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File: 28dea3afb71b71a⋯.jpg (104.51 KB, 616x353, 616:353, danganronpa-v3-killing-597….jpg)

File: b2c903428d2a3d0⋯.jpg (134.86 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DKryVt8UMAA-WCt.jpg)

a303b8 No.14478306

How bad is the localization of this game? I'm currently playing DGR2 and the localization is quite iffy and americanized, played the fan translation of 1 which although not perfect was far better than this. I'm hesitant to play 3 if the localization is as bad as people make it out to be even though I won't pay for it.

From a quick search, someone on the Steam forums mentioned that the following things are referenced in the game that weren't originally there among others


>Fake news





>South Park

>DBZ (over 9000)



And making a character speak like a caveman for no reason because he talked in third person originally.

71eba6 No.14478708

Isn't this the series that actively hates its fanbase?

7c1906 No.14478727

File: 548a5bdfa4cb03b⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 282x265, 282:265, ef34bd5053c971e83ed7c36294….jpg)






It's worse than I thought.

d4c9a4 No.14478777

File: 3e36ef8641885a2⋯.png (297.67 KB, 567x571, 567:571, 3e36ef8641885a2500f4644310….png)


By the time V3 rolled around, yes they were. That couldn't have been better designed to be a deathblow to the series if they tried.

5368ca No.14478842


Its like they hired fucking Tumblr to translate it.

cfde0a No.14478858

been through 4 of the cases now

it is about as bad as DR2's translation so far

I'd say don't pay for it or anything else localized by NISA, but I'd also say it seems worth a playthrough so far. The cases are about as good as 2's.

104d2a No.14479019

File: 66abfe7a5b28487⋯.jpg (381.59 KB, 1240x596, 310:149, danganV3.jpg)


I just want to know how accurate this wild guess of an image was. All I know is that Kaede is falsely designed as the culprit in the first case against the very premise of the franchise's trials, and that I didn't even want to pirate any game that pulled that.

5368ca No.14479036


>asking for spoilers

>instead of playing the VN

104d2a No.14479038


I just told you I had no desire to play this.

e5517e No.14479052


Who translated this, 2012 manchildren?

ba3ad0 No.14479083

File: 4a8d0a367a01ce0⋯.jpg (39.6 KB, 407x590, 407:590, __saihara_shuuichi_danganr….jpg)


Alright. Let me spoil it for you. It's been a little while so my memory might be shit.


No. He's killer of third case. Very creepy and fujoshit bait.


Is murderer in the second case. Is extremely religious.

>Supreme gentleman Ruler

Wild card liar. Dies in the second last case.


Is literally a deus ex machina. Also lives.


Is the protag and murderer of the first case.

>Nursery School Teacher

Actually an assassin and hates kids. Is the main ally along with astronaut dude.


Gets killed in the second case and is guilty of his previous crimes or some shit.


She's accused of killer but does nothing notable outside of that.


Totally not Ibuki.


Correct and is the killer of the fourth case thanks to ruler dick mind control.


Actually is the survivor of the last game. Also is the victim of the first case.


Actually is Kirigiri 2 and you're playing him case 2 onwards.


Absolutely spot on.


I literally forgot about her.


Almost spot on. She's the real ringmaster and kind of Junko 3.0 Also. v3 stands for 53 and it's about the developers want to end the franchise in totally not End of Evangelion bullshit meta story. Enjoy your ending spoiler.


Literally forgot about her.

I just saved you about 20 hours. It's probably still my favorite but that's like saying what's your favorite taste in animal shit.

045ada No.14479094

Killing localizers for being leftists is a legal act, you know?

Do it.

55df9b No.14479098


Its a standard NISA job I don't know why you are surprised

bc77c5 No.14479118


You're wrong about the artist.

ba3ad0 No.14479127


Thought so. I can barely remember who did what in which cases, just what happened in each case and what loose order it was. Like I mentioned with two of the characters, I cannot remember what the fuck they did.

0cdf6a No.14479220



filling in some gaps with his answers.


Schemed a murder in the fourth case, but ends up as its victim


Manhating dyke. Dies in third case (double murder)


Worth noting that her disguises have absolutely nothing to do with anything she does. She secretly commits the first murder by using a hidden passageway that is only revealed in the last case.


Secretly Ultimate Prime Minister or some shit. Kills to escape because she thinks the Japanese needs her to lead them through the Tragedy. Tennis player knew this as well and actually intended to be her victim.

I still think the game's worth a play, but OP is right that the translation insertions are irritating (and the worst in the series yet). It still does some neat things even if it breaks the rules for a case.

fafc8f No.14479266

I heard this VN pulled some bullshit that made the entire fanbase (especially Japan) hate it. What happened?

ee465c No.14479277


The third game is "V3" which everyone assumed meant Volume 3, but the V is actually the roman numeral 5, because the game is actually the 53rd killing game, far in the future after all the other games. Also the real villain is the audience for liking snuff games.

0cdf6a No.14479318

(reposted with spoiler tags because I forgot them)


Which also invalidates all prior games by making them semi-fictional within their own universe. So if you take v3 as canon all the characters are actually not-actually-talented douchebags who thought it would be cool to be on a killing game reality tv show and were just brainwashed into believing they were characters they were chosen to appear as. To an extent all the Danganronpa casts are already established to be brainwashed into not actually being themselves, but this takes it farther than ever and re-interprets Danganronpa 1 and 2 in the process.

bc77c5 No.14479374


Just so it's more accurate


dies in the third case


DR 1 and 2 aren't people who wanted a killing game, they are fictional characters in V3's universe if you believe the cosplayer producer who may or may not be bullshitting.

fafc8f No.14479458




That sounds like it could work unless it starts to moralfag about. Since the previous games were chock-full of moralfagging and white-knighting, however, I assume that is the case here too

ba3ad0 No.14479486


It does moralfag really hard. I could have gotten behind it since I like the idea that the devs were essentially giving a big middle finger but then they had to make it all about how you're bad for enjoying watching other people suffer and all that gay bullshit. Although if anything I learned from trying to remember it, the game got it right that I didn't give a shit about the cast and cared more about the cases because that's exactly what my expectations were. I cared only about the cases. At least Shuichi is best boi.

fafc8f No.14479522


>they had to make it all about how you're bad for enjoying watching other people suffer

because when I play a video game, I want to hear a sermon about how I should stop playing video games. The devs are fucking genius. No wonder this thing bombed.

0cdf6a No.14479534


>because when I play a video game, I want to hear a sermon about how I should stop playing video games

Well, it worked for Persona 5's sales, but then again I think that audience is a little too dumb to catch that subtext.

46cd73 No.14479759

File: 008972817a4a1a0⋯.png (292.41 KB, 366x399, 122:133, f7bb40fa67347cc674a1fc64ba….png)

i played the demo.

shitty liberal localization aside, wtf even is this game? is it supposed to be like a linear point and click with minigames in between? I've seen this series get alot of praise, and it feels like fallout 4 dialogue: the game. "keep clicking different options until you exhaust all of them and then get the right one" its like a shittier version of LA NOIR. interupted by phone and facebook tier minigames.

can someone explain the appeal to me? am i missing something? does the game pick up or change at some point if i stuck it out?

are the originals way different?

I play a fair share of weebshit and i seriously dont get this game.

7b9eea No.14479773


>you're bad for enjoying watching other people suffer

The writer for the series has gone on interviews saying he loves and has a certain attachment to all the characters so that's where I guess this sentiment comes from. The problem is that no one put a gun to his head and forced him to make the plot for these games. Most of the novelty of Danganronpa is putting high school anime characters who would fit into a SoL show into a killing game with each other.


It's an old message that has been done by writers in Japan for decades and never works because the people who consume the media either don't care or don't notice it.

0fab73 No.14479819


its a murder mystery VN with basic puzzle gameplay

2e8a12 No.14479886

I really hope you didn't actually pay for those games

46cd73 No.14479913

File: 031c6780a1521d7⋯.webm (1.33 MB, 640x480, 4:3, fitz - monster girl quest….webm)



that makes alot more sense given the complete lack of gameplay outside of the minigames. so do people play it for those minigames? whats the appeal here? i thought VNs were basically fetish porn, this stuff seems PG.

ee465c No.14479933


> i thought VNs were basically fetish porn, this stuff seems PG.

It's pg13 sexualized goro.

b2a9b6 No.14479973


Japanese love pulling that card. But then again so do Swedes.


No More Heroes is all about laughing at the player. Travis is a NEET otaku and only gets entertainment from violence and moe.

Thats a slam against the people playing, which admittedly gets overshadowed by Suda’s natural flare for badass set pieces.

Plenty of Jap games pull the, “Stop being a worthless sponge, go out and be a family man. No, seriously, the reproduction rate needs to at least meet replacement level.”

When i played Persona 5 all I got from the story was “Muh ebil adults, muh teen angst. I’m going to go home and listen to Linkin Park.”

fafc8f No.14479980


It's like reading a (shitty) mystery novel illustrated with waifubait, while playing appropriate SFX in the background. VNs aren't games, they're interactive picture books with sound.

1197da No.14479989


who wouldn't hate dgr's fanbase?

this was supposed to be a stupid oneoff where everyone points and laugh at it but autismos has to take it seriously and demand sequels as if the first one was any good in the first place

46cd73 No.14480003

File: 6fdd574219ad388⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 6fdd574219ad3881faae52cc98….gif)



so dangsnronpa is a series of a murder mystery visual novels with PG13 sexualized goro and basic puzzle gameplay? am i getting this right?

d4c9a4 No.14480017


The appeal is in the cases and interactions. It also helps that it has great aesthetic and soundtrack. They did however drop the ball by making the games linear. A lot has already been said for the original concept (Distrust) which was intending to be darker, and also one where you'd have interactions affect who murdered who, and flow on from there. It would've been hard to pull off but also really cool. As it stands the games have little replay value. The spin-off TPS is pretty mediocre too with a seriously underused concept.


For whatever reason all games except V3 got M in Australia, and the anime except for season 1 got MA-15. No idea why. The games are fairly violent and dark even if they're stylized.

ee465c No.14480021


Yeah and shipping. It's nip homestuck.

cb75bf No.14480022

File: aa41b738c112b00⋯.png (257.43 KB, 366x399, 122:133, kat doesn't know.png)


>that pic

had to be done

6f12a8 No.14480042


The image is pretty much what the game WANTS you to expect in order to make things interesting and imo it did that well. I wouldn't say it was better than DR2 but goddamn the last chapter was a BRILLIANT way to end this shitshow and screw with the autistic fanbase.

46cd73 No.14480048

File: e2ada6b6e73ebe6⋯.png (202.16 KB, 366x399, 122:133, f7bb40fa67347cc674a1fc64ba….png)


reminds me more of this tbh.


>The appeal is in the cases and interactions

can you be more specific? how do the cases and interactions appeal to anyone when theyre entirely linear and scripted?

0cdf6a No.14480050


How do books appeal to anyone when they're entirely linear and scripted?

46cd73 No.14480072


if someone asked what the appeal was in a mystery book, they would likely say "the appeal is in the good or thrilling story". not "the cases and interactions"

hence why i asked for clarification.

6f12a8 No.14480097


The game makes it easier for the story to involve a three dimensional thinking which really helps with building interesting cases. DR also works a LOT with facial expressions and at least tries to work with several different perspectives on how to solve a case. All that makes the story more thrilling, which is why writers as mediocre as the DR team can still deliver basically the same plot for the third time and still make it interesting and thrilling.

d4c9a4 No.14480120


The gameplay is always secondary in a VN but in the actual debate portion it leaves at least some things for you to figure out with more interactivity than just dialog trees. The downside is that the gameplay mechanics sometimes expose the solution (like when it floods a particular keyword with white noise or just the way something is worded). The investigation parts are pretty lousy though, amounting to finding all the key items, where you somehow "know" what they all might be. Occasionally another character might be tagging along to help out or offer ideas, but still.

Also interactions was related to characters. Which you do throughout the game, but especially in your free time to learn more about them, and get buffs during the debate parts. Generally speaking I preferred the cast of the first game.


That's the appeal of the cases. In particular Danganronpa 2's 4th and 5th cases were excellent in terms of how elaborate they were, and the 5th actually redeemed the most annoying character in that game for me.

783bd9 No.14480153


>and the 5th actually redeemed the most annoying character in that game for me

Who is it? That mechanic?

d4c9a4 No.14480195


No. The white-haired douche with a serious hard-on for hope. I didn't like him in Ultra Despair Girls either.

783bd9 No.14480253


Oh. He probably would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for Hajime, the guy who has the power to have all the powers.

d4c9a4 No.14480316


I can't actually remember the exact progression from that, but yeah, a literal madman who sets up a case that should amount to Russian Roulette with one empty chamber even if they don't take the obvious bait, in order to kill everyone tainted by Ultimate Despair. He was a dick to the very end but I just really enjoyed how that entire episode unfolded.

0cdf6a No.14480414


>if someone asked what the appeal was in a mystery book, they would likely say "the appeal is in the good or thrilling story". not "the cases and interactions"

Fundamentally not a different statement. The cases are just who murdered who, how and why. That's the same fundamentals as any classic mystery novel, although maybe a bit lighter on action (and not even compared to Agatha Christie-like stories)

02b7e7 No.14480455



>those numbers

it keeps happening


Why would you care to play it anyhow? DR1 is the only good one.


They're visual novels but they added a couple of minigames so they're clearly vidya

599a2b No.14480613


Not good enough to give money to NISA.

Just don't buy it. It is worth playing though.

d7e965 No.14480643


So it tried to pull a MGS2 on their audience but nips were having none of that shit? And I thought that UDG was the most retarded shit ever.

ffdde3 No.14480665

File: 01e1ff521c8ff6b⋯.jpg (760.58 KB, 1100x1300, 11:13, 1449083588838-0.jpg)

we need more girls with long tongues tbh

d4c9a4 No.14480677

File: 64cf9a66db12678⋯.jpg (887.06 KB, 1086x1000, 543:500, Nurse Pantyshot.jpg)


I'd say DR2 is worth a playthrough if you like the first game. Not as interesting a cast overall (especially end game) but some of them are cool, and I hold up those two cases I already mentioned as favourites among the two. Never played V3 but might check it out of morbid curiosity since I'll actually be able to now (3.61+ CFW ho!)

Also I was 1000 off from really lucky, but thank you. You got some dubs at least too.


I like her best in timid book girl form personally. Also while I did call UDG mediocre I really did enjoy her interactions with that wimp of an MC.

b2a9b6 No.14480703


Long tongues are severely underrated.

7c6e01 No.14480782

File: 6e254a50ac92c27⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.26 KB, 960x544, 30:17, DRV3 end.jpg)

Eh despite the shoddy translation and ending I really liked it.

2a586e No.14480871


Not yet, FBI.

7f91c7 No.14480911



Why? How?

ba3ad0 No.14481550

File: ae79e4e81080664⋯.png (124.87 KB, 420x420, 1:1, fakers_gonna_fake.png)

File: 0b7ea375b4a3992⋯.webm (7.92 MB, 500x494, 250:247, 11. Komm, süsser Tod (M-….webm)


If I remember correctly, they are going to make another which kind of defeats the purpose of that ending but fuck it. Go ahead. It's only the fans that absolutely loathed it because the ending basically shat on all of them and the cast was overall more bland than the previous. Although 2 had the problem that you had all these good characters for setting up interesting cases like photography and completely wasted them. I honestly found the ending at first really hilarious because all I could of was Komm susser Tod in my head while watching the concept of Hope and Despair get curb stomped like it should have been from the very first game. It seemed to me to be the only logical conclusion to top we're all in a game in universe lmao and I already know this franchise always had a fucking terrible ending.

0b2c20 No.14481597


I always read about NISA translations being awful, but holy shit….

99b6c9 No.14481729


Hey, do you know where I can find an A Capella version of Randy Newman's "Short People" so I can sync it up with the song in your webm without using audacity?

2845b4 No.14491732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You don't even know the half of it. They had the company that translated the Korean release of Shin Hayarigami do an English translation AND IT IS FUCKING TERRIBLE. The only thing that is good about it is that since it's Koreans there is any of SJW bullshit in it.

cfde0a No.14500088

File: 1812df554da3a81⋯.png (1.23 MB, 990x774, 55:43, I want to get off Kohaka's….png)


>kohaka had this planned from the start

I'd say the series goes 2>V3>1>>>3F=AE>3D

V3 is pretty close but it's hard to like the game when the ending was actually MEANT to be unsatisfying

2cbab8 No.14500093

repeating in this threead because it just got bumped

Is the NISA translation of Danganronpa 1 (trigger happy havoc) better, or the fanslation?

I'm not paying either way, so if the NISA version is better (unlikely but possible) I'd be willing to play through it. Otherwise I'm assuming the fanslated version is better?

Sometimes NISA pulls a decent translation out of their ass. Is this one of those times or nah?

cfde0a No.14500105


fan translation is better, but not dramatically so

I'd say play the NISA PC version if you want keyboard and mouse controls and better graphics, otherwise stick with the PSP fan translation.

1e8b73 No.14500132


sameaside from the few "liberties" they took with the translation the other parts were fine. Basically from the first case proper to the very end was untouched, but there was that one sonic reference incase 4i still dont know where the shrek reference is

15a8a5 No.14500150

What a shitshow of a thread, too bad my ID and password changed so I can't delete it.

d9cdd2 No.14500195

I masturbate my dick to Junko.

d1647e No.14501719

The translations are accurate. So the games are still Linkin Park's wet dream.

59bb51 No.14502587

File: 75bbbf674c3c575⋯.gif (291.7 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, syro.gif)

f7134c No.14502609

File: 106d5b6b60c013f⋯.jpg (298.12 KB, 1017x613, 1017:613, me irl.jpg)


> So the games are still Linkin Park's wet dream

But the games are completely goofy, especially the sequels. Spike Chunsoft has another franchise that IS pretty edgy.

1dc07d No.14508421


Linkin Park is pretty goofy to be fair.

e16fde No.14513544


Either is fine as far as I can see.

e16fde No.14513547

File: f66ecc3906e0d06⋯.jpg (380.14 KB, 1884x2019, 628:673, baka.jpg)



That's a mutant.

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