twofold benefit of making it so that virus-regeneration won't disappear if the virus is cured and making it impossible to stack virus effects to break the game. Maybe make it so that you have to have the virus in your system for a certain amount of time, either until it cures itself and then applying a permanent mutation or disappearing and applying a mutation after the disease advances to the final stage.

Some of the more lethal and esoteric cybernetic implants should be syndie/antag only, or otherwise hard to get on the station or you'll have them become metagamer priority #1. If they are available to station crew, they should be prototypes with drawbacks that are more for situational or novelty use than as superpowers.

2b9ea9 No.14529232


Make an arm augment that shoots cans of soda. It it hits the groin, it stuns for a short time and causes brute damage. You can refill the cans by vending them from soda machines.

163343 No.14532443


>If they are available to station crew, they should be prototypes with drawbacks that are more for situational or novelty use than as superpowers.

This is not within the scope of what I intend to do. The point of buffing augmentation is to buff it, not add more trade-offs than there already are or nerf medical to compensate for the current shortfalls of augmentation.

>or you'll have them become metagamer priority #1

Powergamer, not metagamer, and no they wouldn't. On top of the way surgery and self-surgery works, you kind of have to rely on multiple departments (or at least, what you can break in and nig from them) if you're a scientist, whereas Medical is almost entirely, if not totally, self-sustaining. Powergamer priority #1 is going to be on getting as powerful as possible in as little time as possible. Without help, augmentation will still be one of the slowest ways to achieve that goal. As a decently staffed department working together, on the other hand, Science will be on-par with other departments.

6b61e8 No.14533407

Can someone reset the round or something? There is nothing but mudering soft drink machines running around right now

2b9ea9 No.14533419


Could always try to get an access card and call the shuttle, or blow up the consoles. I might come on later if that's still going on and do it, last time I did so it was fun. Same vending machines thing, too.

6b61e8 No.14533424


The shuttle just docked, alread ded though.

Doesn't help that I am new to this

2b9ea9 No.14533439


Reading the wiki helps alot, and anybody on with any experience is generally very willing to teach so long as you ask with at least light RP.

163343 No.14536933




I've done every job on the station. What do you want to learn?

3fcb59 No.14540478

File: 125fd9ea64fb64c⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 380x247, 20:13, 1426129971205.jpg)

>haven't played in months

>alone in the server fixing up the place through the power of autism

>musics starts playing

>no admins

please explain

6fdd09 No.14540482


If it's just you then you can vote restart server yourself to save yourself from calling the shuttle

163343 No.14541385


Space Asshole is the replacer for the background music you'd normally hear while floating in space.

ecfba1 No.14548356


Its ded jim.

cad177 No.14548596


Middle of the day. Folks are probably still at work.

085c99 No.14548665

>hoboing around Canada again

>sudden urge to play some spessmen

>forget that I'm without internet, electricity or a laptop

>skip to remembering the good times and thinking of some ideas to improve the game

Someone please implement gunshot detectors

I'm pleased to see the community isn't dead, however I'd like to playing with you niggers.

cad177 No.14548668


>>hoboing around Canada again

I hope it's at least in a good area and not the praries or maritime provinces.

085c99 No.14548696


Hey now, don't badmouth the maritimes.

I got stuck on the Island in BC and I cannot stand the people I'm around. I almost wish a fucking pack of wolves would rip me apart before I allahu ackbar myself in town.

Polite sage.

cad177 No.14548713


BC is a hideous place and needs to fall off into the Pacific, never to be seen again.

085c99 No.14548723


I can't explain why there's a grand allure here or why I've returned to this damn province.

It's my first time accessing any sort of internet device in over a month and I have to say, I miss this hateful spew that everyone here produces. I can't find likeminded people without mouthbreathing, otherwise I would create enemies in an instant, and landing a job might be nice.

Still, I hope you guys have fun. I was somewhat hopeful there'd be some further development on some of the SS13 or SS14 remakes (Unitystation) without the community losing interesting or shitting itself in fury.

cad177 No.14548762


> I was somewhat hopeful there'd be some further development on some of the SS13 or SS14 remakes (Unitystation) without the community losing interesting or shitting itself in fury.

The general would probably have shit itself if there was any progress being made. Feels fucking bad, man.

cad177 No.14548836

Server keeps dropping connections and has been doing it off and on the last day or so. Can go about 5-10 minutes before being disconned, sometimes having to wait upwards of 6+min to reconnect.

Bad feels..

085c99 No.14548863


>Feels fucking bad, man.

You said it. It's worse than the skin peeling loneliness I live with day in, day out.

I gotta pick up coding and make my own autistic space simulator or maybe go full Uncle Ted and fucking leave the Island before people realize I'm a masked asshole.

>buddy leaves me alone on his boat

>tells me to chill out for a bit while the rain stops

>unsupervised vodka, 8ch and internet

Time for spessmen, men. I'm gonna be a shitter to this jew. Goddamn does it ever feel good to vent to someone or anyone for the first time in a month.

cad177 No.14548890


>Time for spessmen, men. I'm gonna be a shitter to this jew.

You just missed a great round. Lord Singuloth+Singulo beacon+Memeshard = Audiable keks

cad177 No.14552454

Time for a new thread, cunts.

01a263 No.14553190

File: 931b5ed09349119⋯.webm (830.64 KB, 894x560, 447:280, Bioengineering.webm)

Everything seems to be working.

Still have a bunch of testing to do though.

cad177 No.14553856







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