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File: 4b0b158e964cbd4⋯.png (122.88 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)

6f3609 No.14458085

I am currently replaying it now and while I used to hate this game when I first played, having played V now I can't help but think GTA IV is better than V in some aspects, like story and characters being way more compelling. Driving is still fickle, but I have gotten the hang of it (I still hate doing chase missions). Missions are also more memorable. I really couldn't for the lift of me remember any mission from GTA V that really stuck out. Does anyone else fee like IV aged better than V?

96c2a8 No.14458090


they're both pure shit

fff9b9 No.14458105

Grand Theft Auto is like Zelda in that every time a new one comes out the old ones that everyone hated are immediately praised while the new one is shat upon. When GTAVI comes out everyone will go on about how great GTAV was while the new one is shit. Remember that everyone fucking hated GTAIV but as soon as V came out retards like CrowbCat made videos comparing the two and stating GTAIV was better, even though being better than GTAV isn't a huge feat.

beeb68 No.14458106

Wait till you get to the last mission

a6c4ca No.14458107


4297ee No.14458110

139ade No.14458135

I actually like it more now than when I first played through it back in like 2010.

8e439b No.14458143

File: 891204e903c5ff4⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 434x289, 434:289, low.gif)

>Driving in GTA IV

ba8681 No.14458154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6cd320 No.14458159

File: c628f9ef0784d86⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 240x193, 240:193, 14t7s09y.jpg)

>there will never be an actually fun SINGLE_PLAYER GTA-game like Vice City again

7de39d No.14458166

Did Grand Theft Auto Vice City aged better than IV?

I am currently replaying it now and while I used to hate this game when I first played, having played IV now I can't help but think GTA Vice City is better than IV in some aspects, like story and characters being way more compelling. Driving is still fickle, but I have gotten the hang of it (I still hate doing chase missions). Missions are also more memorable. I really couldn't for the lift of me remember any mission from GTA IV that really stuck out. Does anyone else fee like Vice City aged better than IV?

a7479e No.14458186

It did and it didn't, it's a matter of preference. Regardless GTA6 is gonna be a huge shit show. Especially with online in V being a huge success because normalfags can't control themselves. I just hope THQ gets someone passionate about these type of sandbox games to reboot Saints Row and basically replace GTA as king of the Sandbox shooter. Hell Saints Row 2 would be the best if the combat mechanics weren't so outdated.

f14531 No.14458277


GTAIV had the most fun driving of any GTA game.

ca0534 No.14458303

3D GTA was a mistake

f14531 No.14458337


It was always 3D

f57dea No.14458358

File: ecf250fc622f69f⋯.webm (220.28 KB, 689x466, 689:466, down syndrom.webm)


>3D GTA was a mistake

Man, do you have developmental disabilities or something?

9b5fc4 No.14458364


saints row 2 didn't have outdated combat mechanics, it had shit combat mechanics

6657b0 No.14458369


>GTA started with 3

>top-down sprite games are 3D

4246b6 No.14458372

File: 8d2b9aa22cbb425⋯.jpg (246.79 KB, 1917x1041, 639:347, 667.jpg)


Did Metal Gear Solid aged better than 2?

I am currently replaying it now and while I used to hate this game when I first played, having played 2 now I can't help but think Metal Gear Solid is better than 2 in some aspects, like the story and characters being way more compelling. Stealth is still fickle, but I have gotten the hang of it (I still hate no alert runs). Boss fights are also more memorable. I really couldn't for the lift of me remember any boss from 2 that really stuck out. Does anyone else fee like Metal Gear Solid aged better than Metal Gear Solid?

f57dea No.14458385


>I just hope THQ gets someone passionate about these type of sandbox games

Not gonna happen. It's pretty obvious that they have no idea what they are doing. SR got in some parts better, but in others worse. The team has clearly no idea what makes sr a good game. There is no chance in hell we will get a good SR game with their current team.

For some games to get good again they would have to take steps back. Valve has to remove skins and microtransactions for example, THQ has to step back on the "humor", whoever works on Borderlands has to remove the memes and sjw bullshit… These are all things they will not do. Because devs have this "never go back" mentality, even when they make mistakes they just keep on going.

5a7e10 No.14458412


That's because each title is progressively worse, making the previous one relatively good

d12d3c No.14458419


> Crowbcat

Nice, I thought I was the only one here who knew about him. That guy's the fucking best holy shit

f14531 No.14458454

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Only the cars and people were sprites, retard.

ce65be No.14458458


>not knowing how to link posts

what you did is for crosslinking you dip

355d1e No.14458518


>All his videos have millions of views

>Thinking you're the only one here who knows about him

085068 No.14458520


The radio stations were better, but the game was a broken mess which i dropped 2 weeks after i bought it.

d12d3c No.14458562


All my favorite Youtubers have millions of views too, but I bet you guys don't know a single one of them

ee667f No.14458785

File: 36e86b426143e6b⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, D18F4B5D-25D0-4C90-8983-B….jpeg)

>Garbage music on every station (except for Carry on my Wayward Son and Can’t Hardly Stand It. Funk station had some good tunes too but IV had the better music. I’M BACK [DUUUN] BACK IN THE NEW YORK GROOOOVE)

>Can’t rob stores anymore

>Can’t shoot up strip club anymore

>Some of the TECHNOLOGY from IV is missing in V

>Lots of money but nothing interesting to spend it on

>Multiplayer turned into some weird MMO grindfest instead of just dropping a lobby of players on the map to have fun and wreck shit up

Weapon variety was better and there were some sweet graphical and weather effects. That was kind of it. I like IV’s campaign better. It captured the feeling of moving up the criminal ladder until you could get what you wanted. Police behaved more realistically. Explosions looked way better and didn’t have that weird ROCK YOUR SCREEN effect. The music when you got a lap dance in the strip club was better, though it’s nice to be able to fuck the strippers in V. A dedicated jazz station. Again, I have to stress the garbage taste in music V has.

> Soulwax FM is hosted by Soulwax and plays Techno/Electro House/Acid House/Acid Techno.

>Radio Mirror Park is hosted by Twin Shadow and plays Indietronica Music.

>East Los FM is hosted by Don Cheto and Camilo Lara and plays Mexican Electronica/Traditional Songs/Hip Hop/Rock/Ska.

All garbage.

a6c4ca No.14458805


still works, doesn't it?


>all my favorite youtubers

<having favorite youtubers

43b8ec No.14458818

No, the driving in GTA 4 is a steaming pile of hot garbage and completely ruins the game.

2a0810 No.14458822


welcome newfriend. crowbcat is frequently posted here. try to lurk more before making comments like that.

2a0810 No.14458826


its much more realistic. what bothered you? the fact that every car doesnt control like a ferrari like in gtav?

86e0a9 No.14458832


I thought any E- celeb shit is illegal. Stop shilling youe e celebs here.

8b51a6 No.14458840



is this second-level bait?

e63433 No.14458841


I literally can't remember anything from GTA IV. It's an unmemorable game.

a0eca0 No.14458843


I will never understand this argument? Did you play the game with KB+M like a retard?

a0eca0 No.14458845


Spoiler that shit you horny weeb faggot.

8d4246 No.14458847

Gta 4 was more of a game than that "cinematic experience" bullshit 5 tried to be. You could beat and stab the ever loving fuck out people because they don't all die in 1 hit, and they seem more meaty when they get hit.


Your steering wheel isn't supposed to do shit when you're upside down or mid air.

660c70 No.14458920


learn2brake and handbrake you mouthbreathing faggot

8fb733 No.14458926


I liked V better cuz first person view and better weapons, but IV had waaaay more effort put into it.

11d2d2 No.14458955


>Weapon variety

>in V


Despite what Rockstar wants you to think, weapon variety in V is non-existent. Sure you have a bazillion of guns in GTA V, but they all shoot the same, deal around the same damage (compared to its category ofc), and as accurate as the bog-standard pistol. The 'customization' itself is also a joke since you could only add a supressor, a grip, a scope or an extended mag. That's a whopping 4 Attachments to choose from and you'll add everything anyway. Sure, you could argue that those shiny weapons they added in Online are good, but they're still lacking in character compared to GTA IV's weapons

In IV, you only have have a dozen or so weapons, but they all felt good to shoot at and the TECHNOLOGY made the guns felt like they have a punch to them (reminder that the ragdoll was toned down in GTA V, and pretty much made them limp ragdoll that fall over like wet tissue). Not only that, they also have distinct weapons in GTA IV, guns like the M249 or the P-90 all have their quirks and uses, but also have their own firing sound.

Still, they all pale in comparison compared to San Andreas's weapon department

cf3ec4 No.14458985


Both the ragdolls and car damage physics got toned down because V's online couldn't handle them properly.

f14531 No.14458996


They should have just cut the online out and sold it as a separate game. That shit is cancer.

8d4246 No.14459006



Exactly, every npc you shoot in 5 dies in 1 hit from literally everything, in 4 they stumble around, crawl, and actually look injured. They can take some abuse and fighting is more fun than just tap circle once to win

d12d3c No.14459021


You can shoot up a strip club if you fire the gun from outside the club first.

d12d3c No.14459032


>Exactly, every npc you shoot in 5 dies in 1 hit from literally everything, in 4 they stumble around, crawl, and actually look injured.

I hate V, but this is just plain false. They die in one headshot, but they take several bodyshots before they go down.

2a0810 No.14459052




do you think reading the rulebook and enforcing your rules makes you sound like an oldfag without having to lurk for a long time? because that behavior is pure newfaggotry, especially when you dont understand the rule, but pretend anyway.

43b8ec No.14459539


TIL that cars getting up on 2 wheels or even flipping over from a 20 MPH turn is considered more realistic by some people that apparently have never existed in this universe and as such have never had to deal with how physics actually behave in this world.

488a0f No.14459583


Third-level bait actually. Unless ba8681 is really that much of a colossal newfag.

a5971e No.14459618



Where can i find more of that?

2a0810 No.14459664


a buick making a 90 degree turn at 30-40mph is dizzying and can easily cause you to lose control of the car.

20mph in gta4 will never flip the vehicle.

30mph 90 degree turns are dangerous in most vehicles.

40-50mph can easily flip most non-sports vehicles.

885c19 No.14459696

File: 0a391d82d5fed2f⋯.png (23.14 KB, 1419x171, 473:57, d3a77bebe0cbb65bb292e11d83….png)

It's a good game with the best city design to date (Los Santos was underwhelming) and great physics - half of my fun in IV was going to ledge with people around and pushing them off it (physics are simplified in V and peds die from being breathed on).

It's just a shame the fanbase is absolutely batshit insane.

8d4246 No.14459705


I may have exaggerated a tad, but I should have said 1-2 shots on an ordinary civilian npc is all it takes, police and gang niggers seem to be able to take more.

3baf0a No.14461016


>No underwater

>No airplanes

GTA IV will never be as good as GTA V. GTA games will ALWAYS suffer from "GTA Fatigue" though

c94fdf No.14461033

Did any of you understand any of Jacob's dialogue whatsoever?

I'm meant to believe that some Serb fresh off the boat is understanding this rasta nigger perfectly while I am struggling to make sense of his weedbabbling?

ce3549 No.14461421


>If there are more empty spaces to go to that try to distract the watered down game that it is, it means that it is better

No food places in GTA V or gym

cf5a08 No.14461502

I've replayed every GTA game since III at least 5-6 times, however I played V once and never have had the feeling to replay it again.

V is boring and an empty sandbox with nothing to do in it. The fact that so many normies flocked to this piece of shit game and worshiped it should be a sign to stay away.

It's the worst of the 3D GTA games by far.

91439b No.14461549



f14531 No.14461583

File: 53f1268b0508e3e⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 591x381, 197:127, 53f1268b0508e3e8b1745657a4….jpg)



Speaking of signs to stay away

a30209 No.14461601



>Implying he is wrong

Normies detected. I think you need to fuck off back to cuckchan.

378421 No.14463687


IV is far more compelling as a crime story. Better atmosphere, mechanics, characters, sub-plots, themes activities. Only bad thing is that Nico's movement is pretty shit.

Protip for IV: Get a first-person driving mod and and slow the time clock so you can do most of your activities at night like a real gangster. Also hitman mod for some extra side activity.

V is a fucking circus of shit. The missions/heists are fun the first time around but the game is designed for multiplayer, while the single player adventure is meaningless Family Guy tier splatter.

62e2c4 No.14463699


>Nice, I thought I was the only one here who knew about him

You mean her.

4246b6 No.14463702

File: cbc898c696b8728⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 469x361, 469:361, nico.jpg)

9d7c5d No.14463756

In GTA IV they changed the stairs so that you can no longer drive up them like a ramp. Do stairs still function in this terrible way in 5?

6238ab No.14463854

File: 35ffd0af788c3ae⋯.webm (2.49 MB, 540x400, 27:20, beware of the easter nigg….webm)

File: f7d1f4150d4a989⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 540x400, 27:20, beware of the easter nigg….webm)


website was called most offensive or something like that.

6238ab No.14463857

File: 42242c211502829⋯.webm (9.85 MB, 591x400, 591:400, beware of the easter nigg….webm)

c300c2 No.14463913

File: a95450557f8f241⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 1822x210, 911:105, crowbcatpolringleader.JPG)


he's our leader

894060 No.14464009

File: 14570e8a8a6168a⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 445x247, 445:247, 1332611266739.gif)


>Missing the point this hard

ca0534 No.14464015

File: 037173eacf161d8⋯.png (162.95 KB, 256x256, 1:1, absolutely_disgusting.png)


>favorite Youtubers

0a1845 No.14464109


IV was a let down in most ways but had some interesting tech, V was just a lazy nostalgiafag cash-in so it doesn't even have that.

0a1845 No.14464123


The problem with IV's driving is that every car feels almost identical, I actually prefer the underlying mechanics to the earlier games' driving but it's not a game where I could pick a favourite car. Bikes, on the other hand, were fucking great in IV and particularly TLaD.

79818d No.14464124


shut the fuck up 8chan police, go apply to be a janitor so you can do it for cakeboi

965e90 No.14464145

>>/v/14464124 :^)

You're not fitting in.

99a1ef No.14464151


THQ isn't Volition, I want them to replace Volition with someone who's actually passionate about these games

7a4801 No.14464158

File: e857de5ba5c73b2⋯.jpg (86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, e857de5ba5c73b29e0705410c6….jpg)

99a1ef No.14464161


>GAF Humor

So like Late Night Comedy?


139ade No.14464175


>not listening to station where a computer lady sings her songs to you

>not listening to the jazz station

You only have yourself to blame

6dd8b8 No.14464182

File: bf8dab5304250b2⋯.jpg (25.33 KB, 453x508, 453:508, eh.jpg)


>Favourite Youtubers…

139ade No.14464191


disregard this post, i suck cocks

99a1ef No.14464195


>but IV had the better music.

I'll give you the rest, but the rock station in IV was trash.

99a1ef No.14464197

File: ed228a70db8e535⋯.jpg (54.49 KB, 500x405, 100:81, hehe you just got MEMED on.jpg)


>favorite Youtubers

c57391 No.14464237

File: 5bd3e6110943719⋯.jpg (408.76 KB, 1120x640, 7:4, serveimage.jpg)



I didn't know that neofags considered themselves funny, must be hilarious seeing them trying to make jokes without offending someone

f403cb No.14464363


Even as a slav I find reading your English to be painful at best.

>(1) and done template thread


9b5fc4 No.14464373


the irony

3859c9 No.14464402

File: 7a152331108cd5e⋯.jpg (113.85 KB, 790x593, 790:593, [sinister baaing].jpg)


>GAF humor

edcbf2 No.14465153

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Garbage music

The absolute state of this nigger

a6c4ca No.14465164

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a557d No.14465198

File: 85c32d67de68ad0⋯.png (28.7 KB, 119x90, 119:90, rusrsly.png)


The lack of self-awareness is astounding. Lurk more faggot.


It was clear to me after getting about a quarter of the way through the main story (which is short as fuck) that IV is better than V. All around. I wish they'd kept all the same physics and gameplay elements for its release.

85f0e5 No.14465219

File: 2379dcfe6ec36a7⋯.jpg (370.48 KB, 827x1223, 827:1223, a fish.jpg)



984da1 No.14465559

>tried to install GTA IV from DVD

>have to enter some bullshit code to verify that i bought it

>go to Rockstar website that hasn't been updated in years

>can't get code to install software i purchased

>try to find a crack to install


<can anyone help?

5a1430 No.14465599


pirate it

8363e7 No.14465683

File: c64f62ebc29fcac⋯.png (569.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Was online multiplayer in GTA2 any good? Don't think people used it much.

2188af No.14465794

ca8f9a No.14465841




I've tried replaying gta iv and it felt horribly clunky

721b63 No.14466081


you mean the retarded bumper cars?


They are both SHIT

721b63 No.14466088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6d27e7 No.14466117

>Install some mods

>One of them makes jets properly fast

>Decide to fly over the ZOGbots at Zancudo

>Rear rudder just explodes, then two seconds later the SAMs are actually launched

>Try to spawn some DLC cars

>Kikestar put in a cock blocking script

>The DLC cars just disappear right after spawning them

GTA V is chock full of no fun allowed scripts.

6d27e7 No.14466147



Take that reddit speak right back to where you got it from.

3a833d No.14466262


There need to be more Grand Theft Auto games set in the 1980s.

984da1 No.14466422

>>14465599 √√

got a good torrent link

668695 No.14466431

>cheats are on a phone

This meme of IV being anything but trash needs to die

0a1845 No.14466902


It'd be fine if the phone menu didn't close every time someone shot you.


R* have already said they'll never make another GTA set anytime but present day and anywhere but the USA. Frankly I'd rather see more games like Bully that work on the same basis but go for a smaller world with more care put into it.

ca0534 No.14467997


I bet you also have favourite twitch streamers, reddit posters and patreon creators

f9625a No.14470776


>R* have already said they'll never make another GTA set anytime but present day and anywhere but the USA.


f0badf No.14470814

Neither game aged. You can run a checksum on an unpatched executable of GTA IV downloaded on release and an unpateched executable of GTA IV downloaded today and the results would be the same, unless there's a bit rot issue with your HDD, which is on you. Same with GTA V.

f889c0 No.14470844

File: 69e3100d0f787f2⋯.jpg (162.65 KB, 771x1198, 771:1198, 69e3100d0f787f2a40123f2991….jpg)


Damn. A gta game set in Italy during the 60s/70s would have been fantastic imho.

e75807 No.14470847


>who's actually passionate about these games

what makes you think that THQ cares?

959817 No.14470870


I would also like to see Rockstar actually make Stealy Wheely Automobiley

f14531 No.14470886

File: 0b2589291a44b2b⋯.png (274.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1449942003375.png)

6657b0 No.14470912


Your autism is crippling, anon.

27a59b No.14470919


You. I like the cut of your jib.

ee7b5f No.14470987


>Grand Theft Auto is like Zelda in that every time a new one comes out the old ones that everyone hated are immediately praised while the new one is shat upon

Except Skyward Sword is just fucking terrible. At least TP had some decent dungeons.

2188af No.14471020


I mean some Youtubers are neat, like Jerma.

3a2295 No.14471271

File: 0d75c49ba5a1016⋯.jpg (53.29 KB, 703x675, 703:675, 1520784047542.jpg)


> R* have already said they'll never make another GTA set anytime but present day and anywhere but the USA.

Wait, what the fuck? Do you have any source for that claim? Because that sounds like the stupidest decision they could ever make.The reason why so many people look back on Vice City so fondly is precisely because it's a pastiche of new wave-infused crime fiction from the '80s. The sequels had similarly strongly-defined setting, with the crack epidemic-era hood in San Andreas and the gritty post-9/11 New York in IV.

0a1845 No.14472806


It was in an interview somewhere, they also said they'll never do another biker focussed game. I'll go dig it up later if I can be arsed.

79818d No.14472813


yeah, whatever that guy is talking about was never the case. All these games have flaws and are discussed perfectly fine until some retard stumbles over himself to mumble about "muh zelda cycle" like it in any way represents reality. People who believe in cycles of this sort are the dumbest fuckers alive.

d2cbfe No.14472830

I like IV better than San Andreas honestly. There was a shit ton to do in San Andreas, but if you're trying to complete missions it feels like a chore. The world layout sucked too. It took forever to get from place to place, Carl Johnson is a busta ass nigga too. Easily the worst GTA protagonist

984da1 No.14472855


Grand Theft Auto: Damascus

6be66e No.14473061

IV is the most immersive GTA. I could lose myself in that shit forever. Older GTAs were comfy video games with lots of cool shit to do, IV was a world that a loved living in. V took away a lot of the depth, and while it was still a fun place to inhabit I didn't spend nearly as much time there or get as blissfully lost as I did with IV.

2188af No.14475440


>you're trying to complete missions it feels like a chore

Isn't that any any mission in GTA games in general? I mean a mission is a chore.

660c70 No.14475477

File: 79925ef1523ebd8⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 524x612, 131:153, LuisFernandoLopez-TBOGT.jpg)

File: 0ce7db7c5547fc2⋯.png (217.82 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Franklin_Clinton_portrait_….png)


>Carl Johnson

>Easily the worst GTA protagonist

>when bland fag enabler and whiny CJ exist

No, nigga, you the busta

05b87b No.14477332


Pile of shit being better than diarrhea doesn't mean both are good, while the statement is still applicable.

09ede9 No.14477393


I unironically think GTAV is better than VI. I did not even play V but VI's world is so fucking hollow and lifeless and devoid of anything to do that it's a major step back for the franchise on every front except graphics and maybe main story (which lies at a contradiction in the world it exists)

363ac2 No.14477515

File: 2275f7aaa8b2300⋯.jpg (145.49 KB, 462x554, 231:277, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)


> so fucking hollow and lifeless and devoid of anything to do

>a major step back for the franchise on every front except graphics and maybe main story (which lies at a contradiction in the world it exists)

GTA V is that times a million.

05b87b No.14477628


>I did not even play V

Fucking retard.

41afeb No.14479007

File: 40f5adcb43259aa⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 720x602, 360:301, CJ in PJs.jpg)


>Easily the worst GTA protagonist

Fuck you nigger, CJ actually busted his ass doing work for his good for nothing big bro, all the while being surrounded by idiots and crack addicts wanting to take advantage of him. Not to mention of him being a black guy with all the stereotypes mounted on top of him, but still managed to come off as likeable, hell maybe even fun to be as.

>It took forever to get from place to place

<Advocating fast travel

You're the cancer killing sandbox games, also

<not flying airplanes


>they also said they'll never do another biker focussed game.

Goddamn, what a shame. I like TLaD for what it is, even if the new additions are rather underwhelming since it tried to do a Biker gang vidya in the modern day (RIP Klebitz). I guess since they went full pleb on V, they thought that going mainstream was the future, losing GTA franchise's trademark chaos in the midst of it. Also i hate those fucks that said GTA is a social commentary or some shit, NO its fucking not alright? Its just there as a fucking joke to poke at how absurd western society is, not as a deep insightful message you fucking twats

07b6e8 No.14479216


>current year

>fags still believe the Zelda Cycle isn't a fucking meme that normalfags follow

cd85a1 No.14480580


6be66e No.14480651


So because you're too dense to remember the story it's bad? Okay.

5b18d5 No.14480712


>I honestly couldn't even tell you what was happening in the game even though I had finished it

It's simple; Niko Bellic, a former soldier in some eastern European army, came to Liberty City to find the man that is responsible for causing some atrocity that he suffered through to happen. All his time and effort is spent in pursuit of this goal. However, because the game is padded to all hell, and because whoever directed this shit wanted to make movies instead of video games, Niko spends a large portion of time working for various Liberty City crime organizations.

You start out working for cousin Roman, who is trying his best to earn a living by running his taxi service. Roman isn't good with money, and he likes to gamble, so you soon find out that he owes money to some loan sharks. Niko basically says, "quit being everybody's bitch" and ends up killing the loan sharks. This makes their paymasters angry, and the two of them are kidnapped. Niko is forced to work with the Russian mobsters in order to pay Roman's debts. Eventually, it is revealed that one of the Russian mobsters, Dimitri Raskolov, is working with one of Niko's former associates from the army, a man named Bulgarin. According to Dimitri, Niko owes Bulgarin a lot of money, and from that point on the Russians make it clear that they're out for blood. They destroy Roman's office and home, and Niko and Roman are forced to flee from one part of the city to another in order to lay low.

While in this new part of town, Niko is introduced to Roman's girlfriend's friends. Through Mallorie he meets Elizabeta Torres, Playboy X, Manny Escuela, and Patrick McCreary. Niko does various jobs for these people - drug deals, bodyguard work, etc - and ultimately gets blackmailed by his girlfriend, who is revealed to be an agent for some unnamed agency that operates under the name U.L. Paper. Through contract work for both U.L. Paper and the McCreary family, Niko gets introduced to Ray Boccino, who is a notable Italian mobster, who then introduces him to other prominent Italian gangsters, such as James Peggorino and Ray Bell.

Niko does contract work for the Italian mob in order to get information on the whereabouts of his former war comrades, because he believes that one of them "sold out" the company they were all operating under, which lead to the slaughter of an entire village that was filled with innocents. Ultimately, Niko's contacts get him in touch with both Darko and Florian, the two people who Niko suspected were responsible for the aforementioned.

Eventually, Niko must decide if he will help James Peggorino move up in the crime world by taking a contract that is issued by Dimitri Rascolov, the man who wants him dead. The game's ending depends on what you decide to do. You take the deal, Roman gets shot, but Niko's current girlfriend Kate lives. You refuse the deal, the opposite occurs. In the end, Niko gets his revenge, but at the cost of his loved ones. The whole game is basically trying to say, "learn to let go of your grudges, or you may end up losing far more in the process of pursuing revenge"

4df75e No.14480722


conquers BFD was such a great game. I remember I paid $64 dollars for it when it came out.

1278c8 No.14480724

File: 449b67ea2018178⋯.mp4 (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, conker_kys.mp4)


>favorite Youtubers


>CJ worst protag in the GTA series

>Not seeing even upon the stacked stereotypes on the protag he still comes out onto being likeable and even stepping out of the status quo nigger.

>Believes having a shit ton of optional missions to do in a game is considered to be a fucking chore.

9b5fc4 No.14480740


this is an argument on par with "go back to cod if you don't like my game"

5681b9 No.14480762


being this new… holy shit go back to where you came from and kill everyone there and then yourself

dae456 No.14480796


>maybe main story (which lies at a contradiction in the world it exists)

I remember muh ludo-narrative diso-buzzword was all the rage back then amongst reviewers. Ironically, GTAIV does one of the better jobs at maintaining tone. Far better than most newer AAA titles, which is why you never hear the term LND anymore.

713b7d No.14480817

File: 16ca68e9bd002f1⋯.jpg (716.08 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 16ca68e9bd002f14ea42af8b3e….jpg)


>I did not even play V

Fuck you.

I can't even get through V single player at all it's fucking hollow and lifeless. I can only play online but that was only because I used to have friends that we would dick around and fuck over people. I'm glad I was gifted this awful fucking game and wasn't forced to buy it.

6be66e No.14481162


I guess all of DSPs criticism of games are totally legitimate. We should take retards who can't remember what they fucking played and have them tell us how good the story in a game is. Jesus Christ you're a pozzed up nigger-fucking faggot.

cd85a1 No.14481177

GTA IV did not age well.

>cars handle like boats

The one thing that IV did really well is the melee fighting/brawling mechanics.

488a0f No.14481305

File: 3459647a13bf405⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 520x678, 260:339, 1380380684_1379187042050.jpg)


IS NO ONE going to acknowledge we have a fucking time traveller in the thread?

f67abd No.14481470


>Grand Theft Auto is like Zelda in that every time a new one comes out the old ones are praised

It's called generational succession: it's not 'everyone' who swaps opinion, but youngsters succeeding the old faggots.

ccbfe7 No.14481478


Shh, you'll scare him away.

41afeb No.14484182


I can't believe any time travelers until he / she / xe can guess when i'll get repeating digits correctly

adaa52 No.14484362


In terms of story and characters

>GTA Vice City

>GTA San Andreas




In terms of Game play mechanics



>GTA San Andreas

>GTA Vice City



Overall Vice city and San Andreas was the best so far.

877135 No.14489393


It will be hard to ever top Vice City because that setting/timeperiod/characters are GTA in its platonic form.

I hear they're returning to VC for VI, but if it's not set in the 80's, it'll have that LARPy feel.

>zany crime escapades peak in the 80s and end there too

176cc1 No.14489428

GTA SA Los Santos is one of the greatest video game maps of all time.

d227d2 No.14489468


e382fe No.14489516

File: 35c8e4c103bff91⋯.jpg (53.65 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 410923062.jpg)

The only good GTA games were the first and the second ones tbh.

b1b1a9 No.14489566

V's story was a lot closer to what devs think of modernistic "cool" ala Watch Dogs 2 than people would usually bother to notice.

That said I have played V more than IV after the story for the simple reason there was more travelling out of the city to do and like travelling around.

77263f No.14489568

File: 13cae860c99d923⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 2079557-tumblr_l4v4tph3e01….jpg)

>IV aged better

>implying IV was good to begin with

It was a steaming pile of shit.

How they could downgrade the game from San Andreas in all aspect but the phone thing and level design is beyond me.

Weapons are shit and fire all the same. There's no leveling up.

Car have no individual characteristics and all drive like bathtubs.

Story is a bunch of generic bullshit with the shittiest ending ever.

Humor that made the series great is toned down way too much.

No cartoon graphic anymore. Instead muh gritty realism.

Literally nothing to do in the world.

I didn't even bother playing V.

176cc1 No.14489570


2 is definitely the one in the series that really needs a direct sequel or remake. A lot could be done with that base and just adding things to it.

Chinatown Wars didn't get it, and suffered from being on poor hardware.

3c4787 No.14489604


they did away with a lot of stuff because it was there as fluff, nobody sane was going to keep enjoying getting or not getting fat mechanics

3db3a7 No.14489641

File: b9e330face9fee9⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 323x433, 323:433, gta sa.jpg)


ec4cc9 No.14489668

File: 5ed77cea377e5b0⋯.jpg (93.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gta1.jpg)

4 > SA > VC > 5 > London > 1 > 2 > 3

This is objective fact because fuck you.

ec4cc9 No.14489675

File: 3714444eff61571⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 600x578, 300:289, gooby trick.jpg)



>best gameplay

Are you havin' a giggle mate? Removing crouch for a shitty cover system is the biggest mechanics fuckup in the series history.

9b5fc4 No.14489702


>retarded story that's too diverse for its own good and loses any form of uniqueness after the green sabre

>worst gunplay in any third person shooter ever aside from previous grand theft autos

>play as a disgusting nigger


c32582 No.14489723

File: 2b5459f61fa6263⋯.jpg (16.44 KB, 306x306, 1:1, disgusted pepe.jpg)

>Cuckchan is trying to say GTA SA is bad

Jesus fuck I want these niggers gone.

b6edee No.14489833

GTA is a rather shit ride, to be honest.


Basically the same game. Doesn't really do much interesting other than having a massive map to cause mayhem in, 2 devolves into a shitfest of a padded content as well. Expacs not counted since they're literal reskins. 7/10 just because it's a fun romp while it lasts.


Goes 3D, does so relatively well, was influential but just like many "influential" music bands - didn't age well. Driving is jank, general shooting is jank, lots of bugs. 7/10 just because of pure jank factor.


Rides along entirely on its aesthetic and a simple fun story, even though meme gradient can get irksome. Fixes some of the 3's jank, especially in regards to overall car handling(less glued to the ground cars, minor aftertouch available, etc). Easy 8.5/10


Tough one since mechanically it's the most competent of 3's engine iteration GTA games, but is strangled by it trying to force the content down your throat and just general overexpansion. Schools, main story missions that really don't make sense in context of events happening and should've been side activities, etc. You could realistically keep the entire game's main story in LS and rural region and introduce everything else as an optional branch. However, it's all actually good content for the most part and coupled with mechanical improvement makes for one hell of a good game. 9/10

>LC/VC stories

PSP spin-offs. Based mostly on what SA rolled out mechanically, but confined to PSP. Both are decent games and deserve a strong 8/10

>Chinatown Wars

Modernized 2 but without 2's bullshit padding and barebones nothing of a story. 7/10


Despite looking like absolute rat's ass on consoles and simultaneously having one of the worst PC ports ever conceived, it's probably the one that stands out Oblivion-style. Disliked by older fans for trying to be more grounded instead of a satirical memefest, disliked by shitter kids for not being "haha saints row" that V tries to be.

Caveat is, mechanically it's a massive improvement over everything that 3's iteration had going on. Storyline doesn't suffer from SA's overexpansion and is actually written well without trying to be satirical or memey on purpose. Introduces fun but simple multiplayer as well. EFLC builds an overarching plot for some reason, but w/e, it's decent. 9/10, cry about it.


First downgrade in the series, somehow. Overall mechanics are simplified across the board, story is a bland unmemorable mess and entire game seems to be trying to be saints row(or payday 2 now that i think of it) instead of GTA. Stupidly enough, it has same overexpansion syndrome as SA despite having less actual content. It's still mechanically competent, so it's not a straight up bad game. Just a downgraded one. 7/10

>GTA Online


Fuck you.

I don't want to bother typing out all the problems with it.

4/10 in its current state, go fuck yourself.

811c5d No.14489866

No 4 did not age better than 5. You’re just being overly nostalgic and have shit tastes in story telling. You probably think it has a better story because of how gritty abd boring it is compared to gta 5. In my opinion all gtas but 5 are shit and I know this because I didnt play the gtas when they first released and 5 was my first one so I’m not wearing nostalgia glasses.

9b5fc4 No.14489904


the gunplay is iv is basically objectively better due to use of euphorics and hard hitting weapon sounds

as a matter of fact, iv is the only gta with good gunplay at all, anything before that is garbage and v has weapons that reduce damage but increase acuracy which means you either go for headshots only or nothing happens, unlike iv in which you can go for headshots or hit them in other regions to see very good results regardless of the location, even including wounded states unlike iv where npcs will lie down when hurt maybe 15% of the time and just sit still. story in v is complete shit including all characters being poorly written except for michael who isn't anything special, but i'm not a fan of iv's either

04cf54 No.14489983

File: 56c2b37c588579e⋯.jpg (12.77 KB, 142x176, 71:88, You're_going_to_burn_alrig….JPG)



How's the future like, anon? Did we ever get another F-Zero?

5bf506 No.14490034


LC and VC stories also came out for PS2

e048f5 No.14490186


>In my opinion all gtas but 5 are shit and I know this because I didnt play the gtas when they first released and 5 was my first one so I’m not wearing nostalgia glasses

this guy was right >>14489833 when he talked about shitter kids.

e048f5 No.14490191


To be honest V could only have Michael as the playable character and nothing of value would be lost.

1a14ac No.14490239


the tv channels in 4 were way better. this is indisputable

3dca62 No.14490265



Fuck you man, atleast it ended at a high note. I don't want anymore old IPs getting dug up and gets REBOOTED.com .


Chinatown Wars could've been a new spin-off genre unto itself if Rockstar would just fucking get off their asses and do shit. I mean shit, its pretty much the only 'current-gen' GTA that actually has the feel of the old GTA (e.g Rampages) while adding new little shit that's fun (e.g Drug dealing, Scratch cards). I finished it twice actually, too bad the story was a fucking let-down, since i liked presentation of the narration style.


Not really, i think V got that covered too but yeah its fucking great that they actually had the idea of animating shows for their own tv show. Out of all the cartoons, i think Impotent Rage and Princess Robot Bubblegum held the spot

c6332b No.14490274


Chinatown Wars was the GTA that I enjoyed the most out of the entire franchise. The car chases were actually fun for starters.

877135 No.14490292

One area where WD has an edge is that it makes the people/city-streets/npcs feel more alive. Part of it is just cheating with the ID system, but also with more restaurants/coffeshops/interiors and ambience in general.

5bf506 No.14490296


Trevor is also pretty great, Flanklin is the only one really redundant since his missions could easily be adapted for either Michael or Trevor.

ec4cc9 No.14490304

File: a559e72d353cd20⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 400x286, 200:143, lots of roll 1.jpg)

File: da0a0d0ce2fd16f⋯.jpg (245.3 KB, 818x535, 818:535, lots of roll 2.jpg)

File: 273f8a820f6a92a⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 900x602, 450:301, lots of roll 3.jpg)

File: 81b9a986ef062f3⋯.jpg (429.36 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, lots of roll 4.jpg)


Quality post anon, the only thing I disagree with is


>Disliked by older fans for trying to be more grounded instead of a satirical memefest

I played the first game over comms cable LAN and consider 4 to be the best of the series. The original game was going to be a racing game until last minute changes so the series has always aimed for realistic driving and 4 is the first game to really nail that inb4 kids that have never driven a '70s / '80s car hard claim they didn't get it right.

32cf0c No.14490326

File: f4d371f09a57c02⋯.png (767.85 KB, 1065x736, 1065:736, 162e4f7138729eb06af1186703….png)


>Favorite youtubers

This is some top-tier bait.

5554a6 No.14491794

The port is still complete ass and you need to mod it to hell and back to make it look halfway decent. The driving is shit, and I don't care if you like it or if you got good at it, it isn't fun. The gunplay is shit, with a cover system that barely works and health sponge enemies that force you to headshot literally every single enemy in the game or pump an entire clip into their chest, then they lay on the ground and don't die despite having been turned into fifteen different kind of swiss cheese.

In pretty much every way, GTA V is an improvement. But it fucks up royally with the open world, with most of it being empty countryside with nothing going on, GTA IV's Liberty City is a fucking joy to wander around in and that makes it almost better by default.

2188af No.14491814

File: 0132a58bdec5904⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 255x252, 85:84, fuckyou.jpg)


>worst gunplay in any third person shooter ever aside from previous grand theft autos

f14531 No.14491823


>if you got good at it, it isn't fun

Yes it is.

5554a6 No.14491854


No, it isn't. It's still complete fucking garbage and only retards think it is because they enjoy feeling smug about learning the proper way to play with shit.

f14531 No.14491873

File: 2dceb031502b335⋯.jpg (111.67 KB, 901x1107, 901:1107, 2dceb031502b3355c6e79b351d….jpg)


But you're wrong

6be66e No.14493338


>Driving a car in real life is shit, and I don't care if you like it or got good at it, it isn't fun!

Git. Gud.

c0644f No.14493762


Whatever. Fag.

How's that book you've never released coming along?

cd02b9 No.14494445


>gritty post-9/11 New York

that doesnt exist numnutz, post 9-11 NYC is the same as today,Yuppie disneyland, GTA4's vision of New york is basically 90s pre-reform era NYC

3baf0a No.14494478

File: c2da1c130ff5b7d⋯.png (87.54 KB, 500x440, 25:22, c1e2fbe1be60782aac652cfbb1….png)

>people seriously still think IV is better than V

>No airplanes

>No underwater

>All muted colors with no dynamic range

>World 1/5th the size with 0 variety, just the same boring city

>Physics engine so fucked and unrealistic that Niko destroys pay phones just by walking close to them and all ragdolls act like they exist in lunar gravity when you tap them with your car slightly

<B-but muh toy car handling muh hot dog stands!

If people actually gave a fuck about that shit then GTA V wouldn't be one of the best selling games of all time right now while IV never even managed to beat the sales of its predecessor

3baf0a No.14494498


Oh fuck, I almost forgot

>No first person mode

>No vehicle interiors

sage for doublepost

3baf0a No.14494521


GTA IVs version of New York is basically what it is in the late winter every year (around February). Cold, nobody on Spring/Summer break yet so no young tourists (Coney Island is also closed). And lots of people from Jersey, Canada, and Yuropoors on business

79fd1c No.14494629


>muh sales numbers determines quality

Where da fuck did this guy wander in from

3baf0a No.14494725


Learn what an ad populum fallacy actually is. I was presenting a case that the typical binned talking points of people who claim GTA IV is better is trivial as fuck

ae76ef No.14495583


at least gta iv was about crime and gangs

5 was about 3 characters i care nothing about doing random missions for random people.

6be66e No.14496130


>no planes

Who cares? It has Helicopters, planes suck shit.

>no underwater

Who cares? The only time you get to see it is in the sub which can't do shit.

>world has 0 variety


<exaggerations about the physics engine

At least it's physics engine allows fun instead of GTA V's casualized bullshit.

>muh GTA V is one of the best selling games of all time

So are tons of shitty Call of Duty games that don't stack up against their predecessors, sales just means lots of retards bought the game, using them as a metric for how good a game is makes you look like a shill/tool.

3baf0a No.14498328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Except in GTA IV it isn't. Liberty City in IV is roughly the same size as Los Santos in V.

>exaggerations about the physics engine

The build of bullet/euphoria in IV was broken as fuck dude, remember the Swing Set of Death?

<hurrr a buggy physics engine is FUN right?!?!

>It has Helicopters, planes suck shit.

GTA V also has helicopters. And they actually simulate turbulence

>The only time you get to see it is in the sub which can't do shit.

You can dive underwater you know? Did you even play the game?

9b5fc4 No.14498340


i think you mean for the feds, which is even worse

2c9d86 No.14498348

File: 8a27152071a25e1⋯.webm (4.73 MB, 680x384, 85:48, this can and does happen ….webm)


problem, new driver?

7e037d No.14498369


I'll always remember a story a fireman once told me about the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, some 17 year old kid was going about 110MPH when he hit the side of a tractor, the guy was brand new to the fire crew so he had to go around and pick up the bits of the body from the nearby woods, he found the kids head like 100m away from the crash site, took hours to find all the parts.

40fed5 No.14498388

File: cbf345e86ddf37f⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 435x326, 435:326, absolutely disgusting bill….jpg)


>R* have already said they'll never make another GTA set anytime but present day and anywhere but the USA

what a bunch of fucking cunts

3baf0a No.14498406


The Houser Brothers have dual Brit/American citizenship. I still don't understand why people still think GTA V is a British game when most of it was developed at Rockstar San Diego. GTA is a social commentary on American life. Hell, it almost creeps into propaganda in V because they made getting into the stock market such a big part of the game

9b5fc4 No.14498456


rockstar san diego is god tier, the fact that they're designated to working on the rage engine is not only wasted potential but enraging

3baf0a No.14498478


Rockstar San Diegos predecessor developed the R.A.G.E engine. They used to be Angel Studios, Inc. who developed the Angel Game Engine (A.G.E)

It's a damn impressive game engine, there are probably other game engines that are bigger examples of wasted potential though, like the FOX Engine

6be66e No.14499343


>you can dive underwater

Woah dude, 10/10 best game evar

You're a fucking faggot.

3baf0a No.14499595

File: 7a9e7306d3e3a41⋯.png (73.68 KB, 625x773, 625:773, not_human.png)


GTA was never good but GTA V was definitely better than IV, then again, steaming pile of dogshit is better than GTA IV. Stay mad nigger

f14531 No.14499627

File: 962b4e0980f0418⋯.png (100.63 KB, 489x256, 489:256, 962b4e0980f04185dd18514a63….png)


You have to go back

14b9ad No.14499629


>everyone who disagrees with me is cuckchan lmao i reprt u

are you five years old

79818d No.14499635


quit being a dumb nigger.

176cc1 No.14499640


Agreed. I havent played 5 but at least 5 isnt the sequel to a great game, so it cant be as bad as 4 - which was a shocking disappointment.

79818d No.14499645


I had to drop 4 about 5 hours in because I kept waiting for it to get good. The missions are shit, the open world is shit, the nagging of the player is miserable, and the game is just so remarkably unfun in every way. Nothing about the game is enjoyable any way. I even saw someone give it the spec ops argument of "it's supposed to be bad…that's why its good!" but nah, it's just a pure shit, 100% unfun game. Haven't touched 5 because of how bad 4 was but at least RDR was decent. Different studios, however.

14b9ad No.14499653


i finished 4 twice and honestly it just isn't good. the gunplay is fucking awesome but everything, and i mean everything else is just boring, grimdark, tryhard garbage

-car handling: either you fucking love the initial D sliding around everywhere feeling or you hate it

-characters: everyone except brucie is a tragic character who loses in the end


-lost and damned was pretty fun i guess

-everything is grey

it just tried too hard to eject the gta wackiness in exchange for muh real tragic story and i fucking hated it

3f91ae No.14499981

File: 8f46a5b3a070c83⋯.gif (4.9 MB, 300x226, 150:113, 8f46a5b3a070c83f7541d7a8bc….gif)


>one glitchy swingset, literally the only bug of that caliber in the entire game = THE GAME'S A BROKEN MESS WOOOW

>implying the glitchy swingset isn't fun

97b2b6 No.14500039


You're fucking retarded.

be2f04 No.14501662


>simulate turbulence

If simulating turbulence means having the aircraft wobbling about for absolutely no fucking reason in zero winds then yes, you could say it simulates turbulence. Get back to me when you've actually flown a real aircraft or at least played a flight simulator.

GTA V has the most garbage flight "simulation" of any game.

2188af No.14501834

I played GTA III, VC and SA and I recently tried as hard as I can to enjoy IV but holy crap the driving is terrible. Like you're doing it on ice.

I only got GTA IV so that when I'm done w/ the story, I can do Carmageddon(it's only fun in IV)



It ain't no game breaking bug or anything. In fact it's fun.

d3fdc4 No.14502048


I've always thought that that was the original intention considering that Michael was the only character to speak in the second trailer. Trevor and especially Franklin felt like afterthoughts although, that said, I didn't find Michael a particularly likeable or memorable character either.

9b5fc4 No.14502063


actually, according to unused code they had been toying around with the idea since san andreas

6be66e No.14502067


I love how if the driving is arcade-style bullshit that gives you far too much control it's "terrible". God forbid you actually slow down as you take a fucking turn, lord knows no one has to do that in real life when going at high speeds.

6be66e No.14502075



>how if the driving isn't**

d3fdc4 No.14502092


Oh, my mistake then. Surprises me because of how half-baked they felt, though.

79fd1c No.14503345


But it was whacky and zany and what about Trevor. How craazzzy was he man. Brilliant.

aaff38 No.14505236


What a fucking shame too, since RDR was fucking great

9d81d8 No.14511185


>Chinatown Wars didn't get it, and suffered from being on poor hardware.

Unironically try the tablet port.

2188af No.14513509


isn't the tablet port horrible?

cd02b9 No.14514106

File: bd30a992723751b⋯.jpg (122.04 KB, 816x404, 204:101, 33bb80adaa1f32252b5027c607….jpg)



>like Zelda in that every time a new one comes out the old ones that everyone hated are immediately praised while the new one is shat upon

>people praising skyward sword

7f4162 No.14516979


>Damage on cars has been reduced

>fighting has been simplified

>Cars turn like gokarts

>boring physics

>urban environment are less detailed with physical objects

>npc seems to be lifeless

>Shooting is boring, no challenge just hides and shoots

the list goes on..a bunch of stuff was removed or added to please casual gamers which is sad…

79818d No.14516988


it's just cycleniggers pretending to be smart.

2188af No.14518920


>boring physics

I think a more appropriate one would be broken physics.

be1020 No.14519169

They should make a GTASA from the ps2 and mod it so that has LC and VC maps, I hate all the new releases they are pure garbage.

3baf0a No.14519206

File: 7f4667e85c78bee⋯.jpg (97.69 KB, 555x475, 111:95, 1520038326105.jpg)


>Get back to me when you've actually flown a real aircraft or at least played a flight simulator.

As a matter of fact I have flown a Cessna 172 as part of a flight school program. No, I never experienced any kind of turbulence, but you aren't expected to in such a slow aircraft over level terrain on a clear day at those altitudes. Worst turbulence I have ever felt was in a 737 flying from Denver to LA past a couple storm systems.

Regardless, the point was that GTA V has more attention to detail than GTA IV has. I wasn't comparing GTA V to a serious flight sim. I was comparing it to GTA IV. You fucking autist. Unironically consider suicide

2b402a No.14519838


>its much more realistic

except for shit like sedans having the turning radius of a large yacht

6be66e No.14522537


<damage on cars has been reduced

<fighting has been simplified

<physics have been toned down

<less detail through physical objects and clutter

<NPCs are lifeless and you can't even bump into them

>GTA V has more attention to detail

You should consider suicide before anyone else in this thread faggot.

6be66e No.14522541


He covered your faggot comment niggerlord.

>what bothered you? the fact that every car doesnt control like a ferrari like in gtav?

7f4162 No.14522565



thanks! but he clearly chose a better word

toned down seems more appropriate

7f4162 No.14522585

File: 7fe586d81476196⋯.jpg (22.33 KB, 480x480, 1:1, nope.jpg)


>GTA V has more attention to detail than

jesus christ…

37c86d No.14528339


Except everyone liked GTA: San Andreas when it came out. The only real criticisms were that the whole "gangsta" thing didn't appeal to everyone and that the radio stations were shit compared to Vice City (I actually preferred the talkshow channel over everything else because it was pretty amusing). To this day most people still agree that San Andreas is the best of all GTA games.

d27e77 No.14529794


>did this aged better

0a1845 No.14531249


Probably just not a native speaker.


He's just mad about his shit taste m8.

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