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File: caf66d9cc168728⋯.png (337.95 KB, 680x453, 680:453, c37.png)

308377 No.14447587

Bloodborne is free this month on PS+. If you haven't played it on your BloodborneStation, now's your chance. This is probably the only time you'll ever see them giving away a good game. If anyone wants some coop help this is a good place to ask too.

If you have played it before, now's the perfect time to invade.

>What are you invading with

>Where are you invading

I've had a lot of fun invading in Cathedral Ward with a lvl43 Papa G build. Closing all the gates on people and then getting them with a visceral as they fight the giant is very satisfying.

Also, why do Chalice Dungeons suck so much? I just want my beast claws but I have to go through so many layers of the same shit and farm for pointless materials.

8b40e8 No.14447596

But then you'll have to pay for PS+ for all eternity or Daddy Sony takes it away

69eb75 No.14447603

did insight actually make you see more shit?

495f0d No.14447604


If you're gonna goy it up to get a PS4 in the first place, may as well go full goy.

308377 No.14447621


It's also on sale for $25 for the GOTY if you want that.

Besides. You can finish the game in a month can't you? Just don't resubscribe and keep your shekels all to yourself.


You're in the know, right? yes

01e2bf No.14447633

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best track coming through.

e013f1 No.14447640


Pay $25 and have the game forever OR pay $10 for a month for it to be taken away after.

I don't see how the later deal is cheaper than the first one.

15ec54 No.14447663

File: b28594ac3991946⋯.jpg (232.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180306232414.jpg)

Last night the servers were shitting themselves like the fuckin' red moon just came down. People getting kicked out with a lost connection the split second the game loads. Might be from the spurt in activity.

I still want that goddamned attribute reallocation and appearance change. The game has a lot of things that could be improved but I feel this is the most glaring one. I'm not asking for a DaS2-3 system where I change the build every 20m, I just want to fix some of my builds.

308377 No.14447677


I don't think it would be so bad if it weren't for the fact that every good build required farming the CD. Fuck doing that on more than one character.

How does the system in DaS2-3 work? I've only played DeS, DS and BB

cc3e1a No.14447721

File: 8554b9104fa39e6⋯.png (571.76 KB, 600x922, 300:461, valtr.png)

File: 74d804ef943fb55⋯.png (1008.9 KB, 960x640, 3:2, A Call Beyond.png)

How the hell do you keep Valtr alive during the Lawrence fight? I just need one more vermin.

Also when does A Call Beyond get good? I'm 66 arcane and I'm still not doing much damage.

15ec54 No.14447752

File: a004a353276d5ed⋯.jpg (287.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180306232602.jpg)


>Fuck doing that on more than one character.

I've done it seven goddamned times. I love the game, It's IMHO the most solid single player game in the extended series, a real joy to solo from start to finish except for the motherfuckin' dungeons. Once, sure. Twice, it can still be fun. More than that and it's a goddamned chore.

In DaS2-DaS3 you have items that you present to a NPC and it lets you reassign your stats. In DaS2, they're very plentiful while in DaS3 it's 5 uses per cycle but there's a bug that lets you use them indefinitely. DaS3 also adds appearance change.


>Valtr on Laurence fight

Why do you need that to earn your bucket? Just slap the Impurity rune and go help someone on an easy boss.

> when does A Call Beyond get good?

When you're Micolash and your ACB has zero start up, perfect homing and is a one hit kill. Otherwise, you're stuck with that slow, weak shit that can't hit the side of a barn.

cc3e1a No.14447765


>Why do you need that to earn your bucket?

When you don't have PS+.

308377 No.14447781


>Items to reassign stats

Makes sense. You could even have a good lore reason for it in Bloodborne, something about blood ministration.

15ec54 No.14447806


Now I feel silly. I'll check my goy privilege from now on.

I wager you got 3 from the Hunters and 1 from Ludwig, right? According to the wikia, the fifth is indeed earned in that fight. Judging by your other observation, I take it you're using a ARC build? That's definitely a uphill battle. Both Laurence and the Orphan have very high resistances to everything but physical damage; I think Laurence is weak to Serration (+20% damage). Is using a serrated weapon on him for phase 1 something that could be viable for you and then spam phase 2 with tools? I think Accursed Brew will give you more bang for your quicksilver than ACB.


They don't even need to make new assets for it. Just set a price (echoes, Insight, whatever) and have the Doll do it.

I think the problem is that both Sony and From need to be on board for it to happen.

000827 No.14447809

File: dfec557d4f63d5c⋯.jpg (328.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_20180304_143623.jpg)

Saw this on Twitter a few days ago, could be fun

6a82a7 No.14447823

Reminder if you need summons, NPC or other players, to beat a boss you're doing it wrong.

144875 No.14447829


not quite, it remains associated to your account, you just can't play it and they made it so you need ps+ for online anyway

cc3e1a No.14447850

File: 99f4968b107b147⋯.mp4 (1.18 MB, 640x358, 320:179, lava lava lava.mp4)


I just need to be able to take Lawrence down quickly once he reaches his 3 phase because Valtr won't stay out of the fucking lava. Maybe I need to get the bell so I can keep him healed up.


I got him down to 10 or 20% just by staying back and using Blacksky Eye. I'm convinced that I can take him out if I maximize my bullets.

>Both Laurence and the Orphan have very high resistances to everything but physical damage

Fuck me. I have almost nothing in any other damage stat. Maybe I should try to grind skill up to 25. That would help with visceral attacks too.

e80887 No.14447859

File: 037e0417e1b89ee⋯.jpg (6.63 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Ice(cream)man.jpg)




No, and fuck off. Not even Bloodmeme is good enough to justify attaching that wallet leech, even if just temporarily.

By the way, how's it feel to have the monthly fee raised yet again faggots? Yeah, the money you pay hasn't increased - but they're taking away the PS3 and Vita games (which you got to keep indefinitely) so they're saving a shit-ton of costs on licensing games for their "service" and hey fuck passing the savings on to you dumb bastards.

17a69f No.14447860


>tfw too deep into KH Collection to start another hack and slash

God Damnit.

15ec54 No.14447877

File: c507e9de024b3df⋯.jpg (224.18 KB, 550x891, 50:81, valtr2.jpg)


>Valtr won't stay out of the fucking lava

The motherfucker ate a werewolf, he should be the one damaging the lava. The Bell might be a good idea.

>Maybe I should try to grind skill up to 25. That would help with visceral attacks too.

My modest two cents - soldier on and don't sacrifice your build because of one cunt. If you've the slot to spare, put on Clawmark for a visceral boost.

And on the subject of runes, kinda sucks that the better ones are in random dungeons. Those without PS+ gotta go spelunking on their own.

38d6b7 No.14447882


is the dlc worth it?

15ec54 No.14447895

File: d1619fca1bf02d8⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, lady maria16.jpg)


Yes. It doubles the armory, redeems ARC builds, makes the Beast Claw a lot better and adds something for STR-BT. The areas themselves are pretty good too and there's 5 bosses. Unless you count the Lost Crowns Trilogy as one, it's the most complete DLC they put out.

7a1087 No.14447905

File: 89c5ee0cde8a807⋯.jpg (108.96 KB, 301x312, 301:312, 1283920392813.jpg)

Currently downloading it now.

I cant wait to finally play bloodborne on the bloodbourne-station.

I'll see some of you fags there.

15ec54 No.14447925

File: 308b865f0c9671b⋯.jpg (267.6 KB, 400x565, 80:113, alfred.jpg)

Seems the servers are stable again. Gonna be horsing around, helping out at assorted spots (mostly DLC), if anyone in the 120 range needs help lemme know.

44abfb No.14447944


>pay rent every month

kill yourself sonygger

7a1087 No.14447980

File: 0af35cddfdb1836⋯.jpg (25.62 KB, 512x325, 512:325, 0af35cddfdb1836940ebb20ead….jpg)


Peecee master race fag mad because he can't get to play bloodbourne.

Your salt gives me strength, cuck.

7bf217 No.14447998

did anyone see the bloodborne comic that came out?

abc922 No.14448019

File: ac32206fc66a541⋯.jpg (289.55 KB, 1753x2486, 1753:2486, b8d5c6093166d5441228091aa7….jpg)

If you own a ps4 god knows why you wouldn't have bloodborne already

17a69f No.14448035


Not him but I own both a PS4 and Bloodborn and he is correct, it is retarded to say a feature you pay for is free.

Part of what you are paying for with PS+ is a monthly demo.


>Giving Sony your personal information

Enjoy having your identity stolen.


This is a very good point. Who the hell would own a PS4 and not Bloodborn.

1ad657 No.14448036

File: 929e9d83caef815⋯.jpg (171.31 KB, 625x552, 625:552, half_spider_full_dog.jpg)


This raises the question of what you were doing with your bloodborne machine if you didn't have bloodborne?

Door stop?

watching bluerays?

netflix or some other good goy streaming service?


cutting board?

I really searching here let me know.

7bf217 No.14448051


I dont have ps+ but you can just buy those prepaid cards so you dont need to give sony your credit card

cc3e1a No.14448055


Can't speak for him but I was using it to plat Nioh before I got BB.

6a82a7 No.14448056



Yakuza and Gravity Daze.

17a69f No.14448066


FFXV when people though it was going to Sony Exclusive even though XIII was on 360?

Final Fantasy 7 remake that will probably not even be on PS4 known Squares current track record?

Kingdom Hearts?

Oh wait, I know, The Last Guardian.


>Gravity Daze

I can understand Yakuza, but Gravity Daze?

a7d4a9 No.14448088

File: 967a6706e668dda⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 1500x5318, 750:2659, 1.jpg)

e80887 No.14448091

File: 0d7ac3aacd1ed2b⋯.jpg (450.97 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, games.jpg)




are correct. It's one thing to own a PS4 for access to some games which aren't on PC. But you have to be a special breed of stupid to sign up for PS+ or be fooled into thinking their "Game of the Month", or I guess "Game rental of the Month" now is some kind of special deal or worthwhile service that Sony provides.

They're just leeching you for cash, because you're dumb enough to allow them to get away with the soft extortion of holding peer to peer multiplayer hostage behind a paywall.

a7d4a9 No.14448117


Good taste in vidya, anon.

abc922 No.14448131

File: 91b48434b4f0d01⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1400x1270, 140:127, 499849398379449c98ae0d64fc….jpg)


>I can understand Yakuza, but Gravity Daze?

Gravity rush is a fantastic game, If I didnt already own a bloodborne station four I would of eventually got one to play Gravity rush 2

c2a204 No.14448140

Why isn't the fucking DLC at a Discount? I already own the fucking game, and the game+DLC have been lower than the the stand alone DLC, why not just put the DLC at a discount? It's baffling.

17a69f No.14448150




>The LAst Gaurdian

>Horizon Zero Dawn


>Batman Arkham Knight

>Talos Priciple

>Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Are all shit, additionally

>Persona 5

>Monster Hunter World

>FFXV again



>Tales of Berseria


>Senran Kagura

>Witcher fucking 3

>Batman Arkham Knight

>Resident Evil 7


>Talos Principle

>Guilty Gear

>Puyo Puyo Tetris

>Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

>Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Are All Multiplats

>Last of Us 2

Holy shit get this trash out of here you fucking sonygger.

308377 No.14448167


DLC is discounted to $10. At least it is in 'Straya

e80887 No.14448190

File: 6403088662f8e6d⋯.jpeg (77.01 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 4cac05114119fbb5e96692933….jpeg)


Naw, I just hid most of the garbage games towards the end of the list so they didn't show up. I don't own lease enough digital games or VR shit to hide them as effectively. Hence EVE, The Order, Uncharted, etc.

bf6485 No.14448193

File: 3d62ee9b793087a⋯.jpg (102.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Where it belongs.jpg)


Wow, look at all those shit games and multiplats truly this is the power of the PS4.

0b28fe No.14448203

File: 46852bb71ee2084⋯.jpeg (23.17 KB, 229x220, 229:220, FD7F3270-705E-43CA-9AEF-4….jpeg)


>want to be a good goy and pay PS+

>but also want that new GuP tank gaemu

w-wat do anons? i can't do both

>Also, why do Chalice Dungeons suck so much?

Because From wanted to pad gametime instead of adding meaningful gameplay modes into the game, i mean just look at the potential of an underground fighting club, or an undergound boss-rush type of mode where you can choose what bosses you'll get or shuffle the boss deck. I mean anything is better than copy & paste dungeon # 14426 with Bell Bitches (along with her bazillion homing spiders) and summons that only lasts 1 fucking layer.Yeah that's right they had the potential to have a dungeon where you could have teamed up with a buddy or friend of yours to complete the whole dungeon together, but then your summon fucking disappears and you have to summon it again.

Bloodborne is an almost-flawless gem, however the sheer tediousness of maximizing builds leaves it alot to be desired. Its also abit lacking on post-story content


>Also when does A Call Beyond get good? I'm 66 arcane and I'm still not doing much damage.

Its only good against large enemies whom also weak against arcane damage, so you're better off using the executioner's gloves / blacksky eye if you want a consistent damage


Hey, fuck ♂ you ♂ buddy i use summons to get through the chalice dungeon slug since its fucking horrible.


>Not realizing its bait

we had a bloodborne thread a month back or so and the same chart was posted

ec151a No.14448208

File: bdaf360f1ee0d47⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 500x706, 250:353, 1348147597379.jpg)


Fuck you,i'll summon if i want to,it's not like the boss is exactly easier since you can get somebody worse then yourself and end up wasting your fucking time.

c2a204 No.14448211


I have a burger account and every time I check it's the same price, 20 freedom bucks.

0b28fe No.14448218

File: 1bf09ff97387875⋯.jpeg (111.52 KB, 435x750, 29:50, 9BD77CE6-F157-4561-B51C-4….jpeg)


I guess that's what you get for nuking japan twice


The Living Failure's theme was much more underrated tbh, too bad the boss fight was a joke

17a69f No.14448227



considering how central the the multiplayer is to the souls games and the fact that they become rather easy with co-op, could it be that its not that the souls games are difficult, its that everyone seems to be playing them the wrong way? That is to say without co-op.

c2a204 No.14448247


I have a burger account, not that I was a burger, I also have a yuropeen account, but I don't have any money in them, and I'm not about to give sony my credit card number, I only bought once their trading card or what ever is called.

6a82a7 No.14448286

File: 268afb0be1895a4⋯.jpeg (62.24 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Kat donut.jpeg)


Don't forgot that it also reccomends NISA games.


The Gravity games really are something special. Reading the interviews from the director and team members really make it obvious how much of a labor of love it was. Really unique gameplay with absolutely fantastic art style/design and music. Kat is also super cheerful and precious. Once PS4 piracy takes off I strongly reccomend that you try out the games. Kat is my precious cinnamon bun.



Keyword was need. There's nothing with coop or playing against other players, but if you can't beat the bosses by yourselves then you'll probaly end up as the summons that make the fights harder that other people complain about.

01e2bf No.14448299

File: a5aec9e221e8bee⋯.webm (139.44 KB, 455x445, 91:89, majestic.webm)


Forced lore boss fights are always shit. Except Micolash, he's amazing.

cc3e1a No.14448600


>you're better off using the executioner's gloves / blacksky eye if you want a consistent damage

That's a little disappointing but I suspected something like this. I was encouraged when I took down Amygdala with 3 shots and a visceral but I haven't taken down anything near that quickly other than best girl of the cosmos.

948cd9 No.14449280

File: d5258e598636b4b⋯.jpg (33.41 KB, 600x338, 300:169, B1UtTfNCYAAzALK36539795437….jpg)


>Upvote as many of these as you can find

cc9cd9 No.14449568


It would sure be great if the insight changes were anywhere near as impactful as this image implies.

1678f5 No.14449597


Insight impacts the behavior of every single one of those enemies, but the sky changes cause insight gain rather than are caused by it.

401e5c No.14449601

Saw this game recently no way i'm gonna give money to sony and promote the exclusivity shit , and i really liked the way they went with the lore/story and aesthetics.

Also i'm a sucker for Lovecraft shit, so i was pleased with their approach.

Only bad aspect is that everything felt washed out, like cawadootys with their brown filter, except here everything was too much grey.

Also it made me hate DaS3 even further, it's obvious they tried to shoehorn this game and i hate it.

21b2b2 No.14449643

File: 481be3cf7997ddb⋯.mp4 (4.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Boogie has a message for t….mp4)

2df904 No.14449714

File: dd8850d55ca8f19⋯.jpg (54.19 KB, 500x400, 5:4, wew.jpg)


Imagine being a wife of this thing and listening to him talking about filling her with black stud cum.

This creature doesn't think about her feelings.

f7e501 No.14449804

Why is everyone sucking off this game like it's a second coming of Christ when it's a shameless 1:1 ripoff of nightmare creatures?

4d9e4a No.14449966


Earth Defence Force 5

Dark Rose Valkyrie

Super Robot wars V

SRW OG: the Moon Dwellers

Dragon Quest Heroes 1 + 2

Dragon Quest Builders

and other jap games.

b665ad No.14450006


Because people worship things when they pretend there's no alternative to them.

cc3e1a No.14450014


I didn't know Nightmare Creatures was a soulslike game.

e8a79d No.14450021


Elaborate. Beyond the fact that there is a disease going on and some of the aesthetics both games are very different.

e80887 No.14450055

File: 431f0ef33f3d8e1⋯.jpg (28.1 KB, 525x350, 3:2, banged_by_dejivrur-d6re7vr.jpg)


Guess I'll find out. That faggot reminded me that those games even existed. Played a demo back in the day and had a pretty fun time. I just forget whether it was NC1 or NC2, so I downloaded both of them.

Which one is better?

bfaaa1 No.14450075

File: 1397a2a4e0ad7c4⋯.png (112.7 KB, 498x363, 166:121, gets turned on by danger.png)


I legitimately have no idea why Bloodborne became so that it was virtually untouchable in the community.

f7e501 No.14450168


>you go around Victorian city streets killing ghouls, werewolves, horrific flesh horror creatures using guns, magic, and gadgets

>story involves a cult drinking demon BLOOD to turn themselves into monsters and to create them as well

Merely a coincidence.

b665ad No.14450182


This is dark souls of /v/ debates, shitpost about bloodborne being bad :^)

0b28fe No.14450329

File: 6b5a049a0360eaf⋯.jpg (614.86 KB, 924x1162, 66:83, plain_doll40.jpg)


Reminder that even Bloodborne still has unfinished content inside it, just goes to show the shit that could've been added if they gave the team a wee bit more time.


1. Because it doesn't look like garbage

2. The soundtrack was more fitting to the world (orchestral bombing) compared to the former, though i won't deny its quality

3. Multiplayer / Co-op

4. Its a PS4 exclusive


>Demons =/= Ayy lmaos


>Gothic Horror =/= 'Lovecraftian' Horror'

and finally

>Implying we don't nitpick the game

That's that Mr. Contrarian

f7e501 No.14450358


How does Kaz's dick taste like?

Do you also like choking in his balls as well?

47cdfd No.14450365


The man gives you valid arguments and the best you can return is

>“Hurr, ur gay lmao.”

I remember when discussion on this board didn’t default to shitposting and memes.

45bef8 No.14450367


>I remember when discussion on this board didn’t default to shitposting and memes.

Any time BC?

f7e501 No.14450374

File: a6ff6ae3572c202⋯.png (376.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tmp_a6ff6ae3572c2026a9287b….png)


>calls a 1996 psone game shit looking in comparison to a ps4 game from 2015

>valid arguments

0b28fe No.14450477



How is that not a valid argument? It does looks like shit, that's an objective comparison you queer

>b-b-but its good for its time

So fucking what? Its the game's flaw for having a grafix that aged like milk, it could had gone pixel style but thats what you get for jumping the 3D train early. Anyways (You)'re the first one that brought up 'Bloodborne is an 1:1 ripoff of Nightmare Creatures' or something along those lines, and i'm here to say that you're a faggot for not even making a cohesive counter-argument

Also who the fuck is Kaz? We're not talking about Metal Gear here nigger


>other jap games

Maybe list the ones that's localized (and not by the cancerous localization teams) Mr.Dubs

0b28fe No.14450484

File: 1f8e8ef1d9e0ba3⋯.png (66.15 KB, 237x361, 237:361, what a fucking.png)

shid forgot pic

787957 No.14450501


>Gravity Daze

if you don't know why gravity rush isn't one of the best franchises the past few years you really shouldn't be posting here.

4feab9 No.14450509

File: 64480573737f8d5⋯.png (861.53 KB, 1271x1814, 1271:1814, 19eb0f60522581779bf4f598b2….png)

7f3d10 No.14450544


Soulslike experience.

4feab9 No.14450555


might as well say bb is a re ripoff tbh.

252fd4 No.14450668

>there are people who own Bloodborne stations but haven't played Bloodborne.

What the fuck is wrong with them?

351847 No.14450713

File: 1864db182951fd5⋯.jpg (108.86 KB, 740x470, 74:47, 1ab619788f623a53b22733aa24….jpg)


I bought a ps4 on a whim when it was still pretty new because the job I had payed really well. All my friends laughed at me and told me not to do it. After years of owning it I never had ps+ and only one two games, one of which being bloodborne. It is the most expensive paperweight I ever bought.

86fec7 No.14450759

File: 04dff88fca960e6⋯.jpg (86.11 KB, 552x556, 138:139, 1433897522806.jpg)


Cause they're fucking casuals and need to git gud.

86fec7 No.14450766


>Talos Priciple

Is a legit good puzzle game with a healthy dose of philosophy.

948cd9 No.14450780

File: 2f6628e46a1095d⋯.png (169.46 KB, 342x402, 57:67, Fi2947wo2kt828 jotaro jjba….png)


Got one as a gift about three years ago.

I've gotten a decent amount of use out of it but most of the game tim on ite was put into re-releases of older games i can't run on my crappy computer/emulate.

948cd9 No.14450785


Holy shit my grammar is fucked on this post. This is what i get for browsing on the toilet first thing in the morninh…

4feab9 No.14450804


no gr2? no doax3? no toikinden2? no senran? no persona? no nier? no onichabra? no hundred knight revival (the only working version)? no dqb? no edf? i hope youre getting the next one.

i know some of these are also on pc/ps3 but the delay between the pc version was long and unknown if you bought the games when they were fairly new. and the ps3 most of the time is clearly an inferior way to play.

0b28fe No.14451021

File: 57714cb7f50e07b⋯.png (617.63 KB, 896x768, 7:6, Reina-1.png)


>tfw no Cosmic Princess's Choir covenant

>tfw no working covenants et all

I just fucking wished that From would just out of the blue, released alot of QoL patches and covenant update, i'll cement Bloodborne as the best

AAA exclusive worth playing this gen. Then again, there's not alot of IP to fight for that title anyway


Just go to sleep man goddamn, and don't write long messages while on the crapper, it'll affect your overall grammar


You forgot about Yakuza

4feab9 No.14451041


>You forgot about Yakuza

yes, yakuza kiwami and yakuza zero too, i feel like theres alot more im forgetting. odin sphere was good too.

i left out MHW because its pretty boring. and tokinden 1 and 2 were more true MH games anyway.

15ec54 No.14451190

File: 56c6d7bd60ddd73⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1181x1748, 1181:1748, iosefka4.png)

File: ce53ab79dbbb7b5⋯.jpg (133.92 KB, 900x1125, 4:5, lady maria8.jpg)

File: 8a7b874532a0e21⋯.jpg (729.65 KB, 1007x1248, 1007:1248, plain doll20.jpg)

File: 0561b8b93de24af⋯.png (191.97 KB, 1170x1581, 390:527, bloodborne.png)

File: 20ab5e8ca841df4⋯.jpg (372.79 KB, 1920x1242, 320:207, hunter's workshop.jpg)


>tfw no Cosmic Princess's Choir covenant

I agree the game could use a area defense covenant but that might be too small to work, unless it would apply to the whole Upper Ward.

>>tfw no working covenants et all

Because of committing to roleplay, I've been going with the Executioner rune. I almost feel bad for the people I happen to invade because those dumbasses can never realize it's a invasion. The message and the purple hue should be saying something.

>alot of QoL patches

IMO what the game needs:

>attribute reallocation and appearance change

>player activity icons in the awakening tombstones (reuse the messenger icons)

>have the bell messages overlap other menus (little nitpick of mine)

>a PvP arena (a war ground in Cainhurst would be perfect, maybe tie it with the Vileblood and Executioner runes so no need to make any lore or NPCs)

>add Alfred's spread arm gesture as a covenant reward for Executioners like how Vilebloods can earn Deep Respect

>auto-refill setting for consumables like in DaS3

>auto-refill of vials and bullets after a successful co-op session

>immediate access to all dungeons for subsequent profiles after you cleared them all with one

>a Hunter's Journal where you can save glyphs and add a note with pre-set words/phrases (like "wondrous rune ; layer 1")

My modest two cents, I think these can all be added into the game with very minor tweaks and almost no new assets need to be created.


>odin sphere was good too.

Leifthrasir makes every other remake look like a lazy cash grab. A freakin' ghetto studio of about 15 dudes puts the whole industry to shame.

But on the matter of cash grabs, there's also Dragon's Crown Pro. If someone has a PS4 and didn't play the original on PS3, I'd say it's mandatory. The same goes for Catherine: Full Body.

9e5ac7 No.14451238


>Bloodborne still has unfinished content

That appears to be From's standard, they can never finish up their games to save their lives

6a82a7 No.14451332


Thanks I forgot to save that image from the last Gravity thread and was hoping someone would post it.

4feab9 No.14451374


>Dragon's Crown Pro

i missed out on that. i didn't think it was out yet on ps4.

e2ee98 No.14451409

File: f166c75316f8947⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 882.42 KB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 2311889 - Dark_Souls Fire_….jpg)

I love everything about Bloodborne, but I felt more motivated by the Souls series. Souls is about being a human. You're a weak, little squishy faggot who will die a countless deaths. The only thing that keeps you going is your will to survive. The hunter is just a "protagonist" your character is Dark Souls was you.

3c386f No.14451410

File: 974ee49f06c73e1⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 531x475, 531:475, man drinking beer.jpg)



I own PS4 as my only gaming device and don't play on computer. Computer is for work, for pirating shit for test and dual booting linux. I tend to buy games to motivate myself for completing them, therefore i buy non-exclusives too. I also sold bloodborne after i got bored with it, and souls/souls-like games isn't my favorite genre of vidya, even though i play Yakuza and Nier on hard.

Also PS4 offers me ability to shut down my computer to play vidya so i won't be tempted to open 8chan to shitpost.

15ec54 No.14451446

File: 3edbabb579b5a9d⋯.jpg (345.11 KB, 938x900, 469:450, amazon48.jpg)


I think it's already out in Japan. IIRC the Western release is in May like DaS Remaster.

cceb8b No.14451447

File: cfdc8820fc84225⋯.jpg (933.85 KB, 5079x2953, 5079:2953, 2e2371eb9b097439da769da0b6….jpg)


I feel like Bloodborne captures that feeling of being a human versus insurmountable odds pretty well. You're essentially a random person, drafted into becoming a hunter by a series of circumstances. And what's your one goal in the game? It's not about ringing the bells of awakening, it's not about bringing the lords of cinder to their thrones. Nope, nope.

You're a hunter. All you have to do is hunt. And along the bloodied path you forge for yourself through a dark and unforgiving city that is lost in its own madness, you slowly uncover the mysteries, the conspiracies, that led to this fateful night. It's too late to fix things, but perhaps, you can gleam just the slightest understanding of the world you've been thrust into during your travels.

But don't dig too deeply, or else you'll simply fall victim to the same maddening insight that plagued Yharnam in the first place.

01be6e No.14451485

File: 5a642884e7c02f1⋯.jpeg (71.8 KB, 750x578, 375:289, 90B3FBD2-4F18-45FD-BB02-D….jpeg)

The Souls series is garbage. Only DeS and DaS are worth shit. DaSII was an incoherent mess of ganks, random enemies in mismatched locations (Old Knights, Manikins, and Executioner’s Horse in Drangleic Castle? Why?), and levels/bosses that were specifically designed to be tackled with summons so solo players could go fuck themselves. It kept the weighty combat system but added more multi-enemy and multi-boss engagements than the combat mechanics could reasonably handle. Enemies track harder than a UPS package t the point they vinyl record on the spot if you circle them, bosses like the Mirror Knight had ridiculous overhead tracking that followed the player even in mid-air as well as the lightning attack that would literally shoot out of the sword at a 90 degree angle because his movements, the melee attack, and the ranged attack itself all tracked even though the point of the attack was to dodge it. Though, it was the best in terms of build variation and just hilarious builds in general.

DaSIII may as well just be Knight Souls III because fuck you if you picked anything else. Instead of Gank Souls, you get Trap Souls, which I guess is a better alternative to the former. PvP was notoriously broken, build variety was gimped, procedural bosses were overused, and faith builds didn’t stand a fucking chance against fucking anything.

Bloodborne was alright. Kind of short, but pretty consistently designed all throughout. Blood vial farming wasn’t fun though. There wasn’t a whole lot you could do with builds per se, but the blood gem system let you put on some good combinations to spice things up. Never gave me a feeling of bullshit level design or artificial difficulty like DaSII. Was quite overhyped though.

I’ve just never played such an inconsistent series before. One game, the experience is fantastic and all the mechanics work in harmony. The next, it’s like the mechanics fight against the core level and enemy design at all times, or they only work together in small flashes of brilliance in great swathes of either complete shit or mediocrity. This shouldn’t have been a series, really. Have your Demon Souls and stop at Dark Souls. Maybe Bloodborne later down the line, but give it more time in development to flesh it out a little more. I feel like being made right before Dark Souls III ended up hurting Bloodborne the most, which sucks since it’s clearly the better game.

4feab9 No.14451496

File: 27776f63565c32d⋯.gif (505.39 KB, 500x277, 500:277, rom is a qt.gif)


ps4 is my primary gaming device for new games.

i use PC to play my emulators and older classics like m&b and quake.


i'll be waiting for both of those to hit the dirt cheap prices.


kinda, except the hunters path is to repeat the same night over and over until they ascend powerful enough to defeat gods. then depending on the path you chose, you either stop "dreaming" and hence never level up again, and walk the streets until youre dead like the other hunters that all once had their eternal "dream" night.

or you can stop the curse of yarhnam by defeating the ancient being. or you can have sex with that ancient being and become the next one.

1608e5 No.14451533


>talos principle


Opinion discarded

4feab9 No.14451552

File: 06e5b4926628d43⋯.png (1.3 MB, 757x1200, 757:1200, 4c1b8165fa68f8386d91585cd2….png)


>das2 wasnt a real souls game. i agree its trash.

>das3 was forced.

> Blood vial farming wasn’t fun though

holy shit anon, how bad were you at that game?

i found the combat fun because each weapon had so many moves, the combat with 1 weapon was deep enough to keep it interesting. i wish their were more fights with hunters. the dlc added a bunch which was nice. the build variety was low, but basically 1 weapon was for 1 playthrough since upgrades are so linear and limited. but reducing weapon variety in a single playthrough added challenge to the game since each weapon had its own meta.

0b28fe No.14455080

File: 89dfc20dcebd015⋯.jpg (129.08 KB, 700x646, 350:323, Best_Dark_Souls_Art.jpg)


>The Souls series is garbage.

Pro-tip, if the rest of your post is not going to explain why the Soul series is garbage rather than to say that only some games are actually shite then don't open your argument with that line

>DaS II is garbage

it is, but i could say it's shit because of executive meddling thus why it was butchered and haphazardly constructed in the later stages of development. The concept was interesting at first but the execution was almost shovelware-tier garbage

>DaS III is rushed as fuck

I agree and i blame From for making not-Bloodborne 2: Ashes Boogaloo

>Blood Vial farming

I don't really see the problem here tbh, you could buy them in bulk back at the Hunter's Dream and you'll get a bazillion echoes by the end of the game so you'll only have a problem with it at the early game, and speaking of early game

>One game, the experience is fantastic and all the mechanics work in harmony.

Look man, i won't deny that DeS has the best Singleplayer out of all the soul series (RIP) but i fucking hate at how cryptic the mechanics were some of the time, and there's also some nitpicky shit like Pure Bladestone farming, carry weight, etc but that's not my point. My point is that DeS is not as perfect you would think and it still has flaws that will really irks you most of the time.

I do miss DeS's magic though


Never forgetti the 6th Archstonii

cc3e1a No.14455988

File: 99cca736bb365f5⋯.png (112.64 KB, 299x344, 299:344, Ailing Loren Chalice.png)

I fucking hate chime maidens.

9ee716 No.14456479


He's got a cool design

7f62bd No.14456647


As much as I hate niggers, if it came down to having to fuck that thing, or Burning coal; I'd be blacked any day. He's just that awful.

5602df No.14456660

File: cee76111d7cce67⋯.jpg (66.94 KB, 999x990, 111:110, 1513785736699.jpg)

>all these newplebs


15ec54 No.14458693

File: ca5cb56124ab15b⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1280x1837, 1280:1837, lady maria14.png)


>the combat with 1 weapon was deep enough to keep it interesting.

It lends itself pretty well to weapon challenge runs. There's no weapon bad enough you'll feel gimped but make yourself do a run with that one weapon you don't like and it can be quite the learning experience. Happened to me on two characters, for the Stake Driver and the Reiterpallasch; thought they were both crap but was loving them halfway through the run. One of the better things about BB is that a weapon's whole move set feels useful.


I can't even get mad at them because it's just plain retarded, straight out of the DaS2 school of challenging game design. They can summon 3 enemies at the same time and they only die along with her if they feel like it because fuck the rules. And if you don't start hauling ass to where they are they'll start the summon fest even if you're three rooms apart; I once opened a door and had about 10 of them all trying to squeeze through which was kinda funny for its sheer stupidity.


Fantastic VA too. Shame he only got two roles in the extended series - Head of Vengarl and Valtr.

16fdf4 No.14459036


Too busy playing NHL, FIFA, Madden

7a1087 No.14459122

File: c89dac7f29e6c06⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 672x668, 168:167, DWcX0FCXcAAhA9Z.jpg)


My brother got one early last year for FFXV and I dont have all the money in the world so I bought Nier Automata, Nioh, Gravity rush 1/2, Dying Light its trash and MHW with it.

Also played and beat Yakuza Kiwami and Persona 5 on it. Planning on doing a critical mode run on KH2 in KH1.5+2.5 on it soon.

Sometimes I use it to play fortnite with the boys too

e80887 No.14459626

File: ed802900de8b9ac⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 664x441, 664:441, Veggies ew gross.jpg)


Isn't she a fat fetishist with a caretaker/motherplay kink who only used him to satisfy her degeneracy while getting her actual fuck on with a "roommate" skinny enough to still have a functional dick - and then she left him the moment he gets bariatric surgery and drops 100lbs.

fda652 No.14459676


It's not wrong if you are doing it in cursed dungeons, on NG++(+) or on twink characters with special builds. Co-op IS a part of the game. Though I despise people who summon others on their first playthrough.

7f62bd No.14459888


This is truth right here, even people doing Cursed Chalice Dungeons alone, tend to use the summon by the door before fighting Amygdala in the Cursed Pthumeru Ihyll

15ec54 No.14459973

File: 6c53af93601f2df⋯.jpg (185.96 KB, 495x634, 495:634, plain doll30.jpg)


>tend to use the summon by the door before fighting Amygdala in the Cursed Pthumeru Ihyll

Which, ironically, makes the fight harder because now it's trickier to figure where that giant one-hit kill is going for next.

I admit I don't do dungeon co-op. It's just not a experience I like to repeat.

190e8c No.14460053


i think the more plausible explanation is boogie's a lazy, neurotic retard and she finally realized they had no future.

she wanted him to lose weight. he'd talk about her making him healthier options but he'd just end up crashing a week or so later. he talked about wanting to lose enough weight to be able to stand for the whole marriage ceremony(which was apparently important to her). she's fucking brain dead for marrying the slug to begin with.

e80887 No.14460271


You're probably right, and honestly I don't care enough to dig into the story myself. That's just what I heard shitposted somewhere. Here, probably.

cc3e1a No.14461164

File: 38646b6a4fc911a⋯.png (237.55 KB, 550x544, 275:272, 1517128617.png)

Does the difficulty curve and enemy placement in BB seam a little wonky to anyone else? Several areas seem to be "front loaded" with difficulty rather than it being consistent throughout or rising as you proceed through the level. Is this something the From does a lot or is it unique to Bloodborne?

c93360 No.14461226


Can you give some places as examples? I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

38d6b7 No.14461303



cc3e1a No.14461628


Hunters Nightmare for example. The NPC human hunters are a huge pain in the ass but once you're past that first section the difficulty begins to drop off significantly. Another example is the Nightmare of Mensis. From the spawn in point till you get past that one non respawning NPC is just buttfuck alley. The rest of the level is practically a stroll through the park in comparison.

Oh and Upper Cathedral Ward with the room with 4 fucking blue eyed werewolves guarding the path to one of the easiest bosses in the entire game.

351847 No.14464628


If you have the physical disks you can make a new junk account and get a free trial whenever you want to play online. You don't get to share saves between profiles though and it's bullshit that you have to pay for internet twice.


Castle Cainhurst is another one with those bloated mosquito people outside but the ghosts inside are easy as piss. The boss of the area is a bitch to take on alone.

e62fdc No.14464960


>it's bullshit that you have to pay for internet twice

You're not paying for internet access, you're paying for the servers, dipshit.

e80887 No.14465798

File: 720eae5cd572cc6⋯.png (308.7 KB, 696x860, 174:215, 7ac25cee047d76379b52be4974….png)


You're not paying for the servers. You're paying for the "free" games and because Sony said you have to pay or we'll kill your multiplayer, and you capitulated like a faggot.

The vast majority of PS4's games, even their first party titles, are peer to peer matchmaking (fuck, at least Microsoft has private servers for their first party titles), and the features which they DO need their own servers for - such as party chat, messaging, unified friend lists, and all that shit is free to non-subscribers.

I think the only thing that PS Plus covers that really would constitute an appreciable out-of-pocket expense for Sony to maintain is cloud storage for save games - and even that's inexcusable since pretty much every fucking cloud based storage service on the planet offers you at least 1GB for free.

PS+ is a scam enforced for the goal of getting you to purchase (via your subscription) games every month - obfuscated behind the guise of being "pay for multiplayer". The vast majority of their casual customers will only buy a game or two a year - but they'll want to play those games online, and this is way to force you to spend $10 on games monthly.

There is absolutely ZERO justification for charging for an online fee for multiplayer or other services from a closed platform which runs it's own storefront - because these digital game prices have to keep pricing parity with physical games in order to not piss off retailers who sell the hardware, and who do you think soaks up the extra cash that would otherwise be saved going to digital? It's not the publishers. It's fucking Sony and Microsoft who take 30% of sales in distribution fees, not to mention another 10% cut in royalties for having the game on their system.

Now, why the fuck can't Sony and Microsoft just take that extra 30% revenue on game sales they're getting and use that to create a robust and free (to the players) multiplayer network with dedicated servers for ALL games? Why are game publishers still paying out of their own pockets for servers, and appropriately - also shutting down servers on legacy software to save costs - when that shit SHOULD be funded by game sales - or, you would think, the monthly fee if they insist on charging you.

It's all a goddamned con-job.

1678f5 No.14466954


The way capitalism works is that once you are making money from something its very hard for you to stop charging for it, even if the circumstances allow.

351847 No.14467785


Ok since you want to get pedantic how does this sound: It's bullshit you have to pay for internet then pay again to use your internet with a game/console.

Does that sell paid multiplayer better or worse?


Sums up how I feel about it. The paying for peer to peer is really what bothers me. At least when you pay for an mmo some of that goes into servers.

56be18 No.14467810


>it's hard to stop charging for something over which you have complete control

It's called having willpower and a sense of honor, you stupid fucking nonwhite commie.

cc3e1a No.14469049

File: 828bdcf2d5188a1⋯.jpg (90.14 KB, 640x334, 320:167, JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP.jpg)

I. Cannot. Kill. The FUCKING Amygdala at the bottom of the defiled chalice.

9e5ac7 No.14469145


>willpower and a sense of honor

>implying those matter against profit and continuing revenue streams

fda652 No.14469182


Try to attack it's tail from behind and get a sense when to roll after that bitch jumps (protip: don't roll immediately after it jumps, wait about 0.5 seconds at least). You also may shoot its head with a cannon 2 times under the bone marrow ash buff and/or focus your attacks on its crotch if you are feeling lucky.

fda652 No.14469190


>its tail


2a14c4 No.14469283

15ec54 No.14469641

File: 3b449af1ded3a30⋯.jpg (241.55 KB, 1200x1009, 1200:1009, brain sucker.jpg)


Keep at it. I know that feel but at some point, things are gonna click and the bitch will never land a hit on you and, for subsequent plays, you'll be surprised at how pathetically easy she is.

Honestly, I'm glad they put Amygdala and not some chimp out master like the Descendant.

bdfd45 No.14469696

cc3e1a No.14471656



What's strange is that I had little problem with the Nightmare Frontier Amygdala. It's not just the lack of health either because the first time I went through the game I only had about as much health as I have right now. I don't know if it's that the chalice version just has inflated health or if it's just the smaller battlefield but something is throwing me off.

To compound the problem I can't get ACB to hit properly this time. I think it's because it's too cramped for the attack to converge correctly. I guess I could try getting right under the head and doing it point blank.

15ec54 No.14471798

File: 65ca963c1559ade⋯.jpg (263.75 KB, 1200x1009, 1200:1009, brain sucker2.jpg)



That thing couldn't hit the side of a barn. Have you tried Executioner's Gloves while locking on to the head? Every ARC build fighting Amy I see goes with that.

427f91 No.14471852

>having a ps4 but not already having bloodborne

>paying for ps plus

Genuine question, how are there any people out there who are both of the above?

cc3e1a No.14472440

File: ae8c26d69f70244⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1159x1080, 1159:1080, Madman A Call Beyond 1.png)


>Executioner's Gloves

That's what I've been using in my attempts. It does pretty good damage but it's not as much as I'd like. I have nearly 70 arcane why am I not fucking this thing up any better than I'm doing?

>That thing couldn't hit the side of a barn.

Why the hell did they think that the player version of that spell was acceptable? When it's being used on you it seems to have much better tracking

787957 No.14472451


because bloodborne isn't even the best game on the system. gr2 and yakuza 0 and ishin are both better.

6c7b3c No.14472593


No. Never go full goy.

20647e No.14472610

File: 46569b277b5f7de⋯.jpg (585.46 KB, 1200x755, 240:151, main-snow-bath.jpg)

Any tips for Micolash?

His arcane spell never fails to hit me and it fucking kills me almost instantly.

d46f6a No.14472712

File: be5313493e5e60a⋯.gif (3.13 MB, 257x358, 257:358, NOOOOOOOOO.gif)


I share your pain anon.

15ec54 No.14472817

File: c0b7f1525fc9799⋯.jpg (210.85 KB, 592x600, 74:75, plain doll41.jpg)


>When it's being used on you it seems to have much better tracking

The bitch at Burgerworth, she's at the top of the stairs, I'm at the bottom and at least half the shots will home in on my exact position. And going to back this

>I think it's because it's too cramped for the attack to converge correctly

Micolash practically fights you in a closet and that shit still tracks you perfectly. Just more arbitrary stuff for the AI to fuck you with like Frenzy.

>70 ARC

I've thought about making a pure ARC character (mine's 30 STR - 50 ARC) but just thinking abouy Laurence and the Orphan immediately makes me pussy out. Not to mention it's a really shitty build to optimize in terms of gems.


For the first half, keep circling him and bait Augur by stopping for a split-second in front of him. For the second one, you can cheese him with poison daggers - from the scaffold you're supposed to drop and chase him into the gated room, put a couple of poison daggers on him, they'll put in him a loop where he's limping and disappearing, coming out of the mirror, limping and disappearing repeatedly until the poison wears off. Repeat.

If you don't want to cheese him and have 15 ARC, take Beast Roar and keep knocking him on his ass or comboing him and use Beast Roar as a break to recover stamina. This way you can hound without a chance to retaliate.

308377 No.14473034


>Beast Roar

That was how I did it. It was a great trick that I hadn't figured out until then. Somehow though, I think by pure luck, the first run through where I beat him I actually managed to dodge every single ACB. It was with a side-step about 1m away from him. Couldn't remember the timing for the life of me.

f81f00 No.14473095


>when is ACB good

>66 arcane

gonna want to flip that number upside down to make any arcane good. Also it's good for mix ups and having a homing attack that doesn't go in a straight line to the enemy, since it is delayed start up, and can only be dodged by dodging in from a distance.

f81f00 No.14473132


>dodged every ACB

I said it in my last post but the flaw of the attack that does an arc in the direction of your character is that it will define a path to where you are, and unless you are further away. it won't be able to change its path before hitting a wall; if you dodge away or to the side then the shot will just make it so that rather than dipping down it can go in a straight line by bending the arc upwards a bit, or you'll dodge into them and get hit with one little sprite of light that blasts you to shit. Instead, you duck in at the very last second as it's coming at you, since none of the shots can change their arc so drastically to move in reverse or turn all the way around. Then you can whap him good. Also if you hit him before his startup is over, which is like "you can only do this if you're already hitting him" tier speed, he gets knocked out of it and has to reroll his actions, which may just retry ACB or it will reroll to a fist attack or AoE

cc3e1a No.14473390

File: 354c2211a9e4675⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ayy lmao.webm)

Is there conceivable less dignified way to die than to be sissy slapped to death by a pack of those goofy little blue aliens?



I found using Blacksky Eye to right when he begins casting was a great way stun him out of the attack.


>but just thinking abouy Laurence and the Orphan immediately makes me pussy out.

Yeah they're both pretty rough with pure arcane as I found out.


I'm now level 91 in arcane. When I wake up a little bit I'm going to go fuck Amygdala right in the mouth.

cc3e1a No.14473947

File: f70f0d71683dae9⋯.jpg (267.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180312071142.jpg)


0b28fe No.14474249

File: 6a6855961653e43⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1280x900, 64:45, bloodborne_serval_beast.jpg)


>that stamina

>that HP

Damn boi, what level?


I just kept stunlocking him with me Ludwig's tbh, but yeah the beast roar is good to have when you're out of stamina and need a little breathing room.

>Laurance and Orphan

What's bullshit about them? I mean the Oprhan is the best climax fight in Bloodborne (even more so in NG+), with Laurance being a shite boss thats easily cheesed (for me) at his final stage. If you want a Bullshit boss, then that title goes to Rom alongside the Headless Bloodletting Beast.


The hitler dubs don't lie, and i found Madara's Whistle rekt these bitches real good along with her stupid fucking spiders.


>Dying to the Blue Goobers

How? I mean if its Blue Goobers 2: Rom Boogaloo i can understand but them?

On a side note, i found out that alot of anons here used to hype up the Blood-straved beast as the boss that would rekt new player's ass back when it was released . However, when i finally got around and played it a few months ago, i found out that the boss-fight was not that hard as those anons thought it might be tbh. The first true stupidly hard bosses for me was Rom and the Abhorrent Beast.

cc3e1a No.14474337

File: 7cbf1208e5c03bb⋯.png (22.2 KB, 534x231, 178:77, zombie.png)

File: d0d4cd0762c0a0c⋯.jpg (360.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, guaranteed to blow your mi….jpg)


189 by that point. Who knew that the only thing you had to do to defeat Cursed Amygdala was to fire 17 level 90 A Call Beyond's directly under his head while a naked man with a wheel provides a distraction.


I was really tired after level grinding on the last floor of Isz and I slipped up and got surrounded.

>Blood-straved beast

The only thing about that thing is that it's Sanic fast. If I can manage to not get poisoned at a bad moment I generally don't have a problem with him.


Oddly enough I've never really had much of a problem with Rom since I always keep a weapon pimped out with bolt for kin slaying. It's just a bit tedious slowly picking off the little spiders and then running to avoid the arcane meteor swarm.

The boss that I have the absolutely worst trouble with is Logarius. He spends the first half of the battle staying as far away from you as he can and the second half trying to crawl up your ass. If you have a slow heavy weapon you might as well just forget it.

f81f00 No.14474500


If you go at logarius with an arcane build then I heavily suggest using the age old trick; get behind him, use auger when he's staying put for a good two seconds, preferably after a dodge skull or a skull charge. Tear out his spinal cord, rinse and repeat. Phase 2 requires you to just dodge around and hit him like he's a normal boss, and if you're using wheel or pizza cutter you should have no problem getting good hits in; I recommend using auger whenever he is about to swipe and L2 with the pizza cutter to gnash his health to bits.

15ec54 No.14474920

File: b1bcf32a8de960e⋯.jpg (418 KB, 1091x1200, 1091:1200, plain doll21.jpg)



I've died to them in Isz, a couple of times against the squad at the start because if 5 of them start slapping you around you're done in a second and a lot of times against the ranged ones in the dungeon's last bonus room because their arcane blasts are a near OHKO that phases through walls (and the room is crawling with Brain Suckers).


>What's bullshit about them?

HP and resistances for both. Orphan spending half of phase 2 jumping off screen or chucking placentanades over and over. Laurence's damage output (even with optimized defenses, he can still OHKO you), some lingering hitbox bullshit, him having a ridiculous amount of moves with fake outs, dodge cancels and whatever like it's fuckin' Virtua Fighter.

>Bloodstarved Beast

It's a ooga-booga curbstomper. It makes new players panic all the time. After fighting it a bunch of times in Cursed dungeons I've realized that if you stay glued to it and keep circling to your right, you can avoid every single thing it throws at you. The problem is when it or you create distance, that's when you're prone to get hit by one of its chimp outs.


RNG chore boss.

>Headless Kemono Chi no Aruji

This is where the Miyazaki dick riders will tell you that not being able to see shit of what's going on is part of the challenge. From my experience, the best tactic is to fight it without lock on and wail on his legs, just be ready to roll whenever you see it's about to do something. Also, his arm slam has a hitbox clearly bigger than his actual arms.



I can beat him at first attempt now but it's pretty ugly and I almost exhaust all my vials and bullets. From the main game, I'd say him, Amelia, Ebrietas and Gehrman are the hardest. The later two wouldn't be a problem if Ebrietas' charge didn't have that bullshit hitbox nor the camera didn't go bonkers every time Gehrman does a scythe combo.

e6857a No.14474977

File: 97dfbc637bbf440⋯.png (417.72 KB, 620x349, 620:349, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like Ned Kelly.

cc9cd9 No.14475509


>Launch the bloodborne station after a good year because people are talking about it and I've yet to complete my simon's bowblade/blades of mercy runs

>Decide to go to the chalices of the latter's save, it appears to be a ptumerhu root, easy shit, who cares

>I encounter both a lever room and an eerie, passive sort of enemy I have never seen before

Neat I guess.

cc3e1a No.14477124

File: 8aea14d4dbfb7db⋯.jpg (107.06 KB, 502x793, 502:793, Pilgrim_Concept_Art.jpg)

File: deed896f74f5248⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1271x1080, 1271:1080, Pilgrim_Face.png)

File: a2c75e7cecc6f2c⋯.png (644.67 KB, 1234x1078, 617:539, Pilgrim_Profile.png)


>and an eerie, passive sort of enemy I have never seen before

That's a Pilgrim. They're completely harmless and only do a single counterattack if they are attacked first. I like to leave them alone since it's nice to have something wandering around the game that doesn't want to eviscerate you on sight.

9a9c68 No.14477144


>Desperately trying to fit in or genuinely a fitly yid

Why? I love bloodborne and I still don't want to wast money on PSN. Do you hate fun?

7386c6 No.14477698


>When I wake up a little bit I'm going to go fuck Amygdala right in the mouth.

Where's all the Amygdala porn?

b15944 No.14477700


so just got a second hand PS4… Can I still get this game if I just got the PSPlus this month?

f81f00 No.14477792

File: 9e8fd63e283c258⋯.gif (970.68 KB, 500x490, 50:49, Sweet dubs.gif)

>>14477700 (checked)


1a89f4 No.14479215

>boot up the game

>power on through

>farm a fuckload of souls echoes

>level up easily, buy some fashion

>kill 3 bosses in a row so easily they look like normal enemies with a larger healthbar

>hit up new area

>oh shit everything kills me now

>die 75 times, but reach boss

>9 attempts, eats up your blood vial reserve

>put game down

>next day

>boot up the game

>power on through

>farm a fuckload of souls echoes

>level up easily, buy some fashion

>kill 3 bosses in a row so easily they look like normal enemies with a larger healthbar


I'm not sure why, but this is one of the few games that tell me in a subtle way "go away for a couple of hours, freshen up and come back later".

Maybe it's the lack of sleep catching up with me, or the hunger or something, but it feels really good to put it down and return to it a few hours later.

Currently stuck at Lady Maria. I want to make full Brocolli Knight with Loch shield + Kos parasite. Got 44 Arcane, had to stop levelling that because my 20 vitality and 17 Stamina were making things needlessly hard.

Since I won't get the parasite for a while, I've been rocking Ludwig's Holyblade (with fire) and alternating between Moonlight Greatsword for arcane damage or the Tonitrus for kin-hunting that shit has to be chinese, 100 durability holy fuck.

It occurs to me that Arcana doesn't scale Ludwig's fire damage all that well. And that the Tonitrus, while good against Kin because of bolt is shit because blunt. I'm not sure if that weapon is actually worthy it or not.

Struggled against the living failures but got it in 3 attempts (and 54 blood vials later).

Call Byond was underwhelming, but usefull against Ebrietas. Had to abuse blood bullets to make it work though and the summon.

Executioner's glove seems good but… 3 bullets? That's 3 Augurs of ebrietas worth. And Augur's a lot of tentacle fun when I actually get it off. Blacksky is effective but meh on the visuals.

All this together with the Flamesprayer made for a neat "Wizard" build but I think I made things needlessly hard on myself by picking up an Arcane build for my first time ever playing the game.

Bought it with all the DLC last week since I had a discount. 30 bucks. Would have killed myself this week until I noticed PS+ only gives you base game.

f81f00 No.14479245


>44 arc

>20 vit

>17 end

I got through the game as an arcane man with 25 vit/end and maximizing arcane.

1a89f4 No.14479267


Ayee, but this is my first time playing the game.

I'm still exploring a lot and trying a lot of things.

Wasted 4 or 5 levels in STR/SKILL to wield some weapons I think and I'm now missing those.

I also fucked up the SEKRIT ending because I killed Rom too soon and Iosefka even sooner so it's probably a NG+ for me if I want my Arcane wizard to trascend.

Quick question, since I never been to these threads:

What's and ARC build and what is a DC and why do people say every build needs it?

Bloodvial farming is still a chore. Sure, you can bulk-buy, but I still gotta head back, slap some motherfuckers around for 15 minutes and stock up before attemtping bosses.

And it pains me to dump 30k on vials when that shit was worth another point in Arcane.

f81f00 No.14479287


>fucked up secret ending because I killed rom too soon

Did you not get the red lady? **there are four umbillicals possible, one from iosefka after the bloodmoon and red lady in the same context, one from the doll, and one from the nightmare school

f81f00 No.14479295


Forgot to answer question

>what's and ARC build

arcane is at 99, none of the other fucking stats matter


I'm not sure

>bloodvial farming

go to the very first area, walk through and kill everything in the areas while taking as little damage as possible, which will be easy if you've got good arcane gems on weapons. Even still it's easy.


Fucked up the spoiler, oh well who cares.

1a89f4 No.14479320


Why. Isn't there a hardcap at 50 in every stat?

I was planning on hitting 50 arcane and then putting wathever was left on the others till i reached lvl 110.

Yeah, I know it's easy, and an Arcane build even makes it easier, but it's still something that bugs me.

Actually it bugs me a lot precisely because it happened when fighting Lady Maria.

That boss fight is amazing, it's a 1vs1 with another hunter, you got a lamp right next to it, so you can attempt it again and again, learn her moves, appreciate the music and… oops, ran out of blood vials. Take a breather in Yarhnam and come back chump.

It needlessly breaks the game. Just a little but it does. Think about it: if the blood vials refilled at Lamps up to 20 like Estus flasks did, would the game change all that much?

At times, I like the "gotta conserve resources" mentality that makes me try to foolishly rally some health back or not spam bullets.

But at other times, it's frustrating.

I don't think anyone gives much of a shit about spoilers given how old the game is.

What happened was that I found Isofka's before Rom and decided to kill her right there. Took a bunch of attempts, and the reward wasn't very good (especially since you can get the summons without angering her). That makes on cord unavailable.

Then I let the Beggar into the chapel.

I knew he wasn't trustworthy, but I was curious to see what would happen. And he got the Old lady, Arianna and chapel bro. Skeptic got the Isofka's treatment, because lol, first time playing. So I will only find two cords.

I feel like I did what a new player would do and that's good enough for me. NG+ for ascending sounds about right anyway. Only way I can violate Maria with Kos tentacles anyway.

0b28fe No.14479383


>that Rosary

Holy fucking shit i've never noticed that before, props to From for making neat little tidbits on Bloodborne's world, shows that they really have a knack on making the world seems believable.


>wanting amygdala

>not the best grill of the cosmos

Absolutely pleb tier



Its i don't know, care to elaborate more?

f81f00 No.14479390

File: aff6df203b7b24e⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 624x480, 13:10, Mr. Burns laughing.webm)

File: 8c9b9d178b08723⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Laughing asian.webm)

File: ab06173016c2c8a⋯.webm (5.87 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Hahaahahahahahahaha.webm)


>Why. Isn't there a hardcap at 50 in every stat?

>Hard cap


>Hard cap


>running out of vials

The game is designed with the intent that you will get tons of vials on your first walk through an area and then you will have enough for the boss. Living failures is a bastard with arcane only and maria cuts your health down super fast. What you want to do is just







Want me to help you, I can show you that fight's not difficult even without substantial vials.

>let the beggar into the chapel


Beggar is supposed to be a secret boss you dummy. Punch him and see what happens

cc3e1a No.14479391


>Why. Isn't there a hardcap at 50 in every stat?

50 is the cap for arcane weapon scaling but hunter's tools scale right up to 99 arcane. Except the whistle which I think scales off of bloodtinge.

I am beating the shit out of bosses with nothing but BsE and gloves and ACB in specific situations. I got the Orphan down to 2% health. I would have beat him if I hadn't rolled into that invisible wall.

f81f00 No.14479398


>50 is the cap for arcane weapon scaling

no the fuck it ain't

1a89f4 No.14479420


But the wiki says there's a cap at 50.

Or is it a "there's a softcap but it's not that much and 99 ARC let's me fire nukes from my fingertips"?

Already punched him.

He ate everyone, gave me two blood pellets.

My 87 Insight laugh at such beastial useless trinkets so I punched him.

I then ran like a coward back inside and gave him a mouthfull of Blacksky.

I didn't want to cheese her with Augur. I know it's possible, and I got to her 3rd phase with it, but I alreayd chesed a fuck ton of the game with it. I wanted to fight her like a hunter.

But hey, it's an Arcane build. I should play it like a Wizard and cast lvl 9 Chesee at her.



The wiki mentions "diminishing returns" after 25 and worse after 50. Didn't know about Hunter toolls though.

A new world just opened to me.

A world full of cheese and thermonuclear tentacles.

I think this is what it feels like when we gain Insight in-game.

cc3e1a No.14479441


I didn't say hard cap. It certainly helps arcane scaling weapons to go above 50 but you notice less and less improvement than getting to 50 in the first place.


Maria was the best fight I had in the game. I beat her with 0 vials and 0 bullets left and single digit health. Some how I dodged through her flaming blood storm and regen'd just enough stamina to swing my sword one final time and caught her on the back swing. Shit was intense.

f81f00 No.14479444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>99 ARC let's me fire nukes from my fingertips

embed related.

>I wanted to fight her like a hunter.

You are the arcane player

You need to play as though you are yourself skeletor's kin.

>a world full of cheese and thermonuclear tentacles

Attaboy, only hunters use such useless things as trick weapons.

1a89f4 No.14479482


Something like that happened to me fighting the Living Failures.

Failed two attempts until I realized that the key was to keep all 4 of them in your sight all the time otherwise 450 pounds of ayylmao crush you from off-screen.

Third was going well, ate some meteors, risked some rally but lost a lot and by the time I run out of vials, they still had 50% HP.

Managed to soldier on, and I was down to 10% HP when they were also at 10%.

That last hit, the hit that actually killed me, was a lot of back and forth, constantly afraid of overcommiting and being punished, but when I got it… man what a relief.


I nuked Vicar Amelia with a couple Oil Urns and a Flamesprayer. Now I see the error of my ways. I have forsaken the Hunter Tools.

f81f00 No.14479511


Dude, nothing is more radical then doing the same damage output as a hunter when your build is to maximize arcane and you're using THE FUCKING HUNTER'S TORCH

No lie I killed amelia solo with a torch and it was the funniest experience of my life. God dammit I'm making another arcane man, who want's to join me in some jolly tomfoolery?

15ec54 No.14480437

File: 67f796bad11ab6b⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 3155x3297, 3155:3297, plain doll48.jpg)



Defiled Chalice? If it's that, the correct way to phrase it would be FRC (Foetid, Rotted, Cursed). Indeed, cursed gems are practically mandatory if you want to tackle the NG+ cycles.


>50 is the cap for arcane weapon scaling but hunter's tools scale right up to 99 arcane.

That's interesting. Now I don't feel so bad about my 50 ARC character since it's mostly for the MGS. I'd still like to respec.

3e02ee No.14480529


scoot back to reddit, classcuck mutt.

7386c6 No.14482147


Ebrietas is pure, she is not for lewd.

15ec54 No.14482264

File: 96961857b33c0d5⋯.jpg (232.98 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, great ones.jpg)


>Ebrietas is pure

She spits space AIDS blood at you though.

7386c6 No.14482288

File: ae53f83b0d93b33⋯.jpg (37.72 KB, 494x368, 247:184, daughter_of_the_cosmos.jpg)


That's not what that is. Get more insight.

15ec54 No.14482300

File: e1b5501371b1883⋯.webm (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cleric_Beast.webm)


>Get more insight.

That just makes it worse! by lowering Frenzy resistance

Nice digits though.

Since we're at it, why is that lorefags have this set idea that Ebby-chan is Kin? Because the Celestial Children look like baby versions of her? To me that just says the fetuses were tampered with her blood.

f81f00 No.14483260

File: 8821512406327ab⋯.webm (4.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Squa-dill-lah.webm)

>tfw you start a pure arc build and you obtain hunter's torch

cc3e1a No.14483658

File: 90db9903d52d0fb⋯.jpg (242.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180313221212.jpg)

File: ee578a92f82620f⋯.jpg (270.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180313221333.jpg)

File: db9ba9c3f268494⋯.jpg (357.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180313223236.jpg)

File: 500e365e87019f9⋯.jpg (401.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180313223239.jpg)

File: 9554b4e205691db⋯.jpg (394.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180314020601.jpg)

I manage to beat the Orphan using nothing but Blacksky eye and a few luck swipes with the MLGS.

Even better I was finally able to keep Valtr alive to the end of the battle with Lawrence and got my fifth vermin.

At this point all I have to do is two more layers of the final Pthumeru chalice and then I'll have nothing left but the wet Nurse and endgame.

1608e5 No.14483663


because she's weak to lightning and thrust

cc3e1a No.14483691


>Since we're at it, why is that lorefags have this set idea that Ebby-chan is Kin?

I think it's because she bleeds white blood like kin instead of red blood like most other Great Ones. They completely ignore the fact that the game explicitly states that she is a Great One.

She does have kin traits though.

144875 No.14483754

File: 537dca5b166a963⋯.png (125.45 KB, 255x572, 255:572, 2018-03-14_01-15-12.png)

Anyone who recently picked up Bloodborne due to PS+ should seriously consider this sale. It's possibly the best Souls content ever.

0b28fe No.14484334



Are you fucking kidding me? I bought my used copy of GOTY edition for 30 bucks

1a89f4 No.14484366

File: e990bce3c1ebab3⋯.jpg (148.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ZQJ2RTm[1].jpg)

File: 9439400cc19232f⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 1024x426, 512:213, ash_lake_by_zusacre-d6vdd5….jpg)

Quick question.

When you're in the Hunter's Dream, you see those "pillars" in the distance.

And they remind me a lot of the trees in the Ash Lake back in Dark Souls.

Given that the Nightmares are layered, what could be under the Hunter's Dream?

**I also have this feeling that the Hunter's Dream is BELLOW Yarnham, not above it like the rest of the nightmares, since the awakening message says "awake above ground".

22d853 No.14484544

File: 6e4fd0cc163f9ea⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 225x225, 1:1, I thought i killed them al….jpg)

Guys my armor is bloody and has some kind of bloody stat on it, like a stamp on its picture.

Does it mean anything or is it just for show?

Since its there im sure it does something though, I can't find anything when I look it up though.

cc3e1a No.14484554


Screen shot it and post it.

7d2aa2 No.14484607


I think that is some religious mythology in the east. A lot of eastern (and eastern inspired) things have such pillars. I think it has to do with different world, where each pillar is a tree of life and at its crown rests a world.

Mind you, I might be completely off about this.

cc3e1a No.14484659

File: 44ac9e7de07f300⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Zdzislaw_Beksinski_56_1600….jpg)


They remind me of this painting.

1a89f4 No.14484811


Ayee, that was my take on it.

Assuming Yharnam is a real place and not another dream/nightmare, I find those pillars strange: they'd mean Hunters dream is bellow Yarnham. But Gherman &company hint that the Hunter's Dream is actually another nightmare. Which I though only appeared above Yarnham.

So that got me thinking about the order of the Nightmares.

Right above Yarnham, we got Nighmare Frontier. It seems the name is apt: it's the frontier between Nightmares and Yarnham.

Above that, Mensis, where Micolash is Host to his own Nightmare. And right at the top of that Nightmare (the highest point you can "climb" in the game) there's Mergo and the ritual to beckon the moon.

First impression: you're climbing through the diferent nightmares, just like the Mensis scholars did until you reach close enough to the moon. BUT, there's one point where you get even closer to the moon than Mensis did that throws this theory out: when fighting Rom.

You dive into the lake, into the Moon's presence, and you're actually closer to the Moon and Mensis rituals.

And this is where things clicked to me. Because of the Sky watcher badge hinting that the cosmos is much closer aswell as several diferent parts of the game hinting that the labyrinths are connected to the cosmos.

If you go "down" the other way and descend instead of climb, you start at Byrgenwerth, descend to the Labyrinths, and end up at the Moonside Lake. And I believe, just bellow that lake, is the Hunters dream. The dream is the closest point to the moon, and that's why the Moon Presence appears there.

9a0a47 No.14485137


Well, assuming all the nightmares are layered, then we already know the lowest and highest.

The Hunter’s Nightmare should be the lowest, as it is essentially Hell. With Ludwig being a reference to some Shinto/Buddhist guardian of the Underwold that also ties in with the blood river.

The Nightmare of Mensis should be the highest point, as you have pointed out. Since the focal point of the Nightmare is built around Mergo and the Mensis Mind.

The hard part is figuring out the order for places like The Hunter’s Dream, The Fishing Hamlet, The Nightmare Frontier, etc.

468684 No.14485267


That would make sense though. Then it could be reasoned that each pillar contains a different hunter's dream.

22d853 No.14485340

File: c64b76e9791dc6f⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 320x320, 1:1, e7c425a0fc39b408cfd4ea6cbd….gif)


Nevermind, im retarded.

Thats just the stuff I have equipped.


Wouldn't the graves represent the layers too?

15ec54 No.14485346

File: de6efbb8443a538⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, plain doll46.jpg)


You should know it's gay if the saws touch.


It's just the DLC and the discount is for PS+ users.

0b28fe No.14485466




Man just fucking imagine how much more enjoyable the Chalice Dungeons would be if they had conform with this philosphy. CDs should be that, an interconnected network of Pthumerian Dungeons, each with their own unique layers and creatures inside it, but what you get is just the same copy&pasted dungeons repeated ad-infinium. Its a shame too since they could have made each Chalice locations distinct from each other by actually making them not rehashed from the Pthumerian Chalice. I mean, Loran chalices has that open canyon are that really set the scale of the dungeon for a short time, before having you resume into the crushing reality that its just another fucking dungeon with some instagram filters applied on top of it. The Isz chalice is probably the most guilty for this, for having zero new additions into the dungeon roster.

Not to mention, that they completely missed the opportunity of having an 'postgame' dungeon where you could found out the final dead end of the dungeon that led to some revelation about all the locations that you went through. I mean fuck, that cut Moon Presence boss has a very good area but too bad they had time constraints despite being managed to finish and polish the main game.


I know but atleast i got the physical edition

1df702 No.14485539


>How does [insert name here]'s dick taste like?

Easily the most pathetic retort imaginable. It's Colbert teir

f81f00 No.14485761



>Why is she kin

>she bleeds white blood

>but she is a great one

did I miss something or is everyone retarded?

Kin means kin of cosmos

Meaning space aliens. Kos, the brainlickers, the mushroom heads, great ones, both orphans, and so on are all kin.


Hunter's dream is the highest point, I thought. Like, as high as the fishing village.


15ec54 No.14485817

File: b1c3cc287680ad6⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 445x532, 445:532, iosefka.jpg)


>Kin means kin of cosmos

>Meaning space aliens

Kin are crossbreeds. Emissaries, Brain Suckers, Celestial Children, Willem and possibly Rom. That's the point of the term "kin" - close, related but not quite there. Fauxsefka alludes to this if you keep sending her people after entering the clinic.

git insightful

f81f00 No.14485881


Well being weak to lightning for all of them would make sense anyway, since they're all so closely related.

15ec54 No.14486178

File: 4dd1c8bce882305⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 418x313, 418:313, 4dd.gif)

File: 868d35c3ccc89e3⋯.png (422.11 KB, 540x696, 45:58, 868.png)

File: bcf2e23c4c6443f⋯.jpg (162.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bcf.jpg)

File: aab09a99a74a8cb⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 400x1103, 400:1103, aab.jpg)

File: 88f21f3da8e7f73⋯.png (320.81 KB, 652x712, 163:178, 88f.png)


>being weak to lightning for all of them

Not the Orphan. At the risk of making a motherfuckin' JoJo reference, he has no weakness. Neither does Ludwig though I thought for the longest time, he was weak to Fire and Serration. Somewhat ironically, the one with a weakness is Laurence, the First Damage Sponge.

Since I'm on the subject, I gotta complain at the sheer stupidity of Camerabeast Paarl being weak to Serration and not Blunt.

Back to Ebrietas lorefagging, IIRC the Isz chalice mentions she's the first Great One they came in contact with and I think it also hints at her being left behind. I guess the Kin theory might work if you go with the premise that some wench got DUNWICHED and this Great One happened to be the nigger of their species and went to buy a pack of cigarettes once he realized he got a bitch knocked up.

e8f3c7 No.14486799

File: 54fb7bb35b0be77⋯.png (312.04 KB, 402x721, 402:721, Disbelive.png)

>Play copy of Bloodborne from friends Account

>get own copy through PS+

>buy DLC and download the game again

<save file is not compatible

I just beat Rom and now I have to start all over again…

At least I can get some of the stuff I didn't know about last time

468684 No.14486823


Part of the fun of playing Souls games, anon. I just started a new save to play with a friend who got the game through ps+

308377 No.14486856


I think I went through 3 characters before beating DS. Just start a new playthrough in a different style. It's amazing how much difference it can make.

My first BB playthrough (which I still haven't finished yet) is ARC/SKL. Without caring too much about level. For this PS+ month I started a new character which is a lvl43 Twink focusing on STR and building into a beast (if I can ever get through all these fucking CD)

Both build have played incredibly different and offered fun different experiences.

15ec54 No.14486911

File: 73673ddb4edfb19⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 736.jpg)

File: 34f8465d358c6f5⋯.jpg (59.16 KB, 722x349, 722:349, 34f.jpg)

File: 3f6151176c56380⋯.jpg (173.5 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 3f6.jpg)

File: cf5de5cd484f180⋯.png (515.65 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cf5.png)

File: e6faecb988b2d64⋯.gif (364.84 KB, 700x500, 7:5, e6f.gif)


Unless you started the dungeons, that's progress you can catch up on pretty quickly. You can probably do it in one sitting if you leave the optional areas for later (though I personally try to get them all done before Rom).

e8f3c7 No.14486950

File: 66288889c9f51d0⋯.png (63 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Ohrenkatze.png)



Somehow I could never get into other Souls games. I tried Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1, but somehow they didn't click with me.

I think one of the main reasons was me simply being intimidated by all the different available stats. Made me feel like I will make an error, no matter what I put points into. But I will probably try them again after I'm done with Bloodborne


I started one Dungeon and was down to Depth 3, but my weapons felt underpowered because I started it as soon as it was available.

But I am already at the Cleric Beast again and amazed at how much faster you get after knowing enemy positions and attack patterns.

72372f No.14487003

Well, i knew it would come to this. The later bosses are already tiring me out.

It's not really frustration, since I've been on this same step back in DS3, but I've come to the conclusion that the later bosses are, simply put, shit.

Not thematically, oh no no no. Micolash is a madman done right, his arena is spooky and that mirror hoping is great.

Lady Maria is the best Hunter vs Hunter fight in the game and her story plus the clock tower are amazing.

I mean mechanically shit. I'm refering these two because it's also the one's I'm stuck. Or was. And I don't frankly like the way I cleared them.

Micolash was shit because his first phase is a spamfest of Augur with unbreakable poise, which is tedious to jump around instead of simply breaking his poise, demoslishing his HP and getting on to the second part of the fight, you know, the part that should be interesting. The chase was quite fun and you have to figure it out a bit. But then you get to the actual second phase and it's the same as the first, but now he can kick or Call from Byond to insta-kill you.

I'll admit, I'm slightly salty because he ACFB right when I dropped down into his arena and insta killed me. Three times in a row.

But what ended up pissing me more was the kicks. You can't take a step back from you, ACFB insta kills you. You gotta stick to him like flies to shit, but if you get hit by a single Augur, you're fucked. You'll never have time to heal. You can try when he's auguring, but he'll finish it with enough time to kick you while you're still healing. If he does that and takes a step back, tough luck pall, here comes the ACFB and you're dead. Otherwise, you're lucky: you can keep fighting.

With Lady Maria, it's a diferent problem. Believe it or not, I think she has too much HP and doesn't leave you enough openings. After her, I'm still missing the Orphan, Mergo's WetNurse, Gherman and no moon presence because I fucked my cords. But I can already tell it's going to be the same problem because I also had the same problem with DS3.

Early game bosses are the best thing ever in all Soulsborne games because you can use the whole moveset of your weapon to great effect. Light attacks for short openings, heavy attacks for larger openings. But late game bosses are suposed to be "hard" and that means that the window you got to attack them between their own attacks is so short that comitting a single Charged R2 attack is suicide. So are jumping attacks (long recovery in case you miss) backdash attacks (they leave you vulnerable and in the path of the same attack coming at you) and transform attacks (that take a fuckload of time to go off, unless tronitrus)

So now you got a boss that has a fuckload of HP and the only thing you can safely use against them are light attacks. Spam that R1, but not too much! You'll need your stamina to perform at least 2 dodges away from the boss when he's no longer stunlocked (if he stunlocks at all).

This is not hard. This is not something that makes me feel like I achieved something. This is tedious. The fight against Lady Maria was simply dodging for half an hour with a poke here and there. Once you get the timings for the dodging right, it only improves your survivability. Your ability to deal damage to her stays the same because no matter how good you can dodge, her opening windows stay the same.

The only thing that changes this is the parry faggotry that takes longer to learn than dodging and is as much as playing roullete.

>Press L2 at the right time against a boss that has 15 diferent moves all with diferent times and you win a prize!

>if you fail, you lose 60% of your HP!

>the prize is 7% health from the boss, parry 15 times to win

>you can only play 20 times, sorry!

Guess I'll suck it up the rest of the game anyway. I came this far, why stop now..

b2bdcb No.14487041

File: 8f22d1ee0cdac15⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 21294739_117139998930239_9….jpg)


I am not a neet so I dont mind goying 6 bucks a month for online and "free" games. I sub to humble monthly and dont play most of that shit

72372f No.14487046

Right, before someone posts that Maria pic about how she's so easy and all that, I'll make a comparison.

Maria is to Vicar Amelia what Artorias was to the Gaping Dragon.

The Gaping Dragon was a great boss because his most dangerous moves rewarded you if you could dodge them: the boss would slam his head down and be exposed for quite a while. At this times, your heavy attacks (with some resins) were devastating and worth more than light attacks.

On the other hand, you could use light attacks in between the boss's less dangerous attacks to get some damage in while waiting for a bigger opening.

Vicar Amelia is very close to this too. A lot of her moves are quick and leave little opening, but don't deal that much damage either so you can't do heavy attacks, but you can get some light attacks in. Even if you over commit with light attacks, you won't be very punished.

On the latter half of the fight, were her heavier strikes are more frequent, it's time for you to actually pay attention to the boss and prepare for such an opening. It's not hard to drive home a charged R2 if you sucessfully dodge one of the heavier strikes.

Back in DS, shit changed when I got to Artorias. Slow weapons? Not gonna work. Heavy attacks? Not gonna work. Medium or Heavy Armour? Not gonna work.

It was all about moving fast, attacking fast and getting out fast.

And that ended up being true to all the bosses after Artorias (on the DLC) or after ringing both bells (with the exception of Scathe).

b2bdcb No.14487050

File: e2271a9eab6166a⋯.jpg (275.89 KB, 800x1128, 100:141, 791_1000.jpg)


whats good about physical editions? Enjoy some spec of dust ruining your disk

f81f00 No.14487091


>He has no weaknesses

Bullshit, tonio's thunder basher worked twice as good as a fully slotted wheel on my fucking str/arc executioner man and my pure arc space nazi as opposed to the fully slotted whatever the fuck I was using with him.

>neither does ludwig

I thought he was weak to fire and serration in his beast form and he becomes weak to slashing when he stands upright in his second phase as a nod to the idea that beasts and men are of different mindsets?

>paarl being weak to serration

he's a beast though :^)

yeah, it's fucking stupid but that's how it do.

>she was left behind

I thought she was autistic due to the fact that she has an unhealthy obsession with granting eyes to things and smashes her face on the floor to attack you like a large toddler.

Since all of the kin that you fight are some off-shoot of science fucking the cosmos and are somewhat created based on research on Ebi, something that is weak to lightning, it makes sense that everything that is an ancestor of that creature would be weak similarly.


>Start game with cursed existence or whatever the high arcane one is

>only upgrade arcane

>use gun once, just for killing gascwang

>throw it away

>get the hunter's torch

>upgrade x3

>have weapon that does similar damage to everything as starting weapons would have

>kill werewolves in 4 hits

>have a jab that does overhead damage and comes out faster than other jabs

>play defensively with no penalties

>use cane if you want to get your healthbar back sometimes

>scoot through the game with ease

I need more people to understand the power of arcane, that shit is hilariously powerful even early on. It drops off around 30-40 and comes back with a passion at 50 and up, honestly. I'm level 25 and I have 29 arcane already, no points in anything else, I'm trashing anything that may be related to a beast in some form. Even Paarl was a breeze with a couple molotovs to the face, though the problem is the fact that you just have a single stab with no wide arcs to allow for mashing.

15ec54 No.14487160

File: c73619bbf3285c7⋯.jpg (6.21 MB, 1500x3000, 1:2, lady maria7.jpg)

File: ae64e9c48899f55⋯.jpg (243.42 KB, 992x735, 992:735, boss defenses.jpg)



>But I will probably try them again after I'm done with Bloodborne

There's online planners now so you can be meticulous about though I'd recommend winging it on the first playthrough, savor things at your own pace. Just, never, ever put points into Resistance.


>I'll admit, I'm slightly salty because he ACFB right when I dropped down into his arena and insta killed me. Three times in a row.

It's some serious bullshit. You plunge his ass and he'll recover before you're done with your animation.

>Lady Maria

She's easy to stunlock. Gets crazy in the last phase but nothing too difficult to deal with compared to what you've already been through with Ludwig. If you have Augur or Beast Roar, she'll barely be able to do anything.


At the risk of sounding like a cunt, he's gonna steamroll you if you find Maria to be difficult. He seems to be built around the same idea of punishing back evades with the added plus of being extremely dangerous at practically every range.

Fucker took me 4h the first time I fought him. In my defense, it was NG+++.



Maybe there's some discrepancy with how things work but the numbers say he ain't having none of your shit.


Maybe one day I'll do a full Broccoli. I'm currently at seven builds and damn near spent all of February with it; wish I'd known about the March offer to stick around for free Forbidden Woods tours.

They won't add respec so my autism is telling me to remake a couple of them like I did in DeS.

72372f No.14487274


It's precisely how easy it is to stunlock her that fucks with me. You Augur, she falls, you go near her and do 3 swipes with the sword, using the remaning stamina to retreat. You repeat this 3 times. On the fourth, she decides instead to do an unbreakable overhead attack, but I'm already so used to the augur->3swipes->augur combo that I don't react fast enough.

And augur only works AFTER evading her, otherwise she Quicksteps away 9 outta 10 times. Beast Roar is 100% stun, but it's also two bullets and no damage.

The only thing I'd change on this fight was add some long winded attacks to her later in the fight (maybe only phase 3) where she has 2-3 seconds to recover from them. Toss in a small AoE around her, so the player can't camp for Viscerals that easily, and what you get is a move that can deal 75% of your HP in damage, but if sucessfully dodge, let's you land 2 charged R2 attacks for instance.

I know how the orphan is. That's where I'm at now. The fishing Village was mostly a "take it slow" exercise in patience, but it's done.

The Orphan is, again, not dificult. Just extremely, extremely tedious.

>dodge 6 or 7 attacks waiting for an opening

>got hit once? that's 60% of your HP, thank you very much

>finnaly got an opening? Use it to heal, can only attack on the next now!

>dodge another 6 or 7 attacks

>Sucess! Time for two R1 swips and then back away before getting a facefull of placenta

Congrats champ, that's 2% of his HP off. Now repeat 50 times.

This also seems to be a theme in the game: it doesn't matter what attack it is, if it's a boss, it's taking away a minimum of 50% HP.

Eariler I was doing a Chalice dungeon, and the first boss was some Undead Giant.

>swipe with a hook

>sends you flying, 60% damage

>sticks you with hook, lifts you in the air, impaled and slams you down

>knocks you down, 65% damage

>notices you're on his back, rotates like he's fucking Sonic and knocks you down

>knocks you back, 55% damage

>You get a bit close, he does a quick quick


And that's what I'm starting to hate on bosses. There's no "big move = big damage, fast move = low damage" logic at work here.

They just all deal about the same damage because it's a boss fuck you.

15ec54 No.14487361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>it doesn't matter what attack it is, if it's a boss, it's taking away a minimum of 50% HP.

It's a thing that annoys me too. Almost everything hits for over half your HP so you always gotta down 2 vials.

468684 No.14487388


Resistance worked in DS2 I think with meme bleed and poison builds

cc3e1a No.14487805

The Orphan reminds me of fighting the big axe skeletons and Nioh. If you seprent strike at the right moment their attack wont connect and you'll end up behind them. In the Orphan's case you dash into him when he jumps. I actually found him easier in his second phase since he over shoots you more often.

cc3e1a No.14488037


*in Nioh

4ef032 No.14488756



Orphan is hard mostly because he punishes the conventional way to play BB. If you roll like a madman, R2spam and constantly roll into space to bloodvial, he punishes you for it. Unironically, he is easier if you go into his boss whilst actively trying not to roll. Lots of his overheads and circular strikes have hitboxes just long enough to rollcatch; but wont touch you if you calmly walk around him.

Second phase is slightly harder, but its just about knowing when to back off before he zones your ass

979b42 No.14488789

Decided to replay this and my memory is fucking missing whole segments so I've been running around like a retard a whole lot, finally had to crack and google shit because I forgot how to get to the forest.

Using Beasthunter Saif because I never did skill before and it's a beast, when I played this for the first time I used the fucking Whirligig Saw and it's hitboxes were so fucking shit for the charge attack that most of the time it hit 1 damage but I refused to swap for something better, this runs going 100x better because I'm using a weapon that isn't shit.

The only thing I really don't like about Bloodborne is how good the starter weapons are, there is legit no reason to using anything but the Hunter Axe if you just want to get through the game pain free.

7386c6 No.14488801


>finally had to crack and google shit because I forgot how to get to the forest.

How fucking shitty at vidya are you? This shit isn't hard to figure out the first time.

>the first time I used the fucking Whirligig Saw and it's hitboxes were so fucking shit for the charge attack

>He can't even use the EZ mode weapon right

979b42 No.14488852


I'll admit I am shit at vidya but I'm especially bad at Bloodborne.

But you can't honestly tell me you never got lost, the games full of doors that don't open, doors that aren't doors, debris fucking everywhere and it's all grey as fuck.

>He can't even use the EZ mode weapon right

You mean the spin attack? I never used it, I basically used it as a really shit stick in one handed mode because I couldn't be arsed changing weapon, I got the platinum using only the 1 hand version of it as soon as I got it pretty much, I have no idea why.

4ef032 No.14488865

File: c7aec78927fffd4⋯.jpg (421.09 KB, 2715x2385, 181:159, a_w_a_y.jpg)


Its not as much a starter weapon problem, rather than basically every weapon in the game is balanced and viable depending on builds, which furthermore makes me furious when obvious reddit shitters exclusively use LHB

>Invade on Guy Fieri twink

>Pizza cutter+Fire paper with fashion to boot

>No joke, spawn into a world with 3 Yha'rgul Black robes with LHBs

>All use vials

>Get one hit on them, constantly running into my rollR2s

>All of them aggressive as fuck; take one hit; BV twice roll away (even when the second only heals like 1/16th of their health)

>Kill both beckoned

>Host runs like a bitch to the lamp

>Shut all 3 the Catherdal Ward gates and slaughter him like the animal he is

The only issue with this game is that Numbing Mist is an insightshop only item and that it costs 2 fucking insight when you basically need it to win against one host as an invader

cc3e1a No.14488956

File: 59b9a7bc91de088⋯.jpg (269.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180315021314.jpg)

File: eb9fc054646f3f3⋯.jpg (330.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180315021418.jpg)

File: e38c23d3fa5300f⋯.jpg (278.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180315021503.jpg)

File: 01c3d6f4466644b⋯.jpg (282.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180315021542.jpg)

File: c5534e8d0f3c4dc⋯.jpg (706.79 KB, 1092x1591, 1092:1591, 1518407846.jpg)

What the fuck did Micolash do? Did he somehow cause a town full of people to meld into the scenery and become petrified or is this a result of the Nightmare leaking out into the "real" world?

1678f5 No.14488982


Maybe its just unusual decorating taste?

1a89f4 No.14489716


They're all trying to get inside, or above. Off the streets.

Something outside scared them. And killed them.

Micolash is a good chap, don't spread bad things about him.

4c0493 No.14489758


Basically, Micolash started a ritual behind the healing churches back to contact the old ones- because unlike the church, he figured the bullshit out, and was kind of stuck when you met him because ROM was keeping things in check- this allegedly trigged the blood moon or whatever and the beasts showed up en masse and began fucking shit up hardcore.

They sent agents to get micolash's shit William Birkin G virus style, and I'm not sure if they failed or suceeded- it's possible the cut werewolf chalice dungeon was an Old One that causes the massacre- hard to tell, translation fuckery and Fromsoft games has always been an issue.

1a89f4 No.14489788


What the fuck was Rom doing?

It's Rom, the VACUOUS spider. Aka:

>the dumb spider

>the stupid spider

>the retarded spider

>the mentally challenged spider

>the inbred spider

>the extra-chromossomed spider

What could Rom do except breath too much oxygen with an open mouth?

2d5ab9 No.14489844


Think of it as the anti-insight filter, keeping everything back by virtue of it's retardation.

1a89f4 No.14489913


That does explain a fuckload of things, like how the Amygdalas become visible even without enough insight.

468684 No.14490214


Thats not exactly what vacuous means it means mindless. As in the person who would become Rom lost their mind. As in being mindless allowed Rom to hide the horrors from people. Rom had eyes on the outside, but not the inside.

8c7044 No.14490230


>Rom had eyes on the outside, but not the inside.

>Inside sight


Holy shit the penny just dropped.

1a89f4 No.14490306

File: 7e745aaad5cc283⋯.gif (392.78 KB, 400x300, 4:3, omg-chair[1].gif)

15ec54 No.14490442

File: 11830b7d65813c2⋯.png (3.39 KB, 400x280, 10:7, plain doll & lady maria2.png)


In the Japanese script, the term used is "akuchi" which can be translated as stupid or retarded.

It's one of the few interesting differences in translation. Others are:

Bloodletting Beast - Kemono Chi no Aruji - Lord of the Beast Blood

Moon Presence - Tsuki no Mamono - Moon Monster

A fun tidbit about Kemono and Mamono - Kemono means beast or monster with some foundation in reality like wolves while Mamono is a entirely supernatural monster.

7386c6 No.14490444

File: eb9d09ca94e6d2c⋯.png (397.49 KB, 600x850, 12:17, 1432096119458.png)



Christ you fags are slow.

8c7044 No.14491367


I just didn't take it literally.

50eee1 No.14493808

File: 368e3569485afbe⋯.jpg (22.32 KB, 400x309, 400:309, 1349110035560.jpg)


>Recommending FPS on a console.


cc3e1a No.14496376

Is it possible to stack enough healing blood gems on a weapon to completely counteract the health drain from the Chikage?


Just looks at the description for the Accursed Brew.

Skull of a local from the violated fishing village. The inside of the skull was forcibly searched for eyes, as evidenced by innumerable scratches and indentations.

No wonder the skull became stewed in curses.

15ec54 No.14496426

File: fc9c47b1cd2b9a6⋯.jpg (921.19 KB, 839x1057, 839:1057, eileen6.jpg)


Maybe but it will be at the cost of the build's efficiency. Theoretically, I think you can get +20HP gain (+5HP x4 cursed regen gems) but you'll be neutering a BT build.

With my Chikage build, I carry both a Evelyn and a Pistol and have a +5 regen gem on the Pistol and it doesn't do much, it's not something that will keep your HP at the same level in the heat of battle but rather something that will slowly regen while you move about a level. I guess it could be compared to the Sun Princess Ring in DaS3.

ec1021 No.14497089


>Is it possible to stack enough healing blood gems on a weapon to completely counteract the health drain from the Chikage?

Yeah but why should you even do that man? Just quickstep and spam the transform attack if you want to conserve your health, that's how i usually do it. The Charged R2 is purely for show since it takes away 1/5 of your health, but the follow-up attack has ridiculous knockback


Jesus christ its fucking bait man, cmon


Man i do wish that Bloodborne has more build variety, since 70% of the gems in there is mostly fukcing useless.

15ec54 No.14497345

File: c8090a39d171396⋯.png (365.28 KB, 1040x1920, 13:24, eileen8.png)


>70% of the gems in there is mostly fucking useless.

Probably consequence of everyone being a glass cannon. No point in trying to poison or bleed someone out when you can just kill them in two hits or one visceral.

d46f6a No.14499231

File: 6b7b48af73e3fa7⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 284x253, 284:253, 1455325725434.jpg)


That motherfucker killed me so god damn many times. I eventually just stopped. I stopped trying to be clever. I stopped trying to go for the big damage head shots. I stopped trying the cannon loaded with bone ash, I stopped trying ACB under his "chin" after an arm slam. I stopped trying to call in backup.

I just poked his ankles. And rolled when he jumped. Over and over and over. He died. I smoked a pack of cigarettes and pondered how my life came to this.

cc3e1a No.14499291

File: 5e25f83dd539959⋯.png (22.4 KB, 192x266, 96:133, valorheart.png)

File: 1205346bfe60d46⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mqdefault.jpg)

What's with the blue summon signs anyway?



They should have had at least one heavy armor set and a defensive weapon. Maybe something like the Valorheart.

>since 70% of the gems in there is mostly fukcing useless.

And there isn't a single frenzy causing gem either.


I think I fought him at least 30 or 40 times before I finally got him.

d46f6a No.14499402

File: 7c4fc4d9851dff9⋯.jpg (221.65 KB, 2048x764, 512:191, Bluff Check Successful.jpg)


>30 or 40 times

Yeah, that sounds about right. Honestly, I think half my problem was me mindfucking MYSELF. everything in the dungeons gives me way more trouble than it should; I can kill a Clifford with no hits once and the next run die 3 or our times before I get my groove back. Same thing with giant zombies, the pyromancer, the Pthumerian bosses… fucking EVERYTHING.

f81f00 No.14499543


>They should have had at least one heavy armor set

Cainhurst knight set is in the game you retard.

I know what you mean but the point of the light equipment is to give credence to the idea that you can't wear any amount of armor and be safe against monsters, so it's better not to be burdened by the metal, no matter how light it may be.

>defensive weapon

If you use the two shields in the game and play with something that allows for hard hits between interludes of attacks you can make something like valorheart for yourself.

a434df No.14500817


> How do you do, my fellow goyim?

cc3e1a No.14501654

What are the burning effigies in Unseen Village suppose to do? If you bump into them a couple of times they go out.


>I know what you mean but the point of the light equipment is to give credence to the idea that you can't wear any amount of armor and be safe against monsters, so it's better not to be burdened by the metal, no matter how light it may be.

I get that and I basically agree with that design choice. I just think it would be nice to have a special one off armor. Punish by making it slow you down or make it only block pure physical damage or something like that.

5792a8 No.14501670

File: 6832e809bcb451a⋯.webm (3.77 MB, 480x360, 4:3, the shekel shuffle.webm)

Thread theme

15ec54 No.14502145

File: 93ab4ef91c1dd5d⋯.jpg (320.7 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, amygdala.jpg)

File: 15fa884ef030b6a⋯.jpg (846.47 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, bloodborne_and_kemono_frie….jpg)

File: a694ba72cf52118⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1280x900, 64:45, boss or some say bosm.jpg)

File: b6b7c424eda8a3d⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1280x900, 64:45, moose.jpg)

File: 682f4a440011637⋯.jpg (839.09 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, zookeeper mirai.jpg)


>I just poked his ankles. And rolled when he jumped. Over and over and over.

I think that's pretty much what you gotta do. At some point, you'll get the rolls so that you hit the head as she lands. DC Amy took me hours but it's one of those parts where I legitimately gut gud since you just can't slug your out of that fight. You'll now see how easy she is, that's the true reward.


>They should have had at least one heavy armor set and a defensive weapon. Maybe something like the Valorheart.

The autistically specific think I had in mind was a iron maiden Executioner weapon. You carry that thing with a chain and bash things with it while the tricked form opens the iron maiden and you use as a ram/greatshield that deals thrust damage; maybe make the charged attack a chomp as the iron maiden closes on a enemy.


>burning effigies

The ones that deal damage? Stage hazard you can use on enemies.

f81f00 No.14502615

How do I play higher level arcane, I feel like I'm becoming too reliant on magic.

should I give in to the abyss like I once told the other anon and just use bloodbullets to create more instances of arcane blasts?

308377 No.14504152

Is there any lore reason why the Hunters all use Trick weapons?

7386c6 No.14504280


Why use regular weapons when you can use trick weapons? Also, not all weapons can be tricked. Can't think of others off the top of my head, but there's the fist of Gratia.

f0f1a0 No.14504288


I think it all started with Gehrman and his burial blade.

9618a4 No.14505459


Aren't they made from some special ore from the chalice dungeons?

15ec54 No.14506859

File: f2df26452655d1c⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1280x900, 64:45, japanese crested ibis.jpg)


Yeah. Then it branched off with Ludwig IIRC. Or were the Executioners there first? The branching is probably one of the most confusing things in this game. Every faction has a bunch of offshoots.


Burial Blade and Blade of Mercy are made of siderite, a ore that supposedly fell from the heavens.

800e57 No.14507297


I think some of the weapon descriptions mention that the oldest ones were supposed to be easy to disguise and then they stopped caring after a period because of how bad things were going.

7386c6 No.14508092




Why is Memeborne x Kemono Friends so popular?

15ec54 No.14508142

File: 66cd4825e8ce92a⋯.png (2.75 MB, 2000x1576, 250:197, kemonogari friends.png)

File: 702735fb5780351⋯.jpg (631.91 KB, 700x965, 140:193, celestial emissary.jpg)

File: 739338a849018e8⋯.jpg (387.3 KB, 668x800, 167:200, vicar amelia.jpg)

File: 0b6473b58f94001⋯.jpg (445.4 KB, 683x928, 683:928, blood starved beast.jpg)

File: 71f8c6ae2fa3ea6⋯.jpg (858.11 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, common raccoon.jpg)


Yharnam is tanoshii.

7386c6 No.14509671


But why?

7386c6 No.14509680


How is it malignant?

9bb0e4 No.14510596

File: 6dcd4daeff746eb⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6dcd4daeff746eb27372147ca9….jpg)


>he doesnt know nip

f0f1a0 No.14511190

File: d8feec4e32cb37c⋯.jpg (35.43 KB, 680x676, 170:169, cleric beast.jpg)


>he branching is probably one of the most confusing things in this game.

Only slightly less confusing than the timeline. Yharnam, or at least the version we experience, seems to have undergone some type of time compression or entanglement with events and people that should have occurred in the past seemingly having just happened or currently are happening. The burning of Old Yharnam seems like it had only happened maybe a day or to ago from the looks of things even though that was clearly suppose to have taken place some time ago. The Pthumerans, an ancient previous civilization, are coexistent with "modern" Yharnam. Master Willem is spoken about as being a figure of the distant past, of the time of the founding of the Healing Church and a contemporary of Gehrman and Lawrence, and yet he's still alive.

It's like the Night of the Hunt is unending and progressively traps more and more people and places as time goes on. As if there in reality there is only ONE actual Night of the Hunt and it just keeps cycling over and over while attracting more flotsam each time.

15ec54 No.14511585

File: de2e955539d51cb⋯.png (1.41 MB, 800x1222, 400:611, lady maria6.png)


Nips are obsessed with turning everything into grills and KF offers a simple, cutesy style to use as reference. On the other way around, BB serves as a good point of reference to anyone wanting to draw the Friends as bestial and intimidating.


Yeah and there's the theory about Cainhurst being frozen in time but I just mean the factions.

>start with Byrgenwerth

>fishing hamlet incident might have happened at this early point given Laurence was dragged into the Nightmare

>someone darts off to Cainhurst and the Vileblood line begins (this confuses me because Cainhurstians are already far descendants of the Pthumerians and only Annalise is immortal)

>Laurence goes off to found the Healing Church

>shit starts to happen

>Gehrman, Laurence's buddy, goes slit some throats in the cover of night

>eventually needs more people and thus begins the Church Workshop

>this has its own offshoot, the Powder Kegs

>shit gets REALLY out of hand

>Healing Church starts its own designated Hunter group, led by Ludwig

>item descriptions say Church Hunter attire is based off the Executioners so they might predate the Hunt

>meanwhile, the upper echelons of the Healing Church split - The Choir and the School of Mensis

>Choir stays in Yharnam while Mensis founds and operates in a quaint little village where every goddamned house is the size of Westminster Abbey

>Choir and Mensis are enemies

>Willem eventually "evolves"

<at some point, Laurence and friends abduct Annalise's baby and use it as a lure that summons the Moon Presence (this bit was removed from the Workshop Chord description but it's not contradicted)

d46f6a No.14512635






So, my understanding of the history of BB is as follows, some events are likely out of order.

Prehistory: Something happens with the Curse, Old Gods, Pthumerians, and preggo queen getting stabbed in the belly. Given the constant allusion to the Old Ones loosing children, I think the queen was bearing a star spawn babby and it getting a knifing or miscarage or something brought about the curse that destroyed Ptheumerian civilization.

1. Some dipshit digs to greedily and too deep and lets the curse out of the tombs where the remenants of the Pthumerians dwell.

2.School gets built over entrence to tombs to figure out what the fuck is going on while men turn into slavering beasts.

3.Workshop founded. Trail and error shows that armor and sheilds are useless against the raw animal ferocity and power of the beasts, but that they are NOT without some sense. Gherman figures out that a good Hunter is going to need a weapon that can A) actually hurt these damn monsters, and B) be useful in a wide variety of situations. So he makes a stick to put his magic sword on, allowing him versatility and SUPRISE MOTHEFUKA. Others follow suit. Since magic star metal from the labryinth is hard to come by, most settle for serrated weapons to bleed their foes out with, and lots and lots of fire.

4.At some point, the eggheads figure out that with some "old blood" a dude can power himself up to be a match for beasts. Of course, this has massive downsides, and bloodmad hunters become a problem

5. Lawrence leaves the abby and founds the healing church with the objective of having a more rigid organization than the workshop so that when a hunter inevtably goes mad he's dealt with quickly and quietly.

5.Somewhere in all this mess the Micolash and the Mensis guys figure out the connection between the Curse and the StarSpawn and start doing reeeeeaaaaallly stupid shit to try and become Gods themselves.

6.THeres ANOTHER star spawn picking out people to be it's adobpted chiildren and send them on Hunts. It seems able to keep them from going mad, and makes them efffectively immortal while they are on the Hunt it picks them for. When it's over, Gherman cuts their heads off and they wake up. Seems some remember what happened and still try to hunt without access to the Dream (Like Eileen)

I think anyway.

0770bf No.14512653


monster hunter worlds

disgaea 5


Treyarch's black cops on duty

basically shit i wouldn't play on pc or don't have to wait a decade plus to wait before it gets a pc version

15ec54 No.14513183

File: bf3a3e30fd74961⋯.jpg (314.3 KB, 1768x2526, 884:1263, church servant.jpg)



The game says the Pthumerians are "super humans who unlocked the eldricht truth" though it's not elaborated by what means they became super humans but whatever it was, led to Queen Yharnam having extremely corrupted blood (likely mercury poisoning) as that's what make them suitable to get DUNWICHED. She births Mergo who eventually gets nabbed by Mensis (she bows to the Hunter after killing the Wet Nurse which might imply we set Mergo free).

Pthumerians start thinning out but some remain (Logarius and the Church Giants seem to be Pthumerians) while Cainhurstians are distant descendants. Some theorize the bloodlickers are the beast form of Pthumerians.


IIRC Isz was the first dungeon they explored and where they found Ebrietas who might be the source of the administrated blood. No clue if this happened before or after finding Kos.


I think Mick and his pals had a more sycophantic approach and just wanted to be Cthulhu groupies hoping to get their brains fried while the others were more proactive in their attempt to trigger evolution (Willem was against blood ministration but I don't think it's really explained what his methodology was though we know it did something).

d46f6a No.14513975

File: 823d4d625bf54b6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.89 KB, 1064x751, 1064:751, Master Logarius.jpg)


>Logarius and the Church Giants seem to be Pthumerians

You sure it's not just the evil crown making him a semi-crazy ice lich that's making him LOOK like Pthumerian?

0063a7 No.14516576

File: f0c99c5f02459a7⋯.jpg (915.25 KB, 1920x1271, 1920:1271, cainhurst castle.jpg)


><at some point, Laurence and friends abduct Annalise's baby and use it as a lure that summons the Moon Presence (this bit was removed from the Workshop Chord description but it's not contradicted)

Wait a sec, wasn't Annalise the one who want to be pregnant? I think you're confusing her with Yharnam (the queen). On the topic of pregnancy, its telling that the fertilization of women in BB's world is barely or maybe never elaborated upon. Since all the the Great Ones are either sterile or female, and the only male Great One (so far) has been Oedon, i can only assume that Oedon himself can impregnate any lesser being on a whim (remember, he's formless) but prefers humans thanks to their absolute batshit persistence and reproductive cycle.

So far, the only true great one that has been uplifted from humanity has been The Hunter, and even then its accomplished by killing alot of their kin.


You forgot about Loran and the darkbeasts, but they're barely important to the plot anyway. I think Loran is interesting since it shows that the beasts have already existed prior to Yharnam. The chalice blurbs told us that they were plagued as well like Old Yharnam did.


>Pthumerians start thinning out but some remain

No, they co-existed with the humans. See Mensis with their Kidnappers and those bell-ringing bitches.

Also why does all the Kidnappers disappear when the blood moon appeared? Its said that the Rom was holding back the ritual, but then why kill them off?

801fd6 No.14516762

File: 8e498f3280a19b9⋯.png (633.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 15346532.png)


>Nips are obsessed with turning everything into grills and KF offers a simple, cutesy style to use as reference

You're leaving out the fact that it's also a joke.

15ec54 No.14516962

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Wait a sec, wasn't Annalise the one who want to be pregnant?

Annalise, yes. I don't remember the exact item but it's mentioned somewhere that she lost her first child and wants to conceive another.

>its telling that the fertilization of women in BB's world is barely or maybe never elaborated upon

The most we know is that they're chosen depending on how corrupted their blood is, hence why Annalise has her servants hunting for dregs.

>I think Loran is interesting

Their own cleric beasts are quite the headscratcher. They're dressed and have some knowledge of magic like some sort of Kin ascension but with the beast form.

>No, they co-existed with the humans.

Well, yeah but that doesn't contradict the fact that they thinned out. There's simply less of them and they started racemixing.

>Also why does all the Kidnappers disappear when the blood moon appeared?

They seem to have been killed when the blood moon appeared and all hell turned loose, probably by the caskets and legwolves.

a9698b No.14518915

Whats up, I just played the DLC for the very first time. Whats your guys' thought on it?

704a80 No.14523495


It was a much needed addition all the way around.

It gives us:

>an additional cannon

>an additional bloodtinge scaling weapon, one that doesn't cause constant health drain

>a "firearm" that deals usable damage

>actual fucking arcane scaling weapons

>that wonderful pizza cutter

>brass knuckles

>two of the best hunters tools in the entire game

>two more "covenants"

>I want to impregnate Lady Maria

>harrowed gear

>Valtr's cosplay set

>5 more bosses

>more context on the game's story and world

Fishing Hamlet was one of my favorite parts of the game too.

4ef032 No.14524575

File: e29c3cd28533bd7⋯.jpg (409.56 KB, 1672x752, 209:94, track.jpg)


>Unironically want a Bloodborne kart game now

>Pic would be legit course


Far as I am aware, History lesson time

>Laurence starts the church

>Forgets adage

>Give blood like candy, heal shit, jobs a goodun

>Oh shit blood turns people into beasts every now and again

>Small squad of homeboy hunters deal with it, starting with Gerhman. Work in the shadows to take out beasties without the public finding out. Church want a piece of that pie and make Ludwig the first legit church hunter. Over time squad expands to shit like boomboomboys who like booming, HoH's who kill hunters, Brador who just kills the churches enemies/people who know a bit too much about whats going on behind the scenes and Butchers (who go Executioners after the Vilecucks nick some shitblood)

>Over time Church thinkers gets split up

>Choir niggas make do with what they have and dinkle around with Blue Elixirs, looking/making ayys and churchguards and just stealing kids in general (like the real church). Also trying to get in Great Ones good books by working with Ebri and getting her back up in the Kosmos

>Mico-Mico-Mi and his crew say fuck that lets expand into a new industry to offset postindustrial decilne of Yharnum due to deep socioeconomic distrust of outsiders and over reliance on the pharmaceutical sector

>Want a hotline to the great ones, so logically you gotta call the moon down

>Look into rituals and shit from the Chalices, conduct ritual numero uno in Yhargu'l

>Shit hits the fan, humans transform at superspeed (within a night) and basically all the Mensis blokes/residents get sucked into Mergos loft/die with their soulless corpses making up the walls. This is the first major hunt and the night Old Yharnum gets torched, Choir say fuck that and don't want to deal with that shit and shut the gates (note proximity between Yhargul and OY) When The hunt Began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward, as Old Yharnam burned to the ground that moonlit night. Huntersquad gets overwhelmed and have to employ peasant militia. Remember this, hundreds/thousands die, with the sole result being Micolash is in the Nightmare

>Choir pissed at Mensis blokes for fucking it all up, excommunicate them. One of their guys, Rom levels up ARC enough to turn off the blood moon but spent all his insight on Numbing Mist for invading so he dumb as shit. OG scholars also pissed that the ritual caused Byrgenwerth's basement be stuck in a nondescript region of spacetime

>Remaining Mensis pissed at Choir for taking their toys away/ covering up the blood moon, ties one of them up and kills them in a cage. Basically Victorian cult terrorists. You can summon Mensis against most of the Choir bosses btw, nice detail

>Mensis on a mission to save /theirboy/ Mico along with all the others people who got caught up; try to start another ritual to get him back home so he can tell them the campfire stories he learned

>Freeze Frame

>Record Scratch

>And here's (You)

>Job is to end the nightmare(s)

>Nightmares linked with great one kiddies (Mergos kid and Kos's kid respectively, Oedons kid is half/half so doesn't count)

>Kill Rom, so ritual can go underway

>Ritual fucks up


>One Reborn is amalgamation of all the peasants in the streets that got sucked up last time

>Kill Micolash to bring him home from the nightmare, but he forgets the shit he learned in Mergos Loft, basically making the first ritual mean nothing and all the thousands of innocent lives lost worth shit. Congrats.

c609a9 No.14528291

File: 668ae25058d7179⋯.jpg (293.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 668ae25058d71791fed9282ca3….jpg)


>before or after finding Kos.

I thought the story after the prehistory was basically:

>Kos washes up in random remote fishing hamlet

>Yharnam sends bergenwerth scholars and crew to check it out.

>realizing the significance of the discovery they massacre the hamlet to keep it a secret

>using this knowledge that old ones exist they either find or stumble across the tunnels.

>go into the tunnels and retrieve the chalice

Then the church is founded, vilebloods happen, etc.

15ec54 No.14528426

File: 63156098e8f40b6⋯.jpg (130.73 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, lady maria12.jpg)


Checking the descriptions, it gives the impression Ebrietas is post-Kos: "It was also the first Great Chalice brought back to the surface since the time of Byrgenwerth."

The village massacre wasn't to hush them though, it was basically scientific autopsies.

e48318 No.14528435

File: 870859eb531d467⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 870859eb531d4671182e11dee2….jpg)


>can't even crosslink

47cdfd No.14528466


Wasn’t this meme supposed to be about Nintendo?

f81f00 No.14528853


D&C fags will use any jewish tricks.

fd9404 No.14531219


Apparently it has expanded.


Japanese is hard to learn.

559972 No.14531484


>>Kos washes up in random remote fishing hamlet

I get the distinct impression from some of the dialogue that Byrgenwerth actually killed Kos in some fashion. Her physical body anyway.

8c56a4 No.14531558

So what exactly is it about the Paleblood moon that causes everyone in Yharnam to die? Specifically all those people you could go talk to at their doors/windows.

1678f5 No.14531569


Its not the moon in the sky that gets them, its the blood in their bodies. And what makes you think they died? All they do is stop responding; could just be that they went to sleep for the night.

8c56a4 No.14531704


> And what makes you think they died?

The fact that many of them weren't doing too well the last time you get to check on them before the moon.

>its the blood in their bodies.

So do they all succumb to the beast curse or something?

559972 No.14531943


>So do they all succumb to the beast curse or something?

That seems to be the implication from what I can tell. Either that or they're eaten by family members that become beast.


>So what exactly is it about the Paleblood moon that causes everyone in Yharnam to die?

The Mensis Ritual, what ever it was, draws the moon close and "blurs the line between human and beasts" as an unintended side effect. But yes it is the blood in their bodies that compounds the effect.


That one crazy guy in deep Cathedral ward survives. Maybe the old woman in the forest too although she wasn't sounding too hot during the blood moon.

15ec54 No.14532466

File: 9594d39c0aa172e⋯.jpg (79.12 KB, 680x1000, 17:25, plain doll43.jpg)


>That one crazy guy in deep Cathedral ward survives.

Who? The dumb ass you save? On that note, that motherfucker is so goddamned stupid that the blood moon does nothing to him.

Incidentally, it's interesting to note that the blood moon is a localized phenomenon. From Paarl's yard you can see the sky over Yahar'gul but it's still the regular full moon.

559972 No.14532488



When you go to the bottom of the Healing Church Workshop and you come into that little town that leads you to the elevator that leads to grand cathedral. You know how you go if you don't buy the emblem to open the gate. There's one guy behind a door down there that will keep talking to you all night.

>On that note, that motherfucker is so goddamned stupid that the blood moon does nothing to him.

That asshole must have negative insight or something. He's dense as hell.

>blood moon is a localized phenomenon.

I don't think the blood moon ever comes to any part of Old Yharnam. Same with Cainhurst too I think.


Incidentally who is this semen demon?

15ec54 No.14532521

File: 4147f24e57c74e0⋯.png (225.57 KB, 400x733, 400:733, plain doll53.png)


I kinda see what you mean. Is it the guy who says "A night of curses. A night to remember."?

Couple of notes about that area:

1 - there's a door with a little staircase that has a set of tombs blocking it. I put a "reeks of superior being" message there one with character. On this matter and it's something you'll notice if you look around the town, particularly non-traversable areas, there's a lot of shit that makes no sense in terms of housing and urban planning (I'd say Gilbert's "house" already makes no goddamned sense). All the props are pretty well done but seem rather lazily piled up just to create a sense of scale.

2 - on the way to the Brain Sucker, there's a narrow alley that looks inaccessible but not narrow enough for you to not squeeze in that's blocked by a little mound of dirt. If you run up that mound and jump, you can land on it and if you move forward, you'll be treated to a DeS fall-through-eternal-grey-screen death.

IIRC the Blood Moon only affects Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward (including Upper Ward and Workshop), Hemwick and Yahar'gul.

559972 No.14534453


>Is it the guy who says "A night of curses. A night to remember."?

Yeah, that's him.

> On this matter and it's something you'll notice if you look around the town, particularly non-traversable areas, there's a lot of shit that makes no sense in terms of housing and urban planning

I always just considered that more evidence that the "real world" of Yharnam is actually another dream or semi dream. The fact that all the plants are dead or dying to is another thing.

a8431a No.14536078

File: 557610901224666⋯.png (216.07 KB, 770x490, 11:7, 3c5663947c1e3dc82cda4a4932….png)

File: a1fc18d917c1cea⋯.png (54.48 KB, 1264x756, 316:189, soynix.png)


Not any more.

a96976 No.14537079

File: 7dc8d06d2352d2d⋯.png (610.88 KB, 1527x936, 509:312, Nintendo Switch Launch.png)

File: 0e28691de675df0⋯.jpg (94.74 KB, 1137x640, 1137:640, nintendo Zelda downgrade.jpg)

File: c0134a3003f5ebd⋯.png (407.38 KB, 1381x1198, 1381:1198, friendly reminder - v is N….png)


Yes, except here. because Mark is a Nintencuck and goes on Damage Control anytime people insult Nintendo

a1743a No.14537109

File: a5634ede278f335⋯.mp4 (253.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, diagnosis.mp4)


>spam shitty cuckchan tier trash

>surprised when you get banned

>oy vey why don't people want to see soyboys in every single thread THIS IS ALL MARKS FAULT REEEEEEE

a96976 No.14537125



>cuckchan tier

you must be new

a1743a No.14537135


I am talking about the fucking soyjak shit you were defending.

It's one of cuckchan's nu-wojaks that deserve to be banned on sight.

a96976 No.14537207

File: 328887a94c045e3⋯.gif (551.23 KB, 245x220, 49:44, omaba.gif)


are you just making shit up now??

what the fuck are you talking about?

8d53ef No.14539213


There is no cuckchan meme that this Anon posted, you retard. What the fuck are you saying? Just how autistic are you?


He is probably just a dumbass shill.

72b5eb No.14545872


Explain yourself faggot.

0bcac7 No.14545955


He means the wojak one with his mouth contorted into that soy fear grimace. No data on how prevalent it is on cuckchan but the one of wojak that is red and screaming with veins popping out is definitely crawling all over that place and never took off here despite being forced occasionally by cross posters. Granted I only checked cuck/v/ once during the height of the red wojak spamming because I noticed it was only posted by people who made really awful posts and used that formatting (you know the one) in their posts so I had to confirm.

Interesting though the more time that passes, the more cuckchanner stand out and the more divergence the memes of here and there have. It's like we're undergoing an evolutionary change similar to when the niggers stayed in africa and the europeans to be left it.

34573f No.14546129

File: c3e141443b80809⋯.jpg (24.04 KB, 290x225, 58:45, chen is curious.jpg)

I'm planning to play Blooborne with my uncle's PS4, is PSN subscription shit required to do online play?

1678f5 No.14546135


Yes. Wouldn't want a shitter like you interacting online anyways.

34573f No.14546146

File: 0061a12893297e4⋯.png (78.01 KB, 308x320, 77:80, all smiles.png)


Thank you for the answer

0063a7 No.14547113

Before this thread reaches its bump limit, does anyone know any good places to farm Nourishing Blood Gems? I'm asking this because i'm playing the damn thing offline and i'm not going to farm the defiled chalice amygdala more than once just so i could pimp out my Holy Moonlight Sword.

Speaking of the guiding Moonlight, was the sword supposed to be a proxy for the Moon Presence? Since Ludwig actually reversed his Beasthood for a little while just so he could swing his sword one last time, not to mention that he said that the sword was his 'true mentor' all along.


Didn't they called her from the depths and then 'defiled' her for 'eyes'?

15ec54 No.14547556

File: 94c6fe938c00915⋯.jpg (990.67 KB, 1319x2048, 1319:2048, plain doll57.jpg)


>offline Nourishing Blood Gems

It's gonna be a real pain in the ass but try the gargoyles at Cainhurst. It's probably better if you try your luck making your own FRC Ihyll dungeons, if you get those same gargoyles there, you can get +19% Nourishing gems with a lot of frequency.

>was the sword supposed to be a proxy for the Moon Presence?

More than anything, it's a reference they put in every game in the series. I think it dates back to King's Field.

>Didn't they called her from the depths and then 'defiled' her for 'eyes'?

She washed up on the shore and died during childbirth.

0063a7 No.14551774

File: fdd1354e54d20e5⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 600x600, 1:1, naisu.jpg)


Thanks fam

16c494 No.14559268

Should I play Demon's Souls and Dark souls before Bloodborne? I have access to a PS3 but would have to buy a PS4.

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