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File: ae88d6c5f6a6309⋯.webm (10.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, webm unrelated.webm)

c66ef2 No.14479152

Over the past eleven years I've noticed more and more that bad/mediocre games have been getting undue praise with major criticisms being brushed off as "it's supposed to be like that" or "you just don't get it!".

I've noticed the latter a lot with 2deep4u walking sims and the former for games with awful controls.

Other defences of bad games I've seen include

>You're just being contrarian/you hate it because it's popular

>You hate it because you're bad

>You say it's bad because you're a fanboy of xyz

>You're a troll

>You don't like it it because you're racist/sexist/bigoted

What's some bullshit you anons have seen used to defend bad games?

abd958 No.14479155

File: fb88cc60ae124bf⋯.png (8.27 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)

You just hate it because of the fandom!

9fb631 No.14479156

"You hate it because it's popular" is very easily countered using "You like it because it's popular"

cadbcb No.14479174

File: cd65f5e3af3eba5⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 163x177, 163:177, cd65f5e3af3eba531aaeb997ec….gif)

>its console wars!

>you are shitting up the thread!

bec42a No.14479175

Bullshit loads of overpriced DLC, some even recycled and resold from the last game

> It's optional

> It's just cosmetic

> You're not meant to buy it all, just get the ones you want

> Game development is getting more expensive, they have to sell things like this

934b4e No.14479189


git gud

In other words, just because you didn't like something doesn't mean other people can't like it or vice versa.

40093b No.14479194


>One of the developers is a woman

>It's by this company

>The character is unidentifiable

>The story has a part that makes me want to puke

>Go back to reddit

>Go back to tumblr

>Shit analogy

>Tip fedora

Wait, you said defend bad games being bad. Wow that was some shitty reading comprehension, sorry.

15094f No.14479207

File: b4c7397a12b2815⋯.jpg (25 KB, 429x288, 143:96, Julius.jpg)

So what you're saying is, everyone should conform to your opinion, and arguments against it are to be dismissed as bullshit? Git gud at life.

4bdc44 No.14479210


>You're just being contrarian/you hate it because it's popular

I see these so fucking much on normalfag sites. I can understand why people like games like FO4, but the fans of those games can't understand why anybody else wouldn't like it.




>t. people who use these excuses

6da97b No.14479222

File: 4942d4ad6731c5e⋯.png (3.95 KB, 77x93, 77:93, OSRS.png)


>"It's just cosmetic"

Shit like this makes my fucking blood boil: I want to play video games, not an autistic beauty pageant.

a98462 No.14479235

File: b4f52f790bb325d⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 443x332, 443:332, images (2).jpg)

>it's only an alpha/beta

Blizzdrones use this one on every single WoW expac to justify gameplay bullshit devs like (((Celestalon))) pull during development cycle.

c66ef2 No.14479247


>being a grown man with a video game shirt and bright blue/purple hair

What a child.

38b8e6 No.14479254

File: e24e5f7830b939d⋯.png (264.36 KB, 1278x591, 426:197, Ambush.png)

>Well, like, people have different opinions so I can like like this and you can't criticise me

The goto phrase of people who have shit taste and can't defend a game with any metric or comparison. Just because people have different opinions all of a sudden means they are right in anything they are saying or have any legitimate foundation in their


text book example. What really infuriates me is the lack of self awareness

15094f No.14479269


>Thread claiming that people you disagree with dismiss criticism of a game

>dismiss criticism of OP's opinion

Are you absolutely certain you see nothing wrong with this?

0dd9b6 No.14479275


They probably say things like that to you because instead of articulating your position you spit out your opinion as if other people are supposed to come up with reasons justifying it for you. Same as this thread, really.

872783 No.14479294


>calls his own dismissal criticism while thinking he is typing some revelations with his verbose "no u"

This is your brain on post modernism.

dcec03 No.14479322

It's not that people have become more defensive, it's that the standard for what constitutes a good game has sunk rapidly.

b22a2e No.14479336


"go back to cod" when someone says hl2 is bad

the irony

11f6c8 No.14479541

>"You are overly negative!"

>"It has good graphics and that's the most important thing." (not even fucking kidding)

>"Name 10 games you liked last year! You can't, huh? That's because you're a hipster who only likes old shit!"

I started avoiding talking to people about vidya. It just makes me angry.

28ddaa No.14479563

<a thread about literally nothing

<its the imageboard equivalent of small talk

<its a cuckchan thread episode

ded16f No.14479568


>girl who likes being cucked

this would be hot if wasn't the probability of she being a chad lunchbox

af0bac No.14479674

The worst is when someone says "they worked hard on it!" as if that makes their incompetence less pathetic. For fucks sake if you had to work hard to shit out the turds released today then what kind of garbage can I expect from you when you halfass it?

09fad2 No.14479711


When a game finally gets ported to a platform that neglected it for the better part of 17 years.

cc93f4 No.14480191

File: acac3e62ca545bf⋯.png (7.3 KB, 750x90, 25:3, cuckchan.png)

>It's a good game because it has generic anime girls in it!

>What are you a homo?

562f76 No.14480245


>One of the developers is a woman.

Not a deal breaker, women are perfectly capable of making good games.

>it’s by this company

>He pays EA to take shits in his mouth.

>the character is unidentifiable

More information needed on this one.

>the story has a part that makes me want to puke

Someone really wants to defend Nu-Wolfenstein.

>go back to Reddit

You really should

>go back to tumblr

You REALLY should.

>shit analogy

Provide one for reference

>tips fedora

Not an arguement.

c66ef2 No.14480308



cd4cca No.14480331

File: 04609ffd790a233⋯.png (212.53 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 04609ffd790a233766901ad33e….png)


Cuckchanner refugees still pretending they belong on this board with their garbage memes.

32f35f No.14480358

>you weren't forced to play it so you shouldn't complain

Some people actually think you can't criticize something unless you were forced to consume it.

6e139e No.14480362

File: daa0c78c69919f1⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 834.25 KB, 708x803, 708:803, 40_pound_box_of_rape.webm)



af0bac No.14480371


>but you played so obviously you liked it

4f413e No.14480379

>What are you, a hipster?

>I don't play your dungeons and Dragons bullshit In reference to Morrowind, of all fucking things


I want to murder every fucking person who has said this to me. Which is a surprising amount.

af0bac No.14480418


Bethesdacucks have this weird obsession with calling anyone who doesn't like their crap hipsters when really most Bethsdacucks themselves are massive flannel wearing bluehaired faggots who only ever started to pretend to like RPGs when a large, but not too large, company shoved it into their face with the right marketing. Of all the E3 presentations these past 3 years theirs was easily the most hipster outside of the 10 minutes of EA and Ubisoft relegated to zero effort indie crap shoved in for variety.

cd4cca No.14480436

File: 5b72d6ff7262bd9⋯.png (325.48 KB, 738x777, 246:259, 5b72d6ff7262bd98240f3672e0….png)


See, this is actually good content unlike the low effort cuckchan soy shit.

3fcc84 No.14480438

File: cb72db774d15351⋯.png (29.83 KB, 144x195, 48:65, [confused internally].png)


>Of all the E3 presentations these past 3 years theirs was easily the most hipster outside

Nigger its just been Hines talking about paid mods what the fuck are you talking about?

af0bac No.14480453


You don't remember those montages of the employees and their tattooed kids or the paper cut out skit framing device?

eb81aa No.14480462


it's ok. nothing special. just takes a bunch of existing things, pastes it together.

3fcc84 No.14480468

File: 3af053d0ba624bb⋯.png (124.44 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 3af053d0ba624bb6514265e014….png)


Now that you mention it I do remember doing some shit about their employees but dont remember exactly what. Care you remind me?

00b9e6 No.14480485



Games were never good to begin with.

It's ALL trash.

af0bac No.14480497


Just look up Bethesda land E3 montage or something. I really don't feel like getting cancer again myself.

12cd48 No.14480505

File: 2dfd095a48f67e2⋯.jpg (45.91 KB, 681x383, 681:383, Suda51.jpg)

>It's meant to be a parody so, of course, it plays bad on purpose!

3fcc84 No.14480559


Oh it with that faggot shit where they tried to humanize their company by showing the ugly dyke haired womyn and soyboys and their kids.

af0bac No.14480572


It was very "how do you do fellow gamers" tier, yes. Made the fucking Sweden Star Wars studio tour during EA look professional.

000000 No.14480612

>whenever a horror game's controls, camera, or character movement are bad on Purpose

>"the shitty gameplay only makes it scarier!!"

frustration =/= scariness

af0bac No.14480641


>can't move while shooting

>can't shoot in any direction other than forward

>have trouble with any sort of incline, no matter how small

>"tank controls"

667b3f No.14480652

File: 8247eb1a368e236⋯.png (619.91 KB, 1225x968, 1225:968, ZVz6hme.png)


Believe me, that's not his worst sin.

af0bac No.14480668


No surprise because that company is such a piece of shit joke. Can't wait for China to ban their shit again when the next inevitable civil war starts.

04cbda No.14480684

File: 8a6ab9cb94f3ad4⋯.gif (81.29 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 8a6ab9cb94f3ad48e91618c6d5….gif)

A game called SoulWorker got released on (((STEAM))) and apparently they halved XP cost and upped the difficulty along with premium shit. If you want your blood to boil just look at some comments on review

These people lack so much self-awareness they deflect any negative review with "It's still in open beta! I-It c-can change you know!" or some bullshit like "What if it's hard? lol just get good." But this is typical from steamfags so who cares.

d3277a No.14480686

File: 09f964996822a40⋯.jpg (99.07 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, judgedredd.0.jpg)


>Tablets work fine for anything except shooters, where you need to be able to spin around, so absolute positioning doesn't work

What in the fuck?

WoW's raids aren't super complex anymore, but the whole "Don't stand in bad shit and avoid avoidable shit" still remains. He must have been god awful at the game if he felt he never had to move or use spatial awareness

bb1376 No.14480734


Yes, reviewers give "extra marks" for social signalling. And suddenly become ultra-critical if said game is not aligned with their own agendas.

Side topic: For some strange reason, in gaming, there's a mentality that you should be into all types of a games and that a "gamer" is a universal tard that will enjoy any good game.

I mean, i don't give two fucks about walking sims or any arkham-style combat games, but its not my place to judge their quality. And that's why I pretty much hate all reviewers who need to give their opinion on every single game release.

667b3f No.14480758


You haven't seen how classes are brain dead today, have you? And during Faglords of Gaynor it was even worse.

4ca41f No.14480807


Not to defend him being a super faggot but clicking and moving mouse or pen a relative distance to turn works the same and wouldn't matter for running out of shit.

44078d No.14480922

File: b151595a918e92d⋯.png (604.77 KB, 704x540, 176:135, 9578097548.png)


nah he's saying make a logical argument, you low-IQ monkey.

fac49a No.14480959


but the soyjack shit also does that

b56210 No.14481013


>Over the past eleven years I've noticed more and more that bad/mediocre games have been getting undue praise with major criticisms being brushed off as "it's supposed to be like that" or "you just don't get it!".

I feel your pain OP. It is like modern art; it holds lots of meaning for the author, but it says absolutely nothing to the viewer. Those buzzwords don't fool everyone, but it requires the lowest effort and offers a huge payout.

The main go-to for defending shit decisions is downplaying them (you're still gonna buy it!) and then using reductionist logic to justify them (dude, like, it's YOUR money lmao are you gonna force people to not buy it?). This kind of logic is insidious, because they are non-arguments that at the same time fool every single-digit-IQ redditor on the other side, and which also relies on a kind of mob mentality. Their user reputation is at stake and they can't afford to risk losing it by disagreeing with the popular opinion. The only thing that matters is how big your postcount is and if the ones agreeing/disagreeing with you are more popular than you.

If you don't have large numbers of smart people in the community to see through this bullshit logic and speak up, it becomes impossible to prove your point, no matter how valid. That is how you create echo-chambers that believe in the most insane bullshit.

87382f No.14481022

i get called a sonygger every time i insult nintendo.

7e6db3 No.14481100

Corporate shills are raiding again?

This whole butthurt over their shitty games being exposed as shit is too apparent now.

Shitty games are shit, no matter how many or how few people like them.

c6f248 No.14481148

>I'm a die-hard fan of the series. I have to play it

>It won awards so it must be good

>I bought it so I can add it to my <insert series here> collection

>You haven't played the game long enough/enough times to fully appreciate its themes and mechanics

>Not every game has to be like X

>All media is political

bda789 No.14481183

File: f62e11b17290606⋯.png (169.4 KB, 469x354, 469:354, metal sonic.png)


Nah. Soyjack is usually used in a way to shut up criticisms or praises of Nintendo, it's basic console war shittery. That webm is a funny critique of the Labo project, soyjack is just a forced unfunny meme that gets spammed by cuckchanners and redditors who want to be edgy faggots.

7e6db3 No.14481186


all media IS political, anon.

Get used to it.

As for the excuses, the worst ones are the ones that exclude one another to try to deflect criticism.

"You haven't played enough time to know it."

"If you hate it so much, why did you played it so many times?"

Shitty games are shit, no matter how much or how little time anyone spent on them.

0f432a No.14481198


>That webm is a funny critique of the Labo project

The hell is it "critiquing"? The fact it's cardboard? Everything in it is just memes.


>all media IS political, anon.

>Get used to it.

Where have I heard this before?

0bb12f No.14481255

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>all media IS political, anon.

>Get used to it.

Get explaining, faggot.

c6f248 No.14481257


>Where have I heard this before?

I think it was some slide in a GDC presentation but I don't have the pic for it.

ce52e9 No.14481266

>ctrl+f Silent Hill

>0 results

Oh hey look people aren't being ret-

>ctrl+f horror


God fucking damn it

Seriously, this is almost as annoying as the "the n64 controller" meme, has any of you faggots actually played any of these games? Can anyone who actually played SH in the day genuinely claim that the gameplay was bad? Besides, what you retarded meme spouting idiots seem to conveniently forget is that you can strafe in Silent Hill 2 and up.

bc1ca4 No.14481274


Except most of those games have shit gameplay anyways

8c31aa No.14481277


If it hasn't been said at GDC yet, I'm sure it'll be said at this year's.

50ec10 No.14481340


The reasons people on here have for hating that game tend to be even more retarded than that.

b169d7 No.14481346

File: 0444286e5d2ebd6⋯.png (55.26 KB, 258x409, 258:409, forevrially delitized and ….png)

Anyone here ever seen anyone pull the Nintendo Youtuber Fallacy, or the "But it's Niintendo guys! Come on!" argument. Basically, when the other person finds himself utterly unable to defend any of Nintendo's poor business practices, mediocre games/consoles, or anti-consumer tendencies, their last line of the defense will always be something along the lines of:

>Come on guys! It's NINTENDO! The guys who made Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon! They LITERALLY saved the videogame industry from crashing! After everything they've done for the gaming industry, I think they can get away with a bad game/business decision or two.

Mostly seen this one get thrown out by Nintendo-centric Jewtubers, but I've met a normalfag who uses this to defend the Switch being mostly ports/remasters and recently the Labo. (I don't know the specifics of the Soyface Wojack meme, but holy shit does he get flustered when he sees them. I believe hem mentioned he kicks anyone from his Goycord who posts them)

09fad2 No.14481352



This brings up an interesting point in Horror Games.

Silent Hill series until the Canadans cucked it up , your character's aim got progressively worse the further you were from the target.

The Resident Evil series up until 4/5 shit over everything, every character's base accuracy and critical hit chance was different.

Rule of Rose, the main character can barely even lift the gun, handle the recoil and can barely hit anything in front of her.

I miss when there was an actual justification for things back in the day. Limitations like Tank Controls were not only part of the program, they optimized everything around it. When you see tank controls in a modern game and notice that they're not optimized to the bare minimum of Silent Hill 2 level, you know it's just a shit attempt at a horror game.

And one more thing.

>Can anyone who actually played SH in the day genuinely claim that the gameplay was bad?

Yes. They're called Nintendo fanboys. I'm not trying to start any shit here but what I've noticed the most in this modern age of gaming? All of the shitting on classics is done by raging Nintendo fanboys would have never given any of the classics a chance unless it was on a Nintendo system. If the game was on the PC, Saturn or Playstation? "It was shit and if it was any good it would have been on the N64"

50ec10 No.14481401


I once brought up the main problem with "run and hide" horror games being that its easy to get a sense of plot armor because the devs won't have the monsters check your hiding spot if it means your death not be preventable.

I proceeded to have some stupid anon accuse me of being "the sort of person who plays horror games in broad daylight" (I'm don't) just because I dared to let my intelligence get in the way of a horror game being scary.

a13963 No.14481415


>You haven't played the game long enough

This is what I hear almost every time I call FFXIII a load of horseshit. Games should be fun right from the first few inputs. If it takes more than an hour to get me into the game and having fun, it belongs in the trash.

fb416d No.14481418


But Suda's gameplay is never a parody. It's a statement.

Enemy placement and behavior in Killer 7 is designed to not take overwhelming advantage of your limited motion. The linear movement gives the player a feeling of being forcibly lead toward the inclusion, as though much of it is out of their hands

Flower Sun & Rain also has nice controls that do what they do well. It's the overly long areas designed to gauge how much bullshit you're willing to put up with that you might be complaining about

af0bac No.14481445


I happens here all the fucking time dude, just in a much more passive aggressive manner.

249edb No.14481463


Everything happens here in a much more passive aggressive manner.

360410 No.14481759


It's called pushed masochism. The same reason cucking is making an appearance suddenly.

People like to believe that a badly made game that is edgy and kills them often or is hard due to retarded controls (muh Dark Souls) is actually something that is good. Rick and Morty tier shit.

7e6db3 No.14481919



If you don't impose your own politics, others will impose theirs and infest the medium.

All media will become political, no matter if you don't like it or don't want it.

At least fight against politics that are not yours, to ensure that the other politics won't infest your hobby.

26c4d3 No.14482028


The music is good and the story is cute.

I kinda love super happy endings with the right music, but still I couldn't take off the taste of hypster out of my mouth.

606dec No.14482082


>I kinda love super happy endings

Yeah, it's great when a game lets you genocide furry filth.

00f6f2 No.14482096


If you play both endings you realize it's a really meta understanding of a gamer's mind.

Believe me if you want.

a3d634 No.14482101

File: ac36b84b32e31d4⋯.jpg (247.8 KB, 800x640, 5:4, shalom my niggers.jpg)


>(((genocide))) ending


>t. nigger

340d64 No.14482111

File: dba59d9efec842b⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 406x350, 29:25, the band on the way to a d….jpg)


You're right, though. I get why the tumblr pandering can put someone off, but it's nothing serious; everything substantial beyond just being a fun little adventure with some puzzle/bullet hell elements is about the meta themes at work.

606dec No.14482112


Ideally every character in Undertale should die a painful a miserable death, but I'll take what I can get.

c6f248 No.14482114


I just wish the route to that ending wasn't fucking boring.

a3d634 No.14482117

File: 612b43573dc5481⋯.png (3.81 KB, 113x165, 113:165, nigger child.png)


Ideally all niggers should die.

340d64 No.14482131

File: 7e09e0b31e20b5f⋯.png (190.02 KB, 332x462, 166:231, dogs are too good for char….png)


How is getting stabbed by your inner kike boring?

bd54c5 No.14482164

File: 6a7c0577aba2c96⋯.jpg (122.27 KB, 541x793, 541:793, Dark times, son.jpg)

c6f248 No.14482208


Literally nothing but fighting turn-based battles until everyone is dead.

cd03c6 No.14482210

File: 645f9da1347abf7⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 345x345, 1:1, Sans.jpg)


but that is the most legit reason to hate the game, anon. It may not be for you and it is definitely overrated, but it isn't bad.


It isn't that deep. It gets a bit preachy when only the genocide end accuses you of never having control when your choices are pretty binary and the no control statement can be made for the pacifist route as well. Part if not most of its charm is definitely that it plays with your expectations more than most games, though. I do like that the very first 'puzzle' room has a sign that describes the puzzle solved for you, but also subtly tells you that the only way to play the game is pick an extreme and stick with it.

c518b4 No.14482216

File: 98c2bb20d73e141⋯.webm (7.36 MB, 874x468, 437:234, healing while running.webm)

File: fb96fe3417154e6⋯.jpg (171.85 KB, 1599x664, 1599:664, bbut.jpg)


>You can't judge it, it's a beta

>you can't judge it, it's just been released

>you only played the low rank, the high rank is better even though the gameplay is exactly the same

>the game is just as hard as the earlier games. No I never played he earlier ones, they suck

27ad77 No.14482231



Why does perfectly good content have to be ruined by edits and snowclones?

cd03c6 No.14482311


Ignoring the part where you asked about anons (who usually aren't the ones who have a bad grasp on what is good and bad about a game), I'd say the most annoying defense for bad games right now is politics.

"Ermegerd Wolf 2 is great ebil nerzi killing gayme."

"Its short, average, and the story is dumb and unnecessary."


Just fuck off. your game is casual shit made for paint-eaters who don't play games. Nobody cares about your gay ass politics either.

Honorable mention: "Our game is great but nobody bought it because of muh piracy."

40fe5e No.14482316

File: c61e397bfedff25⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 538x482, 269:241, c61e397bfedff25a9588424527….jpg)


Name on reason why healing whilst running is inherently bad. Protip, you can't.

God damn, you Monhuncucks are fucking pathetic.

340d64 No.14482326


Genocide isn't its own route, it's the completionists' grind. It throws boring shit at you because it knows you're going to do it anyway.

>"B-but that's saying the game is good because it's shit!!!"

No, because the actual route is the neutral/pacifist one, and you end it after a true end like most normal people. Genocide is for the autists or pure completionists who just have to see everything a game has to offer, even if it's shit. If you're wondering "Why go to all that effort for a shitty easter egg?" then you probably don't know that going to a lot of effort for a lot of different easter eggs is part of why the game's appealing.

cd03c6 No.14482349


That isn't really true, though. I mean, the game has rewards and changes for going the genocide route including and most notably alternate bosses, story changes and challenges. It isn't just for an easter egg at the end. You are right that it is making a statement about power levelers, completion autists, and the usual RPG mechanics though.

340d64 No.14482384

File: 511792093ee7f0f⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 185x177, 185:177, 1445629657815.jpg)


You can make a case that the different dialogue/two new bosses make it more than that, and I can't really change your mind. But comparing the two, to me, it's obvious that neutral/pacifist is meant to be the actual game, with genocide being for the people we mentioned before.

I have a friend who I told to play Undertale because he loves cartoonish stuff. He didn't tell me he was autistic about grinding, though; he got genocide first playthrough. "How was I supposed to know the monsters were nice?!" he genuinely asked me. mfw

cd03c6 No.14482402


Now that I think about it though, the game could be pretty boring if you play only like a powerleveling autist during your first playthrough as well as your decisive run, in which case the game is basically a middle finger to you anyway which is pretty hilarious.

9313d0 No.14482416


The music is good cause it's ripped off.

a3d634 No.14482422

File: ae975ce8cfdf1aa⋯.png (96.92 KB, 781x701, 781:701, do you have a single fact ….png)

abd958 No.14482431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sound familiar?

cd03c6 No.14482436

File: a1fb569b3650a79⋯.png (9.43 KB, 201x250, 201:250, images.png)


I'll put it this way: Even if story is what you care about, you don't get a full picture of what is happening without both endings, and now that I think about it, not playing like an autist and not doing a neutral route spoils some of the fun both ways.

My friend was too nice and didn't take the game's cues to "accidentally" kill Toriel. They figured the game out early enough to where there isn't much a point in a second playthrough. Works both ways.


> Encounters based goat mom.

> Doesn't know monsters can be nice.

Not sure if spergers or just a sociopath.

200c80 No.14482455

File: 2bf7daac558411f⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 603x721, 603:721, 12312312.JPG)


That seems like kind of a stretch to call it ripped off.

9c17f2 No.14482475

File: cbf50f1ed09639d⋯.jpg (166.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, theweakshouldfearthestrong.jpg)


That shit should have been a red flag to anybody viewing that even Bethesda was goddamned embarrassed about what they had to show. They used their own fucking employees as a shield to criticism. Hoping that filling your head with images of cute happy families that miss their daddies who had to sleep at the office for the last three months try get through crunch and polish these turds will make you feel about about shitting all over the work that took these people away from their families.

It's disgusting. Any actual decent product would sell itself on it's own merits, and the cast and crew only come out after the show is over to take a bow.

92b3c2 No.14482488


>muh /pol/ tryhard terminology

Just spam your soy memes and get it over with.

a3d634 No.14482492

File: c82bd346815ed05⋯.webm (6.85 MB, 480x360, 4:3, afterburner2afterburner.webm)

File: a4188c10d78e247⋯.webm (3.57 MB, 480x360, 4:3, starfoxcornelia.webm)


Its similar but not enough to be called a ripoff

If it was something more like the case of these two i could see it

cd03c6 No.14482497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The most if not all of the music is like that, though. The inspirations are very clear in other music, and some of it is very plainly remixed and altered.

Most egregious one is Flowey's theme.

c6f248 No.14482509


It's not a surprise though given that Earthbound, the game's inspiration, had a lot of its music "inspired" by other songs.

af0bac No.14482514


The funny thing is that is that they actually had more to show that year than the previous one. 2016 was literally just DLC and a reused trailer for Dishonored.

a3d634 No.14482534

File: 44cc1094faa8cad⋯.jpg (86.63 KB, 600x425, 24:17, greatest dream.jpg)


Undertale would have been better if it had been made by a segafag tbh.

c6f248 No.14482545


I was actually thinking about an Undertale like game but more inspired by Phantasy Star rather than Earthbound.

cd03c6 No.14482578


Sounds like another powerful autism magnet if done right.

39531b No.14482614

File: 393aa0c34ec1c7a⋯.jpg (27.52 KB, 541x432, 541:432, Fallout.jpg)

Defending bad controls is as old as time.

c6f248 No.14482615


I don't know why it's on my mind. Maybe I just want a spiritual successor to the classic Phantasy Star series.

a3d634 No.14482628

File: fdf9ce22573a467⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.07 KB, 400x300, 4:3, do a suicide.jpg)


yeah my fellow /v/irgin i agree fallout was never good, infact no game was ever good, now give me epic upboats xDDD


9cd3bb No.14482679

File: 8a3803f77566c9c⋯.png (252.09 KB, 300x367, 300:367, Spec Ops Bacterial Shit.png)


>the game is too deep for you

>the gameplay isn't supposed to be fun!

>you must hate art

e50189 No.14482693


No one has ever said this about Spec Ops unironically. Shut up. Should have posted The Last of Us instead.

11d5b6 No.14482707

035547 No.14482723


I've been told that I'm a human piece of shit for not quitting Spec Ops before I finished it.

608bda No.14482746

>if you dislike it so much then why did you beat it

>not every game has to have last of us story and dark souls difficulty


Those first two were actual posts in SO:TL threads.

39531b No.14482749


See? Like clockwork. I bet this mutant even believes that an attack on garbage they nostalgia over is a point in defense of Bethesda's shitty FPSs.

09b597 No.14482761


I played the whole game true pacifist first but only because I killed toriel in the demo when the demo was being shilled on /v/

9cd3bb No.14482769

File: d1becf807c1112b⋯.jpg (291.33 KB, 892x1348, 223:337, spec ops details.jpg)


You must not remember the shitflinging threads when this game was released, then. Goons unironically said this shit.

09b597 No.14482770

File: 1edf18f1d572629⋯.png (393.69 KB, 800x443, 800:443, njcqzshwjylvg5dqiuoo.png)


>in defense of Bethesda's shitty FPSs

hold up now

af0bac No.14482778


The developers themselves said this shit in interviews.

7359ec No.14482784

File: f0104efadfbecdd⋯.png (458.3 KB, 591x410, 591:410, laughing xylophones.png)


>What deepfags believe

b22a2e No.14482796


clearly you don't watch totalbiscuit, can't fault you for that though

0584b1 No.14482799


Not a realistic ending, the character didn't get lauded for murdering all the furfaggots.

Anyways, the music is good, but I'll never go back for another playthrough. It's good for a single go through though.

af0bac No.14482819

File: 175bc2c5aa452e8⋯.jpg (674.55 KB, 1656x3093, 552:1031, total_biscuits_first_post_….jpg)

File: 8f77f10f347423b⋯.jpg (35.52 KB, 295x300, 59:60, 1323460339652.jpg)

a3d634 No.14482825


kill yourself then go back to cuckchan

09b597 No.14482827



what >>14482825 said

a3d634 No.14482830

File: 21af294e22e6b8e⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 628x248, 157:62, GET CANCER AND DIE.jpg)

2d0690 No.14482834

File: 10824f8f4ed3f78⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1328480795573.gif)


Oh the Iron knee

09b597 No.14482839


should be renamed to when_you_get_a_scoop_of_ice_cream.gif

2d0690 No.14482851

File: 5c5b1adf2bdeb6c⋯.jpg (62.8 KB, 480x732, 40:61, TWOOOO SQUIGZ.jpg)

39531b No.14482896



You know in all likelihood I've been posting both on image boards and on this site in particular longer than you. Really makes you think, huh?

af0bac No.14482908


That would make your trash posting even more pathetic, not less.

96998b No.14482909


Then why the fuck do you have a problem with cosmetics?

96998b No.14482914


*cosmetics as microtransactions

39531b No.14482925


Have you ever stopped and considered that it is perhaps yourself who has a problem? You haven't, have you?

09b597 No.14482933

File: fc51b4e302a9c8d⋯.jpg (120.78 KB, 1280x1296, 80:81, fc5.jpg)



f76fa5 No.14482934



Holy shit what a retarded and autistic faggot. How's his cancer doing now? It's a little mean spirited to wish for his death, but I wouldn't mind if he permanently retreated from his shitty e-life

154a1a No.14482937


>/pol/ tryhard

Take your dubs and leave >>>/leftypol/


>But it's Niintendo guys! Come on!

These piss me off the most because they tout themselves as being "knowledgeable gamers" while being completely oblivious to the fact that Nintendo is just as much of shit company as their competition, and have been for decades. I guess being the company that revived the America game crash in the mid 80s gives a free pass to do whatever bullshit you want and fanboys won't bat an eyelash.

af0bac No.14482942


He's not going to die any time soon because he's too much of a useful idiot for too many rich and powerful people. If he actually critiqued games he'd have died 3 years ago.

96998b No.14482943


He will never die. Because e-celeb niggers will keep posting about him forever just like they do with DSP.

You will be hearing about him for the rest of your life.

a3d634 No.14482954


>on this site in particular longer than you.

>t. /pol/harbor shitter

291181 No.14482964



>Game has great artstyle with good visual clarity and a consistent artstyle

>Introduce cosmetics

>Stupid looking Technicolor outfits, visually confusing particle effects everywhere, you can't even tell who's on which team anymore. If it's a class based game, things get even worse as it becomes harder to tell who's who at a glance. Any hope of artstyle consistency is completely gone.


da1a52 No.14483029

File: 66c2589ecdf9a15⋯.png (282.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, godz.png)


Good webm.

106990 No.14483095

>B-b-b-but it's good with mods!

Modding should be the act of polishing a rough diamond. It should not be the act of putting glitter on a turd.

7359ec No.14483127

File: 245e0838ca73492⋯.mp4 (4.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Assassin's Kangs.mp4)

08ca19 No.14483284

File: 1cf09734265b059⋯.jpg (138.72 KB, 1279x712, 1279:712, s30vzmsbld4mbd32.jpg)


philosophically illiterate brainlet detected

000000 No.14483309


Wow. Talk about fucking verbose. The self-proclaimed "155 IQ" retard could have just cut it down to "I'm agnostic" and spared us the additional 300+ unnecessary words that added absolutely fucking Nothing.

cd03c6 No.14483318


I honestly take it on good faith that Fallout titles were good at some point. I played a small part of 1 and like a third of 4 and both were pretty shit.

b4e76a No.14483322


Holy shit, that amerimutt meme is real

0c9d94 No.14483345


>4chan screencap


>phone screen aspect ratio

I know this thread is shit but it still doesn't deserve you

000000 No.14483366

>Bring up individually, all the reasons the game sucks dick

>"You're just nitpicking!"

If I could get away with giving those people a hard slap to the face I would.


>>I'm a die-hard fan of the series. I have to play it

That's actually the worst possible position to be in when the game is bad. Anyone unfortunate enough to have played the 343i Halo games knows this firsthand. Not to mention how their remakes fucked the art direction and sound design.

74b3cf No.14483390

File: 0c631c4ba738ba8⋯.png (75.33 KB, 500x512, 125:128, D.va nigged, overwatch.png)

File: 97f880adef778a7⋯.png (50.04 KB, 621x167, 621:167, Overwatch, get banned for ….png)

File: 611b096b248452a⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 294x361, 294:361, D.va niggers, overwatch.jpg)



<muh muh waifus

<tracer pissing on tf2 grave

<no toxic masculinity

<Mei is not thin

7e6db3 No.14483586


If they are that weak and desperate, it is ok to torture them and also deny any money to them.

This, along with having any leftist and liberal in their team, is reason enough to actively work means to harm their profit.

af0bac No.14484188


I wish I had screenshotted the Megalia post they made on the official forums. I didn't bother because I figured the entire internet would've jumped on that.

cbac39 No.14484190

It's just a beta goy, it'll be patched soon.

69cc92 No.14484218


>tf2 killer


7fe34c No.14484220

>You're just being contrarian/you hate it because it's popular

>implying this isn't valid response to fucking hipsters hating on every single thing that's popular

7fe34c No.14484228


vermintide 2 fixed shit tho, you can no longer one shot bosses for example like you could in beta

7e6db3 No.14484282

File: 4045508c3c26a6d⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, heh 06.jpg)


I can't wait to ruin the resellers' profit on that Nintendo cardboard scam.

1ada61 No.14484315

File: 9bd466c80969de0⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.78 MB, 324x184, 81:46, 1458544122335.gif)

>I'm not going to like this game because it takes steps back from previous games from the series, and makes really poor design decisions

<it's going to be fine it looks really cool

>The environments look nice but the setpieces are worthless if everything else is bad

<bro why are you so angry about the protag's appearance

>I never said anything about their appearance, I'm judging the game based on what I see in its design and mechanics

<You haven't played it how can you know if you like it if you never played it

>Two days later

>I pirated it and played it beginning to end and all the arguments I made previously still hold u-


Can you guess the game? I'm still fucking mad about it. I'm no longer even remotely associated with the individual who I had this discussion with. Fucking Canadians.

b3aa6a No.14484363



It's never too late if the will is there, for example, R6:Siege only got it's shit together after release.

29c068 No.14484380


>2deep4u walking sims

these usually get shat on with this very label you just mentioned

only people descriving tech demos like Gone Homo or Dear Esther as games are journo shills who are often told to fuck off with their 3deep5u walking sims

Stanley Parable is probably the only well done walking sim that i would call a game

>games with awful controls

the only one like these i've seen being deffended was Spec Ops The Line. for these kinda games "muh story" is the first (and often the only) line of deffence for the shills i you can just bypassit by telling them:

"if it plays like ass but has a good story i'll just youtube it"

Personally i'm more worried about "games" who are only labeled as such cus the devs shoehorned the minmum requirements needed for something to be considered as a game into their shitty linear visual novels (cough Telltale cough)

shit like The Last of Us also grinds my gears

it's like a mix between Uncharted (minus the puzzles and plataforming) + The Evil Within (minus the horror athmosphere and item scarcity) with a little bit of stealth ripped straight off of Manhunt

generic, linear and monotonous gameplay that's either the very basic needed or something that has alrready been done better somewhere else

oh but muh thought provoking sotry, muh relatable characters, muh shinny graphics, muh $ony marketed hypetrain, 10/10GOTY! goys and don't try to argue

now excuse us while we use the sequel to shoehorn subversive cultural marxist messages into the story

f0abfc No.14484399

>this thread

>/v/ is now contrarian enough where it’s looped around from liking Undertale to hating it to liking it again

f0abfc No.14484401


Also the Stanley Parable was good because it was making fun of walking simulators

The entire point was to mock the idea of a story-driven game

29c068 No.14484402



Had this exact same discution with a shill once

i just mocked his shitty gaming skills

>you just like this piece of shit cus it hands out S ranks like candy just by spamming the same move over and over againm i bet you couldn't get a B rank in the previous games even if your thumbs depended on it

<uh… nuhu… bad goy

>and holy fuck what are those color coded weapons and enemies? it's like they're trying to cripple the gameplay by limmiting the number of possible combois and weapon mixes with these color coding shit

<uhhh, it plays diferent from before goy

>and holy shit the amount of moves in total, including all weapons, ain't even half of what 3 had to offer

<errr. more doesn't mean better goy

>the devil trigger sucks ass, it's a hinderance more than a help

<ummm, yeah but they patched it

>and where the fuck is the boss trash talking, Dante taunting a giant lava spider or a gian ice cerberus was half the fun of the game

<there is boss taunting, didn't you see the "Fuck You" ping pong Donte had with that Futurama rip off slug?

>and could someone pleas turn down the bloom effect, also they could have used more colors for the background than just blue and orange,,, and dear god that wubtastic soundtrac is cancer

<that's subgective goy

93e75b No.14484405


Not entirely true, but nowadays public betas are more marketing tools than testing periods. Now the live period is the testing period so shit companies can either pretend a patch will fix things and less shit companies will rebalance things ad nauseum.

d9c000 No.14484407


are you ok?

9ed519 No.14484408


then the entire bus stood up and clapped and there she was, grew up to be Albert Einstein.

29c068 No.14484421


how ironic that by making a walking sim trying to mock walking sim they've actually made a fun game

>lots of different endings

>lots of choises on the way

>the game is actually fun

>it has replay value

>it actually has a 2deep4u message that is not so "in your face" like all other 2deep4u shits


Memetale is not a bad game despite havin Tumb1r written all over it, i didn't play it but i understand those wholike

the problems are:

the autistic fanbase

the equaly autistic tumb1r haters

and the journo shill trying to hail it as the Citizen Kane of Vidya, not because of all the things it did right as a game but because of all the shoehorned tumb1risms

8a965c No.14484447


>I can understand why people like games like FO4, but the fans of those games can't understand why anybody else wouldn't like it.

It's far easier for the mind of a patrician to understand the mind of a plebian than for the mind of a plebian to understand that of the patrician. They don't see average AAA mass-market games as bad largely because they don't have the context to categorize it as such. The casual is a casual because he looks at games totally uncritically and simply evaluates whether or not he has fun, which is a kind of blissful ignorance you need to dump money on AAA trash.

af0bac No.14484504


The real kicker is that most Bethesdacucks are old enough to know better. Actual children just play shit like Roblox or whatever the hell else the youtubers keep coming back to while Fallout 4 is, well was because no one plays it anymore, played largely by people in their mid 20s or older.

45a8fc No.14484514


>simply evaluates whether or not he has fun

That's a good attitude to have as long as you aren't paying for shit.

fb7fc9 No.14485591



Betas can and have always fixed technical glitches. I don't really know of any time where they anything fundamentally wrong with the concept of the game. That's not really their purpose but it probably is the time when the devs would receive their first feedback.

1da163 No.14485688

File: 508c7e274cdf54e⋯.jpg (27.63 KB, 243x483, 81:161, Sam Hyde.jpg)


Has anyone heard excuses about VR? I'm asking this because Todd tried to make me preorder Skyrim VR for the fifth time today and I'm getting slightly annoyed.

2d0690 No.14485694


I don't know, maybe that todd guy is onto something?

c6f248 No.14485879


Does Toby Fox even use Tumblr?

509eea No.14485909


>making a "statement" about completionists

Hotline Miami did this too because the regular ending is a little more interesting and 4th wall breaking than the completionist ending which amounted to "the Russians did it," nothing a CNN journalist couldn't come up with.

I don't really fucking get it. Why do developers have to make a passive aggressive statement about a subset of their playerbase? Is someone liking a game enough to want to complete all of the content so heinous and offensive that you have to lash out at them?

134c99 No.14485946


i know right, you can't kill what is already dead

af0bac No.14486003


Because we live in a postpostmodernist world where effort is ridiculed even when it comes to things that actually matter.

68407e No.14486056



Their stuff hasn't been worth purchasing in a long time. It's all hype, marketing + psychology. Their games are surpassed by others nowadays, the quality of the games compared to other studios has dropped a lot.


Yeah overwatch just takes an example of riot games I guess from what I read. I have never played overwatch I did play league and with the things you can get banend for in overwatch, well it sounds a lot like league. Both games are terrible, both games thrive of little kids and both games give low quality while generating a high profit for the effort invested.


Most devs look weird, usually with a neckbeard or very odd unrepresentative clothing. It's one of the few jobs that can pay 2-3x median where you can dress like a slob and have little hygiene.


There are no real rotations anymore. You're just playing the proc casino. There are no optimal patterns, just you waiting until you hit the % chance to activate a certain powerup or stronger ability and then going back to spamming 123. The Burning Crusade + early Wrath (Ulduar) was the best state of WoW after that it was all downhill and before that the game had some issues which Blizzard fixed in the burning crusade.

c6f248 No.14486076

>This game is good. I had fond memories playing it as a child.

>You didn't experience it at the time it was relevant.

I hate nostalgiafags so much.

453c9f No.14486106


>You didn't experience it at the time it was relevant.

Said no nostalgiafag ever.

3b44da No.14486156


The flipside of this is saying a game (or any media, really) "aged badly." Good media is good. It doesn't change. If you think something "aged badly" it just means you never actually liked it, but were a bandwaggoning faggot.

a44f02 No.14486226


While I do agree with your statement I believe you are missing the point of the argurment. OP is talking about people using subjective reasoning to dismiss or cover objective facts.

People can like a game as much as they want, there's no problem with that as "liking" a game is completely subjective. The problem is when they start using that subjective "liking" of the game to say objective realities, like a game being badly constructed, don't exist.

An easy example is Dark Souls 2. Many people subjectively like that game, and there is no problem with that. What can't be denied is that the game is objectively badly made. A person can forgive hitboxes, bad AI, glitches, poor or uninspired design choices, etc. by saying that it doesn't affect their enjoyment of the game. However, taking that subjective reasoning, "I like this game," and saying that Dark Souls 2 is therefore a good game is objectively wrong. An objective reality that can be proven with facts unlike a subjective feeling that can't be proven.

Basically OP wants to hear about people defending objectively bad games using subjective feelings. Not the subjectivity of liking different games.

8851a3 No.14486239


Well said. This is a distinction that people don't even bother making anymore.

fd5537 No.14486371

File: 99babfe608433f6⋯.jpg (5.9 MB, 2776x4924, 694:1231, 0aecd5a7e0760a2db36d8f8f4b….jpg)

File: 7db1728e3842a04⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x2666, 960:1333, 4ea3ea3424add03b0a39f2d33b….jpg)

File: 40213de4668ad28⋯.jpg (129.81 KB, 800x1142, 400:571, ce2184ebae3eae934967141c30….jpg)

File: b692de41815f566⋯.jpg (520.63 KB, 636x900, 53:75, f82a68a0699e6ccc3b13ba5f37….jpg)


Overwatch is already pure shit, and Tumblr just runs with it and makes it even worse, as they tend to and even though I know it's blatant pandering, I like D.Vathe only thing Overwatch has going for it is the pornit isn't as though Blizzard didn't know what they were doing.

fb40de No.14486440


Not to defend that anon, but I'll say it's bad if there's no penalty for doing so. Running when healing (via drink or food) should at least spill a little from moving quickly - it only heals you for 50% of how much it heals for, compared to 100% of how much it heals for while standing still to drink or eat the healing item completely.

I can't imagine the player character being capable of holding his healing item steady when running away from a huge monster chasing him down.

4b3d6b No.14486448


>the only thing Overwatch has going for it is the porn

If that's the only thing a game has going for and itself isn't a porn game, there's no point of discussing the game period. Just only bring it up in porn boards if it fits a certain fetish.

68407e No.14486455


A bad hitbox or sometimes poor AI don't need to make a game bad.

Objective reality doesn't exist since knowledge is subjective. Someone who didn't play a lot of games at all might think a crappy phone game is the best thing ever. Because his expectations aren't high since he never played better games.

4b3d6b No.14486525


>Objective reality doesn't exist since knowledge is subjective

Oh for fucks sake. That's pure bullshit. If reality wasn't objective then it would be been possible to send shit into space much cheaply or not even at all.

Why? Because of engineering tolerances, shit needs to be defacto exactly the size is required in the blueprints or shit don't fucking work. Like 0.0001 inch close (that's .000254mm for the muslims across the pond). Keep in mind a piece of paper is .003 inches thick. So get fucked by your 'ReAlItY iS sUbJeCtIvE' horseshit.

ee9032 No.14486745


>>14486226 (You)

> Someone who didn't play a lot of games at all might think a crappy phone game is the best thing ever. Because his expectations aren't high since he never played better games.

That's subjective experience though. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the objective state of the game. If I'm bored as all hell, playing with two sticks can become the most interesting thing in the world. Relative standards for a person have little to do with how a thing actually is.

>A bad hitbox or sometimes poor AI don't need to make a game bad.

In the specific case I used that prevalence of both problems definitely contributed towards the overall state of the game being badly made.

Saying a game is "bad" or "good" is a very poor way of expressing the quality of said game as both are subjective statements or at least appear to be in the context they are most often used in. By removing the qualifiers or surrounding context you took an objective statement of "badly made" to a subjective statement of just "bad."

Yes, I realize I made the same mistake twice in my earlier post. My bad.

61a2b7 No.14486854

File: eb480aad23dc4ff⋯.jpg (50.27 KB, 408x439, 408:439, eb480aad23dc4ffe184638046c….jpg)


I think I got some legit complaints.

Characters are flat with one personality trait (Weeb, sad dad, puns but has a secret, thinks he's cool, warrior, etc)

The world is literally a straight fucking line with nothing to really explore.

There are no real secrets when you play it, nothing that helps you in game really and the few that do are randomized and usually need others to make sense.

You're only allowed to make one choice the entire game and it just keeps asking it over and over, no other answers have any impact on the story

To get the best fight (Which is the only really good part of the gameplay) you need to take the boring route through the game

Theres never any puzzles or anything to make you stop and think to advance, its just a railroad that occasionally stops to make you sit through a cringe inducing cutscene. Only sort of exception was the shooting thing in hotland but even that was piss easy.

People tell me these aren't the reasons I hate the game and its just the fandom. Are these not real?

Like the only thing good about that game was being attacked and they had to interrupt that with shitty jokes pretty often.

da1a52 No.14486926



Just so everyone knows, that wasn't actually me.

437753 No.14486946


That was me fucking up quoting because typing while walking is difficult.

I wonder if I'll have a different id yet again

f01284 No.14486958


Reported for being a moral relativist piece of kike-paid shit.

da1a52 No.14486980


I'm just letting everyone know it wasen't me.

68407e No.14487719


What I meant is that the way we perceive reality is subjective. But you can't apply objective reality to social conditions, since humans aren't objective. Knowledge that we acquire comes from society, which is subjective since it's determined by cultural and social factors.


That's because there isn't an objective state of the game. Games are made with a certain audience and customs that the audience has in mind. In this way developers try to align the game with the audience. However it is purely subjective.

From a profit maximization point having 'bad design' is very profitable. It's not fun to have micro transactions or even pay to win structures in the game yet when you look at mobile games they often future this and have a very profitable model due to this.

8356f2 No.14488007


>hate it because it's popular

this is true sometimes though, Persona 5 comes to mind

af0bac No.14488019


Persona 5 got shit on because it wasn't part of the California publishing cabal and would've been attacked even if it was obscure. The popularity only magnified the number of attacks.

2e8aca No.14488118

File: 1eb78f5374e83d8⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 1eb78f5374e83d8da827418c53….jpg)


>lol ur like in a game but you're killing like real people, feel bad yet?

Why do developers keep trying to put this "meta" theme in games? Is the point for me to avoid better games? If I play godhand I beat the shit out of hundreds of people but I don't have anyone trying to guilt trip me at the end, the game is about conflict and it embraces that fact. Meanwhile tumblrtale creates a cast of unlikable characters and if you kill them it tries to preach to you about how you should feel guilty about killing video game characters. Is the point of this message to play undertale's pacifist run over and over for the rest of my life? It's such a stupid message to put in a game. Obviously anyone with half a brain cell is going to disregard the message and play better games since undertale is shit, so it's poor quality undermines it's own point

6b5661 No.14488193


actually it only preaches to you at the end as a twist

the game never explicitly tells you that you can beat it without killing anything

cc93f4 No.14490388


>What I meant is that the way we perceive reality is subjective.

So we should trust the opinions of someone who's only played a few crappy phone games their entire life?

There may not be one objectively perfect AI or hitbox or whatever, but someone with knowledge of many great games can compare one example to another and judge which one is better. Because they have this knowledge, their opinion has more weight.

Your way of thinking leads video game franchises to the five words of death: Appeal To A Wider Audience

83f36d No.14490418

A lot of online games that really suck ass have people blame the "community". League of Legends was a huge one. I had ex-friends who would play that shit non-stop. The game sucks, we all know it, but they wouldn't blame the fact that they'd be having a bad time on the game, but on other people.

<bot fed

<jungle didn't gank


A game that has important roles you delegate to complete strangers, and those roles are key to winning, is not a good game design. You are either stuck depending on strangers, trying to get a full team together that doesn't suck, or making some characters strong enough to carry by themselves, which makes people think the game is OP and they blame the character.

MOBA itself is broken, and we've seen every excuse blaming players and characters in the game used to cover up the fact that the genre sucks and there hasn't been a good game in the genre.

af0bac No.14490434


I can honestly say that League of Legends is the only game where everyone I've ever known who played it only got more miserable the more time they spent on it. It's the crystal meth of video games.

8b655e No.14490462

File: 5ab12a2a1ea5299⋯.jpg (59.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1466198135282.jpg)


I usually like to play games with pretty artstyles but that game, especially when you compare it to every single other indie out there, looks like visual diarrhea.

Characters were flat, generic and uninteresting. I wanted to kill them but it would have made me feel like shit, pretty much punishing me for playing how I want to play.

I also hate furries, japan or disney finds a way to make them cute but undertail makes em look like furfag fucking cancer.

I quit about 132 minutes into the game.

af0bac No.14490491


To say nothing of the "le retro xDD" sprites animated like a fucking flash cartoon.

8b655e No.14490514

File: 214b553ee148daa⋯.jpg (14.24 KB, 227x268, 227:268, cuckmaster.jpg)


Good job for using shitty footage from 2 months before the game has been out even though the game has been out for almost 2 months now.

They even changed that running speed so its a bit slower now.

I can record some gameplay and show you myself a bit later if I wanted to.

>but its a beta

It was a really good beta with a surprisingly amount of content and highly replayable.

>it's just been released

Within 3 days it sold 5mil copies and all of those mechanics worked just fine, especially against faster monsters like odoragon

>but theyll patch it

<Patch out healing while running to reintroduce healing while standing still and flexing for 5 seconds

Yeah no

>I dont want to be alone

7 mil copies sold


/mhg/ is filled with anons who play world too, not to mention there are a bunch of more mhw communities out there to play the game with

Alone my ass.

8a8d37 No.14490548


>video games


83f36d No.14490562


That's a good way to put it, and every step of the way they blame everything except the game for them being miserable.

7969d5 No.14490568


>he doesn't know real life is a simulation to begin with

ba1377 No.14490706

File: fe9193bdb5a308a⋯.mp4 (5.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Age of reason is over.mp4)

>Dumbed down sequel to anything comes out

>All criticism is met with "Games have to like, evolve, bro"

Rough translation to English from Fucktardese: "I've never played anything in this series because I'm a bandwagoning faggot, but I clearly know more about it than you."

fa96a3 No.14492302


Ideally all cuckchanners should die.

98ff08 No.14492319

File: c9a34dcf6386f8d⋯.mp4 (217 KB, 640x360, 16:9, c9a34dcf6386f8d1ec5e18a194….mp4)

c6f248 No.14492439


and we should kill all spics as well.

c7ef16 No.14492500

File: 0d5e0a7e64653e4⋯.mp4 (1.87 MB, 960x720, 4:3, its your (((greatest ally)….mp4)


Don't forget the whites!

688edb No.14492700


I love DotA 2 because it makes me feel like shit in the same way, or did anyway. It's a window into the unconscious mind. Everything that's ever happened to a man comes out in those moments and he can finally end their control over his life, where they were beneath his perception but ruling his life before.

7d0de1 No.14507085


>the game never explicitly tells you that you can beat it without killing anything

The game explicitly tells you that you can kill things or spare them and the first dungeon puts enough emphasis on this part that it is intuitive, and on top of that the game puts special emphasis if you decide to kill the first boss. It becomes apparent to the player that Mercy is the better option since there isn't any emphasis given to killing anyone so most players assume the right way to play is to not kill anything.

In fact more players have gone through the Normal or Mercy route without even realizing there is a Genocide route because killing everything leading to any drastic outcome really isn't intuitive. And the best boss, Sans, can only be fought on the Genocide route so players will deliberate kill everyone for the chance to fight him.

529b04 No.14510188


Generally I find that people just rely on politics now, if it panders to them it's good and if it doesn't or someone tells them a single developer on a massive team is against their views it's the worst game ever made.

d4ff16 No.14510284

File: b84ada924534035⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 1200x1128, 50:47, 30cd5fcd13f5992a60b65492c9….jpg)

>you just like the prequel because it came first

d4ff16 No.14510311


That makes it sound kind of cool the first time through

dfd5f7 No.14510315

File: 0a0439c52d3c18f⋯.jpg (68.31 KB, 600x619, 600:619, 0a0439c52d3c18f21f39f84ddd….jpg)



Stop being autistic.

dfd5f7 No.14510341

File: 1dd46143b3cf634⋯.png (53 KB, 223x235, 223:235, 1dd46143b3cf634e53928d63de….png)


>Lying to make the game look better

The Deerhunter is an achievement for shooting any oryx you see, the 'Do you feel like a hero yet?' screen comes from progression and not because you died frequently, the part with the death screen missing isn't a thing, the thing about two enemies is utter bullshit, you don't go to any hidden sniper nests, and finally you can't go back in the final room to see that they're all gone. Some of these things are correct like the increasingly brutal executions, the tree and how dialogue changes over the course of the game, but a lot of this is also just outright lying to make the game sound more amazing than it really is. The biggest sin of the game is how much of it just doesn't go anywhere.

dfd5f7 No.14510420

File: bfd85fcaaecd96e⋯.png (373.51 KB, 616x537, 616:537, bfd85fcaaecd96e14417a91f60….png)


>Standing still to heal makes it harder

Have you ever played Monhun before?

7e6db3 No.14510428


That is the right way to analyze anything.

Games made by leftists are never good, so having even one leftist in a team is guaranteed that the game will be shit.

64778d No.14510436


>Reduced difficulty.

How is it any different from two palicos blaring healing horn?

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