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File: c52a78c6fbe0c86⋯.jpg (378.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180221012508_1.jpg)

ff43bd No.14433337

So the 360 servers are shutting down. Did anyone play that version?

b34c10 No.14433384

it was the better running version at the time

i dont think it got Dark Arisen though

947b23 No.14433393



it did get dark arisen, came on a separate disc, not dlc

d7b086 No.14433439

PS3 servers still active? If so, for how much longer?

591fe7 No.14433466

I bought it and it was immensely frustrating because I could tell it was a good game buried under shitty hardware. I pirated it when the port came out and bought it day one.

09d031 No.14433495


>giving money to (((micro$oft))) ever

You're part of the cancer that killed gaming, anon.

ff43bd No.14433544


Where did I imply I did? I don't even own a 360.

b44560 No.14433580

I bought the PS3 version of Dark Arisen because I was pretty positive it was never going to come to PC, was glad when it did though, the game was handicapped by it's hardware.

62a2ad No.14433590


Probably wants to move the playerbase to the Xbone, backwards compatibility and all, failing that, buy Dark Arisen Remastered

de019c No.14433816

I can't speak from personal experience here, but back in the day before the exodus I used to browse the general on /vg/ for the game. The impression I got from the generals was that the online community for the 360 version was pretty much DOA and the PS3 version was the way to go.

b2bf45 No.14433858


I still get performance issues with the PC version for absolutely no reason. It refuses to go above 50fps.

2d5032 No.14433901


The two original console versions have the distinct advantage of having the Berserk sets and native dual-language support.

2195d5 No.14434058


I didn't even know that there was a 360 version, I think I've only ever seen the PS3 one

1fc9c2 No.14434065


The Berserk sets are overrated since they are low mid tier gear. Griffith's set looks somewhat cool but quickly gets outclassed by the game's later stock armors both stat wise and /fa/ wise, and Guts' set is just his Swordsman getup from the Golden Age arc which is shitty looking compared to his later sets in the manga. The Japanese dub does sound nice if you turn off pawn chatter so I'll give you that.

1fc9c2 No.14434073


The game's 360 community on various forums was way more autistic than the PS3 and PC crowd combined, but most of them also moved on much quicker. I should know since I was there on GameFAGs the whole time

e05731 No.14434087

Played through dark arisen on the 360 a few years back, played pretty well, I dont remember any complaints besides the muddy textures.

7a5828 No.14434453

One of the silver linings of Steam, as long as its being sold there, the multiplayer server is going to be supported.

7b64f7 No.14434460

I did, because I had a 360. I then got into the PS3 and bought the Dark Arisen version.

7fe756 No.14434576

File: 8f41069d41eb681⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.93 KB, 500x253, 500:253, best tits.jpg)

Played 360 version at my cousin's house. Pretty good. PC release slipped under my radar somehow. Only real complaints are Warrior's gimped skill restrictions and drowning in a sea of lolis. But I can't really blame the game for the latter.

Also, why are the two most fun classes the magick hybrids? Knight is the most fun you can have in the game while archer pretty much plays the game for you.

a93105 No.14434584

File: ad4f9aa2ac6fe33⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 590x417, 590:417, man drinking tea.jpg)

Is Dragon's Dogma good enough to buy on PS4? It has a solid discount right now.

39e2ae No.14434587


>consoles ever

No, get it on PC and use a pad.

Silky smooth 60 FPS and great optimization.

7fe756 No.14434594


If its your only option, you might as well. But you're honestly better off getting a PC in the long run.

12e2b1 No.14434596

File: a3539658e9bab1e⋯.jpg (85.05 KB, 827x800, 827:800, a3539658e9bab1e837181cff07….jpg)



Fucking why?

It's uncucked on PC even without the need to pirate and runs and isn't locked at 30FPS or 1080p.

2195d5 No.14434599


It does strike me as a little odd how there's suck a lack of use of the out there skin types, I mean, you have everything you need to make a little Goblin or a Drrzzt clone and so on yet I don't think I've seen any Pawns like that except for my own.

a93105 No.14434606

File: 18bae8e64b5a186⋯.jpg (173.92 KB, 1300x861, 1300:861, man drinking tea.jpg)




>30 fps on ps4

Okay, i get it. I won't play it then.

c96654 No.14434627

>Pirated Dragons Dogma on PC because I refuse to give Crapcom money

>Game is so legit I end up buying it

>Shit happens and stop playing it

>Never get around to picking it back up

>Hack and slash backlog is too big and playing too many hack and slash games at once results in medecorocy in all of them.

7fe756 No.14434657


For all the possibilities the CC can pop out, you only ever see the same two patterns repeated.


>Dark elf

I mean, occasionally you come across the odd cosplay pawn but that's about it. A real shame.

39e2ae No.14434659


>pirated Dragon's Dogma on PC because i refuse to give crapcom money

>Game is so legit i end up buying it

>shit happens and play it 4 times with different classes without counting the pirated runs

>never get around to pick it back up

>no gaems

39e2ae No.14434663


i'm guilty of lolis but there's Fiona cosplays

b3ff89 No.14434700


>and use a pad

What for? The KB+M controls are great.

39e2ae No.14434721


Yes, but for these types of games, pads give greater precision and less strain to your hands in everything you do, at least if you don't plan using archers.

7fe756 No.14434737

File: 3a96e74c70bd298⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.04 KB, 530x680, 53:68, JudgingIrishman.jpg)


>I'm guilty of lolis

Shame on you anon.

is she cute?

39e2ae No.14434805

000000 No.14434807




55ac60 No.14434860


that's code for 'she's fat'.

cbdee8 No.14434895

I played the 360 version, couple of friends got me a copy. Only birthday gift I ever received I think the online worked even if you didnt have (((xbox live gold)))

2195d5 No.14434899


Post it and be judged.

Nothing wrong with a wee Pawn Pageant after all.

fc6ccb No.14434961


What the hell?

b4375a No.14434992

File: d89f1519be2185f⋯.jpg (138.78 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 30120174414687167135561.jpg)


I hate Mystic Knight just because of that huge fucking shield constantly blocking the view of your chatacter and clipping through shit. I also refuse to play daggers+shield assassin solely because the left dagger clips through the shield.

39e2ae No.14435011

File: 34875f56475a8a3⋯.jpg (296.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 35235.jpg)


Please be gentle

87c472 No.14435123


Is that Hilary?

7fe756 No.14435279

File: fe9ec87ec37770e⋯.png (66.45 KB, 227x230, 227:230, doggu.png)


You know your weapons/shield scale in size with your character, right? And besides, the standard MK shield is about as big as it gets. There's a good few shields that are pretty small even on the 10ft characters. The shady shop in Gran Soren has a pretty small one, but most of the weapons they sell are designed around specific gimmicks. As for clipping, you just have to live with it or take your cape off.



2201a5 No.14435343


What in Gods green earth is that.

639d43 No.14435789


a-any m-more? asking for a friend obviously.

58e88c No.14436259

File: 3eee3256b745217⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 426x371, 426:371, milk plus.jpg)


Delete this.

2195d5 No.14436815

File: 280b6a215410ebe⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 369x150, 123:50, NUT.jpg)

f9ab02 No.14445682


I thought it was a single player game?

74bfaf No.14445701


You can assemble a party of other characters to help you out referred to as "pawns". The ability to rate and share the pawns you make with other people that may even bring back items after use is its online component

f9ab02 No.14445706


Seems like a pretty insignificant part of the game.

9372fb No.14447662

File: ba15bb4ad65cc2c⋯.jpg (113.43 KB, 497x732, 497:732, ba1.jpg)


I swear i hate that this shit can pass through, fucking nigger jews

30d681 No.14447704


The main point of the game is to have a squad of your player character, your custom pawn, and two other pawns. While solo runs are possible this game was built with you having varied amount of classes between you and your pawns. Now you have to make due with randomly generated ones. In addition, there was also the Ur-Dragon, which was a boss that all players fought simultaneously with a gigantic health bar, everyone worked to whittle down it's health and were ranked by their damage output. It dropped a shit ton of goods. There's still the offline version but it's not nearly as hard or rewarding as online.

add66c No.14447766



I feel for you bro, you asked a simple question and Yatzhee spergs respond with


Play games on whatever you want man, as long as you have fun

fed828 No.14449063


>I bought it and it was immensely frustrating because I could tell it was a good game buried under shitty hardware. I pirated it when the port came out and bought it day one.

I didn't play it on Xbox, but I guess that does mean they lose an official record of their Ur-Dragon counter. That legitimately sucks to hear.

2195d5 No.14450618


Nothing quite like your pawn handing over useless tat like a rotten egg after they've been off playing with Chadeus Thundercock the 420th.

Nice when they bring back something half useful though.

5bbe1c No.14450892


The offline version is probably the worst version of the Ur-Dragon. It was exciting to try and be the one to take the online one down and do the most to it to earn the get rewards.

ff43bd No.14456117

Quest marker for search party says he's in the encampment (enterances are circled and the inside is circled if I'm in there and look at the world map), but he's not there. I've looked at Reynard's locations and he's not in any of them either. I've rested and it's still showing like that. What the hell?

3a92b7 No.14456138

File: 992cb6aa78d359f⋯.jpg (164.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180131064547_1.jpg)

i really should try and push myself to get up to level 200 some time.

929051 No.14456158

I own that version and cleared the game three times back in the day. You could say that its shit or whatever compared to the PC port, but can an average PC from the same era as the 360 (2005) or even 3-4 after run the game half as well?

2195d5 No.14462300


Try moving around a bit, he can sometimes be found in Gran Soren. Oh, and I doubt it's the case, but he didn't die during the first encounter with him on Seabreeze trail, did he?

ff43bd No.14462354


>quest marker for search party

Would be some trick to get that with him dead.

It wound up fixing itself. I decided to try Trial and Tribulation without him and the quest seems to have forced him to the Gran Soren square.

ff43bd No.14462358


Probably. It was relatively late in the 360's life.

85755b No.14462814


What a retarded question. You should feel ashamed.

ee751e No.14465852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this song and the berserk armor sets were the only thing good about that version.

both of which should have been in the pc port

d42a7c No.14465899

>360 servers shutting down

For Dragon's Dogma or Dark Arisen? I bought it way back when it was on sale but never played it.

1a1911 No.14465922

>Another game with a major online component having its servers shut down



Just be careful getting to level 200, as once you reach it your pawn will basically cease to be summoned. There are so many cheated level 200 pawns that yours just gets lost in the abyss.

0f95fa No.14465955


Just answer the fucking question, can a PC from 2005/6 run Dragon's Dogma half as well as the 360?

1a1911 No.14465980

File: a0b71d07cd14b81⋯.jpg (22.58 KB, 338x305, 338:305, 7d363290b7bab1f76a28546589….jpg)

f0f1b9 No.14474024


Answer me faggots

72e209 No.14474319


Dark arisien is the expansion to dragons dogma anon

15fd14 No.14474326


Both can be restored with mods, at least.

This game actually has some nice mods, I'm surprised it even got this kind of attention.

18aea0 No.14474346

File: 612f98560a0a1ff⋯.jpg (834.41 KB, 2620x4656, 655:1164, mint.jpg)


this is a shop, this is the real picture

84aa80 No.14474385


>can't even honestly answer a question

which side of cuckchan did you roll in from

08ba99 No.14475772

File: 4da7c7550c8cc01⋯.png (6.99 KB, 354x78, 59:13, (you).png)


Enjoy your rental.

1a1911 No.14476617


Ask stupid questions, you get treated like the retard that you are. You hopping IPs isn't going to save you, faggot.

a16dff No.14476658


>implying he meant buy it

Hello sonygger

84aa80 No.14476704

File: 154d03df5b742b4⋯.png (730.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>hopping IPs

ah, the cry of the faggot who can't argue like a man. What is it with you cuckchanners that makes you think when more than one person is shitting on you, you assume its the same person as before?

248157 No.14476835

File: d14b8ea39f77d40⋯.png (73.63 KB, 250x314, 125:157, d14b8ea39f77d40e0830747a69….png)

I never really paid much attention to this game.

What kind of a game is it and is it at least worth pirating?

Also, most importantly, can I play with /fashion/ in it or is equipment too important stat-wise?

7c4bb0 No.14476852


>What kind of a game is it

It's a fairly standard party based action rpg where you can class hop pretty easily with unique mechanics like climbing enemies

I'd say it's easily worth pirating and yes you can play fashion in it

43f9bf No.14476859


Equipment is very important statwise and there's exactly one set of armor (depending on your class) worth wearing in the very end, but most of the game is easy enough that the stats don't matter much and you can go fashion.

248157 No.14476908

File: 316cf3ce298d756⋯.png (74.96 KB, 425x421, 425:421, 1504658151513.png)



Thanks for the info, I'll deffo give it a shot one day.

2d5032 No.14476966


Until you get to BBI armor is completely and utterly meaningless statwise, your base stats will make the most difference.

In BBI, especially in your second and third passes through, you'll want the endgame armor and weapons. its a shame DDO has such good fashion options in comparison

25b69b No.14477753


I admire your numbers but why would he play a version that is gimped compared to pc and that even a brain dead can run without paying thanks to the gog release?

25b69b No.14477794


nigger just listen list your specs, holy shit.

4970ed No.14477961


Is this something you can still do (at any time or only when you get to him in the story)?

2195d5 No.14482079


> with unique mechanics like climbing enemies

Which, despite the tutorial's best attempts can be entirely overlooked for the better part of a playthrough to the player's great demerit.

It really pays to play around with everything the game has to offer except eating rotten eggs.

61f7cd No.14487360


>dragon's dogshit


6c3674 No.14491093


you can easily /fashion/, even in the endgame, base stats are more important.

The end-game weapon/armor are obviously the best, but when you unlock the additional upgrades in BBI the regular armor/weps aren't that far behind

d16cf4 No.14491459

File: e3c27f816fa6d67⋯.jpg (96.42 KB, 731x1169, 731:1169, Seline.jpg)

Yes, the 360 sold pretty well and DD was released first on xbox360.

Never played online though because I'm an antisocial faggot.

942229 No.14491514


Buy it you rat its great

b4375a No.14491543

File: ccf9a5766836be3⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 757329513296311973721126.jpg)


First few times I finished this game was vanilla on the 360, before DA. I never went online either but only because I pirated it.

>mfw pirated on console but bought it on pc

d16cf4 No.14491779

File: 6f2b6065b71241d⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Aelinore.jpg)


A PC gamer who actually buys games, on an imageboard no less. That is a rare event.

I guess it is not our fault that there is no sequel.


d16cf4 No.14491790

File: 4fbbe5c8ccbd100⋯.jpg (147.97 KB, 665x950, 7:10, dragons_dogma_quest_concep….jpg)


Because not everyone is PC gamer? Personally only interested in (single player) weebshit.

>you don't fit in here


2d5032 No.14491792


we might see a DD2, MHW was a success so capcom might be revisiting open world games.


992cce No.14493500


You can repeatedly fight the Ur-Dragon after you first encounter it. If you start New Game+, a warpstone to the Ur-Dragon fight gets placed in the starting town.

30d681 No.14493513


Because Dragon's Dogma Online I'd don't great.

14144e No.14493670


My she-goat's wonderful boob plate.

5eded9 No.14494719


>have daughter who wants to be one of the boys

>insists on being a knight

>finally cave to her nagging and let her try and fail

>have your smiths craft her a fine set of armor to go play in

>insist the breastplate has breasts to remind her of her true self

>know she'll have to wear it dispute this or else sully her honor by refusing a gift from her king

29c772 No.14494854

File: e8eed89f54bb273⋯.png (351.88 KB, 506x572, 23:26, larrydavidsteinberg.png)


Hi, /tv/. Strange to see you shitting up a board outside of /a/.

2195d5 No.14503732


I wouldn't get your hopes up about that, Anon.

be124f No.14506900


capcom made DD into a shitty MMO that is japan only despite having great western sales, those retarded nips will never make a DD2

6ce45f No.14510487

This game's community was ruined by the PC release just like Dark Souls. When will devs learn?

8d2d28 No.14510495

File: bf47d18183d68a6⋯.jpg (54.21 KB, 315x315, 1:1, Monster_Hunter_World_cover….jpg)


But they already did?

a11e35 No.14510509


I call bullshit, you can't mod in the Berserk armor I've tried

60582b No.14510575


you shills are so easy to spot it's embarrassing


how the hell did you connect those two dots?

439077 No.14510580

I want to marry Grigori

a11e35 No.14510705

File: 2c87b23213b6b57⋯.mp4 (309.84 KB, 384x288, 4:3, Abandon_cab.mp4)


>yfw if Scaliefags had their way and were allowed Grigory as their beloved it would most likely cause some sort of reality implosion

Not even once.

cf45d4 No.14510750


Yeah but what if you read a whole bunch of Greg Egan and stuff and decide to transcend that model of reality thus negating any impacts that may otherwise be had upon it owo

cc474d No.14517356


Are you on windows 10? I think it has problems with the game.

3c3484 No.14517378


cc8540 No.14517392

File: ca611d06500d758⋯.png (721.9 KB, 413x694, 413:694, 9614798.png)

fee6bd No.14517513


>what is Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

it still hurts

2195d5 No.14522991


Well he already did a good job of capturing your heart.

e6c4b7 No.14523499

File: 402654512a22d87⋯.png (32.26 KB, 180x344, 45:86, 29hux2j5.png)

64f54d No.14524017


Believe it or not, there's a lot more pawn variety on PS4.

72e209 No.14530234


That was a good one

69ff15 No.14532807


>how the hell did you connect those two dots?

He's actually right once the total biscuit community got onto it it was ruined.

72e209 No.14536919


What happened

49a8da No.14541109


>The Total Biscuit community

You need more of an explanation?

72e209 No.14544984


So just plain cancer then?

bde464 No.14545597

File: ccb24755a4501cb⋯.png (125.98 KB, 308x302, 154:151, ccb24755a4501cba4150a42b51….png)

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