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File: 41e7a1bafd81f3f⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 41e.gif)

9e0c30 No.14459208

Gabe Newell Says that Valve is Back to Making and Shipping Games


>Valve held a presentation for its upcoming Dota 2-themed card game Artifact at its offices in Bellevue, in which Gabe Newell revealed that the company is back to making and shipping games. Yes, back will – once again – start developing games, though this does not mean that they’ll be working on Half-Life 3.

>Of course this isn’t something new as this information has already been confirmed back in January 2018. Still, it’s good hearing it once again from Gabe Newell himself.

>Geoff Keighley said that Valve’s future games will combine software and hardware developments, similar to what Nintendo has been doing all these years.

>From what we know so far, Valve is currently working on three games. As Newell said in February 2017, Valve was building three VR games. Whether these projects/games are still under development remains to be seen.

>Also, we do know that Valve is working hard on its Dota 2-themed card game Artifact. The gameplay of Artifact is to build a deck of collectable cards, obtained primarily via trading, in order to defeat an opponent in a 1v1 situation. As already said, the game is heavily based upon and features many elements from DOTA2. As such, Artifact will differ from most other traditional collectible card games, mainly because it will feature three “lanes” guarded by a tower at the end. Each lane exists as its own independent board and the player that destroys two out of three towers will win the game.

>Geoff Keighley has shared some screenshots from Artifact and stated that while the game will not feature any single-player mode, players will be able to play against AI bots.

2ea071 No.14459212

>implying that they'll be good

841a5f No.14459243

Can't wait for this to blow up in their face and give them an excuse to stick to just running Steam.

df1cd8 No.14459256


b4784a No.14459265



17a56a No.14459266

what have the developers been doing for the past seven years anyway?

if you were say a concept artist or a gameplay tester what were you doing on a daily basis?

did you just come in log on look at porn and eat snacks all day?

9601a2 No.14459267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

But in all seriousness, I'm actually kind of, sort of excited to see how disappointed I'll be with whatever they come out with

8f7330 No.14459271

071b5b No.14459279

File: 8a7e93df3b6a856⋯.jpg (48.06 KB, 630x452, 315:226, Gabe.jpg)


I want Gabe to go on stage in this 2018 E3, jump into the air and scream RICOCHET 2

6a18ff No.14459287

File: 141f07af7c4179b⋯.jpg (98.71 KB, 760x428, 190:107, false_god.jpg)

>Trusting Gaben

>implying they won't be full priced games with pay2win mechanics

93e7bc No.14459294


>From what we know so far, Valve is currently working on three games.

>As Newell said in February 2017, Valve was building three VR games.

>VR games

b4784a No.14459308


>three games

>3 gayms

They are internally mocking us right?

071b5b No.14459311


Why VR games are still 1-2 hours long minigames?

200086 No.14459312


All he has to do is make a game where you can swing a virtual crowbar and it'll be gold.

62d4ef No.14459326


>VR games

when hardly anyone owns a headset.

77ff23 No.14459332


I mean they have a relatively clean track record when it comes to that, unless Dota is pay tow in, but then again who gives a shit about watered down RTS games for faggots too stupid to play am RTS

7fb8f2 No.14459395


>Doesn't own, and has never used, a VR headset

>"I am an expert on VR, listen to my opinions as if they are fact!"


Valve have to get back into making games so they can hop on the paid-mods/lootbox gravy train.

42c300 No.14459473

File: 75504aee6a34553⋯.png (167.8 KB, 800x633, 800:633, musashi.png)


>Valve is spending big money on VR hardware development

>But they aren't going to dev any software for it

How stupid can you be?

dd7721 No.14459491


>did you just come in log on look at porn and eat snacks all day?

Unironically, yes.

f939e9 No.14459498

File: 7fe1d0f51f7f683⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, =D.gif)

>Yes, back will – once again – start developing games

Good for back.

a0044c No.14459499

Just show me whatever kind of incomplete build of Half Life 3 exists, or tell me it's canceled. I'm tired. I don't even really care anymore. I'm just sick of the ambiguity.

de2845 No.14459504

File: cd15118d63c9090⋯.jpg (267.97 KB, 1737x587, 1737:587, gaben.jpg)

Yeah they're making games. Making Dota 2 Trading Card Games baby.

021d05 No.14459507


Who cares? Their games aren't even good.

dd7721 No.14459516


It was never made.

Kinda like DNF, at least these scumbags had the brains not to tease people with bullshots and fake trailers when no game even existed.

de2845 No.14459527


>muh half life 3

It would probably be cucked to hell anyway, considering how Half Life 2 was a disappointment for the most part.

646074 No.14459535



208cc6 No.14459550

For some reason I feel hopeful that whatever these games are, they're going to make a proper VR HMD system seller game

For fuck's sake, hire some competent devs and at the very least make something fun

5a252b No.14459554

>hey goyim we want a slice of that card game cash cow too!

a96c86 No.14459555

>Current year Valve

>Post steam Valve

>Developing games

a) Microtransactions

b) Season pass

c) Online-only

d) Hero shooter

Pick a combination of these, or add more to the selection

we should have a bingo for Valve's first post-retirement game

841a5f No.14459565


>Season Pass Hero Shooter

Maybe a proper TF3?

033daa No.14459567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Call me when they make a new Team Fortress game instead of running TF2 even further into the ground

Better yet, just get the community to make a new one since they're already doing everything for Valve to begin with

a96c86 No.14459572

File: 164802fed72f9c3⋯.png (409.83 KB, 600x503, 600:503, fbc.png)


Fuck, forgot

e) VR

841a5f No.14459579


And f) Lootbox

a96c86 No.14459590


good call

8286ce No.14459598

So what the fuck were they doing for the past decade beyond the occasional TF2 update? VR shit?

4061af No.14459617


>starcrumps are still mad dota raped their esport scene a new shithole

12fce7 No.14459625


Fuck HL3, give LD3 dammit

6ed8c6 No.14459658



Doesn't any of you understand? Valve has only ever been after gaymer's monies. They now understand how shit gamers are nowadays and will eat up anything they make, so they make a simple virtual table with gambling mechanics.

Gone are the days of actual games. Nobody would buy them and they're to much work for their worth.

a631a2 No.14459660


Dota 2, and failing to make multiple games, including Left 4 Dead 3 and HL3 HLVR.

316824 No.14459678

File: 501e253163e7902⋯.gif (328.68 KB, 300x168, 25:14, furiou sadness.gif)


>tfw we won't get an old lady who is semi senile and voiced by Betty White

6ed8c6 No.14459682


Gordon (((Freeman))) with a mixed race love interest. Perhaps it was secretly anti-semitic and that's why it was dropped.

3d6659 No.14459692

>A few vr games and moba shit


Truly pathetic

a631a2 No.14459707


>give LD3 dammit

Word on the grave vine is that game has been canceled.

3d6659 No.14459719


>Implying Valve makes sequels past 2

You'll never see it. Just hope it doesn't become a meme like hl3.

a631a2 No.14459722


Prototype maps exist of HL3, but apparently it's now something called Half Life VR.

d5aa86 No.14459739

>focusing on VR when only a seventh of a percent of your users have one according to your own surveys

f2a276 No.14459743



























b2213c No.14459754



ohh nooo

8d8506 No.14459757

File: 9fd6ac022c97b1c⋯.jpg (53 KB, 540x748, 135:187, 9fd6ac022c97b1c3c9a9fadbd2….jpg)


>muh asspulled statistics

Sources nigger, sources

6a18ff No.14459782


Half life 3 card strategy game

8b8693 No.14459786


>i don't know how to look up steam stats


you're family is right anon, you really are useless

8f3243 No.14459790

File: 79dae2503dc9d4d⋯.png (481.92 KB, 858x718, 429:359, 1503004495905.png)


If my post ends in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then halflife 3 never ever.

b83926 No.14459794

How is he even still alive?

a631a2 No.14459799


>You fucked it up this hard


8b8693 No.14459801

File: 69e3100d0f787f2⋯.jpg (162.65 KB, 771x1198, 771:1198, a8448a416d3733d45a35062082….jpg)


congrats, you made me think it was 2006 again

70d66f No.14459803

File: 40a0f1a39dc83a0⋯.jpg (21.69 KB, 474x473, 474:473, 40a0f1a39dc83a075005e336b5….jpg)



>half life 3 trading card game with lootboxes confirmed




a85a13 No.14459804

File: eaf30ece836f6ed⋯.png (391.48 KB, 616x502, 308:251, 1513791720286.png)


You had one job Cu! ==ONE==

e17fc3 No.14459806

File: 0faf41ad25c8bae⋯.jpg (110.69 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 7dfaee288a266adb4f5e341649….jpg)

2bf814 No.14459807


>unless Dota is pay tow in

You can spend 10 grand in Dota 2 and you still have the exact same ingame power as somebody who just created his account. It's all cosmetics.

They didn't add any p2w stuff to CS:GO either, so there shouldn't be any issues in that regard.

f8c46f No.14459810

File: 0d752a23b6ce0be⋯.jpg (86.2 KB, 772x644, 193:161, ss (2017-06-10 at 09.32.55….jpg)

fdb936 No.14459812

File: 03182122cf75df3⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 406x441, 58:63, 03182122cf75df3c47ead8a212….jpg)


Well now

bbfde2 No.14459815

File: bdf17b6cf92379a⋯.gif (30.06 KB, 250x250, 1:1, hot head.gif)


>Gabe Newell Says that Valve is Back to Making and Shipping Games

>Valve held a presentation for its upcoming Dota 2-themed card game Artifact

>As Newell said in February 2017, Valve was building three VR games

>Though this does not mean that they’ll be working on Half-Life 3.

f2a276 No.14459816



9f3f97 No.14459826

If trips, Gabe Newell must come in to this thread and fucking explain why Half-Life 3 has taken so long.

Also, everyone who posts in here gets a free copy.

9b9740 No.14459839

File: 7176035523042f9⋯.webm (897.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ricochet 2.webm)

e17fc3 No.14459841

File: 5e6229b870a5b84⋯.png (740.4 KB, 884x801, 884:801, scfre.png)

They are still developing the trading card ASSFAGGOTS game


e36452 No.14459851

File: 4983cb3e136ab25⋯.png (94.69 KB, 1294x338, 647:169, 16bf5e41aba316fa749dc59a4a….png)

In all seriousness, will Artifact even fare well? How is it compared to other card games?

b8c67b No.14459855


>The antagonist of the Half-Life series is a suit(which is one step away from a kike) with god-like powers

There are traces of antisemitism there.

b22802 No.14459858

File: 590e55e979b5fbe⋯.jpg (189.96 KB, 759x1135, 759:1135, proof that God exists.jpg)


I guess Half Life 3 will be the second coming of God.

3afd75 No.14459871

File: 94cd2c09ff5fe79⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 500x407, 500:407, my hand when.jpg)


Aren't they aware that card games are a dying fad and it's all about battle royale now?

e36452 No.14459874


I always felt like that screencap was fake and only the posts that did it right are shown. Just look at the post times. You're telling me that 2009 /b/ wouldn't freak out over posts like that and flood the thread immediately?

d7ae3a No.14459881

File: e1051f17c99df3a⋯.jpg (117.64 KB, 1276x720, 319:180, 8feed682a8b28ae41129bfad09….jpg)


Dammit anon what have you done!?

You planned this didn't you?

d5aa86 No.14459882


It was never really much of a fad to begin with. Remember how badly Scrolls flopped?

05286c No.14459885

>3 VR games

What's their plan, to release a more disappointing Orange Box?

a631a2 No.14459889

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Aren't they aware that card games are a dying fad and it's all about battle royale now?

They also have some kind of battle royale thing in the works for CS:GO too, they're just chasing fads, and the Chinese.

b8c67b No.14459890


Orange Box 2: VR Boogaloo

8b8693 No.14459900


>will it fare well?

probably not, it really depends if they are going to try to directly compete with hearthstone or just bring in as many dota players as possible. if they do the latter, i assume there will be some sort of cross promotion or interaction between the two games.

>How is it compared to other card games?

not enough info out there to say. the only definite things we have are

>has 3 lanes guarded by towers, if you destroy 2 of your opponents towers you win

>is a tcg (as a opposed to a ccg for you non fa/tg/uys) and players will obtain cards "primarily" through trading (again, as opposed to opening packs)

while the 3 lanes mechanic is somewhat original, there has been games that have similar ideas even if those games have flopped.

3afd75 No.14459931


>Remember how badly Scrolls flopped?

I don't see where you're getting at. It's just prove that trying to chase a fad won't make your games automatically sucessfull.

How many games died in the shadow of WoW with the mmo craze, and how much under LoL/Dota2 with the ASSFAGGOTS fad? Hell, there was even a small fad with the hero shooter genre with Overwatch, but not as many.

8faa3f No.14459946



66040e No.14459955

File: ab96cb56740d360⋯.webm (332.14 KB, 640x360, 16:9, oooh.webm)


Singles have never been this devastating.


>Orange Box 2

>Portal 2



8f3243 No.14460000


>tfw made my post with this one in mind

Fucking flawless.

816c40 No.14460002

Steam OS and that shit controller bombed this hard, huh?

8f3243 No.14460013

File: c9b404a3c263d1a⋯.gif (974.1 KB, 317x178, 317:178, 08423e985558ae05f38d27e7ac….gif)

a45cd1 No.14460016


These quads will not be unchecked.

d7ae3a No.14460045

File: 04c48ad94405f2f⋯.webm (1.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, checkem.webm)


Now that's impressive and foreboding considering your other post

e17fc3 No.14460069

File: 9a98271fe20708f⋯.jpg (4.45 MB, 2160x3112, 270:389, check these byzantinumeral….jpg)

eb0845 No.14460103

File: 09090a4743ed08d⋯.png (191.53 KB, 363x342, 121:114, smug merchant.png)


Valve's company structure is still fucked. It's more a cash filled sandpit than a studio; they don't make games anymore because they don't need to. I'll just wait for most of these projects to get silently dropped and cancelled, like always. Unless Gaben got off his fat rolls started assigning roles and actual responsibility to people. I doubt it.

I mean, the best they come up in all this time are some VR shit and more digital card cash-in crap. What a fucking joke of a company.

6da209 No.14460133

File: bdb5fb78101cbe1⋯.png (104.94 KB, 313x254, 313:254, f20bb032fa81f91d67fc2a1e61….png)

bfdd31 No.14460143

File: c37ef39339160ef⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 398x397, 398:397, 1505920446801.jpg)


What have you done

ba3b50 No.14460166

File: d7267223e3c1df8⋯.jpg (382.84 KB, 1024x1598, 512:799, a7b7e51b49fe1b0f1e785053d5….jpg)


You make it sound like digit numbers matter or are relevant in current year.

323b9a No.14460193

File: 693e251298c131d⋯.jpg (129.32 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Never asked for dubs.jpg)


Ironic for a post with those digits.

a16227 No.14460199


That is my university life. Valve also sounds a lot like a university environment

a16227 No.14460213

ae67dc No.14460218

>be Valve

>hire a doctor of psychology to work with the Dota 2 team on how to manipulate player behavior

>hire an economist to better manipulate their own markets, both in-game (Dota/TF2) and out of game (Steam cards, etc.)

They only really have practice being slimy degenerates, I can't seem them ever producing a product ever again.

6da209 No.14460219


Valve's a bank, anon. They've become an e-commerce platform and have shitloads of dosh and the freedom to work on whatever they want without any fear of a publisher putting their balls in a vice to shit something into the market. This is unironically the dream of most professional game developers.

559c6f No.14460227

Trading card games is the biggest Jewish scam since the holocaust. Gabon can eat my ass.

8c1842 No.14460229

Artifact 3 coming soon great

c3dd79 No.14460283

File: 6fff0aadd56b20f⋯.png (165.45 KB, 555x350, 111:70, just the tip (of the icebe….png)


>Look at me being sarcastic, I clearly know more than this anon

>I don't want to share my opinions but pls believe they are superior :c

2d6e55 No.14460316


they were probably working on vr shit

5b6fc4 No.14460327

File: 6f4abe30c8a5801⋯.jpg (127.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6f4abe30c8a5801e176931fada….jpg)


How did you fuck up this hard?

208cc6 No.14460333

File: 1275c17e736fe70⋯.jpg (234.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1391363142900.jpg)



9c148c No.14460347

Artifact sounds too busy tbh. Like from what I've heard, you're essentially playing 3 games of Magic at once.

c5434c No.14460389

File: 6ad6e6cd87d77d9⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 450x346, 225:173, navi-protestors.jpg)

File: 4a52ed93413c84c⋯.jpeg (8.97 KB, 275x183, 275:183, index.jpeg)

File: 0e482b0d5f8afd8⋯.jpg (95.82 KB, 500x346, 250:173, 2375439.jpg)

>Steam making games again

>Someone finally had the innovative idea to take the wheels off the desks so people couldn't just play CS:GO constantly and then roll the fuck away whenever anyone floated the idea of doing some work.

b5a263 No.14460396

It's not April 1st yet, gabe.

365238 No.14460397

Why do so many people hate VR? And not just its current implementation, but actively hoping that it fails so we don't ever get anything better. As a kid I dreamed of the type of VR we have already, and people still complain endlessly. Is it a sour grapes thing, because most people are broke-ass pirate NEETs? In that case, you should hope it succeeds so it gets cheaper and stops being so unnecessarily expensive.

aa6728 No.14460402


Oh fuck

245dbe No.14460434


>make claims

>will not back it up

To an extreme hitler was a faggot and gobble was his cock slut. Want a source? Look it up :^}

c5434c No.14460437

File: fab23c11966ccb8⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dick Sucker Pro.jpg)


VR would be great, if people actually made some fucking game with it. The whole platform is extremely compelling for all of about 6 hours, and then you realize that these shit games that didn't feel like shit because "immersion" are in fact - shit. And the "experiences" are only good to experience once, and then they become boring.

They keep trying to chase the immersion meme, when there really is no end-game to it. Not without fucking holodeck technology, and the stop gaps are all experimental super expensive rigs that nobody supports. Meanwhile, even the most supported peripherals end up holding back games because they're just wagglin sticks which - over a decade after the Wii's release, nobody knows how to make actually work in a game.

VR would be fine if developers just admitted that it's just sticking a TV set to your eyeballs with head tracking. Give us good games, with traditional controls, that we can sit on our fucking couch and get lost in. That's all VR really needs to succeed.

Some of the best VR titles on the PS4 are exactly that. Shit like Resident Evil VII, Moss, Thumper, are all decent titles. But those are rare and all you ever end up getting for the most part is a bunch of samey wagglestick proof of concepts and "experiences" with a $20 price tag.

05286c No.14460438

File: c88c58942535408⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 375x523, 375:523, dubs card.jpg)


How many times has the dubsman take the cute anon away from your focus?

d5aa86 No.14460447


We have such little faith in developers to not fuck up with what we already have so there's pretty much no hope for them to do anything with VR other than just use it as another scapegoat for their incompetence.

05286c No.14460450


>Valve's a bank, anon.

That's quite a good summary. Are they attempting to sidestep some regulation with this?

76979e No.14460453

File: 9d32d5235050bcc⋯.webm (194 KB, 640x360, 16:9, This sucks, man.webm)

>remember there were HL3 memes in 2012

>that was six years ago

>in 2012, Episode 2 came out 5 years ago

>there is now a greater distance of time between the HL3 memes starting and now than there was between the last HL coming out to when the memes started

13c4d4 No.14460515


Wew lad. Still never ever though

bd081e No.14460560

File: 84f51ae361ab695⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 150x267, 50:89, ((((((you)))))).gif)

File: e8f897a9f86ed95⋯.jpg (29.2 KB, 640x360, 16:9, -evans.jpg)

File: 1ae5204569f7c76⋯.jpg (89.03 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 0711-mel-gibson-drunk-00-4….jpg)


You double nigger

b5a263 No.14460581

File: 304608500f71684⋯.webm (5.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, checkem_whore.webm)


Only if 33

f76283 No.14460598

File: 8b10c57b7177583⋯.jpg (316.47 KB, 894x894, 1:1, bakagaijin.jpg)


What the fuck, can it really be around the corner?

9601a2 No.14460612

File: 8c850ec4bda7515⋯.png (314.6 KB, 616x468, 154:117, that's my hyuckin' fetish.PNG)





ac5679 No.14460639


>Team Fortress: The VR Card Game

ac5679 No.14460654


Why does it look like Sonic has 3 legs, inb4 penis joke?

76979e No.14460656


He's just that fast.

ce36ed No.14460661

File: 0e3821e5feafa68⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 562x600, 281:300, 0e3821e5feafa68f4818891cd6….jpg)


It's too late, Gabe. My childhood is dead and so is my hope for good Valve games, there's nothing you can use to hurt me anymore.

109d71 No.14460662


Holy shit this is actually really good

d09f5c No.14460666

Fuck you Gabe, give me HL3.

76979e No.14460677


According to people who worked at the company, that was basically it. They always held LAN parties and worked on minor projects that got scrapped.

Rumor has it that Gabe got sick of the productivity, so in the last year he's been trying to get the company back on track.

76979e No.14460680



109d71 No.14460681

File: d3c87dad39a1a02⋯.mp4 (1.66 MB, 568x320, 71:40, aku laugh.mp4)

d5aa86 No.14460683


>Rumor has it that Gabe got sick of the productivity, so in the last year he's been trying to get the company back on track.

I really doubt it's Gabe cracking the whip.

ea23ae No.14460687

File: dab6c18f60942c1⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 495x600, 33:40, dab6c18f60942c15d09de14352….jpg)

Is there anyone still working at Valve who can actually make games? Artists who are making new ASSFAGGOTS skins, cards for their card game, hats and various code monkeys to push out patches don't count.

76979e No.14460691


That's because the project had something like 20 people working on it.

350ea0 No.14460700

File: 4fb5cdf0f4d1260⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 550x566, 275:283, rape stove.jpg)


Millions would die if he jumped. We're trying to reduce casualties not amp them up.

65e764 No.14460721

> Valve’s future games will combine software and hardware developments, similar to what Nintendo has been doing all these years.

Didn't they learn anything from the Steambox?

f24cac No.14460724


Is that a motherfucking Franken Fran reference


Aren't Portal and TF2 prior to Heavy update the only good games that Valve ever produced?

6da209 No.14460727

File: 1ee805d8e8ed0c4⋯.jpg (252.48 KB, 1873x2553, 1873:2553, 1471816362845.jpg)


They don't need to sidestep anything. Rather, trying to skirt the law (especially by out-jewing much bigger and meaner jews) would invite considerably more fines, fees, and lawsuits than whatever they'd be trying to hide. That's what the real banks do.

If anything, they'd be trying to get regulators off their asses with the whole 'Are CSGO skin trading sites RMT gambling dens?' affair.

No, I suspect they're just at risk of losing all of their developers. Money is good and all, but if you're a designer and Valve's paying you to design, going almost a decade without seeing anything come out is really demoralizing.

5ffd7e No.14460731


because he does. For reasons unknown the artist gave him a third leg that doesn't have a shoe at the end

19d5d0 No.14460739


>We're trying to reduce casualties

No we're not. Why prevent the inevitable? Nuclear Newell will come crashing down soon anyway, best if he does it in style.

c5434c No.14460770

File: 9a0a47781135e78⋯.jpg (183.94 KB, 575x632, 575:632, 389_o4VlKYw1.jpg)


>I really doubt it's Gabe cracking the whip.

Why? Gabe is probably shitting himself at the prospect of Tencent coming in and taking all his hamburger money away. If they run steam as just a game distribution platform, they're going to get steamrolled by the Chinese. The only way to keep the platform more attractive is to either be less jewish and provide a better service (which is not going to happen) - or to culture their own stable of platform exclusive relevant games in order to keep customers engaged.

d5aa86 No.14460776


What I mean is that Valve isn't as independent as they want you to believe.

be406f No.14460784

File: 42c7953ebaa5fbf⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 68318d5a979cd2ea4467c1f14f….jpg)



Hell is too good for the likes of you, you deserve Detroit

aa1e62 No.14460801

File: 00d3e1cbcf4f980⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Half-Life 3 announcement!!….mp4)


>Gabe Newell Says that Valve is Back to Making and Shipping Games


76979e No.14460809


i ain't clicking that shit nigga

335bf7 No.14460814


You better click that shit, nigger.

f12f5f No.14460819


ayy lmao

aa1e62 No.14460822


>You make it sound like digit numbers matter or are relevant in current year.

They got a Jew elected president didn't they?

bad797 No.14460857

File: 328e619f5cfa474⋯.mp4 (425.25 KB, 360x360, 1:1, [screams_externally].mp4)

335bf7 No.14460884

File: cb72db774d15351⋯.png (29.83 KB, 144x195, 48:65, [confused internally].png)


What would drive a bird to scream in a toy cup?

66040e No.14460902

File: 4c6d61576764b7e⋯.jpg (13.67 KB, 200x246, 100:123, Yes friend!.jpg)


Curiosity. The birb looks clearly interested in how the cup changes the sounds of its screams.

b5a263 No.14460917


Unlike niggers, birds are actually smart.

c5434c No.14460935

File: 8973308423c4884⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 450x428, 225:214, CawCaw Bix Nood where da w….jpg)

File: b2ec769b9944346⋯.png (1.22 MB, 555x2435, 111:487, crow-girl-collection_3heWa….png)

File: 2b112c75a172135⋯.png (380.66 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Eqvjyzd.jpg.png)

File: cb17db22f42b636⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 900x795, 60:53, e72.jpg)


>Unlike niggers, birds are actually smart.

What about black birds?

335bf7 No.14460941


They have fair skin under the feathers

66040e No.14460944


Those are a bunch of extremely intelligent creatures for what they are. They know how to manipulate their enviroment to their needs using tools and can communicate effectively with each other.

11c418 No.14460949

I wish I could believe but I've learned from my mistakes.

Anyway it will probably be Dota3 *for mobile*

bad797 No.14460960


>can communicate effectively with each other.

So they are smarter!

c5434c No.14461005

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They also live almost exclusively within a mile of human settlements so that they can scavenge off of our trash, can be extremely violent and territorial, and are historically considered the harbingers of death and war. Sounds kinda niggarly to me.


>The Black Crows are White

Well fuck, thanks for the reminder. Time to dig through my old CD collection.

04d00e No.14461019


I don't believe that for a second. At most we'll get yet another multiplayer game with microtransactions.

a15325 No.14461038

File: e5fef33b11e8c1c⋯.gif (573.14 KB, 267x199, 267:199, e5fef33b11e8c1c18e95bfbbfa….gif)






195f09 No.14461054


Fuck you faggot

efe514 No.14461067

>card games and VR shit

Wow its fucking nothing.

e9610a No.14461112

File: 64e5d594ed36bd3⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 750x578, 375:289, DXF2_RfWsAAn65u.jpg)


No fucking way

56658d No.14461122

File: 99cca736bb365f5⋯.png (112.64 KB, 299x344, 299:344, 99cca736bb365f5fa0e2bcc2cb….png)

335bf7 No.14461131

File: 4d638cd20ef54d2⋯.png (229.54 KB, 466x496, 233:248, 4d638cd20ef54d243988d840ac….png)


Actually aren't most birds and mammals fair skinned under their fur?

66040e No.14461137


Well, yeah. The feathers/fur protect their skin so it'd make sense for them to not produce melanin.

841638 No.14461152


I unironically think that this would save the arena shooter genre.

They've all felt like quake clones or UT clones, there needs to be some new mechanic. I thought the mechanic would be 4d perspective projection, but it's remarkably hard to make a line of sight model when you're depth is made up of two dimensions. There could be heaps of new mechanis built from the idea of ricochet. It would completely shake up the way positioning works. Like if every weapon in quake 3 had grenade launcher like mechanics. You could rail someone going for the mega in ztn3tourney1 by standing at the gl platform and railing the floor of the corridor to mega when you think he's going to pick it up.

a15325 No.14461783

File: 2f385d17fb11b64⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1325x3468, 1325:3468, digits do not lie.png)

10,000 years in MS Paint

30ee24 No.14461854

Wonder if this is because Value realized that they are a literal gambling service that is about 1 year from getting regulated into oblivion. While EA can hide their faggotry under the, "Its not gambling since once you pay for a loot box you cannot convert that digital item back into money" argument. Valve's entire business is built around letting you sell your loot box gains for real money. Valve has no way to say they do not promote gambling and as such are about to be gang banged by ever nations gambling commission.

ec86fb No.14461920


pretty much this. card games are unique in that they're rng for actual gameplay which makes them distinct from standard gambling and different from cosmetics.

30ee24 No.14461970


CS:GO lets you see your shit for money. Shit that you get from opening boxes. The same shit that everyone was getting ass blasted at EA for Valve has been doing for years. But now that the government is actually looking at this for real means that Valve is screwed. Since the big thing that defines gambling is the ability to turn shit back into cash. Ever wonder why those machines where you drop a quarter and hope it pushes more quarters off gay out tickets instead of quarters. Well gambling. Ever wonder why you had to exchange tickets for gay prizes and not cash? Gambling again. None of this is new and Vavle's cash cow is about to get taken out back and shot.

2d6e55 No.14461975

My guess this is because of recent backlash at microtransactions or the growth of their golden three has plateaued

abb1bf No.14461982



I like to imagine that Hunt Down The Freeman also helped force Gaben to move his ass, but nah, Half-Life is dead.

76979e No.14462067

File: b63e3055027c661⋯.png (353.71 KB, 523x384, 523:384, Napoleon.png)

390af6 No.14462081


I like to imagine Hunt Down The Freeman was originally Half Life 3 but then they got lazy and gave whatever unfinished build they had to the turk.

5b70b6 No.14462135

>another fucking CCG

I'd rather play YGO.

6287cf No.14462140

File: 84c6650c5081663⋯.png (454.75 KB, 600x600, 1:1, [gay silence].png)

bb97b9 No.14462156

000000 No.14462195

Hahaha ship HL3, then we'll talk.

d3aef7 No.14462210

File: 006eece105fd3ae⋯.gif (961.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 006eece105fd3ae6361bd8b9d0….gif)


>tfw never played a single half life game

>tfw I always thought the game looked shit

>tfw I laugh whenever I see fags cry about a never ever game

8f282e No.14462212

File: ea6478170b31c0d⋯.webm (6.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ea6478170b31c0d5535fe2706….webm)

adfba8 No.14462229


>Back to making games

>Proceeds to make non-game "services"

It's fascinating to see gaben turn into the figure that remains silent for so long that people get hyped when it's about to speak only to give the verbal equivalent of a shitpost every single time.

8f282e No.14462235


the idiot cut off the booing.

70739f No.14462245


Who the fuck cares at this point?

8f282e No.14462246


Everyone has melanin, even white people, that's why everyone has brown eyes.

even people with blue and green eyes actually have brown eyes.

blue eyes are an optical illusion, and green eyes are a sign of a person being sickly because they actually have blue eyes.

d06bc6 No.14462251

File: 2924f13212a59e7⋯.gif (920.41 KB, 264x320, 33:40, Screams Externally.gif)

8f282e No.14462261

anyone want to play Ricochet?

90e189 No.14462277


>using redtext as a cheap substitute for the subject field

Why don't you just use the subject field?

b5e767 No.14462289


>low-spec card game

They're gonna try and make a fucking handheld Steambox, aren't they?

b5e767 No.14462292


It happened, in text form. That's as good as anyone's ever gonna get.

90e189 No.14462310


I really don't have faith in Valve not to fuck Half-Life 3 up, I've gotta say, and I'd rather not have a Half-Life 3 at all than have a Half-Life 3 that's been bastardised.

A couple years back I started on a Half-Life 3 design document with a pipe-dream in mind of getting Valve to go "oh, we could be doing something like this instead of making [Half-Life Online/Half-Life: The Card Game/Half-Life F2P]" by mailing it into them. I put it aside with its story draft about 25% done because I wasn't entirely on top of the scope of the story, but maybe I should get back on to that design document now.

90e189 No.14462314

File: b9621265517b04d⋯.png (81.44 KB, 890x264, 445:132, unknown.png)


Actually, and I've posted about this a couple of times before, I think it really, really shows that Epistle 3 wasn't what Half-Life 3 was originally intended to be. Thankfully I screencapped one of my posts on the subject to send to a friend once so now I don't have to type it out over again for, like, the third time.

aa1e62 No.14462329

File: 7dd1edd7c36f6ee⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 288x288, 1:1, 8574.gif)

000000 No.14462337


we just have to shitpost so hard that they can't ignore us

cfd2b8 No.14462338

File: 114211a45d86d93⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, half life 3.jpg)


>though this does not mean that they’ll be working on Half-Life 3.

stopped reading right there

8f282e No.14462345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cfd2b8 No.14462363

File: d70460c5b62a493⋯.jpg (166.3 KB, 960x600, 8:5, half_life_gordon_and_alyx-….jpg)


>Gordon (((Freeman))) with a mixed race love interest.

you know that Alyx is half black half asian right?

76979e No.14462373


Freeman isn't a Jewish name.

8f282e No.14462397

File: d4a883ca66d81e1⋯.webm (6.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-03-10_00-45-47.webm)

000000 No.14462402


Half asian half nigger….i'm not surprised.


He's right. It's a nigger name. I remember a "white" kid in my class was so butthurt when the teacher revealed the nature of his last name kek.

bbb1ab No.14462418

File: 3580be4ce682321⋯.png (14.02 KB, 819x460, 819:460, worldssmollestviolin.png)


>>Valve is currently working on three games

>>three games



Our pain is a joke to Gaben

2d6e55 No.14462420


if you're gonna do something like that, focus on the gameplay aspect. Not the story

76979e No.14462424


Four games, three of which are VR.

4b4a4a No.14462429


this was really good animation wise, especially with SFM. But

>how the fuck did he get in that fight and nobody noticed outside, especially when the guy fell threw the glass

>during the fight it appears one of the guys went through the exit, shouldn't everyone been alerted?

>he steps outside the room where he just fought where there was obviously guards overseeing the entire area, how was he not seen? It wasn't like he was trying to hide.

Otherwise good

70739f No.14462451


>I really don't have faith in Valve not to fuck Half-Life 3 up,

Most people who will purchase HL3 will be people who were too young to have played HL and HL2.

90e189 No.14462480


Half of the document when I left it was actually notes on the gameplay. There was a mandatory reading (playing) list as well as a long series of dot points on game design concepts the ones that Half-Life 1 and 2 had been marketed on despite their not actually appearing in either game that absolutely had to be followed for Half-Life 3.

But, no. There's going to be a "story" in a game no matter what, and what's more is that your "story" is going to be a microcosm of your game as a whole. Your "story" is what sort of environment the game takes place in, what sorts of challenges you face in that environment, and what sorts of methods you use to overcome those challenges. With that in mind, do you want your "story" to be pointless filler (which, surely needless to say, if it were feasible to do so, could and should just be cut out of the game entirely) at best and something that insults everything that's come in Half-Life before at worst, or do you want something that's actually been thought through and that actually adds on to what Half-Life has had to it so far?

90e189 No.14462493



Part of that question I pose is a trick, though. Half-Life is a series that prides itself on its "story," and so to make a Half-Life game with a "story" that's just pointless filler in and of itself would be to make a Half-Life game that insults what's come before it.

1c2c70 No.14462509

File: 634fbe6f9aed597⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 720x480, 3:2, 634fbe6f9aed597769d39a855….webm)


>HL2 was 14 years ago

That game is as old as I was when I first played it.

That said I can honestly believe Gabe going fuck this and cracking the whip after 4 years of lollygagging with random VR crap and hardware shit, with the only people seemingly doing shit being the Dota/CSGO support teams, and the Source 2 guys. Especially since the incident with Hatred demonstrated that Gabe and his employees's interests might actually be in conflict.

05286c No.14462641

What is necessary to pull something like Mouthness again.

05286c No.14462667

Everyone have become far too far cowardly and lazy. Anything fun that comes up gets shut down by some mentally ill newhalf.

f5be54 No.14462680




freeman is a scottish name you retards, he has red hair and green eyes for fucks sake

also he technically shows zero interest in alyx beyond saving her because she contains the information required for white forest

05286c No.14462686

File: 691d2ad6b78d003⋯.png (319.15 KB, 860x320, 43:16, ClipboardImage.png)

It's time again.

f92966 No.14462723

File: 77a361322f889b6⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 600x623, 600:623, osnwayd.jpg)

05286c No.14462759

A mind that never forgets. Along with every janotr ban. The animu generator thread was close but too safe and right here.


Nobody asked for you exvept Mark, possibly.

f939e9 No.14462782


Most people on here probably don't even know what you're referring to.

05286c No.14462797

You missed big early fun.

05286c No.14462810


Nor do you. I'm tired of not bullying.

05286c No.14462836

I'm positive a new jaanitor will convey this as persoal army faggotry.

05286c No.14462846

Or rule 8 me for "shitting up the thread."

76979e No.14462859

05286c No.14462870

Come on, cocksucker. I work better banned.

c1f4d3 No.14462875

05286c No.14462883


Why would I be alright?

2409bf No.14462885

File: a4b21d6f635b20e⋯.png (109.46 KB, 414x248, 207:124, a4b21d6f635b20e8f995ce8a7f….png)

File: badcdd4233c5c5b⋯.jpg (25.66 KB, 518x338, 259:169, badcdd4233c5c5bbc5bcef9459….jpg)








good or bad, your shit luck has only ensured half life 3 will happen.

05286c No.14462899

Quite certain Mark is not Mark and the new janitors think this is /a/ from cuckchan.

b3e44f No.14462955

File: 4dc6a88bb3abe18⋯.gif (226.19 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 9a271e9a502dc359481ae37637….gif)


>Randy Bitchford will not allow to release any pre-release Duke Nukem content unless there's money to make

It hurts so much.

e82e4b No.14462960


Thatns what you get when you take a communist approach to the management. Since therer is no hierarchy at Valve, no one can force anyone to do shit and no one gets fired. Even Gabe cannot do what he wants.

05286c No.14462981

File: 127eb2b805305ba⋯.png (275.27 KB, 500x481, 500:481, ClipboardImage.png)


Why would you be pained when you seemingly only care for Eastern products?

5e742d No.14462986


The closest to a Team Fortress 3.


It's the Final Fantasy crossover, duh

56cf50 No.14463024


Reminder that Alyx gets blown the fuck up in Half-Life 2's original ending and Episodes are one asspull after another.

05286c No.14463031

Mark, and all involved, bring a few less anybody here.

90e189 No.14463052

File: 356042b4856ffc9⋯.png (41.35 KB, 529x322, 23:14, Untitled.png)


Yup. Lemme just throw up another screencap of myself talking about Epistle 3.

a16227 No.14463056


Episodes are what was supposed to happen between the end of HL2 and Nova Prospekt. The original story line was quite long and they just recycled stuff for the episodes

b3e44f No.14463059



Is that, by chance, the HL2 Project Beta server?

a16227 No.14463061



05286c No.14463062

If you attempt a two day ban while I'm not paying attention. You're going to have a worse week.

30dea8 No.14463068


They ever made games in the first place?

05286c No.14463074

I don't think the nujanitors know how bad things can get. Nor, the stanky BO.

5a1be5 No.14463117

File: 463bebc34f1d36a⋯.jpg (19.14 KB, 181x272, 181:272, 463.jpg)

>As Newell said in February 2017, Valve was building three VR games


a16227 No.14463126


underage b&

f2835f No.14463171

File: 0c4cacae7b7e7d7⋯.jpg (111.89 KB, 530x507, 530:507, 0c4cacae7b7e7d7e8c421f744d….jpg)


miss me with that gay bait

181742 No.14463780

File: 3af055dfbeef0fc⋯.gif (40.51 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1513385518905.gif)


>Scriptfag derails the thread.

The absolute state of this kiked site.

d58409 No.14463803


Are you retarded?

b8c67b No.14463859


>He doesn't believe in meme magic

4991ac No.14463905


He's from cuckchan, what do you think?

871543 No.14463921

File: 40de844fb95b03f⋯.jpg (44.56 KB, 408x408, 1:1, 2117116207_d31bcc971d.jpg)

2b9a27 No.14464149


>spikes to stop homeless people

>that ear rape beep noise

Fuck big government tbh

cdc397 No.14464165

File: ba4796d0563b500⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 640x480, 4:3, HL3.gif)


1c8ed8 No.14464184

File: 48a0085b2cd78b6⋯.jpg (877.04 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Never Ever 4.jpg)


Lemme try this. If my post ends in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then Serious Sam 4 never ever.

1c8ed8 No.14464194


Fucking Croteam, I knew it.

b3e44f No.14464233


>Never Ever 4

>ends in 4

Like pottery.

4a7570 No.14464268

File: c30b0b0225c88e3⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 339x449, 339:449, 19Colonels.jpg)


And you laughed and said liru never ever

You're not laughing anymore

c69c0f No.14464520


For real?

d16e47 No.14464544

File: cce6d92086c55c8⋯.png (153.42 KB, 1200x1155, 80:77, rare hrvatski pepe.png)


>implying it's not coming after they finish SCUM

fa20bc No.14467186

File: a462bf93d167e7c⋯.webm (717.19 KB, 640x358, 320:179, ABSOLUTE ANGER.webm)


>SS4 delayed gain to work on a PUBG clone

When will developers and publishers learn to stop imitating trends? By the time they're finished making something imitating a current trend the next trend will come along and the game will bomb hard. It happens every time.

3a8cdc No.14467194


Thanks for admitting you’re wrong.

5c8392 No.14468749


Gabe has said that even if the hardware prices are dropped by 80%, there's still no market for VR. There's a chance that they're either going to try to salvage the games by making the VR aspects optional, or just scrap the projects entirely.

8b4b01 No.14468768

File: 1cb2f4b34e3d37c⋯.jpg (168.15 KB, 963x592, 963:592, rtyu.jpg)


>Gabe has said that even if the hardware prices are dropped by 80%, there's still no market for VR.

It would be until VR would be fully compatible with mainstream games. Indie crap is not system selling games. First of all VR developers should stop playing with gimmicky controls and find way to play this list in VR from the couch with no handicaps using existing or tweaked gamepad.

940e0e No.14468810

>Source 2 has been out for 3 years

>Developers avoid it like the plague

>Total clusterfuck

>Terms of service give Valve complete ownership of all content that is created

nuValve doesn't even a proper engine, source 2 is severely outdated, so even if they wanted to create a modern game (they don't) they wouldn't be able to do it.

767ab2 No.14468820

File: e02a2e419e6b2a9⋯.png (66.09 KB, 252x255, 84:85, rattle.png)

c5434c No.14468847

File: e5fe1131931fdfe⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 260x160, 13:8, American Baseball.jpg)


Yeah, Resident Evil 7 did a decent job, and there's been a few examples of games like Robot Rescue on Playroom, Thumper, and Moss which show that third person can work for VR as well with traditional controls.

Why the fuck can't these developers just get it through their heads that for all the talk of "being in the game", that that sensation wears off really fucking quickly, and no amount of expensive, gimmicky, and design limiting hardware tricks is going to change that for more than about 10 minutes before it gets old and you remember that you're just playing shit demos with a TV strapped to your head.

Just give people something they can sit on their couch and enjoy like every most some other games do. And then give it head tracking so people can look around the scene. That really is all you need.

It's been over a decade and two failed add-ons since the Wii launched, and developers still largely don't have a clue as to how to make motion controls good enough to compete with a standard controller. Just fucking give it up already.

b09e00 No.14469058


>enough sitting goyim, go make more shekels for your overlord

06941a No.14469086

File: 8807ddec25891d6⋯.jpg (61.45 KB, 481x491, 481:491, 8807ddec25891d63e37d59748b….jpg)


Oh shit

593822 No.14469094

File: 5ad879c0b6dfcc0⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 712x909, 712:909, 14095103b90e0dc32f4ff4693a….jpg)


If post ends in 0, god exists.

c884fc No.14469106


It's a monkey's paw.

e1a780 No.14470261


You're doing it wrong. If this post is 1-9 then god doesn't exist.

c73e20 No.14470311

File: 2b5dce6f3ca8965⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 525x809, 525:809, [Laughing].jpg)


>Dota 2-themed card game

283b58 No.14470321

File: 63481bd5f70d470⋯.jpeg (28.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ron paul.jpeg)



c81165 No.14470346

File: 89f4e9220473ede⋯.webm (394.41 KB, 608x448, 19:14, wew.webm)

d6cb68 No.14470364

File: 5e751d9bb0b38ea⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 255x181, 255:181, 28cf2929f01613d97856d6a074….jpg)



>Xbox One

36d568 No.14470385


Unironically better than anything valve could offer right now.

a0044c No.14470393


I just want to hear them say it. No more "these things, they take time". No more "we're cooking something up". Just tell me it's dead.

f91d15 No.14470424


Nigger he literally said in his initial source what his source was and literally just linked it to you. How fucking retarded are you?

61e96f No.14472867

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Let me try, if this post ends 1 to 9, Ricochet 2 will be horseshit, if not it will be just good as tf2 and borrowing similar artstyle like:


aa1017 No.14473120

File: 06bc4a3926b511e⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 1111x7229, 1111:7229, no more.jpg)


e32a4c No.14473998

File: cae09db45b5b5fa⋯.jpg (19.27 KB, 320x213, 320:213, QEMeSe1.jpg)

If Trip 3's HL3 will be showcased at E3 and released this year.

eaae86 No.14474006


>Half-Life 3 the card game

1c2c70 No.14474100

File: c941b2857392b12⋯.jpg (57.57 KB, 884x644, 221:161, C1j1T6UUQAEsdEc.jpg large.jpg)


>off by 1

Better luck next time.

03d6b5 No.14474256

I came here just to remind you guys of something

I don't know how many of you will remember this. But when Valve was groing as a company, about when HL2 and it's modded bastard children where all the talk you could find on the internet, the company also boasted it's unusual management style. It made away with hierarchies, going for a "flat" structure, where you could assemble a team however you like, and work on whatever you wanted. Needless to say, it was they jewel of the eyes of any (((journalist))) you could find.

Here are somewhat recent articles, from 2013. But I remember seeing stuff like this from early 2000's



In other words

>We'll fight capitalism and it's oppressive hierarchies by having a communal development


>Journalists: Wow, so progressive, this is the way of the future!

>No new games released

>Company only stays profitable due to steam, which sells games made by actual creators

The bane of capitalism is being so successful and tolerant that people who profit from it can bash it.

814799 No.14474271


Nearly everything Valve shits out is popular, how did Ricochet never take off?

b46062 No.14474882


Gabe came from Microsoft, which had a top-down management system. Knowing Microsoft, his bosses were idiots and terrible leaders. Hierarchical management is needed to keep people on task, but too much of it can strangle innovation and make people feel worthless.

>we'll fight capitalism

Management strategy has nothing to do with capitalism, retard.

ec86fb No.14474945

(((valve)))'s latest schemes: a subscription service for in game assistance for a game with a steep learning curve that is already bleeding players


8c1842 No.14474972





>>lootbox simulators

yeah right

309f7d No.14474983


Yes. All of their best writers and programmers quit to work somewhere else where shit actually got done. Valve employees are allowed to do whatever they want, work on whatever project they want and get paid no matter how little gets done. Many employees complain that it's turned into high school with bullying bitches and "in-group" cliques but the ones that complain get bullied on social media by the tolerance brigade. It's all pretty well documented if anyone gives a shit to go looking for it.

8c1842 No.14475018


why care about that when they cant even release their own games for decade

they fucking outsourced and bought csgo and dota2 devs

valve is dead, get over it

8b4b01 No.14475224


>when you are too dumb to invent steam

47bf61 No.14476391


I guess the game just ricochetted right out of people's minds.

6ab85e No.14476981


He shows no interest for anything because he's a voiceless character you retard.

09f6d7 No.14477031


Boring visuals, a ridiculous short amount of maps, repetitive gameplay. Also Ricochet was competing with dozens of other fan-made mods for HL1.

40a910 No.14477078



5c4a61 No.14477112

File: 06bc8525fda9fe6⋯.gif (548.7 KB, 360x359, 360:359, Fuuuuuck.gif)


It's coming but it's going to be shit

3694a8 No.14477169


Do you want to be congratulated for your ignorance?

0c5459 No.14477170

File: 716037769c5372f⋯.jpg (65.08 KB, 810x780, 27:26, 59ff9a3845b88b9263314399ab….jpg)

>valve making new games!

>Dota subscription

e1c89c No.14477457

File: c3df61eb28b3c18⋯.png (386.93 KB, 766x813, 766:813, 1503829852353.png)


0w0 what's this?

a5a328 No.14479260

File: 7c1738037745d3b⋯.png (510.79 KB, 473x489, 473:489, 1434669711722.png)


I can't figure out if you fucked up or are a genius.

c521e3 No.14479282

File: 4d0fe01ebdb2043⋯.png (3.7 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


He posted a lancer with it. Lancers are the Type Moon equivalent of EFG.


If my post ends in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then halflife 3 will be shit

492f1c No.14479288


Not enough reddit memes and lootboxes.

492f1c No.14479435


Not nearly pointy enough.

It looks like you can sit on it if you can cope with something poking your asshole, which most certainly feels pretty good.

e9ef4b No.14480202

File: 94f5fc8c96110ee⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 556x527, 556:527, 1f8363460cd71d4f9967c3fe15….jpg)


>metal spike stuck up ass

>feelz gud mayne

fucking faggots, can't even bully them without them enjoying it.

996433 No.14480259

File: 4dcc3145907c773⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WHO LIKES THE OLD MARIO G….webm)

I just want L4D3 or Alien Swarm 2, or fuck even a new IP.

Anything other than a DOTA 2 FUCKING CARD GAME.

0eac5f No.14480349

File: 7d1272dfd8b8fd1⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7d1272dfd8b8fd1c9bfb10a9f3….jpg)



>Croteam is the one making SCUM

I want retarded cuckchan niggers to leave

e33dbd No.14480433

They're not going to make Half-Life 3. It will never happen. It can't happen, it will only be a disaster and Gabe knows it.

e33dbd No.14480498

File: 2dc337684e4a36a⋯.gif (4.51 MB, 420x236, 105:59, house of dildos.gif)


Just saying, but you could easily sit on the corner of the bench comfortably without paying any money. They fucked up by not putting spikes near the edge in the front.

Also if you really wanted to, you could just bring a hacksaw with you and cut the spikes off, there appears to be no security camera watching the bench.

e1f38c No.14480508

>dota 2 losing popularity

>everything else overshadowed by flavor of the month garbage such as pubg & fortnite

Oh yeah NOW they're gonna make games. Fuck valve

e33dbd No.14480512


Fuck you.

908f46 No.14480537

File: 9acf251625ccd0f⋯.png (266.33 KB, 552x543, 184:181, 9acf251625ccd0f8091268c637….png)


>mfw anon fucks up this hard

abb412 No.14480539

File: c629c7dd4fc3492⋯.png (378.24 KB, 512x700, 128:175, 65562ba8686961cf4d14014c9f….png)

908f46 No.14480592


Where's the updated version?????

c18213 No.14480600

File: efeca1e03e78333⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 212x208, 53:52, can't tell if knuckles is ….jpg)

c5434c No.14480808

File: defe452a3502aeb⋯.jpg (96.4 KB, 499x537, 499:537, OP is a faggot.jpg)


>They're not going to make Half-Life 3. It will never happen. It can't happen, it will only be a disaster and Gabe knows it.

THEY can't make Half-Life 3, because expectations are too high. However, there's a possible way around this. Gaben would just have to set up a guerilla team of seemingly independent "fans" to make an "unofficial HL3" with the roadmap of the story already revealed through leaks and interviews. As long as it's just decent, it'll get a lot of attention and people will be more forgiving of the game since it's just a better-than-nothing "amateur" passion project. Then Valve just has to step in after it generates a significant amount of buzz/streamers and offer to "remaster" and polish the fan project as an official/unofficial product.

If it's a massive hit, just call it canon and make it the official HL3 post-hoc. If it's a failure, just draw what shekels you can off the project and try again with a new iteration on the same product in a few years.

b830d3 No.14481185

So if all goes well we might get a game announced in the next 4 to 5 years

492f1c No.14482644


I'm not a fag, just ass-honest.

8f3243 No.14487525

File: 9ecff1b446a1ffb⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 480x358, 240:179, 187.jpg)



73d71b No.14490868



ed2d71 No.14498201

File: bcef751073effab⋯.jpg (274.6 KB, 2311x587, 2311:587, Garry the gigakike.jpg)

2277a4 No.14499949

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